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Two simple questions

Posted on November 15, 2013 by

A protest is taking place today from 3pm at 9 Scotland Street, Glasgow G5 8NB, the location of Anas Sarwar MP‘s constituency office. The purpose of the protest is to register people’s disapproval at Mr Sarwar’s failure to attend this week’s House of Commons division on a motion proposing to abolish the so-called “bedroom tax”, which was defeated by 26 votes and at which 47 Labour MPs didn’t turn up.


We urge any readers who are constituents of Mr Sarwar to go along, though we suspect that Mr Sarwar himself, true to his character, will elect to dodge this weekly surgery. But if he’s there, please don’t hurl abuse, jostle him or throw bricks. Instead, we’d be grateful if you could politely and calmly ask him two simple questions for us.

1. Where exactly were you at the time of the vote?

2. If you were “paired” with an absent Conservative MP, which one?

We all pay Mr Sarwar’s wages. He is accountable to his constituents, but also to all UK taxpayers. We believe it’s legitimate and reasonable to enquire into the reasons for his absence from his workplace, particularly when citizens have provided such a large supplement to Mr Sarwar’s salary specifically to enable him to attend Parliament.

We’re sure the answers will be satisfactory and put an end to the matter.

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    309 to “Two simple questions”

    1. Morag says:

      Don’t hold your breath.

    2. Marcia says:

      I doubt if he would answer any of the two simple questions. Perhaps the Political Debater of the Year might want to step in and explain why her Deputy did not attend the vote. 

    3. Doug Daniel says:

      Right beside West Street subway station I see. I wonder if that’s the mode of transport Anas uses to get there?

    4. pa_broon74 says:

      Breaking news on BBC Scotland online news. Anas Sarwar had a statement ready for disgruntled constituents; but the dog ate it.
      As excuses go, its only marginally less believable than this ‘pairing’ nonsense.

    5. Horacesaysyes says:

      I’m sure Mr Sarwar will welcome this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings that may have been caused by his apparent inability to ‘give a monkey’s’ about actually voting against this iniquitous assault on the poorest sections of our society.

      Won’t he?

      (Also – I can’t say I’ve ever seen a politican with their photo on the sign outside their constiuency office. Are educational standards in his constiuency that bad that folk wouldn’t know what it was if it just had his name?)

    6. desimond says:

      I bet he claims its “TOP SECRET” like his documents on Scotland Tonight.

      More chance he is enjoying the Xmas lights on New Bond street or stretching out on Daddys 65 acrea plantation in Pakistan than welcoming demanding constituents on a grey Friday in Tradeston.

    7. turnbull drier says:

      I hope you don’t consider this O/T Rev.. but Newsnet have the story of the first Scottish Eviction over the Bedroom Tax..
      I’m sure he is very proud of his inaction and will do his utmost to dodge his responsibilities as an employee of us.. TBH would you expect anything less..
      YES to ridding us of these feckless wasters.

    8. david says:

      Perhaps the Political Debater of the Year might want to step in 
      really, she won debater of the year?

    9. Horacesaysyes says:

      Yup, beating the other finalists, Patrick Harvie and Nicola Sturgeon!

    10. Les Wilson says:

      He would not answer, he would just take the new labour tactical way of trying to confuse the question. Just like Lamont, it starts with ” no, what I am saying……………………………………… ” blah blah blah etc.

    11. turnbull drier says:

      Should she not be “Debaser of the Year” (nods to Frank Black)
      I’ll get my coat.

    12. Arabs for Independence says:

      Perhaps he was with Pamela Nash at the (waste of) Space Conference in Vienna albeit the fact it was held the day BEFORE the vote

    13. handclapping says:

      “won” – Magnus would have had a hissy fit if SLab didn’t get something

    14. Guy McV says:

      I’ll be going along, but I don’t think any of us are expecting answers. In fact, as soon as the protest was called we were accused of disrupting the plans of people that were attending Sarwar’s surgery. They called it “Political Sectarianism”. I’m assuming they think those attending are all SNP supporters, even though the man who created the event is an SSP candidate in Shettleston. Anyways, I’ll get the video of the event up as soon as I can.

    15. Luigi says:

      I hope he has the courage to turn up and at least offer a reason for failing to turn up for the vote.  One poor woman has already bee evicted.  If his courage fails, I would encourage the protesters to return for every Friday surgery until he faces his accusers.
      I expect the BBC team will be waiting today?  Oh I forgot, they have other priorities – Granny Smith’s cat got stuck up a tree and another Scottish mountain has shrunk by a couple of inches.  Silly me.

    16. annie says:

      Not up on areas of Glasgow, does anyone know who the MP is for the lady in Pollock who was evicted for bedroom tax generated rent arrears yesterday.

    17. Horacesaysyes says:

      Ian Davidson. And her MSP is Johann Lamont.

    18. The Man in the Jar says:

      Click on the photo and take a look around on Google earth street view. Celebrious isn’t it? 🙁

    19. Guy McV says:

      Just as a little extra, my Bro-in-Law emailed all the absent Labour & Lib Dem MP’s, and he says this is about the only decent reply he got.

      To: of DORAN, FrankRef: FD/JD
      Dear constituent
      Thank you for your recent email. I was absent from the vote on a debate on the “Bedroom Tax”. I have to say that while it would have been pleasant and satisfying to have defeated the Government, it would have had no effect on the operation of the tax. The legislation was passed some time ago and is already in force. An opposition debate is an opportunity to challenge the Government on its policies, but has no other effect, apart from possibly embarrassing the Government.The issue for debate on 12th November was decided by the Labour leadership in the week before. Several weeks ago, (long before any decision was made on the business for 12th November) I was aware that I had another commitment on 12th November. I made a request to my party whips to be excused the whip on that day and that was agreed. I was paired with a Government MP for that day. If I had been present on 12th November so would the Tory or Lib Dem Member be present. My vote would have been cancelled out.Like you I believe that the “Bedroom Tax” is pernicious and unfair and for many families, devastating, particularly as the vast majority of people will be unable to move because if the shortage of social housing. When the legislation was going through Parliament I consistently voted against it. I see the “Bedroom Tax” at much closer quarters than most people because of the cases I deal with in my constituency surgery, I have no doubt that the next Labour Government should abolish it immediately on taking office.
      Yours sincerely
      Frank Doran MPAberdeen North01224 252 715
      Notice that he fails to mention where he was?

    20. Morag says:


    21. @ScotsVote says:

      I can categorically guarantee, no Plan B necessary, that the answer to both questions will start with: “Look…”

    22. Illy says:

      Did Frank Doran just deny that there was a vote to repeal it?

    23. chalks says:

      Anyone else think Salmond and Co voted for Lamont to win so she doesn’t lose her job?

    24. balgayboy says:

      Come on Anas…get out there and face your constituents and wave your pen at the crowd and demand they sign up for the Labour anti bedroom tax working man’s MP

    25. Keef says:

      Morag 🙂

    26. chalks says:

      I hope you replied with this to Mr Doran:
      ‘LOL, Frank, I honestly thought you had passed away’

    27. annie says:

      Does anyone think the reason Johann missed the award ceremony last night was that she was sorting out her constituent’s eviction problem.  It would certainly look bad if she was seen to be living it up while labour are evicting a woman on her patch.

    28. Finnzz says:

      I was wondering if Mr Sarwar will be continuing to highlight his own unique style of opposition to The Bedroom Tax on the next Labour Bye-election pamphlet.
      Perhaps it will be along the lines of “Labour – Fighting for your rights by running away…”

    29. Ryan Wilson says:

      I’m working until 5pm. Hope there are a few camera phones out and about!

    30. desimond says:

      I cant wait to hear Alec Salmond congratulate Johann at next weeks FMQ and Johann has to look down and read her thank you from her script.

      Looking at Anas shopfront, cant we hire a grafitti artist to give it a makeover?

    31. Arabs for Independence says:

       while labour are evicting a woman on her patch.
      Oooerrrr missus

    32. balgayboy says:

      “that actually a yacht equipment shop next door”
      Looks to me like an “I’m actually going right indicator to me” Ain’t that true Anas?

    33. velofello says:

      No Morag, celebrious. The deputy leader of Scottish Labour, a cerebellar segment of the BIG Labour party. has premises there.

    34. Arabs for Independence says:

      Noticed too that Frank Doran failed to say where he was.
      Noticed also that Pamela ‘Buzz’ Nash was not too forthcoming regarding the fact she was at a Space Conference

    35. Iain says:

      Anyone know when Mundell has his surgery? Perhaps Anas has asked for a pairing and they’ll both have the day off (not that that would make the slightest difference to the wellbeing of their constituents).

    36. david says:

      is it true sarwar was a failed dentist before he inherited his fathers constituency?

    37. Grant_M says:

      @Guy McV
      That’s the same cut & paste reply I received from Frank Doran.
      I have emailed him again requesting he gives details of his whereabouts at the time of the vote.

    38. call me dave says:

      Horacesaysyes  and Annie.
      Double bad luck ! Davidson & Lamont. . . Geeesssh!      Mind you if Sarwar opens the shop and toughs it out . . . naw. . ..  Wont happen.
      Bateman has a good comment today on  currency union.

    39. Greannach says:

      If pairing is the excuse, then Sarwar and all the others complicit in the pairing system should be ashamed of themselves for playing along with the Westminster game. Labour have had decades in which to stop the pairing game and make life difficult for the Government of the day if they took their constituents seriously. If Labour chose not to stop pairing during the Thatcher/Major era, they certainly won’t start now after the Blair/Brown period. They’re all fine ladies and gentlemen now. And besides, if some day Labour are back in power and they won’t want to upset the gentle apple cart.

    40. HandandShrimp says:

      Just wave a pen, he will get the message.

    41. desimond says:


      Just wave a pen….cue:

      “Cybernats get physical and threaten Violence. Mob go crazy against defenceless public servant. SNP suspected of paying their subway fares!” roars John Mackay on STV News at 6

    42. Luigi says:

      How about an award for the best excuse given by a Labour MP for not voting against the bedroom tax?  We could even have multiple awards:
      Bedroom Tax Hall of shame
      1. Most believable excuse – goes to A. Body, MP for Anywhere East
      2. Most ridiculous excuse – etc
      3. Most hillarious excuse – etc
      Etc etc – imagine if we could publish that list somewhere inconvenient!

    43. Famous15 says:

      I do hope the casting couch was not involved in the choice of Debater Of the Year.
      OK got my hat!

    44. HandandShrimp says:

      “Vicious separationists violently wave pens at noble public servant shock horror”
      I can see the headline now 😉

    45. Jingly Jangly says:

      The pairing is a red herring, he should not be let off the hook if he can manage to get one of his chums in the Tory party to say he was paired with me.

      There needs to be a sustained campaign to show Sarwar and the other hyprocrites in the labour party for what they are, a bunch of self serving delusional sycophants.

    46. Embradon says:

      The man in the Jar says:
      “Click on the photo and take a look around on Google earth street view. Celebrious isn’t it?”
      I wonder how much he pays/claims in rent for that place and who the landlord is.

    47. Craig P says:

      re: Sarwar’s picture. I’ve seen such a thing in a few places, most recently on Nigel Griffiths (once Edinburgh South) office. The new MP (Iain Murray?) might well have his picture there now. 
      I thought Sarwar had already said he was on a trip to Auschwitz, was that someone else?

    48. Embradon says:

      Evicted, homeless, widowed and represented by
      “Ian Davidson. And her MSP is Johann Lamont.”
      Some people get all the breaks eh?

    49. Embradon says:

      Hmm “is it true sarwar was a failed dentist before he inherited his fathers constituency?”
      Is there a “surgery” pun coming?

    50. panda paws says:

      @Craig P
      Douglas Alexander was the one visiting Auschwitz.

    51. IG says:

      I would attend the demonstration this afternoon, but due to a prior commitment am unable. However, I have spoken to an acquaintance who is a Labour supporter and he will also not be attending – thus cancelling out my unwillingness to get off my arse and get down there.

    52. Embradon says:

      “I thought Sarwar had already said he was on a trip to Auschwitz, was that someone else?”
      That might have been wee Doogie Alexander.

    53. Morag says:

      Click on the photo and take a look around on Google earth street view.
      Good grief, that really IS a big yacht chandlery next door.  I thought Stu was being facetious and it was a low-grade chippy.  On the other side there is a maker of “bespoke fitted furniture”.  Up the street there is someone selling fireplaces.
      It’s true the nicest building in the vicinity is apparently abandoned and derelict, but other than that appearances seem to be deceptive.  There are a number of seemingly prosperous businesses close by.
      In spite of this the place looks like a complete dump.  It’s not litter or graffiti or (apart from one) empty premises.  It’s the basic design of the place.  There is literally nothing you could do to make that street look prosperous and pleasant apart from knock the lot down and re-build in an attractive architectural design.

    54. James Morton says:

      Here is a little ditty for the protesters to sing, I’d write you into my will if someone could make this happen!
      Brave Sir Sarwar ran away.
      Bravely ran away, away!
      When danger reared its ugly head, 
      He bravely turned his tail and fled.
      Yes, brave Sir Sarwar turned about
      And gallantly he chickened out.
      Bravely taking to his feet
      He beat a very brave retreat,
      Bravest of the brave, Sir Sarwar!
      He is packing it in and packing it up
      And sneaking away and buggering up
      And chickening out and pissing off home,
      Yes, bravely he throwing in the sponge… 

    55. panda paws says:

      “Ian Davidson. And her MSP is Johann Lamont.”
      Some people get all the breaks eh?”
      Well if you are going to vote for anything in a red rosette regardless, that’s what happens.

    56. heraldnomore says:

      I think it was Wee Dougie who was down Krakow way

    57. heraldnomore says:

      Goodness, read comments for five minutes and another half dozen have flooded in…

    58. balgayboy says:

      Morag says;
      The area surely reflects where Anas resides! him being a man of the working people..aye right.

    59. EdinScot says:

      This word pairing is just a crappy way of saying they didnt show up to vote, just like spin is substituted for lies.  Sarwar will be determined to not to have a grayman subway moment today so i reckon the latter has suggested Sarwar runs away to those killing fields.  Luigi is right these excuses for not appearing for the vote should be compiled into the most ridiculous/laughable etc categories.  It was pointed out on the ‘in-hole stop digging instructions’ thread by DougtheDug that Labour mp Pamela Nash had 31.5 hours to get her butt from the conference to the HoC to vote but she chose not to.  Shameless doesnt even cover it.  Now to add insult to injury the Glasgow woman evicted over the bedroom tax has  Lamont & Davidson as her representatives.  How cruel.  And all the while the debater of the year is holed up in her bunker!  Shurely shome mishtake.

    60. Morag says:

      Anyone know when Mundell has his surgery?
      I live in his constituency and I haven’t a scoobie.  I did see him having a surgery at the Peebles Show, inside a tent.  Then someone served him a meal on a table with a cloth on it, fork and knife and all, while the rest of us (the Yes Scotland tent was next door) were picking up burgers and chips with our fingers.

    61. MajorBloodnok says:

      Panda paws says: Douglas Alexander was the one visiting Auschwitz.
      …wandering around no doubt contemplating Condembour’s future austerity solutions.

    62. Morag says:

      Somebody’s probably going to complain that’s in bad taste but I know what you mean.

    63. Embradon says:

      I would imagine Duncans Chandlery gets its rates reduced because Anas’ office lowers the tone of the area.

      Last time I was there,  the M8/74 junction diversions were still in place and you needed to throw a double six to get there from the M8.

      I think Screwfix is down that way too. (Other dating agencies are available)

    64. Nation Libre says:

      So who agrees who’s paired with who?  Is there a list?

    65. handclapping says:

      @Major + Morag
      Soylent Green?

    66. desimond says:


      I tried posting a nice wee linked style post and its disappeared into the ether yet again. Sigh

    67. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Labour in Scotland reminds me so much of Vichy France and we all know what happened to them.

    68. Kev says:

      Looks a bit of a dump from the outside but I am sure its a different story inside, something akin to an episode of Cribs with a big fishtank pimped out by the Fishtank Kings, and an escape tunnel (carpeted of-course) to  his pad in London for when a day in grubby Glasgow proves just too much for his delicate senses…

    69. Triangular Ears says:

      What’s to stop somebody being paired with multiple people?  e.g. one devious Tory pairs himself with 3 or 4 Labour Tories but doesn’t let on.
      The existence of pairing is another demonstration of the absolute stupidity and futility of the Westminster system.  It’s all to give the illusion of free-will amongst MPs and that they supposedly vote with their consciences.
      We all know that they vote how they are told to by their party leaders, so why not just abolish voting altogether and automatically apportion x votes for every motion and y against, where x is the total Tory/LibDem and y is everyone else?  Because that’s essentially what happens anyway.
      It’s all just a pantomime of utter bullshit.

    70. desimond says:

      @Nation Libre
      Pairing is taken care of by the Whips…it is informal in eyes of the House of Commons so there is no official need to record Pairs for public viewing ( as far as i can ascertian).

      I expect that constituents would have to ask their MPs if they have a pair or be a Party Member and put a request into their Whips Office to request the listings.

      A diet of Smoke and Mirrors keeps the cash cow firmly ticking over and a Pair always beats a Full House

    71. balgayboy says:

      @ MajorBloodnok:
      Same thought crossed mind as well.

    72. handclapping says:

      So that is working hard for Glasgow? My local MSPs office is half the size but busy everyday 10 to 4 and Torrance himself is at surgeries all round the Kirkcaldy constituency some evenings and most Saturday mornings.
      Of course he’s busy as our Gordon does bugger all but what do other folk get from their MP/MSP?

    73. MajorBloodnok says:

      Desimond says:  A pair always beats a full house.
      Wish I’d thought of that one. 😀

    74. JLT says:

      If anyone does go along …and the main man appears, VIDEO IT!!! We can use it should he spout anymore lies or denials in the future. There should be no hiding place for this man. 

    75. Bunter says:

      Douglas Fraser mention the 4bn North Sea investment without mentioning the S word. We got “the UK North Sea” and “Britains oil and gas  and later we got the Greens conference where it was emphasised they were a minor partner, didn’t agree with the SNP on many issues. 

    76. HandandShrimp says:

      What’s to stop somebody being paired with multiple people?  e.g. one devious Tory pairs himself with 3 or 4 Labour Tories but doesn’t let on.
      That happened back in the mid 90s. Donald Dewer and Archie Kirkwood withdrew Labour and the Liberals from the pairing system which was then effectively dropped. In 97 Labour won such a huge majority that pairing was pretty much irrelevant and therefore only crept back in on an ad hoc basis. By 2005 with a smaller majority pairing was once again commonplace. Personally I think it is used too much. I can see the point for MPs that are on official business away from the Commons having a pair but for every Tom, Dick or Harry for whatever reasons seems to me to be abuse of the system.  

    77. HandandShrimp says:

      Oil + UK = Good, Bonanza, Bolster the Economy, Years to Come
      Oil + Scotland = Bad, Instability, Volatility, Alien Death Zombies.

    78. caz-m says:

      The only debating Johann Lamont is involved in is who’s turn it is to empty out the “bunker” toilet bucket.

    79. Toshtastic says:

      Can I ask a couple of questions about pairing?

      Can you still vote if paired
      If so, does the vote still count?

      I asked @pamela_nash this question and havent had a reply.

    80. desimond says:

      The Ian Davidson book “Westminster for Dummies” with foreward by Anas Sarwar issurely due soon:

      Chapter 1: Get Yourself a Pair
      Chapters 2 -20 : Get on as many Committees as possible.

    81. Bill C says:

      I tweeted the first question to him on Tuesday night. I am still waiting on a reply. I’m sure he is a busy man and will get round to it?  I wish I could be with the folk there today, but living in rural Aberdeenshire with no subway, it’s a bit of an ask. All the best folks, let him know what the vast majority of Scots think about him and his refusal to stand up for common decency by refusing to vote against this despicable tax.

    82. Brian Powell says:

      It will be interesting to see if Labour do try to turn this into a Yes intimidate us issue as it is the SSP who are orgainsing it.
      It was Tommy Sheridan, later leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, who organised the very successful No Eviction campaign at the time of the Poll Tax. They were a big part in the anti-Poll Tax campaign generally. Of course they did it in an orderly and peaceful way, so were ignored for a bit, until a year later there were violent riots in London, by Londoners.
      I suppose the Labour Party are so right wing now they could criticise a a left of centre Party. But maybe there are still plenty of Labour voters who were around or heard of the Poll Tax who won’t be fooled by Sarwar.

    83. Robert McDonald says:

      I’ll be going home that way at 4:30 – got my Wings badge on my lapel.

    84. Morag says:

      That’s interesting.  He’s doing a surgery in Lockerbie on the 22nd from 2.30 till 3.30, then one in Peebles from 5.00 till 6.00.  According to the AA, the fastest route between these towns takes 1 hour 26 minutes.
      I hope nobody in Lockerbie has any pressing problem that might detain him.

    85. gerry parker says:

      “I can see the point for MPs that are on official business away from the Commons having a pair but for every Tom, Dick or Harry for whatever reasons seems to me to be abuse of the system. ” 
      That’s what they’re good at.

    86. James Kay says:

      O/T, but amusing (I hope!)
      I know that small samples cannot produce useful results, but this TNS/BMRB poll out today gives a remarkable Scottish subset:
      Con.  25%
      Lab.   20%
      LD.     8%
      SNP.  35%
      Oth.   13%
      Put these figures into Electoral Calculus and the predicted seats are:
      Con.  11
      Lab.   9
      LD.     2
      SNP.  37
      Oth.   0
      ‘Casualties’ would include Margaret Curran, Pamela Nash, Anas Sarwar, Jim Murphy, Alistair Darling, Danny Alexander and Michael Moore.
      Wishful thinking!

    87. Robert McDonald says:

      Is there a decent downloadable 2013 logo available that would scale up to A4 anywhere here? 

    88. Morag says:

      James, 25% for the Tories?  I freaking hope it’s unrepresentative!

    89. Centish says:

      Will he be there now he’s had notice to run and hide? 

    90. A2 says:

      The man in the Jar says:
      “Click on the photo and take a look around on Google earth street view. Celebrious isn’t it?”
      I wonder how much he pays/claims in rent for that place and who the landlord is.”
      Interesting question actually, the office is in a run down Industrial area, miles away from any houses where constituents might live. It is however very close to the lonely West Street tube station.
      Second Last time I was round that way the fencing opposite had been decorated with a big “Yes” sign made out of something or other between the bars, must have taken ages. gone now tho.

    91. Craig P says:

      Thanks re: Dougie Alexander. If anyone’s going to Anas’ office today and he’s not around, could you take a poster like one of those ‘missing cat’ posters and attach it to a lamppost on the street outside?

    92. Jim Paterson says:

      Everyone appears to be slating this M.P. Perhaps he was busy, could have been tallying up his expenses claim or some other such important parliamentary budiness.

    93. Marker Post says:

      @ Guy McV
      Don’t you think Frank Doran’s reply is quite astonishing?
      “An opposition debate is an opportunity to challenge the Government on its policies, but has no other effect, apart from possibly embarrassing the Government”.
      a) What do these people actually do for their money?
      b) Why has no other Labour MP used this excuse, that it wouldn’t have had an effect anyway?
      c) Even the Daily Record called it a “crunch vote”.

    94. James Kay says:

      Would you object to a result (however the votes split among the BT parties) which gave YES 37 seats and BT 22?

    95. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      BREAKINGB NEWS: The 47 Labour MP’s were kidnapped by aliens from outer space. A spokesperson from Labour confirmed that the aliens have handed back the MP’s all safely.
      The Debater of The Universe has allegedly stated that “It’s a yon lyin first minister to blame and his crew o separatists who are nae guid”.   

    96. handclapping says:

      Tories could easily get to 25% if the 12% that support Tory Labour woke up to what they actually support. A drop of 12% in the “Labour” vote would not harm the SNP either.

    97. Webcraft says:

      @ James Kay
      re. 2015 voting intentions / poll
      Very interesting. Let us not forget that pre-devolution it was accepted by the party that a Westminster SNP majority (of Scottish seats) would be a mandate for independence.

    98. Robert McDonald says:

      Craig P Good idea that, I’m on it.

    99. Roland Smith says:

      Frank Doran is married to Joan Ruddock. She was also absent from the vote. Maybe they were both in the same place, dont know if anyone can check.
      Do bear in mind it was the start of a short recess at Westminster or holiday as the rest of us would describe it. Perhaps the Pamela Nash the Labour MP in Vienna was enjoying a few extra days at her own expence?
      Who thinks that Johann Lamont’s debater of the year prize was voted on by people taking the Mickey.

    100. Morag says:

      Would you object to a result (however the votes split among the BT parties) which gave YES 37 seats and BT 22?
      It’s not a matter of objecting, it’s a matter of being horrified at the idea that a quarter of my nation would vote for that shower.

    101. Morag says:

      Though obviously it’s academic because the election won’t be until after we KNOW whether it’s been a Yes or a No victory.

    102. gedboy says:

      multiple pairing 
      house of commons
      brothel more like

    103. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Do bear in mind it was the start of a short recess at Westminster or holiday as the rest of us would describe it.”

      The last day of school is still a day of school. The holidays start afterwards.

    104. JGedd says:

      Just been on Newsnet to read about the woman who has been evicted in Pollok. Thought that I was beyond anger now since you can’t keep anger at white heat for nigh on thirty years, but this news has re-ignited it. Appalling story. It’s a Dickensian scenario.

      Wish I could be outside Sarwar’s office but anyway, I would be speechless with anger. And what about the Great Debater herself? Labour politics is a black farce.

    105. Dramfineday says:

      A good qeuestion might be, where is the poor lady that was evicted and her family living tonight?

    106. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Can you still vote if paired
      If so, does the vote still count?”

      Yes. Pairing has no official status at Westminster whatsoever. If you cheat on the deal your vote still counts.

    107. Luigi says:

      I think we should start a campaign to have all “released” MPs tagged.  We need to know where they are, and what they are up to.

    108. alexicon says:

      This is more like it.
      Instead of all being on here whinging about the MSM not reporting bad things about Labour party members, we all should be taking a more direct action to highlight their failings in their own constituencies.
      It is pretty obvious the MSM will not flag their failing up, so it is up to us to make sure their local voters know their local MP/MSP is taking the proverbial.
      We should organise leafleting or trail a mobile advert around their patch, more effective in my opinion.
      About time we did this instead of moaning all the time, but then again moaning can sometimes can be good for the soul.

    109. Luigi says:

      If you cheat on the deal your vote still counts.
      Honour among thieves?

    110. JP says:

      SSP just tweeted that Sarwar refusing to come along. They also tweeted a pic of the office with a couple of polis there.

    111. HandandShrimp says:

      Indeed somebody in the past voted by accident fogetting their pair was absent and asked to have his vote scrubbed…he could not.

    112. Luigi says:

      A good qeuestion might be, where is the poor lady that was evicted and her family living tonight?
      Do you think that those vote-dodging villains are bothered in the slightest?

    113. Luigi says:

      SSP just tweeted that Sarwar refusing to come along. They also tweeted a pic of the office with a couple of polis there.
      What time is his next surgery?  He has to show sooner or later.

    114. Morag says:

      Want a bet?

    115. The Man in the Jar says:

      SSP tweeting that Sarwar refusing to attend. I reckon he will come out with some pish about evil separatists bullying him. The poor wee soul!

    116. JP says:

      SSP tweeted couple of Sarwar consituents turned away. They’ve been quite a while; maybe the polic have nicked them.

    117. JP says:

      @The Man in the Jar
      He’ll be in Subways with Iain Grey.

    118. desimond says:

      Is there any record of a Surgery taking place, other than the MPs iPhone calendar?

      Would anyone actually notice if someone like Anas Sarwar didnt ever turn up, and if caught just claimed he was too busy and really had to yet again feck off on another trip, like his Arms Trade junkets with Jim Murphy to sunnier climes?

      I fear this Pairing sham is just the tip of the Iceberg…we were shocked at Expenses…nothing has changed bar MPs got rid of the controller and they duly appointed their own “independent” overseer…whats the betting they have loads of such wee scheming ploys to make their life a breeze.

      Its like Pauly and Henry getting the jail in Goodfellas….cushty life and Easy money!

    119. Desimond,  you  got  there first  with  the  graffittl  artist  (  AN  U   S    SARWAR  WORKING   HARD   FOR   THE   PEOPLE   OF   GLASGOW   )   WHILE   LIVING   THE   LIFE   OF   RILEY  KEEP   ON   VOTEING  FUR   ME   YA   MUPPETS.  There   are   a   lot   of   Descent   young  Graffitti   artists   out   there   who   would   do   a   Respray   job   foor   nothing.   A   pair   of   Horns   a  Pinokio   Nose   /    Ah leave   the    WORKING   HARD   bit   to your’s   discretion  I m   sure   You’s  wont    DISAPOINT    Mind   Post  the   Photo   /   REV   is   the  Data   protection   in  Force    covering    Photo’s    /  Flat   roof   guys   piece   of   Pishh     (   Dont   get   caught  )

    120. Robert McDonald says:

      His face in the headline picture is all blurred – just like Back to the Future – has something happened to him in the past/ future?

    121. Andy-B says:

      Will anybody ever take Mr Sarwar, seriously again, or believe a word he says in the future, in short NO.
      What the hell, happened to SLAB, and to avoid voting to abolish a hated and damaging tax such as the bedroom tax, really shows you where SLAB’s and their Westminster masters loyalties lie.

    122. Andy says:

      If someone comes out of the chandlers please ask “Are yeaffayat, what yatyeaffa?” Apologies to Stanley Baxter (I think).

    123. Les Wilson says:

      Mundell’s surgery is in a back street of the centre of Moffat. Tiny single window shop. However I suppose it will be costly to rent and his landlord will be his wife or some relation !!

    124. Andy-B says:

      O/T   I do apologise.
      Everybody knows the oil is running oot, well according to the UK Gov and the BT camp.
      Yet here is a £4 Billion investment in the oil field off Sheltand called Kracken
      The field has at least 25 years of life left and a minimum of 140 million barrels of black gold, which will bring Westminster a bucket of money, for HS2 or some other
      insignificant project, that will benefit Scotland nada.

    125. Silver19 says:

      That sign above his shop should be changed to “Not Working Hard for Glasgow”

    126. BeamMeUpScotty says:

      Sarwar needs to grow a pair.

    127. faolie says:

      @Luigi: How about an award for the best excuse given by a Labour MP for not voting against the bedroom tax?  We could even have multiple awards:
      Like that idea. How about:
      The award for the most embarrassing pairing
      The award for being closest to the HoC without actually voting

    128. Stuart Crawford says:

      Surprise! The star of the show is nowhere to be found. Office locked. Two vans of bored-looking polis parked over the road.

    129. Bubbles says:

      @ Robert McDonald
      I would also appreciate that. A decent hi-res PNG would be even better. I’d like to “do” my car but it has to be tasteful. A modern Wings logo in black on my blue base colour would look lovely. Rev?
      @ Ronnie Amderson
      Did you spill something on the keyboard?

    130. Luigi says:

      That sign above his shop should be changed to “Not Working Hard for Glasgow”
      How about:
      Bedroom Tax Vote Dodger

    131. Juteman says:

      Duncan has a chandlers shop next door to Sarwar!
      I know he loves Labour, but that is taking it too far!
      Methinks Sarwar has bought enough rope…………

    132. Stuart Crawford says:

      Making our own entertainment

    133. Bubbles’ am typig own a bloody I pad  Hinternet   TalkTalk   doon   Laptop  in for wipe / repair  naw   ah  dinna   spill  owny   thing   own the   key   board  noo   whits   that   in referace  tae

    134. Luigi says:

      Anas Sarwar was actually not required to turn up at the surgery today because he managed to arrange a pairing with his conservative counterpart, the Right Honourable,  Nother Dickhead, MP for Buckingham South West, who kindly agreed not to hold a surgery today.  The unwritten Westminster Rule book clearly states that it is legal and acceptable to piss on your constituents, as long as your “opposing” MP is willing to do the same. 

    135. handclapping says:

      What I can’t understand is how Anas gets a pairing. Who else holds a hereditary constituency?

    136. Seasick Dave says:

      Were the police there to arrest him for dereliction of duty?

    137. Gary says:

      He won’t be there as he’ll be in Pakistan helping his father spend our oh a mean his money. You’re a coward Mr. Anus

    138. Robyn _ Quine fae Torry says:

      What areas of Glasgow are covered by the Glasgow Central Westminster constituency?  Just had a look at the street and map view of the MP’s office and it does seem to be in a bit of an industrial no mans land.  On the other hand, the station is right on the corner.  I don’t know Glasgow well but it just seems a bit odd. 

    139. handclapping says:

      Police Glasgow Labour politician? Even tho’ we’ve Police Scotland now that’s being silly.

    140. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      Oops.  I think my last comment is in moderation cos I didn’t notice I had mistakenly used an underscore instead of the usual dash. 
      Sorry Rev. 

    141. Derek says:

      The “Yaffayat?” cartoon was drawn by Bud Neill.

    142. Les Wilson says:

      Sorry O/T
      Just watching RT, they have just had a discussed article on the fact that the TORIES have deleted ALL their pre election speeches from the Internet. Which as pointed out by RT included all their pre election promises.
      Democracy IS dead in the UK, an idea !, lets get out of it !

    143. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Guy McV – Thanks for posting Frank Doran MP’s reply 
      In modern politics, opposition days are most often used to bring up issues that the government would rather ignore.
      On 29 April 2009, the British Government was defeated in an opposition day vote on the subject of settlement rights for Veterans of theGurkhas. This is the first time since January 1978 that the government has lost an opposition day vote.[2]

    144. Juteman says:

      Labour have done something similar.

    145. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Rev – sorry if my previous post caused a problem I tried to edit and delete but to no avail. Not quick enough

    146. Robbie says:

      Aye, Blair’s expenses were deleted by the Red Tories.

    147. jim mitchell says:

      Mr Sarwar is obviously consulting with the debater of the year in her bunker!

    148. Andy says:

      Ah – of course – even better – thanks.

    149. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

      @Les Wilson
      Won’t do the torys any good all speeches and manifestos held on record at British Archives in London for those who are interested in history.

    150. Morag says:

      Harder for cybernats and other nosey parkers to find, though.

    151. creigs1707repeal says:

      Has anyone seen the Panelbase Poll today ?
      YES 44%
      NO 43%
      D/K 13%

    152. Albert Herring says:

      Seeing Labour MPs are in actuality Tories by any other name, can we be sure they didn’t simply pair off with one another? Who was the odd one out?

    153. gedboy says:

      one day at a time my friend
      one day at a time

    154. mealer says:

      So Ms Lamont is to get the prize for Debater Of The Year.She could be up for a Nobel Prize soon.Is there an appropriate category?
      Perhaps BBC Scotlandshire have the answer.

    155. Morag says:

      Has anyone seen the Panelbase Poll today ?
      YES 44%
      NO 43%
      D/K 13%
      Links, or you’re a dead man.

    156. Juteman says:

      He is a dentist?
      Maybe he is self extracting his wisdom teeth?

    157. gedboy says:

      pairing my dear lady 

    158. Morag says:

      Would that be the poll dated 2nd September, by any chance?  What is this “today” of which you speak?

    159. Jimbo says:

      “Has anyone seen the Panelbase Poll today ? YES 44%NO 43%D/K 13%”
      Got a link please, Creigs?

    160. scottish_skier says:

      Links, or you’re a dead man.
      Aye, I’m sharpening my claymore as we speak. Nobody talks excitedly about an apparent new poll and doesn’t link for SS.

    161. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ gedboy – Ooooh you are a one! 🙂

    162. gedboy says:

      archie(not erchie)
      have you still got the hots for catriona 

    163. creigs1707repeal says:

      Panelbase Poll – someone on the Herald Forums mentioned it but gave no link. (This thread:
      Referendum legislation passed

    164. Boorach says:

      @ Bubbles
      Ronnie is waiting to have surgery on his brain. Even so his posts are invariably pertinent and pithy and put a lot of us to shame. Would that I could be as on the ball as he is.

    165. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Creigs – You are on borrowed time my friend. Arbroath isnt it, your domestic unit? Meantime I am at DEFCON 1 with borrowed WMD’s. 🙂

    166. A2 says:

      oh Noooo Morag
      Morag says:
      There is literally nothing you could do to make that street look prosperous and pleasant apart from knock the lot down and re-build in an attractive architectural design.”
      I can see the Headline

    167. CameronB says:

      Just a thought. Do lame ducks migrate for winter?

    168. call me dave says:

      I see that the spokesperson for labour on BBC is Drew Smith MSP nowadays!
      Is Lamond & Sarwar too toxic or too stupid, too uninformed to be allowed on as they give the party a bad name.
      @Craigs :  Chinese whispers I think. 😉

    169. indy says:

      He was visiting his old man, the Governor of the Punjab, at his palace.

    170. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ gedboy – I have had the hots for many a fine filly but Catriona must have slipped me by in the mists of time. Not unless you wish to remind me 🙂
      DNA tests are not required as I was not in the country. I paired up while at a conference in Amsterdam [Oude Kirke area] 

    171. Jingly Jangly says:

      O/T Story on RT about a worldwide demonstation against the Mainstream Media, appears we are not the only ones complaining about the agenda of the establishment.
      More at
      Too late for us to join in with the one planned for tomorrow but worth looking into in the future….

    172. kininvie says:

      Looks like the September poll:   Here’s John…..
      @ Creigs
      Don’t do that to us, OK? 🙂

    173. creigs1707repeal says:

      Okay – that’s cleared that up. The guy on the Herald Forum today got the date wrong (which I kinda suspected). Sorry if there were some heart palpatations out there.

    174. Edward says:

      Just catching up on various threads
      Some cracking pictures over on SSP Twitter feed
      Anwar Sarwar aka the invisible man
      Next, I’ve noticed that another former BBC Scotland presenter/Reporter in the shape of Louise Batchelor has pinned her colours to the mast and supporting independence
      Newsnet item of the woman evicted from her Glasgow Housing Assoc home, which is disgraceful to say the least. Someone commented that the ladies MP is Ian Davidson and her MSP is Johan Lamont
      and finally (there’s always a ‘and finally’) The go ahead has been given for The Kraken field, which is estimated to contain nearly 140m barrels of oil, so good news for Scotland, unless you read the news on the BBC 😉

    175. scottish_skier says:

      Okay – that’s cleared that up.
      Aye, but dinnae worry, won’t be long before those numbers are the norm. A return to parity is steadily approaching.

    176. Edward says:

      Saw an interesting statement put out by Operations director Oonagh Werngren MBE, of UK Oil and Gas, regarding the Kraken Field development (and note well!)  “Development of Kraken will secure a significant number of jobs for the UK, provide a valuable source of primary energy to enhance our security of supply and generate tax revenues for the Treasury, which is all very much to be welcomed.”  (BBC link in my above comment)

    177. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ creigs – Easily done and if you have the time to trawl through past Wings threads you will find other well meaning posts that were mistaken for new NEWS. I did one that was a year out of date.
      Personally I think its good that you are part of the Wings community because there are many sharp minds with equally sharp memories who will encourage and correct you.  I will encourage you not to stop posting here and I have stood down my DEFCON1

    178. Thepnr says:

      @Boorach @ronnie anderson
      Ronnie is very definitely on the ball. Personally I love his posts.
      All the best man.

    179. Rod Mac says:

      Oh no not more of that pesky volatile Oil found in the Kracken Field why is Scotland so cursed?
      Lucky we have Westminster and London to take care of this horrible stuff

    180. Juteman says:

      Douglas Fraser is now a chemist, as he described the new oil field.
      He mentioned a word that sounds like viskus, vixus? Something like that.
      Anyway, it’s far too sticky for stoopid Scots to make money out of it.

    181. kendomacaroonbar says:

      How do you post a jpeg image with a post ?

      Please + Thank you nicely !!

    182. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Juteman – Aye its got lumps in it. [Viscous]
      Sort of the difference between English Porage and Scottish Porridge Oats [Thanks Morag]
      I just love the name – Kracken Field which lends itself to any number of add-ons, extensions and lots of fun.

    183. Boorach,  Ah  Fruied  am no  bit ah try  this  I pads dain  ma  nut in  lol  wait  tae  ah  git  ma  brain  sorted  git  on  ma  feet  (  nae   wobble  in  about  back  in the  Drivin  seat  of  ma  car  (  fingers  crossed  )  they  BT ers   wont  know  whits  hittin them  Its  ok Bubbles  your  no  at fault  I  did nt  ken whit  you  we  re  referin tae  Boorach  am no playin wi  any  baws  I  end  on  ma  erse  stawnin  oon wan leg  lol  10/11 ah start  wi  a  lumber  punkture   then  a  shunt  but  I  ll  be here  fur  a wee  while  longer              Ave  seen   the  Dayss Ave  seen  the  Braes   its   jist  anither  hill  ah  hive  tae climb  lol  Ma gonnagle  ma hero  alang  wie  a few   others  lol

    184. msean says:

      Aw naw,no another few billion in oil revenue,25 years worth lol.What a burden.

    185. MajorBloodnok says:

      @Archie [not Erchie]
      It’s named after Phil McKraken, apparently.

    186. call me dave says:

      ‘The Kraken Wakes’ 
      This is a cracking (sorry) story.  I read this years ago and it remains one of the best Sci Fi books  ever. His other book ‘The Day of the Triffids’ ain’t as good.
      Oh the oil. . too viscous , too dear to extract, needs too much technology , skill shortage crisis . . what will the oil price be . . FFS Douglas Fraser shut up! 

    187. Robbie says:

      The three pathetic anti Scotland unionist commentators who post on the Daily rectum will be Kracking up at this news.

    188. Morag says:

      Aye, but dinnae worry, won’t be long before those numbers are the norm. A return to parity is steadily approaching.
      I wish it would approach a bit faster.  You have no idea how happy I felt for about 20 seconds before I realised it was that September poll again.
      But it was a real poll, and it was only achieved by asking a couple of neutral questions before the biggie, questions designed to make the person think before they answered.  Which is how it will be next year.

    189. You,s   bliddy   lot  better  stop  yeil  hae  me  greetin  ,  ma  emotions  ur  awe  akilter ,  weil  meet  some where  n  hae  a  drink  n  CHEER  OOR   INDEPENDENCE

    190. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Morag at 1.55
      WhennGeorge Roberson tried the same trick in Hamilton constituency folk would crown into  the first surgery in Blantyre, making sure he couldnt get to his next one in Hamilton or the one after in Larkhall

    191. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Major B – I had this premonition it would be your ascerbic wit and droll one liners that would win the cause.  Good Krack MajorB 

    192. Morag says:

      WhennGeorge Roberson tried the same trick in Hamilton constituency folk would crown into  the first surgery in Blantyre, making sure he couldnt get to his next one in Hamilton or the one after in Larkhall
      I don’t imagine the people in Lockerbie even realise he’s intending to up sticks and speed off up the M74 on the dot of 3.30, with the intent of plopping his podgy arse down in Peebles on the dot of five.

    193. thomas says:

      @ majorbloodnok
      ha ha ha!
      apparently anas is in big trouble!
      been on the phone to davidsons wife , heavy breathing pervert voice.
      says” bet you have a tight arse wae no hair hen ?”
      davidsons wife says ” aye hes watchin the fitba , whos shall i say is callin?”
       ha ha ha

    194. Edward,  awe  that  information  an  me  wie  nae  hinternet  /  laptop  in  fur clean  oot  I  wull be  dayin  ah  lot  of  over  time  tae  catch  up  lol   am  only   gittin    6  hrs  sleep  as  it  is  some  of  you,s  hiv  nae  pity   lol   do  u  ken  any  BT  ers  tae  send  that  info  tae   lol

    195. “I wish it would approach a bit faster”
      Morag, too early gies them time tie come up wie some Devo max shite. Naw, I think SS is right, easy does it.

    196. call me dave says:

      Too much info!      🙂
      Footie on your computer. If you don’t have a tv license  20:00 hrs

    197. Morag says:

      I know, I know.  I always knew it would be like this but it’s still not easy.  I think I underestimated the dishonesty of the media.

    198. kininvie says:

      Yes West Lothian are running a stall tomorrow (Sat) 11am-1pm in Bathgate. Meet Steelyard at 11.
      This is the Rev’s home town, so to do him honour, it would be great to have as many volunteers turning up as possible to help out.  Or just drop by for a chat, pick up some car stickers, whatever.
      See you there.

    199. call me dave says:

      How did the Sarwar protest go?    Anyone know.       I’m not on FB or Twitter.

    200. Mr Angry says:

      Hi Folks.
      I do not post on here often indeed only once if memory serves. I think this is a great site and mention it when ever I can and in particular when I am on other sites such a media ones. The facts are usually on here which is great.
      What I would like to know is how many of you folks who post on here are helping your local YES camaign? I was out leafletting today on my own. 200 YES newspapers delivered. People are needed and even a few hours leafleting is a great help. So come on people get your fingers out and help us get the message accross. It wont be done by the UK press nor the BBC but it will be done by sites such as this and a whole lot of leg work.
      The other thing I use this site for is to get facts on certain subjects. For instance I have been emailing those project fear MP’s and our secretary of state for scotland about shipbuilding. Got some replies but I guess they do not like the questions I pose. The point is these people do not like work so the more they are given the better. Of course they cannot be allowed to simply make things up and put them over as fact. So why not email the lot of them, let them know we want the truth.
      Hope no one minds me posting this.
      Again a great site just a pity the Herald, The Scotsman, the Daily Record, The Courier to name but a few do not allow the web addy to be posted on their forums.

    201. john king says:

      Desimond says 
      “Looking at Anas shopfront, cant we hire a grafitti artist to give it a makeover?”

    202. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Mr Angry – Thanks for your post and perhaps you could mention location so that others could help you.

    203. lochside says:

      Two simple questions:

      (1) Why did STV and  BBC Scotland’s respective tea-time news programmes totally ignore the demo outside Sarwar’s  burrow/office, despite the Glasgow polis deeming it significant enough to have two vans in attendance? (2) Why no mention of the woman being evicted in Pollok due to the Bedroom Tax, in the constituency for Sarwar and Debater of the Year, Joanne Lamont? 

      I could also ask a three other questions: (3) Why is a huge new Oil field being opened up in the Scottish sector of the North Sea good news for the ‘UK’ and not worth commenting by Douglas Fraser in the Constitutional context, for Scotland? (4)Why did both channels focus, yet again on a military march through Glasgow to the detriment of subjects in questions (1) and (2)..sorry but I think we’ve done the ‘our brave boys ‘ shtick for the past week haven’t we?

      And finally: on Question Time last night Dimblebore did his best to stir up the Portsmouth  crowd against ‘the Scots’…not particularly successfully it has to be said. But if that Scots woman who he just ‘by chance ‘ happened to pick out and who assured the audience that ‘lots’ of Scots would vote’ no’ was not a deliberate plant, then I’m Debater of the Year!

    204. david says:

      I know, I know.  I always knew it would be like this but it’s still not easy.  I think I underestimated the dishonesty of the media
      i feel same way

    205. gordoz says:

      lochside – totally agree with your post
      Scottish media & journalism no longer exists; UK state controlled journalism is as tainted and toxic as a banana republic. Shocking state of affairs – shameful 

    206. john king says:

      Embradon says
      “I think Screwfix is down that way too. (Other dating agencies are available)”
      Ye dinnae ken their telephone numbers by any chance?
      Jist so as a kin phone them up a voice ma displeasure at them ye unnerstaun? 😉

    207. AN  U  S  Sarwar   in  Christmas  Panto   as   the  INVISIBLEMAN     Kings   Theatre  Glesga  am  no  payin good  money  tae  see  that  Wheres   G  Galloway  appearing  fur  Christmas  Parsons  nose

    208. david, as sure as night follows day, it will happen.

    209. david says:

       Wheres   G  Galloway  appearing  fur  Christmas  Parsons  nose
      I heard a rumour galloway is busy on the lookout for exploited peoples.
      So he can exploit them.

    210. call me dave says:

      Let me have a stab at that set of questions. .  ‘thinks’. . . . ‘ hmm!!’  
      Is it that folk aint interested? … no!
      Is it that folk are more interested in ‘deer culling’ or ‘murder police’ .two meerkats have been born ? . . no!
      Al right I give up. . .you’ll be telling us next the BBC are biased. . . . Surely not!

    211. thomas says:

      @call me dave
      nae thanks pal very kind of ye!
       not really a footie fan but like scotland winnin at everythin .
      jist like takin the piss oot of  pathetic politicians that claim to represent the people. 
      The more we laugh at them the less people will take them serious . 
      lets face it labour are really a party that deserve every bit of contempt and laughter we can throw at them!
      aw ra best pal.

    212. Papadocx says:

      Saw a photo of cherchoob’s face. It reminded me of a function I was at. This chef came in carrying a silver platter with a pigs head on it. It was cherchoobs double with an apple in its mouth. 

    213. X_Sticks says:

      Two red balloons award for the Labour MP  thats most deserving every month. (week, day?)
      Anas has just earned a pair in my estimation.
      Davidson would probably have some spare pairs.
      And think of the surprise for Johann when she finds she’s earned a pair!

    214. Embradon,  you  did nt  say ,   is  it  a  left  hand   thread  /  or  right  hand  thread  ask  Sarwar  he  knows  awe  aboot  Screwin

    215. BuckieBraes says:

      Why is a huge new Oil field being opened up in the Scottish sector of the North Sea good news for the ‘UK’ and not worth commenting by Douglas Fraser in the Constitutional context, for Scotland?
      I was asking myself exactly the same thing while watching it. To have looked at the story, however briefly, in the context of Scotland’s potential independence would have made for substantially better journalism.
      I think back to the days of Mary Marquis handing back to Michael Barratt in the Nationwide (ahem) studio and realise that Reporting Scotland is, and always has been, a joke.

    216. david says:

      Johann Lamont-Debater of the year
      Hanniball Lector-Humanitarian of the year

    217. Clarinda says:

      Anybody remember ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’?  Oil was found on the Clampetts (wee, poor and apparently stupid) –  land.  They did profit from the oil but the real profits were diverted towards the bankers and others while the Clampetts were mocked and ridiculed. Strangely the show’s creator came from a place called Independence, Missouri.   

    218. Hetty says:

      Mr Angry

      yes we would be happy to deliver leaflets, where can we get hold of them? Daft question probably.
      O/T the oil story headlining bbc scotland is so obviously about the UK government trying to call the Scottish Governments bluff before the white paper comes out. If you can’t beat me stuff and the problem is many people still believe the bbc come hell or high water. 

      Wonder what Westminster will come up with next, first it’s oil investment….cheating lying bully boys, we need to be a few steps ahead to win this for sure, they have money and they have a few behind the scenes scheming minds making it up for them as they go along. 
      we will show them!!

    219. O/T  How gracious  of  Mr  Osbourne  to  reinstate  the  miners  coal  deliverys,  they  have  probelly  converted  to  gas  due  too  carbon  emitions  as  most  council  have  banned  coal fires

    220. john king says:

      Desimond says
      “Chapter 1: Get Yourself a Pair”
      don’t they surrender them when they enter the commons?

    221. Papadocx says:

      Sterling relies very heavily on Scotland’s oil to give it value. Take away the oil and sterling rUK is in serious trouble. Hence HMG need Scotland, therefor would be suicidal (to rUK) to take Scotland (oil & gas) out of sterling equation. That’s why they will not say we can’t use sterling the £ would go into free fall. They are terrified of saying Scotland is oot the bunch. 
      Is this illogical or is there some validity in it. 

    222. Jon D says:

      O/T, but my congratulations to ALEX Salmond who was last night crowned The Herald Scottish Politician of the Year, becoming the first three-time winner in the history of the awards.
      Who says he’s not an asset to the Yes campaign?

    223. tartanpigsy says:

      So much frustration at the press on here. A couple of weeks ago I suggested a demo outside the Scottish Baftas which are this Sunday in Glasgow…. replies, not a peep from anyone !
      I’ve been involved organising 3 demos against media bias, the second two with the backing of Newsnet Scotland who promoted the rallies on their homepage for weeks in the lead up.
      There were no more than 200 people at the BIGGEST one.
      After the last rally in May I decided that my time could be better spent leafleting and doing what we need to do to circumvent the MSM.
      I’m as frustrated as any one of you at how the media are handling this referendum, BUT it ain’t gonna change. They are controlled by the Brit establishment, and THEY can’t afford to lose us.
      Expect a lot worse in the next 9 months.
      The only solution is to work harder, talk more to the unconvinced, stuff more letterboxes, and,


      That bit I leave up to each of you to decide how you go about that.

    224. Stuart Black says:

      Papadocx says: “Is this illogical or is there some validity in it?”
      You are perfectly correct Papa, see here for the detail.

    225. john king says:

      David says
      “Johann Lamont-Debater of the year

      Hanniball Lector-Humanitarian of the year”

    226. Betsy says:

      Just noticed Nicola Sturgeon has tweeted the following from Gorbals Police,
      ‘Govanhill Gathering tomorrow 10am-2pm @Holyrood Secondary. A chance to raise issues, provide ideas and speak with local politicians’
      Anas Sarwar’s constituency covers Govanhill. I wonder if he’s one of the local politicians. If anyone is the area it might be worth dropping in and asking him a few questions. 

    227. Papadocx says:

      Stuart black. 
      Thanks for that Stuart. Look forward to white paper sure it will clear up a lot of mischief from the BT federation.

    228. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Papadocx at 9.04
      You’ve got it exactly. Scotland remaining in Sterling is a huge ace in our hand when it comes to the pre-independence negotiations. That is why they are trying to muddy the waters. We are in control on this issue. Scotland coming out would cause a collapse of Sterling. They will be biting our arm off for us to stay in.
      Sadly lots of otherwise quite well informed people don’t understand that Scotland in Sterling will have massive  power over the currency and the bank’s policy – not the other way around.
      Some people even on our side undereastimate the political acumen of AS

    229. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Totally agree with Tartanpigsy and others above who remind us that we all need to do as much as we can, in our own different ways…..
      I haven’t been able to post much on here lately but love the site with a passion, and am currently engaged in chats with around 25 to 30 “undecideds” among my friends and family. These are all people who “want to say yes” but are “needing information”. I write them down the names of the indy sites we all know and love but I keep hearing from them later “Hey Quinie, what were these sites you were banging on about again?” 
      Can anyone on here post a link to that great PDF leaflet that was doing the rounds after the March in Edinburgh? It had a blue cover with “Aye Right” and then the names of all our best Indy sites (Wings, Newsnet, Bella Caledonia, National Collective, Business for Scotland, etc). A gentleman had kindly put it together for our free use and sharing. If anyone can find it for me I would be grateful! Thanks.

    230. tartanpigsy says:

      …….  you see what I mean
      (referring to my own comment  50 or so minutes ago.)
      apathy could just be a bigger enemy of the Yes campaign than the BBC

    231. call me dave says:

      The woman evicted has her house back again.

    232. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “……. you see what I mean
      (referring to my own comment 50 or so minutes ago.)”

      You know there’s been a Scotland game on, right?

    233. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Can anyone on here post a link to that great PDF leaflet”

      Latest version:

    234. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Anybody remember ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’? Oil was found on the Clampetts (wee, poor and apparently stupid) – land.”

      Stay tuned…

    235. david says:

      Yes wins Napier referendum

      Yesterday’s Edinburgh Napier University referendum debate was a huge success for the Yes movement, with a final poll finding up to 80% of audience members supporting independence. The student debate, held at Napier’s Merchiston campus, was organised and chaired by Student Scotland.

    236. Stuart Black says:

      @Papadocx: You’re very welcome, it is a very good and informative article, and underpins why Alistair Darling reluctantly agreed that a currency union, in the event of independence, is both “logical and sensible”.
      Further to DMH’s confirmation that this is an absolute ace in Scotland’s hand when it comes to negotiations, I would like to point out the paucity of Alistair Carmichael’s abysmal performance on Newsnicht  (also check out Ivan McKee and Business for Scotland) the other night, in his ponderous insistence that it would be extremely unlikely for Westminster to enter into a currency union, he not only left himself open to the charge of being an economic ignoramus, he also flagged it up to anyone with the most cursory knowledge of economics that he was quite content to play the fear factor rather than tell it like it is. But, we knew that, he was already on record as standing behind the rights of workers from Portsmouth, in t advance of Clydesiders.

      Incidentally (I’m in Norway at present), I just watched Question Time via a VPN connection, and amongst the understandable anger at the loss of Portsmouth jobs, one gadge from the audience made a comment – unchallenged – that the Clyde had little or no experience of  building small ships, an assertion that I found quite staggering, but unfortunately, not surprising.

      When I say not surprising, that conclusion has come from  having studied the average English online commenter in recent times.

    237. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Thank you! That’s exactly the one I meant. All wrapped up nicely in a bow with an actual Wings post around it. Perfect.
      Then……leafleting! And talking! And writing! And remaining positive and passionate, while thoroughly debunking every single piece of doom-laden, manipulative crap they throw at us!
      The Wings community is a real force for change, I am sure of it. The media have got nae chance! (only kidding…I know how much bloomin’ work we all still need to do). But if it wasn’t for this site I think we’d be a lot further behind than we currently are……

    238. tartanpigsy says:

      Hence the gap in posts Stu

    239. tartanpigsy says:

      Funnily enough there’s a rather large stash of the Aye Right flyers not a stones throw from Anas Sarwar’s constituency office

      If anyone wants to email me I can point you in the right direction

      £9 for a thousand I think is the up to date rate

    240. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      Father to Son 
      ‘Do not dispute with me Anas my son, I have given to you a glorified office amongst the workers of Scotland. Unipart, and Murgatroyd. I am not sure what they are doing but it will be good experience for you. Perhaps you can organise a Better Together curry stall for the evicted. Do not be extravagant, mutton will do and blankets are available at charity shops.
      If you are waving your flag with abandon then remember your neighbours, the Ships Chandlers, they will support you at the shipyards in years to come.
      I see on the TV that protests and police vans are outside the office but do not worry, I get that every day here in Pakistan. I am above the mindless morons and as I have taught you just stay quiet for a few days and the great unwashed will run back down their holes. If they bother you then I can send funds to assist with security.
      In the meantime Anas, keep doing your best and I have paid Dr Sanji for further elocution lessons to relieve your stuttering and sentence repetition. I know that Sturgeon scarred you but its all for the good. The experience will put you in good stead to be my assistant here in Pakistan when you lose your bottom. I mean the seat of your bottom, I think.
      Keep burning bright, you will get a reward eventually. Remember to keep quiet when in intellectual company or surgeries. Just listen and nod….thats what I did and look where I am now.
      Blessings and wisdom

    241. caz-m says:

      Which one of the “Treacherous Ten” Scottish Labour MP’s is getting paid a visit next??. I thought the day went well. There is just no way they can get out of this one.

      This will follow them all the way to Sept 18th 2014.

      I never thought I would see the day when the Labour Party in Scotland are being hounded the way the Tories were in the early 1980’s under Thatcher,

      Exact mirror image of the Tries, and we all know the outcome of that. One elected MP in Scotland.

      Labour, you were warned and you chose to ignore the voice of the people.

    242. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Thank you, Stuart – that’s the one. Glad of the updated version.

    243. gavin lessells says:

      Distributed some “Aye Right” leaflets outside 9 Scotland Street today. 20,000 are available next door to Sarwars office. Hope to make some available at RIC Conference in Marriot Saturday.
      Otherwise e mail I am in Glasgow

    244. tartanpigsy says:

      apologies if posted already, todays events at Sarwar’s office

      As posted above contact Gavin for the leaflets
      @Caz-m 10:21 great point re Labour, if only they could look up for a minute and see what they’ve become

    245. dtr1001 says:

      Time for another poll yet?

    246. Paula Rose says:

      Judging by the great job Labour have done for the people of Glasgow…. OK I get your point.

    247. Old mikey says:

      Quinie frae Angus at 9.34pm.
      Was delivering those leaflets ‘aye right’ a few weeks ago for my local Airdrie branch SNP.
      Will find out how you can go about getting them, and will let you know somehow on ‘Wings’ if I can. I think it’s a brilliant leaflet especially for don’t knows. 

    248. KillieBoab says:

      The legend grows, Stu!
      While looking far any decent telly, while waiting for the fitba highlights, what do I find on NOW on BBC4?
      Wings over the World.

    249. caz-m says:


      I just cant figure Labour out. I don’t know who they think they are appealing to.

      I think the 2 names below sum up what Labour was and what Labour is now.

      Representing the past–Dennis Canavan

      Representing the future–Ian Davidson.

      They have lost their way a bit, haven’t they.

    250. caz-m says:


      So am a!!!!

    251. Jamie Arriere says:

      Looked at the street view of Sarwar’s office – nice-looking billboard beside the subway station – good spot for a Wings advert?

    252. Dramfineday says:

      Hi Tartan Pigsty
      Mr and Mrs Dram were at two of your events – one with gentle snow flakes falling and the other in the pouring rain. Enjoyed both and it was Mrs Dram’s first organised protest – ever.
      Thank you for trying!

    253. Lochsde says:

      Hi Tartanpigsty great video of the stalwarts outside Sarwar’s office. Totally agree with your earlier lament about the lack of support for and of direct action i.e. demos outside BBC etc. I gave up contributing to Newsnet Scotland because of Editorial and contributor  resistance to this  public showing of strength. Maybe now that the Scottish left has embraced Independence, if not National Sovereignty as such, and consequently more working class people are becoming involved, then we can start to marshal more public demos against these citadels of British State propaganda. We need charismatic leaders like Jimmy Reid, and dare I say it, firebrands like the Tommy Sheridan of old Poll Tax days, to galvanise the young and the bold to inspire the public fight for our Country’s democratic freedom.
      By getting out on the streets in peaceful but determined numbers we can start to impinge on the consciousness of the don’t knows and the not yet committed.

    254. tartanpigsy says:

      @Dramfineday thanks for that , and erm less of the pigsTy 😉

    255. Kev says:

      O/T Dunno if this has been posted before but its the RUSI debate about a future Scottish Defence force, with Angus Robertson handling himself very well as always, this time up against Des Browne, Ming Campbell and Rifkind (and several others in the crowd):

    256. Alex Taylor says:

      @Quinie frae Angus

      Can anyone on here post a link to that great PDF leaflet that was doing the rounds after the March in Edinburgh? It had a blue cover with “Aye Right” and then the names of all our best Indy sites (Wings, Newsnet, Bella Caledonia, National Collective, Business for Scotland, etc). A gentleman had kindly put it together for our free use and sharing. If anyone can find it for me I would be grateful! Thanks.

      I’ve had printed up a business card size version of the Aye Right leaflet. I’ve already distributed some to fellow Wingers and I’d be happy to get some to you or anyone else that would like some.

    257. Thepnr says:

      @Jamie Arriere
      Yes, great idea that would piss him off. Let’s do it Rev, the first one.

    258. Thepnr says:

      @Alex Taylor
      I’d like 100 of these, Rev can give you my email.

    259. eva says:

      @Alex Taylor
      Please get my email address from Rev too – 100 please 🙂

    260. tartanpigsy says:

      Another point re getting the message out.
      I’ve got  a pretty decent portable PA sitting in my loft we bought for the last rally in May, charges off the mains, has two wireless mics. Anyone who wants to borrow it for meetings or preferably public ranting (I mean calm, fact ridden pro-Yes, anti-Bedroom tax etc public speaking is welcome to borrow it at any time)
      Intend to make more use of it as the great day draws closer but at the moment it’s a temporarily wasted asset. I’m in Lanarkshire, it would be great if it could be put to work.

    261. Paula Rose says:

      I’m really looking forward to more extreme weather events – good thing we have lots of oil to base our economy on.

    262. Quinie frae Angus says:

      @Alex Taylor
      I would like 100 too please, and will gladly pay for a bunch more for those who can’t afford. But are all these emails going to cause Stu grief he doesn’t need? Is there an easier way to exchange contact? 
      @gavin lessells
      Thanks Gavin. Will email you direct for some leaflets.

    263. Linda's back says:

      Former Labour advisor, Alf Young still on about shipbuilding and having a go at Alex Salmond, Ivan McKee  and Nicola Sturgeon in Hootsman.
      No mention that it is under the Union that 800 jobs were lost on the Clyde.

    264. Morag says:

      Oooh, me too if at all possible, please.  Though I have some Yes newspapers to deliver tomorrow.

    265. Webcraft says:

      I would also like 100 of then bizcard sized ‘Aye right’ leaflet – let me know how you want paid / contacted

    266. kininvie says:

      We need to think a little harder here:  It’s not just the Aye Right leaflets, it is also Kendomacaroonbar’s Wings car stickers (forthcoming), Indyboy’s posters, and no doubt all manner of stuff that will appear over the next eight months.
      As ever with printing, the more that can be run off, the cheaper the unit cost. It makes sense to print in bulk and sell and distribute from a single point. So we need an online shop….I’m not sure that the Wings online store is the right place, even if it wanted to take this kind of stuff on…
      At this point, I run out of ideas – but maybe someone has experience of how this can be done cheaply and efficiently?

    267. Alex Taylor says:

      I’ll get back to everyone tomorrow and share out equally what I have left. And I’ll get more printed soon.

    268. eva says:

      @ Alex Taylor 
      thank you, happy to pay so let me know costs in your email please 🙂

    269. joe kane says:

      The Labour Party have a fine tradition of claiming in public they support policies and issues and then not actually supporting when it matters in Holyrood and Westminster.

      Here is one woman unionist wrecking-ball Nicola Sturgeon in a 10 minute bravura performance, single-handedly annihilating all three Westminster parties in the Holyrood debating chamber leaving the very best until last against MSP Jackie Baillie who actually called for the debate in the first place –
      Scottish Labour stance on Bedroom Tax savaged by Nicola Sturgeon
      27 Mar 2013 

      And here is MSP Jackie Nory on where she thinks the Scottish Government can get money to subsidise cuts made by her beloved fellow unionists in the coalition government at Westminster –
      This isn’t news
      04 Sept 2013 

    270. Thepnr says:

      Alex, I’m also happy to pay. Much appreciated.

    271. Jamie Arriere says:

      Re those billboards on the street where Sarwar’s office is, this looks like the chaps :

    272. Piemonteis says:

      Brilliant link!!
      I especially liked:
      “A meeting at the Pavilion cafe in Rothesay on Wednesday afternoon was attended by just 14 people… Those questioners almost all said they has misunderstood the purpose of the meeting,”

    273. eva says:

      This seems to be post 1707, that number rings a little bell 🙂

    274. A2 says:

      “Yes, great idea that would piss him off. Let’s do it Rev, the first one.”

      It’s really sleepy valley round there, it might piss him off if he saw it but that’s all it would do. 

    275. Thepnr says:

      See your point A2, might be cheap then and get a wee bit publicity. Anyway he pisses me off and I want my own back. At any price.

    276. Chic McGregor says:

      If JawLo did get an award for debater of the year then such an achievement should not go unacknowledged.  Especially given her limited number of appearances and the many other claims from her SLAB brethern for the title ‘Master Debater’.

    277. Taranaich says:
      Since Alexander’s trip to Auschwitz was mentioned, I’m frankly astonished that some people are even considering conceding this as a reasonable excuse for his absence.
      Douglas Alexander joined the delegation as Shadow Foreign Secretary to help highlight the present risk of a return of anti-Semitism, as fears grow about the rise of extreme nationalist right wing nationalist parties in Europe, such as Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary.
      So Mr Alexander has gone to a delegation to discuss the rise of “extreme nationalist right wing nationalist parties” in Europe (presumably as part of the Department of Redundancy Department). And it just so happens that he was on this delegation at the same time that one of the most profoundly unequal laws which targets the most vulnerable people in a society was being challenged, and if he and his party members bothered, they could’ve stopped it.

      Shame on them for using Auschwitz an excuse to neglect their parliamentary duties.  It’s no better to me than using the poppy to further jingoistic propaganda in current wars.  What do you think is more important, challenging an iniquitous tax that is indirectly *killing people in your country right now* or paying lip service to an atrocity in the name of “never forgetting” and combatting anti-semitism. Sorry, but you don’t get to “balance” this out by doing something good in exchange for something essential. That’s like a UK minister not bothering to vote on Syrian intervention because they were at a WW2 memorial celebration: blind to irony.
      The stuff that’s happening in Europe IS important. The rise of extreme movements in Greece and elsewhere IS worrying. Anti-semitism IS an issue that needs to be dealt with. But you have every other day in the year to deal with that. You had one day to vote for this motion. You decided not to.
      Hell mend you, Douglas Alexander.
      By arrangement, the delegation included two Labour MPs, one Conservative MP and one Liberal Democrat MP and as a consequence did not affect the outcome of yesterday’s Opposition Day Motion on the Bedroom Tax.
      And then there’s this “pairing” business. Are we expected to believe that in matters which affect the lives of MILLIONS of UK citizens, this preposterous idea of promising not to go if someone else can’t is supposed to fly? PEOPLE ARE DYING. You’re going to abstain out of some sense of honour when inaction means that people will CONTINUE TO DIE!?!
      I cannot fathom the logic that goes “well I can’t go and I’m voting this way, so if you don’t turn up to vote against me that won’t mean a motion will get through because not enough MPs on my side turned up.” Meaning that a motion ends up going one way ANYWAY because not enough people turned up.
      One more thing: has it been confirmed how many Conservative/Lib Dem MPs didn’t turn up to corroborate the pairing thing anyway? Because the idea that people are going to starve, become homeless, destitute, or even die because politicians have honour among thieves is beyond repugnant to me. “Oh, we believe this law is despicable and devastating, but we’re going to respect the people who put this despicable and devastating law into effect more than we respect our own constituents by honouring pinkie promises instead.”
      To hell with “pairing.” To hell with “fairness.” To hell with “honour.” People’s lives are at stake here. You think it’s “fair” and “honourable” to let people DIE in the name of pairing!?! You get in and you VOTE, and to hell with anyone who dares complain about “fairness.” Some things are just too important for this sort of idiocy.

    278. Sandy says:

      Let’s face it , “MP fails to turn up at work” is hardly going to be scoop of the decade.
      Gordon Brown has been seen so rarely in Westminster , every time he DOES turn up merits a post from Guido Fawkes.

    279. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I wonder if some of the LibDems who didn’t vote “paired ” with Labour members.In it together 

    280. Tommy Ball says:

      Hi guys,

      I’m not a regular contributor at all to Wings’ comments, but I just wanted to thank the several of you who turned out this afternoon in Tradeston (including the fella who gave me the “Aye Right” flyer, which has gone through my D/K neighbour’s letterbox this evening). 

      Today was a huge success. I don’t want it to be a one-off. Let’s hound these bastards. (Can I say “bastards” here? If there’s a swear filter, then what I mean to say is “Let’s hound these blackguards”). 

      This was a demo done with half a day’s notice on a weekday afternoon. I would like to hound Sarwar. But I really need people to help. So please help me. Can we have a discussion on whether we should just hound Sarwar 2.0 continuously, at every surgery and public appearance he has? Should we go for the rest of the Timid Ten? 

      Let me know. Let’s build this movement. 

      Today was done *entirely* on-line. So don’t tell me the “internet bampots” can’t change things. 

      I think we ought to have a bigger, louder demo next Friday. Let me know if it’s worthwhile. On Twitter, I’m @Tommy_Ball – let me know if you’re up for the fight. 

    281. alexicon says:

      @Tommy Ball.
      Hi Tommy, the best way to hound Sarwar and his type, IMO, is to advertise his wrong-doings to his constituents.
      Leaflet them and speak to them. Target his voters!

    282. Macart says:

      “But you have every other day in the year to deal with that. You had one day to vote for this motion. You decided not to.”
      What you said.
      Let’s for the sake of argument say Labour do intend to axe the tax. After their actions of this week, there is only one such scenario under which they can do this and it doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of them as human beings. That having failed in their responsibilities in attending this vote, they would intend to use this pledge as a manifesto bribe in the run up to the 2015 GE. This is of course allowing them the benefit of believing in their current pledge. It means parliamentary Labour are apparently comfortable with another two years of real time misery for those least able to defend themselves in the name of political gain.
      Who does that? What twisted sense of right decides that this strategy is actually in the best interest of the electorate? Even if every single Labour representative had turned up and the vote still failed, you could at least get behind the action and intent. That so many did not and the vote failed by so narrow a margin is beyond wrong.
      Of course there is also scenario b. that it failed because so many of the parliamentary party may just be in favour of the bedroom tax or so involved in internal party politics, they’ve lost sight of the carnage they cause. Either way, yet again they have displayed a disturbing penchant for putting party before people. They haven’t just lost their way, they’ve lost the guide, the map and the compass.

    283. Macart says:

      Quite agree. The best way to hurt an MP is to make sure that after the next ballot someone else has his job. In this instance the referendum will shift more MPs with one vote than twenty years worth of GEs. Get to the voters in the MPs constituencies and make independence happen. Leaflet, doorstep and expose (not ourselves obviously). 🙂

    284. john king says:

      Andy B says
      “Will anybody ever take Mr Sarwar, seriously again, or believe a word he says in the future, in short NO.”
      You mean there were people who took him seriously? 

    285. john king says:

      Juteman says
      “Anyway, it’s far too sticky for stoopid Scots to make money out of it.”

      Noo a hiv the answer tae that wan
      first ye watter it doon like ye dae wi the Barnett formula then ye get a big sook tae sook it up, Danny? Danny Alexander where ur ye?

    286. Patrick Roden says:

      Taraniac..Spot on!
      There is no excuse for a ‘No show’ on this vote.
      in other news, I noticed a post on Bella in which they mention that Bella now gets 276,000 unique viewers per month! No reason why wings can’t reach that figure and more.

    287. john king says:

      @Tommy Ball
      dont be a stranger Tommy 

    288. Ivan McKee says:

      @ Linda’s back
      re Alf Young article.
      An ex army guy once told me  ‘If you’re not getting return fire , then you’re not hitting the target’, so delighted to see Business for Scotland is hitting the target.
      There’s lots you can say about it, but for me the most interesting thing is that Alf Young (ex Maths teacher, economic advisor, not to mention SLAB advisor) doesn’t say anything about the numbers (because he knows on that we are right).
      Instead he tries to shoot the messenger.
      For the record, the ‘brutal falling out’ before the radio show was nothing to do with me, it was between the No man and the professional academic on the panel.
      And why Denise Mina thinks the revelation that ‘Pro Indy businessman thinks Indy is good for business’ is worth commenting on beats me.
      In the same category as ‘Fiction writer writes work of fiction’.
      There is a strategy from the No side to shut down the debate by describing it as too divisive. They understand that the more airing the issues get the more people swing behind Yes. I think we’re going to see more of that as Yes builds up momentum going forward.

    289. Davy says:

      With the deputy head of Labour in Scotland doing a no-show yesterday (cowardy cowardy custard), could we start a new game !! lets call it “catch the chicken”.

      Catch the chicken – rules.

      You require 20 points to win.

      1. If you see Sarwar on TV or other social media devices — one point.
      2. If you see Sarwar in person — two points.
      3. If you can hold Sarwar in place and ask him how he voted in the bedroom tax debate — ten points.
      4. If you can get the location of Lamonts Bunker from him — automatic win.
      Best of luck.   

    290. john king says:

      How does this grab ya?
      Better together with this? 
      no thanks 

    291. Alex Taylor says:

      Morning All
      For those who expressed an interest in having some business card versions of the Aye Right leaflet, I’m puttting my email address on the Quarantine thread and you can contact me directly.
      If the Rev’s ok with it, I’ll post this message O/T on other threads. Not too early-in though so as not to incur his wrath.

    292. Taranaich says:

      @Tommy Ball: (Can I say “bastards” here? If there’s a swear filter, then what I mean to say is “Let’s hound these blackguards”).

      Blackguards is a better word: people can’t help being born out of wedlock, but it takes a conscious choice to be a blackguard. And great job on the demonstration, I agree that most stuff like this needs to happen. People NEED to know this.

      @Macart:  Of course there is also scenario b. that it failed because so many of the parliamentary party may just be in favour of the bedroom tax or so involved in internal party politics, they’ve lost sight of the carnage they cause. Either way, yet again they have displayed a disturbing penchant for putting party before people. They haven’t just lost their way, they’ve lost the guide, the map and the compass.

      One must also consider option c, which is that the Labour MPs were just too incompetent, blase or thoughtless to bother voting regardless of its importance to their own constituents. Hanlon’s razor suggests that they may well just be too bloody thick to realise how big a deal this is to so many of their voters, but it’s increasingly difficult to think they’re that stupid.

    293. Dramfineday says:

      1000,000 apologies for the misspelling of your noble moniker (is that enough humble pie or would you like me to eat some more??). I’d offer excuses like I didn’t have the Gregory Pecks on but it always sounds weak when in reality is was the booze (probably).
      Kind regards Dram

    294. Vambomarbeleye says:

      @ Joe Kane
      Thanks for the the you tube link. Can’t think of a better way to start a Saterday.

    295. TheGreatBaldo says:

      Yes wins Napier referendum
      Really… I recall last year after the Glasgow Uni NO….
      I recall a certain Simon Pia (the genius behind Labour’s 2011 campaign) who also hold some position in the Journalism Faculty at Napier being interviewed for a video piece on Napier website, smugly gloating that the ‘debate is already won’ and the ‘Naaa-shun-alists’ (as he insist on calling the SNP) where failing to get their message thru to young people……. 
      Any one know Mr Pia’s reaction to this result in his own backyard ? If Mr Pia can’t be found online…..might I suggest a swoop around Subway stores ? 

    296. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “in other news, I noticed a post on Bella in which they mention that Bella now gets 276,000 unique viewers per month!”

      That figure is very weird, because they also say 370K pageviews a month, which is a crazy low figure for that size of readership – we get five times that from barely over a third of what they’re saying their readership is, and we certainly don’t have 15 times as much content. Something’s wonky somewhere there.

    297. Taranaich,    as  per   excelent   po
      Tommy Ball ,   Could   you   persuade   yer   pal   Mr   Cannon   tae   join   us  ,   never   mind   am   sure   your gonna   bring   mair   on   board   ,  Welcome   dont   be   shy   on   posting   up

    298. Macart says:

      Option c.
      Oh I don’t think there’s any doubt about incompetence and stupidity being no stranger to either parliament. In this instance however, I’m going with a healthy dose of both incompetence bread from arrogance (that being a misreading of the reaction of the electorate) and cold hard calculation.

    299. Patrick Roden says:

      I visit Bella a lot but after looking over the contents I rarely read more than one item.

      I visit wings several times most days and hungrily read everything including items, comments and twitter, It’s probably stretching things a bit, but If this is something a lot of people do then maybe that explains things?
      I don’t know why I don’t enjoy Bella more, but I just find it a bit to long winded.

    300. Macart says:

      ‘Bread’ OFFS. 😛
      BRED dammit!

    301. Jingly Jangly says:

      Im with Patrick Roden, I rarely visit Bella and when I do I might just look at one page.

    302. Bubbles says:

      @ Ronnie
      Shit man! I can be an arse sometimes ????

    303. A2 says:

      Getting all conspiracy again.
      Propose bill to oppose Bedroom Tax:- Looks good
      but oh dear, opposing bedroom tax is one of main levers for getting elected, if it goes now, that’s one less lever. 

      That’s ok,  let it slip , blame the tories, nobody will notice and keep the election promise for later.

    304. A2 says:

      “You mean there were people who took him seriously? ”

      Unfortunately yes, personally, he’s quite charming and helpful, not like the guy on tv, also he’s got a pretty efficient constituency team. he didn’t get to that position solely on his das tailcoat.

      he’s not a great live debater but he is quite a sharp operator, don’t make the mistake of underestimating these people.

    305. Anne Smith says:

      I did ask the question on twitter.  Could we please have the names of who they paired with?  
      Directed to my MP Pamela Nash (wash my mouth out with soap, I know, I know) I think it is the least they could do.
      I so detest these people.  Imagine having Pamela Nash as your MP!

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