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The toll taken

Posted on April 29, 2015 by

On the left, Jim Murphy campaigning for the Scottish Labour leadership a few months ago (the backdrop is distinctive, placing the pic sometime last November).


On the right, Jim Murphy on STV tonight.

Don’t tell lies, readers. It drains your soul.

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    1. 30 04 15 01:32

      The toll taken | Speymouth

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    1. Heather McLean says:

      The strain of all those lies is obviously getting to him! What a difference a few months makes – Jim Murphy has aged quickly!

    2. .. dead man walking

    3. Casper1066 says:

      Murphy is crumbling on this and fillabusting through the interview. Waste of time, Labour must be curling up and dying and not like Jims hair needs…ouch

    4. Ian says:

      Which of course assumes Creepy Jim had a soul to begin with…

    5. Bob Sinclair says:

      That happened to Tony Blair as well.

    6. Casper1066 says:

      Stress does a lot of damage, his constant lies takes its toil. Maybe he is worried about his wife and him losing his job. Jim for sanctions…..go sign on Jim.

    7. Kevin Evans says:

      All joking aside and the fact I hate that man I wouldn’t want to see his health go beyond recovery.

    8. Graeme Reid says:

      The last few weeks of Blair in government, he looked haunted and still does . Politics can burn the soul if you are not careful.

    9. Celyn says:

      Looks as though he should eat more. Maybe he’s not paid enough. 🙂

    10. TJenny says:

      This is what we’re seeing, then how scary is his picture in the attic by now. Eeek.

    11. Truth says:

      Jim, you don’t look well.

      Resign for the good of your health. Sincerely.

      I don’t like you, but equally I don’t like to see someone suffer.

    12. RogueCoder says:

      In fairness, the studio lighting was not his friend (who did that, the Marx Brothers?) – but regardless, it’s clear that Jim is taking a physical toll. I don’t get the impression that his schedule is any more demanding than Nicola’s (anecdotal evidence suggests Nicola is doing FAR more), but clearly Jim isn’t wearing it at all well. True; Nicola has been in training for this all her adult life, whereas Jim got drafted in at short notice.

      To be fair to Murphy, he’s under immense pressure and was dealt a pretty dire hand from the start. No denying he’s played it badly and he deserves to lose, but it can’t be easy going out day after day as you watch your party slide into insignificance and ridicule. It’s not a gig I’d want.

      I’m at the point now where I almost feel sorry for Scottish Labour. They’ve tried virtually everything to turn the polls around, but managed to shoot themselves in the foot every time. The SNP haven’t really had to do much in the way of counter-argument or deflection; Labour have been their own worst enemy. I don’t think we’ll take ALL of their seats, but they are going to be down to single digits and Jim may not survive in his own constituency. I don’t think his leadership will last long.

    13. ClanDonald says:

      Bloody hell! That has to be photoshopped surely? He’s the same age as me, he looks like my dad.

      Off topic, Rev, will you be producing election night bingo cards where we cross out all the unionist MPs that lose their seats? First to complete their card wins.

    14. mike says:

      No way that is an un doctored picture, if that is real we should leave him alone poor soul. Let him enjoy his house of lords retirement.

    15. chris kilby says:

      Dorian Grey in reverse. Jaysus!

    16. charlie says:

      Ipsos Mori poll has him down on any kind of trust. The more he says the worse for Slab.

      Not really sure where LabourUncut is going, but they shouldn’t have a headline
      Balls for chop in future Labour/SNP coalition deal
      That’ll be Jim’s not Ed’s.

    17. call me dave says:

      Aye and as he gets more grey Jola slowly gets better looking, sort of Dorian Gray effect.

      Surely we can just hear,if we listen closely, in the distance…aye just there, the faint sound of the sharpening of knives in labour HQ.

      He must have put a few hundred on the SNP votes tonight.

    18. chris kilby says:

      Jim Murphy IS The Doctor!

    19. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m not certain that being branch manager of a party of no hopers really is a drain on his soul. I think, as branch manager, oor Jiminey Cricket has been spending a rather lot of time whitewashing the ceiling of the branch office! 😀

      Unfortunately for oor wee Jim, being stuck up the top of the scaffolding doing all this whitewashing does mean that he has a tendency to miss out on all of those lovely Labour lunches as delivered by Jackie Baillie. 😛

    20. chris kilby says:

      “The crime issss nationalissssm. The ssssentence issss DEATH!”

    21. Thepnr says:

      Before I started reading Wings I looked like the guy on the left. Now I look like the guy on the right.

      Rev it’s not a lie, just a wee exaggeration!

      My point is stress is physical as well as mental, these pictures show that. Like me, he aught to think about retirement. All this campaigning takes it’s toll, for him it looks like it is 10 x worse than me. Though I am weary.

      Why then do Alex and Nicola still look so good. It is simple, if you are fighting for something you truly believe in and have no need to lie, then stress levels will be low because you believe in what you are saying, no stress.

      Lying through your teeth on TV and in the MSM in front of the entire Scottish electorate is going to do something to your insides. I’m not a doctor so don’t know what that may be. Murphy does not appear to believe in anything he argues for. Massive stress, the results are apparent.

      Only thing I can say is that if I had to use the same arguments he does, it can’t be good for your health and that it would destroy me from the inside.

    22. Andrew McLean says:

      I am concerned watching Jim tonight he may suffering from a neurological disorder, his left eye looks blown at times, especially when he was confused about what he was trying to say, I think that his performance tonight was a disgrace, but I am worried that it may be due to a medical condition., just prior to answering a couple of times he looked down and to the left, this is a common indicator of untruthfulness, or severe mental pressure. Oh and I don’t think you get into trouble Jim if you mention your team, you do it often enough

    23. chris kilby says:

      Looks like he’s seen a ghost. Or, you know, the latest polls…

    24. Patrician says:

      Of course he is looking stressed, he has been hung out to dry by the Balls (and the Miliband and the Umunna).

      With enemies to the left of him, enemies to the right he has nowhere to hide now and that noise he hears all the time now is his party sharpening their knives

      Johann must be chuckling now.

    25. Russell says:

      What disrespect to Scottish voters that he says he will do two jobs at Westminster and Holyrood. All this short term just to try and retain his WM seat. Does he think we are all daft?, and still getting away with “largest party” tonight without challenge from Ponsonby on such a critical point affecting how the government is formed. More shoddy, amateur journalism.

    26. Kevin Evans says:

      Note to Kezia – take a good long hard look cause as of May the 8th your gonna be holdin the can

    27. manandboy says:

      So true Stu. In the past few months, Murphy has given us all a masterclass in self-destruction, by simply telling lies and treating the voters like they’re stupid.

      Not that he’ll be unduly worried – he must be worth a bob or two.

    28. Cath says:

      It can’t be an easy gig. Labour always seems like a mean party, with people out to get you and stab you in the back, so I can’t imagine he’ll have much support. And there obviously aren’t troops on the ground here, plus in-fighting. All that, plus your party losing support all the time to the SNP.

      When he came in he was so arrogant, and talked up so much by everyone – the big hitter from Westminster – he thought it would be a cakewalk. Media totally on-side, referendum won, tonne of safe seats, feed a load of bullshit and the voters will come running back.

      In moments, I can almost feel sorry for him. But then I remember he appointed McTernan and McDougall…

    29. ErinT says:

      I actually feel somewhat sorry for Murphy. Not because of him potentially losing his seat and the impending wipeout of Scottish Labour. Both of those aspects are merited. However on a personal level I can’t help but worry for his health.

      Maybe Murphy losing his seat would be a good thing. He could take time off and then comeback as a Labour MSP. It isn’t something I would like to see happen but surely that must be better for him in terms of both emotional and physical stress to do that.

      Dislike his policies and his debating style and inability to answer a question truthfully but poor guy all the same.

    30. Ronnie says:

      @ ClanDonald

      Brilliant idea!!

      Can we get these out ASAP?

      Would add a little more excitement to Election Night – as if we could take any more!

    31. chris kilby says:

      @ RogueCoder:

      “Labour have been their own worst enemy.”

      Not while I’m still breathing they aren’t!

    32. thedogphilosopher says:

      Y’know I was thinking, he didn’t seem too out of place during that Care Home news clip tonight.

      ‘Just press the buzzer if you’ll be needing the commode Mr Murphy.’

    33. boris says:

      O/T: Does this still apply. If affirmative it might be prudent to apply the measure at any polling stations that may be suspect Glasgow NE and Glenrothes would be two I would place a tie on the ballot boxes.

      Does’t jim look haunted?

      The Ballot Act of 1872 states that “the presiding officer of each station, as soon as is practicable after the close of poll, shall, in the presence of the agents of the candidates, make up (the ballot boxes) into separate packages sealed with his own seal and the seals of such agents of the candidates as desire to affix their seals”.

      The legislation also introduced the secret ballot for parliamentary elections to prevent voter intimidation by employers and landowners.

      The right for candidates to add their own seals has survived repeated reforms of election law, currently regulated by the Representation of the People Act. Parties rarely use this right.

      John Turner, chief executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, said: “This is perfectly lawful in terms of the Representation of the People Act. But to the best of my knowledge and recollection, no other party does this.”

    34. James123 says:

      If that’s what being teetotal and vegetarian does to you then get me some beef burgers and a bottle of whisky.

    35. Cath says:

      “It is simple, if you are fighting for something you truly believe in and have no need to lie, then stress levels will be low because you believe in what you are saying, no stress.”

      Nicola and Alex always look like they’re enjoying the job. Even when they look tired or must be stressed out – and they both have/had punishing schedules as FM and campaigner – they still gave the impression of enjoying what they do. Labour politicians generally don’t, and Murphy really doesn’t.

    36. Grizzle McPuss says:

      I now cannot watch a Jim Murphy interview or debate without simultaneously breathing into a paper bag.

      On Scotland Tonight with Bernard, all was going as usual; my rapid breathing, bag coping with each gulp as each hiss and slither from the obfuscating waffle master was produced.

      But a point was reached tonight at which I actually digested the bag. To say I was speechless was probably more to do with a brown paper stuck in my throat, but none-the-less, this all occurred when Jim turned around and said, and I par-phrase…

      “Why don’t we use the £1.8 billion we spend in housing benefit to build houses instead?”

      I’m still speechless (aka hacking up debris)

      I cannot believe this line was proposed, along with the ‘two job’ debacle, from a person who seriously proposes that there is in any shape or form, a place for him in politics here in Scotland or elsewhere.

      Tonight we saw the performance of the Chief Fruit Dispenser of your local Banana Republic.

    37. Shuggy says:

      Sorry folks, I think that’s just due to harsh lighting, flash photography and ‘Gravitas’ Silver hairspray.

      On the matter of health, I think of the effects of sanctions on low-paid, unemployed and disabled people, and I remember these lines:

      “If we are to retain Attlee’s civic patriotism then we need a greater intolerance of failure.”

      “Progressive self-interest – a modern sense of social solidarity”

      Jim Murphy 2008.

    38. Chic McGregor says:

      Ooer. Most of us turn grey gradually from our 50’s into our 60’s.

      I’m reminded of an ex WWII sailor I knew in my young days who told me of when the ship he was on, as a young man, was torpedoed. The exit hatch from the engine room where he worked became blocked by two rather large sailors and he, unable to get out, was convinced his time was up.

      Anyway, it wasn’t, but he claimed that he went into convalescence with black hair and emerged a few weeks later with grey hair at the age of 22.

    39. Robert Peffers says:

      @TJenny says: 30 April, 2015 at 12:13 am:

      “This is what we’re seeing, then how scary is his picture in the attic by now. Eeek.”

      Are you saying his Middle name is Dorian?
      Oh! Wait up he is the follow on to Ian (Gray).

      My wee papillon is niggling me to go to bed. She waits till she thinks I’m asleep then sneaks onto the bed and lies against my feet. I don’t like a heated bedroom so when it really cold she slips in and makes a great hot water bottle.

      So I’m off to bed.
      Guid Nicht Morning.

    40. James123 says:

      Johann Lamont looked like a young Michelle Pfeiffer before she became branch manager, look what it did to her!

    41. AndyH says:

      Said it before and I will say it again. He is not a well man. He needs to step away on the 8th of May for the sake of his health

    42. boris says:

      Jim’s problem is delegation. He can’t with result that ultimate control is vested only in himself. Like most long distance runners he is a one man band incapable of teamwork.

    43. Jamie says:

      I’m planning on doing a shot every time a two-faced unionist politician loses his/her seat. Don’t think I’ll go to work the next day.

      I do feel kind of bad for their emotional suffering, though. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.

    44. Capella says:

      Six months is a long time in politics.

    45. Connor McEwen says:

      That is why Farmer Cameron is away to the countryside cuddling up to Pigs [ in the City]
      Pigs cannot talk back

    46. handclapping says:

      The agent(s) do not need to be present any more but the may be and can affix their seals if desired. I understand SNP in Glenrothes do; after that by election they are probably wise.

    47. M4rkyboy says:

      Didn’t he stop dyeing his hair?

    48. Charles Edward says:

      He’s going to need some Grecian 2000 and a couple of sun bed sessions before they let him into the Big Brother house.

    49. Chic McGregor says:

      “Johann Lamont looked like a young Michelle Pfeiffer before she became branch manager, look what it did to her!”

      Gordon Brown allegedly looked like a Fifer before the Vow(s).

    50. Thepnr says:

      No one can deny that activity levels are high for all politicians fighting the election. Especially in Scotland.

      Stress levels though for the incumbent holders of the non SNP seats in Scotland are a magnitude higher than for those new kids on the block from the SNP.

      Looking forward to the future and the SNP candidates. Regretting the decisions of their leaders over decades are the rest.

    51. Oscar Taime says:

      @ClanDonald yup Bingo cards will be available. Check back never the night!

    52. Morag says:

      Harsh lighting, lack of Grecian 2000 and an unfortunate expression don’t help. But it’s not exactly flattering.

      A nice steak would set him up in a jiffy.

    53. DerekM says:

      FFS Jim just resign go take a long holiday and put your feet up you look like a zombie.

      Good news or bad news Jim ?

      well the bad news is there is no good news ,we have only just started watch this space, 2016 is going to be fun well maybe not for your lot oops ,but in the meantime if the polls are correct we get to noise up wastemonster as a wee bonus.

    54. Chic McGregor says:

      It has to be said:
      50 Schadenfreudes of Gray

    55. Mark Russell says:

      @ RogueCoder: I’m at the point now where I almost feel sorry for Scottish Labour.

      I’m not. Most of them are corrupt,thieving, lying, war-criminals. Brown and Murphy at the top of the stinking pile. They deserve humiliation and prosecution. They’ve let down countless generations of Scots with their addiction to power handed down to them in small measures by the global financial elite who frequent London and regard Westminster as the guardian of the status quo – and demanding loyal subservience from those that populate the place. Humiliation will have to do on May 7th – we can but hope they get their comeuppance later.

    56. Mark Russell says:

      @ RogueCoder: I’m at the point now where I almost feel sorry for Scottish Labour.

      I’m not. Most of them are corrupt,thieving, lying, war-criminals. Brown and Murphy at the top of the stinking pile. They deserve humiliation and prosecution. They’ve let down countless generations of Scots with their addiction to power handed down to them in small measures by the global financial elite who frequent London and regard Westminster as the guardian of the status quo – and demanding loyal subservience from those that populate the place. Humiliation and physical collapse will have to do on May 7th – we can but hope they get their comeuppance later.

    57. liz says:

      Sorry but this is part of Murphy’s strategy to make people feel sorry for him.

      He is always the underdog in ER – with a 10,000 majority, he slept in a drawer, he was so poor his family had to emigrate…blah, blah, blah.

      A technique that used to be used by double glazing salesmen was to make you feel sorry for them.

      This is a man who voted for austerity, the war in Iraq, against an inquiry into Iraq, for Trident and is a member of the extreme right wing group, the Henry Jackson society who believe that torture is acceptable.

      Save your sympathy for people who deserve it

    58. CameronB Brodie says:

      Kevin Evans

      All joking aside and the fact I hate that man I wouldn’t want to see his health go beyond recovery.

      I share your sentiments, apart from hate, but you’d be amazed at just what a body can recover from. (wicked smiley)

      Hate involves emotional commitment, which I tend not to hand out to just any transient that comes along. 😉

    59. Hector says:

      Shocking picture but not my impression of Jim from watching the programme tonight. I thought he looked fine…but….my..oh…my……sounded like a man creature from another reality…..! Certainly not a Labour Leader, far less a Scottish Labour Leader! No fire, no passion, no conviction! Just a 3rd rate actor actor struggling to remember his lines…….just like Anas Sarwar, Magrit Curran….! Shouty, aggressive, talking over the interviewer….not listening to the question and certainly not answering it. Dead man walking ….zombified and lobotomised. Give up now Jim before you lose all dignity. But I fear it’s too late already. For your leadership and for “Scottish” Labour.

    60. Iain More says:

      They stoles the precioussssss! Wicked natinalssssistssss!

      Didn’t Labour employ a Hobbit in its first election PPB.

      Is that his makeover for the Lords ready to go?

    61. Albamac says:

      I’ll be 69 in July, I hope, and I haven’t gone grey yet. I find myself looking in the mirror every morning and willing it to happen. It’s just weird.

    62. Iain More says:

      Stress levels for politicians – pish! Was it not Kenny Dalgliesh that said stress is the unemployed man looking for a job so he can feed and house his family!

      Sympathy for Murphy – none at all!

    63. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      If Jim is bad, you should see Magrit Curran

    64. Wow, what a change!

      Just rewatched the start of the interview at
      and it’s definitely not to do with bad lightning!

      Had to have a look at his previous hair colour too (how sad am I?).

      He wasn’t quite so grey when he launched his manifesto

      Perhaps just the beginnings of grey when he became leader

      And no grey when he got egged

      The “became leader” link also shows him as student leader – his hair was never black but rather light brownish.

      It’s interesting to note that, no matter how we try and mentally compose ourselves in order to disguise our true feelings, our bodies betray us!!

      Poor Jim, he really has gone grey – I hope for the sake of his own health that he loses and retires from politics. Or goes down to a safe seat in London. But he clearly can’t handle the pressures of Scottish politics.

    65. Big jack Mack says:

      more Irn bru please.

    66. Charles Edward says:

      Perhaps KezDug can reinvent herself as a Lily Munster clone counterculture goth role model when she gets her wisdom highlights.
      Thick eyeliner
      Chunky silver jewellery
      Blacked out Lennon shades
      Dr Martins 16 holers
      A cane?
      Non – descript laptop case with small Manga badge.
      Full length faux leather trench coat with hood
      Hood lined with real Ermine (shsh–What! It’s from a vintage shop, chill-out!)
      On the ipod,
      My Chemical Romance
      30 seconds of summer ( SO hot..)
      The Mission
      Marilyn Manson

      Gotta speak to the kids, gotta mean something.
      Trips on her laces, bag spills on the floor.
      A Nietzsche book -cred
      Coffee and strawberry e-cig -cred
      Michael Mcintyre DVD. ..EH?

    67. Albamac says:

      @ Charles Edward

      Have you talked this over with Greg Moodie? 🙂

    68. geeo says:

      Sympathy for murphy ?
      I just cannot justify it to myself.

      That tonight was just white noise.

    69. Skooshbag says:

      Don’t you think he looks tired?

    70. Clarinda says:

      “A week in politics is a long time” says Jim grasping at sinking straws to explain how he is going to gain ground before the 7th in answer to a seriously exasperated Mr Ponsonby. Seriously, that’s a strategy for recovery?

      I agree he did not look well which seemed to be demonstrated in his body language and demeanour. His rapid jibber-jabber tactic veering in and out of simpering guff, patronising snash, unconnected trains of thought and physical discomfort made his interview very difficult to watch. To be honest I was more alarmed at his appearance and increasing stress than even the nonsense he was blabbering. The awkwardness of Mr Ponsonby’s last football question seemed to be a sign that he too realised what a debacle the interview had become. Painful.

    71. Dr Jim says:

      The forces of darkness exact a heavy price for the power they bestow on a man

      Except Jim’s forces definitely fucked up the power thing

    72. Michael McCabe says:

      Jim Murphy Come in number 8 your time is up The party’s over it’s time to call it a day.

    73. David Mooney says:

      I know this will portray me as heartless late night drink addled troll (which I’m not). Dim Jim made his own bed and followed his own path – voluntarily. F**k him, annihilate every last one of these low life, troughing, Labour red Tory b******s. Wipe them out – all of them. They have used and abused there position for decades, they deserve no pity.

      If you think this is harsh, remember this. Given the opportunity they would do the same to us and have in the past.

      I do mean politically speaking of course. 😉

    74. ronnie anderson says:

      DimJims setting himself up for ah job as a Ghoul Hunter in Embra,he,ll need ah new cloak of course, cause his auld wans been stripped away,& the real DimJim exposed.

    75. thoughtsofascot says:

      He looks very sick. I dislike the man and hate what he stands for. The lies duplicity and everything. However I wish no ill-will on him and hope that he is alright.

      Having him as branch manager benefits our cause so it would be sad to see him go, but I think that he really needs to look into retiring for a bit. He’s looking far too sickly to be healthy and I’d hope that he can get his health back on track soon. Get away from the stress man, its not worth it. Nothing, career wise, is worth more than your health.

    76. Stoker says:

      That picture of Skeletor looks more like a Madame Tussauds work.

      And the moral to this tale is – man cannot live on Irn Bru alone.

      As for any sympathy, drap deed Murphy, ah need a guid laugh.

    77. MD says:

      That photo on the right doesn’t show a man who’s seeing good news in his canvass returns.

    78. Arabs for Independence says:

      I can’t remember what Jim Murphy’s current view on the Barnett formula but he needs to start using it on his head.

    79. Onwards says:

      It must be tiring running a negative campaign.
      The picture is mostly bad lighting, but he does look stressed. Constantly juggling a pack of lies, deception and spin to achieve your aims must be draining.

      So I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him if Labour’s negative campaign in Scotland ends up losing badly.
      Remember, if they hold onto a bunch of seats, he will be all over the TV studios shouting abuse at the SNP and their voters.

      We need to stay positive for the last week, and hopefully we will get the strong result that Scotland deserves.

    80. Bob Mack says:

      As ye sow,so shall ye reap

    81. donald anderson says:

      I fell asleep at the beginning of the interview.

      Wha’ happened?

    82. Kenny says:

      He’s not the only one. Ruth Davidson used to be a lovely, fresh-faced girl. Now she looks increasingly bitter and heavy. Time to renounce bitter unionist politics and attend a Hope Over Fear rally, my girl!

    83. Tattie-bogle says:

      Jim has said 1924 too many times that his body clock now believes that’s when he was born

    84. Wee Jonny says:

      That’ll be fuckin right!

      After JoLa calling us and our FM for ahin during her term as leader of SLab, then having an epiphany and saying it was all her bosses fault AFTER the referendum, things coulda been soooo much different. And some had sympathy for her too.

      Then Main Stream Murphy (I do like to use that one) was delivered First Class to say she was just a disgruntled ex-employee and it was back to bullpish as usual.

      The man has never once let up on the bile being spewed about us and our new FM. He refuses to condemn anyone in “his” party that over steps the mark yet gives it both barrels to any wee discrepancy from the SNP or their supporters. And all the while getting an easy ride from the MSM.

      I listened to him on Call Kay we an E yesterday and he hates being asked a question he doesn’t like or being even slightly interrupted, taking his lovely wee soft tone voice to the shouty prick we all saw on his ‘hunner crate toor’.

      If his health is suffering he is the one to blame. It’s not like he hasn’t been told time and time again about his lies. You may remember a few weeks ago a Stuart from Bath called in and told him exactly that about his “largest party” pish.
      Yet Main Stream Murphy keeps on going.

      The man is a total arsehole and any sympathy should be kept for those who deserve it.

      Fuck him.

    85. Macca73 says:

      Ponsonby is a disgrace. I can’t believe he’s still in a job!!

    86. john king says:

      Call me Dave says@12.23am
      “Aye and as he gets more grey Jola slowly gets better looking,”

      Someone always has to take it TOO far! 🙂
      Patrician says @12.26
      “Of course he is looking stressed, he has been hung out to dry by the Balls (and the Miliband and the Umunna).”

      Ouch that brings tears to your eyes,
      being hung by the Umunnas! 🙁
      Kevin Evans says@ 12.27am
      “Note to Kezia – take a good long hard look cause as of May the 8th your gonna be holdin the can”

      oh good I love a can of worms,
      Oh look Jim you’ve spilt it and now they’re all over the floor.
      Chris Kilby says @ 12.30am
      “@ RogueCoder:

      “Labour have been their own worst enemy.”

      Not while I’m still breathing they aren’t!”

      Hat tip Chris. 🙂
      @ Me
      what the hell is all this concern for Murphy about?
      That man Lets be clear is a total clown, and deserves all the opprobrium we can heap on him
      I for one have zero sympathy with him,
      He and his ilk have denigrated, abused,disparaged, decried,defamed, insulted,maligned ,vilified,and generally been pretty rotten eggs,

      And their beaviour towards us (particularly wingers) has been to treat us like an infestation of bubonic plague ridden rats!
      MY ARSE!
      rant over. 🙂
      Jamie says @12.38
      “I do feel kind of bad for their emotional suffering, though. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.”
      Morag says @12.57
      “Harsh lighting, lack of Grecian 2000 and an unfortunate expression don’t help. But it’s not exactly flattering.

      A nice steak would set him up in a jiffy.”

      And a bottle of “Just for Jim” on expenses. 🙂
      Chic McGregor says @1.02am
      “It has to be said:
      50 Schadenfreudes of Gray”

      Thats it stop the presses,
      Caesar!mac says @1.33am
      “I’ll be 69 in July, I hope, and I haven’t gone grey yet. I find myself looking in the mirror every morning and willing it to happen. It’s just weird.”

      I’ll back you up on that Caesar!mac, the blackest hair I have seen on a man of your age,
      Me, what I do have is gray but quickly becoming bald as a coot (whats a coot and are they ALL bald?)

      in contrast my dad (albeit grey) had a full head of hair up to the day he died,
      James Kelly cant even look at me, not since I took the piss out his hirsutelessness 🙂 I was only empathizing with Christian Wright as well. 🙂
      Scottish Sun today Shows Nicola with the Princess Leia buns holding a light sabre!
      Q disturbing dream

    87. john king says:

      Wee Jonny
      if your going to the counting house remind me to buy you a pint. 🙂

    88. Macca73 says:

      As for Jim, If his health is suffering as a result of his lying then I have some sympathy but he’s still lying to the electorate and that’s just plain WRONG!

    89. Mealer says:

      Mr Murphy does seem to be struggling a bit both physically and mentally just now.However,his rapid ageing will maybe make him more appealing to his core support.He might get some sympathy votes.
      “Jim Murphy.Saviour of the Union.He took Labour from 20 in an opinion polls to 25 in an election in less than a week”.
      A good rest after next week will soon see him back to full health.Maybe he’s just given up on using hair dye.

    90. donald anderson says:

      Post election Scoriach (Social) Somewhere to go, cheap after a hard campaign.
      Admission Free. Grand Raffle.
      Bring yer ain cerry oot, food, music. Jammers welcome.
      Grand Raffle.
      Hopefully we will have something to celebrate.
      Bring a friend. If not, bring Jim Murphy.
      Friday, 7-11pm. May 8th.
      St Peter’s Church Hall, Pertick, 46 Hyndland Street, Glasgow, G11 5PS
      Wingers Welcome! Cheap Nite oot.

    91. JLT says:

      It’s an interesting a couple of photos, but I would rather see a picture of Jim in more natural light to see if the last few months have indeed taken their toll. When the full glare from a studio light hits someone head on, then yes, the effects can be quite dramatic. It could be that Murphy has just run himself into the ground by being busy all the time. A quick shift in weight loss in a short period of time can leave one looking haggard.

      I met Alex Salmond a few weeks ago, but while at this dinner, there were moments you could see that he was tired. The last few years had just worn him down. Even Nicola, in moments, has looked tired.

      I can even say during the referendum, that my mum, dad and wife all worried over me due to the exertions of work, studies and canvassing were doing to me. I shed over a stone in weight in that last month due to being on my feet all the time. Even I acknowledged that there had been days when I looked in the mirror and thought ‘enough is enough. I’m worn out’.

      I suppose we’ll all be scrutinising Murphy rather carefully now to see if has all taken its toll.

      Interesting though!

    92. Nikkii says:

      Someone asked for Bingo cards?

    93. Mealer says:

      Wee Jonny
      I don’t mean this to sound patronising,but you have flourished since the whole referendum campaign thing began.Its like a metaphor for Scotland.More confident.More determined.Know where you’re going and how to get there.

    94. Shiprex says:

      However his state of mind and body is, the people of Scotland have been let down by these people and their crush on commerce. The social fabric and cultural values have been attacked and abused through lies, manipulation, rwo faced behaviour, self serving, community destroying tactics that have little to do with service to the people who gave them their voice to speak for them in the mother of all parliaments.
      No pity isn’t what they deserve only respect if they bow out honourably.
      Good riddance and good luck Jim, you can always start a new political party in an independent Scotland when the reality sinks in that Scotland is NOT part of this neoliberal orgasm thought up in the 80’s by the Reagans and Thatchers who regard public office as anyplace where they can better themselves and their pals at the expense of the state.

    95. Tamson says:

      Less of the sympathy please. This is a guy who was a huge cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq, resulting in death and misery for hundreds of thousands; wants new WMD built and stationed on the Clyde; is a member of the odious Henry Jackson Society and a friend of apartheid Israel. His lies and dissembling as Scottish Labour branch manager are trivial crimes by comparison.

    96. stewart fae stoney says:

      50 shades of murphy but thats just for men

    97. Macart says:

      After the way Mr Murphy has behaved toward the electorate and the actions he and his campaign managers have taken over the past several years?

      A political life using fear and lies to manipulate the perceptions of others for personal and party gain.

      Who knew it had a down side?

    98. JaceF says:

      UHU not even once.

    99. JaceF says:

      Same thing happened to senator palpatine in the third Star Wars prequel, apt when you see the Scottish Sun front page lol.

    100. Craig P says:

      The ghost of blairites past.

    101. Almannysbunnet says:

      I have as much sympathy for Jim as he has for my country. He needs to get out more often, like Nicola, meet the peeps, it’s good for the soul. Maybe he fears the Sun (pun intended). This is what it does to you Jim, when your job is in danger. Wait till you don’t have one or any prospects. You never gave “your subjects,” down at the food banks, a minutes thought while you were in a position to do something about it. I doubt if you’ll give them a backward glance as you slink out of Scotland. Sympathy?
      Sympathy for the Devil by Mick n Keef, says it all.

    102. Wee Alex says:

      Jim Murphy as I said in a previous post is only part of the problem for Labour in Scotland. They have moved so far to the right that nobody believes they are a party of the working people.

      People are struggling financially, the so called recorvery is non existent for most and they know there is worse to come, no matter if Milliband or Cameron is in charge. People understand that, that’s why the SNP are doing so well. They are standing up to austerity.

      8th May will see Murphy sacked as Labour implode. If I were him, I’d resign and avoid the indignity. He might think he is having it bad now but it will be worse when his own party turn against him.

    103. Sandra Stewart says:

      I don’t wish him harm but I don’t want him anywhere near Holyrood. Sympathy no – you reap what you sow. My empathy is with the parents who struggle to feed their families and those who can’t make ends meet, the people who have their benefits cut.

    104. heedtracker says:

      The dude’s just stopped dying his hair is all.

      His mental health problems are 70 years in the making.

    105. Grouse Beater says:

      A simple case of discarding the pack of ‘Just for Men’ mid-brown.

    106. Michael Cameron says:

      I reckon all the colour last year was from excessive irn bru consumption and an unusual level of outdoor activity. He’s merely returned to normal.

    107. Another Union Dividend says:

      Someone should have told Labour about Murphy’s Law

      Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

    108. Joemcg says:

      4 times yesterday at work and 2 pensioners on the bus overheard saying Red Tories. Pretty damaging phrase that. It’s a killer!

    109. Famous15 says:

      I feel sympathy for any suffering human being.It is in my heritage to forgive those who abuse me.I feel a better.human being to forgive his lies and insults.

      He lied on call Kaye when he said his family emigrated to Apartheid South Africa to escape Thatcherism when in fact Labour were still in power when they made that decision.

      I am not a nationalist now though I was as a schoolboy in the 1950’s .Alex Salmond and now Nicola Sturgeon demonstrate the virtue of internationalism and civic social democracy. Murphy and Labour supporting illegal wars and Trident shines a bright light on their fall from grace.

    110. Free Scotland says:

      Listening to Jim Murphy for 5 minutes leaves me feeling totally exhausted. But think about this: Jim Murphy has Jim Murphy for company 24 hours a day. No wonder he looks completely worn out and knackered!

    111. caz-m says:

      Did Murphy really think that running about in a Scotland jersey was going to persuade us all to vote Labour, a mean did he really think that?

      And what is he like now? He looks as if he just climbed out of a bag of self raisin flour.

      He’s no called “Creepy Jim” for nothin.

    112. heedtracker says:

      Another future patient at the Jim Murphy wing for the clinically swivel eyed loony-

      Nutty UKOK Professor rages at SNP for Scottish school teaching problems, via usual sneaky creepy BBC Scotland attack. Tomkins’ Glasgow uni is Scotland’s largest teacher training university.

    113. scottieDog says:

      That’s really not nice to see. No job is worth that.

    114. Wulls says:

      I actually feel sorry for Jim.
      Right or wrong his well being is suffering.
      Someday he will either admit his whole position is wrong or fade away a bitter and twisted old man.
      On another level. Plenty of North Sea workers are going grey with the current job losses.
      Jim is in charge of his destiny. These guys aren’t.

    115. scottieDog says:

      Interesting article about bbc..

    116. john king says:

      Heedtracker @7.54
      “Another future patient at the Jim Murphy wing for the clinically swivel eyed loony-”

      Would that be at Eleanor Bradford’s “Death Star” Heedy?
      they could watch videos of waterfalls and listen to whale music. 🙂

    117. Marie clark says:

      I have absolutely no sympathy for Jim Murphy or the Labour Party.

      As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Labour have held Scotland back for years. Thank goodness that now the people have now woken up to this and they are about to get their comeuppance.

      If the way Murphy looks now is the toll for all the lies that he tells, well good. He truly is a despicable creature.

      Hell mend the lot o’ them.

    118. Tackety Beets says:

      Come on folks . The MSM & EBC are equally to blame for the imminent demise of Labour .

      We could write a book on the “$h!t£” an blatant lies SLab have told , again on GMS as I write ! Good news for DC crap !

      I equally blame MSM as they failed to address the lies and crap SLAb spout leaving Murphy and his ilk to think they are being believed .

      I truly hope our Polls come to fruition next Friday mawneen .

    119. bjsalba says:

      O/T but related. On BBC news

      Interesting that Danny Alexander is grassing on the Tory plans for welfare cuts. Has he read the opinion polls and thinks this info will save his seat?

      Certainly it would not do much for his chances of ermine. Does he actually believe it would come his way if the Tories got in? Or has he finally wised up now that the gloss from the ministerial car no longer dazzles his vision ?

    120. Dewar says:

      Any day now his arm will start to shoot up in the air at random moments like Michael Murray, Robert Lindsay’s character in GBH.

    121. Jim says:

      chris kilby says:
      Dorian Grey in reverse. Jaysus!

      Damn, his portrait is getting younger.
      I detect some sympathy in the comments here; maybe that is what they are looking for, the pity vote. It’s a new tactic you know. lol

    122. heedtracker says:

      Sun Scotlland editor on Jim Naughty BBC r4 Show right the now. Naughty absolutely shocked, nae stunned at different press headlines for England and Scotland. Naughty’s just one more old school BBC unionist shill but even he can’t get away with this extraordinary level of BBC fraud now.

    123. Sinky says:

      Hootsman reports that a senior Labour MP has £1.5 million locked away in a tax haven.

      The senior Labour figure in question is no ordinary MP. It is Margaret Hodge, the extremely wealthy MP for Barking – an almost equally extremely impoverished borough in London – who on top of all this was chairwoman of the powerful public accounts committee.

    124. Training Day says:


      BBC this morning running in their bulletins with the story of the Sun coming out for the SNP, immediately followed by the caveat that its English edition is urging support for the Tories to stop the SNP.

      Now, as ‘alert readers’ in this parish will know, the Rev often highlights the disparity between what English and ‘Scottish’ editions of the same MSM rags are saying.

      Yet this is, to my knowledge, the first time staff at Pacific Quay have felt compelled to editorialise on this phenomenon.

      Funny that.

    125. Catherine says:

      About the two job thing, his defence is that ministers in the Scottish government also do two jobs, they are MSPs as well as ministers. I was surprised that Ponsonby didn’t point out that by that logic, Murphy would be doing 3 jobs, not 2. Thankfully that’s never going to happen.

    126. Sinky says:


      In April 2011 Miliband in an exclusive interview with the Sun:

      “He refused to put a date on when a new set of Labour policies would be ready, saying only: ‘You will read it first in The Sun.’”

      Posed with Front page of The Sun

    127. Dorothy Devine says:

      Some smart cookies on here!
      Nikkii , bingo cards at such a speed , well done!

      As for Mr Murphy , the strain is in remembering the lies to tell , the lies told and the lies modified for general consumption when the first lie was found to be counter productive – as my granny used to say!

    128. Grouse Beater says:

      Brown is still representing Scotland’s legitimate internationalism and aspirations as sub-Nazi nationalism. He really is a bloody scurrilous fool.

      The tragedy is, his character is one type of psyche we seem to breed in Scotland, wholly unable to relate to people, never empathetic, only able to measure himself against the British Establishment to be part of it.

      That’s what makes him a ‘fool’ in my eyes.

    129. I can’t believe folk are actually sympathising with this creature. He’s obviously now going for the X Factor-style technique of having folk feel sorry for him. Maybe we’ll see him burst into tears on live TV as a final throw of the dice.

      F*** him. And all the rest of them who lied through their teeth in the run up to the 18th for their own naked self-interest. May the fleas of a thousand camels never give their pubic regions peace.

    130. FatCandy says:

      Does this remind no-one of Twin Peaks?! Seriously, WTF has he done…

    131. Fred says:

      “Tell you what, why don’t we just build more houses!” now there’s a novel concept for a party which hasn’t built a house in Scotland in living memory. Desperately seeking some rapport with his interrogator Murphy reminds him that they both support the same football team.

      Murphy would be better advised to get a grip of Annabel Goldie’s tartan knickers & straddle some heavy artillery, seems to be doing it for Ruthie? Now there’s a gift for a cartoonist.

      Two phone calls on behalf of Magrit last night, the Burroo looms and desperation sets in, Johann must be smirkin big time as she sits knittin the barbed-wire jumpers.

    132. Robert Peffers says:

      @Arabs for Independence says: 30 April, 2015 at 5:11 am:

      “I can’t remember what Jim Murphy’s current view on the Barnett formula”

      Jim’s Barnett View is to do away with it. As the Barnett Formula calculates the funding for the devolved functions of the three devolved administrations it works out that sum to transfer from UK ministries that fund the functions transferred from UK Ministries.

      There’s only three ways to remove that formula.
      #1 – Scottish independence.
      #2 – Close Holyrood.
      #3 – Full Fiscal Autonomy.

      As long as we have devolved functions we must also have a set calculation, (formula), to decide how much the devolved functions cost to the UK/English punters or we will end up with someone getting short changed.

      Guess who that would be. The devolved administrations or the UK/English?

    133. galamcennalath says:

      Stress and anxiety certainly take their toll, physically as well as mentally.

      As many above have said, it is less stressful to be positive and involved in something you believe in, conversely if you are continually being negative and pushing tripe you cannot possibly believe yourself, that really does get to you as the weeks roll on.

      We saw it with Darling during the referendum. I would say he came damned close to a breakdown and had to disappear at one point for a while.

      I wouldn’t wish mental unhealth on anyone, but individuals have to ask themselves if they really are doing the right thing because acting immorally would appear to be very stressful! To an extent they bring it upon themselves. Raw Karma, perhaps.

    134. Brian Powell says:

      Interesting to hear Jim Naughtie reduced to interviewing the Scottish Sun editor on what he wants or doesn’t want for Scotland.

    135. Robert Peffers says:

      Something about that right-hand photo of the Murph, up there /|\ reminds me of a hoolet saying, Whooo! Whooo! Whooo!

      Cannot be right though, Hoolets are wise birds.

    136. robert ramage says:

      Guys, get real here the walking parody, gimmick, has stopped dying his hair, to make him look more statesmanlike. Grubby, Mcternan has told him to do it…

    137. ronnie anderson says:

      I,ll gee DimJim ma Symphony vote,tae drown the bastward oot,Messin Dorma.

    138. HandandShrimp says:

      Murphy has had an easy ride from the press and TV. For sure the polls are undoubtedly troubling but any real stress will have come from within the Labour Party. If in a weeks time the polls come to pass the long knives will be out and there will be recriminations aplenty.

    139. Doug McG says:

      “It’s been difficult, but I’ve decided that the brown shoe must be condemned. Suede yes, a brown boot-just. But I think the brown shoe is fundamentally below the salt. Something irretrievably petit bourgeois about a brown shoe, quintessentially suburban and infra dig. I threw all mine out last week, fourteen pairs, some I’ve had for decades. Threw them in a dustbin. I can’t tell you how relieved I am, the weight off my mind.”
      “All brown shoes?”
      “Yes. No gentleman should wear a brown shoe ever. The brown shoe is finished. The brown shoe, Lorimer, has got to go.”

      Got that Jim? ( from William Boyd’s Armadillo )

    140. Sunniva says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed that too, and though I profoundly disagree with Murphy I do see the toll this has taken on him. Nobody could have worked harder to revive the fortunes of Labour in Scotland.

      Just a pity it was the same old, same old; spin and smears, hollow promises, lies, and calling in favours from a compliant media.

      Neil Findlay or Katy Clarke would have chimed in better with the voters.

    141. Free Scotland says:

      Creepy Jim had better stop shouting down zero-hours contracts – he might need one himself soon.

      I can just picture him sweeping the floor in Morrisons, surrounded by lots of pathetic wee paper union jack flags.

    142. IAB says:

      I think a great deal of the change is that he no longer seems to colour his hair

    143. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      Meta morphosis into Lurch, the butler from Addams family?

    144. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Dave Beverage.

      May the fleas of a thousand camels never give their pubic regions peace.

      Oohh you are awwfull, but it like it ,I like it a lot.

      DimJim better get used to Phrases like that, as he will soon be in the Political Dessert, Spot the Dick anyone.

    145. Stoker says:

      Dave Beveridge wrote:
      “F*** him. And all the rest of them who lied through their teeth in the run up to the 18th for their own naked self-interest. May the fleas of a thousand camels never give their pubic regions peace.”

      Thanks for that, Dave, brought a huge smile to my face.

    146. Grouse Beater says:

      Murphy has had an easy ride from the press and TV.

      To BBC Scotland Murphy is their potential saviour. The natural instinct is to pull their punches.

    147. Robert Kerr says:

      @Morag 12.57

      I think there is a mis-spelling. A transposition of an “e”.

    148. annie says:

      Maybe he’s going for the sympathy vote, I posted on another thread yesterday he looked 15 years older but I think that needs to be revised up.

    149. scotspine says:

      Sympathy for Murphy? Really?

      He put himself in this position. He has lied and twisted pre Referendum and post referendum.

      Does anyone think, given their visceral hatred for SNP and Independence that Murphy and Scottish Labour would have any sympathy for us?

      He could stop this charade now and admit he has been lying and twisting and simply step away from the McTernan, Tuba player, Scot Lab spin machine. If he is feeling the pressure, he would immediately feel better.

      But no, he will continue to lie and twist til the end, so fuck him.

    150. mumsyhugs says:

      Mr Jim Murphy morphing into Mr Hi Jumpy before our very eyes! 🙂

    151. Sunniva says:

      People seem to be agreeing that constant negative thinking is bad for your mental health. That’s been my observation too of people who’ve had breakdowns, that they got obsessessed with some negative thought or other and just kept going at it despite evidence to the contrary. Deep, irrational, resentments corrode the soul.

      You have to try to live your life according to postive values, despite the b******s.

    152. Froster says:


      Lol! Was thinking the same thing myself!

    153. gillie says:

      He should have stayed in South Africa.

    154. MajorBloodnok says:

      Anyone considered that he might be partial to pre-match Columbian marching powder and the CIA will take it away when he is no longer of use to them?

    155. frogesque says:

      Jim looks punchdrunk but won’t lie down.

      Karma would be a lost deposit, not just a lost seat on the gravy train.

    156. Mealer says:

      Sunniva 9.06
      Neil Findlay and Katie Clark would indeed chime better with the voters,but they don’t really fit in with the Labour Party.

    157. Nana Smith says:

      What’s that, sympathy for Murphy. No bloody way.

      I have sympathy for those who had to suffer through the bedroom tax, not knowing if they would still have a home.

      I have sympathy for the poor souls affected by benefit sanctions, some brought to suicide because of the actions of Murphy and Co.

      Labour gleefully voting with the tories agreeing to further cuts while giving themselves a pay rise.

      Sympathy for Jim Murphy no bloody way.

    158. laukat says:

      They say that a week is a long time in politics and anything can happen. If I was Murphy I would want the election today as its more likely things will get worse for him and SLAB than better.

    159. Joemcg says:

      Cheers for the chuckles this morning chaps! Hoolets, not heard they for years! Plus imagining Murphy sweeping the floor at that supermarket surrounded by Team GB flags! Lol

    160. Ken500 says:

      Teachers should be given training in special needs – autism/Aspergers. 10% of pupils have special needs but teachers are not given training. 10% of teacher training should be in special needs. It would help other pupils as well.

      2010 was when the ConDem cuts started and children in poverty started to rise. Food banks etc. People being sanctioned and left without food.

    161. X_Sticks says:

      Can’t say I have any sympathy for Jim, but I do feel for his family who must be worried about him.

      I think part of his problem may be that he has spent too much time close the radioactive toxicity of McTernan and MacDougall. That will surely have a detrimental effect to anyone’s health.

    162. Auld Rock says:

      Maybe he should have got off his Iron Bru crate and popped into a Chemist and topped-up his Grecian 2000, LOL.

      Auld Rock

    163. Fireproofjim says:

      The Scottish oil fields are finished, according to the Unionists.
      Therefore it is strange that BP have just announced a seven year development programme on two oilfields West of Shetland, which will produce at least Half a billion barrels of oil.
      As another indicator of the cyclical nature of oil prices the price of Brent crude is back up to $65 barrel -a rise of 19% in six weeks. No comment from the MSM.
      By the way the names of the BPS fields are Schiehallion and Loyal, taken from the names of Scottish mountains. One of Wings correspondents was concerned recently that it was “Loyalist”.
      Not so. At least this time there there is no hidden agenda in the names.

    164. ClanDonald says:

      @Nikkii, excellent bingo game, thanks so much! Is there a template where I can make my own? I think I’m maybe a bit more vengeful than you as I’d quite like one where I can score out names like Murphy, Mundell and Curran as they get the sack, rather than marking constituencies as the SNP gain them.

    165. Stoker says:

      Any word yet on the “Memogate” and “Smart-arse” investigations?

      Naw, didn’t think so. Don’t you just love British justice.

    166. call me dave says:

      Jim has generated much mirth and merriment and a spot of tea and sympathy too.

      However you won’t need to read the tea leaves to know that he will be consigned to history if the polls are true.

      Good read this morning.

    167. ArtyHetty says:

      Smurphy will bounce back, these people do. Of course we know some do not lose one minutes sleep over anything, like baby face D Cameron is one of them. Those that are lacking in conscience tend to live longer and look younger, well with the odd exception like Smurph.

      Smurphy is just being ground down by his London masters, they must be sleeping very peacefully indeed.

    168. Linda McFarlane says:

      I don’t feel sorry for someone who has made so much money out of politics. He will always be able to pay his bills and feed and clothe himself.

      Can’t say that for a heck of a lot of people who are struggling in a way that he will never experience.

    169. Aceldo Atthis says:

      I’m confused about all this.

      I’m assuming Just For Men isn’t their new slogan. Are people suggesting he dyed his hair grey? Trying to appeal to the grey vote?

      He seems to target very specific demographics well, I’ll give him that. He has the obnoxious bastard vote nailed.

      I think Bernard done us all a huge favour last night when he drilled into Murphy’s ambition to hold two top jobs at once — that won’t play well with an electorate that is totally struggling.

      Pity Jim Murphy? Nah. Scumbag.

    170. desimond says:

      Jim has ‘the look of the night’about him. He looked bad in the studio but even worse when dancing with the auld yins in the carefully selected “Donald Dewar Day Care Centre”

      I wonder if the Care Centre gave up a large part of its valuable space like other Dewar touched initiatives

    171. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Fitting, since Murphy’s hero Blair also looks like the constant lying has been taking it’s toll on him too nowadays. 😀

    172. Alan says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Jim one bit he’s a lieing prick enough said ????

    173. Joemcg says:

      Did “just for men” come out for yes or no?

    174. desimond says:

      Just saw this phrase, on a football site aptly, which i feel Jim should take as good advice..

      When love dies, let go or be dragged.

    175. Tackety Beets says:

      Sorry jumping in without reading recent posts .

      One of my work fellows tells me the local Paddy Power store has a big poster of Ca Moron , Fa Rage & Cleggy all NAKED and huddled up in bed together !

      Ya dancer !

      Tatties oo-er the side !

    176. heedtracker says:

      I have sympathy for the poor souls affected by benefit sanctions, some brought to suicide because of the actions of Murphy and Co.

      But Nana, you dont understand how tory boy world works. Gordon Brown himself says he’ll give all the soup kitchens in Scotland a million quid each, if we vote for creepy Jim and they’ll bring back the workhouse for all the slackers that don’t understand how high finance in the City works.

      Maximus will pocket half a billion quid in 3 years for booting all those useless bums off the bru, tax havens a plenty too.

      Thanks again proud Scot buts.

    177. cearc says:

      Chic McGregor, 1.02

      ‘It has to be said:
      50 Schadenfreudes of Gray’

      That has to be comment of the month!

    178. cearc says:


      I am similarly surprised at still being dark, although a few years younger than you.

      Will you be at the Counting House do again, tomorrow?

    179. One_Scot says:

      Its almost funny watching the sad bitter unionists tweets being washed away within seconds by hundreds of upbeat positive tweets for a better future at #SNPbecause

    180. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bugger (the Panda) says: 30 April, 2015 at 1:44 am:

      “If Jim is bad, you should see Magrit Curran”

      Aye! BtP but Magrit looked like that long before the campaign began and even before the Referendum campaign began

    181. Fiona says:

      Wish we could have a new post and stop talking about how people look.

    182. Nikkii says:



      But you must have been up all night writing those out – I went to bed.

      Like ClanDonald, my first thoughts were for crossing off each ‘Lost Labour Candidate’, but we can give ourselves those as a bonus anyway.

      Thank you!

    183. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Re Jim Murphy-if Carlsberg did political opponents-he was/is the gift that keeps giving.

      Maybe they should put up a statue for him as it was his contribution that made rakes of people turn to the SNP.

      But on a personal level he looks ill healthwise

    184. Almannysbunnet says:

      Some people age gracefully, being an old cynic I think Jim is “aging” deliberately. Suits the ermine better. Gives him more gravitas, until he opens his mouth that is. Welcome to the House of Lordsitoverus. Relax, enjoy your early retirement and watch the years just drop away. You can get your photo taken again with that halo appearing magically above your head. Mmmm I bet it feels good sitting on the red leather in your furry knickers. Now if that dream is in danger then he truly has something to worry about. Good!

    185. Foonurt says:

      Whit noo? Baynitt yoan woundit.

    186. raffles says:

      poor Jim

      you may know my husband Eccles. 🙂

    187. Grouse Beater says:

      Fiona: Wish we could stop talking about how people look.

      I never ever take into account a man’s looks, Mr. Clooney.

    188. Paula Rose says:

      I agree Fiona – anyways I’m off to do my bit hereabouts.

    189. thedogphilosopher says:

      The sympathy I regard for Murphy and the Slabbers will be tempered by recalling their joy on the 19th of September last year.

    190. BIll McLean says:

      Chic McGregor – interesting story about the sailor who went grey! When I was a wee ankle snapper in Cowdenbeath my pals dad went to the Far East on HMS Amethyst – the ship which was involved in the famous Yangtze (Jiang-river) incident. When he returned to Cowdenbeath months late he had gone from a young man with totally black hair to being totally grey. I think Jim is up something – but not the Yangtze Jiang!

    191. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mealer says: 30 April, 2015 at 6:36 am:

      ” … Maybe he’s just given up on using hair dye.”

      Ever the realist I’ll give you my opinion. I’ve done film, video photo editing since way back in the early 1950s.

      What that right-hand photo looks like is a frame-grab taken from a video clip just when someone had just taken a shot with a photo-flash. It’s a distorting lighting effect often seen when trying to frame grab from film or video where camera flashes are going off.

    192. Almannysbunnet says:

      desimond says:
      He looked bad in the studio but even worse when dancing with the auld yins in the carefully selected “Donald Dewar Day Care Centre”
      I thought he fitted right in. That might explain things though, maybe he went straight from the care centre to the studio before he had time to change his “auld yin” makeup.
      Only a week until the voters take the IRN out of IRN BRU for Jimbo.

    193. Lochside says:

      Honestly are people real on here? Sorry for Murphy a self seeking sociopathic liar and ("Tractor" - Ed)?

      Never mind how shocking this piece of human refuse is, what about his mate Ponsonby?

      Yeah he repeated his questions a few times but sat silent while the prick with the personality disorder was allowed to rant out all his favourite sound-bites.

      And as for the last bit at the end…with Murph metaphorically waving his ‘Tic top and tricolour…well Ponse just lay down and let him rub his tummy. A few more votes from the Green and white brigade for a ‘loyal’ supporter and his mate. Add in all the pensioners that he managed to frighten again during his speech.

      If Murphy looks ill, it’s only because he can see his glittering career of shafting everyone he’s ever known disappearing down the Swanee.

    194. Fireproofjim says:

      Yes and I remember the delight in the Labour camp at the time of the European elections when the last Scottish European seat went to UKIP rather than the SNP.
      They would rather see an extreme right wing party win than the SNP.

    195. Robert Louis says:

      Ach, much as I am no fan of the man, I don’t really agree with this post. He could be ill. Let’s not jump head first into the gutter.

      Meanwhile we still have an election to fight. It isn’t over, and Labour and their BBC lapdugs have not gone home. Every single vote will count.

    196. Les Wilson says:

      Jim should retire from politics,all he has done and said, is secretly eating his soul.(yeah yeah I know!) As a human being, I suggest you pack it all in, and take up fishing.

    197. Jim McIntosh says:

      @Fiona: Wish we could stop talking about how people look.

      I know but you must admit “He looks as if he just climbed out of a bag of self raisin flour.” was good 🙂

    198. Clydebuilt says:

      Just went to STV website for the Interview….computer jammed up …had to switch off

    199. chris kilby says:

      Murphy has a face like a haunted barn.

    200. Robert Peffers says:

      @Almannysbunnet says: 30 April, 2015 at 7:21 am:

      “I have as much sympathy for Jim as he has for my country. He needs to get out more often … “

      Ach! Almannysbunnet, the voters, mucht mak siccar Jim’s syne oot a thegether.

    201. chris kilby says:

      I see dead people.

      (41 of them…)

    202. galamcennalath says:

      New word I spotted on Wee Dug ….

      Pandafication – in politics, reduction of representation to less than two. 🙂

      The Tories will probably stay pandafied.

      The Libs will be pandafied.

      Oh please, please let Labour undergo pandafication.

    203. David S Briggs says:

      In case nobody else has said it, he used to tint his hair to make himself appear younger. Nowadays he doesn’t give a f**k or he thinks it makes him look wise to be grey haired.

      As millions of older people have found, it doesn’t work.

    204. john king says:

      Billl McLean says
      ” I think Jim is up something ”

      Shit creek?

    205. Clydebuilt says:

      Photo is’nt doctored….it’s genuine….Just got on to STV Player…..

    206. Baronesssamedi says:

      It could be he used L’Oreal Preference or some such in November, of course and he forgot to buy any recently. Happens to us all

    207. Bob Mack says:

      He used L’oreal ?

      Go on Jim,you know your worth it.!

      Besides it’s on expenses

    208. tartanarse says:

      AAAAArgh. I never used to be afraid of ghosts. What a horror.

      Ghost leader of a dead party. Quite fitting.

    209. tartanarse says:

      Ghost leader of a dead party.

    210. Thepnr says:

      O/T Pity that political journalists were not up for election in Scotland as well as the politicians.

      They are a good few useless ones I’d love to replace with those that actually know their facts.

    211. Gavin says:

      Fireproofjim says:

      By the way the names of the BPS fields are Schiehallion and Loyal, taken from the names of Scottish mountains. One of Wings correspondents was concerned recently that it was “Loyalist”.
      Not so. At least this time there there is no hidden agenda in the names.

      Yes, named after Ben Loyal, a rocky forbidding looking mountain which overlooks Tongue. Some great hills up in Sutherland. Ben Hope is a good climb with a fantastic view from the top. Ben Klibreck is another good one, though my main memory of doing that one was of being eaten alive by midges !

    212. Tackety Beets says:

      Do not forget the ” scare stories ” last year .

      Nae oil ?
      Nae Pensions ?

      You know the rest …..

      Any one who can knowingly ging aboot leein’ an fligin’ oor pensioners should NEVER EVER be given our sympathy.

    213. Bill McLean says:

      John King – yes! without a paddle, or any idea! Just loving the demise of this man. Can put up with almost anything from politicians except lies and hypocrisy – Jim is a master at both! No sympathy for him or Labour in Scotland at all! Damn them for taking the people for fools since the fifties!

    214. Les Wilson says:

      Thepnr says:

      Totally agree,but,there are much more than a few.

    215. icyspark says:

      Please, someone close to Jim Murphy, tell him not to tune into BBC4 at 10pm tonight 😉

    216. Valerie says:

      Whilst I wish ill health on nobody, I don’t have any sympathy for those who succumb to the lure of the trough, whilst doing bugger all for their constituency. Curran keeps shouting how she used to be the Welfare Rights officer for her area 30 years ago – so what!

      Guess who has crawled out of the woodwork this morning with a bag of knives to hand out – McLeish! Piece in the Telegraph saying the runes are being read for Murphy, cue entrance stage left.

      Is there anyone else more predictable than McLeish, a professional mourner/whinger, whilst quietly putting the boot in.

    217. Robert Peffers says:

      @Catherine says: 30 April, 2015 at 8:46 am:

      “About the two job thing, his defence is that ministers in the Scottish government also do two jobs, they are MSPs as well as ministers.”

      I cannot believe that people are missing the most blatant Two job lot in the entire United Kingdom.

      Every Member elected as a member of the United Kingdom Parliament from a constituency in the country of England becomes an, (unelected as such), Member of the de facto Parliament of the Country of England.

      If anyone can show where the elected parliament of England is I’d be obliged. This is the whole problem of how the United Kingdom has become the unworkable administration that it now is.

      The whole clamjamphrie is designed to be a confidence trick upon the entire electorate of the United Kingdom. It simple cannot work there is no official legal parliament running the Country of England. They are fooling the voters and the truth is there for anyone who can think to see – the truth is that the United Kingdom and the Country of England are, in the Eyes of the unionist Establishment, one and the same thing.

      So we really do have the Parliament of England with 533 unelected members running the United Kingdom as England and thus devolving the powers of England to the three devolved administrations.

      I’m amazed that the general public seem blinded by the reality that is plainly before them. England has finaly achieve that which England failed to do since ever there was such a country. It was what so many great Scottish hero’s shed blood and died to prevent – yet voters in Scotland have voted to make happen.

      The de facto Parliament of England are our masters and will do with us as they will. If they are not stopped now their next move is to prevent all but English MPs from voting in that De Facto English Parliament.

    218. Stoker says:

      Robert Louis wrote:
      “Ach, much as I am no fan of the man, I don’t really agree with this post. He could be ill.”

      And your point is, caller?

      “He could be ill?”
      Let me remind you who IS ill – The hundreds of thousands of people with limbs blown off and other injuries due to the decisions made by Creepy Dim and his fellow Unionists.

      The hundreds of thousands of people who have been made homeless with a serious lack of staple foods, water and medical treatment due to the current ongoing situation created by the decisions made by Creepy Dim and his fellow Unionists.

      Those who have been badly affected by frostbite and other illnesses brought about due to the decisions made by Creepy Dim and his fellow Unionists.

      Those bordering on malnourishment due to the poverty they find themselves in because of decisions made by Creepy Dim and his scabby fellow Unionists.

      I could go on all day long but i think you get the point.

      “He could be ill?”
      I for one, Robert, couldn’t care less if he was.

      In my book he is worse than Thatcher, she had an excuse, she was English and like it or not she was looking after English interests. Creepy Dim is supposed to be Scottish and he played a massive part in helping to destroy our referendum and the better future i had in mind for future generations of my family and everyone else who chose to make Scotland their home.

      I had a good celebration when Thatcher snuffed it, I’ll party twice as hard every time one of the Red Tory Turncoats pass.

      If that makes me a bad person in the eyes of some, so what.
      They’ll not be mourning my passing.

    219. Joemcg says:

      Thepnr-re-feeble fifty headline. Oh the irony,from a paper that was so vehemently opposed to us having a voice!

    220. Fiona says:

      Thatcher, she had an excuse, she was English and like it or not she was looking after English interests.

      Don’t agree

      Thatcher was not motivated by defending english interests. She happily destroyed the lives of many in every part of the UK.

      Class warrior, just.

    221. Robert Kerr says:

      “Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee”

      Schadenfreude tastes sweet in the morning. Especially with a whiff of napalm.

      Sorry I am mixing it.

    222. Robert Peffers says:

      @Fred says: 30 April, 2015 at 8:52 am:

      ““Tell you what, why don’t we just build more houses!” now there’s a novel concept for a party which hasn’t built a house in Scotland in living memory.”

      Whit! Fred!
      Sae noo Ah’m deid?

      Post War Labour were building great wee hooses at a rate never seen before or since. They were various types of prefabricated homes., (Prefabs).

      The Aluminium versions were delivered by the hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, on special built low-loaders in four sections to already built foundations on site. Then manhandled on wee bogies on rails to the foundations and all services coupled up and made ready for occupation.

      They had everything needed including fridges, cookers, and even electric or gas boilers. They had an elementary form of warm air central heating from a central living room fireplace and this also heated an airing cupboard. Each home had a garden.

      Aye! Fred, that was the real Labour party and most certainly nothing like what we have today.

      That Labour party was already dying by the 1950s.

    223. Robert Peffers says:

      FMQ in a few minutes on channel 131 or Patliament TV on the net. It should be a cracker.

    224. Socrates MacSporran says:

      This may be off-topic, but, I have at last found something said by Crash Gordon, with which I can agree.

      This came in his speech at Glasgow University, quoted on today’s Herald website, in which he called the Tories: “An English Nationalist Party”.

      That I can definitely agree with, trouble is, while the Scottish National Party wishes to break away from the UK parliament and run our own affairs; clearly the English National Party (Conservatives), wish to have Home Rule, but also rule us in Scotland, plus the Northern Irish and Welsh, not to mention Her Majesty’s territories and protectorates overseas.

      Such a pity the Tory posh boys such as Call Me Dave and Gideon don’t have the intelligence to realise, English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) cannot be delivered without a total overhaul of Westminster; abolish First Past the Post, do away with the House of Lords and set-up a separate English Parliament; and give Full Fiscal Autonomy to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with a UK parliament voted-in by some form of PR. That way, their precious United Kingdom just might soldier-on for a few more years.

      Otherwise, we Scots will be away within a decade, quickly followed by the Welsh. Northern Ireland will probably hang-on until the day there are more Nationalist than Unionist voters.

    225. Free Scotland says:

      When Ponsonby asked Murphy, if the SNP were Real Madrid, which team would Labour be, anybody with any savvy was yelling at the screen:

      “Dukla Pumpherston Sawmill and Tannery.”

    226. icyspark says:

      @Robert Peffers,

      Robert, I and many others would love to see you create a post for the Rev on the whole constitution.

      There are many people out there who don’t know the basics, and I feel it would be of great benefit to the wider community to see how things really work.

    227. faolie says:

      @Robert Peffers I do love your historical references to the Union, but don’t be amazed by what people don’t know about the Union, its Acts and the Treaty and the countries of the UK. Write a post about it for Wings instead!

      And don’t correct me for inaccuracies in the above paragraph. I know there’s probably loads even in the few words I’ve written… 😉

    228. Albamac says:

      @ cearc

      Will you be at the Counting House do again, tomorrow?

      Hadn’t really thought about it, cearc. Now that you mention it, I think it would do me good to get out for a while and have a few drinks in good company.

      Bit of a jaunt for me, (taxi – train – taxi – train) but I’d like to be there and I will, if I can manage to push myself a bit. So, fingers crossed, I’ll see you all there.

      Thanks for asking.

    229. Stoker says:

      Fiona wrote:
      “Don’t agree”

      Good for you.
      I don’t agree with folk helping Unionist rags by posting direct links to them but there you go.

    230. heedtracker says:

      Coffee time with one more UKOk shill pretending to be amazed, dumfounded. perplexed etc at Sun’s two version’s in England and Scotland. This UKOK propaganda merchant says he’s based in Embro too, which makes his phoney outrage even more ridiculous than the absurd BBC on the hour display.

      If you’re out there Carrell, its The Graun hypcsiry wot lost it, in its own nasty little way.

      I know, hubris etc but even so.

    231. KriegersClones says:

      I think after the expenses rules change, he stopped being able to claim his Just For Men and ditched it for the Philip Schofield look.

    232. chris kilby says:

      It is said you end up with the face you deserve. What on earth has Jim Murphy done to possibly deserve THAT?


    233. Robert Peffers says:


      That’s FMQ’s.
      Dugdale raving and then weel skelpit.
      Wee Ruthie, (SNP Bad), Weel Skelpit.
      Wee Rennie talking skitters, Weel Skelpit.
      Malcolm Chisom, Weel Skelpit.

      All far too predictable in both questions and wee rid bums efter the skelpins.

    234. manandboy says:

      Jim Murphy may have turned grey, but if he were to take a turn for the worse, temporarily of course, we would all get a break and it might even do him some good. What price Johanne Lamont for a come back. Just wishful thinking.

    235. Helena Brown says:

      Robert Peffers @11.57am Watched them build some of what could be called the new Prefab up at Halbeath a few years ago. They used these houses to discover what would be cheaper, quicker and what would be more energy efficient. This at the behest of the Scottish Government in cooperation with others.
      Labour in the preceding years of the Reconvened Scottish Parliament built 6, yes actually 6 house, I wonder who for?

    236. call me dave says:

      Prefabs were great wee houses, lived in one in Fife until I was 17 and it had everything built in. Ours had the gas fridge and cooker with a coal fire in the living room. Happy days!

      Most, unfortunately,had asbestos lining in the cupboard areas and in the kitchen. But we know better now.

    237. faolie says:

      Jim’s world’s collapsing about him. No wonder he looks like that.

      He’s about to lose his seat and he’ll almost certainly lose his position as branch manager. And there’s a hill to climb to get a seat at Holyrood. He must be wondering why oh why did I do this?

    238. mumsyhugs says:

      Hello Irene (aka Mrs Eccles)!

      Welcome to our happy band 🙂

      You’ll be amazed what you find out on here – a real eye opener at the tricks of the media etc! You’ll probably find yourself shouting at the tv\radio\newspaper stands etc.

      Anyway fill your boots with info, terrible jokes etc (Mr Eccles is one of the worst offenders!) And dip your toe in whenever you feel like it 🙂

    239. Dcanmore says:

      Same with Gordon Brown, looks awful, grey and poorly. Obviously they can’t sleep well at night. These are the ghost faces of liars.

    240. Roughian says:

      @Free Scotland.
      Shows Murphy missed out on Glasgow football in the late 60’s. Should have said A C Milanda or Mosspark Dynamo.

    241. Fred says:

      @ Gavin, we can therefore look forward to a field named after Ben Stack, the mysterious locus for the death of Robin Cook.

      @ Robert Peffers, even buggers as auld as you Robert must be familiar with hyperbole. Mebbes “living memory of most folks” would fit the bill more accurately.

    242. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Free Scotland and Roughian:

      Can I suggest, Scottish Labour is Glenbuck Cherrypickers – been dead a long time, but, were once a very good team.

    243. manandboy says:

      Stoker, I am in complete agreement with the idea of denying Unionist rags the income from posting direct links, who wouldn’t, but after repeated attempts, I have failed abysmally to successfully complete the indexing bit, to the point of exasperation and abandonment. Now I leave the link out but not by choice. Perhaps it’s the same with other Wingers.

    244. Kevin Evans says:

      Right – just watched the STV Murphy interview and I wanna retract my previous posts concerning his health. He’s still a prick

    245. X_Sticks says:

      Haha – well spotted there mumsyhugs!

      I missed that (excuse: skimming while working)

      Hi Irene glad you’ve taken the plunge. Didn’t hurt at all, did it?

    246. Chitterinlicht says:

      he did not look well -shame

      i am not been funny but he could probably do with some more substance in his policies, sorry, diet.

    247. Angus says:

      A ghost of his former self

    248. Stoker says:

      @ manandboy (12.50pm).

      Apologies for the delay in responding, was having my lunch.

      Firstly, just for clarity, i wasn’t getting at you in particular.

      I don’t know what problems you’re experiencing but see if any of this helps, failing that maybe one of the more computer savvy Wingers can help.

      Bookmark the following link so you always have it handy.

      Any time you want to archive a link do the following:

      (1): Open your archive link in a different tab.

      (2): Copy the url of the article you want to archive.

      (3): Place the copied url into the red section of the archive.

      (4): Click on the ‘submit url’ part at the end of red section.
      (Give it a few minutes to load).

      (5): Once the article has loaded, copy the archived url at the top of the page and paste it onto your compiled post.

      Please note, sometimes you can come across certain articles which just will not archive, no matter how hard you try. Either just don’t post them or simply type out the general jist of it.

      If i can help any further just ask and if i can i will.

      Hope this helps.

      btw, you might want to practice a bit over on off-topic, just a wee suggestion, until you get the hang of it.

    249. Louis B Argyll says:

      No shame..

      Looks like the thought of a drop in wages has him worried.

      He should audition for the part of Fagan in Oliver..

      “I am reviewing…. The situation… You’ve got to puck a pocket or two… KEZIA can play Nancy and Gordy Broon as bill Sykes…

      No sympathy..

    250. Mike says:

      He needs to get back on that product again – what is it called? Oh yeah, ‘Just for Jim’. Gotta be better than that glue he was using – ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ I think it was called 🙂

    251. G H Graham says:

      Murphy is an obvious narcissist who displays a behavioural pattern of inflexibility and pervasiveness in many situations.

      It inevitably leads to significant distress or impairment (as we witnessed in his interview last night) & can often be traced back to early adulthood or adolescence.

      For fun, tick all the characteristics listed below that you think apply while observing or researching Jim Murphy.

      1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance; exaggerates achievements & talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements

      2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

      3. Believes that he or she is “special” & unique & can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

      4. Requires excessive admiration

      5. Has a very strong sense of entitlement; unreasonable expectations of especially favourable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

      6. Is exploitative of others; takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

      7. Lacks empathy; unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings & needs of others

      8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

      9. Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviours or attitudes

    252. Louis B Argyll says:

      Yeah,, it’s no big deal.. Similar to Phillip Scofield,, before and after makeup..

    253. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Nikkii.

      Bingo – good idea!

      But… a ‘slight’ error has crept in. Dundee East is NOT a Labour seat – it’s Stewart Hosie’s seat!


      Following on from ‘pandafication’.

      polarbearisation – in politics, representation reduced to three.

    254. The Rough Bounds says:

      ”The gods that you worship show up in your face.”

    255. dakk says:

      The shadow on his neck on the right hand picture makes him look far thinner and ill than he actually is.

      His hair colour is nothing a tin of black boot polish wouldn’t fix,though I think bright orange would look better on him !

      This is one occasion where the camera does lie a wee bit.

    256. john j says:

      Nothing to worry about, he just stopped using the Grecian 2,000 in December.

    257. Wee Jonny says:

      If you haven’t saw FMQs yet go and watch it. Depyoodee Dug is truly mental. Referendum. Referendum. Referendum.
      Actually you don’t need to see it now as that basically summed it up.
      And they wonder why they’re in the shit they’re in. FFS!

    258. Stevie says:

      Too busy to get his hair re-dyed, but it will magically go dark again.

    259. scottieDog says:

      When I saw murphy in the pic on the right it reminded me of the film 2001…
      Something wonderful is going to happen jim….!

    260. Andy-B says:

      Well Jim Murphy fits his old position now,he’s a shadow (of himself) Defence Minister.

      Mind you Gordon Brown appointed him to the position, Brown himself a serial liar hasn’t lost a pound in weight.

    261. gus1940 says:

      Well done Sally M. on Misreporting Scotland.

      Another spectacular car crash interview with Creepy Jim.

      She brilliantly let him hang himself with his usual ill-mannered interruptions and failure to answer questions.

      He wouldn’t even let her ask her questions.

      How can anybody in their right mind vote for such a loathesome creature?

    262. Wuffing Dug says:

      D H Graham @ 2.24

      Spot on.

      I have first hand experience of dealing with a couple of individuals with these traits.

      The ‘flags’ are all there.

      It’s a nightmare you will never win with Somebody who has NPD tendencies.

    263. Gary says:

      Humour aside, the man looks genuinely ill. Hopefully just a bad photo. Politics is killing politicians, Farage, Brown, Kennedy, Blair have all suffered lasting effects.

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