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Across the road

Posted on November 30, 2019 by

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    1. 30 11 19 09:56

      Across the road | speymouth

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    1. themadmurph says:

      What the cluck are the people of England thinking of, voting for these corrupt clowns?

      Great cartoon Chris.

    2. Bill says:

      One of your best. Deserves sharing far and wide.

    3. Sharny Dubs says:

      Great cartoon Chris.
      Morning chuckle.

    4. Morgatron says:

      chicken afraid of roasting.

    5. sassenach says:

      Cracker, once again Mr Cairns.

    6. Willie says:

      Sadly, I thought this cartoon reflected the reality of Boris Johnson walking back into Downing Street on December the 13th – because let’s face it England votes Tory.

      Or maybe it’s a picture of Boris heading over to Bute House to throw out the Scottish First Minister. – because back in power he’s going to emasculate the pesky Scots and their irksome parliament.

      Good cartoon. Operates on so many levels.

    7. Willie says:

      Or is it Boris chlorinated post Brexit?

    8. starlaw says:

      What are they putting in the water down in England, they mostly seem to have lost their common sense or . . Gumption.

    9. Famous15 says:

      But why did the chi


    10. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Dominic told him to.

    11. Sinky says:

      I pity voters in England with their choice of leaders. Even metropolitan commentators acknowledged that Nicola was again the best performer on last night’s TV debate.

      O/T On the Kirkcaldy candidate debacle Lesly Riddoch has tweeted that Yes2Kirkcaldy say they haven’t endorsed the Green candidate for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, Scott Rutherford. They aren’t endorsing any candidate at this stage.

      Don’t know why SNP hierarchy didn’t wait until this weekend before suspending Neale Hanvey so that he would have harvested the postal votes.

      Given the avalanche of leaflets, many printed and posted from England, the Lib Dems are bombarding voters in Edinburgh West with as they are neck and neck with the SNP how can claim to protect the environment?

      On Edinburgh West can anyone post a link to the video I saw on social media of Lib Dem Christine Jardine staggering back to her seat in the House of Commons (allegedly drunk) after a vote?

    12. galamcennalath says:

      Next time Boris avoids a TV debate, his chair should be filled with a big chicken.

      Everyone know he can’t open his mouth without lying, taking the piss, or saying something really stupid.

      And he can manage all three at once – like when he said his spare time is spent building model buses! Aye, complete with NHS promises on the side.

      So of course Boris has to be kept away from cameras unless it is very strictly controlled.

      I’ll pose the obvious question – how did he ever get this far up the greasy pole?

    13. Welsh Sion says:

      Sinky @ 10.29.

      Google the following: “Christine Jardine” “drunk” and the first link you’ll get will be a Twitter feed video of this very same incident.

      Good luck!

      And Happy National Day to all my Scottish friends and readers!

    14. Capella says:

      Fowl play. Why did the media not ask the chicken why he crossed the road?

      Perhaps chickens look forward to the day when they can cross the road without having their motives questioned?

      BTW Maybe it’s worth encouraging Kirkcaldy voters to vote for Neal Hanvey. Perhaps he is standing as an Independent?

    15. Tom Kane says:

      Another great one, Chris.

      And the BBC are colluding with it… And hoping nobody notices the unfairness of grilling all the others while making the prime minister an exception. Andrew Neil is an avowed Tory…has are most senior interviewers at the BBC.

      They may win, again.

      But the have killed, stone dead, the notion of being the United Kingdom’s Public Service Broadcaster. Cowardly and complicit.

    16. Colin Alexander says:

      I wish Boris Johnson was just chicken, afraid of his incompetencies and dishonesty being exposed.

      Worringly, I think it’s more to do with a total disregard for any democratic accountability. The Tories feel no real need to justify anything.

      The opinion polls suggest ( I hope they are wrong) that the Tories are going to win this election by being unaccountable, arrogant, anti-democratic. That is one of their attractions, or not a negative, to those who will vote Tory.

      Sadly, too many of the people of England, and too many in Scotland, simply don’t care about democracy, accountability. As long as they’re all right Jack, sod the rest. Sod democracy. To hell with civilised society.

      We look back at history and maybe some people ask: Were the people of Germany and Italy stupid then? Were they evil or what? How could things like this happen? How could normal people support evil regimes? Why would people support the likes of the Hitler, Mussolini?

      I think UK politics is giving indications of how democracy can lead to evil dictatorships. How previously decent people can be led down the path of supporting evil politicians, evil politics, destroying the democratic accountability that acts as a check on extremist politics.

      Media control, manipulation of the information people can receive, sidelining of those who will question, will expose truth. Facts replaced by jingoism, slogans, appealing to mob rule.

      We are living in worrying times for democracy.

      We need independence to save Scotland and her people from this madness.

    17. Bob Mack says:

      Imagine the voice of Boris ;

      “I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned”.

      Nah! me neither. This cockerel is worth the watching.

    18. Ghillie says:

      A friend, yesterday, said he really dreads a Tory win.

      But if that is how England votes then that is what all UK gets.

      Obviously Scotland HAS to be Independent for many many many reasons more than a mere a Tory government in Westminster.

      Scotland should and WILL be Independent. SOON. VERY VERY SOON.

      The situation we find ourselves in now should NEVER have happened.

      And Scotland WILL be Independent soon and Wales and North of Ireland will follow soon too.


      IT is clearly not good for the vast vast majority of folk there but hey ho that is what comes out on top. The worst possible option for the folk.

      A malaise of self sabotage that I sincerely hope and predict the good folk of England will shake off in time when they see how folk CAN prosper and thrive with a government that genuinely has the good of its people at its heart.

      That seems to be an alien concept.

      Come on England. YOU DO DESERVE BETTER!

      Scotland will soon be free and in spirit you can follow =)

    19. Welsh Sion says:

      As we say in my mother tongue,

      “Fel ceiliog ar ei domen ei hun.”

      = Like a cockerel on his own dunghill.

    20. callmedave says:

      A chicken nugget! 🙂

    21. Ghillie says:

      England. Wake up.


      We are away.

      Scotland loves Independence.

      You are allowed to follow =)

    22. kapelmeister says:

      Sour & Sour Chicken with Mogg Fried Rice.

    23. Dr Jim says:

      England suckles at the teet of the EU for 40 years until the EU wants to tax the rich avoiders more, then England demands its Independence in order to become the 51st state of America and dependent on them to help keep the tax avoidance the same as they have now, and all they have to do is sell them 4 countries

    24. mike cassidy says:

      Tam Cowan. Off The Ball.

      Easy way to remember how to spell Pinocchio.

      Think Boris and Stanley Johnson.

      And you’ll know it has two C’s.

    25. fillofficer says:

      is that a lame duck dressed up as a spring chicken ?
      BJ as PM
      england has totally lost it

    26. MaggieC says:

      Once again another great one Chris .

      Here’s the Daily Record getting tore into Swinson for anyone who has not seen it yet –

      We are working really hard to get rid of her in East Dunbartonshire and get Amy Callaghan elected for Snp .

    27. callmedave says:

      Aye! Swinson could lose it!

      (archived) for those who don’t link to the DR.

    28. Dan says:

      Yey, just completed a 8 mile mountain bike leafleting sortie across enemy territory.
      Leaflet drop a success, and warmed myself up in the process. It’s still minus 5 C here but feels almost tapps aff weather due to the physical exertion.
      Top timing getting out early as the fat gammons must still have been feeding at their troughs, but they are up now and their guns are blasting away at the peasants pheasants.

    29. Gary45% says:

      A belter Chris,
      Chooky the Sniveler.
      Nice One.

    30. Welsh Sion says:

      Maggie C @ 12.33 pm.

      You probably know this – but happy to pass on the link to a fellow-Party Member. (This is, of course, only a selection. You can browse her complete voting record on other matters on the same site.)

    31. galamcennalath says:

      Dan says:

      minus 5 C here but feels almost tapps aff weather

      Aye, a braw day! 🙂

      I’m sure other activists will agree, out and about there’s a positive buzz among folk. And there’s gloom from the BritNats. Definitely feels more 2015 than 2017.

    32. HandandShrimp says:

      Anybody actually seen a Tory or Labour street stall? Largs usually has at least a Tory one but so far with only one weekend left (and I think the forecast is for it to be dreich next weekend) they haven’t shown up once. SNP have been out most weekends. The weather has been kinder than one could have hoped at this time of the year but apart from obvious photo opportunity events it has been an incredibly quiet campaign. TV and social media seem to be the baskets where the other parties have put all their eggs.

      That said, on that front Boris appears to be more liability than asset. Can he snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

    33. Ottomanboi says:

      The reaction to the recent ‘islamist’ outrage in England’s capital is going to send BJ clucking all the way to #10.
      And honestly guys, should we care a damn.
      Seize the opportunity and make hay while we can.

    34. Capella says:

      Funnily enough, I was expecting a “terrorist” attack in the run up to the election. I really thought it might come on the eve of the SNP manifesto launch as it did in 2017. Was there one in 2015? I forget.

      What is it about elections that annoys the terrorists so much?
      Is “they hate our values” a racist trope?

      It will allow Boris Johnston to appear on the Andrew Marr show and reap the benefit of being the PM facing down the evil doers.
      Boris Johnston = the Unity candidate.

    35. dadsarmy says:

      @Maggie C
      This is a cruncher one in that Record article:

      George McLean said that he will be voting SNP but it sceptical over Indyref 2

      also from him “ I am still dubious about IndyRef 2 but I won’t vote for Swinson because I am anti-nuclear and anti-austerity . . .

      I’m very wary about Sturgeon making a big fuss about Trident, as it could put some people off – it’s not THE top priority for a lot of people (1.8% according to that very recent survey).

      But that Record extract shows why she must play that card, and the anti-austerity and probably the universal credit one – as well of course as the NHS.

      For Sturgeon it’s holding a full deck while showing the relevant ace card to the relevant person. Irony is she’s not just good at it, from the very little I watched of that debate last night, she thoroughly enjoys it.

      Which is why, of course, she’s good at it.

    36. dadsarmy says:

      It’s also why, by the way, I still think there’s time to get the SNP vote over 50% – taking the right argument to the right person.

      Don’t want Independence? No problemo, here’s our anti-austerity policy. Rich dude? How is your business going to survive with Brexit? Not very well? Join the club!

    37. Sarah says:

      @ Capella at 10.52: Neale Hanvey IS still on ballot paper as SNP so no reason for confusion by the voters. With any luck very few will have heard of the suspension by the party. Fingers crossed.

      @ Dan – leafleting on a bike in -5? You are a hero!

    38. dadsarmy says:

      As far as Neale Hanvey is concerned, if I was in his constituency I’d vote for him.

      The cartoon “trope” he posted a link to isn’t that clear, and probably not known to many people. I didn’t know about it, though I did vaguely remember when I thought about it, comments years and years ago about the Rothchilds.

      Might be worth SNP campaigners doing a “whole truth” thing in fact – describing it to people and asking if they thought it was anti-Semitic? The Truth can set you free.

    39. callmedave says:

      Partner just completed an online Tory poll.

    40. Republicofscotland says:

      Excellent Chris and on the money, Johnson soon to be US chlorinated chicken.

    41. dadsarmy says:

      Why did the chicken cross the road?

      Because he was looking for a halo, Jen.

      There’s a joke there somewhere, damned if I can find it.

    42. Bob Mack says:



    43. Fireproofjim says:

      Help please. Looking for the German documentary on the Norwegian oil industry which was posted on Wings in the last few days. Need this to show to doubting Brexiteers. Thanks.

    44. Glamaig says:

      Can I also ask for a link!
      The interview of the clinician/bacteriology expert on GMS earlier this week. The one who had Gillian Marles hyperventilating. I think someone put a link on Wings but I can’t find it. Thanks!

    45. mumsyhugs says:

      Haha – belter over on AUOB Facebook under a pic of Bojo – “Testiculate – To wave one’s arms about while talking bollocks!” 🙂

    46. Nana says:


      Jason Leitch destroys BBC Scotland’s whole smear campaign against Jeane Freeman in one interview. 25/11/2019

    47. Breeks says:

      Even if somebody doesn’t want to believe the impact of TV indoctrination, there’s another aspect of it consider…

      All the scandals through the decades which “should” rock Scotland and create public outrage; from McCrone to Jimmy Saville, or Vote rigging to PFI, and even the footie related Sectarianism, not one of these cons on Scotland would be remotely possible without the active complicity of the media and it’s monopoly.

      Scotland’s media isn’t there to educate or enlighten us, but to fool and anaesthetise the unwary in order to suppress dissent and disrupt coordinated resistance. The BBC and other BritNat media is a greater threat to Scotland than even the most rabid and ignorant Tory.

    48. K1 says:

      From Rev’s feed. Worth a read, longish thread with detailed understanding of how this is coming about:

      ‘I work as an investor. I can categorically confirm that the NHS is up for sale under this government. I have been to investor presentations where we could have brought significant parts of your healthcare provision.’

    49. Colin Alexander says:

      Craig Murray has a new article ( a video of his talk):

      “We live in what has become a rogue state”.

    50. crazycat says:

      @ Nana

      I’ve just listened to that interview with Jason Leitch – thank you for posting the link.

      I am of course biased, but it sounded to me as if the interviewer, instead of being relieved by his reassurances, was really, really, disappointed that he was depriving her of a stick to beat the government with.

    51. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Any juicy Islamophobic tweets/re-tweets or likes from the candidates today?

    52. Glamaig says:

      Thanks Nana. A couple of doctors I know are horrified at the way this has been reported. They know that cancer treatment destroys people’s immune systems.

    53. Fionan says:

      dadsarmy says:
      30 November, 2019 at 2:41 pm
      Why did the chicken cross the road?

      Because he was looking for a halo, Jen

      Too subtle or too elementary for some, perhaps 🙂

    54. Fionan says:

      Mumsyhugs, that gave me a good laugh, I think I might make use of it 🙂

    55. Gfaetheblock says:

      I don’t know if Neale Hanvey is anti Semitic, but the cartoon and quotes he has admitted to clearly are.

      If he was not able to realise that they are inappropriate then he is too stupid to be an MP. If he got elected he would be ongoing reminder of this and an embarrassment to the SNP.

      The real issue is why was a candidate in such a high profile seat was not properly vetted. Several parties seemed to have let themselves down in this regard.

    56. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Nana @ 15:13,
      crazycat @ 16:10,

      Thanks Nana for that timely restoration of reality to the media coverage of medical care here. I also had the distinct impression that the interviewer was somewhat frustrated in not being able to procure the necessary negative angle to add to this whole disgraceful episode.

      The differential (antagonistic/deferential) BBC attitude to health care management north and south of the border is stark, and maybe beginning to register with the Scottish public to such a extent that it’s becoming counter-productive.

    57. Willie says:

      So Usman Khan gets 16 years for planning to put bombs in the London stock exchange and in toilets of pubs in Stoke.

      Six years into his sixteen year sentence he’s released whereupon he then slaughters two innocent individuals.

      Big question about the English judicial system and the security services. This was a convicted Islamic terrorist.

      Like letting Myra Hindley and Ian Brady out to kill again Prime Minister Johnson needs to explain.

      This is an outrage – strong and stable it’s not.

    58. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Gfaetheblock @ 16:58,

      If there is any good to come out of this, it’s that innocent people might become better aware just how insidious some of these anti-semitic tropes are (and have long been). The occasional unfortunate fusion of perfectly-reasonable anti-Zionist sentiment with the modern curse of internet-fuelled conspiracy-theorising has led to some rather unhappy consequences. Not to forget the same happening among others with anti-islamic tropes. All part of the same contemptible hate-mongering in an attempt to gain political traction in difficult times.

      Welcome back to the 1930s – or Slobodan Miloševi?’s 1990s.

      None of which thankfully has any resonance whatever in the SNP or the wider indy movement.

    59. HandandShrimp says:


      Problem is it only takes a moment to retweet or share a post that makes us chuckle without thinking. Trying to vet that going back years for every candidate who might not even remember having done it is no easy task. Vetting candidates prior to social media was a piece of cake compared to now (and still they got it wrong back then).

      I would advocate a small substitute list for each party whereby a standby could be brought in to cover death, illness and suspension.

    60. Dan says:

      More from Norway. They don’t muck about.

      Norway’s Coastal Highway project. (7 min vid)

      Just think what Scotland with a similar population size and far more resources could do if we had full control over our country…

    61. Ottomanboi says:

      Neither the terms antisemitism nor islamophobia have any relevance to Scotland’s struggle for independence and sovereignty.
      We ought not to be distracted by others ‘issues’.
      Stick to our ‘issue’.

    62. Al-Stuart says:

      It is bad enough that England will vote for a Tory LIAR but Scotland is now destined for at least 5 years being led by a lying Tory COWARD.

      Boris Johnson is the epitome of all that is wrong with politics south of the Border. That poor wretched country is led by a lazy, overpromoted waster whom the English and the Tories know is bursting with spunk (his words), crapped packed full of lies, and would run away from anything that anyone who has actually warn a uniform would run towards.

      Relentlessly vile, these past few hours, the lying coward has slithered down to the London Bridge terorist attack site. Whereas the police and brave members of the public have made the terrorist site safe for the short arsed coward Johnson so he can then swoop in and get lots of publicity out of the two dead people. Did anyone hear Johnson crow on about Tory manifesto (worthless) promises to employ 10,000 more place officers, whilst standing at the place where real people had just died and proper police officers had actually done their duty.

      Chris Cairns, you have a great talent, but that characature of Jelly Johnson the chicken coward makes me feel physically sick.

    63. Sinky says:

      Hi having gone through snp vetting process all prospective candidates are asked to delete any potentially embarrassing social media content. Problem is many dont see this through hostile opposition eyes and SNP needs request access and review any approved candidates online history before they can become adopted candidates

    64. dadsarmy says:

      I like to table the odd periodic attempt.

    65. dadsarmy says:

      Simple rule really is that candidates should delete their full twitter history, and candidates and politicians should only use twitter to announce hustings, surgeries, policies, and sensible stuff.

      So many politicians use of Twitter is stupid, inaccurate, offensive and sometimes illegal. And yet no political party seems to have strict guidelines for its use – or any social media come to that. And that misuse goes right to the top.

    66. mike cassidy says:

      There is a suggestion that Hanvey is a ‘victim’ of SNP transcult infiltrators

      Because he had the nerve to publicly support women with vaginas.

    67. mike cassidy says:


      Thanks for that radiolink.

      BBC Scoland News seriously pissed off there.

      You could here her brain trying to absorb the commensense statement that the provision of health care is a risk business.

    68. Confused says:

      to my comment above

      NB : the guy who started this petition is an english rightwinger, a faragist, I think
      – but its good for us anyway, if we can get “middle england” on board for these measures
      (his personal beef is he thinks the blair govt was “at it”-bigtime)

    69. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      mike cassidy @ 19:19,

      Don’t have a clue if that’s true or not, though there was history with disreputable attempts to deselect Joanna Cherry by these people. But if it is true, there will (have to) be a reckoning. At this ultra-critical time for independence, here is no room whatsoever for self-defeating backstabbing from ultra-radical entryists.

      They can start their own party and take their electoral chances on their own (dubious) merits.

    70. Dr Jim says:

      These people join big political parties as ordinary members then begin their work of destabilisation from within, the Labour party suffers from the same people, they’re like ticks you don’t notice at first till they start draining your blood

      I’ve no doubt the SNP will shed them like the Labour party is trying to do but they’re an insidious bunch who make a lot of noise and they love to use the media and the media love to use them

      The climate change people have got them too, they aren’t there to promote causes they’re there to wreck other peoples causes

    71. James Barr Gardner says:

      Dr Jim says:
      30 November, 2019 at 8:56 pm
      These people join big political parties as ordinary members then begin their work of destabilisation from within, the Labour party suffers from the same people, they’re like ticks you don’t notice at first till they start draining your blood

      Baron Darling of Roulanish ?

    72. McDuff says:

      I`m sorry but after all that’s happened ie the lie that was the VOW swiftly followed by Brexit, why have we only increased the vote by 5% since `14.
      I truly despair of my own countrymen.

    73. @McDuff

      most folk don`t read Wings,

      most folk still get their `news` from the establishment media,

      most folk still think the BBC tells the truth,

      as Goebbels nearly said `i`d rather have the influence of the BBC than 20 Panzer divisions`.

    74. mike cassidy says:

      Hanvey at least suspects skullduggery.

      Some background to the claims of his transphobia.

      (Filtered through an opposing viewpoint)

    75. Sandy says:

      With all this ‘hoo-haa’ surrounding the deselection of parliamentary candidates, why haven’t the “honourable” Tories not deselected ‘back door Boris”?

    76. Sarah says:

      @ McDuff: it was 28% before the 2014 referendum and ended up as 45%. Now we start at 45%. I am sure that when there’s a date to vote again for Yes, that 45% will grow to well over the 50% required.

      Happy days.

    77. Sinky says:

      Re Mike Cassidy Yes Kirkcaldy are now backing Hanvey as the best Indy candidate to win the seat from the useless Lesley Laird

    78. Fireproofjim says:

      Dan @ 4.20
      That’s the clip.
      Many thanks

    79. Fireproofjim says:

      Yes. You are right. With the force and enthusiasm of a full blooded Yes campaign we will get over the 50% mark. We have not started to fight that one yet and we are actually nearer 49% now.

    80. Defo says:

      Super scribbling CC,but I suspect it’s his handlers who are frit . Fecked on detail, he needs to be kept away from the danger of potential gaffes.
      There’s far too much at stake this time, maybe even the party itself, and their associates & sponsor’s can’t have that. it’ll bugger up their game.
      JC mustn’t gain power, Blair & Broon were acceptable, compliant .
      Easy as she goes! It’s theirs to lose as it stands.

      Mental case, who’s victims were failed by a non existent probation service, or asset activated ?
      Horrible as it is for those directly involved, this Will be blown out of all proportion.

      These terrrr chappies seem awfully accommodating, keeping quiet for ages, and only popping out for purdah.

      We need a Spartacus movement for this lad Hanvey, the witch-hunting really is getting out of hand.

    81. Fireproofjim says:

      It is beyond belief but BJ almost makes me nostalgic for the dull and boring Theresa May. Looking back, (I know it seems long ago) but wasn’t she kind of straightforward and normal?
      Maybe it’s just me.

    82. ScottieDog says:

      I’ll be voting for Neale Hanvey. I have steered clear of twitter on the subject because it is absolutely toxic. I left the SNP to join the greens but have become disillusioned with them too tbh.
      It looks like an inside job IMO and the SNP were left with little choice – parties are terrified of the anti-Semitic label. I noticed it used by Matt Hancock in his huntings which someone had posted on twitter.
      Labour expelled Derby’s Chris Williamson who is a big economic reformer under similar circumstances.

      If Neale does get elected I’d be interested to see if he remains independent- hope he does.

    83. dadsarmy says:

      Totally OT

      Blame the 51 year old pilot with “over 5,595 hours, mostly in helicopters.”. “Captain Traill had accumulated 646 flying hours on the EC135”

      not the aircraft itself or its maintenance manual “The quantities of fuel displayed on the fuel quantity indication system of the helicopter contradicted the LOW FUEL warnings” + “The EC135 Aircraft Maintenance Manual … stated, incorrectly, that the time between the right (No 2) and left (No 1) engines flaming out would be three to four minutes.”


      “there were no defects in any system of working which contributed to the deaths”.

      It’s all in the detail of the actual Determination itself.


    84. Dan says:


      The slow rate of change could also be because of the way our society has evolved and is currently structured.
      With power being so centralised it can feel (and in my view is) too distant, and the way the levels of power are structured also involves too many people for an individual to think they can have any influence, and more importantly trust, in whom and where the power lies.
      Mentioned this before but primate groups have an optimum size of around that of a very small village.
      In those groups there are social bonds and a reliance on others for the group to function.
      A human individual may have 2000 friends on that skip fire that is Arsebook, but they aren’t real friends in the true sense, as there is just not enough time to have developed and sustain the many significant emotional connections that trust stems from.
      Humans are hardwired to be wary of strangers. It’s a natural emotion we carry from way back.
      I therefore think the best way to begin to influence a change in a person’s propaganda influenced position is through some kind of already existing social connection, so at the very start of any interaction there is already a seed of trust or a mutual acquaintance foundation to build from.
      Now would be a fine time for all those younger and newly registered voters to go and have a nice word with their grandparents, as they are more likely to listen to their own younger kith and kin than a stranger knocking on their door.

    85. Marcia says:


      He has launched a crowdfunder appeal.

    86. ScottieDog says:

      Thanks Marcia!

    87. Capella says:

      @ Mike Cassidy – thx for the link to Neale Hanvey article. Very interesting and I did wonder if there was some back stabbing going on. Are the Woke faction allying with Lesley Laird now?

      @ Marcia – chucked my contribution into the pot. I do hope he wins this seat.

    88. robertknight says:


      Great front page on (now yesterday’s) National.

      Three outlets I was in today had the paper covered up by some other Yoon rag. (Not for the first time).

      Disgruntled Yoon voters no doubt trying to sanitise their news outlets from those natsy Nationalists.

    89. Colin Alexander says:

      How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary

      Google it. German TV documentary.

    90. Dr Jim says:

      Re Mr Hanvey I watched an interview with John Swinney and he was asked about this and he said Neale Hanvey’s name is still on the ballot paper and it’s up to him if he wants to stand as an Independent, in other words vote for Hanvey, because the SNP have done the right thing and Neale Hanvey’s done the right thing so get on with it and vote for him, and whatever’s happened and by whom can be cleared up later whether he’s a bad guy or a good guy

      My spidey senses tell me he’s been a fitted up guy, but who knows

    91. dadsarmy says:

      Interesting to see Shona on the short list of contributors, but who are giving an average of over £30 each. She’s a good judge of character. Sadly I have no money – but will keep an eye on it, a deserving cause I think having checked it out a bit.

    92. dadsarmy says:

      Yes, very good front cover. I saw it in its own big priority place on the stand in a Morisons and a Sainsbury’s we were in looking for cat snacks, and it was very impactful. It’s probably IanB’s fault 🙂

    93. dadsarmy says:

      Mmm, and one more from the Clutha report:

      [224] In conclusion, I am satisfied that, at separate points in G-SPAO’s final flight, circumstances existed that caused Captain Traill to switch off both fuel transfer pumps; and that they were each properly switched off by Captain Traill. Regrettably, when switching off the second (i.e. the aft) fuel transfer pump, Captain Traill appears to have overlooked the fact that he had previously switched off the forward fuel transfer pump approximately 11 minutes earlier.

      “Captain Traill appears to have overlooked”. So, a guess, and a mind-reader.

    94. manandboy says:

      There is merit in this comment in the Guardian BTL, but also something interesting I think, viz, the writer is almost certainly English and is writing from an English perspective, almost as if Scotland and the rUK didn’t exist, as with the reference in para 3 to the UK being a nation. The Colonial mindset is indeed very strong among the English. Scotland should be very wary indeed of this core attitude, because it appears to be present in almost the entire population of England.

      “If Labour don’t win this election, historians will look back in the coming decades and wonder wtf voters were thinking of.

      One party has a vision of the country, of the world even. The other is a mirror image of its leader – a lying, incompetent, womaniser who cares for not one person other than himself.

      It’s one thing for a nation to be in rapid decline, as the UK clearly is, but it’s another thing for its citizens to actually vote for it with not a single upside.”

    95. schrodingers cat says:

      polls are narrowing down south,

      in truth, im not sure what the best result for us would be ? (apart from 59 snp mps here)

      hung parliaments are difficult to predict but if a libdem/labour coalition had more seats than the tory/dup, an indyref2 and a yes vote wouldnt leave corbyn in a minority,

      if corbyn needs the support of snp mps, how can he grant a s30 when immediately after a yes win and the snp mps walk out, his government would be brought down by the tories??

      corbyn has also promised an euref2, a remain vote would remove the snps mandate, or at least some support for indyref2,

      so, im still not sure what the best outcome is ??

    96. David says:

      Tories have got the chicken (Boris Johnson).
      Labour have got the egg-man (Jim Murphy).
      SNP, and Scotland, have got the beating of them both.

    97. chicmac says:

      Black is the new white.
      Lies are the new truth.
      Chicken is the new hero.

      Welcome to Orwell’s nightmare.

    98. Willie says:

      The gap may or may not be narrowing. England is Tory country. It returns Tory governments and allows the items and huge corporates to prosper at ordinary people’s expense.

      Ten years of declining living standards and austerity they’ll vote for more of the same again.

      Reduced social protection, worker rights, food standards. The privatisation of the health service. It’s all there and a full own US economy is headed out way.

      And we voted for it in 2014 and may well do do again in 2019.

      Every vote needs to be SNP.

    99. Graeme says:

      I have a long list of reasons I want independence for Scotland in varying degrees of priority but since the Neale Hanvey thing Never having to vote SNP again has got a whole lot closer to the top

    100. Robert Louis says:

      So, now we have folk in England, at last, realising just what a pathetic lying Westminster serving bunch of paid liars run and work for the propagandist BBC.

      The BBC have been lopenly lying to and wilfully misleading Scots since the day it was founded, and most blatantly so, since the rise in a desire for an end to English colonial rule of Scotland.

      johnson, the lying Tory evil Prime Minister, will today, instead of having a rigorous tough full interview by Andrew Neil, get a cosy wee chat with establishment serf, Andrew Marr. The BBC, ‘nation shall speak propaganda unto nation’.

      In other matters, can I urge everyone to support this EXCELLENT pro indy candidate in Fife.

    101. Robert Louis says:

      Just a point on so-called ‘anti-semitism’.

      All my life, anti-Semitism, was about evil folk, who hated jews or hated the jewish faith, or wanted to persecute jews. It was well understood. And aside from a few loonies, most folk agreed.

      Now, however, in 2019, anti semitism, is what you are accused of if you dare to apeak out about the outrageous cruelty, genocide and wanton murder perpetrated by the current Israeli Government and its soldiers against unarmed Palestinian men, women AND children. If you object to Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed, wounded Palestinians at point blank range in the head, or bulldozing Palestinian houses without warning, you are now called ‘anti-semitic’.

      Sadly, what used to have meaning has become twisted into a politicised, throwaway label, bandied about carelessly.

    102. mike cassidy says:

      More evidence we don’t want Americans anywhere near our health service.

    103. Famous15 says:

      Boris Johnson is a clever bumbling buffoon. He gets away with lies covered in bluster and bluff.

      Marr is not as tough as Neil.

      Bojo is making clowns of us all.

    104. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I think maybe Andrew Marr borrowed Andrew Neil’s crib sheet of questions to ask De Piffle. Unfortunately, De Piffle simply refuses to answer a question until about the fifth or sixth time it is answered – simply chuntering-on until the interviewer gives up in disgust.

      If the English elect this charlatan, they deserve what is coming to them.

      We, at least, can be rid of him, by voting SNP and getting Independence Done – to coin a phrase.

    105. Fergus Green says:

      BBC Scotland site running with this headline:

      ‘Scotland’s papers: Attack tributes and child super hospital death’

      However, none of the 8 featured front pages mention the ‘child super hospital death’ and there is only one ‘SNP bad’ story, in a minor sideline in the Times.

      Another innocent mistake by the BBC?

    106. Jock McDonnell says:

      I wonder what the voters of Uxbridge are thinking now.

    107. ScottieDog says:

      I see Neale Hanvey’s crowdfunder was successful.

    108. Breeks says:

      Open question to Joanna Cherry, or anybody with the legal knowledge and capacity to do it…

      Can the BBC’s favouritism and complicity to subject the UK and Scottish population to flagrant propaganda from a proven liar and hypocrite, a man who has issued an open threat to review Channel 4’s right to broadcast after exposing to the nation’s the PM’s cowardice to face scrutiny, – and compile a credible case and argument that Westminster is wilfully and corruptly abusing it’s responsibility to govern Broadcasting, in open collusion with a Broadcasting network which is complicit in the fraud, and thus, Scotland can legitimately, with all due cause, set about preparing legislation to resume authority and control over Scottish Broadcasting?

      … That Scotland should reclaim authority over Broadcasting, not as power of Westminster devolved to Scotland, but as a “vanilla” sovereign entitlement of a nation state, where sovereign authority rests in perpetuity, and before any such power is lent to Westminster for them to devolve back to Scotland.

      Westminster has abused control over Broadcasting, and is unfit to retain that control. The BBC is fully complicit with the abuse, and is neither fit not trustworthy enough to be Broadcasting to the UK. We must bring this fraud to an end.

      If Scotland has the Constitutional right to declare all of Scottish Governance Independent, then that same Constitutional right can claw back power piecemeal, – one chapter at a time.

      I repeat also… If Westminster can groom it’s puppet Government in waiting in the Scottish Office, then Scotland’s own Government should create a Scottish Constitutional Office to scrutinise, vet and advise on every aspect of Westminster malpractice which contravenes the letter or spirit of the Union.

    109. galamcennalath says:

      This video needs to be spread far and wide…

      … Boris summed up nicely.

    110. Tatu3 says:

      Ot this is a fun video

    111. K1 says:

      gala, too much visuals of fuckwit Johnson and though slightly amusing, the music is somewhat louder than the lyrics, they really should have subtitled the lyrics on the video itself, feel assaulted by his image watching it.

    112. Fergus Green says:

      Neale Hanvey crowdfunder has met its target but contributions still flowing in.

      Keep ’em coming.

    113. gus1940 says:

      Yesterday somebody coined the the word ‘testiculating’ to describe the daily torrent of ‘Talking Bollocks’ emanating from Boris.

      Today’s performance on Marr was a perfect example of this disgusting creature testiculating on full reheat and who seems to be on course to rule us along with his fellow fascists.

    114. Liz g says:

      Shrodingers Cat @ 3.10
      I think that’s something we need to look out for.
      The Scottish Westminster MPs won’t leave immediately on a Yes vote.
      So, I think, there will be a balancing act between negotiating Indy and Independence day itself,including another Holyrood election.
      This could play in our favour as Corbin would be in no position to try and back some sort of reunification campaign.
      We could take our time to have a managed exit….But obviously other factors like the EU ect would come into play!
      A Johnston administration would likely be more chaotic!
      So on balance probably a Corbin win would be best for us…

    115. Terry callachan says:

      I disagree with some comments made here.
      I do not think a Labour win in the GE will be good for Scottish Independence , sure there is more chance of Labour agreeing to a Scottish independence referendum but many many ex Labour voters in Scotland will move back to the federalist socialist dream promised for decades by Labour if they win the GE and following that they will return to being NO voters in a Scottish independence referendum.

      The main thing that has changed Labour voters in Scotland to SNP voters is the fear of Boris J and Nigel F taking us out of the EU and treating us the way they have been treating us this last three years , OR WORSE.

      In my opinion Brexit is going to happen one way or another
      Jeremy C leader of the Labour Party has said he will continue with brexit f the Labour Party win the GE albeit a different brexit to the one Boris J and Nigel F intend to inflict upon us.

      If brexit is a certainty
      What is best for Scotland ?

      1) More Labour voters voting for SNP and Scottish Independence under a Tory Boris G govt


      2) More Labour voters voting against SNP and Scottish independence under a Jeremy C govt

      I think 1) is best for Scotland and increases the chances of Scottish independence happening

    116. Ottomanboi says:

      This Westminster election is about Scotland or Unionism….you can no longer reasonably have both.
      A radical choice indeed.
      Whose blood on the carpet?

    117. Welsh Sion says:

      Sympathetic article on Venice in the MSM.

      But you’d never get that for Scotland or Wales.

      Viva the MSM!

    118. Colin Alexander says:


      Can Scotland unilaterally decide to have a parliament that can exercise Scottish sovereignty for Scotland in Scotland – even BEFORE the Union is dissolved?

      (It’s not an argument for the Union, just legal argument).

      Could Scotland choose to amend the terms of the Union ( such as insisting Scotland will no longer recognise the House of Lords and will send an equal number of MPs to the Commons as England does OR any legislation affecting Scotland must receive the consent of Holyrood to become law) and the other parties to the Union either go along with it or THEY dissolve the Union?

      Do we already have a parliament that can exercise that Scottish sovereignty, if it chooses to exert that authority?

      A parliament that can then choose to reserve broadcasting powers to Scotland for Scotland without GB Parliament’s consent or any other change such as suggested above.

    119. Colin Alexander says:


      We can go back to: was the Parliament of Scotland dissolved in law?

      It was declared so by Royal Proclamation but isn’t that a “Boris Johnson special”, the Executive acting “contraire to the laws of Scotland”, as the Claim of Right puts it?

      If not, what’s to stop it being declared reconvened and exercising sovereign power in Scotland?

      The Union says one parliament for GB, it does not say “no parliament for Scotland”.

      Now, why nobody will ask these sort of questions in a Scots Law court is something I cannot answer.

    120. Iain More says:

      Now we have a duplicitous anti Scottish Press and Media trying to paint the voting gap between Tory and Labour as closing in Fascist Jack-booting Brexit England. Of course the anti Scottish Press and Media is at it. It is what they have always done.

      We cant afford to think about what is happening England or give the Brit State any kind of oxygen in Scotland. That is the kind of oxygen that will have a late revival in the Labour vote as that would be catastrophic. I see some folk are at it here.

      There is no fuckin difference between Johnson and Corbyn for us Scots, they are twa faces of the same anti Scottish demon – get that into yer mushy brains.

    121. Republicofscotland says:

      So landed estate owners in Scotland have in the past (2014) and probably will again ferry workers to the polling stations around Scotland and make sure they vote no to Scottish independence.

    122. Juteman says:

      I’ve followed Wings since around 2012. It was always the first blog I checked each day.
      I’ve just realised that it has little interest for me these days.
      What has happened?
      Where are all the old regulars?

    123. callmedave says:

      Good news for Scottish Shipyards. Aye!

      Paper shop this morning Mail front page ‘see page 11 to 13’ so I peeked a free look and it’s Boris in a two liner promising to increase the Navy fleet and some ships ‘may’ come to the Clyde. 🙂

      Slow day but Good Moaning Scotland had a piece on a new publication. ‘The King from over the water’

      We had the BBC version of James 1 & V1 to Cromwell and King Billy
      interesting on a cold Sunday morning before the paper review.

      That was Prince Andrew’s dodgy deals, SNHS Hospitals and Boris with a mention of the new polls but no figures for Scotland.

      Men can now wear shorts in EU Golf Tour competitions. ??
      I see them in the finishing holes in South Africa today.

      Why and when was it banned?

      I remember Brian Barnes in the 1980s in a tartan pair when it was a thing! Not a good look mind 🙂

    124. Willie says:

      Meanwhile on the Andrew Marr show Boris aJohnson told one lie after another.

      A drunk who turned up for the Cenotaph commemoration his performance this morning confirmed what a rotten stinking burgh the U.K. is.

      But not as stinking for the families of the poor folks who lost a son and daughter to the barbaric terrorist freed from jail early because the CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT IN 2012 passed legislation to abandon indeterminate public protection sentences on those deemed a public risk.

      Listening to Johnson lying through his toff tones barefacedly blaming Labour one could not help but think it’s a pity that he wasn’t the bastard shot dead on the pavement by police for being the animal he is..

    125. Ian Foulds says:


      Would any of these people causing problems for Mr. Harvey, women in general and the like be associated with 77th Brigade and their type of pals – especially at this time of elections?

    126. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Graeme @ 19:55,

      That’s an interesting and original thought, and one which runs counter to the unspoken BritNat supposition that an independent Scotland would inevitably become some kind of SNP dictatorship. Personally I’m inclined to think that the achievement of independence will indeed present a new challenge to the “broad church” that is the SNP, and maybe that’s just as it should be. Its social democratic core however is very much in tune with the needs and aspirations of many, so something worthwhile will undoubtedly persist after the initial euphoria of success has passed (as it inevitably will).

      It will be refreshing then to finally get back to normal politics where people and policies can be judged strictly on their merits, and where the ones who have the final say are us and no-one else.

      Now, whatever is there to fear about that…?

    127. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      me at 15:25,

      Sorry, that should have been early bird Graeme @ 07:55.

    128. Liz g says:

      Ian Foulds @ 2.32
      This isn’t a Scotland specific issue.
      Most Western Democracies are being tuned into it in some form or another.
      There seems to be big money behind it and it looks like some form of social engineering… To what ends,I haven’t a clue!
      But there’s more going on here than concern for a group of people…… When have Government’s ever really cared about that ?
      Although I can see that the British State would make good use of it to do damage in Scotland to the drive for Indy,it’s not the sole aim here.

      Fortunately most who are aware of the potential effects of the GRA in it’s current form are Indy/SNP and will,it seems,for now, tread a fine line till after the Yes vote is in
      Paradoxically, only bringing the Scottish Government within slapping distance by ending the Union will ensure that any “Acts” that the Scots don’t approve of can be stopped, or reversed,or adjusted.
      Holyrood must do it our way or we’ll vote in people who will,it’s really that simple and that elegant!!!
      So the reality is,the best protection for Women, Girls and the validity of science in this Country is Independence.
      So let the 77th push it all they want because it only highlights that we need Independence for one reason more 🙂

    129. kapelmeister says:

      The Labour leader retweets a pic of Dennis Skinner’s office and campaign HQ in Bolsover. The facade sports three large poppy symbols and a union jack.

      When even Labour left wingers have to resort to that to get elected in England’s more northerly counties then it is proof that the hard and uncompromising right controls the framing of debate down south.

    130. Gary45% says:

      Just back after a few days away, just tried to donate to Mr Hanveys crowd funder, no joy, its great he has reached his target, but more pennies would help him, anyone on here steer me in the right direction.
      Had 2 days of “live” telly , oh how I miss the BBC/TV !!, a wee message to any trolls, Tell Donalda she could save a fortune in Licence payers dosh by simply having, ” Good morning/Evening this is Reporting Shortbread”, here is the news “Scotland is Shite”.
      Man, the TV has really sunk to depths unknown to the human race.
      STV = same mince with a different backdrop.
      Some good news, I spoke to plenty of people of all ages who no longer pay the TV licence.
      The message to Empire shortbread, “you have lost it, because we no longer buy the bullshit”.

    131. Breeks says:

      Ian Foulds says:
      1 December, 2019 at 2:32 pm

      Would any of these people causing problems for Mr. Harvey, women in general and the like be associated with 77th Brigade and their type of pals – especially at this time of elections?

      Maybe don’t exclude the possibility, but it wouldn’t explain the traction it has gained over policy and strategy.

      It seems inconceivable that a Party prepared to suspend a member under a mere hint of suspicion could be blindsided by a coordinated and concerted coup from within. But never say never.

      But based on the kind of comments you see here below the line on Wings, I think it is maybe more likely that rank and file SNP people find themselves reluctant to stand out and express dissent or object to party initiatives, and that in turn creates an atmosphere where badge carrying mischief makers can thrive without challenge, and bad ideas can fester and eventually gather momentum.

      It does seem truly incredible that Joanna Cherry, perhaps the SNP’s biggest hitter, should be forced to confront attempts to have her deselected, and it is that very incredulity which provokes conspiracy theories, but again, I think it is more likely to be consequences of a boil which should have been lanced months ago, but wasn’t, and it now threatening to turn sceptic. At the very least, it seems clear that Scottish Independence isn’t top of everybody’s priority list. There are similar questions about the treatment of Alex Salmond. There’s another bad smell about that little episode…

      That in turn poses a bigger question, about whether the SNP has lost the critical faculty to think and function efficiently, and act upon it’s instincts. Maybe, let me stress, maybe, after five years of marking time, it has developed an inertia or a clumsiness, and has developed a tendency to overthink things, and the result of that is that every initiative is dogged by latency and indecision.

      On the upside however, I think these frustrating distractions are currently receiving undue prominence because wider progress has been so glacial. Once the Independence Battleship finally gets out of dry dock and under steam, nobody in their right mind is going to waste their time dwelling on bellend legislation which needs parked up the same cul-de-sac as Fracking, and put at the bottom of the agenda rather than the top.

    132. A.Bruce says:

      @ Colin Alexander 3:58

      It is a truly powerful speech from Craig Murray, but also from John Pilger and should be viewed by as many as possible. We truly are living in a “Rogue State” and well on the way to full blown fascism in this tory led state, which is really quite horrific.
      As far as Hanvey is concerned I as an SNP member am willing to forgive his ignorance, which I believe it was, and say, Vote For Hanvey. Our future is on the line.

    133. Tatu3 says:

      Republicofscotland @ 1.58. How would landed estate owners, or anyone else for that matter, know who their workers vote for?
      “Yes sir, no sir, voting Tory sir” then puts big cross at the SNP when on their own in the wee booth, surely is quite easy to do?
      Then when SNP win,all they have to do is say “it wisnae me” lol.

    134. Graeme says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      1 December, 2019 at 3:25 pm

      Graeme @ 19:55,


      Thank you Robert for acknowledging my post

    135. boris says:

      An occupation force comprising many thousands of soldiers was deployed to Scotland after Culloden.

      Forts, barracks and roads were built over a period of 12 years enabling the imposition of brutal martial law, hunting down and jailing or transporting anyone favouring the Jacobite cause.

      That is the truth of the “Treaty of Union” It is now and always has been a lie perpetuated by the Unionists

    136. callmedave says:

      Neale Hanvey: Setting up second crowdfunder! See WoS twitter.

      All previous funds raised have been claimed by the party to cover earlier campaign costs.

    137. callmedave says:

      Jings! Forgot to mention. Worth a listen on the new polls on

    138. INDEPENDENT says:

      Replying to TATU3
      The myth of the confidentiality.
      When you go to the polling booth they cross check your name to your numbered ballot paper. After all general elections the ballot papers are then sorted into party order.
      It’s been going on since I used to check them in the 1970s and long before that. That’s how they they track the so called extremists. SIMPLES

    139. Davy says:

      Having read ‘Craig Murrays’ comment about Boris being pished at the Cenotaph ceremony, surely someone needs to ask some of the other political parties leaders if this is true.

      The reply’s would be very interesting, if true do they admit it or not and then risk being found out.

      If not true then fair enough, he was just being his normal earse.

      It would be nice to know ???

      PS, didn’t he say he wasn’t going to drink during this election ?

    140. Robert Louis says:

      Ian Foulds at 222pm,

      Yes. Probably. It’s what they are literally paid to do by the English colonial government in London.

    141. Colin Alexander says:

      Tatu3 @3.58PM

      Likewise, who knows where Rangers supporters put their x when nobody is watching?

      Just because the Loyalist Imperials shout the loudest, I wish people would not brand EVERYONE who supports Rangers as anti-SNP or anti-independence, .

      See this Daily Record article on the subject:

      “Regardless of who you vote for on December 12th, ignore the worst take in Scottish Football Twitter history and leave your football team outside the polling station”.

    142. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Graeme @ 6:12,

      You’re very welcome. You speak more-or-less for all of us, because to some extent or another we’re all having to quell our concerns in order to get this Big Thing done. And in return our concerns are being stimulated because everything that’s happening within the SNP can happen precisely because it’s all protected by that wide umbrella. This is the fundamental concern that underlies breeks posting at 15:48, I think, and also the recent candidate sensitivities. No-one wants to rock the boat at this ultra-critical time (and mostly with good reason).

      It’s going to be a much healthier situation all round to get this independence thing sorted and behind us. Roll on the day!

    143. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      me @ 16:46,

      That should of course be Graeme @ 16:12.

      (Sorry, I seem to have become unglued over timing with you today! =sheepish grin=)

    144. G. Campbell says:

      Perfectly normal levels of coverage during a general election campaign.

      01 Dec 2019
      Glasgow health chief reassures parents over hospital infection fears
      30 Nov 2019
      Parents demand answers over troubled Glasgow hospital
      29 Nov 2019
      ‘Milly would be here’ had Glasgow hospital followed advice
      28 Nov 2019
      Warning of ‘high risk’ to water supply at Glasgow hospital
      26 Nov 2019
      Milly Main: Hospital infection spiked at time of child’s death
      25 Nov 2019
      Warnings about QEUH water contamination ‘days after opening’
      24 Nov 2019
      Freeman refuses to resign over Glasgow hospital infection crisis
      22 Nov 2019
      Jeane Freeman explains health board ‘special measures’ decision
      22 Nov 2019
      Mother fights for answers as to why her son died
      22 Nov 2019
      Mother of hospital death boy: ‘I’ve been ignored’
      22 Nov 2019
      Glasgow health board placed in ‘special measures’
      22 Nov 2019
      The five-step process to keep Scotland’s NHS boards in line
      21 Nov 2019
      Health Secretary Jeane Freeman: ‘I didn’t know about boy’s death’
      20 Nov 2019
      Timeline: The trials of Scotland’s super hospital
      20 Nov 2019
      Minister Freeman says families can trust her to tackle hospital concerns
      20 Nov 2019
      Health secretary issues apology over child deaths in Glasgow hospital
      20 Nov 2019
      Health secretary to make statement on crisis-hit Glasgow NHS board
      19 Nov 2019
      Glasgow hospital review has examined water contamination
      18 Nov 2019
      NHS board ‘truly sorry’ over handling of child deaths
      18 Nov 2019
      Health secretary apologises over child deaths in Glasgow hospital
      18 Nov 2019
      Hospitals public inquiry to investigate water contamination
      18 Nov 2019
      Health Secretary refuses to rule out ‘special measures’ option for NHS Glasgow
      18 Nov 2019
      Week ahead: Health secretary to be quizzed on hospital safety
      17 Nov 2019
      Glasgow hospital death of three-year-old boy probed by police
      16 Nov 2019
      NHS board special measures call over child’s hospital death
      15 Nov 2019
      Health secretary Jeane Freeman faces resignation call over child death
      15 Nov 2019
      Milly Main death: Mother ‘let down and lied to’ by health officials
      15 Nov 2019
      Mother ‘let down and lied to’ by health officials
      15 Nov 2019
      Health secretary Jeane Freeman did not make child infection death public
      14 Nov 2019
      Jeane Freeman did not make child infection death public
      11 Nov 2019
      Child’s hospital death ‘linked to contaminated water’

    145. Grouse Beater says:

      Boris’s only talent is as a stand up comic, Chris.

      Your essential weekend reading:

      ‘A Week’s Crap Television’:

    146. Wee Alex says:

      INDEPENDENT is talking nonsense about what happens to ballot papers after the election.

      Could it happen that they could be cross referenced, yes but it would need to be done by a large tea and could never be kept secret.

      If I’m wrong, where is the evidence.

      It’s like the conspiracy theory against postal voting. It doesn’t exist.

    147. dadsarmy says:

      Mmm, in fairness a letter with a weirdo picture of someone totally unknown to teh general public calling himself a “Polling and Elections Expert” is hardly likely to impress many people.

      Especially if you take the initial letter of what he calls himself.

    148. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      dadsarmy @ 18:07,

      He’s the FibDems’ answer to Labour’s pet Nostradimmus, John McTernan. (Every hard-pressed party on its uppers needs one.) With almost as many miscalls, only more obscure. Deservedly so. Which is perhaps a mercy for the rest of us.

    149. crazycat says:

      @ callmedave at 4.17

      It appears to be Neale Hanvey’s new crowd-funder that has reached its target – already!

    150. starlaw says:

      Notice BBC Scotlandshire have stopped giving out Scottish football results on their version of Scottish news off a Sunday evening.

    151. Robert Kerr says:

      @Wee Alex

      All it takes is a sympathetic returns counter at local elections ward level.

      In my student days i canvased for the conservative party in a labour stronghold. There was no meaningful SNP then. The local councillor separated the voters into three categories, Conserative and Labour were not to be canvassed, only the floating votes needed a visit. The voters roll was copied and colour coded to help the canvas!

      I think you protest too much. Secret ballot my ass! Only secret at the polling station.

    152. Scott says:

      Just seen Carlaw go into his pocket and put something into a box,it was not paper so maybe a small coin,cheap skate.

    153. callmedave says:


      Thanks for that.

      Must pay more attention. Good news.

    154. Dr Jim says:

      As the people in England have been finally getting to know and warm right up to Scotland’s FM Nicola Sturgeon and spotted the difference between our leader and theirs and realising the difference is quite stark the Yoons in Scotland are hating her even more

    155. dadsarmy says:

      Yes, the only reason I’d ever heard of him is SGP’s occasional references in the past. His letter is completely deceitful, but par from the course from the LibDems who seem to be having a competition with BoJo for being the most dishonest.

    156. Graeme says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      1 December, 2019 at 4:46 pm

      I agree Robert but right now it just feels like we’re 2-1 up with 3 minutes to play, how many times have we blew that

      There’s not a nation in the world can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like the Scots and that’s what worries me, we don’t need any help from the 5th columnists

    157. Stuart MacKay says:

      crazycat @7:08pm

      Awesome news. It means that the SNP have lost “control” over independence – of course we all know that already but it says that whatever the Yoons think they are doing to stop separation is already three steps behind what’s happening on the ground.

    158. HandandShrimp says:

      Very taken with the new verb “to testiculate” as an explanation as to what Boris does with his mouth and hands when he speaks. Pure bollocks!

    159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A reminder that this crowdfunder is still open.

      It’s stalled at £4,868 raised of £12,500 target.

      Can you help? More info at the link:-

    160. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Robert Kerr @ 19:10,

      This is just silly. It would take a legion of “sympathetic returns officers”, all happily breaking the law, to have any serious impact of the kind you presume. Of course, all political parties acquire knowledge of voter preferences, which they glean in a very simple and direct way by canvassing (duh), which is why they traditionally do so, and yes, they get access to a (bare) list of voters in an area to assist them to do it, which is just as it should be. How they then choose to “colour that in” comes from asking/assessing people. Then, sure, expending more effort on the waverers.

      There’s enough wrong with politics without getting distracted by wild fantasies over process.

    161. Dan says:

      Hmm, I see the twitter account that sassenach linked to last week to the twitter vid of Boris testiculating about the Conservative twitter account changing its name to FactcheckUK during debate has been suspended.

      Anybody got another link to the vid that works? Youtube would be fine.

    162. Joe says:

      @ Dr Jim

      You mean the Baizou have been warming to her.

      Definition of Baizou:

    163. Joe says:

      @ Juteman

      Recently Mr Campbell told some hard truths about the SNP and some of their policies, their ineptitude and BS. He also told the truth about sex and gender and all the nonsense surrounding that. He also understands that you cant win a country by smelling of roses all the time and made some practical suggestions. He also doesn’t ban people for having unpopular opinions.

      This collectively seems to have caused quite a few toys to be thrown out of quite a few cots. Ive not seen some of the properly mind bogglingly social justice types on here since. That might contribute to what your seeing? But then im not always around, sadly.

    164. Giving Goose says:

      Regarding Testiculation – is there a use for the term “Yoonism” to describe a bit of bullshit when used to justify the Union, Unionism and anything anti Scottish and BritNattery?

    165. Balaaargh says:

      OT, I donated £50 each to a couple of crowdfunders for SNP candidates and I had an email claiming to be from one of the election agents asking for my home address for “the legal requirements of the election”

      Is this right?

    166. McDuff says:

      starlaw 7.10pm

      Yeh its English football on Sat night and English football on Sun morning.
      Everything is English and so many of our fellow dummy Scots don’t see it.

    167. galamcennalath says:

      Balaaargh says:

      I donated £50 each to a couple of crowdfunders for SNP candidates and I had an email claiming to be from one of the election agents asking for my home address for “the legal requirements of the election”

      Yes. £50 and above is legally ‘a donation’.

      Page 27

    168. Pete Barton says:

      I don’t mind them having any old sport on, providing that’s what is wanted?

      If there’s folk up here wanna watch it, that’s fine.

      Not at the expense of Scottish societal right tho.

      Every country should not have its cultural, sporting etc. right to engage, to choose determined from outside our country.

    169. Colin Alexander says:

      My experience of canvassing is that I would ask the voter: If an election was held TOMORROW who would you vote for?

      Then when you get someone saying: “I’m no telling who I’m gonnae vote for, it’s secret”.

      You can either smile and walk away or point out you’re not asking to know their secret ballot, only an intention of voting if voting “tomorrow”.

      Or you ask who they are MOST LIKELY to vote for.

      The undecideds / maybes / possibles then get prioritised for further attention, if possible.

    170. Colin Alexander says:


      “Anything with a value of £50 or
      less does not count as a donation”.

      “When you receive any donation of more than £50, you must
      immediately make sure that you know who the donor is and
      that the donation is from a permissible source”.

    171. mike cassidy says:

      Good read for the Hanvey supporters.

      Not so good for the joetrolls.

    172. Capella says:

      Neale Hanvey’s crowdfunder now at £4500, more than double the target. Shows how much support there is for someone who actually stands up for human rights. The smearing has to stop.

    173. Liz g says:

      Joe @ 8.56
      Don’t be forgetting that a lot of the “regulars” are now in touch with each other personally,everyone pretty much has the contact details of someone
      And that indirectly Wingers are still Scotland Wide.
      We are all still around and a fair few have other Indy projects going on.
      Those that haven’t checked in for a while also know that when it’s game on …. Some of us have kept the comment section here ticking along 🙂

    174. scunner says:

      When is Reporting Scotland going to stop leading with the SNHS story?
      Every freakin’ night the same bloody story, the same tugging heartstrings, same grieving parents who now know more about medicine than professionals.

      You’d think there was something else going on just now!
      I predict this “story” will fizzle away on the 13th.

    175. wull says:

      OT (or maybe not – maybe even right up to date):

      I saw a quote which made me think of Chris’s cartoon. Boris Johnson (and quite a few others involved in the present election) came quickly to mind. Even though the quote is from a whole lifetime ago, it now seems very appropriate, and even more relevant than it was then. Here is a shortened version of it:

      “If you live today you breathe in nihilism … it’s
      the gas you breathe. . . . [To] make the terrible world we are coming to endurable …. you have to cherish the world at
      the same time that you struggle to endure it. . . .

      It is easy to see that the moral sense has been bred out of certain sections of the population, like the wings have been bred off certain chickens to produce more white meat on them.This is a generation of wingless chickens … .”

      FLANNERY O’CONNOR, Letters to A.Autumn, 1955

    176. Sinky says:

      Michael Crick: This is a an incredibly serious and shocking story. Jo Swinson must answer it at once. OpenDemocracy have accused the Liberal Democrat high command of “forgery” and “attempted fraud”.


      Key points about QEU Hospital infection NOT being reported by BBC Scotland – please share

      Jane Grant, Chief Exec, NHSGGC: “We have fully tested water supply & ward surfaces in Ward 6A, &reviewed individual infections. We found NO LINKS between individual infections and NO SOURCE of infections in the ward.Families should be reassured..”

    177. Joe says:

      @ Mike Cassidy

      Yeah…you got me there. Im a right ballwaxing enforcing, trans-cultish, anti-woman, hater of free speech…

      ohhh….the burn.

      But no – the internet is bringing light to dark places. Much to the annoyance of the ideologues.

      Facts are facts. One fact is Trump isnt that bad compared to the last number of presidents before him (yes, relativism isnt great, but its at least some perspective). Its that hysterical baizou types just WANT him to be the worst president ever to justify their emotions. Because they/you are told what to think 🙂

      Now get back to your TV, or your twitter, or your facebook and soak all of it in. Oh except the obvious lies about Scotland. All the rest of it is true though. Right?

    178. Joe says:

      Let me post this example to reiterate to all of you how brainwashed many are –

      If you feel very strongly against Trump compared to other presidents (as it stands) then you are clearly operating at a superficial level.

      What do I mean?

      You dont like him. You think he’s A, B or C. Which is fine.

      However the fact is that no new wars have come under him, he has basically run a straight ship (despite failed impeachment attempts) no kids are being born with extra legs or half a head because of his depleted uranium bombing of civilian structures, he hasnt lied us into a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people, he hasnt helped ISIS, he didnt obliterate Libya.

      The lefts problem with Trump is really THEIR personal problem. Because the facts dont add up.

      If you feel angry, or unhappy or pissed off that Trump is president of the US then you are operating on emotions and not facts. Because the facts do not support that level of animosity.

      You dont have to like the guy. He is a boor. But facts are facts.

      Anyway. Trump just happens to be a good example of how the left is utterly destroying its credibility and ability to protect the vulnerable – you are largely off your fkng heads and people are waking up to this daily.

    179. Capella says:

      The person whose views on Trump I respect, is Naom Chomsky. Here’s a 5 minute interview on some of the main issues. There are plenty others to choose from.
      Facts, not emotions.

    180. boris says:

      The 2014 Snowdon affair and the actions of Sir Jeremy Heywood:

      Video footage was released of Guardian editors destroying Snowden hard drives – GCHQ technicians watched as journalists took angle grinders and drills to computers. Britains most senior civil servant, Jeremy Heywood had previously explicitly warned the Guardian’s editor to stop publishing articles based on leaked material from American’s National Security Agency and GCHQ.

      At one point Heywood said: “We can do this nicely or we can go to law”. He added: “A lot of powerful people think you should be closed down.”

    181. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Joe @ 20:56:

      But then im not always around, sadly.

      I was going to leave it, but on and on you do buzz when you do occasionally grace us with your presence. For someone who is regularly confronted here by soundly-held opinions which are diametrically opposed to your own, one can’t help but wonder what motivates you to persist so pointlessly. Either you have a very peculiar sense of pleasure or someone is paying you.

      Whatever your “regrets” may be in having so little time here, in your case, less is definitely more. Which can usefully be taken to the limit.

      A win-win all round, then, no..?

    182. Joe says:

      @ Capella

      I dont care. Im not saying anyone should like Trump. Im not saying there arent problems or even dangers with Trump.

      But comparing Trump vs the last presidents and looking at the reaction by the left to each shows a total inconsistency.

      I repeat: Trump has not yet overseen the beginning of any new wars or the destruction of any countries infrastructure. The last 4 presidents did.

      – Bush snr – deliberate destruction of milk and water treatment plants that resulted in the deaths of around 500,000 Iraqi children.

      – Clinton – the bombing of Serbian civilian infrastructure including Bridges and Hospitals along with the use of depleted uranium weapons that are still causing cancer, birth defects, etc

      – Bush jr – this guy needs nothing from me.

      – Obama – oversaw Hillary Clintons utter devestation of Libya where SLAVES ARE NOW SOLD at open market. Black africans are treated worse than animals.

      The reaction is COMPLETELY inconsistent towards Trump. Whether he is total d1ck or otherwise.

      This is important because it shows just how ideologically possessed people are and how brainwashed. Its pathetic.

      Seriously, just try to think about it for a minute.

      It comes down to 1 of 2 things:

      1 – you are totally uninformed and led by shallow public opinion and the media
      2 – your feelings of Trump are shallow, emotional and based on personal preference because he says mean things and isnt very pleasant.

      Its pathetic and so are the clowns who engage in that song and dance.

      Perspective FFS

    183. Dr Jim says:

      The hard right and the hard left hate the people in the middle because the people in the middle don’t like extremists

    184. Joe says:

      @ Robert J Sutherland

      I visit here because its the best political site I know of. Anywhere. Its also based on Scottish/British politics which means it covers things that are important to me.

      I used to think very much like people on this site. 10 years of being out of the UK and developing perspective however changed that.

      Mostly however is this – I think the left and particularly progressive activists and internationalists have far too much co-opted Scottish politics and especially the Yes movement – to the detriment of everyone. I think the more aware of you have this realization beginning to cut through the fog of virtue signals and idealism. Cheers

    185. Dr Jim says:

      Just been reading on Twitter a black man from the Carribean living in Wigan defending the Union and the Tories against Scotland

    186. Dr Jim says:

      The journalistic chums consensus from England is FM Nicola Sturgeon knocks it out the park once again but it’s apparently easier for her because she’s a better politician than the rest of them

      Some helluva excuses they’re coming up with now

    187. dadsarmy says:

      This is unlikely to be popular, but the QEUH is not going to go away as an issue, and nor should it. There’s serious shite there, and it has to be cleared up.

      But for me this is the key, from the Herald:

      Anas Sarwar accused NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde of intimidation and secrecy, and said he believed it had kept Health Secretary Jeane Freeman “in the dark” over its problems.

      whereas the comments from the Tories and LibDems are all anti-SNP and totally missing the point that the problem is not one of the government, but of a large number of other things (see first comment on the Herald article “Sarwar slams health board culture as ‘rotten to the core’ after hospital death”).

      In this issue Labour are not the bad guys, in fact to be cynically political, perhaps Sarwar has realised there’s mileage in being an honest broker, a genuine investigator and reporter. And considering the poll results, and to be even more cynical, he should be allied with by the SNP because the Tories and the LibDems are the real problem in this GE in Scotland.

      Also being the full bucket of cynicallity, 49% of Labour voters also support Independence, comapred to only about 12% of LibDems and 2% of Tories.

      Personally I’m not actually so cynical, I’d like to see QEUH as an issue solved for the sake of all patients. It might be me next, and something is rotten at the top.

    188. dadsarmy says:

      Incidentally, my money if I had any to spare, would be on a hung WM parliament. BoJo always was a blowhard and he’s running out of puff.

      Anyways, he has stinky breath, oooherrr missus!

    189. Flower of Scotland says:

      @juteman 2.05.

      I too have read Wings since about 2012. We had a fantastic lot of commenters then. Not so much now. I still read Stu,s piece and usually not the comments.

    190. dadsarmy says:

      That’s nice. Makes you feel SOooooo wanted!

    191. Liz g says:

      Joe @ 11.45
      Trump might not yet have prosecuted an overt war, but his administration are waging a covert war in South America.
      And a dead wean in Chilli is just as dead as a dead wean in the Middle East.
      Not forgetting his internment camps…. And that’s not including his domestic agenda. So don’t be telling us we’re ill informed and just don’t like him.
      There’s none here that shallow,and it reads as the kind of judgement you hypocritically write to criticise….

    192. Ghillie says:

      Liz g @ 10.29 pm Good to know 🙂

      Liz g @ 2.06 am Very well said.

      dadsarmy @ 1.36 am Not you obviously!!

      And dadsarmy @ 12.44 am re the troubles at the hospital, fancy Anas Sarwar coming out with a fair and astute comment – that the current Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman had been kept in the dark about their problems.

      Good for him!

      And high time that cross party effort comes together to sort any and all problems in our SNHS for the sake of the patients, which is ALL the folk of Scotland.

      And indeed, so heartening to see that 49% of Scottish Labour voters want Independence for Scotland 🙂

    193. TYRAN says:

      Father had phoned helpline earlier last week and was told to vote Green in Kirkcaldy.

      He wanted to change his vote but I told him to leave it and keep with SNP on ballot paper.

      I don’t know what helpline this was exactly but this is surely bogus advice? I can ask him though.

      100% genuine.

    194. Phronesis says:

      For Trump substitute Boris Trump. Climate change is a thing even Trumps scientific advisors say so. The world needs leaders who make ethical and fair choices – those are leadership skills. That should define the privilege and dignity of public office , not cheating,lying ,blatant self promotion enabled by a stream of toadies.

      ‘Trump latched onto some low hanging fruit, wrapped himself in righteousness and the flag, and played to the lower instinct of fear. Sadly, this worked for him. I suspect that even without Russia’s assistance, it would have worked just as well. Now the USA has a despot as a leader and a seemingly endless stream of toadies as enablers’

      ‘Human activities have increased the abundance of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. This increase is mostly due to burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Carbon dioxide has increased from a pre-industrial level of 280 parts per million to more than 410 parts per million today. Most of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has occurred since the late 1950s. In Earth’s distant past, it would take between 5,000 to 20,000 years to see the amount of change in carbon dioxide levels that humans have caused in just the last 60 years’

      ‘The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said military expenditure nudged up to almost $1.7 trillion last year, with the United States accounting for by far the greatest amount despite its spending dipping 2.4 percent to $596 billion… SIPRI said military expenditure amounted to 2.3 percent of global gross domestic product – and 10 percent of this would be enough to fund the global goals agreed upon by United Nations’ 193 member states in September to end poverty and hunger by 2030’

    195. Fergus Green says:

      Donations still pouring in. Its beginning to look like Neale Hanvey can still win Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath:

    196. Breeks says:

      Liz g says:
      2 December, 2019 at 2:06 am
      Joe @ 11.45
      Trump might not yet have prosecuted an overt war, but his administration are waging a covert war in South America…

      Don’t forget the provocative and inflammatory decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, or the gutless abandonment without warning which left the Kurds, his own courageous and effective allies in the Middle East, at the mercy of the Turks.
      The US also backs and arms the Saudi’s, as does the UK, and there are countless deaths in Yemen caused by Saudis who are armed with US and UK ordinance. I seem to recall evidence of cluster bombs being displayed…

      You could argue Trump is even worse. With the exception of the Blair/Bush war, US Presidents have at least sought out consensus and UN Resolutions before launching into “overt” all out wars. (Though not always), whereas Trump is a dangerous Maverick who is unreliable, untrustworthy, and unpredictable. He’s as likely to start a war through his bungling incompetence as his malicious intent.

      The whole Middle East remains a powder keg of tension and hostile animosity because Trump and the American Far right, and the Israelis, are keen to provoke war and division between Sunni Saudi Muslims and Shi’ite Muslims led by Iran, but they know there will be grievous consequences if the divide and conquer strategy backfires and the whole instability of the Arab world merges into a united, one nation Muslim superpower, more friendly with Russia and China than the the West, and with capacity to cripple the World’s oil market.

      There is a school of thought that the illegal WMD Gulf War 2 was a reaction to the vast improvement in Muslim / West relations after the successful Gulf War 1, where alliance and cooperation, and colonial restraint, had altered perceptions and improved relations, much to the alarm of the Israelis… but that’s a very complex issue.

      For all it’s overblown status and the poisoning of global politics, Israel’s landmass is smaller than Wales.

      Trump is either a pig ignorant shit stirrer, or a downright evil shit stirrer, and the world will be a safer place when the clown is no longer in Office, hopefully replaced by a problem solver rather than a problem instigator.

    197. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Fergus Green @ 08:10,

      Recall Victor Hugo’s famous quote: “there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

      (In this case, not even the SNP itself, it would seem! =grin=)

    198. auld highlander says:

      Meanwhile over on the express (yeah I know it’s pure hatred of the snp) there’s a story about tactical voting to oust Ian B on Skye.

      and a Scotland in union link re tactical voting where you can feel the snp hatred oozing out of the screen.

    199. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I have never been much of a believer in conspiracy theories, however, current events have made me stop and think.

      This whole Southern General thing is one almighty, stinky shitehole. As an aside here, I am surprised nobody has picked-up on the suggestion which I saw on an earlier Wings thread about the hospital’s proximity to the Govan sewerage and water treatment works – that, to me, made sense, and should be investigated.

      The suggestion, further up this thread, that the excellent Jeane Freeman is being deliberately kept in the dark about failings within the Health Board, also, to me makes sense.

      Now we have the mess of Neale Hanvey’s situation.

      I get the impression, The Establishment is throwing everything it can at the SNP, because they know, they will win big in England, and the SNP will become the only semi-effective opposition in Parliament, once Labour has kicked-out Corbyn and neutered the Left.

      So, all the Establishment plants within the SNP and the Scottish Civil Service and Local Government are now working flat-out to beat the Party.

      If the SNP can survive this GE without dropping seats, Independence cannot be far away, so, KEEP THE FAITH AND KEEP PUSHING.

      Not long now till Independence.

    200. mike cassidy says:

      Tyran 7.27

      Post again when you have details.

    201. Colin Alexander says:


      What we are seeing in Glasgow, what we saw at Tayside are just the symptoms of a Scottish NHS system that has led to Health Boards being allowed to be rotten from the top down.

      I’ve long warned on here about Scottish NHS Health Boards being unaccountable to the public with serious consequences now evident.

      I KNOW as a fact there are Health Board senior executives who think they are untouchable and have abused that power. They have certainly been politically and professionally unaccountable under EVERY govt since devolution.

      I make no apologies for my previous criticisms of the previous SNHS political boss, Shona Robison. We are seeing the results of that NOW. Shona Robison the boss 2014-18, when the “Glasgow Health Board” knew dirty water was happening in Glasgow’s flagship hospital. Whether that led to infections or deaths is not for me to say but; IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

      Ms Freeman only became the political boss in June 2018, so much of the dirty water scandal pre-dates her leadership. Whether she is now doing better than Ms Robison, I don’t know.

      However, my own experience of involvement with Ms Freeman since she took over has been exactly the same: I don’t want to know. A blah blah blah politician’s response.

      I’m no saying any death in Glasgow or elsewhere was caused by negligence. Each case must be examined for any conclusions to be reached. However, the lack of answers, clear culture of secrecy, lies, unaccountability and stonewalling from PUBLIC SERVANTS / PUBLIC SERVICES is completely unacceptable.

      The media is doing the role of govt in holding Health Boards to account (sadly for political point-scoring not for our NHS’s sake).
      I will be voting SNP and would advise everyone else to do so also. This is NOT an SNP bad comment. It’s an SNP Scot Govt MUST reform Health Boards to make them accountable and answerable to the PUBLIC, to the PATIENTS who use them.

      The people of Scotland must take back control of our country. So vote SNP: But we must also take back control from unaccountable public servant executives in our public services, especially our NHS.

    202. Ian Foulds says:

      Liza at 3.37pm yesterday.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Totally agree.

      Apologies to all for the typo – it of course should have been Mr. Hanvey.

    203. Dunadd says:

      Nicola Sturgeon misrepresented on BBC site today under the heading:

      Nicola Sturgeon
      I will put whole country’s interest at the heart of what we do.

      What she actually said was “put the interests of the whole of the UK at the heart of what we do”.

      When Nicola Sturgeon does talk about the country she is talking about Scotland not an imaginary “country” of nations.

    204. Colin Alexander says:

      Nicola taking questions on BBC radio NOW

    205. auld highlander says:

      “That’s it. Google is done with the Tories’ fake news campaign.”

    206. callmedave says:

      The choice between Carlaw on shortbread or the FM on big Auntie Radio 5 was not a difficult one in the car this morning.

      Heard the FM for most of her Qs & A session and she did well, didn’t scare the horses much. Missed about 20mins in the middle for shopping. Nicky Campbell was his annoying self throughout. 🙁

      As to Carlaw he was savaged by Gary on GMS earlier about Boris and his anti-muslim history but was unrepentant sinking to the tune of GStQ, get Brexit sorted and No Indi2 for Scotland.

    207. fillofficer says:

      socrates @9.00
      i concur 100%
      fever pitch now
      & then we win

    208. Robert Kerr says:

      Peeps, please watch the SNP rally at St Andrews University on St Andrew’s day. it’s on you tube but linked on hackalumpoff’s links too.

      Nicola identifies iRef2 with The Declaration of Arbroath 700th anniversary!!!

    209. Clapper57 says:

      I’ve stopped watching the news…political programmes…incl debates…bliss…bullshit free…life seems less stressed.

      Turned on TV this morning…

      Victoria Live

      Interviewing lobster fisherman in North Berwick…

      She asks him

      Did you vote REMAIN in Independence referendum to stay in UK ?

      His answer ‘Yes’.

      Correct answer would have been actually I voted …No…. because Remain was not an option re remaining in UK….only No or Yes…she then said and you voted Remain in EU Ref…aah see what you’re doing there Victoria….very clever….

      He then proceeded to explain he votes conservative…

      I turn off telly….

      Back to being in bliss….bullshit free.

      Me ?…well SNP will I vote in GE thank you…..and then come Indy Ref2 I will vote YES to Indy as opposed to what Unionists want us to do….i.e. re-run EU Ref options of Remain or Leave…

      Has it started BBC ?

    210. Dr Jim says:

      In Scotland we have 24hr *British English* media reporting from TV newspapers and radio so we are bombarded with England issues constantly so we tend to understand them because for all of us in Scotland this has been our entire lifetimes media programming as part of the failed political aim of Anglicising Scotland

      In England they have almost zero access to any Scottish news reporting whatsoever, so why do the people of that country fill up Twitter and facebook with claimed knowledge of Scottish affairs they don’t posses, or complain about Scotlands political leader of whom they also know zero about except for when she appears annoyingly to them on their *English British TV*

      Channel 4 has blocked the release of yet another Gogglebox episode because it contained derogatory remarks about Scotland and former FM Alex Salmond
      This is the second time there’s been a problem with this programme involving derogatory remarks about Scotland its people and our First Minister in what Channel 4 portrays as ordinary members of the public watching TV

      Every day when in session the House of Commons is shown live on *British* TV plus all interviews with political figures from England yet in most cases English people don’t know who most of them are when asked, by contrast most English people seem to have what they think is an informed opinion of Scottish politics and politicians even though they don’t know who they are either except for Scotlands First Minister and in the case of their programme Gogglebox collectively groan when Nicola Sturgeon appears on *their* airwaves

      The people of England should really take a good look at how they think they know things about a country most of them have never visited or even intend to visit, and who’s telling them this stuff they think they know and why

      England and its people are being played like the cheap violin Scotland has had to listen to for our entire lives but England haven’t noticed yet the same is and has been done to them

      Scotland wouldn’t need Independence if there were democracy in the British Isles and we’ve learned that by voting as many of the people out who oppose democracy is beneficial to Scotland but England can’t do that until they understand that the divisions in society are caused deliberately by the people they’re stuck with voting for

      *Once you get to know them they’re great* how many times have we all heard a sentence like that, except England isn’t allowed to get to know anybody because everybody else is somehow not nice or a threat or doesn’t respect *their values*

      England has conquered its own people by making them fear resent or revile everybody else

      A German guy copied the same strategy in the 30s but it didn’t work out well for him after a while, but the people who really rule Britain have had longer to do it and a lot more practice and they have it down to a fine art now

    211. Juteman says:

      @Socrates MacSporran at 9.00am.
      I agree. It’s as if a button has been pressed, and certain forces (plants?) within the civil service and Party have been released to go full steam ahead and cause discord.
      Stop the SNP is the message.
      Unfortunately, some folk on our side have fallen for it.

    212. Abulhaq says:

      @Breeks 08:35
      Your understanding of ‘Arab world’ politics is rather scant. There has always been division in the region. Well before the establishment of the state of Israel, or the creation of the US the region was never unified except by force of arms. It has had rulers benign or psychotic or incompetent but non particularly ‘democratic’ by western standards. Muslim factionalism, its not just about Sunni v Shia, has hindered the development of an intellectual, inquiring culture and most importantly a concept of civil society and civic responsibility.
      Neither Jews nor Americans are responsible for the regional mess, it is entirely home grown.
      With regard to Palestine, we have a paradigm of everything that is wrong in the region, bad or weak government, financial corruption, self-serving politicians, factionalism and exploitation.
      As for anti-Jewish sentiment.

    213. Clapper57 says:

      @ Me @ 11.38am

      Sorry…for any pedantics who may point out contradiction in my above comment re NO longer watching political discussions etc on TV…I should have said… ‘Victoria Live was on’….as in turned on TV and that came up…did NOT turn on to watch it….as if… Lol

    214. boris says:

      The Forestry Development Rip off

      In the 1980’s entertainers and television presenters, (some of whom are still around today) milked the public purse by buying into dubious Scottish forestry schemes allowing them to get rich quick at the expense of Scottish taxpayers. The controlling factor was the was to provide tax-break schemes for the very rich.

      Many experts heavily criticized the schemes as being “barely competent”. Of some proposed plantations, an added comment stated that it was “difficult to avoid the conclusion that they are simply thinly disguised deer shelters financed, in considerable measure, out of the public purse”.

    215. Terence callachan says:

      Abulhaq..what you say in not true simply because it is too short an appraisal splattered with lies as well..
      When you say the establishment of Israel was not by the force of arms you are wrong , the British already had control of the area unhindered because they had arms and sold them them to Arabs in the area who mostly lived a moveable style of life ,Israel was formed by introducing new townships that the local populace didn’t care for but were to a great degree unaffected by so they didn’t protest ,the bribes handed out by the U.K. continued and made it easier to establish these townships.

      USA got involved because of oil and concluded that Israel was their perfect excuse to be there long term or at least until the oil runs out or there is a better fuel alternative .
      USA were smart inviting as they still do Israelis to study in USA where they become very Americanised it’s been going on so long now that Israel is like a USA state .

      Arabs found that their nomadic life was being restricted more and more as Israel with USA weaponry and USA trained police and military staff cordoned off areas of land that were no go areas for Arabs and that was enforced with arms , AlWAYS but by he time the Arabs were angry enough Israel had already become an unstoppable modern force that the local Arabs could not compete with.

      Other Arab countries in the area tried to intervene but failed , they were not negotiating with Israel they were negotiating with USA in the name of Israel.
      USA wanted the oil and have it what better way than to ensure that the countries with the oil install governments acceptable to the USA who then sell the oil to the USA who recoup the cost through the sale or arms , technology , medicines and protection.
      All the while USA have a readymade airbase in Israel ready at a moments notice to bomb any dissenting country in the region.
      USA have about seven hundred military bases in the Mediterranean too.
      Russia by the way, have one, coast of Syria.
      China have none

    216. Breeks says:

      Happy to accept that Abulhaq.

      But in fairness, my own reading material is probably as scant and misinformed in it’s appreciations.

      The gist of my perception is that the Sykes Picot Agreement from WW1, and all the accordant betrayal of the Arab Nations and tribes was designed to disrupt their cultural development and modernisation… I used term a unified Arab Nation, which was probably quite wrong, but what I meant was a people being left to develop organically without Western interference, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe the Middle East would have gelled, and become an influential economic powerhouse, rather than a fractured and fragmented society, often bitterly divided and at war.

      Prior to oil and Western influence, the same disruption was sustained by the Ottoman Empire, so it’s not surprising the Arab nations have never really got their act together protecting themselves from outside influence.

      You’re absolutely correct that I don’t know a lot about the other factions of Islam, but I understand the Wahhabism of the Saudi Government was favoured and encouraged by the West because it felt putting religious extremists in charge would maintain the tribal divisions and again disrupt disparate groups finding common purpose and unity. It was the same theory which saw false monarchies/ dictatorships like the Shah of Iran supported and maintained by the West, often against the interests of the people.

      Much better for business to deal with a madman kept in power by Western wealth than any intelligent democratic or popular government looking out for the people.

      I also believe both Syria and Yemen are proxy wars between the West and Saudis, and Shi’ite Iran where sectarianism between Sunni and Shia is being exploited. Nothing typifies that more than Al Quaida / ISIS fundamentalists being armed with NATO weapons from Saudi Arabia.

      I would venture to suggest that the Middle East and Islam would be unrecognisable if the Region had been left to it’s own devices this past 100 years.

      Yes, the state of Israel is relatively recent phenomenon, but it too is the product of Western Colonial Power subjugating Arab interests, and maintaining an outpost for Western influence and presence in the Region, at least until the oil runs out.

      If I was more of a traveller, I think the Middle East would be a fascinating place to spend some time and get to know the truth.

    217. Ian Foulds says:

      Ian Foulds at 9.45 am to Lizg

      I hate predictive text.

    218. Liam says:

      Dr Jim says:
      2 December, 2019 at 12:20 am

      Just been reading on Twitter a black man from the Carribean living in Wigan defending the Union and the Tories against Scotland

      Poor man, it must be horrible for him being so lonely.

    219. Liz g says:

      Ian Foulds @ 1.54
      🙂 LOL…. Me too,it gets to us all

    220. Ian Foulds says:

      ’Liam says:
      2 December, 2019 at 2:07 pm

      Then turn it off’

      Thank you wise words.

      I shall do it after I beat the living daylights out of the person who put it on without my knowledge

    221. Dan says:

      Asked up thread but have now located a clip of Boris babbling bollox re. a Conservative twitter account changing its name to FactCheckUK during debate.

    222. Joe says:

      @ Breeks

      Great post. But id like to get onto 1 niggly detail – Israel is a creation of powerful Zionists who have great influence/control in the West. Not of the West itself.

    223. Joe says:

      @ Liz G

      Trumps ‘internment camps’ were originally Obamas. Yet not a word of condemnation that way.

      So yes. Most of you people on here are pig fkng ignorant. Its embarrassing to be a Scot when my country folk can be so stupid.

      Go on now – you might be missing what to think next on TV 🙂

    224. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      Have this hangin’ on the end of the page instead…

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