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Two swings, two misses

Posted on October 20, 2013 by

As a wee treat to keep out the winter chill, we’ve got a special double dose of “And Finally” for you tonight, readers. First up, a couple of late entries for our “Unionists Say The Funniest Things” compilation this week, both of them from Labour MSP production line Michael McMahon (Uddingston and Bellshill):


(Click the image for the article in question.)

And for the encore:


We hope your mum’s the brains of the family, Siobhan.

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55 to “Two swings, two misses”

  1. Andrew Morton says:

    Classic! It shows you how modern social media leaves plonkers with nowhere to hide . . .

  2. Peter says:

       Disgusting worm of an excuse for a human.  He’s one of those stirring up smeltic supporters to vote no because AS is a secret sevcoite.  Vile sectarian bigot who should be in prison.

  3. Beastie says:

    Boooom…. never try to get smart with an actor. Chances are you’re going to get kicked outta the stadium. 

    I like Alan Cumming. It used to be just for the double entendre surname, then I caught some of his acting, and now he’s just a cracking exponent of the anti unionist smackdown.

    What a guy. What an absolute gem of a guy.

    On Twitter, no one can hear you scream… but they can see you getting smacked and know that it’ll hurt.

  4. Murray McCallum says:

    A political Mr Magoo without the lucky outcomes.

  5. Arbroath 1320 says:

    O.K. c’mon now hands up, who was it that left the door of the sanatorium open? 😆

  6. Andrew Morton says:

    According to Wikipedia, McMahon was involved in the campaign to get Johann Lamont MSP to become Scottish Labour’s leader. So it runs inn the family.

  7. david says:

    to me mcmahons rhetoric and body language looks very sleekit

  8. megsmaw06 says:

    I’ve loved Alan ever since I saw his comedy series The High Life as a young teenager. It’s was the first time I’d seen a comedy that I could identify with through it’s use of Scottish words and phrases.
    I even bought myself the dvd a wee while back and realised that the air Scotia tartan suspiciously looks like the tartan used by the SNP. If you rewatch the pilot episode it’s also quite revealing.

  9. gordoz says:

    Paul Calf had a name for the likes of McMahon – went something like Bag O’ Shite I think ?

    Seems accurate anyway.

    Classic New Labour ‘Blairite’ – nothings sacred use any pish, spout any lies & rubbish to the ‘labour minion masses’ they believe the shite anyway. Hope Celtic fans dump this muppet.
    Complete waste of space;  how do these clowns get elected (seriously) ? and the likes of Foulkes (Zippy to you & me) – Oh and don’t forget  the mighty Brit Davidson (Lying Bastard to you and me) 
    God Labour supporters  – come on ?

    Perhaps Alan has played this better than I (sorry cant stand McMahon and his chums)

  10. DMyers says:

    Oh dear 🙂

  11. gillie says:

    The guy is a clown. 

  12. Desimond says:

    Smeltic?…stay classy.

  13. jim mitchell says:

    Better together supporters=putting the dum in referendum!

  14. Jiggsbro says:

    McMahon was involved in the campaign to get Johann Lamont MSP to become Scottish Labour’s leader. So it runs inn the family.
    She can’t be that stupid, she’s got a 2:1 honours degree from…oh, Glasgow Caledonian. Yes, it runs in the family.

  15. gordoz says:

    Hey – dont knock Glasgow Caledonian University;

    The renowned Mr Brian Wilson former Labour MP / former soclialist born again SNP hater is a visiting Professor of Politics at the fine institution.

    All the staff are very very proud of that apppointment (no yesterdays political bigot being let loose on the kids there then !)
    Forward thinking institution and bastion of impartiality (partner of the BBC too  again no surprise really).

  16. A2 says:

    Very interesting article “Here, Alistair, there will still be a job for you if we vote yes”.

  17. gordoz says:

    O/T An interesting article on Business for Scotland in case anybody  has not seen this.
    Following similar debating trends

  18. Tattie-Boggle says:

    LOL   SLAP!

  19. The Man in the Jar says:

    McMahon is my MSP. A majority of 714. Predicted to vanish without trace. 
    Former GMB shop steward at Terex in Motherwell. 
    Don’t think anyone has mentioned so far but just to remind. He is also the halfwit that lied to Holyrood regarding the steel contract for the New Forth Crossing.

  20. joe kane says:

    As it’s ballad night on WOS, maybes the Scottish Labour Party should think about adopting the memorable cold war ballad by Nena as their party anthem, “99 Red Balloons”.

  21. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:



  22. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Whilst we are talking about gormless brainless incompetent imbeciles Newsnet have a piece about another useless Labour eejit!

  23. Morag says:

    The people’s flag’s pistachio green
    A sicker sight I’ve never seen.
    It isnae quite like Tory blue
    But in the mean time it will do.
    So raise your gin and tonic high
    And welcome in the CBI.
    We’ll [out of memory in line 7] through prospects drear,
    There’ll be no Red Flag flying here!
    A response to the set theme colour for the Labour Party conference of 1994.  Why do I remember stuff like this?  (It was in the Tom Shields Diary in the old Herald, in the days when they sometimes criticised Labour.)

  24. Meg McLean says:

    I think I would pay ten pounds (scots) to listen to the debate tho…Alan Cumming would mince him 

  25. Training Day says:

    Anyone got any idea what McMahon and McMahon actually stand for? Like, y’know, why they’re in politics an’ all?

    That question is best aimed at McMahon and McMahon. Not that anyone’s interested in their answer.

  26. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    McMahon is a disgrace who continues the Labour tradition of playing the sectarian card in Lanarkshire. He is taking advantage of the Catholic commuity as many of his co-consprators have over manyy years making them feel like nervous strangers in their own country

  27. Graham says:

    I just have to /facepalm at all of this, and then today I see this posted on twitter; a labour Dunfermline leaflet claiming they implemented all of the universal benefits that Lamont wants to reverse…

  28. Doug Daniel says:

    I notice Siobhan McMahon is a member of the GMB trade union. I have no idea how or why, as she has seemingly never had a job outside of politics in her life. But it’s interesting to note that the GMB union is not only affiliated with the Labour Party in the UK, but also with the Labour Party in Ireland.
    A good example of cross-border solidarity there, then. You’d think Labour members would know about that sort of stuff, huh? Unless they’re just playing the fool… Nah, they’d never do that.
    LPW’s latest article is a barn-stormer, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

  29. Training Day says:


    That community McMahon and McMahon seek to exploit and pen into a sectarian fold is also our natural community for a Yes vote. I had that confirmed to me tonight in a discussion with someone whom they would regard as a target.

    Sectarian on our part? No. Practical? Yes.

  30. Adrian B says:

    @ Graham,
    RE Labour Dunfermline Election leaflet that you link to – it has already been spoofed:
    (Click to enlarge the image)

  31. call me dave says:

    They were the first to remove bridge tolls
    One through the west (?)  and Skye but it’s the way they tell them. LOL
    Half a truth is better than none.

    But they always lie:  Did the same in Glenrothes it’s a Fife Labour thing.

  32. call me dave says:

    Same with bus passes    1st April 2006.
    I even think there was a council tax freeze too but only in certain council areas. Looking for it now.

  33. Shinty says:

    call me dave
    “But they always lie:  Did the same in Glenrothes it’s a Fife Labour thing.”
    But they always lie: it’s a Labour thing:)

  34. call me dave says:

    Mr Matheson, who is the first leader to propose scrapping the flagship policy, added: “Some of the choices that we are facing will have a pretty brutal impact on the communities that we serve, all of the households in Glasgow.”
    The city introduced a council tax freeze two years before the SNP introduced it across the country. As part of the concordat between councils and the Scottish Government, authorities are rewarded financially for maintaining the freeze.

  35. blunttrauma says:

    I’ve just read the article that this refers to. Pillars of the British Establishment deciding Scotland’s future? (I don’t think so).

  36. Craig P says:

    Oof! Brilliant riposte from Perthshire’s 2nd most famous Hollywood actor. 
    I agree about the High Life, cult classic. Even the episode with the raving Scottish Nationalist 🙂

  37. Macart says:

    Oh jeez that’s brilliant. 😀
    Open mouth, insert leg. 😀

  38. Alba4Eva says:

    Dont watch this if you have high blood pressure or anger management problems…

  39. wee jamie says:

    With regards to the playing of the sectarian card,I have never been able to understand the mindset of certain people in the Scottish/ Irish catholic community,in the Glasgow/ Lanarkshire area, who seem to think  that republicanism and independence is a great idea for Ireland , and are very vocal in the expression of this, but when it comes to Scotland, the country they actually live in striving for freedom from the yoke of British colonialism, it suddenly becomes a problem. I find it illogical that McMahon , and ex-celtic director Micheal Kelly  to name but two ,who have always claimed to represent this community seem so keen to wrap themselves in the union jack, when it has been the symbol of oppression to the Irish republican movement for so long. I admire  what Ireland has managed to achieved over the years on it’s journey to self- determination  ,starting from a bloody civil war , and with far less infrastructure  or resources to work with than Scotland , they have become a modern European country.  We have the chance to do the same simply by voting yes . I see no problem with this at all,so why do they love the union so much ?

  40. Ken500 says:

    The sectarian vote in the Central Belt cancels itself out. They can be outvoted by the rest of the electorate.

    There should be no sectarian Laws in Scotland. Scotland is a secular country. More non religious than religious.

    The Churches are losing members, and the membership is in decline because the Churches do not practise what they preach.

    Bigotry affects the Scottish economy. So does drink/drug abuse. Orange Marches every second week in Glasgow waste public money. Separate schools cost more public money.

  41. The Man in the Jar says:

    You were right about the blood pressure. That clip deserves an airing.
    Any idea what school that was?

  42. The Man in the Jar says:

    @wee jamie
    Take a look at these links and you will be even more puzzled!

    The bullshit behind it is that an independent Scotland will turn into an anti catholic haven with a presbyterian majority out to “get them”.

  43. The Man in the Jar says:

    @wee jamie
    Just to add. Regarding the sectarian divide between Yes and No you have to understand that the Irish republican movement is regarded by followers as a socialist one. Go into a “real” Irish pub not one of those Mickey Mouse jobs on the high street and you will probably see a picture of Che Guevara next to one of Bobby Sands.
    The spin that Labour put on this is that it is the union that prevents Scotland descending into an anti Catholic state run by a Orange establishment. The Name Donald Findlay usually gets mentioned in these arguments.

  44. wee jamie says:

    @ Man in the jar
    It’s about time these people grew up,the influence the orange order has in Scotland is TINY.Most sensible people in this country are no longer stuck in the anachronistic views of the 17th century, yet the Labour spin machine and the pro-union British not Scottish orangemen now find themselves on the same team , trying to convince us otherwise. Strange bedfellows indeed !

  45. Craig P says:

    Yes, that is the reasoning behind Irish support for the union. The idea is that the union with England is the only thing preventing Scots revealing their true Orange natures and persecuting Irish Catholics. It is ridiculous today but there are at least reasons for it from history. The Church of Scotland was pretty virulently anti Irish Catholic up until the Second World War. 
    What Scots who identity as Irish need is the space to do so if they wish, not ridiculed as plastic paddies. (Talk of abolishing Catholic schools isn’t helpful as it also fuels the paranoia.) Probably the best strategy though is to wake people up to the fact that Labour shed their socialist clothes a long time ago, and that independence is the only way of getting anything like it back again. 

  46. The Man in the Jar says:

    Also I am sure that you can imagine that “that” video of Scottish “troops” singing sectarian songs at Ibrox played right into the hands of those promoting this fallacy.

  47. Alba4Eva says:

    Mr Jar… no idea what school, but it looks like the BBC along with BT were involved.  Pretty shocking really.

  48. Just to add another.
    After an episode of our podcast he tweeted this.
    With regard to Rangers she had actually said the exact opposite.

    It was in this episode.

  49. Memphisto says:

    It appears to be Bishopbriggs Academy

  50. crisiscult says:

    Re Craig P  comment with the term plastic paddies; I grew up in the West of Scotland and can honestly say I never heard the term until I moved away. I first heard it in Jersey, Channel Islands and later by Londoners with Irish background who were dissing others who played up their Irish background. That’s also when I heard the term plastic Jock. The moral, if there is one, is that the idea that Scots are somehow special in their sectarianism and tribalism is not borne out by my experiences. Consequently, the idea that the UK protects any minority from the uniquely rabidly bigoted Scots seems slightly at odds with what I’d call universal, human truths.

  51. John grant says:

    That sectarian bigot I am embarrassed to say is my Msp but in no way does he represent me , 

  52. Morag says:

    I don’t know about plastic Jocks, but a plastic mac is someone belonging to an “aristocratic” Scottish family who is sent to boarding school in Kent to get a “proper” accent, ends up living/working in London or the Home Counties and comes back to Scotland for the Argyllshire ball or the shooting or an occasional Highland Games.

  53. Edward says:

    Mephisto / Alba4eva
    It is indeed Bishopbriggs Acadamy. Aparently a favourite of the BBC as there has been involvement with the School in 2011 and 2012 as well as this year
    Its clear that on the political subject of the Referendum, no attempt was made by either  the school or the BBC to produce a balanced piece.
    This is particularly concerning following on from the obvious stitch up with the so called schools vote on the north east of Scotland, which did involve Better Together and produced an idiotically high margin in favour of No campaign

  54. The Man in the Jar says:

    @John grant
    Mine too. Only a majority of 714 though. Post indi I hope that he vanishes without trace from Scottish politics. He is only an overpromoted shop steward after all. 

  55. crisiscult says:

    Hi Morag. Yes, that also rings a bell, but maybe only heard of that once or twice, though met quite a few ‘scots’ of that type when I was abroad; the kind of people someone like me never even knew existed when I lived in Scotland. Plastic Jocks are more in the regular middle/lower classes who have Scottish parents but were brought up elsewhere, maybe more your Rod Stewarts. I never had any issue with it, but it seemed to upset some ‘locals’ from wherever they lived as if they were rejecting Englishness or something.

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