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Another vow delivered

Posted on November 27, 2015 by

On the left, the Conservatives’ 2015 general election manifesto.


On the right, yesterday’s Press & Journal. We wish we could even fake surprise.

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72 to “Another vow delivered”

  1. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    Yeah, the same “green” government that has gone about scrapping green subsidies, and stripping Scotland of its powers over renewables. The new nuclear plant which will INCREASE the price per unit of electricity generated.

  2. Algernon Pondlife says:

    Oh gosh!
    Quelle surprise.

  3. jimnarlene says:

    I think the panto season’s been here a while, there’s a few spare horses arses around Westminster.

    Not surprised, either.

  4. Auld Rock says:

    Another promise broken – another LIE DELIVERED. As a matter of interest when the Type 26 Frigate started were we not supposed to be building 22/24 of them. Can anyone help?

    Auld Rock

  5. Andrew McLean says:

    By my reckoning that leaves the protection from invasion from outer space just to be broken.

  6. bobajock says:

    As ever, I am not bothered by Tory lies, they are simply scum. I am bothered by the mainstream medias inability to report on or tackle issues, rather than the ‘personal’ assaults on politicians etc. A generation of Fbook consumers seem too stupid to want more.

    Thus WoS does it again, and again, finding and destroying the unionist lies.

  7. scott says:

    As I said on another post Cameron needs this £1B for the reconstruction of Syria after he and his friends have bombed the hell out of them,so poor Scotland gets shafted by the Tories again.

  8. X_Sticks says:

    “What was that No vote percentage in the North-East again?”

    Aye, don’t rub it in! We did the best we could.

    Aberdeen City 41.39% Yes 58.61% No

    Aberdeenshire 39.64% Yes 60.36% No

    I suspect those figures are changing rapidly though.

  9. heedtracker says:

    And ofcourse good old UKOK propagandists P&J, have not even bothered asking any Scottish Tory anything, starting with their sock puppet leader Ruth Davidson. P&J/toryboys, one and the same.

  10. HandandShrimp says:

    “The greenest government ever”

    …….If you count lamp black as one of the greens.

  11. Martin Wood says:

    well done nawbags

  12. Bob Mack says:

    Basically the trick to decoding Conservative maifestos for the General Election ,and indeed the Referendum, is to look at the promises made and then REVERSE THEM!!!

    When oh when will my fellow Scots let the penny drop.
    The Tories neither care or consider that you are a Unionist who voted to stay in the UK.

    You will be punished with all the rest. No exceptions, and possibly for the next ten years.

  13. Dan Huil says:

    Of course the rancid P & J will still support the so-called united kingdom. No matter how appalling Westminster’s attitude towards Scotland the P & J will still bend over and ask for more. The Scottish Cringe advocated by such unionist rags is depressing and disgusting.

  14. Wulls says:

    I don’t believe in coincidence.
    They binned the TV series “Mythbusters” just after the referendum.

  15. Sandy says:

    Can you imagine the reaction if this was in the “home counties” ?

  16. Gavin Greig says:

    Skilfully weasel words from the Tories; by starting the sentence with “We have been the greenest government ever” they put that statement clearly in the past. There’s no promise to keep the £1bn committed, unless of course you read it as a reasonable human being rather than a pedant.

  17. Jim McNeill says:

    So how many SNP MPs have we got? And what are they doing about this?

    I know it’s hard to keep coming back with outrage in the face of sneers and ignorance, but we can’t let stuff like this just go by on the nod.

  18. Macart says:


    Didn’t they know the nature of the beast? Weren’t they warned by anyone?

    Oh wait…

  19. John D aka Ecosse-Nkosi says:

    Andrew McLean says:
    27 November, 2015 at 12:22 pm
    By my reckoning that leaves the protection from invasion from outer space just to be broken.

    That one is all ready broken the Aliens are already here in charge at Westminster, they certainly can’t be human.

  20. Alun says:

    It’s not just the north east that suffers from this. CCS employs people elsewhere in Scotland too. Like in Edinburgh, which also voted No.

  21. I think Cameron was misquoted by the media, what he really meant to say was, that he has the greenest electorate, who will believe anything he tells them.

    It got him re-elected and now everyone is paying the price

  22. Steve Bowers says:

    I just hope the people of Peterhead and surrounding area remember who did this to them as yet another better together lie is exposed

  23. Proud Cybernat says:

    This latest assault on Scotland’s economy will affect YES and NO voters alike. Is this regestering yet, NO voter? London and will harm YOU and YOUR famly’s future every bit as much as they will harm the YES voter.

    London does not care about your NO future. They just needed you NO vote. And they won’t stop here. When they have picked the last bit of flesh from the carcass of Scotland, will you still be happy you voted NO? Will you be joyous of the bleak future your children will face?

    Next time JUST VOTE YES. In the meantime, let’s send a very loud message to the Red & Blue Tories in London:

    SNP/SNP SE2016.

  24. R-type Grunt says:

    It’s worthwhile noting that every time there is a ‘UK Bad’ story the Unionist rags always refer to ‘the Government’. Not the UK Government & not the Scottish Government. It’s also worth noting the Scotland doesn’t have a Scottish Government, oh no. We have an SNP Scottish Government and, as everyone knows, this is a BAD thing. The devil is in the detail.

  25. Maxx Macc says:

    Climate change is all hokum anyway. The planet isn’t heating up and the seas aren’t rising. The only real threat to the planet is the warmongerers who want to start WW3 and the overdue Ice Age which is the natural state of the planet for 90,000 of each 100,000 years.
    Anyone who genuinely believes CO2 is either bad, or responsible for heating this planet needs a lie down.

  26. Gordon Murray says:

    Naw naw, be fair; Alistair Darling back in 2007 also spiked BP’s carbon capture and storage project utilising the Miller field and Peterhead generating energy from North Sea gas.
    It was too closely identified with Alex Salmond who was championing green energy initiatives.

  27. Capella says:

    Whoever the NO voters were in Aberdeenshire I doubt many came from Peterhead. Banff/Buchan was one of the earliest strongholds of the SNP led by a Mr Alex Salmond who still lives in Strichen, not far from Peterhead.

  28. tartanfever says:

    Also mentioned in that article is the Green Investment Bank, which, most likely, is going to be sold off to private interests. Double whammy.

  29. Harry McAye says:

    As I said both before and after the vote, Vote No and you will have both Cameron’s thanks and his contempt.

  30. David McKendrick says:

    The carbon capture money was supposedly ring-fenced just like the NHS budget?

  31. Cath says:

    “Betrayal.” Grievance hunting dog whistle headline there. Get back in your box and eat your cereal, P&J – this is what you campaigned for.

  32. stewart fae stoney says:

    Even after this and many other lies published the depressing journal still hates the SNP and Yes voters just look at the number of anti SNP letters printed in the letters page,

  33. msean says:

    Given their record of vow delivery,we better watch those skies 🙂 .

  34. Proud Cybernat says:

    ‘Vote NO, Get NOthing’.

    Well, it was almost right. Should have been:

    ‘Vote NO, Get NOthing AND a Kicking’.

  35. Macart says:

    Just to be clear, that would be power generation, carbon capture and the oil and gas industry, all suffering through either direct actions/inaction of Westminster central government in the past year. It appears their broad shoulders have developed a bit of a stoop.

    Also, just so folks in the north east know where to send their letters of complaint and of course energy and trade being reserved issues, that would be the remit of the Westminster parliament.

  36. Gary45% says:

    Just heard Ken Macintosh on the Brewery show (radio Misery).
    Kenny boy states that everyone is out to destroy the labour party.
    I think the labour party have successfully destroyed themselves.
    Oh and we got a nice wee SNP bad thrown in also.

  37. liz says:

    It was said by many yessers, the Rev included, a no vote is NOT a vote for the status quo

  38. Ken500 says:

    The North East has voted SNP forever, because people knew the massive amounts of Oil revenues that were going south. It is an SNP stronghold. Labour in the shire has no chance. They voted LibDem to keep the Tories out. Malcolm Bruce did nothing for the North East for thirty years but watch the Oil revenues go South. Colluded with the Unionist and Greens to hold back the region.

    The Labour/Unionists and the Green have just destroyed the City centre, to line their pockets. The Green has the casting vote, so votes with the status quo – the Unionists – against Green policies. 600 votes and a total farce. They have wasted £Millions of taxpayers money on a carbuncle that is unbelievable and will dwarf the City Centre. Increasing traffic and congestion. Reneging on their policies. People are protesting in the street. A protest group is campaigning against it to no avail. People are extremely annoyed. .

    The essential by pass road was not built for over forty years. It is being built now. People were stuck in traffic (for hours) and couldn’t get to work. It paralyses the whole City. People avoid the City. The City Centre is a muck’s midden. A total state. The Unionist mucked it up. A total underfunded disgrace.

    Thousands are losing their jobs because of the Oil tax rate 75% and the fall in Oil prices.
    Production had fallen 60% because of the high tax rate.

    The CCS project should have been at Longannet in Fife, for coal. Coal is cheaper than Gas and
    plentiful all over Britain. The Tories are stopping coal production in the UK. So coal will have to be imported putting up the balance of payments deficit and the Debt. Maybe the Scottish Gov could do something at Longannet buy the Plant and facilitate CCS. Scotland lose EU renewable Grants because of Westminster indecision.

    The North East voted No. There are many incomers because of the Oil, whose allegiance is elsewhere. The North East and parts of Fife were the only part of Scotland that voted No to Devolution, which is quite surprising.

    The P & J can report all they want but they supported NO with all the scare stories. Vote NO you get nothing. People were warned. People should have realised never trust a Tory, especially those who lived under or knew about Thatcher. Westminster Parties don’t need Scotland to get elected and act accordingly. With total disregard. It is appalling.

  39. heedtracker says:

    Kenny boy states that everyone is out to destroy the labour party.

    The destroyed the Labour party on their own.

    Look at just part of their legacy of war, debt, grovelers to UK super rich elite, and who knows how many decades of blue tory Westminster rule in Scotland ahead, even for 2 minutes.

    Hypocrites and liars at The Graun try to airbrush away Blair, Brown and Labour, all to save the red tories

    As I learned from spending time interviewing Islamic State members in Syria and northern Iraq, George W Bush’s “war on terror” turned out to be a classic terrorist recruitment programme of this kind. In 2001 there were roughly a couple of hundred terrorists in the mountains of the Hindu Kush who posed a threat to the international community. Now, after the war on terror has claimed what some estimate to be as many as one million Iraqi lives, we are facing some 100,000 terrorists. Isis was created six months after the start of the invasion: it is Bush’s baby.

  40. Cuilean says:

    Any ‘No’ voters who believed the P&J tory/Better Together lies: revenge is simple. Stop buying it. Every P&J purchased today, funds another tory lie tomorrow.

    As a farming community Aberdeenshire may be dragged out the EU. Bid a fond farewell to EU farming subsidies.

    To me, the no voter is epitomised by brown-nosed gamekeepers who routinely break the law by sleekitly poisoning wild, protected birds, to keep their ‘betters’ happy.

    Don’t you know your tory employer meant THEY (the officer class) were ‘better together’, not the ‘other ranks’?

    Poem dedicated to all NO voters:




    Poem by Geo.Scott-Moncrieff

    Keep watching the political winds & tides, Stu. Keep shouting back directions to all our comfortable farmyard ducks.

  41. Janet says:

    The SNP has done rather well in the Fife Council by-elections, including Rosyth!

    Seems Project Smear is not working!

    Enjoy the weekend, folks!

  42. Ken500 says:

    Fishing quotas have Increased. There is always a silver herring, in this dismal future. Golf Development has increased tourism. The Greens tried to stop it wasting £Millions of public money Reduced APT will increase direct flights for visitors. The Greens wasted £Million of public money trying to stop the expansion of the Airport. Even breaking into it and shutting it at one point.

    Those from elsewhere are just renting out, they can’t sell and clearing off. The Old Tories. March them up to the top of the Hill and then back down again. What a waste. Three weeks on and three weeks off is now the norm, to save money and flights. Hard for family life, mental health and social ties etc.

  43. Edward says:

    tartanfever @ 1.11 pm

    Yes I noticed the bit about the Green Investment Bank

    I remember the like of that little creep Danny Alexander dangling the Green Investment Bank in front of the voters last year when they were ‘deciding’ where to place the Bank

    Now is slated to be sold off

  44. David McDowell says:

    The “Wee Blue Book” was excellent but how about doing something they don’t expect and really wouldn’t like next time?

    A booklet targeted at the “No” voters now losing their jobs, pointing out all these “before and after” Unionist betrayals and broken promises.

    Call it the “Red, White and Blue Book: Union flag cover and no hint of content until you open it.

  45. galamcennalath says:

    liz says:

    “It was said by many yessers, the Rev included, a no vote is NOT a vote for the status quo”

    By the time we reached 18th Sept nobody was saying the status quo would continue. Even BT were painting a quite different picture for Scotland and the Union.

    The problem is two fold with NO voters, I reckon.

    Tory BritNats thought their cosy wee world would continue as before. They expected the status quote. That is what maybe 20% thought they were voting NO for.

    Then another chunk of voters, looking for the illusive middle ground of Home Rule/DevoMax, were gullible enough to think that was what a NO would bring.

    So now very few NO voters are getting what they thought. YES voters didn’t get what they wanted, but paradoxically are getting what they thought would happen if they lost.

    A very strange world indeed!

  46. DerekM says:

    Another Tory smash and grab,i hope you are all paying attention no voters this is your fault,now do the right thing next time and show some allegiance to your country Scotland and stop a few aristocratic lunatics from ever getting the chance to destroy it again.

    How many Thatchers do you need before you figure out they have no interest in your welfare and your soul purpose to them is to feed the London greed.

    And dont think for a second you Northern English will escape ,once they have robbed us of everything you are next.

  47. Hamish McTavish says:

    I suspect the strategy of cuts is far more sinister.

    The more people that get “laid off” the greater the number of people available to become canon-fodder as members of HM Forces.

    Indeed, the harder it becomes to survive on state “benefits”, the more likely the recruiting sergeants will be able to entice the normally unwilling to join up for a tour of duty (times many) in some place warm and sunny.

  48. Valerie says:

    Many a time I have thought, if only the No vote had been for the Status Quo.

    The Status Quo will very soon look like the land of milk and honey.

    We knew the kicking was coming, we just have to hope there are enough left standing, with some energy.

  49. Dr Jim says:

    To all the Diddy Yoons who called me a Nationalist Fantasist making up my own facts

    Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah and Up YOURS

    Although I take pleasure in that, theres no pleasure in the Idiots who voted NO because once again in how many years, how many times does it take for them to get it

    The Yoonited Kingdom as was it’s predecessor the Great British Empire are a shower of Untrustworthy Robbing Lying Bstards

    And none of the countries who made up the Empire and are now Independent want to come back DO THEY !!

    See when people keep punching you in the face, it’s time to not be there

  50. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent post, great comments here too…regards the nawbags’ kids having no future, they all leave and go to lundonn darling, there is already very little in Scotland for them, once they have their free degrees that is.

    Which twat in Ukok said that Northumberland was a wasteland? My unionist friends residing there obviously hated that, but er, with an extrememely rich duke ensconced there at Alnwick, they are very unlikely to be made a wasteland, no, that leaves Scotland to fcuk up instead.

    Frack off ukok.

  51. asklair says:

    “The P & J can report all they want but they supported NO” also for info they support Donald Trump big time.

  52. Quakeawake says:

    @Janet “The SNP has done rather well in the Fife Council by-elections, including Rosyth!”

    Yep, equivalent of a 25% swing to the SNP across the two wards, in line with what happened at the general election. (Scot Goes Pop has the details)

    That’s despite all the rank, slime-ridden stinking sewage the Unionists north and south of the border have been throwing at the SNP and despite their sleekit wormtongues in the corpmedia doing their worst.

    At last, surely, enough of Scotland is waking up to the asset-stripping, the hypocrisy and the venality of those who try to prosper at the expense of this country.

    Come on, let’s get this done! SNP/SNP

  53. Davy says:

    Did anyone honestly think any tory blue/red government was going to allow a business in Scotland to win a one billion pound grant in a competion.

    Grow up,

    Do you not remember the stuffing of Roysth by the tories with the submarine renewal and servicing contract, and as someone said on here already Alistair Darling screwing the Longannet project. Also lets not forget that ‘tractor’ Gordon Brown when he k-boshed an earlier Peterhead Power Station project and for no sane reason other than to annoy the SNP.

    Scotland needs to grow up and stop accepting shite decisions from Westminster unionist parties.

    And the only way to do that, is to make the decisions that affect your country, YERSELS.

  54. Iain More says:

    Let me guess, the Voice of Trump is blaming the SNP and the Indy Movement for this. Perhaps Trump will be first to build a golf course on the site once it has been made environmentally safe with zillions of tax payers money. The P&J just loves his golf courses.

    I stopped buying that Brit Nat rag even before it was crawling up Trumps arse.

  55. Az says:

    David McDowell @ 2.20pm

    That, my friend, is an excellent idea.

  56. Lesley-Anne says:

    I always wondered what egg on someone’s face looked like … well I guess I need wonder no longer … thanks P & J. 😀

  57. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    As for a title for the next informative pamphlet, surely it would have to be (dramatic pause …) :

    —-====oooOOO THE WEE *BLACK* BOOK OOOooo====—-

  58. caledonia says:

    Have always bought the P and J because of the local stuff but just cancelled it today when i opened it and found Ian Murray writing for it..

    I can put up with a lot of things but not people who say they want to protect the poor and then vote with the tories against it.

  59. Robert Peffers says:

    @Peter Mirtitsch says: 27 November, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    “Yeah, the same “green” government that has gone about scrapping green subsidies, and stripping Scotland of its powers over renewables. The new nuclear plant which will INCREASE the price per unit of electricity generated.”

    Not to mention that, in spite of the United Kingdom’s usual propaganda claims that Nuclear Power is a clean source of energy, Nuclear is in fact the dirtiest source of power that has ever been discovered.

    Yes it is fairly clean as far as CO2 at the point of generation is considered but when the other radioactive waste is considered there is nothing on earth quite so long lasting and polluting. A stated half=-life is just that it is the time for the source to lose just half of its strength.

    What though of the process of mining the ore, extracting the required nuclides from it and then processing and pelleting it to make it suitable for use in a reactor?

    What of the conventional fuels used for those processes and the fuels to transport it around the World? What of the still radioactive slag heaps of raw ores after the required fuel is extracted? This is, by the way, miscible in water. It thus leeches out and can enter public water supplies.

  60. ArtyHetty says:

    Sorry O/T on a couple of things kind of.

    Just saw the tory (always nearly get that wrong and type ‘troy’) rags on local shop shelves with a non story about the disgraceful conduct of Alex and his big ‘ego’ trip yesterday, sheesh what is the world coming to! It’s a damn good portrait though!

    I was reading through a bit of the ‘Black and Green Gold’ book I keep harping on about re, Aberdeen’s oil, gas and renewables future, that was, and there is a quote in it, regarding the chapter on decommissioning, particularly the ‘Miller’ platform. It refers to Blair’s gov, and says that the ‘government’s willingness to leave so much oil in the ground remains baffling’. 2010.

    Westmonster has had an agenda for Scotland for sometime and it ain’t for the good of Scotland that’s for sure. (300 years?) The no voters truly were conned, especially the no lightweights, the others just did not care what happens to Scotland, they will just upsticks. Cheers guys.

  61. schrodingers cat says:

    potential labour candidate vikki fairweather signs on the railings outside the local primary school

    Dear Labour. The school is not the polling station in North Queensferry for today’s council by-election. It’s at the Community Centre (as it always is) just up the road a bit ?#?embarrasing? ?#?fail?

  62. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dr Jim says: 27 November, 2015 at 2:46 pm:

    ” … The Yoonited Kingdom as was it’s predecessor the Great British Empire are a shower of Untrustworthy Robbing Lying Bstards.

    Nah! Dr Jim! it wasn’t , “The Yoonited Kingdom”, they voted for. It was, “The You Knighted Kingdom”, and for some of those who fought so hard for NO votes it certainly was.

    Whit some fowk wull dae fir a skunk tippit jaikit.

  63. Charles Wood says:

    The Press and Journal is the paper in Scotland who hate the snp most,take a look at the readers letters page, you will find 99% of the letters published are hate snp it’s a wonder they are not blaming nicola sturgeon for withdrawing the fumding.

    Charles Wood

  64. Jdm01 says:

    I need a spreadsheet or table to follow all these failed promises!


  65. Clootie says:

    It’s what Tories do! (Blue or Red)

  66. yesindyref2 says:

    @Auld Rock
    The plan was for 13 Type 26 frigates, 8 are being ordered. It does make the cost each more, as the basic design work etc. costs the same whether 8 or 13.

    BAE expected to sell some internationally but so far that hasn’t happened. There were problems with the design and concept, persumably these are ironed out, but I expect that put people off from buying.

    There’s quite a lot of competition in the frigate market, with FREMM the multi-purpose some would say inferior but cheaper, and Spain and other countries make them too – probably all cheaper. On the other hand BaE and MOD keep up with advances in tech which causes delays but also arguably a better more capable ship.

  67. Simon curran says:

    Unbelievable, how much of this before the likes of the P&J hold up their hands and admit not only that they have been betrayed but duped. And how much of it before they have the integrity or the guts to turn round and say enough is enough the union isn’t working (at least for Scotland). And if that’s not going to happen then why do they even bother commenting because it’s happened before and will happen again and again and again.

  68. Wuffing Dug says:

    X_Sticks @12.24pm

    Widnae bet on it.

    These yoons will take whatever the UK government throws at them and keep tugging their forelocks.

    Us, and the rest of the country will leave them behind.
    When independence comes they will look back at their faded foosty yoonyin with misty eyes.

    No backbone, no conviction, no courage.

    I was an ‘outlier’ during the ref. and am still one now.
    A weegie interloper among the overly entitled.

  69. Auld Rock says:

    Ta ‘indyref2’ for that but I was sure that the original figure back in 2010/11 or 12 was 22 or 24 but maybe this included possible overseas sales.

    Auld Rock

  70. Mr Vasey says:

    What? You mean to tell me panto season is here….

  71. yesindyref2 says:

    @Auld Rock
    It was 13 from the beginning, in fact it was actually 8 + 5, as the Type 23s already have the expensive Sonar 2087 that will be fitted to the T26. The GCS is a “merger” of designs for the C1 and C2, where the C1 was planned to have ASW fitted on 8, whereas the five C2 would be general purpose frigates. Perhaps the 5 “light frigates” will use the same quiet hull, just fitted cheaper – i.e. the C2 actually planned back in 2010/11.

    There were orders expected from India, Australia, I forget now but perhaps Brazil, but the interest seems to have died. Chances are if anything came off with Australia they’d want them built there, not on the Clyde.

    Just speculating, perhaps Cameron & Co are calling them “light frigates” so that they’re not seen to be part of the original T26 program, so that they can then drop the price for export without being accused of spending UK taxpayers money on design, but giving other countries the cheaper price without design cost. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  72. X_Sticks says:

    @Wuffing Dug

    We were always going to be up against it in Aberdeen and the shire. As you say, it’s an area of the overly entitled and the majority were always going to vete for what they saw as not rocking the boat.

    There is going to be a big chunk of the 65k who have lost their jobs who are now wondering if they made the right choice.

    That we *did* manage to get 40% Yes in this area was a triumph in itself. There is hope yet.

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