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A rush and a push

Posted on March 29, 2014 by

We suppose we ought to give this a final shove, with just two days to go.


We’ve spent a sizeable chunk of your money this week (you’ve only seen some of it so far…) and we’re just off into town to spend some more, so a last wee top-up couldn’t hurt just to make sure we keep the pressure on the failing No campaign up.

We were going to punt a few of the smaller Yes fundraisers again too, but most of them didn’t need our help. The Kirriemuir Yes shop have already hit their goal – Yes Pollok, however, is almost at its target for setting up base in Johann Lamont’s back yard, and it’s got to be worth a couple of quid to nudge them over the line, right?

If you know of any others, give us a shout in the comments. In the meantime, we’re popping out to the RAT POISON SHOP.

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    88 to “A rush and a push”

    1. twenty14 says:

      Must be an anagram ….got to be an anagram !

    2. The Yes balloon! Needs to raise a lot of money but how amazing it would be to have it flying all over Scotland 🙂 I believe it would lift a lot of spirits as well as the Yes profile.

    3. Roboscot says:

      Newsnet Scotland has launched a £6,500 appeal today to fund academic research into BBC coverage of the referendum.

    4. tartanfever says:


      Newsnet have an appeal going to raise funds for an academic to research more media coverage.

      They plan to extend Prof. Robertson’s research to look at Radio and Online coverage.

      You can donate here:

    5. Tearlach Macdaid says:

      Thanks for the reminder – I was out the UK when the funder was launched, so missed the frenzy of Day 1. As a result I thought I’d wait and see where the project was at the end of 30 days.

      So £23 sent through PP. I know it will be put to a good cause….

    6. Nation Libre says:

      Nice one Rev, stick my donation in now, I know it’ll be a great investment. BTW, Ladbrokes have increased their percentage mark on the above and below Yes vote from 42% to 43% in the last few days. Moving in the right direction

    7. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      No need for rat poison, I could lend you a Jack Russell or three.

    8. the Penman says:

      Nice post title, Rev – chimes nicely with RIC’s slogan.

    9. Alba4Eva says:

      If its an anagram, the best I could do is ‘Pastorship Noo’


    10. malky113 says:

      What about the Women For Indy fundraiser?
      Fundraiser to employ 2 organisers etc still a way to go.
      Vital we support this.

    11. Alba4Eva says:

      Ps. Wee donation sent to the Newsnet academic study fund.

    12. jon esquierdo says:

      The rat poison shop will have insufficient supplies to kill all the rats.

    13. Harry says:

      Pollok appeal now met and exceeded. Nice one! It was about £150 shy yesterday.

    14. Desimond says:


      An anagram you say?….I can see ‘OH I SPONSOR PAT’?

    15. Cheryl says:

      Women for Independence only halfway towards their goal so far.

    16. patronsaintofcats says:

      Uh oh, have the ratlets been getting up to no good again?

    17. RogueCoder says:

      I’m getting out my wallet as I type this Rev (difficult typing with one hand!)

      Seriously Rev, something that concerns me: you’ve done an EPIC, outstanding job over the past couple of years and have contributed immeasurably to the debate with your insight, analysis and beating back the No tripe with cold, hard fact. It’s an amazing performance.

      But isn’t it time we got you some help? I say we fundraise for a full-time staff to help with the research, analysis, managing the Wings site, social media, etc etc. No one person should be expected to do all of this alone.

    18. Mat says:


      Rap – o no, it’s pish?

    19. cearc says:

      Go for the balloon!

      Balloons are great and everyone looks at them.

    20. handclapping says:

      £80 and you will have raised double what you asked for; take a bow Rev, people think what you are doing is very worthwhile. (Rats may beg to differ 🙂 ) On which note take up Conan’s offer, they are vicious wee dugs when roused.

    21. Craig says:

      What about people wearing the WoS ad on sandwich boards and walking about town/city centres?

      Or standing outside train/subway stations, cinemas etc etc etc

    22. Jamie in Gala says:

      Can we have a balloon please. Can we hmm ? Can we ? Can we? Can we have a balloon , can we , can we?

    23. Robert Louis says:

      Can I also add to those voices above seeking help with the Newsnet Scotland appeal, for funding towards a full academic study to observe and record BBC reporting for anti independence/pro union bias.

      As we all know, the BBC are blatantly biased against independence, distorting news stories, giving prominence to those which harm the independence case, yet giving little or no coverage of those which benefit independence. This funding will mean the bias can be properly documented, which is important in order to demonstrate the outrageous behaviour of a supposedly impartial state funded (and Westminster managed) broadcaster.

      Newsnet Scotland has been documenting any casual anti Scottish racism, bias and deceit evident for several years now, and some of that is summarised in this story here:

      So, I would be immensely grateful if folks who can, would consider chucking a wee bit their way, or if REV would consider it useful to help their funding campaign. Remember, this is not just funding in general, but funding for a very specific task which is important, you can help the funding effort here:


    24. Alex says:

      just donated to Newsnet

      Just seen this one above which is very important

      Women for independance

    25. Clootie says:

      The Better Together campaign – no don’t worry I’m not suggesting we help fund them!

      It just seems so unfair to kick a man when he is down.It’s not as if they were trying to con us or to damage the future of our children…wait a minute…I’m next with the bat!

    26. Angry Weegie says:

      How about

      O! No is posh trap.

    27. Rev, how about a “Wings” wristband?

    28. Robert Louis says:


      Aye, the women for independence one looks important too. Worth a donation.

      I just checked, and if you donate 100 pounds, you get the ‘eternal gratitude of women’!!!

      .. OOPS! correction, you actually get the eternal gratitude of the campaigning group women for independence 🙂

    29. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Great news … YES Pollok have made their Campaign Base fundraising target:

      They can see that the target money is all going to be spent on what they want to do, so would like a bit more to help with their plans if anyone can spare them a few quid.

      This is in Johann Lamont’s* constituency, so it’s important that the YES Campaign do her proud between now and September.

      * If you don’t know who Johann Lamont is, she is the Labour Party branch manager in Scotland.

      Please also give generously to the last two days of the Wings fundraiser.

    30. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      A pards anus. Huh?

    31. al urquhar says:

      Robert Louis @ 11.16

      All the coverage to date and up until the 18/9 is and will remain readily available, be it press, t.v. whatever.
      Would the setting up of a `Truth and Reconciliation` Commission in the immediate aftermath of a YES vote not achieve the aims you desire?

      As the polls continue to tighten it would inevitably focus the minds of many within the media world.

      I can see no reason not to extend its scope to cover those in the political classes who choose to represent any interests other than their electors.

    32. McMonster says:

      Donation done.

      Happy to help the first site I turn to each day.

      I firmly believe that the internet will be the biggest influence in the outcome of the referendum.

      Keep up the good work. Thank you!

    33. Kev says:

      A few quid thrown to the Newsnet appeal, Women for indy and Wings – would be good to get us to the £100k mark (I know thats technically already been breached but hey would be good to see), can’t wait to see what Stu’s goin to unleash on the public in the days/weeks ahead, exciting times

    34. Thepnr says:

      The Newsnet Scotland appeal is very devious. It is aimed at the BBC and tells them “we are watching you”. Not naming which program may well have them all on their best behaviour.

      Well worth a few quid.

    35. Morag says:

      But isn’t it time we got you some help? I say we fundraise for a full-time staff to help with the research, analysis, managing the Wings site, social media, etc etc. No one person should be expected to do all of this alone.

      I’ve been saying that to him for weeks, about at least getting some sort of gopher/secretarial help. All he said was, “where would I put them?” Since I’m not privy to the Rev’s domestic arrangements I obviously can’t answer that, and there is remains.

      He needs help, though.

    36. a2 says:


      I had that kind of problem , pet rats and home studios are a bad combination.

    37. seoc says:

      O\T I seem to have missed today’s wee scary-tale from you-know-who. Should I worry about it?

    38. Grendel says:

      Good to see the money being spent on spreading the message. A unionist I know was having a dig at WoS: “That bloke is out to line his own pockets…” Nice to be able to throw the recent advertising in his face.

      Not like unionists to play the man instead of the ball, is it?

    39. BigSteveChisholm says:

      My money went to Newsnet Scotland. The BBC study should keep Pacific Quay in line for a while.

      Worth every penny if I don’t have to hear the “Mark Carney ruled out a currency Union” lie again.

    40. Flower of Scotland says:

      Donated earlier to newsnet. It’s definitely worthwhile.

      O/t Nicola Sturgeon fairly dismissed the Sky news reporter on a few things this morning! Read my lips! There is NO WAY ON EARTH that the Nukes are staying on Scottish soil! He seemed to think it was a good trade for a currency union! Off coarse big Brian Taylor just agreeing with NO / YES CURRENCY thingy in the Guardian. You’re not getting a shared currency says he at the Lib Dem conference.

      Nicola is really doing a good job. She really makes them look stupid!

    41. Croompenstein says:

      @Grendel – just ask them how their crowdfund went..oh yes that’s right they raised the grand sum of f*ck all..

    42. Betsy says:

      Split my meagre donations budget between the Women for Independence, Yes Indy Balloon and Newsnet – I didn’t want to see anyone left out! I’d already donated to Pollok earlier in the week and am delighted they’ve slightly exceeded their target -I’m sure Johann Lamont will be tickled pink to see a brand spanking new yes shop in her constituency.

    43. Crag Evans says:

      Hi Rev,

      That my £25 in the pot. Have a tea break on me!

    44. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Sorry to go OT Rev. but this is good news

      Generation YES

      A new group aimed at persuading Scotland’s young people to vote Yes in the independence referendum has been launched.

      Organisers say Generation Yes will be the “largest youth movement that Scotland has ever seen”.

      School pupils, students and young people from across the country gathered in Glasgow city centre today for the launch of the new group.

      With 16 and 17-year-olds able to vote in the September 18 referendum, they targeted young shoppers as they handed out leaflets in Buchanan Street.

    45. SquareHaggis says:

      Yes Balloon looks like a brill idea and maybe an advertising opportunity for Wings maybe?
      Anyway, a puckle o poond for the balloon – sent.

    46. X_Sticks says:

      Newsnet donation done. Anything that will keep the state propaganda service honest has to be a good cause, and I love the Machiavellian plan of monitoring one programme out of their news output, but not saying which one. Brilliant.

      Yes Pollock over the line too.

      The balloon will have to wait a bit until more funds available. The last month has cost me a fortune, but worth every penny.

    47. Jimbo says:

      Just gave a couple of small donations to WOS and Women for Indy.

      In view of the BT campaign to diminish the FM/Indy campaign in the eyes of women, I think the Women for Indy project is something we really need to support.

    48. TYRAN says:

      OT: People handing out printed sheets with WOS, NNS, Business for Scotland, Bella, Bateman web addresses on them along Kirkcaldy High Street today.

    49. Grahame says:

      rather selfishly i’m also going to highlight our fundraiser here in Edinburgh- (sorry Stu) – We reached our target but any more funds we make will be used to fund more ad trailers and other start up costs such as the PA systems inside them

    50. Alba4Eva says:

      Found this on Munguinsrepublic and love it. 🙂

    51. chicmac says:

      While the hot air balloon doesn’t look like it is taking off (sic), when I saw it, the thought occurred that a much cheaper form of arial advertising, albeit on a smaller scale, would be kites. They are pretty easy to make and fun as well. Perhaps Wingers could organise ‘Yes Kite’ days on the Meadows, Glasgow Green, the North or South Inch. A small prize (silver Wings badge) could be given for the best effort.

      Could finish in the evening with a mass Chinese lantern send off.

      Also, how many camera drones would it take to lift a sizeable Yes banner? Are there drone owners in Wings Land?

      I suppose a helium balloon lifted banner might work as well.

      Imagine a kite in the shape of the wings logo, or Hamish.

      Would be in keeping with the Wings theme.

    52. cearc says:

      Kites are a great idea.

      ‘The Great Wings Kiting Day’.

      Not sure that the fire service would like a mass Chinese lantern send off though.

    53. Onwards says:

      The hot air balloon is expensive at £31,000, but I can imagine it would have the same publicity value as hundreds of billboards.

      Can just imagine people posting hundreds of facebook pictures of it over the Forth Road Bridge, Edinburgh Castle, music festivals etc

    54. chicmac says:

      “Kites are a great idea.

      ‘The Great Wings Kiting Day’.

      Not sure that the fire service would like a mass Chinese lantern send off though.”

      Aye, I wish I’d thought of it before the indy marches, would be great advertising (until they thought of some way to ban it.)

      I made a couple of stunt kites when I was a student. Its easy to do.

      Probably right about the lanterns. If they haven’t banned them already, a pro Wings event would no doubt be deemed the time to do so.

      In fact, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if they tried to claim kite flying was dangerous as well, if it was pro-indy.

    55. RogueCoder says:

      “All he said was, “where would I put them?” Since I’m not privy to the Rev’s domestic arrangements I obviously can’t answer that, and there is remains.”

      Doesn’t need to be domestic, just need an internet connection, a half decent computer and a sharp, enquiring mind 🙂

      Seriously, if we want the Rev firing on all four cylinders come the final weeks of the campaign, we should address this.

      Kites are an excellent idea. Good way to engage kids (of all ages!) too.

      I’ve looked at drones for aerial filming, and you only get about 15-20 minutes out of the batteries. Towing a banner is impossible since it would act as a sail and make the drones uncontrollable.

      Can I just also go on record that balloons are anenvironmental disaster? 90% of them end up in the sea where birds, fish and marine mammals mistake them for jellyfish and ingest them, leading to a horribly painful death.

    56. gardennat says:

      I think the balloon is a great idea.Wife just given permission to donate.(Had to ask, as she noticed the donation to WOS on the bank statement and asked what it was.)

    57. chicmac says:

      When the Kirrie Shop revamp is complete we will make sure the set up is disseminated to other yes shops on video so that they can use some of the ideas if they so wish.

    58. Stuart Crawford says:

      For the love of god, please, don’t encourage that fucking balloon. If you’ve got a few hours to kill, you could sit down and write out all the ways that thirty grand could be better spent than on a balloon that says “YES” on it.

      Unless you honestly think that anyone undecided would be convinced by that, in which case good luck to whatever universe you’re in.

    59. wingman 2020 says:

      Anagram: A Sophist Porno

    60. wingman 2020 says:

      A family day out, Kite Flying and a sky full of Saltires… would make an incredible visual.

    61. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Uh oh, have the ratlets been getting up to no good again?”

      Speakers, external (main) hard drive AND keyboard all taken out by cable-chomping last night. Wee bastards.

    62. Morag says:

      I told you a nice kitten would be a good idea….

    63. The YES Indy Balloon. It will be myself flying the balloon, I’m a professional and Scotland’s only. We have a Sky for ourselves, there will be no “NO” or Better, whatever they aren’t balloon..

      The press we can bring in and social media exposure will be greater that many billboards, who takes pics of them? Facebook..

      I am sure working together we can reach the targets needed..

    64. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “But isn’t it time we got you some help? I say we fundraise for a full-time staff to help with the research, analysis, managing the Wings site, social media, etc etc. No one person should be expected to do all of this alone.”

      Well, this is the fundraiser. If funds are to be raised for staff, this is where it would happen. But while it would be awesome to have a team, the problems are obvious:

      (1) So much of what gets done here is a judgement call, based on arbitrary and sometimes capricious rules. How would I explain them to someone else?

      (2) Ditto copy-editing.

      (3) Being in England makes working with other folk logistically tricky. You can deal with individuals by phone and IM and whatever, but any more than one other person and it’s awkward and chaotic.

      And so on. Other people DO give Wings a lot of largely-unsung assistance – for example, this week’s ad campaigns had all the initial contact and discussion with agencies done by a couple of very helpful readers before I came in at the end to design the ads and sign the cheques.

      But the fact is that for most things, having staff to manage would probably take up more time than it would for me to just do the thing myself in the first place.

      Wings is a lot of hours, but I’m not feeling the strain – it’s incredibly exciting and rewarding and fun. I can always jiggle stuff around or cue up a couple of advance posts and take half a day off to go and chill in the park or do some shopping or whatever.

      There’s plenty of time for a nice wee holiday in the latter part of September 😀

    65. chicmac says:

      “Speakers, external (main) hard drive AND keyboard all taken out by cable-chomping last night. Wee bastards.”

      Could they be given operational training in a mock up of BT HQ?

      Should be doable since they are bound to feel at home in the real thing. 🙂

    66. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I told you a nice kitten would be a good idea….”

      Cats are awesome, but it just seems mean to keep them indoors, and it would be impossible for several reasons to have a cat here that could go outside.

    67. Stuart Crawford says:

      If anyone in Glasgow has a few quid spare, I’m punting YAS t-shirts:

      All proceeds are going towards a series of short videos of ordinary people giving their reasons for voting yes, I’m sick of hearing this Braveheart pish.

    68. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev.Did you get they Rats as a gift from GCHQ, they’ll dey

      onnything tae shut You doon.

      Return the favior,breed them in cages,Cables to and from

      Cheltenham,Plenty manholes around GCHU, chomp chomp,

      Sos if this post attracts Ddos attack.

    69. chicmac says:


      I said at the outset, that your location in England is a very distinct advantage simply because you are are out of the reach of the largely enervating influences of the Scottish establishment bubble.

      I believe that is exactly why Wings has resisted constraints which have inveigled themselves into some other projects and rendered them less effectual than they should be, or in some cases, to disappear altogether.

      Yes, you have a very tough shift, but if you allow others to share editorial control, you will be targeted by fifth columnists (sic), that is how they operate.

    70. handclapping says:


      And what, EXACTLY, is wrong with rats?

      [hovers over ban button]

    71. ronnie anderson says:

      @Chicmac3.16. I have just submitted a idea to the Rev,

      re arial banners,if I could have your Email addy I will

      explain it for you , simple cheap,& could be made easy,

      the banner itself, needs to be produse’d by the REV.

      follow- up comments engaged.

    72. Desimond says:

      I think any suggestions involving aerial items are misguided. Nobody looks up anymore. How many planes have flown over your head today?

      I’m sure the best ideas as always will come from the guy cursing rodents in a GCHQ target in Bath. In Rev we Trust.

      O/T but may I nominate the Carnbooth Hotel, Busby with its 2 large Union Flags flying out on Main road entrance and WH SMith at Glasgow Airport with its new Great Britain merchandise displayed front and centre as the ‘Unionists of the Week’ please?

    73. cearc says:

      I lived in Bath for a year, in a top floor flat. The rats never got inside but you could hear them all night running up and down the boxed gutter that ran through what was the bedroom (we swapped it to living room) and kitchen.

      Lots of rats in Bath!

    74. Croompenstein says:

      @cearc – I heard rats like the bath, a friend of mine puts her two, Edgar and Allan in to the bath with a wee ball, apparently they love it..

    75. Martin L says:

      If you don’t mind I’ll take this opportunity to plug the Yes Orkney website, which has a Paypal donate button on it.

      There have been a couple of good debate results from Orkney and Shetland recently but we took a hell of a battering in a mock schools referendum yesterday! Being in Alistair Carmichael’s constituency we certainly have our work cut out for us!

    76. chicmac says:

      “@Chicmac3.16. I have just submitted a idea to the Rev,

      re arial banners,if I could have your Email addy I will

      explain it for you , simple cheap,& could be made easy,

      the banner itself, needs to be produse’d by the REV.

      follow- up comments engaged.”

      mcgregor [dot] c1 [at] sky [dot] com

    77. tartanarse says:

      I like Bath, it reminds me of Edinburgh.

      The anagram is in relation to cricket and is in fact


    78. tartanarse says:

      Do I win a prize?

    79. E ROBINSON says:

      I have been watching ‘wings’ for a few weeks now and it is a breath of fresh air to see the other side of the argument substantiated by facts and common sense.

      That is why I felt I should donate £10 today.

      Without the likes of ‘Wings’ where would we be. 😀

    80. Craig says:

      Stuart, why don’t you come back home now?

      I think you said you were coming back before the referendum.

      Another idea is just ask what you need and the experts in the particular field on here will provide it.

      Don’t kill the poor things – release them into the wild.

    81. a Supporter says:

      You should give a large amount to Women for Independence. We cannot win a YES vote without a lot more women turning to the YES side.

      And I think Newsnet’s idea about monitoring BBC would be very useful. a

    82. Morag says:

      Craig, the separats have Stu wound round their dear little paws. The only reason this stuff happens is that he’s too soft to pen them in a cage. They’re going nowhere but up the latest climbing puzzle he’s constructed for them.

      Believe me, pet owners are an open book to me.

    83. You know you could always borrow a cat, let it do what cats do and then give it back.

      Anyone own a cat and live near the Rev?

    84. Blair paterson says:

      More strength to your arm Stuart as they say gawnyoursel vote yes

    85. Macandroid says:

      Chinese lanterns do set fire to things if they come down in the wrong place but they also annoy the hell out of the coastguard and lifeboat crews if they are not informed in advance as the lanterns are reported by the public as distress flares.

      P.S. Rev – does no one make steel mesh encased cables or would even that not deter a determined seperat?

    86. Craiging_619 says:

      Done. Great work last year and every pound will help for getting the facts out there this year. To get to our current position given the current state of the Scottish/UK media is unreal. This is genuinely winnable now.

    87. FozziBear says:

      Done. Pay day came just in time for another donation so happy to help. It really is astounding WoS is one of the very few (very useful) places you can find reasoned, pro Yes thinking – but also debunking the negative bile spouted by the No campaign and its cohorts. As the above comment says, it’s quite something we are where we are given the state of our mainstream media. Looking forward to seeing the Blue Book and, indeed, an exciting few months ahead.

    88. Maureen McClelland says:

      Yes In The Glen is hoping to hold a rally on Saturday, 16th August 2014 at Pittencrieff park, Dunfermline, Scotland. Apparently the area’s a BT stronghold and YiTG are hoping to break it with this event; but that hope is in serious danger of going up in smoke.


      I know they would REALLY appreciate some help so the event can still go ahead. We can’t force them to abandon a BT stronghold without a fight! If WoS can do anything to help them, I’d be deeply grateful. Thank you for your consideration, anyway.

      M McC

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