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Where the friendship is

Posted on May 08, 2018 by

Alert and intrepid reader Dougie Grant gets among Her Majesty’s most loyal subjects.

(Alternative title: “A Journey Towards Unity”.)

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  1. 08 05 18 16:56

    Where the friendship is | speymouth

309 to “Where the friendship is”

  1. Betty Boop says:

    SIU will be delighted with their support. They couldn’t get moving for all the folk in the road (paraphrased LOL).

  2. uno mas says:

    “The cry was black suspenders, suspend them from the thiiii”!!!


  3. Betty Boop says:

    Great Britain “that is where the friendship is…” Aye, look friendly right enough, shouting obscenities. Feeling the love.

  4. dandy dons 1903 says:

    Village idiots for unionism.

  5. jamie symington says:

    Thanks to Dougie Grant for sending this in to Wings but it was me that filmed it.

  6. paul gerard mccormack says:

    The three amigos sure had a dry line in patter.
    Superb. The State of the Nation indeed.

  7. Jane Russell says:

    Happy to note very few women – if any – among the red, white and blue flag-wavers.

  8. Joemcg says:

    A lot of uses of the word “Fat” by three morbidly obese mouth breathers.

  9. Bob Mack says:

    I could accurately describe them to a tee, but political correctness would have me slaughtered toute suite.

    God help me, I actually do have distant family like those on film. Do they worry me ? Not a jot.

  10. shiregirl says:

    I’m getting the warm fuzzies from their ‘friendship’ just watching it….

    What total fuds.

  11. bigG says:

    The looks of hatred are to the fore but also the looks of despair are too. Especially among the three foul mouths tubs of lard. they are going to have to get used to it I counted less than fifty of them total IQ 51 … one was a genius

  12. Thomas Valentine says:

    Fat ugly pink slug Rangers fans pointing to someone else saying “look at that fat C”t” then they sweat some more and smoke in a highly effeminate manner before shouting ” faggot ” and ” poof “.
    Is it the funnier because they use Americanism learned from watching so much telly or the archaic term because they are living in the past?

  13. Robert Louis says:

    Nae doots they are all fully paid up members of the orange lodge and the millionaire English land owners funded ‘scotland in union’ political faction of the Tory party.

    Think they also support ‘the rangers’.

    I cannot think of a better advertisement for Scottish independence. Hopefully once independent, they will all move (as many have threatened to do) to England if Scotland is independent again.

    Knuckledraggers, each and every one.

  14. Ian McCubbin says:

    Can just feel the friendship and love. Any where flaying a union jack I assume I will have to be my best negoitiating assertive self. Hardly the model of friendship when you are confrinted with abuse or at best patronizing put downs.
    Never experience that behaviour in Denmark, Iceland or Norway.

  15. Northern Rock says:

    The phrase:

    “We Will Not Allow…” came across loud and clear.

    He’s not a fan of the democratic will of the majority of Scots then?

    It’s their way or it’s no way.

    How very Colonial.

  16. Scaredycat says:

    As we walked past them, my first thought was that they must be pretty brave to face up to such a massive crowd. We could barely see or hear then because of the sea of saltires and the noise from within the crowd.
    They are not brave though. They are simply very angry and ill-informed. It’s actually pretty sad to see this.

  17. mogabee says:

    Dougie deserves a medal and hopefully has fully recovered!!

    The three chumps were fair psyching each other up, the puir wee lambs couldnae get moving, unlike at any OO march where crossing over is surely so, so easy. ;D

    Mr MacConnachie still has his minders as well, another puir wee misguided soul. Wonder if he is reconciled to the Holocaust yet or has he decided openly denying it is perilous to his health…

  18. Archbishop of Dork says:

    I liked how the majority of them, who must have come along with the intention of being vocal, just went quiet. You could sense them thinking as they looked at the march, jeez look at the numbers of them.

  19. Macart says:

    No. No they weren’t very friendly, but we laughed and waved as we passed anyway. 🙂

    THAT though, is an object lesson on how we shouldn’t act toward former no voters. You don’t make friends by acting like the bods in that vid. Or to put it another way. Does anyone feel like voting for the union after that warm and fuzzy invite in the vid?

  20. Robert Louis says:

    The English queen lizzie must be right pleased, at such support in Scotland. Lovely people. So sad they only know the first two lines of ‘rule britannia’.

  21. Iain says:

    The pathetic thing is – nobody in the British ‘Establishment’ would wish to associate with these people, and would regard their role as cannon fodder or working ‘drones’. Their sense of ‘Britishness’ stems from a desperate need to belong to something big enough to make them feel more successful in life than they actually are.

  22. Rob Outram says:

    If I join up do I get one of those natty Union jack shirts?

  23. Northern Rock says:

    Did you hear the faint cries of:

    “There’ only one Stevie Gerard”.

    That made me chuckle LOL

    BritNat Zoomers

  24. thingy says:

    Fuck me, it’s the master race. :-0

  25. Surely WATP Adam Tomkins and Murdo the Queen’s Eleven should have been manning the barricades with their Loyal Brownshirts?
    Show this clip often and publicly during the Indyref 2 campaign.
    Anas Sarwar, these are your Better Together allies.
    Seriously deranged and dangerous young psychos here.

  26. Effijy says:

    Ruth’s citizens of the future on a day out.

    God only knows who these 3 overweight beasts
    Were calling fat as each of them appear to be approaching 20 Stone in weight.

    In Summary, they are against marchers of a happy peaceful disposition, they like
    Violent threatening Orange marches, they abuse people over weight,
    They hate Scits who want to control their own country, and they hate all Catholics.

    What a smashing group of ambassadors Ruth has, Oh wait a minute
    They hate gay”s too and decry them Poofters?
    Maybe their intellect forbids the concept of gay women?

    One of the 3 Stooges has a scarf that says “SIMPLES” on each end.
    You better believe it!

    Again very disappointed in the many Police present.
    They must have heard the language used as innocent
    Women and Children passed by to do their shopping.

    The Westminster parties and Green all voted to let this trash
    Roam free? Hopefully we will be free of them soon.

  27. Tinto Chiel says:

    Loved the personal comments on appearance from these chaps, who obviously don’t have mirrors at home (or a sense of irony).

    There’s a kind of uncomprehending desperation in their eyes as their wee world, with all its false certainties, crumbles around them.

    To use an expression beloved of one of their supporters, they look a bit banjaxed, soantheydo.

  28. Mark Fletcher says:

    The three fat blobs will be dead before their forties. A sad loss, I’m sure.

  29. shiregirl says:

    …it’s the accent of the numpty with the tannoy. It’s like a take on Neil Oliver! Put on, surely?

  30. Clootie says:

    Be afraid…this is the vanguard of the Union forces. This is the Tory Parties storm troopers to save their World.
    Like others I have idiots like this in my family.
    Children in poverty, your nation’s resources being stolen, nuclear weapons on your doorstep but Rangers have a new manager and a Royal Wedding coming up. Knuckle draggers incorporated!

  31. Iain says:

    Dae thae three ‘wee’ laddies’ mammies ken thae wur oot oan ther ain oan Saturday?

  32. Archbishop of Dork says:

    I guess the more numerous ones in the scarves are the flute players and the fewer in the Panama hats are Scotland in Union.

  33. dandy dons 1903 says:

    Britnat serfdom in all its ugly stupidity.

  34. Highland Wifie says:

    Thankfully I was blowing ma whistle so loudly as we passed them by that I didn’t hear any of that embarrassing talk that passes for intelligent discourse by unionists.

    If these lovely lads (didn’t see any women) are representative of the Britnat support, no wonder they think they need England to look after them. Not sure they have enough between the ears to find their way home.

  35. HandandShrimp says:

    I think the size of the march was starting to get them. The chubby lads in particular are developing Herbet Lom (Chief Inspector Dreyfus) style twitches.

    If the Union makes them so happy why are they so miserable? We were all having a good time 🙂

  36. dougiekdy says:

    Wish I could take the credit, was Jamie (on our bus on Saturday)

  37. Northern Rock says:

    Who is the guy with the tannoy?

    He is dressed in the style of those arrested for the Stephen Lawrence murder in London a few years back.

  38. K1 says:

    My guess tannoy man privately educated in Scotland…strangulated vowels. It does bring a strange mix of fellow travellers together, bigots, homophobes, anti Catholic types and zero irony. The Britnats are a funny wee set all bound by hatred of something or other.

    All Under One Umbrella.

  39. Robert Louis says:

    Of course, since long before the first indyref in 2014, I and many other asked the same question of unionists, namely, what exactly are the benefits of the union?

    Oddly, it is a question which has never received an answer – probably because their aren’t any.

    The fact remains, if the cursed undemocratic union with England was so good for Scotland, nobody would want independence, but it simply isn’t.

    Any unionists care to answer? What are the benefits to Scotland of the union with England? Facts mind, not just ‘rule britannia, we won the war, god save the queen p*sh‘ rhetoric.

    Any takers?

  40. Northern Rock says:

    The Unionists/Rangers Fans/Orange Order keep coming up with these Comedy Gold Videos.

    I liked the one where the father and son were interviewed outside a Rangers match and the son told the World that he was moving to Wales if Scotland became an Independent Country.


    Keep them comin’ lads. The more we see of them, the quicker we become an Independent Nation.

  41. K1 says:

    As Rev points out on twitter:

    ‘A thing conspicuously missing from these “ugly confrontations” is any actual confrontation.’

    That’s why the Herald’s pish is so pathetic, there’s not an ounce of truth in that description of what took place on Saturday. A deliberately ‘angled’ shot to convey a deliberately false impression. Propaganda 101…as the American say.

  42. HandandShrimp says:

    Isn’t Tannoy man the chap booted out of UKIP for being too extreme?

  43. Legerwood says:

    All I can say is they do not have much stamina because when we passed them they were down to a mere handful – we were close, but not that close, to the end of the march.

    Clearly they had not reckoned on having to stand there for 40 minutes or more watching tens of thousands of people going passed smiling and waving at them.

    There was one man beside us tried to go over to them but the stewards, and his wife, stopped him.

    They are likely to turn up at other marches so be prepared to smile and wave again. It fair annoys them if they don’t get a rise out of folk.

  44. Proud Cybernat says:

    A group of people who define themselves by what they HATE rather than by what they LOVE.

    What happens to them to get into such a state of blind, blinkered, irrational hatred?

  45. Joemcg says:

    Unbelievably there is a clip that’s much worse than that on the rev’s twitter feed. Racism in front of Scotland’s finest who are doing nowt about the vileness spewing from their mouths. Check it out.

  46. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Hello hello we are the bully boys
    Hello hello you can tell us by our lack of poise
    We’re up to our knees in deep fried food
    Surrender or we’ll hae a pie
    Cos we are the bully bully boys.

  47. dougiekdy says:

    Is the guy with the tannoy the same Alastair McConnachie, mentioned on this site before I think?

  48. Northern Rock says:


    He does seem to be the mouthpiece for some bigger movement.

    The Scottish Defense League springs to mind.

    He will be easily remembered for future Scottish Defense League Marches.

  49. heraldnomore says:

    This should be the lovelies, knew it had passed my screen earlier today

  50. Puzzled Puss says:

    Shame about the laundry mishap which caused the dyes in Megaphone Man’s shirt to run.

  51. harry mcaye says:

    What a bunch of brain donors! Love the scarfs. One has “Cummings” at the bottom. That’s Jason Cummings, currently ON LOAN from Nottingham Forest and unlikely to ever sign for them as they don’t have a pot to piss in. Simples indeed.

    Such a shame they couldn’t get on their way and get to the match, or more likely their first pub. Now they know what it’s like for the rest of us when we accidently happen on one of the many Orange Walks seemingly now held all the year round. Fat waste of spaces.

  52. K1 says:

    Thanks Heraldnomore, so it McConnachie, the holocaust denier. It all falls into place.

  53. Sandy says:

    Robert Louis @ 4.45 pm.
    After independence, think isolated Engerland will welcome them, these three obese foul-mouthed examples of low-life? No, we’ll have them here, probably subsidising their existence in Barlinnie.

  54. James Brown says:

    “Look at that fat cunt!” Exclaimed a fat cunt.
    Why are unionists always so very angry?
    Because they know they are on the losing side, they can’t explain it, they can’t fathom it, but nevertheless they’re losing.
    No matter how frantically they wave it, they’ll never get the blood out of the Butcher’s Apron.
    They refuse to admit, that no one wants to be like them. That Scotland is, frankly, increasingly sick of them and their precious Union.
    They are now in siege mentality and like cornered bears are worth the watching.
    Independence will prevail.

  55. Vestas says:

    No surprise its mainly fans of the most evil sports club to ever have existed.

  56. James Brown says:

    “Look at that fat cunt!” Exclaimed a fat cunt.
    Why are unionists always so very angry?
    Because they know they are on the losing side, they can’t explain it, they can’t fathom it, but nevertheless they’re losing.
    No matter how frantically they wave it, they’ll never get the blood out of the Butcher’s Apron.
    They refuse to admit, that no one wants to be like them. That Scotland is, frankly, increasingly sick of them and their precious Union.
    They are now in siege mentality and like cornered bears are worth the watching.

  57. jfngw says:

    The Sons of Struth give you their voices of hatred. They are probably just confused why those marching are not pished, you know like normal walkers.

    If I can make the the next march then I’ll try to wear a bowler so they don’t feel so isolated.

  58. schrodingers cat says:

    Breaking: Facebook Ireland has announced it will not be accepting ads from anyone outside Ireland ahead of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment following concerns @thetimesIE

    interesting, is there a way we could do this in scotland?

  59. K1 says:

    Think we’ll just post that whole article dougiekdy, so we have a real picture of who we are dealing with when the next marches take place.

    ‘A PRO-UNION blogger who was barred from Ukip for questioning the Holocaust has become the first individual to register as an official campaigner in the independence referendum.
    Alistair McConnachie, who disputes that Nazis used gas chambers to murder Jews, is now legally entitled to spend up to £150,000 in support of a No vote.

    He registered with the Electoral Commission as a so-called “permitted participant” last week, a sign he intends to spend at least £10,000 of his own money or donations.
    Glasgow-based McConnachie, 48, was Ukip’s Scottish organiser between 1999 and 2001, and stood as a Ukip candidate five times.

    However, in late 2001, the party refused to renew his membership because of comments he made about the killing of Jews. In an email to party members, he said: “I don’t accept that gas chambers were used to execute Jews for the simple fact there is no direct physical evidence to show that such gas chambers ever existed … There are no photographs or films of execution gas chambers … Alleged eyewitness accounts are revealed as false or highly exaggerated.”

    McConnachie also claimed the Pope was duped over the Holocaust and attacked the Board of Deputies of British Jews, prompting some Ukip members to resign from the party’s executive.

    The controversy began in 2000 when McConnachie wrote to newspapers questioning how many Jews had died at Auschwitz and citing American “expert” Fred Leuchter, who claimed there were no gas chambers at the concentration camp.

    McConnachie also accused the Board of Deputies of “seeking to establish a monopoly in the marketplace of ideas” because it complained to the BBC for running two interviews with the Holocaust denier David Irving.

    Ukip initially expelled McConnachie for five years for bringing the party into disrepute, but this was reduced on appeal to a one-year suspension from the executive.

    At the time, McConnachie said he had been defending his “private right to free speech within the law” but Ukip refused to renew his membership. After Ukip, McConnachie formed his own party, Independent Green Voice, and stood as its candidate three times.

    In 2007, he wrote that he was not a Holocaust denier but was “quite prepared to accept that six million Jews perished in the Holocaust”, but retained his doubts about gas chambers.
    “Regarding the Holocaust, the most that could be said is that I’ve questioned, and doubt from a historically interested point of view, some aspects, specifically with regard to the existence of execution gas chambers.”

    Since March 2012, McConnachie has run a pro-Union website called, which carries essays and graphics, many of the Union flag and the phrase “Gonna vote naw”. It argues against more powers for Holyrood because “the presence of a significant separatist movement”, in the form of the SNP, means “devolving power will always be potentially dangerous to a union”.

    SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell called on the pro-Union Better Together campaign to distance itself from McConnachie, saying: “Mr McConnachie’s repulsive views denying the Holocaust are stomach-churning – even Ukip disciplined him for that.

    “He is entitled to vote and work for a No, but he has gone further than that by formally associating himself with the No campaign. Therefore, in the interests of decency and a civilised debate, we would urge David Cameron to dissociate himself from Mr McConnachie and suggest that [Better Together chair] Alistair Darling writes to him requesting that he deregister as a permitted participant.”

    A Better Together spokesman said: “The fact that we had to Google this guy tells you all you need to know about his links to our campaign.”
    McConnachie hung up on the Sunday Herald when contacted for comment.’

  60. Al Dossary says:

    Tannoy guy is I believe Alistair McConnachie, former treasurer of UKIP in Scotland who was kicked out for being a Holocaust Denier on his blog.

    Were it not for his removal of UKIP he may even have challenged Murdo Fraser for failed elections (5 times so far he has failed at various elections).

    Also with links to the Orange Order – who would have thought?

  61. Dr Jim says:

    If they hadn’t been going to the football I have my doubts they would have been there at all

    These types are just lazy foul mouthed idiots spouting the staunch christian values that their Church of Ibrox OO branch espouses, and if Rangers Football Club had any decency within its ranks they should be challenged to condemn the behaviour of their own supporters, Ooops! I nearly forgot between them the Labour party the Tory party the Liberal Democrats AND the Greens managed to get a law which was supposed to assist the police in these matters REPEALED

    Police Scotland who accompanied the march were smiling friendly and even posed for pictures with the marchers
    notice the completely different expressions on the faces of the Police as they stared these unevolved *Rangers supporters* down

    For the benefit of the *Rangers supporters* I’m neither a Fenian or a Paki or a Bastirt or a Poof or any other derogatory name you care to think up for another human being, I’m a Scotsman in my own country marching in peace for the benefit of my country which doesn’t look a lot like what you people were doing, and that’s why the Police were looking at you in the way they were …..Disgusted!

    Don’t think for one minute this wee video won’t be seen!

    It will!

  62. James Brown says:

    Just noticed union jacket man. That’s the guy who thinks the United Kingdom is five thousand years old.
    No pal, it’s three hundred and eleven.
    It just feels like five thousand years.

  63. galamcennalath says:

    On the face of it, the Union they support wouldn’t appear to offer very much for these sad souls.

    But it does. It gives them an identity and without that they would be invisible.

  64. Calum McKay says:

    The absurdity and contradiction of what they were screaming at others is pure comedy gold! Even more so in that they are sincere, albeit handicapped by not having the ability to think beyond a five year old that has just learned how to swear. (Appologies to all five year olds that have just learned how to swear!).

    I am deeply encouraged that if this is the pond life that is left to prop up the union, Scotland is in good shape for Indy 2.

    Ruth and Richard must be delighted with their core support and how accurately reflects their view of the world!

    The greatger the publicity that can be given to these clowns, the nearer freedom is!

  65. Andy-B says:

    I don’t think there’s any hope of convincing those people of the benefits of Scottish independence.

    They actually believe that Westminster is doing a good job for Scotland and that they care. I think they were overwhelmed by the size of the independence march, good.

  66. Andrew Davies says:

    Now is it me or all Yoons fecking angry. I felt the love walking past them ? The hatred and bile they spewed, didn’t convince me to change from YES to NO, if more ppl see this, the more will turn to the YES side. What a horrible life they must lead.

  67. Northern Rock says:

    Alistair McConnachie’s vision for Scotland and the UK

  68. Breeks says:

    This is the face of Scottish Unionism? What are we waiting for? Let’s do this.

    When does the UK Supreme Court address the Brexit Continuity case?

    After such a successful YES March, it would be nice to feed the momentum with some positive action, and frankly, keep feeding that momentum from now until Indyref2, or at least Constitutional deliverance from Brexit.

  69. Northern Rock says:

    The Unionist’s hold on Power has been challenged.

    They are both angry and frightened

    They know they have no place in an Independent Scotland.

  70. Dr Jim says:


    I don’t believe these people care about Independence one way or another, they believe it has something to do with folk removing their right to their religion and are too stupid to realise religion has sod all to do with Independence

    They can still have God save their queen if she needs saving, she’s never saved me from the Tories so I might swither a bit on the saving part myself to be honest

  71. Will we ever bow down to Brit Nat imperialism again? Fat chance.
    These sad young brainwashed men will be crippled with multiple diseases and ailments by the time they are forty, if they last that long.
    There can be no clearer evidence than their imbecilic behaviour on this video to establish that they have been TAUGHT from birth to believe and act like that.
    What an evil core of hatred bubbles beneath the surface of civil Scotland.
    Their vicious fascist outlook is tacitly condoned by and supported by a Brit Nat Scottish Branch Establishment Elite.
    Not all Rangers followers are knuckledraggers. Not all Celtic supporters sing the praises of IRA psychopaths killing innocent young squaddies Press Ganged into the Brit Army by state engineered poverty.
    These lads clearly are sad ill educated unskilled sheep, fed the nonsense that they are the ‘people’ from birth and pulpit, and ergo better than any Catholic Doctor, or any Sikh Restauranteur.
    I’d urge all decent Sellick and Ranjers supporters to let their feelings of disgust be known to their clubs.

    If I took to the streets with a megaphone of a Saturday afternoon and yelled ‘Fat Counts’, my feet wouldn’t touch; I’d end up in court.
    But perhaps I should borrow Ian Murray’s Union Jack suit.
    Then my Tourette attack may be considered ‘political’ by the constabulary.
    I am overwhelmed with genuine sadness that some of our young Scots have developed into sub human endomorphs.
    Imagine there’s no religion, it’s easy if you try.

  72. K1 says:

    O/T Midlothian council put in a Tory Provost, first time ever apparently…Labour voted them in. Didn’t even stand one of their own candidates for the job. It becomes increasingly obvious what the unionists are doing. We vote SNP and win, and they collaborate to ensure we don’t have our representatives in charge or in key positions even when we’ve a majority of councillors.

    How is this representative democracy?

  73. Nana says:

    I’m sure Ruth Davidson is delighted to have these clowns on her team.

    Perfect dinner companions at the SIU black tie affairs. They will fit in perfectly well with Carmichael, Rennie, Lamont and the rest of that shouty gang.

    Easily led and gullible people with sad lives looking for some attention.

  74. The Man in the Jar says:

    I think it’s a safe bet that if there had been an early kick-off at Ibrox then none of these charmers would have even been there.

  75. Macart says:

    ‘Course what you’re seeing in living colour are the two faces of unionism side by side. The delusion and the reality. One guy talks about friendship and security (clearly not a follower of current events then), whilst t’other and his chums display their utter contempt for fellow Scots.

    Here’s the thing though and there’s no getting round it for our outspoken chums ATL. Whilst they apparently wouldn’t put themselves on the line for you, nor would they defend your rights or your democracy for that matter. We are doing exactly those things for all of us.

    Spooky, but true.

  76. Anne Gorman says:

    What the hell is that accent (bloke with the loud hailer) all about? Is that an attempt to portray himself as intelligent and articulate so thinks a ‘posh’ accent does it? Pity he has nothing in the way of a reasonable argument and is surrounded by some of the most brain dead knuckle daggers imaginable. #epicfail

  77. Ottomanboi says:

    Look out! Here comes the master race.

  78. Gary45% says:

    Bon dias. Hope this gets you from Spain.
    Three cheeks from the same erse??!!
    Must be unionist inbreeding.

  79. Graham King says:

    Ha ha, that’s brilliant!

    James Brown says:
    8 May, 2018 at 5:31 pm
    Just noticed union jacket man. That’s the guy who thinks the United Kingdom is five thousand years old.
    No pal, it’s three hundred and eleven.
    It just feels like five thousand years.

  80. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Megaphone UnionJackAss:

    The same “Alistair McConachie, who was paid thousands by the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland for “social media” during the independence referendum”

  81. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Hasn’t the tall bald guy to the right of Tannoy Man at the start featured on Wings before?

  82. Ken500 says:

    The Tories are responsible for Scotland losing £Billion. Ruining the Oil sector with too high taxes when the price had fallen. Losing Scotland £Billions and thousands of jobs. Losing grants for CCS and renewables. Cutting the block grant 10% a year since 2010. Now £3Billion less. Scotland has to pay for Trident £1Billion a year. Pay interest on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Hinkley Point and HS2 a total waste of money. £Billion lost in Oil revenues. The McCrone Report. Paying for illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. £Billions lost from Scotland because of Westminister unionist policies.

  83. Shug says:

    Getting these types to realise that by guaranteeing ulster will be in full regulatory alignment with Dublin as they have done Westminster has handed ulster over to the south and indeed ulster will be made to have the same laws but without any representation in the Dublin. They have been betrayed by their British masters parliament

  84. Steve Bowers says:

    Jeezo, my sympathies to any Rangers fans looking at this, we know these guys do not represent you all, we know they are a tiny proportion of your support. (I say this as an Aiberdeen fan)

    We’re glad for the support thousands of you provide to further Scottish Independence for yourselves, your children, for all of us regardless.

  85. Ken500 says:

    Bring back FPTP get rid of the lot of them. 3rd rate rejects. Ganging together to keep SNP out of power. Useless sychophants.

  86. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    It is simple @K1 says at 5:53 pm

    “We vote SNP and win, and they collaborate to ensure we don’t have our representatives in charge or in key positions even when we’ve a majority of councillors.”

    Then they run down/close services claiming they have no choice ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaaad cutting their budget (without a hint of irony when Scotlands budget is cut by the Red White and Blue Tory, BritNat Labour and FibDems are Westminster).

    It is part of their Soft Coup (ably advertised by their compliant media) against the Democratically elected Scottish Government.

    BritNat Public Service Unions and BritNat Loaded Health Boards are also part of the same tactic.

    They NEED a Unionist Majority at Holyrood.

    Unfortunately for them we’ll be Independent by 2021.


  87. ronnie anderson says:

    Dougie shouldnae hiv done that withoot ah bio hazard suit , he’ll need decontamination pop by Dougie I hiv ah big bottle of Zaflora an ah spray gun , you’ll leave smelling fresh as ah daisy .

  88. Archbishop of Dork says:

    It was nice of the guy at 1min 43secs to do a tribute to actor Gareth Hunt’s work in coffee adverts.

  89. Welsh Sion says:

    From under which rock (geddit?) did these creatures crawl out of?

    Oxygen stealers the lot (?) of ’em.

  90. ronnie anderson says:

    joemcg Duly noted Gary Kelly sent a E Mail to Gcc for a early de brief I will bring the subject up with the Police at the meeting .

  91. Bobp says:

    Proud cybernat 5.13pm. These people dont know what love means. Obviously been reared by bigoted parents who never showed them any love. Other than hate kaffliks and furriners,Other than the “love” These ignorant low IQ peasants have for their Queen .Lol.

  92. Jimmy says:

    “F^£k 0ff ya fat c^&t”
    Obviously no mirrors in those houses.

  93. HandandShrimp says:

    Watching a video of march taken from a pedestrian bridge at the West End it took the march over an hour to go past. I was relatively near the front of the march and these guys were quite agitated by then although I couldn’t hear a word they were saying because we had drummers behind us. I would love to have seen their faces when they were still having to yell abuse an hour later. The chubby lads seem disgusted so many were going past after only 4 minutes.

  94. Legerwood says:


    Iran deal dead – Trump just announced

  95. Bobp says:

    Steve Bowers 6.13pm. Agree steve, my brother in law an ibrox season ticket holder but an avid indy supporter and at the march on Saturday with us. But then again he’s an intelligent guy who can hold a conversation in any company without saying f**k this and f**K that and f**k those fenian b*****d’s. Lol

  96. Liam says:

    Jimmy says:
    8 May, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    “F^£k 0ff ya fat c^&t”
    Obviously no mirrors in those houses.

    I’d assumed he was saying ‘hello’ to his mum.

  97. osakisushi says:

    In the last few minutes, a bald guy features who reminded me of the great “Fundilymundily egging” event. Pretty sure he featured in that video too.

  98. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I hope all these idiots got back to the villages who were missing them. They can do little harm when in their own ludges, spreading the love, but, in a group like that, all those single brain cells might come up with cogen thought.

    Actually, that’s probably why the Glib and Shameless Liar can get away with running Ra Peepul.

    Reel Rainjurzz Men, don’t you just love them.

  99. schrodingers cat says:

    the big guy with the bunnet and the simple scarf didnt look 100% right, hand action and speech seems to suggest some kind of disorder.
    Jack collatin says:
    “perhaps I should borrow Ian Murray’s Union Jack suit.
    Then my Tourette attack may be considered ‘political’ by the constabulary.”

    what do we want?, a cure for tourettes, when do we want it? cunt 🙂

  100. frogesque says:

    For Cactus, and everyone else!

    Feel the love pilgrim!

  101. schrodingers cat says:

    the bald guy next to the guy with the mega phone,

    the pregnant women who got assaulting during indyref1

  102. Hamish100 says:

    C’mon your being unfair. The puir wee souls were lookin for their mammy or is it their faither to help them cross the road.

    They just need a cuddle and TLC with a fags, a few voddies and then they can get a wee sleep in their baby box xxxL with the lullaby of No surrender.

    I do feel their love. I hope they come from Edinburgh.

  103. Les Roches says:

    Memo to Jackson Carlaw, this is like bagging all the Munro’s in one day.

  104. Truth says:

    There’s some decent looking people in amongst that shower of oddballs and bigots.

    Have they no shame siding with the depths of humanity? Not one of them spoke out to tell them to behave. Perhaps they’re not decent after all.

    I know bigotry from yes supporters would not be tolerated and someone would say something.

  105. Marcia says:

    The Unionist Charm School graduation event.

  106. Tackety Beets says:

    This clip reminds me of a tweet from a few months back, sorry cannot recall the exact script or author.

    The jist was Thousands draped in red, white n blue all singing
    “God save the queen” whilst they themselves have an average life expectancy average of 55 !

  107. Cuilean says:

    Ma big sis was oan the march. We’ve been SNP fae bairns (mair years than we care tae mind) but ma sis is also….. *whispers* a Rangers supporter. She wis waulkin wi her ither lassie freens fae YES, an’ aw definitely no Rangers, quite the opposite, forbye.

    Approaching this clanjamfrey o numpties, wan o her freens said,’Oh, I’m frightened now’ an’ ma sis replied, ‘Dinna be, there’s a Ger supporter waulkin richt here beside ye an’ yer no frightened o me an Ah’m no frightened o yon’.

    At the next march, she says she’s wearing her Rangers scarf along wi carrying her saltire and her Catalonian flag, so that she can wave her scarf at thon craiturs.

    That’ll fair upset them.

  108. Welsh Sion says:

    Hamish100 says:

    8 May, 2018 at 7:48 pm
    C’mon your being unfair. The puir wee souls were lookin for their mammy or is it their faither to help them cross the road.


    Couldn’t be their father, could it, Hamish100?

    They haven’t got one … 😉

  109. Dr Jim says:

    Ronnie Anderson posts under his own name and most folk in the Yes movement know who he is even if they don’t know him personally

    Who are you @Rocky ll ????? Go on tell us, you know you want to

  110. frogesque says:

    Aye Richt! Some one sailing VERY close to the wind tonight.

    Guess the Glasgow walk has realy given the knuckle draggers and green ink brigade a dose of the skitters.

    Try a pure chilli extract earse wipe baby!

  111. Hamish100 says:

    rocky11 – if you have evidence you go to the Police. That’s how it works in this country.

    ps on the video are you the guy on the left?

  112. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The fact is these poor underclass very low educated individuals are victims, quiet at the back, its a fact they have no future.

    They are victims of the British Nationalist regime quietly encouraged to behave in a manner that no self respecting person would.

    Its all part of the greater plan from the centre remember the BBCs orange walk coverage. Labour and Tories permitting bigots in their ranks.

    These poor stupid young men are the very type who would benefit from Independence and the very ones who will suffer badly if the Tories or Labour ever get back in.

    They are indeed unsavoury and clearly stupid but they are very much victims no doubt about it.

  113. Bob Mack says:

    They have a sense of entitlement given from the cradle, because that is exactly the way Scotland used to be. Those of Protestant persuasion could find work where others could not.
    This gave rise to a sense of superiority “we are the people”.

    The mechanisms of local and National government colluded in this idea and reinforced it. They could be sitting in an impoverished household but still felt superior because they were the rightful heirs to an arbitrary idea of being somehow .selected.

    How often have you heard that we Scottish indy supporters should be put back in our place. They mean we should be deferential to Unionists because they are entitled to that deference. We are obliged to feel inferior.

    Not me. Never did and never will. Their world is crumbling around them. Centuries of habit and tradition eroding away like a sandcastle in the rain, and they are scared and frightened by it. They will fight eventually ,but the compass is set. There will be no turning back.

    We fight not just for independence, but to dispel ignorance, prejudice and hate in all its manifest forms, and exhibited by these people.

  114. Bobp says:

    K1 5.03pm. “All under one umbrella ” dont you mean all under one” bowler hat” lol.

  115. Macart says:

    @Jason Smoothpiece

    Pretty much.

    As I said above, what we’re trying to achieve is for all of us. That includes the very bods ATL. Would they do the same for us, or act only for themselves? A question they need to consider surely?

    Here’s another. The political system and people they’re so bent on supporting. Do they really believe that this system and those people really give a shit whether they exist? Do they really believe those people wouldn’t throw them and theirs under a bus in a heartbeat if it suited their needs?

    Wonder if they reckon the likes of a Reesmoog will invite them all over for afternoon tea sometime soon. Share a quiet Pimms and a few laughs on the village green? Take a turn around the country lanes in the Roller? Still, any day now for that invite I’m sure and they can enjoy some of that old empire security, where the friendship lies etc.

  116. Bobp says:

    Those 3 fat barstewards had obviously taken advantage of Kfc’s bargain bucket offer on display behind them.

  117. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Your comment @Rocky II says 8 May, 2018 at 8:08 pm “Regarding Ronnie Anderson” is pretty much defamation unless you have evidence.

    “defamation occurs when a person makes a communication which contains a damaging and untrue imputation against the reputation of another person.”

  118. louis.b.argyll says:

    cheers for the link to the dug, he’s spot on about them hating it up ’em.

    Most folk on the indy-march, like most on here know their logic is sound, their politics diverse and progressive.

    The alternative to nationhood for Scots, is a future ill-fitting our needs, why on earth would an intelligent person vote for.. etc etc.

  119. Macart says:

    @louis b.

    He does have a knack of hitting that nail squarely on the wossiname. 🙂

  120. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    The Glasgow walk has given them more than “a dose of the skitters.” @frogesque says at 8:17 pm

    It’s given them A Total Arse Collapse.



    The crowd on Saturday will be 2 or 3 times as large once The Brexit Settlement is known and Scotland sees what staying in The Union shackled to a Neo Fascist Little England which is suffering from the realisation of its true place in the world.

    But the wee knot of bitterness and bigotry which was on Union Street will be no larger (and very possibly smaller).

    Remember the louder the BritNats Howl the closer Independence is.

  121. Giving Goose says:

    The Queen would be properly embarrassed to know that these characters represent her core supporters.

  122. louis.b.argyll says:

    Jeepers, Trump is getting creepily more right-wing every day.

    It’ll soon be..

    NATO vs The Rest of the World

    Seriously. NATO should throw American out now, form an EU Alliance with or without the (soon to be former) UK.

    Excepting the giants nations China and India- the rest of Far East, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southern and Central America now need protection FROM the USA..and their (cough) allies

  123. Bobp says:

    Bob mack 8.21pm. Know what you mean Bob. When my dad came over from Ireland in the 50’s and worked as a potato picker. He met with disgusting sectarian hatred. But although no longer with us today he would be so proud of his university graduated grandchildren . All indy supporters. These unionist scum know the writing is on the wall and as you say,they are terrified of losing their status Quo. But Scotland’s youth are to clever for them now and can see through the lies which they sold our grandparents.

  124. Ian Mackay says:

    Apart from a few folk holding the Union flags it seems from the video the ones behind were just Rangers fans probably in town to get the subway to Ibrox for the game. So SIU numbers would looked even worse if a few Rangers fans didn’t stop en route to the match to ‘have a go’.
    I was heartened by the 4 young Rangers fans that seemed to realise that McConnochie and the other 3 homophobic Rangers fans behind were just on a tirade of abuse and just left.
    Even among SIU key demographic of Rangers fans, more and more seem to turning to Yes. And SIU antics hardly seems to convince all but the most bigoted.
    On that showing maybe SIU should show up every Saturday on Boots Corner to shout Unionist abuse and just keep turning No voters into Yes voters.

  125. schrodingers cat says:

    wgd is right though, the number of activist involved in indyref2 will dwarf indyref1.

    you need to be ready for this, we all point out how grass roots the yes camp actually is, unfortunately that means only you can do it.

    i’ve mentioned this activist wave we will see when indyref2 finally kicks of a few times, the march is an indication that this will happen

  126. Cubby says:

    Very sad to see anyone behave in that manner and hold these views. We should really pity them.

    I can only hope than in an independent Scotland we can start to remove this horrible cancer of football related sectarianism and downright hatred that is an embarrassment to any decent person in Scotland.

    As others have stated above there are plenty of football fans from all clubs in Scotland who abhor this type of behaviour. It is a pity that so many of our polticians love to stoke the old empire divide and conquer approach.

  127. schrodingers cat says:

    good thing is, this is the best they can do, and they know it

  128. Lenny Hartley says:

    Jane Russell, I saw at least two shall we say middleaged Woman in the Union City (lol) ranks.

  129. Rock says:

    K1 says:
    8 May, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    “O/T Midlothian council put in a Tory Provost, first time ever apparently…Labour voted them in. Didn’t even stand one of their own candidates for the job. It becomes increasingly obvious what the unionists are doing. We vote SNP and win, and they collaborate to ensure we don’t have our representatives in charge or in key positions even when we’ve a majority of councillors.”

    Ken500 says:
    8 May, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    “Bring back FPTP get rid of the lot of them. 3rd rate rejects. Ganging together to keep SNP out of power. Useless sychophants.”

    If Ken500’s beloved FPTP were to be used at the next Holyrood election, the unionists led by Pravda GB and the black arts department of the British Establishment would make sure the SNP was almost wiped out of the Scottish parliament.

    In how may seats did the SNP get more than 50% support at the last Holyrood election?

  130. Auld Rock says:

    Obviously couldn’t afford gate money at Unionbrox.

  131. Haggishunter says:

    That was so funny, the fat c#£&@ts were calling people fat c@&£ts
    I noticed the yoons have two types of people.
    Old and harmless Tory’s and the thickest of the thick wannabe hard men.
    I was on the march and the second group were more vicious than that group, with their Hitler salutes.
    Wonder how well M15 is connected to them? They are probably run by the government

  132. Jim Davidson says:

    I would go as far as to say they’ve done us a huge favour. This video will be shared and seen across many social media pages. World wide this will be the public face and perception of those opposing independence

  133. Craig P says:

    “The empire’s over, why don’t you go home.”

  134. ronnie anderson says:

    Money and Mr Anderson have a strange relationship.

    Aye yer rite AH KEEP SPENDING IT ma ain money that is .

    Noo ya muppet as others have told you if theres a fraud then its your duty to report it, as you mentioned Maryhill foodbank Im known to Maryhill Police CID why don’t report your allegations to them , again you’ll have to wait re Maryhill Foodbank case starting on 5th June , noo that will be in the public domain , or you can report to Airdrie Police am well known to them also considering they some years ago they gave me £ 2 grand from the proceeds of criminal confiscations , knock yerself oot but am still no disclosing the sum of monies raised on Sat at this time 2nd June after Dumfries March .

  135. Rock says:

    Andy-B says:
    8 May, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    “I don’t think there’s any hope of convincing those people of the benefits of Scottish independence.”

    Rock (5th March – “Our problems and how to solve them”):

    “In my humble opinion, with limited resources, it is the ultimate in stupidity to waste them on those who are highly unlikely to be convinced and converted: the British Nationalist elderly, the selfish middle classes, English settlers and the thugs.”

    Thepnr says:
    15 March, 2018 at 9:51 pm (“The greasy poll”)

    “No kidding I believe the key to a Yes vote next time around is by taking our own older voters along with us. Plenty of whom already support Yes but we need more. Every No to Yes is worth two votes.

    Keep at them relentlessly, eventually they will listen, it’s worth trying and who better to try than a Yes supporting relative they love.”

  136. Bobp says:

    I wonder if any of these 3 lads had the misfortune to have a debilitating illness, would they still feel the same when their beloved better together westminster government sanctioned them, and found them fit for work?. Would they still feel the same “loyalty ” to these people who wouldn’t p*ss on them if they were on fire. Probably!.

  137. Lenny Hartley says:

    Rocky 11′ re your alledged defamation of Ronnie Anderson, i hope you realise that there is a method of raising cash called a crowdfunder which if required will pay Mr Anderson’s legal costs which will see your sad arse in Court.
    In fact i find your comments offensive, why dont you be a good little troll and fuck off.

  138. ronnie anderson says:

    Looking at that video of SIU the 1st person with a blue sipper is that no McDonald fae Aberdeen Anne Beggs friend .

  139. schrodingers cat says:

    Lenny Hartley says:
    In fact i find your comments offensive, why dont you be a good little troll and fuck off.


  140. ronnie anderson says:

    Lenny Hartley Thanks but no thanks Wingers have more crowdfunders on the horizon to support . This clown has no balls to make a Police complaint + the fact I am well able to defend myself in any court .


  141. Craig P says:

    Here’s a little experiment you can do with your friends and family.

    Ask “where do you see Scotland in 2038?”

    Some people will be bursting with ideas and vision. Some will shrug their shoulders and say “same as now.”

    My theory is that the ones with the vision will be indy supporters. Because there isn’t really a unionist vision for the future, is there? Except for nothing to ever change.

    If I was a unionist politician I’d be working night and day to find an easily communicable vision of the future. Because if they can’t work that out, that will be the thing that kills the union in the end.

  142. Inbhir Anainn says:

    Welcome to the 2018 version of the three Unionist stooges Curly, Mo & Larry.

  143. Liz g says:

    Ronnie Anderson @ 9.22
    Well said Ronnie, stick tae yer guns…..
    Oh and if you’ve any “strange “ relationships wi anything!
    I want to hear all aboot it/them at the stall on June 2nd…..
    Mind,,, fotays or it didnay happen…

  144. Rocky II says:

    Lenny Hartley

    I find being told to “Fuck Off” offensive.

    I thought this was an open forum owned by the good Rev Stu?

    When did Lenny Hartley start deciding who lives and who dies?

  145. Andy smith says:

    I made a point of holding my nose whilst passing these Neanderthals,that seemed to annoy them even more.
    Apologies to Neanderthals after just reading how they are now understood to have made simple squiggly line drawings, maybe after another 300 years these yoons might be able to stand on two legs without their arses scraping the ground.

  146. The Man in the Jar says:

    Bob Mac@ 8:20pm

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Their wee WATP gang makes them feel important. The reality is that they are nothing but a bunch of sycophantic lickspittles and aristocracy worshipers. their greatest desire is to be reigned over by some daft auld wifey with a magic hat!

    Not a brain cell between them.

  147. Marie Clark says:

    Dearie me, as Phil MacGiollabhain would say ” unsurpassed dignity”.

    How absolutely pathetic from three grown men, is that the best they’ve got? Three grown men, mair like the three craws. Man are these Britnats scared. Good I’m pleased about that.

    Couldn’t make Glasgow on Saturday, but I will be at Dumfries on the 2nd June and hope to meet up with some of you guys. Looking forward to it.

  148. S. Perspective says:

    Unionism is ugly. Literally.

  149. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I won’t allow these comments to be used for people to accuse each other of stuff. The Wings stall at events has nothing to do with me and I have no idea what happens there, it’s a place where readers get together. So if you have issues with it, take it up with the people who run it, don’t start a fight here.

  150. ronnie anderson says:

    lizg ah don’t dey strange things ah might dey menteal things as Wingers know but they seem tae workoot fur some strange reason, sorry nae fotays .

  151. Hamish100 says:

    rock 2

    You really should read up on the Scots legal term of “defamation”.

    You have made serious allegations of a personal nature. Trot off to Pitt Street (police) or more likely your own lawyer would be my lay persons advice.

    Or even better troll, head off for good. You may find that you are identified. I hope that you are.


  152. Rocky II says:

    OK Rev

  153. Archbishop of Dork says:

    At last. Ruth Davidson’s burly, intimidatory men have turned up!

  154. dakk says:

    Nice footage.

    Believe me.The misguided rednecks who wear their heart on their sleeve are not the worst by any means.Their bark is worse than their bite for the most part.

    It is the sneaky smiley ones like the murderous sweet old lady pensioners among us,and the Dr David Kelly lookalike and Panama hat man whom I detest.

    They come across as all intelligent,civilized and decent,but are really murderous old bastards with a selfish disregard for any life but their own,or at push their kin.

    They are the BBC watching,Britnat newspaper reading filth who elect the human filth in their own image who govern the UK.

  155. Roger Hyam says:

    I think they may need to look at the gender balance of their group. Do you think they would be open to that?

  156. ronnie anderson says:

    AUOB are looking into the hiring of buses for the Dumfries March from Glasgow .

  157. Elmac says:

    Re Effigy at 4.52pm.

    Effigy alludes to police inaction on Saturday. I saw a good number of police forming a barrier between the unionists and the March. All of us on the march, including many women and children, were subjected to obscene language, gestures and threats by easily identifiable individuals. I am not a lawyer but it is clear that public order offences were committed in the full view of the police over a continous period of an hour or so while the march went past. Why were no arrests made? It would have sent out a clear signal to these scum and lessened the risk of serious violence. I wonder what the position would have been if the boot had been on the other foot?

  158. Indy2 says:

    Tomorrow’s National:

    Tomorrow’s front page: Boris is revolting – Foreign secretary calls May’s policy crazy … and Lords inflict 13th defeat on weak PM.

  159. jfngw says:

    I see the BBC has found another Scotland Bad headline regarding drugs. A quick look at the survey shows it is self selecting online. It has its use but I don’t think the way the BBC is using it is what it was intended for. Only 1333 people from Scotland, 3675 from England, so the sampling levels are not exactly correct.

    If this is used for trends and comparison between a countries last result it is useful. Like PESA the BBC prefer to see it as a league table. But the numbers make Scotland look bad so that’s good enough for the BBC.

  160. HandandShrimp says:

    Perhaps the BBC are estimating coke usage based on their own nights out on the town.

  161. Archbishop of Dork says:

    ‘We’ve passed Peak Nat’ the Tories and their supporters keep shouting.

    Naw. Starting with Saturday Peak Nat’s going to be passing you.

  162. Mark Russell says:

    Archbishop of Dork says:

    “At last. Ruth Davidson’s burly, intimidatory men have turned up!”

    The resemblance is remarkable. Not just the physical attributes either.

  163. jfngw says:


    I see you’ve heard about the programme wrap parties then!

  164. Annie Coll says:

    I actually laughed when one of them said – ye canny get moving fir them ???

  165. Cactus says:

    Evening frogesque, crackin’ photies, spring has sprung bro. 🙂

    Aint it funny how the union flag holders also had posters that said “Union City Glasgow” on them… yer havin’ a laugh right… Yes Glasgow voted 53% YES to free itself from this here UK union, waaay back last time in ’14 like, a nice Yes benchmark for this time he he he.

    Grassroots Scotland Yes relaunched on Saturday the 5th May there in fine style, hopefully many from this march that enjoyed themselves will come and join us for Scotland’s next coming to Dumfries. Get it on yer bucket list.

    Ye know how if there’s under only 70,000 attendees at Dumfries, the MSM will try to paint it like a drop in numbers, like they did for the results in the last General Election.

    SO yeah it would be good to try and hold indy events at least once a month to keep that momentum up, as we approach the change.

    Of course, unfolding political events may dictate the frequency of that timetable.

  166. From Sky News: Lords defeats Government again.

    Labour’s official stance was to abstain on the EEA amendment, but 83 of its peers rebelled against the frontbench. A total of 17 Conservatives defied the Government by supporting the amendment.

    There we are, Labour abstaining routine again.

  167. Still Positive says:

    Some great comments on here. Well done all.

    ‘Fat’ is a peculiarly Glasgow insult regardless of the recipient’s size.

    I was once called ‘a fat cow’ by a pupil in a Glasgow secondary school. When I put the referral in to my Principal Teacher she said, “Usually when pupils insult a teacher there is some truth in it, but not in this case.” She referred it to the Year Group Head, who later came to me to ask if that is what he really said. When I replied in the affirmative I also told him I had 26 witnesses.

    I was then and still am a size 8!

  168. Dr Jim says:


    Looks like the game’s afoot with the closures of RBS branches in Scotland with rumour that the go ahead had already been given by Theresa May before the RBS announcement even took place

    Commercial decision my backside

  169. Liz g says:

    Elmac @ 11.06
    I know that one interpretation of their behaviour is that they broke the law.
    But I think that,in circumstances like these, it’s
    probably a judgement call,for the police.
    By that I mean that those law’s are written that way,and not that there’s more than one way to view what they did.

    To arrest them there and then,would not have been,I would have said,helpful.
    Also don’t forget they are easily identifiable and could, still be arrested,quietly.
    But to do it at any point while the march was happening,could have changed the whole mood of the crowd,and that was one bloody big crowd.
    So to keep the overall peace,wasn’t the best decision just to,let them rant?

    No one was hurt on the march,and mibbi at the very least the kid’s took away some tips on how to properly respond to that kind of aggression,none of the adults around them or the police got scary, and I’ll wager none of they kid’s will be aspirin tae have any part of that shit.

    They did themselves no favours,they could still be prosecuted,and they cannot be made into martyrs for their cause.
    Their arrests would have been the front pages,and wouldn’t their Masters have loved that…

    On balance,I think the police called it right!

  170. Dr Jim says:


    See you in Dumfries wae ma wee fishin rod wae ma wee flag flyin on it, if nuthin else tae make Mundell seeck as a parrot

  171. Archbishop of Dork says:

    It’s fun to march with the AUOB
    It’s fun to march with the AUOB

    If you pledge to be true to the common weal
    You can bring whatever flag you feel

  172. auld highlander says:

    Oh these poor misguided fools, when are they going to waken up and smell the coffee.

  173. Josef Ó Luain says:

    I was at the tail of the march and made it my business to go on to the pavement to have a good look at the Unionist protesters. Those people seemed to me to be utterly shell-shocked by what they’d just experienced.

  174. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Just think, there’s a Britnat in Scotland who thinks the United Kingdom is five thousand years old.

    And there are Britnats in Northern Ireland who think the world is five thousand years old.

    If they got together would they come up with the notion that God must have created the United Kingdom?

  175. Scottish Steve says:

    I love how these colourful characters always threaten to leave Scotland if it becomes independent. As if that’s meant to be some kind of deterrent for us.

    Ach well. I’m sure England wont mind taking in these loyal subjects. I do wonder though; if Scotland is so shit to these people and England is so amazing, why don’t they move down south now instead of waiting for independence?

    I suspect it’s because the Scottish Parliament so generously mitigates the worst of Tory excesses for them. I’ve always said that good governance by the SNP is a double-edged sword. While they do a lot of good for us Scots, I sometimes feel like the SNP cushion us from the worst of London’s mismanagement. That makes some Scots complacent. It makes them think that the UK isn’t so bad and if only that nasty SNP wasn’t in charge, it would be even better.

    I am thrilled to bits that Scotland is setting up its own social security agency. But this is another example of a double-edged sword. It might make some people think the UK isn’t so bad after all. I mean, those nice Westminster politicians let us have control of some benefits.

  176. Chick McGregor says:

    It is like the living embodiment of a Peter Howson painting.

  177. Cactus says:

    Excellent Dr Jim, see ye at the Dumfries gig 🙂

    Aye, we’ve now got pure hunners of thousands of oor saltire flags to be flown… Dumfries is the next and second call on the iScotland Yes Tour 2018, SO get yer flags out AGAIN, like yer flags aint gonnae fly by themselves like.

    That’s what ye got yer flag for… right.. to fly.

    We’re awe comin’ for ye Dumfries.

    Countdown commencing…

  178. Macart says:

    Getting close to that boorach now and the big hoose of UK politics is doing a pretty fair approximation of complete farcical chaos at this point.

  179. Majestic12 says:

    I couldn’t help but notice the rather perverse conflation of marching for independence and “Fenian bastards”. Where did that come from? Time was when the SNP was regarded as an anti-Catholic organisation, a notion usefully deployed by SLAB. Now their supporters (and others of the Yes persuasion) are Catholic sympathisers. I don’t even know why I’m bothering trying to make any sense of it.

  180. yesindyref2 says:

    Thanks to Jamie Symington for filming this, and Dougie Grant for sending it in. I’m sure the (unionist) MSM would be pleased to see what it is they are supporting.

  181. Al Dossary says:


    I can’t rember the SNP ever bring regarded as an “anti-catholic” organisation in my 50 years – although I am but a youngster compared to some.

    I do however clearly remember the great pooh-bah of the “Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland” clearly stating to all and sundry that a vote for the SNP was a “Catholic” vote some years ago. Divide and conquer, keep the poor fighting amongst themselves and befuddled with drink and drugs has always been the mantra of the British state.

    And let’s face it – right up until the 1980s we were basically all working poor (eg outwith of the likes of Jan Stepek, how many of us actually owned a TV outright in the early 70s). To return to those days is the aim of the Tory scum leaders.

    Glasgow, the surrounding ‘shires and the various former mining communities all across Scotland are polluted with this filth. Their numbers are dwindling year on year thankfully.

  182. Donald anderson says:

    Why should any football team be allowed to associate themselves with this lumpen culture? It is well past time the Scottish Football authorities were dealt with.

  183. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Majestic 12 @ 3.17am

    Allow this 70-something to enlighten you. My auld Scottish Unionist Party-voting faither had nae time for the Orange Order, or the Masons, but, definitely supported their anti-Catholic stance.

    He told me, when, as a teenager I first mentioned my support of Scottish Independence: “Son, Home Rule means Rome Rule.”

    I doubt if any present-day SNP or Independence supporter, who was around pre-Hamilton will agree with your description of the party as “Anti-Catholic”. It was perceived as pre-Catholic back then.

  184. Cactus says:

    II / VI / MMXVIII.

  185. winifred mccartney says:

    Thanks to Daisy

    What IS the point in voting labour, they will only just abstain.

    True to form in the lords last night. JC could not run a raffle.

  186. Nana says:

    Long list of little things

    Caroline Nokes was grilled in an extraordinary three-hour hearing where MPs slammed the “slippery” head of the Home Office and heard shocking facts about detention

    Tax on pensioners proposed to heal inter-generational divide

  187. Smallaxe says:

    Good morning, Nana. Thank you, for your links, have a great day.
    Kettle’s on!

  188. Nana says:

    Morning Smallaxe, looks like it’s going to be a nice day.

  189. Fred says:

    At a previous demonstration in the Square the Polis moved these clowns well away from the event, last time they allowed them to stand on the pavement as the marchers passed, as they did this time. They should be down on this lot like a ton of bricks, it’s not good enough when a peaceful march of families & dugs is subjected to abuse by arseholes who should be named & shamed & heavily fined in the Sheriff Court. Toleration of this nonsense is what led to the build up & the rammy after the referendum result.

  190. Ken500 says:

    With D’Hondt thousands of SNP votes go in the bin. The 3rd rate unionist gang up to try to stop the SNP get into power. Precisely why it was introduced. To stop an SNP majority. The SNP is the only Party in Britain to get 50% of the vote on seats contested.

    Johnstone trying to be PM. He wouldn’t last 5 mins on his criminal record. Farague, Murdoch and the Brexiteers – Cambridge Analytica are criminals. When will they be charged and punished?

    Trump backing Israel. Once again.

  191. Macart says:

    @ Nana

    A fine batch this morning Nana. Definitely two cups and a muffin in that lot.

    But enough of Ross Thompson, there’s reading to be done. (cough)

  192. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Morning Nana, re Cadet Expansion Program

    Aims at most deprived communities (including Scottish as Defence is Reserved).

    Future cannon fodder for the Union.

    Unsure which school in Scotis latest.

    Involves cash from MOD to school.

  193. Ken500 says:

    Protestant 24% Catholic 14%. Most of Scotland is non religious. Scotland is secular. The Churches have privileges above the Law. The Employment Laws etc. The Churches are losing members. In decline. Orange marches should be banned. In most parts of Scotland they are banned. Public money should not be used to support racists, bigots and misogynism or their associates. Mundell is taking a lend at the Scottish Office. An affront to Scotland.

  194. starlaw says:

    Well done Dougie Grant.
    I noticed in his clip, some younger Rangers fans stopped beside them for a look then moved on, I feel some of these could be won over.
    A Lady on facebook said that she was thinking about wearing her Rangers scarf on future marches, an excellent idea, send a message to these young supporters that they would be welcome in the ranks.

  195. Nana says:

    @Macart 🙂

    @Jockanese Wind Talker

    In 2013 there was a National service bill which was abandoned due to lack of progress during that parliamentary session. Nothing stopping them from bringing in a new bill.
    As you say “future cannon fodder”

  196. Greannach says:

    The creme de la creme of British nationalist society. One wonder if they are regular dinner guests of Lord Darling and his chums at Scotland in Union.

    “Set another place, Pamela. Jill’s bringing her toyboy tonight.”

  197. Highland Wifie says:

    Excellent links again Nana.
    We have children starving and the best thing we can think to do with all the money from Libor fines is expand cadet programme to persuade starving children to join up for three square meals a day.
    The UK is very sick indeed.

  198. William Wallace says:

    Knuckle dragging mutants. I know yir no supposed tae laugh at people that are no well but… 🙂 😉

  199. Clootite says:

    …accept it…we are shite! The media will keep this up until you know how shit you are being Scottish.

  200. Hamish100 says:

    Re the abuse at the march. Did the police warn them at any stage? If i did that on town i would be arrested.will they now be charged.

  201. Craig P says:

    >>I doubt if any present-day SNP or Independence supporter, who was around pre-Hamilton will agree with your description of the party as “Anti-Catholic”. It was perceived as pre-Catholic back then.

    In Protestant areas it was.

    In Catholic areas, Labour politicians would spin the exact opposite story. Talk on the doorsteps about how people would be sent back to Ireland if Scotland became independent. I’ve met at least two North Lanarkshire cultural Catholic Labour voters who believed this bs.

    Good old divide and rule!

  202. Ottomanboi says:

    The subtext in Unionist Scotland is still generally antiCatholic. Fear or hatred of Catholicism may even manifest itself under the banner of liberal secularism. This is a historic issue. Scottishness, particularly after the Union with the more protestant England, was couched in terms of hostility to Catholics and Catholic ‘power’. Protestantism was seen as liberal and freedom-loving, Catholicism the opponent of everything ‘modern’, the papacy the fount of everything nasty.
    An Anglican cleric once expressed the opinion that the residual religion of the English was anti-Catholicism. Even more so it seems in Scotland where according to SG stats 57% of online abuse is anti-Catholic.
    This is a complex existential issue. British anti-Irish racism and a denial or disregard of Scotland’s, or England’s for that matter, own Catholic cultural past are elements still alive within the body politic and sections of the media.
    Sadly, you do not have be draped in the ‘butcher’s apron’ to enjoy a bit of Catholic bashing. For some it is the default socio-cultural setting.
    The SNP, notably under direction of Alec Salmond, has effectively challenged that mode. We are moving, by stealth, in a positive direction. Only with independence can the Scottish worldview be reconfigured.

  203. auld highlander says:

    Every time I fire up the computer I get a photo flashed up on the screen for a few seconds, they are usually some landscape somewhere in the world but this week it has a castle and a boring one it is too so I had a hunch it was down the road somewhere so I googled it and low and behold it’t the one where somebody is going to tie the knot soon.

    Propaganda eh!

    It’s rammed down our throats again and again and at every opportunity. It’s enough to make me spew.

  204. Alastair McConnachie was thrown out of UKIP for bringing it into disrepute? How can anybody “bring” UKIP into disrepute? I thought that was its natural state.

  205. jfngw says:

    Looks like the right wing have come up with a new strategy to get rid of inheritance tax under the guise of the Resolution Foundation (David Willets think tank) and being punted strongly by BBC.

    The con is to give 25 year olds £10K (probably done away with fairly shortly afterwards), effectively move inheritance tax onto everybody else and make pensioners pay more. Results those who would have paid inheritance tax end up better off, those who didn’t qualify for inheritance tax pay more.

    It’s how Tories work, move the tax take away from the already rich to the masses.

  206. Daisy Walker says:

    Great to see Nana back, and better than ever. Nana – we missed you.

    o/t Can any alert winger find/confirm – I thought I saw a tweet from Angus B McNeil that said

    The Bankers Austerity caused 2% reduction in GPD – Brexit is going to cause 6%

    If so and if it can be validated – it would look good on the side of a bus.

    I’m still smiling from seeing the footage of the March – to all those who were there – well done, you are fantastic.

    And the yoons – all under one brolly right enough.

    I managed through at the start and got to meet the legendary Mr Anderson, saw Smallaxe in the passing but had to leave early so, almost. Very dashing Mr Smallaxe.

    One thing about Dumfries – they will ship in yoons for that one, now that a precedent has been set. And someone suggested – horses for courses like- that the Tory Scum banner, might not be the best at converting folk in that neighbourhood – more likely to have them circling the wagons. A good point I’d suggest.

    Oh, and another thing – lets reclaim the poppy (I’m getting the idea out now, so everyone knows it nearer the time) – if you’re Scottish and for Indy wear 2 poppies. If anyone asks you say, out of respect for the fallen. You don’t have to tell them that the death rate for the Scottish Battalions in WW1 was 26%, and for rUK 13% – that can be our little secret;)

    Best wishes to all. Keep on keeping on.

    Yes we can – Now we Must.

  207. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Craig P @ 9.03am

    Interesting post. I know, down here, where you got the picture of King Billy on his white horse, to hang above the fireplace, along with the keys to your council house: “Home Rule means Rome Rule” made sense in the armoury of Unionism.

    That worked in places such as here in East Ayrshire,and in Larkhall. Your alternative pitch – “The SNP will send you back to Ireland,” would go down a storm in places such as Coatbridge and Croy.

    Devious creature Billy Unionist.

  208. jfngw says:

    Looks like the MSM have been instructed to up the anti-independence rhetoric after the success of the march on Saturday. The Scotland is shite volume has been screwed up to max ever since.

    I think the higher levels of substance abuse could be easily explained, the media have been overdosing more than normal recently. You need a higher level of fix to sustain this level of propaganda.

  209. Lenny Hartley says:

    Majestic12 Yes I remember Labour attempting to paint the SNP As anti Catholic saying if we got Indy we would shut down thevCatholic Skools, probably in the nineties if I remember correctly, but as other posters havevmentioned, they (liebour) say any pish they can get away with.

  210. HandandShrimp says:

    Baffled by the 5,000 year union comment. If an independent Scotland prior to 1707 was part of a British Isles union for 4,700 years, including during the 400 years of Roman occupation of southern Britain and Hadrian’s Wall then what has he to fear from Scottish independence now? Clearly we will still be in exactly the same sort of British Isles union as we were before 1707.

    Also, what has he against the Mesolithic inhabitants of these isles? Why did the union only begin in 3,000BC?

    Or was he just talking pish because he had no answer to the perfectly reasonable question of what was Glasgow before the union? These zoomers are not a problem. Once Indyref2 kicks off the problem will still be the Gordon Browns and Alistair Darlings (both of which have been incredibly quiet of late).

  211. Derick fae Yell says:

    The ‘Scotrail’ story on BBC JockoGhillieLand.

    Wow. Just wow.

    The feckin cables and signals are run by NETWORK RAIL, controlled by UK Government. Yet some slobbering imbecile from Scottish Labour is allowed to blame Scotrail. Raging.

  212. Ken500 says:

    The Tories trying to bribe young voters. The average member is male and over seventy, The Tory Party will die out. Vote Tory to die younger. Vote Tory to be unemployed. Sanctioning vulnerable people. They are despicable. The Brexit myth. Delusional.

  213. Ken500 says:

    The Tories are cutting the military from 100,000 to 80,000 personnel. They are trying to build up a reserve force. No takers. On average £40Billion is spent in the military. Where does it go? Trident costs £100Billion. £10Billion a year.

    Westminster cut welfare and essential services. Spend £Billions on Trident, Hinkley Point and HS2. A total waste of money. They waste money on redundant weaponry. They order it and cancel before it is even deliver. Then order more. Disgraceful.

    At one time the military personnel was 80% from Scotland because of higher unemployment. People joined to get a job. The illegal wars killing and maiming millions of innocent people. Causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. Then victim blaming. Abusing and deporting people. Coarse and nasty Westminster policies designed to frighten people and destroyed lives.

    Westminster policies have depopulated Scotland. Resources and revenues from Scotland have been spent in London S/E. Thank goodness for the SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. The unionist would have capitulated.

  214. jfngw says:


    Maybe he misread Genesis, on the seventh day the union was created.

  215. Daisy Walker says:

    Thank you Macart.

    So that’s our Brexshit argument sorted.

    The Bankers Austerity hit GPD by 2% – Brexit will hit it by 2.5% 6% or 9% depending on how hard the final deal (Scotland’s figures – although much the same bad news for all parts of the UK).

    Brexshit and Bad.

    They say a lie can get round the world before the truth has its shoes on. And this is true, but people have a natural survival instinct to believe really bad news. We’re hard wired that way.

    Project Fear is ours now.

    Bankers Austerity cut 2% off GPD
    Yes We Can – Now We Must
    Brexit will cut 6%

    Brexshit and Bad

  216. Robert Peffers says:

    @Fred says: 9 May, 2018 at 7:28 am:

    ” … They should be down on this lot like a ton of bricks, it’s not good enough when a peaceful march of families & dugs is subjected to abuse by arseholes who should be named & shamed & heavily fined in the Sheriff Court.”

    Nah! You got it wrong, Fred. If the police had moved them away then the many, many videos and photos of the abuse would not have been taken and shown to others or been distributed all over social media.

    Everyone, and their brothers and sisters has a mobile that includes a camera and camcorder. There must be miles of such footage out there in the public domain getting shared around Scotland and further afield. You won’t see much of it on the unionist media, though.

    Instead the whole disgusting display of raw and, (almost), uncontrolled unionist vileness would have been swept under the United Kingdom’s Ax Westminster carpet.

    To illustrate that point – have you seen any examples of the SSM or MSM showing how those representatives of British/English/United Kingdom/ Patriotism nationalism conduct themselves?

    You haven’t? Now there’s a surprise – me neither.

  217. ronnie anderson says:

    Nana Cod almighty wummins Norman needs tae get back hame an get back under your feet , yer putting to much over time on that keyboard lol xx.

  218. Robert Peffers says:

    @auld highlander says: 9 May, 2018 at 9:12 am
    “Every time I fire up the computer I get a photo flashed up on the screen for a few seconds, they are usually some landscape somewhere in the world but this week it has a castle and a boring one it is too so I had a hunch it was down the road somewhere so I googled it and low and behold it’t the one where somebody is going to tie the knot soon.
    Propaganda eh!”

    Well no, actually, auld highlander. Those photos are not just, “from somewhere in the World”, but will be only from Scotland. They come via Microsoft and they come from a set of photos pre-installed on your computer.

    This thing is twofold and the first is that they will be chosen by the computer to show scenes from the country that the computer is situated in. In point of fact the first one for Scotland is, by default, taken from inside the Smoo Cave.

    The second thing is that you can set the computer up to show a slide show of those pre-installed photos or to show just your own personal favourite from the pictures only. However, you can also set it up to show your own photo or set of photos or none at all.

    So it looks like those on your machine are showing weel kent Scottish Scenes if the one you recognised is, just along the road. If memory serves there is one of Eilean donan among them.

  219. James Westland says:

    Rober Peffers @ 7:28

    Good point Robert. Although it is hideous to see this palpable hatred being unleashed by these people, I think its a case of giving them enough rope. The more that reasonable, perhaps soft-No people see this sort of thing the better.

    Perhaps the price for Indy in the long term is having to put up with this pish in the short term. A price I am happy to pay.

    That old Napoleon thing springs to mind “never interfere with the enemy while he is in the process of making a mistake.”

    And these idiots were making a big mistake

  220. Luigi says:

    Rangers for Indy!

    IMO, it would be a great idea for Independence marchers who support Rangers to wear their football scarves at the next indy march. What a fabulous message to send that Independece is for everyone, even the blue noses.

    Be warned, however, this would not go down well at all with the knuckle dragging No Surrenda Queen’s Brigade. They are very tribal, you understand and only see the world in black and white blue and green. Such mentally challenged individuals are easily confused. To see quite a few normal people wearing rangers scarves, marching for independence would be too much for some of them to take and the abuse could rise to serious levels. They would go absolutely apoplectic.

    Still, if some Indy gers fans are up for it – show the world that those buffoons don’t represent your team. Show that you support independence and you are taking back your team.

    Those knuckle-draggers don’t own Rangers and it is time for the real, normal fans to make a statement.

    Just make sure you bring your riot gear and crash helemts. 🙂

  221. Luigi says:

    This idea for Rangers Indies to start wearing their scarves along with their saltires could be sensational. It would hit the Queen’s Brigade where it really hurts.

    For them, identity is everything. Take that away and they are nothing. 🙂

    Much as they delude themselves, they don’t own Rangers.

    It’s time for real Rangers fans to make a stand (for independence). 🙂

  222. stu mac says:

    @Socrates MacSporran says:
    9 May, 2018 at 6:01 am
    Majestic 12 @ 3.17am

    He told me, when, as a teenager I first mentioned my support of Scottish Independence: “Son, Home Rule means Rome Rule.”

    I sort of remember that line too. It seems to me an example of how much Scottish religious bigotry got mixed up with NI bigotry and attitudes (e.g. Orange Order, Harland & Woff nefarious influence on Clydeside and Rangers supporters).

    “Home Rule means Rome Rule.” is a phrase originating in Ireland from the extremist protestants (some proddies were pro-home rule) on the basis that in Ireland they would be a minority which was true. But in Scotland the opposite has always been true – i.e. the Protestant population (now truer to say non-Catholic as a big proportion are non-religious) always comfortably outnumbered the Catholic so it an obvious untruth.

    But it’s a clear example of how a phrase, repeated often enough and never challenged becomes accepted as a “truth”. “Fake news” is nothing new. It’s astounding as 2 minutes thought about the actual make up of the country would have destroyed that argument but when folk have a prejudice they never give it any thought and repeat the phrase thinking it is “proof” of what they claim.

    I guess the prejudice is something they grow up with and get comfortable with and don’t want to think about it as that would upset that comfort.

  223. ronnie anderson says:

    Wings Stall / LOST PROPERTY DEPT.

    Small fishing Rod / nay fleg attached .
    Small telescopic pole / nay fleg attached . Both can be reclaimed at Dumfries March.

    iPhone & wallet left at AyeMail stall & 1 iPhone left at Wings stall returned to their owners.

  224. stu mac says:

    @stu mac

    Just want to add I don’t agree that home rule would really have been “Rome rule” (for one thing if it had been gained back then it would have been a superior kind of devolution with Ireland still part of the UK. But it was squashed and we ended up with a separate Irish country and years of bloodshed. That’s where that kind of bigotry leads you.

    I was only pointing out the very slight accuracy in the phrase regards population make-up, in order to compare with Scotland and show what complete nonsense it was here.

  225. Wullie B says:

    Plenty Gers fans in North of Scotland are pro indy, and it always cracks meup that the fans of the team I support still show loyalty to all things Brit, when it was the British taxman that closed the club down back in 2012, More irony for the fat cnuts calling others fat cnuts

  226. auld highlander says:

    RP at 11.21

    “but will be only from Scotland.”

    I have to disagree on locations as I have had a photo of Ancient Ruins Rome by moonlight in the past and at a later date I managed to find that image on Pintrest and now it’s my permanent desktop photo. The most recent photo prior to the current bland castle was of a seaplane over a reef and definitely not from our magnificent country. Sometimes when the image changes there is a question on the top right asking if i like the new photo, this usually happens after the battery has run flat and there is a new photo on the next power up.

  227. Wullie B says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    9 May, 2018 at 11:21 am

    @auld highlander says: 9 May, 2018 at 9:12 am
    “Every time I fire up the computer I get a photo flashed up on the screen for a few seconds, they are usually some landscape somewhere in the world but this week it has a castle and a boring one it is too so I had a hunch it was down the road somewhere so I googled it and low and behold it’t the one where somebody is going to tie the knot soon.
    Propaganda eh!”

    Well no, actually, auld highlander. Those photos are not just, “from somewhere in the World”, but will be only from Scotland. They come via Microsoft and they come from a set of photos pre-installed on your computer.

    This thing is twofold and the first is that they will be chosen by the computer to show scenes from the country that the computer is situated in. In point of fact the first one for Scotland is, by default, taken from inside the Smoo Cave.

    The second thing is that you can set the computer up to show a slide show of those pre-installed photos or to show just your own personal favourite from the pictures only. However, you can also set it up to show your own photo or set of photos or none at all.

    So it looks like those on your machine are showing weel kent Scottish Scenes if the one you recognised is, just along the road. If memory serves there is one of Eilean donan among them.

    Robert, it is worldwide shots tehy use, I have had lochs from Patagonia, Castles from the EU, and The Quirrang from Skye, the microsoft pics on boot up(not sure if just Windows 10) sometimes have an envelope that if you click on it goes to Bing which tells you where the picture is from

  228. Jack Murphy says:

    I saw on the Main BBC News last night at 10:20pm,John Pienaar the BBC Deputy Political Editor speaking from Downing Street about the Boris Johnson Brexit disagreement with Ruth Davidson’s Boss Theresa May.

    He let slip that the Tory Leader Theresa May’s favourite newspaper is the DAILY MAIL. REPEAT DAILY MAIL !

    That’s what we’re dealing with in Scotland—–a Tory Prime Minister whose favourite newspaper is the DAILY MAIL !

    Get her and her right-wing Enablers in Scotland OUT ASAP !

  229. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Majestic12 at 3.17pm

    An interesting issue and a huge change has taken place over it over the last several decades and more particularly recently.

    When I was Winnie Ewing’s agent 1969/1970 we narrowly lost Hamilton back to Labour over a huge Labour onslaught across constituency. It was scraping the barrel stuff. Round the doors in Larkhall home rule was Rome rule,in Blantyre and Bothwell the SNP was an orange, masonic organisation. I even got it at my own adoption meeting some years later in Bothwell at which former colleagues of mine (I had been a Catholic teacher in a Catholic school in Hamilton) questioned how I could represent the SNP.

    The Labour Party in Scotland represents the last impediment to independence and it is in deep trouble on the issue. Unlike the Tories Labour is not constitutionally unionist.In fact the Scottish independence movement awakened under former members of the ILP,the Scottish Socialists and so on. The bond until recent years between Labour and the west and central Scotland Catholic vote was because the Labour party of Wheatley and others came to the assistance of the Irish immigrant community in the first half of the 20th century when it was under real,disgusting attack in Scotland.

    But the bond is broken. The sight of Scottish Labour marching for the Union behind Union Jacks and the flutes and drums of the OO finished of a translation that was already happening.

    Polls tell us that 76% of Scotland’s Catholics voted YES. They have found their natural position and unless the sad remnants of the Scottish Labour Party join them in it Labour in Scotland is in its death throes

  230. galamcennalath says:

    HandandShrimp says:

    Baffled by the 5,000 year union comment.

    Isn’t that when religious funimentalists believe the universe was created?

    The Union is so amazing it must have been there since the beginning in a Garden-of-Eden-esque kind of a way.

  231. Abulhaq says:

    For an explanation of the rôle of religion in the creation of the British state you need to read Britons by Linda Colley. Protestantism was the cement that bound Scotland to England and to a certain extent still does. The Protestant churches may be shedding membership but the residual influence still informs the culture. Scratch a ‘liberal’ or a non-religious and you’ll find an anti-Catholic often applies.

  232. I am a Protestant but I am not a bigot and have many catholic friends me and one of my catholic mates were walking down the street and saw in big letters FTP wrote on a wall my friend said to me sorry about that I hope your not offended by that I smiled and asked why would that offend me well he said I mean F— the Protestants how we laughed he said it always angers me when I see FKB on the walls why I asked well he said I mean F—Kevin Barrie again we had a laugh he turned the tables on the bigots

  233. auld highlander says:

    We are a mixed bunch in this household and I have sat at a family dinner table with people of four different religions, Jewish Muslim RC and the grandchild of a wee free, so there you are, we are after all just people.

  234. sassenach says:

    Luigi @11-33am

    Would it be remiss of me to say that one needn’t be an actual Gers fan in order to wear ‘colours’ on the March, it might mean looking a wee bit out of character for a couple of hours – but, by God, it would surely serve the same purpose if enough of us did it?

    Maybe that knuckledragger with the “Simples” scarf would be willing to lend us some of his other bits of kit??

  235. Graeme McCormick says:

    Abulhaq, a rather sweeping statement about Protestantism.

    The Reformation in Scotland brought in property rights for women and divorce 300 years before such Laws in England.

    The Scots Parliament was incredibly radical in its day: it created the first compulsory national land register in the world in 1617 , 400 years before England.

    The paths of the established churches in Scotland and England were very different. Many Scottish Nationalists have been inspired by the Kirk and the free thinking ministers who were prominent in the Enlightenment and social and political reform since.

  236. Liz g says:

    Dave McEwen Hill @ 12.24
    Yet I remember well as as child,( I was a cradle catholic) just up the road in Viewpark.
    During the 79 referendum campaign the Priest, from the alter, warning everyone NOT to vote for Devolution….”Unless they wanted what was happening in Ireland to happen here”!
    (He actually ment N.,Ireland,but didn’t say that)
    Quite the Paradox EH?….

    I remember it so well because it caused me to ask what it was all about,and that was my “baptism” into Indy, and I’ve been a believer ever since.
    But, it also worked very well,because my Mum took some convincing in 2014 that,this was not the case.
    She also remains suspicious that the SNP are really WASPs!

  237. Smallaxe says:

    Abulhaq says:

    “Scratch a ‘liberal’ or a non-religious and you’ll find an anti-Catholic often applies.”

    Scratch a ‘liberal’ or a non-religious and you’ll find an anti-Catholic often but not always applies.

    Fixed that for you, my friend
    Smallaxe, member of HSS (Humanist Society Scotland)

  238. Robert Louis says:

    It is now clear that the so-called ‘scottish’ media, and especially the blatantly biased paid liars at the BBC are now the self nominated anti Scottish independence campaign.

    Every freaking day, we are told by these shysters that everything in and about Scotland is rubbish. It is just relentless fake negativity. Doom, doom and gloom.

    They must never allow Scots to feel confident about themselves or their country.

    Honestly, the very best thing to happen would be for the Herald and laughingly titled ‘Scotsman’ to cease trading. They are a blight on all of Scotland, they peddle bare faced lies and are a disgrace to journalism.

  239. galamcennalath says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Labour in Scotland is in its death throes

    I suppose it might simply be that any party which gains wide popular support must represent a board church (not in a religious sense!). It makes sense that when such a party contracts, that won’t be uniformly across it’s base. It then inevitably becomes a narrower interest group.

    The same probably happened to the Tories after the 50s. When it was National Liberals and Scottish Unionists it was popular. It must have had broad appeal. It contracted to a party of the elderly middle class by the 90s.

    The SNP must maintain its board church appeal, because it’s not about being Indy supporting, it’s about being Indy enabling. No working majority in Holyrood, no referendum, no Indy.

  240. Dr Jim says:

    We’ve been anti Catholic, anti English, at the moment we’re anti Protestant, we’re pro IRA, pro ISIS, pro Muslim, pro refugee from anywhere, pro the EU, who’s next, the Mormons? they never did anybody any harm so I guess we’ll be anti those guys then if it serves Londons purpose

    Have you noticed the SNP are painted as pro or anti everything the London lot are the opposite of at any given time

    As I keep reminding people of SNP policy we’re Pro Scotland and whoever’s in it

    Although my personal policy of anti Arshole still stands

    Unionists out there, you can talk to us ya know we won’t attack you with blue paint and replace you with a pod person, we’re your neighbours, your relatives, your husbands and wives and sons and daughters, your doctors, your nurses, Policemen, Firemen, your bin collectors, the Postie, …..we’re everybody you see around you every day

  241. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Apparently there’s a place in Cumbria called Angerton.

    So we can rule it out in our search for where the friendship is in Great Britain.

  242. Effijy says:

    Its warming up to be Rangers Fans with brain cells and an Independent outlook against knuckle draggers with with Rangers Scarfs and a need for a Tory to tell them what they can have.

    Where was wee Ruth and the Tory Party when Rangers went burst?

    No love felt there but give a fake friend your vote why don’t you.

    Just a thought, if you have to write your name on a ballot paper instead of marking X, it would prevent these people from participating.

    Some of them are not daft as they would change their names to X.

  243. Hamish100 says:

    Im a protestant (even church going) active trades unionist & card carrying snp. Dont tell folk. I believe in human rights and the rights of nations to govern themselves. I believe in Scots Independence.Scratch me and i bleed. I albanaq

  244. Luigi says:

    Effijy says:

    9 May, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    Its warming up to be Rangers Fans with brain cells and an Independent outlook against knuckle draggers with with Rangers Scarfs and a need for a Tory to tell them what they can have.

    I think it always has been, but only the knuckle-draggers have been visible. Time for real Rangers fans to get behind the Indy movement and claim their team back.

    Isolate those posturing bigots – at the moment they are trying to show that they represent what Rangers is all about. They hide behind the Orange Lodges and the Rangers and Ruthie’s BritNat tories hide behind them. Time for a brutal expose’.

    Want to really show them up? Start wearing Rangers scarves at the Indy marches. It will take a lot of guts but the other indy folk will stand by you.

    Divide and conquer.:)

  245. schrodingers cat says:

    the reformation introduced the desire for universal education for all boys and girls

    if took time to achieve but scotland was the 1st in europe to do it, eg, rab burns wa very popular in his own lifetime, not just because he was a great poet but for many he was the living proof of the success of the protestant reformation, there was barely another ploughboy in the rest of europe who could even read or right .

    this belief in free universal education is a foundation block of the scots culture, even though religion has faded into obscurity and it is no surprise that this movement started in 2010 when england introduced 9k a year fees.

    difficult to prove, I know, but I truely believe the reason todays support in free university and education in scotland, has its roots in the reformation.

    btw, scratch an athiest and you will find an anti catholic, protestant, jewish, muslum and basically any religion.

    that doesnt preclude celebrating any of these religions past successes, architecture etc, I even like stone circles but am not a sun worshipper

  246. Northern Rock says:

    Theresa May accused of Brexit ‘shambles’ after dodging questions on key vote

    “The Prime Minister ducked questions from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about when MPs will get a vote on staying in the European Union trade bloc.”

    Am confused. Is it not also Labour Party policy to leave the “trade bloc”?

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy is as clear as mud.

  247. Luigi says:

    sassenach says:

    9 May, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Luigi @11-33am

    Would it be remiss of me to say that one needn’t be an actual Gers fan in order to wear ‘colours’ on the March, it might mean looking a wee bit out of character for a couple of hours – but, by God, it would surely serve the same purpose if enough of us did it?

    Maybe that knuckledragger with the “Simples” scarf would be willing to lend us some of his other bits of kit??

    An estimated 30% of Rangers fans already support independence. That’s a lot of people, Sassenach. But they have been cowed into closets by the Queen’s Bully Brigade. I honestly believe that if even a few indy marchers started wearing Rangers scarves – just to show that it is normal to be a gers fan and support indepenendence, the small trickle would turn into a flood.

    Will you get abuse from your “fellow” gers fans? Definitely – you will be the target of absolute venom. But you will not be alone. People will stand by you. Noone is asking for martyrdom – don’t take your slatire or YES badge to Inbrox. But for an indy march, wear your scarf. It always starts with a trickle. 🙂

  248. Daisy Walker says:


    This is from 4th May 2018.

    Please note Deputy First Minister John Swinney’s comments. Not a single hint, comment, concern, tiny wee bit of possible fly in the ointment with regards Brexit’s impact on this industry.

    Re arranging the deck chairs.

    Another open goal missed. Unlikely to be an accident.

    We need a plan B.

    Scotch Whisky industry’s recent growth must be maintained beyond Brexit, delegates at the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) conference have heard.

    The annual gathering in Edinburgh heard speeches from SWA chief executive Karen Betts as well as Deputy First Minister John Swinney.

    Scotch Whisky remains the UK’s largest food and drink export, accounting for 20 percent of all food and drink exports. Last year, 39 bottles per second were shipped overseas totalling an export value of £4.37 billion.

    Speaking after the Conference, SWA Chief Executive Karen Betts said: “Scotch Whisky is a world-class product with world-wide reach.

    “Scotch Whisky is doing well, with exports growing and new investment going into all aspects of the industry. In the twelve months since our last conference, 7 new Scotch Whisky distilleries have opened and, over the last 5 years, more than half a billion pounds has been invested in the industry, in everything from distilling to tourism. This is great news for growth in our sector and for the jobs and communities that the industry supports.

    “But Brexit poses challenges for the industry, and is likely to be disruptive. We want to continue to be able to export Scotch Whisky to Europe and the rest of the world with a minimum additional cost and complexity, and so our industry can emerge from Brexit in growth.

    “That means zero tariffs, a minimum of regulatory divergence and legal protection in the EU. But it also means continued access to the benefits of EU trade deals with third countries, including South Korea and Colombia. We calculate the loss of these trade benefits would cost the industry over £50 million annually in tariffs alone.

    “We continue to urge the UK government to swiftly put in place agreements with those third countries so that Scotch can continue to flourish there post-Brexit. And to work on advantageous trade deals with our growth markets, such as India, China and Brazil to ensure the sector continues to prosper.”

    Deputy First Minister John Swinney MSP said: “The Scottish Government welcomes the hard work of the industry to deliver an excellent performance in 2017 when Scotch exports were valued at approximately £4.36 billion. The value of Scotch Whisky exports from the UK was up 9 percent from 2016 and Scotch Whisky accounted for around 20 percent of all UK food and drink exports.

    “Rightly there is a growing confidence within the sector, with investments being made by established distilleries, as well as a high number of new sites being built across the country. This is great news for Scotland and as I go around the country, what strikes me is the passion, and commitment of those that work in the industry to produce and promote a high-quality product that is made unique by its location, and this is exactly what makes Scotch Whisky so special.

    “Whisky is a product shaped by its environment and while steeped in tradition, the industry is not afraid to be dynamic and innovative. I am confident that there is opportunity for further growth and co-operation going forward, and that by working together we can make sure that the right skills are in place to ensure that the sector continues to go from strength to strength.”

  249. dakk says:

    Re the Rangers strips at Indy marches.

    Taken to another level would be English Scots for Yes (or anyone) wearing England football strips.

    That would confound not only Rangers fans but BritNats the length and breadth of their British country,and help dispel the complete lie of anti Englishness.

  250. Breeks says:

    Luigi says:
    9 May, 2018 at 2:10 pm
    sassenach says:

    ….. – just to show that it is normal to be a gers fan and support indepenendence, the small trickle would turn into a flood.

    Will you get abuse from your “fellow” gers fans? Definitely – you will be the target of absolute venom. But you will not be alone. People will stand by you. Noone is asking for martyrdom – don’t take your slatire or YES badge to Inbrox. But for an indy march, wear your scarf. It always starts with a trickle. ?….

    Same goes for wearing a Yes badge in the office / at work. None of us will ever know whether it was our own YES badge that gave others who maybe felt alone and isolated, the confidence to come off the fence.

    There’s a time and a place for an army of massive saltires blowing in the breeze, but sometimes a subtle wee badge in an unexpected place can be just as effective. You might not suspect it, but yes, we Yessers are everywhere.

  251. izzie says:

    Schrodingers cat says ” was scarcely another ploughboy in Europe who could read or write” Sorry but you have bought into the narrative – Burns was not an uneducated ploughman his father was ambitious for him and his brother Gilbert Burns could read and understand Latin and Greek. The myth of the natural genius underpinned the fashion of the day in poetry and art.

  252. Proud Cybernat says:

    Yup – we need to see many more St. Georges flags at Indy marches (there were a couple I saw last Saturday). As well as flags from the home countries of all other New Scots (also saw quite a few of those on Saturday).

    Rangers strips/scarves etc not a bad idea so long as the wearers are genuine indy supporters. Also, any Indy supporting Orangemen / women? Is there such a thing or is that a contradiction? Can you just imagine it? A group of sash-wearing orangemen / women marching for Scottish indy!! Surely they can still be royal loyal in an indy Scotland?

    The numbnuts in the video above would surely choke on their bile.

  253. Cubby says:

    The British Nationalist Chat Show (politics Scotland) starts with another doom and gloom message about the number of suicides and attempted suicides in Scotland. Is it possible that the medias relentless negativity about Scots and Scotland is contributing to this. Is this asking too much from them to think about their contribution? Is the report even true?

    Our media is a national disgrace.

    The Tory Haggarty back on the show again masquerading as an independence supporter. I doubt she showed her face at the March on Saturday but is happy to give her informed comments on what happened and what it all means. Away boil your head Haggarty.

  254. Liz g says:

    Shrodingers Cat @2.01
    Re.. Athiests….
    That’s actually not true,being an Atheist is a ONE proposition,position.
    Which is the lack of belief in any God.

    People who are Atheists may indeed hold many other beliefs and be anti all sorts of things, but logic would tell ye, that’s a direct result of what they DO believe about those particular issues , not what they DONT, believe about a supernatural being!

  255. Dr Jim says:

    A big flag with words

    *My country is bigger*
    *Than my fitba team*

    While wearing Rangers colours

    Oooh, cat pigeons, effective though I think

  256. Dr Jim says:

    Or Celtic colours

  257. Liz g says:

    While I am not going to be in the group we are discussing, as I am neither a Rangers fan or English
    And obviously it’s up to them
    But I would ask…..
    Do we really want to encourage football colours at independence marches?
    I am also mindful of the notion that is punted about Indy being all about the central belt.
    If there’s Rangers Colours getting carried, it will, I think, only be a matter of time before the Celtic fans join them…..
    While to see them march together in friendship would indeed be wonderful, I would wonder if it would look like Scotland cannot do a bloody thing without these two, and is that the message we are wanting to send?
    Would it no be better to be saying that this is more important than sport.
    And while I am sure that some would enjoy shocking the knuckle draggers,that’s no the point of the march, and I would caution about making it so!
    These marches are going well , and I am a big fan of “if it’s no broke don’t fix it “!

    Jist Sayin….

  258. frogesque says:

    @ Proud Cybernat 2.41:

    Couldn’t make Glasgow on Saturday but hope to get Dumfries.

    Don’t have a X of St George but, along with my other flegs I have a X of St. Piran (Cornwall) as part of our local Fife Bridges for Indy.

    Look for a White + on a black background. Like the Catalonia flag it makes folk stop and think.'s_Day

  259. ScottieDog says:

    @Daisy Walker
    I remember being down at my dad’s in the borders in spring last year. I switched on the TV and BOOM – Theresa May announcing a general election. I never saw it coming and neither I’m sure did the SNP.

    I can’t help but feel that as Mr Swinney pokes his head and half his body through the door talking to the media, there is a very large sledgehammer in his other hand that we can’t see yet. He’s waiting for the right time to wield it. The time for maximum impact. I don’t think it’s awfully far away but he and the SNP have to play what’s in front of them.

    I have no evidence for this, just a feeling.

  260. Smallaxe says:

    Ah tried mah scarf oan last nicht but it wis too tight fir me!

  261. Proud Cybernat says:

    Liz G – I hear what you are saying and would perhaps be cautious of such an initiative. I would say tho in defense of such an approach is that Scotland is (often deliberately) divided along so many different lines. If we can demonstrate that these divisions can come together ALL UNDER ONE BANNER then that would be such a powerful, powerful message. If the British Establishment saw that happening, that their divisive ploys were no longer working, it would send them into a tail-spin.

    But yes – it would need some careful consideration.

  262. Legerwood says:

    Let’s keep football colours out of the Marches.

    Introduce them and you open a whole can of worms.

    Saturday’s March was made up of people of every colour, every class, every creed or none and every religion or none but all with one goal, one belief and two colours uniting them : independence for Scotland and the blue and white of the Saltire.

    The Marches are not about sticking it to a football team . They are much, much bigger than that. They are about a country and all that it can be and letting all of the people see that and think about that not some parochial point-scoring against some supporters of a football team which is what it becomes when football colours come into it.

  263. Liz g says:

    Proud Cybernat 3.20
    Well yes I can see an argument for wear yer colours,but then, it would need to be everyone’s,or it would be just about “Rangers “ and potentially Celtic,AGAIN!
    And while all colours is,in the spirit of AUOB as you say
    There we are again giving football a prominent place as a mear sport it doesn’t merit.

    You could also argue that AUOB ment the Saltire,is that banner, and all other colours/banners were covered by it.
    Can I also point out that it was those idiots that brought Glasgow team colours to the march, why should we respond in kind….. should we not be setting the tone?
    Even with careful consideration,is this a scab we need to pick….at this point in time?

  264. Cactus says:

    Here’s a further thought for consideration then…

    As we are all marching ‘All Under One Banner’ again in a few weeks time, could some crafty designer design a road-wide banner for all (to see) at the head of the march…

    With the AUOB logos on either side of the road-wide banner…

    Contained in between, logos and or words for:
    – Yes Glasgow
    – Yes Dumfries
    – Wings Over Scotland
    – Wee Ginger Dug
    – English Scots for Yes
    – Glasgow Rangers for Yes
    – Glasgow Celtic for Yes
    – iScot
    – A Wilderness of Peace
    – Phantom Power
    – Independence Live
    – Catalonia People for Yes
    – Scottish People for Yes
    – etc

    Take a photograph of that on yer wide-lens cameras.

    AUOB = Yes for Scottish Independence.

    Get your names in.

    Endorse it.


  265. galamcennalath says:

    From WoS Twitter ..

    “No place left for Corbyn to hide”

    IMO this is Corbyn’s biggest challenge coming up. If he whips Lab into abstaining as per usual these days, then the Lord’s amendments will be removed. May will continue full speed ahead to the cliff. This is not what any part of the Labour movement wants.

    Labour, the SNP, and a handful of Tory rebels have the opportunity to force a sensible soft Brexit.

    If it fails, then it’s all Corbyn’s fault.

  266. Dr Jim says:

    It’s not about point scoring it’s about showing support for a section of society too afraid or not able to stand up for themselves or we wouldn’t be flying Catalan flags or I noticed a couple of African country’s flags, CND flags and others

    I myself couldn’t give a monkeys about football win or lose and I wouldn’t make a good prime Minister because I’d ban Rangers and Celtic out of the game because it’s their leadership that keeps the hate going deliberately, but as long as there are decent fans, and there are, surely we can try to bring them in with us by saying it’s OK to be a football fan, maybe they can help change the minds of more of their friends who don’t dare to admit they would like to support independence but are afraid of their own religious nuttery

  267. Fred says:

    @ Graeme McCormick, land registration in Scotland, the” Sasines”, while ahead of England, was largely about legitimising the great land-grab of the church’s property at the Reformation by the nobility & office holders of that property at the time. The loss of these lands is what kept the Kirk permanently cash-strapped & dependent on the parish Heritors miserly contributions to provide schools, support the poor & maintain the churches. Not to mention these lairds, who were often Episcopalians, poking their noses into the business of the Kirk for centuries by picking the ministers! The people had little use for the Sasines as they never owned land anyhow!

    England had no such pressing need as Henry VIII grabbed the lot & enriched the Crown thereby!

  268. Wobbly says:

    @ Robert Louis

    Q. What are the benefits to Scotland of the union with England?

    A. The benefits are obvious to all. It is the pulling and sharing of resources.

    Translation. England pulls the piss out of Scotland by sharing our resources amongst themselves.

    As bright lads scarf said, SIMPLES.

  269. Smallaxe says:

    How about a Team Scotland scarf? I think that would scare the heebie GBs out of them.

  270. starlaw says:

    The message I was trying to convey is that on Saturday several young Rangers fans in amidst the ‘rent a gubs’ could have liked what they saw but thought … thanks to the ‘rent a gubs’ that this was no place for them.
    A few Rangers scarfs would help dispel this idea but no need to go over the score. Young Rangers fans are being drawn into this anti…any body but us… situation by the creeps who faithfully without any thought or reason dance to the tune of Imperial Britannia.

  271. schrodingers cat says:

    izzie says:
    ” was scarcely another ploughboy in Europe who could read or write” Sorry but you have bought into the narrative – Burns was not an uneducated ploughman his father was ambitious for him and his brother Gilbert Burns could read and understand Latin and Greek. The myth of the natural genius underpinned the fashion of the day in poetry and art.
    woosh, you missed my point completely, it wasnt just burns who could read and write, but about 70% of the population in 1750, in the rest of europe and the uk it was about 5%

    this was due to the education system in scotland. burns and many others were a result of this belief in education which was a main pillar of the reformation

  272. Luigi says:

    Imagine indy supporters wearing a variety of Scottish football tops and scarves (yep, even a few Celtic and Rangers ones) marching together “All Under One Banner” with saltires.

    A kind of Scottish Football for Independence March.

    Now there’s an idea…

    A fair few Brit Nat heads would explode that day, methinks. 🙂

  273. Liz g says:

    Dr Jim @ 4.02
    I don’t get what you’re saying!
    In what way are Rangers supporters who were marching with us on Saturday,a section of society that cannot stand up for themselves?
    They turned up,and therefore they stood up….but as Scots not as fans

    It wasn’t a team event or a sporting event and no body makes any body support a team..

    In fact I would be a bit wary of encouraging people to put themselves front and centre of the hate and aggression from the British protesters.
    We were all equal walking past and I think that is how it should stay.
    Anyhoo they were the ones that brought their sporting colours to the march,why should we acknowledge it by responding in kind?
    Why be like them and reduce everything to fitba?

  274. schrodingers cat says:

    Liz g says:
    Re.. Athiests….
    That’s actually not true,being an Atheist is a ONE proposition,position.
    Which is the lack of belief in any God.
    no it isnt, hierarchically, all versions of the various beliefs in sky faeries are a sub set of rational thinking. not on a par with it

    not believing in god isnt a lack of anything, it is an evolutionary step forward. that’s why the god squads are dying out and their temples being converted into pubs,
    re “hallaluah, we are open etc “

  275. Hamish100 says:

    Since we are on about flags how about at the next March every nation that left / fought/ jumped the Empire has a child carrying a flag of that nation in fact of all nations– cheaper than football strips!! The wee ones go in the front with some stewards/ parents carers keeping watch.

    I include the flag of Catalonia in that.

  276. Liz g says:

    Well their are many who say,” keep politics out of sport ”
    I would say it works both ways and that we should keep, “sport out of politics ” because it opens up the divide and conquer route,and can shift the focus which does no service to the Indy movement.

  277. Hamish100 says:

    Hamish100 says:
    9 May, 2018 at 4:48 pm
    Since we are on about flags how about at the next March every nation that left / fought/ jumped the Empire has a child carrying a flag of that nation in fact of all nations– cheaper than football strips!! The wee ones go in the front with some stewards/ parents carers keeping watch.
    I include the flag of Catalonia in that

    Without being discrimatory that includes kiddies in prams and our future still to be born. One saltire on flag of another nation for some that may be their 1st home. Brothers and sisters all Jock Tamson’s bairns. WELCOME

  278. ronnie anderson says:

    Smallaxe 3.18pm Then dont tie yer scarf in ah windsor knot an it won’t be to tight ok Dapper Dan LoL .

  279. Dr Jim says:

    There was a lad with a Partick thistle scarf that I saw, is he more equal because he looks like less trouble
    I’m not insisting folk do a particular thing but I am suggesting something that might encourage that group of people who know that if they’re seen by others of their particular fan group they’ll be ridiculed so we must make those who would maybe like the idea of being welcomed feel OK
    and if their friends saw them *allowed* to represent their group within the movement some more might consider doing the same

    I’m certainly not suggesting Union flags or anything like that, I’m not crazy that would be going too far, a bunnet or a scarf shouldn’t upset most normal folk, I think I hope

  280. Bob Mack says:

    Flags? Cool. Football colours ? Uncool.

  281. schrodingers cat says:

    The SNP
    Verified account

    ?? “Scotland’s future will be better served staying within the EU, or at least within the Single Market & Customs Union.”

    On #EuropeDay, Michael Russell MSP calls for Scotland’s voice to be heard.

    By Michael Russell, 09/05/18
    Over 45 years ago, after much debate, the UK joined the European Economic Community.

    Today, on Europe Day, our European future is once again in question as the UK stands on the brink of reversing that decision.
    But that’s not what Scotland voted for and it is not in the best interests of Scotland’s future. It won’t benefit our economy, our communities or future generations.

    Scotland’s future will be better served staying within the European Union, or at least within the Single Market and Customs Union.

    Remaining part of the world’s biggest, most lucrative market place – around 8 times the size of the UK with over 510 million consumers – will protect our future.

    At the moment, our businesses are able to export with ease to any other EU country and any country worldwide the EU has a trade deal with. Whether it’s world famous Scotch whisky and salmon or crucial component parts for aircraft being built in France – we reap the rewards of free movement of goods and services.

    When it comes to people, we have welcomed many of our fellow EU citizens to our shores to live, work and study. They contribute to our world-leading universities, treat us when we have to go to hospital, help grow the food we eat, and they are part of our community and our country.

    And our young people benefit from the opportunity to learn about different cultures and come back to Scotland with new skills and experience.

    When we go on holiday, we are treated in any European hospital in the same way as those who live in the country, we can phone our loved ones at home without generating a huge bills.

    Across Europe, we have common standards. We know food is of the same quality and we have the same levels of consumer protection when we need it.

    Even if Brexit happens we can retain many of these benefits – but only if we stay in the Single Market.

    At present there is a bitter row taking place within the UK Government over what direction Brexit should take. Incredibly, they can’t make up their minds, even though it’s been almost two years since the EU referendum.

    Soon, EU leaders will meet to decide whether the UK is serious about living up to the commitments it’s made during the Brexit process.

    Given the chaos, like changing Cabinet ministers, that surrounds the UK Government many are unconvinced.

    This means the prospect of a disastrous No Deal outcome is looming large once again.

    So this can’t be left to the UK Government.

    Instead we need an inclusive, national movement to make it clear to Downing Street that Scotland must stay in the Single Market. It’s time, more than ever, for Scotland’s voice to be heard.

    Scotland is blessed with talent and resources in abundance. The Single Market, already the world’s biggest, is growing, offering huge opportunities for this and future generations.

    For our country’s future, we can, and must, be a part of that.

  282. Liz g says:

    Schrodingers Cat @ 4.37
    But I didn’t say atheists didn’t believe stuff..
    Infact I said the opposite,they believe lot’s of thing’s.
    There are no tenants of atheism,the only common denominator is the lack of belief in a God/God’s
    For some that may very well mean it’s an Evolutionary step forward,others may argue that’s not demonstrable…
    But it doesn’t change the premise that no God has been shown to exist…. Ergo… An Atheist can hold any position on Evolutionary progression but the no God stuff is pretty much a given…
    Like I said a one proposition position….

  283. Smallaxe says:


    Ah think ma first mistake wis lettin’ the wife tie it!

  284. Cactus says:

    Evening schrodingers cat, cheers for posting the Mike Russell linked article above.

    Ye know it just goes to show and prove the differences between our Scottish Government and the current UK Conservative Government…

    – The tories shout at and treat Scotland (and their own) like children.
    – ScotGov speaks with and treats Scotland like adults.

    Scotland MUST stay in the single market.

  285. Nana says:

    Ronnie @11.06am

    Wait till he sees the pile of ironing I’ve left for him, he’ll not stay home for long lol

  286. schrodingers cat says:

    There are no tenants of atheism,the only common denominator is the lack of belief in a God/God’s
    not believing in god is not an example of a lack,
    For some that may very well mean it’s an Evolutionary step forward,others may argue that’s not demonstrable…
    god believers in scotland are dying off, an demonstration that such beliefs are an evolutionary dead end?

    But it doesn’t change the premise that no God has been shown to exist…. Ergo…
    no god, or any sky faery exists? absence of proof means there is a very high probability god doesnt exist.

    you need to remember liz, i’m schrodingers cat and i dont deal or believe in absolutes, yes or no, right or wrong, either something exists or it exists as a probability,

    not existing is is only one probability, along with could, should, might, will and has, etc

    ergo my beliefs are based on likelyhood, in this case god is very unlikely,

    so i dont believe in gods because they are unscientific, they contain no matter, or energy, nor do they agree with laws of science and only exist in the minds of people,

    Then again, the laws of science contain no matter or energy and also only exist in the minds of people.

    Granted, that doesnt leave a lot to believe in Liz, but that’s ok, cos,at least, that is scientific 🙂

  287. Liz g says:

    Schrodingers Cat.@ 5.54
    Well…you certainly can write a lot about the little you believe in..LOL
    I don’t believe that dead Scottish believers are a scientific proof of anything evolutionary…
    You haven’t met your burden of proof for that claim.. Therefore my belief in your assertion is “lacking”
    Ditto… any God claims,from anywhere.

    But I do believe we better stoap this,as life affirming as it is… !!!!Or seems????…
    otherwise we’re gonnay get into trouble for pontificating on this site.

  288. Dorothy Devine says:

    I watched STV ‘news’ tonight and there wasn’t any.

    But I did discover a success for Scotland story – we use the greatest amount of cocaine and any drug can now be bought and supplied almost instantly via social media! Jings!

    Are there real journalists working there or just ‘wee pretendy ‘ ones.

  289. Cubby says:

    In my opinion football and religion should have no place in the yes movement. It is about Scottish independence.

    Football shirts etc will just cause division and trouble. There were probably large numbers of Rangers supporters on the March. It was in Glasgow after all.

    Just as not all Celtic supporters are murdering terrorists not all Rangers supporters are Union supporting Nazis. Most Scots no matter what team they support are decent people.

    We should steer well away from this subject matter and leave it to the silly idiots in the video to shout fenian b…….s.

  290. JLT says:

    Aye …Britain’s finest chivalry. The flower of the Union.

  291. Andy-B says:

    BBC Scotland Shortbread news in brief, NHS Tayside bad Robison must go. New trains not ready yet SNPBAD.

    20 year old mibbie murder inquiry back on Police Scotland bad.

    Oh and you’re all cokeheads but the rest of the planet isn’t as bad as Scotland.

  292. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 17:54:

    absence of proof means there is a very high probability god doesnt exist.

    Ah, weasel words there, my friend. Probability and proof are two very different things.

    If one is dealing in logic, the only sustainable position is agnosticism, since definitive proof is not available to either side of this one. To absolutely deny the existence of a divine entity is therefore just as great a leap of faith as believing in “the sky faery”.

    (And as for “probability”, some might even counter that if faith is what is fundamentally required of religious believers, the possibility of concrete proof must necessarily be absolutely unavailable, and to suggest otherwise is nothing more than a form of idolatry.)

    But we digress…

  293. ronnie anderson says:

    Smallaxe 5.24 Well yer still breathin so she canny be aw that bad lol.

  294. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Liz g @ 16:58,

    I was originally thinking that the wearing of some Rangers scarves at an indy march might be a good thing, since the notion does have its evident merits, but your argument has convinced me here.

    In fact, it’s just one aspect of a bigger picture. We should actually keep all (party) politics out of independence, since linking any particular political view* with “yes” risks deterring as many as it convinces.

    From where we are now, having to convert sufficient former “no” voters, a politically-loaded message will likely deter many more than it convinces. Too many tone-deaf extreme-left cooks will definitely spoil the broth.

    Politics is what resumes after indy, and not before.

    *(SNP excepted, of course, in respect of independence, since that is their core policy.)

  295. Liz g says:

    Robert J Sutherland @ 8.56
    Em…. Well are you sayin that if some sort of proof of God emerged… That believers must/should reject it,as damaging to faith itself?

    I think we are safe enough… from complaints… There’s a new MT topic,and it’s much more important than our musings!

  296. Liz g says:

    Robert J Sutherland @ 9.14
    Well I worked it through on here myself Robert J,
    I originally just had some reservations,mainly because the lady who first suggested that she wanted to demonstrate that she was a Rangers supporter and an Indy supporter.
    She did not want her club pinned to the British protesters views.
    That was such an admirable position that it seemed at first a good thing to encourage.
    But,well, in debating it on here,and thinking through what people were sayin,especially Ledgerwood, I can’t support such a position.
    Thank you so much for sayin that you think its a bad idea too!

  297. highseastim says:

    The irony of their comments, shows how thick they really are. I would imagine the three at the back are part of the reason cocaine use is spiralling.

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