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A disarming frankness

Posted on April 27, 2017 by

An alert reader received a letter today about the forthcoming general election, from Scottish Labour’s only current MP, Ian Murray. (Although you’d have to know that in advance, as he doesn’t mention the Labour Party in it once.)

Here’s a close-up of part of it:

And below, we swear, is what’s on the other side of the page.

(Just in case you didn’t believe us – shame on you – we got the alert reader to hold the letter up to the light so you could see both sides at once.)

It’s an absolutely honourable admission. Goodness knows which ones weren’t good enough to make the cut.

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170 to “A disarming frankness”

  1. Greg Drysdale says:

    I didn’t realise he’d done that much :-/

  2. Croompenstein says:

    Wow that’s some list of achievements must make Slabbers teary eyed with pride.. 🙂

  3. Colin Fraser says:

    At last the truth on his record. A rare touch of honesty from Ian Murray

  4. Cameron Archibald says:

    Honestly, Labour just can’t ever seem to get it right.

  5. Mark Russell says:

    What a neep-heid!

  6. cynicalHighlander says:

    He is definately not lying there.

  7. shiregirl says:

    Wow. That much?

    Knocking ’em bandy, Ian.

  8. osakisushi says:

    It is wrong to make fun of the impaired. Anyway, he’s only half as funny as a raconteur, a true half-wit.

  9. jfngw says:

    I’m sure he’s exaggerating, I remember the time he claimed to vote against something, only to discovered he had abstained.

  10. cearc says:

    He abstained?

  11. Robert Peffers says:

    Anybody can make a mistake.

    But it takes a real numptie to make a mistakes of everything.

    The signs of unionist sheer panic become more apparent every day.

  12. Walter Scott says:

    The glaring blank empty void that is Ian Murray’s soul. Kick this loser out!

  13. David says:

    Ian “Stickers” Murray has got a lot to be modest about. 🙂

  14. David says:

    There is no start to Ian Murray’s list of achievements.

  15. jfkilmartin says:

    Think he’s embellished it up a wee bit to make himself look good

  16. Macart says:

    Oh Jeez! 😀

    Maybe they’ll be added later with stickers. 🙄

  17. angus macinnes says:

    An Honest Labour Politician at last ////

  18. Thepnr says:

    There should have been a big Union Jack on the other side. For him that was an achievement and his only one. Vote him OUT.

  19. Fergus Green says:

    I’d say he used invisible ink, but i don’t think he’s that clever.

  20. galamcennalath says:

    No achievements? Well at least he hasn’t been very effective on the damage score either.

    The same certainly couldn’t be said for Davidson’s lot – the damage aspect, that is!

  21. Bob Mack says:

    It’s written in lemon juice. You only see it when you put it on the fire with the rest of the election bump! !

  22. Rock says:

    Robert Peffers,

    “But it takes a real numptie to make a mistakes of everything.”


  23. Tartan Tory says:



  24. John Moss says:

    Another Labour politician bragging again…!

  25. starlaw says:

    Oh well a clean sheet

  26. chocolass says:

    Maybe it’s invisible ink!

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m guessing halg the electorate got a one-sided letter like so:

    Managed to get myself elected
    Spend time at the House of Commons
    Skag off the SNP a lot
    Wear a snazzy line in UJ wiscots

    funny if the name’s not even on that page.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Lost for words?

  29. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I live in East Ayrshire. The make-up of the Council going into the election next week is, the SNP is the leading party, with 15 councillors, to Labour’s 14. The SNP controls the Council, only via an alliance with the Tories.

    I live in a four-councillor ward, in 2012 we elected one SNP and three Labour cuncillors, of who only one Labour councillor is standing again – he was the final candidate elected last time round, and Labour have ranked him second of the two candidates they are putting up.

    Tonight, our local Community Council arranged a hustings, and invited all eight candidates along. Five of the candidates were there in-person; the Libertarian candidate could not attend, but sent a substitute to speak on his behalf.

    There was no representative of the SNP. Now, either this is extreme arrogance – this is not a naturally SNP area, indeed, it used to be said, the Labour vote here was weighed rather than counted – or extreme incompetence.

    Every vote counts, every seat is vital if the SNP are to win, but, when they mess up like this – even I, an SNP supporter, begins to wonder.

    This is simply not good enough SNP.

  30. john young says:

    What a statement from Boris Johnson,”if the USA goes to war with Syria and ask us for support then we will do so”,so soon after the Iraq/Libya you would think that the message would get through but apparently not.

  31. Another Union Dividend says:

    Gie the bullsh*tting guy a break as he was too busy answering his 700 emails a day.

    Apparently, hundreds if not thousands of his constituents have received unsolicited letters posted at taxpayers expense from Westminster saying he is holding a street surgery in their local area. Is this kind of obvious electioneering permissible, particularly in the run-up to a general election?

  32. Croompenstein says:

    It could be a list of ethical Tory policies, or a list of impartial BBC journalists

  33. Macart says:

    O/T The next storm on the horizon.

    27 Nations with their own economies, geo political aims, democracies and populations to answer to, and the UKs electorate don’t see this why? It appears that Brexit really will mean Brexit.

    Ms Merkel laying out how it’s going to be.

    Who knew?

  34. Sooz says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Priceless!

  35. Sinky says:

    Apart from voting with Tories against any meaningful devolved powers and abstaining on draconian welfare legislation Murray’s most notable contribution in the last 245 months is to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back as part of a co-ordinated coup that badly damaged the Labour Party.

    Yet he is re-selected as a Labour candidate

  36. Arthur Martin says:

    The same vacuous space as exists between his wee Unionist ears.

  37. Sandy says:

    Well, at least Murray didn’t tell any porkies, not LibDem/Con enough.

  38. Bradford Millar says:

    the only time Mr Murray has be honest with the general public and his constituents lol

  39. Roughian says:

    He’s a grafter for sure.

  40. jimnarlene says:

    ?????????????????????? I really don’t need words.

  41. dakk says:

    You vile nazis have got no sense of humour.

    Look at that cheeky wee grin on Ian’s puss on the letterhead.

    He’s just giving his constituents a wee bit of light relief at this difficult time for the country.

  42. jimnarlene says:

    Smiley crying faces, gone

  43. Capella says:

    I think we can safely rule out proof reading hid own election bumf as one of his achievements.

  44. Anne Gorman says:

    Greetin’! Aye well it’s about time we had some honesty from him! ?

  45. Anne Gorman says:

    Greetin’! Aye well it’s about time we had some honesty from him! ?

  46. Sinky says:

    His first 2017 election leaflet was published in Southend on Sea.

    So much for helping local communities.

  47. David says:

    He is a very modest man, and he has a lot to be modest about lol

  48. Marie Clark says:

    Oh well Mr Murray, they do say honesty is the best policy. Hm.

  49. WP says:

    He actually said to labour voters to vote Tory.
    My father would be turning in his grave.

  50. dakk says:

    Yes, I would submit that the Right Honourable Gentleman is just being coquettish with his people.

    Either that or he is just a cock.

    You decide!

    He will find out in June what his people think.

  51. Artyhetty says:

    Ah, but could he still be onto a winner. Weirder things have happened, in UKokistan.

    Less is more, oh aye, so it is in Jockland. Say nowt, don’t even say which political party you are representing.

    Where are the clouds? Cos nowt is clear when it comes to the yoons. The yoon wind blows south, it’s stinks! Yuk!

  52. jfngw says:

    Once the postal votes are in there is a chance of the Tories getting that 30%, one of the leaders is possibly perusing them at this minute.

  53. Iain More says:

    Bloody stop it ma ribs are still hurting from the last time.

  54. Artyhetty says:

    The comments on this thread have got to be most witty yet, lol! Ha ha, needed a laugh today thanks. You have to laugh, but the yoons just have no sense of humour, and certainly lack any notion of irony!

  55. Proud Cybernat says:

    As opposed to the SNP’s day job:

  56. manandboy says:

    We’ve been here before with Brexit and the US Presidential Elections. Theresa May is a hot favourite but the electorate are unpredictable.
    The result of GE17 may hold out as per the current polls, but the risk of an avalanche, sweeping May away on polling day, is very possible. Brexit regret is increasing.

    Everything in the Unionist media is not as it seems. How could it be; its a tissue of lies.

  57. dakk says:


    Still laughing 🙂

  58. Artyhetty says:


    yep, have heard a few while knocking doors, already they sent in postal vote, and others as well, confident it is a great way to vote, oh aye.

    Quite a few actually trust postal votes. After the previous dodgy goings on, we have every right to be sceptical.

    Eyes wide open. Ears to the ground. Some in the dodgy opposition with very little support in fact, like you say, probs perusing votes as we speak! ffs.

  59. Thepnr says:


    Got to agree with that, especially here in Scotland. Predictions of up to 12 seats for the Tories are in the realms of total fantasy.

    In the last 20 years the Tories have had 0 or 1 MP sure they might win a seat or two but anything else is ridiculous. I think we should concentrate on getting the very last Labour member OUT yes that halfwit that this article is about.

    No more Labour, then strictly Scotland V Tories. We will win this.

  60. Kenlike says:

    Human speed bump

  61. White Van Wummin says:

    Ian Murray – Phew what is that smell, like a putrid rotten fart blowing from the south these Blarites are hanging around waiting for the call, the beeb will publish any crap you spout and yet you still manage to make an arse of it, you had one job to do ffs, dead and gone mate, no career opportunities here, ram-raid the old folks homes as is your wont, you’re still history, like some deranged soldier in the jungle who hasn’t heard the war is over, fuck off to the tory party where you belong.

    Theresa May – Aunt Sally for the Brexit, rotten old tory bag, stick your nukes dear, we don’t want to be a target because of your Trump arse lapping.

    Thanks, I Feel much better now that I’ve said that.

  62. heedtracker says:

    Maybe its in invisible ink.

  63. Thepnr says:

    @White Van Wummin

    You what? LOL. Loved your post pure Scottish class. That’s him telt.

  64. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s National front page:

  65. Ken500 says:

    That is funny. The printer run out of ink. All those 700,000,000 e-mails a day. Dump the junk.

  66. Dr Jim says:

    Just watched the Dug dale being interviewed by Help me Rona
    Y’know when most folk are driving towards a brick wall they apply the brakes, not Dugdale, she speeds right up towards certain death and smiles confidently as she does it…

    And why? Because she knows SNP are Baad, And how does she know this? Because she believes it in her labour DNA, And how has she got this DNA? Because everyone round the doors she talks to in Scotland tells her so, And why do they tell her this?

    Because you’re asleep and having a dream you silly silly girl, now wake up this instant, Kezia! this is your SNP Father trying to wake you, it’s time for school

  67. The Dog Philosopher says:

    This example of incompetence, plus others, such as Carlaw’s illiterate leaflet, Dugdale’s button-pressing boob, and Rennie’s sheep-worrying antics really makes me think that any vote for the Tribe of Yoon would be nothing less than an act of self-harm.

  68. Free Scotland says:

    Labour will soon run out of sidelines from which to carp.

  69. Clarinda says:

    ‘A Disarming Blankness’ indeed.

  70. Phydaux says:

    Laugh out loud hilarious and sums up the Unionist argument for better togetherness…i.e. blankety blank, nada, zilch, zero.Or maybe he just doesn’t give a flying fuck any more?

  71. Morgatron says:

    Truley the invisible man. Laugh i nearly shat. I used to think he was the straight man in a comedy duo , obviously not. Stu, thanks for making me laugh and taking my mind off Jo Swinsons offensive puss.

  72. Jock McDonnell says:

    Guess who lives in Wiltshire near Bearsden,

  73. Free Scotland says:

    In support of Ian Murray, it should be noted there are no misspelt words on the reverse of his letter.

  74. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s National front page:

  75. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s “National” twitter pages:

  76. White Van Wummin says:


    Thanks pall, always enjoy your posts.

    @The Dog Philosopher

    You nail it kid.

  77. robbo says:

    Well he has achieved something now hasn’t he.

    -well done Ian!

    He’s showed what a bawheid he is.Obviously can’t afford a secretary

  78. Swami Backverandah says:

    Murray says vote Tory.

    EU ministers have just made it clear that Britain’s going to be in dire doodoo with no prospects of trade deals anything like what they expect. They’re dreaming.

    Still I suppose wrong and stabled May will be out in the empty factories campaigning for a return to Empire, and fabulous international trade deals.

    That’s obviously why Fox met Duterte.

    Britain’s going to export its world-class national debt to the Philippines, and in return import truckloads of death-squads to silence the dissenters.

    Well done Murray. Tory policy at its finest.

  79. Alfie says:

    I got one of those letters too. And another from him, from the House of Commons offering me a surgery right on my doorstep!
    There was a warning, though “Please note that due to extremely high demand, visits will be limited to approximately 10 minutes”. Haud me back….

  80. heedtracker says:

    Theresa May – Aunt Sally for the Brexit, rotten old tory bag, stick your nukes dear, we don’t want to be a target because of your Trump arse lapping.”

    Just when you thought they cant get any more repellent, other than anthrax in the post.

    Theresa May accuses remaining 27 EU members of ‘lining up to oppose’ Britain over Brexit
    ‘This election is not about who you may have voted for in the past. It is about voting in the national interest,’ Prime Minister tells Labour voters”

  81. Legerwood says:

    Well I have gone over it with a fine tooth comb and have to say the grammar is spot on.

  82. dakk says:

    Legerwood says:
    27 April, 2017 at 11:53 pm
    Well I have gone over it with a fine tooth comb and have to say the grammar is spot on.

    Sadly I have to say I went over it with a mirror to check it’s veracity and it looks genuine.

  83. Swami Backverandah says:


    Soundbite May is being roundly mocked on twitter.

    How will Crosby handle this.

    Big dead cat in the vicinity.

  84. clan rossy says:


    just a two faced tory quasimodo ("Quizmaster" - Ed) i widnae trust
    that bastard tae ring a bell never mind write a letter.

  85. manandboy says:

    We’ve been here before with Brexit and the US Presidential Elections. Theresa May is a hot favourite but the electorate are unpredictable.
    The result of GE17 may hold out as per the current polls, but the risk of an avalanche, sweeping May away on polling day, is very possible.
    Brexit regret is increasing.

    Everything in the Unionist media is not as it seems.

  86. jfngw says:


    Please don’t mention May, it makes me think I am watching a bad episode of Blakes Seven with Theresa as President and Supreme Commander. The OTT attire, the strangely affected walk, the stilted delivery of lines.

  87. Auld highlander says:

    That blank page is the same as May’s Brexit plan and the Brexit deal.

    She has no plan and there is no deal.

    Our European neighbours are just pissing themselves and sticking their fingers up at May.

    If she gets her way the EU will dump the uk as fast as you can get shit of your shoe.

  88. Thepnr says:


    Got you the first time. It’s so good though I’m glad you said it twice.

  89. Hector says:

    Ian Murray. What a hoot! O/T now. Made the effort to watch Question Time tonight only because Stephen Gethins on the panel. Wasn’t disappointed, he rose to every question, from an unashamed Scottish and internationalist perspective and really provoked expressions of fear in the eyes of Damian Green! These Tories are seriously worried by us Scots! Stephen smashed every argument, but also laid his own trail, which, at times, the Oxford audience didn’t quite, at times, know how to interpret. Brilliant!

  90. Chick McGregor says:

    The anthropomorphism I always envisage for Theresa May is that of some kind of mantis.

    Along with her slogan-esque mantras (has she engaged Bruce Forsyth’s old catchphrase writer?) like ‘Brexit means Brexit’, ‘Now is not the time’, ‘Strong and stable’ or ‘Now is the time’, she positively invites the nickname the ‘Mantra Mantis’ IMV.

  91. Robert Graham says:

    Probably still thinking it over, he’s testing the water
    O/T a complete open goal with the goalie tied up and blindfolded was missed on tonight’s Question Time by the SNPs Stephen Gethins ,
    The Question was, why did the Tory party call this election was it for the benefit of the country or the Tory party , not even one bloody hint regarding the CPS knocking on the Tory party’s door nothing , not a mention of the maximin fine that has just been levied on them , and the possibility of so many MPs facing possible jail terms for suspected fraud, Totally baffling. I can’t understand it.

  92. Chick McGregor says:

    Ian Murray is a much harder character to label, even if his office allegedly, isn’t.

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Typical SLab – all front, with nowt to back it up.

  94. manandboy says:

    Westminster politics is like global warming – all Mrs May’s arguments against, don’t stop the Union/ice from melting.

  95. Cactus says:

    Ahhhhh ha ha ha!

    The truth be out.

    The reverse side of that letter..

    The truth be a blank page.

    Holy Jupiter!

    I love CSI.

    I love Scotland for You & Aye.

  96. manandboy says:

    For those not paying attention – Theresa May and Ruth Davidson could not be more different.
    As both present themselves as leaders of the Conservative and Unionist Party, at least one of them is a complete fraud.

  97. Cactus says:

    Ahhh ha ha ha!

    To be frank; we’re into election week folks ~ 6 days to go is the morning.

    “What you gonna do, without water? What you gonna do, ain’t no bread”

    “What you gonna do, over summer? Can you help to heal these visions from my head?”

    Air for you.

  98. Chick McGregor says:

    Blair advocating Labour voter vote Tory. Who’d have never thunk that?

  99. Faltdubh says:

    Scottish Westminster voting intention:
    SNP: 41% (-6)
    CON: 28% (+1)
    LAB: 18% (+3)
    LIB: 7% (+3)
    GRN: 3% (+2)

  100. Valerie says:

    Oh well, that looks quite benign, if stupendously incompetent, compared to tomorrow’s Record, where Slab are claiming credit for Jeane Freeman’s announcement.

    Jeane Freeman announced there would be no private sector involved in the new assessments arrangements for benefits.

    Now Slab are claiming the credit.

  101. Cactus says:

    OK, ye wonder when the likes of Ian Murray MP & Jackson Carlaw, (also an MP) do advertisations on paper pamphlets.

    ” ‘See the reverse’ and ‘how is the performance of your ‘reserved to Westminster’ broadband speed’ doing fur ye?”

    Is it intentional to confuse and abuse..?

    Sales of Bacofoil are going thru the roof!


  102. Hamish100 says:

    Robert Graham

    Disagree . SNP did well tonight. As many claps from the English audience than for the others. Tory given free reign again to avoid specific questions.

  103. Valerie says:

    @Robert Graham 12.26

    Gethins also dropped the ball when the Tory Scum said if Scotland objected to the triple lock on pensions going, then Scotland had the power to change it.

    Pensions are reserved (I screamed, and no doubt hundreds of others)

    I was pissed off at that, because it was simple enough, and Tory mantra, like Ruth, is to lie barefaced, and say, you have the powers.

  104. Cactus says:

    Also ~

    Cheers to the alert reader, for this new article.

    You’re probably reading this, fine Scot.

    It just takes one person to share.

    You are the one.

    For tonight.


  105. Cactus says:

    Set phasers to stun.

    Welcome back to 2017.

  106. yesindyref2 says:

    The Yougov subsample (weighted 146) Fieldwork: 25th – 26th April 2017 shows:

    SNP 45%
    Con 25%
    Lab 19%
    Lib 8%
    UKIP 2%
    Greens 1%

    Which would give SNP 52, Con 4, LibDem 2, Lab 1

    Just a subsample all the same.

    Changed seats (from to):
    West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine SNP Con
    Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk SNP Con
    Dumfries and Galloway SNP Con
    East Dunbartonshire SNP LibDem

  107. Brian says:


    Says it all really.

  108. Cactus says:

    Breaker, breaker..

    Come in the side…

  109. Hector says:

    Robert Graham says:
    28 April, 2017 at 12:26 am
    Probably still thinking it over, he’s testing the water
    O/T a complete open goal with the goalie tied up and blindfolded was missed on tonight’s Question Time by the SNPs Stephen Gethins ,
    The Question was, why did the Tory party call this election was it for the benefit of the country or the Tory party , not even one bloody hint regarding the CPS knocking on the Tory party’s door nothing , not a mention of the maximin fine that has just been levied on them , and the possibility of so many MPs facing possible jail terms for suspected fraud, Totally baffling. I can’t understand it.

    I don’t disagree with what you say from the perspective of an Independence supporting Scot, but we need to see the bigger picture. There is a very complex chess game going on right now. It has many observers/players. It has many layers, there are a multitude of points of contact involving a multitude of actors. Each of which affect the overall game. I absolutely trust our elected representatives, Nicola and her team, to make the most effective moves, on behalf of Scotland, at this time. Having elected our representatives, we need to also give them our trust! And that means playing the long game….for the moment.

  110. Still Positive says:

    Just please all remember QT does not go out live. It is recorded and answers can be edited out if it does not support the BBC’s agenda.

    Damian Green insisted the SG could pay the WASPI women and mitigate Child Tax Credits (including the ‘r’ clause ) despite both those being reserved and the Scottish budget being cut.

    Typical Tory ( insert your own expletive) blaming the SG for things outwith our control.

    Stephen Gethins did well considering what he is up against. Brave and good man.

  111. meg merrilees says:

    O/T Mixed topics.

    Just caught up on FMQ’s today.
    Nicola is such a tremendous leader.
    She can squash tRuthless, Kezia and Willie so effortlessly.

    Did you notice that the Lib Dems faces fell when she answered Willie and said that:
    ‘Yes, they do button up the back!”
    Thought Presiding officer was spot on after tRuthless’s shameful “Point of ‘so-called’ order”
    What a totally vile woman.

    Can’t stand Brian Taylor’s smug summaries of FMQ’s and not quite sure of their accuracy sometimes.

    I was speaking to good friend who lives in London tonight and she fervently wished that Nicola was standing in England so that they actually had someone to vote for. She thinks Nicola is superb. One of the best politicians around.
    She also is horrified how Corbyn has been systematically destroyed by the media and T May’s personal insults at PMQ’s. ( Shame she can’t see how Nicola is vilified in Scotland!. )

    My friend said her parents can’t believe the mess in England and the total chaos the Tories are causing. They have never known the education and health services to be so catastrophically underfunded and to be struggling SO much.
    We all agree that the tories are despicable and should be opposed whenever possible.

    My cousin (from the NE of Scotland) is visiting tonight. She is campaigning for Lib Dems and thinks the Tories will defeat Angus Robertson and possibly gain Kincardine.
    The fisher folk are saying that the SNP will take them back into the EU and the CFP so they think it is the lesser of two evils to throw their luck in with the Tories since at least then they will be Brexitting and there is a chance they could get better deal.
    She also thinks the tories could win about 8 seats.
    At least we both agree that the tories are despicable and should be opposed whenever possible.

    Nicola was in Stirling yesterday morning and was fantastic with the two young children who were waiting to see her. There is a terrific photo in the National today ( thursday) Especially poignant because one of the children had just lost her dad and his funeral had been the day before – that’s why she was off school.
    I can also confirm that she visited Bannockburn House in her capacity as First Minister of Scotland ( not as SNP leader). It is situated beside the M9 and she was en route to Holyrood. Don’t know about the Wallace Monument reference but the Yes biker had followed her car from Stirling and she talked with him and everyone else on site.
    ( Have a look at Bannockburn House on Facebook – it’s amazing. Hopefully the community will succeed with the project.)
    I spoke with her yesterday (for about 6 seconds)- and thanked her for ‘everything she does on behalf of us all’.

    Can’t believe that Boris Johnson thinks we could possibly support the US without Parliamentary agreement if there are more strikes on Syria.

    What a mess!

    Sincerely hope that the tories lead falls even more in the next couple of weeks starting in Scotland next thursday. It’s going to seem a long time until friday afternoon and the results.

    Please, as many of you as possible, if you’re not already actively involved, get in touch with your local SNP offices and offer your time, energy, support, money, effort. We have to defeat this awful, horrendous Tory party, the establishment, the BBC. Anyone else you can think of and their dog ( i like most dogs ). The alternative is just too awful to consider and i don’t want to feel like it’s September 19th, 2014 all over again.

  112. Cactus says:

    Well said meg.


  113. Cactus says:

    How ye holding up Scotland?

    It’s a tough ride to be free.

    Ride it out partner.

    Coming soon and previously on Cairnstoon:

    Come Saturday.

  114. Az says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 10:28pm

    When you see it laid out like that it brings a tear to the eye. The SNP have done more for Scotland than anyone in 311 years of UKOK better togetherness.

    Bookmarked; a powerful tool of persuasiveness.

    Love to all

  115. Cactus says:

    yarruM naI tcele-eR

    kcuF eaT flesreY teG

    Say what you see and see what ah mean.

  116. Andy Anderson says:

    He needs to go on a training course on double sided photocopying or printing. Even more so on auditing your work. Twat.

  117. akintybroko says:

    Aye Dakk he is just a cock and with this snap election he is about to be prematurely ejaculated from Edinburgh South

  118. Giving Goose says:

    Re meg merrilees

    Maybe someone could clarify but didn’t the fisher folk actually assist in creating the issues around foreign fishing vessels when they sold of licenses to foreign vessels?

    Regarding your cousin campaigning for the LibDems; does your cousin not see that the LibDems are actually Tories? I genuinely find it difficult to believe that a LibDem activist cannot apply some objectivity to themselves and their party, then come to the view that the LibDems are just another Tory party. Perhaps your cousin is comfortable with that?

  119. Undeadshaun says:

    Scottish and irish finance sectors to have closer ties.

    Eu hub being opened in dublin under consideration by standard life
    Report goes on to say this would be beneficial to a newly independent Scotland.

  120. Achnababan says:

    Giving Goose – you are spot on!

    The large boats of the ‘Scottish’ fishing fleet are in the hands of relatively few owners – all multi-millionaires.

    Most local fishermen sold their licences and made a fair bit of cash and got out.

    Now these big boats are crewed by migrant workers who make pretty good money. A mate of mine told me that the Egyptian cook on board a deep water fishing vessel earned £70K for six months work

  121. Giving Goose says:


    Thanks for that.

    I guess that means that foreign fisherman who have licenses will have to be compensated for the loss of licenses after Brexit. I wonder who’ll pay for that? (Answer – Scotland).

  122. Liz Rannoch says:

    Ian Murray. Whit can ye say? Lost it, still looking for his ‘back side’.

    O/T read somewhere a few days back that WGD will be visiting Dunfermline. Does anybody know where and when? I’d love to see him and his pup.

  123. Lochside says:

    Switched QT off after Gethins fucked up on Pensions and allowed himself to get into shouting match with Green baiting him. Also missed open goal on GE….why no mention of the Tories all being investigated for fraud?

    Too many SNP spokepersons speaking from a script…R*pe clause outrage etc…has no resonance in England…the audiences are fixated on ‘Strong leadership’ and shutting up softy ‘remoaners.’ Jeanne Freeman or Cherry or Whiteford are all bonnie fechters and would have wiped the floor with the libcon scum on this and other panels.

    Why oh why do the Snp never learn?…thank christ Fiona Hyslop wasn’t on. BTW Murray better known as ‘Tabla Rasa’ or DOBBER?

  124. Ken500 says:

    That’s good if fisher folk are campaigning for the LibDems. It will split the vote and let the SNP in. The Tories are the biggest challenge in the NE. The fishermen should not have over fished the seas and thrown dead fish back for years. Any authority would have had to bring conservation measures in. Or there would be no fishing industry left. It is improving because they are now using bigger nets. Quotas are increasing. Negotiated by Richard Lockhead SNP. The fishing industry has had £Billions of EU Grants to tied them over. £Millions is being spent enlarging Peterhead fish market.

    MacDuff harbour has been realigned for a few boats. A new concession. The main port is at Peterhead/Fraserburgh. A skipper was on the telly complaining about the Council only having 9-5 personnel commitment to let him hand over the ropes to come along side the harbour. I.e. wanted Council payers to pay for extra week end and overnight cover for three boats? What a cheek. Watch it pal. Maybe a mate or someone could be hired to catch the rope. Just get on the mobile phone. Or land in other hours. The crewmen were from foreign parts.

    The fisherman ‘spokesperson’ Armstrong, is a one man band Tory. Getting a free lunch and a bit of cheap publicity. Usually dragged out to criticise the SNP, who are bringing lots of jobs and improvements to the NE in difficult circumstances. Especially with the corrupt ACC total waste. A complete rotten Labour/green embarrassment. Willy Young might have been finally caught out. After wasting £Billions on non mandate wasteful grotesque projects. Illegally selling the City on the stock exchange for personal gain. Getting the City into £1.2Billion of unnecessary. Not funding essential services properly. 130 teachers short.

    Still education is better than the rest of the UK. Class sizes are 36 in England. They are trying to get them down to 31. Unbelievable, NHS and social care is underfunded. The benefit cuts are appalling and unnecessary. £Billions are being borrowed and spent on grotesque projects of little value. When there are more credible alternatives available. So the Tory crooks and their associates can line their pockets and illegally embezzle £Billions of public funds.

    In the NE no seaman was out of work. Transferable skills. They went and worked in the Oil industry for better conditions and remuneration. On the rigs and supply boats etc. Even fishermen who came up from Hull in the 70’s, now retired, worked in the Oil industry, for better conditions. Unemployment in the NE has been under 2% for years. Slightly rising temporary for now. Many migrant workers leave and go elsewhere temporarily.

    The fishing industry needs the EU markets for higher prices and migrant workers. Peterhead is like Latvia etc. There are even workers from overseas on the boats. Philippines and Africa. Under EU legislation agreements are made for EU menbers to fish on the African coast. There are foreign workers from all over. Sometimes getting exploited. Put up in over crowded flats etc.

    The well informed fisher folk support the SNP. 50/50. They do not blame everyone else but realise the industry needs good management. Inland fishing is protect under EU rules there is an exclusive 12 mile limit for each home port. Some prawn/lobster fisherman fish inland, near the shore. Massive langoustines. They are exclusive for the EU markets. For the highest price, The lorries leave every night. They can’t be bought in the UK, except by special order.Brilliant fish by the way. People will not pay the price but they will on the Continent. £30 for a meal. With the fall in the pound. The exchange rate affects what people can earn. There is a season to prawn fishing. Best from October to February. The worst months for the weather. The boats can be used for other work – survey and transport. This brings in extra revenues.

    New guidelines and better conditions. Fishing is a hazardous dangerous job, often in bad conditions. Many young folk will not work in such conditions. Especially if there is alternative work available. In the Oil, construction, renewables etc. Roads and railways are being improved. At last after 30 years. A Wind farm going up in the Bay. Investment with EU Grants etc. £Millions. Scotland is one of the best countries in the world for renewables and investment. The highest wind speed generated in the world was on Lewis. There is not such criticism of turbine now the money is coming in. Less opposition.

    Osbourne’s illegally high Tories taxes on the Oil sector, when the price had fallen affected the Oil & Gas sector. The tax is now 40%, since Jan 2016. Still quite high for the industry. More Oil and Gas has to be imported. Fracked US and Norwegian Gas is being imported. Too high prices are bad for the world economy. Decommissioning is 100% tax free. Many Riggs are 30/40 years old. Despite repeated maintenance their shell life is finished. Massive transportable barges are now being used to extract and transport the Oil worldwide. A different more credible method.until other resources are available.

    Electric carss etc are 4 times cheaper to run with less dangerous emissions. A boon to the economy. Scotland exports £Billions of diesel? buses to China etc. From Falkirk. Along with salmon, whisky and other goods, The Chinese along with others appreciate Burns and other cultures. ‘Scotland the land of invention and discovery’. When the Former Chinese premier came to Britain he came to Scotland first. ‘Britain a small island with no Empire’ Little influence.

    5 Jobs Osbourne who has destroyed and damaged the UK economy is off with his illegally embezzled £Millions. Leaving havoc and chaos. Getting the rest of the UK into £Billions/Trns of debt. Illegally buying an election. The Tories are trying to destroy the world economy, again. The lying Westminster unionist crooks should be put in jail. Starting with the liar May. Committing electoral fraud in 31 constituencies to ruin the world. Never has there been such a bunch of useless, greedy, dangerous, ignorant incompetents. Hopefully soon they will get their comeuppance once and for all. If there was any justice.

    Corbyn and Labour are useless. Farron is a loss cannon. One minute attacking the Tories then appeasing them. Sacking a colleague for telling the truth. Not trustworthy. Another coalition coming along in the rest of the UK. What a complete and utter mess. EU membership is the best bargain ever. The Westminster unionist have cause the biggest migrant crisis in Europe since 11WW and just want to walk away. Leaving other counties the burden and cost to deal with it. Dirty cowards.

    Scotland could have had full employment without Osbourne’s duplicity and deliberate criminality. May is the same. A cheating, lying crook. Like the rest of them. Wasting public money like there is no tomorrow and illegally killing vulnerable people, To line their pockets. They do not like children. The next generation. Stuck in their decrepit ways. Fallon is stuck in the 1950’s. Cold War. 26Million Russians died in the 11WW, saving the West. No empathy and no charity or clarity at all. Most of them drink and drug too much. There should be drink and drug tests in the HoC/Westminster. No one over the limit should be allowed to vote. Other tests could be relevant.

    C’mon folks get campaigning, if you can. Everything to play for a better run country and economy. A prosperous, more equal, fair country, Independent in the EU.

  125. Ken500 says:

    A bit long. Sorry

  126. sinky says:

    BBC GMS on Radio Scotland making a big deal of 300 logged issues out of 200,000 uses of police body camera in a PILOT scheme.

    That’s 0.0015%! If only BBC balanced news items met that high standard.

  127. Macart says:

    Came across this wee illustration on twitter.

    Neatly done.

  128. BJ says:

    Dear First Minister

    An election debate without the greens is not a fair contest. Please reconsider any plans you have to attend this union farce.. Can you imagine how many viewers would watch this if only the three Unionists were sitting screeching?. I certainly wouldn’t.

    Publically, personally or politically even First Ministers have choices.

    STV are setting this up as an insult to Scotland. Leave the three monkeys to screech among themselves.

  129. K1 says:

    The Guardian are a right shower of scaremongering shits wi their main headline story, the reaiity is Trump had a ‘major’ interview wi Reuters and was asked a wide range of questions regarding Kim Jon-un, China and North Korea to which part of his reply was: ‘“There’s a chance that we could end up having a major, major, conflict with North Korea, absolutely.” Now for context he didn’t ‘issue’ this as a ‘warning’ to anyone, it’s an assessment within a broad interview that revealed the diplomatic engagement that is taking place right now regarding NK.

    But the headline ‘Donald Trump warns of ‘major, major conflict’ with North Korea’ is imv a deliberate attempt to ramp up fear. When you read the actual article it is clear that his headline is at odds with the content of the article itself which of course places Trump’s assessment having been obviously asked this question in the interview, in its true context, he immediately follows this statement with:

    “We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult,”

    The article then goes into some of that very ‘diplomacy’ with China being the big player here etc etc. He said a bunch of other stuff in that same interview too but that one ‘opinion’ from Trump the Guardian manages tae clickbait it’s readers wi is an over dramtised interpretation of what he actually said. He did not ‘warn’ anybody of any such thing. And even if he did, when did the Guardian start taking anything seriously coming out of Trump’s mooth?

  130. Les Wilson says:

    I cannot see Wasteminster liking this

  131. Ken500 says:

    Stephen Gethin is brilliant. Speaks five languages. Has had experience in Europe. Knows his stuff. Despite what some fainted hearted might say. The Unionists are on the ropes in Scotland. Millions of people in the UK and worldwide support the SNP and Scotland. Millions of people in the UK respect the SNP and Scotland and what they are trying to achieve. Despite the BBC and QT. A biased and corrupt proposition, No wonder no one watches it. What are the viewing figures? Low as they can go.

    Millionaire Dimbleby and his associates have tried to destroy the British economy. Killing and maiming vulnerable people. For overpaid, non displayed remuneration. Sails his yacht paid for by taxpayers money around the Scottish islands. Just another deceitful ignorant trougher and the pathetically, biased programme. Keep sane, don’t watch it. it It might slither away like the UKIP dangerous ignorant, criminal incumbents. The company running QT employed a bias UKIP right wing person to chose the audience and influence the questions. BBC nonsense. £3.7Billion for that biased nonsense. State properganda. Supposed to be impartial like the Tory Royals. Interefering in every aspect of Government, Controlled by Westminster. Trolling the UK. Hiding the criminality under the Official Secrets Act. There are plenty of alternatives. Credible alternative dialogue. Over and out.

  132. Clapper57 says:

    @Lochside @8.01

    Spot on.

    Green was called out on exact same thing re Holyrood powers on Pensions in HOC by an SNP MP in a past debate so he KNOWS truth but he pushed it because Stephen G did not contradict him…Tories are lying you know whats.

  133. galamcennalath says:

    A thought. Has TMay actually been seen in the presence of ordinary voters since she became PM?

    All her appearance seem to be very tightly controlled.

  134. Ken500 says:

    The US has been sanctioning and starving North Korea fifty years. Maybe they should stop. That is what the squint nuclear arsenal being built up is about.

    China has to help them out. China holds all US debt and Gov bonds., They have the US in their grasp. They just have to flood the market with US bonds – on the cheap. The US crashes down. So does the world economy and the Chinese lose money. The US bonds don’t last the required term time and the Chinese don’t get all the expected interest back at whatever rate agreed. Like cashing in an under invested insurance. Full term bring better rates and higher dividends. Remuneration. Unless the economy tanks. Income goes on the slide. .

    Trump is in the grasp of CIA and FBI. They must have something on him. He has to capitulate on every policy, CIA and NSA totally out of control. They are totally, illegally surveilling anyone. Breaking the Law with impunity. Interfering illegally in government. Now being investigated. Heads could roll. 10 years imprisonment is the penalty. The world dramas to detract from the mess of the stagnant US economy getting into even more debt. Hoovered up by the Chinese and others. Trump another big massive failure of corruption of government. A deviant electoral system. Where the check and balances are questionable. Leading to stagnant, inefficient Government.

    The US/UK can’t even set a beneficial foreign/Defence/social/economic policy because of their indebtedness to others. Saudis and the Chinese etc. If they do not get out of debt soon. They are set for the high jump, being controlled by external foreign forces and government. Being used for political, social, ecomonic and defence purposes by external forces and other government.

    Brexit is another catastrophe. Internally and externally driven by other governments and forces by the sychophant Tories. To the detriment of the UK and the world economy. A detractive fantasy to the Westminster unionist total mismanagement of the economy. Social, political, foreign and defence. A catosphere which can only accumulate and get worse unless they are stopped in their tracks by Scotland. To break their power of lemming fallen over the cliff, of constant debt. To Introduce some sanity.

  135. Black Joan says:

    @Chick McGregore @12.25 am said

    “Along with her slogan-esque mantras (has she engaged Bruce Forsyth’s old catchphrase writer?) like ‘Brexit means Brexit’, ‘Now is not the time’, ‘Strong and stable’ or ‘Now is the time’, she positively invites the nickname the ‘Mantra Mantis’ IMV.”

    I suggest her tedious robotic cathchphrases should be greeted every time with a loud chorus of “Aye, Mrs Hate”, a convenient anagram of her name.

  136. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    It was indicative of the disquiet in the Tory ranks that when Gethins tried to expand on the “R*pe” clause the smooth talking urbane Tory eejit suddenly changed tone and shouted loudly all over it – and was allowed to do so by Dimbleby.
    Disgraceful – and worth highlighting.

    The answer of course to “The Scottish government can sort it – whatever it is – is “of course we can. We can become independent and sort it all”

  137. K1 says:

    Turns out May doesn’t even know ‘where’ she is when she turns up tae empty factories…

    …and they were empty bar ‘invited’ only after 6pm when all the workers wur away hame:

  138. Richardinho says:

    His achievement is persuading people that he’s got any achievements.

  139. Ken500 says:

    The propaganda BBC were trying to make a big issues about anti-Semitic sentiments among students etc, They actually seem to get on very well. Recorded incidents had increased from 27 to 41 a year. In a pop of 62.5Million. 150 Universities.

    Brexit vote, encouraged by the UK Giv controlled BBC. Farague never off the telly destroying his own ‘career’. Stealing £1Million from the EU a year. An alcoholic. alcoholics make poor decisions without proper, ‘total abstinence’ rehab counselling. Now turfed out of the mansion along with the French biddy in. Being investigated for fraud and embezzlement. How the mighty have fallen. The bag man laundering the illicit funds now destroying the ‘party’. Trying to criminally buy another election. Along with May’s ‘new’ advisors taken in. Does lightening strike twice? The other ones have left for pastures new. Had enough of it. The back stabbing, two faced double dealing etc.

    Brexit vote brought a 41% increased report of racist, fascist incidents.

  140. heedtracker says:

    Teresa’s stand up in BBC Leeds last night, gets very creepy tory audience going with just mentioning “Sturgeon’s Scottish nationalists.” Teresa has some very odd body and face language going on.

  141. galamcennalath says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The Scottish government can sort it – whatever it is …

    It has occurred to me that this tack the Unionists take may not be as clever as they think.

    Their objective is to force the SG to increase income tax.

    However it also allows the SG, if they can avoid the tax trap, to look like the fixers, the guys who can get things done, the competent ones.

    And, in the wider context (as you say) this builds a case for Indy. When the Unionists paint WM as the problem and the SG as the solution, they are making a mistake!

    As the saying goes … never interrupt….

  142. galamcennalath says:

    heedtracker says:

    gets very creepy tory audience going

    Spontaneously or orchestrated?

    Either way, we got the message! We are the number one threat to Project Fascist UK.

    In their upcoming ‘battle’ with the rest of Europe, we are the ‘fifth column’ of Europeans in their nest. They know in the hearts that the price of their success will be the disintegration of their UK. And they don’t like it!

  143. Ken500 says:

    Is that not an auld clip. May has got her tartan jackit on. She never wears anything trice, Although the outfits are getting bummed down recently. Trying to hide the Hedge fund Billions legacy. Aye she pays taxes on the Westminster pocket money salary. Are the duel income and privileges not supposed to be declared? May would not know what ‘ordinary people’ thought. She has never met any of them. Stage managed orchestration and non sequential sound bites. Made up by somebody. PR paid for by £Millions of public money which could be better spent. Empty rhetoric.

    Like Cameron failed to declare and tried to leave out the £10Million? prooerty portfolio. Trying to pretend three holidays back handlers was skint. 5 jobs Osbourne now away with all the swag. Leaving a strickened economy.

  144. heedtracker says:

    Quick read around, new planet toryboy election expenses fraud in Herald, 9 hrs ago / Exclusive by Tom Gordon, Scottish Political Editor

    “THE Scottish Conservatives have been accused of importing the “dodgy” election tactics that led to criminal investigations into some of their MPs south of the border.

    The party is under fire for distributing thousands of anti-independence leaflets in the local elections urging people to “send Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP a message they can’t ignore”.

    Edinburgh Evening News yesterday,

    “TWO top city Tories face a public hearing in front of the Standards Commission after an investigation found they had breached the councillors’ code of conduct.

    Tory group leader Cameron Rose and fellow councillor Jeremy Balfour, now also an MSP, were the subject of a complaint by former senior council official Mike Rosendale over the naming of five council employees involved in the management of a troubled project to rebuild Cameron House community centre in Prestonfield.”

    Aberdeen, future Sir Wullie Young OBE, has suddenly discovered that his garden that needed two hundred grand boundary walls paid by ACC, is not actually his, he’s checked his property deeds, you see.

    And from Facebook, this fine Spring morn, tories in Aberdeen being charming as ever and not a pack of thugs, at all.

    We campaigned against Marischal Square
    1 hr ·
    Was anyone at M&S yesterday when Faith-Jason Robertson-Foy was allegedly verbally abused by Conservative candidate Alan Donnelly? Being aggressive and shouting at someone in public, for no reason, is not the behaviour we expect of councillors. Alan Donnelly is the Conservative candidate for Torry and Ferryhill.

    A year or so ago, he had to apologise to members of the Marischal Square campaign for his bullying behaviour in a Council committee.

    Come on Conservative party, surely you can do better than this.”

    Swamps seem to be draining a wee bit.

  145. heedtracker says:

    Ken500 says:
    28 April, 2017 at 9:47 am
    Is that not an auld clip.

    Could be Ken. Got emailed it just the now. Leeds is worth seeing today if only for its incredible ultra modern road network, England really loves ultra modern road networks.

  146. ronnie anderson says:

    Printing costs money , he’s thinking of us poor Taxpayers by cutting his costs lol.

  147. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    The National:

    “New Scottish social security system will not involve private companies like Atos and Concentrix”

    Janice Burns, Journalist /
    CONTROVERSIAL private firms who have made a fortune from misery have been barred from any involvement in assessing disable people for benefits under the new Scottish Social Security agency, the Scottish Government revealed last night.

    Minister for Social Security Jeane Freeman confirmed private contractors like Atos, Concentrix and Maximus would not be involved in administrating the 11 benefits being devolved as a result of the post-referendum Vow.

    She told MSPs that profit-making should not form a part of decisions about people’s medical capability or making decisions about whether they qualify for help.

    The Department for Work and Pensions has employed first French firm Atos and latterly American privatisation specialists Maximus to carry out work capability assessments. Both firms have faced criticisms from campaigners.

    Concentrix wrongly branded thousands of people on low incomes benefit cheats and cut off their payments in a bungled multi-million-pound contract aimed at countering fraud.

    Freeman said the new system would make faster, fairer decisions and offer face-to-face assistance to those seeking any of the 11 benefits over which the Scottish Government is to received devolved control. Local councils will continue to administer Discretionary Housing Payments and the Scottish Welfare Fund.

    Outlining the plans to Parliament, she insisted an enhanced service could be more humane yet still be efficient, with annual running costs estimated at £150 million.

    The Scottish social security agency is to have a central headquarters, but will attempt to provide a local presence across Scotland, often by sharing premises with existing public sector agencies. The location for its HQ will be decided in the autumn, however, Freeman said the new agency would employ at least 1,500 staff – making it, overnight, one of Scotland’s largest government executive agencies.

    Freeman said: “One of our fundamental principles is that profit should never be a motive nor play any part in assessing or making decisions on people’s health and eligibility for benefits.

    “We are building a system based on dignity and respect – this means an assessment process which isn’t demeaning or deliberately difficult.

    “I am very clear that assessments should not be carried out by the private sector and I want to give people in Scotland this assurance as we take forward our new social security agency.

    “It also means setting up an agency that has a local presence with a human face where people can go to get one-to-one support if required. This is very different to what exists at the moment.

    “The new social security agency will be one of the largest executive agencies of the Scottish Government and will employ at least 1,500 staff by the time all devolved benefits are being delivered.

    “Setting the new system up is a hugely complex task but a challenge that we relish and one that we are absolutely determined to get right. It is extremely important that we start how we mean to go on – by listening to people and seeking expert opinion to deliver an agency that respects people’s views and is sensitive and responsive to their different needs and requirements.”

    Disability rights organisation Inclusion Scotland said “good riddance” to private agencies who have made the lives of many Scots a misery over the years. Director of policy, Bill Scott, said: “Far too many disabled people have been losing their benefits on the basis of poorly carried out assessments where what they have told assessors, and clear medical evidence, has been totally ignored.”

  148. Smallaxe says:

    Scotland bans private firms from doing benefit assessments

    Europe could allow a united Ireland to join EU after Brexit

    No Brexit guarantees for Scots fishermen

    Peace Always

  149. Ken500 says:

    A good read Ken Follet. ‘Edge of Eternity’

    Money’s worth. A good description and favour of the world in the 60’s. When optimism for a better (more peaceful?) world was high. 15 years after 11WW. Prosperity has improved but what happened to the UK piece of the peace. More worried, upset anxious people than ever.

    Westminster unionists need to get their act together, Big time. Now is the time. May and the toxic Tories are not acceptable in Scotland or the rest of the UK. For peace and prosperity. Westminster Gov is not fit for purpose.

  150. heedtracker says:

    galamcennalath says:
    28 April, 2017 at 9:43 am
    heedtracker says:

    gets very creepy tory audience going

    Presumably Teresa’s coming to Scotland, so its going to be fun watching that mocking tone alter, presumably:D

    BBC Scotland gimps editing, will probably come to the fore again.

    What ever happened to Donaldo Mac and her trust winning back stuff?

  151. Macart says:


    Mr Salmond and Mr Skinner telling it like it is.

    Unfortunately neither the government nor the UK electorate are in a listening mood. The upcoming UK GE is near a foregone conclusion.

    What we do about that in Scotland post GE should be uppermost in people’s minds as they go to the ballot in June. They can empower the current Scottish Government to look after their interests and provide them with choices which will be denied the rest of the UK, or they can accept a couple of decades of May’s Brexit Britain and Conservative dictat.

    First things first. Lay the groundwork with local authority elections and vote to provide good management and decision making process within local communities. Vote for actual policy and vote till you boak.

    S’up to the electorate though. They can vote for those willing and able to provide them with the power to choose, or they can vote for those who would deny them choice and free will.

  152. Brian Powell says:

    With the EU making plans to allow a united Ireland to be in the EU, without fuss, I’m now waiting for the might of the UK Gov and the great Brit ‘press’ to mount a massive campaign to stop it.

  153. Smallaxe says:

    Theresa May accuses remaining 27 EU members of ‘lining up to oppose’ Britain over Brexit

    And as for the blank page of MP Ian Murray, It’s unfair on him it does not tell the full story, he has actually done a lot less than that.

    That is the news where we are.
    Now: The Weather!

    The MSM will be raining more Pish down on Our Kingdom nation, this is likely to last for some time. Carry the Umbrella of Truth at all times.

    Don’t let the Sun catch you Crying.

    Peace Always

  154. K1 says:

    Nice one Smallaxe…good links served up, thank Nana and yersel’ for keeping it going 🙂

  155. Capella says:

    Hi Smallaxe – I see you’ve got a new job! Thanks for the links, that’s the rest of the morning taken care of.
    2017 is turning into a complete roller-coaster of a catastrophe so far.

  156. Smallaxe says:

    Flash: This just in!

    This is Good

    I don’t know how she does it, but it can’t be easy!

    Peace Always

  157. jomry says: – Essential reading for those not convinced of Scotland’s potential – and for those of us who are – in ‘Talking up Scotland’. Just scan the headlines. Culled articles this week include..

    ‘The reason Scottish Salmon are now so healthy and selling so well?…’
    ‘SNP Government’s massive investment in infrastructure developments in 2017…’
    ‘More evidence the Scottish economy is strengthening under the SNP…’
    ‘Scottish Salmon now selling in vast quantities across Europe and beyond…’
    ‘Scotland’s island residents do it better…’
    ‘Scottish oil in new and much increased demand from Asia ‘like never before!’…’
    ‘Achiltibuie welcomes one of first community-owned turbines in the Highlands’…’
    ‘Scottish wind energy funds housebuilding in a ground-breaking joint venture in Berwickshire…’
    ‘Extra £6.3m for Scottish Ambulance Service to further strengthen the world’s best A&E service…’
    ‘SNP and STUC are together on the same track to improve worker equality in Scotland…’
    ‘Scottish manufacturers are upbeat, expecting strong domestic and export orders…’
    ‘Boom in Scottish housebuilding by smaller and medium-sized businesses…’
    ‘Re-opened Scottish dock to build state-of-the-art floating windfarm to begin to exploit ‘Scotland’s 25% share of all of Europe’s offshore wind potential…’
    ‘SNP Supporters identify more with Norway than Britain…’
    ‘Far from Teed Off: Golf tourism ‘drives Scottish economy’…..a bit…’
    ‘Scotland’s expertise in oil extraction leads to opportunities far beyond the North Sea….’

    Talk up Scotland…

  158. Sarah says:

    O/T @Chick MacGregor and clipper [on “incompetence..” thread 27.4.17] – repeating my response in case you didn’t spot it, re OSCE monitoring of media and elections.

    Thanks for your comments. I hoped OSCE could help since Craig Murray seems to know they are effective: he suggests the Scottish Government write direct to OSCE at the same time as writing to UK Gov’t asking for its support of Scotland’s application. It would be embarrassing for UK Gov. to refuse.

    Wikipedia’s entry for OSCE shows the UK has NEVER provided one of the office holders nor hosted a meeting!! This suggests to me that OSCE won’t be looking to give UK Gov any favours.

    I will contact my MP and SNP MSPs about it. I emailed Inform Scotland already but no response yet.

    Nana, I emailed InformS on the members email contact but don’t know if it will get through as I have donated but don’t know if that makes me a member. Can you help get a message through, please? Thank you.

  159. Smallaxe says:

    Macart says: Vote till ye Boak!

    For independence vote SNP
    vote them 1 and 2 and 3
    Then vote green 4 to keep us free
    vote Indy parties  5 and 6
    Libdem now will do the trick
    then vote Tory until you’re Sick:

    Sort it out, for your own Ward, People!

    Peace Always

  160. Smallaxe says:


    I’ve got to work a weeks lying time.

    Peace Always

  161. Fred says:

    Thanx for the Lynx Smallaxe, I’ll get the kettle on!

    Has the “Alert Reader” held the letter up to a flame in case lemon juice is involved here?

  162. meg merrilees says:

    Giving goose @5.52

    I agree – after all who formed the coalition government – even if they did lessen some of the tory effects a little bit? Also, somebody has to like Willie Rennie.

    Whilst I can’t really speak for someone else, I believe she’s Lib Dem because she wants Britain to stay in the EU and the UK -simple.
    And, she wants to get on the council to genuinely help people with daily problems -rural bus services, rubbish collections, play areas, schools etc. ( she’s worked in public service all her life. )
    She loathes the tories and wants an inclusive, non party-political existence.
    I think this is arrived at after 35 years of living a distance away from London and Edinburgh and the ‘centralisation of policies’ that these capitals and population centres create (when viewed from afar- better rail services, roads, infrastructure, policing, access to healthcare etc.)

    The NE has been in a bubble for the last couple of decades with the affluence that the oil brought to some of the people/areas, although that has changed dramatically in some places recently. That is bound to impact it’s attitudes and political needs.

    Mind you, I may be talking piffle here – this is just my understanding of her motivation.

  163. Meg merrilees says:


    Love the talking up Scotland website – great find.

  164. Mik Johnstone says:

    ya see what happens when you get a Red Tory trying to tell the truth, he’s done nowt, doesn’t intend on doing owt, and hopefully by June the 9th he’ll be out ….

  165. yesindyref2 says:

    “Libdem now will do the trick
    then vote Tory until you’re Sick:”

    Missed out Labour which must come before the heartless Toriesm even if you boak.

    Tories are last, last last, absolutely and totally last.

    I’d suggest:

    “Libdem now will do the trick
    then Labour though it makes you sick
    Last are Tories, last with glee
    let’s get Scotland Tory- free”


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