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In case you still weren’t sure

Posted on May 20, 2017 by

Kezia Dugdale tells voters in the Borders, Highlands and a number of other areas that voting Tory is a better way to stop the SNP than voting for her own party’s candidates.

We assume she’ll be suspending herself shortly.

(It was particularly notable that she said it on the same day Theresa May said that just a handful of seats could stop her being Prime Minister. Apparently Kezia Dugdale doesn’t care if picking up a few seats in Scotland makes the difference in giving the most brutal Tory government in history a majority, so long as they STOP THE SNP!)

It’s a funny old state of affairs. But we’re sure that the Scottish media’s fearless inquisitors will be on the case to clarify Scottish Labour’s priorities any time now.

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229 to “In case you still weren’t sure”

  1. Andrew says:

    Despicable. Calling themselves left wing but favouring Ruth Davidson and her abusers standing up for a ruined union over one that will help the people of Scotland. Nothing we didn’t know 🙂

  2. Croompenstein says:

    She has jumped so far over the shark that the shark is just a minnow to her.. FFS save us

  3. The Proctor Lewis says:

    But not as damaging as what she said moments later, proclaiming Scotland should be denied the rights to hold an independence referendum forever .

  4. Garrion says:

    I’m trying to think of a comment that is in any way a political observation/contribution to this, but I just can’t.

  5. X_Sticks says:

    So ALL it is about is ‘beating’ the SNP.

    They sure are running scared.

  6. Cloggins says:

    Skip the monkey, complain to the organ grinder. He may be a squit but will have to comply with party rules.

  7. mogabee says:

    There must be a terrible scent of desperation in Scottish branch of Labour for it’s regional boss to keep suggesting voters pay homage to Davidson/May.

    Locally, much talk amongst young voters of SNP to keep out Tories. Dugdale would be better just shutting up shop now…

  8. The Proctor Lewis says:

    She also said Labour was banned from joining with the SNP, unfortunately this has already happened, looks like the party membership is to be counted in hundreds.
    I laughed when someone said she was a SNP plant, now I absolutely believe it.
    Go Kezia, go Kezia, go Kezia, you’re the best recruiting Sargent we have now, even surpassing The rotting remains of Thatcher T May.

  9. Jim Watson says:

    Well if I am trying to be positive at least she did not tell anyone to vote for the lib dems…

    RIP Labour, we knew you so well…

  10. Gullane No4 says:

    A very sad reflection on a once great party.
    It has totally lost it’s soul and conscious

  11. cearc says:

    I hope that people on twitter are sending this link to all the english labour party who think that they are fighting against the tories!

    Perhaps with a note about the lab/tory councils. like NLC has already made a move to slash teaching assistant posts, breakfast clubs etc.

    They really ought to suspend SLAB in its entirety as by campaigning principally against the SNP they are in effect campaigning against a good chunk of the Labour manifesto.

  12. paul gerard mccormack says:

    I’d be interested to hear what mr. murray thinks now of the often repeated charge of ‘tartan tories’?

  13. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Ooh. Step away from the baseball bat, Stewie. That weren’t worth it.

  14. Brian McHugh says:

    Haha… I just posted my comment on the Youtube video before reading the above.

  15. sinky says:

    Ian Murray also said people should vote Tory to stop the SNP

  16. muttley79 says:

    You can tell from Kezia Dugdale’s body language that she does not believe a single word she says on Scottish politics. Dugdale is there for one reason and one reason alone imo, which is her career. No honesty, no conviction, no values, no vision, no integrity.

  17. Nana says:

    The desperation to stop the snp at all costs from finding out what labour have done to Scotland over the years.

    Goodness me the secrets must be rank rotten.

    PS I would contribute to the lawsuit.

  18. Calum McKay says:

    It must have dawned on most folk that tories and labour in Scotland are different sides of the same coin.

    Don’t tell me that on a Scottish level that labour and tories aren’t colluding as they have been in Aberdeen?

    Red and blue tories, was it ever thus!

  19. Swami Backverandah says:


    It’s a ruse.

    The bizarre comments will become more frequent as she builds a case for a plea of insanity in any potential upcoming court cases.

  20. Marker Post says:

    What compounds it even more is the ticker on the bottom. “Dugdale: What we saw from the Tories yesterday was a slash and burn manifesto”. She’s fighting the wrong battle.

  21. Hamish100 says:

    Slightly OT Donald Trump enters the Saudia Arabian Palace to the pipes. Scotland the brave being played. Makes you proud or not to be Scattish or as Davidson and Dugdale agree upon North Anglo British. I think the BBC commentator thought the tune was an ancient Saudia ditty.

    Dugdale doesn’t even shoot herself in the foot but each toe several times over x2.

    This in no way suggests that I support gun violence unlike PM May who likes to shoot foxes not out of necessity but for the trading of English sporting heritage.

  22. How absolutely thick is Dugdale? Rennie won’t be encouraging lib dem supporters to vote tory or labour AND Davidson will most certainly never pass that message to tories to vote for another party.

    Dugdale and Labour truly are like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Its not just suicide its extinction.

  23. Bob Mack says:

    Quite remarkable. We now have the “leader” of a supposedly socialist party urging voters to support a totally right wing party in order to defeat the democratic process.

    Does Kezia utterly fail to realise that the search for independence is not going to go away despite all the shenanigans they now employ to disrupt it ?. I am never going to change my mind for one.

    It is incredible to think that we now live in a country where there is indeed a one party state, and it is not the SNP.It is actually the establishment devoid of all pretence now, and subduing the wishes of a democratic group by any means at its disposal.

    Confession time. I feel utterly ashamed that I put my x in a box next to many Labour candidates in my voting life. It was a mistake I shall never repeat again.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    The Dunning Krueger effect

    For those who have not heard of it basically it means the lack of a persons understanding of their own lack of ability
    We have a few other words for it in Scotland but here’s an example of the level of Miss Dugdales Nitwittery
    This morning Miss Dugdale announced that the people of Scotland are now living in…. “fear” yes she said it, fear of a referendum

    In many countries throughout the world there are people who would literally hack off a limb to be offered that level of democratic engagement but according to Miss Dugdale Scottish people are afraid for their very lives and health to be offered such a notion

    And still she wonders why the SNP rejected her as a possible or even plausible prospective candidate

    I give you Miss Kezia Dugdale the Dunning Krueger effect in all it’s perfect dictionary described definition

  25. One_Scot says:

    It really does tell you that the Labour party stands for nothing when Labour tell you to vote Tory, and the Tories tell Labour to vote Tory.

    Labour and the Tories no longer care about voters, all they care about is keeping Scotland under a corrupt and damaging union.

    We really do have to move on from this repressive period of Scottish politics. Scotland deserves better than this. Our children deserve better than this.

  26. Capella says:

    I think something must have gone wrong with her wiring. Send her back to the Lab for testing. Why does the consumer always have to do quality control these days?

  27. Swami Backverandah says:

    It’s a Ruth and Kezia duet:

    ‘You all must vote for Treeza May
    She’s come to take your house away
    And we’re so full of spite and hate
    We expect the SNP to mitigate’.

  28. Proud Cybernat says:

    But aren’t the Tories an “other unit of the [Labour] Party”?

    She’s a’right then?

  29. Robert Graham says:

    Her comments are fairly consistent with the antics of the late Donald Dewar and his time in office with the labour party .
    I watched a live stream on Independence live from East Kilbride , titled ” a positive case for independence ” with Dennis Curran -Tommy Sheridan & MIke Dailly , well that was a eye opener to what this scottish Labour party have been up to over the years , and all the social changes proposed to help people they were against , not because they were bad measures but because they didn’t come from them , how petty and self serving is that ? .
    it was the North Lanarkshire thing about Schools and the recent antics in Aberdeen and no doubt other councils that brought this to mind , what exactly are they up to ? whats the point .

  30. manandboy says:

    O/T Excellent Stu.

    For Kezia, the rules might just as well have been written on a steamed-up window.

    Vote Tory/Labour/LibDem/UKIP to support the really nasty, treacherous, selfish, SNP hate-filled and greedy Unionist Alliance, dedicated to keep the wealthy mineral rich colony of Scotland under English rule.

    Remember – we are in a War. It is being waged against us by the British Establishment. They want to retain their oil-rich Colony of Scotland. Be in no doubt about it. They will stop at nothing, but will wait till they disengage from Europe. This is the Propaganda phase. After that, it will be full on, if the propaganda fails.

  31. So in order to beat SNP who the Tory’s are offering a different deal from pensioners over the border despite SNP are already have. That will please the English Tories. But while cuts are being talked about that will affect poorest pensioners forced to be stigmatized. Let us remember the wedding of the year Pippa Middleton 40.000 for 1 wedding dress. Suggested cost of wedding 300 thousand pounds and rising. Tory’s all! This is the party that Labour in Scotland are asking us to vote for. We are back to Victorian poverty and knowing your place.

  32. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    As previously discussed it is The SNP vs The North British Nationalist Party at this GE.

    A Party who say “Stronger for Scotland” vs one (albeit in 3 colours) who says “No Indy Ref2”.

    The Union ended with the Brexit vote but the Establishment were too busy congratulating itself to notice.

    It is just a matter of time now but the North British Nationalist Party will try to influence the result and when that fails will try and inflict enough damage as possible to hamstring an Independent Scotland.

  33. David Mills says:

    As per the Labour party handbook that an offence that could earn expulsion let alone suspension but I won’t hold my breathe on the Labour party abiding by their own by-laws.

  34. Colin Brown says:

    And aren’t the blue-Tory Unionists saying the same thing in breach of their own party rules? Maybe Ruth can stick to the script but I’ll bet lots of her followers don’t.
    We need a script to trap doorstep canvassers.

  35. rigmac7 says:

    Bought and sold for unionist gold. Unless she’s gone insane of course, that could be it.

    I think the anti independence parties in Scotland have had their orders from London – they are to team up and stop SNP in order to keep the UK together, as if they don’t manage that, then there’s going to be nothing for the English parties to fight over (if Scotland leaves it’s going to be desolate down south).

    What they don’t seem to realise is that by doing this, they screw themselves for a political future in an independent Scotland. All their eggs in one proverbial basket (complete with tea and scones, unsecured hammers, large ball bearings, a handle about to snap and a Union Jack tablecloth).

    Tories are effectively culling the old, sick and disabled. They’re doing this unashamedly. They’re doing it while many of the population cheer them on. They have zero empathy for people. They are a very selfish and destructive group and they are gathering up those like them and pulling them close. I do despair of the nastier parts of the human nature, but that’s what makes us human – the ability to mock for pleasure, to feel superior to others, to kill for profit and fun.

    They want to control the internet (as do all government/establishment figures with all types of media). Internet has been the most damaging thing to happen to the establishment and we are racing towards a tipping point where something is going to have to give in a very big way. Not a good way. Freedom of speech, ability to share truthful information, video, audio in real time is hugely damaging to them and their media houses. More and more people are wakening up – and they realise this. What action are they willing to take to retain control? Personally, I don’t believe they have any limits. They have their agendas and their agendas they will do everything they need to do to accomplish their desired outcome.

    Perhaps we really are in a Matrix of sorts. Perhaps it’s time to waken the others up. Perhaps the sun has got to me out here 🙂

  36. Breeks says:

    So we can have a grossly dishonest, incompetent, warmongering “socialist” British Government, or a grossly dishonest, rabid NeoLiberal UKIP warmongering Tory Government, but Scotland is NOT allowed to have sensible, rational Scottish government which can live within its means, respect its own people, and get along fine with its European neighbours.

    And that’s the gist of it according to UK democracy! My, my. What a revolutionary concept.

  37. TheStrach says:

    All the BritNat parties are singing from the same hymn sheet. They all want to deny Scotland the democratic right to determine our own future. They must believe deep down that they’ll lose next time.

    That should give us confidence and keep us strong during the difficult times ahead. We will get there.

  38. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    This is the blatant truth behind The Labour Party in the U.K.

    A tool of the Establishment.

    Not a Political Party to give the ‘working class’ a voice.

    A con trick to circumvent the tide Bolshevism and Revolutions demanding meaningful change seen Post WW1 in Europe.

    It worked until Tony Bliar cast off the Red Flag trappings and let the light shine on The Red Tories.

    Dugdale has now completed the exposure of this truth.

  39. Dan Huil says:


  40. Brian Powell says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker

    I think of them as the British Unionist Regional Parties, or BURPs for short.

  41. Muscleguy says:

    @Jockanese Wind Talker
    They can try, but this time around we will have observers at the Indy negotiations between Scotland and fUK: the EU. The EU will have our backs, may well lend us civil servants for the negotiations who know what they’re about.

    WHEN we vote YES2 the EU will have our backs and fUK will find itself negotiating with them twice in quick succession. I suspect the Establishment knows this and is gibbering in fear and trepidation at the prospect. Just one reason they are so absolutely, utterly and completely shit scared of another IndyRef.

    They know the game is up now and dare not let us vote on it.

  42. Simon Curran says:

    So, no matter how bad things might get for Scotland you’ve still got to keep the SNP out at all costs. Its truly and utterly mad.

  43. crazycat says:

    @ David Mills at 1.13

    The excuse will be that she didn’t (in the clip attached above; it could be elsewhere in what she said) explicitly tell people to vote Tory.

    She just said that the Tories were better placed. A sophist could argue that that is no more than a statement of fact.

    It resembles the way they are ruling out council coalitions, not with the Tories per se as the SNP have done, but with any party who will “pass on austerity”.

  44. clan rossy says:

    And just to think

    she could or maybe have been the snp FM for scotland
    if she was accepted as said in the past.

    jeez whiz just thinking about it scares the shit out of you.

  45. findlay farquaharson says:

    i got a bloody good mind to sue her

  46. Bob Mack says:

    Vote Tory ? This morning a Tory councillor on a local social care integration programme had to resign after suggesting that children with severe needs would be better off being guillotined and the money could go towards providing operations for those with physical problems.

    This is not a fake story!!. Do not tell me this is not the way Germany chose when it went down its historical path in the past.

    These people are fascists to the core. However Kezia wants you to vote for them. I feel sick.

  47. Lochside says:

    The desperation on her face tells the truth….there is a concerted UK State led attempt fronted by puppet ‘parties’i.e. the branch outfits to defeat and or at the very least undermine the SNP and by definition Scotland. And Dugdale is fully cognisant of what she is doing. If any half-witted safty out there is seduced in voting SLAB because of Corbyn’s last minute stealing of the SNP’s clothes then watch this clip.

    The Tories are now admitting the possibility (certainty) of opening up the NHS and Food industry to US corporate predators. They are flagging up the intention ,on social media, the possibility (certainty) of controlling the Internet based on ‘privacy’, ‘terrorism’, and pornography issues. We know that this means they are going after people like us, the recalcitrant ‘separatists’.

    Add in their complete control of the media and the imperial narratives on both domestic and foreign politics; their incessant attacks on the sick, the unemployed, the working class poor, the young, and now the retired poor as well, and you have the complete profile of the incipient fascism that was spawned by Thatcher that is now being hatched in front of our eyes by May and her gang of criminals.

    Unfortunately, the ‘YES’ campaign second time round has been stillborn. The RIC were needed to repeat the galvanising of the unregistered and unconnected voters, mainly in the schemes. We need every vote from the ordinary people of this country to stop the stupid, the greedy and self interested and the British residents here from using their ‘coalition of calamity’to stymie our progress to freedom.

  48. Artyhetty says:

    Oh for goodness sake Kez, you really have lost the plot. Obsessed about the SNP, one track mind, big fat meme from the masters, red n blue down in London.

    They really are running scared, but the people of Scotland are by and large wise to the lies and scheming by these money grabbing so called politicians.

    Kez, you speak for your tory pals, how incredibly sad. It’s a battle, and they already have you on the front line, cannon fodder. Still time to see sense and stand up for democracy and for the people of Scotland to not be at the mercy of this rabid tory run so called UK. They show no mercy Kez, so stop freaking supporting them!

  49. Alastair says:

    How many times do we have to listen to the deliberate insulting mis- naming of the “The Scottish National Party” being called the “The Scottish Nationalists Party”. This is so obviously deliberate.
    Until it stops the First Minister, SNP MSP’s and new MP’s should refer in the media and in both parliaments to the Conservativists Party and the Labourists Party.

  50. Artyhetty says:


    I feel sick just reading that, knowing someone would actually say that. OMG. He should be taken to court, breach of the so called ‘equality act’ 2010. The one which Gordy Brown replaced the Disability Discrimination Act with. It hardly protects those with disabilities, but when the Human Rights Act is scrapped by the tories, it hardly bares thinking about.

    I would make this guy work for a year with adults with SEN, prob not safe with kids, and see if he thinks people with any kind of disabling condition should be ‘guillotined’. I hope this is a one off. Lock the guy up and/or community service. Disgraceful excuse for a human being.

  51. Andy-B says:

    Foot in mouth often springs to mind when Dugdale opens her gub.

    As for the Red Tories in Scotland, in my opinion their demise will continue.

  52. dakk says:

    Was going to say I will be glad to see the back of this nark when she gets sacked by her Great British handlers.

    But I realise her replacement will be just another Yoon clone version of her and her treacherous predecessors,so really there will be no respite from these Britnat careerist creatures.

  53. Proud Cybernat says:

    Net Loss…

  54. Balaaargh says:

    “Beat the SNP”

    This is a UK election. The SNP are not the party to beat. They will form no government or coalition.

    KD has fallen for Moothy Roothy’s propaganda and allowed the narrative to be set that in some way the SNP can change things and that SLAB and the perfidious tories are the underdogs here.

    A vote for SLAB or the tories is to acquiesce to the continuing erosion of civil liberties while the land is asset-stripped from under your feet.

  55. Bob Mack says:


    What makes it worse is that he is a retired Doctor.

    Mengele springs to mind.

  56. louis.b.argyll says:

    And so, Labour burns it’s left-leaning Scottish bridges and forges alliances with the very party they were invented to oppose.

  57. Maria F says:

    Hang on. Didn’t three Labour Members got suspended in Surrey less than 2 weeks ago because they were supporting a progressive alliance and an NHS Doctor rather than the Labour candidate in a fair and justifiable attempt to unseat Jeremy Hunt with the aim to protect the NHS?

    I think this is a very similar scenario, so if Ms Dugdale is not immediately suspended for asking for a tory vote instead of asking support for the labour candidate, Labour will be showing to the electorate here in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK that it is a completely untrustworthy party of outrageous double standards.

  58. Grouse Beater says:

    Learn to love your colonial masters:
    ‘Braveheart’ was total fiction, King Arthur is great art:

  59. heedtracker says:

    Wonder what she’ll do after politics, June 9? She’s got a law degree, so she’s probably not going to do Law. She’s not done enough to get to the Lords trough, her loyal pay level needs a tasty party donation for that UKOK reward. BBC Scotland might give her a start or a uni gives her a PR sinecure. That’s where the great Eleanor Bradford ended up. Thanks a lot uni of Aberdeen.

  60. Skintybroko says:

    I know many Torys are disgusting but the guillotine story is from 2005 why say it is from today?

  61. Effijy says:

    For Pity’s sake can Kezia’s Mum and Dad not have her sectioned?

    That woman is seriously ill and I do fear for her.

    Of all the things that the founders of the Labour Party fought for, Kez wants to support further Tory austerity where we already have 25% of Scottish Children living in poverty.

    Corbyn won’t press the ejector seat yet, with the election looming, but he should have her on 24 hour watch!

    He must see how sick and bitter she has become.

  62. asklair says:

    If I was a labour voter and remember the damage done by the tories in the past, then the leader of my party advises voting for the tories, I would be pissed off. Very glad I am not in this situation, but there will be labour supporters in this position. I can not work out the logic the Scottish Labour are using, is that the problem, no logic and forward thinking.

  63. Robert Graham says:

    Just can’t keep her bloody gob shut can she.
    Sky news just now the ticker tape bit at the bottom of the screen ,
    Kezia Dugdale leader of the Scottish Labour Party ” Scots are living in fear of a second referendum ” No they are bloody well not sweetie, they are in fear of a rabid bleedn Tory party , assisted by your lot , Why don’t you just cross over and join them, that’s it get up off your fat arses and sit with the Tory party, they are the ones you’re party pledged to oppose, oh I forgot that was last week, I don’t know who out of the two of them is the more Disgusting, it’s a difficult choice .

  64. Dorothy Devine says:


    Well Ms Dugdale , may I say never in my 71 years have I voted for your party and that includes the days when the labour party had some sane , sensible and honest politicians.

    Now it looks as though total insanity is in ‘control’ here in Scotland.

    Small Minded Miss, your function is not to beat a perfectly competent party in the central belt – you were actually voted in to Holyrood to work for the people of Scotland and to back ideas that improve the lives of those who choose Scotland as home – not to indulge in the shite and spite of the Bain principle, though the loud mouthed ‘tank commander ‘ also appears to follow Bain so obviously you have much in common with the Conservative party.

    Utterly flabbergasted and disgusted with the ridiculous displays you have made of yourself in recent times.

  65. msean says:

    Labour seems to have forgotten who they have to beat to get into government.

    Surely,a labour leader should be making the case to those voters in the borders for voting labour,not basically saying vote for someone else.

  66. Harry Vimes says:

    Purely for the sake accuracy here it is worth pointing out that since the announcement of the election all LP business meetings at Constituency and Ward levels have, as a matter of course, been suspended for the duration of the election period.

    The practical effect of this is that any due process involving a claim of a breach of Party rules cannot take place until after the election. This is because the process within the rules for dealing with a claim of a breach of the rules requires a business meeting at one or more levels which cannot take place because all business meetings are suspended. Ergo, the rules as well as business meetings have to all practical effect been suspended until the election is over.

    This has both positive and negative outcomes. On the positive side the NEC sub committee currently engaged in a witch hunt to expel members who the Blair cultists do not like is on temporary hold as are decisions by young wet behind the ears sprogs not many years out of university at regional level to suspend Ward Branches or Constituencies.

    On the negative side breaches of rules which require a quick and timely resolution cannot be be resolved.

    M&M enterprises would be most impressed.

  67. Training Day says:

    All that matters to any of the branch offices in Scotland is to deny the Scottish people self-determination. That’s it, nothing more. Forget socialism, forget liberalism, forget even whatever further abomination the Tories are intent upon visiting on Scotland. All secondary to the unimpeachable totem of denying autonomy to Scots.

    They are gleefully and openly refusing to recognise the democratic legitimacy of the Scottish Parliament, which has already mandated a new independence referendum. Except of course the Parliament briefly becomes legitimate for them at pay day. Hypocrites to a man and woman.

    And let us not forget arch-hypocrite Corbyn – a united Ireland, but Britnattery forevermore for Scotland..

  68. The Isolator says:

    Twas always this way Im afraid.Those of us who have been involved with Scottish politics historically will no doubt fail to recognise anything of the so called “great Labour Party”.

    Nepotism is rife in the Scottish Branch and indeed during the 50’s and 60’s voting anything other than Labour in the housing estates basically condemned you and made it less likely to get a “good hoose” or the cooncilor tae put a guid word fur yous.(I speak personally on behalf of my family)

    It was a given you voted Labour.The SNP were the underclass and indeed were referred to as such through the nineties as the Labour vote evaporated in these areas.

    The Labour Party Scottish branch were given a free reign in Scotland by the Tories as they did their bidding for them election after election. (Feeble 50 etc).

    Until the SNP began making inroads the occasional blip was tolerated i.e. 74 and various by-election successes but since 2007 things have changed.They can’t win the game, they can only delay and try to spoil try to block us but they cannot win.The end game is close..ask Rock.He knows the score.

  69. ahundredthidiot says:

    She still wont realise what she said

    Rocks will melt in the sun before she gets it

  70. Proud Cybernat says:

    Now just imagine the Tories scrape back into WM with a single seat victory. What say you then Kez, doll? How complicit will you feel in that scenario? Will you even give a shit?

    No. Thought so.

    Your political career is soooooo finished after this latest tractoring of the people of this country. FFS – fight the effing blue Tories!

  71. Andy Anderson says:

    Is she thick, or on something. The NASTY party are the enemy not the SNP. Think ‘policy’ Key and you will that Labour share some good points with us.

  72. CameronB Brodie says:

    BLiS and social responsibility are complete strangers, after all. Who’d a guessed?

  73. annie says:

    Why do organisations bother with rules anymore, Labour Party, Electoral Commission (purdah, financial fraud) it beggars belief that their rabid unionism has completely destroyed their beliefs and morals if they existed in the first place. Just hope Kezia hasn’t been suckered into thinking if she campaigns for Tories they will reciprocate.

  74. louis.b.argyll says:

    That’s right folks, the Scottish Government ALREADY HAS a mandate hold a referendum.

    Labour and their Tory chums should respect the process of both parliaments that run Scotland, like the SNP do.

  75. ian says:

    I dont know why people are surprised at the labour party they have changed little since the seventies and anyone who has lived in Glasgow must have seen this.I was a student in the seventies and had my own business in Glasgow during the eighties,nineties and into 2009.There was a thin venir of improvement but all the poverty,poor health,poor housing ect was there for all to see if they only looked.They have been the enemy of the Scottish people all my adult life.
    I would like to come back from France one day but i will not risk the last twenty thirty years of my life living in a country which will become a shadow if the people of scotland dont get independence.Kezia dugdale is more to be pitied because she has clearly lost her way.

  76. winifred mccartney says:

    Just when I was beginning to think Jeremy might be in with a chance Kezia goes and opens her mouth again and tell people in the borders to vote tory – has she not looked at the labour rule book – does she not know that is against the rules. I know she hates snp but she must hate JC even more to invite people to vote tory.
    She only thinks of herself – FMQ’s proved that – the article was written in Daily Record she should have used that not FMQ’s if she wanted to vent her annoyance. After hearing the above it is no wonder she squandered her chance to blast the tories at FMQ’s.
    Red/Blue tories – who can tell the difference in Scotland.

  77. Robert Graham says:

    I know Labours manifesto was welcomed by a lot of people, nationalise this nationalise that, however a little problem implementing it while in the European Union, and this was recognised by the Scottish Government long ago, because of the rules on competition all these plans will hit the buffers, this was apparent during the awarding of the contracts for the ferry links, then surprise surprise Scottish Labour were jumping up and down urging the Scottish Government to do this ,do that ,knowing fine well the arse they made in drafting the original contracts made it impossible to alter anything, the same goes for Scottish water, introduce any form of competitive tendering or privatisation opens it up to the market, so therefore the competition rules apply,
    Short sighted and plain stupid are this party, the PFI fiasco and the Edinburgh trams total balls up just confirms this . We need Labour like a hole in the head .
    Kezias drivel on TV is a reminder of how Dysfunctional her and her party are .

  78. louis.b.argyll says:

    All this ‘..the enemy of my enemy is my friend..’ Unionist collusion, requires too many enemy’s all round.

    They should be exploring collaborative policy initiatives instead of joining the SNP TRIAL BY MEDIA CIRCUS conspiracy.

  79. HandandShrimp says:

    Kezia has become Ruth’s mini me. One might say what is the point in there even being a Labour Party in Scotland.

    If the Tories don’t get as big a majority as they hope and it is Labour voters that pur May in power in seats like the Borders then Kezia is firmly to blame for the Tories then do to the UK as a whole.

    Vote Red Tory get Blue Tory.

  80. Dr Jim says:

    I just thought it was about time someone mentioned this The Labour party always bang on about how it was they who delivered the Scottish parliament

    In fact it was not

    It was the rise and fear of the SNP that created Holyrood and the intention was that it would forever crush the SNP, that was why the voting system was thus designed so as to always have a Unionist party (either one) in charge

    But the SNP learned the game quickly and thwarted their pre- planned shabby game, and it is for that reason all Unionists hate the SNP
    Simply for playing them at their own game but being smarter at it

    And guess what, we’re still doing it

    It’s taken 80 years to get where they are now and they’re not going to let The United Kingdom Of England take it from us and Yoonworld knows it, It’s why they’re so damn angry all the time
    And the angrier they get the more their very own big mouths dig bigger and deeper holes for themselves

    They threw us a bone thinking it would be enough to shut us up, now we want the rest of the meat that was on it

    It’s feckin ours!

  81. starlaw says:

    When I first started voting SNP I was called a tartan Tory.
    How times have changed, the Labour councillors who have teamed up with the Tories will neither be forgotten or forgiven, how low could these people go. They know full well that the people who elected them expected them to do what is best for their electorate.
    They have done what is best for themselves.

  82. Free Scotland says:

    I wonder how many Aberdeen voters (both Conservative and Labour) feel let down by the shenanigans of the elected councillors. If they had known in advance that by voting labour they would get conservative, or by voting conservative they would get labour, would they perhaps have just stayed at home? More to the point, are there some of them who will now switch their votes to the party which does what it says on the tin, the party that always stands up for Scotland?

  83. Free Scotland says:

    What is truly astonishing here is that there is a general recognition that Labour’s demise in Scotland can be traced back to the fact that they were great pals of the tories during the first independence referendum. To repeat the same mistake again in the vain hope that the Scottish electorate won’t notice is an insult to the Scotland they (falsely) claim to represent.

  84. heedtracker says:

    Free Scotland says:
    20 May, 2017 at 3:38 pm
    I wonder how many Aberdeen voters (both Conservative and Labour) feel let down by the shenanigans of the elected councillors.”

    Well you wont find out from the BBC, with thousands of live election news bulletins on there online reporting but a total beeb black out on anything SNP.

    Well there is a couple about the tories coming to their Scotland region. Basic and pure tory attack propaganda, BBC style,

    And she pledges to look out for the rights of fishermen after Brexit, as the UK leaves the Common Fisheries Policy – in a pitch to Scotland’s coastal communities.

    She accuses the SNP of a “tunnel vision obsession with independence” and having “let down” young people on education.

    She adds:

    We may be four nations but at heart we are one people”

  85. carjamtic says:

    Dugdale wittingly on the wrong side of the fence.


  86. heedtracker says:

    Nice BBC lady says, register to vote! why? to get the SNP out, in at No. 4.

    Glasgow Central was Labour for 6 decades but and so, nice BBC lady says, “And then in 2015 the SNP happened.” At least beeb gimps are working at their sneaky shit propaganda now.

  87. Robert Peffers says:

    @Proud Cybernat says: 20 May, 2017 at 12:41 pm:

    “But aren’t the Tories an “other unit of the [Labour] Party”?
    She’s a’right then?”

    I’ve been telling you all what they were for a very long time, Proud Cybernat. They are, one and all, members of the political wing of, “The Westminster Establishment”

    It begins with the legally sovereign monarchy of the Kingdom of England, includes the Hereditary, Law Lords and Church of England Archbishops and the Life Peers in the House of Lords.

    It includes also the Civil Service, Police Force, Armed Forces and Security Services.

    In addition there are the English Public School System and the Higher Education Universities.

    Then there are faceless Financial Sector heads and other wealth related organs and individuals.

    Finally there is the government financed and private sector propaganda wing of the Westminster Establishment.

    And every one of the above are now running scared of Scottish Independence and the time is now very close for the final acts of the dissolution of the union or the Establishment to adopt the principle of genocide of Scotland but I suspect they would not dare stoop to such measures though fairly recent history shows they have done so in the past.

    “The “Battle of George Square”, also known as “Bloody Friday” and “Black Friday”, was one of the most intense riots in the history of Glasgow; it took place on Friday, 31 January 1919. The dispute revolved around a campaign for shorter working hours, backed by widespread strike action.

    Clashes between the City of Glasgow Police and protesters broke out, prompting the Secretary of State for War Winston Churchill to order soldiers and tanks to the city to prevent the violence from escalating due to fears by the UK government of a Bolshevist uprising.”

    I read of Clydebank Riots circa the 1800s when troops were deployed against civilians but today I cannot find any references to it.

    Like the Clydebank Blitz of WWII the Westminster Establishment has rewritten that history. Clydebank actually suffered a greater per capita death rate than any other UK town or city including the London Blitz during WWII.

    Yet not one Royal or Government Minister visited Clydebank in the wake of the Clydebank Blitz. There was no future Queen Elizabeth II dispensing tea to the victims as was very prominently shown on British Pathé Cinema newsreels during and after WWII.

  88. Cherry says:

    Well now I know that I’ve truely lost the plot.
    I just opened my backdoor as the sun had popped out….guess who is banging drums and blowing their stupid flutes! Yep a OO bloody walk!
    So i yelled out my back door of my leafy surburban home in balmy Blantyre “away an shove yer feckin union up her feckin arses”. Boy did that feel good! Don’t know how my neighbours feel lol! ?

  89. Foonurt says:

    Gullane No4 (12-10pm) – nivurr hud thae thochts fur labour. Awe trench-coats wae bunnets, thit widnae gie wurr weans, thurr Scoattish history.

    ahundredthidiot – fur ah meenit ye hud mae. Rock wull melt, wae thoan Sun.

    Redd thum, eicht ah Jin.

  90. cirsium says:

    @Bob Mack, 2.20

    Rather than Mengele, I was thinking of Harold Shipman, the serial killer who was a GP

  91. yesindyref2 says:

    I can see what she’s trying to do, it’s to counter Davidson’s claim that it’s between the SNP and Tories. But she and Corbyn should think in terms of the electorate they’re trying to win over. Instead of that they’re just puppets on a string, with the Tories pulling the strings of both Dugdale and Corbyn. Same

    Corbyn: “Labour want to be the next Government, and if it means using LibDem or SNP votes to keep the Tories out, then that’s what we’ll do. The Tories must be stopped from ruining the UK, selling off the NHS, punishing the old and poor, and making it more and more difficult for the JAMs to survive.”

    Dugdale: “The Tories are even more obsessed with the Constitution than the SNP, but the nasty Tories in the UK are increasing year after year the gap between the poor and the rich. Every time they reduce spending on education or health in the UK, that cuts the amount of money devolved Scotland has to spend on these, and that means that far from being the Unionist party, they are attacking the very heart of the Union itself. Now they’re even ruining the lives of the middle-class with attacks on schools, blah-di-blah, and the Tories must be stopped in their tracks. Imagine a Scotland in the control of the Tories. Not in my lifetime, please.”.

  92. Nana says:

    Got this a wee while ago

    I’m no good at polls or predictions, help needed

    Are the pollsters at it or should we be very worried?

  93. CameronB Brodie says:

    The problem is far bigger than simply securing survival of the Yoonion. Unfortunately, Scotland appears to be a battlefront in the ongoing war between neo-fascism and liberal democracy.

  94. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh, and here’s another one for Dugdale to throw in:

    “We recently had a vote in Holyrood about a second referendum. Labour voted against as we don’t think Scotland wants another divisive [sic] referendum on the Constitution, we should instead concentrate on Scotland’s needs and problems.

    But unlike the Conservatives in Scotland we support Holyrood and Devolution as Labour are the party of Devolution, and so we accept that the decision reached in Holyrood was democratically won, and accept the call for the second referendum.

    Recently we saw Theresa May try to ususrp the authority of the UK Parliament by trying to push through the Article 50 invocation which starts the process of Brexit, with herself as some sort of tinpot dictator. The UK Supreme Court disagreed with her and forced a parliamentary vote.

    We in Labour support democracy, and ask you to vote for us.”

  95. Famous15 says:

    @ Rbert Peffers 4.02

    I remember with horror taking a tram ride down Kilbowie Road,Clydebank in 1949. I was then still in Primary School but the horror of that sight lives with me. I saw lttle difference between that sight and Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I was told once I was exaggerating but when swotting for my Highers in the Mitchel Library I came across photographs taken nearer the time of the blitz and these were horrendous.

  96. Proud Cybernat says:


    James Kelly (cotgoespop) explains what’s going on. SNP should hold. Swings and roundabouts really:

  97. izzie says:

    I was watching that interview having coffee with a good friend who is a Labour activist. I said well you’ll have to vote Tory now. She replied never I couldn’t do it. It occurs that the Slabs could be underestimating the strength of feeling among their core voters.

  98. Robbo says:

    Cherry says:
    20 May, 2017 at 4:03 pm
    Well now I know that I’ve truely lost the plot.
    I just opened my backdoor as the sun had popped out….guess who is banging drums and blowing their stupid flutes! Yep a OO bloody walk!
    So i yelled out my back door of my leafy surburban home in balmy Blantyre “away an shove yer feckin union up her feckin arses”. Boy did that feel good! Don’t know how my neighbours feel lol! ?

    Good on yi Cherry!!

    Imagine there was a motion/bill whatever they do in parliament to have these bigoted bloody things scrapped once and for all!?

    The fecking wee eegit tankcommander and her croonies would be up in arms claiming “it’s the democratic right of them to do what they want in their own country” BUT IT’S NOT the democratic right of the Scottish parliament to have a second referendum even though passed by our parliament?

    Crazy bigoted country we live in.

  99. Effijy says:

    Margaret Ferrier SNP is the MP for my constituency.

    A very intelligent, approachable, and hard working lady who dedicated herself to making life better for those that she serves.

    The previous MP was a Labour leading light brought up from England and given a so called safe seat.

    I didn’t even know what the guy looked like, or knew he was English, until finally he started appearing around the constituency just before the election of 2015.

    I see from some Stats that Margaret has spoken more in parliament in 2 years than the Labour guy did in 5 years!

    Says it all really, vote Labour and get someone that Westminster likes so that they can sit on their backside and take you for granted.

    Red and Blue Tories Paired up for their Better together campaign, they teamed up in pairs again for the Brexit Vote, and now they are teamed up to form Council Leaders.

    No surprise that Kezia promotes Labour’s sister Party, the Blue Tories, over the SNP government who have achieved so much in just 10 years.

  100. Foonurt says:

    Cherry (4-03pm) – five hunnurth anniversary, ah Luther’s rant.

    Mibbae reason, fur baun.

  101. Robert Peffers says:


    Here’s a nice wee read for anyone who believes the union was union of equals:-

  102. John H says:

    There’s no place for half measures against such people Rev. I’ll gladly contribute to a crowdfunder.

  103. Breeks says:

    Robert Graham @ 3:22

    Doesn’t that comment lay bare the type of political and constitutional argument and informed debate which we SHOULD be having, rather than this hysterical media run soap opera of SNPbad and Conservative / BBC propaganda?

    But no, we get Labour elected, or Tory elected, we get our YES ref distorted and cheated, we go to war on a whim, and we get Brexited from Europe, all with barely any rational argument or analytical discourse, while the BBC and wider media stamps up and down making as much noise and sense as a one man band who doesn’t know any tunes.

    The next General Election is a farce already. May is advocating every toxic Tory policy from the last 30 years, from fox hunting to means testing, and a veil is drawn over the cataclysmic increase in borrowing and economic future outside Europe, and yet she’s lauded as the bright new hope for Britain. Corbyn on the other hand is vilified and a dumb oaf who shouldn’t even be leading his party, but there isn’t a teaspoonful of substance to support the criticism. This is not democracy. This is living in our very own Truman Show.

  104. Nana says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    Thanks,as I said I’m no good with polls. My nerves are jangling!

  105. Proud Cybernat says:

    GE17 Voting Intentions
    ORB Opinion Poll (conducted 17th-18th May):

    SNP 47%
    Tory 23%
    LAB 22%
    LD 5%

    Looking good folks!

  106. Cherry says:

    Oh Nana do what I did. Go yell out the back door! It fair makes yer blood flow lol! I’m refusing to watch or listen to their propaganda. I’ve been using up my audible books credits. So far I’ve read 30 yes 30 books. All cold war and spy stuff. Revisited all the Len Deighton trilogies, but on reading SS GB, that just sent a chill thru me.

    Today I’m working thru Tom Clancy… I wear ear buds so housework isn’t neglected.
    Take care of yourself 😉

  107. Proud Cybernat says:

    Last GE2015 Opinion Poll before actual vote had SNP on 48%. SNP then achieved 50% in actual result (support underestimated by 2%).

    If we’re at 47% now then that too could be underestimated.

    Taking NOTHING for granted though. Let’s get out there and work our bloody skin off for this.

    No complacency.

  108. Cuilean says:

    The woman’s a complete idiot. SLAB are Beyond satire.

    If you vote Tory, you are a Tory. You’re not ‘lending’ the Tories your vote.

    Voting Tory makes you a Tory. There is no other way to be a Tory than to vote Tory. That is what defines your politics; who you vote for.

    You can’t be Labour 364 days of the year then on the only day it matters, vote Tory. On the one day it matters, if you vote Tory you are a Tory.

    Nothing on God’s green earth could induce me to vote Tory. I just could not live with myself. And could you ever admit it to your neughbours and the nurse who cared for you during your cancer, wehn she’s going to a food bank. You’ll have to say to yourself, ‘I did that’. And live with it. Any your children will live with it. And your grand children.

    And Treeza & wee Ruthie are laughing at you behind your backs. Oh how we laughed! I told them that by voting Tory you’re not really a Tory, you’re just lending us your votes. And the daft Scottish saps fell for it.

    Bend over Scotland and get ready to be shafted.

  109. Nana says:


    I’m fairly sure the neighbours here already know and making allowances for my behaviour, howling at the sun and the moon most days!

    @Proud cybernat

    Thanks for that latest ORB poll, feeling a wee bit better now. But as you say, taking nothing for granted.

  110. donald anderson says:

    I have always known Labour to prefer the Tories to The SNP, or Independence and I am now 80 yrs of age. Nothing new here.

  111. Just been reading the Tory Manifesto,(not The Giggling Mooths one),

    it says p21,

    `The North Sea has provided more than £300,000,000,000 in tax revenue to the UK`,

    that is £300 billion pound sterling or $400 billion US dollars,

    the Scottish people have been the victims of the biggest con/theft in the history of mankind,

    thanks to complicit Scottish politicians/businessmen and a chronically corrupt utterly useless bunch of deadbeat wasters that are our media.

  112. crazycat says:

    @ msean at 2.54

    Surely,a labour leader should be making the case to those voters in the borders for voting labour,not basically saying vote for someone else.

    One of the candidates she’s implying people shouldn’t vote for is Ian “Bayonets” Davidson. Given that Labour lost its deposit in the seat 2 years ago, he probably isn’t expecting to win, but I can’t imagine he’ll be too pleased with her comments.

  113. Croompenstein says:

    I’m quite worried too Nana down in Ayrshire Corri was the victim of one of the smear campaigns and I am afraid the honest men and bonnie lassies of Ayr are going to saddle us with the Tory. It’s going to be tight…

  114. Robert Kerr says:

    @Robert Peffers and the “Establishment” thesis.

    I believe that the Labour Party was infiltrated, subverted and neutered as far as being a threat to the Status Quo in Britain.

    The SNP have still to go through that process but time is running out rapidly. No significant progress has been made. That is why the SNP is considered a real and present danger.

    The tricks, smears and lies have failed.

    Perhaps we Scots are enlightened. Perhaps just thrawn.

    Any thoughts?

  115. Robert Peffers says:

    @Famous15 says:20 May, 2017 at 4:32 pm:

    ” … I was told once I was exaggerating but when swotting for my Highers in the Mitchel Library I came across photographs taken nearer the time of the blitz and these were horrendous.”

    Yes indeed and the whole thing was officially hushed up by Westminster. Even the death rate was lied about. Not only that but many of the dead did not even get a decent burial and were buried in a massed grave without even being put in coffins. Buried wrapped in bedsheets in a massed grave.

    Earlier today I read a website named Carnage on the Clyde cover up. I attempted to load it again to post the link and I cannot get it to load. Are they still attempting to cover up the truth?

    Anyway here are some photos:-

  116. Robert Peffers says:

    @donald anderson says: 20 May, 2017 at 5:37 pm:

    “I have always known Labour to prefer the Tories to The SNP, or Independence and I am now 80 yrs of age. Nothing new here.

    Aye! Me too Donald. I realise it even before I got the vote.

  117. Bill Hume says:

    I’m with many of the above comments.

    Who on Wings is surprised by this?

    I only hope those who do not read Wings are made aware……but the “truth filter” operated by the MSM will not allow it.

  118. Bob Mack says:

    @Famous 15th,

    You remind me of what my grandfather told me of events when he was a fireman during the blitz. He saw many terrible things in Clydebank that haunted him for years.

    I do not think the full story of that has really been given public airing. I used to sit listening to him whilst the tears ran down his face. He was hard as nails normally.

  119. Robert Graham says:

    The BBC website has a guy who previously voted SNP now considering voting Tory, because his business rates have went up , good god in govan is this the level of political intelligence in this country, for a kick off it wasn’t the SNP who increased your rates, they had no control over the revaluation that was supposed to happen in 2015 but was postponed because of the election , they are duty bound to have these assessments carried out, they then put in place rate relief to mitigate the effects just like the bedroom tax and all the other little gifts from Westminster,
    All this guff engineered by Westminster and Ruth gave it away when asked for a remedy to the rape clause, her reply raise taxes, that’s it , give as little tax raising powers as possible then box the Scottish Government into a corner, as hinted at by fluffy springing the trap , barstuards isn’t strong enough for these scabby cretins .

  120. Nana says:


    These last few years have been a roller coaster ride of worries Croompenstein.

    My old grannie used to say you worry you die, you don’t worry you die, so why worry.

    It’s bloody hard not to worry these days!

  121. Robert Peffers says:

    @Robert Kerr says: 20 May, 2017 at 5:54 pm:

    ” … I believe that the Labour Party was infiltrated, subverted and neutered as far as being a threat to the Status Quo in Britain.
    The SNP have still to go through that process but time is running out rapidly.”

    It may be that the SNP were being treated as dangerous outsiders from the outset and thus long ago learned the lessons that Labour still have never even thought about.

    Remember that Arthur Donaldson’s home was raided in May 1941 and I wrote this on Wings years ago:-

    “Here is the truth about Arthur Donaldson’s arrest : –
    Donaldson’s home was raided by police, In May 1941, under suspicion he, and other SNP figures were involved in, “subversive activities”. This was said to be due to their support for the Scottish Neutrality League., (They were actually Contentious Objectors). The arrest followed an anonymous informer’s report to MI5 desk officer Richard Brooman-White. The informer was reported to have claimed Donaldson intended to set up a puppet government like that of Vidkun Quisling if there was ever a Nazi invasion. As a result Donaldson was arrested and held on remand under Defence Regulation 18B. First to Kilmarnock Prison and then at Barlinnie. He was held for six weeks.

    According to MI5, (who led raids against several other Scottish nationalists), “subversive literature” and a “large cache of weapons” were found in Donaldson’s house. The allegations in MI5 files, (released in 1994 after Donaldson died), were denied by Violet Donaldson, his wife. Donaldson was never charged with anything and no evidence was ever produced by MI5. In fact the truth may be due to Donaldson’s campaign against the conscription of Scottish women for work in factories in England, (My own mother being one of those conscripted women). Thus Donaldson has been described as a political prisoner by several of his former colleague.

    I wrote that in Rev Stu article about Labour Activist and lawyer, Ian Smart, who was claiming then that Donaldson was a NAZI sympathiser. It was utter mince when Donaldson was arrested and it is utter mince now. However my point is that the SNP have always been regarded by Westminster as outsiders and the enemies of the Union. We have thus always been sensitive and alert to subversive influences. I can spot one from a mile away and from through a brick wall.

  122. heedtracker says:

    Robert Kerr says:
    20 May, 2017 at 5:54 pm
    @Robert Peffers and the “Establishment” thesis.

    I believe that the Labour Party was infiltrated, subverted and neutered as far as being a threat to the Status Quo in Britain”

    This guy. Used to be Dr NO!, BBC Question Time ref1 centre of audience vote NO shouter. Fast forward 20 odd months and he’s in Edinburgh Slab. And now its Councillor NO! You can begin to spot spooks and infiltrators quite easily too. They’re picked because they look so normal. There real problem? they cant get that many to do it.

    Cllr Scott Arthur Retweeted
    The Times of London?Verified account @thetimes 2h2 hours ago

    Residents in Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire are protesting against potholes — by filling them with rubber ducks

  123. John de Soulis says:

    @Robert Peffers

    Is this it?

    I’m with plusnet but I use the dns servers from censurfridns, they seem faster and less problematic ;-), to me. Here’s a link.

  124. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bob Mack says: 20 May, 2017 at 6:25 pm:

    “You remind me of what my grandfather told me of events when he was a fireman during the blitz. He saw many terrible things in Clydebank that haunted him for years.
    I do not think the full story of that has really been given public airing. I used to sit listening to him whilst the tears ran down his face. He was hard as nails normally.”

    I posted earlier that after reading an article on the UK cover up about the Clydebank Blitz I tried to return to the link I had saved but I couldn’t get the page to load.

    It is back up again and here is the link :-

  125. pool9 says:

    I think the reason we have Kezia promoting votes for a party other than her own is because she, like her masters further up the chain, is a creature of the establishment.

    The establishment briefs against the SNP on all fronts, because the SNP is currently outwith its control. Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives are all compromised, owned, or actively complicit, depending on your point of view. The SNP have yet to be subverted by the establishment, though I have no doubt they are trying.

    This is why all major parties in Scotland willingly cut their own electoral throats to oppose the SNP – they are all part of one worldview that seeks to deny us our freedom.

    Ir does not matter if labour is destroyed, they will move on and use the LD’s and the Conservatives. They will embrace whoever or whatever it takes to keep Scotland subjugated. The establishment will not let Scotland go willingly, and will happily sacrifice minor pawns like Kezia and the Scottish labour party if they think it will keep Scotland and its precious resources in hand.

    What reward Kez thinks she’ll get for this, I do not know. Does she think she’ll get ermine? Is that worth the painful shame of her daily performances? I wonder what line of self-justification she uses to make her abjection palatable to herself when staring in the mirror at the end of a long day saying words other people instructed her to say. Because a core principle or belief seems to be absent, given her record.

  126. McDuff says:

    What amazes me is the absolute hatred towards the SNP whose only aim is to be like the rest of the lworld and run its own affairs.
    The Scottish Tories and Labour would have every chance to do well in an independent country and in time win the votes to run it. So the Unionist parties are not interested in actually running a country, their own country but would rather choose instead to be subservient to a much larger one and is therefor indifferent to the squandering of its wealth and the diluting of its culture. It follows that that Scots who support these parties are of the same opinion.
    Now having been on this planet a few yearsI shouldn’t be surprised at this but but I am,year after year I am astounded at my fellow citizens attitude to their own country and the decades of MSN brainwashing is no excuse.
    Is there any other country in the world where so many of its citizens have such a low opinion of their homeland.

  127. Gary45% says:

    Bon dia,

    The Scottish?! Labour party have always been like this, their hatred for the SNP makes no sense, and their only justification is, they have been found out regarding their own inability to basically do the job the electorate vote them to do for generations.
    I have friends and family who would still vote Labour before the SNP, even if SLAB were killing their family members in front of them,(a bit like voting for the Tories).
    Hell mend any Scottish voter who falls for the Yoon lies.
    As the old saying goes “You’ve made your bed”

  128. Faltdubh says:

    Hate to sound like a grump, but would people take sub-samples with the touch of the salt they require. That ORB opinion poll posted in the page that has the SNP on 47% is not a full poll. If polls of 1000 odd people have a margin of error of 3% then a poll of just 150 is over 10% margin of error.

    There will naturally be a shift away from the SNP in the heartlands – where in the past Tories might have voted SNP ‘to keep Labour out’ at UK level ; these voters may well have have returned to their natural party, and as the SNP becomes a more left of centre governing party popular in the central belt and Lowlands.

    Saying that, I don’t think Moray and Perth will be lost. The Tories got 32% last time in Perth, Wishart 50% (he has a 10k majority) and the Tory pick up from Libs, Lab is nowhere near enough to make up a difference whilst you have 1,300 odd Green voters that’ll mostly go SNP too. Whilst we may well see a reduced SNP majority I think evens that Wishart keeps his seat looks an absolute steal.

    Moray will be a tighter-race and will be the tell tale sign if the Conservatives are either doing well in Scotland or going to have a very good night. Scotland’s ‘Brexit region’ or at least the closet one too voting for it, along with a lot of angry fishermen, white settlers makes it look a harder defence for Robertson ; but he does have a huge profile and will no doubt gain some tactical votes from ex Lib/Lab and the 1000 odd Green voters from 2015 too to keep the man who would have three jobs out.

    I have no idea if it’ll be enough though.

    I’d hope so, but we have three weeks to go. Get out and do something if you want to see the SNP return 50 plus seats. You don’t need to campaign, even just reminding your lapsed SNP pal/neighbour to vote on the 8th of June is enough.

    The SNP vote is out there, but we do have to watch out for voter apathy especially as the media are utterly useless at scrutinizing the Tories and we’re all to believe it’s a Tory landslide so don’t bother voting etc.

    ALSO! This is their (Unionists) 2015 moment, their chance to give us a bloody nose! Just like we romped home in 2015 after the referendum loss, this is their chance to a number of Tories and even get 30% of the vote, and they are fighting it in Scotland on that ‘NO 2 INDYREF2 ‘ etc.

    so, get out and and GET THE VOTE OUT!

  129. CameronB Brodie says:

    Communists and British nationalists both rely on ethical relativism as their core moral guide. Anything is permissible so long as it supports the core ideology. As such, the principle of universal human rights is meaningless to BritNats.

  130. Robert Kerr says:

    Thank you for your confirmation of my understanding.

    Thank you also Robert Peffers.

    I remember Mgt Thatcher’s phrase “One of us”

    KD and the tank straddler shall never be one of them.

    They can ask “Gorbals Mick” the former speaker of the HoC. He wasn’t one of them!


  131. Robert Peffers says:

    Now I could be wrong but it seems to me the Establishment is making far too many mistakes just now and they seem to be getting more and more desperate and careless. This makes me very suspicious. It just is not like them to be so careless.

    I may be getting paranoid but I’m now thinking this may be some elaborately planned strategy we just haven’t cottoned onto as yet. I’m asking myself, “What the hell are these people up to now”?

  132. heedtracker says:

    Is there any other country in the world where so many of its citizens have such a low opinion of their homeland.

    The US. Its a nation owned and controlled in much the same way as the UK. Mayhem and Fuhrage weren’t the first at Trump’s side by chance. BBC is Fox news, Murdoch’s foamers at the Times and the SUN exactly match his News Corp over there. US has several billionaires just as rich and powerful as the royals here, although they keep out of the public eye.

    Every year, tories red and blue turn the UK a little bit more into a US state. Look uni fees and how hard the SLabour outfit want them in Scotland. The hated NHS is the big target for tories now.

    US/UK extremes of wealth inequality?

    Combined US/UK lust for weaponry and war? I have sat and watch Murdoch goon Ligger Neil, endless explain how UK defence spending just isnt enough. Two shiny new £8-10 bn aircraft carriers arent enough, for an ugly hair dyed Murdoch henchman, in a BBC studio?

    Wall Street and City filthy rich spivs, looted the world’s banking system, trousered hundreds of billions in state bail outs, no prosecutions, London and NY. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us, still no actual City bankster regs to stop same shysters do it all again, who knows, they almost certainly are?

    Shall we explore Brexit and immigration in England, comparing it to Trump and his wall, paid for by those Mexican bad dudes?

    We’ll do really well to shake off this benighted regime.

  133. pool9 says:

    Thanks Robert – I thought, Mr Peffers had it covered and realised I was really restating the case. (I posted before reading the thread- naughty!)

    My hope is that enough people see this going on (Labour officially promoting support for the Conservatives etc.), even via the propaganda wing that is the BBC and wonder why the two things they were told all their lives were opposite, Labour and Conservative, are now akin, and a vote for one or the other is now interchangeable when before it would be unimaginable to be a Labour supporter and even dream of voting Conservative. That is the kind of thing that puzzles folk, and gets them thinking. Hopefully we can find them, or they us, and support for the true oposition to Westminster rule can continue to grow.

    The truth about the Clyde bombings is probably best found in Luftwaffe records, if they exist (and a lot still do) – they will record the squadron strength and ordinance used. From that data good estimates of the damage done, versus the damage reported by UK sources, could be extrapolated. Might be an interesting study for someone!

    Cameron – in the absence of proven moral absolutes, (which is a philosophical mountain to climb) various forms of ethical relativism are inevitable. And can be useful. However, if people decide that their ideology comes before all other ethical concerns I think they have gone beyond a relative stance and have in fact accepted a form of absolutism, probably without any reasonable grounding. The ideology becomes justification for any act required to further or protect it, no matter how unethical it might appear to a wide range of observers. Ends justify the means in short. I probably just used a lot of words to say what you did with more economy!

  134. Nana says:

    O/T Smallaxe sent me the link recently for The Clydeside Blitz videos on youtube.

    Starts with this one

  135. Macart says:

    Ms Dugdale has officially lost the plot. 😮

  136. CameronB Brodie says:

    Trump and Brexit have the same hard-right, anti-democratic bakers in big oil and finance capital. As with Trump’s presidency, the ‘benefits’ of Brexit will not be enjoyed by the many though they will undoubtedly pay the cost.

  137. ian says:

    Scot,the bigger question we should be asking is why Norway has taken a similiar amount of oil as the uk but has made almost twice as much money from it.Makes you think?

  138. crazycat says:

    @ Croompenstein at 5.52

    I went to Ayr yesterday to try to volunteer to help out, and the campaign room is only open 4 half-days a week (I will go back; I’ve also made a donation, but the fund-raiser was very sluggish). I hope this is because the constituency is vast and they are busy elsewhere.

    I’m not a party member and I don’t live in the constituency (though I did when it was CC&DV – I was boundary-changed), so I’m not really seeing what’s going on. I’m also worried about it. You may have seen the massive digital billboard near the racecourse begging people to vote Labour, which might split the opposition.

  139. CameronB Brodie says:

    I was aware that some degree of relativism is required in order to function but thanks for the tip. I really am stretching my limits and wish someone else who knows more than I would make themselves known.

    Ends justify the means in short – utilitarianism. 🙂

  140. handclapping says:

    Oh poor poor Kez; just when she is touting the Tories this is what is being commented on in the FT
    ” Theresa is a vicar’s daughter.
    Theresa is a thief.
    Theresa is going to steal your house
    And give you a lot of grief ! ”

    Its almost as uncannily bad as a McTernan predicts 😀

  141. Robert Peffers says:

    @ian says: 0 May, 2017 at 7:27 pm:

    ” … bigger question we should be asking is why Norway has taken a similiar amount of oil as the uk but has made almost twice as much money from it.”

    Maybe they have just have smaller hip pockets in Norwegian suits”?

  142. Lenny Hartley says:

    Re the Clydebank Blitz, my father was too old for service and in a reserved occupation in the 2nd world war and was working in Glasgow. He went back to his digs in Clydebank after nightshift and the whole street (both sides) were gone. My sister often told me of the German Bombers circling overhead Arran before heading off to drop there bombs. They used Arran as a rendezvous point.
    They could tell it was German bombers as the Engines were not syncronised.

  143. Al Dossary says:

    @Robert Kerr,

    “One of us” – interesting phrase. Ruth Harrison, Kezia, wee Willie Tennie. None of them will ever be ” one of them”. They are at best useful idiots. There are however “Some of them” waiting in the wings. People like Mountain, Burnett and Cole-hamilton.

    I can see however the Tories starting to build a new generation of young, rabid right wingers. Just look at NLC’s new councillor Meghan Gallagher (just been voted as auditor to NLC by the red Tory crooks) “in a relationship” with Graham McGinnigle – Tory councillor in East Dunbartonshire.

    The list goes on – Dozens of young Tory political activists. All recent graduates, all across central Scitland. All interlinked through their election agent Patrick Logue. Even the candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw served as a SPAD to Osborne. At the same time, all of these intertwined with a selection of local bigots just to pull in the Unionist lodge votes.

    This Tory campaign has been much too co-ordinated for my liking. Too many interlinked people. The OO vote also – these must have been part of the plan. Probably since 2014. Whilst we were all busy patting each other on the back at the way Nicola and the SNP had hoodwinked the Tories, maybe, just maybe it has been the Tories playing SLAB, the Fib dems and the SNP all along.

    They are laying the grounds for their own, subservient Scottish establishment. Heaven help us all if they are not stopped dead on June 8th

  144. heedtracker says:

    ian says:
    20 May, 2017 at 7:27 pm
    Scot,the bigger question we should be asking is why Norway has taken a similiar amount of oil as the uk but has made almost twice as much money from it.Makes you think?

    Norway has no tories. Its been a left of centre nation for a long time, since the 30’s.

    So when they struck North Sea oil, 50 year ago now, they treated it as a resource for all Norway, starting at much higher oil worker pay and conditions, keeping corps like Stat oil in at least 51% Norwegian state ownership. Norway’s famous giant state oil pension, hitting a trillion dollars, is actually one of several and came quite late in Norway’s oil expro story.

    They also invested in Norway’s heavy industries, steel and shipbuilding, to build their giant oil platforms, floaters, oil tankers and supply boats for example. UK gov took their oil bounty, invested it in England, infrastructure, giant private pension funds and destroyed Scottish heavy industry.

    And we let them do it.

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Almost 666,666 comments!

  146. heraldnomore says:

    All the sixes, gosh I mind wondering how long it would take when we got to 333,333. Devilish quick methinks.

  147. Rock says:

    “The union uber alles” is their new motto.

  148. dakk says:

    @Robert Kerr. 7.00pm

    ‘They can ask “Gorbals Mick” the former speaker of the HoC. He wasn’t one of them!’

    But he is now is Baron Martin of Springburn.

    I’m certain being Baroness Dugdale of anywhere would suit her just fine as well.She’s a Yoon after all.

  149. Robert Peffers says:

    @Lenny Hartley says: 20 May, 2017 at 7:38 pm:

    ” … They used Arran as a rendezvous point.
    They could tell it was German bombers as the Engines were not synchronised.”

    Yes, Lenny, that brings back memories. We could indeed tell the German aircraft by the sound of the engines.

    Tell you a wee funny story. We lived in a farm cottage and within a few yards of the front door there was a corrugated iron fence next to the rear gate to a large Army Camp supply depot.

    We had no Anderson shelters but there was a steep artificial hill behind our cottages that covered old Lime Kilns and we had been instructed to use the old Lime Kilns as shelters.

    So the drill was that when the siren went off we grabbed our gear and headed up a narrow path between the corrugated iron fence and the gable end of the cottage on our way to the shelter.

    My old Granddad was the last one out and he made sure everyone was out before he set off for the shelter. On the first night of the Clydebank Blitz the siren sounded and we all headed off for the shelter.

    What we didn’t know was that every air raid had a planned secondary target for any enemy aircraft that had been hit and the damaged plane would attempt to limp back home via the secondary target and attempt to drop their bombs on the secondary target. If they knew they couldn’t make it home they were to jettison their spare fuel before attempting to crash land.

    The secondary target was Pumpherston Oil Works and a crippled bomber was attempting to hit the oil works but had dropped a stick of bombs that missed the works but hit the big red bing of spent shale. Now spent shale is formed by many very thin and flat slices of burned shale.

    So when the German bombs hit the bung the flat bits of shale were thrown up into the air and they travelled for miles. Just as old Grandad came out the door and was passing the corrugated fence some of the flakes of shale whizzed along the corrugated fence and went rat-tat-tat as they went across the corrugations.

    The old guy fell to the ground yelling those bloody Germans have machine gunned me. It took quite a while before he could be convinced he hadn’t been the specially selected target of a German Bombers rear gunner. Thing was it was night and he couldn’t see if he was bleeding or not.

    Looking back on it now it was quite obvious that if a bomb had dropped anywhere near those Lime Kilns the whole bleeding lot would have fallen down about us. We would probably have been safer staying in our beds.

  150. CameronB Brodie says:

    OT. I hear the Tories want to re-start the trade in ivory. Did the Chinese not just ban it in China? That’s a bit embarrassing.

  151. HandandShrimp says:


    I am not sure Kezia ever had a grip of the plot but it is certainly true that a Labour leader that suggests voting for May and her pretty awful manifesto if austerity and Hard Brexit has just betrayed evertyhing Labour has ever stood for.

    I think her days as leader are numbered. She may even move to the Tory party.

  152. Richardinho says:

    She is so stupid.

  153. Robert Graham says:

    Robert peffers – Ha Ha good story laughed out loud keep it up .

  154. Fireproofjim says:

    Heedtracker @7.55
    Norway is a great example of what a small independent country can do. That’s why you never hear the Unionists mention it.
    All the oil riches which came to the UK treasury were blown in reducing taxes for the rich from a 60% top rate to 40%.
    Think what this means – if you were earning say £100,000 p/a. you would have been given an extra £20,000 per year while at the same time the average tax payer got a few hundred, which was immediately wiped out by the crazy inflation of up to 15% in the early 80s.
    Not a penny was invested in infrastructure or saved for future generations. This was, and is, the biggest financial scandal in our history as the lost wealth can never be recovered.
    The theft of these riches shows up the treasury as both criminally incompetent and wasteful.
    If Scotland had received even a ten percent population share our economy would have been transformed. Unfortunately not a penny was invested for the future. However there is still a lot of oil for an independent Scotland. Let’s make sure the wealth comes to us at last.

  155. Robert Kerr says:

    Clydebank Blitz.

    A good book is “The Clyde at War” which is somewhere in my room.

    also. this snippet is of interest.

    If memory serves the RAF fighter effort during the three days was very poor and the only effective defence was AA fire from a Polish destroyer berthed there. A story going the rounds was that the Poles captured a German and fed him into the ship’s boiler. I think that is untrue. I have been unable to find the name of the destroyer. Can anyone help?

  156. CameronB Brodie says:

    My mum moved to Clyebank as a child, just in time for the Blitz (grandad was a toolmaker). I’ll ask her if she remembers anything.

  157. Lenny Hartley says:

    Robert Peffers, cracker 🙂

  158. pool9 says:

    CameronB at 7.33pm

    Well I’m probably not your man in terms of teaching you anything new. Philosophy studied very enjoyably many years ago, and an eye for history and literature, but no authority on any of them. Always happy to throw ideas around though!

  159. cearc says:


    Careful, she may not want to.

    I have friends who were in the Campsies and they could hear it and see the sky lit up. It was awful, they felt so useless.

  160. Another Union Dividend says:

    Robert Peffers says 20 May, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    I would be very interested if you got in touch as from previous
    postings we may have a lot in common.

    I grew up in Mid Calder and played football for Pumperston Juniors under 21s which involved regular training sessions up and down Pumpherston bings. Also, my parents used a gardener called Peffers. And I was a local SNP councillor.

    I have long admired your contributions to Wings.

    If interested please get in touch at

  161. CameronB Brodie says:

    Good ’cause I’m no authority either, I just have a bit of specialist background. I’m fast running out of ‘facts’ though, tbh. 😉

  162. cirsium says:

    @Robert Peffers, 8.24 Thanks for the chortle

    @Robert Kerr, 9.05 The Polish destroyer was ORP Piorun (Polish for lightning)

  163. CameronB Brodie says:

    Thanks for the thought. We’ve spoken about it before so I know she is fine about it. If I remember correctly, I’m not sure if it made that much of an impression on her. She may have been too young to fully appreciate what was going on.

  164. Fred says:

    Anent “The Calders” excellent prog the other night about the West Lothian shale oil industry which lasted for nearly a century.
    Prof; Ian Stewart, “Scotland’s First Oil Rush!” on BBC4 21.00 on Thurs’ some great old film incl’

  165. cynicalHighlander says:

    Kezia is a closet Tory as are a large part of the labour elite, once any member accepts membership of that house of the living dead then they have been succumbed into the establishment, her ambition.

  166. schrodingers cat says:

    ha ha ha ha ha

    David Prescott? @DavidPrescott
    Jeremy Corbyn has just addressed 20,000 people at Prenton Park. Never seen anything like this. #ForTheMany

    Geoff Carrotte? @CarrotteG 3h3 hours ago
    Replying to @DavidPrescott @TheGraveside

    Wow! There haven’t been 20,000 at Prenton Park since Paul Nuttall played for Tranmere.#ForTheMany

  167. galamcennalath says:

    Starting to look like TMay’s dreadful campaign is beginning to eat into the lead they were supposed to have.

    Sunday Times YouGov whole UK

    Conservatives 44% (-1)
    Labour 35% (+3)

  168. Robbo says:

    Hung parliament on the way lol- SNP decide government lmao

  169. defo says:

    “…voting Tory is a better way to stop the SNP than voting for her own party’s candidates”

    It’s fake news. Sky Obvs. The Dug would have said ‘betterer’.

    Nice try Stu, but no need. You’ve got her over a barrel anyhoo.
    Highly unlikely, not to mention measurably unsavoury in reality.

    5.23 m into it, fake Kez on the big ? “… what they want is that question answered, and then we can move on to talk about more powers…”
    Earlier she admits/hopes/deludes herself into believing that SLABs woes are here until the big ? is answered.
    But conversely is adamant that they are so sure of hitting the big time again, that we should all pile on down to Hillsbrokes, and go large.

    Why are they then taking the Tory line that you can’t lose a ref, that you ‘don’t allow’/have in the first place ?

    All over the shop!

    Is there a see how many soundbites you can do per interview competition btw ?

    Confirmation, as you say, again, that it’s not just SLAB who is in meltdown.

    Loving it.
    ps Reminiscent of listening to rambling zoomers , on the Bolivian marching powder.

  170. galamcennalath says:

    Robbo says:


    Not half. It would be the funniest thing this century so far if TMay ended up losing her majority.

    I doubt it, but we can hope!

  171. One_Scot says:

    This tweet about the Tory lead says it all, lol.

  172. Bob p says:

    Robbo 10.51 pm.sort of thinking the same thing myself,i’d pmsl if the snp held the balance of power.

  173. heedtracker says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    20 May, 2017 at 10:37 pm
    Kezia is a closet Tory as are a large part of the labour elite,

    Scottish democracy has outed a lot of closet tories too, especially in the English media, like The Graun frauds,

    “The latest opinion poll on independence itself shows only 44% support. Canvassers report impatience with Ms Sturgeon’s priorities as a factor on the doorstep in the general election campaign.

    The SNP clearly remains the dominant party in Scotland. But its ascendancy is now under serious challenge for the first time in a decade, principally from the Scottish Tories, under the charismatic leadership of Ruth Davidson.

    The recent local elections saw a Tory surge, which has resulted in anti-SNP deals on some of Scotland’s 32 hung councils between historic Tory and Labour enemies.”

    Having previously insisted that “now is not the time”, Mrs May now seeks a mandate to oppose a second referendum “until the Brexit process has played out” and “unless there is public consent for it to happen”.


    On the latest Dugdale SLab catastrofucks, not a Graun peep. Outed tory Graun’s fear and loathing displayed towards Scottish democracy is just jaw dropping. They clearly wont rest til they get every last SNP out, of Westminster at least.

    So if their wishes and prayers of SNP death are not answered June 8, does that mean Scotland can legitimately fcuk the whole UK shebang right off, June 9:D

  174. Robbo says:

    Apparently possible but very very very unlikely, but you never know/

    Good pic tho- Nicola calling the shots lmao

  175. Nana says:

    Finally the election explodes into life as YouGov poll moves the race closer to hung parliament territory

  176. Ghillie says:

    Kezia just can’t shake off that unioniststogether bond.

  177. cynicalHighlander says:


    Democracy in the UK has been a charade from the start and the sooner it crumbles into a real one the rest of the World will give a large sigh of relief.

  178. crazycat says:

    @ galamcennelath at 10.57

    Earlier today there was a rather bizarre (but apparently genuine) Facebook post from Theresa going the rounds, in which she said that if she lost 6 seats it would be Jeremy Corbyn negotiating Brexit.

    So she can’t envision a coalition, a Tory minority, or any other co-operative arrangement led by herself – it’s an overall majority or nothing.

    That seems a rather narrow interpretation of the possibilities. There will surely be some MPs from across the Sheugh (or even on this side of it) who wouldn’t support a Corbyn government.

    It would be so, so, funny though, if she’s made as big a blunder with this election as Cameron did with his referendum.

  179. Sinky says:

    Latest opinion polls highlight why at EVERY opportunity, we need to ridicule Dugdale and Murray’s exhortations to Labour supporters to vote Tory and make out how stupid their hatred of the SNP is when it could sabotage any hope of a progressive coalition to prevent a large majority for extreme right wing Tory policies.

  180. Robert Louis says:

    As it is starting to look more and more like a hung parliament, we need to make sure of every single SNP vote. Make sure all the people you know are registered to vote, but more importantly, TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. Every single seat needs votes.

    No complacency. This is one hell of an opportunity. Help the SNP in any way you can, donate, do a bit of canvassing, or tele canvassing, or just do whatever you can to make sure we get the maximum SNP voter turnout.

    This is a big opportunity, and every single SNP MP will really, really count more than ever.

  181. defo says:

    What if, highly unlikely we’ve been programmed to believe, but what if Labour do a fair show UK wide (2m+ youngsters seem to be getting off their social meeja long enough to register), and we end up in a position, ala the 2015 scare, that the SNP hold the balance of power?

    Given that indy2 would be a pre-condition, what were looking at is when ? Would Corbyn go, with the knowledge that another early election is inevitable, but a foot in the no.10 door anyways?

    Would a new EU Ref be on the cards ?

    Is a 3 way ‘keep out the Tories’ coalition possible ?

    Do the Tories actually really want to lose, pass the Brexit chalice ‘pon the left hand side, & let someone else take the blame (be holding the parcel), when the UK breaks up ?

    It would explain the utterly bizarre Cruella shtick.

    The real wielders of power would still be calling most of the shots anyway, and (with the loss of 59 seats) back to business as usual circa 2020.

  182. heedtracker says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    20 May, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    That’s the big unspoken thing isn’t it, Scottish democracy’s an amazing threat to all the tory bullshit on these islands, either side of the border.

    Its just that, if like me you read the Graun your whole life because they weren’t the Times or the Torygraph and yet ofcourse they are, and just as sneaky creepy reactionary, just as vicious, just as much a pack of staggering frauds as any Pacific Quay ligger, who tells lies for a living, day in, day out, its a little hurtful, I have to say:D

    Not only that, you have to wonder if, like SLabour, they all are slowly committing suicide, by their own lies and deceit.

    Hope so. Its not carved in stone that a bunch of twerpy hacks bashing out SNP bad in newsrooms in London, can dictate how people should vote. Although they probably still can.

  183. Robbo says:

    Bit of parody
    I think tho if May loses this election she might follow our Sir William and Wat Tyler at Smithfield! Liz won’t be happy!

  184. Capella says:

    Man of the moment, Jeremy Corbyn, headlines at the Libertines gig.

  185. Robert Kerr says:

    @Inkall and @cirsium

    Thank you for info re destroyer. I knew also that a Polish destroyer was involved in the Bismarck operation. So the same ship.

    I worked with Polish engineers in Kuwait and have a high regard for them.

    Polish people are very welcome here in Scotland,


  186. Robbo says:

    Capella says:
    20 May, 2017 at 11:46 pm
    Man of the moment, Jeremy Corbyn, headlines at the Libertines gig.

    Oh jezza – I love it ha ha . What an almighty feck up this election could have been for May to call.

  187. Breeks says:

    I don’t think there is any mystery to these political shenanigans.

    Truth be known, I think politics is an easy way to make a living if you have a brass neck and can talk yourself out of trouble. I think it’s always attracted such people, but these days it seems there are no great thinkers left, and very few people passionate about integrity.

    Ask yourself what caliber of pile you have got when Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Gove can make it to the top of that pile. On a good day they are middle management at best I would suggest, but they get away with things that they’d have been pilloried for a few decades ago. Millibands and Corbyn aren’t much better. There isn’t one of them with the backbone or vision to run a country. You get freaks and curiosities like Jason Rees Mogg, or slimebags on the make like Gideon Osborne or Panzer Mooth Davidson.

    To be brutal, I’m not sure the SNP has many great thinkers either, but a great many of their sins and shortcomings can be forgiven when we all have a central aim of Independence which frankly doesn’t need very much thought to believe in. It’s a thought that been a long time fermenting, and it’s become something of a well honed joint effort, fashioned over many years by many hands.

    I don’t have the link, but what a real tonic it was to watch that recent clip of Jimmy Reid on Parkinson back in 1973. Google it or YouTube it. It will lift your spirits and make you weep at the same time. More of that! Says me. An awful lot more of that.

    Can you just imagine such a great thinker and ambassador for Scotland’s independence being screened and allowed to calmly unfold before a live audience like a most exquisite flower happening in modern Britain? Not a hope eh? Over my dead body says the BBC.

    I don’t want shitty soap operas, reality show freaks and failures, Come Dancing or WTF Bake Off or something, or worst of all propaganda news on my TV. I want to see the greatest amongst us, great thinkers, inspirational people like Jimmy Reid, given the means and opportunity to enrich all of us and steer our whole society in the right direction.

    By modern standards, I find myself leaning towards the presumption that anybody who wants to be a politician should automatically be prevented from becoming one. There are too many politicians who are fickle, talentless and shallow, with absolutely nothing behind their outer facade, but it’s a facade which the media cannot get enough of.

    We should take NeoLiberalism out the back and shoot it. Bury it. Dig it up just to make sure it’s dead, drive a stake through its heart and bury it again in a lead lined coffin. Tossers, creeps, pervs, crooks, phoneys and charlatans, you lot stand over there out of the way, while the rest of us talk amongst ourselves and see who has the common sense and intelligence to actually lead the country properly. And BBC you just sit there, do nothing, touch nothing, and focus on keeping your pie hole shut.

    (Tee hee! I wonder what the chances are for getting that last paragraph through Rev’s profanity filter….lol).

    Aye. I have a dream, if dreams come true… Oh FFS. That’s 1978…. Brazil! Fast Forward quick…

  188. Capella says:

    @ Robbo – let’s hope so. 2 million have registered to vote since May called the election. Deadline is Monday night:

    In six out of the past seven days, applications have exceeded 100,000. Of those applying to vote each day, nearly 40% have been under-25s, although people of all ages have been signing up.

    Good news that so many young people are registering.

  189. Breeks says:

    Ok, I typed Jacob, but the spell checker changed it to Jason.

    And I know, the song was the 1982 World Cup.

    Complaints on a postcard to the BBC, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, and don’t put a stamp on it.

  190. cynicalHighlander says:


    Haven’t bought a paper for over 3 decades as in my naievity I thought that the beeb had integrity, how delusional is that! Not a reader as tackling physical practicalities is what I could excel in, words are just words to me some which make sense and others which are detritous and flushed away.

  191. Interesting point made on the radio today, or yesterday? Time flies. A 79 year old lady, furious at Theresa, for whom she would have previously voted, and never again! She said, with Mrs May attacking the elderly and the young, “Who is she going to be Prime Minister of?”

  192. Meg merrilees says:

    Two pieces of good news.

    late night report on the bBC says the tories have fallen by 7 – SEVEN points following tM’s announcements re old people and there are now only 12 points between them and Labour…

    My cousin’s husband, from NE says, an awful lot of fishermen are backtracking on Yes to Brexit because they realise they will have no market to sell their catch. Most of their catch goes to Europe and they will be shafted.

    We did try and tell them. Maybe tRuthless and John Buchan are in a little clique of their own!

  193. Ghillie says:

    Robert Peffers @ 5.56pm and 6.46pm

    I have tears pouring down my face and I can’t stop.

    I knew something of the Glasgow Blitz but not this.

    Bad decisions taken during the fury of war is what can happen,the cover up to protect ‘morale’, some would argue to excuse the inexcusable.

    But why has this, massive and heartbreaking, part of Scotland’s very recent history been continualy suppressed, buried and ignored, since the War ended, as if the people of Clydebank and Glasgow and their memory still just don’t matter?

    Sadly, this fits in with how the people of Scotland are treated to this day.

    Time to write our own history.

  194. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks –

    Great post mister. I hear ye.

    Possible x-factor for consideration is the psychology of The State.

    Hapless characters like May, Boris, Hammond etc are prima facie evidence of a dying system which has nothing better to offer. That’s why May looks like she’s filling her pants every time Angus Robertson gets to his feet.

    They *know* the empire is dying, and the departure of Scotland from their blessed ‘union’ will slap the proverbial lid on it. Individuals prepared to stand up for this charade are becoming ever-thinner on the ground, and that’s why the rhetoric has to become more bombastic, more patriotic, more ‘Brittanic’. Even the likes of David Davis is visibly cracking now – he knows it can’t be maintained for much longer.

    They don’t really believe in the ‘United Kingdom’ any more than the main players (on both sides) did three centuries ago. It was a cynical political joke back then – totally undemocratic – and abody involved knew it. The current crop of politicians in Scotland have been – for better or worse – elected to office by democratic processes. That, in itself, should give us hope that a proper constitutional ‘settlement’ can be achieved without rancour.

  195. call me dave says:

    Here’s a bbc ‘what the papers say’ archived from midnight.

    1. Tory wobble
    2. TV licences for >75s to be means tested.

    A trend as Scot goes pop noted a while ago.

  196. Sarah says:

    @Breeks 12.10: I enjoy your posts and especially when I agree!

    I have been saying to anyone who will listen for a few years, usually received by a polite, puzzled smile, – “Choose as politicians the people who don’t want to be one” because they already do a worthwhile job e.g. Philippa Whitford, Joanna Cherry and the like.

    Only they can be trusted to take decisions conscientiously in the public interest rather than in pursuit of personal power and wealth.

    Would a psychiatric test be able to identify those with no empathy nor interest in the wellbeing of others? If so, it should be implemented before this general election. It would reduce the main parties to a handful, if that. [And to apply Malcolm Bruce’s liar test would presumably clear them all out.]

    I want a government formed from rational discussion by people with a wide range of experiences and knowledge, aiming for the welfare of our whole society. Not government to control the populace and benefit the few.

  197. crazycat says:

    @ Capella and Robbo

    It is of course good that people are registering to vote (and we need to encourage it in the final two days), but as has been pointed out this evening on UK Polling Report:

    There isn’t an easy way to quickly check if you are registered, so lot of people apply to register anyway to be on the safe side. Hence a large chunk of the “new registrations” that are reported turn out to be people who were already on the register. In 2015 2.3m people registered online in the run up to the election, but that only increased the register by 1.6m.

    It doesn’t make that much difference – it’s still lots of people. It’s just almost always misreported as if that amount of extra people have been added to the register, when a very substantial proportion were actually already there!

  198. jockmcx says:

    O/t When the telly wisnae shite!
    jimmy reid…peter ustinov on parkinson.

  199. K1 says:

    Think that’s absolutely true crazycat, I’ve registered twice again in the past year (I’m not the only one ah know who has done this) even though I was pretty sure I was on the register, at HE16 and now for this GE. Because I’m erring on the side of caution, I registered on Wednesday…and of course ma polling card came on the Thursday, so there really was no need.

    I think because we”re all being repeatedly urged to register to vote and because of those changes before and after indyref, we’ve aw become a bit feart we’re not going to get tae vote, ergo ergo.

    When will we ever get researched reporting in the mainstream on basic facts about the changes that took place and the fact that those being encouraged to register are those who have moved recently or have not registered before? There really should be a caveat stating this when encouraging people to register, going by your quoted stats there’s literally hundreds of thousands of us needlessly re registering ‘just to be on the safe side’.

  200. Fred says:

    @ Robert Kerr, thanks for the Polish warship story, this ship indeed helped the Clydebank peeps by firing on the German bombers during that town’s blitz!

  201. Fred says:

    How long before the Tories claim that voting for Corbyn will give the SNP the whip hand at Westminster?

  202. jockmcx says:

    o/t Bloody hell,
    Question time from glasgow 1966…jimmy reid,
    no audience,questions from members of scottish press.

  203. Macart says:

    Jings! That’s a fair bit of readin’ Nana. 😀

    Many thanks.

  204. Dr Jim says:

    You dare touch the most selfish demographic in Britains (the pensioner) money by as much as a tanner a week and they’re on you like rabid starving dogs
    And the Tories in their overconfidence just did it, and not only did they dare to interfere with the blessed pensioners cash they made a difference between England and the much hated Scotland where all the English pensioners were told the dreaded Sturgeon is in charge so why aren’t the wonderful Tories making her pay for the Scots uppityness, and what’s even worse,the Scots get to keep their winter allowance and the English don’t
    Horror of horrors! We’re voting Corbyn goes up the collective shout in England (percentages overnight shift)

    The desperation of Mrs May to win in Scotland so she can skelp that nasty Nicola Sturgeons Erse has backfired on the Tories
    See that’s what you get when you set one set of people against another and then try to make a one size fits all policy, the side that thinks they’re the losers jumps up and down with resentment and what’s funny is it’s usually us up here in Jockland but nobody pays attention to us because in the world of the pensioner as Mrs May has just found out there is no loyalty

    So what’s the result? well clever girl that she is Nicola Sturgeon just announced the triple lock will be maintained in Scotland despite murderous Mays horrible tax on the elderly so that even the most selfish Scottish pensioner with total prior “loyalty” to murder May will immediately say “Aye we know Sturgeons jist daen it fur votes but we’ll gae her a chance this time”

    And therein is the lesson for Mrs May, and every entertainer in the world will tell you

    Know your audience

  205. TheItalianJob says:


    Thanks for the links to Jimmy Reid. A true and honest Socialist.

    What else would you expect from a true Scot.

  206. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 1210 am.

    Well this I totally agree with.

    QUOTE “There are too many politicians who are fickle, talentless and shallow, with absolutely nothing behind their outer facade, but it’s a facade which the media cannot get enough of.

    We should take NeoLiberalism out the back and shoot it. Bury it. Dig it up just to make sure it’s dead, drive a stake through its heart and bury it again in a lead lined coffin. Tossers, creeps, pervs, crooks, phoneys and charlatans, you lot stand over there out of the way, while the rest of us talk amongst ourselves and see who has the common sense and intelligence to actually lead the country properly. And BBC you just sit there, do nothing, touch nothing, and focus on keeping your pie hole shut.

    WE have seriously dysfunctional sociopaths running Westminster, and up in Scotland, people like Ruth Davidson care nothing for the effects of her policies or her stirring up of sectarianism in Scotland. Ruth Davidsons Tories would rather destroy Scotland, than let it restore independence. That is how much the Tories HATE SCotland. They are careerists and opportunists. Although it is heartening to see that folks in England are starting to wake up to just how evil the Tories truly are.

    We could be heading for a hung parliament in London, so every SNP vote will count. Let’s do whatever we can, to help them win, and shove any notion of Tory seats in Scotland out the window.

    Take nothing for granted. Their are no guaranteed seats. We need every single vote. Every vote will count, so make sure you vote.

    Make sure young people you know are resistered to vote – one day left. Register here

    Also if you want to help secure SNP wins, volunteers here, for leaflet stuffing, canvassing and getting the vote out or, if like me you just cannot devote time, you can donate to help the fight.

  207. Ken500 says:

    The tide is turning in England. What if May loses. Pity the Tory Manifesto did not come out before the corrupt STV elections. Sucker Tory voters? Will MSM stop being so corrupt when they know their Tory masters could be out. The BBC £3.7Billion budget. More people are turning off and unsubscribing. Sales dropping. Can’t stand the lying.

    If the SNP hold the balance of power. It will be better for Scotland and another Referendum. The Council carrying on is a fraud. Bring back FPTP elections in Scotland. Get rid of the regurgitating 3rd rate rejects.

    The Tories lying about education. Scotland has one of the best education system in the world. More stringent tests were put in. Teachers need more additional needs training. Teacher training established by Unionists. Labour/Unionists meams tested student loans on household income. Students from households of average earnings couldn’t get a full loan to go to University. That has been changed.

    The Tory council supported by the LibDems in Aberdeenshire want to cut £4Million from Education and cut all additional needs provision. They have already previously shut the educational bases. The SNP wanted to stop them. Put up Council tax £60 a year. Tories 23 SNP 21. The LibDem – 3rd ranked support from SNP voters – went in with the Tories. Never again. The Unionist and No Party gets to field two candidates. So the 3rd ranked LibDem gets to be Provost and deputy. They have no shame. Letting down Education. That’s the Tory/LibDem. Yet Davidson/Rennie lying attacks on the SNP and education every week. The lying hypocrites.

    Aberdeen Councillors Unionist councillors are just a complete and utter disgrace. They have ruined the City. Building the carbuncle costing £200Million. Getting the City into £1.2Billion of debt. Then trying to keep the SNP the largest no of candidates out of Office. Labour/Tory alliance. They are supposed to be opposed. The LibDem cowards. Lurking in the background. The SNP voters ranked them 3rd. Never again. The SNP supported the LibDem coalition which worked before. The UTG funded project was going ahead supported by the majority was going ahead and the City Centre had not been destroyed by the unsupported carbuncle. Traffic chaos.

    Dugdale is funded by Unionists. They have no shame. Wanting Scotland to be held back as part of the UK. The UK Union costs Scotland £20Billion a year. The EU costs nothing and brings investment and benefits. Brexit will be a disaster. The Tories will get less for more. Then try and use propaganda to sell it as a good deal. After all the upheaval. There is nothing surer.

    Fuel allowance is devolved. So should be pensions. Scottish taxpayers pay for (UK) Gov pensions in Scotland. It comes from taxes raised in Scotland. (£54Billion). Gov OAP could be increased in Scotland by not paying for Trident, £4 Billion in loan repayments on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. (Hinkley by the sea, HS2 and Heathrow). A tax on ‘loss leading’ cheap alcohol,would save £1Billion. £3Billion? in tax evasion etc. HMRC not fit for purpose. Some Whiskey companies pay no tax at all. Use all the water etc.

    The Tories higher taxes on the Oil sector when prices had fallen led to the decline. The tax is 40% since Jan 2016. Losing £Billions and 120,000 jobs in Scotland. Scotland could have had full employment.

  208. Ken500 says:

    @ Whisky

    Pre text

  209. jockmcx says:

    O/T…old vs young

    Annie Knight (6 June 1895 – 27 November 2006) was, at age 111 years 174 days, the United Kingdom’s oldest person following the death of fellow 111-year-old Emmeline Brice on 26 July 2006.

    Knight was born in Glasgow and already Scotland’s oldest person since the 7 December 2005 death of Lucy D’Abreu, who was, at age 113, also the oldest person in the UK at the time.

    She had been an active suffragette and helped to organize meetings and attended demonstrations. Knight was also an active supporter of Scottish independence and of the Scottish National Party (SNP). In 1962, she hosted the pirate station Radio Free Scotland in her front room.

    Knight, who lived in three centuries, put her long life down to the Scottish staple of porridge, no alcohol (she had been teetotal all her life) and the occasional sweet.

    She died in Aberdeen and was survived by her son Bill, 86, two grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and thirteen great-great-grandchildren.

  210. Irvine says:

    By focussing on IndyRef2 and arrogantly expecting that voters are interested in nothing else the Tories have created an own goal against themselves and handed the opposition parties a gift of silver haired votes to win over by way of their far right manifesto plans for funding of elderly care costs, abandonment of the triple lock on pensions, and introduction of means testing for winter payments.

    The SNP vote is steady and the one section of the vote the Tories cannot afford to lose is the elderly so these Tory manifesto plans is where the SNP should be focussing their attacks at every opportunity from now until the election.

  211. Fergus Green says:

    @Irvine 8.52

    Absolutely correct my friend. Anyone out canvassing this week may want to carry a copy of the Tory manifesto this week and highlight the offending clauses. Not just to the elderly – remember loss of pension and the death tax will hit us all, sooner or later.

  212. Grouse Beater says:

    Some amusement for a Sunday between canvassing:

  213. mike cassidy says:

    You’re like a bunch of inlove teenagers.

    Aagh! How could the polls show so many people voting Tory.

    Woe is me!

    Wow! Isn’t it great this poll showing a decline in Tory support.

    Hung parliament and all that!

    Lets keep calm, walk quietly towards GE day, treat all polls with the scepticism they deserve –

    and stock up on schadenfreude just in case its needed!

  214. Nana says:


    Sorry for late reply Sam, my wee dug was in a hurry to get out this morning. Hope you found something of interest in that lot of links.

    I too am speechless…

    I tried to think of a comment. But, in truth, I have no words to describe my despair at this.
    What are we coming to?

  215. heedtracker says:

    I too am speechless…

    Thanks for all the amazing links Nana! Dont worry too much about death threats. The right threaten everyone with violence and death, all over the place, it’s their thing.

  216. Jack Murphy says:

    Nana said at 7:55 am today:
    “British journalism is failing democracy and our journalists don’t seem to care.,,,,,”


    Excellent article on the state of journalism,but what about a bit nearer home?

    ‘Inform Scotland’ takes a very close look at the BBC IN SCOTLAND. :
    “….. We are ordinary people, tired of the distortions of ‘news’ reporting on BBC Scotland where ‘spin’ and opinion have long replaced fact.

    This website [Inform Scotland] acts as a gateway to some of the best articles on the topic of misreporting within BBC News Scotland.

    By using misrepresentation, omissions, errors of fact, failure to explain context, or fair comparisons – BBC News Scotland displays a consistent level of bias and a distinct lack of impartiality.

    BBC Scotland is portraying a pessimistic and negative view of Scotland that does not chime with the reality of positivity and confidence in our country……”

    Read more at:

  217. Jack Murphy says:

    LINK to my quotes at 12:15pm:

  218. Nana says:


    Aye I know, but it still worries me. You might like this

    @Jack Murphy
    Slap on the wrist for me there Jack, I missed the article and considering I had a wee bit of input into that website there is no excuse. Off to hang my head in shame, so I am!

  219. Jack Murphy says:

    That’s OK Nana,it was me who was out late last night and made a mess-up of my link this morning at 12:15pm. [hang my head in shame].

  220. Macart says:


    I know Nana and it tells a story of two ideologies right there. Unionism and its supporters think nothing of using the language of violence and hate speech. It’s their daily bread and butter.

    When they decided to take our identity and our hopes and throw them in the dirt two and a half years ago, they celebrated with an act of violence in the streets of Glasgow. There was no attempt at understanding or reaching out to console. There was no olive branch, no peaceful appeal for unity or compromise, only a desire to humiliate and punish.

    This desire is led and fed by their politicians, their media, their spokespeople and reaches all the way down to their support. It manifested itself in the Smith commission, the Scotland bill debates, daily in the media and their btl comments. It’s become a runaway train like most hard right intolerance.

    The lesson of Jo Cox’s tragedy went unlearned in their world.

    They don’t do hope or care. They do fear and despair.

  221. JLT says:

    Absolutely braindead.

    How the **** did she ever become the leader of Scottish Labour? I mean ….how the **** was it possible for her to reach the very echelons of power within SLAB? How was she not vetted out years ago and labelled as ‘not suitable’?

    It’s absolutely bewildering?!?

    I mean, seriously …she makes Jack McConnell, Wendy Alexander and even Johann Lamont look like they knew what they were doing when they were leading the party. Jeez!!!!

  222. Iain More says:

    The bitter hatred for the SNP is just a cover for a deeper hatred for Scotland and the Scots. It is the Yoon disease!

  223. Fred says:

    @ JLT, “Lucky Jack!”

  224. Kat hamilton says:

    Kez dugdale is the epitome of a sell out , washed up, non thinking airhead with no scruples whatsoever….it’s only her own so called career that’s her priority…..her faux outrage at holyrood on a weekly basis gives me the heave, amateur dramatics at its worst…always on the edge of tears and breakdown..spare me kezia….any soul you ever had has truly now been sold out to ruth and her cohorts…be interesting to see the English votes for English laws being dismantled to allow those nice, unbiased and Amish types from across the water to vote with mother theresa and co…I’m bewildered how any scot, can align themselves with the blue brigade and their unsavoury play mates rather than build a fair and decent society in an independent Scotland….

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