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The wild weekend

Posted on April 26, 2015 by



Saturday night (hic!):


Sunday morning:







We’re not going to link to them. You could write them yourselves by now. All we’ll say is that next weekend is the last one before the election. Brace yourselves.


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    160 to “The wild weekend”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      I now have the vision in my head of wee union Jack, Creepy Jim, Stairheed Magrit and Deputy Dug dressed up as Steps singing Tragedy.. 🙁

    2. Blackhack says:

      They know it’s going to happen, they’re shitting themselves…

    3. Auld Rock says:

      I’m starting to think that an Ian Smith type UDI might just be the answer to get rid of these ass-holes once and for all.
      Does anyone ever read there crap nowadays?

      Auld Rock

    4. Iain More says:

      I hate to think what next weekend will bring.

    5. Al Kidd says:

      My favourite is the last one! Your democratically elected representatives have no “political legitimacy” – if you are from Scotland.

    6. Fiona says:

      Bored now.

    7. Song42 says:

      Hateful, spiteful, fearful twits. – disgusting insanity!
      My loud speaker is ready for the streets on the day of election!

    8. Malcolm says:

      Drivel of the highest order. I love it 🙂

    9. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Not to mention nasty piece in today’s Scottish Sunday Express about A&B’s SNP candidate Brendan O’Hara which dredges up ancient Huns and Tims football banter.

      The more important point here is who is getting access to personal years old stuff which is not and has never been in the public domain off mobile phones

      Big Brother stuff

    10. rosa alba macdonald says:

      Pleaae let Royal Baby been born on Thursday evening……

    11. Sassenach says:

      What a disgraceful spread of toilet-paper journalism, but it does demonstrate the panic in the WM ranks.

      Hold steady and we’ll see it through.

    12. The Man in the Jar says:

      May the seventh cant come soon enough. Lets just hurry up and put them out of their misery. Scunnered with all their pish.

    13. yerkitbreeks says:

      BritNats – highly scary.

      And yet on the doorstep, even here in the Borders we get a different story, thankfully.

    14. thingy says:

      It’s like the night of the “War of the Worlds” broadcast in yon London.

      Fabulous. 🙂

    15. Croompenstein says:

      Just listened to Nicola on radio clyde phone in it’s amazing how folk don’t know the way of things, she was asked about things she has no direct control over like benefits, pensions, the price of holidays FFS and she dealt with the Neil Hay question like the true stateswoman she is. Creepy Jim coming up will see how long I last before smashing radio.

    16. Gizmo says:

      How is it that the Tory/Lib-dem coalition is fair and above board but Lab/SNP isn’t?

      These tory bastards in the MSM forget the nasty party was NOT fairly elected.

      Wish the whole thing was over with, the lies and negativity wears one down.

    17. MD says:

      Keep calm and carry on canvassing…

    18. Les Wilson says:

      Maybe we should invent another word for the Media “Scummers”
      That sure feels appropriate.

      We are obviously doing something right folks, do not waver.

    19. Dcanmore says:

      just waiting now for Obama and the Spanish PM to come out with an invervention

    20. Pam McMahon says:

      They are playing a self-annihilating blinder, so let them get on with it. The longer it goes on, the more ludicrous they all look.

      They want to disenfranchise a whole nation, and call our democratic “legitimacy” into question because we all vote “the wrong way”?

      Unfortunately for the Westminster establishment parties and their spinning monkeys in the media, they have forgotten than we in Scotland have been here before, have just had to live through the same tired old bile last September and have managed to survive all this stuff and grow our support since their last onslaught.

      They don’t learn from their past mistakes, but WE do.

    21. One_Scot says:

      It’s sickening to know that these people control our lives and country using lies and smears.

      I’m ashamed that my children are next and that I cannot stop it, but hopefully enough of us will stand up on the 7th of May and say no more, enough is enough.

      We all know what we have to do next Thursday, lets make sure that day will be remembered forever in Scottish history.

    22. EphemeralDeception says:

      Wall to wall dung. Except dung degrades to compost, these rags and supporters are just degrading.

    23. badgerboydarling says:

      The poisonous Brit unionist pravda press is in a tailspin. Cowards and scum the lot of em!

    24. Bob Mack says:

      Some seriously troubled people south of Carlisle.My advice
      Get over it ,move on.You are losing. Live with it.
      You know something——revenge is a dish,and indeed is best served cold

    25. MajorBloodnok says:

      Tell you what though we had a lot of fun on twitter last night with novel ideas on #WorstCrisisSinceAbdication / #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication.

    26. tombee says:

      Their bile will only serve to make me more determined to vote for my preferred candidate in this election. Nothing they say, or allege now, will change my mind. They have thrown every insult it is possible to fire at us in Scotland. I for one, have become immune. Their disregard for the principle of impartial and informative journalism, to the point where it is extraordinarily biast, only serves to confirm my belief that they are the tool of a fashist element in British politics today.
      The claim that the Scots are a part of the family of nations which is the UK, has disintegrated by the writings of so many who if they claim journalistic prowess are deluding themselves. Men like John Pilger, I think would agree.

    27. Murray McCallum says:

      Amazing level of hatred being generated by people living in Scotland casting their vote.

      The Tory press seem hell bent on undermining any democratically elected government not involving them.

    28. Fiona says:

      I don’t see any “revenge” in people voting for the party they think best represents their interest. My vote is not informed at all by what people south of the border think, one way or the other

    29. galamcennalath says:

      Does all this wild ranting act for or against the SNP? IMO it does no real harm! Perhaps it helps!

      It just makes it crystal clear why we need an alternative to Establishment / Unionist politics in the short term, and to move away from it all permanently in the longer term.

    30. McDuff says:

      Usual bland stuff from SH as the Unionist papers attack Sturgeon and the SNP in the most despicable manner.I have stopped buying these co-called pro independence newspapers because they are no more pro independence than the Mail is.

    31. carjamtic says:

      It would easy list of disgraced UK MP’s who have all been sent to prison (Tory,Labour…)in recent times,for one scandal or another.

      (google it)

      But that would be considered lazy journalism,so lets all make up some shit instead.

      Lower than a snakes belly but luckily we have heard it all before so MSM can bore off.

      Final thought,the curtain is opening and we can see you…….boo !!

    32. Rockysboy says:

      What a bad person I must be , I’m a disgrace to scotland if I make up my own mind and vote for someone I think will improve my life and everyone else in scotland , the son of the preacher man can’t be wrong can he ? He did lead the country to near bank corrupt , so he must be right ,
      My arse.

    33. onelessday says:


      Creepy on Clyde2 just now said as a child he watched his father digging holes in the road and working with sewerage (I thought his father was a tradesman joiner or something must be wrong)

      So we now know where he came from and he obviously wasn’t found under a cabbage patch like other babies

    34. JLT says:

      Keep it coming media. Keep it coming!

      By poisoning the minds of the English electorate with false assumptions of what would follow if the SNP are kingmakers, then the 8th of May should be highly entertaining from a Scottish point of view. What goes around, comes around. Well done media and our beloved Establishment.

      I honestly believe that the BBC, ITV and SKY will interview the general public of England, and what we will hear, will be a case of ‘the SNP must not be allowed in government; irrespective of how Scotland voted’.

      And with that begins the real constitutional crisis. Not of who should be running the country, but what is the point of this Union?

      England at that point, will have awakened, and there will be real soul-searching questions being asked of where England is going? What is it to do?

      With that …the Union is dead.

      Definitely getting the beer, crisps and pizza in for that day as TV is going to be absolutely hilarious with an angry electorate, a furious media, and shrieking from the members of the Establishment. Poor Lizzie won’t be purring on the 8th. Spitting hairballs more likely…

    35. Malcolm says:

      More of the usual fuckwittery.” 10 days to save….blah blah blah.”
      Cue ” The Vow 4( or 7 or 12 or XVII, who cares).
      But nobody is falling for it now. Every printed pishfest is hardening the SNP vote. Keep them coming, please.
      The Vow 4- The Empire Sucks it Up
      Opening on a TV near you about midnight on the seventh of May.

    36. Bob Mack says:

      It seems utterly irrational to imply that the will of those who vote Conservative or other Unionist Parties, somehow supercedes the will of those who vote Labour down South, and those who vote SNP in Scotland.
      Legitimacy in our voting system is purely a matter of superior numbers taking a party across a fixed number ,to form a majority.If the will of those who vote,attain that majority,then that gives any permutation, a clear mandate to govern.
      In effect, they no longer like their Democratic process, having never envisaged it would render the current situation as being a possibility.
      Expect PR very soon.!

    37. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Twit tory leader Cameron forgets which team he supposedly supports #WorseCrisiSinceAbdication

      Billionaire Mail owner Lord Rothermere still a non-dom taxdodger with a low IQ tabloid #WorseCrisisSinceAbdication

      Dog sneezed and I felt it on my foot.

      I got a wee skelf in my finger. #WorstCrisisSinceAbdication

      You live in England and you can’t vote for the SNP #WorstCrisisSinceAbdication

      I still don’t know how to delete that U2 album from iTunes #WorstCrisisSinceAbdication

      Opal Fruits were renamed as Starburst #worstcrisissinceabdication

      Worst crisis since Daily Mail supported Hitler. #WorstCrisisSinceAbdication

      Print media getting increasingly shrill and hysterical as reality of declining influence hits home #WorstCrisisSinceAbdication


    38. Effijy says:

      Just Picked this up from 38 Degrees:
      The Sun/Sky have supported the winners of the last 10 elections.
      Now reading this information below, Tories are going to be the largest party. Too many gullible voters who believe the headlines

      Rupert Murdoch is back. After the phone hacking scandal, Murdoch retreated from UK politics. But now it’s been revealed that he’s back giving orders to his army of journalists in the UK. [1] He’s decided to use his media empire to try to distort this general election and claw back his dominance over our democracy.

      According to a story in this week’s Independent, he’s angry about Ed Miliband’s tough stance on press regulation – so he’s told The Sun to be “more aggressive in their attacks on Labour” because of it. [2] He’s ordered his tabloids to unleash a fresh barrage of propaganda to block tougher controls on media barons.

      Together, we can help stop Murdoch hijacking this election. We can shine a light on which MP candidates support Murdoch, and which are willing to stand up to him. Please can you email your candidates now to ask them where they stand? Click here:

      If enough of us contact our local candidates now, we can build a huge public record of their responses. We’ll use it to expose pro-Murdoch candidates, and strengthen the resolve of those who resist his power.

      It’s clear Murdoch has an agenda for this election. He wants to block new rules reining in the power of media barons like him, and strengthening independent regulation of the press. [3] In other words, he wants to roll back the clock to before the phone hacking scandal, and rebuild the power of the Murdoch empire in the UK.

      Back in 2011, 38 Degrees members played a key role in curtailing Murdoch’s power. Thousands of us challenged his bid to grab full control of BSkyB. [4] When it was revealed that Murdoch’s papers had hacked the phones of murder victims and their families, we stepped up the pressure on parliament and stopped his power grab. [5]

      So we know that when we work together, we can be a truly effective challenge to Murdoch. As he makes a bid to regain his grip on UK politics, let’s step up again to stop him. Please email your MP candidates now:

      Please sign the petition below:

    39. Dr Jim says:

      New they’d be digging up and dragging out whomever they could
      to shout about us but Andrew Lloyd Warbler is really right out of the Pish Barrel now
      They’ve taken leave of whatever passed for senses
      What the hell next WW111 Starring Sturgeon the Eliminator
      Salmond The Executioner
      In the event of the SNP coming hide under your beds until the all clear goes
      A summit will have to be convened “I have in my hand a piece of paper” moment
      England is in a state of war “Where is The Queen” she must act now her subjects demand it
      Troops are being recalled from every illegal conflict we’ve sent them on to deal with this Invasion (might take a while for that though) in the meantime vote Lib Dem says Cleggy
      and i’ll talk to them coz i’m stable honest
      Deary F*^+”^g me

    40. DerekM says:

      lol yea its been a pretty mental weekend Rev ,let them scream their nonsense nobody is listening ,that is why it is getting shriller each day.

      I think a lot of us yes Scots do not really care who is in charge at westminster ,and looking at the English polls it doesnt seem to be making a difference either, if anything the apathy they have bred into the English electorate is going to cost them big time and there is no way any of the 3 can change that as they have no charisma,vision or morals and these are the things a political party needs to end voter apathy.

      Vote SNP for charisma,vision and morals you know it makes sense Scotland 🙂

    41. HandandShrimp says:

      These stories have got so crazy that they are now utterly laughable not just for us but for neutrals too.

      Unfortunately for the swivel eyed Tories writing this drivel I don’t think anyone is paying any attention. The big problem they have is that their man is running a most God awful campaign. Ed Miliband is not a natural communicator, he is wooden and talks like a focus group random generator but he is still managing to outshine Cameron.

    42. Wulls says:

      What an absolutely fantastic week to be Scottish.
      I don’t mean the 55% of Brittish Scots I mean the 52 or 53% why are going to vote SNP.
      In the FPTP election scenario thrust upon us by Westminster that means the parties who gave us the system are going to be regally shafted by it. Karma it’s called. Or democracy.. You choose.
      The MSM are going to have to eat some real crow pie in the aftermath.
      How funny would it be.
      “Hello FM….can we have a quote”
      No…..fuck off

    43. Ross McKinlay says:

      How depressing, is this what England has become?

      To keep its satellite / only jewel in place, it has to stoop to this level?

      Make no mistake, labour and tories have fed most of this to the papers and requested it be leaked at this juncture.

      In the uk, the bigger the obscenity or crime, not only do you have more chance of getting away with it, you”ll probably be knighted or receive a peerage.

      Iraq and Libya!

    44. Lochside says:

      I hope the REV is compiling this sewage into a book. Whatever happens at this election, the evidence of complicit British State suppression of Scottish democracy has to be disseminated to the non-online Scottish public at all costs.

      People who read these lies and have no counter narrative to compare have been and continue to be brainwashed by these absurd smears.

      To most of us on here, the lies are absurd, ridiculous and blatant, but as the REF showed a majority (possibly) accepted this type of campaign as not only legitimate but convincing enough to vote ‘NO’ against their own country and fellow Scots.

      If the same segment of Scottish voters replicate that vote again, then I can only think that we have to adopt a completely different approach for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

      Otherwise, to paraphrase George Orwell: ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a (British) boot stamping on a (Scottish) human face for ever’.

    45. desimond says:

      Protest Vote…how long are Labour going to play that sad card?

      If Theresa May and The Sunday Post are singing from the same hymn sheet then I reckon we must be doing something correct.

      Next week should see Jeremy Clakson invited back to BBC to present ‘Jock-Oh-No-Way’ where he will be reading scary sunday news headlines to gathered pensioners.

    46. If you’re hacked off with the media’s coverage of this election campaign, just think how Nicola Sturgeon must feel this weekend …

    47. Marcos Antonios says:

      That Janet Daley article…. WELL!…

      Despite the fact she manages to contradict herself all over the place, I take offence to being told that I “don’t have a clue” because I’m voting SNP.

      Get it right up ye ya auld bag.

    48. Macart says:

      Sooo when there were only half a dozen SNP MPs they were a figure of fun in commons and that was okay, but now that they may vote in numbers against establishment austerity packages its an affront to democracy?

      They’ve all gone completely barking.

      Such panic in the establishment ranks.

      I’m astonished, no really.

    49. shiregirl says:

      Desperate stuff. They are running scared.

      Being reported that some Tory party donors are far from happy at how Cameron has headed the Tory campaign as it has mostly been about smear campaigns with a focus on negativity.

      And Janet Daley – what the hell is she driveling on about? – an outrage to democracy?

      Do shut up. You are spieling utter nonsense. It’s getting boring and reeks of desperation.

    50. ErinT says:

      How’s the radio holding up Croomp? 😀

    51. muttley79 says:

      I read Iain Macwhirter’s article in the Sunday Herald today. He basically argues that the SNP will get nothing from supporting a Labour government. He appears to think that we should be happy about being a social democratic moral force at Westminster…So there we have it, we should be content with sending down a bloc of SNP MPs to London, who will then sit on their arses for 5 years; propping up the same state that did everything in its power to defeat us last year, and expect no benefit for Scotland. Really what is the point in all this?

    52. allan thomson says:

      It will soon all be history. History tells clear stories if faithfully preserved. This is their mistake. There is a lot of resolve being firmed here in the course of their hysteria!
      Who in their right minds would wish to be part of this deeply flawed and rotten union?

    53. Now's the Hour says:

      Do these numpty hacks not realise that every bile-dripping syllable they utter = another few votes for the SNP? Roll on the morning of May 8th!


    54. Barbara Watson says:

      The Establishment are really, really shitting bricks.

      I imagine the shredders will be running 27/7 operated by sweaty Civil Servants.

      I hope that the new SNP MPS will blow that den of corruption wide open for all the world to see.

    55. YESGUY says:

      The vile abuse goes on.

      They really are shitting themselves.

      Project fear part two – fail. 🙂

    56. Alan Stirling says:

      But…but…arn’t we all British? What’s this tosh about the ‘English’ being held to ransom by the ‘Scottish’. I honestly do not know how these guttersnipes can write such utter drivel. We are (better apparently) together, one nation of countries, and democratically allowed to vote for who we like. No? Did I miss hear all those Buffoons last year? The inherent ridiculousness of these out spewings is nothing more than a fear of change (and terror of privilege loss) reaction. Buckle up boys and girls, hands inside the cars, a very bumpy ride is just going to get very rough indeed.

    57. One_Scot says:

      Apparently Boris Johnson wants to kick anyone in the nuts if they use anything Scottish.

      Isn’t it just great being part of the United Kingdom.

    58. CJK says:

      This stuff made me so angry during the referendum but now I’m just amazed at how stupid the MSM realy is. Do they not realise tht this such an enormous turn off. This not politics this is bulls**t and just about everyone knows it. My 88 year old mother who voted no is amazed and insulted by this diatribe and if she’s for turning then they have completely blown it.

    59. heedtracker says:

      All great stuff. You’d think by now at least one of the editors of these ghastly outfits would be going, “polls show shitting on at least half of the Scots and Scottish democracy isn’t working, so maybe we should stop?”


    60. inky Pic says:

      I wonder how they will feel in years to come when we look back at these times more objectively if there will be any remorse from these guys?

    61. icyspark says:


      “Creepy on Clyde2 just now said as a child he watched his father digging holes in the road and working with sewerage”

      Seems like Jim Murphy has followed his fathers career path – digging holes and working with sewerage 😉

    62. gordoz says:


    63. Colken says:

      “by Andrew Lloyd Webber….”

      The political behemoth speaks.

    64. Calgacus says:

      Aye McDuff, SH very disappointing, as you say bland.

      The National better up it’s game tomorrow or it’s getting binned as well.

      I hope we will not be let down by these Independence supporting papers in the next 10 days.

      I really do not need TV, radio or newspapers anymore as I can get all I need online.

      It’s quite simple – support us or die like the Herald, the Record and the Scotsman.

    65. JLT says:

      Certainly the whole furore within the papers and the mainstream media, as well as the crazy soundbites from our beloved Establishment have proved one old saying correct.

      “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

      As we all know, everything has an end date on it. And I have no doubt that in quieter reflective moments, we may have all wondered as to how the end of the Union would be conducted? Would it be dignified? Would it be done sensibly? Would there be general goodwill between the nations involved?

      Well …now we know.

    66. Brian says:

      I’m quite happy to see this stuff now. It’s gone beyond scaremongering, and is so ridiculous that even low info voters must see right through it.
      I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber…c’mon…

    67. Sean McNulty says:

      Whoever thought living through history would be this enjoyable? The contrast between the warm, calm communality in Glasgow yesterday and those nutty headlines is quite something.

      And the Panelbase poll shows the SNP’s lead growing by 5%. Best election campaign of my lifetime by a mile.

    68. fletch49er says:

      Just as well that I don’t read that pill of shite. I might just be swayed to the ‘Dark’ side

    69. Joemcg says:

      Mail on Sunday survation poll a majority of English people would rather see us being independent than an SNP minority govt. at WM. So much for democracy.

    70. bookie from hell says:

      I genuinely thought Daily Mail Andrew Lloyd Webber article was a spoof

    71. Mealer says:

      This is the worst crisis since the abdication! Thank God for Andrew Lloyd Webber,saviour of the union.Cant wait to see that on Youtube.

    72. fletch49er says:

      Ignorance breeds fear!!!

    73. muttley79 says:

      What is worst about Iain Macwhirter’s article is he starts going on about the need to protect Scottish MPs voting rights at Westminster, so that we can have Scottish PMs and Chancellors? The SNP should be trying to win more powers for Holyrood, rather than bothering about voting rights for Scottish MPs.

    74. John H. says:

      If the Conservatives manage to cobble together a government somehow after 7th May, they will no doubt tell we Scots that we should accept that situation because that’s how democracy works. Even though we haven’t voted for them.

      I know that independence isn’t in the SNP manifesto, but still, I can feel it getting closer every day.

    75. Will McEwan says:

      McDuff at 12.15

      You must be getting a different SH than I do. Mine has double page spreads on Nicola Sturgeon, cover of the Seize the Day Rally, Bell and McWhirter in full SNP mode,a magnificent front page, a terrific editorial,lacerating attacks on our enemies and a very disturbing main coverage of the tragedy unfolding in the Med in which Trevor Royle does not miss the UK government major role inthe source of this

    76. It is clear from the negative nonsense coming from Cameron et al that they know that the Election is already stitched up and that London cannot lose. They can say anything.
      Scotland will only vote itself free if it controls its own Elections.
      Anything controlled by London will be a stitch up.

    77. Josef O Luain says:

      Everything changes,nothing changes.Yes, their bottle has gone,and what a wonderful sight that is to behold.

      Will never fathom why so many media outlets have chosen to commit commercial suicide, since, in common with political suicide, you can only do it once.

      I guess the BBC giving a three seconds airing to yesterday’s events in Buchanan St. and George Sq.,and a multiple thereof to the remembrance of a one hundred year old bloody military defeat in the Dardanelles, tells its own story.

    78. Elmac says:

      Why are the press allowed to lie and attempt to ruin people’s careers and lives without recourse? The press commission is a joke but I am surprised there are no criminal sanctions which can be applied and put these reprobates where they belong – behind bars.

      I sincerely hope that, after the dust settles on this election, NS, Neil Hay and all others lied about, maligned and libelled by the gutter press will sue and extract large quantities of cash from these disgusting organisations.

      I hope to see an independent Scotland where decency prevails. Where the press are subject to reporting standards monitored by a truly independent body with severe penalties for transgressions of the sort we have been witnessing and where a similar body is created to monitor the activities of a separate Scottish Broadcasting Corporation set up to replace the EBC in Scotland.

      In fact, if the SNP are in a position of influence following the GE, after Trident the next condition to secure a voting arrangement must be the abolition of the BBC in Scotland.

    79. galamcennalath says:

      Joemcg says:
      “Mail on Sunday survation poll a majority of English people would rather see us being independent than an SNP minority govt. at WM.”

      Sheesh! Could they not have made that clear at the beginning of September last year!?

      As for the ‘situation’ now … the 45% of people who were willing to put themselves on the line last year were unlikely to ever vote Unionist in this election. On top of that, the Establishment seem Hell bent to convert as many of the other 55% AWAY from supporting Unionism.

      It does seem as if they want us to depart!

    80. Harry Shanks says:

      Can wingers please get their protocol right : it’s LORD Lloyd-Webber (thereby entitled to £300 a day courtesy of taxpayers – many of whom can’t afford a ticket for some of his musical extravaganzas)

    81. Nana Smith says:


      This video has already been removed on some sites so catch it while you can.

      Jim Murphy’s ‘rallies’ explained by Isabel Hardman of The Spectator

    82. Mo says:

      In order for them to kick your arse, you have to be in FRONT OF THEM !!!!


    83. Free Scotland says:

      Sunday Post: “Surge in SNP vote nothing but a protest”

      Reminds me of Tony Blair, who said, before the successful vote for Scottish devolution, that the powers of the Scottish Parliament would be comparable to the powers of a local parish council. Who would have thought that an institution no stronger than a parish council could have caused such trepidation in the corridors of Westminster?

    84. Macart says:

      The problem for the establishment, their parties and their media isn’t how the SNP will interact with the Westminster system, but how the system treats the SNP.

      The SNP will vote in line with their mandate and social democratic conscience. There will be no coalitions a la Libdems/Tories, there in all likelihood won’t even be a confidence and supply arrangement. Merely vote by vote in line with the wishes of the Scottish electorate and THAT terrifies the shit out of the establishment.

      They can deal with parties who want a formal arrangement. They can deal with people in pursuit of power and position, but what do you do with a party that couldn’t give a stuff for your system and its side benefits, that will be seen to vote for public empowerment and on a social justice agenda? Oh and they will be holding those parties to account over certain pledges they made to the people of Scotland. Fulfil the pledges or publicly declare them undeliverable. Their choice.

      An SNP representation that minds its Ps&Qs within Westminster and works toward a socially just agenda for all within the UK is an infinitely more dangerous proposition than one openly hostile toward the union. They want and need the SNP to look irresponsible, undisciplined and grudge filled. Y’know, their favourite portrayal of all things Scottish.

      Westminster can’t help but be Westminster.

    85. Les Wilson says:

      Has everyone got their voting cards yet, ain’t got mine, previously well in advance.?

    86. ArtyHetty says:

      Appealing to the ignorant as usual. There are still a few, I know some still intending to vote for Labour, but not enough to take many votes from SNP this time. Most are voting SNP.

    87. call me dave says:

      I’ve been away for a couple of days and have caught up on all the comments in the last few threads. Great stuff folks.

      All bubbling along nicely and if the polls are correct labour’s gas, in Scotland, will be at a peep for a year.

      However numbers in the GE must favour us in terms of the vote down South and especially the performance of the Lib/Dems, who we don’t want to able to proposition the selling their sorry souls to the labour party in order to cling to power.

      The hard part is yet to come at WM, and the SNP will have to play a canny game if in a position to exert real influence. I believe they will do well and have the hands on experience of being a good government in Scotland to nudge policy decisions in the interests of Scotland and the for rest of the UK for a fairer society.

      If it comes lets celebrate an election victory like no other in our political history but get ready to take on the combined forces, much of what we hear and see in the MSM, that is part of the Westminster monster.

      Only a few days to go 🙂

    88. mr thms says:

      Has anyone else notice what a BBC correspondent on BBC News 24 said on her report of Ed Miliband’s appearance on the Andrew Marr Show? In reference to a possible arrangement or deal with the SNP, she added the proviso, “…should Labour become the biggest party”.

      🙂 🙂

      The item is on a loop, so if you can, watch out for it.

    89. Pam McMahon says:

      Les Wilson @1.30pm

      Got ours 2 weeks ago. Maybe time to check you haven’t been wiped off the electoral register?

    90. badgerboydarling says:

      If only they showed the same contempt for paedophile rings and war criminals at Westminster as they do the SNP. Establishment mouthpieces who wouldnt dare to have a go at their masters. Hypocrites one and all!

    91. call me dave says:

      @Les Wilson

      Voting registration card.. from the council.

      You don’t need one to vote. Just turn up and say who you are and what your address is… Funny old world init!

      I’ve voted in many elections in Fife and have never been asked to produce it, although I usually have it in my back pocket.

    92. KennyG says:

      JANET DALEY (yes she does spell her name in capitals)

      “What would be imposed on the British electorate this time would be the will of a party for whom the majority could never have voted”


      We didn’t create the system, we can only operate within it.

      You BEGGED us to stay, so we stayed, suck it up and get on with it.


      Don’t make me laugh.

      Democracy is only relevant when it suits you!

    93. ahundredthidiot says:

      Old rugby team back together last night, my flabber was gasted to learn our usual conservative unionist Rangers supporting types now voting SNP.

      But I refuse to get carried away, any seat over 30 will be fantastic.

      Watch Ren & Paisley south this week, big guns and crack snipers will be out for our Mhairi

    94. woosie says:

      Well, you don’t get peerages for nothing.

      Picture the scene at labtory hq; we’ve tried Baroness (elect) Katie Hopkins, wheeled out Tarzan and Broon with their collective economic and sociological wisdom – time for the trump card. Only Lord Lloyd-Webber can save us!

      At this stage, with 10 days before the ge, it’s possible the uk press have done a colemanballs, and peaked a lap too soon. Unless, of course, they can dredge up some unanswerable slur very late in the game.

      Every time some loony like Bojo or Murf comes on screen, the polls indicate a rise in SNP ratings. More please! I feel that the few who were duped by the “vow” last September have learned from their naivety, and are reacting properly.

      Can’t wait till the day after ge, to see what 1500 year-old anglo-saxon law prohibits Scots in WM!

    95. Will McEwan says:

      There seems to be some folk on here who think the Sunday Herald and the National should present as SNP leaflets.

      They both present politics in the way it should be presented – reasonable, thoughtful, detailed and informative and the National in particular presents weekly a huge range of very good articles by determined and informed independence supporters.

      Heaven forfend we get an independence supporting media with the screaming abdabs we get in the Record and the Mail and the Express

    96. Lee Rogers says:

      I’ve been waiting for the tidal wave of filth that would eventually roll our way from the desperate Tories, w/bankers, fat cats and running dogs.

      I hope this was it, because if this is their best shot, bring it on!

    97. Walter Scott says:

      Has Ian Smart completely lost it now? That tweet was probably the most offensive thing he’s written & there’s been plenty. Kezia said she’d look into what he’s been saying then he sends this. You could be forgiven for thinking that she hasn’t said anything at all to wind this headcase in. This is exactly the referendum all over again. Here’s a labour activist saying the SNP Supprted the murder of six million Jews. Isn’t this libelous? With the might of the State, the disgraceful british press and strangely quiet BBC things like this go unchallenged. The nightmare scenario the right wing of England AND Scotland see on the horizon may never come to pass. Once their tame propagandists have done their bit and if the SNP don’t hold any power they’ll go back to hating foreigners, including an increasingly deranged and absurd labour party. If the SNP don’t “win” what kind of country will be waiting for us the day after the election. I shudder to think. This noble website is largely read by left leaning pro independence supporters but the screaming, hateful press is followed by a far wider audience. I hope we don’t freeze on the day due to the Goebbels industry’s pressure. We should go for a Labour wipe-out then take it from there.

    98. call me dave says:

      In the Herald. Archive thing dodgy!

      Not going well for Jim.

      The feud between Jim Murphy and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has deepened after it emerged that the pair did not meet each during the trade union boss’ trip to Scotland.

      McCluskey, whose union is the biggest donor to Labour coffers, visited favoured candidates during a whistle-stop tour but he and the party’s Scottish leader steered clear of his other.

      The bad blood between the duo can be traced to the party’s Westminster selection contest for a candidate in Falkirk, during which Unite supported Karie Murphy for the nomination.

      The process was marred by allegations the union had signed up over 100 new members in a bid to manipulate the contest, claims that were vigorously denied.

      Murphy, then a member of Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet, angered McCluskey by saying Unite had “well and truly overstepped the mark” in Falkirk.

      The Unite boss hit back last year during the Scottish Labour leadership contest by funding the campaign of Murphy’s rival Neil Findlay.

      McCluskey wrote that it was “essential” Murphy did not “seize the reins in Scotland” because of his status as an MP.

      He continued: “Murphy is the candidate of the past and the candidate of division. He is an advocate – and, let me acknowledge, a powerful and committed advocate – for the policies which have led Scottish Labour to its present pass. His victory would be all the SNP’s Christmases come at once.”

      McCluskey also cited Murphy’s support for austerity, the Iraq war and tuition fees and claimed he would lead his party to defeat:

      “At a time when Scottish Labour desperately needs to reconnect with its social democratic roots, he is the candidate of a reheated Blairism which in my view will be a sentence of political death for many Scottish Labour MPs, and for the prospect of a Labour victory next May.”

      Asked about the jibes, Murphy said at the time: “Shrug of the shoulders really … I’ve had bigger and stronger people wanting to have a pop at me.”

      During his trip to Scotland, McCluskey spoke at an event for left-wing Labour candidate Katy Clark at the Saltcoats Labour Club on Thursday.

      Twenty-four hours later, he was in Govan to help Iain Davidson hold on to his seat in Glasgow South West.

      Neither Murphy nor McCluskey found time for each other during the union leader’s campaigning spree.

      Tommy Sheppard, the SNP candidate in Edinburgh East, said:

      “Given Len McCluskey previously warned that electing Jim Murphy would be a ‘political death sentence’ for the Labour party, their poor relationship comes as little surprise. While Labour under Jim Murphy are wedded to the Tories’ austerity agenda, the SNP are offering a progressive alternative to austerity that will deliver a fairer future for people in Scotland and across the UK.”

      A spokeswoman for Unite said McCluskey encouraged a Labour vote during his trip:

      “We were here for a special task, which was to meet Unite members.”

      A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “Mr McCluskey was in Scotland to speak at a rally in support of Labour candidates.”

    99. Harry McAye says:

      Les Wilson says:
      26 April, 2015 at 1:30 pm
      Has everyone got their voting cards yet, ain’t got mine, previously well in advance.?

      Got mine a couple of weeks ago. My Dad also got his but his postal vote hasn’t come through. Card says contact them tomorrow if not received by Thursday past which I will do on his behalf. No such delay for referendum.

    100. Blackhack says:

      [quote]Boris Johnson wants to kick anyone in the nuts if they use anything Scottish.[/quote]

      Just read that Boris has banned bagpipe players in London.

      They really are shitting themselves….

    101. Dr Jim says:

      How can i put this,
      McWhirter’s a D**k it’s not about Westminster i don’t think i ever expected our MPs to be accepted or respected it’s for me all about the Westminster Bigotry and Racism, and they’re showing the NO voters that image right now
      They’ve managed to use the Papers to whip up Anti Scottish sentiment to the point where the English want rid of us

      Hopefully all the folk who didn’t see it before will see it now and through that vision will know how much the so called British think of us and then Scotland will move to where we want it to be

      Oh just remembered @dollgate my brother broke my best Lone Ranger gun, so ah burst ees baw

    102. r esquierdo says:

      Their waste expulsion pipes are nipping at the thought of a wipe out. It is squeaky squeaky bum time.

    103. Kevin Meina says:

      Don’t they realise we don’t give a monkeys who wins the election as long as SNP wipe out slab in Scotland it doesn’t make any difference as both cheeks of the same arse are beholding to the establishment.Canvassing in North Ayrshire holds what the polls say massive SNP swing,in fact more people admitting to voting Tory than Labour.
      So roll on the 7th and keep on keeping on as the Redskins used to sing.

    104. Fireproofjim says:

      Will McEwan
      I agree. We need both these papers, and people complaining about certain articles not being entirely written by SNP activists is silly.
      We want a true and balanced account of politics which is the absolute opposite of the MSM.

    105. proudscot says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not the same Andrew Lloyd Warbler who was on record as begging us Scots to vote NO and stay in his beloved UK because he adored us so much? Almost as big a hypocrite as Creepy Jim!

      Speaking of Creepy, he claims as a child he watched his father working with “sewerage”. Maybe that’s why he got so obsessed with the brown stuff, that he decided after his 9 unproductive years at Uni to spout unending streams of it during his equally unproductive political career.

    106. heedtracker says:

      Westminster can’t help but be Westminster. And the goon media can’t help it either. Marr said to a weirdly smarmy Milliband this monrning, “you’re losing in Scotland and you’re losing in England, so how can you be the next Prime Minister?” Waffle, smarm, jibber jabber, from Milliband.

      So what’s it going to be May 8?

      PM Cameron won’t go as polls have held, so it’s a Tory minority gov, all backed up by the deranged far right hysterics of teamGB press, our grotesque BBC and Nigel Farage. Labour blame Scotland or they do a deal, the best deal Scotland is actually voting for.

    107. Those of my generation (Octogenarians) have had to tolerated the vile and duplicity of Westminster and the British Press for all of those years. We never lost faith in our country and at last it has wakened up to the true interpretation of Perfidious Albion.From the “Few” we now have the “Many” and now Nicola is leading the path set out by Salmond and the generation of true thinkers since 1934. The filth hasn’t reached a peak yet so beware of more of it in the next few days. What else can we expect from the most corrupt and nationalistic institution that calls itself the Mother of Parliaments? It betrays even the good, decent English people who deserve better. Even they are now wishing they could vote for the SNP!

    108. iheartScotland says:

      I know we have to turn our cheeks and accept this shite for the next week or so.But after the GE, can we please have our elected representatives speak out against this crap. It’s beyond offensive and is more than borderline racist. The SNP need to be more aggressive towards the MSM.

    109. Onwards says:

      @mr thms

      It doesn’t matter whatever Ed says regarding deals.
      No-one will believe him.

      Of course he isn’t interested in a deal. But if the SNP hold the balance of power then he may have no choice.

      If he chooses to let the Tories back in instead of making reasonable agreements, official or unofficial, then like Nicola said, Labour will never be forgiven.

    110. Robert Louis says:

      This week I have seen headlines in what are usually regarded as ‘broadsheet’ newspapers, which belong in VIZ comic (although to be fair, the writers in Viz are much funnier). Seriously, the collective heads in the London Media have truly been lost.

      What I think this signifies is true desperation on the part of the ‘British’ Establishment’, as they watch the comfortable political duopoly of red Tory and blue Tory fall to pieces, at the hands of the SNP.

      Yet in all of this, what we are also watching is the dismantling of the union, not at the hands of the SNP, but by that same ‘British’ Establishment’. They can no longer contain their utter contempt and venomous hatred for Scots. Story after story, mocking our culture our traditions and history. ‘Serious’ political commentators writing articles, which In essence are saying ‘how dare these Scots democratically elect a political party that (a) we don’t approve of, and more importantly, (b) which does NOT toe the British Nationalist line – it simply will not do’.

      Indeed it will not.

      As Rev Stu says, it will likely get much worse, over the next week, and I fully predict that between now and polling day, at least one newspaper will have the headline ‘Alex Salmond ate my hamster’.

    111. BornOptimist says:

      I’m looking forward to the next 11 days. What more can those who are about to lose dig up from ancient history/fabricate/distort and what lies can they produce to provide the perfect lesson in how not to win hearts and minds?

      The Establishment are making a laughing stock of themselves and in the process demonstrating that ethical standards are now non-existent in the British Press. However, Cameron blind-sided everyone after the Referendum with EVEL and is prepared to lose Scotland simply to get one over on Labour. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes up with something staggering

      I hope a number of people are going to be writing books and making independent films to demonstrate to the world the amount of unsupportable muck-raking that has been printed in this election.

    112. cearc says:

      Call me Dave, 1.41,

      ‘Funny old world’. Yep, disgraceful. In the Netherlands you need your voting card and ID.

    113. heedtracker says:

      “May questioned the legitimacy of SNP MPs at Westminster as she warned of an English backlash if they were able to decide on health and education in England while MPs south of the border had no say on such matters in Scotland. She told the Mail on Sunday: “It would mean Scottish MPs who have no responsibility for issues like health, education and policing in their own constituencies [as they are devolved to the Scottish parliament] making decisions on those issues for England and Wales.”

      How progressive liberal The Guarian covered whatever it is Teresa May is on about. These lying red Tory phoneys don’t bother to ask either. She’s right to an extent but who decides the Barnett formula? English MP’s etc

      This is the UKOK better together Union these frauds begged, threatened and lied to us to vote for but rancid Graun’s no better than the rest now.

    114. For my generation (octogenarians), we have had to tolerate the hubris and duplicity of Westminster and the British Press since 1934. At last Scotland has wakened up and at last progresses with the confidence we now have with Nicola who follows on from the path set by Salmond and the real thinkers since these earlier years. What else can we expect when Perfidious Albion’s position of dominance is challenged by inferiors???? The whole wrath of the British Establishment will be throw at us with even more strenuous bile in the remaining days till 7th May. The corruption of Westminster even serves no justice to the good people of England and some of them wish they could vote for the SNP Our fight is now not for our generation alone but more so for the next and the next generations. Forget about the pleadings of Murphy, Davidson and the Wee Willie Rennies of this campaign and their bosses down there. Vote with conviction and faith that says we are NOT TOO POOR, TOO WEE AND NOT TOO STUPID. Vote SNP for Scotland’s future.

    115. Grouse Beater says:

      Will McEwan: seems to be some folk on here who think the Sunday Herald and the National should present as SNP leaflets.


      I read contributors asking for things to be seen from a Scottish perspective promoting politics, values, talent, and culture generally indigenous. The last thing I want is a carbon copy of the Guardian and its ‘balanced’ articles.

    116. jock wishart says:

      It makes you more determined.Doesn’t it.
      And I’ve added to my wish list.

      No Royalty
      No Titles
      No Nato
      No WMD
      Declare Scotland a Neutral country like Switzerland
      No Bank of England
      No BBC
      all journalist to be tested and licenced
      One newspaper per owner

      MANDATORY Jail for Bank or public service fraud.
      An Independent Scotland.

      Declare UDI if we have enough support in the
      country through our Westminster mp’s

      A free telly or computer and a free window repair to compensate for any damages caused during this election.

    117. Dr Ew says:

      I appreciate many folk here and on social media laughing off this tripe but I am concerned. As I’ve mentioned before on these pages, my son lives down south and from gentle joshing last summer things have ratcheted up several degrees.

      He was in a social club as a guest of his girlfriend’s lovely parents when one of their friends came over and picked an argument. The fellow didn’t even have the excuse of being drunk, but laid in with angry accusations of “If you Jocks think they can take us over you’re in for a fucking nasty shock,” and “If you love Nicola Sturgeon so much why don’t you fuck off back to Scotland.”

      I don’t believe for a minute this is typical of English folk per se – my son loves living down there – but he has mentioned an increasing number making anti-Scottish jokes and remarks, with a handful spiked with some hostility.

      To be clear, I am not comparing this to the experiences of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean who have suffered far, far worse for far longer. It’s not even comparable to that endured by Irish folk, especially in the 70s and 80s – but this is happening. Racism is an ugly beast in all its forms and it is worrying – and highly illustrative – to see it whipped up from a very shallow not-taken-too-seriously prejudice into something with the potential to be much more pernicious. It should also warn us not to demonise the English even a little.

      The Establishment is threatened. Label, divide and conquer.
      If Scottish MPs begin to exercise real collective power in Westminster arguably for the first time in history – certainly since the Red Clydesiders went down in 1922 – then the type of headlines and hateful sloganeering could quickly spin into bona fide hate speech.

    118. mr thms says:

      Does anyone else expect, should Labour or Conservative end up with the most seats but not enough for a majority, that the party with the fewer seats intends to abstain rather than vote against the other’s Queen’s Speech?

    119. Croompenstein says:

      @ErinT@12:33 – I lasted to just after the guy from Ardentinny was on moaning about folk in job centre and library not helping him work the computers, to be fair he may have a point I don’t know, but Creepy Jim just went full on smarm about politicians getting paid too much for not doing a lot and then the bit about his dad and raw sewage was enough and I went and washed the car to try and get the song Tragedy out of my head 🙂

    120. desimond says:

      on Sunday Politics a Guy from Sunday Times giving it SNP brought down Labour in 1978 and quoting Jim murphy…sigh

    121. H Scott says:

      ‘Worst crisis since abdication’. This is a worse crisis then the indie ref?

    122. andy smith says:

      For all their faults, think where we could be if we’d had papers such as the sunday herald and national back in the 1970’s when the lies over oil reserves were being played out.

    123. Robert Graham says:

      Oh don’t take the bait its for English consumption these rabid headlines won’t be seen up here the unwavering message the SNP is confusing to the media and it hasn’t went unnoticed to real labour voters down south who remember life before tony I suggest everyone view ‘A Very British Coup ‘ on more 4 it gives a insite and a very close reflection of this election campaign if I was more computer savvy I would post a link maybe some of the other folks on here could help it’s a good view

    124. andy smith says:

      For all their faults, think where we could’ve been if we’d had papers such as the Sunday herald and national back in the 1970’s when the lies over oil reserves were never challenged .

    125. Marie clark says:

      Been away for a few days, just trying to catch up.

      What a shitstorm, deary me. I have to say I’m bored, bored, bored by all of this. I know that there is worse to come the nearer that we get to 7th May.

      Camerson et al are playing a very dangerous game playing the English race card. Not a good idea laying into we Scots for only exercising our democratic right in voting for who we want to represent us at Westminster. Well GIRUY boys.

      We also received our polling cards about 2 weeks ago, maybe need checked out if you haven’t got yours yet.

      To quote Mr Spock, and our own revered Robert Peffers MAY THE FEAR GO WITH YOU.

    126. gardennat says:

      I, for one, don’t want The Sunday Herald & The National printing articles along the lines of those being pedalled in the English press.
      We have got where we are by the SNP being above this sort of thing (frustrating as that can sometimes be).We should be supporting both papers that support our goal,and celebrating the fact that at least part of the Scottish media is catering for a more “adult” readership.

    127. frogesque says:

      O/T sort of but I’ve been away for a week and came back to some brilliant news.

      My significant other had a wee visit from Peter Grant (SNP candidate; Glenrothes and Central Fife). Quote, “He’s lovely and was so interested in all my mental health work, I filled in my postal vote and sent it off!”

      What a difference from the dreary unsolicited phone call she got from Labour.

      She’s 71, voted NO but is giving the SNP a chance this time as she has no faith now in the Labour Party she was once a member of.

      Forget the MSN drivel and the Westminster fears and smears – it’s still all there to play for, and age is no barrier!

    128. Thepnr says:


      This is the fourth example of “the SNP brought done Labour in 1979” that I know of just from today.

      Same drivel spouted by Andrew Mart and two articles in the Sunday Mail. One by Gerry Hassan, I expect this will be emphasized in coming days.

    129. john king says:

      Malcolm says
      “The Vow 4- The Empire Sucks it Up”

      Woohahahahahaha love it.
      that is so stolen 🙂

    130. David says:

      Croompenstein says:
      26 April, 2015 at 11:59 am
      Just listened to Nicola on radio clyde phone in it’s amazing how folk don’t know the way of things, she was asked about things she has no direct control over like benefits, pensions, the price of holidays FFS and she dealt with the Neil Hay question like the true stateswoman she is. Creepy Jim coming up will see how long I last before smashing radio.

      The part you should pay most attention to is ‘amazing how folk dont know the way of things’.

      Thats right, in a democracy the system is only as good as the overall awareness and education of the people. Thats why you could have the Scottish version of Ghandi standing for election and we would still be f***ed in the long term.

      Its not that its easy to pull the wool over peoples eyes – they are begging for it to be done to obscure uncomfortable realities.

      So long as people are unwilling to self educate and learn and analyse then they will continually be led by conmen/women.

      The people in charge know this and nothing will really change in the long term unless that does.

    131. galamcennalath says:

      H Scott says:
      ” ‘Worst crisis since abdication’. This is a worse crisis than the indie ref?”

      With IndyRef they knew all along they would win. If it got close all they had to do was offer Home Rule/DevoMax and a No win was there for the taking.

      This time …. they have absolutely no idea how to stop us! And, a bus load of SNP MPs is only just the beginning. The wee world looks like being shaken up.

      A potent double edged sword we wield – Democracy and Karma!

    132. Kenny says:

      I am enjoying all this, because all I care about is indy and this is taking us just that little bit closer. ScotGoesPop shows 49% Yes and 51% No in latest poll, although the one before that seems to have been Yes 51% and 49% No, so fifty-fifty. Long-term, we are heading in ONE direction!

      Remember how Dave stitched the Red Pawns up over EVEL? I think somehow the same will happen again after GE15. Ed will be promised all Lib Dem votes and maybe enough Blue Tories as required, if he will just cold-shoulder the SNP. But I think he will end up walking into a Tory trap, he is that gullible and gormless.

    133. R-type Grunt says:

      Andrew Loyd Fuckin’ Weber? Really?

    134. BrianW says:

      It’s just going to get worse eh..

      I for one can’t wait to see what headline grabbing story they can possibly some up with next.

      They must surly be running out of ideas (you’d think). I mean, they’ve done abdications (check), aliens (check), Phantom (check), Miley what’s her pus on a large wrecking ball (check), Nazi Collaborators (check), Wallet Thieves (check)..etc.

      They only thing I can think of now is to liken Nicola to Fenella from Cholton and the Wheelies, or Chucky..

      Nothing would surprise me, nor makes me bat an eye lid in anger at what they come up with.

      The more and more they publish nonsense, the more I laugh at the ludicrousness of it all.

      They’re acting like children that didn’t get a candy floss at the showies/carnival/funfair, and throwing the hugest tantrum since the dawn of time.

    135. John Moss says:

      In only eleven days time Jim Murphy, Danny Alexander, Margaret Curran and others will lose there seats.

      It’s that happy cheery thought that is helping me to cope with and get through all the media rubbish 🙂

    136. Jim says:

      Janet Daley says Scots having to to live with Governments they didn’t choose is to miss the point; Scots were always free to vote Labour or Conservative but if their chosen party loses the National argument then that is tough luck.

      I think it is she that has missed the point which is that none of those two Branch offices that we are “free” to vote for have represented Scotland’s interests at Westminster; they never have.

      The only way this woman would be right is if in her mind the union didn’t really exist, i.e, if those four countries were annexed in everything but name by England to exist only as regions of that country.

      Now we have a party with sufficient support to represent us as an equal partner should be and it is tough luck on Janet Daley as this is the right and proper price of a democratic election in a Union of four Nations and if those branch offices took a leaf out of the SNP book and truly represented the country of the people that elected them then you would maybe see a rise in support for both parties.

    137. Just back from canvassing, in a previously strong Labour voting area, and if the reception we are getting on the doorsteps is accurate, then their mud slinging aint working.

    138. clochoderic says:

      I listened to both Nicola Sturgeon and Jim Murphy on Radio Clyde 2 today and the contrast could not have been starker.

      The first minister dealt with the questions asked in her capacity as First Minister, or party leader, as the caller or interviewer demanded. She was at all times concise, precise and respectful.

      Jim Murphy on the other hand breezed in late, chuckling at his lovable rogue like persona and made the next hour the “all about Jim show.”

      Each caller was immediately interrupted by some fake bonhomie, non-sequitor or inanity to help to pad out the time. When he was eventually asked some fairly close questions he merrily prattled on about his genuine socialism and earthy roots – hence the reference to his father digging sewage. Always about him.

      He was asked about remaining as an MP and running for Holyrood next year and what his intentions were. His reply was to tell us how much he is enjoying this campaign. He said this twice – once in reply to a caller, and again when dug up about it by Colin McKay.

      He probably thought it went great. There really is less to Mr Murphy than meets the eye.

    139. maxikerr says:

      Thought i would just throw this in:there are huge moves afoot to have the UK internet censored,and you know which parts are going to be affected.They are trying to shut us down.

    140. Simon M says:

      As others have said, they did this in the final weeks of the Refendum and it worked!!

      Of course it’s despicable – beyond contempt – but we must fight back this time and not only on Scottish doorsteps. Thinking enough people will see through it and rising above it is a dangerous tactic. Don’t let them succeed again. Use everything you’ve got; every social media outlet, every email address, every English website you can get onto to stop people voting Tory, so they can’t even use the “largest party” nonsense. Don’t just shout back at them, scream back. Stop the brain washing.

      Use stats wherever possible. Just as an example (although others will do much better than this!):

      The Prime Minister of the UK governs with a mandate of just 23.5% of the UK electorate. Even with the LibDems, the mandate is just 38.5%. WHO IS ILLEGITIMATE NOW?

      Go progressive at this election, wherever you are, VOTE FOR CHANGE

    141. katsoft says:

      Sort of on same lines. Was in Stanstead a couple of times over last week. Frightening how overt hostility showed as soon as I spoke. Media down south is painting us all as immigrant hordes rent on demolishing their last bit of Empire.
      Luckily I wont be going through London Airports for a while.
      By the way didn’t dare mention politics, would probably been hung drawn and quartered.
      Mentioned this to a friend who lives in South West,when I got home, he says rarely goes out now due to lunatic fringe. Says he’s been told “F**k back to shitland and take ur B”£*^rds with you.
      So much for a United Kingdom!

    142. Susan says:

      In the Western Isles, there are now over 600 SNP members, 100 members are chapping doors and leafleting. This is how we intend to win. Please get out there and knock as many doors as you can, talk to as many people as possible. We can do this!

    143. gus1940 says:

      Irrespective of whoever ends up in No. 10 after May 7th.when parliament resumes we shall get the customary drawing of lots for who gets to present Private Members’ Bills.

      Given the anti-Scottish sentiment being excreted over us by the WM parties and their fans in the media it would be interesting to see what would happen if a couple of the more swivel-eyed lunatics on the tory benches such as John Redwood or Bill Cash not forgetting Boris were successful and presented one or other of the following Bills:-

      a) To repeal The Scotland Act and abolish The Scottish Parliament and Government.

      b) To repeal The Act of Union and restore Scottish Independence.

      I know that very few Private Members’ Bills ever reach The Statute Book but I wonder what would happen if that happened with either of the 2 above.

    144. kininvie says:

      Don’t forget all this bile is focused soley on the 8% of UKIP voters down south who can be scared back to the Tories, and, indirectly, on forcing Milliband to disown any deal at all with SNP (which he has now done.

      And it’s working – the dreaded UKIP has vanished from the press, and the right wing rags have shifted their focus to the dreaded Scots.

      Cameron (or rather, Crosby) still reckons he can get an outright Tory majority, and if poor wee Ruthie has to be thrown to the wolves to achieve it, so what.

      And all this ‘threat to the union stuff’….what better way of marginalising SNP MPs than to let them bleat from the opposition benches, ignored by everyone, by voting in a nice comfortable Tory majority

    145. Elmac says:

      Read Robert Louis at 2.17pm

      Or a headline under a photo of the Smurph reading “The Vampire Strikes Back”

    146. tartanpigsy says:

      for those of you not on twitter I tweeted (@a_nation_again ) a link to this German bestseller yesterday

      If it’s going on there it most definitely is going on here.

    147. Bob Mackk says:

      They are ratcheting the stories now,The latest in the Independent, get this, is that Ian Brady of Moors murder fame supports UKIP, and the SNP. Gotta love them don’t you ?

    148. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      Hope Hay and the SNP hold the line and don’t give in to MSM pressure.

    149. chris kilby says:

      You’re wasting your breath (and ink) guys. We’re immune. Indeed, the more the English Tory press ineffectually huffs and puffs the more Scots will vote SNP. So keep up the good work!

    150. John Smith says:

      Will the Saltire be flying over Downing Street during this vote.

    151. Gary says:

      Keen as I am to see the end of this outrage I realise that the election result will only be the beginning. However badly behaved they are now, their outrage will multiply by ten when the result is final..

    152. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Gary, 7.50 pm.

      Just so, Gary.

      Short of PV fraud, they are screwed.

      Like a blind man in a mine field, they will blunder on.

      They will destroy their beloved Union by their arrogant condescension.


    153. Robert Peffers says:

      I had a nice wee afternoon visit to the English Democracy/BNP website. Left them a nice wee, quite respectful message. Going by the tone of the site they probably will not be able to read it. (Some of the words had more than one syllable & to understand it required a bit of though.

    154. North Chiel says:

      Most effective tactic against the “media anti Scottish drivel”
      For “Southern” consumption is Nicola giving a cool calm and collected ,
      “Level headed” speech in London where “the metropolitan media”
      Can’t ignore her , and where the RUK electorate will appreciate
      Her reasoned anti austerity anti welfare cuts arguments
      Delivered with sincerity and integrity. The people will “see through”
      The lies and distortions of MSM.
      Get on a flight down there again Nicola !

    155. hopper69 says:

      Saw blo jo on marr this morning.

      Imagine that as the PM.

    156. Jon Gray says:

      This is getting bad we really are absolutely despised by the establishment now, they can’t bear the thought that we might have a say in how the country is run. If we do win as many seats as predicted I feel we better be prepared for what will happen next.

      Be strong people

    157. Yoda says:

      For ‘austerity’ read ‘balancing your books’

    158. tom says:

      During the referendum debate I thought they had plumbed the depths ,but I was wrong ! Why do any Scots want to be Joined to this bunch of nut cases ?

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