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A unique opportunity to escape

Posted on March 15, 2017 by

No 8: Elizabeth, from Bonnybridge.


(All clips via the always-excellent Phantom Power Films.)

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  1. 15 03 17 09:56

    A unique opportunity to escape | speymouth

75 to “A unique opportunity to escape”

  1. Thepnr says:

    Tear in my eye. Wonderful!

    Well done again Phantom Power Films, you guys sure move fast 🙂

  2. Skip_NC says:

    I’d really love to see Project Feart do a response to that. Always assuming they can find someone articulate and smart enough to understand the issues surrounding small businesses.

  3. xaracen says:

    I find all of these videos so uplifting and encouraging! They must form part of the Indyref campaign.

  4. Macart says:

    Another great vid from Phantom Power.

    Well expressed reasoning and sentiment from Elizabeth.

    Oh, and a big WELCOME ABOARD! 🙂

  5. alexicon says:

    Hope business for Scotland is in touch with Elizabeth.
    She was so eloquent in her address there.
    Well done and welcome.

  6. Thepnr says:

    I’m away to watch it again, it was that good. Thank you elizabeth.

  7. Jomry says:

    Excellent series of films. How can these be spread far and wide to those not yet convinced about independence. Compilation on DVD maybe? Packaged with new WBB eventually? Important for these to reach the unconverted- but not sure how.

  8. heraldnomore says:

    Brilliant stuff from Elizabeth.

    A huge contrast to La Dugdale whining from the sidelines and banging the Federalist drum just there with Paul Ross on talkRadio. Need to see if there’s a link on their website.

  9. The hootsmom has an article about abusive vile Nats, followed by online comments from abusive vile Brit Nats

  10. Muscleguy says:

    Elizabeth will not be the only immigrant who feels like this. She also won’t be the only company head who looks at the situation and changes their mind based on commercial self interest.

    There may not be many people in that group but they have family and they have friends and colleagues and customers and suppliers. Once word gets out that such people back Yes the floodgates will open.

    Someone on twitter asked if it was possible that the Scottish CDI will back a Yes in the face of Brexit. I think the best we can hope is that they will be overtly neutral.

    I can’t see many supermarket heads facing price rises on Spanish fruit and veg because of Brexit who will do No10’s bidding and make doom and gloom predictions for iScotland either.

    I don’t hold out much hope that the head of dog food selling companies will change their minds though.

  11. Capella says:

    I really appreciate what Elizabeth is saying here. It deserves wide circulation. She has so much relevant experience that her views are central to the argument for self-determination. Many thanks to Elizabeth and the Phantom Films team for putting this together.

  12. galamcennalath says:

    Enjoyed that. Excellent stuff.

    I feel that any soft NOs watching these, with folks like themselves calmly explain why they went NO to YES must be influenced and rethink their positions.

    How do we get them widely seen?

  13. clan rossy says:

    welcome home elizabeth.

    you have done and said more in 9 mins and 3 secs
    than dugdale, davidson, and rennie can achieve in
    a thousand lifetimes .

    in my eyes you are more scottish than they will ever be
    once again i congratulate you for your brave and well
    thought out presentation .

  14. Nana says:

    Excellent video. How do we get them shared?

    I was speaking with someone recently who suggested wide screen tvs on the sides of vans. I have no idea how this would/could work so if anyone does or has a similar idea lets be hearing from you.

    We must get these videos out to a wider audience.

  15. jfngw says:

    Sources reveal the No camp are preparing a Yes to No video, someone by the name of Pillars or similar.

  16. heedtracker says:

    Another voice of sanity. BBC’s gone completely mad and very adamant Scots will be out of the EU for good. BBC r4 10pm news had another Spaniard politico absolutely certain Scots wont get in but Spain would ofcourse never get involved, in any other country’s democratic processes, you must understand, but the Scots are out for good.

    Last night’s Today in Parliament had House of Lords debate too, Lady Goldie, Lord McConnell, some other SLab Baroness sounding like it really is 1817 and a colony is in need of quelling.

  17. Thepnr says:

    I think Phantom power Films need to make these into a series of DVD’s say no more that say 40 minutes long and release them every couple of months.

    There will need to be a crowd funder for sure not just to cover the costs of the DVD’s but their own expenses as well. Would like to see DVD’s offered as perks for us to hand out and give away.

    No better way of distributing them. Since the type of crowd funder I’m suggesting would be every couple of months the perks would have to be affordable. Some have and some not so much.

  18. Another Scottish company called `Endura` ( owner Jim McFarlane),which makes and designs high end cycle clothing,had similar convictions as Elizabeth that Scotland would be thrown out of EU if we voted Independence,

    here he is talking about the chances of a vote on Brexit,

    “However the chances of an outright Conservative win in UK elections are substantially lower if Scotland remains within the UK and is counted within the UK vote.
    Either way, the company will take a view on what is best for its future and that of its employees when the information is available and the circumstances are clearly understood”.

    I wonder if he has made his view on what is best for his company and its employees now that David Cameron has dragged UK out of EU,

    will he come out for a free Scotland in the EU?

  19. Free Scotland says:

    @jfngw at 10:10 am

    “Sources reveal the No camp are preparing a Yes to No video, someone by the name of Pillars or similar.”

    You had me going there for a minute. Any such deceptions would of course be widely pilloried by the clear-thinking voters of Scotland.

  20. MajorBloodnok says:

    Brilliant video (as they all are). Elizabeth is very articulate and completely honest about why she voted no then and why she’ll vote yes now.

    I think absolutely Brexit is the game-changer. In the kind of society Scotland now has, so many people can see it affecting them directly but can now see a way out.

    Change is coming and the choice is, are we in control of that change, or will we let Westminster do it?

  21. jomry says:

    Excellent series of films. Means must be found to get these to wider (still -NO) audience. Maybe DVD compilation? Packaged with next WBB? Big problem is reaching those who need to be convinced.

    Same with all “good news” stories in Scotland.

    While unionist,MSM, BBC claims and bias must be challenged, this usually means following and agenda set by these agencies, given their widespread presence and reach. What will be increasingly important in coming months is creating our own agenda with “good news” stories in Scotland – creating self-belief and self-confidence – particularly among those who have it in short supply.

    To this end, I would commend John Robertson’s blog . As many of you know, this has been recast as “Talking up Scotland” and all the articles concentrate on the successes and achievements taking place in Scotland at the moment, most of them completely ignored by MSM. BBC etc.

    As an adjunct to this site, John has used a portal providing a “news-stand” display of the site’s many excellent articles. I find this ( like Peter Bell’s site, very effective – easy to scan all the headlines and home in where you want. But it also creates a “news stand” similar to the array of MSM papers in supermarkets – except all the headlines are positive “good news” stories about Scotland. What a contrast!

    I would strongly recommend you bookmark just as a reminder of the many positive things happening in Scotland – and of course publicising this link to a much wider readership if you can – where it might be most effective.

    I would also suggest that it merits a listing in the rt hand column on the Wings page – but of course, that is up to Rev Stuart.

  22. ScotsRenewables says:

    Slightly OT this early in the thread, but it seems Gordon Wilson has had a Damascene moment – possibly after watching himself being shamelessly exploited by the BBC less than 36 hours ago.

    Now he needs to go round and have a little chat with Jim Sillars, then perhaps they can do a double-act NO to YES video.

  23. Neil Paterson says:

    The best yet! Clear reasoning and well presented.

  24. Thepnr says:

    Timing now is 18 months to two years, we need to be using these all the way through I think. Compare with a Party Political broadcast or the Better Together “eat your Cereal advert” LOL.

    What we have here is an absolute treasure trove simply because


    Anyone can see that, there are no actors just real people with real opinions, real views and like the last young lassie real dreams. We need this stuff distributed for however long it takes until the next referendum. I will support it.

    There is no better antidote I can see to the poisonous MSM venom.

  25. Suzanne says:

    Elizabeth you are such a tonic and an inspiration. Like you, when I moved to Scotland I felt I had come home. It’s a powerful feeling.

    Phantom Power – your videos are top notch. How can we make sure they get the widest circulation apart from sharing on twitter and FB, I wonder. We can give the link out when we’re canvassing so people can spend time watching them, and I wonder if there’s a way that Yes stalls can organise a video screen or even just a large monitor linked to a laptop with a loop of the videos. Just ideas! Everyone needs to see these excellent films.

  26. heedtracker says:

    Timing now is 18 months to two years, and that means a lot of work for UKOK hackdom.

    If the Press and Journal is anything to go by now, their motto is “In our papers there will be no emotions except fear, rage…” because everything is really really bad now, or just the sheer graft of brainwashing us into a terror of any change. Not exactly a happy jolly job, being a UK journo these days.

  27. Dal Riata says:

    These Phantom Power Films are fantastic.

    And to Elizabeth, just… thank you!

  28. Flower of Scotland says:

    That wee film bucked me up no end. Thanks Phantom Films and Wings for showing it.

    I got up this morning and made the decision that I am not going to listen or watch anymore British State crap propaganda! Especially after watching Sky papers review last night. It was the reporter that said “Scotland has a horrific debt”.

    So Euronews, France24, Aljazeera are the news programmes I’m going to watch. I keep up on twitter, Wings and Facebook and buy the National on line.

    Now I feel happy,and the British State Propaganda can huff and puff and spew vile froth, but I’m not listening.

  29. Nation Libre says:

    Welcome Elizabeth

    What about a DVD with the next WBB?

  30. Dan Huil says:

    Britnat brexiteer David Davies MP admits they haven’t made any economic assessments on the possibility of no deal on brexit with the EU since the referendum. These britnats are clueless, arrogant and ignorant.

  31. Muscleguy says:


    How do we get them seen? When out canvassing or manning a stall remember to point No waverers to them. Tell them to search Youtube for Journey to Yes. Better for people like them to make the argument than for us committed zealots to try.

    Resist the urge to pontificate, point them at this resource. Even call them up on your iDevice for them. I rarely even approach my data limit for the month. I intend to this time. I will be prepared to open Private browser windows and load the voter registration page for people to use.

    I might suggest a laptop or tablet at street stalls keyed up to play them, maybe on a loop.

    We need to put some of our fundraising monies into data costs as well as paper leaflets, stickers etc.

  32. Brian Powell says:

    The message coming from the No to Yes videos is one of calm and reasoned explanation. It’s hard to see how a Yes to No video, if there really is one coming, can match that, especially in the face of Brexit and T May Tory onslaught.

    So i would look out for key words and phrases to identify it as a fake.

  33. Thepnr says:

    I did suggest a way, crowd fund them every couple of months and offer them as perks. People power is the best way of distributing them. Ayemail I’m sure will take care of the distribution.

    We’re not talking of a WBB here, we’re talking regular distribution if the’re not having any effect or No’s refuse to take them the the distribution would stop.

    Worth a try in the first instance though eh?

  34. Flower of Scotland says:

    I shared this great wee film on Facebook.

    I am half English so have English family who I’m on Facebook with and lots of friends and family who are soft NOs.

    Elizabeth,s experience should be shared. I shared all the others too.

  35. Roughian says:

    This video is exactly what we need to get out to the voters.
    They don’t understand the elements of trade from outside the EU. We’ve had tariff and quota free trade for so long now people don’t even know about it.

    Also what about free movement? What will happen with stag/hen parties to Prague or Dublin. Will you need a visa and at what cost both time and money. I’m sitting at home and see a deal for a weekend in Paris if I haven’t got the correct paperwork can I go?

    Aberdeen FC qualify for European football can I go to away games. ( I might have taken that too far) Sorry Rev.

    I worked in the timber trade OSB,MDF and Chipboard all made in Scotland and exported into Europe. The same products are made in Europe. The European products will be protected against UK products by tariffs,quotas and duties.

    People need to understand what will happen if we leave EU.

  36. heraldnomore says:

    I like the idea of playing the film on street stalls. But eyes on the prize. Firstly we have council election campaigns to run.

    But that is not the time or the place to for an Indy campaign. Right now we need to keep the emphasis of winning local authorities that have been for too long in the hands of Labour or recently carved up by agreement with the other tories.

    We fight those campaigns first; gain the councils then deliver the services funded by Holyrood.

    Then we get back on an Indy footing.

  37. Bob Mack says:

    @Brian Powell,

    You hit the nail on the head Brian. Calm and reasonable debate wins the day every time. Two people shouting at each other achieves nothing. Leave that to the Unionists. I think it was Robert J Sutherand on a previous thread who stated that we should frame the argument rather than be drawn into the Unionist battlefield of choice ,which is anger and resentment.

    These videos are absolutely epic in that regard. Calm, reasoned, and insightful.

  38. Dr Jim says:

    Well go that woman, stonkingly concise and well put
    get it round the business community fast, this woman knows what’s important to build a future on

    And her Alabama accent’s slipping away to a new wee Scottish one as well, we’ve absorbed you hen you’re one of us now, the pod people, there can be no turning back

    All other No voters follow this ladys example, fall asleep and wake up one of us

    It’s painless

  39. Suzanne says:


    Yes, I agree. The big push to campaign must be after the council elections. Indy shouldn’t be mixed with local issues unless people we speak to want to talk about Indy and get involved.

    Re the street stalls – was sat here looking at my big monitor and thought how easy it would be to have one mounted a little higher up so passers-by could come over and have a watch. You attract bees with honey 😉

  40. Dorothy Devine says:

    A big welcome Elizabeth !

    Very articulate and worth passing on.

  41. Ken500 says:

    Scotland does not have ‘horrific debts’. Westminster does. £1.9Trn and rising.

    Scotland lives within it’s means. It has been in surplus since 1928 and before. Thatcher illegally and secretly took the equivalent of a £300Billions of Oil revenues. Cut the Scottish budget to the core.

    Scotland raises £54Billion (without Oil). The rest of the UK raises £46.5Billion pro rata and borrows £100Billion more for Hinkley Point, HS2, Heathrow and Trident. All a total waste of money. With more credible alternatives. Cutting NHS/Education and welfare benefits for the most vulnerable. Giving more to the wealthiest.

    Thatcher centralised the transport system around London and built 26 miles of Tilbury Docks. Built Canary Wharf and deregulated the world banking system causing the Banking crash. Westminster Unionists illegally bombed the Middle East to bits and caused the worse migration crisis since the 11WW. Now they want to run away. ‘Psycho bastards’. Imagine if a Scottish paper had headlines ‘to throw May under a bus’.

    Get rid of SKy.

  42. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It would be good if Phantom Power could do an interview with ‘Morag in Dundee’. I know no more about her than that – she was on BBC R5 t’other night and was brilliant, as always.

    Anyone know who she is? (Could be a reason why she never uses her surname, so perhaps we shouldn’t dig *too* deep…)

  43. T.roz says:

    100% sensible

  44. heedtracker says:

    Scottish democracy in four tweets,

    Adam Tomkins MSP Retweeted
    DailySunday Politics?Verified account @daily_politics 22h22 hours ago

    “No justification” for #indyref2 says Scottish Conservative @ProfTomkins

    Nicola Sturgeon ? @NicolaSturgeon
    A quick reminder:
    Tory vote in GE2015 – 36.9%
    SNP constituency vote in SP2016 – 46.5%
    Trading mandates does not put PM on strong ground

    Nicola Sturgeon ? @NicolaSturgeon
    In addition, I was elected as FM on a clear manifesto commitment re #scotref. The PM is not yet elected by anyone.

    Ruth Davidson ? @RuthDavidsonMSP
    Responding to anonymous tittle-tattle by trading mandates over twitter? Goodness. Someone’s gone the full Donald Trump….
    11:46 AM – 14 Mar 2017

    My Slovene girlfriend lost by 10,0000 Anniesland votes last time, coming third or fourth.

  45. Robert Graham says:

    All these excellent clips deserve a wider audience , with the total stranglehold of the Unionist controlled media every effort will be made to bury these informative short clips ,So whats new John Pilger faced the same brick wall and still is but his reports still manage to surface ,Outlets not influenced by this government are the only answer , the media rounded on RT opening a Edinburgh office indeed the banks were persuaded to withdraw RTs access to their own funds they will do anything this time , every Iny supporting website will be subject to interference , having blocked access to the media our only means of communication are these websites , that is our weak point .So any suggestions of any alternatives will be welcome .

  46. Elaine Deighan says:

    I look forward to each thread every week, cheers my soul in the midst of this unionist press frenzy. Stu, I’m sorry I’ve not donated yet. I will certainly be doing so xx

  47. heedtracker says:

    BBC Politics lunchtime show today, Ligger Neil, Jo, Rory the Tory, some Lab dude, Prof Curtice, or mirror image of how the tories think they own Scotland, really.

    Maybe Rory The Tory will lead BetterTogether 2.0.

  48. Ian McCubbin says:

    Lovely video and glad to have someone in business who actually know what she is talking about. She really rubbishes all the unionist propaganda with pragmatic experience of life as a business woman.

  49. Dal Riata says:

    Reading about the behaviour of the Britnats since Sturgeon’s announcement from over here in the Far East comes as no surprise – utterly predictable.

    Over the years here, I’ve had contacts, and made friends, with many from England. And, I guarantee that the majority of those will be in agreement? with the ugly lies and threats being vomited out by the Unionists in the UK.

    Oh, it might not be said to someone’s face directly, unless there’s alcohol involved which loosens their inhibitions and tongues, but their viewpoint on Scotland and its people are ingrained and immovable.

    Yes, I know, not all from England are like this. And, yes, I know that what I say is but anecdotal and ‘small sampled’. Yet… it is what it is.

    Is it innate; a result of their education or lack of; a feeling of superiority over others; a deep-rooted xenophobia bordering on, if not outright, racism…? Is it all of those things? Or is it none? I do not know. But the stuff I’ve heard over the years incorporates at least some of these.

    It’s the casualness of it that can be the most striking – Scotland and the Scots as The Other – something to be ‘joked’ about, sneered at, condescended, rubbished and sniggered at. And if you voice your complaints, you’re told “you’re not able to take a ‘joke'”, “you’ve got a chip on your shoulder”, “too damn uppity”, blah, blah, blah…

    Is there an inherent, semi-dormant Britnat residing in the English psych just looking for the chance to come to the fore ? Yes, I believe so. Imperialism will do that to people.

    But, that’s the true Britnat English person – different to their fellow English people, and very, very different to Scots.

    Oh, I’ll still be friends with anyone from England who wants to be post IndyRef2, that won’t change. Circumstances then, though, will be very, very different!

  50. Thepnr says:


    Absolutely, we should only focus on the here and now. Sure there is plenty excitement around another referendum and let’s enjoy it a wee bit after all we have been waiting on this.

    Still let’s take the baby steps first and that’s the council elections. I will say though that I really wished for a short sharp and punchy referendum campaign. I didn’t want to give the Yoons and by that I mean the media the time to batter people into submission.

    That’s what we’ve got now though and it could be a long, bruising hard campaign from the MSM that will try to destroy your soul.

    Know what though? Now I recognise this opportunity that has just been thrown into my lap and I will grab that with both hands. I was absolutely certain I’d be dead before being giving another chance and I’m not yet 60. Once in a generation LOL.

    But there you go, I do have another chance to make a difference, as do we all now and it’s hard to describe how I feel about that. I only know that a deceitful and lying British Government and their media lackeys robbed everyone in in Scotland of their Independence the first time by downright lying.

    I’m up for round 2 and I very much doubt if they are. Lot’s of posts about gloves off and stuff on the media I agree.

    See us lot though we have to do the same, I might have attended demos, handed out leaflets and stuck them through doors thinking I was doing my bit.

    What I never done enough of was something I preached often on here (cheeky bastard) was face to face talk and if necessary challenge peoples views. We are all a bit shy?

    I’m more determined than even now though just to have that conversation, I hope you will be too. Friendly, just be honest, I’m voting Yes because… it’s just a discussion we all need to have.

    We use these Phantom Power Films. We talk face to face. We win.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    SKY News complaining about the internet again following the FMs tweet to Theresa May
    They’re not happy about “journalists” being cut out of the process because they claim more accuracy and fact checking is done by the MSN

    Well we all know none of that’s true plus they don’t like to mention the fact that they clog the airwaves up with people who lie direct to camera and get away with it

    So how is the MSN different to the internet? It’s not is it
    they lie on the telly and there are liars on the web

    So my unscientific conclusion is the MSN don’t like people having a choice

    Now why would they feel that way about freedom of choice I wonder

  52. DerekM says:

    Welcome Elizabeth and a big thank you from the bairns for coming to our wee bit of the world and making it home 🙂

    Love these videos what a great job Phantom are doing.

    Would love to see the FM do a film with them some day hint hint 😉

  53. Craig P says:

    Wow I think that Elizabeth might even turn my wife. That someone who lived in Alabama in the 70s thinks Brexit is comparable is a punch right in the guts of British nationalism.

  54. Polscot says:

    Ruth Davidson ? @RuthDavidsonMSP
    Responding to anonymous tittle-tattle by trading mandates over twitter? Goodness. Someone’s gone the full Donald Trump….
    11:46 AM – 14 Mar 2017

    So even Ms Harrison acknowledges that Tompkins is anonymous on twitter and only contributes tittle-tattle. Who knew?

  55. Breeks says:

    The uplifting thing about these videos is their spontaneity. These are real people.

    You get a sense if these were No or Better Together videos, after a few days it would emerge the people are actually political apparatchiks or party activists flying under a flag of convenience as some “concerned wee soul” with no dog in the race. Whether that’s whatsherface Lally, or the utility patient Eleanor Broadford used to have continually running down the NHS.

    I welcome every one of them on board.

    We’re going to win this time. And full marks for the production too.

    I wonder who the biggest No to Yes celebrity will be….

  56. ClanDonald says:

    Another intelligent, articulate and erudite voter, putting forward a rational and convincing argument for Scottish Independence. What a refreshing change from the ill-informed bile and venom coming from the unionist side right now.

    More power to you, Phantom Power!

  57. Proud Cybernat says:

    Nice one, Elizabeth. We need many more business owners like you to make the business and economic case for Indy in EU.

    On yer bikes…

  58. While every convert is welcome it is no where near enough to combat the 70to80 per cent of in comers who voted no the in the last ref., I say again only those who are born and live in Scotland should have a right to decide the future of THEIR country no one else and as usual I will be called racists but you who would deny the native people of Scotland that right are the real racists

  59. mogabee says:


    You can say that til the cows come home but it aint happenening. Please stop.

    The vote will be by ALL who reside in Scotland. It is up to all who can to do what they can to persuade those who doubt, and walk on past those who you know will never change their minds.

  60. mogabee says:

    And welcome indeed Elizabeth. It’s a pleasure to hear your story. 🙂

  61. Craig P says:

    I wonder who the biggest No to Yes celebrity will be….

    Well it won’t be David Bowie… so that leaves David Beckham or JK Rowling as the biggest possible celebrity… let’s get one of them 🙂 In their absence, one of the Doctor Whos would do, David Tennant or Peter Capaldi (I don’t actually know if they expressed an opinion last time round.)

    As long as Michelle Mone and the Krankies stay steadfast to their views…

  62. Scotfirst says:

    So Blair Paterson @ 1-24pm thinks only those born in Scotland deserve a vote?

    I have lived in Scotland for 62 years, taught thousands of Scots kids in schools over more than 25 years, and supported the SNP for more years than I care to remember, and produced (with a little help from my wife!), 4 sons and numerous grandsons/daughters ( all wanting independence) – and you will make me the only one in my family denied this choice?? Has my life and work among Scotland’s kids been a total waste?

    Grow up, man. I don’t call you a racist, just an idiot, I’m afraid.

  63. Marie Clark says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 11.22 I believe that the “Morag from Dundee” is a lady by the name of Morag Lennie, I think that she is a retired social worker and phoned in to many programmes during Indry 1. She’s a lady who has plenty of common sense, and my goodness she’s more than a match for some of these very poor journalists. She tore Kay with an e a new one on her phone in programme. Poor auld kay with an e didnae like it. Shame that.

  64. Thepnr says:

    Morag is sheer class at least to me. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know it.

  65. DerekM says:

    @ Craig P

    I am sure i read somewhere that David Tennant had changed his mind but with all the made up rubbish coming from the yoons who can tell if it was true or not as it was in one of their rags.

  66. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    Another excellent video, love the relaxed low-key sincerity, more like a living room chat than a political rant. Hopefully this is effective.

  67. Andy Anderson says:

    Phantom Power Films deserve a good pat on the back. Well done .

  68. Epiphyta says:

    DerekM @ 3.04:

    The article in the Scotsman referred to an interview in The Times Magazine, if that helps? (Link is archived) Tennant did say that no one should pay any more attention to his opinion than they would a random person on the street, but if Scotland did call a second referendum the vote should be for independence.

  69. Foonurt says:

    Christ oan ah bike. Whaw sturrt yoan waasps’ nest? Nae polls, tae baein snoawt unnurr, wae ah wheen ah numurrs.

    Scoattish Independence – wull huv tae coonturr, heid-on thurr tum, awe thoan shoourr ah leein.

    Ah fine hing, Independence micht bae grantit, aheid ah thurr pine boax. Whit ah thocht. Fair maks ye gled.

  70. uno mas says:

    When I opened up the video and saw that the running time is over 9.00 min. which is by far the longest of the series I thought, really? what the hell does this woman have to say that´s going to take nearly ten minutes of my time.

    Well now I know, and didn´t she express herself well.

    A stoater!!

    p.s. Elizabeth, a stoater is a really good thing:-)

  71. BJ says:

    Files from 11 police forces relating to General Election 2015 expenses sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

    I wonder if Fluffy is among them?

  72. Kupo says:

    Hi Thepnr. It’s funny you should say that. I was until recently in the same boat about talking to people on this, until this afternoon, when I heard a relative of mine (who voted yes last time) wasn’t so sure about the EU.

    Her reasoning is she thinks Nicola Sturgeon is going to let too many immigrants in, because she heard her say it somewhere, who she thinks in turn wants to give them houses to live, when the people here currently struggle to find a house to live in. Then she mentioned terroists coming in and lots of people who are homeless here.

    During our talk I pointed out we don’t control immigration in this country, which surprised her, ( shocked me that she was surprised) and I then pointed to that Labour only built 5 to 6 houses from their time in power, likewise the SNP have built over 30,000 of affordable housing to date. I then countered that its Tory governments that are causing people to go to foodbanks and being made homeless, would you rather stay with that? I then pointed to R.Ireland and of how long it has been in the EU and its population is about the same as Scotlands with no immigration problems. She quickly responded with “no one wants to come to Ireland”, because? I didn’t know how to respond to that, quite frankly ridiculous point.

    I said more, but to be honest I made some mistakes along the way. I wasn’t prepared or experienced at dealing with the face to face talking and some of her arguments that she was so convinced would happen.

    This is a wake up call for me as, like many others here, are keyboard warriors who, may add, and listen to thoughtful, intelligent and uplifting comments but it is startling to the system to be out their trying to use your knowledge and get these arguments thrown back at you with their own conviction, even though they don’t know they’re wrong.

  73. Ann says:

    Great to hear a view from the small business perspective.
    We need more Elizabeth’s.

  74. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Scot Finlayson, re Endura, K**** H**** is something to do with it. Might be a director or something but from memory there is a link between it (Endura) and his dog food shop. I well remember Endura coming out and taking a No stance pre Indyref, which was a pity as they do make some good cycling gear.

  75. Shamur says:

    Very good points put across by Elizabeth and very well articulated.

    I look forward to seeing these on TV soon.

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