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At Easter the prophet rose again

Posted on March 25, 2016 by

A message of hope for Good Friday from everyone’s favourite Labour activist:


And when this is your previous track record of prediction:





…we can only salute the blind indefatigability of true faith.

It does leave us a bit concerned about this one, though:


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  1. 25 03 16 10:43

    At Easter the prophet rose again | Speymouth

190 to “At Easter the prophet rose again”

  1. “From doorsteps and casual work chats”
    People will say anything to get rid of a nutter.

  2. One_Scot says:

    The mans head is clearly full of broken bottles.

  3. Francis Mooney says:

    Good work. They really hate you. Always a good sign.

  4. Mudfries says:

    The guy is a comic genius, I wonder what his day job is?

  5. X_Sticks says:

    Haha, I saw Dunky’s tweet yesterday.
    He, like so many who continue to believe there is some value in following the ‘Scottish’ labour party, has his head firmly stuck in the sand. His fingers jammed in his ears and screaming “la, la, la, la, labour”

  6. Doug Daniel says:

    If you had just shared the text of the tweets rather than screenshots, I would have sworn they were from John McTernan.

  7. bobajock says:

    The very definition of Labour – dazed and confused.

    They are pointless – unionism at its glaring worst.

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    Is he eating his own pet food? (Just askin’.)

  9. John J. says:

    It’s amazing how so much sh##e can be contained in one wee brain!

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    From now on I shall call him Duncan Donut

  11. Lollysmum says:

    Ha ha-love it. Every single pronouncement wrong.

    Keep up the good work Duncy boy-hilarity is good for our bodies & souls 🙂

  12. Anagach says:

    A veritable seer that Duncan.

  13. JaMur says:

    You can tell by the look on his coupon that this man is a fool.

    May is going to be fun.

  14. Rob says:

    Who do those tweets help? Is he a plant? And by that I don’t mean a vegetable.

  15. Macca73 says:

    Poor wee Dunc,

    The Labour party are so devoid of ideas and strategy surrounding themselves with this clown must be all they can do to make them feel better.

    It’s not going to be easy for him to find work as a full time ass when lose time and time again. Too out of touch for Scotland these days.

  16. Almannysbunnet says:

    I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Kez
    And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Kez
    Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Kez, oh Kez

    Nah Duncan you’ve got nothing.

    Apologies to Phil Collins.

  17. The sense of total denial which permeates the Better Together Red Blue and Yellow Unionist Tory camp is quite alarming.
    According to the Herald and Record, the encouraging news on Tata Steel did not happen yesterday.

    Pacific Quay’s ‘Leaders’ Debate’ was a farce.
    I would be seriously concerned if I were a Lib Dem, or Labour, or Tory, or, no don’t laugh, a UKIP supporter.

    Top consider any of these folk fit to lead Scotland requires a flight of fancy from here to Alpha Centurai and back.

    When will they ever learn?

    Pacific Quay have set out their stall. It’s a wee ‘pretend parliament’ election. Nothing to see here. Pot holes and public toilets, and a Penny fur ra Kids.

    They are this desperate already?

    I’m sorry, Glenn, can I get a word in edgewise ?

    ‘Yes, but, yes, but, yes but, hang on a minute, just to be clear.’

  18. Bob Mack says:

    He is more of an Easter egg ( especially on his face) than Prophet.

  19. Brian McHugh says:

    “A 1/3 of 45% is 30%” just made my day. ROFLOL 😀

  20. David Mills says:

    And this is the sane labour voice the mideast turns to when SLAB are too busy (scared) front up to the media.
    We ether self deluded or is trying to sell Scotland a pub & not a cute one at that.
    Tell again about these answer:
    Like rather than fighting tory austerity in Westminster the party abstains and then fights to fix the issue on the backs of the poor in Scotland.
    Then devise a new system to replace council tax that will reduce bills to 80 of the population but at the same time place a £3000 cap on bills at the topped thus meaning local government will need to look to central government for additional fund.
    The reality is this smoke and mirrors they know their not going to have power so like the liberals they are free to spin any tale they while.
    Labour sold their soil to quicksain con man for a few years of power and like pushmepullme done now where they are going that have an old school leader and Blairite PLP and in Scotland they have a Blairite cross dress in Corbyn stylie in the hope it still fools the faithful that might have work if people had not seen through the garb.
    The game is up Nicolas desk I suspect the only reason she be in Holyrood at all after may is she is on the regional list.

  21. mealer says:

    Duncan Hothersall

    I’m struggling to find much support at all for Labour amongst working age people.I seriously doubt that you’ll get more than 15% support from that demographic.Kezia might manage to slow the decline,but that’s about it.Time will tell,though.

  22. gordoz says:

    O/T Its kinda weird that Scotland’s football team win a game against a pretty good team (away) on what would have been Independence Day?

  23. Hugh Barclay says:

    Far from my favourite person is Dunc, Doesn’t see Scotland as a country only a region. there are no circumstances in which he would vote Yes.

    My first run in with him was a couple of years ago, calling me a prick on Twitter for saying the Yoons could be responsible for graffiti outside Better Together HQ and using it to discredit Yes side, but he proclaims he doesn’t do personal attacks and never has.

    He is a lying scumbag fuck who has parents from both sides of the border, for him its more about that than what is best for Scotland.

    A village is definitely missing an idiot and his name is Duncan Hothersall (Wanker).

  24. Almannysbunnet says:

    Duncan Hothersall says last night’s debate put Labour principles up against SNP calculations, and principles won.

  25. Bob Mack says:

    You know,reading this today reminded me of a view we traditionally held in the workplace. It always seemed to me that many people I met in senior positions were utterly inept for that job, especially in the public sector.

    It was only when a very senior executive explained that people were often given promotion just to get them out of a particular Dept. It is a repeating cycle until they gain either very senior positions or are shuttled of to an outlying place of work

    I think Hothersoll fits in that category,as does McTernan.

  26. David Mills says:

    Sorry about that Duncans Nonsence like most SLAB sticks in my craw some what

  27. Kragos says:

    I just view him as a SLab cheerleader, keeping the morale up of the few remaining Labour voters on his Twitter feed. Just one of the cadre of boring trolls on there, who lost any credibility they may have earned in the past, by constantly posting nonsense like the above.

  28. Thomas Valentine says:

    I hope he sincerely believes his havers.
    Then it will be a stab of self inflicted pain every failed prediction. Labour support as an S&M relationship.

  29. Fred says:

    Hothersall? the man’s an anagram!

  30. Nana says:

    Best leave the poor soul to his fantasies, it’s all he has left.

  31. robertknight says:

    Given that tweet appeared at 8:28pm, it would be reasonable to assume old Horsefeathers was already into his second bottle of vino at the time of posting, which would go some way to explaining both content and tone.

    Keep it up Duncan, always welcome humour to the debate.

  32. dakk says:

    ‘A message of hope on Good Friday’

    Well I’m about to get crucified by unionist clients in a day from hell at work.

    Never before have I felt so much that unionists are the chosen ones and I am of the Damned.

    Yeah,I’ve got it bad today,I’m afraid.

    Have a good one y’all 🙂

  33. Almannysbunnet says:

    Bob Mack says:
    9:57 am

    Aye and you weren’t imagining things. It’s an actual management concept, it’s called being promoted to your level of incompetence. It forms part of “the Peter principle”

    Kezia is a classic example of it in action.

  34. Speedbert says:

    He is funny…. should he get his own show!! got to be better that Mountain Goats ….

  35. Dr Jim says:

    I really worry about the future of our country given that so many people still don’t understand who controls what

    It just seems the country’s full of complete dullards, or is that just the ones who phone in to Radio Scotland or more to the point Yoons

    Folk still don’t get that Labour could promise everybody Creme eggs and Irn Bru free on the NHS and would never have to deliver so these “Leader Debates” only serve a purpose if the parties actually were in a position to keep to their word of which only the SNP and at a mental mind stretch Patrick Harvie (god forbid ) are

    But to even suggest to the public that anything Tory, Labour or Lib Dem might say can be held accountable is nonsense but I suppose the State Broadcaster has to do something to pretend we have democracy or they wouldn’t have a program and folk might realise Independence is the only way to get democracy

    Johaan Lamont did us all the big favour when she knifed her own party in the back by owning up to the branch office thing it’s just a pity people haven’t cottoned on it’s the same with the other parties as well

  36. T says:

    Awesome activist for independence.
    A gift.

  37. HandandShrimp says:

    To be fair to Duncan he is an activist and if was to say anything other than than things are good for Kezia then the last vestiges of confidence would drain out of the pot.

    In our town the door to door stuff suggests that the elderly residual Tory vote is still Tory but the Labour vote appears to have all but disappeared. Top an extent that it is actually a bit spooky.

    No complacency though – but with the good work on the fiscal framework, land reform and now the steel works whilst the Tories implode and Labour spin and write lists about each other we have a strong message to sell.

  38. Famous15 says:

    Cannot take him seriously and life has dealt Duncan Hothersall a blow by being unfortunate enough to be the long lost brother of Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine. As my Aunt Agnes used to say,he is more to be pitied than laughed at.

  39. Gavin Hamilton says:

    Dunc is not so much a political bellwether as a political bellend.

  40. Brian Powell says:

    So scotland in the union is having a go at Natilie McGarry. Demands for money with threats., and legal action.

    Possibly another crowd funding needed.

  41. Duncan is seen by many of the Yoon hacks like Massie and Farquarson (massie farquarson was that a ("Tractor" - Ed)) as a great thinker and follow Duncan`s polemic religiously,

    he also has a great following in the Labour party like Foulkes and Murray and Baillie,

    although we see him as a bumbling idiot to be mocked and laughed at,

    he is one of the top thinkers in the Yoon world.

  42. So what message is this positive Labour going to peddle on the doorstep to persuade people into voting for Labour?

    Is it telling them that they should forget how Labour campaigned along side the Tories.

    Is it going tell them that it intends put up their taxes making people in Scotland pay higher taxes than those of the rest of the UK.

  43. The Isolator says:

    Lol…FFS more tea Vicar?

  44. Brian Powell says:

    So scotland in the union is having a go at Natalie McGarry. Demands for cash with threats, and legal action.

    Possible a need for another crowd funding.

  45. Just wasted my time watching EBC’s Good Morning prog. A C of E wumman preacher was discussing Judas Iscariot, which I thought might have some insight from a historical or academic reasoning. Like many documentaries, it was pious repetitive waffle saying absolutely nothing. If we want any Easter messages from this character we need look no further than the Party that betrayed its found principles of abolishing the House if Lords, Monarchy British Empire, Home Rule all Round and advancing the cause of the working class.

    The EBC “debate” last night touched none of these principles and was all about taxation and a hostile EBC Unionist audience without a decent question between them and a hostile EBC presenter interrupting Nicola Sturgeon, a manic Labour Unionist screeching at her nonstop with nothing really to say about socialism or Scotland.

    Thirty pieces of silver was peanuts compared to the mass betrayals of wealthy Labour careerists.

  46. FergusMac says:

    He pits me in mind o thon Comical Ali mannie in Iraq

  47. fletch49er says:

    I blocked this man quite early on, he has nothing to say that interests me in the least. And going by his Forth Bridge logic I feel immensely vindicated in my decision.

  48. Macart says:

    WOW! 😮

    That takes blinkered view to a whole new level.

  49. Claverhouse says:

    As Private Fraser would say…’the mans an idiot’…

  50. Proud Cybernat says:

    Away and chase yerself, Dunc. SLabour is FINISHED in Scotland. There is no way back for you after you stabbed the people of Scotland in the back by doing the Tories dirty work for them in IndyRef#1. Your party will NEVER be in power again in Scotland this side of independence. NEVER. And that’s an effing promise. Bunch of Red Tories the lot of you.

  51. Papadox says:

    The Labour Party sold its soul over many years trying to out Tory the Tories. This rot that the self seekers infected the old Scottish Labour Party with has now taken over and morphed into torry2 or a cheap version of it, the old Labour Party, pre 1960 should be laid to rest and left in peace.

    This current bunch of self seeker and social climbers should be ashamed of them selves, but no they blindly chase after the gravy train looking for the crumbs from the rich and powerful to give them a leg up over the people they purport to represent. Disgusting, sick individuals where their only interest is self and wealth.

    The Labour Party as it was founded is dead and these charlatans should let it RIP. Let my people go!

  52. G H Graham says:

    Using Labour’s own proven logic, Hothersall is an anagram of “Village Idiot”.

  53. I see Conservative MPs want ‘Unity Day’ public holiday to celebrate Scotland staying in UK.

    Do you think wee will see Labour and the Libdems participating in such a celebration of their betrayal of the people of Scotland ?

  54. Camz says:


    I sometimes wonder if Jim Murphy’s ideas came from DH (“Labour will not lose a single seat to the SNP in May’s general election”).

    Now there was a cult, if ever there was one.

  55. katherine hamilton says:

    He gets a feeling. Is that the new analytical tool, Duncan? All the polls, all the canvassers telling us there is no Labour revival.
    Can’t hear any of that, Duncan? No thot not. Doesn’t fit your deluded narrative.
    If you come third in May will you come on here and apologise for your idiocy?

  56. Clootie says:

    …still trying to work out how the rebate works?
    I know from Kezia that every basic rate taxpayer will have a penny added to their basic rate.
    I know from a Kezia claim that no one earning under 20,000pounds a year will pay a single penny more.
    It’s the bit Inbetween I’m struggling with.

    You have to pay the tax, but the rebate will come from the council who don’t know what I earn?
    Will the rebate be from the council where I work or live?
    If I have two jobs earning less than 20k. The tax man knows but does the council?
    Are we going to have a new rebates dept? How much will that cost?
    Will the inland revenue recognise the rebate or consider it income?

    Ma heids hurtin’

  57. Kevin meina says:

    Mealer 9:54. Totally agree the labour vote for working age people is non existent ,in my area the elderly vote Tory and everyone else SNP it’s as if labour voters have been taken away in a spaceship.

  58. Capella says:

    “There’ll come a time, however long it be, when the Red Tories and the Blue Tories will be driven from Scotland like a party of sheep and the land will return to its rightful people, to live in peace and prosperity for ever more.”
    The Brahan Seer

  59. JLT says:


    Completely deluded.

    Half the nation voted for independence, yet Hothersall still believes it to sit around the 30% mark. What?

    And an EU exit won’t affect that 30% in any way. Again …what?

    Let’s see what happens to peoples beliefs in those first few hours should the UK exit from the EU. Let’s see how confidence in the UK will be maintained when Sterling plunges through the floor; trillions wiped off the world’s stock exchanges; the EU slams the door on the UK; the UK Government explodes into factionous groups with calls for ‘resignations’; when Farage keeps bleating that ‘all will be OK’; companies go silent as they contemplate the future; and people being quietly worried as to what will happen to their jobs, pensions and savings.

    The headline on this article revolves around the theme of Easter. If Scottish Labour represents Jesus and Hothersall himself is one of the disciples, then I guess this must make Jeremy Corbyn good old Pontius Pilate; washing his hands of the situation in Scotland and letting the local natives decide the fate of Kezia and SLAB.

    And you just know who is going to get crucified on that cross if the vote doesn’t go SLAB’s way and they end up 3rd behind the Scottish Tories.

    Poor Kezia. She will be blamed for all of SLAB’s failings even though clowns like Hothersall and McDougall continually whisper in her ear that her time is at hand.

  60. heedtracker says:

    Duncan’s crew had their day in the sun and look at the world now.

    Its just like the US even considering Trump, another hard core Bush style government but look at their legacy… world ending debt crisis, endless war, massive refugee crisis, environmental crisis, absolute determination to dump nuke weapons 30 miles from Glasgow. And that’s on a global level.

    Vote Labour? No matter how hard the ghastly BBC led Brit media try to force Scotland, never again.

  61. galamcennalath says:

    Hugh Barclay says:

    “Dunc, Doesn’t see Scotland as a country only a region”

    That is one thing he, and his likes, have in common with those inside the London Bubble.

    However, while Scottish Unionists see their Scotland region as North Britain, those down south see us as part of Greater England. There are no Unionists in London, they see no Union. Duncan may see himself as a North Briton, those in London are never South Britons.

    It always amazes me that Scottish Unionists fail to see that their faith in a Union is not reciprocated by those they believe they are in union with!

  62. carjamtic says:

    I am no an amateur psychologist,but being typically Scottish I do have an opinion on most things.

    Why Yessers will win,Scotland will gain Independance and the Fear the Failure.

    Most folk (yes/no) in Scotland have a deep rooted,often hidden,invisible ‘connection’ with the country and if seeing it threatened or abused will react to protect it,speaking democratically of course.

    At present (pre-Indy)the naysayers (as entirely expected)forecasts are of doom/gloom,crash/burn,too wee/small/stupid etc.
    They forecast financial black holes,figures which vary depending on the source or even the wind direction it seems.

    The Yessers dispute these forecasts and produce more optimistic figures,the gist of which is,we can manage our resources the best.

    There are however invisible forces that cannot be measured or given a monetary value,none more so than the fear of failure ( I believe the naysayers refuse to recognise/understand these forces and probably never will).

    This fear of failure is real and on Independance will produce a rush of adreline in people,akin to a mother lifting a car from a trapped child,but like all adreline rushes it will quickly wear off.

    Independance will also produce a big feel good factor (pride) this will be sustained,this positive feeling will motivate people to roll up their sleeves,work harder for each other and get stuck in.

    Collectively this immeasurable sustained positive energy will be the difference between success and failure.
    People believe in themselves,they believe in Scotland as a nation,they will unleash there as yet hidden Scottish Superpowers and when that happens success is the only outcome.

    SNP x 2 Eu in


  63. Inverclyder says:


    Dunc must be drunk if he think the mood is changing towards Labour Branch Office!

    Labour – Who voted with the Tories for welfare cuts.
    Labour – Who stood side by side with the Tories campaigning against the people of Scotland in Indyref1.
    Laboue – The party that abstains rather than upset their Tory overlords.
    Labour – No Policies
    Labour – No Backbone
    Labour – No Leadership

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..

    Get down to your local Party office and volunteer your services delivering leaflets or whatever needs done.

    Total Wipeout or of Scottish Labour is necessary.

    Oh and Duncan Hothersall when you read this.

    We’re not finished. We will not stop until Scotland is free from your Unionist puppetmasters. We’re coming for the councils next year. Your party will reap what they have sown.

  64. call me dave says:

    Duncan Hothersall… poor man’s Nostradamus for labour.

    Someone said “twitter yea not” 🙁
    Here we go again.

    Legal action launched against MP Natalie McGarry over Twitter comments

  65. Finnz says:

    I consider it an honour to be blocked by Dunky on twitter. Must have done something right…

    He was also most upset by my contributions on his wee pet site HabourLame

  66. One_Scot says:

    He may never achieve anything in political life, but I do think he could make a fortune doing Harry Enfield sketches.

  67. Fred at 10.00 am

    Don’t do that. I have lots to do and I find myself trying to work out an anagram

  68. I see a degree of confusion in the ranks of our media enemies. The promotion of Ruthie doesn’t seem to be working for them (but then it never would – it was a London idea and they don’t understand Scotland), they don’t understand that lots of Scotland has set out on a journey and is no longer listening to them and, like Jim Murphy before,the more we see of Kezia the less she impresses.

    So they are starting to write down the Scottish Election. They want a poor turnout to undermine the significance of the vote. The fact is that in this circumstance if we get our vote out and get the “both votes SNP” message across the landslide could become an avalanche

  69. Effijy says:

    Dung Can Be Hot n’stale

    Pedigree Chump Vs SNP Win a lot!

    As Kez said pre Election “I can hear it on the doorstep. Labour are going to win”

    They actually lost 42 of 43 seats with what she heard!
    Let’s hear more from these clowns before May.

  70. Skooshcase says:

    @Grouse Beater at 9:42 am

    “From now on I shall call him Duncan Donut.”

    LOL! Simple, yet brilliant! (That’s GB’s comment, not Duncan Donut, by the way!)

  71. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Half the nation voted for independence, yet Hothersall still believes it to sit around the 30% mark. What?”

    Uh, check the dates on the tweets…

  72. Niall Campbell says:

    It takes real determination to be that wrong that often. Truly inspiring.

  73. mike cassidy says:

    A classic example of cognitive dissonance.

    If you believe the world is going to end – and it doesn’t – what do you do?

    If you believe the SNP is finished – and it isn’t – what do you do?

    A duncan donut!

  74. Skooshcase says:

    Duncan Donut says:

    “I get the feeling…”

    Voters on 5 May, 2016 on their way to eradicating Labour in Scotland (and Unionism) one vote at a time:

    “… That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night…!


    (With aplogies and thanks to the Black Eyed Peas!)

  75. muttley79 says:

    Good old Duncan, keep it going lad. 😀

  76. Croompenstein says:

    Here’s Dunc playing Jesus..

  77. Chic McGregor says:

    Talking of predictions but a bit OT…

    Evidence is growing that the LHC may have discovered a new particle which is unpredicted by the Standard model. No, not an early April’s Fool joke.

    And it is big. ‘Aboot fev or six times bigger than the Higg’s Boson Captain, ken?’.

    OK, it’s more than a bit off topic, but hell if ever a thread’s object of admonition deserved an OT then this is it.

  78. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Aw bless, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, eh?

    Problem is, Dunc, you’re not in a tunnel – you’re falling down a mine shaft and you’re nowhere near the bottom.

  79. call me dave says:

    Guardian’s take on the debate but it couldn’t really pin down an SNP bad, although it tries a wee bit. Well it’s the Meegia!

    Hardly mentions ‘Gies a penny Rennie’! 🙂
    Here’s one for our dedicated SNP canvassers bless them all.
    Don’t listen to BBC or Deputy Deadwood.


    From the west side to the east side
    From the north side to the south
    You’ll never get bad information
    If you believe in the word of mouth

    Look out for those who still want to hang on
    Look out for those who live in the past
    Get out and listen to the whisper
    Because the times are changing fast

    Play the whole thing later and dance as you put your SNP poster in the windae.


    Nice one!

  80. ArtyHetty says:


    Anyone see that Longannet has been closed down today? Saw on fb, loads of comments slagging Scotgov for this btw. Now saying we are having to buy energy from england etc…I am livid at the misleading info on this. Is it not the UKOK gov who are doing this?

  81. muttley79 says:


    It always amazes me that Scottish Unionists fail to see that their faith in a Union is not reciprocated by those they believe they are in union with!

    Not really, they know fine way they come from a small nation that makes up a much bigger nation state imo. That is why they are constantly bending their knee to those in power in London. They grovel to the largest part of the UK, which is obviously England. Those who support independence merely want equality of status with England, and the rest of the UK.

    I think Scottish unionists are by and large well aware of their status, but they still want to maintain it because they feel more important being part of a larger state. Obviously this does not necessarily apply to all those who voted No, but it certainly applies to unionist politicians in Scotland.

  82. Takeourblueback says:

    Hothersall anagram: “He’s ah Troll” – no sh1t!

  83. wee jamie says:

    As a predictor of what will happen, he is certainly worth looking at as like some sort of reverse brahan seer, he seems to have the uncanny knack of foreseeing the exact opposite of what will come to pass, thanks for highlighting this ability rev. Do you think we could get his selections for tomorrow’s football matches then bet the other teams ? I feel like a flutter !

  84. Glamaig says:

    like Dave McEwan Hill I’ve got far too much to do and anagrams are just what I dont need right now!

    But I cant stop myself. ‘Loud trash channel’

    There’s a ‘chunter’ in there too if anybody’s got the time 🙂

  85. JLT says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Half the nation voted for independence, yet Hothersall still believes it to sit around the 30% mark. What?”

    Uh, check the dates on the tweets…

    Point taken. D’oh!

  86. Luigi says:

    Duncan Hothersall’s rantings provide strong evidence in support of quantum theory:

    Another dimension must exist.

  87. Luigi says:

    muttley79 says:

    25 March, 2016 at 12:13 pm


    It always amazes me that Scottish Unionists fail to see that their faith in a Union is not reciprocated by those they believe they are in union with!

    I think Scottish unionists are by and large well aware of their status, but they still want to maintain it because they feel more important being part of a larger state. Obviously this does not necessarily apply to all those who voted No, but it certainly applies to unionist politicians in Scotland.

    It’s the Uncle Tom yoon syndrome. Happy with their lot, knowing that they will never be really accepted by their masters as equal, but feeling superior nonetheless because they are Brits so that makes them so better than those bloody foreigners, so much better than the rest of us. They know their position in life and they are very angry that we do not think the same way. Truly pathetic.

  88. michael diamond says:

    Galamcennalath 11.10am. How true , i always remember having a drink some years ago in london with a ‘staunch’ loyalist who came from belfast. Over the course of the evening ( cant remember exactly) words were exchanged with other patrons of the bar, one of whom called called this guy an ‘irish b*****d. The look on his face was priceless as was the hurt, he was nearly in tears as he protested that he was british.( he was too stupid to do irony).

  89. Clootie says:

    Hello trash

  90. Almannysbunnet says:

    Just reviewing the election leaflets that have dropped through my door. Paraphrasing here;

    Tories; Labour and the Libdems are worse than us and the SNP are worst of all, vote for us and we will stand firm against another referendum. Basically, protect the union at all costs, fuck the 45% and rule by division. Ruthie for 1st minister? Shudder.

    Labour: Tories and the Libdems are worse than us and the SNP are worst of all. Vote for us and we’ll pit that arrogant wummin in her place. Basically fuck Scotland we want to be in power just because. Kezia for 1st minister? Shudder and come out in cold sweat.

    Libdems: Everybody is shite, even us but it’s oor turn. Watch what we can magic up with a penny. Carmichael is a Saint. Ehm an that’s it. Willie for 1st minister? Laugh.

    SNP: Who benefits most from our policies? We all do. A fairer more successful Scotland. We’re working on it. Together we can shape a better future for everybody who lives and works in Scotland. Nicola to continue as 1st minister? Warm glow.

    Thinks, “We had a general election, voted in 56 MP’s and put the unionists to the sword. Should I now change my mind and let the unionists run Scotland from our own parliament?”

    Decisions decisions, what to do?

    SNP X 2…..that’s what!

  91. Foonurt says:

    Wull, ah heard a Great Tit singing yesterday, oan the tree it mah back door. Its song wiz, “Duncy, Duncy, Duncy, Duncy …”. Ye best ask, yoan twitchurrs.

  92. Luigi says:

    Almannysbunnet says:

    25 March, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    🙂 LOL

    Hillarious but so true. Good one.

  93. call me dave says:

    Gordon’s big debate on radio shortbread just finished.

    Oliver Mundell for the tories, Coburn for comedy gold value, Ken Mackintosh for smoke and mirrors and his silky smooth voice and Harvie to not help the SNP by ‘queering the pitch’ for Marco Biagi as he tries to get the list vote switherers.

    There was a Lib Dem to make up the numbers 🙂

    Nothing to write home to my mother about! SNP BAD!

    Well we all knew this would happen. I hope it does.

  94. macnakamura says:

    Big Debate Radio Scotland.

    UKIP philosophy seems to be

    We want the future to be like the past.
    We want Scotland to be like England.

  95. stewart fae stoney says:

    He’s a beaut definately been sniffing the glue, 100% clueless, so distant from the real world

  96. I don’t trust Patrick Harvie and the greens an inch, I will continue to give both my votes to the SNP!

  97. kailyard rules says:

    D. Hothersall alias Captain Fabian (big F on the chest) strikes again.

  98. Jimmy says:

    The view, from planet Hothersall, is that of a permanent glowing sunrise. Even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

  99. Almannysbunnet says:

    I’m sure the greens really want to make a difference to the climate, we all do but be more realistic. We are not all going to run around in wooden bikes and live in wigwams. Stop the tree hugging and get real. You want to know what would make a huge difference to air pollution? Help get a global laws passed whereby lorrys and buses have fucking exhausts fitted to them. Ever been to Jakarta, Mumbai, Bankok? Any one of those cities spew out more diesel pollution in a day than Scotland does in a year. I’m all for a healthy world and setting an example but we are pissing against the wind unless we start with the biggest polluters.
    Trying to split the SNP vote by asking for the list vote is not going to work. I’d much rather support the greens within the SNP.

  100. shiregirl says:

    Poor chap has gone ’round the pipe. As mad as batshit Jill.

    Still, it’s amusing me whilst I stand here making tablet.

    Tablet, anyone?


  101. schrodingerscat says:

    hotherstall is still in denial, as was murphy in may, but scotland has changed, the proof of labours hammering in may confirmed this to all labour members, and voters. perhaps hotherstall is just towing the party line as he has no other choice, but even kez knows her battle is for second place

    on sept 19th 2014, the yessers swung to the snp, and this arguement has been about the snp ever since. good. however, after the holyrood election, our pendulum must swing back to yes, nicola can get on with running the country

    I would like to see an article about how we go about relaunching yes, to be fair, hotherstall is a no mark history man, from a time and a place which no longer exist and by a population that no longer remembers

  102. CameronB Brodie says:

    he is one of the top thinkers in the Yoon world.

    I’m wondering what the semiotics of that statement are. Where does that place the Yoon ‘intelligentsia’, within the accumulating knowledge space of our ‘Better Together’ expanding Yooniverse? What does it all mean? Where will this lead? How significant is this?

    Tune in next week for another thrilling installment….. 🙂

  103. Arbroath1320 says:

    When oor Dunc says “folk see @kezdugdale gets it.” I assume, naturally, that he is referring to wee Kezia getting Nicola Sturgeon’s desk. 😀

  104. chasanderson200 says:

    One Scot 9.30
    ….full of broken glass. Naw. Full of melt’n snabas!

  105. HaggisHunter says:

    If Dunc is one of the main ‘Scottish’ Labour strategists then its no surprise the party has imploded.

    He has a pathological hatred of Independence, I read on Labours hame, he said he has an English father, so I suppose the rest of us must vote No then? He deleted comments that did not support his views and banned people who would ask too many awkward questions or suggest changes that he disliked.

    Like a spoilt child if he doesn’t get his own way.

  106. Iain More says:

    SNP BAD as it is clear that one Scottish Mental Health institution doesn’t realise that one of its patients is on the loose and has been on the loose for years.

  107. Al-Stuart says:

    Breaking news…

    Tomorrow’s headline on the Daily Mail front page…


    News just in, Audit Scotland have cleared the Scottish culture secretary. The public spending watchdog say that it was a *legitimate police decision” for the Scottish Government to provide £150,000 in support to DF Concerts. Thereby keeping the now iconic Scottish culture fest on the go. Our picture shows how tens of thousands of Scots and tourists enjoy the annual *T In The Park* event…

    The Scottish Daily Mail is proud to support this effort as it creates Scottish jobs, brings thousands of tourists to Scotland. A staff reported has finally agreed to give equal prominence of this SNP minister being cleared of any wrongdoing, as opposed to our prominent feature where we slated Fiona Hyslop…

    Byline: Alan Rodent




  108. call me dave says:

    Fraser Nelson in the Spectator wiff more graffs from yesterday.

    I see he has Norway + Iceland and Ireland on it… Oh wait were the last two not basket cases a wee while ago.

    Shurley schome mishtake!
    Anyhoo we would have been doomed!

  109. Proud Cybernat says:

    People like Hothers simply do not yet see let alone accept that the Labour is no longer relevant to the people of Scotland. They will see it in time though–they just need some more mega-gubbings at the polls for the penny to finally drop for them.

    The new aspirations of the people of this country has left these dead beats far behind. We have opened our eyes to them, what they did and have learned. And once you realise that the red and blue Tories are simply in it for self and wealth and NOT for the people of this ancient nation, you won’t ever turn back. Labour are finished in Scotland. And Dunc, that isn’t a prophecy, it’s a promise. A personmal ‘Vow’ if you like.

  110. Onwards says:

    carjamtic says:
    25 March, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Most folk (yes/no) in Scotland have a deep rooted,often hidden,invisible ‘connection’ with the country and if seeing it threatened or abused will react to protect it,speaking democratically of course…


    That’s a good point, and part of the reason why I think there was a real backlash against Labour after the referendum.

    Many of those who voted no aren’t proud of it.
    Maybe they were influenced by the Project Fear campaign or the false promises or just thought the time wasn’t right. But they weren’t all staunch unionists.

    And Labour certainly got hit on the rebound for being the Tories little helpers in Scotland.

    Ultimately the success of independence is up to the people who live here and the governments and policies we choose.

    No-one is motivated to vote for parties that basically tell Scots how useless we are, and how we could never do a better job of running our own country.

  111. Grizzle McPuss says:

    I think Paul the Octopus had a greater track record on predictions.

    Tsk Dunc…second fiddle to a cephalopod mollusc, what has SLab been reduced to?

  112. Proud Cybernat says:

    Oh, and Dunc. You might want to keep this in mind too. We don’t need Scottish Labour MPs in WM to give the Tories a doin’. The SNP (along with rUK Labour MPs) have inflicted more damage on this Tory govt in 10 months than your lot did in 5 years last time round.

    SNP x 2 (And don’t forget peeps – the Greens voted against the Scotland Bill. They speak with forked tongue).

  113. MerkinScot says:

    “… a very senior executive explained that people were often given promotion just to get them out of a particular Dept.”
    I recommend a crackin’ book – ‘The Peter Principle’ – which shows that these kinda guys rise to their level of incompetence.

  114. schrodingerscat says:

    The Scottish Greens argue that the Scottish government should do more for the environment,be more adventurous with land reform etc, but then subsequently stated(as did wullie rennie!) the policies recently introduced by Cameron, regarding carbon capture, nuclear and renewable technologies, etc, as having severely damaged the confidence within the emerging renewables industry. No scottish government, not even one led by Patrick Harvey, can pursue a greener agenda for Scotland if it is constantly undermined by westminster

    After the referendum, many labour mps quietly asked angus robertson if he really thought that the labour voters would not come back to labour, they got their answer in may 15. many yessers switched their energies to supporting the snp after sept 18th. and rightly so. but this change from labour to the snp has now been shown to have happened. thus the snp will go forward through the next electoral cycle as the biggest party in scotland. i didnt see anything or anyone on the leaders debate last night which will change that. bear in mind, the snp won a majority in 2011 with 45% of the vote, polls recently show snp with >50%.
    the greens are not trying to split the snp vote, they are trying to replace the unionists, good luck to them. while it would be nice to see the greens pass the libdems,tories and labour in terms of the number of msps, it isnt really a deal breaker, nice to have etc, but wont really change anything. the unionists press will still spin the usual snp bad line and the bbc still avoid having yes supporting people, either on their panels or in their audiences.

    the snp and other indy supporting parties will now go forward doing what political parties usually do. arguing about green initiatives, a penny on tax, the nhs, etc and avoiding talking about indyref2 until they think the time is right, so as not to scare the voters and stone wall the unionist media.

    but yessers know, this is all just hot air, for there is no policy that a scottish government or scottish mps can pursue which cannot be undermined by westminster, regardless of which party they represent, (remember labours feeble 50?)

    eg, pro or anti eu, your opinions and votes are irrelevant. this issue will not be decided in scotland. independence is the only way that any tax initiative, social policy, green agenda, civic issue etc can be answered.

    Yes2scotland is not for the snp or rise or the greens to launch, or decide who is in charge or what policies to pursue. That job is for the yessers to do. that job is ours. the WBlaB book will be the event to kick start this

  115. Fred says:

    Guys, anent the anagram, I made it “arsehole” which aint perfect but what is these days! 🙂

  116. Proud Cybernat says:

    “…pro or anti eu, your opinions and votes are irrelevant. this issue will not be decided in scotland…”

    If England votes against by around 1% then Scotland’s vote could be crucial to the outcome. Now there’s a laugh. Just how undemocratic would that be if scotland prevented the ‘majority’ getting their way?

  117. carjamtic says:

    Onward @ 2:35

    Agree many no voters (and I believe a lot of the BT politicians) were not persuaded by the logical argument for staying in the yoonion (cos there ain’t one)but got the fear and simply bottled it.

    Anagram of DH,been trying this,till my head hurts,try this instead…..


    All Day with an open hand 😉

  118. Andrew Smith says:

    As a horsey man I’m just glad he doesn’t write a tips column..I’d be bankrupt !

  119. schrodingerscat says:

    If England votes against by around 1%…

    if my aunty had bollox etc…

    this is exactly the point i am making, we have little or no say in how scotland is run. there is no policy that we can vote on that cant and usually is over ruled by westminster.

    so whether you are a monarchist or republican, cnd or pro nuclear, green or tory blue, labour(feeble 50) or snp 56, the only answer is and always has been, independence.

    this was the arguement in the snp in the 80s, salmond moved the snp from a party of protest to a party of government, very successfully. this is why republicans like rose cunningham still support the SNP. This is why it wont be nicola sturgeon who will kick start yes2scotland or chose its leader. that is our job now.

  120. yesindyref2 says:

    I have a feeling Hothersall’s song is this:

    “It’s more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling)
    I begin dreaming (more than a feeling)
    ‘Till I see my Kezia walk away
    I see my Kezia walkin’ away”

  121. Proud Cybernat says:


    Scotland’s national animal/symbol, the Unicorn, is not the mythical creature everyone supposes it to have been and actually lived alongside humans until fairly recently:

  122. Angra Mainyu says:

    Schrodingerscat: “avoiding talking about indyref2 until they think the time is right, so as not to scare the voters and stone wall the unionist media…”

    Interesting. Is it too early to worry that independence might become to the SNP what Clause 4 became to the Labour Party, i.e. something that hovers in the background but nobody expects or works to achieve?

    Historic third terms and designer handbags don’t do much for me, and neither does all this talk of tax rates. On radio Scotland this afternoon someone used the phrase “paralysed by their popularity” — he was talking about Blair and suggesting the SNP was in that position too.

    I’ve decided I’m abstaining in the Scottish Parliamentary elections. I support independence and expect the SNP will only offer a vague commitment to it in their manifesto. I can’t support RISE even though they’re probably going to be the only party honestly pressing for another referendum on independence.

    As for the question of when “the time is right”, I must be thick. To my mind the time has never been more right. The Tories and Labour have never been more disjointed, distracted, and unimpressive in the eyes of the electorate.

    Polls suggests support for independence is at an all time high, bearing in mind it was bouncing around the 25% mark a year before the 2014 referendum.

    Who decides when the time is right? Who decided we must make sure we win the next referendum or we can never have another? The rules of democracy, as in understand them, are that we can have a referendum every day if enough people vote for it.

  123. Dan Huil says:

    Dunc’s no prophet; he’s just a silly silly boy

  124. Ken MacColl says:

    I only ever see the pronouncements of DH when they are posted on Wings and those certainly suggest that the man is a 24 carat plonker. The alarming thought is that he is apparently highly regarded within the higher (?) echelons of the Labour Party in Scotland.
    Lord George Foulkes ; now there is a bloke who can recognise talent and, I suspect, that he is doing it deliberately.

  125. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, we need to kickstart it, the grassroots. The thing is Blair Jenkins was fairly bland in himself which is OK but needed more charisma, but he wrapped himself around the policies too much. So he went on about Trident, social justice, loads of stuff, mostly leftie.

    What it needs is someone who believes Scotland needs Independence to enable whatever policies it wants, like:

    Get rid of Trident
    Welcome nuclear weapons from all countries
    Reduce defence spending
    Greatly increase defence spending to become fortress Scotland
    Take from the rich to give to the poor
    Take from the poor to give to the rich
    Make education available to all
    Make education only available to those that can afford it
    Open Scotland’s borders to all
    Close Scotland’s borders completely

    Perhaps a little exaggerated, but it needs to be attractive to everyone, not just those of the hard left persuasion.

  126. Macart says:

    The bunny cat has a point.

    It will be the electorate who kick start indyref2. What you with majority SNP government is a guarantee that you have an administration willing to act upon that popular will. No other party with even the potential of forming a government would be willing to do so.

    THAT is going to take time and patience from both ends. The SNP continuing to provide a safe pair of hands in government and the YES movement patiently winning hearts and minds on the street.

    I wonder if the yoon media and Westminster have cottoned on to just how easy they are making that choice second time around yet?

  127. Gary45% says:

    Voting for Dipity Dugdale??
    I would rather drag my naked scrotum over a field of stinging nettles.
    “The rest are also a waste of time”.

    So Hothersall says Kezybaby is “getting it”, exactly what is she getting?? She is an “Autonomous” Clueless, Visionless Dipityshit.
    Heard Fluffy’s waste of sperm on the Brewery show, like father like son!?!?

    Oh Aye SNPx2

  128. yesindyref2 says:

    @Angra Mainyu
    The SSAS shows that firm support for Independence is at 39%, plus 6 since the last time, but isn’t enough in a Referendum.

    It also shows that support for Devolution is 49%, -1 since the last time. What’s needed is a large chunk of that 49%, and perhaps even some of the 6% who want to abolish Holyrood but might actually just not want too many layers of Government, to support Independence.

    Scotland Act 2016 takes the Devolution supporters one step nearer more powers, but many don’t think it enough. Sturgeon has already said she’ll be pushing for more powers during the next Parliamentary term, while also renewing the Independence campaign in the summer.

    Either Westminster rolls over bit by bit and devolves more pwoers, or some / many of those 49% Devolution supporter won’t be happy and will move to Independence, bit at a time, slow but steady.

    Independence will come, but not if the Unionists take over Holyrood. An abstention is a vote for the Unionists, and a vote against Independence.

  129. DerekM says:

    God you go away for a break and come back to find the UK in even more of a mess though a break from all the propaganda was i nice treat,did you know that the Irish dont give a fuck about what is going on in the UK.

    And the wee black book launched as well great stuff Rev 🙂

    Though its good to see some things never change Dunc was a zoomer before i left and is still a zoomer now.

  130. Marcia says:

    That mannie was put on earth to waste your time.

  131. Sassenach says:

    @Angra Mainyu at 3-30pm

    “I’ve decided I’m abstaining in the Scottish Parliamentary elections” – what a great idea, if we all did that, and let the Yoons walk all over us in Holyrood, then we could kiss goodbye to independence.

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!!

  132. Proud Cybernat says:

    “I’ve decided I’m abstaining in the Scottish Parliamentary elections.”

    What – just like a SLAB MP? Or perhaps you’re justa concern troll? Honestly – you’re like a kid wanting to know “Are we there yet?” and taking the huff cos we’re no’ there when you want us to be there. We’ll be there when the PEOPLE of this country want us to be there and no’ a moment sooner. But if you don’t vote then how will we ever know what the people want? How dumb is that?

    Anyways – you’ll no’ stop many on this board giving it SNP x 2 BIG TIME. Hope that doesn’t offend your sensibilities too much.

  133. Arbroath1320 says:

    O/T here.

    Following the decision of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust to *ahem* donate £34K to LIAR Carmichael NOT for his legal fees if anyone wants to complain, not that I suspect it’ll do any good as I suspect JRRT will behave like BBC in relation to complaints, then here is its address.

  134. yesindyref2 says:

    Put the bunny, back in the box!

    The problem though is finding a charismatic figurehead, one not of extreme views and perhaps not even strong views, apart from the need for Independence.

    Robin McAlpine has been suggested but he’s of the Left. What the left did last ref was disentangle Scotland from Labour domination, and that was needed. But it didn’t engage with those who had something, perhaps not enough, but had something to lose and weren’t prepared to take the chance.

    So what it needs is someone who can appeal to them, as well as to the existing Indy supporters, someone living in Scotland.

    I can’t think of anyone.

  135. G H Graham says:

    It would seem that lying isn’t exclusive to the Liberal Democrat, Alistair Carmichael MP. It would seem that his financial champions, the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust are also comfortable claiming one thing & then doing the exact opposite.

    This from their own website …

    What we don’t fund

    We are not a charitable funder and we will not accept unsolicited applications from charities, or for work which may be funded from charitable sources.We do not fund the following:-

    Unsolicited applications from registered charities.
    Unsolicited applications for work which may be funded from charitable sources.
    Campaigns outside the UK.
    Local campaigns without national impact.
    General appeals.
    Academic research.
    Work which we believe should be funded from statutory sources, or which has been in the recent past.
    Legal fees.
    Administrative or other core costs of party organisations.
    Personal support of individuals in need
    Educational bursaries
    Travel & adventure projects
    Building, buying or repairing properties
    Business development or job creation


  136. heedtracker says:

    That mannie was put on earth to waste your time.

    Wise words.

    Another teller of the UKOK mega whoppers has really got backs up, this time its the Quakers.

    You don’t mess with Quakers.

  137. Dr Jim says:

    56 SNP MPs we sent to Westminster to put up with being voted down by the Tory Labour combined forces at every single vote that mattered

    You’d think even the most ardent supporters of opposition parties would be thinking on how little respect Westminster and it’s cronies have for Scotland

    But they don’t care, they think it’s great that Scotland is treated like shit as long as the SNP don’t win anything
    it doesn’t even seem to dawn on the idiots that’s how Scotland was always treated, the difference is the SNP have shown it up and made it visible

    Then you get the other idiots who think the SNP want Independence to get all the power, without stupidly not even realising if the SNP made an Arse of it their own parties might have a chance of being voted for in an Independent Scotland

    Which tells me there are no Labour or Tory supporters there are only Yoons and they’re all the same

    I’m starting to have sympathy with the guy down the pub, we call him Murphy the spy because he’s “secretly” SDF and just wants to kill all Yoons everywhere and blow things up and is standing by for the word
    But nobody’s told him what the word is so he keeps waiting

  138. Luigi says:

    Arbroath1320 says:

    25 March, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    O/T here.

    Following the decision of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust to *ahem* donate £34K to LIAR Carmichael NOT for his legal fees if anyone wants to complain, not that I suspect it’ll do any good as I suspect JRRT will behave like BBC in relation to complaints, then here is its address.

    Would it be worthwhile also writing to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, with a complaint that the behaviour of the JRRT board in supporting Carmichael has brought the good name of Joseph Rowntree into disrepute?

  139. Davie Clark says:

    “casual work chats”

    He’s deduced from the chats he has working with Labour, that Labour are doing well, lol. What an arse.

  140. heedtracker says:

    O/T Surprised to read this in the P&J, thought they had printed the WWB!

    Fit Like Times sales tanking, could be:D

  141. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’ve been told I “brush up well”. 🙂

    Someone from the ‘voluntary sector’?

  142. Famous15 says:

    I think Mr Hill hit it on the nose. (11.27)The media (Unionist) cannot see an alternative to rhe SNP so they will rubbish the election.

    Someone above suggesting it would be best not to vote is fool or a sellout pretending.

    St Swithin’s day?

  143. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Maureen

    P&J article already archived here:

    Don’t give them click revenue.

  144. Iain More says:

    To whoever said it first, yes it might be the ideal scenario would be for Scots votes to keep the Southern Tories in the EU if England did indeed vote to leave but not overwhelmingly.

    I don’t see those twa faced toadies accepting the outcome. Karma would indeed be a bitch.

    It is not beyond the realms of impossibility either as Osborne’s pre EU Vote Budget Bribe to the English is unravelling and Cameron is now essentially a lame duck PM.

    BBC heads don’t know what way to spin as the English Leave camp appears to be closing down the English Stay camp lead in opinion polls.

  145. CameronB Brodie says:

    maureen’s link.

  146. Croompenstein says:

    Casual work chats

    Where does he work ? Ibrox ?

  147. Vronsky says:

    Dunky thought he was a shoo-in for a lucrative wee sinecure with the Labour Party. All he had to do was fake the same lunacy as the rest of them. That boat has sailed.

    Candid advice to Dunky. You’re qualified for nothing, and bugger all use to man or beast. Your only hope of shaking some fruit from the tree is a career in politics – you’re right about that, at least.

    So join the SNP – that’s where all the smart careerists are now. Did you miss the memo?

  148. Stoker says:

    The Rev wrote:
    “At Easter the prophet rose again”

    AYE, right out of our economy and straight into Warminsters.
    Oh, sorry, you’re talking about a different kind of profit, eh!

  149. galamcennalath says:

    Dunc sees the SNP as a “single issue” organisation. He of course means Indy. Well, I for one hope the SNP do always put that single issue foremost in their plans. However, recent government has shown they are actually more than just that.

    DH and other residual supports fail to see that the Labour Party North British branch itself became a single issue party decades ago. Their main objective was to provide ample trough space for all their own snouts!

  150. yesindyref2 says:

    In my previous freelance life I worked half the time for a big company, co-founded by a Quaker. Lovely company, hardly any politics, and looked after its workforce. You wanted help you got it, work – or personal for burnt out employees. Only company I considered taking an actual job with (too much the free spirit).

    @CameronB Brodie
    Yes, that’s a possibility. A non-political one which might be a bit hard in the voluntary sector. Someone even-handed who respects NO voters and understands where they’re coming from.

  151. Provost Sludden says:

    Aw cheers Duncan, I was feeling a bit depressed today but you’ve really cneered me up. Honestly I haven’t laughed so much since Ed nearly took a header down those steps.

    And Jackie Baillie would be our best ever Finance Secretary as well.


  152. woosie says:

    We have to crowdfund Natalie McGarry’s defence.

    She may be too quick to comment ( I think anyone who comments on twitter has problems ), but she is being singled out as a concerted attempt by yoons in an attempt to divide us, and discredit nats via the disproportionate levels of publicity these attacks receive.

    Lets kick it off pronto, let this clown know what he’s up against.

  153. benarmine says:

    I walked up Duncan’s Hill at Dunkeld last week. It’s covered in trees. Thick, dense, hard to make any sense of it. Just saying.

  154. IvMoz says:


    Following on from the Dundee QT debacle, did anyone notice a certain Angus Macdonald OBE in the audience at the leaders debate last night. Mr Macdonald made a comment about Scotland having the worst deficit in Europe & stating Scotland would be the laughing stock of the world.

    I wonder if this is the same Mr Macdonald that received a large $25000 donation during the referendum from Wm Grant & Sons?

    And was a member of the Scotland In Union organisation?

    What are the odds that he was in the audience?

  155. maureen says:

    I know, I shouldn’t give them any revenue, thanks for putting up an archived link CameronB Brodie

  156. yesindyref2 says:

    Natalie McGarry got the wrong guy and accused him of being a “holocaust denier”. Her attempt at an apology was this tweet: “I’d add however, that you should be careful who is distributing your materials, but apologies etc.”

    I personally wouldn’t accept that as an apology, would you?

    All she has to do is admit shew got the wrong person and acted in haste, and apologise properly. Kind of like: “I’m really sorry Mr Cameron, I got the wrong person, I humbly apologise for defaming you”.

    I wouldn’t give one penny, not one brown cent, for the defence of someone who is totally in the wrong.

  157. CmonIndy says:

    I agree with that yesindyref2.

  158. Ken500 says:

    @ Telegraph

    S&P drop JP rating. Revenues dropped 8.8%. Revenues will drop again this year.

    Where’s the Chilcot Report?

  159. Macart says:


    We’re not there yet. We’re not at the stage of requiring formal structure or new leadership. I’d say post May we’d be still within the building consensus stage. IMO the onus has to be on really making sure the roots of our new media are well cared for. This will be the hub from which the traditional media is challenged, Westminster wonk speak unscrambled, news is spread and numbers built.

    This is the meeting place for yesindyref2 if you will. Its where ideas will form, friendships are made and voices heard. The place where folk can put forward worthy causes to support and news will spread that ordinary folk are seen to act for the common weal. The time for a formal referendum structure will be when campaigns are in the offing. Names, leading voices and such will come to the surface as progress is made. Folk will make their own minds up as to who speaks best for them. 🙂

  160. schrodingerscat says:

    yes2 scotland needs a leader, no doubt about it, to help launch indyref2 campaign

    if you have followed my post you will see that the only policy yes2scotland need is “independence”
    he or she can argue for independence in anyway they want, just as you and i can, and as pointed out, no actual scottish policy can be carried out until we are independence.

    let the snp and greens produce another white paper if they want. nothing to do with yes2scotland, its leader or members can argue for independence in anyway they wish, eg republican or monarchist can argue for either, as long as they remember that yes2scotland has as its core philosophy to convince others to support indy, not to convince people to be republicans or monarchists.
    we can introduce some limitations, eg yes2scotland does not support or promote or allow, racist, bigoted or sectarianism etc, but basically, members are free to post out what ever leaflets they chose, eg, lfi, snp, wbb, etc. same as they were during indyref1.

    i propose Robin MacAlpine to lead yes2scotland, mainly because he didnt join rise or the snp, and not because i agree with everything he says, i dont, but as the leader of yes2scotland, he is entitled to hold a different view of how an indy scotland should look like. same as everyone else.

    in truth, i see robin macalpine and yes2scotland(or whatever they call themselves) as a starting pistol, a rallying cry, after which, i think most groups will be on their own, same as we were during indyref1

  161. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes you’re right, I must be patient!

    It doesn’t need to be someone who was a lifelong Indy supporter either, it could be someone who either came over to YES, or didn’t actually care before. Perhaps someone who had an interest and knowledge of the constitution, but didn’t take sides before.

    Ah well, it’ll be interesting to see what Sturgeon and the SNP have in mind for the summer-start campaign.

  162. Tam Jardine says:


    In fairness to Mr MacDonald, if I had 2 enormous country piles and tons and tons of moolah I might want everything to stay exactly the same. I can’t imagine how I would react. Wealth does different things to different people.

    I would hope to want to use my wealth to make my country better rather than use it to try and shackle us to Westminster rule forever and keep the poor at the mercy of the tories.

    Anyway- on the deficit- if Scotland’s economy is so bad after 310 years of union then this guy advocating another 310 years is insane, no?

  163. Iain says:

    He just hasn’t got the hang of Scotland yet, has he?

  164. schrodingerscat says:

    point taken about macalpine being very left wing, but as leader he can call on anyone to represent the yes movement, his national executive, or collective if you wish, only no snp mps etc can have anything to do with it. they just cant, otherwise it will be back to being called yesnp etc, until the snp launch their own campaign anyway. but yes2scotland, robin macalpine, can ask the rev to represent yes2scotland on tv debates, something he couldnt do during indyref1
    the indyref1 brought some very powerful people to the fore, ivan mackee, dr phillipa whitford, jeanne freedman etc, these people have moved to the snp and cant be part of yes2scotland, certainly not until the snp commit. but i have no doubt that others will come forward

  165. Macart says:


    Everything has a time, a point where critical mass is reached and consensus comes to a focus. The route of travel is one direction now and there are lots of advocates and voices coming to the fore in our new media.

    The cat is right in that a leader would be required when we get to that point, but I reckon we’ve a hurdle or two to get over before that stage. Good to see folk thinking about it though, churning through names and such. 🙂

  166. Richardinho says:

    In fairness, anyone who makes predictions about the future is likely to be wrong almost all of the time.

  167. Skooshcase says:

    Lessons learned from IndyRef1:

    Definitely do not repeat the Yes Scotland official campaign – boring, dull, don’t-scare-the-horses blandness. Wishy-washy interviews from officials. Piss-poor campaign literature…how many times did the leaflet deliverers say, ‘The next one will be more hard hitting, surely; it’s got to be…’ all the way up to the final days of the campaign?

    Jenkins was dull as dishwasher with an equivalent personality. Nice guy, wrong leader.

    If it all been left to the official Yes Scotland campaign the result would have been disasterous.

    It was the unofficial campaign made up of the thousands of energised Scots who knew the score and wanted their country free of the corruption of Westminster and the British state that enabled Yes to reach 45%.

    Next time, fuck it, let’s get some leaders who will tell it like it is. None of this goody-two-shoes shite. Get them to let the Scottish people know about the things that have been done to Scotland and its people. Get the truth out there – and to hell with pissing-off Britnats with their BBC and press backers.

    Produce printed material for delivery that tells of the lies, thievery and corruption of Westminster. Print and re-print the McCrone Report and what was done to rob Scotland of its wealth (Why this was never done by Yes Scotland is beyond my ken).

    Being all nicey-nicey will be an utter waste of time, as in IndyRef1. Next time, we fight as dirty as we must to win. You don’t win a war by being nice. You do what you have to do to win. And a war it is, not in the ‘hot’ sense, but one where the future of our country and its people are at stake and up against an ‘enemy’ which doesn’t know the meaning of fair play.

    We have ever increasing amounts of ammunition in our arsenal (Wee Black Book, for example) to use against those who will oppose us in IndyRef2. We must use all we have. Whatever it takes.

    Lose IndyRef2 and Scotland is fucked. It may well be our last chance until who knows when. We have to use everything we have.

    No more nicey-nicey pish. Fuck that. Let’s get on our feet and up and at ’em.

  168. call me dave says:

    That someone will have a job on to convince the man who was on ‘Your Call’ radio shortbread this morning who castigated the SNP for the shambles of the NHS (in Scotland).

    He was wrong in every particular and obviously was getting his information from the BBC & other MSM, probably didn’t have, or use the internet and was of a certain age.

    The most ill informed person I have heard in a long time and who with a bit of research could have enlightened himself by checking the Scottish and UK health section of the BBC web site.

    There was also a woman who was very angry that the SNP were putting a penny on the income tax for everyone… 🙁

    In addition she said The Scottish government must do something to retain or create jobs (HELLO HELLO!..TA TA I screamed at the car radio)

    I switched to the CD player and selected ‘the ride of the Valkyeries’ and swished the two miles into the town centre a trifle too fast for a local pillar of society… no machine guns loaded but there you have it.


    ‘we can’t go on like this’
    “Corbyn fails to put Cameron to the sword” says his supporters.

    Geez! At least they don’t have Deputy Deadwood darn Sarf!

  169. Tinto Chiel says:

    Some great comments on here.

    Duncan Hothersall?


    Surely no prophet and a dead loss.

    Sorry (shambles off aimlessly).

  170. Stevie says:

    It is clear that Duncan Hothershall is the biggest arsehole on the internet today – there isn’t even a close second place; he’s the biggest arse without peer. A Red Tory fail.

  171. Angra Mainyu says:

    Proud Cybernat, your blind loyalty to the SNP is unique and beautiful. You didn’t address the thrust of my post though. Allow me to simplify it for you thus: without a clear commitment to a second referendum, maybe you can explain which specific facets of SNP policy excite you?

    No? Didn’t think so.

    Calling anyone who questions the road-worthiness of the bus a “concern troll” is an immature mix of unquestioning loyalty and paranoia, nothing more. But I won’t pretend I’m offended by it — the truth is we got used to that sort of crap during the Scottish Labour years. Even so, it’s amazing that you get away with that on here.

    I’ll shut up and get with the program.

    Why the blue high heels, then, they don’t match her handbag or her outfit? Ah okay, got you; they match the helicopter…

  172. Cadogan Enright says:

    I am really beginning to like this Duncan H guy

    It’s like having an infallible weather vein about what’s NOT going to happen

    Maybe we should write to him and ask him to contribute to Wings?

    We could all wait breathlessly for his latest pronouncement.

    Like tea leaves, only more to the point

  173. Bob Mack says:

    @Angr Mainyu,

    There is an oft quoted saying which goes:

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for a good man to do nothing”.

    Don’t vote and you are doing nothing. I do not agree with every SNP policy,but I know for certain their end game is to be independent. That is what counts. That is why I talk to people ,chap their doors,and argue the toss.

    Who else do I have?

    Doing nothing is not an option for one who wants the same as us all.

  174. macbeda says:

    I once read that the Scots biggest enemies were the Scots themselves. I’m beginning to see that as being true.

    FFS get a fecking grip we have an Indyref 2 to win.

    Keep the backbiting until its all over.

  175. O/T

    Read in a couple of places that some Solidarity candidates have resigned.
    Has anybody else heard anything?

  176. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Proud Cybernat, your blind loyalty to the SNP is unique and beautiful.”

    Aye–there’s none so blind. So you think it is great gas to demonstrate to all and sundry that you have no “blind loyalty” because you broadcast your intention to “abstain” And somehow because I disagree with you and intend to not to abstain and to support the SNP x 2 because I happen to believe they are the only realistic vehicle in town that will take us to Indy, I am demonstrating “blind loyalty”.

    Aye, sure. Anything you say, mate.

    What Bob Mack says.

    Look after yourself.

    SNP x 2 + 1 x EU IN

  177. Arbroath1320 says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    25 March, 2016 at 9:23 pm


    Read in a couple of places that some Solidarity candidates have resigned.
    Has anybody else heard anything?

    I remember have wee talks on Twitter, I think, and mentioned that I thought Lindsay Jarrett (of huge YES on Edinburgh Castle during indy ref fame 😀 ) was a member.

    However, Lindsay quickly came back and said she had resigned from Solidarity. They didn’t like her constantly asking questions. Well let’s face it … if you don’t ask questions you don’t get answers. 😉

    Needless to say I apologised profusely for my error. 😉

  178. Stevie says:

    Being fair to the biggest arsehole on the net – ket us remember that the most irritating arse in politics is Willie Rennie – imagine an evening in the company of this pair of complete FAILS. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  179. Foonurt says:

    Aye macbeda, ah cannae unnurrstaun awe thoan hair-triggurr stuff eethurr. Diz yurr fuckin heid in.

  180. Onwards says:

    Bob Mack says:
    25 March, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    Don’t vote and you are doing nothing. I do not agree with every SNP policy,but I know for certain their end game is to be independent.


    You’re right there. Independence is the reason the party exists. It’s the reason thousands of new members signed up. A referendum is the only realistic way we are going to get independence. And the SNP is the only realistic way to get a second referendum.

    But I think Sturgeon is right to play it canny right now.
    We need another majority, and if that means playing down a second referendum during this election campaign then so be it. The manifesto will leave the timing up to public demand.

    The SNP leadership obviously wants the votes of NO voters to get a second majority. Those who aren’t convinced with independence yet, but think the SNP is the best party to run the Scottish Parliament or the best means to get more devolved powers.

    Any of the doubters need to use the heid.
    No majority = no second referendum.

  181. Chic McGregor says:

    The possibility of indyref2 has not been played down, nor should it be.

  182. Onwards says:

    I very much doubt the SNP are going to make it the main issue of the Holyrood campaign. They want votes from everyone.

  183. Fred says:

    Easter presents for Corbyn as Labour MP’s call for his removal. Back-stabber in chief is John Woodcock the member for Barrow in Furness, who will almost certainly have the backing of his constituency party as Woodcock backs Trident renewal, weapons of mass-destruction & jobs for Barrow. Presumably therefore Dugdale supports this move to ditch Jeremy & Murray needs to get off the fence.

  184. JET JOCKEY says:

    HI there Skooshace.
    I have printed a large quantity of leaflets same as at the GE, ask Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, Mags Curran, etc etc. This time it will be Ruthie, Kese, Jackie, and if there are any left some in Mr Murray, Fluffy, Wee Wille constituencies, Got a large quantity of office equipment at a liquidation sale for buttons so the cost is virtually nothing and an army of mad keen volunteers distributers.

  185. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Skooshcase,
    Love your attitude. Let’s stick it to them for their lies. I said as much on a post a while ago. No more Mr nice guy.

  186. Ealasaid says:

    I see Angra Mainyu = ‘destructive spirit’, see Wikipedia, is back with us again.

  187. Angra Mainyu says:

    Bob Mack, you talk about evil prospering and good men doing nothing, all because I said I intended to abstain. Evil prospers where daft men follow blindly just as often as it prospers where good men do nothing.

    Anyway, I’m not a good man, I just think we need a clear commitment to a second referendum and soon. Is that too much to ask from a party whose essence hinges on the goal of Scottish Independence?

    All of those who are saying it’s too early and we need to wait can be dismissed with one single point: you’d all get right behind a second referendum if Nicola announced it tomorrow.

  188. Greannach says:

    From doorsteps all over the country, people see that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Jack Frost exist. I’m optimistic. I may be rather squiffy, too.

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