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The time traveller

Posted on January 04, 2021 by

The former SNP, and now independent, MP Margaret Ferrier was today arrested and charged with culpable and reckless conduct, a crime carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, for making a return train journey between Glasgow and London in September last year, two days after taking a coronavirus test.

This site has no comment to make on the charges, as it’s a live criminal matter, but a couple of troubling questions do arise from their existence.

Ferrier got onto trains in both London and Glasgow. On the Glasgow-London one she didn’t know she was positive, on the London-Glasgow one she did. The Metropolitan Police investigated the breach at the London end and decided last October, within a few days of the events becoming known, that no action was required.

But now Police Scotland have charged her over (presumably, since we don’t see how they can have any jurisdiction over London train stations) the outward journey on 28 September, when she had symptoms but didn’t know that they were down to the virus rather than just a cold. It has taken them over three months to do so, even though the facts were known almost immediately and Ferrier confessed exactly what she’d done.

We’re unable to imagine what can have taken so long. Police Scotland had nothing to “investigate” – they knew the facts in October, admitted publicly by Ferrier herself, and they knew what the law was.

It WASN’T coronavirus law, though. The requirement not to travel for anyone with a positive test result, as Ferrier had on the return leg, was law in England but only guidance in Scotland, and which she was therefore not obliged to follow.

Accordingly, Ferrier hasn’t actually been charged under coronavirus legislation at all – because she didn’t breach any in Scotland – but under pre-existing laws, despite the fact that literally thousands of people have done the same thing without being arrested under those laws, most notably the Prince Of Wales.

While nobody is publicly known to have contracted the virus via Ferrier, a number of the Prince’s staff at Birkhall were placed in self-isolation after contact with him.

And nobody has arrested George Galloway, who boasted in advance about crossing the border with a small child in tow before Christmas, posted photographic evidence and taunted the police about it, and when he got to Scotland was then seen at a football match despite all fans being banned under Tier 4 rules, for which the club face severe sanctions but Galloway apparently doesn’t.

Anyone actually obeying COVID-19 laws could still find themselves at risk of arrest if the police decide that they risked the wellbeing of others by their actions, and that decision appears to be completely arbitrary. It is difficult to see why it was not applied, for example, to Dominic Cummings, whose extremely high-profile actions are widely believed to have undermined public compliance with lockdown rules, or why actual coronavirus legislation was not applied to Galloway, who was NOT travelling for work, has (to put it very mildly) shown no remorse and could easily be seen as encouraging further lawbreaking by others.

We offer no defence of Ferrier, who did a very stupid thing, apologised profusely for it, willingly accepted responsibility – which includes criminal liability – and must now face the consequences. We just can’t help finding the timing of these events, the difference of opinion between the Metropolitan and Scottish police over the same offence, and the extreme selectiveness of the prosecution very peculiar.

But we know Nicola Sturgeon wanted Ferrier to stand down as an MP. Ferrier refused. And now she’s suddenly been arrested more than three months after admitting to the crime. We wonder if anyone has checked Peter Murrell’s phone for text messages.

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  1. Bob Costello says:

    I wonder if Margaret Ferrier was a Sturgeonite or a free thinker.

  2. Ruglonian says:

    This absolutely stinks!

  3. And Spouse says:

    Garavelli and Craig Murray revisited

  4. Shiregirl says:

    Something reeks here.

  5. Livionian says:

    Spot on. Something dodgy may very well beafoot.

    If I am wrong and there is nothing sinister, then this is still unbelievably poor policing/decision-making. Fair enough Ferrier was being a moron. Slap a hefty fine on her an let her constituents deal with her, I am all for that. But why the hell on earth does this have to be an offence for which one has to get cuffed and dragged to the station. And three months retrospectively! What a complete and utter shambles and a waste of police resources.

    Either there has been some unbelievably ridiculous action law enforcement, or there is something darker going on, from the govt/party leadership. I hope it is the former, and I’m still gobsmacked by that

  6. blackhack says:

    Possibly because Nicola wanted Margaret to stand down as a MSP and she refused and became an “Independent”
    Nothing is as dangerous as a woman vexed.

  7. Mist001 says:

    Independence at all costs?

    Do people really want to live in an independent Scotland run by people like Mrs.Murrell and her ilk?

    If this is how it is before independence, can you imagine how worse it would be if these people had full control?

    I said at the time that Margaret Ferrier should have resigned but now, even if she’d done so, she’d probably still find herself in this predicament which to all appearances looks like vindictiveness on someones part (I won’t mention Mrs. Murrells name.)

  8. Donald McGregor says:

    A scary story that seems to show weird behaviour by the polis. I assume the Scotland interest might include the Scotland miles on both legs but for what reason on earth would this be useful to any wider cause of ‘justice’? I thought it had been well established at the time that an obvious ‘defence’ was to be saying ‘I apologise, my brain was befuddled by the virus, as has been medically demonstrated by many examples cited by other people experiencing same.’

  9. blackhack says:

    Me @ 10.16……Should have read “MP”….can’t see where to do an edit.

  10. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    I really worry about his Most Gracious Majesty the Prince of Wales.

    His Royal Highness travelled to Scotland only to raise the spirits of us poor miserable proles.

    Granted the Prince had COVID, however as all on here will agree he only came North for our benefit.

    Now with this decision by the Police regarding Margaret Ferrier it is clearly only a matter of time before Prince Charles is arrested.

  11. Tannadice Boy says:

    Well put together Stu. Another aspect of the Covid rules that concerns me. Namely the Lord Advocates guidelines on Fixed Penalty Notices. Very much down to the judgement of individual police officers to issue. Of course within 28 days you can appeal and take it to court but your minor fine could develop into a 10000 pound fine if you lose. The vast majority of rank and file police will get it right. But what about the extreme circumstances where they don’t?. Hardly a route for redress of grievance.

  12. Kenny says:

    Ah. Penny dropping, breaks my toe.
    “Resign now and you’ll hear no more about it!”

  13. FifeJP says:

    Maybe the problem is apologising. Would Ferrier have been arrested if she stuck two fingers up like Cummings and Galloway have? There were other MPs who did the same and fobbed the public off and I don’t think they were arrested. Moral of the story: when guilty show your bastard side, if you show contrition you’re asking for punishment.

  14. holymacmoses says:

    So what bombshell about the Murrells is about to break that they hope will be misdirected by this farce?

  15. David Gray says:

    The positive test result was sent to her in London. She was not officially positive when she went south. On getting the result, she reported it to HoC officials and then was told to follow their policy “to return home”. Police Scotland and the PF Service need to think very carefully on this.

  16. Gregor says:

    Police Scotland owe the public an explanation ???

  17. Achnababan says:

    This is appalling….

    The message is clear – cross Sturgeon and she will have you clapped in irons by her personal police force!

    Mussolini would have been proud!

  18. Effijy says:

    Jesus Christ just how blatantly corrupt can Scottish Police be?

    I have no criminal record or indeed anyone within my family but I would
    No more trust these crooks in uniform that the local drug dealers.

    Is the bent Advocate got his prints on this, Westminster’s Scottish Office civil serpants.
    (That’s not a spelling mistake)
    Our politicians and their appointed bodies are just another mafia!

  19. Stu hutch says:

    Instigate a national lockdown make a move on political opponents when attention elsewhere .credit where credit due they are getting good at it. Bit worried Poland Spain and Hungary might veto scotlands application for eu membership as scotland to far right for them .dont think the snp have thought this through ..

  20. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    It’s a disgrace that lass has got charged for this and that runt Galloway takes the piss.
    You need to get sorted NS and Police Scotland.

    Bang out of order.

  21. Mary MacDonald says:

    She is my local MP and went into several premises on my street. She created a lot of anger and was rightly suspended by the SNP. Ged Killen, George Foulkes and others have been all over social media talking about how they are going to take back the seat from Labour. The fight back begins etc. This is my prediction: in any by-election the SNP will win the seat. As Ferrier has been specifically targeted I will not consider voting for any other party (despite serious misgivings about education, the fitting up of Salmond etc) and I imagine there are others who feel the same. This behaviour during a global pandemic is disgusting and the glee from the Labour Party looks spiteful and wrong. Labour are expecting a dirty fight and relishing the prospect. People are not fools and the SNP will consolidate their vote if there is a forced by-election and they will win the seat. Margaret Ferrier behaved appallingly but I am pretty scunnered by the joy of Labour in potentially forcing a by-election during a global pandemic.

  22. Iain More says:

    Fuhrer Livingstone should have been forced out over the Salmond affair as it was. He should not be in a job yet.

  23. Kenny says:

    holymacmoses at 10:22 pm:
    So what bombshell about the Murrells is about to break that they hope will be misdirected by this farce?..

    Gonna need a lot of farces to count on.

  24. Alexander Wallace says:

    Margaret Ferrier was wrong, along with some very high profile persons(P Charles). What’s bothering me is why are independence supporters ending up in court. Craig Murray ,Mark Hirst now Margaret Ferrier

  25. Intractable Potsherd says:

    As others are saying, something stinks (again). It should not, in an ostensibly free country, to make a link between police decisions and the benefit of the leaders of the government. When the same link can be drawn with the prosecutor’s office, you aren’t talking about a free country any more. Salmond, Hirst, Murray, now Ferrier – are these the names to go down in history as bringing down the last English-controlled government in Scotland?

  26. Boaby says:

    Ayrshire Rob. You did say ‘runt’ galloway?.

  27. holymacmoses says:

    Kenny says:
    Gonna need a lot of farces to count on.

    I suspect that they’re getting to the bottom of Santa’s sack

  28. Dan says:

    Ma heid’s tired after busy day, and possibly risking a ban from the Stu with this!
    I’m sure there were, and will be (so precedent set and needs maintained) plenty other breaches, but can recall other “high profile” individuals’ infractions which could also undermine public compliance of rules and guidelines, that didn’t iirc result in charges.
    These were in the form of Aberdeen football players, and several Conservative politicians photographed in a bar in the town too.
    A quick search and found them.

    Aberdeen players.


    Plus of course there was also Scotland’s ex Chief Medical Officer Dr Catherine Calderwood incident which the FM took ages to deal with.

  29. Gregor says:

    Targeted Police discrimination is very bad and should be of great concern to all.

  30. red sunset says:

    Margaret Ferrier was totally loyal to the party in everything since she was first elected. She was voted Activist of the Year and feted by Nicola Sturgeon.
    Loyalty can be a one way street.
    When she was ill she was told what to do, by House of Commons staff, and also by SNP staff.
    She put her faith in those above her, as she always did.
    She had been instructed to attend the Commons to make a speech in person.
    Ian Blackford stated live on Sky News that he believed she “believed she had to do her job”.

    A conspiracy theorist might see some pattern in people being cast out by the SNP and facing criminal charges.

  31. SilverDarling says:

    High enough profile to be an example that there isn’t one rule for them in Scotland but not ;too important’ to get arrested, as the next lockdown kicks in? Also, politically expedient as no love lost between them and SNP Towers.

    Win Win.

  32. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The positive test result was sent to her in London. She was not officially positive when she went south.”


  33. bipod says:

    I don’t hate any of the people mentioned for their actions in saner times no one would care about any of these things. I do despise the rank hypocrisy of people who endlessly demand more lockdowns and restrictions and then break them.

    A couple of honourable mentions for the list, the first is Prof Neil Ferguson. Professor lockdown himself, the man who was instrumental in pushing the UK towards lockdown and is still on the BBC all the time demanding more restrictions and is still advising the government despite supposedly being sacked, but he didn’t actually take the rules very seriously himself in his private life when he was inviting his mistress over during lockdown.

    Another is piers morgan. He is on the tv nearly everyday, always demanding more lockdown and saying that people who don’t obey the rules are murdering people and he was also screaming at people to stay at home for christmas. He decided to jet off to Antigua for his christmas holidays totally in violation of the restrictions.

  34. Gregor says:

    Reckless Police Scotland have opened Pandora’s Box (re. moral, ethical, legal & lawful ???: CLUSTERFU**)…

  35. Scunnered says:

    Margaret Ferrier is very much a Sturgeonite, or was until this apparent falling out. After her defeat in the General election of 2017, she hung about and was a general dogs body and yes woman for Sturgeon, as if it were her full time job until she was shoehorned in, once again, as the candidate Rutherglen. I too find it strange that she is being targeted by Police Scotland, when others have not for similar offences, but have no sympathy for her. Margaret would and did throw ‘friends’ under the bus to maintain her place, and favouritism within the party to once again become an MP. A position she barely has the intelligence to for – if she were interviewed for the position like we all were for our jobs, she would barely get past the short listing stage.

  36. Morgatron says:

    She may have well made a silly error of judgement but to be arrested is just appalling. What is going on here?? Galloway just needs the jail for the jaunty angle fedora alone.

  37. Arrkay says:

    Has someone been putting pressure on the Police perhaps?

  38. Ken says:

    My first thought when the news came out was that they will hand down a sentence, and sentence, to create a criminal record, and that will make it a requirement to resign as an MP – but it seems that an MP has to have a year’s sentence to stand down.

    Under the Representation of the People Act 1981, you are disqualified from becoming a member of the House of Commons if you have been found guilty of an offence and sentenced to more than one year in prison, and are currently detained as a result of that offence.

    So she’s stupid, but safe for now.

  39. Mc Duff says:

    Another good one rev.
    I assume the National will do a similar piece and publicly ask why the police took so long in taking action.
    But of course being a Sturgeon supporter it won`t.

  40. Breastplate says:

    Come now,
    It’s quite obviously part of Nicola Sturgeon’s secret plan for independence and I’m absolutely positive that many comments on WGD will back me to the hilt on that.
    You guys just lack faith in Our Saviour… shit, I think the nurse knows I’m out of bed.

  41. red sunset says:

    This is such a stupid road to take to force her to resign.
    If it comes to a by election, there’s no way the SNP will win the seat again.

  42. Beatrice O'Neill says:

    Questions need to be asked in parliament asap.Will any snp member have the minerals to ask questions of the justice secretary police Scotland and and the Lord advocate. After all NO one is above the law supposedly. Just another example of why we need independence.

  43. dakk says:

    It beggars belief that Police Scotland have been humming and hawing over this for 3 months, so maybe the penny has finally dropped that a “lockdown” is not a lockdown unless it is enforced and seen to be enforced.

    Really weird and unfair. So what’s new?

  44. Richard says:

    I am in no way up on the Scots laws but does this seem accurate ? A response I saw elsewhere

    “ COPFS yet to determine whether to libel a charge- Police imply a charge in Scotland. What the Police send to the PF and what the PF does are two different things. Not ”charged” until summary compliant is issued by the Crown or Petition/Indictment.”

  45. Lothianlad says:

    Sturgeon is entrenched in the scottish establishment. It reeks of corruption and cover ups.

    We used to complain of the unionists when they were in power here for this sort of hypocrisy, but for an SNP Scottish government to do this goes beyond words!!

    Sturgeon must go!!

  46. Davie Oga says:

    Richard says:
    4 January, 2021 at 11:19 pm
    I am in no way up on the Scots laws but does this seem accurate ? A response I saw elsewhere

    The police charge a person with a crime, they send a report to the procurator fiscal, and the fiscal decides whether to prosecute or not.

  47. kapelmeister says:

    In March last year English Tory MP Peter Gibson made a 250 mile train journey home when he knew he had symptoms and was suspected of having coronavirus. No action was taken.

  48. BLMac says:

    I will believe this is not political once Prince Charles and entourage, and George Galloway are arrested.

    Otherwise it stinks of the same greasy stitch up used on Salmond.

  49. Richard says:

    Davie Oga says:
    4 January, 2021 at 11:29 pm
    Richard says:
    4 January, 2021 at 11:19 pm
    I am in no way up on the Scots laws but does this seem accurate ? A response I saw elsewhere

    The police charge a person with a crime, they send a report to the procurator fiscal, and the fiscal decides whether to prosecute or not.

    -Ok thanks Davie for clearing that up for me

  50. wee monkey says:

    Drove into Dundee yesterday. Riverside drive and under the rail bridge absolutly awash with people all mingling with neither a social distance or mask amongst them. Gay abandon indeed.

    As for Ferrier, it might have not been against the law to travel with symptoms but it was certainly immoral.

    Sturgeons whole tier/power play thing had been an absolute sick innefectual joke.

    Joe last time, Margaret this week wonder who’s she got lined up as the next sacrificial cow at the alter of Murrel???

  51. Mac says:

    Using the police to destroy your political enemies when you are Head of State.


    Is that not the very definition of a ‘Police State’.

  52. Morgatron says:

    I see lazy Dornan is at it again having a pop at Angus McNeil on twitter. I really do hope he feels the Cathcart constituents distain at the ballot box this May.I hang my head in shame to think I did vote for him too.

  53. Alf Baird says:

    Post-colonial literature confirms that the native nationalist seeking independence should not expect anything from a colonial justice system (Fanon 1967; Memmi 1991).

  54. Iain Lawson says:

    So a woman with reported mental health concerns following the turmoil of her mistake is singled out for further punishment and intimidation She made a silly mistake but this looks like plain bullying by those in power.

    Just as well we have a caring Government eh?

  55. The rat Galloway would love the attention of being arrested and charged,

    make itself a hero to the yoons and the yoon media,

    Galloway is best either laughed at or just ignored.

    As for Ferrier if she gets a year (prison) or over she automatically is disqualified from being an MP

    if under a year she can lose her seat through `Recall of MPs Act 2015` but that needs 10% of her constituancy to vote for her being disqualified.

  56. Grouse Beater says:

    “Margaret Ferrier was totally loyal to the party in everything since she was first elected. She was voted Activist of the Year and feted by Nicola Sturgeon.”

    At some point in the last five years the party’s inner sanctum took a vow of protecting Nicola Sturgeon from all controversy, and that included being as draconian as required with party ‘miscreants’ so she appeared a tough leader always above the fray.

    The shallow populist creed prefers the image of a tough leader. It does not recognise there is a greater strength in forgiveness.

    Angus Macleod, the then National Secretary, was her chief Gauleiter. Until now the tactic has largely worked. NEC almost cleansed of zealots, leaves her exposed, without guards.

    When it comes to protecting the loyalty and integrity of those who put their trust in her, her withdrawal from their association takes as long as burning their membership card.

    If only she displayed the same ruthlessness dealing with Scotland’s brutal opponents.

  57. tricia young says:

    so who do I vote for? just an ordinary person here? I have marched and argued n cried for indy. Where is my vote? Well it appears to be done with “Nicla”. Fu@@@@@@@@

  58. Hugh Jarse says:

    David Gray.
    Well put.
    How can any self respecting plod go with this pile of pish?
    PF lawyers ? Meh! Par for the course.
    Malicious prosecutions R US.

    Loved White ladder, especially Babylon
    🙂 How many times you heard…

    If say, one were to test + upon arrival at Heathrow (i know, i know), would one be offered free covid secure transport home to isolate?

    Your told to go straight home I assume, but not directed in how to get there.

    One out, one in for the imperial masters.
    Fab hearing Assange freed.
    Large one’s all round in the Murray household I assume

    Ta Stu for doing the necessary with CBB, for a right cunt you’re very tolerant.
    We’re all human after all.
    I loathed what was happening, but it’s a shame it came to this.

    Saville’s buddy tested + upon arrival i think, same thing really then i suppose,if she learned upon arriving.
    Did you consider why did the pond life do it today specifically, anything else in the news?

    As Ian B pleaded, any chance of doing a Trump on those amongst us who took the bait please ?

    ‘Hugh’ 😉

  59. kapelmeister says:

    There could be a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s book suggestions’.

  60. `India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico and Norway on Jan. 4, 2020 begin to assume responsibilities as non-permanent members of the UN Security Council`,

    this is where Scotland should be,

    “Our real enemies are among us, born without imagination.”

  61. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well reported Stu. What a shame for the woman, so so unfair.
    I hope tuis rolls further and others get due rewards or case on her dropped.

  62. Ian McCubbin says:

    Oops typo ‘this’

  63. Astonished says:

    How much will this fiasco cost the taxpayer ? And how much more when the truth is out ?

    Another SNP politico thrown under a bus. The privately educated Humza Yusuf must think this is just.

    If I was a SNP politician I would be having serious discussions about ousting the great leader.

    As long as the same charges are laid against prince charles and the aristo from Bute. The police Scotland position can be defended. If not this is the stasi.

  64. ElGordo says:

    There are seriously people posting on here that truly believe that the SNP are behind these charges being made, on this day, at this point in time, 3 months later.

    Who do you think this benefits out of interest?

  65. TruthForDummies says:

    There is something very wrong and corrupt at the heart of government. The collusion between the ScotGov, the police and the prosecution service and the MSM is corrupt. If a man is acquitted of 14 sex charges you’d thinK questions would be asked.

    This is just another example cross NS and watch your back. I don’t want these people in charge of Scotland I’d honestly take my chances with WM Tories. The way they treat people is absolutely appalling.

    I am praying NS doesn’t get a majority in May.

  66. Hugh Jarse says:

    It fits the scrupulously tough, firm but fair image they/she want/s to project.
    Mind games for the publics consumption El Gordo. It also works nicely for the public health fascists too.
    Any scare will do!

    This is one seriously nasty, panic stricken narcissist in operation were witnessing here, in all likelihood.

  67. TruthForDummies says:


    Margaret Ferrier would not stand down as an MP. NS cannot accept someone flouting her authority. They have to be brought down as a warning to others. That’s how NS tries to maintain control

    We know the SNP interfere with police investigations exhibit A Peter Murrell’s text messages

  68. ElGordo says:

    I’m sure police scotland the PFO, those last bastions of progressive scottish independenistas were not influenced at all by the days events.

  69. Davie Oga says:

    ElGordo says:
    5 January, 2021 at 12:12 am
    “There are seriously people posting on here that truly believe that the SNP are behind these charges being made, on this day, at this point in time, 3 months later.

    Who do you think this benefits out of interest?”

    You wouldn’t put it beyond them, Salmond, Hirst, Murray. We are talking about a regime that sees no problem in using state power to attack their political opponents.

    The SNP also sees no problem with the husband of the FM attempting to influence police investigations.

    What would you expect people to believe?

  70. ElGordo says:

    It’s all news management and shaping the narrative.

    What are you now talking about on here tonight?

    And what would you have been talking about otherwise.

  71. Josef Ó Luain says:


    At least the Stasi was a known-quantity.

  72. Bob Mack says:

    What’s sauce for the goose_______ If one goes down they should all go down.

  73. Hugh Jarse says:

    It’s a twofer el Gordo, and a badly thought out one at that.
    How very dare she defy the Sainted one!

    Not so subtle message from the nudge nudge, winkety wink unit, and coincidentally, on this very day.

    Professor Linda Bauld suddenly, strangely came to mind.
    If she isn’t ‘UK/US establishment ‘ I’ll . ..

    Chief Ian L digging ever deeper.
    I hope he’s got a ladder.

    Taken for mugs Gordo mate.

  74. iain mhor says:

    It is a grim affair and if one wishes to, could quite easily be construed as ‘specifically targetted from the highest level and all complicit’ and admittedly it is hard to argue otherwise on the face of things.

    Of course I telegraphed a “but”

    There are many here I am sure, with thankfully no experience of being on the wrong emd of the law. I would say that there is scope for, if not Ockam’s, at the very least Hanlon’s razor.

    Those who have had experience of the Law, would admit, that often what at first appears to be malice aforethought and a deep vendetta by the entire establishment against one’s person, subsequently learns that what transpired was inevitably malice a-nae-thought.

    A tortured way of saying, that the law is all over the place like a mad wummins shite and if, by unhappy chance, one does come to the attention of the law, it is equal odds whether they are all over you like a cheap overcoat, or disregarded you as a dug fucking in the street – a mere transient amusement and to be passed by.

    The factor which generally tips the odds on a charge and court appearance, is if the complaint is initiated by the civil service (in any capacity) in which case it is rubber stamped without requirement for any supporting evidence.

    This first phase is generally enough – neither the police, nor the courts, are particularly interested in the affair, but will automatically process the complaint with disinterest. From that point, it is a matter of whether the civil service (in any capacity) actually has a case to prosecute and is willing to do so.

    Generally, it is equal odds whether there is any prosecution case to be made – however that is not necessary; the only thing necessary is malice-a-nae-thought from a government department – the civil service in any capacity.

    The courts will process, the defendent will require to appear at various public diets, the prosecution charge will be widely disseminated (to the detriment of the defendents reputation and livelihood) and the total absence of a prosecutions evidence (or any semblence of compliance with legal procedure) will be disregarded as nought but an inconvenience by the court – the case will inevitably collapse and the defendent is released from court proceedings – that is mundane process.

    It takes nothing, not a single shred of anything other than a malicious complaint, from any civil servant, or department (as lowly as a grunt in your local council office) and you will walk the hard road of perdition.

    Now, one may believe the courts would take a dim view of such malicious and manipulative behaviour and indeed they mostly do. They frequently are quite aware of such pointless and fruitless complaints and prosecutions – however, they are compelled to process them. In that regard, they are disinterested and not in themselves acting maliciously.

    Is it the duty of a Fiscal and the courts to pursue due diligence in deciding to advance a prosecution on evidence available? In theory yes – in theory.

    Of the vast caseloads a court and Fiscal may be presented with daily (and should it be drawn to their attention as of especial, or particular interest) then the option to ascertain if there is a compelling and valid case to be made is open to them – unless it was prosecuted by the civil service (in any capacity) then it is always rubber-stamped.

    In conclusion; there very well may be a specific and targetted attempt to prosecute with malice aforethough, by everyone and their dug – up to and including the court prosecution service – or it could just be smearing shite and disinterested bureaucratic, rubber-stamped procedure.

    If the latter, it involves no particular deep-state conspiracy – it is of no matter – job’s a good un. It’s as true of an elected politician as it is of Joe public – you’ve been fucked over, without any cost in time or money to the complainer and without any redress.

    Surely there must be recourse to such blatant manipulative and malicious behaviour, some redress? Can one not prosecute in turn such a fraudulent act? Certainly.

    However, I refer anyone in such an unhappy situation to the ignominious phrase “Acting in good faith” – which when encountered (in any capcity) always means: “I was acting maliciously, have no evidence and didn’t bother my arse to discern if there had been an actual legal transgression in the first place” (univerally acknowledged by all legals as the “I’m innocent of malicious incompetence” plea)
    I also defer to the wise counsel of err.. Counsel and a particularly disgruntled Fiscal themselves : ‘You definitely have a case for redress, you could certainly try – how much do you earn?’

  75. Saffron Robe says:

    Stuart, I wrote this before reading your post. Either great minds think alike or fools seldom differ!

    Isn’t it strange that just as a new lockdown is announced and we are being warned about the consequences of not following the rules, Margaret Ferrier has been arrested and charged by Police Scotland?

    It couldn’t be, could it, that she is being made an example of? She is also being charged retrospectively. Can we think of another instance where retrospective charges were applied (by changing the law in this case) to try to persecute someone? It would appear that the fingerprints are the same.

    And isn’t it handy to cast up Margaret Ferrier as the wicked witch when we all know that it is the real Wicked Witch of the East and her curtain-twitching “husband” who should be facing prosecution?

    Welcome to the new Dark Ages…

  76. dakk says:

    Margaret Ferrier was/is no threat to SNP or Nicola Sturgeon.

    This has got to be more to do with the realisation of what the half arsed failed “lockdowns” are doing to the economy.

    I mean, what kind of lockdown shuts thousands of small local businesses but allows Peter Lawell to book Celtic FC an “essential” training trip to Dubai at the height of the pandemic here.

  77. NellG says:

    You don’t want to get the wrong side of Woko Ono. No wonder nobody in the SNP speaks out against the regime for fear of being be hung, drawn and quartered. Narcissistic Sociopath Personality Disorder in full flow. She’s a nasty piece of work; of course it could all be coincidence…..

  78. Beaker says:

    Celtic FC and the Scottish Government are now having a public verbal fisticuffs. Swinney as usual has been wheeled out.

    Is it because someone else does not want to respond to the claim that the trip was agreed with the SG in advance and Dubai is currently ok to travel to / from?

    A trip to Dubai for R&R is NOT essential elite sport travel.

  79. Hatuey says:

    Grouse Beater: “At some point in the last five years the party’s inner sanctum took a vow of protecting Nicola Sturgeon from all controversy…”

    Do you think that explains it? If it was down to that, surely they’d have acted sooner. I’m not sure.

    I can’t help but think they probably want to crowbar someone into that seat.

    The law is now a political weapon of government, though, that much is clear. And that’s horrifying. The separation of politics and the judiciary is one of the most basic requirements of a democracy.

  80. Davie Oga says:

    The fact that she was already in London when she received her test result, plus she notified the SNP whips and the House of Commons, and was advised to return home would appear to be an easy defence against the charges.

    For the charge to stick, the prosecution must prove that she acted with “complete disregard of (or indifference to) the consequences of his/her actions”.

    Notifying the party and HOC defeats the charge. If they are crazy enough to try and get her to court, Ferrier will win.

    An example of this charge would be someone convicted in Edinburgh in 2018 of intentionally trying to infect people with HIV. 8 years he got.

    Ferrier’s “crime” is not comparable.

    Someone in #corruptasfuckpolis or #nobetterthanbelarus is out to get her.

  81. twathater says:

    As you say Stu the woman acted stupidly and has apologised , but I would then question her motives for continuing in her position , is it financial or does she believe in her duty representing her constituents , some of those constituents who will possibly be angered and upset that she still remains in place despite having her membership removed

    In the distant past politicians were expected to have integrity and honesty and if they were caught or exposed for doing something BAD they were expected to resign and usually did
    But the experience of the last few years has shown that that expectation is ignored or treated with contempt

    We are a long long way from having politicians with integrity and honesty from all parties and that MUST be one of the first things we the public insist on when we’re independent

    However the GLARING inconsistency of COPFS and polis Scotland in charging Ferrier and ignoring the BLATANT offence and challenge of the cat wi the hat is indicative of a skewed and sickening legal establishment , an establishment that is too cowardly to face ridicule , or challenge a royal plague carrier and his entourage for inflicting disease and possible death on Scottish citizens

  82. Hatuey says:

    I thought I’d highlight a good news story in regards to coronavirus for a change. This is important and bodes really well for not only for vaccinations but for those who have had covid-19 before….

    In short, and this was a really good sample size, they took a bunch of health care workers who caught coronavirus in the first wave and investigated their immunity months later in the second wave. Not one person out of hundreds had caught the virus twice.

    Note that with SARS infections they have carried out similar tests some 19 or 20 years after infection and found that immunity is robust there too…

    It’s looking likely now rather than just possible that immunity from coronavirus will be long lasting and there’s no reason to assume that this won’t be the case with vaccinations too.

  83. Davie Oga says:

    twathater says:
    5 January, 2021 at 2:54 am
    “I would then question her motives for continuing in her position , is it financial”

    I wouldn’t walk away from 300k plus 4 or 5 years unlimited, soft expenses because some corrupt muppet told me I had to. Would you?

  84. Willie says:

    Physical persecution by the apparatus of the state for political ends continues.

    I wonder who in Sturgeon’s cabal this time instructed the police to give Margaret Ferrier the treatment.

    I wonder also when it becomes time for Sturgeon and her ilk to get their treatment. The blackshirts in uniform cannot politically protect the junta for ever. Nor can the Police continue for ever continue acting as the tool of bias and persecution. They day of reckoning of abusive government always comes to an end. That is the nature of such things.

  85. Scotspine says:

    She travelled by rail. I was under the impression that British Transport Police had primacy over the railways and railway stations?…

  86. ahundredthidiot says:

    Totalitarianism is the new normal.

    And NS is loving it.

  87. Robert Louis says:

    Wow. I mean, seriously, wow. It is interesting to note, that prior to reading this article, my mind started turning along similar lines.

    This truly stinks. And seriously, even at the time she did the train journey, I thought the media and other responses was way over the top. Many many people have breached the guidelines. Too much pious finger pointing for my liking. She apologised, others didn’t.

    Meanwhile, George Galloway…

    What on earth is going on in Scotland?? Meanwhile the Scottish so-called ‘journalists’ (aka paid liars), do not even ask simple questions, about this or the prosecutions of Craig Murray over the Salmond trial.

    Are we now witnessing the behaviour of hoodlums in Government in Scotland??

    QUESTION for Police Scotland, when will Prince Charles and George Galloway be charged???????

  88. ahundredthidiot says:

    I am reminded of the prisoner/guard experiment.

    This whole covid thing is a bit of a test.

    Are you a jumped up wee n*zi or do you have the wherewithal to keep your faculties and your humanity about you?

    Meanwhile, Piers Morgan, fresh from his Xmas holiday to Antigua, is on telly lecturing folks again to stay at home.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  89. Contrary says:

    This is so obviously politically motivated – either the law is applied equally to all, or it is not being used fairly – that you have to wonder at the procurator fiscal and the police: are they so confident they are untouchable they don’t even need to *look* like they are being fair, or are they just stupid?

    This backs up the evidence, that’s being exposed through the Alex Salmond Harassment affair, that shows some level of corruption within the judicial services and they and the Lord Advocate are using the law unlawfully to persecute individuals for political ends.

    It really needs to stop.

  90. Robert Louis says:

    And IF Sturgeon/Scotgov are not behind this, then they absolutely NEED to get a f**ing grip on what Police Scotland are up to. We all saw the Salmond thing for what it was, and NOW this!!!!!

    And they say we don’t need to worry about Humza’s oppressive ‘hate crime’ diktats..

  91. North chiel says:

    The woman did what any other human being would do if they were feeling unwell . Try to get home ASAP . ( a natural instinct ).

  92. Jim Tadgercock says:

    Why let a weed grow in your beautiful green house, Looks like the SNP want their seat back.

  93. Socrates MacSporran says:

    When I was about seven or eight, I went with my mother on a bus trip, organised by teh local Boy Scouts troop, to visit the troop, then in-camp at Peebles. We went to visit my elder brother, who was one of the youngest Scouts in the troop.

    While we were there, the Scouts put on some entertainment for us, an the Scouters’ contribution was a sketch about someone complaining to the local Council about the muck being dumped in his garden.

    The complaint was ignored on several occasions, because the complainant was not a member of the Party. Eventually, the complainant entered and gave a Nazi salute – bringing the response: Ah! I see you are a member of the Party.”

    “Naw, that’s the height o’ the muck in my gairden,” was the response.

    I sometimes, in recent years, have felt we are going that way under our 21st centure Scotland. If you are a Party insider, you get listened to, if you’re not in the inner cabal – God help you.

    I do not wish to live in such a Scotland – time something was done about the Party insiders.

  94. PacMan says:

    I’d have to agree that this feels likes a calculated political move on the part of Nicola Sturgeon. It is targeted against someone who is perceived to be one of her own so she can’t be accused of a political vendetta.

    All good public relations as it is another one-up against a quite clearly incompetent Johnson and is seen as pushing him into what needs to be done south of the border which is a much harder approach to keep the virus in control down there.

  95. FiferJP says:

    The consensus seems to be SNP using the police to get Ferrier out. Which should mean a by election. Shouts of Angus in the background.

    If Angus Robertson is the anointed one will this allow him to become an elected an MP in time to take over from Sturgeon when she is forced out?

  96. John Reid says:

    My first reaction on seeing the announcement on the television was that it looked like the BBC was trying to link Nicolas Sturgeon with the event, was the UK Government’s office in Scotland involved?
    I don’t agree there is any positive message for the SNP in the way it is being reported in the media, just more of the barrage of negativity we are now experiencing heading to the May election.

  97. Nell G says:

    Fifer, if this transpires then it backs up the State infiltration theory as you not only have a corrupt SNP but also a corrupt police force working in tandem. If that move is made considering Angus has committed to another seat I would find it hard not to make that assumption. Sturgeon and the establishment must know she is on the way out. I did think the faux outrage at the time the initial story broke had a stink about it.

  98. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “As you say Stu the woman acted stupidly and has apologised , but I would then question her motives for continuing in her position , is it financial or does she believe in her duty representing her constituents , some of those constituents who will possibly be angered and upset that she still remains in place despite having her membership removed”

    Most MPs have at least half of their constituents angry at them all the time for being in the wrong party, so that’s nothing very unusual. I don’t know Margaret Ferrier and have never had any sort of communication with her, but I’d hazard a guess that she thinks she was elected to do a job and doesn’t think one silly personal mistake that she’s apologised profusely for affects her ability to do that, particularly given the number of MPs who are still in position after also doing something wrong, in relation to coronavirus or to other matters.

  99. ahundredthidiot says:

    I am not with the mob who want to burn the witch.

    Even if that witch is Piers Morgan (although to be fair to Piers, it was only guidance he refused to follow – albeit the day after urging tougher lockdowns for everyone else on national TV as the great covid lord haw haw), but isn’t the silence in the media for our Piers just a little bit defeaning?

    makes you wonder…..

  100. robert Hughes says:

    Indeed Stuart-it’s the stunning hypocrisy of this mob of selective puritans that grates the most , always so eager to make political capital from OTHERS’mistakes – even Party faithful ( note , not necessarily NS faithful , though they too can be thrown to the dogs if deemed inessential ) – whilst doing everything in thier power – legal and illegal – to prevent any possibility of shadows falling on the hallowed image of St Nicola the Divine

  101. Lulu Bells says:

    One does wonder why the hell she told everybody. Why take a test, then do what you like anyway when you suspect you might have the evil virus (bet she thought it would come back negative) and then why tell everybody what you have done. It’s grand to have an open and honest politician but look at the mess she has got herself in. Imagine if she had never got a test in the first place!

    As for police Scotland, well I used to live next door to a married couple both of whom were part of that corrupt and twisted organisation…they made it quite clear that they could and would find a way to ‘get’ anyone who crossed them. I would put nothing beyond the bounds of possibility where PS is concerned.

  102. stuart mctavish says:

    Assuming the “release” of Julian Assange is a sign that the scales of justice have been rediscovered (and the judgement will not simply be used as cover for his being Epsteined if the proud boys fail to stop the steal for example) one bright side of this particular binfire is that if the authorities follow through their authoritarian gaslighting with a prosecution, they will necessarily be held to a far higher burden of proof than the so called medics and scientists that lit the fuse.

    Specifically they will be obliged not only to demonstrate retrospectively that her positive test was indeed positive (lest she was only following protocol and/ or hoping to get a second opinion before the story broke), but also to link the strain of flu that she had back to the Wuhan laboratory/ pangolin pig & bat market, and prove beyond all shadow of doubt that socialising, travelling, or even leaving the bedroom/ kitchen corner without sporting a sexy face covering, when there are rumours of a bug going around that raises the population’s life expectancy by a couple of years, is more culpable and reckless than total war against anyone without access to government (and corporate) largess all whilst turning a blind eye to massive fraud in the electoral system of the free world..

  103. ahundredthidiot says:


    All eyes on Mike Pence tomorrow.

  104. Mia says:

    It seems to me she may have been targeted because they have been planning for a while to hand that seat to somebody else.

    Judging by the number of times the usual suspects were unsuccessfully trying to get her, not just to stand down from the party membership but to actually resign the seat, and now we see this that brings flash backs of what they put Mr Salmond through, it seems that bullying might have just got to a whole new level. There seems to be a pattern.

    When you are away from home, ill, alone and perhaps scared by the uncertainty surrounding you and fearing for your own life, you tend to not think rationally and as you may not trust your own judgement, you give more weight to the advice of others than to your own judgement. It is only a natural reaction.

    I wonder if we should not be told the names of those senior figures who advised this lady to return home, particularly those she spoke to within the party.

    If it was against the law to return home in those circumstances, surely senior individuals whose judgement was not obfuscated by illness or fear, should have known that sending her home was the entire wrong thing to do?

    Because, quite frankly, how do we know that she was not deliberately misadvised in order to have an excuse to kick her out of the seat to give it to somebody else?

  105. Frank Waring says:

    The link to the Wikipedia article was very interesting and informative about this odd corner of Scottish criminal law. I wouldn’t have thought, after reading that article, that there was a chance of Margaret Ferrier being convicted, if she is properly defended. I hope we see crowdfunding organised to pay for that defence.

  106. Lulu Bells says:

    @ stuart mct @ 9:03.

    I was thinking that too, how can someone be charged based on the findings of a test that tests what exactly? And proves what exactly? When over and over we hear that the tests are fairly erratic in quality and in producing a correct result, that being that a person has the covid 19 that we are being controlled over. But then look at the AS affair, PS don’t need evidence to press on, ruin lives and spend public funds needlessly.

  107. Effijy says:

    Firstly Margaret did make a mistake in travelling but at least she admitted to it
    and apologised, unlike the many of the other politicians who broke the guidelines.

    I’m thankful she did try to feed us the crap excuse from Cummings and Gove
    who suggested it’s normal to jump in the car with all the family if you don’t think
    you can see properly. Yes get on a motorway and see if you are blinded at 70mph?

    Margaret worked hard as an MP speaking more in the house over her first 2 years than
    the English Labour guy she put out did in 5 years.
    No one in the constituency even knew he was English until he was out.
    Never seen or heard of him until the next election.

    I think Margaret turned 60 as this incident happened.
    She gave up a job to enter politics as a single Mother.
    She may have a mortgage, she certainly has bills every month.
    A new job would be very difficult for her to find and she has 7 years
    Until the new Tory retirement age.
    Would you expect to be unemployed and almost unemployable if you
    make 1 mistake at work?

    No where to go now as and freedom of information requests that they don’t want to answer don’t
    Get answered.

    I’ll tell you that Senior Police in Scotland are Unionist and would take action as directed covertly
    from Westminster before Holyrood.

    I’d assure you that their hounding over 2 years of SNP MP Michelle Thomson was not at the request
    Of Holyrood. 2 years to find she had no case to answer?
    It wasn’t a complicated case.

    Senior Police can get promotions to the mega high wages. in the Met.
    They can be knighted or get some wee Betty Gong OBE.
    Westminster has 100’s of years of murder and corruption behind it.
    There is nothing they won’t do to keep their little Empire and our money
    rolling in.

  108. Bob Mack says:

    @Lulu Bells,

    Spot on. At the time Ms Ferrier was tested the tests were showing only 60% accuracy rates. Was she re tested or not?

    I think her defence could win quite easily especially if her original test has been discarded.

    What really worries me about this affair is that the police appear to be acting as a private security firm for the government but not necessarily solely about crime. Thats a bad place to be.

  109. ahundredthidiot says:


    The Show is about to start.

    Enrique Tarrio – Leader of the Proud Boys (and a black Cuban guy btw) arrested. Allegedly he burned a BLM flag a few weeks ago – not an American flag and he didn’t pull down any statues, but hey, BLM marxists now get special treatment.

    Looks like the swamp is bricking it for tomorrow. Pelosi can still pull the rug from under Pence, but if she doesn’t, and Pence rejects the 5 States, it’s a contingent election…….and Trump will be odds on.

    Don’t buy the distractions with all this lockdown pish – grab the Popcorn!…..

  110. ahundredthidiot says:

    A Portuguese Court has already ruled (and it survived the appeal) the tests are unreliable and only a Doctor can diagnose. The four German tourists were successful with their Action.

    That the MSM continue to ignore that should speak volumes – they are a respected European Nation, not some crappy wee island in the middle of an ocean somewhere.

  111. Ottomanboi says:

    The Kafkaesque result of government by political whim and decree.
    Totalitarianism is tragicomedy, faux totalitarianism is just fuckup.
    Scottish police have been politicised. No longer ‘free’ in exercise of ‘the law’.
    As a Covid ’atheist’ I look on all this with some amusement. Reason has taken flight, the place it occupied filled by chattering fearmongers and informants.
    What politicians have sown will, I trust, yield for them a bitter harvest.
    Btw the common cold is caused by viruses.
    Not straight forward given the current developing state of ‘the science’.
    One thing certain Bezos, Gates, Pichal, Schwab & co are happy with events.

  112. Black Joan says:

    Not defending Galloway in the least, but, sad to say, he did announce that he has moved to D&G, (where unfortunate pro-indy citizens are already subject to 2 x Mundells and Alister Union Jack).

    GG’s attempt to seek arrest on the Border was always irrelevant as, according to the small print re travel, moving house and travel for purposes of property maintenance, is permitted.

    No excuses for attending the football, however.

  113. Gregor says:

    “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.”:

  114. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “GG’s attempt to seek arrest on the Border was always irrelevant as, according to the small print re travel, moving house and travel for purposes of property maintenance, is permitted.”

    However, the provocative (and deliberately dishonest) manner in which he presented his actions could very easily be interpreted as inciting/encouraging others who don’t have the same excuse to break the law.

  115. Tony O'Neill says:

    Hi Stu,How about inviting Margaret ferrier on here to give her side of the story?,and maybe her opinion on the section 30 Pish amongst other things?.

  116. Beaker says:

    @FiferJP says:
    5 January, 2021 at 7:56 am
    “The consensus seems to be SNP using the police to get Ferrier out. Which should mean a by election. Shouts of Angus in the background.

    If Angus Robertson is the anointed one will this allow him to become an elected an MP in time to take over from Sturgeon when she is forced out?”

    If Angus Robertson is ever put forward as a candidate in Rutherglen there will be a concerted effort to ensure he does not win.

  117. paul says:

    PacMan says:
    5 January, 2021 at 7:53 am

    I’d have to agree that this feels likes a calculated political move on the part of Nicola Sturgeon. It is targeted against someone who is perceived to be one of her own so she can’t be accused of a political vendetta.

    Exactly what I thought on hearing the news.

    Promoting the now quaint idea that the FM decides without ‘fear or favour’ when it is increasingly obvious the former is her main motivation and the latter is her main tactic.

    Plus she might shore up her dwindling support with a friendly face in the WM seat.

    Double bubble.

    Bit sceptical about getting one over the PM, she strikes me as doing a lot of front running over covid capers without significantly diverging.

  118. H Scott says:

    I wonder if Galloway was deliberately seeking arrest to raise his profile and boost his popularity. He’s certainly that type.

  119. Dave Hansell says:

    The chief corruption here is one of values, with selective use or complete rejection of standards and principles of due process to suit convenience running rampant throughout the legal system and internal rules based processes of all institutions and organisations across the UK.

    It is not only a case of selective prosecution of individuals in the same or similar circumstances but also the blatant rejection of objective evidence based enquiry and judgement in favour of subjective opinion and feeling as the yardstick for determining automatic guilt. An approach invariably accompanied with a denial of a right to a defence or even a right to know the details of the charge or who ones accusers are.

    The many and detailed posts on this this site which highlights this corruption of values, standards and principles which are necessary for a cohesive and civilised society from within the Scottish body politic and it’s current Party of Government are not unique to Scotland alone. The same issues are prevalent in other political parties who have taken this a stage further by waging open warfare on their own volunteer members.

    On the matter of selective prosecution it is interesting that obvious establishment figures – such as Cummings and Charlie Windsor – or their useful idiots are joined in receiving a free pass by those whom are not so obvious.

    This is, however no surprise as, regardless of finding myself in agreement with his assessment of a number of specific issues, it has long been obvious that one of he individuals highlighted in this article is a ringer.

    Back in the late eighties this individual reported me to the then General Secretary of my Trades Union, alleging interference in an internal election matter of an NGO he was involved with.

    The problem is not so much that the allegation could not be substantiated but that there was only, and I’m being generous here, two ways in which the information which led to the allegation could have got to the source of the allegation.

    Quite by chance, and in retrospect poor timing, after another exceptionally heavy day of Union work I had contacted by phone an individual of my acquaintance who I had not spoken to or seen for several years for some specialist advice on a matter of which this individual had expertise.

    At the conclusion of the call the individual, knowing my interest and Union work in that specific area, brought up a totally different subject and asked me if I and/or other members of the local Union Branch of which I was an elected serving local Officer, would be interested in becoming a member of an NGO of which they were an Executive member.

    The objective being that, as is often be case, an election was imminent in which specific groups or factions were seeking to challenge for control of the Organisation and votes of new members would be useful. Given the late hour I agreed to see what I could do, ended the call, trooped off to bed and completely forgot what had just transpired. Woke up next morning, back on the tools, nothing. Zilch. Completely gone. First ever Senior Moment. Never even mentioned it to a soul never mind take any action.

    A week later this individual calls me and as soon as I hear their voice it triggers the memory and puts me in abject apology mode. When I had been calmed down and it had been made apparent I had failed miserably and neither said anything on the matter to anyone nor taken any action individually it was explained to me that my acquaintance had already received a complaint from this individual on the matter and that similar correspondence had been sent to the my Union GS.

    This poses a problem. Neither I nor my acquaintance had mentioned in any form, verbal or written, any aspect of the telephone conversation relating to that specific request. I had not taken any action. How did this individual come by that information? One possibility is that he is psychic and can read minds over vast distances.

    The other possibility, of which the local union branch at that time had recent experience, is that, to quote the popular singing ensemble The Specials, someone was making a bootleg LP at one or both ends of the fixed line circuit of that telephone call.

    Which then begs several questions as to what links this individual has had, or even continues to have, with people who have that kind of expertise and ability?

    I know which option my money is on. The point being that not all that glitters is gold. Gorgeousness is only skin deep and not to be trusted. He won’t be the first to be in the Establishments back pocket and he won’t be the last.

  120. Willie says:

    I think the time is coming when for long term supporters it will be anyone but the SNP.

    In it’s current form, and looking at the stitch up now being given to Margaret Ferrier, I doubt there would be few voting SNP. Sturgeon wanted her gone, she didn’t go, so Sturgeon gets the Police to do a job on her, well let them. Margaret Ferrier’s defence will be crowdfunded.

    As for speculation on Angus Robertson, the guy is politically dead meat every bit as much as Sturgeon is.

  121. SOG says:

    If Margaret F feels the need of crowdfunded legal support, I trust we will learn of it on here, pronto.

  122. Liz says:

    Decided to give twitter a miss for today.
    The sycophants and those scared of their own shadow, delighted at lockdown.

    They feel safe in their bubbles, apparently.

    Folk going apeshit at people skating outdoors in Queens Park.
    NS was ‘marvellous’, spoke for 90, yes you heard that right, 90 minutes yesterday about Covid lockdown.

    There have been zero deaths AFAIK in the Highlands for a while and they are in total lockdown.

    I despair, I dislike Sturgeon more and more by the day. She has folk brainwashed.

    As for Mgt Ferrier, she needs to stick it out, if she told everyone, was told to go home etc, maybe she shouldn’t have visited businesses, but was she thinking straight, she should win her case.

    I’m also reminded that the sainted one broke three of her own rules at a wake in a pub, but how very dare we, criticise her.

  123. Ottomanboi says:

    Covid-19 suppression allows authority to suspend civil freedom on a repeat basis.
    Would not wish to be in authorities’ shoes when the radical response to this finally kicks off.
    A quote from a guy on the time machine who knew all about « suppression ».
    « By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise » Hitler.

    Wokery has zilch to say on this mass clamp down on individual freedom, both physical and intellectual. Plainly, the wrong sort of oppression, but just look who’s dishing it out….

  124. Eileen Carson says:

    Having been ill with a non Covid virus during the last lockdown, I can sympathise with Ferrier. When you are ill your natural/animal instinct is to head home to your bed, no matter how stupid etc that may appear to those who have no symptoms. It’s something no-one can rationalise. I am surprised that Blackford did not arrange private transport home which would have been the sensible thing to do. Someone who is ill cannot make arrangements or take logical decisions. I’m no fan nor a legal eagle but I think a judge/sheriff will throw this charge out on the grounds she was unfit AT THE TIME.

  125. shug says:

    It could be the police are getting pushed to close their case file, and knowing the biased press we have, are taking the view it is better to shunt it onto the court to decide.

    If they close the case, the papers and the unionists would be wild about them covering it up.

    I understand her coming home but then going out and meeting people and talking at a church! If that happened that is in a different league from Cummings

  126. Alibi says:

    Clear that George Galloway not only broke the law, but as you say, he boasted that he was going to commit a pre-meditated crime and then continued to breach the rules once in Scotland – as for his nonsensical claim that he was a Queen of the South supporter, his tweet about Charlie Adam would seem to show that claim up as a complete lie. I would say that his wilful lawbreaking merits a far more severe approach than Ferrier’s rather stupid actions. The PoW we know about and clearly he should be charged as his trip also originated in England, but good luck with that.

  127. @H Scott,

    I`m sure Galloway will be planning some stunt to raise his profile with the Brutish yoons,

    is there any chance of him getting a regional list seat at Holyrood ?

  128. Muscleguy says:

    @stuart mctavish

    It is not a influenza virus as a glance at the Covid viral genome(s) on the databases (freely available for everyone to examine) will tell you.

    There are free online tools with online help files to enable you to align those genomes with the entire corpus of DNA, RNA & Protein sequence on the databases or some subset of them.

    The hits come with % similarity measures. In Decreasing order of those. Influenze virus sequences will NOT be on the first page even. Coronavirus sequences will be.

    This is what the Chinese scientists did when they first sequenced this. It’s standard practice. Been there, done that (not deliberately for virus sequences). You seem to think scientists are idiotss, virologists who misidentify viruses, epidemiologists who mismeasure R levels or death rates, not to mention Long Covid effects.

    I’m sorry to inform you that your manifest ignorance is blazing with lurid light.

  129. Republicofscotland says:

    Like Salmond’s fit up Sturgeon is trying to remove Ferrier from her circle, and like Salmond I bet Ferrier knows a thing or two hat Sturgeon doesn’t want out in the open.

  130. Mia says:

    “I am surprised that Blackford did not arrange private transport home which would have been the sensible thing to do”

    Indeed. Considering that any Scottish/Welsh/NI/England MPs from out of London could at any time be found to be positive or being asked to isolate via the app while in London or in transit to or from the HoC, there has to be somewhere within the guts of the SNP and the HoC a detailed standard operating procedure and contingency measures in place to deal with such scenario, particularly if the MP in question did not have a fixed home address down south and did not use a car and had to rely on public transport to go home.

    Given the risk the out of London MPs are exposed to every day they travel down south, in my view not having such SOP and contingency measures in place, or these being inadequate because they did not respect the different set of regulations/rules in the 4 nations, not just England, would be a dereliction of duty from the HoC towards the MPs but also from the SNP for not advising their MPs properly and not ensuring adequate SOPs were in place to protect the SNP MPs.

  131. DundeeDancer says:

    This Margaret Ferrier breach of coronavirus regulations between 26 and 29 September 2020 gets right up my noise. It was the Leader of the House of Commons a Jacob Rees-Mogg who reduced the virtual “hybrid Parliament” set-up on 13th May 2020 to forced MPs who wanted to express the views of their constituents into having to attend Westminster in person, mostly just to make Boris look better with a jeering crowd behind him and probably also to make it harder for MPs who live further away (i.e. Scotland, Wales etc…) to be involved with debates. Therefore I lay the majority of the blame for these covid issues involving MPs from all over the house at the feet of Jacob Rees-Mogg. When will there be a parliamentary enquiry into Mogg involvement with the reduction of the “hybrid Parliament” and the issues that has caused?

  132. Mia says:

    “I lay the majority of the blame for these covid issues involving MPs from all over the house at the feet of Jacob Rees-Mogg”

    I disagree. Mogg just happens to be a self entitled and privileged tw@t that can walk home if he receives a positive result while at work. This is a HoC and SNP (and every other political party) issue. They have a duty of care to their MPs while they are at work or in transit from and to work. SOPs and contingency measures should have been in place to deliver those MPs home in the event of being tested positive at work or in transit from or to work, which given the circumstances, was a more than likely scenario. Not having those SOPs in place, frankly, comes across as profoundly discriminatory against all those MPs that do not live in London.

  133. Breastplate says:

    “You seem to think scientists are idiots”
    I’m sorry to inform you but scientists have the same chance to make idiots of themselves as everyone else if not more given their sense of self importance and reliance on funding.

    The very idea that scientists deliver information without bias or emotional corruption, to put it politely, is naive.
    Scientists continue interpret information in different ways from other scientists.
    On exactly the same subject, we can expect a myriad of different opinions from the scientific community ranging from logical to ridiculous and some of those opinions will be paid for.

  134. PacMan says:

    paul says: 5 January, 2021 at 10:19 am

    Bit sceptical about getting one over the PM, she strikes me as doing a lot of front running over covid capers without significantly diverging.

    It might be me but I get the impression there is a growing acceptance with the pandemic that when Nicola leads, Boris soon follows.

    If true, image is everything and after the pandemic I’m sure she will come out the better of the two.

  135. Karmanaut says:

    Police Scotland and COPFS again.

    Galloway’s tweets could certainly be seen as encouraging his followers to ignore the Covid-19 rules.

    Charles, yes. But the laws don’t apply to his caste.

    Then again, so could Scottish Labour’s Rudyard Leopard who has been constantly implying covid rules are political and not based on science. The BBC have given him a huge boost to get his message of doubt out there.

  136. Saffron Robe says:

    “It’s looking likely now rather than just possible that immunity from coronavirus will be long lasting and there’s no reason to assume that this won’t be the case with vaccinations too.”

    I would disagree Hatuey, one is naturally produced, the other is artificially induced.

  137. crazycat says:

    Re: Angus Robertson and a by-election in Rutherglen

    If AR wanted a seat in the HoC, he could have stood in the 2019 GE. He didn’t; he wants to be at Holyrood.

    That doesn’t mean there isn’t someone lined up to replace Margaret Ferrier, but I doubt very much if it’s Robertson.

  138. Hooreyaman says:

    I heard from a very good source that it was Tommy Shepherd who shopped her in the first place. The great Gonzo strikes again!

  139. Elmac says:

    On the subject of vaccination, it is claimed there have been over 92,000 carried out in Scotland so far. I have a neighbour who is 88, un poor health, and is fighting emphysema and 2 types of cancer. He has had no contact whatsoever from the NHS. I would like a breakdown of the various groups vaccinated to date and whether that includes politcians, royalty or anyone else under 80 who is not involved in the NHS, emergency or care systems.

    Would be interested to have fellow Wingers thoughts on this as I am concerned that the right people are being vaccinated.

  140. Elmac says:

    I have no axe to grind on soccer but methinks NS is doing everything she can to deflect public attention at a dangerous time for her and is stirring the pot on Celtic’s training trip to Dubai. The facts are no laws were infringed, the players are less likely to be infected there than back home, and they are not mixing any more than they would be in their training sessions in Glasgow.

    Come on Sturgeon, spare us the deflection, and concentrate on cutting out the lies, corruption and obfuscation in your own party. You could make a start by complying with the Salmond enquiry and putting the aspirations of the country above your own.

  141. Polly says:

    @ Elmac

    ‘Would be interested to have fellow Wingers thoughts on this as I am concerned that the right people are being vaccinated.’

    I have elderly relatives (4) and a couple of neighbours, none have received any word so far. Neighbours and some relatives in good health for age, but two relatives have had (treated with surgery/chemo couple years ago) or still have (under control/managed by drugs) cancer and have other health issue of asthma and heart trouble and they haven’t heard anything yet. Like you I’d have thought they’d be front of queue.

  142. Polly says:

    @ Elmac

    I already answered the vaccine question on previous thread. 🙂

  143. Prasad says:

    Is there someone on Twitter who can show Rev’s post to this man?

  144. David R says:

    Looks as though she committed the ultimate crime, not doing what NS demands

  145. HamlyHaynes says:

    Elmac says:
    6 January, 2021 at 12:51 am

    “Celtic’s training trip to Dubai. The facts are no laws were infringed, the players are less likely to be infected there than back home, and they are not mixing any more than they would be in their training sessions in Glasgow.”


    “China asks cabin crew to wear nappies to reduce virus risk”

    I am afraid you will find as far as covid, the genie has been let out of the bottle and pandora’s box has been well and truly opened.

    covid is a long term human population reduction tool.

    We used to have massive wars with millions of casualties but now the corporations came make more money this way.

    something for you to chew on.

  146. HamlyHaynes says:

    Elmac says:
    6 January, 2021 at 12:35 am
    “On the subject of vaccination, it is claimed there have been over 92,000 carried out in Scotland so far. I have a neighbour who is 88, un poor health, and is fighting emphysema and 2 types of cancer. He has had no contact whatsoever from the NHS. I would like a breakdown of the various groups vaccinated to date and whether that includes politcians, royalty or anyone else under 80 who is not involved in the NHS, emergency or care systems.

    Would be interested to have fellow Wingers thoughts on this as I am concerned that the right people”

    SNHS has 160,000 members…. I think you will find people like GP receptionists come far higher up the ladder, in fact the SNP Government document even says so.—vaccine-letter-from-the-chief-medical-officer-updating-on-the-vaccination-programme—1-january-2021/


    You need to read the 1st Jan version as, guess what, it keeps changing..

    Also includes the vote winning “nevermind the essential second dose decision” as well….I imagine the scientists who struggled so hard to find “a” vaccine are impressed by that piece of political subterfuge….

  147. HamlyHaynes says:

    ElGordo says:
    5 January, 2021 at 12:12 am


    “You wouldn’t put it beyond them, Salmond, Hirst, Murray. We are talking about a regime that sees no problem in using state power to attack their political opponents.

    The SNP also sees no problem with the husband of the FM attempting to influence police investigations.

    What would you expect people to believe?”


    “Upon rise to power, they eased press censorship and openly condemned their neighbours which resulted in a surge in popularity.

    However, the resulting period of stability was very brief as the government very soon became severely totalitarian and was considered the most repressive in the EU.

    Their police, was responsible for mass surveillance as well as severe repression and human rights abuses within the country, and they suppressed and controlled the media and press, implementing methods that were among the harshest, most restrictive and brutal in the world.

    Economic mismanagement due to failed OIL VENTURES led to skyrocketing foreign debts.

    They exported much of the country’s agricultural and industrial production in an effort to repay them.

    The shortages that followed drastically lowered living standards, leading to heavy rationing of food, water, oil, heat, electricity, medicine and other necessities.

    The cult of personality experienced unprecedented elevation, followed by extensive nepotism and the intense deterioration of foreign relations.”

    And history shows us the outcome if you ignore it.


  148. Luke says:

    Sounds like the exact same politics which happens in the NHS. Not good. Not good at all.

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