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A thing that really happened

Posted on February 14, 2012 by

Word has reached us that today Willie Rennie, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has allowed himself to be photographed holding an oversized pledge card he’s signed, promising to back equal marriage rights for homosexuals.

We’re sure that he’ll uphold the proud traditions of Lib Dems signing oversized pledge cards, and that equal marriage rights for gays are now definitely a done deal as a result. Because if there’s one thing we all know for sure in this uncertain world, it’s that once a Lib Dem has signed an oversized pledge card, there’s no going back.

Seriously, did nobody tell him or something?

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2 to “A thing that really happened”

  1. Shodan

    It looks like it's almost the same font for "I pledge…" too. Well I'm convinced. The future of the LGBT community is safe in the hands of these trustworthy people. You can always trust oversized pledge cards.

    [I think I can already hear the reverse gears crunching into action. "Equal rights, but some are more equal than others…" before finally running away from it and hoping people forget all about it, like with the tuition fees and all the other promises the Lib Dems forgot about.]

  2. Shodan

    I seem to remember Ruth later qualifying her statement or pledge and uncomfortably squirming around it. She knows fine well her party is not the party famed for LGBT support and is instead the nasty party with a core of "BAN GAYS" supporting them. In the end her job would be to water down any amendments or proposals for such equal rights when likely all other parties would be accepting it. The Lib Dems would, of course, find themselves compelled to agree with whatever their masters decreed.
    With these pledges and the subsequent constant betrayals people have got so cynical about it all as to lose belief in politics altogether in large numbers. Hence the low turnouts even for important elections. This is a dangerous thing. You don't want the majority having no faith or trust in the democratic system. I can't think of a good ending to that slope. Belief in the system and trust (both obviously having to be earned and justified in turn by those within it) are part of the grease that keeps the wheels turning. I'd imagine they'll find out eventually when London riots become commonplace.

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