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A passing thought

Posted on May 18, 2012 by

We stumbled across this old quote from a Daily Record interview with Ed Miliband earlier while we were doing something else, and we hadn’t heard it before. It’s from just after he was elected Labour leader, and it struck as us a little odd. See if you agree.

Asked if he planned to move Britain to the left, he said: “I think that those labels don’t help. That is not the way I would see my leadership. It is not about some lurch to the left, absolutely not. I am for the centre ground of politics but it is about defining where the centre ground is.”

Ed joked his famous Marxist intellectual dad Ralph Miliband would not recognise him as a left-winger.”

If you’ve just found yourself thinking “If you don’t have any plans to move Britain to the left, then WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING AS THE LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY, YOU SIMPERING NEO-TORY HALFWIT? WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS THE LABOUR PARTY FOR IF IT’S NOT TO MOVE BRITAIN TO THE BLOODY LEFT?” then don’t panic, gentle viewer – you’re not alone. God help us all.

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7 to “A passing thought”

  1. MajorBloodnok

    I can’t help thinking that they get the political leaders they deserve down there.

  2. Doug Daniel

    I think I possibly hate Ed Miliband even more than I hate Cameron or Clegg. He’s just such a simpering idiot, and as numerous YouTube clips show (this one especially: 

    ), he just can’t think for himself, or on his feet. All he can do is reword the same tired lines. He’s an awful politician.

    And when I hear that stupid “What I say is this…” opening gambit to EVERY FUCKING QUESTION, I feel like stabbing myself in the ears.

  3. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    For me it’s a tough call between Miliband and Clegg as most contemptible. Clegg can at least claim he had little choice – as Scottish Labour MPs lined up to scupper the coalition of the left in May 2010, he didn’t have a lot of options other than to sign up with the Tories, knowing that as by far the junior partner the Lib Dems would have to make huge compromises and betrayals.

    Miliband, on the other hand, has an open goal. Like Blair did when he sold out the legacy of John Smith just as it was about to pay off, he’s facing a monstrously unpopular government and an electorate crying out for a genuine alternative. If there was an election tomorrow, Labour could probably get voted in even if Tony Benn was their leader, but instead Miliband clings cravenly to the discredited neo-liberal, neo-Tory “consensus” that’s effectively disenfranchised and abandoned the entire working class, along with the unemployed and the vulnerable.

    And Cameron? He’s a Tory, he stood as a Tory and in government he’s acting like a Tory. It’s despicable, it’s vicious and it’s obscene, but you can’t exactly say it’s dishonest. What did we expect?

  4. Arbroath1320

    I think I’ve figured out what Milliband means by saying he has no plans to move Britain to the LEFT.
    What you have to understand first of all is that he is standing facing the interviewer.
    Now when he says he is not going to move Britain to the left he is of course talking about the interviewer’s left a.k.a. his, Milliband’s right. This in fact means therefore that  he is going to move Britain to the left, stay with me here :D, a.k.a. the interviewer’s right.
    Therefore by simple deduction, Milliband has just confirmed that Labour, under Milliband, are in fact moving Britain to the RIGHT!
    Hence we can confirm with CERTAINTY that the following is TRUE.

  5. Al Ghaf

    Australian Trade Unionist Bob Kelty hits the nail on the head here:

    In Scotland, as in Oz; Why is the peoples party so unpopular?

    Bonus footage is old Bob Hawke singing….. what a Larrikin.

  6. James Morton

    He seems incapable of holding a position or argument – in a week were IDS is waffling on about how people with no arms or legs aren’t disabled really, Osborne is trying to lay blame for the economy on the Europeans instead of the weather and they have also managed to push the police one step closer to industrial action. This spineless nugget STILL cannot decide what he actually stands for.

    “If being on the right means supporting these awful Tory policies, then a move to the left would be in the best interests of the country and the fortunes of my party.” 

    Is that really so hard to do Ed?  

  7. Juteman

    I think the Labour party leadership knows exactly what it is doing. It has no intention of returning to its roots. It was infiltrated by New Labour  to make sure it never does.
    Anyone remember that photo of Mandelson, Osbourne and Rothschild on the boat in the Med?
    That was a snapshot of what is really happening.

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