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This is a real thing

Posted on June 05, 2017 by

…which we felt it important to preserve for posterity lest anything happen to it. We’d charitably blame it all on the Telegraph, who made it, were it not for the fact that the Scottish Conservatives have posted it on their own Facebook page.

It’d be awfully embarrassing if they had a poorer-than-expected election result, eh?

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    This is a real thing | speymouth

398 to “This is a real thing”

  1. Street Andrew says:

    Off with her head?

  2. David Smith says:

    Fuck sake.
    Because any additional words are redundan.

  3. Mchaggis69 says:

    A little bit of sick just came up.

  4. Jimmy the Pict says:

    Stu. I hate you. You made me vomit.

  5. Donald MacKenzie says:

    There’s not a lot you can say about that, it’s so ridiculous!

  6. David Caledonia says:

    I was just thinking about this, if she was ever the queen of scots, would she be allowed to adopt our future king, as she does not have anything to do with men, as is her right, and i agree with it, imagine if she done an elton john, scotland would actually be able to pay for its own king, yes we could go to china, we all know we could get our future king cheaper there lol

  7. Alfie says:

    Oh God! How could any thinking person vote for that? What sort of country does she imagine she could create? Or does she only look in the mirror?

  8. Geoff Huijer says:

    Tank girl there wooing the right wing, rape clause-loving, poor-hating, disabled-hating self-servatives.

    Makes you proud eh?

  9. David Caledonia says:

    I was just thinking about this, if she was ever the queen of scots, would she be allowed to adopt our future king lol

  10. Mosstrooper says:

    FFS| I mistakenly watched this and brought up my breakfast. That wi gie ye the boak.

  11. Sinky says:

    RUTH Davidson has failed to make the case to her Westminster colleagues for retaining Scotland’s place in the single market, letters released under freedom of information laws showed.

    Davidson has repeatedly claimed that as Scottish Tory leader she would ensure Scotland’s voice is loudly heard in Theresa May’s Cabinet.

    However, the UK Government’s major offices of state all confirm there were no representations from Davidson about retaining Scotland’s single market membership.

    Davidson also failed to ask Ministers about the rights of EU citizens to remain in Scotland after Brexit, it emerged.
    The Scottish Tory leader campaigned for Remain in last year’s In-Out referendum.

    She promised this year’s Scottish Tory conference that Scottish Secretary David Mundell was “making sure that Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear in the UK government”.

    But Downing Street, the Foreign Office, the Brexit department and the Scotland Office all said they did not hold any correspondence from Davidson asking about the single market and freedom of movement.

    Time she got on with the day job rather than obsessing about an Indy Ref2 which she cannot prevent.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    When a Tory uses the word ‘queen’ that isn’t preceded by the acronym ‘HRH’, they don’t mean HRH the Queen.

  13. Richardinho says:

    Deary me, The Telegraph really is an embarrassing comic, isn’t it? Sadly, this is what happens when you get a bunch of ex-public school boys together, whose one qualification is that they went to school together, to edit a newspaper.

  14. Bradford Millar says:

    Oh dear how embarrassing for the Tories, can’t stand Davidson and her smile is absolutely horrid … does she forget she said it would be wrong for the UK government to block a 2nd Independence referendum

  15. Ian McCubbin says:

    She is so supper confident even organising who will replace Ian Duncan as an MEP.
    Obviously her parties polling intention reports from canvassing have him winning.
    Seems the SNP polling returns across wide areas including Perth Dunkeld Stanley Coupar Angus Blairgowrie would indicate higher return for Pete Wishart.
    I am a bit dumbfounded by her arrogance. SNP are taking nothing for granted yet have seen no door to door canvas for Tory candidate. 3 fly posting posters is it.

  16. GARY J MCILKENNY says:

    Cult of the, em, personality. Or something.

  17. Bob Mack says:

    Induces reflux oesophagitis in me to be frank.

    She may be more pretender than Queen. Ruth is always pretending this or that.

  18. heedtracker says:

    To think the Telegraph used to be only read by boring old toads. Now its the barking mad ones.

  19. Roughian says:

    Richardinho 11.09
    Murdoch Maclennan CEO of Telegraph went to Bellahouston Academy in Glasgow.

  20. Capella says:

    Hubris! Tories obviously like Action Woman caricatures.

    They should have got a professional film maker to do it, like Spitting Image. But they probably would turn down the slur.

  21. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I had a canvasser from the Ruth Davidson Party at my door last week. A very nice, cultivated and civil, upper-middle class lady from the “County” set.

    I do not think she was best-pleased with my critique of the character and truthfulness of the would-be Gaulitier of Scotland, but, we enjoyed a civilised exchange of views and agreed to differ.

    Such a pity a minority of Ruth the Mooth’s supporters are such nice, if misguided people. And, how can they bring themselves to support her or Mother Theresa, her organ grinder? It beggars belief.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    When bombastic people like Ruth Davidson think they’re winning anything have you noticed how the bombast immediately turns into Bumblast

    This is a person who knows she’s 100% wrong on every u-turn she’s made but has trained herself not to care one jot about her original opinions and positions if it means personal advancement in a stench ridden campaign of dishonesty towards every Scottish person in this country

    Whether NO or YES

    Folk who are prepared to vote for a person of that character aught to pause for thought as to what or who she’ll turn on next because it could, and likely will,

    Be You!

  23. Bob Mack says:

    How many egomaniacs does it take to change a light bulb ?

    Just one. They hold the bulb whilst the rest of the world revolves around them.

    That is Ruth.

  24. Richardinho says:

    It’s embarrassing though there are people in Scotland who are going to vote for this women, even though she will have no power and very little influence within any Tory administration. What does that say about such people?

  25. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I had confirmation of the conspiracy between Scottish Labour and the Ruth Davidson Party, at yesterday’s Scottish Junior Cup Final, at Rugby Park.

    As he celebrated with some Glenafton fans post-game MSP Brian Whittle was clearly enjoying the triumph of the team in red over the team in black and yellow.

  26. Robert Graham says:

    enough to bring yer breakfast up , she will start to believe her own press next , oops sorry she does , she can say any old tosh and not one question asked .

  27. So the Tories in Scotland have posted that Ruth Davidson is Tory Queen of Scots, have they.

    Well has she by any chance, changed her constitutional stance and now supports Scottish Independence?

    And what does Liz think about some commer usurping one of her Royal titles?

  28. Robert Roddick. says:

    Sorry Stuart, I can’t share this as you can see it has already upset too many people !

  29. Bob Howie says:

    Well she is most definitely a Quine, she is Scottish but doesn’t care about Scots, she is a Tory, and yes Hail Ruth, but when you put yourself up there you have to remember not to piss off Brutus!

  30. Marie Clark says:

    Naw Stu, naw, naw, naw. There is nae wye in the face of god’s green earth will I watch that. That is a step too far for me.AARGH!

    Roll on Friday till this farce is over.

  31. orri says:

    For some reason landslides and an escape from reality spring to mind.

  32. Macart says:

    They clearly weren’t paying attention to Glasgow on Saturday then. It appears a few folks beg to differ with the Torygraph’s views on Truthless Harrison, on her faux popularity and her assumed right to define or represent anything in Scotland.

  33. Artyhetty says:

    They must be having a laugh though. Anyone watching that, who doesn’t take the Torygraph seriously, must be thinking it is a piss take of her. Ridiculous, is all I can say, she looks and sounds absolutely ridiculous. Oh, OK, I guess that means it’s a real attempt to portray her as she is, a bullying, hugely uncouth, childish big person with ideas above her station.

    An embarrassment to herself.

    Scotland deserves to have intelligent, informative, informed and cool headed politicians in our parliament.

  34. heedtracker says:

    They’ve done Nic Sturgeon too. Its a tad different, music accompaniment and comments as rule Britannia England as it gets in their Scotland region.

    Oh well, we did vote NO to be governed by the class that makes and consumes torygraph stuff. They make sense if you’re loaded in Scotland I suppose.

  35. Breeks says:

    But, but, but…

    They missed out the Buffalo whispering. That’s ma favourite!!

    And the creepy sick sycophantic interview with her boss somewhere in the Aberdeenshire wilderness. That bit was absolutely priceless broadcasting history being made!

    And her product launch for the new Orange flavour Fishermans Friend!!

    And the bit where says us Scots can be trusted not to steal and break things if we’re allowed in somewhere nice.

    I just hope you’re watching Kez. That’s the creature who’s got your No 2 spot in Holyrood, and her boss likes her, and even you yourself are telling Labour voters to back her. How big an idiot does that make you?

    For the rest of us, Ruth should come with a government health warning. “WARNING This truth bending lunatic is unfit for government”.

  36. Sunniva says:

    It’s the broadest of broad hubristic grins that just revolts me about her. Then her ultra serious scolding scowl. Both expressions are so over the top it’s just revolting and I am heartily sick of her and her team. They make complete asses of themselves by identifying with her.

    She has nothing to offer Scotland but chains. Not one single policy.

  37. Breeks says:

    And who (apart from me obviously) could forget her gormless face sitting in a disability vehicle the day after TWOC’ing thousands of disability vehicles from disabled people…

    (Taking Without Consent).

  38. Willie John says:

    Enough to make anyone a Republican!

  39. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    That is fucking absurd.

  40. Footsoldier says:

    I think this video should be spread as far as possible.

  41. meg merrilees says:

    Well i tried but i couldn’t watch to to the end. It makes me incredibly sad that our democracy is being traduced to such a farce. She is not playing games -altho it looks like that, she is ruining peoples’ lives, children’s futures and old folks last few years in this world.

    I seriously wonder if this woman is actually an M15 plant deliberately put in to replace ‘dear old’ principled Annabelle Goldie.

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but tRuthless tries to come across as more masculine than any male politician I know – look at me I’ll take any risk, be really brave, behave really boorishly
    but when i’m put under pressure, my little face will crumple and I’ll be a poor little girlie.

    She is SO rude – how can people support her?

    Legerwood has an interesting post at 11.12 on the previous post re a story in today’s Herald.
    Shennanigans in Perth Tory party as truth less wants to bypass the candidate lined up to replace the incumbent MSP (if his GE bid is successful). The prospective candidate has disagreed with her and she wants someone else…


    listen to Woman’s Hour first item ( 10.00 am BBC Radio 4).
    Attempted sabotage of Nicola by Jane Garvey – Nicola won hands down but it was an obscene bit of BBC bias and lies masquerading as an interview.
    Shameful radio.

  42. Free Scotland says:

    Initially I thought there was a mistake in the subtitles “… I won’t take any lessons for the First Minister …” Surely it should be “from”, not “for”. Then I replayed the clip, and it really is what she says.

    Reality check for the wee bauchle, Davidson: I think it’s unlikely that Queen Nicola (long may she reign!) would waste time giving lessons to an incorrigible wee thug like yersel, hen.

  43. defo says:

    Well, I WAS going to have an early lunch…

    So she’s a kick-boxer too ?
    That’ll come in handy.

  44. Chris F says:

    How utterly nauseating.

  45. Mike says:

    A prime example of a campaign being fooled by its own propaganda.
    For years the right wing media have desperately tried to portray Ruth Davidson as some kind of Nicola Sturgeon.
    A rare breed of popular politician in Scotland.
    Now it seems the only people who fell for it are the Tories and the right wing media.
    They think they have made Ruth Davidson popular in Scotland and like Teresa May have made their campaign about her personality.
    Its priceless.
    History will remember this election as a Government that was brought down by self delusion and self deceit.

  46. Morgatron says:

    This is the depth of Tory politics now. I dont care if shes gay or straight, i dont care of her military exploits (making tea in the ta) , if shes a kick ass kick boxer , though by the shape of her , the box would be kicking her. She is a wriggling, slimey liar , who has no policies except punishment of the poor and needy and a leader of a party who will cast a dark shadow over Scotland if they ever got any power. They must be stopped on Thursday .

  47. K1 says:

    There’s yer British Nationalism right there. It’s like an advert for EDL. She ain’t no ‘reluctant nationalist’ is she? Tory Queen of Trotts mair like. *

    *for those not familiar wi the term 😉

  48. Effijy says:

    Marie Antoinette was also a Queen is “Sorts”
    She seems to share a similarly inhuman outlook.

    If the Poor are hungry and there is no bread,
    Then let them eat cake!

    I look forward to the Scottish Tories and their Media Dogs
    Eating a large portion of Humble Pie on Friday.

    Anyone have the number of a good guillitine sharpener? lol

  49. John Brown says:


    Even rabid #Tory supporters will find this nauseating.

    Therefore it should be played hourly on BBC Scotland

  50. Irene penmani says:

    The woman is a loudmouth and an ignorant pig. Let’s get rid of her on Thursday

  51. Petra says:

    Ooops! Would help to start at the top and scroll down rather than vice versa.

    From the UNHCR.

  52. Valerie says:

    Ffs, that’s verging on parody.

    @Bob Mack, 11.18

    Exactly, and its eye wateringly painful to watch

  53. Scott says:

    I noted this about RD

    Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson reveals she has had to postpone her wedding after shelling out a five-figure sum on vet bills when her pet springer spaniel was run over

    I feel sorry for the dog but should she not have had Pet insurance and a minimum £10,000 five figure sum seems very large maybe it was more I don’t know,my question to her would be how much did she intend to spend on her wedding not many people would spend that amount.

    I wish she would reply to emails the only one who does not.

  54. gordoz says:

    Scottish Tory leader fake news adulation results in ‘Dry boak’ epidemic which hits central Scotland ever lunchtime;
    (Shetland, Orkney & Borders avoid worst effects obvs)?

  55. galamcennalath says:

    All show and no substance

    She contributes absolutely nothing to the nation.

    I’ll leave it to the London Establishment to decide for themselves whether they feel she contributes much to their Union.

  56. Tony Little says:

    I don’t know whether to be thankful for those last few minutes. But it got me thinking that obviously the Telegraph think this video is a GOOD thing. I could imagine it being produced by BBC Scotlandshire as a joke.

    Dear, oh dear.

    There was a time when I actually thought Ruth might be a good thing for Holyrood. She was openly gay, didn’t seem to be the usual Tory stereo-type, and seemed to talk some common sense. Then something happened.

    Like Kezia, I think she’s getting some poor advice from people who are using her for other purposes. Shame in a way. But I really don’t think this will be a big plus for the elections. Not sure Scots appreciate this kind of thing.

  57. I had a scan through the Sunday post yesterday, before putting it back on the news stand, it had a poll predicting the SNP would lose 10 seats, the Tories win 7, Labour 3 and libdems 3.

    I hope these poll predictions turn out to be rather optimistic for the unionists.
    And that Davison ends up with egg on her face

  58. gordoz says:

    BBC Reporting Guffland announces spontaneous marches breaking out in the corridors of many Orange Halls creating grid lock in the thru traffic route from the gents to the bar.

    Pandemonium as many loyalists wet themselves as a result of celebrating the coronation of Queen Ruth.

    Glasgow Labour demand inquiry as to why they did not get invite; Aberdeen Labour are raging as this has limited coverage of their celebrations profile.

  59. Jamie Shepherd says:

    More like the Tory Trump of Scotland, or should we style her “the Ruth”.

  60. galamcennalath says:

    Tony Little says:

    Then something happened.

    She was given considerable latitude to develop a style which was different from London Tory mainstream. This was seen as harmless and perhaps might attract some Scots.

    Then EURef Leave and the automatic threat to their Union which this brought. At that point she was reined in and made to follow the strict London line and agenda. The true nature of ALL Tories revealed.

  61. Tony Little says:


    You could be right – certainly on the reigning in from London.

    She seemed to be ploughing her own furrow and creating some small but real differences in approach at least, between London and Scotland, but then she was brought to heel. I don’t think it will end well for her even if she does enjoy a few more months (or years) of artificial praise and support from the Tory media.

  62. Proud Cybernat says:

    She really does believe her own media hype, doesn’t she. Soon to realise she is just another useful idiot of the London Tory Establishment.

    Time to sit down, Roothie-babes – before you are sent flat on your arse on 9th June.

  63. Sinky says:

    More Lib Dem dirty tricks

  64. ronnie anderson says:

    O/T Wee update as to the Wings stall at Glasgow Green . Many Thanks to Betty Boop/ Anne Jenkins (Dundee)/ Paula Rose / BDTT ( merchandise stall ) .
    Merchandise stall £621 raised in donations ( we dont have a licence to sell ) ha ha.

    Tea/Coffee stall Helen/Mandi/ Bill /Mitch.
    £204 in donations from they’re efforts.

    £ 50 from each enterprise donated to offset some of AUOBs costs= £100.

    £ 100 to be donated to Phantom Films .

    Many Thanks to the Many Wingers & Lurkers who supported us by they’re donations, & my oppoligies to Mr Nana ( Norman ) ah wiz introducing him as Conan T L lol , it diz get busy aroon the Wings stall lol .

    Thanks to ALL.

  65. winifred McCartney says:

    She obviously believes all her own lies – and unfortunately no one is prepared to call her out on the many lies she has told during this campaign. Programmes like bbc leaders debates and call kaye show without any doubt the bias of the bbc – used simply to ambush snp by using people who are not all they say they are.

    I don’t know if kaye adams and sarah smith know what they are doing or if they are just tools of the bbc. More shame on them if they knowingly are complicit.They must have revisited the programmes they make – what do they think? Is it job done – made the snp look bad.

    They bring reporters the general public and the bbc into disrepute – and the bbc knows exactly what it is doing talking about the splinter in the snp eye but ignoring the plank in their own eye.

  66. David Mills says:

    Do they not remember what happened to the last rightful holder of that title? Is it that Scotlands historic monarchy is such a laughing stock that it can be disrespected in such a tudry manner.

  67. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    I tend to take the Peffers view of these things – the more we see of her, the more we discover, and the worse it will be for her. Unlike those down south, who are so sadly disconnected from our reality (the very heart of the problem) they think Rude Gal is the Saviour of the Union and thereby can seriously produce neo-satirical dross like this.

    As Breeks mentioned upthread in passing, this hagiovideography – like TV coverage in general – carefully omits the clip where she abasingly denigrates the Scots for some cheap laughs from English Tories. There’s a character flaw in her somewhere that one day will out.

  68. Robert Louis says:

    Ruth Davidson, the ego that will consume itself.

    Give it time.

  69. Petra says:

    Why is no one questioning Ruth Davidson, the Tory Queen of Scots,LOL, about the Tories track record?

    The following list is taken from anotherangryvoice blogspot and I’m sure that we could add to it. Chunky Mark’s video is also well worth listening to.

    ‘Here are 40 things from the Tory record for you to judge.’

    Spectacularly missed economic targets.

    In 2010 the Tories promised to eliminate the deficit by 2015. In 2017 they’re still nowhere near eliminating it, and they’ve openly admitted that they won’t be doing it any time before 2021. Over 11 years to do what they promised to do in under 5, and more new public debt created in the process than every single Labour government in history combined? If that’s “strong economic management”, I’d hate to see what Tories would classify as chaotic, debt-soaring ineptitude.

    Longest fall in value of wages since records began.

    Under Tory rule British workers have suffered the longest sustained decline in the real value of their wages since records began. The fall is so bad that it’s the joint worst wage collapse in the developed world with Greece. The difference of course is that Greece did that to their workers because they were forced to by the Troika, the Tories did that to British workers because they wanted to.

    The austerity con.

    After such spectacularly missed targets and George Osborne’s departure from Westminster politics it’s amazing that millions still believe in his austerity con, but Theresa May is still parroting the same kind of economically illiterate justifications for a blatantly unjustifiable economic agenda. The evidence is now absolutely clear that austerity only succeeded in transferring wealth from the majority to the super rich minority at the expense of the real economy.

    NHS cuts.

    Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed £20 billion off the NHS budget. Their current spending plans involve a further £22 billion in funding cuts between 2015 and 2020. Slashing the NHS budget, closing dozens of hospitals and other NHS facilities; reducing services; and laying off tens of thousands of staff would be bad enough in it’s own right, but at a time of rapidly increasing demand on NHS services it’s a recipe for disaster.

    The productivity crisis.

    The UK is suffering an extreme crisis in relative productivity. The UK lags 35% behind Germany and 30% behind the US. This means that the average UK worker has to work an hour to achieve the same economic output as a German can manage in 39 minutes. The problem is getting worse and worse, and it’s easy to understand why. Unhappy and exploited workers don’t work as hard as those who feel valued and well paid. Well educated workers are more effective workers than those who have suffered a poor education system. If the UK wants to resolve the productivity crisis it needs to improve wages and working conditions and invest in the education system. The Tories have been doing the polar opposite of that for seven years.

    Systematic abuse of disabled people.

    The amount of appalling schemes and degrading assessment regimes disabled people have to go through under this Tory government is absolutely shocking. There’s so much of it I’ve written a full article detailing over a dozen of the worst things.

    Huge rise in child poverty.

    Since 2010 the number of children growing up in poverty has risen by 400,000. The latest Tory cuts to the child welfare system and in-work benefits are set to plunge another 250,000 kids into lives of poverty.

    Railway chaos.

    As a result of the shambolic Tory privatisation of the railways the UK has the most expensive, most over-crowded and least reliable rail service of any comparable developed European nation. What’s more is that the profiteering private companies who operate the services take more in government subsidies than it cost to run the entire system under British Rail!

    Corporations paying less tax than their employees.

    Since 2010 the Tories have reduced the rate of corporation tax paid by the biggest multinationals from 28% to 20%. They plan to cut it even further to just 17% by 2020. This means that the UK has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the developed world. The global average is 27% and the G7 average is 33.4%. Theresa May has threatened to reduce the corporation tax rate even further too. Labour would reverse the corporation tax cuts and bring the UK back into line with other advanced nations.

    Most unaffordable homes ever.

    Since 2010 the Tory government has overseen the lowest levels of housebuilding since the 1920s. When Theresa May was Home Secretary she increased demand on the nation’s housing stock by overseeing the biggest surges of net migration in UK history. This combination of weak supply, very high demand and collapsing wages has pushed house prices to their most unaffordable level ever.

    NHS recruitment crisis.

    One of Theresa May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to scrap NHS bursaries, which caused an astonishing 10,000 decline in applications for nursing courses. Add into the mix the fact that NHS staff from EU countries are quitting the NHS in record numbers and there’s a massive NHS recruitment crisis on the cards.

    The school privatisation agenda.

    An awful lot of people don’t seem to have even noticed that the Tories have been privatising thousands of state owned schools, property and all, for free, into the hands of private sector pseudo-charities, many of which are owned by major Tory party donors (like Philip “Carpetright” Harris, Alan Lewis and John Nash). Read this article about the scandalous Perry Beeches academy chain to get an idea of the seriousness of this Tory vandalism of our education system.

    Rip-off tuition fees.

    With the assistance of their lying Lib-Dem sidekicks the Tories introduced £9,000 per year tuition fees for university students, meaning English students now face the highest fees in the world for study at public universities. The fees are so high that 2/3 of graduates will never be able to pay off their student debts, despite paying a 9% aspiration tax on their disposable incomes for their entire working lives.

    Huge rise in Food bank dependency.

    The Tories have seen a huge rise in food bank dependency since 2010. Over a million food parcels were handed out by the Trussell Trust last year, and they’re just one of the food bank organisations. New research has shown that areas that have suffered the rollout of the Tories’ hopelessly botched Universal Credit scheme have significantly higher rates of food bank dependency than areas where it hasn’t been rolled out yet.

    Unqualified teachers.

    In 2010 the Tories changed the rules and scrapped the requirement that teachers actually be qualified to do the job. Since then the education system has been flooded with ever more unqualified teachers, rising to 22,500 by 2015. It’s worth remembering that the education secretary who brought in the policy of flooding our schools with unqualified teachers was Michael Gove, you know, the guy who claimed that the UK has “had enough of experts” during the EU referendum campaign.

    Secret courts.

    In 2013 the Tories (in coalition with the so-called Liberal Democrats) introduced a new law to create secret courts in which a person can have their fate decided in a courtroom they are not allowed to enter, on charges they are not allowed to know, based on evidence they are not allowed to see. In secret courts even the person’s lawyer is barred from entering the courtroom or seeing the evidence. These shocking secrecy rules don’t just apply to criminal courts or terrorism related offences, they can be used in civil cases too! Theresa May was the Home Office minister responsible for this attack on the concept of open justice.


    Since coming to power in 2010 the Tories have been privatising public assets at a faster rate than any government in UK history (even Thatcher). Many of their privatisation scams have been completely senseless and resulted in vast rip-offs for the British public; they sold Royal Mail off at over £1 billion below its real market value; they sold off the publicly owned banks at massive losses to the taxpayer; they’ve carved up and given away £billions worth of NHS services; they gave away thousands of publicly owned school properties, for free, to unaccountable private pseudo-charities; they’ve sold off the student loan books at a loss; and they sold off the UK government’s stake in Eurostar for a tiny fraction of what it cost us to set it up.

    Foreign ownership of British rail franchises.

    One of the most ridiculous things about the Tory privatisation ideology is that the only country that is barred from bidding for UK rail franchises is … err … the UK! Vast swathes of our rail system are now operated by foreign governments like Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong. These foreign governments then extract their taxpayer-subsidised profits back to their own countries to be used to improve their own rail systems. The Netherlands state rail operator Abellio now operates so many train services here that their UK network is two and a half times the size of the entire Netherlands state railway!

    Social care crisis.

    The Tories have slashed £4.6 billion from the social care budget at a time of rising demand due to the UK’s ageing population demographics. This social care funding crisis has coincided with the biggest increase in the death rate since the 1960s, and is putting an immense amount of pressure on already overstretched NHS services and unpaid carers.

    Tax-dodgers winning government contracts.

    The Tories have brought giant outsourcing corporations in to do all kinds of government functions. Huge numbers of these corporate leeches are now having their contracts renewed automatically with no cost-benefit analysis and no competitive tendering process. The Labour Party have proposed a new law to ban outsourcing companies from receiving government contracts if they’re based in tax havens. The Tories are quite happy to continue using taxpayers’ cash to pay tax-dodging corporate outsourcing companies to do the work the government should be doing itself.


    Filibustering is an incredibly cynical strategy politicians use to block proposed legislation by talking and talking until the debate runs out of time. Some of the proposed laws that have been derailed by Tory MPs deliberately blabbering on for hours to run the clock down include first aid lessons for school children, free hospital parking for carers, cheaper off-patent drugs for the NHS, and a bill to prevent revenge evictions by landlords who have been asked to maintain their properties. Several of these bills had cross-party support, but were deliberately wrecked by a handful of hard-right Tories like Philip Davies, Andrew Rosindell, Sam Gyimah, Alistair Burt and Cristopher Chope.

    Fire service cuts.

    Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed 30% off the fire service budget resulting in the loss of 10,000 firefighter jobs and the closure of 39 fire stations. Between 2015 and 2020 they intend to slash another 20%. In 2015/16 the number of fire deaths increased by 17.4%.

    Prisons chaos.

    Violence, riots, widespread drug use, escapes, chronic understaffing and soaring suicide rates. The UK prison system is in chaos. One of the worst prisons of all is HMP Northumberland that was privatised by the Tories in 2014. It’s supposed to be a training prison to give prisoners jobs skills so they’re less likely to return to crime. At HMP Northumberland a private contractor Novus was giving prisoners pictures of Peppa Pig to colour in as their employability training, all at the taxpayers’ expense of course.

    Unfair dismissal fees.

    In 2013 the Tory led government introduced £1,200 fees in order for employees to seek unfair dismissal compensation from their employers. So now if your boss sacks you unfairly (for your age, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, political orientation, trade union activities, or refusal to suck his cock) you have to find over a grand in order to go to an employment tribunal. The Tory presumption of course being that your boss is a great guy and all of his employees are worthless scum, and the fewer people who take him to tribunal the better. The person who came up with these fees is a major Tory party donor called Adrian Beecroft who also runs the payday loan company Wonga (which would obviously benefit from a significant increase in the number of people being unfairly dismissed and priced out of seeking compensation). Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to remove this economic barrier to justice by scrapping employment tribunal fees.

    Police cuts.

    Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories axed 34,000 police jobs. Between 2015 and 2020 they intend to axe tens of thousands more. The police have managed to juke the statistics by non-recording vast numbers of reported crimes, but the impact of these police cuts can’t be hidden off the violent crime statistics, which have increased by 96% between 2012 and 2016.

    Flood defence spending.

    Of all of the Tory cuts their decision to slash the flood defence spending budget is one of the most stupid. For each £1 spent on flood defence spending the nation saves £8 in avoided damage and disruption. Several of the areas that had their flood defence schemes cancelled in 2010-11 ended up suffering severe flooding. As a departing gift after resigning in disgrace David Cameron handed a DBE to Caroline Spelman who was the Tory politician who oversaw this ideologically driven lunacy!

    Adult education.

    Adult education colleges had their budgets slashed by 24% between 2010 and 2015. The vocational training budget was slashed even more, by 40%. Over a million adult learning places have disappeared since 2010. It’s beyond obvious that re-educating adult workers is absolutely vital in the modern era where the concept of jobs for life has been all but eradicated. Any government intent on developing a modern high-tech economy would invest in adult education in order to provide workers with the skills retraining they need to move between jobs. The Tories have been doing the exact opposite.

    Forced closure of NHS services.

    During the 2010 General Election the Tories promised to stop the forced closure of NHS services. In 2012 the Tory government attempted to force the closure of Lewisham Hospital in South London. In 2014 the Tories introduced new legislation to make it much easier for them to force the closure of NHS services and facilities. Since 2015 the Tories have been working on a secret plan to shut down dozens of A&E departments, maternity wards, walk in centres and mental health facilities up and down the country.

    Sweetheart tax deals.

    One of the sickest things about the Tory government is the way they allowed HMRC to draw up sweetheart tax deals with massive corporations like Google, Starbucks and Vodafone. Why should Google get to negotiate a 3% tax deal when ordinary working people have to pay what they actually owe?

    Democracy under threat.

    The proposed Tory Great Repeal Bill is an astounding assault on the concept of democracy and accountability. If this bill passes it will give Tory government ministers the ability to rewrite tens of thousands of UK laws with no parliamentary scrutiny. If people supported Brexit because the EU is too undemocratic, it would take an astounding display of doublethink them to now be supporting Theresa May and the biggest anti-democratic assault on the UK in history that they’re planning.

    The Snoopers’ Charter.

    Theresa May’s Snoopers’ Charter is the most extreme state surveillance law ever introduced in a developed nation. It allows over 20,000 government employees to trawl through the private communication data of innocent people (including loads of non-terrorism related organisations like the Food Standards Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and the Gambling Commission). It also allows the state to tell lies in court in order to secure convictions.

    Dictators and despots.

    Theresa May and the Tories love sucking up to dictators and despots like the Islamist tyrants in Saudi Arabia and the Turkish autocrat Recep Erdo?an. The disgraced Liam Fox was even in the Philippines to suck up to the brutal dictator Rodrigo Duterte and talk up our “shared values”.

    In-Work benefit cuts.

    The majority of people receiving non-pension benefits in Tory Britain are the working poor, not the unemployed. When the Tories slash things like housing benefit and tax credits, what they’re actually doing is further impoverishing the working poor. Incredibly they have repeatedly introduced new welfare cuts to make working families poorer whilst simultaneously spouting the Orwellian propaganda that they’re “making work pay” as they do it!

    The trade deficit.

    The UK is suffering a massive problem with trade deficits. This means the UK imports far more than it exports. The problem has been going on for a long time, but since 2010 the problem has been getting a lot worse, with the record being smashed over and again. In the month of the Brexit referendum the trade deficit in goods swelled to an astonishing £12.5 billion, the highest ever recorded. The UK’s terrible balance of payments deficit is offset a bit by financial services export and vehicle exports, but a Tory hard Brexit would throw a massive spanner in the works, especially if they go for the “no deal” cliff edge strop Theresa May has been threatening.

    Contempt for human rights.

    Theresa May has a burning contempt for your human rights. She has expressed her determination to tear up the European Convention on Human Rights on many occasions, and join Belarus as the only European nation that doesn’t adhere to the human rights legislation that was bestowed on Europe by the British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee.

    Mental health funding cuts.

    The Tories love talking up how much they care about mental health conditions, but their actual track record is disgraceful. Between 2010 and 2015 they slashed £600 million from mental health services. They’re still slashing away now. In fact they even advised the corporate outsourcing companies carrying out their disability assessments to actively discriminate against disabled people.

    Taxpayer subsidised malice.

    One of the worst things about the Tory government is the fact that several of their malicious anti-welfare schemes actually cost more to administer in corporate outsourcing fees than they will ever save in reduced benefits payments. The Work Capacity Assessment regime for sick and disabled people and their draconian sanctions system are both examples of socially ruinous schemes that actually cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds to operate.

    Rising inequality.

    While UK workers suffered the worst collapse in the value of their wages on record the tiny super rich minority literally doubled their wealth. There is an abundance of evidence showing that the more unequal a society is the less economically prosperous it is, and the unhappier the people are. Take from the poor to give to the rich, that’s always been the Tory agenda. The worst thing is that these malicious reverse Robin Hoods even had the gall to tell us “we’re all in this together” as they were deliberately rigging society even more in favour of the tiny super-rich minority than it already was!

    Armed services cuts.

    Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed over 33,000 jobs in the armed services. The army has been pared back to its smallest size since the Napoleonic War! Meanwhile the Tories have been blasting money like it’s going out of fashion on aircraft carriers with no aircraft, paying 40 Admirals and 260 Captains when we’ve only got 19 warships, and the 205 billion renewal of Britain’s privatised supply of weapons of mass destruction.

    Biggest education funding cuts in decades.

    The Tories are planning the biggest education funding cuts in decades. Follow this link to find out how much they’re planning to slash from the budget of your local school.

    The Hinkley Point C scandal.

    The Hinkley Point C deal is one of the most scandalous affairs in UK political history. The Tories have agreed to bribe the French and Chinese into building us a nuclear power station by promising to use taxpayers’ cash to pay them double the market rate for electricity for 35 years, then cover the cleanup cost at the taxpayers’ expense too. The reason we have to bribe foreign governments into building our nuclear infrastructure for us is that the Tories privatised the UK’s nuclear expertise in the 1990s, and the private company was then allowed to be purchased by the French government.

    And another thing just in case you’re not convinced by the 40 (carefully sourced) things I’ve listed here, listen to Mark McGowan’s reaction when Theresa May used this “judge us on our record” line earlier in the election campaign:

    Chunky Mark: ‘Theresa May announcing GE17 asked “Judge us on our record” I give it a go.

  70. crazycat says:

    So, the Telegraph thinks Ruth telling Nicola to “sit down” is so splendid they put it in twice.

    Maybe I’m being too generous to its readership/viewers, but surely anybody with manners would just see that as outrageous rudeness?

    The canvasser described by Socrates, for instance, sounds like she might be uncomfortable with such behaviour.

  71. Donald says:

    Folks – can I make a couple of pleas to SNP members who read this site.

    1. We need as many SNP supporters as possible to vote on Thursday. Please help get out our vote by volunteering to knock doors of supporters on election day or – better and easier – telephoning our supporters and making sure they’ve voted. It’s our own supporters so you won’t get abuse back down the phone and it’s crucial we maximise our vote; every lost seat will be read by the media as a blow to independence.

    It’s really simple to do. Just go to the pollingday site that SNP central bods will have e-mailed you. If you’ve lost the link or never had it, call up the central team and they’ll sort you out. It can be a little tricky to log on the first time so please sort it out today so you’re ready to go on Thursday.

    2. Think about where your help is most needed. If you’re in a safe SNP seat don’t waste time getting the majority there up by a couple of % points; use the tool to call supporters in tricky areas such as the Borders, Dumfriesshire, East Dunbartonshire, Perthshire, Moray, East Renfrewshire, etc. as your time is better spent there than Dundee, Falkirk, Livingston, Western Isles (Na h-Eileanan nan Iar) etc. or at the very least split your time between your own constituency and a more tricky one.

    The difference between getting 65% of our supporters to vote and 85% of our supporters to vote is massive. And massively important. Help out please (from the comfort of your own home drinking tea and eating biscuits).

  72. donald anderson says:

    Suas an Phoblacht.

  73. Bob Mack says:

    According to all the opinion polls and in light of the latest terrorist disasters and policy screw ups the Tories are in something of a free fall down south. Most authoratitive estimates put them around 26 short of a majority. If you include DUP they would still be short of a majority.

    What an election this is. From total domination to total collapse through policies you enacted years ago . Let it happen.

    Strong and stable ? Not a snowballs chance in hell.

  74. HandandShrimp says:

    That is like something the Star would mock up. What has the Torygraph become?

    Plugging the Tories at this point in time seems unfortunate. If any Labour or Liberal voter in Scotland votes Tory given the reactionary, deflector shield nonsense coming from May today then they need their heads tested.

  75. HanadnadShrimp says:


    Can you imagine the Telegraph’s ire if Corbyn told May to sit down and shut up? They would probably be looking for him to be locked in the Tower for treason. 🙂

    One rule for them another for everybody else.

  76. chris kilby says:

    Jaysus. Now THAT’s what I call a Scottish cringe!

    Can’t wait to see the inevitable spoofs/mash-ups. But how the flip do you parody that?

  77. chris kilby says:

    Hubris, meet Nemesis.

  78. The Dog Philosopher says:

    So far I haven’t heard anyone within the MSM actually confront her on the subject of cultivating the Orange/Bluenose vote in Scotland. I doubt many Down South are aware that, rather than wooing voters with exciting and attractive policies, any ‘success’ the Tories have had is built upon a platform of utter negativity along with a sinister undercurrent of sectarianism, the absolute antithesis of what any future Scotland should be about.

    Typical of a Brit Nat to sow division by keeping fresh old, divisive wounds that should be consigned to the history books. Voting for her, or the party she supposedly represents, is nothing less than an act of self-harm.

  79. Robbo says:

    So where’s this cesspit of scum gathering now-May and Ruth the mooth.

    Disgusting piece of work that Mooth

  80. Weechid says:

    Fun loving and up for a laugh???? She’s a nasty little shit who tries to hide her evil Tory persona behind her oversized toothy grin. I hope they get absolutely slaughtered in this election (to use a Daily Dianna word) and that she is kicked out on her arse

  81. Breeks says:

    Tony Little says:
    5 June, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    “You could be right – certainly on the reigning in from London.
    She seemed to be ploughing her own furrow and creating some small but real differences in approach at least, between London and Scotland, but then she was brought to heel….”

    I don’t think she’s been brought to heel by London. I think London still believe she is the Tory Messiah. But I do wonder whether Ruth Davidson has had a personal epiphany and realised what fool she is making of herself.

    She reminds me of a street performer milking cheers from the crowd with her wonderful dancing bear, but who wakes up one day and suddenly understands the misery, degradation and humiliation it has cost the bear. Its teeth and claws pulled out, a chain in its nose, its fur is falling out in clumps and there’s a kill me now broken heart in its eyes. It will dance if it must, but it dreams of freedom.

    Scotland is simply Ruth Davidson’s dancing bear; a meal ticket for as long as her conscience can stand it.

  82. galamcennalath says:

    Scots have become famous/notorious for voting differently from England and choosing our own path.

    Wouldn’t it be really really sad if the more gullible Scots chose to swing to the Tories just as England was swinging away from them!

    And, it would be even sadder if the Tories get a slim majority thanks to gains in Scotland!


  83. Mike says:

    Davidson being unnecessarily angry in Edinburgh on the BBC again.
    Delivering her usual meaningless rhetoric and mince in her Butch aggressive pompous style we’ve all come to know and love.
    And once again its followed by weak and wobbly May delivering yet another meaningless soundbite filled rhetorical rant about nothing worthwhile or significant.
    Still hasn’t found anything positive or worthwhile to say about her own intentions policies or ideology so continues to fill her meaningless rants with negative attacks on her opponents.
    Surrounded as usual with a bussed up selection of party activists from everywhere but Scotland.
    What a travesty it would be if Tory MPS get elected in Scotland because some braindead labour Lib Dem voters decide to be tactical and vote against the SNP instead of for their own party position.

  84. heedtracker says:

    chris kilby says:
    5 June, 2017 at 2:11 pm
    Hubris, meet Nemesis.

    And we are bettertogether governed by it all.

  85. Smallaxe says:

    It’s twue, It’s twue I tell you. It must be twue, it’s in Wiki.
    See! I told you it was twue.
    Other names
    Rooth the Mooth/Tank Girl (by Wingers)

    A fat, pompous, bad-tempered old tyrant (by Alice)

    Personality (by anyone with a shred of decency & intelligence)

    Mad, cruel, loud, rude, mean, greedy, powerful, impatient, tyrannical, oppressive, spoiled, immature, argumentative, hot-tempered, angry, violent, explosive, pompous, bossy, intimidating, psychotic, irrational, impulsive: And lot’s of other nice things!

    Effijy says: “Anyone have the number of a good guillotine sharpener? lol”

    Will an Axe suffice Effijy?

    Petra: @ 1.33pm, Loved the Book, I like true stories. 🙂

    Peace Always

  86. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    chris kilby @ 14:11,

    It’s beyond parody, Chris. Or unintentional self-parody. I can’t decide which.

    I believe it’s from the Torygraph, so presumably not cringe, just a glimpse of what the English Tories think of her: a crazed pantomime act.

  87. Robert Graham says:

    Petra thanks for the post a bit long , but dismal from start to finish , and something the MSM won’t go near its that embarrassing .

  88. Dr Jim says:

    Davidsons referendum election

    Ruth Davidson has fought this campaign on a no referendum ticket, forget all the sectarian stuff for a minute and think about that
    If the people of Scotland don’t return Ruth Davidson as the clear winner of this election seeing as she set the agenda for it
    and the SNP WIN surely that’s a clear declaration from Scotland that in fact the people would like a referendum when the terms and conditions on which the SNP have said, are met

    The terms of the election were Davidsons idea after all
    as with Dugdale and Rennie

    I would put money on a bet if you asked most of those voting for Unionist parties who their candidates are they wouldn’t have a scoobie, but I’ll put more money on every single person on this site knows who their SNP candidate is
    and most of the public voting SNP also know who they’re voting for

    It’s a sorry state of Unionism when folk don’t know who they’re for only who they’re against
    Just like Norn Ireland thanks to Ruths Scottish Sectarian Divisive Party the SSDP, fits right in with the others eh

  89. chris kilby says:

    Ruth Davidson. The reincarnation of Ted Heath or Judge Death personified? YOU decide.

  90. Mike says:

    There you have it Teresa May meeting the people of Edinburgh and listening to their points of view.

    No actually it was the other thing. Dictating to the people of Scotland and avoiding any real contact with anybody not holding a Tory placard.

    Probably already heading back for the border. Cant get back to London quick enough.

    Anybody voting Tory in Scotland doesn’t deserve to live here.

  91. Macart says:

    Voting Tory would be the biggest error any Scot could make.

    The Tory doesn’t represent the interests of Scotland’s electorate, nor do they represent the peoples of the UK at large. They represent the interests and ideology of a very narrow yet powerful demographic, pretty much end of. They represent their own interests above all else.

    They own to no loyalty of service, or duty of care to the people. They do however, demand that the people owe them. They use the loyalties and affiliations of others to suit their own needs. It’s who they are and what they do.

    They are users and abusers of trust. Misplaced trust. Their policies are for the benefit fortunate few in society.

    Voting Conservative places people in harms way. It’s just that simple. To vote Conservative is to vote for policy and ideology which will spread misery from Land’s End to John O Groats and most people can’t be in much doubt of that today.

    If people don’t like the idea of Indy, then simply vote NO in any referendum, but dear God do not allow the Tories to destroy our lives, our rights, our politics and our democracy.

    You really, REALLY don’t want to wake up in that kind of country.

  92. An SNP voter came to our table on Sat and said he had already voted Tory, he did so because he claimed he wants an independent Scotland outside the EU.

    It really makes me despair sometimes at the stupidity of some people, every vote the Tories get, they will use to
    reinforce their claim of Scotland’s support for this bankrupt union of the UK.

  93. Legerwood says:

    Has anyone found out yet if David Mundell is Ruth Davidson’s candidate in his constituency or does he have a special dispensation to be his own man?

    On the subject of police numbers which seems to be featuring prominently in the aftermath of the London Bridge incident it is worth niting that Scotland is the only part of the UK where police numbers are increasing. from the House of Commons Library on the subject of police numbers. The data is in a briefing paper from the House of Commons Library but for some reason I cannot copy the link.

    Also the Scottish Government gave additional money to Police Scotland after the Paris attacks so that they could train more firearms police officers.

  94. Fort boy says:

    Surely any film starring Ruth Davidson would be called the Empresse’s New Clothes.

  95. Robert Graham says:

    If the ruth party dont get a majority in scotland on thursday she has miserably failed , now for our sanity can she be securely held in a place of safety ,the BBC should fit the bill that big shed on the banks of the clyde should be big enough to hold even her ,

  96. Dan Huil says:

    Tories love Scottish tractors.

  97. galamcennalath says:

    Robert Graham says:

    If the ruth party dont get a majority in scotland on thursday she has miserably failed

    Our problem will be – the loyal Unionist media will frame any Tory gain/SNP loss as a victory.

    To counter this the SNP, which will almost certainly get a comfortable majority, need to cry out loudly that in FPTP that is what counts.

    The Tories will not win in Scotland, and they may not win in the UK!

  98. Eckle Fechan says:

    Actually I can imagine her in a call and response with the crowd. “All right.” “Far Right.” “Too Right.”

    Not afraid to laugh – at her glaikit self.

  99. Proud Cybernat says:

    All politicians’ careers end in failure…

  100. Colinah says:

    That was truly disgusting and I felt a little vomit in my mouth watching it.

  101. Breeks says:

    Holy cow.

    And you thought the Nicolas Cage remake of The Wicker Man was bad….

  102. Dr Jim says:

    The media going big on the terrorist who lived in Ireland for a while coz that definitely makes you a terrorist, it couldn’t have been anything else eh, of course I should know that’s true I lived in Spain for a while so that makes me an expert bullfighter

    What a shower of twits the media are

  103. HandandShrimp says:

    If May does not get a majority on Thursday, Ruth will become a sideshow with no one to turn to in power in London.

  104. Dan Huil says:

    britnats desperately trying to equate terrorism with pro-indy supporters in Scotland

  105. Robert Graham says:

    i would go further ,anyone voting tory in scotland should be sectioned and given an escort to the border,any border ,
    Its a great pity we couldn’t reenact the passover with a slight difference all YES suportes will be supported by the scottish government , all the rest will have to endure tory austerity in full tough love works wonders .
    I know its daft but this whole election farce is getting to me .

  106. gordoz says:

    @ Peter McCulloch

    Aye eejits right enough !!

    Nothing wrong with the anti EU position of course; nothing wrong with economic based capitalist ideas per say, but if you vote Tory anytime, you are casting a vote against Scotland every time.

    Make no mistake about that.

    Indefensible idiotic approach, the worst of the lot for me.

  107. Jack Murphy says:

    galamcennalath said on 5 June, 2017 at 2:58 pm
    Robert Graham said:

    “If the ruth party dont get a majority in scotland on thursday she has miserably failed

    Our problem will be – the loyal Unionist media will frame any Tory gain/SNP loss as a victory…….”

    Time for a Reality Check on who exactly owns the Printed Media in Scotland.
    An article from Wings over Scotland in 2014:-

    The Governors of Opinion.
    “We’ve speculated on a few occasions recently on the effect on Scottish public opinion of almost the entire Scottish media being owned and controlled from outside Scotland.
    So we thought it was time we actually put some facts and figures to it…….”

  108. Breeks says:

    galamcennalath says:
    5 June, 2017 at 2:58 pm
    Robert Graham says:

    “If the ruth party dont get a majority in scotland on thursday she has miserably failed

    Our problem will be – the loyal Unionist media will frame any Tory gain/SNP loss as a victory…”

    True, but whoever wins the GE will have the shortest honeymoon period in history, with a steaming pile of Brexit back on their agenda Monday morning. No more distractions between Tories and Labour fighting over who is the worst to govern Britain, we have 18 months or less to witness Brexit chaos and disillusionment breaking cover, European bewilderment about how stupid Westminster really is, Brexit negotiations to flounder, and all of which Nicola’s ScotRef can prevent from happening to Scotland.

    What we really need is a bit of intransigence from Oor Nicola, no sliding into EFTA or Access to the Single Market… It’s not just our place in Europe that’s at stake don’t forget, it is Scotland’s capacity to make such an important sovereign decision. Zero compromise Nicola, we stay in Europe because that is what Scotland decided to do. Its ultimatum time. Brexit breaks two Unions for Westminster, but just the one Union for us. Scotland is staying in Europe.

  109. Alex McArthur says:

    Well as an avid member of the LGBT community I can honestly say an L doing kickboxing is a stereotype broken. ~Never have I heard the like.

  110. Meg merrilees says:

    Listen to Nicola fend off these questions and completely silence the interviewer.

    Jane Garvey trying to shout down our FM and accusing the SNP, amongst other things, of being responsible for life expectancy being two years less in Scotland!!!

  111. Ghillie says:

    That was bizarre.

    Is the Telegraph taking the piss out of poor wee Ruth?

    That was NOT attractive…

  112. Cactus says:

    Afternoon Wingers. Ruth n co just keep getting more and more farcical by the day, who in their right mind would want to vote and be known to associate themselves with that shambles.

    Also, if I’m not mistooken… the recent unique readership stats of Wings (480,254) for the month of May, was MORE than The Telegraph’s declining readership of May ’17.

    Sure I read it somewhere.

  113. Cactus says:

    Vote for Alice Cooper.

    He wants to be elected 😉

  114. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Peter McCulloch @ 14:46:

    An SNP voter came to our table on Sat and said he had already voted Tory, he did so because he claimed he wants an independent Scotland outside the EU.

    I also wince at the monumental idiocy of selling-out now. The main reason for wanting independence is because we can’t trust London on anything, FGS. Your tame cretin will get the EU-exit bit all right, but can kiss goodbye to the important bit.

    Just remember peeps, as a full member of the EU we can look after our interests properly, and if we don’t like it, we can leave at any time without asking anyone’s permission. In the Great Brexitanian Yoonion we are totally neglected most of the time and have to ask nicely for permission even to choose to leave. (And like latterday Oliver Twists, get rubbished for our disgraceful temerity when we do.)

    I mean, it’s such a no-brainer that even yer average idiot should be able to get it.

  115. Cactus says:

    In addition, don’t you dislike it when they cut an excellent song short on the radio just to go to commercials.

    Anyways, back to the article topic…


  116. dakk says:


    When Gordon Brown leads the Better Together 2 campaign as he will (whether officially or not),he will major on Scotland requiring it’s own currency this time, which will be devalued junk worth 20% less than Sterling.

    This will in turn lead to Scottish pensions being worth 20% less than at present,so his argument will go.


  117. Legerwood says:

    Further to my post @ 2.49 about police numbers here is the link

    The link may have been posted on previous threads or on Twitter but thought it was worthwhile to post again.

    As to Ms Davidson, I think there is one word for her and her foul mouth but I am not going to lower myself to her level, or lower the tone of WoS, by including it here.

  118. Cadogan Enright says:

    It would be sweet on Thursday night if some of the recent polls showing the Tory’s dropping towards 3rd in Scotland proved to be true

    It would demonstrate that 24/7 promotion of someone on the BBC in Scotland and across the UK no longer has the desired effect – and the BBC’s growing irrelevance

    same goes for a good result for Corbyn in England

  119. TheWasp says:

    Meg @ 3.30

    EBC using the old Goebbels strategy, keep telling the lies,candidate they will become the truth. Garvey a disgrace, and I used to like her on 5 live too.

  120. TheWasp says:

    Meg @ 3.30

    EBC using the old Goebbels strategy, keep telling the lies,and they will become the truth. Garvey a disgrace, and I used to like her on 5 live too.

  121. Thepnr says:

    Stunned watching that so I was, it was hilarious as it was and just made RD look like a Narcissist.

    She is so in love with herself and the photo-shoots and accompanying publicity that she believes all of it is true. I think she’s in for a rude awakening and will be silently weeping on Thursday night as all the hype starts to unravel.

    There was a UK wide poll for the Mail on Sunday at the weekend by Survation and they published the tables this morning. The Scottish subsample has SNP on 44%, Tories 21% and labour up again at 28% hahaha for the smug Ruth.

    A result like that would be a disaster for Ruthie and the Tories of course, OK I won’t get carried away just a subsample but perfectly in line with recent UK trends and it seems some voters who switched from Labour to Tory have had an eye opener over the state of this campaign by Theresa May and gone back again.

    By the way the same poll showed only a 1% lead of Tory over Labour UK wide at 40% and 39% respectively.

  122. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Cadogan Enright

    Well said. We simply MUST get the vote out on Thursday peeps. There are many reasons that we have to win this but let us show those Pathetic Quay basket cases just how ineffective their constant tub-thumping Yoonyoonist propaganda pish is on Scotland; let’s show those feckers that Scotland cannot be easily brainwashed with their drip, drip, drip lies. Rooth the Mooth only comes a very close second to the amount of lies perpetrated by the BBC BritNats at Pathetic Quay.

    Let’s do this.

    For the people of Scotland and NOT the Bankers of London.

  123. ronnie anderson says:

    Nicola Sturgeon should press home the fact at PMQs on Wed that only the Scottish Police Service are the only Police organisation to be subjected to VAT payment & demand repayment of the millions payed back, no better time in light of the Manchester & London terrorist attacks , as T May keeps saying Police in England are fully funded, more so as they dont pay VAT.

  124. Smallaxe says:

    Legerwood says:
    5 June, 2017 at 2:49 pm
    “Has anyone found out yet if David Mundell is Ruth Davidson’s candidate in his constituency or does he have a special dispensation to be his own man?”

    I just got a leaflet by post today, Legerwood, on the front it says, Re-elect A HARD-WORKING LOCAL MP DAVID MUNDELL ONLY DAVID MUNDELL CAN BEAT THE SNP HERE.

    Inside right page, as it opens, RUTH DAVIDSON’S SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES (wot no unionist?) Standing up to the SNP. Strong Stable leadership for the United Kingdom or ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY WITH NICOLA STURGEON and the SNP dragging us back to the division of another independence referendum. (their capitals)

    The rest goes on in the same vein, seems like that’s their only policy.

    I feel dirty now, it should be against the law to mail this filth!

    Peace Always

  125. mike d says:

    4.12pm Robert j sutherland. How in God’s name does a ‘supposedly ” snp voter who dislikes the eu,think that by voting tory they will ever get the chance post Brexit to vote for an indy Scotland. With tory/liebour rule in Scotland. Independence is dead and buried.

  126. Torquil Fluffington Smythe says:

    A friend in the management division of that home for educationaly challenged Aristos, The National Trust for Scotland, informs me that an edict has been issued by head office instucting that all tenants of the trust must immediately remove any posters etc. promoting the SNP from premises owned by the trust.

    It”s a long time since estate tenants were instructed by the Laird as to how they were to vote.

  127. Thepnr says:

    Where do the Scottish Tories get their money from?

    Open democracy seem to have found some unexplained questions and are looking for answers.

    While the Scottish Tory surge is often put down to Ruth Davidson’s charisma, or to a polarisation on the independence question, this simple fact is often ignored: households in Scotland are being flooded with Conservative propaganda in a way they never have never been before. And it is unclear who is bankrolling it.

    To be precise, Tory election spending in Scotland has more than trebled in five years. In the 2011 Scottish parliament election, the Tories spent nearly £275,000. In the 2016 election, they splashed out £978,921.07: more than three and a half times as much.”

  128. Madcatwummin says:

    Ok!……….who put the mushrooms in the Tory tea?

  129. Robert Peffers says:

    Aiblins Auld Lizzie maun bi unco uggit tae hae hir croon o hir ain kinrick o Alba taen awa bi siccna impudent sleekit limmer.

    Owersettin intil the Inglis,(Translation into English). “Perhaps Old Elizabeth may be extremely upset to have her crown of her own Kingdom of Scotland taken away by such a impudent and deceitful rogue”.

  130. Dramfineday says:

    Mmmm, that opening shot of the jut of the chin, reminds me of il Duce. That and the rest of it doesn’t reflect very well on her at all….might make a corporal though.

  131. Robert Graham says:

    Thanks for the link to the BBC ,eh well let’s say it’s women’s hour , this shows the failure of the BBC, in this program the report that was mentioned into terrorist funding that this government has failed to publish ,this report and admitted on air most people have never heard off eh DUH , is that not the whole point of the BBC reporting eh News ,
    My my Ruth has managed to disguise her voice pretty well, The indisputable fact our health services out perform all the others in the uk , and yet despite this the BBC try to show the exact opposite and they have tried this trick for years, are they wishing and hoping for a slight slip so they can pounce As for a significant drop in Nicolas approval rating where the f/k did they get that one from Tory central office , I know it’s the BBC but f/k can’t they ever try and be impartial just f/n once

  132. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    mike d @ 17:13,

    Indeed. But such was this case, apparently. Though one always has to be on the alert for Tory wind-ups as well.

    With the benefit of time to think of a nifty response, I might have told the original self-proclaimed wayward voter “Are you making a desperate appeal for help or are you able to shoot yourself in the other foot unaided?”. =grin=

  133. Breeks says:

    Ha ha ha.

    Know the big Theresa May thing on top of the cliffs of Dover flicking the “V” to Europe?

    Ha ha ha. They’ve got the Union Jack bit upside down.

    It’s a distress signal. Priceless.

  134. mike cassidy says:

    Smallaxe 5.13

    Then I hope you have caught up with this.

    Guaranteed to make you feel cleaner!

  135. heedtracker says:

    Meg merrilees says:
    5 June, 2017 at 3:50 pm
    Listen to Nicola fend off these questions and completely silence the interviewer.

    A neutral listening to that Woman’s Hour thing alone would assume that the BBC is some kind of entirely neutral narrator, in Scottish politics.

    Its probably one of the BBC’s greatest cons and greatest failures, pretending to be somehow above it all,

    “Nicola why are your approval ratings really terrible and the lowest ever?” asks one of the most corrupt right wing reactionary public broadcasters in the world, who spend millions in cash and broadcast hours trying to destroy Sturgeon, personally or politically and ofcourse, fledgling Scottish democracy.

    But for how much longer, Scotland?

  136. Meg merrilees says:


    I’m worried – my house must be marked out!!!

    At the last two elections, i have returned all their propaganda back to head office without a stamp.

    In the Council Elections, I used my Scale ruler to redraw their inaccurate bar graphs and sent that back with the words – STOP LYING and ‘Please remove my address from your database’.

    This election, I’ve had NOTHING/NADA – mind you, do have three big’ VOTE SNP’ posters on my windows.

    Just hearing a report on the 6pm news about a Romanian baker who personally attacked one of the London terrorists with a milk crate and locked several people in his bakery to protect them from harm.

    Yeah! Immigrants are such terrible people aren’t they?
    Let’s get them out of the UK as soon as possible…

    FFS people are people- stab them and their blood is the same colour!
    How have we got into this mess?


    Let’s hope NTS tenants are also being told to remove any vote Labour/Tory or Lib/Dem etc. posters as well.
    Know your place Scotland and take your cap off in the presence of a higher class…

  137. Juan P says:

    BBC at it again reporting the prosecution of a man who threatened Tommy Shepherd.

    Headline on the Scotland page doesn’t mention that the MP threatened is SNP:

    Happens too often to be coincidence

  138. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Peter McCulloch @ 14:46:
    mike d @ 17:13,

    I mean, it’s not as if any “SNP voter” can’t be aware of what the Scottish Gloriana is promising in this election, because it’s the only think she drones on and on endlessly about: “no to independence”. Duh.

    If you vote Tory in Scotland, that’s what you’re supporting. Oh, and that applies no less to the raggedy LibLab chorus as well. You can hardly claim afterwards that you didn’t realise that.

    So everybody, make sure to take a short timeout sometime on Thursday to make sure that for Yoonionism it’s still going to be a big fat FAIL.

  139. sinky says:

    Juan P @ 6.12
    I bet MSM will ignore this story

  140. Smallaxe says:

    mike cassidy:

    Thank’s, for that Mike, it fairly cheered me up, now I just have to locate a HAZ MAT bin to dispose of this political porn.

    Peace Always my Friend

  141. Effijy says:

    Dear God, I just watched the most pathetic party political broadcast in my long life time.

    Labour’s North Accounting unit repeated around 6 times that
    SNP’s only objective is another referendum.

    Its apparently all SNP talk about???

    Here it comes, “it was supposed to be once in a “generation” So people shouldn’t complain that nothing promised by the Westminster Parties, was actually delivered to Scotland?

    How dare labour attempt to say our NHS isn’t working when
    it performs 20% points plus better than Labour’s NHS Wales.

    How dare they slag off our Education system when more kids leave schools for positive destinations with more qualification than under the last Labour Government.

    How dare they fake concerns about Elderly Care when the SNP
    give our Seniors personal health care.

    How dare they say that SNP are behind massive public
    sector cuts when Labour abstained when they could have voted against their Tory mates bill for a 2nd round of cuts.

    How dare Labour refuse to accept the democratic vote of the Scottish Parliament to hold Indy Ref 2.

    Have a look at Labour’s management of the Scottish Parliament building, or the Edinburgh Trams fiasco, or their Top Secret McCrone report, or stealing 6,000 square miles of Scottish waters to gift England.

    Corrupt, Lying, Lazy, Stupid incompetent Labour!

  142. Cuilean says:

    They mis-heard at The Telegraph office. Their man in North Britain actually said ‘Queen of Clots’.

  143. Legerwood says:

    Thepnr says:
    5 June, 2017 at 5:29 pm
    “”Where do the Scottish Tories get their money from?””
    My thoughts exactly. Another leaflet through the door today that must have come via Royal Mail because it was in amongst a whole lot of other stuff delivered by the postie. I think that is about the third from the Tories by post plus my husband got a personally addressed letter from Ms Davidson. He is never going to live that down!

    Smallaxe says:
    5 June, 2017 at 5:13 pm
    Legerwood says:
    5 June, 2017 at 2:49 pm
    “Has anyone found out yet if David Mundell is Ruth Davidson’s candidate in his constituency or does he have a special dispensation to be his own man?”
    I just got a leaflet by post today, Legerwood, on the front it says, Re-elect A HARD-WORKING LOCAL MP DAVID MUNDELL ONLY DAVID MUNDELL CAN BEAT THE SNP HERE.
    Inside right page, as it opens, RUTH DAVIDSON’S SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES (wot no unionist?) Standing up to the SNP. Strong Stable leadership for the United Kingdom or ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY WITH NICOLA STURGEON and the SNP dragging us back to the division of another independence referendum. (their capitals)
    The rest goes on in the same vein, seems like that’s their only policy.
    I feel dirty now, it should be against the law to mail this filth!
    Peace Always””
    Not quite the same as the ones we have been receiving here where the candidate is identified on the front of the leaflet as being “Ruth Davidson’s candidate for…”
    Looks as if Mr Mundell has been honoured with a different leaflet from the rest of the candidates as befits his exalted position as their only MP and hopefully soon, Ex-MP

    Did anyone notice tonight when Sally McNair introduced the first item by saying ‘The woman who called the election was in Scotland today’? A sly we dig there I thought

  144. geeo says:

    Good god…labour party broadcast.

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    “SNP BAD”…Nicola Sturgeons answer..another referendum”

    Vote labour.

    1. Most of the SNP BAD stuff was devolved issues.

    2. Not one mention of what labour would do sort it.

    3. At least Nicola Sturgeon HAS an answer…!!

    Dire dire stuff.

  145. Dr Jim says:

    Party political broadcast by Bryan Taylor and BBC Scotland on behalf of the Conservative party there, including Andy Murray saying some nice words after his tennis match about the terrible events happening here and all over the world, but as he’s saying it BBC Scotland decides to superimpose an Imperial flag fluttering behind him
    Nice one BBC Scotland totally unbiased there

    But still no one mentions the fact that Theresa May openly lied big time in an answer to Colin McKay STV when he asked about VAT and police Scotland and she said in reply to be careful about what he asks in relation to VAT after what the SNP in Scotland had done with it

    The Scottish government has no powers over VAT none, zilch, nada, those powers are reserved to Westminster and she knows it but no TV “JOURNALIST” makes a mention of that

  146. Famous15 says:

    O/T The latest Labour Party Political Broadcast “Nicola Sturgeon’s answer to everything is have another referendum.She is obsessed” demonstrates that Labour is having a breakdown.

    They could have picked so many ways to attack the arrogant toxic Tories but no,they are manically obsessed with the SNP . Labour’s self destruction is pitiful.

  147. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Juan P @ 18:12,

    Somebody at the BBC must surely be reading this thread, because it does now (just checked). SNP mentioned both in the title and in the first sentence.

  148. Orri says:

    I think there may very well be a deliberate attempt to ignore the fact that QE2 is Queen of England and Queen of Scots amongst her other titles. Never mind that she must at a minimum be both equally. Remember her official coat of arms on her car at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow was that of Queen of Scots. If it wasn’t for the lack of intelligence in that article you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a deliberate insult to the dignity Scotland’s monarch.

  149. HandandShrimp says:

    I am beginning to think that Ruth is not only sporting clothes and hair like Kim Il but is actually using him as a role model for the shouty pointy thing too.

    It is starting to get really weird.

  150. Clapper57 says:

    To all those Scottish unionists intending to vote Tory on Thursday I say please please do NOT try and blame the SNP when the shit hits the fan post Brexit. The consequences of YOUR vote is entirely down to YOU and others like YOU in the rest of the UK….vote Tory get hard Brexit AND all of the negative economic consequences that will surely entail.

    Enjoy by all means all of the the benefits YOU currently have living in Scotland because of the SNP Scottish government but do NOT condemn the Scottish government by suggesting they should mitigate the cruel policies imposed by the party YOU decided to vote for in the general election.

    Indeed If YOU do vote Tory on Thursday in GE then YOU should be asking, nay demanding, the Scottish government stops mitigating and ALLOWS all of these Tory policies to fully impact Scotland, so that YOU are indeed on par with the rest of YOUR beloved union, because these are the very policies YOU voted for in the GE to maintain YOUR beloved union….so why not fully share some of the hardships….as endured by the rest of YOUR beloved union.

    To the fisherman I say if YOU vote Tory then accept whatever deal is made with the EU…even to YOUR detriment as YOU have chosen to vote Tory thus it is YOU who should accept the consequences. It is YOU who thought Brexit would be be the answers to all of YOUR problems. Do NOT then look to the Scottish government to act on YOUR behalf as YOU must be accountable and also accepting of any agreed deal made in Brexit negotiations in relation to fishing rights , as negotiated by YOUR chosen political party and YOUR decision to vote for BREXIT.

    For every Scottish Tory that is elected on Thursday there will be one less voice for Scotland and it’s people…. and now more than ever, because Now is the Time, that we need more voices speaking up for Scotland and not just another Tory rubber stamping cruel and ill thought out Tory policies and also supporting and encouraging more powers to EVEL and less to the devolved parliaments.

    Vote SNP on Thursday because this IS the TIME to be heard and the TIME to show your love for , support of and faith in your country…to any undecided lurkers on this site please please do NOT waste your vote….if you are thinking of voting SNP but are unsure then please believe ……NOW really IS THE TIME to vote SNP.

  151. Dan Huil says:

    The only reason eejits like Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie survive is because of the britnat bbc.

  152. yesindyref2 says:

    For her to be Queen of Scots, Scotland would have to be Independent and retake our Monarchy.

    Would Queen Ruth be too high a price to pay for Indy …

  153. Shinty says:

    Some light relief from Jonathan Pie

  154. ChewinTheFat says:

    Jesus, it felt like that eyesore of a video was on for much longer than it was.

    All I can say is: that is the most cringeworthy thing I have ever seen. What a total embarrassment. The woman gives me the creeps.

    Still, was a good laugh watching this dafty act like a right fanny. Always showing herself up in some way.

  155. Gary45% says:

    Thanks for the comments regarding the latest round of inbred-lying, bigoted, narcissistic, self-centred shi*e from the LYING TORIES.
    I cannot stomach even listening never mind looking at the “mooth”.
    If and its a huge IF these bastar*s get a decent number of seats in Scotland this Thursday, we may as well give up as a nation.

  156. call me dave says:

    “Could this be CURTAINS for Ruth”? Says James Kelly

    New blow for the Scottish Tories as Kantar/TNS poll puts SNP 15% ahead

  157. galamcennalath says:

    Rachid Redouane, one of the London attackers, appears to be Libyan.

    Another Libyan connection. The UK seems, under the Tories watch, to have encouraged Libyan Jihadism to undermine Gaddafi. When are the media going to highlight and investigate the alleged connections?

    The Tories utterly stink!

  158. Robert Kerr says:

    Not posted for over a week. Was over on Islay for Whisky Festival. Lots of Saltires and SNP election posters on the Island. Thursday I was on Jura for the Distillery Open Day. Part was a bus trip treasure hunt with about a dozen folk. Conversation turned to 1984 and George Orwell. Someone mentioned the Ministry of Truth. I responded instantly with. “Yes the BBC”,
    The man across from me said he was senior in Office of National Statistics and they did a good job as statisticians but politicians “spun the figures to suite their agenda” Sad.

    On the return trip to Islay the fast ferry slowed almost to stop and I saw a Sea Eagle in flight.
    Magnificent avian!

    Let’s hope that was a good omen for our Country.

  159. Julie Etchingham: firm with questioning but not abrasive.

  160. HandandShrimp says:

    Good grief! I think the Guardian just came out, albeit grudgingly, for the SNP in Scotland and advised Labour voters to back us in Tory areas of strength.

    They want the Tories blocked every way possible.

  161. Tam the Bam. says:


    Nicola being interviewed by Bernard Ponsonby on STV GLASGOW now…Ch8.

  162. Robert Graham says:

    Slightly o/t Let’s hope when the new fourth crossing opens every single display of the Union , be it flags banners, dignitaries , anything that refers to the Union is removed and not on display within ten miles of the bridge, it ain’t their f/in bridge Labour- a vanity project- Tory couldn’t give a toss- greens the sky will fall- Libdems who gives a f/k what they think , I wonder if that’s the destination of Trumps big flag ? . Oh what a sight, that flag can be seen from Edinburgh .
    Aye I know every post is getting more bloody stupid, I blame this election, Agggggggggggg.

  163. Shinty says:

    Gary45% – I for one will never give up believing in independence for Scotland, no matter what they throw at us.

    I may never live to see it but ‘The Dream Will Never Die’

    Think of all the people who have gone before us under much harder opposition, but they never gave up.

  164. galamcennalath says:

    HandandShrimp says:

    Good grief! I think the Guardian just came out, albeit grudgingly, for the SNP in Scotland

    Good grief, indeed.

    Putting Indy aside, they say the Tories should be punished in Scotland by voters choosing the SNP.

    ” In Scottish seats where Tory candidates run the race close, it means preferring the SNP. Mrs May called this election complacently assuming voters across the UK would vastly extend her mandate. Scottish and English voters might choose different ways to puncture that complacency, but its punishment is a common imperative across the union. “

  165. Bill Hume says:

    I have watched this video twice
    I am somewhat inebriated
    I think I have masochistic tendancies
    I need a good result on Thursday (or psychiatric help)

  166. Juan P says:

    Robert J. Sutherland @ 19:12

    Nope. Scotland page still doesn’t reference SNP:

    Unless it’s been changed back?

  167. K1 says:

    Aye HandandShrimp, ‘grudgingly’ about covers it….like prising a fiver from a rictus corpse, it’s clear they don’t want to promote the SNP and all the usual lying caveats flesh out a thin editorial…gritted teeth bared under the banner of ‘fuck the Tories’. Normal service will be resumed on the 9th from the Guardian, nae doots.

  168. K1 says:

    Snap gala 😉

  169. solarflare says:

    The Guardian gains (some) brownie points for coming out for the SNP (albeit grudgingly) but they do lose a certain amount of credibility for the statement that:

    “The three most prominent candidates in the campaign, the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon, the Tories’ Ruth Davidson, and Labour’s Kezia Dugdale – all women, two of them gay – come across as more personable and less dogmatic than English leaders.”

    Davidson and Dugdale have surely been the dictionary definition of dogmatic over the past few months, right?

  170. Effijy says:

    I watched that garbage from Slab on TV, then I listened
    Woman’s Hour with a new name vying for the nastiest b*tch that the BBC has on their ant-Scotland books, and now I’m watching the Tory Party Broadcast that is supposed to be Julie Effingham interviewing our First Minister.

    We fully denied democracy and truth by the Westminster Government and the entire UK Media!

    We must, must, must be rid of these UK shackles if we are to have any kind of quality of life in Scotland.

  171. HandandShrimp says:


    Aye but if Labour voters do come to help oust Fluffy and block the rest I will not complain.

    There are political arguments to be had but it would be nice to have them with Corbyn over tea and jam while Ruth chews wasps.

  172. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Jeremy Corbyn came into our Post Office today and pointed a gun at the staff saying “Give me all the money”
    He added “I’m not going to fire the gun”

    That is exactly his idiot position on Trident
    He’s maybe a nice and caring man but in political terms he’s a diddy.

  173. Maryscot says:

    BBC1 now. FM and Tim Farron. Hope it isn’t too biased.

  174. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry for going O/T here folks.

    Apparently M.P.’s telling LIES is NOT, as we all previously believed, restricted to the Lie Dem’s sorry Lib Dems.

    Will this require another local fundraiser I wonder.

    Here’s another wee thought on this. Can you imagine the hysterics the likes of the Daily Mail and Daily Express will get into when Feartie McFeartie ends up in court as she surely must. 😀

  175. galamcennalath says:

    Re The Guardian … what influence do they wield in Scotland? Probably little. However if the grudges backing is reported more widely, it may impact on the Tories.

    More significant would be if the ‘ Labour surge’ takes Unionist voters away from the Tories to Labour, it may stop either of them making much in the way of gains.

    In 2015, 24.3% for Labour and 14.9% for the Tories gave them one seat each.

  176. Puzzled Puss says:

    How unfortunate that the Tory spin doctors chose to draw a parallel between Rodeo Ruthie and Mary Stuart. We all know what happened to her!

    Somebody will be getting their jotters (or should I say, ‘Heads will roll’?)

  177. Rock says:

    Rock (13th May 2015):

    “Ruth Davidson is the most disgusting and nastiest politician in Scotland in my view.”

    But our Thepnr accuses me of being a Tory!

  178. K1 says:

    Aye fair point HandandShrimp, they are still a shower though 😉

  179. Tim Farron – cardboard, rehearsed salesman!

  180. Tam the Bam. says:

    BBC 1 : Sturgeon and Farron

    OMG!!!!……and the chair/moderator (choke!) IS………..
    Nick bloody Robinson.

  181. gus1940 says:

    Nicola has bee a busy girl.

    2 excellent interviews already tonight – the first with Julie Etchingham who was firm but friendly and fair without the usual BBC constant interruptions.

    The other was equally good with Bernard Ponsonby.

    However, The BBC has landed us with that nice man so beloved in Scotland Nic Robinson for the QT style debate with Nicola and Tim Farron.
    Farron on now – it will be interesting to see how Robinson behaves with Nicola – I trust that she won’t put up with any nonsense and if the debate as usual wanders off into devolved matters I hope that she nips that in the bud promptly..

    Nicola about to come on.

  182. Phronesis says:

    Isn’t the jongleur of Scottish politics a useful diversion and distraction from the failure of her own UKOK party to shake that magic money tree in the garden of the 0.1% that bears strange fruit with blood on its leaves and blood at its roots. These roots have a really long reach all the way to the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas, Seychelles, Niue, Samoa.

    ‘Dirty money is the fruit of many kinds of criminal activities e.g. drug dealing, secret arms sales, counterfeiting, protection rackets, smuggling, embezzlement, insider trading, computer fraud etc. The rewards of such activities usually come in one of two forms – cash or money transfer… Large amounts of cash are usually paid by money transfer which requires funds being paid into the payee’s bank account. And money laundering is the process by which the proceeds of crime are accepted by a financial institution into an account opened under the control of the criminals…

    Money laundering can occur anywhere in the world but criminals will generally prefer to seek out offshore tax havens where there is a perceived low risk of detection. Another avenue open is find a ‘friend’ somewhere on the inside of a bank/ financial institution in their own country who is willing to help them.

    Offshore tax havens are seen as the perfect place to launder ill-gotten gains. Apart from minimal controls, tax havens are usually reluctant to divulge information and investigators find that companies they are looking into have been set up and registered without revealing shareholders, directors or owners. At the same time, by the time any investigators get there, any stolen money has usually been moved on…

    London is now the money laundering capital of the world with UK firms aiding corrupt officials and criminals from across the globe to hide trillions of US dollars of ill-gotten gains. He claims that British-based banks have helped hide more than US$6trillion in nefarious payments and criminal proceeds since 2000 and warned that the City of London is now the epicentre of a global financial services racket. He also claims that since the turn of the millennium as much as US$1trillion has been stolen from Russia with large chunks of it invested in the London property market. The IMF has also weighed in here claiming that ‘high-end’ money laundering is now rife owing to the City’s size, complexity, range of products, transaction volumes and interconnectedness with the international financial system. Nearly 20% of global banking activity is booked in UK. And already the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), which only came into existence in 2013, is already swamped with Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) for in 2015, of more 380,000 SARs filed, only 0.3% resulted in action…

    Research by Transparency International shows that 36,000 properties in London are owned by companies registered in offshore jurisdictions. And according to the Financial Times at least £122bn worth of property in England and Wales is held via companies registered in secrecy jurisdictions…

    A recent report found that in 14 new luxury developments in London, 80% of the homes had been bought by overseas investors with 40% estimated to have been acquired through suspicious or hidden wealth…

    Golden visas now offer wealthy investors the opportunity to take up residency in another country. As far as the UK is concerned any investor seeking residency in the country can apply for a Tier 1 investment visa. This requires an investment of £2,000,000 and permits temporary residency in the UK for the client and his immediate family who can then apply for permanent residency after 5 years. By investing £5,000,000 the waiting time can be reduced to 3 years whilst those investing £10,000,000 can be awarded permanent residency after 2 years. Since 2008 3,050 visas have been issued with 37% given to rich people from China with 23% going to rich Russians. TI claims that at least £3.15bn has flowed into the UK from Golden Visas and it is highly likely that substantial amounts of corrupt wealth stolen from China and Russia have been laundered in the process’

    Don’t worry-this is not for the minions who work in the police/fire service/ education/health/ social services- these are not proper jobs –a proper job is someone who at the click of a button enables the dark money to feed the roots of the magic money tree.

    So if you want to have a hope of living in a society where the creation and distribution of wealth is possible within the parameters of an ethical and just political framework- you know who to vote for in England (not the Tories) and in Scotland (most definitely not the Tories/Slab/LibDem combo)- a vote for the SNP is a vote for your democracy, your country’s future and its future as a country.

  183. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The ITV programme on Nicola earlier repeated two lies in the prerecorded piece which Nicola will have been unaware of and therefore did not answer. It said SNP lost seats a the local election and to the Tories and it said support for independence had dropped. Neither statement is demonstrably correct

  184. Saor Alba says:

    The song equally applies to this nasty person as it does to Ms May.

  185. Mike says:

    Yet another English heavy Scottish QT audience in Edinburgh tonight.
    Couldn’t find enough Yoons in Scotland to top up the “Picked and selected” audience again.

    Fucking BBC.

  186. Achnababan says:

    Are the terror nutters legally here in the UK and if so how come? Seems to have no obvious UK links. We need to know when Teresa May’s department let them in.

    Too bad I cant remember the last time I saw a journalist who might find that out

  187. Robbo says:

    Defo more unionists in this audience. We’re being stitched up again. Ulstermen ,Welsh, English , what next fecking Donald trump supporters. WHERES THE SCOTS ? THE REAL ONES.

  188. K1 says:

    This is a fucking ambush!

    No way is that a balanced audience, this is is a fukcing disgrace, Nick Robinson heading the attack, fucking utter bastards.

  189. Sinky says:

    How did BBC manage to get so many non Scots into an Edinburgh audience?

    Is it an Edinburgh thing or were they bussed in?

  190. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Clapper57 @ 19:24,

    A very powerful posting there.

    One aspect of it worth emphasising is the choice facing the fisherfolk in particular. Who would you prefer to be speaking on your behalf at the Brexit negotiating table in a week or so? A Scottish Government representative in the UK team fighting for your interest as a top priority, or an all-Tory team that has already classed the fishing sector as only “medium” priority and “expendable”?

    Now, really?

    Voting Tory will end with you sailing up a well-known creek without a paddle (or net).

    If you plot that course, don’t say you weren’t warned when you run aground.


    Juan P @ 20:49,

    We’re probably making more of this now than it’s worth, Juan, but the main article page I return to still displays

    headline: “Man admits online shoot threat to SNP politician Tommy Sheppard”

    1st sentence: “A man has admitted posting pistol emojis on SNP politician Tommy Sheppard’s Facebook page three months after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.”

    However, if you step up a level you find an anodyne “SNP-free” link. Maybe it’s that to which you refer. (And even that is only in the Tayside and Central subsection, not elsewhere.)

  191. K1 says:

    Good on that lass!


    Robinson is a fucking cunt.

    More devolved issues again on tax. This is a total stitch up.

  192. Maryscot says:

    Biased as usual and I am sure there are plants in the audience. Check out the guy in the grey suit – and others. Nick Robinson is so rude to Nicola. What a vile, horrible person.

  193. Faltdubh says:

    Well done the young audience member talking up for free university education.

    Too many white settlers and I make no apology for using that ‘slur’. That’s exactly what they are!

  194. K1 says:

    ‘Can we talk about tax’ Nick Robinson opening up the guns for aw the plants in the audience to push this tax issue. She’s holding her ground well, but this is so unfair, so biased, so utterly devious of the BBC.

    Oh fuck independence again…this is unbelievable, last questions all about independence and Robinson pushing it again and again, what a lot of shite. How many times does she have to explain this to these people? Nick Robinson is a sneaky little shit. Everytime Nicola tried to explain anything that bastard snidely butted in to push their agenda.

    Fucking totally disgraceful pile of shite.

  195. gus1940 says:

    Wot No Spin Room for Nicola and Tim – only for May and Corbyn.

  196. James Barr Gardner says:

    WTF BBCQT tonight has now excelled itself in biased broadcasting are they now really taking the pish!

    Get the vote in for the SNP.

    These barstewards are now like fox hounds with the scent of blood, VOTE SNP and kick these feckin liars out of Scotland.

    The BBC are finished, democracy is finished, your children’s and grandchildren’s futures are finished, Scotland is finished. VOTE SNP, KEEP VOTING SNP, VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE. MARCH. PROTEST. CANVASS. LEAFLET. FIGHT FOR SCOTISH INDEPENDENCE FROM THE LYING CESSPIT CITY OF WESTMINSTER.


    Rant over I’ll need an extra dram tonight !

  197. Graeme says:

    Nothing like having a stupid Welsh britnat tell us we’re not a country



  198. Mike says:

    I don’t believe they are white settlers I honestly believe they were bussed in from dawn souff.

    That was anything but a balanced audience. It certainly wasn’t a typical Edinburgh audience.

    Fucking BBC.

  199. HandandShrimp says:

    Not sure why you guys watch the BBC. It is corrupt and crap. The audiences have been proven time and again to be anything but an ordinary cross section. The BBC selects carefully to push their message. The public schoolboy Uni student that ambushed Corbyn on zero hours contracts the other night. Prime example.

    I don’t watch the BBC news output at all anymore and my life is the sweeter and less poisoned for it.

  200. Effijy says:

    Is there anyone on the planet who can’t see how biased and corrupt the BBC is?

  201. ahundredthidiot says:

    ……and the biggest bbc cash bonus for tonights top performance goes to….no, not blonde fishy question, but the fat specky head shaker in the middle……well done sir.

    horse shit the lot of it, dont mind tough questions, but they were down right aggressive loony uni types most of them.

  202. geeo says:

    To those mentioning the guy who posted the “shoot the bastard” to Tommy Sheppard’s facebook.

    I have known the boy all his life, he grew up with my son and they are good friends.

    Glen is daft as a brush, and although it does look bad, he is utterly harmless.

    He ain’t the brightest lad, he knows that himself, i mean, come on, his defence is that he thought he was posting to Tommy Sheridan !!

    He is completely harmless for all that, in fact, when my son was seriously ill, Glen and another best pal of his stayed off school to come with us when we took him for hospital appointments etc.

    Glen came round to the house nearly every day for the 6 months my boy was not well enough to even make it out of bed, and i am always going to be grateful to him for that.

    As i said, daft not dangerous.

    While not excusing his stupidity, hopefully i have given a wee insight into this case, and you guys will bear that in mind when judging his rather cackhanded actions.

  203. Bob p says:

    Re the terrorist attacks in manchester and london,To anyone contemplating voting tory or liebor on Thursday,you are increasing the likelihood of this happening in Glasgow or Edinburgh, unless we break away from warmongering Westminster we are painting a big bullseye on Scotland.

  204. Lanarkist says:

    We’ll, lies and ommissions galore and that from the Chair only!
    Quoting verbatim loss of support, loss of popularity, loss of seats and no comeback allowed.
    Felt like an ambush but then again, with old Nick Robinson in Scotland, what else did we expect.

  205. Robbo says:

    What was that stupid auld Welsh wumen on aboot? She taught 1707 politics to kids and she didn’t know Scotland was a country- is she fecking MAD?

    It was the welsh that wasn’t a country as they were already fecked in the butt and were amalgamated into England when the treaty was signed.

    Nicola knew that but obvoiusly couldn’t hav a go at her becos of obvious.

  206. Robbo says:

    What was that stupid auld Welsh wumen on aboot? She taught 1707 politics to kids and she didn’t know Scotland was a country- is she fecking MAD?

    It was the welsh that wasn’t a country as they were already fecked in the butt and were amalgamated into England when the treaty was signed.

    Nicola knew that but obviously couldn’t hav a go at her becos of obvious.

  207. Rock says:


    “Defo more unionists in this audience. We’re being stitched up again. Ulstermen ,Welsh, English , what next fecking Donald trump supporters. WHERES THE SCOTS ? THE REAL ONES.”

    Aren’t all people living in Scotland supposed to be ‘Scots’?

    With a guarantee of the right to vote in a referendum on Scotland’s independence?

  208. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Maryscot @ 21:52,

    I didn’t see tonight’s QT programme – I generally avoid it these days as being bad for my blood pressure. There’s only so much stupidity one can tolerate in a week!

    I simply reiterate The Peffers Doctrine: their nonsense may appeal to their incorrigible yoon base, but the more these goons expose themselves as arrogant bullies driven by rank animosity rather than good sense, the more likely they are to convert reasonable people to indy. I agree – I think the Goebbels Big Lie theory falls apart in the age of social media. The more lies they tell, the more likely that someone somewhere will find them out. (As happened with “nursey” recently.)

    As for Nick the Dick in particular, although we all now know that he was collaborating hand-in-glove with Cameron during indyref1, if he has now been acting in a mainstream discussion programme as an outright Unionist zoomer, I don’t see how the Beeb dare ever again put him up as a “balanced” reporter on the subject of independence.

  209. Bob Mack says:

    Who cares? My x is going into the SNP box even if Nicola admits to killing Bambi.
    This about an ideal not a personality.
    The Welsh woman jeez.

  210. jfngw says:

    Didn’t watch the BBC QT, given up on BBC coverage of Scottish politics. But from the posts it would appear they focused on devolved matters. Strange since if the polls are true and there is the possibility of a hung parliament you would have thought the BBC would be interested in what policies for the UK the SNP would support. But being the BBC it was about attacking the SNP not providing any clarity.

    I suspect the interview on STV2 covered this better than the BBC, not a high threshold to pass though.

  211. Rock says:


    “Is there anyone on the planet who can’t see how biased and corrupt the BBC is?”

    Don’t know about the rest of the planet, but loads in Scotland.

    Some of the most stupid people on the planet live in Scotland.

  212. ben madigan says:

    O/T but specially for you to relax you all – a musical interval with GR2017 election songs Enjoy

  213. Rock says:


    “But from the posts it would appear they focused on devolved matters.”

    Nicola should have forcefully challenged them about it from the start of the campaign.

    This is a Westminster election, not a devolved one.

    As I have said before, Scotland will not become independent until the BBC has been completely destroyed.

    Our priorities should be:

    1. Completely destroy the BBC;

    2. Hold an independence referendum.

    We ran away when Tommy Sheridan needed our help and have no right to ask him to lead the fight.

    Unfortunately, no-one else in Scotland has the spine to take on the BBC in an anti-poll tax like fight.

  214. Graeme says:

    Honestly if i hear “we fought in the war together” again I’ll lose the fucking will to live,

    We fought alongside many countries in the war they’re not all tied to a corrupt decaying corpse of a union like we are.

    I hate to say this but the sooner these flag waving, monarch loving wartime britnats die out the fucking better


  215. Capella says:

    I followed the tweets on the BBC Live website. QT seems to have been a complete waste of time.

    There is a clip where Nicola is explaining to the audience that the vote on Thursday is for the Westminster Government and whether the Tory cuts will be implemented.
    But Nick Robinson immediately cuts her off with “Stick to education. Stick to your record”. So that is clearly the agenda.
    At 22.07

  216. Rock says:


    “I hate to say this but the sooner these flag waving, monarch loving wartime britnats die out the fucking better”

    As I posted before,

    “I can guarantee that we will lose again if we waste resources on trying to convert the selfish middle classes, the British nationalist elderly, the thugs and the English instead of the downtrodden folks in the schemes.

    The unionists have already moved in there while our armchair pundits here have been stupidly trying to embrace Tories to our cause.”

  217. sassenach says:

    Rock @10-28
    “Nicola should have forcefully challenged them about it from the start ”

    Nicola did ( more than once ) explain what this GE was about – but dear old Nic the Dic kept dragging it back.

    As has been said, a total BBC ambush for our FM – absolutely disgraceful, but I think it will take the scales off a few more eyes because it was so obvious that the audince was not ‘representative’ (unless you count unionism only as representative!).

    Praying for good things on Thursday.

  218. McDuff says:

    Tend to agree with you.
    There are a lot of cosy armchair indy supporters around when what we need is some positive activity.
    An example was Saturday`s rally which was attended by 15,000/17,000 when we really needed 50,000, so where were all those committed supporters that ache for independence.

  219. Jim says:

    Wtf is with these munters crying, “Why are you not taxing us high earners more” and, “Why are we getting free education”?

    What an absolute pile of excrement.

    Also, how the fuck is question time purporting to be unbiased when they had such an SNP hostile audience in place.

    In an ideal world Nicola Sturgeon should have told the BBC to collectively go fuck themselves!

  220. Jim says:

    Declare U.D.I, fuck these arseholes, the Yoonion is not fit for purpose!

  221. Jim says:

    This is not Hotel fukcing California!

  222. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Oh lumme, now we have two defeatists for whom this is the worst of all possible worlds. Sheesh!

  223. Still Positive says:

    Re The Welsh woman on QT Leaders Debate. She said no country was mentioned in the Treaty of Union. I think our own Robert Peffers has also said that.

  224. Jim says:

    The welsh woman can go get fucked, the Union was a shady deal performed without the consent of the populace where apparently there were riots after the done deal!

  225. heedtracker says:

    C4 teatime news was fun to watch on Mayhem’s visit to Scotland today, they were rather unimpressed, by Ruth Davidson in particular. The C4 Alex whatisface Thomson made me lol at himself trying to keep a straight one at Ruth’s mad over excited make Britain GREAT again, like Trump, says Alex.

    You can see why Ruth’s been ghosted in this last big 2 week run up though, she’s very weak on stage.

  226. Lochside says:

    I watched ‘QT’…19 audience questioners, 10 of whom only were Scottish, only two who were supportive of Nicola, a Doctor and a feisty young student lassie…..the rest English settlers and a mad Welsh biddy(‘I dont have a vote??’) dribbling about Scotland not being a country and how she taught ‘1707’..I was waiting for ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ next…aye the one where the Highland division was abandoned to fight on for alone at st. valery.

    A disgraceful hatefest..again with ringmaster liar Nick Robinson. Nicola was brave and a bonny fechter but the Unionist cretins Scots and their English masters sat with their snidey shit eating grins not listening.

    Somebody on here said this was not a typical Edinburgh audience. Well I’ve got news for you mate. This is Edinburgh. Dominated by rich English snobs epitomised by Jakey Rollinginit. You will hardly hear a Scots accent in the New Town, particularly at luchtime when they swarm round all the fashionable restaurants. Great what selling a semi in Fulham can do to allow one to be upwardly mobile when you compare the price of detached hoose in Stockbridge.

    Our population is 5.2 million. Up 200,000 in a hundred years. Those numbers represent mainly EU citizens, a welcome and dynamic addition, who are never featured in these debates. But where are the 500,000 Scots who have emigrated? They must have gone somewhere, as they have been replaced by that number of RUK.Who have demonstrated unequivocably they will not support Independence as shown in 2014.

    That audience is what faces us if we dont seize the opportunity to grab our Independence: an assembly of haughty English /welsh and bitter NI cuckoos in the Scottish nest aided and abetted by their stupid and subservient Scottish lackeys.

    The BBC is complicit in trying to influence the narrative. The unbalanced audiences and the biased and planted questions and questioners. They are beneath contempt.

  227. Lochside says:

    McDuff….You’re talking shite..I was at the march and it was 25,000. That is 1:200 0f the Scottish population. The equivalent of 300,000 in England. Stop reading the Dail Mail.

  228. Valerie says:

    @Graeme 10.30

    There is nothing more ugly, imo, that kind of elderly person, trying to invoke something from history, as a reason to hold back future generations. They exhibit some kind of bitterness, in wanting to taint or restrain younger people.

    I’m in my late 50s, live on my own, no children, and would never dream of thinking that way, about young people.

    If only these elderly had some wisdom to impart, like don’t let a UK govt ruin your country, take charge of it. Or, if they could give a positive case for the Union, but they can’t. That would mean stepping outside their selfish bubble, because that’s all they’re exhibiting.

    They make me sick.

  229. Lenny Hartley says:

    FFS wee Willie Gaviscon says that he doesn’t respect the SNP’s manifesto commitment for Indy ref2 but when challenged and told that he is creating a monkey for his own back goes on to say that he has to oppose it because it was a commitment to the people who voted for him, you could not make it up. It was a commitment to oppose it you buffoon you can still respect the right for the SNP to hold a referendum whilst still opposing it ya imbecile.

  230. Robbo says:

    Rock says:
    5 June, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    “Defo more unionists in this audience. We’re being stitched up again. Ulstermen ,Welsh, English , what next fecking Donald trump supporters. WHERES THE SCOTS ? THE REAL ONES.”

    Aren’t all people living in Scotland supposed to be ‘Scots’?

    With a guarantee of the right to vote in a referendum on Scotland’s independence?

    What makes you think that? Why would i agree that English/welsh and Ulstermen could vote in a Scotland independence referendum,No bloody chance! If the Scots(born in Scotland) couldn’t vote why could I agree those lot obviously gonna be biased towards union get a vote?

    The point I’m making AND TAKE THE 2014 indyref in example-
    People not born in Scotland but from elsewhere in UK but resident in Scotland got the vote but people born in Scotland and resident elsewhere in UK didn’t. So are you telling me that was right? English(welsh) and Ulstermen living/resident in Scotland was near half million in 2014. Scots born in Scotland living elsewhere in UK was 850,000 approx but didn’t get the vote!


  231. Jim says:

    Listening to Call Kay with an E, some twat was on saying how can the SNP have any authority with only 56 MPs.

    She answeredf her own fucking question, it is precisely that our MPs have very little power that we need Independence sooner rather than later.

  232. Robbo says:

    Still Positive says:
    5 June, 2017 at 10:59 pm
    Re The Welsh woman on QT Leaders Debate. She said no country was mentioned in the Treaty of Union. I think our own Robert Peffers has also said that.

    Because they were called Kingdoms then.Both England and Scotland are in the Act of Union I assure you. You couldn’t have a treaty if they weren’t now could you!.

  233. The Dog Philosopher says:

    Not since gladiatorial times has there been anything quite like that QT. First up was Christian, Timeus of Libdemeus. The lions sniffed and growled a bit but didn’t seem too fussed by what he had to offer. Then into the ring stepped Nicola ‘Spartacus’ Sturgonicus. The crowd turned ugly, each armed with a specially-prepared question intended to down our hero. Each thrust against her was greeted with bobbing heads and vigorous handclapping.

    They had come from all corners of the Empire and they were going to bring our hero down to size with the usual weaponry. But our hero stood firm against the vicious onslaught which pleased not adjudicator Niko Lyinbastercus who looked around for regular cheerleader Scrotus Articus to begin giving the big thumbs-down but by then Nicola had made for the exit, no doubt thinking to herself, ‘why the fuckus do I bother?’.

  234. heedtracker says:

    by then Nicola had made for the exit, no doubt thinking to herself, ‘why the fuckus do I bother?’.

    Did you catch the enraged elderly Welsh lady audience member, finger jabbing, screeching shouty, Scotland was scrapped in 1707, British only, she wants a vote but cant, we fought the war together with the English and Scots and Irish, and the crowd roared.

    God knows how this goes down in the polling booth, Scots ones.

  235. Valerie says:

    Oh, it’s started early. Postal votes gone missing in Plymouth.

  236. Meg merrilees says:

    Here’s Corbyn and May’s voting record on terrorism issues in WM.

    Seems May has opposed almost as much as Corbyn – when she was bothered to turn up for the vote -many of the votes she was absent!!!

    Also, discovered this link on Angus MacNeil’s twitte Scrolling through is fascinatingr:

    Seems Mr. Corbyn has attended a rally tonight in Gateshead attended by over 10,000 but it hasn’t been reported on the BBC.

    If you scroll down you’ll eventually come to a clip ( June 4th) from a speech she gave to the police.It’s arrogance’s chilling. It’s the 17th video scrolling down the site.

    ‘This weekend the Federation warned that spending reductions mean that ‘we will be forced to adopt a paramilitary style of policing in Britain’.
    Today you said that neighbourhood police officers are an endangered species.
    I have to tell you that this kind of scaremongering does nobody any good.
    It doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve the officers you represent and it doesn’t serve the public.’

  237. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I have had eleven – yes,eleven – leaflets supporting Alan Who? the LibDenm Candidate in Argyll and Bute. They have all been posted.

    Laying aside the one freepost that all candidates get the cost of delivering LibDem rubbish to me must be astronomical. Four of the leaflets name Alan Who? and the rest scream about no referendum.

    Allowing for all the deliveries being part of a “Door to Door ” Royal Mail delivery which is about 6p per drop the delivery cost across the 50,000 homes in A&B is astronomical, not to mention the actual cost of the leaflet. All but one of them was published in London and most of them were printed in England.

    When I asked about this at the hustings we were told that most of them were just the normal regular LibDem delivery across UK. Ten in a fortnight of an election? Aye right!

    LimDem in London must be paying for this as a target seat.As I am sure is happening in Tory targets. A blatant attempt to circumvent election expenses.

  238. Meg merrilees says:

    The Dog Philosopher:

    Spartacus Nicola’s Party.

  239. crazycat says:

    @ Robbo

    Scots born in Scotland living elsewhere in UK was 850,000 approx but didn’t get the vote!


    The reason, as Nicola explained to a questioner when she was speaking in California recently, is that in practical terms it is very difficult to define who exactly is a Scot living elsewhere.

    Do you include someone who left Scotland as an infant? Someone whose parents were Scots (which only pushes the problem back a generation) but who has never considered him/herself Scottish until wanting to vote No? And so on (you definitely should not assume that “Scots” furth of Scotland were all Yessers).

    In contrast, it is very easy to determine who is registered to vote in Scotland, which is why that was the criterion – the downside being the ease with which people could register purely to oppose independence (eg holiday home owners).

  240. Marcia says:

    It would seem that the BBC watching public had a favourable opinion of the First Minister on her appearance on QT. Her husband had tweeted this:

  241. Meg merrilees says:

    This was exactly the same line taken by Jane Garvey on BBC Woman’s Hour this morning.

    Why has your popularity rating tanked in the polls?
    Why is life expectancy 2 years less in Scotland?
    If the three unionist parties win more than 50% of the vote on thursday, how can you continue your obsession on independence?
    Why is education and the nHS faring so badly in Scotland?

    No questions on social care, Trident, pensions, WM issues; in fact when discussing the fact that there are sufficient armed police in Scotland and no cuts, it was swept aside with the remark:
    ‘Of course, you haven’t had any terrorist incidents since the Glasgow Airport one in 2007.

    Shocking, appalling, biased, amateur interviewing from a presenter who should have known better.
    Clearly BBC journalistic policy to try and trip up the SNP since they tried it on Stewart Hosie on Call K as well, I believe.

  242. Dr Jim says:

    I do find it amusing that half of England is on the Internet right now complaining about Scotlands first Minister being allowed to take over their Television screens as if it’s an imposition while at the same time screeching that Scots are anti English as English politicians are on our Television screens hourly but you’re staying in the UK whether you like it or not and how dare you interfere with Englands politics

    If we were to reverse that sentiment and all started screeching we don’t want any English folk on our Tellys that would likely send them apoplectic

    Fact is I don’t care what Nationality anybody is if they’re an Arsehole they’re an Arsehole from any country, but England purely by population mass to Scotland has many more of them, it’s arithmatic

    So there you go English folk if every population of the world has the same percentage of Arseholes and you have 55million people and we only have 5 and a half million the sums mean… well work it out for yourselves

    And if you think I’m insulting you then I’m insulting myself because my Mummy was English so there’s a chance I’m half an Arsehole either way

    Feel better now?

    So if you’re voting Tory just because you happen to be English and you think you’re protecting your country England but you live in Scotland earn your living here and benefit from everything the SNP has achieved under a corrupt Westminster system that you’re up here to get away from you’ve definitely missed the point of why you’re voting at all

    So being angry at Scottish folk who are supporting their country by voting for the SNP makes you as thick as mince given that Scottish people living in England don’t have the choices you came to Scotland to avail yourselves of

    I do hope that all makes sense because if Scotland does not become Independent and ends up in the same shit Englands going to be, if you were ever considering returning to that country you wont be able to afford it anyway because Scotlands economy will nosedive you wont be able to sell your house for buttons and will likely be unemployed with no job to go to

    See how that all works

  243. crazycat says:

    Further to my post at 11.43, I should have added that the franchise was decided by the Scottish Government, not Westminster.

    It has also just occurred to me that the logistics of giving those non-Scotland dwellers the vote are complicated and expensive:

    They could not be expected to travel to Scotland (there might be no obvious constituency to register in) and it would be extremely expensive to set up a Polling Place for potentially only a few people in each location.

    Therefore, the vast majority of them would have used postal votes. Would that have been a good idea?

  244. Meg merrilees says:

    Dr. Jim, I’m still catching up on tonight’s earlier posts.
    You posted about T Mays comments on VAT and Scotland’s police.

    If T May has lied again, on air about this then this also needs to be reported to the police.

    See Arbroath 1320’s post earlier. 9.04pm

  245. Lenny Hartley says:

    The people who live in Scotland should be the only people to vote on Scotlands constitution. Anything else is blood and soil and you can shove that up yer Jacksie. People who have their main residence outwith Scotland should not have a vote in referendums that could change the constitution.
    Aside from the fact that 100% of Scots I know who now live outside Scotland would have and still would vote no, if you have not got a stake in the country then you should not be allowed to change it.

  246. Chick McGregor says:

    The logistical problem of defining who qualifies as a non Scottish residing Scot for indy. ref. voting purposes is already on its own more than complex enough to be prohibitive, however in political terms any attempt to include them is a farcical perversity.

    A key argument, for most, the main one, is the economics argument because this leads directly to the absurdity that if Yes campaigners win the argument, that Scotland would be better off and therefore, ipso facto, that the rUK would be worse off, then that would incline those hypothetical Scots voters in the rUK to vote no.

    i.e. winning the argument would be ‘rewarded’ by more No votes in rUK contingent.

    As I said, a political absurdity.

  247. Meg merrilees says:

    Have a look at this photo of Corbyn in Gateshead tonight – it’s amazing!

    Hope this guarantee’s the seat for him, and takes the votes away from TReeza..

  248. Chick McGregor says:

    I think that is Tony Blair alongside Jackie Milburn trying to get in at the back.

  249. Robbo says:

    crazycat says:
    5 June, 2017 at 11:43 pm
    @ Robbo

    Crazycat I understand the point but i personally am not happy with it. I’m looking purely at a numbers game here.

    Non Scots born voters living and that were eligible to vote was 473,695 to be reasonably correct
    These would have been heavily NO voters,not all but mainly unionist on balance of probability.Many may not have voted but that’s not the point,they were eligible. This very close to the amount we lost by to be frank..

    I personally think we missed a trick and should not be repeated next indyref. I know it would have been hard but they should have looked a lot more into it considering the consequences.

    There was 718,575 born Scots living elsewhere in UK that could have but weren’t allowed to vote at the time of indyref 2014. I think they seriously need to look at a way round this issue. Birth certificate xref to birth place can be easily x matched. National insurance numbers maybe?? not sure how there allocated exactly apart from your DOB and where you were born??

    I’m not for one second saying that they would have be all yessers-but we’ll never know how many would have pledged their loyalty to us as it wasn’t tested.Needs more attention next time,not saying it would be easy,but think they were in a rush to just get what they could registered to vote and missed the big picture. Strategy must be key next time- Play this lot at their own game. They knew they had near 1/2 million in the bag b4 we went to the ballot box irrespective of whether they voted or not and in which way.But you could safely say they had 90% of who did vote that weren’t Scots.

    Regarding generation thing,no you must be born in Scotland must be ALIVE. lol Lets not complicate it further ha ha .

  250. Chick McGregor says:

    The key thing from a Scottish perspective, is whether Corbyn’s better-than-expected campaign pulls more voters back from past losses to the SNP or the Tories.

    Hopefully it will be the latter.

  251. Robbo says:

    Chick McGregor says:
    6 June, 2017 at 12:30 am
    The logistical problem
    Lenny Hartley says:
    6 June, 2017 at 12:16 am
    The people who live in Scotland should be the only people to vote on Scotlands constitution.

    So you were ok to give them a half million head start then guys?

    I think that’s an absurdity to be frank. Strategy is why we lost the last time.

  252. Jock McDonnell says:

    Not too fussed about the bbcqt audience – it was so blatant, the Welsh wummin & the plants, all so antagonizing and the FM so cool.
    It’s the way I want it, I want it black n white n angry. Angry yoons, ranting wildly. They have lost control of the agenda, an unaccustomed position.
    No voters are not all hard line yoons, what did they think of the Welsh woman ?
    It messed with their heads, their long avoided contradictions. Tap tap tap.
    The stark reality of a hard brexit & a contemptuous establishment attitude will get voters thinking. It will focus their minds wonderfully. Choose wisely.

  253. Robbo says:

    The auld Welsh women that said she couldn’t vote in indyref 1 -why was that then? Why the feck is she there talking about it,was she not registered to vote then? There you go total bias again.She was allowed to put a point when she wasn’t even registered here in Scotland to vote on that point and it had nothing to do either with this current UK election. Absolute bollocks.

  254. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Robbo @ 01:11,

    I’m amazed that you think that excluding resident RumpUKs from voting in indyref2 and allowing Scots exiles living in RumpUK (elsewhere too?) to vote would give indy an advantage. What evidence have you for that? I counter-assert that at least a proportion of the former would vote “yes” whereas virtually all the latter would vote “no” (for fear of being “cut off” if nothing else). And by your own admission there are more of the former than of the latter.

    Furthermore, that policy would exclude all the RestEUs as well, who are mostly pro-indy now.

    Doesn’t sound like a very convincing proposition to me.

    Not to mention that it all seems to be motivated by nothing more than that dodgy blood-and-soil thing too. Bleeaach.

  255. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    me @ 01:31,

    Sorry, that should of course read “And by your own admission there are more of the latter than of the former”.

  256. yesindyref2 says:

    3 days. Just 3 days and it’s all over, thank God.

    That’s 3 days to hammer the Tories, with Law and Order (plice numbers) likely to lose the election for them as long as Corbyn keeps his cool.

    And 3 days to stay on message, no drift as I almost did earlier in a posting I decided not to make. Support Corbyn, but always mention how the SNP have maintained the level of police in Scotland over the same period.

  257. Robbo says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    6 June, 2017 at 1:31 am
    Robbo @ 01:11,

    I’m amazed that you think that excluding resident RumpUKs from voting in indyref2 and allowing Scots exiles living in RumpUK (elsewhere too?) to vote would give indy an advantage. What evidence have you for that? I counter-assert that at least a proportion of the former would vote “yes” whereas virtually all the latter would vote “no” (for fear of being “cut off” if nothing else). And by your own admission there are more of the former than of the latter.

    Furthermore, that policy would exclude all the RestEUs as well, who are mostly pro-indy now.

    Doesn’t sound like a very convincing proposition to me.

    Not to mention that it all seems to be motivated by nothing more than that dodgy blood-and-soil thing too. Bleeaach.


    So did you watch the Question thinghy the night? Didn’t look as if there were many of these rumpuks if that’s what you mean by it. See all the silly names get my goat. Do you mean the English,Welsh,Ulstermen that are living and registered here that were allowed to vote in 2014?. Where did i say say exclude them?

    I said if they have a vote so should our own Scot exiles (or people just working rest of uk for a time) like most of these numpties up here.The people that were born here and live elsewhere I don’t agree that they would be no voters like you say and these up here would be more inclined yes- that’s just ridiculous IMHO.

    Anyhow it matters not and we lost with no scots up here allowed to vote and the our own ones south of border never had a chance to. No one can say what they would have voted but in no way hosay terms do i think those near half million up here voted yes absolute balderdash.The can run back to England,Wales,Ulster anytime they want, it matters not a jot to them-job done saved the Union..

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It matters not as it wasn’t tested and the rumpuks were- a 400,000 head start.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. No one could say if it would have mattered because it wasn’t given the chance. Even if the ones south ALL voted No it didn’t/wouldn’t have mattered anyhow.WE LOST ANYHOW BY 383,937- Funny old number that eh!PRETTY CLOSE NUMBER TO THE ONES THAT WERE ALLOWED TO VOTE.
    I did say at the start it was a numbers game did I not!!!

    Maybe people that don’t agree should ask Celtic the next time they play Rangers, give them 4 goal start please let them have a chance. Think Celtic would say FUCK OFF

  258. Robbo says:


    Anyhow it matters not and we lost with noN scots up here allowed to vote and the our own ones south of border never had a chance to.

  259. K1 says:

    It’s the people of Scotland. That’s the polity. Not the ‘only people who are/were born in Scotland. That’s blood and soil nationalism. People can have opinions all the live long day on this one and argue the numbers. The reality of the logistics is far more complex as has been pointed out by many numerous times.

    It’s never going to happen. ‘Scottish’ people living elsewhere outwith Scotland do not work and live in Scotland. They made choices, some decades ago and are just as integrated in their chosen countries as those who have made their life’s and raised their families here for decades, having come from other places within the UK.

    We can’t point to the inclusiveness of our outlook in Scotland on the one hand then bar those who have every right to choose the opposite of what ‘we’ chose/choose on the grounds of ‘then we’d get the result we want’? I’m sure we would but at what cost?

    In the same way we can only argue on hypothetical grounds whether those not resident in Scotland would be yes voters, there is absolutely no sure way to ascertain this and again ‘ensure’ the result we seek?

    Where does this all lead to? I mean the specualtion. If say the SNP altered the franchise in such a manner that it was clear it was to ensure a ‘dead cert’ yes vote? Is any price worth it?

    Just ma tuppeny worth. So for me, can only speak for myself here obvs, I wouldn’t be voting in Scotref if the franchise was altered along any of those lines. I’m a wee bit confident that there may actually be quite a few that would feel the same. I’m not blood and soil, and I don’t think people who don’t live and work here should have the vote, I’m all for tightening up the postal voting, I think the Scottish government have attempted to address this weakness since Indyref.

    Our referendum in Scotland is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of a peaceful and inclusive ref, without a drop of blood spilled. I’d like our next one to be the same.

    For the record my bother lives in Kent, has done for nearly 30 years, he feels left out too…we are where we are. There is no comfort to be got from this speciation and if there is no use as it’s not going to alter, can I ask when does acceptance of the things we can’t change come into play…and the courage to change the things we can by getting on with what we can actually do to generate the change we want to see happen?

  260. Brian Nicholson says:

    An interesting analysis by the Yoon front organization, the Scottish Research Society. They analyzed the current levels of support in each Scottish constituency so that they could advise those Yoons who might consider voting tactically against the SNP where they should cast their vote.

    The study, found here at

    ,indicates that there are 20 seats that are targets (up to a 10 percent SNP to Yoon swing needed). However, the fine print is where there is real news. The study finds that the yoon parties are only ahead in 6 constituencies. The Conservatives are ahead in the three border constituencies, Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine, Moray, and Perth and North Perthshire. The last two being very close.

    Neither Labour nor the LibDems are ahead in any constituency with the SNP ahead in both Edinburgh South, and Orkney and Shetland.

    Given that a lot of the analysis predates the recent Labour surge and Tories slippage, a number of these allegedly close races may be not be as close as predicted.

    With all the recent angst about polls, it is good news when even the ultra-yoons conceded that the SNP are leading in over 50 constituency races.

    We now know where the yoons are targeting, so independence supporters need to get out the vote in those races and break the yoons hearts on Thursday.

  261. Brian McHugh says:

    I woke up too early… now going back to sleep, in the hope that I wake up properly at 7:30 and think that was just a weird nightmare.

  262. mike d says:

    Robbo 2.12am.i agree with your 400.000 head start statement. And even though my brother and myself have lived in England for over 40yrs now,We would vote yes all day long.

  263. Bob p says:

    Rock 10.25pm. ” some of the most stupid people on the planet live in Scotland “.
    And i think we all know of what persuasion they are.I have come across these types on my travels here and abroad,and as i do a good irish accent i don’t get involved with these species,as quite frankly i can’t f****g stand them.

  264. As I recorded on a much longer piece over on WGD, is there any truth in the rumour that the Post Office is to produce a series of GE Commemorative stamps, with HRM Ruth the First, Tory Queen of Scots, replacing Queen Bess II?
    I even hear that her portrait is to replace Auld Lizzie’s in Regimental Mess Halls.
    Are we sure that a Tory Blah produced this as a serious promo?
    Surely it’s a spoof?
    Either way, a word of advice.
    If you find yourself in her vicinity, don’t bend over to tie your shoelace. She’ll mount your back in a trice, and wave her hand in the air , grinning like Burt Lancaster in the Crimson Pirate, to a barrage of MSM snappers who have emerged from the undergrowth on cue.

  265. Sarah says:

    I’m in Kent visiting family and keeping an eye via Wings on what’s going on (I’ll be back to vote Thurs, all being well).

    Reading the most recent posts I wonder again how it is “known” that English born folk mostly voted No. In my W Ross area the hugely large majority of regulars attending our Yes chinwags are English born (or Commonwealth in my case).

  266. Nana says:

    Postal ballot papers ‘have gone missing’ in Plymouth

    This from last month, only a little of the article saved
    Dead voters given chance to cast ‘ghost’ ballots in general election, prompting fears of mass fraud

    Russia tests hypersonic Zircon missile that travels at six times speed of sound and ‘could render Western defences obsolete

  267. Smallaxe says:

    Nana: Good Morning. Raining here today, it saves me from watering the garden.
    Some people wait for the storm to pass, others learn to dance in the rain.
    Kettle’s on. Peace Always

  268. ScottieDog says:

    “Please dont my vote for my corbyn”

    A must watch!

  269. Nana says:


    Good morning, sloshing wet weather here also. I replied earlier and added further links, so maybe a banned word caught in Stu’s filter.

  270. gus1940 says:

    Nic Robinson – RIGmaster not ringmaster.

  271. Dorothy Devine says:

    Morning Nana and Smallaxe .

    As always thanks for the links – the police numbers are horrific.

    I love your positivity Smallaxe – sadly , not only has the garden been watered but my bedroom too!

    ScottieDog , brilliant song!

  272. gerry parker says:

    Scottie dog.

  273. gus1940 says:

    Nic Robinson – RIGmaster not ringmaster.

    He would be none the worse for a dose of Tar and Feathers and a boot up the backside.

  274. Nana says:


    Fantastic, thanks for posting the video.

  275. Robert Louis says:

    Just looking at Rev’s twitter feed, with story about successful tidal turbine power generation in Orkney, Scotland.

    I have to say though, I am getting tired of people describing Orkney as ‘Orkney, off the coast of Scotland’, it isn’t off the coast of Scotland or NEAR Scotland, it is in Scotland.

    Might seem a small point, but I see it happening more and more. It is a lazy lie, perpetuating the wholly unfounded myth that Orkney isn’t in Scotland.

  276. Graeme says:

    I’m in my late 50s I want independence not just for myself but mainly my children & grandchildren,

    Unlike me I want them to grow up in a country they can be proud of a socially just & prosperous country a country they can feel a part of and call their own a country that stands on it’s own 2 feet alongside other nations of this world as an equal & respected partner

    I was utterly disgusted in that stupid Welsh Britfart on QT last night who apparently isn’t even Scottish,doesn’t live in Scotland or care a damn about Scotland but can come up here tell us we’re not a country and complain that she doesn’t get a vote on my childrens future just because she has some delusional rose tinted view of a Britain that never actually was and never fucking will be and of course because “we fought in the war together” for god sake change the fucking record

    When I was young I was always taught to respect my elders and I’ve done that all my life but I’m sick to the stomach of these brainwashed selfish old farts holding back our childrens future and incarcerating them in a decaying union that’s like them well past it’s sell by date

  277. defo says:

    Well done BBC Mishal Husain. Credit, where it’s due.
    BJ the clown put firmly in his place re the terrrrr attack.
    He’s defecting away like crazy, and she’s having none of it.
    BJ is floundering.
    Well f me, I do believe Auntie may be changing her allegiances !

  278. Capella says:

    @ Sarah – polling companies ask people where they were born. The result seems to be that English born voters are Unionist to a higher extent than Scottish born. See Lord Ashcroft’s poll immediately after Indyref 2014.
    Sorry I don’t have the link to hand but Google will find it.

  279. Macart says:

    Great vid ScottieDog. 😀

    Great Links as usual Nana and just in time for break. 🙂

  280. defo says:

    Deflecting !
    Soz. I’m flabbergasted

  281. Capella says:

    I should add that I don’t agree that where someone was born should determine whether they are registered to vote. If you are resident in Scotland then you are entitled to vote IMO.
    Maybe the “Welsh” complainer on QT was there to tempt people into “blood and soil” comments.

  282. Dorothy Devine says:

    Defo , och ! I was going for ‘defecating’! ‘deflecting’ is disappointing!

  283. Valerie says:

    I’m sure tracking and monitoring terrorist activity is not an easy thing.

    BoJo doesn’t want us to ask questions. But, even the most politically unengaged must be asking;

    How can one of the London attackers appear in a TV programme called The Jihadi next Door, and then be free to just set about his murderous business?

    Taken with the cuts to police numbers etc, I don’t understand the passivity of people. They had a great show of arresting 12 people, and I saw the Irish Examiner last night, reporting 12 had been released.

    What a shitshow.

  284. Smallaxe says:

    Dorothy Devine;

    Thank you, Dorothy, I believe that a positive outlook goes a long way toward a positive result. Sorry to hear that your bedroom got soaked, I hope that it’s not too bad.

    Peace Always my Friend

  285. Macart says:

    This one stands out Nana and it’s a good catch.

    Worth reading people.

  286. defo says:

    Dorothy 🙂 I’m still reeling, it was exquisite to hear the Buffoon in chief being put in his place. If anyone bothers to listen, what did he mumble under his breath ?

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a leak ;-(

  287. Sarah says:

    @Capella – thanks for the reply. I thought it was a poll result that told us English and rest of UK were heavily No – and I expect there’s something in it BUT is it enough a certainty to have us all worrying over who to include/exclude?

    I was under the impression that polls aren’t 100% reliable!

    If we believe that poll then we might be misdirecting our efforts/concerns. Or it might be right but what can we do about it?

    I think I’ve talked myself round into agreeing with an earlier poster that efforts should be concentrated on getting out the voters who didn’t vote in 2014 – Glasgow was “only” 75% whereas Dundee was 80%, I think.

    And don’t allow postal votes, nor “helpful” strangers assisting folk to fill in their ballot papers, either.

  288. Robbo says:

    I’m quite miffed of being classed as all blood an soil because i have an opinion on this.
    It was quite obvious last night and and over the past month that we’re getting played on this issue. People on here complain about NON scots getting bussed in,trained into Scotland like Edinburgh last night for example and getting mad about BBC bias. How crazy is that.We know from last night just a small sample what a good part of where their loyalties lie.
    Same goes on a thread here a couple of weeks ago we were all up in arms about the Ulsterisation of Rooth the Mooth and dodgy councillors- wtf??

    For all you that care to listen I’m x service and know exactly how we’re looked at from establishment points of view.Every one of the scots I served with, apart from staunch unionists would have voted YES. When it came to UK elections we were actively for years persuaded /guided that if we were going to vote in a election to vote incumbent and more so if it was a Tory government in power- THIS IS FACT. After 20 years service and now back home because I was of no use any more. No one should dare tell me I should have an opinion that i can’t grieve aboot.

    If that makes me a bit ‘blood and soil’ then so be it-I deserve it! I’m now on a invalidity pension and no use to them anymore- so fuck your ‘blood and soil’ taint. Sorry but that’s the way I feel.

    It’s all about the 3 PPP’s .Something I did pick up in the UK military.

    So if not being wise and looking at this more cost us possibly the ref then it needs looked at agin.

    I’m not talking about people living in Canada/US Aus AND THE LIKE .I’m talking about UK residents

  289. Robbo says:

    And another thing .I’ve just rec’d my report from pensions agency and I’ve had 7 years stolen from my pension rights regarding NI.
    So aye i’m fecking livid!

  290. jfngw says:

    In the unlikely event Corbyn becomes PM will he be able to implement any of his policies as most of his own party don’t agree with him. You may have a situation where the SNP back him but his own party won’t. After all the Scottish leader would rather have a Tory government than any SNP support.

    I relented and watched the Sturgeon part of BBC QT. I thought she did well, kept calm and got most of her points across. It was clear they only wanted questions that challenged her, but the quality of a politician is how they respond to this pressure.

  291. Sarah says:

    @Robbo – well we could ask for international media and election monitoring, as I’ve said several times before (smiley thing).

    I think this is vital – my MSP has said she’ll talk to colleagues and Alyn Smith about it, in response to my email.

  292. Capella says:

    @ Sarah – I’ve just checked the Ashcroft poll and can’t find any reference to English born voters. So it may have been an ICM poll that said English born people are more likely to vote no.

    “Further analysis reveals that the 460,000 people who live in Scotland but were born in England could play a major role in the outcome of the referendum.
    According to the survey, the 15 per cent of the 1,004 sample who were born in England are far more likely to vote No than their Scottish-born counterparts.
    Only 28 per cent of English-born voters say they will vote Yes, compared with 58 per cent who say they will vote No.
    This contrasts with Scots-born voters who, taken alone, are in favour of independence by 42 per cent to 40 per cent.
    The small sample size means some caution is required. But yesterday Professor John Curtice, the Strathclyde University elections expert, acknowledged that the reluctance of English-born voters to embrace independence could prove crucial when votes are cast on 18 September.”

    Also, some opinion polls showing a lower percentage of YES voters are thought to be too weighted to having English born voters included.

    None of which is an argument for excluding anyone resident in Scotland but born elsewhere. Imagine the outcry if we were discussing black African born voters, or Middle Eastern born voters. The “resident in Scotland” qualification is enough IMO. If you live here you naturally want the best for yourself and your children. I might disagree with what you consider the best but so what? That’s democracy. End of story.

  293. jfngw says:


    I agree with in principle about who should vote but I am wary of transient voters. Someone who has only been in Scotland a short period and has no plan to stay here. It’s probably too expensive to try and identify these people so it’s unlikely to change.

    As an addition and not in reference to your point it’s good to see the police VAT issue being raised again. The UK government could have fixed this in an instant but chose not to. It’s a display of how they want to still have control, we will devolve issues but you try use them and you will be punished. So we have the BBC being VAT free but the Scottish police being charged VAT. I hope they are deducting this money grab from the GERS figures.

  294. Clydebuilt says:

    Nicola Sturgeon was featured on three interviews last night ……

    ITV /STV 8.00 to 8.15 Pre recorded
    BBC1. 9.30 to 10.00. (Live From Edinburgh)
    STV. 10.40 to 11.00. (Live STV Glasgow)

    IMO. NS was tired for the last interview with Ponsonby. Very tired at the beginning. He managed to harangue her hardly letting her finish an answer.

    Apart from draining the FM’s batteries many viewers would be put off by so much exposure on one night and switch channels.

    Tonight STV are broadcasting their Scottish Leaders debate.

    This happened at the last G.E.

    Nb. Yesterday BBC Radio Scotland held Their leaders interview on the Call Kaye Moanin, so NS. Was supposed to show up for that ….. Stewart Hosie stood in for her.

  295. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I watched Nicola Sturgeon take-on Julie Etchingham, then Nic Robinson and the audience, live last night. This morning, I watched her take-on Bernard Ponsonby on catch-up.

    I noticed, both the London-centred programmes: Etchingham and Robinson/QT, saw them bringing-in devolved issues, while old Bernard stuck to Westminster issues.

    Cannot agree with those posters who are suggesting the Edinburgh QT audience was “loaded” with non-Scottish audience members. Don’t forget, that programme, although from Edinburgh, was a national rather than purely-Scottish programmes, so, we have to expect some non-Scots accents.

    I actually thought there were more Scottish accents heard than in other Mentorn-produced QT editions, such as the last Edinburgh one, and the notorious Dundee one.

    I still feel, Nicola should say, more often: “Sorry, tht is a devolved issue, which has little or nothing to do with a Westminster election, so, I will not answer it. Question me on Westminster issues and I will respond.”

    Now, that really would upset the BBC and the London media, who would then have to allow her to demonstrate the incompetence of their precious Tories.

    That said, she did very well on all three programmes, and certainly showed-up the lightweight Tim Farron on QT.

  296. Bob Mack says:

    Regarding voting intentions of English residents.

    I find myself at odds with this coming as I do from a small village which has fair share of English incomers, who are predominantly retired. They seem to be split pretty evenly on independence, and I have asked them why.

    There are those whose experience in Scotland have shown them that the Scottish government do pretty well with limited funds.
    In other words they are beneficiaries of free this and that and obtain their reliable services in terms of health etc.

    The other group is rule Brittania and are generally pretty well off, having sold their house in England for a lot of money they have downsized for a fraction of the cost in Scotland. They are very secure financially and have no worries about missing out on the freebies. Most I know also have BUPA and are less reliant on public services. Their natural inclination is to vote No.

    They neither care or worry about fitting in locally. They want the lifestyle of rural Scotland but nothing else. I have tried to engage with them but they are usually dismissive of anything to do with Scottish self governance. We apparently have a “pretendy” Parliament given to us to satisfy extremists. It is a dilemma I fear.

  297. Sarah says:

    @Capella – as you say, we have to go with the residency qualification.

    O/T Slightly amusing tale – the retirement home in Kent where my relative lives had a bundle of Tory leaflets on the bottom shelf of the place where visitors sign in. I pointed them out to the receptionist who said “They shouldn’t be there. I wonder who did it?” and removed them. I’ll check again today!

    We then had a pleasant chat with me dropping in some points about pensioner related issues – this lady knew the dementia tax but not the others and seemed interested. I tried to reassure her that Labour would be OK – this is North Thanet so they are the best chance against Tory.

  298. Greannach says:

    Somebody in the Telegraph must really have it in for Rape Clause Ruth. That was one of the most malicious hatchet jobs I’ve seen.

  299. Paula Rose says:

    English no voters voted that way for the same reasons as did Scotland born voters – not in the main due to any particular fondness for the UK but because Project Fear worked. As a group they were less likely to be very involved in the debate and were not up to speed on the reality as set out in the new media.

  300. Lenny Hartley says:

    Robbo 1.11am ok once you have a Scotland populated by those you consider to be true Scots, how long do you wait until you start doing compulsory DNA tests on newborn children just in case their mother had a brief holiday fling abroad?

  301. Breeks says:

    OT but had to chuckle :
    From Revs twitter feed Jeremy Vine has a clip of journalists faces listening to a Whitehouse briefing from Spicer I think it was.
    Kinda reminded me of Scottish Yessers listening to the BBC.

  302. @gordoz says:
    5 June, 2017 at 3:33 pm
    @Robert J. Sutherland says:
    5 June, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    I agree with everything you say, I am
    ambivalent about the EU I see the good
    side to it and I also see the bad side.

    Like many people my priority is to get
    independence first, then the people of
    can then decide whether they wish to remain
    in the EU or not.

    As for the SNP voter who voted Tory he was made aware
    of what he was supporting by voting Tory from one of
    the women at our table.

  303. Sinky says:

    O/T I see Scotland in Union’s Prof Pennington Scotsman letter attacking SNP this morning for not turning up for Scottish Grand Committee in 2013.

    I seem to recall that it was boycotted due to Iain Davidson’s verbal abuse towards an SNP member of the committee.

    Can anyone confirm this or supply a link?

  304. Meg merrilees says:


    I don’t see much TV so have missed lot of the exposure to Nicola however, catching up on the occasional twitter video I am worried about her health. She looks increasingly exhausted and her voice is beginning to sound a bit hoarse.

    Psychologically however, it must take a toll to have such constant negativity thrown in her face and such personal attacks – We are lucky to have her and more power to her elbow.

    Hope she has enough in the tank to get through till friday morning and a well earned weekend rest.

  305. Dr Jim says:

    SKY TV right now
    Do we want a government at the mercy of the Scots?

  306. heedtracker says:

    Macart says:
    6 June, 2017 at 8:48 am
    This one stands out Nana and it’s a good catch.

    Its fascinating to watch how dark money is slipped to the tories but its incredible how passive the Electoral Commission is. They clearly have no investigative capacity at all, shysters can do anything they like and even if they do get found out, its ages after each election they successfully try to fix.

    Look at the 2015 tory expenses farce, tories brushed it aside and it came to nothing but it only surfaced because C4 news looked into it. Was it ever even mentioned by BBC Scotland alone?

    And why would rich tories still think they need rig elections in a world dominated by tory BBC led media?

    Yesterday’s Edinburgh tory thing with Mayhem and Ruth may as well have been filmed in a warehouse anywhere, in front of a blue screen.

  307. cearc says:

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet this thread on setting up a crowd of ‘supporters’ makes the tories look like amateurs in their sheds and warehouses

    Shows how the MSM promote Islamic extremism, very pertinent.

  308. Macart says:

    @Dr Jim

    So very much wrong with that question. Still, on a very basic level, it appears some folk (who should know better) have difficulty with the concept of the ‘UNITED’ part of United Kingdom.

    Who knew?

  309. heedtracker says:

    cearc says:
    6 June, 2017 at 10:53 am
    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet this thread on setting up a crowd of ‘supporters’ makes the tories look like amateurs in their sheds and warehouses

    If you’re on Facebook, camera phone angle shows how hard tories work at deception, in bound well rehearsed but still hopeless hams, Mayhem and Ruth, oh yes!

  310. Stoker says:

    Talking-up Scotland

    East Renfrewshire Council fails to credit
    SNP Government funding for affordable housing.

  311. Macart says:


    EC v Government and state… not sure the EC were ever up for that fight tbh.

    As for Treeza’s huddle in a warehoose?

    Democrats need not apply. A controlled environment, no public, a muzzled media and a mini me warm up act.

    There are people out there who would vote for that. 🙄

  312. Marker Post says:

    Was on R4 this morning that Welsh Labour saying they have agreement with Jeremy Corbyn to scrap Barnett formula, Scottish Labour denying it?

    Haven’t seen it elsewhere yet.

  313. Nana says:

    @Marker Post

    Corbyn urged to clarify if he would scrap Barnett formula

  314. North chiel says:

    I notice the preoccupation on this thread with ” English born” voters. However , possibly the voting of EU nationals ( circa 180000) who probably voted No in significant numbers ( ironically to secure our status as EU members), could have also have had a similar effect in 2014. How many of these EU voters would vote ” No” in any Indyref 2??

  315. John H says:

    These ambushes which the media constantly set for the F.M. will hopefully backfire. Remember the so called debate chaired by Gordon Brewer before the 2015 G.E.? The one where he sat back smiling while Jim Murphy bullied N.S. egged on by the other three party branch managers? That worked out well for them, didn’t it?

    I lasted all of five minutes into the N.S. part of last night’s Q.T. It was disgusting and completely disrespectful to her and her office. I hope that decent people, whatever their loyalties, having seen that will think about what the BBC and Unionism truly represent.

  316. Dr Jim says:


    Every day England and it’s media make the positive case for Scottish Independence then get annoyed with us if we actually mention that we might quite like that

    And still we have people in Scotland who seem to have missed this, they haven’t noticed it’s gone far beyond we don’t like you or we don’t like you back, that in a way is easier to deal with, it’s now become a question of why do you Scottish people annoyingly exist

    I don’t know which is worse, to be shouted at or to be dismissed as irrelevant, bit like the Lib Dems I suppose

  317. Dr Jim says:

    @North chiel

    What’s probably more worrying, are the EU citizens going to have their voting rights removed because of Theresa Mays delaying Brexit tactics denying those folk a vote because we’ll be out of Europe by the next Indy vote

    That’s a lot of probable YES voters there, but will they get the chance, I’m thinking NO

  318. heedtracker says:

    Macart says:
    6 June, 2017 at 11:16 am

    EC v Government and state… not sure the EC were ever up for that fight tbh.

    EC is run almost exactly like HMRC, its almost all on trust, trust in the honesty of the public. As soon as you get close to the accounting systems of medium to large corps, as thousands of accountants ofcourse do, you are instantly struck at how much trust HMRC puts in them, to be honest.

    Clearly this is how the EC works. They are just not designed to be investigators. Like HMRC they can scope dodgy stuff and can act, like dodgy voting practices but that’s it. Expenses are way beyond their radar and when it’s flagged up, like C4 did, they do not have the capacity to investigate, its all up to the police, then in England the CPS, who are clearly very honest and way beyond any political influence, as their decision that no offences had taken place by the tories showed.

    Its just our democracy, no biggee:D

  319. Just back from Tesco. Strawberry and Raspberry packs, Scottish and with Saltire! Did they listen?

  320. Robert Graham says:

    thanks for the link that shows Mayhems visit to – well it could be anywhere let’s presume its edinburgh-ish , a clown jumps up on well probably some pallets , tar-rah look at me , me , me , does the one in black have any idea how bloody ridiculous it appears , could go no but dont want to upset the sensibilities of some people , and the thought police might be looking in .
    A staged clown show in a shed what a bloody insult to voters they really do believe we are prize chumps , vote for the tories i wouldn’t waste spit on them .

  321. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Sinky @ 10.26am

    As far as I can recall Ian “Bayonets” Davidson was chairman of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee.

    The Scottish Grand Committee is, what it says on the tin – a Grand Committee, comprising all 59 Scottish MPs. This committee has not sat since November 2003.

    I have long argued, this is a House of Commons device which the Scottish National Party MPs should be using more often – they even have permission to sit in Edinburgh.

    They should insist on discussing the Scottish angle on Westminster matters within the SGC, they could even upset the Tories even more by holding the sittings in Edinburgh.

    With the SNP majority, they could then bring SGC decisions before the full house (rather as will happen with English affairs under EVEL) for a final vote.

    Then, perhaps, when time and again, decisions of the SGC are overturned on the floor of the House by the huge English Tory majority, the people of Scotland will see the benefits of Independence.

    Two things the SNP has not done, which will advance the cause of Independence:

    1. Used the Scottish Grand Committee

    2. Repeatedly pointed-out, the UK is a Union. The UK has a veto in the European Union but, Scotland does not have, and never has had, a veto in the United Kingdom, the union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland.

  322. North chiel says:

    Ref. ” Dr Jim@1131″ is our FM in control of the referendum franchise. Surely this should be for Holyrood to decide ( with or without section 30 ” permission”)??
    Just a thought , could our FM consider using the new Scottish income tax database as a basis for
    voting entitlement for Indyref2 ??

  323. gus1940 says:

    As the heat in the oven is turned up Mrs May’s goose is being well and truly basted by the media.

    Even if the Tories win on thursday I can’t see her lasting long as PM on account of not only her woeful performance during the GE campaign but more importantly her actions when Home Secretary regarding security particularly when she showed open arrogant contempt for the police at one of their conferences.

  324. Jack Murphy says:

    OT. This morning. Welsh Labour in scrap with Scottish Labour and Corbyn over the Barnett Formula.

    “,,,,,First Minister Carwyn Jones [Wales] says Labour would scrap the Barnett formula if elected in Thursday’s general election.

    But Scottish Labour says the party will not scrap it. [!!!]

    The SNP said Mr Corbyn “must make clear how much a Labour government would cut Scotland’s budget by……”

    BBC Scotland:

  325. admiral says:

    “They should insist on discussing the Scottish angle on Westminster matters within the SGC, they could even upset the Tories even more by holding the sittings in Edinburgh.

    With the SNP majority, they could then bring SGC decisions before the full house (rather as will happen with English affairs under EVEL) for a final vote.”

    AFAIK, the so-called “Scottish” Affairs committee is deliberately filled with English Tories to ensure a majority vote for the UK Government,

    Imagine the uproar in the MSM if a committee considering, say, education or healthcare in England was full of Scots MPs.

  326. gus1940 says:

    re Submarine May’s secret visit to Edinburgh yesterday could it be that the Clockwork premises where the secret rally took place is in any way connected to A. Jack the Tory candidate for one of the Borders constituencies.

  327. Valerie says:

    Christ, even Beeb now saying ‘not entirely accurate’ what they were told about one of the attackers, as it emerges one of them was stopped from travelling in Italy. Allegedly, en route to Syria.

    The Italians of course informed UK authorities.

    At the risk of donning my tinfoil hat, you begin to wonder if these terrorists aren’t just part of the whole fear project on a beleaguered population.

    Chimes with what cearc posts at 10.53, which I had seen on Twitter.

    Plenty evidence also from Mark Curtis that Abedi was known and allowed free movement.

    Watch how it ramps up to blame communities, despite they were reported by neighbours.

  328. Dr Jim says:

    @North chiel

    Referendum legislation in my understanding is reserved and must be agreed each time there is one

    Do we trust the Tories to agree the same terms as last time after Brexit and their Great repeal bill of law changes

    I hae ma doots

  329. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Imagine the uproar in the MSM if a committee considering, say, education or healthcare in England was full of Scots MPs.”

    Red or blue Scots Tories have sat on these committees in the pasr – they have no problem with Establishment parties. It’s the non-Establisment Scots SNP MPs they have a problem with. And that is because they cannot bring them to heel, have no Establishment control over them. SNP MPs speak for the people and cock a middle finger to the Establishment. They’re not used to that and do not like it.

    Aw diddums.

  330. North chiel says:

    Ref ” Dr Jim @ 1217″ I note you infer that this would be a matter for ” agreement”.
    However, there should be no question of any Scottish ” income tax payers ” such as EU nationals being disenfranchised . As the saying goes ” no taxation without representation”.

  331. marydoll says:


    Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 is doing a ‘Radio 2 – Guide to the General Election in Scotland and Nothern Ireland’. Should be fun…..but suspect a Poject Fear angle and possibly ‘neutral’ opinions from the Scottish Political reporter Ms Smith.

  332. galamcennalath says:

    There are a whole load of reasons why I avoid broadcast media, most blood pressure related.

    A new layer of irritation is the way they have rerun the 2016 Holyrood election discussing devolved matters as part of this Westminster election.

    Truth probably is, they didn’t like the result of 2016 and the mandate it gave the Scottish Parliament to respond to the Brexit threat. However, they lost 2016 and they will almost certainly lose this GE in Scotland. They need to suck it up and accept democracy.

  333. Socrates MacSporran says:

    admiral @ 12.08pm

    The Scottish Affairs Committee and The Scottish Grand Committee are two entirely separate and different bodies.

    Yes, the Tories can stuff the SAC with as many plants as they wish; however, while there is no bar on English, Northern Irish or Welsh MPs attending a sitting of the SGC (and remember there has not been one since 2003), under parliamentary rules, such MPs are only observers.

    They cannot vote – so while the Tories, Labour or the Lib=Dems could not stuff the SGC’ sittings with compliant English MPs, only the Scottish MPs would be allowed to vote.

  334. Lochside says:

    Macart…re. ‘Dark Money’it is frightening the ease with which the Tories conjure up such wealth without any restrictions on funding their black propaganda and Dark arts. A friend showed me Facebook whereby an SNP advert had been hijacked by Unionist trolls’ugly comments. Suspicious of their homogeneous insulting tone and overwhelming numbers ( there were no Nats)…I wondered are these people real or fake accounts? Maybe someone who is au fait with FB could advise?

  335. Dr Jim says:

    @North chiel

    100% agree with you but “No deal is better than a bad deal”
    means a walk away by the Tories from Brexit then all reciprocal accords to both EU citizens here and UK citizens over in the EU wont apply and the Tories get to make the rules as they wish and if they think for one nano second that our EU citizens in Scotland might vote YES my best guess is they’ll make darn sure they can’t vote by making them all apply for makey uppy temporary visas or some such removing their rights as European citizens and turning them into visitors or extended holiday makers or some other invented nonsense that suits their agenda
    No British passport no vote, it’ll be the same rule they’ll apply to get rid of whoever they want and call it a new fangled name

    The one thing you can say about the Tories is they are consistent in their unpleasantness

  336. Robbo says:

    Petra says:
    6 June, 2017 at 12:50 pm
    Some stats from 2014.

    Thanks Petra.

    So mibees aye mibees naw it’s no aw aboot ‘blood and soil’ eh just

  337. Clootie says:

    I’ve been off grid for a few days…wish I had stayed!
    The thought of Ruth Davidson being supported by my fellow Scots makes me feel sick ( a common theme on this post!)

    Bigots and Labour voters boosting the Tories. 🙁

  338. Robbo says:

    Lenny Hartley says:
    6 June, 2017 at 10:09 am
    Robbo 1.11am

    Well Lenny. That kinda wouldn’t matter if there born in Scotland would it.No need for answer!

  339. galamcennalath says:

    The bookies seem clear there will be a Tory majority and not even a hung parliament…

    Money to be made if your view is different and you enjoy a wager.

  340. North Chiel says:

    Ref. Dr Jim at 1317, Yes , I see where you are coming from .However, if TM aborts the talks early
    as you suggest , is it not the case that the EU sets ” the date” as regards ” final withdrawal “? and the rights of EU citizens would continue until then? If the Tories would seek to deny EU nationals
    resident in Scotland a vote in Indyref2 could our FM seek assistance from the EU or EU court of justice ?

  341. frogesque says:

    @Macart 11.16

    Read that as “Theresa’s trouble in a whorehouse”!

    Partner’s postal vote filled in and away. Plus one for the good guy! Thought she was going Labour on the back of their rally down south but Pete Wishart’s record in Parly won the day.

  342. Breeks says:

    marydoll says:
    6 June, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    “Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 is doing a ‘Radio 2 – Guide to the General Election in Scotland and Nothern Ireland’. Should be fun…..but suspect a Poject Fear angle and possibly ‘neutral’ opinions from the Scottish Political reporter Ms Smith.”

    You must be telepathic Marydoll. Lol. You know the BBC’s script better than they do.

  343. Les Wilson says:

    Dr Jim says: You are right, also the selection of who if anyone monitors the referendum, another “reserved matter”. They do not like to take any chances do they.
    Also, yup we cannot trust them, dark money is pouring into Scotland in hushed up ways, also to corrupt any Scottish votes wherever they can.

    Trust them, not a chance, ever, and x10 in a Scottish referendum.

  344. Bob p says:

    O/t.what if someone born in Scotland holds an Irish passport. What is his/her status re the tories plans for eu nationals ie voting rights and deportation.

  345. Petra says:

    @ Robbo says at 1:19 pm …. ”Thanks Petra. So mibees aye mibees naw it’s no aw aboot ‘blood and soil’ eh just.”

    Robbo the figures relate to the 2011 Census. In other words around 10% of the Scottish population came from south of the border at that time. I’d imagine that the numbers of people relocating to Scotland has increased dramatically over the last six years or so, for example I read somewhere that over 800,000 English people now live here (can’t get my hands on that data!).

    I’ve had my say on this subject previously on here so I’m not going to get into that again. What we have to hope for now is that many of the relocators, especially more recent, have moved here because they are scunnered with Westminster politics and / or want to remain in the EU. Some may also change their minds as May (or Corbyn) continue to decimate the UK through Brexit, cuts etc.

    Individuals from further afield such as EU nationals also voted against Independence in 2014 (54%?), but I’d imagine that a large percentage of them will vote for Independence next time round if we hold a referendum before we are dragged out of the EU.

    Whatever the case I reckon that this is our last chance to achieve our Independence, so it’s all about continuing to get the facts out there. I’ll also add that I’m sure, POSITIVE, that we will win. Freedom is coming!

    I doubt that Wales, as an example, will ever get it’s Independence now. Sad or what?

  346. Proud Cybernat says:

    On Jeremy Vine R2 show – Sarah Smith big-time bumming up possibile number of blue Tories in Scotland might reach into double figures. Would be the bestest ever result for blue Tories in Scotland since Noah was a boy.

    Fails, of course, to inform listeners that The Mooth Davidson’s “No to a 2nd Referendum” campaign will have been well and truly defeated and that the SNP’s ‘triple-lock’ for #scotref will have been secured.

    Just cannot fathom why she omitted that last bit. Maybe she just forgot.

    Hard Brexit = T-661 days

    661 days to fight to save 80,000 Scottish jobs.
    661 days to fight to save our EU passports.
    661 days to fight to keep ourselves in the Single Market.
    661 days to fight to keep our EU friends here in Scotland.
    661 days to fight to keep our workers rights.
    661 days to fight to keep our hill farmer CAP payments.

    Scotland – Help send a message to the Rainbow Tories:

    “We voted to stay in the EU. We meant it.”

  347. Bob p says:

    Petra 2.23pm.I also believe this is our last chance for independence. The next referendum will be the last,After that,between the influx of English settlers and proudscotbuts we will be bred out . Sorry but that’s the truth of it.

  348. call me dave says:

    Archived from the WoS twitter story

    Good read. Prof Curtis reveals all. 🙂

  349. Bob p says:

    Should have said bred and voted out. No more snp,only liebour or tory will get the vote up here by then.

  350. Breeks says:

    I know it’s waving a red flag to SNP party faithful, and yes I do know the SNP gets hit from all sides, but I cannot fathom this tolerance for the rotten media.

    I do understand, fully understand, how the media would try to distort criticism and seek to portray the SNP as seeking its own version of Pravda. Yes, it would be an inflammatory subject to address with the potential to damage the SNP with negative publicity, but if that is to be inevitable, then why not lance the boil now? Why not get hysterical over reaction done and dusted now, in the middle of Tory sponsored General Election where the SNP can afford to lose a little ground without suffering significant real damage, but finally have the bias and manipulation of the Unionist media held up for audit and scrutiny, and pilloried for its prejudice so that when ScotRef and Brexit come to boil we can finally get the sleeves rolled up and get serious about Scotland’s vital place in Europe, which only sovereign independence can safeguard and deliver?

    Trump, yes clown that he is, has still bracketed his own hostile media with his “Fake News” dismissals of mischievous reporting.

    Corbyn too has done well, especially flagging up how the media, especially the Rupert Murdoch media forever flags up May as strong and stable, good for Britain, and whitewashes her failures, but Corbyn himself is bad, unable to lead, friendly with Terrorists. He has stood firm and called their bluff and yes, while he has been damaged by the media, he has at least damaged them back and discredited their narrative.

    Here in Scotland, we just put up with it all. We watch it, and we tolerate it, and line up to watch the next Question Time, or “Leaders” debate in the earnest hope to see a wee glimpse of a pro-Indy spokesperson being allowed to speak. We are blinded by the “framed” pro-Union presumptive context.

    We have Prof Robertson’s academic summary of the bias. We have G. A. Ponsonby’s book, blog and London Calling video which relates a very stark profile of Unionist bias in our media. It is simply unrealistic to expect to see both the Independence and Unionist options articulated and discussed with objective, neutral, and apolitical rigour, and yet that is precisely what the issue demands.

    I know there is an aspirational wish to see some devolution of broadcasting in the SNP’s manifesto, but this “free General election” where the SNP can effectively tread water until the real business of Brexit and ScotRef gets serious, why couldn’t the SNP have lit a fire under the issue of broadcasting, and perhaps have found themselves waking up on Friday with a cast iron mandate from Scotland’s electorate to demand that a neutral and objective news and current affairs broadcasting service is set up in Scotland? Even if it was a temporary venture for the limited express purpose?

    I despair at the idea that on the eve of our ScotRef vote, we will having the issues summed up by anchorman Nick Robinson, crossing over to Sarah Smith for an on the spot summary of SNP badness, while the whole chapter and verse of Scotland’s sovereign identity and the far reaching ramifications of political and cultural independence haven’t even been taken out the box to be looked at.

    Scotland the Nation, whether it chooses to stay in the Union or leave it, has the RIGHT, the SOVEREIGN RIGHT of a SOVEREIGN PEOPLE to debate and decide what it wants to do, and carry out that debate rationally, objectively, and dispassionately, and WITHOUT this shrill, BritNat propaganda, corruption and distortion of the agenda and properly salient issues.

    Fight for the right to broadcast, secure a forum for constructive unfettered debate, and then watch our ScotRef debate blossom into something marvellous, inclusive and progressive. But it seems we do nothing beyond polish our skills for fencing with awkward TV presenters. We remain so very far removed from presenting Scotland’s people with constructive and informed choice to make about the kind of Scotland we want to live in.

  351. stu mac says:

    @Petra says:

    A failure in the next Indyref would be damaging for the cause but it will not damage Independence long term. Too many people have moved to supporting independence and are at the same time sickened with Scottish labour and the Tories. Obviously a failure at the ballot box can damage confidence and cause some folk to stop supporting it because they can’t see the point but the cause survived and continued even when we only had a handful of MPs, even 1 MP, even no MPS.

    I’ll put myself forward as an example and I’m sure there are many others like me. I used to voted Labour back in the 70s and 80s. I voted for them even as I grew to realise how deep was the corruption in Scottish local Labour politicians because I thought for the UK as a whole it was the best thing. I never was one who thought Scotland couldn’t go it alone, just that at that time being part of the UK was best. No need to rehearse all the events of the Blair government and how Labour in Scotland kept getting worse and more arrogant. I eventually came to realise the best thing for Scotland was Independence (and maybe for England too as it might make them wake up).

    That was a long, slow journey and I won’t be giving up on that just because of one or two setbacks. I’m less likely to (even gradually) change my stance because nowadays we have sites like this one which inform us of the stuff the UK establishment wants to hide from us. If sites like this and others often referenced here had existed back in the day I’m sure I’d have come round to my present view much sooner. Lots of folk were on here after the first Indyref saying, OK we lost but it was close so heads up and keep going. Even if the next few political results for the SNP and independence were disasters (which I don’t believe, I believe they’ll be close) I won’t give up. In fact, looking at what the alternative is, LabiS, Tories, FibDems, I can’t see any other option but to carry on supporting a pro-Indy party. If you’re disheartened about seeing it in your life time, think of the life times of our future generations, take a deep breath and dive in again.

  352. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Breeks

    If their is a hung parliament on Friday morning and a ‘Coalition of Care’ is implemented by a loose alliance of UKLab+SNP then I hope the SNP will then seize the opportunity that their support of Corbyn’s first budget is conditional on a number of things:

    1) Scotland is kept in Single Market
    2) Must support #scotref at end of Brexit negotiations.
    3) Must immediately devolve broadcasting to Holyrood
    4) Must enshrine Sewel Convention in law to secure Holyrood future.
    5) Trident renewal is reviewed.

  353. Robbo says:

    Petra says:
    6 June, 2017 at 2:23 pm
    @ Robbo say

    Yup indeed. I ‘m sure the Westminster parliament were more than happy to accommodate such a franchise. But hey ho as it says in one of the links. We’re an accepting nation after all. lol
    I Agree if we don’t get it right,do the numbers next time-forget it.

    I wasn’t that enamoured by it all the last time but did vote yes,but i’m more on the case now as i know how they think and how they manipulate situations as I’ve lived/worked in the circle.

  354. Proud Cybernat says:

    Damn – ‘there’ not ‘their’

  355. Fred says:

    Anent the Daily Mail pish, nobody knows how anybody voted, it’s a secret remember! & if Nicola Sturgeon could kick a ba’ she would qualify to play for England!

  356. Paula Rose says:

    In the unlikely event that Corbyn is able to call on SNP support then control of broadcasting must be the priority.

  357. Maryscot says:

    Haha, Faisal Islam on Sky news a few minutes ago just played some of the “Liar, Liar” song. Well done that man.

  358. marydoll says:

    Breeks 2.45

    I agree with this and Proud Cybernat. We can’t go on with this Sarah Smith stuff and all the other London think-they-know-better-reporters for another indyref. Broadcasting should be devolved and not become the Ruth channel. Thogh I think her time has passed.

  359. Jack Murphy says:

    Sinky asked at 10:26am today:-
    “O/T I see Scotland in Union’s Prof Pennington Scotsman letter attacking SNP this morning for not turning up for Scottish Grand Committee in 2013.

    I seem to recall that it was boycotted due to Iain Davidson’s verbal abuse towards an SNP member of the committee.

    Can anyone confirm this or supply a link? ”

    I think this is the story of Ian Davidson’s “doing” behaviour:


    “Labour MP Ian Davidson apologises for ‘doing’ remarks made to SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford, SNP refuse to sit on Scottish Select Affairs Committee……”

    I think Davidson is standing again as Labour candidate in this week’s General Election. 🙁

  360. K1 says:

    That telegraph link, archived Petra. It’s a 3 year old article just to let people know.

  361. North chiel says:

    Ref.” Breeks at 0245pm” , and how many of the 55 percent , in Scotland’s so called ” democratic referendum” in 2014 was ” brainwashed” into voting No by the ” London controlled” MSM and ” state broadcaster”?. It’s time they were called out as they have been running a pro unionist /SNP bad agenda ever since , not just politically but also via a ” pro union” cultural agenda 24 hours per day via TV & radio stations.

  362. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    stu mac @ 14:49,

    Well said there.

    Look at what happened last time. Because they had won a battle, the Unionists incorrectly thought they had won the war, but they were very quickly relieved of that illusion. Now they are desperate, having “spent all their ammunition” the last time round – all their lies have been exposed.

    The point is, so long as the fundamental injustice of the democratic deficit in Scotland remains unaddressed, there will be people willing to stand up and oppose it.

    The Unionists firstly thought they could bluff their way through without having to concede anything, then after their win via last-minute promises to change, they cynically reneged. Now they intend to claw back even the little they have reluctantly conceded. As long as that arrogant duplicitous behaviour persists, there will be support for independence.

    As I’ve said before, the real problem with the Union is the Unionists.

  363. Petra says:

    @ Bob p says at 2:35pm …. ‘’I also believe this is our last chance for independence….’’

    @ stu mac says at 2:49 pm ….’’A failure in the next Indyref would be damaging for the cause but it will not damage Independence long term…… If you’re disheartened about seeing it in your life time, think of the life times of our future generations, take a deep breath and dive in again.’’

    To Bob and Stu. I firmly believe that we will win the next Referendum, so see it as our last EVER. However it goes without saying that we will all have to continue to work our butts off to achieve our objective.

    @ K1 says at 3:39pm …. ‘’That telegraph link, archived Petra. It’s a 3 year old article just to let people know.

    Thanks K1. Yeah I realised that so I’d imagine that even more English individuals will have relocated to Wales since then. I was really just pointing out how quickly the population of a country can change dramatically.

    Just to add that there’s a poll on the Herald. The SNP are on 70%, Tories on 19% and Labour on 7%. Tom Gordon must be wishing that they hadn’t bothered to run it at all, LOL.

  364. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Breeks @ 14:45,
    North chiel @ 15:53,

    Yes, I think we all feel it in our bones. It’s how best to deal with it that we find difficult. The best we have come up with so far in conventional terms is one low-circulation newspaper, which, despite its various diversions on the fringes, is certainly better than nothing.

    Social media is a powerful source, but our opponents are now spending big on there too, especially Facebook, I hear.

    I think that the problem for the SNP in particular is they want to look respectable and responsible, since appearing as mad crazies will just put many people off, and they wish to avoid antagonisisg the media. But the media are mostly antagonistic anyway.

    Treating every interviewer as the neutral observer they most certainly aren’t has been a mistake. There needs to be more push-back when presented with loaded or diversionary questioning. I thought Nicola in her later interviews was beginning to do that more.

    The central question remains the broadcast media, especiallly the BBC. As matters stand, I think it is institutionally incapable of providing an “even playing field”, which is all that we expect. But how to make the necessary changes?

    I believe the “nursey” issue could be part of the answer. The BBC has since attempted to deflect it into an irrelevant “married to a Tory” sideline, but it was a blatant case of media manipulation. The SNP have been far too passive over it. It could well merit a public enquiry or court case.

  365. Meg merrilees says:

    Methinks the sudden interest in the election in Scotland from our national broadcaster betrays the truth of the matter.

    T May is losing in England.

    They think tRuthless is winning a better campaign in Scotland and the fact is that even just a few tory seats here could tip the balance in the tories favour to win overall – hence the sudden blanket coverage of Scotland.

    Of course it’s a given that their angle is SNP bashing and anti-indy not highlighting any positive Tory policies since there are few.

    May’s damage was self-inflicted with her ridiculous manifesto.
    Then the terror incidents intervened with their terrible consequences for some families.
    This has dominated the agenda since.

    Talk of social care policies,
    Pension changes – remember the tories were supposed to bring out a report by the 7th May on Pension age changes and they have not done so, in breach of the law – but that has disappeared off the agenda,
    Winter heating allowance,
    The R+pe clause,
    The NHS/Junior doctors/selling little used property/PFI contracts
    and many other issues have almost vanished from the discussion.

    In Scotland the debate has been intentionally focussed on devolved issues and relentlessly on Scottish education failures – which is another lie.

    Now the missing postal votes in Plymouth hint at other possible postal ballot adjustments…

    Thursday can’t come quickly enough and fingers crossed that our support holds out.
    It really is shocking the way the truth is being twisted and repressed.

    We have to get the vote out – please do everything you can to help on the day.

    Voting cards need delivered from 5 am
    Tellers are needed at polling stations to tally how the voting is going.
    Voters need doors knocked to reming them to go out to vote
    Text a reminder to every youngster you know/ in your family (- my nephew missed the council elections by a day because he thought the election was on the friday!!!)
    People may need a lift to the polling station.

    Pray – if that’s your style.

  366. Lochside says:

    Petra..that link re. Wales being majority English by the the end of the century is sobering. Wales is the living proof of the fact that the English will not accept acculturation by the Welsh. Neither did they accept it in Ireland. Nor nowadays in Spain or France etc.

    When you examine Prof Curtice’s analysis of the concentrated settlements of English in Scotland: Orkney, Dfs &Galloway, and the Border region you find Scottish ‘identifying’ as significantly lower than the rest of the country. I’ve encountered grown adults who have grown up in these places who have English accents. Why? because they explain their parents are English. This phenomenon is common only to this group.

    For the past thirty years concentrations of English people buying up businesses and houses in areas that have consequently emptied of locals. I have given examples before. This is not blood and soil…this is them imposing their imperialistic culture on us and refusing to accept our right to our independent identity.

    Two small examples: we visited Kirkudbright and its museum. The centre piece in the latter was a viking ship. The rest of the stuff was crap..old photos of local victorian ‘characters’. Where was evidence of Galloway’s amazing history, languages etc.
    They even had a timeline on a wall which described ‘Northern English’ tribes moving into Scotland, at a time when there were no such people in the British isles . All four curators were English. At the Falkirk wheel there is a mural depicting the story of a young pictish girl with some daft Anglicised name like polly. The story is of how well the ‘locals’ and the Romans got on together beside the Antonine wall!

    This pish was written, I was told , by an English ‘expert’. A revised and dishonest account of the bloody Romans’ attempted conquest in a place where they tried , vainly, to finally conquer the Caledonian/Pictish tribes before getting their arses booted back to Hadrian’s wall. Yet again our imperial masters and mistresses rewriting our history in order to dupe the large amount of fools and suckers that inhabit our country and are self loathing as a result.

    I believe that only a residency qualification of 5-6 years can stop us being outvoted by the 300,000 English Unionists that are still hardcore from 2014 being joined by the unknown thousands of others who have moved here in the interim.. This is the only legal way we can prevent those students, second home owners etc. who have come in to our country in even larger numbers from increasing this deficit. I do not believe that we have any legal or moral right to expect Scottish born exiles to vote. Most are ‘No’ in my experience anyway. But a residency qualification gives us time to stem being outvoted and once we have Independence, everyone can apply for citizenship. Those who wish to live here after that event can become ‘Scottish’ if they wish, but if not, then no vote.

  367. Meg merrilees says:


    White flighty’s coming to Scotland/Wlaes -sadly it’s not a level playing field.

    Yes, they will sell their houses for a small fortune in England – even modest 2 bedroom, terraced houses on the outskirts of London are now over £330,000.
    They can clear their mortgage, move to Scotland/Wales and buy outright for under £200,000 and they are still quids in.

    It’s not like moving to Spain – they speak the same language, there is an NHS or they can stay with BUPA, they can use the same banks, can travel back easily to visit friends/relatives/grandchildren.
    Plus, in Scotland they can get free prescriptions and elderly care AND the winter heating allowance (or free university tuition) and they can get all this AND still vote for the Tories to make sure it continues.

    As has been pointed out before – it’s not the fact that they come here which is the unpleasant thing, it’s the fact they come here, don’t try/want to fit in and then try to change it to be like the place they’ve just left.

  368. K1 says:

    ‘it’s not the fact that they come here which is the unpleasant thing, it’s the fact they come here, don’t try/want to fit in and then try to change it to be like the place they’ve just left.’

    Isn’t that the entire argument in a nutshell from those in England who have issues with ‘immigrants’ from certain countries Meg?

    They don’t do irony do they or hypocrisy. It’s more simple to say they regard Scotland as an extension of England. It’s ‘all one’ in many of their minds. But if we say something similar regarding their lack of integration we too are exposed potentially to the exact same accusation of being ‘anti English’. Are we not?

    It’s a tricky one to navigate.

  369. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Meg merrilees @ 16:25,

    To avoid any inadvertent misunderstanding, there aren’t missing postal votes, Meg, there are missing postal ballot papers, which is not the same thing. The missing/delayed ones will just be cancelled and replaced. There are well-established procedures for dealing with that sort of thing. Provided everybody gets their ballot and returns it in time, nobody’s vote will be affected.

    But it’s a hell of a lot of botheration and expense compared to most people just sparing a few minutes to turn up in person at their local polling station. Worth pondering upon.

  370. North chiel says:

    Ref. ” RJS” at 0423″ , if you compare the coverage of the 2016 Euro referendum vote , with the Scotref vote ( both binary options),
    as regards this there is no way ” the mad crazies” namely right wing UKIP& Farage/Tories ( for leave) would have not ” called out” the broadcasters if they had not been given equitable coverage . The 2014 referdum must have been 80-90 percent biased in favour of the unionists and virtually 100 pc as regards the ” printed press”. Leave in 2016 also had the benefit of significant newspaper support. This and the £350m NHS funding lie got them over the line.
    If “Yes” had balanced coverage in 2014 , even with the ” last minute vow con” , I think we would have still won . The BBC were nothing short of an absolute disgrace and nothing has changed as regards our ” wonderful democracy”.

  371. Liz g says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 2.55
    While I agree with most of your post…just to keep things straight for any lurker’s……

    The Sewell convention can’t be embedded in to Law,in any permanent way.
    The Westminster system doesn’t allow for this.

    Each and every Law only holds as Law till Parliament decide to change it.
    Which they can do any time they feel like it.
    Westminster is proud of this and guard’s this system very fiercely.

    The only way around it is for Westminster to agree to a written Constitution which would limit their power’s,and that’s no happening any time soon.
    Espically not to suit us,the biggest voting block (the English )don’t see a problem with the system and until they do it won’t ever change.

    That’s why the Union was over the day they made the Vow,
    The vow was undeliverable, with out a complete constitutional rejig in England.

    Some in the lord’s said as much at the time but it was very muted.
    One MP questioned why he didn’t get a vote on this… again muted.

    Westminster is in a catch 22 with this, that’s why some said the day after the 2014 result?,it wasn’t over.
    All their other promises they can keep if they want to but not that one,it forces Westminster down a road to a written Constitution and no need for the Lord’s.

    Sometimes I suspect that they didn’t? keep any of the promises made in the Vow so that one didn’t stand out.
    But they must have been pretty desperate to have promised that.
    Or pretty sure that not enough people would stay around to hold them to it.
    But no matter when or how, we finally bury it, that Vow killed the Union.

  372. Meg merrilees says:


    Thanks -typed them the wrong way round should have read:

    And now missing postal ballots in Plymouth hint at other postal vote adjustments…

  373. Orri says:

    My long held paranoid conspiracy was confirmed a few weeks ago when I saw a quote along the lines is someone who had to decide where best to place their postal vote. All very legal but also very encouraging at a time when the Tories were miles ahead in the polls to vote tactically in another sense of the word. Hopefully anyone who’s been tempted gets a rude shock by Friday when their local Tory fails to get in nore does the candidate in Scotland.

    Main reason for mentioning it is that any polls in Scotland need to be taken with a pinch of salt as that’s not necessarily the whole of the electorate voting in Scotland.

    The other reason is to point out that everyone eligible to work in Scotland, employed or not, now has a Scottish tax code. Whilst Poll Taxes are a dirty word in the case of a referendum a willingness to contribute financially might justify no representation without taxation.

  374. Meg merrilees says:


    I know you’re not accusing me and I wasn’t trying to make any kind of statement just explaining how it is.

    My mother was English and although born and brought up here, I had to leave Scotland in the late 70’s for employment. I spent 37 years living and working in England and understand a lot about life ‘down there’. Thankfully I am now home again in Scotland.

    Many of the people I worked with genuinely never really thought about it but when pressed said that they thought of Scotland as a part of England.
    It can make a lot of economic sense for them to sell up and downsize away from the South east and cash in on cheaper property prices especially when they are still living within the same systems for health, wealth etc.

    In all the time I lived in England I tried to fit in with neighbours, colleagues etc.

    I suppose I am generalising when I say that some of the southerners moving north don’t seem to want to try and fit in, or want to change things ( the same sentiment was expressed by others, higher up this thread) but if that is the truth then we cannot shove it under the carpet.

    I’m not saying that I dislike them for this behaviour, nor am i saying that ‘they’ all behave like this, I’m only observing that this situation happens and it can be unpleasant.
    Is that anti-English?

    There’s a lot of truth in ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do.’

    For the record I think anyone living here should be allowed to vote on Scotland’s future. Many ex-pat Scots in England/Wales/N.Ireland etc will jump at the chance to vote YES but many others of them have made their lives and families there, don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ and would vote NO.

  375. K1 says:

    It’s not Meg, and you’re correct I wasn’t accusing, as I said it’s a tricky one to navigate, I don’t really know how we resolve it, I’m for ‘when in Rome’. But we’re in territory where every time statements are made regarding the differing demographics we come up against this ‘anti English’ guff.

    My point was actually more about the irony of those that claim, from England, that ‘they dont integrate’ when speaking of ‘immigrants’ can’t see the beam in their eye from a Scotland perspective, of a country within the UK whose whole upper echelons of academic, civic and other hierarchical institutions are peopled by those from the dominant neighbour and when they come to live here they attempt to change ‘our’ culture, in other words exactly as you point out. What I was saying is ‘they don’t do irony, do they’.

    But we get called anti English for stating these obvious facts.

    I think we are saying the same thing Meg, I was just highlighting how that gets used against us, and that’s what is difficult to navigate. Hope that claifies where ah was coming from.

  376. Rock says:


    “What makes you think that? Why would i agree that English/welsh and Ulstermen could vote in a Scotland independence referendum,No bloody chance!”

    It is the settled will of the armchair pundits posting here that everyone and their dog must be allowed a vote in any referendum for Scotland’s independence from England.

  377. Meg merrilees says:

    K1 Thanks – seems I don’t do irony either!!! Maybe I lived in England too long, you’ve got me worried now – (runs out in the rain for a quick scottish-weather antidote shower!!!!!!)

  378. K1 says:

    😉 Meg

  379. Robbo says:

    Rock says:
    6 June, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    Listen eegit

    Stop posting part quotes of a paragraph trying to goad me or get brownie points from your other tory chums. Seems you’ve been caught out quite a few times with your inconsistency in threads.

    Go hame yir tea’s out

  380. Petra says:

    @ Lochside at 4:41pm ……. Great post Lochside and I can relate to so much of what you say. The rewriting of our history at every turn and well basically being colonised. Professor John Robertson has a good article on Newsnet where he points out that 10/11 of our 14 Universities are run by our near neighbours and compares the stats with other countries. I sit at night watching the news and 90% of the experts interviewed, in relation to every field, for want of a better description don’t have a Scottish accent.

    I travel around Scotland a great deal and stay in hotels and B&Bs. It’s commonplace to find one individual owning a number of Scottish properties or acting as an agent for numerous owners living down south. We know that properties down south are often worth more than properties in Scotland making it attractive to sell up and move here. Add to that the SNP ‘freebies’. What’s happening now as per a few people I’ve spoken to is that some English people who have properties worth less than say £200,000 are selling their properties and their parents properties and moving north with the view to their parents getting free home care / free residential or nursing home placements eventually because the Scottish property is in the ‘childs’ name. To be honest I can’t wait to see this setup coming to an end as is the case in some areas in England where homes are sold on to locals only.

    As to the last referendum well I would have opened it to Scots who were born and live here, only. Keeps it simple. I also think it’s absolutely ludicrous that a country trying to break away from another country would allow individuals from that particular country to have a say in the outcome (but not Scots living elsewhere in the UK some of whom have moved to find work). I’ll add that I’m not trying to upset anyone, I wouldn’t be able to vote as I wasn’t born in the UK and it would apply to the Independence referendum only.

    As it would seem that this won’t happen I’d definitely apply a residential limit of 5/6 years to ensure that foreign students, seasonal migrants and folks taking a two month break in Scotland would be excluded. September 2014 was ideal for some folks such as students heading north to rent a wee flat for a couple of months before heading back down south or across the seas to old Ireland to resume their studies. Add to that complete exclusion of holiday home owners.

    It’s time we got real. Theresa May says “now is not the time.” They’re not daft. Far from it. More time is exactly what they need. The policies they’re implementing are driving people north of the border and with Brexit and EU nationals being excluded they’ll have achieved their desired ‘shift’ / objective.

  381. Liz g says:

    K1 & Meg Merrilees.
    Just to throw it in the mix…. because I am not sure where I stand on it myself.
    But it’s a conversation we all should be having,so we have the best chance of getting this right.
    Although to late for Indy ref 2,we need to think about our immigration foreign ownership policies going forward.

    Apparently on the Island of Jersey ,you can only own a property if you were either born there or have a significant amount of money in the bank.
    I also understand that Norway has very strict…not sure if it is actually immigration rules or just rules about who can access their social security systems,but freedom of movement it’s not.

    Yet I don’t think that these places are regarded as backwards or scared of foreigners.

    We do have some of these power’s now,and we ought to think if they need to be used in the period between the yes vote and Independence.
    Mibbi some restrictions on who can buy up land at least would be needed for us….we should I think always take the opportunity to look around at the rest of the world and cherry pick what works and jigger it about till it’s Scottish.

  382. meg merrilees says:

    Liz g

    I remember hearing a programme about Norway’s small farms and how it manages so well to keep hundreds of small family farms afloat and passing down through generations of the same family.

    Someone can correct me who knows better but it is something to do with a double pricing system.
    Basically if a farmer dies or wants to sell up, the farm has to offered for sale to other family members first at an affordable price ( for a year?) .

    If no family member has raised the money/bought the farm by then, it goes onto the open market at a higher price to the highest bidder.

    I don’t know if the Norwegian Gov. operates any kind of vetting of prospective buyers but it seems to be a successful system, ensuring that many farms have stayed in the family for many generations.

    Maybe there is something in that scheme to consider for Scotland.

  383. K1 says:

    Hi Meg and Liz,

    I think the idea of picking from ‘best practice’ from the more progressive countries around the world is certainly what our Scottish government is in practice doing already, think of the baby boxes for example. So the ideas around land use and ownership should certainly be viewed from the same persepective. Also with regard to our social security system, in terms of a ‘means testing’ of those who come to live here in the first few years etc as Liz mentions above, there are other models out there that we could certainly look at too.

    I do think we need to look at the basic income as the solution to our social security provision, we know it works in practice and it would get rid of foodbanks almost immediately, we know it takes the strain off, the savings in non means testing alone could probably save us a fortune in the long run too. Also spending would rise adding coffers to our exchequer, remember too as an independent country that all taxes, including corporation tax from all retail and other industries would come to our exchequer too. Anyone working above various thresholds such as are already in place with income tax collection would still be in place.

    Again our basic income would not be an automatic entitlement to anyone upon first entry to Scotland, except of course in the case of those who are seeking asylum and refugee status, having been vetted by the appropriate authorities. This takes care of the ‘abuse of the system’ mantra that would rise from the other side of the argument.

    There is a lot to debate around these areas, but it would be fantastic to be in the position to roll out some of this beforehand, as was apparently being suggested for parts of Fife and Glasgow earlier this year, I’ve yet to hear any info. regarding those pilots as yet. So yes agreed, we could be getting on with some stuff between now and Yes.

  384. Liz g says:

    K1 & Meg Merrilees
    Lookin like we are all on the same page.
    I am wondering if we….. wingers I mean…… should be trying to organise people to be involved in this kind of decision making.
    We have a pool of very knowledgeable people on this blog to draw from on almost every subject.
    And I for one don’t want all the details to be worked out by all the “usual” subjects,of so called civic Scotland,who on our yes vote I suspect will be crawling out the wood work demanding to have their interests taken care of.

    The galling thing about that will probably be, most of them If not actively against Yes would have done nothing to achieve it!

    But the people who comment on Wing’s are and have been putting a lot of time, effort and knowledge into just getting the Yes Vote,so could be of further use to Scotland and her people, with out a lot of the baggage that comes with “civic Scotland”.
    Not to mention that we are past masters at spotting and not letting those who would act to the detriment of Scotland (fluffy) away with a thing.
    To follow Nicola’s example…we would not keep their secrets from the people!!!!
    Any thoughts???

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