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Using the Force

Posted on March 08, 2018 by

From today’s Scottish Daily Mail:

The slightly-less-well-known definition of “force” that means “a minority government persuading three out of four opposition parties to agree with it and democratically vote a measure through”, there.

Maybe they should put out a special dictionary or something.

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    1. 08 03 18 09:56

      Using the Force | speymouth

    57 to “Using the Force”

    1. Paul Miller says:

      People who read that paper lap that sort of shite up. They will even quote the article back to you without remembering where they read it believing they are informed.

    2. RogueCoder says:

      Tomkins using the words “reckless” and “railroading” in relation to the Continuity Bill is a laugh. What does he think the Tory push for hard Brexit is?

    3. MJack says:

      Why is it that Ruk/England feel that we will not be able to have a grown up relationship of agreeing regulations across the British Isles but Europe can?

    4. Elizabeth says:

      Paul @9:34
      That is so true. My brother, who tells me he only buys the DM for the TV supplement, does it all the time.

    5. Alex Mitchell says:

      In what way is this English paper Scottish? Are there any rules about using the word “Scottish”?
      If not time, time there was!

    6. galamcennalath says:

      And since when did ‘trying to prevent damage’ become described as wrecking?

      In the Mail’s BritNat world black is white, cold is hot, ignorance is strength.

    7. snode1965 says:

      Of all the Tory Unionist, Tompkins is my absolute favourite.
      How can anyone jump from the SSP to the Conservative & Unionist Party?
      He is the most obvious spook plant in history…

    8. Och, there he is again, the man whom we in this constituency sent humiliatingly packing, gets a wee quote in the Dead Tree Scrolls, talking pish.
      Agriculture, Fishing, the Environment, to name but 3 of the 25 ‘powers’ grabbed by Two Jobs WATP bigot Tomkins’ WM Puppet masters are somehow ‘de-devolved’, and the English 85% will decide on Farming Fishing and Renewables for us Scots?
      WE are to have a UK ‘Common Market’, are we?
      All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.
      Don’t spend all that money in the one shop, Stu. Congrats.

    9. Sinky says:

      UK government forced through the UK Withdrawal Bill in the House of Commons in three days without producing or accepting a single amendment to protect any of the existing Holyrood powers.

    10. Auld Rock says:

      Thet’re really losing it now. Now I’m a simple Engineer who always ensured that I had a fall-back position should the first action fail, I called it good planning. As for forcing things through when is Scotland and for that matter England going to waken-up and realise that we are all being governed, badly, by the DUP, it’s no wonder the DUP don’t want the N.Ireland Devolved Government back. They wanted Brexit whereas N.Ireland voted to REMAIN, back to the bad old days of the ‘Loyal OO Brethern’ saying what goes in the Provence. It beggars belief do they really want the guns and bombs back, for that’s the way they’re heading.

      We should be doing everything possible to try and persuade Sinn Fein to take their seats in Westminster and help thwart May’s Mad Brexit.

    11. heedtracker says:

      To be fair, neo fascism in Scotland today like the Heil’s is not exactly the most unsurprising place to see my Slovene girlfriend. I mean, you’re never going to go, Christ! Prof Smirky and the Heil?!

    12. Cageybee says:

      One of my jackets has not been sporting a wing badge as, in my dotage, I couldn’t remember where I had put them. I have just spent 25 minute searching for them and now that problem is sorted. Looking forward to more discussions with those from the brexit lobby

    13. Capella says:


    14. Bob Mack says:

      Those SNP are utter swine. Imagine worrying about the lower orders rather than the Establishment.

      The way things were going you would think that the “wrecking Bill” would be facing a legal challenge by now, especially from a Westminster government who are not slow off the mark to legally challenge anything that gets in their way. So why has it not happened yet?

      Could the Tories be relying on the SNP to screw up their plans ,and become the patsy for the failure to achieve their aims? I think this is the likely scenario.

      I relish the thought. Imagine 16 million angry English voters, blaming Scotland for harming their Engerlund.

      Cannae wait.

    15. Tam the Bam. says:


      Was just listening to Bertie Armstrong (Scottish Fishermens Federation) on the radio ‘spitting feathers’ at the prospect of being sold down the river (yes the pun was intended) by Phillip Hammond in order to secure a deal for the City of London.
      The temptation to say ‘told you so…you were warned’ is great but I’m doing my best to resist.

    16. Ken500 says:

      Jennifer Stewart reportedly describes ‘baby boxes’ as a vanity project. The Jennifer Stewart who got elected as a LibDem immediately resigned to become an Independent to support the Unionists Alliance? For which no one voted. Led by the nine Labour councillors who are supposed to be suspended from their Party, The four LibDem councillors could have just held the balance of power. Voting independently on issues. Instead they went in with the Tories as usual. No integrity. The SNP/LibDem coalition had worked well in the past. After Labour had got the City into £1/2Billion in debt that had to be sorted out. Now they have increased the debt to £1.2Billion..

      Keeping in power a regime that wasted £200Million on a grotesque monstrosity of no value. No one wanted. Ruining the City Centre. Causing more congestion chaos. Got into £1.2Billion of debt. Illegally selling the City on the Stock market. Spending £300Million on a Conference Cebtre with absolutely no market case or value. £26Million of debt had to be paid off on the present one. Used on average once a month. Some people should question their own integrity. Instead of condemning help for others.

      The regime keep in power by a two jobs Tory. Cutting funding on essential services. Social care and education etc. The SNP got the most elected members but are once again kept out of power by an unholy alliance. An electoral system that was changed without to give unionist advantage.

      They should know about useless ‘vanity projects’ Peopke who do not want a baby box do not have to apply for one as the Tories well know. People who do not want a bus pass do not need to apply for one.

    17. galamcennalath says:

      Bob Mack says

      Could the Tories be relying on the SNP to screw up their plans ,and become the patsy for the failure to achieve their aims?

      If they plan to crash out, they need scapegoats. EU, Ireland, and Scottish Government will do nicely.

    18. Alt Clut says:

      It’s a long and slow process but I’ve managed to wean two people off the Mail in the last few years. If you know anyone half reasonable who reads the filthy thing work at them. Choke off its air in the form of sales and maybe one day we can kill it.

    19. heedtracker says:

      Choke off its air in the form of sales and maybe one day we can kill it.

      At least they’re toryboy grafting. They’ve got to get their UK out of the EU and keep down their Scotland region.

      Neither tasks look like they’re going very well at all. And that’s under BBC Scotland rule of Scotland too.

      Who knows what’s going to happen on tory Victory over Europe day. Even the mega rich dude that owns Ryan air says he’s just no longer going to fly out of the UK at all.

      Real worry is fascists rarely if ever go without a very “scorched earth” policy.

    20. Returnofthemac says:

      Ok, time to hit the supermarket, buy my National and products with Saltires on and cover that shit rag SDM.with copies of said National on exit.

    21. Macart says:

      Spookily, a number of those supportive of Mr Tomkins Conservative and Unionist party would happily see the devolution settlement and Scotland Act repealed altogether, but I’m sure said individual is aware of this fact. Wonder how many of his colleagues feel the same way though? (shrugs)

      Just to be clear. Mr Tomkins is a Tory openly hostile toward the current Scottish government, dismissive of at least half of Scotland’s electorate and seemingly fully supportive of current UK government and its Brexit measures. His ‘opinion’ flies in the face of Scotland’s Lord Advocate, the Scottish government and clearly the votes of the vast majority of Holyrood’s chamber.

      Not to mention the piddling fact that on the subject of devolution, the majority of Scotland’s electorate has voted positively in three referendums. Firstly to introduce and then finally to enhance devolution and its settlement. You’d think it would be the ‘day job’ of any First Minister to protect those decisions by the electorate of Scotland. In fact you’d think it would be the day job of EVERY single MSP in that chamber to protect their parliament, the mandate of their people and the principle of the settlement itself. Apparently not.

      You’d be forgiven for thinking that the message from Conservative government representation is, we take what we want and you take what you’re given. Oh, and be grateful for THAT!

      For the record. It may be worth mentioning that it was an enforced UK ballot with an unwilling partner who had been categorically assured of continued EU membership. A partner who warned of the constitutional consequences of a Brexit vote and who was then ignored. By any reasonable standard, the oncoming constitutional crisis lays squarely at the feet of UK government.

      Their choice.

    22. Iain Bell says:

      Bob Mack said: I relish the thought. Imagine 16 million angry English voters, blaming Scotland for harming their Engerlund.

      Cannae wait.

      That is the plan! Brexit will either fail to happen (blame SNP+EU) or be a disaster (blame SNP+EU).
      The upside of either scenario would be a massive push to ‘get rid of the Jocks’ in England, and we’d be free!
      Cannae wait. 🙂

    23. heedtracker says:

      Russia TV slides in. As per absolutely no mention at all of Scotland. Most the UK zone’s fisheries are Scottish, right out into the Atlantic ocean, next stop, Halifax Nova Scotia.

      Did any Scottish Leave vote in the not Scottish fishing industry really think the toryboys would not shaft them?

      Looking forward to say the great beeb Scotland gimp network head up to Buckie to see what they all say now.

      From stinky old The Graun in Scotland 2016, desperately trying to get the not Scots fishing industry to vote Leave,


      Chancellor Philip Hammond is suggesting he could allow the EU access to the UK’s fishing waters as a bargaining chip to ensure a good deal for the city of London post-Brexit, according to reports.”

    24. Street Andrew says:

      Elizabeth says:

      That is so true. My brother, who tells me he only buys the DM for the TV supplement,…..

      Has it never occurred to your brother might be misleading you as to why he buys a crap ‘news’paper?

      Check his sock drawer for butchers’ apron undercrackers.

    25. Street Andrew says:

      heedtracker says:

      “Did any Scottish Leave vote in the not Scottish fishing industry really think the toryboys would not shaft them?

      Chancellor Philip Hammond is suggesting he could allow the EU access to the UK’s fishing waters … ”

      Who’s fishing waters ? Typical Tory. pay the bill with somebody else’s money and livelihood.

    26. Robert Roddick says:

      It saddens me that someone with Tomkin’s intellectual shortcomings holds down a professorship in law at my old alma mater.

    27. heedtracker says:

      Who’s fishing waters ? Typical Tory. pay the bill with somebody else’s money and livelihood.

      Just rereading that vote Leave 2016 The Graun thing from a very toryboy cunning Severin Carrell. Holy feck

      “For Scottish trawlermen such as Whyte, the EU referendum is a godsend.”

      “Whyte said his “biggest gripe” is with the unelected European commission official in Belgium who fixes the quotas for mackerel and herring on which his livelihood depends – whoever that official might be. “He doesn’t know me. I have never met him. My thinking is he needs to know how my boat works, and how I fish, before he negotiates,” he said.”

      “Trawlermen see themselves as the worst affected by the UK’s membership of the EU. They talk of shrinking quotas, of backroom deals with the Spanish, Danes or French, and most of all, a sense that UK fisheries ministers have been too soft with their competitors.”

      And so on.

      Fast forward less than 2 UKOK years and exact same The Graun liggers don’t even report yesterday’s latest UKOK tory reneges.

      Scotland’s being airbrushed out of the UK now, by massed ranks of UK hackdom.

      This is what 55% voted NO Thanks for.

    28. The Beast From the East says No Deal rUK. The Pest From the West says tariffs on steel and cars.
      The Mouth from the South says Scottish Fishing is expendible.

      Bertie from the North is spitting feathers because Hammond has double crossed him.
      Where did it all go so right.
      Not long now, mes braves, not long now.
      I would object strongly if WATP Bigot Tomkins was my child’s Law tutor at Glasgow Uni.
      Some may accuse him of being Black Ops and invulnerable.
      I couldn’t possibly comment because there is no evidence that he is a fifth columnist working for England’s SS.
      What a farce.

    29. Breeks says:

      “SNP forces through a Brexit wrecking Bill”.

      …And let us all hope it wrecks well.

    30. Dr Jim says:

      When the media report the UK reply to Scottish Ministers decision to have a vote on the issue of having a democratic vote in the Scottish parliament it comes our like this

      The UK government has decided to proceed with it’s plans to amend the bill for the best possible outcome for the whole country

      Two completely different approaches to reporting happening here
      1 The Scottish government by having a consultation and a democratic vote are described as practically terrorists

      2 The UK government having no vote or consultative engagement whatsoever become the Guardians of the Universe by doing whatever they want to whom they want when they want because the UK are protecting us from those Bastirt SNP

      The media have this special democracy soap that they wash their crap in in the hope of cleaning the dirt grime and scum off what they print and report

      It doesn’t work now and it’s never worked
      You couldnae clean up the British Government wae *Cillit Bang*

    31. Legerwood says:

      Bob Mack @ 10.15 am

      “”The way things were going you would think that the “wrecking Bill” would be facing a legal challenge by now, especially from a Westminster government who are not slow off the mark to legally challenge anything that gets in their way. So why has it not happened yet?””

      The Westminster Government does not have a very good track record when it comes to defending their legislation or actions, or challenging other institutions, via the Courts so I should imagine they would be reluctant to go that route.

    32. heedtracker says:

      More The Graun cunning. Their “”UK ministers could table their new offer on post-Brexit powers for Scotland and Wales,” is just the usual toryboy’s bait and switch,velvet glove iron fist style of reportage.

      Who’s it for though, deluding themselves, that they’re not shysting their Scotland region down the Leave drain?

    33. Habib Steele says:

      Great publicity for independence in the Daily Mail. The UK Parliament will ride rough-shod over the only parliament elected by the People of Scotland, or dissolve it. That should rouse the Scots to push for independence. The publicity may also rouse the Inglis people to demand that Scotland be excluded from the UK!
      Thanks Daily Mail!

    34. Bob Mack says:

      Fishermen should know a basic truth. No matter what hue or colour of government is in charge, then fishing rights will be for sale.

      I can understand why the fishing communities feel as they do. They have a dream of the bountiful days returning again.lots of trawlers in thriving ports ,providing employment and good money which will spread throughout their communities.

      It is a mirage. It has no foundation in the modern world.

      Fishing is now a commodity to be sold as per need. I think it is time to stop dreaming of the past and prepare for the real future.

    35. heedtracker says:

      I can understand why the fishing communities feel as they do. They have a dream of the bountiful days returning again”

      Its not their dream though.

      Its what they are promised over and over by the tories. Here’s two doing it Nairn, their tory “fishing folk” leader Bertie and a toryboy zoomer from the south of England.

      Both clearly explaining that the EU has destroyed UK fish stocks and Brexit means that they’ll get back 90% of the UK fish stocks, like Iceland for example. That’s Bertie too, flat out lying to them, half and hour in.

    36. Dan Huil says:

      British nationalists looking for someone to blame for their brexit bourach. Scots, Irish, the EU, everyone else… britnat arrogance and ignorance never fails to engender hatred.

    37. Macart says:


      ”UK ministers could table their new offer on post-Brexit powers for Scotland and Wales,”

      An offer? The devolution settlement is quite specific. Those powers not reserved by the Westminster government are deemed to be the responsibility of the devolved legislature. Those powers under dispute are not reserved, therefor….

      … they are not in the possession of the Westminster government to bargain with. ‘Course the readerships won’t be aware of this issue and it’s entirely doubtful that even if they were, they’d care about the principle involved. How and ever, worth setting the record straight.

      There’s a reason a constitutional dispute exists.

      If UK gov can ride roughshod over existing, binding legal and constitutional settlements/agreements to suit itself. What point in there being any agreement and why should anyone trust the word and will of UK government entering into any future agreement? Makes sense, yes? Why would anyone trust their spoken word, or their written pledge at any time really?

      Maybe folk should think that one through.

    38. heedtracker says:

      Macart says:
      8 March, 2018 at 12:07 pm

      ”UK ministers could table their new offer on post-Brexit powers for Scotland and Wales,”

      An offer? The devolution settlement is quite specific. Those powers not reserved by the Westminster government are deemed to be the responsibility of the devolved legislature. Those powers under dispute are not reserved, therefor….

      Great points. Its just really shocking watching The Graun tories trying to decieve Scotland, again. The Graun tory bullshit, far more insidious than the Daily Mail, although practically no one actually reads it in their Scotland region. That wont prevent BBC Scotland regularly having on Severin Carrell to pound the life out of indyref2, again.

      You’d think I’d be unshockable as an ex The Graun sucker too.

      They are actually getting worse now, since 2014, the whole of UK hackdom.

    39. Nana says:

      Don’t know if this has been posted

      3 hours before JMC meeting to discuss this new list I have not yet received a copy from @GovUK . Text of leaked letter makes it clear that UKMInisters were discussing it last week and will push on no matter what Wales & Scotland says. So much for a “partnership of equals”.

    40. heedtracker says:

      So much for a “partnership of equals”.

      Indeed. “It will allow us to rebut the Westminster power grab narrative…which has been difficult to counter in the abstract.”

      That, “in the abstract’s very creepy. One little “abstract” word, saying volumes about how Scotland’s being royally shafted by our imperial masters.

      And then their beeb Scotland gimps up here simply don’t tell us about it all.

      How to govern a factitious region, and strip it of power. Long way from BetterTogether 2014.

      Anyone seen the Colonel lately or even Viceroy Fluffie?

    41. Ken500 says:

      Bertie is not a representation of the majority of the fishing industry. The random Tory. Many fishermen can work out that £200Million is less than £8Billion. Some are actually supporting Tories who did not support the fishing industry. It was UK policy which did not support the fishing industry and let the seas be overfished. Throwing back dead fish for years. (50%?). Some fishermen are being conned by their own colleagues.

      The Tories – unionists will find it difficult to blame others for their mess. They could not make a bigger mess. Thank goodness for the SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. The alternative is unthinkable. Would not like to see the state of Scotland.

    42. heedtracker says:

      UK ministers ‘will change’ Brexit bill despite no agreement

      Ah, beeb Scotland’ “abstract” art beeb gimp wise.

      No idea what that crew are peddling here. but “will change” is very “abstract.”

      Oh to be a beeb gimp, now that Brexit’s finally here.

    43. Ken500 says:

      No fishing rights need to be under threat. They just need to use bigger nets. Improve terms and conditions. If there is alternative employment youngsters will not go fishing.It is a dangerous job.

    44. yesindyref2 says:

      True conservatives in Scotland are going to have to start their own breakaway party.

    45. Ken500 says:

      The irony is that the DUP do not want UK Laws. They want to do what they like and disobey UK Law. They are bigots, racists and misogynists. If direct rule in imposed they will have to accept same sex marriage, language considerations, abortion regulation. The very things they are opposed against. They are flaunting UK Law and always have been. Since Ireland was illegally Partition. The majority of the people in Ireland wanted Home Rule and Independence. Getting away with murder for Tories votes in Westminster. No declaring Brexit donations or being censored for heating tariff fiasco. Getting £42Billion? for 1.5Million pop. (UK Gov website) An absolute disgrace. Ruining their economy with illegal sectarian nonsense. Breaking UK Law. Dinosaurs abusing public money.

    46. Dr Jim says:

      If thick people need an explanation of how the the return of the powers from Brussels works, the newspapers if they weren’t so biased could explain it a bit like this

      Brussels had some Scottish powers at their place then the UK wants to leave the EU so Brussels pops the Scottish powers into an envelope and sends them back to Scotland but before they arrive in Scotland the UK Postman who was supposed to deliver the letter opens up the letter and keeps the contents then says to Scotland talk to us nice and we’ll give you some of the contents of your letter but not all because we don’t want you to have your letter because that’s just who we are

      A bunch of thieving Bastirts

      It’s like nickin your kids birthday card with the cash their Gran sent them

    47. Tinto Chiel says:

      Could some Scottish journalist ask Prof Tomkins or Ruth D why the Welsh Tories voted for their Continuity Bill?

      Or is the answer just a simple “Just ‘cos/SNPBad ?

    48. Dr Jim says:

      Welsh Tories are in a different Ludge and some reasons that are reasons

    49. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      This article is a couple of months old, but probably of interest if you haven’t already seen it. Brexit is a collective English psychosis? :

    50. geeo says:

      Its just fun all the way for treeza..

    51. Liz g says:

      Dr Jim @ 1.24
      An even simpler explanation of what Westminster are tryin tae sell…(saw it last night canny mind where)…

      “Try imaging someone came into your house and stole 111 thing’s.
      Then they told you that they were only going be returning 85!
      You should be happy aboot this,and the other missing 25?
      Well they might return them in the fullness of time,but they will need to see if they can make use of them first”,as those particular thing’s were the best one’s.

      Who in their right mind wouldn’t go to the Law to fix this?

    52. Bobp says:

      Anyone who reads WOS will be aware of how westminster are trying to shaft Scotland .But unfortunately pravda at PQ will keep brainwashing and terrifying the vulnerable/uninformed.IF we do get our independence, first thing is get rid of this rabid britnat mouthpiece.

    53. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      Here is, I think, the full breakdown of the powers WM wish to retain post-Brexit. On the whole they seem mostly related to food, agriculture and the environment :

      1. Agricultural support – Policies and regulations relating to income, market support, agriculture, productivity and maintenance grants.

      2. Agriculture, fertiliser regulations – Common standards for compositional ingredients, labelling, packaging, sampling and analysis of fertilisers.

      3. Agriculture, GMO marketing and cultivation – Standards for marketing and cultivation of genetically modified organisms.

      4. Agriculture, organic farming – Regulations setting out standards for organic production certification.

      5. Agriculture, zootech – Rules on breeding and trade in pedigree animals and germinal products in the EU and the treatment of imports from third countries.

      6. Animal health and traceability – EU rules and standards that aim to maintain animal health and allow their movement, including policies covering prevention of disease, control of disease surveillance movement of livestock, pet passports and veterinary medicines.

      7. Animal welfare – On-farm issues, movement of livestock and slaughter.

      8. Chemicals regulation (including pesticides) – Classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures; the placing on the market and use of biocidal products; the export and import of hazardous chemicals; the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals and plant protection products.

      9. Elements of reciprocal healthcare

      10. Environmental quality, chemicals – Regulation of the manufacture, authorisation and sale and use of chemical products.

      11. Environmental quality, ozone depleting, substances and F-gases – The UK has international obligations under the Montreal Protocol to phase out the use of ODS, phase down hydrofluorocarbons by 85% by 2036, licence imports and exports and report on usage to the UN.

      12. Environmental quality, pesticides – Regulations governing the authorisation and use of pesticide products and the maximum residue levels in food, and a framework for action on sustainable use of pesticides.

      13. Environmental quality, waste packaging and product regulations – Product standards including for packaging (e.g. ROHS in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Batteries and Vehicles) in order to manage waste.

      14. Fisheries management and support – Rules relating to the sustainability of fisheries (quotas), access to waters, conservation measures, enforcement and financial support.

      15. Food and feed safety and hygiene law – Food and feed safety and hygiene; food and feed law enforcement (official controls); food safety labelling; risk analysis; and incident handling.

      16. Food compositional standards – Minimum standards for a range of specific food commodities such as sugars, coffee, honey, caseins, condensed milk, chocolate, jams, fruit juices and bottled water.

      17. Food labelling – Requirements on provision of information to consumers on food labels.

      18. Hazardous substances planning – Land-use planning, including: planning controls relating to the storage of hazardous substances and handling development proposals for hazardous establishments.

      19. Implementation of EU Emissions Trading System – This directive area establishes the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme for greenhouse gas. The Scheme sets a maximum amount of greenhouse gas that can be emitted by all participating installations and aircrafts; these operators then monitor, verify and report their emissions, and must surrender allowances equivalent to their emissions annually.

      20. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications – Directives that create systems for the recognition for professional qualifications and professional experience throughout the EU. Allowing EU professionals to work in regulated professions in other EU states on either a permanent or temporary basis.

      21. Nutrition health claims, composition and labelling – Nutrition and health claims made on food; food for special medical purposes and weight control; food intended for infants; the addition of vitamins and other substances to food; and food supplements.

      22. Plant health, seeds and propagating material – Import and internal EU movement of plants and plant products, risk assessment of new plant pests and outbreak management. Assurance and auditing of policies across the UK to protect plant biosecurity. Requirements for plant variety rights, registration of plant varieties and quality assurance of marketed seed and propagating material.

      23. Public procurement – The regime provided by the EU procurement Directives, covering public procurement contracts for supplies, services, works and concessions above certain financial thresholds awarded by the public sector and by utilities operating in the energy, water, transport and postal services sectors.

      24. Services Directive – Directive that seeks to realise the full potential of services markets in Europe by removing legal and administrative barriers to trade by increasing transparency and making it easier for businesses and consumers to provide or use services in the EU Single Market.

    54. Mikey2407 says:

      Those new trade deals will need to include the whole of the UK to maximise their worth. That chlorinated chicken and steroid infused beef won’t eat itself you know.

    55. boris says:

      Englishman, Adam Tompkins, Tory,MSP is fulfilling a role mirroring that played by the infamous Daniel Defoe in the period before, at the time of and after the signing of the 1707 Treaty of Union.

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