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The unholy union

Posted on May 20, 2017 by

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    1. 20 05 17 08:56

      The unholy union | speymouth

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    1. Cuilean says:

      Brilliant but there should have been an orange sash folded up on bedside table along with bowler.

    2. Morgatron says:

      Back of the net again Chris. Labour well and truly pumped by the blue brigade.

    3. ian guild says:

      can someone answer a question for me,Why do the conservatives have 2 manifesto’s in the UK GE?

    4. mumsyhugs says:

      And they don’t even have the decency to switch off the lights or close the blinds to hide their unholy union – shameless!

    5. Capella says:

      Strikes the right note of seediness for the SLab Tory relationship. Natural bedfellows now that they’ve ditched their principles.

    6. ronnie anderson says:

      Nice one Chris , well and truly consecrated in that unholy alliance but we shall render them asunder .

    7. starlaw says:

      Well done that man …. Labour have really sold the Jaickets this time. All of these alliances will have one outcome … The Tory way or no way.. A Shame on all their Houses

    8. Famous15 says:

      Well she cannot cry rape,she may be reluctant,she may even adopt the missionary position but she can always stare at the ceiling and think of England.

      His friend ,the jolly one with the North Korean fringe,is more interested to show grovelling obeisance to the imperial master May. My liberal values accepts whatever turns them on.

      Just don’t expect me to join in.

    9. Robert Louis says:

      Excellent cartoon.

      Labour’s supposed ‘die-hard socialists’, who couldn’t contemplate voting for Scottish self rule because of their ‘socialist’ principles, are right now in coalition with the party they swore to oppose.

      You know what is really ironic in all of this? Labour’s adoption, promotion and support of the Tory ‘we must stop the SNP/indyref’ is NOT harming the Tories oer the SNP. It is helping the Tories and literally day by day killing the Labour party.

      I do often wonder, just how many of those ‘Labour’ councillors are also members of the lodge. Aye.

      Labour and Tories. Red Tories and blue Tories. All orange together.


      Not on twitter. As regards the court thing with Kezia, if it’s quick, do it, but give the money (after covering costs) to a Scottish charity, otherwise, just let it go, since we have bigger fights on our hands. My litmus test right now would be, will it help us get independence? Stay focussed on the goal, Scottish independence. IMHO the kezia thing is a distraction. That’s my tuppence worth.)

    10. ronnie anderson says:

      Jan Barr.
      Quote from a city worker :
      “The Conservatives will attempt to soften the blow by promising that pensioners will not have to sell their homes to pay for their care costs while they or a surviving partner are alive. Instead, ‘products will be available’ allowing the elderly to pay by extracting equity from their homes, which will be recovered at a later date when they die or sell their residence.
      I have just seen this post online:
      ‘People need to read the small print associated with this because its a lot nastier than it looks.
      I work in the City. The insurance industry was approached by the Government several months ago with the aim of creating a new market for a new product.
      This arrangement is a culmination of those discussions. You wont have to sell your house PROVIDED that you purchase an insurance product to cover your social care. The “premiums” would be recovered from the equity after the house has been sold and the Insurance company will have a lien on the house and can force a sale if it wants to. So your offspring cant keep it on the market for long in order to get the best price.
      The real kicker in this is that in order to encourage the industry to market these products the government guaranteed that there would be no cap on the premiums.
      This was in some ways “attonement” for Osborne’s destruction of the highly lucrative annuties market. This means that the premiums could be up to (and including) the entire remaining equity in the property after the government has taken its cut. Compamies will be falling over themselves to get their snouts in this trough.
      In short your offspring and relatives could get absolutely nothing from your estate.
      If you buy one of these products you need to read the small print very very carefully indeed because there will be some real dogs on the market.
      I suspect that this is another financial scandal waiting to happen, but by the time it does May will be long gone.”

    11. Robert Peffers says:

      Nice one, Chris and relevant to more than one current Scottish political event:-

      “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”

      by William Shakespeare – from The Tempest Act II. Scene. 2.

    12. Street Andrew says:

      A picture worth a thousand words. Nice one Chris.

    13. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Yes, Chris. True romance. =snort=

      You’re a gent, though. You’ve been exceedingly kind to a lady well past her prime, and one crucial element is not showing: the cosh under the Tory’s pillow. Because this particular dalliance is not going to end with both of the participants still hale and hearty.

    14. Lollysmum says:

      Aren’t you supposed to be on holiday Mr Cairns?

    15. Macandroid says:

      Spot on Chris

      Will the Tories still love them in the morning?


    16. Calum McKay says:

      labour, prepared to throw the good folk of Aberdeen under a bus for the sake of hurting the SNP and obtaining office.

      What dos this mean, well for Aberdonians they will see services cut for the most poor and vulnerable.

      Seems to me and others that labour politicians have shorter memories than the average Scot and have forgiven the tories for laying waste to Scotland in the 70s, 80s & 90s.

      Bizzare when labour are too concerned with the constitution, and keeping office at any cost that they can’t see they are killing themselves, propping up the tories and doing such disservice to Scotland!i see

      A point I think worth emphasising is that those people mrs thatcher damaged, both they and their children continue to pay the price today!

      mrs may, already looks to be every bit as dangerous as thatcher, continued austerity, pensions and winter fuel allowance, then throw brexit into the mix!

    17. Dorothy Devine says:

      Sadly brilliant! Saw some pillock wearing both rosettes the other day.

      May I leave this here ,

    18. Ken500 says:

      Just a bunch of absolute chancers. Democracy? It is a total joke. They are ruining Cities and just getting away with it. Never held to account. The STV system is a disgrace. Introduced so the unionists could gang up together against the largest elected Party. The electorate can’t get rid of them. The Unionist and no Party get to field two candidates.

      All of Scotland should pay 10% less for fuel and energy. Scotland is in surplus with fuel and energy but pays more. If Scotland was Independent it would earn more from fuel and energy and not have to pay to put it on the grid. The Tories have ruined the Oil sector with high taxes. Losing £Billions and thousands of jobs in Scotland. The tax is 40% since Jan 2016. Scotland could have had full employment.

      Brexit will be a disaster. The Tories will negotiate less rights and pay more. The UK economy is already going down.

    19. Tackety Beets says:

      Another beaut from ooer Chris.

      Missing are the men in grey suits , those that remain power in No10 when the tenant leaves.

      They would be teetin’ in the windae overseeing the harmony .

    20. Giving Goose says:

      Labour have always been Tories.

      Regarding the coming Care scandal (thank you for the post Ronnie Anderson), it is desirable and an absolute requirement for the British state to have this happen.

      The British state needs elderly home owners to buy into these new financial products to keep the financial services industry afloat.

      It’s going to be self perpetuating in that it will be designed to ensure that parents will sell their properties to pay for care thus denying off spring an inherited house.

      The offspring then need to get on the mortgage housing ladder and begin paying into the City of London.

      The British economy depends on individual citizens being in debt!

    21. Anagach says:

      Nicely put.

    22. Morgatron says:

      Hey, wheres Wee Wullie? Is he under the bed , dragging on a joint whilst lubbing himself up for a glorious three some of the SNP must be stopped and damn the future consequences. They are all poisonous.

    23. starlaw says:

      I did not watch the TV debate but its very obvious from the panic stations of the MSM exactly who they consider came out best.

    24. Ann says:

      Dorothy 8.11

      Main Stream Media Impartial my eye. Manipulative….and May now wants to control other sources of news because the old fashioned red tops are losing readers.

      Well if they stopped printing dross and their journalists did their jobs properly, maybe, just maybe the rot can be reversed.

      I’ve posted this onto facebook, purely just to show how complicit the press are in assisting the most right wing of parties to Westminster without so much as seriously questioning their policies on how it is going to affect the vulnerable in our society.

      Any pensioner out there not computer savvy, please, please, pleasw speak to your children, grandchildren, any one to show you what is available on line so that you can see what the MSM is not reporting.

    25. Les Wilson says:

      Excellent work Chris.

      I think there should be no delay in the SNP as the democratic government of Scotland making a very clear and very loud request for UN to speak out against the anti democratic process in the UK.

      The use of intimidation and massive state propaganda against Scottish Independence in order to retain Scottish assets and prevent the Scottish people from developing our rights, straight from the UN charter.

      We are under massive propaganda campaign against our interests, and development aspirations. It is time for the UN to speak up and show exactly what the UK has become, in fact has always been. If they do not, the UN has no meaning.

    26. Bob Mack says:

      Having now seen the Conservative manifesto for a future Government, I think it will be more than Labour who ends up having no clothes.The majority of the population will be in the same boat.

      Socialist principles my ass. The one comfort I take from this happens to be the fact that no matter how grim thing become in the UK, those that vote Conservative at this election will be locked into that vote for the rest. Of their lives in order to preserve their union..They will vote to continue their own misery.

      I will never change now .SNP for my lifetime.The overarching truth is that these two have actually been Co habiting for a long long time, but have managed to keep it a secret from the neighbours. Now we know for sure.

    27. Conan the Librarian says:

      Heh. Richt up the sheugh.

    28. Terry says:

      I wonder if this will get an airing in Aberdeen tomorrow at the town house??

    29. jimnarlene says:

      Where’s the ball-gag and rope? Because the Tories will make sure SLab are f##ked. Talk about a rough wooing.

    30. Glamaig says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      20 May, 2017 at 8:11 am

      Thanks for that! great resource and its good to see what we all know confirmed there by quantitative research.

      Behind those figures its even worse – because the material presented about each party and its framing or tone is even more important and I think we all know what way that goes too.

      Ive been doing a kind of mind experiment on myself by listening to R4 and Shortbread for my commute, thats 2 hours of prime news time per day, flicking between the two. In terms of bias this is the worst I can ever remember.

      I have found it does actually adversely affect my mood and hopes for this country. Its only by visiting twitter and Wings etc and getting out campaigning with the other SNP members that my mood is restored.

      Its particularly heartening that we have new members and activists in our branch who only joined after Brexit and are absolutely driven by that.

    31. Black Joan says:

      Ronnie Anderson @7.53 am
      Thanks indeed for that very enlightening post about the care costs troughing scheme. It needs to be explained to every voter.

      Ruth Harrison (so soon after her U-turn re prescription charges) seems to be at odds with her dear leader on this, and has said that Scotland’s elderly should be exempt (a position that will doubtless change once they have voted in accordance with her instructions).

      BBC, of course, is far more interested in making a huge fuss about Labour contradicting itself over Trident.

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      I like your sleeping with the enemy cartoon, Chris. But I think I’m suffering from to much crazy Scotland-hating politics. I need a break. Maybe we all do.

      Here’s your all Hollywood weekend.

      Your non-politics weekend reading:

      Cockney geezers ‘avin’ a larf:
      Grouse Beater having a wheeze:

    33. Orri says:

      When push comes to shove the Tories point at expense as a reason to avoid the tedium of democracy. They’ve also got a record of complaining about the cost of the last independence referendum. Expect them to point to winter fuel as yet another mitigation of their policies that the SNP aren’t providing. Also expect them to point at however much has been raised to fight a second referendum as being better used to protect Scotland from the full force of cuts imposed by Westminster implying that said money came from Government coffers.

    34. Clootie says:

      The removal of the rosette is all the foreplay that will be involved in this relationship.

    35. dakk says:

      Brilliant Chris.

      You’ve got Labour’s cringing submissiveness and the arrogant Tory to a tee.

      With luck the Labour wh..e will get VD aff the ol’ comb over lecher.

    36. Clapper57 says:

      This Tweeted by Angela Rayner Labour Shadow Education Sec. :

      “The Tories want to cut winter fuel payments for pensioners in England but not in Scotland? Why do they treat pensioners so badly in England “?

      And there was us thinking the Tories had morphed into UKIP.

      Now if only voters in Scotland finally realised that it is but the English vote that dictates who governs in UKOK and the Scots votes are but a bonus and not the main prize in the GE.The above tweet confirms this point perfectly.

    37. jfngw says:


      It demonstrates how deluded May is that she believes she can control the entire internet. It is fairly simply to host your site outside the UK, in fact the one I use servers seem to be actually in Germany. They would have to build a wall a bit like china, or Trump but only a software version, to block sites from outside the UK.

    38. galamcennalath says:

      Great cartoon!

      I wonder whatever happened to Labour? There was a time, not so long ago, when ‘getting into bed’ with the Tories would have been unthinkable.

      The Tories can be pretty effective at this political stuff, despite the bumbling posh fool appearances. They take out their enemies by absorbing them! LibDems first, now UKIP and Labour.

      A bit like political Venus fly traps. Encourage them to get too close, suck them in, trap them, slowly absorb their very being, then spit out the hollow carcass.

    39. louis.b.argyll says:

      Outstanding satire!

      Are those, his toes..
      or the Lib Dems and UKIP,
      already under the covers?

      Fine work Chris.

    40. jfngw says:

      Just to add on the internet, maybe they intend an ‘action against the un-british spirit’, a cleansing by virtual burning of subversive sites which don’t represent Tory ideology.

    41. Glamaig says:

      just noticed on BBC website they have a cropped version of the Ruth stepping up on the stage photo, rather more flattering and not showing that podgy thigh.

    42. Hamish100 says:

      Good cartoon.

      From the Tory perspective is the lady the 3rd born?

      The idea that Davidson will not tow the May line over winter fuel payments is nonesense. Remember her stand on brexit, she even likes Boris Johnston now – although he has been told to shut up by May. She is a Tory ukippers now. She is the elite we have to do her bidding.

      Labours response- no Indy, it’s the SNP’s fault, we shall support the Tories.

    43. defo says:

      Coitus abominationis.
      Just lie back and think of England dear.
      He won’t last long!

      Great of you to find the time between holidays Chris.

    44. Tinto Chiel says:

      So sadly true, Chris and very relevant.

      I hope Al-Dossary doesn’t mind my quoting of part of his comment on the previous thread @9.57:

      “I see on Unison Lanarkshires facebook that NLC has already made a move to slash teaching assistant posts, breakfast clubs etc. For this to happen so soon after their Tory love in this week it must have been planned before the break up for the elections.”

      One of my children teaches in that authority and already worries about the effect of taking food out of the mouths of hungry and vulnerable children. This is an absolute disgrace.

      Whoredom in action.

      Btw, the guy looks awfie like John Prescott…..

    45. scotspine says:

      Great toon Chris.

      I have a vision of Labour in a Gimp suit though.

    46. dakk says:

      I see the young lady has no wedding ring on.

      Will it be a case of pumped and dumped.Or a long term relationship of convenience?

      We know it’s the latter.

      Whichever Tory is in power red or blue,they will both enjoy the trappings of the corrupt elite Westminster Establishment.

      Labour,and Libdems for that matter are the young dolly bird marrying the rich old toad for his money.

    47. highseastim says:

      Dub dale just can’t see how “Ruthie baby” has used and abused her for her own political gains, I heard her on radio the other day saying she wouldn’t resign if Labour had a disastrous election in Scotland, that’s just fine by me.I think I’m going to go and put a wee wager on kezia being a Tory party member by the NDT of the decade.

    48. chris kilby says:

      Get into bed with the Tories and you WILL get fucked. Just ask Nick Clegg. He got fucked so hard by the Tories he still can’t walk right.

      Heck, just ask SLab. You’d think they learned their lesson after the first IndyRef, but no. Some people never, ever learn. So fuck ’em.

    49. Sinky says:

      Great article by Kevin McKenna in to-day’s Herald.

    50. Fireproofjim says:

      Surely there must be somebody in SLAB with vestiges of the decency of the Attlee Labour Party of 1946. There is an open goal waiting for such a person supporting Scottish independence and the renewal of their principles.
      Certainly the chance will come after this General Election with the demise of Kezia and the full realisation of what their alliance with the Tories has done to the party.
      An alliance of a new Labour Party and the SNP would make Independence a certainty,
      Or am I being naive?

    51. Robert Peffers says:

      @ian guild says: 20 May, 2017 at 7:15 am:

      “can someone answer a question for me,Why do the conservatives have 2 manifesto’s in the UK GE?”

      Yes, Ian, I can answer that. They don’t care about anything except holding onto as many voters as they can scrape from the bottom of the barrel as they can, irrespective of the truth of course.

      So they have a manifesto for what they see as, “The Whole Country”, that contains the lies that scrape the English/British barrel bottom and that is mainly austerity, (a.k.a. dun the poor and exclude the foreigners).

      Then their Scottish Branch Office suddenly wakes up to the obvious fact that, as far as Westminster Head Office is concerned, the Scots ARE the foreigners and then the Scottish Branch Office rushes out a, “Scottish, (not the Tories), Referendum”, to attempt to disassociate themselves from their English/British Nationalist leaders.

      So we get the Scottish Conservative, (not the Tories), manifesto to scrape the bottom of the Scottish, (not the Tories), barrel. With the quite obvious lies that such things as a separate Winter heating policy will not happen. Not to mention that the basis of the Tank Commander’s argument that all of Scotland’s climate is colder than that of England is mince. tRuthless obviously doesn’t know there is a Scottish sub-Tropical Botanic Garden at Inverewe in the Scottish Highlands and then there is the Logan Walled Garden among the other Botanical Gardens of Scotland:-

      Not to mention the Highland village of Plockton with its row of palm trees along its main street. The Tank Commander is ignorant of Scotland’s actual very varied climate.

      One of the great attractions of Scotland is that you can drive no more than a mile, or perhaps two, and the entire landscape and climate has completely changed.

    52. packhorse pete says:

      Fireproofjim @ 10.45

      “An alliance of a new Labour Party and the SNP would make Independence a certainty,
      Or am I being naive?”

      I don’t think you’re being naive at all, fireproofjim. I’ve always seen this as a prerequisite to Scottish Independence.

      Someone will emerge who sees Independence as the only escape for SLAB from extinction. And then it will be a straight fight with the Tories, with only one winner.

    53. Nana says:

      Raunchy cartoon Mr Cairns. I wonder who you had in mind whilst drawing this.

      Lord help us if this pair have any offspring from this ungodly union.

      Morning links on previous thread for anyone interested. Includes a facebook post by the not so great dictator.

    54. David Caledonia says:

      The sad thing is this, when scotland becomes independent scottish labour will be just as insignificant as the Tories and Liberals, the scottish electorate will not forget them in a hurry, people will not return to a party that betrayed them and abused their votes to prop up conservatism
      As i am here i would just like to tell everyone about a woman called Andrea Stuart, she is a coloured lady and she wrote a history of her black slave roots in Barbados, Barbados was built on slavery, its a story of slavery and empire and the slaves fight for their freedom from their slave masters, it all started about 1620, so well before our own act of union, it reminds me of the struggles of scotland over the centuries, its basically the same story only they where kept in chains, and scotland was kept in poverty, yes as the name of that other famous book was called, we are Ragged Trousered Philanthropists in scotland
      Anyway the book is called, Sugar in the Blood , it was published in 2012 by Portobello Books, 12 Addison Avenue, London, W11 4QR, every scot should read this book and see the sadness in our own history, Barbados is now free of the slavemasters, all we have to do is put one little X in a box and we will be free to live and carve out our own destiny

    55. TheItalianJob says:


      Unfortunately Fireproof that is unlikely to happen as I also thought we would have seen a number of Labour MP and MSP defectors before Indy 2014 and subsequently to the No vote winning and Brexit.

      As our well knowledged Robert Peffers keeps reminding us the Labour and Tories have been in bed together as part of the WM establishment to protect themselves and the establishment at all costs.

      Always protecting this joint stance, even if they well know a prosperous Independent Scotland is possible.

    56. heedtracker says:

      Cracker! Vote No Thanks 2014, for working class solidarity across this small island, the red tory bampots.

      What’s the safe word? Thatcher.

    57. Breeks says:

      Kinda surreal and at the same time so utterly, utterly plausible.

      Labour in bed with the Tories, while the Tories are threatening the elderly will have to sell their homes and pay for healthcare unless they indulge some Financial insurance or equity scam to cheat their own system.

      As a true alternative emerges, at least in Scotland, and be in no doubt, Independence really is a credible alternative, then the Establishment’s media goes into a frenzied attack mode.

      I loved Peter Bell’s analogy that the SNP is seen as a systemic threat to the “body” UK and the media swarms to attack it like antibodies. I’ll take that analogy a stage further; the media has been drip feeding Scotland with antibiotics for decades now, and the modern SNP is now revealing itself as increasingly resilient.

      Without wishing to sound complacent, I think the Indy movement is unstoppable. My faith in that is evenly spread out, as in not all in one basket;

      Economically? We’ll be fine. Some disruption of course, but we have product and service in abundance, and especially in Europe, people who want our products and services. If we stumble, we will have 27 prosperous Nations to see us back on our feet. I have faith in that.

      Socially? We are rock solid. Scotland’s stance over Brexit is making us friends, lifelong friends who are already living here, and strategic friends in their foreign governments. Domestically, we are getting it pretty much right when it comes to integrity and honest decency. I have faith that isn’t going to change. Unionism seems to be the diametric opposite, fleeting faithless alliances, hidden agendas, dirty secrets and propaganda exposed whenever the lights go on… “Fair” is a four letter word to a Unionist.

      Culturally? I think I identify with the Chinese in a small way. Mao and communism destroyed a great deal of Chinese culture which they are belatedly trying to recover. We are on a different part of the spectrum from China of course, but Auld Scots language, Scots Law, Gaelic, Scottish history, Scottish infrastructure, Scotland’s social engineering, our Scottish constitution… I could go on. All of these cultural markers are overshadowed by Anglicisation and Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom. There are chapters missing which should be there, and other chapters which are there but do not belong there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating a purge of all influence, just a reevaluation of some of it. The bits that were stunted which might have grown into something noble and beautiful. I have faith that Scotland will gain a tremendous sense of well being when we reconnect with our cultural past and identify.

      You get the picture now don’t you? All “my” numbers however you combine them add up to Independence being the answer.

      But when I put myself into the shoes of a Unionist, a British Nationalist; what that is, how that defines itself, what that is identified with, and the rocky path that British Nationalism seems so blinkeredly determined to follow, I truly marvel at their capacity to have faith left in anything. I confess, I do not understand what fuels their redoubtable defence of a Union which I find to be rotten, repugnant, discredited, dysfunctional and by and large catastrophic for the holistic development of an altogether better Scotland.

      I do not deny Scotland did indeed benefit from its place in the Empire. For every strand of Scottish culture crushed by anglicisation, I expect there were other stands of Scottish culture which did very well for themselves. We have the legacy of both to come to terms with.

      But I can boil this down to simplicity itself. My personal runes cannot tell me for sure that Scottish Independence is just around the corner, or whether it will come about peacefully or be marred by the smell of tear gas. But there is certainty; and that is a certainty that the Union is doomed.

      Look at 2014. Unionism “won” its reprieve. What has it actually done in the interim three years to validate that decision and strengthen the Union? Nothing. Not a thing. The ONLY purpose of Unionism is to defeat Independence. There isn’t actually a Union to defend, only continued subjugation to be pacified by our own home made Gauleiters.

    58. Dr Jim says:

      No Tory money on the bedside cabinet?

      Maybe just the promise of a red and white coat then!

    59. Valerie says:

      @Dr Jim

      Tories don’t need to pay for it. Slab happy to drop their drawers for some cheap gilt chains of office, to cavort in.

      Good toon, as per, Chris, but I only feel disgust.

    60. Dr Jim says:

      Just seen Alistair Carmichaels pitch for his Orkney seat
      which seems to consist of Yes everyone on Orkney knows I’m a liar but then again the people of Orkney aren’t that bright

      That’s telling them Alistair

    61. call me dave says:


      Just joined the queue reading the thread a wee while.

      I think you encapsulated all there needs to be said as far as I am concerned. Excellent. 🙂

    62. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Grousebeater, great Alien Covenant review.

      Do you do requests? I’d love to see you review ‘Hard to be a God’.

    63. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Morning all.

      From the Revs Twitter:

      “Wings has now had more unique readers in May than we got in the whole of January, February or March, with 11 days still to go.”

      That’ll be why Rock was running interference most of last night them.

    64. David says:

      There has never been a union of equals in this so called United Kingdom, we all know its history, when you went to school did you learn about Wallace or Bruce and the battle that took place beside Stirling castle, no you did not, but to this day you could still tell me the date of the battle of hastings, they where not allowed to teach us the whole story of the history of these islands because we would have been taught and shown the bloody history of english imperialism, not the english people btw, but their ruling masters who thought they had some god given right to rule everyone else, Edward 1, came up here quite a few times for his summer holidays with his army of jolly lads, thousands died everytime english and scots, then he went home again, you see scotland was to cold and he was not going to pay to keep english troops up here doing nothing, better to get them home and pay them off till the next time they where needed, as Dirty Harry said, dying aint much of a living boy

    65. Legerwood says:

      ronnie anderson @ 7.53

      Paying for social care by releasing equity from your home.

      In recent days there has been a noticeable increase in adverts promoting equity release schemes particularly in the Telegraph. I guess that the discussions between Tories and insurers prior to the drawing up of the Tories’ manifesto explains the sudden appearance of these adverts.

      Foreknowledge is a great thing if you want to make a fast buck.

    66. call me dave says:

      Revs twitter:

      Deputy Dugdale urging labour voters in the borders to vote Tory to keep SNP out it’s official.
      Jings! Towel thrown in by Dugdale and the Tories are telling their lot to reciprocate in other places but we all knew that here a while ago.

      Vote SNP and get on the register to vote all you younger ones and switherers.

    67. louis.b.argyll says:

      ‘like political Venus fly traps. Encourage them to get too close, suck them in, trap them, slowly absorb their very being, then spit out the hollow carcass.’

      Spot on there.

      I’d add that.. ‘the establishment trap’ sends out messages that ‘minor’ parties are parasites and that their future prey should destroy these before they themselves are sacrificed.

    68. TheItalianJob says:

      @Breeks at 11.26

      You write some great posts and I like them all.

      This one is very good and so true. I’ve no idea what line of work you are in but you will be a valuable asset to an Independent Scotland.

      Keep posting you inspire us all.

    69. Dan Huil says:

      Brexit talks officially start on June 19th. Latest yougov polls saying those in Scotland who think it’s wrong to leave EU up 3%. This is the battle-ground in which the so-called united kingdom will disintgrate.

    70. Scott says:

      I well remember when we were told by Slab vote SNP get Tory there is no way that can be used now as we have seen in the last few days its vote Lab get Tories now and Ruthie Tank begging Lab voters to vote Tory to get BAD SNP out.

    71. Meg merrilees says:

      Ian Guild

      I was raising the same point last night.

      Here’s the BBC’s own take on the Scottish Tories piffle.
      NB their own comments highlight that most of the policies concern devolved issues and are therefore irrelevant in a WM election.

      It’s all rubbish, deliberately meant to mislead.

      The two areas that are not devolved, Fishing and energy are completely vacuous and NO mention of TRIDENT!!!

      Fishing industry
      Pledge to support Scotland’s fishermen after leaving the EU and the Common Fisheries Policy
      Support for the shale gas industry in Scotland as part of a “diverse energy mix” which will include more offshore wind projects, but fewer onshore large-scale wind projects.

      Seems tRuthless’ ideas are not going down well in England but will the real truth come out i.e. the fact that Pensioners in Scotland are being protected by SNP policies – don’t hold your breath.

    72. Jack Murphy says:

      OT. FISHING..British Waters under threat with May’s and Davidson’s Brexit.
      From BBC on-line ‘Election Campaign Latest’ dated 22:36 last night.

      “The Telegraph reports concerns in the UK fishing industry that the Conservatives could “waive the rights to almost 95% of British waters” if the party wins the general election.

      The paper says that fishermen “believe Britain has legal rights to all fish within 200 miles of the coast, but the [Tory] manifesto leaves open the possibility that only 12 miles of water will be protected after Brexit…….”. 🙁

      OUT with May and Davidson. Both of them are now rampant Brexiteers !

    73. Artyhetty says:

      Excellent image Chris! I was quite shocked, not at the raunchiness, but at the actual depiction of the truth for all to see. Labour have blotted their copy book, well, since some time back. Idiots.

      Re; David Caledonia@11.01

      Sounds like an interesting if harrowing book about slavery. Thing is, if you mention that Scotland is and has been oppressed for over 300 years to most people, here and especially south of the border, you get a look as if you are really crazy. Why, because the unionists have done a good job in conning people to think it was an agreement, not enforced, not cajoled, not orchestrated economically etc.

      So it is nigh-on impossible to get people to realise that their country was taken by force, and used to the benefit of an abusive, empire driven, neighbour. I know little of Scottish history, but enough to see just what an awful, unequal, and unholy union it has been for centuries. Many seem blind to that.

      Have a good Saturday all! Leaflets to deliver, it’s the least I can do.

    74. heedtracker says:

      Legerwood says:
      20 May, 2017 at 11:51 am
      ronnie anderson @ 7.53

      Paying for social care by releasing equity from your home.

      Britain’s care time bomb is “one of the biggest commercial opportunities” for private firms, Jeremy Hunt has said.

      The Health Secretary made the eyebrow-raising remarks today as he was grilled by MPs on the influential Health Select Committee.

      He also suggested more people could start saving for their own care, treating the issue like society treats pension pots.

    75. K1 says:

      Well, it’s turned intae a shagathon wi aw the bed hoppin’ in councils aroon Scotland….and now Kezia’s just blessed their Union by blatantly tellin’ folk tae vote Tory in some areas where they are best placed tae ‘beat the SNP’.

      Ah want tae ‘unfuckingbelievable’ but it’s not is it, it’s shameful and the results will be devastating for Scotland, any vote for Labour is merely strengthening the Tories hand at Westminster, Labour are not opposing the Tories, they are colluding with them to shaft Scotland.

      What is happening at council level is a mirror effect at the National and UK wide level. They are the red Tories and nothing has changed in the past two years to suggest that Labour in any way has altered course.

      Vote SNP or be crushed by the Tories. It’s your call.

    76. Robbo says:

      The glee in his facial expression says it all when that bandit comes out with his dribble is plain to see.

      Even worse is this Dr mengale type.He just wants to kill them off- disgusting piece of shit!

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      @Orri says:20 May, 2017 at 9:19 am:

      “When push comes to shove the Tories point at expense as a reason to avoid the tedium of democracy.”

      Aye! Orri, and when shove comes to push, the only salient points we need know about the Tory Party is that while they run up massive national debts and are telling us that, “We are all in this together”, and while imposing supposed austerity upon, “Us all”, because, “The Country”, cannot sustain the cost of universal benefits but must maintain, “The Country’s”, security at all costs their own statistics prove that there are not only more billionaires in, “The Country”, but also more UK billionaires living off-shore from, “The Country”, who have all more than doubled their wealth while the most vulnerable of the rest of us are dying of cold, lack of good medical care, malnutrition and killing themselves out of sheer worry and frustration at their abject poverty.

      Austerity? What austerity would that be while the wealthy are doubling their wealth and the multinationals are creaming record profits and paying no taxation there is only a myth of austerity in the United Kingdom?

      Now we are about to vote in a GE and the English will most likely vote back the Tory Government they expect to maintain their Little England for Little Englanders and that Little Englander xenophobia is blinding them to the fact that the Tory Manifesto has promises that indicate the Westminster Establishment has picked clean the bones of the most vulnerable.

      They are now about to start picking over the freshly dead bones of the English Middle Classes by forcing the sale of the deceased’s middle class person’s property as they struggled to receive care in their old age.

      Can these people not see that great big Tory Road Roller hurtling down the street in their direction?

      “First they came for the immigrants and I did nothing because I was not an immigrant. Then they came for the disabled and I did nothing because I was not disabled. Then they came for the old – and you know the rest of that quotation – don’t you?

    78. TheItalianJob says:

      Well said Breeks.

      @Robert Peffers

      Another enlightening post.

      When everyone else is having to resist the Tory purge on the poor and less well off (now including the so called “middle class”) the real Tory millionaires and Billionaires who the Tory party stand for become even richer.

      Where was the education of all this when we real need it. And still today we see the unelightened voting for this scum of a party.

      Just look at the link to the Mirror article above by Robbo above of the Tory Deputy mayor who is advocating killing disabled people. Nazis or what. Unbelievable that this is what we have and promote in today’s Uk. I for one don’t want any part of this.

    79. dakk says:

      @Breeks. 11.14

      Top notch.

    80. gus1940 says:

      A couple of days ago I commented on the close relationship between The BBC and individuals connected to The Spectator.

      Watching this week’s thursday late night Brillo Ego Show I was disgusted by the wild right wing diatribe by guest star James Delingpole.

      I had heard the name before but out of curiosity I googled him and surprise surprise It turns out that he is a regular contributor to that near fascist propaganda rag.

      Of course under the ownership of the loathesome Barclays our old pal the supposedly neutral BBC political commentator Brillo is the Boss of The Spectator with that other BBC regular Fraser Nelson as Editor.

    81. Robert Peffers says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker says: 20 May, 2017 at 11:35 am:

      “Wings has now had more unique readers in May than we got in the whole of January, February or March, with 11 days still to go.”

      I believe most of us saw that coming.

      “That’ll be why Rock was running interference most of last night them.”

      As to Rock. I had a good laugh at his claim about me, “So you do read my comments”, as if that were some kind of great victory.

      I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I do not read his comments but as I read the comments of those Wingers who do reply to him I then know if there is something I need to check out and hit him with.

      If he thinks I’m reading his comments he may just try harder to be a bit more subtle with his constant attempts to put down the SNP SG and the people of Scotland – but I doubt he has the intellect to do so.

    82. Graf Midgehunter says:

      “Wings over Scotland”

      Sponsored by Kezia Dugdale and the Red Tories Fan Group. 😉

      We all love you Kez….!

    83. louis.b.argyll says:

      If Scotland had not been conned into joining the Union, our population would be around 12 million.
      Instead England has 60 million and we now have huge untapped natural wealth such as agricultural potential and coastal resources but no ‘nation’ to invest on our behalf.

      It’s Independence or bust, I’m afraid.

    84. louis.b.argyll says:

      Quite right Robert Peffers, he only ever degrades things, very negative is Rock, therefore rightfully ignored.

      Like election leaflets, spotting errors etc can be amusing, occasionally, but we don’t read every one all the way through, not now.

    85. TheItalianJob says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Good on you. I skip past Rocks comments and also the usual other Trolls Sensible Dave etc.

      But I do read yours and every other Wings regulars who reply to his posts so get a good ininkling as to what he is about.

      Spot on about Rock not having the intellect to put forward a decent comment or argument. Rock has little of anything to offer this site of what we Wingers are striving to achieve.

    86. defo says:

      Not just to be contrary… Having all sorts here makes for wider, more varied commenting.
      Would it really be better without the dissenters & distractors ?

    87. Auld Rock says:

      Don’t forgot about the flute and umbrella.

      Auld Rock

    88. carjamtic says:



    89. Chick McGregor says:

      I remember many years ago(20+) on soc.culture.scottish, scotpol and other prehistoric forums being ridiculed by other pro indy supporters for predicting that Scottish Labour and Tory would unite against the SNP when the time came.

      Back then, most pro indy supporters didn’t even think the BBC was biased in any way.

    90. Macart says:

      Neatly done again Chris. 🙂

    91. defo says:

      Laugh away mate. That time has come.
      I’ve been getting a lot of that ‘i said so’ feeling lately too.
      Tinfoil hatted for Trump/ it’ll all end in farce.

    92. Rock says:

      Robert Peffers,

      “I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I do not read his comments but as I read the comments of those Wingers who do reply to him I then know if there is something I need to check out and hit him with.”

      Hit me? You pretend that you don’t read my comments when you are left speechless and too scared to respond.

      I am still waiting to be hit on this one from yesterday:

      Robert Peffers,

      “They discriminate against no one – not even the, sometimes ungrateful, English retirees who sell up expensive southern homes and buy into Scotland to benefit from the universal benefits the SNP SG have instigated here in Scotland.”

      Robert Peffers (18th February “Here comes a surprise”)

      “The fact is that a little common sense will show that the immigrants mainly come to find work. Elderly English cadgers excepted, these who sell up expensive city homes for cheaper, or better, Scottish accommodation, free bus passes and the benefits of such as free prescriptions, care at home and cheaper Council Tax. These are often the ones most prone to call scots subsidy junkies.”

      Those are your true anti-English views, Robert Peffers.

      Contrast them with mine:

      “The vast majority of the English living here have their loyalty to England, which I have no problem with.

      But it is not fair for Scotland that they are allowed a vote on Scotland’s independence from England.

      As I have said before, after independence all would have equal status under a written constitution.”

    93. Rock says:

      I will spoil you for choice.

      Try hitting me on this one:

      Robert Peffers,

      “There would be a mass exodus of members from the party if the party accepted the UDI preaching of numpties like Rock.”


      “Quote me one post where I have preaced UDI. If not, I will have to sue you for libel, (you “bloody numptie”, in your favourite words).

      Let us see who actually has preached UDI:”

      Robert Peffers, (14th March “Fury Of The Phantoms”)

      “All we need do is to go ahead and do what we wish and let them attempt to stop or prevent our exercise of what, under Scots law, is our legal sovereignty and let them take legal action.”


      “Another mighty boast from your armchair.

      The Scottish parliament and First Minister are bound to operate within their limited non-sovereign powers and that is why they will seek permission from Westminster.

      Anything else would be UDI.”

    94. Rock says:

      Or hit me on this one:

      Robert Peffers,

      “@Rock says: 18 May, 2017 at 9:05 pm:

      ” … No-one in his/her right mind would claim that the 20% or so that votes for Labour are all members of Labour and their family and friends.”

      Then, Rock, is it not fortunate that I never claimed they were.”

      Robert Peffers,

      “And only a bloody numptie hasn’t realised that those 20% ARE Labour. They may be much reduced in numbers but are still a significant party in Scotland. Just count up the actual number of MPs, MSPs, MEPs and Councillors holding office at present.

      Multiply that number by around 3, (they will all have at least election agents, family and hingers-oan), and that is a considerable number of Scots with votes for Labour.”


      “Trying to wriggle out of what you did claim?

      Stop calling other posters “bloody numpties”, you aggressive verbal bully.”

    95. David Caledonia says:

      Artyhetty thanks for the comment on my post

      Once we get independence scottish schoolchildren will be taught the true history, not just of scotland, but the world and how imperialism impacted on britain’s former colonies, but kids must be taught it was all actually english imperialism, some scots where in amongst it, but most where just doing the dirty work for their paymasters in London
      Education is the most important factor in a kids developement, education gives us power, because with education the truth cannot be hidden from you

    96. David Caledonia says:

      I never quite understood the debate about english residents not being allowed to vote in scotland, if i was an english resident i would vote for scottish independence, these people are the enlightened english who come to live in scotland because of our basic core values, not to mention our great way of life and friendly disposition, yes some of them will get pelters as they say, but every country has its knuckleheads and scotland is no exception as far as that goes

    97. HandandShrimp says:

      Excellent cartoon but as a former Labour voter it also made me feel a little sick.

    98. Rock says:

      David Caledonia,

      “these people are the enlightened english who come to live in scotland because of our basic core values, not to mention our great way of life and friendly disposition”

      That doesn’t seem to be the view of the resident expert here:

      Robert Peffers (18th February “Here comes a surprise”)

      “The fact is that a little common sense will show that the immigrants mainly come to find work. Elderly English cadgers excepted, these who sell up expensive city homes for cheaper, or better, Scottish accommodation, free bus passes and the benefits of such as free prescriptions, care at home and cheaper Council Tax. These are often the ones most prone to call scots subsidy junkies.”

      Robert Peffers,

      “They discriminate against no one – not even the, sometimes ungrateful, English retirees who sell up expensive southern homes and buy into Scotland to benefit from the universal benefits the SNP SG have instigated here in Scotland.”

    99. W.Miller says:

      Is she an NHS nurse?

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