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All bad things to everyone

Posted on March 23, 2016 by

We’re very confused today.


Okay, so that’s all straightforward enough. The SNP are bad because they’re going to hit “middle Scotland” with more tax. Bunch of dangerous tax-and-spend lefties. Right?



Oh, wait. Apparently they’re bad because they’re “pathetically timid” neo-Tories who’ve wimped out and changed almost nothing, as well as backtracking on a “commitment” to a 50p tax rate that nobody appears to be able to find an actual quote for.


Sorry, got it wrong again – they’re bad because they’re going to clobber higher-rate earners for a hefty £3000 in order to fund public services. Damn commies.


No, we’re mistaken. They’re actually such Tartan Tories that the same paper, on the same day, calls the FM “Nicola Osborne” and the Nats “the party of the status quo”.


…although they’re making high earners pay more tax than anywhere else in the UK.




…which they’re somehow doing by implementing tax CUTS.


…a deeply conservative strategy which still, through some kind of special geometry we don’t understand, positions them firmly to the left of the ACTUAL Conservatives.

Phew, we’re glad we worked that out. The SNP’s tax plans clearly and conclusively prove that they’re middle-ground Tory lefties hurting the poor by taxing high and middle earners thousands of pounds more by cutting their taxes and not changing anything.

When you look at it calmly and coolly, it really is that simple: the SNP are bad.

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86 to “All bad things to everyone”

  1. Iain Hamilton says:

    Oh man! Thank you.

    Just, thank you.

  2. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Nicola was hiding Brian Taylor’s coupon with that bat, and then suddenly…


  3. Bob Mack says:

    All very clear now is it not? Er no. So the SNP are being all things to all men with regard to taxation, but all the media men and women are not happy because the SNP are using taxation, or indeed not using it enough, for certain groups of earners.

    Well,that clears that up…SNP baadd.

  4. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    I actually pointed this out on Facebook in a couple of threads after the six o’clock news yesterday, when they were criticised for making the “middle earners” (MIDDLE???) pay more (by NOT doing anything with the tax), and then Wee Wullie Winkie came away with them being “pathetic”, I believe, in NOT doing anything.

    Funny thing is, on social media over the past couple of weeks, we have had more people complain that #SNPBad is being overused, without examples of where it is being wrongly applied.

  5. blackhack says:

    Perhaps the MSM need a visit to a doctors…..That way they’ll be able to tell their arse from their elbow.

  6. tamson says:

    Meanwhile, no paper notes that Ruth Davidson’s views on tax cuts have flip-flopped at least twice this year.

  7. IHG says:

    You could have saved yourself the time and just used the Mail’s 2-page spread. They contradict themselves at least 4 times.

    Also, they seem to be using same dictionary as Express. Although, Labour’s “alternative” to the Council Tax is a dog’s breakfast I’m not sure bills would “soar”.

  8. One_Scot says:

    The simple answer is to put knuckle dragging Yoonville behind us as soon as possible, so we can get on with making Scotland the country it should be.

    In years to come we will look back and laugh at the shit we put up with for so long.

  9. X_Sticks says:

    Looks to me like there is a media campaign to muddy the waters as much as possible in an attempt to provide the unionist camp as much ammunition as possible to confuse the electorate.

    No matter what any of their supporters now say the unionists will have a counter argument available.

    Ah, but the dail fail says…, Ah, but the daily rectum says…

    It’ll be interesting to see how wee Glenn plays it in the ‘leaders debate’ on yookay british brainwashing channel.

  10. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    They’re all either becalmed or swirling down a giant plug hole. Or both.

  11. Andrew Mclean says:

    “SNP BAD” scream the headlines, why you may ask?, “JUST BECAUSE I SAY SO” comes the answer!

  12. ClanDonald says:

    An excellent and entertaining analysis, Rev. What fun it is seeing the media tie themselves in knots over the SNP doing their best to make use of new powers that have been designed by Westminster to be of not much use at all.

  13. galamcennalath says:

    Yes, very confusing. Quantum physics for Yoons. They will spin positive items negatively, but the will also spin negative things negatively. Nothing is positive in their Yoon-iverse where the SNP are concerned,

  14. gordoz says:

    Stop reading the papers !!!!!

    They represent control over ‘Dominion’ only.

    No democratic expression considered.

  15. Inverclyder says:

    Every day I come on this site I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of The Planet of the Apes.

    You finally really did it. You maniacs! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    Certainly looks like Yoonpress Inc. are working overtime with that shared brain cell. They’ve lost the plot completely and we have weeks to go to the election.

  16. Dan Huil says:

    britnat media continues to self-destruct. Tee hee. Stand by for britnat orgy of Windsor-woman wonderfulness.

  17. muttley79 says:

    No, we’re mistaken. They’re actually such Tartan Tories that the same paper, on the same day, calls the FM “Nicola Osborne” and the Nats “the party of the status quo”.

    Quite, it has been obvious to everyone over the last 20 years that the SNP are “the party of the status quo.” Oh wait a minute….

  18. Broadbield says:

    “through some kind of special geometry we don’t understand” – that’ll be String Theory. 20 odd dimensions but most of them so tightly wrapped up they’re invisible – a bit like the msm in Scotland – other than to those brave souls who venture close to the event horizon on our behalf.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    The SNP are doing things right and that’s Baad
    The SNP are pleasing people, How very dare they, that’s Baad
    The SNP are the same as Osborne and that’s Baad
    The SNP are different to Osborne and that’s Baad

  20. Clootie says:

    Willies Rennie has put so much effort into memorising his speech on the extra penny that he gives that answer to any question asked of him. The penny is their manifesto.
    Ruthie is a Tory so no further comment required.
    Kezia will promise anything and everything knowing that it will never be tested. However I’ll give one example – They are promising to build 60,000 houses a year when the record shows that they build 7 (Yes SEVEN) during their last period in power.

    SNP X 2 is for a competent government in the short term. Followed by a competent INDEPENDENT government in the long term.

  21. Almannysbunnet says:

    Oh why don’t they just cut to the chase. The SNP are bad because, just because.

    As for aspiration, I’ve come to hate the way this has entered the political lexicon as a “middle class” thing. Aspiration definition; a hope or ambition of achieving something.

    I’d like to think we all have a bit of aspiration, not sure how you tax it though. “hey you is that a bit of aspiration I see, getting above your station there, better get that right out of your head otherwise we’re going to tax you.” LOL at the “could see skilled staff flee to England”. Aye right, that’ll be to all those vacancies that just opened up South of the dotted line after Giddies budget fiasco. Give me strength!

    I aspire to be free.

    SNP x 2

  22. Capella says:

    It’s so confusing isn’t it. I’ve been away for a few days so can’t keep up. But LPW has done a handy breakdown of what the Scottish “middle” earns. Unlike journalists, he actually looks at the figures. What a novel idea!

  23. mike hunt says:

    It’s clear that she’s moving the party left, income tax, council tax and just wait until she has control on the entire welfare budget – help ma boab, I’ll probably give up work and sign on!

  24. Bruce McFee says:

    So, let’s get it straight now. Sturgeon is a tax raising Socialist, a tax reducing Tory, hitting everybody with radical, conservative taxes that make us more and less competitive at the same time and will grab more money, but yet not enough money. Kezia “The Dug” meanwhile had fulfilled Labour’s ambition of raising more money for vital local services through Council Tax by producing a “revenue neutral” property tax which is the Council Tax but just not called that! Anyone reading our “free” press that isn’t totally confused by now simply hasn’t been paying attention!

  25. woosie says:

    Of course, with the minimal powers “given” to Scotland, not much can really change without committing political suicide, which be no great mischief to our Imperial Masters.

    We’re already hearing cries of “detriment” from oopnortherners before we’ve done anything – imagine the row if our economy improved more than theirs!

  26. heedtracker says:

    That Times Kenny dude always looks out of his depth but his “Labour promises a tax hike for the rich” is a nice example of just how hard Murdoch’s gimps are prepared to lie and all to save their yew kay, which makes its alright then.

  27. call me dave says:

    @Schiehallion! Schiehallion!

    Aye it’s the Coriolis effect (is that the Scottish Mafia ?) ‘clockwise’ down the plughole in Scotland.

    Fingers crossed for this today… but external factors wont be pleased.

  28. Anagach says:

    The Articles tell you nothing about the SNP and quiet a lot about the owners and editorial instructions of the newspapers.

  29. bobajock says:

    Happy happy joy joy. On message as ever. They are strangling one another. All for nothing – one wonders what we will get after independence.

    I cant wait for the Daily Labour headline – “Hurrah – we told you so”. The Daily Mail – “Finally, taking control”. The National – “Hope wins over stupidity”.

  30. Kenny says:

    I always feel it would be interesting to crowdfund a Wings “Press Watch” Department.

    To appoint an independent expert to regularly examine the papers of various corrupt nations for government lies, deliberate attempts to mislead and media bias.

    The countries would be the usual suspects — North Korea, Zimbabwe, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Belarus. Maybe throw in nations often targeted by WM as “not free”, such as Russia and China. And add in the UK in NorthBritainRegionShire.

    A completely impartial and independent study which will examine headlines, content, wording. Stirring up ethnic and social (class) hatred could also be a factor.

    This could be expanded to include state television… Shall we put Jackie Bird up against North Korea and see who comes out bottom of the state-sponsored corruption league?? Maybe call it the “Minitru Champtionships”…

  31. chasanderson200 says:

    Sounds more like Chaos theory tied up with string.
    Total MSM gibberish.

  32. G. Campbell says:

    I disagree with this chap.

    Iain Macwhirter @iainmacwhirter 22/03/2016
    @GrayInGlasgow That rings a bit hollow after the SNP’s capitulation on tax.

    Iain Macwhirter @iainmacwhirter 22/03/2016
    @hillsideheather That’s right. SNP now in danger of suggesting that you can’t have higher taxes in a small country.

    Iain Macwhirter @iainmacwhirter 23/03/2016
    .@caorach @GrayInGlasgow @WingsScotland SNP now using the same argument the Tories used for cutting axing 50p rate in the first place

    Iain Macwhirter @iainmacwhirter 23/03/2016
    Looks like Nicola may be having tea with Trump after all. Scotland: a safe space for the rich.

    But this bloke talks sense.

    Power over income tax only will doom Scotland to a downward spiral
    Iain Macwhirter, Political Editor / Sunday 30 November 2014

    If any Scottish government was daft enough to apply the 50p band, many of its targets would simply buy a house over the Border and avoid it. With all the wealthy taxpayers high-tailing it to the south, a Scottish government would have no alternative but to impose higher taxes on middle-income earners.

    This would be politically highly damaging, but future Scottish governments – Labour or SNP – may be forced to do this, not to enhance social justice, but simply in order to maintain spending levels at their present rates.

    The Tories didn’t propose income-tax devolution by accident. It is a scorched earth policy that they believe will kill social democracy in Scotland. And they may well be right. They have at least a credible response to the situation, which is to cut income taxes radically to attract more taxpayers back to Scotland.

  33. call me dave says:

    I. Murray “core group negative” Who knew! 🙂

    Anyhoo! In my Brighton speech (for older listeners) some time ago I did say that Corbynite was Kraptonite and I was right.


    We are closer to the ‘point of no return’ than ever. 🙂

    When I was younger ‘string theory’ was much simpler.

  34. Onwards says:

    When the SNP are attacked on both sides you know they have got the balance right. The tories would have loved to go into this election screaming about tax cuts for the middle class, but Davidson has been undermined by the hole that has opened up since her party was forced to backtrack on cutting disabled benefits to pay for it.

    And it turns out the SNP is planning a small tax cut for low earners instead, with a £250 difference in the personal allowance over the next Holyrood term.
    That seems a lot fairer to me.

  35. Murray MccCallum says:

    Looks like the SNP have made their pitch somewhere between the tax them until the pips squeak and flat tax brigades.

    For me, it’s a realistic policy in the current environment to ensure the tax take does not fall and, ideally, slowly grow it.

  36. Dan Huil says:

    @ G.Campbell 12:06

    Macwhirter is well known for blowing hot and cold on Scotland’s future. Keeps himself in a job, I suppose.

  37. Dorothy Devine says:

    I am watching the numpty on Politics Scotland – does her brain not work independently ? Is she given too little time to rehearse the drivel some airse writes for her?

    Now we have the tank commander spouting off different drivel and behind her sits an exhumed person – scary!

    Ms Sturgeon batting them away with ease while fully answering the questions while being accused of not answering.

    Ooh! Now that clever cloggie of the Liberal Party being made to eat his hopeless words! But he is having another bite at the rotten cherry and is being force fed his ignorance.( and he smiles an idiotic smile)


  38. old dearie says:

    My day began badly by picking up a Libdem leaflet dropped through my letterbox in Corstorphine. Photo of aged crone on front and banner headline.
    “I voted Conservative last May …. but ended up with the SNP’S Michelle Thomson as my MP. I won’t make the same mistake again. That’s why I’m backing Alex and the Libdems this time.”

    Inside- the SNP have let us down Then lots of quotes from newspapers re Michelle Thomson. Eg Criminal probe launched over property deals linked to SNP MP SCOTSMAN, Michelle Thompson faces growing pressure to resign SUNDAY TIMES and more.

    Yesterday on local FB page a labour wifie quoting Daily Record saying Michelle Thomson selling her £400, 000 house which is apparently shocking.

    In other words 2 strategies persuade Tories to vote Libdem and make people think that it’s Michelle Thomson up for election.

    Note to self stop off at SNP ELECTION OFFICE and make donation.

  39. Almannysbunnet says:

    Dorothy Devine says: “and behind her sits an exhumed person”. Brilliant.

    I’m not watching but from your description I’m visualizing Nicola “batting them away with ease” while doing her nails.

    It’s too easy, cruelty really.

    SNP x 2

  40. Onwards says:

    ?tamson says:

    23 March, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Meanwhile, no paper notes that Ruth Davidson’s views on tax cuts have flip-flopped at least twice this year

    If Ruth Davidson genuinely believed in tax cuts for the wealthy stimulating the economy, it would be the very top band she should propose to cut in Scotland.
    That would make the most sense.
    After all, we have a far lower number here than England – only 17000 paying tax at the highest level.
    5% lower top band tax in Scotland to compete with the bright lights of London could help to level the playing field.

    Of course the Tories in Scotland are just as much a branch office as Labour, and she would be quickly slapped down by her London bosses if she even dared to suggest such a thing.

  41. Dr Jim says:

    Tories too hot, Labour too cold

    Nicola “Goldilocks” Sturgeon’s porridge

    Just Right, Nom Nom Nom

    And she says she cannae cook

  42. Scott says:

    I see that Mundol says after all this new powers are coming to Scotland the buck now really does stop at Bute House so my question to him is what the hell do we need him and the Scottish Office.

  43. handclapping says:

    Chris should re-draw this
    with a “Press” hat instead of a rosette

  44. ArtyHetty says:

    Right, thats it! I am not voting for Nicola’s left/right/extreme something/anything bad and badder party ever again.

    The graun will have the SNP hating, pretendy lefties nodding their uninformed little heads today, all self satisfied as per usual.

    If I bump into one, I am armed with the facts for them, ha! So thanks Rev Stu.

  45. Dr Jim says:

    @old dearie

    Lib Dems stock in trade campaigning style, they’re a vile bunch when it comes to election time

    I’m in East Dunbartonshire where we had Jo Swinson, Awful woman
    The Lib Dems always try to paint themselves as the “Reasonable Party” they’re anything but, and they don’t care what they print on their leaflets, they’ll smear anybody with anything (Alistair Carmichael)

    Whenever the Lib Dem stuff was put through my door I immediately scanned it changed it for the truth and re printed it and distributed it cost me a fortune but it was worth it and great fun

    Probably illegal to do but if they complain it would mean their lies would be on the news so they don’t

  46. Its very easy to get confused by unionists, they spout so much tripe, that they even get confused themselves as to what they have said.

    Surely this Labour party that is now criticising the SNP Scottish Government for being too timid and not increasing income tax.

    Isn’t the same Labour party that during the indy referendum was telling every one here in Scotland that if they voted yes that they would be paying higher taxes than the rest of the UK if we voted yes?

  47. Auld Rock says:

    Hi galamcnnalath I personally find that Quantum Physics is much easier to understand that the mindd set of the ‘yoons’ and their mouthpieces MSM & EBC!

    Auld Rock

  48. Breeks says:

    I propose a new tax on newspapers that talk out their backsides.

    No representation without taxation!

  49. Macart says:

    You’d think there was an election or something. 😀 LOL

    Neatly done by the FM and it has both opponents and their media flapping like a wind sock in a gale.

    Outstanding Rev.

  50. Nana says:


    Disabled protesters gathering inside Westminster, media blackout.
    Reports say snp mps are present.

  51. Nana says:

    Re above post @1.20

    My mp just tweeted

    Some reports say the tories inside the chamber are laughing and jeering.

  52. schrodingerscat says:

    Dorothy says: “and behind her sits an exhumed person”. simply Devine………

  53. Arbroath1320 says:

    I’m confused, and not for the first time either let me tell you. Mind you being the Village Idiot around these parts I am allowed to be confused … quite a lot. 😀

    I must have been off the day they discussed NO increase in tax relief as being a tax RISE! 😀

    So because the HIGHEST earners in Scotland will, apparently, pay an extra £3,000 this is BAAAD! I’m guessing the only way to reverse this BAAAD move then will be to INCREASE the tax relief for the RICH and INCREASE the tax paid by the POOREST in Scotland. 😉

    Now I see where I went wrong. It’s all the fault of the poor. They don’t earn enough! How dare they go out to work and not earn enough … who do they they think they are … workers? 😀

  54. Jack Murphy says:

    OT.Wednesday. Motion of Thanks from Party Leaders to Tricia Marwick MSP Presiding Officer who is retiring today.

    Presiding Officer responds.
    Piper enters the Chamber towards the end.

    Scottish Parliament TV–now Archived.

  55. Tim says:

    It’s actually quite funny to see folks from both sides tie themselves in knots – when the leader of the SNP has chosen simply to sit on the fence,
    The SG WANT higher taxes, but realise, perhaps a surprise epiphany, that this would not play well in places where they really need to cement influence – Edinburgh/Borders, Aberdeen/Shire – so they have chosen the easy option. Do nothing – which still equates, perversely, to doing something! Cast aside the fact that there will be people that will lose out from this, is this really the reforming, ‘progressive’ government that they purport to be? I think not – whilst not ‘baaaddd’ as some eejits like to trumpet, it is in fact timid – almost to the extent of being cowardly. The monies saved (raised?) won’t address the perceived problems that the SG tell us we have in Scotland, and neither do they set out any convincing case for advancement.
    By this announcement they have shown themselves to be neither ‘baaaddd’ nor good , but merely lacking in any conviction whatsoever.

  56. Doug says:

    Slightly concerned about Brian Taylor’s state of health, upon noticing his face is a similar shade of red as the bat…

  57. Valerie says:


    Blackout as per usual UK establishment routine.

    Always disgusting, though. Our SNP MPs always do well standing with protesters in London. I think it always shows these groups the high calibre of our representatives.

  58. Nana says:


    The first few moments of the bbc reporting made it onto sky. Appearing on twitter and facebook now.

  59. Alan McHarg says:

    The “middle earner” voter will see their third holiday abroad or private tuition fees, the new car or the cleaner taken away by the SNP (bad) and not blame Westminster austerity, privatisation and cuts to the Scottish budget(block grant)or just the need to address taxation in Scotland now that our government has some powers over taxation. You can see what the MSM are doing here!

  60. Ruby says:

    I noticed that the first article is written by Iain MacMillan of CBI fame. I didn’t know he had been reward with the knighthood for services to the Union. Did it happen at the same time as Nicholas McPherson & Michelle Mone got their rewards?

    J K Rowling must be furious!

    What this hero of the Union seems to be saying is that these middle earners who will be paying £400 more in tax than people in England will up sticks and move to England and as a result the poor will suffer.

    I wonder where they will go in order to be better off by £400?
    It will probably cost them three times that for removers. That will cancel out 3 years of their tax savings. Then there is the higher price of homes,school fees,prescriptions etc.

    University tuition fees of £9k! What is £9K divided by £400?
    By the time they profit from their move they will probably need ‘personal care for the elderly’ 🙂

    I also noticed the article below

    ‘Bills soar under labour home revaluation’

    Will that cause the middle earners to move South?

  61. Iain More says:

    I am very confused as well. The only thing that stays the same is SNP BAAAHD!

  62. CameronB Brodie says:

    The semiotic mind of the corporate media in Scotland, does appear a tad confused. Or or are we simply startled at the emergence of diversity in thought, within the Scottish population of pulp press hacks? We have all gotten so used to their collective culture when reporting SNPbad. Perhaps the monism of Unionism has evolved to express the various ethnicity of SNPbad.

    Scotland is a tolerant society. Give them the space to define their place in society, be that left, right, or somewhere where the sun don’t shine. It makes no difference.

    SNP x 2

  63. Tim says:

    The epithet SNP Baaaddd seems to be used only be supporters of the SNP themselves – it’s become a bad parody, and now it seems the SNP (or more correctly a section of support) are the butt of the joke!

  64. Ruby says:

    Iain McMillan is saying those earning £45K (middle earners) will pay £400 less than people in the England and Lindsay Liar is saying middle earners will pay £3K more than people in England

    If this is the case then George Osborne has been very generous to these middle earners in England. The question is who will be paying for these £3K tax reductions

  65. Ruby says:

    Tim says:
    23 March, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    The epithet SNP Baaaddd seems to be used only be supporters of the SNP themselves – it’s become a bad parody, and now it seems the SNP (or more correctly a section of support) are the butt of the joke!

    Ruby replies

    Got any examples of these jokes?

  66. Onwards says:


    The SNP has an election to win in 6 weeks.
    You don’t do that by going extreme on tax in either direction.
    So the wealthiest will pay slightly more and the poorest will pay slightly less.

    The SNP has bigger fish to fry and they are looking for a majority.
    And progress towards Scotland becoming a normal independent country.
    Is that timid enough for you ?

  67. Ruby says:

    I probably didn’t phrase my last post very well. I’ll have another go.

    If as Lindsay Liar states people in England earning £45 will pay £3k less tax than they did before then where will the cuts come from to pay for these very generous reductions in tax?

    Is Lindsay Liar telling porkies or has ‘Sir Iain Hero of the Union’ been using a ‘Keziabacus’?

  68. Nana @ 1.29 pm.

    Aye, thanks for the links. Just one more example of the establishment’s contempt for real people.
    That’s why, along with their media allies, they get away with the barefaced lies highlighted by Stuart.
    Of course the good work done by this, and other independence supporting websites debunking their articles is invaluable, but it won’t deter them. They will continue ad-infinitum, because the M.S.Ms raison-d’etre is to make sure that the British establishment survives, indeed prospers.
    Despite being an S.N.P supporter for many years, apart from voting for them I had never done anything practical to help, until the referendum, when feeling powerless in the face of the continual lies being spouted by the media I joined in, and it’s the best move I have ever made, politically. I have met, and become friends with a great bunch of people, and by knocking on doors speaking to real people I no longer feel helpless.
    I don’t know whether during the referendum, or the election campaigns, anyone converted to Yes/S.N.P after speaking to me, but the point for me is I’m trying to counteract the media untruths. Hopefully, sometimes successfully.
    And since I get most of my information, not only from the authors of these websites, but from the intelligent comments by most of the contributers, it’s invaluable.
    Weather permitting we’ll be back on the streets tomorrow, and most days in the run-up to 5th, May. Promoting S.N.P x 2.

  69. geeo says:

    Hmm…”SNP raise threshold to same as Osborne = tax breaks to the well off, scandal”

    “SNP refuse to give the well off an effective tax cut, “SNP BAD”.

    “SNP refuse to raise tax for low paid taxpayers = “SNP BAD”

    “SNP do NOT raise tax on middle earners = “SNP BAD”
    Or to summarise….

    SNP change NOTHING = “SNP BAD”

    SNP change stuff = “SNP BAD”.
    Or…even more summarisation….

    “SNP BAD”.





  70. Nana says:

    @Alex Beveridge

    The report was actually shown briefly on sky and lots of tweeters doing a great job spreading the links.

    I’m sure some were converted by listening to your arguments and will be again. We have the information and we must all do our utmost to get the message out.

  71. old dearie says:

    Great idea to redo the Libdem rubbish. Ever since my start to campaigning in the 1960s the Libdems have been like this. In those days there was only 1 glossy leaflet from all candidates and the rest we printed off ourselves. In particular the Eve of poll leaflets were only put out about midnight onwards and debunked all the garbage. Happy (though less successful) days.

    Plenty of time for the local SNP to respond to this though.

    It would appear that the SNPpushmepullyou is alive and well and living in your locality

  72. bjsalba says:


    My only problem with what you say is that Charlton Heston was really, really big with the pro-gun lobby in the USA.

  73. Tim says:

    3.01pm – Geeo said:
    ”SNP refuse to give the well off an effective tax cut, “SNP BAD”.

    “SNP refuse to raise tax for low paid taxpayers = “SNP BAD”

    “SNP do NOT raise tax on middle earners = “SNP BAD” ”

    As you can see Ruby – I rest my case! Oh – and the 3k – it’s obviously not 33k – but the TAX on £3k – not rocket science!

  74. Skooshcase says:

    Which is redder, Nicola’s jacket, the bat in her hand, or Brian Taylor’s coupon?

    Chrissake, Taylor’s got to start thinking about his health soon. If he continues the way he is, there won’t be much ‘later’…

  75. Ken500 says:

    May 2016/17 will show how good is the SNP Gov

    The majority have shown how good is the MSM. They don’t buy it.

  76. Old dearie says:

    Just seen that Johnston Press has posted best profits for a while. Shares rose as a result. And all cause they bought ‘I’. How annoying.

  77. Gary says:

    Not so sure attacking the media on a site that is frequented mostly by anti-MSM readers is productive.

    We should be establishing a credible tax policy because what the SNP are offering is poor. Is this what independence would have given us? Or is this a case of SNP avoiding upsetting the electorate too much before May elections?

  78. David Mills says:

    When the right are screaming you to left and the psydo-left are screaming you to right you know where you are no a steady course.

    We must not listen to these strange strange sirens

  79. James Anderson says:

    If there was EVER a day the Scottish media demonstrated themselves to be utter morons it was today. Gardham, a hypothetically intelligent individual, provided the belter of all headlines with his snidey tax cut nonsense.

    Squalid, partial analysis of the politics of taxation in Scotland by ‘Scottish edition’ English-owned papers. Their transparent tactic is goading the SNP and Holyrood into using tax powers the Parliament does not yet possess and which will always need to be calibrated against Westminster headwinds because we are bound in a single legal tax jurisdiction (amply demonstrated by analysis on the impact of a Scotand-only top rate rise on our 17,000 higher rate payers).

    And by ‘using the tax powers’ the patchily joined-up Yoon narrative is that Scots should **AUTOMATICALLY** be getting taxed more for their services. That is why power is being benevolently transferred – it is not to give the Scottish Govt more options and control over tax and spend. It is so London can cut the budget ad infinitum and Edinburgh has to make Scots pay twice for those decisions til the Barnett pip squeaks.

    What else would explain the shambolic presentation of the story in faux-Brigadoon rebranded Times of Scotland? Right-wing ideological logic torturers trying to reinvent the Tartan Tory moniker whilst screaming about the country being the highest taxed corner of their precious Union. Ah…because sticking a penny on the 20p rate was so radical and progressive Rosa Luxemburg would have approved? Yes. Morons just about covers things for today.

  80. Rock says:

    What did the “independence supporting” The National have to say about this?

  81. CameronB Brodie says:

    I don’t think much of the National either but have you not got another hobbyhorse?

  82. old dearie says:


    Just wondering who the “we” are who are going to devise and implement your new improved tax? Clearly the SNP are the only party who support independence who have an excellent chance of forming the next government. I am certain that with independence and the financial levers which would come with that the SNP would have a different policy. Two of those not available are Corporation Tax and Capital Gains tax. It bugs me that Westminster are talking to NI about devolving Corporation tax. The powers coming via Smith are deliberately styled to make it awkward for the SG.

    I believe that the SNP are continuing with the march forward to full independence but we must overcome the reluctance of a further 10% of the electorate who need to be persuaded. This will be achieved by canvassing and leafleting. The best thing we can do right now is helping to ensure an SNP SNP vote.

    Well done to Morag and others like her who do the hard graft and don’t sit in ivory towers pontificating.

  83. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Just brilliant Rev Stu.

    I do not know how you manage to keep logging, collating and outputting all this analysis.

    I am off to pop some more money into that WOS fundraiser thingy.

    Worth every penny!

  84. Rock says:

    CameronB Brodie,

    I don’t think much of the National either but have you not got another hobbyhorse?”

    I do, but The National must be exposed as the fraud it is at every opportunity, especially as it has some lobbyists and cheerleaders posting here on its behalf.

  85. CameronB Brodie says:

    Horses for courses Rock, I just try to get along. 😉

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