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Amongst the little people

Posted on September 10, 2014 by

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  1. 10 09 14 11:59

    Amongst the little people | FreeScotland

34 to “Amongst the little people”

  1. heedtracker says:

    Funny! Can’t wait to see the back of the proud Scots buts like George Deary. Mike Forsyth’s a typical proud George Deary Scot but, sorry Lord Michael Forsyth, Baron Forsyth of Drumlean. What’s the difference between a Westminster lord and a baron anyway, extra troughing for life privileges nae doubt.

  2. OT
    LORD PRESCOTT accepted his ennoblement from the queen because his wife wanted the honour.

    The fighting man who was also egged doesn`t even wear the trousres in his many mansions.

    He fought like a rat in a sack to keep his other mansion that was fully funded by Trades Union Members who had to pay court costs to get him out of their house.

    A man of the people.?
    My arse.

  3. Graham_Lister says:

    This is ‘better together’? The people of Scotland can and will reject this heartless cruelty. Yes is the only answer.

  4. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:


    This is for ALL Aberdeen Wingers:-

    On Sunday there will be a ‘Flash Mob’ at the Castlegate.

    Be there for 11.45am for a noon mob.

    Help show our strength & boost moral for the final push.

    Get the Wings, Yes, WfI, LfI, RiC, Generation Yes OR Tubas for Indy badges, t-shirts & bags on the go!

    There will be a photo op… lets make the Aberdeen one good!

  5. msean says:

    Their best yet! 🙂

  6. Colin Cameron says:

    Fantastic as usual!

  7. bookie from hell says:


    Prescott’s words of wisdom: ‘Let’s get the England Scotland teams together and we might beat the Germans’! That’s it. Game over. #VoteYes
    11:19 AM – 10 Sep 2014

  8. Another Union Dividend says:

    My pal has just texted that the Newington Edinburgh YES shop at 22 Newington Road has been trashed overnight and “Nazis” pained over all the many windows.

    Will Alastair Darling and Ian Murray be called upon to tell their extreme supporters to stop it.

    Mind who with a single brain cell would accuse the democratic YES movement as Nazis when UKOK is supported by BNP, SDL, UKIP and OO?

  9. bookie from hell says:

    best yet dateline scotland

  10. Jim Mitchell says:

    O/T but do have a look at this on YOUTUBE but do watch it ALL the way through.

    My Generation
    by Scott Teechur

  11. Onwards says:

    BBC Comments – Most folks bemused at the 3 stooges coming North to patronise the little people.

    party leaders campaigning in Scotland

  12. Macart says:


    A George Deary fanclub should be started. 😀

  13. cearc says:

    ‘Downing Street Saltire recovering in hospital’


  14. Roboscot says:


  15. paul gerard mccormack says:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    just substitute the words parody and reality….

  16. Breastplate says:

    The mention of “flashmob” made me laugh earlier when someone commented on WGD about the Westminster Flashmob that is happening right now.
    I’m still chuckling.

  17. boris says:

    Prominent Tory gets off the fence and supports, “Yes” for Independence

  18. WRH2 says:

    Good grief, PMQ’s is all about Scotland. They’ve obviously discovered us and can’t believe they have this huge chunk of land attached to the north of Englandshire that they never noticed before.

  19. Nana Smith says:

    Brilliant. Hoping these guys keep going after independence.


    PM starts Edinburgh event at Scottish Widows. Closed to public.

    Down the road Alex Salmond poses for selfies on street

  20. call me dave says:

    Davy with an invited audience In Edinburgh (maybe handed over from GB’s last event). Baw’s burst already then!

    Oh dear hand round the hankies. Same old platitudes and patronising language coupled with empty promises, even used the ‘best of both worlds’

    A women on the radio this morning suggested full powers to Scotland (oil, whisky & crown estate moneys) scrap Barnett and then we give the Uk what we agree on after a blether.

  21. M4rkyboy says:

    George Dearie has lost it.

  22. heedtracker says:

    You want to hear the Tory Boys at not PMQ’s right now. The thought that bizarre crooks like these could all be foreigners by next Friday is just incredible.

  23. ronnie anderson says:

    Would the stand in for the Pm tell me the time please, Yes Scotland will be in the same time zone maybee’s aye maybee’s naw.

  24. YESGUY says:


    I agree with the womens comments. Give us our oil and taxes and we will phone you through the week and offer a ” sub” at mates rates.

    The three worst trusted politicians in history are coming to help us say ………YES



  25. Macandroid says:

    I wonder how long HRH is due to be in Scotland and if she has her passport with her.

  26. Bell says:

    Billy Batson is transformed into Shazam and gets superpowers by uttering one magic word. next week Scotland will be transformed by one word as well.

  27. i'm a fan says:

    what a hoot.

    Tesco sketch reminded me… I got this rather bland question-swerving reply from Tesco

    Dear Mr McColl

    Thank you for your email

    I understand you’re concerned about the leaflet you have received.

    We’ve got a great business in Scotland and our job is to create the best offer
    for customers whatever the outcome of the referendum.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Kind regards

    Jacqui Warsama
    Tesco Customer Service

    Tesco Logo

    ……………… Original Message ………………

    Received: 05/09/2014

    Subject: Tesco Customer Service Enquiry Call Form

    Title: Mr
    First Name: Ken
    Surname: McColl
    Option: Other

    Wish a reply: yes
    Additional Information: I have seen that the “Better Together” campaign in the Scottish Independence Referendum are circulating a claim that if there is a “Yes” vote in September then the cost of Tesco’s shopping will rise by 16%.

    Would Tesco put their prices up just because of this? You operate stores in the Republic of Ireland, with pricing that does not result in a rush of shoppers flooding across the border. I imagine you would operate stores in a possible Independent Scotland.

    I expect this is all nonsense, so I am really interested to know if you have complained to the “Better Together” campaign and have requested of them that they clarify this prominently and publicly.

    Day to day household economics are a MAJOR factor in helping people make up their minds in the debate, and allowing gross is representation of the situation is deceitful.

    Can you confirm if you have contacted “Better Together” over this, and if not will you and demand they apologise and clarify the situation publicly?

    Many thanks

  28. Kevin Evans says:

    very funny stuff – but its still more unbiased then Sky or BBC.

  29. pa_broon74 says:

    In an independent Scotland we will replace Scotland 2014 with Dateline Scotland.

    At least it’ll be intentionally hilarious.

  30. Does Two Jags realise who he will be taking on with this: combine the Scotland and England football teams to take-on the Germans.

    Did nobody from SLab tell him, when it comes to keeping hold of personal perks, living the high life on expenses, doing what’s best for them and to Hell with the little people – NOBODY can get close to the SFA’s Hampden “blazers”.

    Hell will freeze over before they give up their wee perks, the foreign trips, the all-night bevvy sessions on the SFA credit card. Celtic and Rangers will amalgamate before the SFA blazers will submit to aligning themselves with the English FA.

  31. Alex Smith says:

    Glad to see the price of butternut squash is holding up,I almost switched my portfolio into bullshit!

  32. Airdrieonian says:

    Briony gets hotter with each and every episode…

  33. Tom Foyle says:


    George never had it in the first place – just like all the others of his ilk.

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