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Welcome to your new home

Posted on January 11, 2015 by

The Scottish media has been predictably full of Sincere Jim Murphy’s proclamation this weekend that Scottish Labour is “a renewed party for a post-referendum era in Scottish politics. I want Yes and No voters alike to be able to look at the purpose and principles of the Scottish Labour party and find a home there.”

This is Labour’s 2015 general election candidate for the Western Isles seat.


Should we bother compiling a big list of similar “separatists are the filthiest scum of the Earth” quotes from other Scottish Labour MPs who are standing for election this May, or should we just consider the point made and move on, readers?

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151 to “Welcome to your new home”

  1. Oscar Taime says:

    Let’s do it. You could call it the Wee Red Tory Book!

  2. jimnarlene says:

    Move along now, we’re Labour; nothing to see and shag all to say, that makes any feckin sense.

  3. Flooplepoop says:

    I went to school with Alasdair, the most favourable word i could use to describe him is sleekit.
    As a former Labour voter, if he had been my representative, i would not have voted Labour.

  4. Jim Grahamj says:

    Compile the big list please. Many people need reminding.

  5. fred blogger says:

    take it from me einstein would have been delighted with indyscot.
    and yes another characterization/stat/interactive, print and e book would be most welcome.

  6. Sandra says:

    If nationalism is the measles of mankind, then corruption is the measles of Westminster. Time to take the cure.

  7. dramfineday says:

    A list please. Let’s expose them.

  8. Rigmac7 says:

    Hebridean Red Tory Dobber

  9. crisiscult says:

    but if Mr Morrison was associated with Better Together, he may be (in fact probably is) a nationalist too. He’s surely recommending we avoid voting for him too. Who’s left?

  10. CameronB Brodie says:

    Goody, a list. I like lists. We are getting one? Please do. 🙂

  11. heedtracker says:

    So all new improved NOT red tory Muprhy’s Labour in Scotland revert to type instantly, shock. If they hate nationalism so much, why are Murphy/Dugdale/this creep currently trying to use this terrible terrible nationalism with their England/London mansion tax will pay for thousands of new improved Scots nurses fraud?

    Poor Einstein getting yanked in by dim red tory boys on their way out too.

  12. frankieboy says:

    Hmm, That will be the very same separatist movement, the fictitious Scottish Labour party he is representing then?
    Just another unionist lackey.

  13. alexicon says:

    Traitors and treacherous are my 2 favourite words to describe people like Alasdair Morrison.

  14. andy w says:

    They’ve learnt nothing and continue to attack and alienate people rather than listen and as a politician represent the views of their constituents. Labour are rightly dead to a large portion of the Scottish people. Personally, I’m finding it amusing watching them go through the death throws courtesy of Murphy’s law.

  15. Craig P says:

    Whereas British nationalists such as Alasdair Morrison are motivated purely by the infantile disease of the fear of being out of a job, a measles which can lead them to say all kinds of inflammatory and untrue things…

  16. Helena Brown says:

    We need a wee book to remind people who they should avoid voting for. These people are the infection that Scotland need inoculating against.
    As for being Better Together with any of them, a Century of Labour representatives in some parts and I would have to ask does anyone feel their lives have improved one wit.

  17. alexicon says:

    Again a good case to make our own leaflets and post them through his constituents doors.

  18. John Walsh says:

    No No we need lists ! So we can repeat ,repeat and repeat. In our cybernat way. I like the idea of a wee RedTory book or a expose a RedTory a day feature. Please.Rev

  19. Scots Renewables says:

    The issue is not how deceitful, shallow and mendacious the rapidly backpedalling and regrouping Scottish Labour Party are, but how dangerous they are when they are allowed unrestricted access to the media to peddle their lies.

    The issue is, what can we do to make the voting public aware of the depths of their deceit. Here on Wings articles like this are largely preaching to the converted.

    I see another four months of Murphy’s fantasies spewed from the tabloids, the broadsheets and the BBC as a rerun of the forces that lost us the referendum. On September 19th 2014 Scotland woke up, but it is drifting back into slumber.

    People are going to fall for Murphy’s shiny new ‘patriotic’ Scottish Labour, with its drivelling idiocy of ripping off English mansion owning toffs to fund Scottish nurses while simultaneously pooling and sharing. He is going to say anything he wants and the MSM will not even give it a cursory glance, – they will publish it verbatim, and no amount of intelligent comment on Wings or Bella is likely to undo the damage.

    There’s not even a quasi-legitimate YES campaign to offer an alternative view, just the beleaguered SNP denied access to the media and currently widely ignored.

    We were all buoyed up by the wonderful post-referendum opinion poll results, but I suggest we have been lulled into a false sense of optimism. Four more months of the Murphy bandwagon’s unfettered access to the MSM while the leader himself remains out of reach of Holyrood is potentially a recipe for another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

    Let us not underestimate our opponents again.

    We must make an impression in the MSM – social media alone are not going to do it. Just don’t ask me how.

    Thank god for the National – anyone know what its current circulation figures are?

  20. auslander says:


  21. Matt Seattle says:

    Re the quote from Einstein:

    If nationalism is the measles, imperialism is the cancer,

    Most people get over measles, cancer is more of a problem.

    Unionism need not be, but is now and has aye been an expression of imperialism.

  22. Tam Jardine says:

    This SNP/nationalism is a disease/virus line is extremely dull – apart from anything else because some SNP voters are nationalist and some are not. Many Yes voting friends I know were anything but nationalists… it would be more accurate to describe them as internationalists.

    I am no expert in medicine but the symptoms, swelling, inflammation of glands, fever are signs the body’s immune system is fighting the virus or pathogen or whatever. It is easy to confuse the body’s defence response with the actual disease. I think Mr Morrison has confused the country’s defence response (the independence movement) with the disease (Westminster and the UK establishment).

  23. Wee Jonny says:

    Yip a big list please.

  24. Scots Renewables says:

    alexicon says:

    11 January, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Again a good case to make our own leaflets and post them through his constituents doors.

    This might work. But we don’t have the organisation we had before with the YES campaign.

    If we do this it should be a ruthless purely negative campaign, attacking Labour relentlessly both individually in constituencies and en masse nationally and exposing their lies.

    It would be very important to make it clear that such a leaflet campaign was not in any way connected with the SNP. It should be an entirely negative campaign against Labour, offering no positive voting option, just trashing labour and leaving people to form their own opinions on the alternatives.

    Time they got a dose of their own medicine. This time we leave the positive campaigning 100% to the official SNP and do our own vile cybernat thing – but cunningly, carefully and defensibly.

  25. bjsalba says:

    Interesting CV.

    Check it out

    I would suggest an on-line resource by name/constituency with CV and quotes.

  26. Dinnatouch says:

    Remind me again who seemed to be obsessed about erecting border posts in the event Scotland had voted Yes?

  27. Stoker says:

    Rev wrote:
    “Should we bother compiling a big list of similar “separatists are the filthiest scum of the Earth” quotes from other Scottish Labour MPs who are standing for election this May,”


  28. west_lothian_questioner says:

    A full listing of names and their associated quotes (referenced and sourced as always) could be kinda useful to have over the coming months. If you have the time and the energy to do it Stuart, I’m pretty sure it would be greatly appreciated and if some funds were needed to get the job done I’m also pretty certain the pennies would be forthcoming pretty rapidly.

  29. Brian Forrest says:

    “the measles of mankind”…hmmm A very rash statement, in my view…

  30. ClanDonald says:

    John McTernan was on twitter yesterday bitching about the “cybernats.” They just can’t help themselves, can they? So much for reaching out to us with their phoney, pretendy sincerity. “Come home to Labour, Yes voters, we’re here for you! (you nationalist scum, we hate your guts).”

  31. Stoker says:

    Such a list could be quite a useful addition to our armoury.

    “Bayonets” come in quite handy for dealing with the wounded, eh!

    Lets replace the traditional bucket list with a bayonet list.

  32. RandomSwitch says:

    A list please!

    Like a furuncle coming to a head there will only be so much pus contained within, only so many lies.
    Let’s point, expose and shame these tribalists with their venomous outpourings.
    In doing so we can have hope a true, hygienic, better balanced, sane Scottish Labour opposition will appear by internal expulsion of its most putrid elements or by reformulation by revolted traditional ex-New-Labour socialist minded stalwarts.

  33. John Sellars says:

    Ooh yes – Big List please and send to #creepyjim & #pointlessEd.

  34. Tearlach says:

    Interesting that he highlights the growth in population in Na h-Eileanan Siar in the past few years. He was of course Minister for the Highlands and Islands in the first Holyrood government, when population was falling from Lewis to Barra.

    It has of course risen under the governance of two SNP Governments who have of course created the rural friendly policies that allow “old fashioned intervention and favorable macroeconomic conditions”.

    Be a bit churlish to point that out though…..

  35. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    It appears that Mr Morrison is praising the record of the Tory UK government and/or the SNP Scottish government in regards to improvements in the Western Isles as there hasn’t been a Labour Government in either for some time

  36. gerry parker says:

    @alexicon. at 1:01

    Good idea. Try a wee letter to your local newspaper too. It’s working here.

    Here’s one way to do it.

  37. gillie says:

    The abuse of Yes voters continues under Jim Murphy. Is anyone surprised?

    A Wee Red Tory book is an imperative.

  38. The Man in the Jar says:

    List please.

    “I think you are going to need a bigger blog”

  39. BrianW says:

    Thanks for the diagnosis – I’ve had infantile disease and measles all this time and never knew it.. I just put it down to the lurgy.

    Jeremy Kyle should cover this you know!

    I demand a cure. I’m sure Big Dim Jim will magic a cure out of his anus (..not his Sarwar).

  40. Bigdrone says:

    Rev wrote:
    “Should we bother compiling a big list of similar “separatists are the filthiest scum of the Earth” quotes from other Scottish Labour MPs who are standing for election this May,”


    Us Yessers, in my opinion, needed to be more assertive during the campaign. I know it was virtually impossible to get the message out there, thanks to MSM, but it has to be repeated again and again with bold reporting.

    You can rely on us nasty cyberwingers to do our bit and get it out there.

    Publish and be damned!!

  41. D Cheekwind says:

    Yes, Id appreciate a collated compilation of quotes from Labour candidates standing for election this May. People need to know how these people think and the level of their intellect.
    Hopefully there are more people in the Western Isles who have the insight of Flooplepoop, have sussed Morrison out and wont vote for him.

  42. Grouse Beater says:

    As puerile as all the other gibes and insults thrown by corrupt Labour politicians.

    Next thing, Mr. Morrison, Western Isles mediocrity, will argue dual-language road signs a waste of taxpayer money.

  43. MoJo says:

    would be interesting to see if this poison is coming from a central script by comparing with other Labour hopefuls( or is it hopelesses) campaign material. I am sure alert readers will be able to supply more examples for a Big Red Nasty list

  44. Democracy Reborn says:

    “It IS great to be British : Gordon Brown reminds us why we should be so proud coming from these great isles”
    (Full essay by PM Gordon Brown, Daily Mail online 4/5/09)

    And of course, the internationalist & patriotic Gordon Brown exemplified his non-nationalism with a clarion call of “British jobs for British workers.”

    I’m always amused by those in all the unionist parties who strain every sinew to protest that they are patriots, not British nationalists. They remind me of those who, despite all available evidence, continue to deny the link between smoking & cancer.

  45. De Valera says:

    He says he dislikes all nationalism, so why is he espousing UK nationalism?

  46. ErinT says:

    Compile a list please. Voting records of Lib Dem incumbents would also be very useful for a number of seats where they are needing dislodged. I’m pretty certain they will be shown up as orange tories!

  47. Dcanmore says:

    With McTernan and McDougall on board we see the continuation of their indyref tactitcs, becasue in their heads it was their vilification of others that won it.

    To all Labour candidates, info that you need to know from Labour head office:

    British nationalism – does not exist, never has done and never will.

    Scottish nationalisn – the greataest enemy of our time.

    Union flag – a symbol of hope, democracy, righteousness and respected throughout the world.

    Scottish Saltire – an archaic political symbol of nationalist hate, racism and backwardness.

    Labour Party – the party of fairness, equality, social progress and internationalism

    SNP – Party of diseased minds spreading hate and racism, seeking to end the United Kingdom, in flames if they could.


    best wishes
    J McT.

  48. Betty Craney says:

    Boris , who comments here , has a blog ( CaltonJock ) which has loads of information on various MPs and others . I found it extremely helpful leading up to the referendum and beyond . Printing out some of this and posting in letterboxes would let constituents know the candidate’s policies,voting history etc .

  49. Jimbo says:

    “Nationalism is an infantile disease. … It is the measles of mankind.” said Einstein.

    Why is it that the rabid British nationalists in the Labour Party think that it applies to everyone except themselves?

  50. Paul Garbett says:

    A comprehensive list please – health permitting I intend to write to every one of these fuckers before the election and publish their responses

  51. Geoff Huijer says:

    It really is pathetic when a politician’s ‘positive case’ for representing their constituents is ‘vote for me coz I’m not the other guy’.

    Policies? Look a squirrel!

  52. BrianW says:

    @ Grouse Beater 1:44pm

    Next thing, Mr. Morrison, Western Isles mediocrity, will argue dual-language road signs a waste of taxpayer money.

    I think we all heard the same Collective Gasp of Shock/Contempt from Western Isles Gaelic Brethren there..

  53. Giving Goose says:

    The next time McT or anyone starts moaning about cybernats or the media throws casual lies around about Scotland and Yes supporters: then just quote “Je suis Charlie”……Scots and especially Yes supporting Scots will not have their freedom of expression silenced!

  54. alexicon says:

    @Scots Renewables.

    Doesn’t have to come from the SNP, it doesn’t even have to say it comes from any particular party and remember there still is a grass roots YES support out there, check out the local face book pages of any of the areas and you’ll see they’re still going, well my areas is anyway.
    I just remember feeling so frustrated at the official YES campaign literature on how they were being a wee bit to positive, which was okay in the beginning, and I though they may swing around with a more biting attack about 3-4 weeks out from the referendum date, it never happened.
    all I’m suggesting here is reminding local residence of what they’re local labour representative had been upto for the last few years because the unionist friendly press wouldn’t dream of doing that.
    Some good examples spring to mind.
    Labour MP Begg sharing a jolly good time with the leader of the BNP in Scotland and Jimmy Hood(?) saying that he would still vote no to Independence even if it meant that his constituents were richer.
    Murphy voting for the Iraq war etc.
    These are only 3 examples and in my mind the nationalists in these areas should target each and every one of them with their own unique leaflet campaign to stop the press getting their biased message over.
    If not we’ll be back to square one moaning about the biased press.

  55. Jimbo says:

    To paraphrase Albert Einstein:

    Scotland will not be destroyed by the corrupt Scottish Labour Party, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

  56. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Pensioner here, I have a few pennies. Do the List’s.

  57. Clarinda says:

    Giving Goose 2.09
    Should we use the term – ‘Nous sommes Hamish’?

  58. Albaman says:

    Scots Renewables,
    Aye,I agree with you that we are in danger of sleep-walking into the election, there must be a way to counter the unionist press, and the B.B.C., failure to do so would mean Scotland slipping back into the abis of Labour’s Westminster, which is as bad as one controlled by the conservatives!!.

  59. Triangular Ears says:

    Ex-BBC too, is Morrison. Says it all.

  60. Brian Powell says:

    I said many times that Labour wanted to highjack the ideas, energy and commitment of Yes as they have none of their own, and here Murphy at it again.

  61. Joemcg says:

    Got told something similar at a BT stall in Edinburgh by a pensioner Tory ex army nutter and I replied “aye, but British nationalism is ok though eh?” shut him up for a few seconds then he said “AlikSammin” blah blah blah!

  62. Stoker says:

    @ alexicon and Scots Renewables.

    “Again a good case to make our own leaflets and post them through his constituents doors.”

    “This might work. But we don’t have the organisation we had before with the YES campaign.
    If we do this it should be a ruthless purely negative campaign, attacking Labour relentlessly both individually in constituencies and en masse nationally and exposing their lies.
    It would be very important to make it clear that such a leaflet campaign was not in any way connected with the SNP. It should be an entirely negative campaign against Labour, offering no positive voting option, just trashing labour and leaving people to form their own opinions on the alternatives.
    Time they got a dose of their own medicine. This time we leave the positive campaigning 100% to the official SNP and do our own vile cybernat thing – but cunningly, carefully and defensibly.”

    Many of us have been floating this leaflet idea for some time now.

    And that is EXACTLY how we should approach it SR.

    To add my tuppence worth i will say this – It has to be organised on an ‘area specific’ basis. There is absolutely no point in dishing out anti-Slabber material in areas where Slabber are an irrelevance, when our targets should be the LieDems or the Con artists.

    Ideally we would set up a very active WOS unit in EVERY parliamentary seat who would perhaps meet once a week to discuss, create and print-off their own hard hitting WOS leaflets and then pull in extra local help to get them put through every door in their area.

    We can play as dirty as we like, within the law and with the Rev’s approval, and completely distance ourselves from the SNP.

    It would also have the added benefit of bringing new members to the central hub, HQ if you like, the WOS site.

    This idea would also allow the local “unit” to recommend and promote the best candidate to vote for – whether that be SSP, Greens, SNP or Independent. The candidate they thought stood the best chance of defeating the main unionist threat – but never recommending anyone who didn’t support Scottish Independence

  63. Marie clark says:

    Aye , go for it Rev. Pensioner like Elizabeth Sutherland say the word and the bawbees will be on there way.

  64. ClanDonald says:

    Included in our list could also be a list of all the things that Westminster does or has done to shaft Scotland, like concealing the McCrone report, charging the Scottish police force VAT when no other police force in UK pays it, charging energy companies a fee to feed electricity into the grid in Scotland but subsidising them in England, disproportionate cuts to military spending, using us as cannon fodder, not giving us corporation tax but N.Ireland can have it, clawing back Holyrood powers on renewables without any consultation, etc etc. There’s plenty more.

    It’s amazing how you can change people’s opinions once they realise they’ve been treated like a second class citizen all their lives.

  65. tombee says:

    So ALISDAIR MORRISON, he’s another has been ex Labour MSP with strong connections to, you’ve guessed it, THE BBC, He’ll still have strong connections to the BBC and they will, no doubt, provide him with full support against any other candidates in opposition to him.
    Nothing has changed.

  66. Luigi says:

    Compile a list of anti-Scottish quotes and distribute far and wide.

    Voters need to see what sort of people the Red Tories are.

  67. ClanDonald says:

    Just remembered a few more Shaft Scotland instances: stealing hundreds of square miles of Scottish waters by moving the boundaries without telling anyone, concealing discovery of oil in the Clyde, giving away our fishing rights to the EU in exchange for a rebate that benefitted the treasury in London, keeping the EU farming uplift grants that were supposed to benefit Scottish farmers.

    Anyone got any more?

  68. Helena Brown says:

    bjsalba says @ 1.11 interesting indeed that he is another one of the BBC Labour Family. I am beginning to doubt that anyone gets a job there unless they have the correct credentials, kind of like the Masons.

  69. Helena Brown says:

    Ah Tombee you got there first I so agree with you.

  70. Jimbo says:

    @ Clan Donald

    Aye, and not to forget their secret annexing of six thousand square miles of Scottish North Sea.

  71. Helena Brown says:

    Stoker, I will be delighted to put that round the doors.

  72. Training Day says:

    Compile, Rev, compile.

    I also think we need to find a means of resurrecting and giving new currency to the footage of Murphy on his tour of 1000 cities in Scotland. Footage showing the real Murphy, away from the confines of Pacific Quay where Gordon Brewer thinks Labour are ‘getting their act together’. Footage showing Murphy bullying and haranguing ordinary Yes supporters, fraternising with Tories (hullo Annabel!), and shouting about his arse.

  73. tombee says:

    @Helena Brown,
    Aye Helena, just like the Masons and all the other closed door misfits.
    I like the pensioner suggestion above. I would be delighted to deliver a further leaflet in that regard, as I go about leafletting in our area of Livingston. ‘Bring it on’.

  74. crazycat says:

    To all those talking about leaflets, flyers, putting things through people’s doors etc –

    Please be aware that these will constitute regulated election material and as such will have to bear an imprint of the printer’s name and address and the promoter’s name and address. The costs associated with the material will also count towards spending thresholds, which apply to unregistered campaigners as well as registered ones. The regulated period has already started.

    Since 19 September, a number of the rules have changed (and not in a way helpful to us), with the implementation of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non Party Campaigning and Trade Union Adminstration Act 2014.

    Detailed information about this is available at:

    (@Tam Jardine – I am planning to e-mail the EC shortly to clarify a number of aspects of this act and will ask them whether T-shirts count as election material requiring an imprint. I suspect they do – there is mention of cars with decals counting as influencing people’s voting intention so that the cost of them is regulated spending. I am trying to prepare a one-page summary of the relevant parts of the act, but it is hard to condense, so much of it has implications.)

  75. r baxter says:

    do those 3 labour mutts have principles? do the msm have a backbone.

  76. Andy Nimmo says:

    Whatever happened to David Icke. Maybe we should consider recruiting him.
    Only thing is it looks like he underestimated the number of reptillians either in power or seeking power

  77. Douglas says:

    I believe is the term. I’m not a member of any party but would strongly support spreading the harsh truth about SLAB. Must be kept non party and probably not use the YES brand.

    It sank John Kerry with lies, we could do so much more with the truth.

    Wee Red Tory book please!

  78. gus1940 says:

    Today’s Scotland on Sunday (or more realistically Murphy on Sunday) presents Rev Stu with an enormous Open Goal with their lengthy exposition of the thoughts of our beloved Messiah Murphy.

  79. Ieuan Roberts says:

    “Privileges based on position and property have always seemed to me unjust and pernicious, as did any exaggerated personality cult.” Albert Einstein

  80. megz says:

    we def need a list

  81. wee sandy says:

    First posting.I have come late to the party having just found this site.But how do we get the message out to a wider audience? Personally happy to donate towards the cause.

  82. Murphy and his Slab buddies are no more than modern day Estate Agaents, who since the Darien Scheme have posted a For Sale sign on Scotland. Our political system is broken and it will take more than a plaster to fix it. Matters like the Chilcot report should be in the public domain to assist in the selection process for the GE. The time has past when the Scotland For Sale sign should have been taken down and we engaged in some Home Improvements without the use of that cowboy outfit that is Slab.

  83. Luigi says:

    crazycat says:
    11 January, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    To all those talking about leaflets, flyers, putting things through people’s doors etc –

    Please be aware that these will constitute regulated election material and as such will have to bear an imprint of the printer’s name and address and the promoter’s name and address. The costs associated with the material will also count towards spending thresholds, which apply to unregistered campaigners as well as registered ones. The regulated period has already started.

    Since 19 September, a number of the rules have changed (and not in a way helpful to us), with the implementation of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non Party Campaigning and Trade Union Adminstration Act 2014.

    Detailed information about this is available at:

    Och there are bound to be ways around this – for example, we could form a new party and put up a couple of token candidates somewhere and then spend all our efforts challenging anything the red tories say. The unionists would certainly cry foul, but as long as we keep to the rules.

  84. crazycat says:

    @ Luigi

    There are lots of different ways round the different rules, but no way (whether a party or a non-party campaigner) round the requirement for imprints.

    Anyone who posts something through people’s letterboxes aiming to influence their vote (in a very broad sense – the parties and candidates need not be mentioned if they are closely associated with a policy the leaflet criticises, for instance), without an imprint, risks a fine. That particular offence comes into a category for which the fine is capped at £5000 – though it might be less of course.

    I think it’s important that people know that before they inadvertently transgress.

  85. Lollysmum says:

    List please Stu.

    Preferably online but not able to be edited by all & sundry. Westminster has form for deleting/disappearing things online that they don’t like.

    Online means that WOS can tell everyone about it & anyone can copy & paste bits or all of it as relevant to their needs.Confident that the source material they are using to create their own targeted messages in their constituencies is from a trusted WOS stable.

    Just like the myriad of Wings readers/lurkers & posters alike, surely no one is going to look a gift horse in the mouth with a detailed resource available to them.

    Basically an online database of ‘What they say/said’

    It could be positively dynamite Stu.

    Also happy to contribute to such a worthwhile tool that everyone can make use of.

    Most active grassroots canvassers will probably be online media users so a page of Links to each entry would help them if they use tablets or phones when doorknocking.

    I’m all for it;-) They don’t like it up ’em you know & this would certainly do that.

  86. Croompenstein says:

    We’re only good enough to keep their fucking heinous WMD right next to our largest population centre and a place to dump all their toxic waste. We are 2nd class in the union and the Brit-Scots are the worst perpetrators. You wont hear anyone in the unionist MSM arguing that Scotland’s voice should be heard in any of the leaders debates.

  87. Triangular Ears says:

    @crazycat, why would everyone bother about these rules when the UK establishment paid no heed to the rules for the referendum?

    If some individuals decide to privately print off leaflets of facts to post round their neighbours’ doors, how are they going to find out who did it? If thousands of people made up their own small runs of leaflets then it would also be exceedingly difficult to investigate all these alleged ‘breaches’.

    People should not do this, if it is breaking the law, but what do the establishment expect when they themselves have no respect for the rules and transparently breach them all the time?

    Similarly, is it any surprise that our society has so much violence and bullying when the state demonstrates that violence and bullying are the way to go to get your own way, as with invading Iraq?

  88. Willie John says:

    Put this on off-topic yesterday. Perhaps someone can help today.

    “Can someone help? How can I find the voting records from the SG on a particular subject – either by party or by individuals. There’s a Red Tory fantasist being silly and I’m sure I read somewhere that Labour originally voted against the introduction of RET. Story at I’d love to respond but need to have facts.”

    The Red Tory Fantasist is none other than the subject of this thread (can’t say his name – yuk!).

  89. HandandShrimp says:

    I am sure that Mr Morrison will not stoop to differentiate Labour through spurious bogeymen like the Tories. Given they were all Better Together the two are virtually one party now….next step one world global government.

  90. thoughtsofascot says:

    Another quote from Einstein on the subject of Nationalism:

    If my theory of relativity is proven successful, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say I am a German and Germany will declare I am a Jew.

    This folks, is what happens when idiotic britnats quote out of context and have absolutely no idea about what the originator of the quoted text is actually talking about

    Which state do we know that happens to have a tendency to engage in this kind of infantile nationalism? Two words. Fairly unoriginal name. Ruled by rainbow tories. Thinks its still a big shot when its a deranged clown on the international stage. very easy.

  91. Apache says:

    @stoker & crazycat

    My local Yes group are still active and holding meetings. We are also in communication with other groups across the Country. At our last full meeting we formed a steering committee, who were charged with meeting weekly to form group strategy.

    We have discussed this ‘negative, no party allegiance, discredit Labour/Unionism’ style leaflet and are now compiling suitable material. A couple of our members (proficient at such stuff) will design and format the end product and the full group will distribute.

    I fail to see how this material and the costings of, can be attributed to any political party campaign budget.

    I am also a founder of ‘Apache – Alba’ who will be launching our own campaign shortly. Our membership is open to people of all Parties and none. We have t-shirt designs, stickers (inc driving licence de-facers) etc. ready to go to print. All our material will carry the legend ‘Apache – Alba’ but show no political party allegiance.

    Apache – Alba founders, are people who have worked extensively in the entertainment, events and leisure industry. We can access equipment and expertise at huge (in some cases, FOC) discounts and will be campaigning relentlessly, for whatever we agree to be in the best interests of Scotland and the people who live here. We will be doing so, independent of and without recourse to, any political party.

    Apache – Alba are currently looking into, costings and feasibility of purchasing our own merchandise material machinery. We hope that soon, we will not have to rely on – favorably disposed – commercial printers. There will be no printers’ name and address on our merchandise or literature (political or otherwise).

    The Unionists – particularly Murphy’s mob – with the unashamed complicity of the MSM, are able to lie and use all and any dirty trick without fear of sanction and yet, The SNP & other Indy supporting parties, have to play ‘pure & clean’, as the slightest transgression is quickly seized upon and magnified. ‘Apache – Alba’ will be there to do the ‘edgy’ stuff, on their behalf.

    ”For as long as 100 of us remain alive, we shall never accept being subject to the rule of a remote Government. For we fight not for personal gain but to live freely in a more fair and just society and it is to this end, that the good, honest and virtuous, must prevail over, the selfish, spineless and stupid.” (adapted from declaration of Arbroath by Apache – Alba 2014)

    ”He who would act against, the free existence of his own Nation and people, is of no worth.” (Goyathlay (Geronimo) Bedonkohe Apache 1872)

    ”Failed and shamed by brethren & kin 18/09/2014.” (Apache – Alba)

  92. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. leaflets. It Paine(s) me to remind grass-roots pamphleteers, they will best support the cause through distributing verifiable factual accounts. Please ignore if you are already ahead of me. 😉

    Re. Content and Layout. Might I suggest a post-minimalist design aesthetic might best support the post-modernity of such a low-tech resistance in the face of the MSM and state broadcasters. Or in other words, “less is more”.

    Then again, I don’t necessarily embrace a state of constant change as the new status quo, or the only means to achieving progress, but it appears to be the happening thing. 🙂

  93. Valerie says:

    I really do try to read their stuff with an open mind.

    Just wtf! This is just an intellectually bereft tirade against 1.6M of Scotland’s voters who voted Yes in September.

    I dont think on balance, anything will have changed the minds of that 1.6M, and I’m hoping the figure is higher now.

    How can you, with any honesty, call Morrison’s tirade a rallying political statement of his policies?

  94. Alex Clark says:


    I know it’s not specifically what you arelooking for with regard to the 2015 GE but have you yet visited the Wings reference section?

    Maybe an expansion of this is all that is required.

    @Willie John

    I saw your post yesterday and tried to find the info you were looking for without luck. I suggest you stick the request up again on the most recent article after a number of comments have gone through for more exposure.

    The info must be there somewhere and if it is someone will direct you too it.

  95. Kenny says:

    It appears that Murphy is actually re-writing Clause Four of the Labour Party rulebook. Interestingly, though, even the SLP website puts the words “Clause Four” in inverted commas. Has anyone thought of digging into this? Is the SLP actually becoming a seperate party? Is he still, as Lamont was, leader of the Scottish MPs as well as the MSPs? If so, does he have different whips in place? If the Scottish party has different aims to the UK party, what happens if they conflict with one another? And what the hell is a “patriotic party”?

    I’d even be impressed if someone asked why he’s so obsessed with tinkerkng with constitutional issues when there are so many important issues facing Scotland…

  96. Dave says:

    Do it ffs people need telt

  97. Craig Wilson says:

    Pretty disgusting slur from Mr. Morrison. I particularly like the deliberate fusion of anti-Englishness with anti-Westminster arguments (two completely different things) to confuse his more docile fans. Stay classy etc.

  98. gordoz says:

    On Mr Morrison pontification –

    Gaelic is waisted on such a ‘Bawheid’

  99. crazycat says:

    @ Triangular Ears

    It is entirely up to each person whether they wish to pay heed to the new regulations. I am certainly not trying to dictate how people behave, but I do think they deserve to be alerted to the new laws in case they don’t want to break them. I have found when talking to people that, despite the vigorous campaign last year to stop the “Gagging Law”, almost no-one is aware of it or its implications.

    I am aiming to provide useful information, nothing more.

    @ Apache

    I fail to see how this material and the costings of, can be attributed to any political party campaign budget.

    That’s why I mentioned the Transparency of Lobbying, Non Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act.

    It’s a serious pain, but as I said above, not for me to tell others what to do. I just want them to be able to make an informed decision.

  100. ronnie anderson says:

    Noo the last time Lists were mentioned ah wiz gettin reported to the Polis by Yvonne Hamma, (if I had ah Hamma, gid song that wan )cause ah said she wiz gone on ma list ha ha.

  101. PictAtRandom says:

    In view of Dim Jim’s attempt to rewrite the BritLab constitution surely Mr Morrison needs to be aware that “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”.

  102. Lollysmum says:

    @ Willie John at 4.07pm
    Surprisingly, I couldn’t find anything on Scot Gov site about current MSP voting records. Surely this cannot be right.

    According to this page:
    you have to email the Scot Gov (details on page of what’s needed)to get info on previous members voting records.

    This quite honestly is ridiculous. The electorate has no chance of remembering how MSP’s voted. WHY is it not published in the public domain? Even WM publishes this info not by choice admittedly but it is a huge help to voters to know what stance people standing for re-election took in prior votes. Why are voters kept in the dark?

  103. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Where exactly is the Scottish Labour Party constitution – has anyone seen it?

    How do you rewrite it if it does not exist in the first place?

  104. Lollysmum says:

    @ Willie John
    Look on

    MSP’s are listed but you need a Scottish postcode

  105. ronnie anderson says:

    Better late than never Welcome Wee Sandy 3.19 this is wan hell of a Party, so wire in.

  106. Lollysmum says:

    Good piece on JM/Labour by Peter Arnott

  107. Stoker says:

    Any thoughts of Slabber being touted as a different party from London were firmly shot down in flames by their leader, Ed Miliband, today on the Andrew Marr Show.

    Miliband states clearly, when asked about any possible deals with the SNP, that HE will be releasing a “manifesto for the British people” – looks like lying bastard Murphy will not be producing his own manifesto afterall.

    The Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, gets about 24 minutes coverage in this 1 hour programme – from 30mins in – but the manifesto part is from around the 49min mark onwards.

  108. Iain says:

    Flooplepoop: You’re right, Morrison is sleekit – one of the old West Highland Free Press circle, one of the Labour type for whom there is no life or friends or purpose outside their party, nothing else that matters than its interests.

  109. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Crazycat as Nth Lananarkshire cooncil changed the rules of posters on lampposts because Yes campain had more than BT activisim.The rules were breached in the last Campain time & again Playing by the Rules losing by the Rules.Lets change their rules.Who says campain material should be printed in this Country,or as Indeviduals informing people by putting leaflets through their letter boxes. TEAR UP THEIR BLOODY RULE BOOK.Let them use it as TOILET PAPER.

  110. deewal says:

    I’d love a little red book.
    Also I don’t want Separation. I want Independence.

  111. Stephen Armstrong says:

    British Nationalism is the Mother of all diseases.

  112. alexicon says:

    Hallelujah someone who ison par with what I’m thinking, thank you.
    @Crazycat, Do you think the established parties have played by their own rules up to now? It seems that it is only us that have had to abide by their rules and I’m not even talking about abusing their rules either, just telling the truth.
    I suppose we’ll just let the MSM get on with telling the truth as they see it and we can moan about their bias until we’re long and gone?
    Their way of democracy doesn’t really work for [our] real democracy in this modern world.
    Any leaflet that lets their constituents know the truth about their local candidate is okay by me.
    They can’t argue about the facts.

  113. Chiterinlicht says:

    Don’t like people who compile lists. Too much like Mr Smart.

    What about an interactive referendum retrospective quiz book?

  114. Apache says:

    @ crazycat

    ”I am looking to provide useful information, nothing more.”

    It’s appreciated and I’ll pass on at group meeting this week. I’m pretty certain, it’ll have zero effect on our strategy though. The gloves need to come off.

  115. Stoker says:

    @ Apache.

    Does your organisation have a web-site?

    I’ve done a basic shoogle on Google but i don’t see anything.

    I’ve used the search terms ‘alba apache’ and ‘apache alba’ and both throw up similar results.

    I know you’re not fully up and running at the moment but is there any plans or scope for growing your organisation into other areas throughout Scotland?

  116. Calgacus says:

    Bloody neo Bolsheviks, criticising my Nation’s aspirations while they shill for their Anglo-Zionist empire. Hypocritical Britnat bastards.

  117. Lollysmum says:

    @ Apache-Alba

    I searched on Twitter for you but couldn’t find you there either.

  118. Barbara McKenzie says:

    The prevalence of this strategy of suggesting, or claiming, that nationalists are scum has been gradually sinking into my
    consciousness too.

    Your list of people that Salmond has been identified with (Hitler, Mugabe etc)is extremely useful, and it has been quoted and amplified by other media.

    I have thought to compile something on racist remarks by English voters about the Scots English, given that the view of the Scots as being ant-English (may or may not be true) has been projected on to the Yes campaign, whereas my impression is that the most virulent racism has come from English unionists.

    What I’m saying is, we are in the business of political argument, and this kind of research is useful and effective. Someone needs to point out how SLAB in particular see Yes voters. So go for it!

  119. gerry parker says:

    @ Stoker.
    click on his name (in Blue)

  120. alexicon says:


    You’re my kind of people, go for it and if you can give me an email through wings.

  121. Ken Waldron says:

    They always use that Albert Einstein quote but never give the context which is in a the post war interview where he is specifically asked about his German and Jewish identities…

  122. Stoker says:

    @ gerry parker.

    Cheers, mucker.

  123. Apache says:

    @stoker and lollysmum.

    gerry parker has just provided link to web site, we need to get better placed with the search engines and not currently showing on google. We not on twitter yet but can be found on facebook, although we appear to have 2x FB. Should have our on-line presence sorted out better next week, when ‘our man who can’ gets back from hols.

  124. crazycat says:

    @ alexicon

    I think there’s a difference between
    a) knowing that you are breaking the law and deciding that it is worth it, and
    b) being unaware of the law and suddenly finding yourself faced with a £5000 fine, for instance. Some people might not care; others would rather have avoided it.

    All I’m trying to do is ensure that people can choose the first option – as many on here seem to favour for themselves, which is fair enough – rather than be caught out because of lack of information. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defence.

    I’ve done my bit now, so I’ll shut up about it.

  125. hopper69 says:

    Clan Donald@2.43,

    I remember being taught by Jim Fairlie in the early seventies when he told us about KLM(I think)and another Dutch airline who wanted to set up a hub airport at Prestwick to service the world but primarily the American market.
    They approached the Westminster parliament for assistance but were told this would only be forthcoming if the airport was to be set up for London.
    This offer was no good so they set up their hub at Schiphol.
    The rest is history.
    Hope this is not to far in the past for you to use.

  126. hopper69 says:

    Go for it.Let the SNP do what they have to do.What you are proposing is what the YES campaign should have been into from the start.Gloves off.
    Put out a call for help and I think a wheen of like minded people will answer it.

  127. robertknight says:

    Ah yes, nothing more amusing than a British Nationalist in full rant mode.

    Just showed this piece to my English wife – I’ll spare your blushes and not repeat what expletives she employed to describe Mr Morrison. (It made me giggle however… 🙂

  128. allan thomson says:

    Compile the list

  129. hopper69 says:


    Thats a fair shout.
    If the leaflets being distributed are showing what the Labour politicians are saying (even though it shows them as twats),would that not be taken againstLabour spending thresholds
    Just asking like.

  130. Alex Clark says:

    All that crazycat is pointing out is not really an issue, all that is needed is a name and address on the leaflets.

    Both Wings and the “Aye Right” leaflets managed to do this before the referendum with no issues on spending or without falling foul of “the rules”.

    I understand that their are now new rules and thank crazycat for pointing them out else some enthusiastic supporter falls foul of them through lack of knowledge.

    Knowledge is power, I for one welcome the education crazycat.

  131. Kenny says:

    Quite honestly, when it comes to the gagging law, I would say to hell with it. Print leaflets and put them through doors. How are the police going to find you? The worst that happens is that the SNP gets accused of dirty tricks, but then what else is new? If the BBC can support Oor Jim so vociferously (and even Alan Bloody Cochrane can tell people to vote Labour!) then I see no problem with ignoring this particular law.

    If it comes to the crunch, we can always find the money to pay a few fines. We CAN’T afford to let a law designed to stifle democratic debate ACTUALLY stifle democratic debate!

  132. Wuffing Dug says:

    Guerrilla tactics it is then. Agree wholeheartedly with wildcat leafleting etc, have been thinking about this for a while. The only problem would be concealing material origin to mitigate accountability, but if it was widespread control would be impossible it would be like wildfire. I’ve seen signs etc locally in aberdeen, there is one near my house.

  133. Graeme Doig says:

    I’ve got a British nationalist disease. I’m sick to the back teeth of their pontificating about the evils of Scotland’s right to exist as a separate country at the same time as swearing allegiance to the Union flag.
    Utterly sickening.

  134. CluthaAlba says:

    I am merely curious, but is this the same Alasdair Morrison who was a Director of Uist Builders which collapsed a few years ago leaving more than a few local Islanders out of pocket and indeed, unemployed.

    How much exactly did Alasdiar lose out of this, or was it merely his directors’ fees?

  135. Chic McGregor says:

    There are two completely different, indeed opposite, things which get called ‘nationalism’.

    The first is in favour of cultural diversity, sees it as a good thing for the advancement of civilization and has therefore no tolerance for national identities/culture which seek to expand geo-politically or to impose their cultural mores on others. Adherents believe all national/cultural perspectives (provided they do not interfere with others) have the right to existence and continued development.

    The second is the opposite, it is imperialistic at fundament, believing that other cultures are errant and in need of correction. This may entail invasion of other nations – for their own good – of course.

    The ideal for the former is a World where differing national/cultural perspectives are welcome. Where there is no territorial or resource ambitions and where checks and balances are in place to ensure that those individuals with such imperialistic tendencies, and they potentially exist in all countries, are prevented from gaining executive power. Therefore different national cultures can exist side by side in a spirit of mutual tolerance and indeed learn and adopt various best practices from each other on a voluntary basis.

    The ideal for the second, is one World culture, one World Market, one World Trough and one World elite. Those in favour of this type tend to believe they are already, or should be, members of the trough swilling elite. Of course, this is a delusion, in that only a tiny proportion of those will actually find a place at the hallowed Global trough should it ever come about.
    With its modern, sanitised version of Globalism, it is able to attract those from both the extreme right and from the extreme left (albeit for different ideological reasons). An unholy alliance indeed.

    A cursory knowledge of history shows that from one era to the next different national cultures have been the leading lights in the progress of civilization and where the next big contribution has come from has been impossible to predict accurately. Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Italy, France, Scotland, England have all had their day in the Sun. Population size not being a significant factor.

    Imperialist nationalism has been by far the biggest generator of wars. First between empires vying for territory and control and second, when an empire invariably weakens, between national cultural regions which had been forced together by that imperialism and where geo-political borders have become confused.

    In areas where non imperialistic nationalism pertain, there is minimum conflict.

    The existence of different cultural perspectives may not simply be an aid to advancing civilization but, who knows? might one day be vital to its survival.

  136. Macart says:

    So the favourable intervention and macro economics had nothing to do with seven years of SNP government in Scotland?

    What an arse.

  137. Paula Rose says:

    I think all samizdat literature should be credited to moi!

    Take me down britnats!

  138. gordon lynn says:

    Einstein was talkin about the Nazis I believe. So here we go again! What was it this particular liar said? Measure themselves against others…..-bogeyman….. Then he does just that!
    Let’s move on.

  139. gordon lynn says:

    EINSTEIN last paragraph is particularly pertinent sounds like he would feel the same way abut british patriotic nationalism.
    Never let taking quotes out of the context in which they were made stand in the way of biased political rhetoric.

    It was published as part of an interview in the Saturday Evening Post of October 1929 by George Sylvester Viereck. Einstein did not write it himself.The interviewer quoted him, and wrote it down in English. Einstein presumably said it in German (his command of German being far superior to his command of English). The source for the quote is the translated version in English.The exact quotation in the original language has not been preserved. Here is the translation that was published by the interviewer, Viereck:

    Viereck: “Do you look upon yourself as a German or as a Jew?”

    Einstein: “It is quite possible, to be both. I look upon myself as a man. Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

    It may not satisfy you to learn that the quote is attributed to Einstein by the interviewer, rather than being written by Einstein himself. However, Einstein reiterates the mindset in “My Credo” (1932). He also recorded this statement. In it, he says:

    I am against any nationalism, even in the guise of mere patriotism. Privileges based on position and property have always seemed to me unjust and pernicious, as did any exaggerated personality cult.

    Smart man, that Einstein guy.

  140. Alex Clark says:

    @gordon lynn

    A lot smarter than Alsdair Morrison, Murphy and McTernan combined. That lot are losers without an idea among them.

  141. Triangular Ears says:

    @crazycat, thanks for letting us know about this. I wasn’t trying to complain about it, although it maybe looked like it.

    I do agree with others though that the rules are selectively applied, if at all when it comes to the British state and their supporters.

    I agree with others that the gloves need to come off. It’s up to individuals if they want to outright break the law, but, as others have said, there are probably ways to dance around the law.

    For example, are newspapers exempt from these rules? If so, then what is to stop people reprinting, or printing out links to articles that expose unionist politicians as liars, expenses cheats, war mongers or whatever? Maybe this in itself falls under the rules, but maybe not.

  142. Capella says:

    The Einstein quote from 1929 can be read as a pdf here:
    Other interesting aspects – Einstein supported the German Republic on the grounds that the people have the right to rule themselves. He also supported Zionism spite of his quote about nationalism.
    So not exactly the clear-cut case Mr Morrison thinks he is making.

  143. Apache says:

    @ stoker, lollysmum, hooper69 and others

    Apache Alba now has twitter account.

    also FB page =

  144. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    Thanks for the Einstein link – very interesting.

    I have had that quoted at me before and now I have the perfect response and its source.

    Amazing – Every day you learn something new on Wings!

    I came across Alasdair when he was quite a nice young lad. What a disappointment he has turned out though – that is what happens when you spend too much time with Brian Wilson.

    His brother John, also ex-BBC, is a decent guy.

    Strange how the BBC always seems to be tied into the Scottish Labour Party?

    Someone should write a book about it…

  145. thoughtsofascot says:

    And when you look at Einstiens other quotations on nationalism, you can see that the kind of nationalism he is talking about is the one-upmanship style that Britnats are famous for. Jingoism, for a better word

    Its pretty obvious that he doesn’t consider the right to self determination to be nationalism at all. Whoops, it looks like the britnat just egged himself

  146. Dawn in NL says:

    Charging the Scottish drinks industry for use of British Embassy premises while non Scottish industries get this for free.

  147. John Curren says:

    I like lists. I like books, especially wee handy sized ones. I like symmetry. So a wee red book of lists would be perfect!

  148. Sam Addison says:

    @Chic McGregor

    A comment like that makes me instinctively hunt in vain for a ‘Like’ or ‘+1’ button on this site.

    You’ve pretty much summed up the fundamental ideological division between Scottish and British “nationalism” for me. I think that many people, myself included, started out as instinctive No voters because of a rejection of all forms of your second form of nationalism, but then made the transition to Yes upon realising that Yes was in fact on the side of your first definition, and was something that any open-hearted person could and should support.

    I think that there are still many people, perhaps even Mr Alasdair Morrison included, who could still have their eyes opened.

    However, as long as the ridiculous equivocation that you’ve highlighted continues to be allowed to frame public discourse (ie Nationalism = Bad = Nazis = Scottish = poop, btw UK = Ace + Nice) then there’s an uphill struggle.

  149. Fred says:

    Scottish nationalism hasn’t killed anybody within living memory. British nationalism is red in tooth & claw, mired in blood since 1707.

  150. steveasaneilean says:

    Mr Morrison’s remarks are purile.
    Also in quoting Einstein he seems to ignore that this is the man who chose to make his final home in a country founded by “separatists” which to this day remains a country obsessed with “flags and borders”.

  151. Ken Mac says:

    This prick is no Einstein. Given that Einstein was a German Jew in the Nazi era his experience of ‘nationalism’ was a tad different to the civic nationalism of Scotland.

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