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We are reasonable people

Posted on June 11, 2014 by

If you missed it, today’s John Beattie show featuring Hamish Macdonell and myself:


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    1. 11 06 14 21:16

      We are reasonable people | Scottish Independence News

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    1. eezy says:

      Listened to the show.
      Thought you were a reasoned bawbag.
      Just wish it was someone with a bit more savvy than Big John Beattie.

    2. eezy says:

      Well done getting the ‘no abuse’ comments on your site across.
      Waiting with baited breathe for Scotland Tonight just to see you getting Bitch Slapped.
      No abuse intended to anyone….

    3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just wish it was someone with a bit more savvy than Big John Beattie.”

      I think he’s really good.

    4. Brotyboy says:

      Me, Rev, me. Not myself, unless using a reflexive verb.

      Don’t want to sound like a footballer after all.

    5. James123 says:

      Rev you mainstream media bastard! Let’s hope you get a lot more invites to the BBC.

    6. Kestral says:

      breaking news

      the charity account that said b*tch was hacked

      this may have been a no supporter who did this

      please people start taking screen shots – evidence is everything

      Hackers can be found and this may have been intentional

    7. heedtracker says:

      So commentator Hamish, not in any camp, thinks there’s a “feeling” that the media is bettertogether biased. Well done Rev, for even bothering to speak sensibly to the BBC, the most powerful and aggressive anti independence camp of them all.

    8. Kestral says:

      this is a bonnafind charity, the twitter account has never ounce mentioned supporting yes or no

      this has been an intentional hacking smear

    9. Kestral says:

      can anyone contact stu to make him aware of this?

    10. fairiefromtheearth says:

      I loved it when he said you couldent say she lied on the radio or in the paper, thats when you should have said i just fekking did BAWBAG lol . i take it you won a tenner for that one its my fav word when playing online poker 😉

    11. Lesley-Anne says:

      Congratulations Stu. I thought you dealt with everything in a very dignified manner whilst still managing to get the TRUTH about Clare Lally and the wider issues we all have about the MSM out into the radioland ether. 😛

    12. I think the Rev has just given us carte blanche to call him a bawbag.

      Great interview, although now I’ll be reading every article in your accent.

    13. Craig Evans says:

      Well done Stu,

      I just listened to the radio clip on BBC on demand and it all was very good though yon other bloke kept being a little fast and loose with the actualite!

    14. Kestral says:

      breaking news

      the charity account that said jkr is a b*tch was hacked

      this may have been a no supporter who did this

      account that’s been hacked is this one
      Hackers can be found and this may have been intentional smear against yes

    15. Iain Hamilton says:

      I have a lot of time for John Beattie. He treats all of his guests with respect and expects the same in return. His pleas to keep things simple for the big dumb guy are a superb affectation. I believe he is a highly qualified CA. I have heard him give unionist interviewees a real hard time if he detects obfuscation. I’ve also felt for some time that he’s getting a bit tired of toeing the line. It was a great appearance Stu. If only all broadcast debate were as civilised.

    16. Paula Rose says:

      And so the “journalist” Severin Carrell makes a fool of himself yet again (re Kestral and Nana Smith above).

    17. heedtracker says:

      So, still no responses showing ANY actual abusive tweets to Clare Lally.

      Rev tweets, cometh the hour cometh MI5? Same thing with Vote No BBC comedienne Susan Calman abuse, death threat tweets, other than Calman’s not very funny.

    18. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Good job Stu. I admire your diplomacy. I would have got stuck into the “neutral” eejit Hamish big time! I thought the reference to ” you could not say that in the media” was a bit weird though. Political correctness? No thanks!

    19. Kestral says:

      is hacking a criminal offence?

      can this be pursued ?

    20. wee_monsieur says:

      Well done, Stu, you meeja star you

    21. heedtracker says:

      That Daily Record poll now at 68% no, 32% yes from 90% YES last night, which makes much more sense considering Chrichton Torcuil’s another neutral like oor Hamish there.

    22. Alabaman says:

      Rest assured the “big John” will remember you, and will come calling again, and again, next stop thereafter is with that lassie Smith!.

    23. Zen Broon says:

      Where have the media been for the last two decades? Nobody ‘manages’ an internet debate.

    24. Did you notice that John Beattie apologised to Stewart about giving Hamish the last word. Are we perhaps, starting to see a more neutral stance from the BBC?

    25. Grouse Beater says:

      So long as they hang on to the lies that their political associates – who talk as if punch drunk fighters – feel insulted and abused, so long do they keep the discussion off the democratic rights the people of Scotland should have by right.

      The rest from the Union is sophistry.

      Their entire objective is to control.

    26. Nicol Hands says:

      At last the BBC gave our perspective for once. Let’s hope it continues. I like John Beattie as an interview. At least he didn’t interrupt.
      You interviewed well and got your points across well.

    27. Truth says:

      I haven’t listened to him much, but in general I think John Beattie is a decent sort.

    28. Grouse Beater says:

      Are we starting to see a more neutral stance from the BBC?

      No! More neutral than what?
      Millions has been removed from its budget.
      It fears for its survival.
      It has been tamed.
      Years ago.

    29. Maggie says:

      All power to your elbow cove.

      Best interview I have heard so far, no arguing or butting in from either side.

    30. James Sneddon says:

      Heedtracker- What poll is that the only one I can find is YES at 89%, which suggests more NO’s are voting as YES vote was up tom 92% last time I looked.

    31. JGedd says:

      I was waiting on tenterhooks for you to make the point about Ms.Lally having stated that the NHS would not be safe with independence and you did. That for me was the most important point about this affair.

      As an ordinary member of the public, Ms.Lally could get away with a statement like this. After all ordinary members of the public are sadly often misguided about the situation of the NHS in Scotland and are unaware that it is not affected by independence.

      However, as a Labour activist, Ms Lally has either been misled by the party about the status of the NHS Scotland or is aware of this misrepresentation. I think we were entitled to ask which it was.

      However, the presence of Bay Rok on the thread yesterday should have alerted us to the fact that this was going to be used. Perhaps we will be more careful next time.

    32. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev, noo if I had listened to that interview Pre-watershed

      ah wud be sorely affended BawBag indeed, ah wud’ve hitched

      ma pettygoats an run tae the Daily hails office, BawBaw an

      that fae the Cheif of Cybernat Central Command Centre or

      (aka) Aliksalmin.

    33. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Stu, you need to get on Sky News. Just watched their Rowling report. Major cringe with reference to the Lally affair.

    34. Balaaargh says:


      The Computer Misuse Act 1990 (plus 2006 amendments) should cover this. TDP should first off get a police incident raised and then contact Twitter to get the account locked. Being based in the US, they most likely won’t respond to non-police requests for access to the logs so police action is important. Thanks to the RIP Act of 2000, your ISP already knows where you are so an individual in the UK without the savvy to hide their tracks is easy to find technically but it can take a bit of time for police process to work through.

    35. rab_the_doubter says:

      So that’s what an evil cybernat coordinator sounds like then.

      Seriously, whatever happens get yourself back to Scotland and stand as a prospective MSP. Straightforward plain talking and not suffering fools gladly is entirely what we need to sort out the mess which Westminster are going to leave (I expect slash and burn vindictive politics when we get a YES vote in order to make things difficult for a new Independent Scottish Government. (And I’d pay good money to see ‘bawbag’ recorded in an official parliamentary transcript.

    36. msean says:

      Nice to some balance there.

    37. John says:

      Great stuff!

      Into the Lions Den. Message Delivered. Out without a scratch.

      And only weasel words from your MSM opponent.

    38. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Yes, we are reasonable people, and so let the word be spread that Brian Taylor, on this evening’s Newsdrive, made mention of Darling’s ‘blood and soil’ predicament, and also mentioned release of the New Statesman audio.

      Okay, it wasn’t examined in depth, but he did give some context. (Sorry, I can’t pinpoint the time it was broadcast.)

    39. AnneDon says:

      Hmm, so the politicians are conducting a civilised debate, it’s just us online plebs who aren’t, according to Big John.

      I assume that means Darling’s view on ethnic nationalism, and indeed, JK Rowling’s, are not going to be mentioned?

    40. heedtracker says:

      @ James Sneddon, this one. Most important of all , another day goes by without much if any post independence Scotland discussion or info, you know like bettertogether project fear mantra that its the most important decision ever but noone can get any facts and figures about it…

    41. carthannas says:

      A really good interview, Rev. I like John Beattie. He always tries to give both sides of a story. You wouldn’t have got that amount of airtime from GMS or Newsdrive. As usual, Newsdrive lied: saying that Ms Lally got online abuse for being a No supporter rather than being presented as an ‘ordinary’ mother, as was the case.

      O\T I see JKR has written another fantasy, this time on the benefits of the union!

      By the way, regarding your observation on anonymous online commentators, I’ve always used my own surname and under it I’m happy to say that BBC Scotland is corrupt and I wish that there was one decent journalist that works there that would stand up and say so.

    42. Kestral says:

      Cached version of clair’s twitter page was

      @******* tweets are protected.
      Only confirmed followers have access to @******
      Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.

      It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 23 May 2014 05:09:03 GMT.

      So for someone to be so badly abused they they have now closed their twitter account while all along that account was private and only open to those she accepted


    43. Alba4Eva says:

      1. Clair Lally was disingenuous about her status.

      2. I agree with Zen Broon …the ‘Managing the on-line debate’ comment jumped out at me also. …it would be like herding cats. The whole point of the internet is freedom of expression and it just reflects society. Yes, you get the odd idiot, but that is a small price to pay to avoid the alternative of a small group of the rich elite dictating the information agenda.

    44. Marcia says:

      I saw this on twitter tonight, I hope our friends James Kelly & Scottish Skier are ready for their analysis:

      ‘Like Ipsos/STV poll, senior Yes people tweeting about about tomorrow’s Survation/Daily Record poll. Another poll showing Yes up?’

    45. alexicon says:

      Good work Stu.
      It was evident when John Beattie said that neutral Hamish and you were in opposing camps.

      Should have got a wee dig in there about Darlings blood and soil remark when Hamish said that the politicians were having a polite campaign.
      He obviously can see no wrong in the unionist camp.

    46. alexicon says:

      I think he’s really good.

      He’ll go the same way as Isobel Fraser now for you saying that 🙂

    47. alexicon says:

      A bit of a good surprise offshore today in the tea shack.
      Gentleman hearing me discussing the referendum volunteered that he has been a Tory all his life and that Thatcher was his ultimate hero, but he is definitely voting YES.
      I gave him 2 car window stickers which he gleefully accepted.
      Made my day

    48. Grouse Beater says:

      The No campaign, and MSM front men in particular, people who reviled Gordon Brown when he was in office, who absolutely detest him, are now boosting his standing now by saying … wait for it …

      “He’s a politician who is well liked in Scotland. People there will listen to him.”

      Perhaps some in Fife.

      But let me reassure anybody reading this. Pontificating by Hapless Gordon, and uneducated ill-informed drivel from Rowling won’t only antagonise many but alienate them too.

    49. kalmar says:

      Excellent interview Stu, well done.
      This sort of misrepresentation is typical of the basically dishonest nature of BT, see also the No Borders fakery.

    50. cal says:

      This is great. Well done John Beattie and well done BBC Scotland. I pray that a new dawn of reasonableness has broken. Just back from a thoroughly enjoyable evening of canvassing. It never ceases to amaze me just how nice people are even the No voters(!). We are so poorly served by the media in this country. If you never went out and just stayed in all day every day reading papers, watching the tv and listening to the radio you’turn into some kind of people hating maniac. Well, you know what? The vast majority of folks are just the sort of people you’d be glad to have as a friend. AND best of all tonight once again we had a clear majority for Yes! Which is probably why I’m in such a good mood!

      On the subject of my wife’s friend’s Chinese newspaper article, my wife has been busy on the computer all night while I’ve been pounding the streets and she’s not there yet but it’s coming together. Goldenaye, I’m not sure if the newspaper has an online version but if it does I’ll post a link to it here when it comes out.

    51. Stuart, so sorry. Wee greetin face thingy.

    52. Reider O'Doom says:

      Just on the 12 minute mark, “…dancing on the head of a pin.” Classic line!

    53. kalmar says:

      First 30 seconds of Scotland 2014. FACEPALM. Turns out they’re going large on it then.

    54. Indy_Scot says:

      I have just caught up with Lallygate and I am absolutely amazed at how a non story can be exaggerated to such an extent without any signs of embarrassment from those involved. Talk about the unionist media and Lally milking a non story purely to try and win favour over ordinary members of the public. Shameful absolutely shameful.

      I don’t know how these people sleep at night, I really don’t.

    55. Martin says:

      I actually thought that was an excellent example of what a debate should be. A credit to all 3 involved.

    56. Papadox says:

      Was Hamish not a spook in another life? Maybe he’s on a zero hrs contract with MI5?

    57. Indy_Scot says:

      Well done Stu.

    58. Papadox says:

      @Indy_Scot says: 10:37pm

      They are “politicians” that’s how they can sleep at night!

    59. rab_the_doubter says:

      Surely some actionable comments by Ruth Davidson there.

    60. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Bottom of the barrel being scraped as the fool McTernan is deployed on STV.

    61. muttley79 says:

      McTernan is saying the SNP is co-ordinating Cybernats. What a nasty piece of work. The guy is a disgrace. Iain MacWhirter is fab.

    62. Kestral says:

      the charity has been reported to charity commission so think it will now become police matter to find hacker

    63. muttley79 says:

      By the way Rona from Scotland Tonight denied that Darling had called the SNP blood and soil nationalists? WTF.

    64. Weedeochandorris says:

      Well done Stu you behaved impeccably especially when that woman kept butting in, and you got really good points across about how this is being blown up by BT. And, they gave her the last word, same as on the radio interview! Do they think we’re thick about all the wee sneaky subliminal tactcs? They control the MSM and now they want to control the internet. This is the big kick off.

    65. Famous15 says:

      Stu you were called a liar on Scotland 2014 by the Sunday Express guy!

    66. Derek M says:

      lol just watched big Ian tear that idiot McTernan a new butt hole on STV so funny go yerself bigman plus MSM for once stating that cyber nastiness is a two way street ,maybe today wasnt such a bad day after all 🙂

    67. Bob W says:


      Just watched part of Scotland2014, If that’s the BBC being unbiased, thank deity we’ve got other sources of informtion.

      Ruth Davidson “it’s ALL your fault Stu” (I paraphrase), you apparently stated ms Lally was Pat’s DiL and WOS has a record of abusing people on-line!

      RD wouldn’t recognise the truth if it jumped out and bit her conservative posterior.

    68. Glenn says:

      So, Rev….are you now clear on exactly how the Scottish media works, since you’re based in Bath and all that? I’m not really sure how any clear thinking individual who may yet be undecided could watch Dalgety and McTiernan tonight and be won over by their arguments.

    69. Indy_Scot says:

      I have believed for some time that Ruth Davison may be mentally deranged. There is nothing I have seen recently that would change my opinion of her.

    70. David Boddie says:

      Regarding part of the discussion around the 5 minute mark. I find it disappointing that many commentators regard anonymity as the main factor behind online abuse and that forcing people to use their real names would make them conduct themselves better. I think the real problem is that many people do not feel either responsible or accountable for their words and actions online.

      Some of us are privileged in that we feel able to write under our own names, but many people are afraid to express perfectly reasonable opinions in a public forum without some form of anonymity. A world in which we sacrifice anonymity for the illusion of accountability is a world without those voices.

    71. Albert Herring says:

      “I don’t know how these people sleep at night, I really don’t.”

      Alien space lizards have a very different body clock.

    72. Grouse Beater says:

      David Boddie said: A world in which we sacrifice anonymity for the illusion of accountability is a world without those voices.

      Life and freedom of expression are far more complex than that. Anonymity was built in to the Internet for very good reasons. The origin of one’s published expression, the IP address is not anonymous. It is merely withheld from public view for sound reasons.

    73. Chic McGregor says:

      Big John is no mug.

      As I posted earlier on OT

      Hamish Macdonell a neutral? – Aye Right. At least he admitted the MSM were biased, but that came over as “It wisnae me mister, a big media done it and stayed exactly whaur it wis.”

    74. Horseboy says:

      I’m BBC Radio Scotland 20year listener. BBC Scotland has been corrupted over last 10years.

      I’ve always been in private sector, and would like workers pay to improve.

      John Beatiie is a waste of my BBC tax. I would not employ him. I would not pay to listen. He’s nothing important to say. His program is utter dross. He’s not intellectual. His every 2nd word, is text 80295, why? Is BBC profiling. I’m old now and now figured BBC’s a department of government, the UK Home Office.

      John Beattie must know he is getting used or happy to be used.

    75. Tam Jardine says:

      Compare and contrast: the blowing up of this story with playing down of AD’s remarks. Ruth Davidson lying through her teeth… being allowed to lie through her teeth.

      I will go to my grave without Mr Darling apologising for his disgraceful remarks about the First Minister and all SNP members and voters. Campbell Gunn apologised for his error immediately.

      Here we have the entire campaign writ large. It is the Yes campaign v the media coordinated by Westminster. Fortunately your average punter doesn’t watch programmes like Scotland 2014 and Scotland Today.

      They are just like PPB’s these shows. Allegations presented as given facts. Facts presented as allegations.

      The organs of the state at work. I feel ashamed for them. The public deserve an impartial state broadcaster. The public deserve the case for the union to be made properly rather than this propaganda war. Yes will win this but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    76. manandboy says:

      Anonymity is a very responsible step when one’s family members are not comfortable with one’s online activity if it were to be done using one’s real name.

      That is the price of living in a sectarian part of the country.

    77. hetty says:

      Tam Jardine

      I agree the no/anti Scottish Independence campaign are now reduced to the distraction tactic. It reduces the efficacy of the real issues, ie just exactly what will happen to Scotland and the people of Scotland if it is a no vote. It is the look there’s a squirrel tactic, their policy is to watch, look listen and copy, if you cant beat em type thing. The despicable attacks on the SNP and A Salmond are ignored and indeed accepted. Thankfully most people see through that sort of psychological manipulation.

    78. Dave says:

      What would BT say if Yes presented Rev Stu as ‘just an ordinary guy’?

    79. R. Duncan says:

      Stu , very impressed with the radio interview , magic my man and you got the lines in about the BBC too. Yahoo.

      As for the topic itself , is there any one surprised that we are angry . The MSM has lied continually , distorting and scaring people to vote no . T.V is full of lies and twisted truths , No campaigners are hypocrites.

      i don’t condone or excuse any one for any abuse but come on people , this is project fear and they have scared the wits out of folk with their claims. I can’t believe any one will fall for the “Victim” card. Not a chance.

      What do you call some one who lies cheats and scares folk , who throws smears and abuse then cries when a little is returned. Answers on a postcard to Better Together . West minster .

      This is only the start , and we know it will get worse.

      I am YES voter. I am happy to be called a “cybernat” I will no longer hide my name behind an alias and will spread the truth and debunk the spin to every one i know and i will do so right up to 10pm 18th Sept.

      I will see my country independent

      I will not threaten, bully or abuse but i will answer back and if i sound angry, it’s because i am.

      R. Duncan ( Ricky to my friends)


    80. Horseboy says:

      Observation. I’m noticing lots of new poster names tonight. Be suspicious. Be aware. Be alert. Maybe trolls about.

    81. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Observation. I’m noticing lots of new poster names tonight.”

      You should see the sudden influx of concern trolls I’m not letting through.

    82. Bay Rok says:

      “the presence of Bay Rok on the thread yesterday should have alerted us to the fact that this was going to be used. Perhaps we will be more careful next time.”

      I do hope that next time someone warns you that a story you have published is based on a lie and will blow up in your face, that you actually act on the advance warning by suspending the story rather than call that person a troll and hide your head in the sand. But in this case, the story should never have been published in the first place because it was a personal attack based on speculation and innuendo. Classic tabloid smear tactics.

    83. kestral says:

      As far as I can determine we have approx 5 yes supporters who have gone way overboard on Twitter,

      What they say Tars us all, as the newspapers are gleefully printing it word for word

      They have made us look as bad as those who attacked the weirs

      This is sad as despite the utter frustration we suffer we have remained dignified

      So too those 5or so who have been outed in the paper

      Do your country a favour and gonna nae dae that again

    84. Marker Post says:

      The John Beattie comment about Stu’s “allegation” about the Daily Mail doorstepping was a bit off – there’s a difference between allegation and fact. I love too how interviewers can talk about “media bias” as if they are not part of the problem. But on the whole, a great advert for Wings, keep ’em coming Rev.

    85. Marker Post says:

      Oh, and I know it’s difficult, but next time you’re on, remember to get the plug that every single post on Wings is fully attributed.

    86. Guttersnipe says:

      I wonder if anyone else caught the current state of play on one of the news bulletins that although a written apology had been forwarded for the mistake in identity that Clare Lally was not prepared to accept ANY apology never mind the one offered.

      I cant speak for anyone else but that does not seem like the reaction of a non-political ordinary person. To my mind that is a very definite agenda driven statement.

    87. ronnie anderson says:

      @Marker Post,Stu wasent makeing a alligation he was stateing

      a factuality & there’s 6 Wingers to attest to the fact.

    88. Jim McIntosh says:

      @Bay Rok – i’ve followed Lallygate since you first posted yesterday, can you please indicate where the ‘based on a lie’ assertion comes from. Is it the assumption that Ms Clare MIGHT be related to Pat Lally or the revelation (to a real ordinary voter) that she IS a paid up member (so to speak) of the Scottish Labour Party elite.

      I watched the video bites of Ms Clare at the BT rally stating that she was an ordinary mother and finishing her speech with the cute shrug of the shoulders, as if she had never spoken in public before and was taken in. After reading the article on here I know what I think was ‘based on a lie’.

    89. Grouse Beater says:

      Bay Rok said: But in this case, the story should never have been published in the first place because it was a personal attack

      Speaking for myself, I poured justified scorn on a person who portrayed herself as ordinary but was an activist for the Labour party. I have no doubt she intended to give the rest of us the impression, messianic fashion, she had seen the light and it was the status quo, and other ‘ordinary’ women should follow her.

      In other words, her integrity is wanting, her preaching false. She presented herself as Exhibit A for the defence of the realm. Americans might suggest she pretended to be an ‘ingenuee.’

      I also question your integrity, for you’re doing your best to bolster Ms Lally’s egregious claim, and you protest too much.

      I am a member of the SNP and declared it on this site very early. I joined the SNP to show my allegiance to Scotland reegaining its autonomy. I do not regard myself as any sort of activist or politician. I participate to persuade others to the need for genuine democratic system, and to contradict the half-truths and lies disseminated by the Unionist brigade and the likes of you. I do not wish to sit on the fence, pretend I have no politics, or present my case as if newly considered, fresh from the Boy Scouts.

      Quit frankly, I’m instictively fiercely at odds with anybody who denies the people of Scotland their rightful claim to equality of opportunity.

    90. john king says:

      rab the doubter says
      “Seriously, whatever happens get yourself back to Scotland and stand as a prospective MSP. Straightforward plain talking and not suffering fools gladly ”

      Have to say I agree with that statement Rab, Stu’s the reincarnation of Oor Margo, he would make a great MSP and one I would be proud to vote for.

      Annedon says
      “Hmm, so the politicians are conducting a civilised debate, it’s just us online plebs who aren’t, according to Big John.”

      Again finding myself in agreement with a statement,
      anyone who has not been in a coma for the last year could possible state (with any sort of honesty) that he really believes the politicians have conducted themselves properly while us knuckle dragger’s are pulling the debate into the gutter,

      How far back do we need to go,Alistair Darling tacit agreement with the blood and soil comment,(it simply wont fly to suggest he didnt say it himself)
      maybe George Foulkes comments about Alex Salmond being more interested in independence than a 14 y/o being raped, or maybe we can ask Ian Smart what his opinion of Poles and Pakis chances of survival in an independent Scotland, could we ask George Robertson who see’s the entire western world unravelling because of us, or even George Galloway feels that Catholics will be rounded up and locked in a church and burned to death,
      wait a minute I might have mixed that up with an event in York,
      and WE’RE hiding behind anonymity with pseudonyms?
      and you can have my real name for that Hamish, oh!

      Kestral says
      “As far as I can determine we have approx 5 yes supporters who have gone way overboard on Twitter,”

      I wouldn’t get that concerned about a few people making silly comments when we are daily subject to a barrage of abuse from the msm ,BBC, STV, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS for goodness sake we get upset and say things we wish we hadn’t and those cynical bastards are playing that one for all its worth while they hide behind the lies they perpetrate, which in my mind is MUCH much worse than Hamish MacDonnell’s criticism of us “cowards” hiding behind pseudonyms.

      How come when the tv wants to show us evil cybernats on twitter its always poor old Andrew Mortons name on the screen? 🙁

    91. Grouse Beater says:

      Better to use a pseudonym.

      Who the hell wants a screaming unionist at their door determined to remove your rights?

    92. john king says:

      Grouse Beater says
      “Who the hell wants a screaming unionist at their door determined to remove your rights?”

      Its not my rights they want to remove. 🙁

    93. john king says:

      I stand shoulder to shoulder with my friends here who choose for reasons of their own not reveal their real names, it is a symptom of the country we live in that yes supporters WILL be vilified by what is arguably a minority of people from the no camp (the vast bulk of people have no opinion either way so no cannot claim to represent them, but because thier no campaign hold the levers of power the make themselves APPEAR to be the reasonable majority.
      tick tock no camp tick tock
      our time is coming.

    94. Grouse Beater says:

      King said: who choose for reasons of their own not reveal their real names

      My wife, internationally respected with a ton of fans, (I walk behind her like the Duke of Edinburgh) says she will “come out” nearer the time. I warned her she will be vilified by rabid unionists especially the power elite.

      “Am I bovvered? Do I look bovvered?” was her reply.

      I am still pondering the phrase, “come out.” Anyhow, her father was Scotland’s first SNP provost. Good man.

    95. Meindevon says:

      Watched Scotland 2014 last night ( thank you sky for regional bbc channels, can stv do the same, please,or does it and I can’t find it?) and couldn’t understand why the Telegraph man was so insistent on Gunn being sacked( some friend!). Any ideas anyone, or is just because it’s the Torygraph?

    96. Dorothy Devine says:

      Please tell me that Mr Gunn wasn’t stupid enough to contact the Daily Telegraph?
      Cochrane? or another appalling piece of work?

    97. Martin says:

      The refusal to accept the apology is sinister and baffling. Gunn stated 2 things, one was entirely true (can’t be offensive, no apology required) whilst the other was entirely false (though arguably not offensive). He has publicly apologised for this error made in a private email. The refusal of the apology is utterly childish and stokes the fires rather than cooling the problem. I don’t understand why she has done this,but you can bet it’s not because she has been so terribly offended at being associated with a likeminded political figure from the same party as her in a private email. Mistaken identity doesn’t cause this reaction. I suspect (not accuse) her of being disingenuous for political aims.

      As for Darling, I hereby opine that he is a disgrace to the people of this debate and this country. Unlike his lies about Salmond, I happily admit to saying this.

    98. geeo says:

      @bay rok

      The article was not built on a lie, it was built on the FACT Ms Lally was presented as an ordinary member of the public when she clearly is not.

      The story questioned, quite rightly, the apparent lack of knowledge about how the Scottish NHS and consequently her childs care would be absolutely unaffected in any way by independence.

      People then have the right to question (not to be confused with abuse, we are still partly endowed with free speech despite BT) why someone with close ties to labour policy makers and indeed the SNHS would be unaware of this.

      You came on here and threatened to have this site closed down over this story, I am sorry, but that is on the face of it, a threat to political free speech, and as such, considering the story was about political misrepresentation by BT and NOT Ms Lally, should have been the reported story.

      Since i have been honest non abusive and candid, perhaps you can share your thoughts on Alistair Darling calling the SNP,me, and over a million others “blood and soil” nationalist ?

      Eagerly await your reply.

    99. Muscleguy says:

      @Grouse Beater
      I used to post to Usenet as myself, using a simply munged email to fool the spambot harvesters but not humans. Then I got into a simple spat on a running forum and found myself being stalked in real life by someone more than slightly unhinged. I was close to going to the law when it de-escalated.

      That is why I use a pseudonym on the web. Though I have outed myself by citing my scientific research papers often enough on CiF (which I have now left).

      So to those who say you have nothing to fear wait until that sort of thing happens to you.

      WRT the Independence debate my wife is a firm, fingers in the ears, No voter so posting here as myself would be embarrassing to her. Similarly the car and the house are not festooned with stickers and posters for either side. But that doesn’t mean we are not politically engaged. Books and covers etc.

    100. R. Duncan says:

      The simple fact is you can get away with a lot with an alias. Far too many of the trolls know this and change their names each time they are caught.

      I decided to use my real name because i don’t have to hide who i am to express my feelings. many of you thought the same a few weeks back when the MSM where calling us all sorts , for speaking out. We can do this without aliases and the more real names the better. I am not ashamed and will not be bullied into changing the way i vote or feel.

      If we are targeted by online abusers then i say so what. The internet has millions of trolls and if we know who we are then we can combat them more effectively just by having a look at what they call themselves.

      It would hardly be a shock to find NO voters pretending to be YES voters to get online and cause trouble . This is the main reason why we shouldn’t be afraid to speak out and stand by what we say and feel.

      If things get out of hand , call the police. Finding the trolls is easy. We all have IP addresses . Finding a troll is not as hard as you would think.

      Anyway. Now is the time for us all to show our colours . There are many “soft voters” out there that may be convinced to vote yes if they see real names rather than aliases. Real names means real people. You cant say i’ heard a great piece of in from a guy call tattie heed. It would sound stupid in the real world.

      It’s time we all showed our true colours. The country and it’s people are at stake.

    101. Grouse Beater says:

      Muscle Guy said: So to those who say you have nothing to fear wait until that sort of thing happens to you.

      I agree in full.

      One has to be ultra-careful lest the weirdos follow you home …

    102. ScotsCanuck says:

      … there’s only one thing for it … unleash wee Hamish on thon numpty MacDonnell !!!!… Seriously, good job Stu. You handled the interview like a poker pro (aye, I ken ye can play !!!)

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