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The Scottish Toady

Posted on November 07, 2020 by

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  1. 07 11 20 07:56

    The Scottish Toady | speymouth

138 to “The Scottish Toady”

  1. Morgatron says:

    Fantastic toon Chris, just call me skeptical but funnily enough i thought the very same myself of the assistant referee. Well rehearsed and choreographed.

  2. Robert Louis says:

    Scotland is now in the situation, whereby a man who most think is an England-worhsiping Tory stooge, is protected by the BBC.

    Hardly a day goes by when the English colonial broadcaster, the BBC in Scotland, doesn’t provide Douglas Ross with more support and try to raise his profile.

    Next week at PMQ’s, Tory boy will likely stand up and say, ‘does the Prime Minister agree with me, that Scotland is sh*te, and that the treaty of union means England owns Scotland?’, followed by guffaws all round.

    Not once, do the BBC point out that the Tories have not won an election in Scotland since 1955.

    Sick of it all. Even more sick of the SNP sitting on their hands, fiddling while Scotland is trashed by these clowns.

    Sadly, I no longer think it is the SNP who will lead Scotland to independence (they have their careers to think of, don’t you know!). Either the demand for indy will grow so high, that effectively it becomes impossible for ANY political party to praise the cursed union with England, or a new political party that actually DOES want independence will come to the fore.

    I no longer believe a single thing Nicola Sturgeon says regarding independence. She enjoys being First Minister, and that is as far as that goes. Time and again, she has proven that given the chance to go for independence, she will do nothing. Cowardice is her middle name.

    I will NEVER forgive the SNP for letting Scotland be forced into leaving the EU, wholly against our wishes.

  3. winifred mccartney says:

    Brilliant cartoon – the likenesses are amazing – you know who everybody is instantly.

    DRoss doing so well the tories are now lying 3rd in polling for Scotland – lets hope he keeps sinking down the rankings.

  4. Tom Kane says:

    Yip… Scotland can only get furlough support wben England is in lockdown and not a peep from the Scottish Tories.

    Not a peep.
    No refereeing.
    No running around with a whistle.
    No whistle.

    And then RS does this.

    And still not a peep.

    The snivelling self-service in this toon is actually more intelligent than ours.

    Fab, Chris.

  5. Bros. says:

    What does the ‘th’ mean?

  6. kapelmeister says:

    winifred mccartney 7:37 am

    “DRoss is doing so well the Tories are now lying 3rd in polling for Scotland – let’s hope he keeps sinking down the rankings”.

    He knows all about being on the sidelines.

  7. Astonished says:

    Robert Louis @ 7.34am – well said. I agree with every word.

    The wokeratti wont compromise for indy and stop their science denying GRA act until after independence. Yusuf and his hate crime bill is a nazi-inspired disgrace. Again he wont compromise by dropping the bill and concentrating on indy.

    However the vast majority of the party who remain (70,000ish and falling) have to wheesht for indy. This wont happen.

    I will never forgive those responsible for throwing away this golden opportunity.

    P.S. Great cartoon Chris.

  8. Effijy says:

    The opposition in Scotland is composed of Dumb and Dumber
    with Wee Willie coming in 3rd for the Tory Parasite party.

  9. Effijy says:

    I received a newspaper and pamphlet combined
    Overnight from CCP?
    The paper has 4 broadsheet pages all dedicated to
    an anti-China agenda?
    Petitions to sign rejecting the Chinese Communist Party?

    It seems they are to blame for a global lack of transparency
    and accountability.

    This could brighten up the day for Boris and Nicola!

  10. Same thing happened with reversing Scot Polis having to pay VAT.

  11. A Person says:

    Great cartoon.

    Even my ultra-unionist mother thinks the furlough thing is a disgrace. NI, Scotland, Wales and the North of England can go hang, but when it affects the South-East…

  12. Sharny Dubs says:

    The SNP have become the parcel of rogues and sold Indy for a glimmer pet.

    History repeats.

  13. Tackety Beets says:

    Excellent as always Chris.

    D Ross admits/agrees Scotland is being treated unfairly/wrongly in this Union & misses the point completely, as he thinks fixing it is good.

    Everyone else realises that it is a problem that should NEVER have existed.

    D Ross an H Simpson have a lot in common me finks.

  14. Breeks says:

    Astonished says:
    7 November, 2020 at 8:30 am
    Robert Louis @ 7.34am – well said. I agree with every word.

    The wokeratti wont compromise for indy and stop their science denying GRA act until after independence….

    The Wokerati cannot compromise for Indy, because they know full well their toxic minority extremism stands zero chance of winning a democratic mandate on it’s own merit, and thus, it MUST ride piggy-back on some other issue which looks destined to succeed, thereby allowing Wokism to steal a mandate for Wokism from well intentioned voters who “think” they’re voting for Independence.

    Look at the way the GRA lobby is manipulating the selection of candidates. It is the same grasping philosophy of excluding options until the Wokist option is the only one you can vote for. That’s the very definition of a rigged election, and the GRA lobby aren’t even bothering to hide their intent.

    Sadly for Scotland and Scottish Independence, the GRA bullshit is SO toxic, and their takeover of the SNP is so complete, that this nasty minority irrelevance is going to scupper Scotland’s chances of Independence.

    I don’t know to what extent Sturgeon is wokist in her own beliefs, or so feckless in her leadership roll she has been a pushover patsy for the Wokist Order to manipulate, but in many respects it doesn’t matter. The damage is done.

    As Independentists, we now have the gut wrenching decision to hold our noses and vote these nasty and manipulative usurpers into power where they can release their TransAnarchy as a ‘properly’ elected Government, on a mandate provided by us, the “suckers” who actually voted for Independence.


    We stand our ground, and refuse to have our dreams of an Independent Scotland corrupted, hijacked and squandered by this Trans Rights Infiltration. I think that has to mean this corrupted SNP Government must be brought down. We cannot allow this political extortion to succeed.

    I have sympathy for the opinion that we should hold our fire, wheesht for Indy, because corrupted or not, the SNP is still the only show in town capable of delivering Independence. But unfortunately, I don’t believe that’s anything more than an opinion, and a misguided opinion formed from hope rather than expectation.

    So despite a degree of sympathy for those ‘innocents’ still blinkered by their pure desire for Scottish Independence, I am convinced in my own beliefs that the cause of Scottish Independence MUST be wrestled from the grip of Sturgeon and her Wokerati Cabal, and BEFORE the May Elections which are shaping up to be anodyne and anaemic for Scotland, but will deliver a watershed mandate for a Trans-Activist led dystopia.

    I now fear that EVERYTHING is now riding on Sturgeon and her fellow conspirators being brought down by the Salmond Inquiry, and what I hope will be the damning testimony of Alex Salmond himself.

    Only with a dramatic and decisive change at the top can anything of the SNP be salvaged, because the very last thing the Wokists will allow is Scottish Independence to be divorced from the Trans Agenda, because they know full well their toxic Trans Agenda is dead in the water without it.

    The cause of Scottish Independence must be purged of this parasitic Trans Activism which covets the empowering mandate we intend to deliver for Scottish Independence.

    ALL hope in my heart now rests with Sturgeon being sacked, impeached, or thrown from Office, a state of Constitutional Emergency declared, and a last gasp Constitutional Initiative winging it’s way to the UN International Court of Human Rights disputing Scotland’s unconstitutional and unlawful Brexit subjugation.

    It’s like the drill with weapons training… first action is “take control of the weapon”. We MUST take the initiative and take control of Scottish Independence, and that means asserting control over Scottish Sovereignty.

  15. Astonished says:

    Breeks – you are on the money.

    I sincerely hope that the murrells, yusuf , somerville et al are expelled from the party. Then we can concentrate on indy.

  16. John Jones says:

    Well said Greeks, been saying the same thing for months and been ridiculed, “we have to vote SNP who else will get us Indy” wake up there is no way they are getting us Indy,better to break it now and rebuild while there is a great foundation to build on.
    The yessers have done it before not too late to start again.

  17. John Jones says:

    Predictive typing is shit, should be breeks

  18. Famous15 says:

    I think the wokerati have gone too far in supporting a man to lead the sex protected post in Rape Crisis Centre who now blatantly encourages beheading opposition and Tweets horrifying images of examples.

    Remind me of the “offence” that Mark Macdonald “ perpetrated” that virtually ruined his life and career and compare and contrast with this SNP candidate man in woman only short list and Also Womans Officer in a branch.

    The SNP fund the Rape Crisis Centre which this disgusting vicious man leads.

    Vetting? Reminds me my cat needs neutering.

  19. dakk says:

    Brilliant Chris.

    Ross’s likeness to a mink resonates in light of the very worrying 17 million mink cull in process in Jutland.

    Wake up call for vaccine fanciers.

  20. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Chris – hammer – nail-head – thump.

    And, further down, once again, Breeks delivers some sound, common sense.

    The media will say nothing, until the Holyrood campaign begins, whereupon they will hit Sturgeon and the Woke cabal with all the shit they have been saving-up these past months.

    And, if the SNP high heid yins can kick the Salmond stitch-up and the inquiry far enough in the long grass, the media will go very big on that as well.

    Unless Sturgeon and her husband are got rid-off, we could see yet another minority SNP government, unable to move forward on Independence. But, while that will suit the careerists int he party, it will not help Scotland get over the tragedy of Brexit.

  21. Nell G says:

    Nail on the head Breeks. Sturgeon’s vision of an Independent Scotland frightens the life out of me anyway. We would become a laughing stock. Of course this is based one the 1% chance that she does actually pursue Independence.

  22. Josef Ó Luain says:

    English consciousness, not surprisingly, has always and will always prioritise England’s concerns — get used to it.

  23. robertknight says:

    Nice one Chris – brilliant depiction of Dross at his hand wringing best. Just another mediocre Tory ‘floater’, promoted well beyond his ability.

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    Spot on Chris Douglas Ross’s word at Westminster carries no clout whatsoever, he’s just a lowly branch manager.

    Meanwhile as the Sturgeonistas cling to the faint hope that Johnson will change his tune on a S30 Order, London’s man in Scotland Alister Jack has said it will be around 25 to 40 years for the next indyref to be held.

    Of course none of the above really matters, when you have an FM that has no intentions of naming a date for let alone hold an independence referendum.

  25. Orri says:

    The thing is that regardless of what’s said now Westminster still get to vote on it when the time comes and I’m less than certain that given the chance it will go in Scotland’s favour.

    Remember the surprising honesty from Cameron about the Vow being an empty promise as MPs would get the final say.

  26. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Robert Louis @ 7:34

    Well said Robert, I will vote SNP for the final time at the next election giving them a last chance.

    Without repeating the sins committed by the party leadership the question has to be is the party leadership simply shite or is the mess the work of the security services.

    If it’s the security services hats off to them for a job well done.

    In either case I believe the time has come for a new party to lead us to independence.

    Time is fast running out for the SNP.

  27. Breeks says:

    Angus Robertson “wins” Edinburgh Central selection contest.

    Strange use of the word “wins”.

    He “won” by what measure? Hughie Green’s Clapometer maybe?

  28. Velofello says:

    Just love his “broad” shoulders, Streamlined and slippery.

  29. boris says:

    The way forward is for the “Yes” movement to get its act together form an alliance and campaign strongly for the alternative vote in the next Scottish General Election.

    A good performance would ensure the return of “Yes” supporting MSP’s who would be able to exert pressure on the SNP Government to get on with gaining independence.

  30. Willie says:

    What’s all the rush folks.

    Just hang about we might get an Indy ref in the next decade or so. Meantime just keep giving worthless mandates. At least it keeps the politico’s in paid employment.

    As for the economy, health and wealth. Westminster in our post Brexit country will bring us all so much joy and happiness. Good cartoon Chris. One nation, one people, better together. You know the story.

  31. Dan says:

    And that was the news, now for the weather and covid death forecasts…

  32. Willie says:


    So alphabet Angus has ‘ won ‘ the seat in Edinburgh Central. Is that like ‘ winning the battle ‘ but maybe ‘ not the war ‘ to plagiarise a onetime phrase.

    And of his wife and now Mrs J, was she standing for a nomination. As an ex SPAD she’d know a thing or two too. But maybe she wasn’t standing, or maybe like Humza’s wife, another ministerial aide of sorts, she failed to secure the nomination.

    Can’t help but think our Angus and his treachery will ensure he will lose the war to come.

  33. Willie says:

    Elsewhere, does anybody know anything about Renfrewshire North and West Constituency.

    Story is that Michelle Campbell and Natalie Don have tied exactly on the number of votes, which whilst not impossible, is maybe unusual. Michelle West it seems was sitting on the candidate vetting committee which is something many folks would find quite unusual – biased even. I mean can you imagine a reputedly woke candidate judging other candidates, failing them even within the same regional patch.

    And now a rerun I hear. Maybe someone could advise. Let us know what is going on, and who Michelle Campbell is.

  34. Iain Hamilton says:

    “DRoss doing so well the tories are now lying 3rd in polling for Scotland – lets hope he keeps sinking down the rankings.”

    3rd? Surely Rocky Lennon hasn’t overtaken them? Ahh, I get it finally an SNP 1 and 2 that makes sense.

  35. Effijy says:

    I would like to inform Jack the asset stripper that the Scottish
    Electorate will reject any form of Tory majority for another
    consecutive 65 years.

    In other words we don’t give a damn for them, their party or their policies!

  36. James Barr Gardner says:


  37. Dorothy Devine says:

    James, who are you calling a puddock? As a lover of puddocks since I was wee , I am taking offence on their behalf.

  38. shiregirl says:

    Wait. Was Michelle Campbell the vetting committee organiser who thought the seat was hers uncontested, when the NEC decided it was a BAME seat? (but then decided it was a woman only seat – cue Natalie Don).

    So, who vetted her? Did she do her own vetting?

  39. cirsium says:

    @Willie, 1.37

    I would put it in G W Bush’s words “You can fool some of the people all of the time and these are the folk we want to concentrate on.”

  40. cirsium says:

    @Breeks, 9.43
    We stand our ground, and refuse to have our dreams of an Independent Scotland corrupted, hijacked and squandered by this Trans Rights Infiltration. I think that has to mean this corrupted SNP Government must be brought down. We cannot allow this political extortion to succeed.

    YES – well said Breeks. I cannot express in words the anger I feel towards those who have betrayed Scotland but I will show it by my actions.

  41. cirsium says:

    @Effijy, 1.56

    They do not give a damn about us. It is our resources they want.

  42. Graeme says:

    Voting in this coming election is a real dilemma for me, I will no doubt vote SNP as I’ve always done because I desperately want independence for my country, but I’m acutely aware I’ll be voting for a party that wants to trash the rights of the people I love most in this world in the interests of a mixture of mentally ill sexual fetishists & predators that constitute a tiny percentage of our population.

    Labour, Libdems & Greens are no better so my only other option is to not vote at all or vote Tory and how could any self respecting Scot do that.

    The SNP under it’s current leadership are holding my vote to ransom and using it as a proxy to pass laws that could wait till independence is achieved so we could debate it without our hands tied behind our back and I will never forgive them for that.

    From our independence day forward I will never vote SNP again

  43. kapelmeister says:

    Suppose Murrell is nervously waiting to hear that Sir Sean has left the party something in his will. Then the charlatan CEO can misuse it to pay some of the mounting legal bills. He needs 007 to see off the SPECTRE of becoming the Skintish National Party.

  44. Saffron Robe says:

    Breeks, thank you for your long comment at 9:43 am. It makes for salutary reading.

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    Is the Highland council aiding a devilish return, using a false name.

  46. T.C. Nu says:

    @cirsium (2:22)

    ‘They do not give a damn about us. It is our resources they want.’

    Preaching to the choir there, but If you’ll permit an observation and a question, how come some Scots have the amazing capacity to see this quite clearly when ‘they‘ refers to the English/Tories, yet when you change ‘they‘ to point to the EU and Others, they then become most mysteriously myopic?

  47. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Breeks 9 43
    An insightful analysis. As far as I understand there is no impeachment process at Holyrood. As a comparison and in terms of the UK Parliament the last successful impeachment was in 1806. Hence my previous comments about the procedural limitations of the Scottish Parliament. Something that should be addressed going forward. Meantime malfeasance? Good luck with that in the current environment. How about a complaint to the Chief Constable asking if there is a Prima Facie case to he answered given the number of altered statements to the Inquiry already? Possible but unlikely to succeed. I come back to the SNP MSPs themselves. They have to do something about this situation. For the record I will not vote in the constituency vote. I will probably vote in the list vote. At the moment I am undecided about the Indy new entrants unless of course a WOS party stands.

  48. twathater says:

    Great cartoon as normal Chris, if people cannot see through these wastes of space I despair, that the north of england actually voluntarily voted for these carpetbaggers and chancers shows the urgency we HAVE TO LEAVE

    Breeks and Robert Louis well said as usual, unfortunately I cannot in good concience vote for Sturgeon and her woke cabal, I have been shouting for months that this SCUM is blackmailing indy supporters and to vote for them only gives credibility and consent to their lunatic policies and infers that WE have been beaten and we have DESERTED OUR WOMENFOLK

    And to anyone who thinks like the wee ginger duggers that these policies can be overturned easily when Sturgeon and crew are ensconced, the greens,liebour and lib dems are all on board with this + we are NOT LISTENED TO NOW so what will make them listen with another 5 years to fuck us off

    So 2 options 1 either get rid of the STURRELL fuckwits and get indy, or 2 Show STURRELL and crew we will not be blackmailed and don’t vote for them

    ME personally if 1 doesn’t happen I will opt for 2

  49. katherine hamilton says:

    AP calls it for Biden. Biden new Pressie.

  50. Fireproofjim says:

    The EU has protected, supported and helped Ireland so that it is now considerably wealthier per head than the U.K.
    It certainly hasn’t sought to take Ireland’s resources, as you imply it would with Scotland. . Any Irishman will tell you the EU has been an unprecedented source for good in Ireland and the overwhelming majority of Irish people wish to remain members.
    By the way, Intel have just announced the development of the biggest computer chip facility in Europe, doubling its size. It is at Leixlip just outside Dublin, and currently employs 4500 people.
    When asked why Ireland was the choice for its location, Intel said “They are a highly educated workforce in an English speaking country and in the EU.”
    Remind you of what might have been if we had voted Yes in 2014?

  51. Graeme says:

    Lets not forget the NO voters of 2014, what a fucking legacy they’ve gave themselves.
    I’ll never forgive them either

  52. Alec Lomax says:

    Biden wins. God bless America.

  53. Effijy says:

    Please wear your crash helmets if you are going out this evening!

    Lots coming out of Trumps pram from all corners.

    Petulant boys from millionaire backgrounds should be getting anything they want.

    Ivana, check in to the Betty Ford Clinic for a few nights!

  54. Republicofscotland says:

    Biden wins who really cares.

    Biden and Harris in the Whitehouse is just the stirring of the bucket of sewage, people think they’ll make a difference from Trump and all the other prior US presidents they won’t.

  55. ScottieDog says:

    Can’t see Biden being particularly anti-indy given his roots!

  56. Dan says:

    Hypothetical question: If in the future taxes get raised to “pay for” the furlough schemes, will the key workers (often low paid) and the grafters that weren’t eligible for the schemes so had to struggle on finding work as and where they could to survive, get some kind of dispensation?

    Feels kind of shit that those that kept the show going or fell through the cracks would effectively be penalised with a tax hike to pay for the monies others received.

  57. Alec Lomax says:

    Republic – the right-wing fruitcakes care. They’re having big greet.

  58. Effijy says:

    Dan, be serious!

    The Tories specialise in money laundering, tax avoidance,
    Off shore investment, tax breaks for the rich etc.

    Just a very short time ago their NHS pay cap during the
    Unnecessary Decade of Austerity Nurses were given a
    15% pay cut due to inflation.

    The Tories cheered loudly In Westminster when the won the vote
    To stop NHS pay rises.

    They stopped their training bursaries, they pissed of foreign Doctors and Nurses
    with Brexit and charged fees of £1200 for extending the stay of foreign Doctors and
    Nurses who were working Covid wards without PPE.

    If they can do that and stop meals for underprivileged kids while hading our Billion pound
    Contracts to Tory MP’s wives, there is no hope what so ever of ordinary workers getting a break.

  59. Davie Oga says:

    Trump could have won. All he had to do was get his chief of staff to say that Biden attempted to rape him during the 2016 transition. Give the accusation credibility by having a few others make frivolous but similar accusations at the same time. Maybe offer Bannen his job back if he’s willing to say that he felt uncomfortable because Joe was looking at him laviciously or get Pence’s wife to say he touched her hair or something.

    Trump let his ethics and morality get in the way of winning. Very weak. If he really believed in the politics he espouses he would have done what he had to do to win. Blowback might have been an issue, but Trump voters had no one else they could vote for.

    Trump was too naive in the end. Too uncorrupted. A true leader understands that its OK to lie, cheat, and destroy people’s lives as long as it’s for a higher purpose; like allowing sex offenders, perverts, and deviants into wee girls changing rooms or covering up for the fact that you conned people out of the best part of a million quid.

  60. Bob Mack says:

    Is the toady linesman getting his ban from being a linesman yet? I heard UEFA didn’t take kindly to using their badge on a political pamphlet.

  61. MaggieC says:

    Chris , Another excellent cartoon once again ,

    Latest from Iain Lawson’s blog and it’s Joanna Cherry’s column from the National on Friday in full and it ties in perfectly with Chris’s cartoon about Dross and Sunak and it’s well worth reading it .

    “ Joanna Cherry: Union of Equals would furlough when needed, not wait on England “

  62. willie says:

    Just listened to a BBC correspondent calling out to Joe Biden to say ………” a word for the BBC ”

    And the response was ” no, I’m Irish!”

    Just got the nomination, asked off guard for a comment, and the BBC correspondent and the BBC absolutely dissed. Cant but help think that Biden is going to use the big stick on Boris and the Britannic Brexiteers.

    Delicious, absolutely delicious.

  63. shug says:

    One has to wonder what wee Douglas Ross feels
    We can see he receives no respect from Westminster and he is bobbing around wondering what direction his masters will take. He also has Mr Jack firing off in different directions. At some point he will realise that regardless of how loyal he is they will throw him under a bus without a thought. Without notice they will change direction and not tell him and his only protection is the BBC which nobody believes any more

  64. Elmac says:

    Graeme @c 2.41pm

    If you desperately want independence Graeme the last thing you should do is vote SNP whilst the Murrells are in control. It would be worse than a wasted vote as they clearly do NOT want independence. Bite the bullet and vote for another independence party to help get them off the ground.

    The Murrells have put back the cause of independence for many years, perhaps for our lifetime. All we can do is start again with a new party and starve the Murrells of cash.

  65. 17,000,000 mink to be slaughtered in Denmark `cause they have a mutated version of Covid,

    didn`t realise there was still a fur trade out there,

    i thought the world had realised killing animals for fashion was an abomination,

    `Finland is in fact the largest producer of fox fur in Europe. Each year, 2.5 million foxes are raised on the approximately 800 fur farms in this country – and killed – for the global fur trade.`

    i`m assuming this grotesque trade is not allowed in Scotland

  66. Bob Mack says:

    Boris now has to have a EU deal out of necessity. He can no longer hang his bag on Trump for trade.

    This is going to be interesting.

  67. Dan says:

    @ Effijy

    It was a hypothetical question that I hoped might garner some input other than just Tories are bad.
    We know that is a given and just about any tweet grabbed from Jo Maugham’s feed these days highlights just how corrupt and self serving they are. (Though someone should point out to Jo that his use of the word “country” is inaccurate as he is talking about the UK Government which is the government of a State rather than a country).

    So, could other forms of dispensation be implemented to mitigate such a scenario by say the Scottish Government Administration within the scope of their Social Security remit.
    It would say something for their pursuit of equalities to recognise that some have had to endure unequal treatment due to the failings of how the rushed furlough and grants schemes were administered.
    I only bring it up as I have had several conversations with folk that fell through the cracks of the furlough and grant schemes, and they are pretty fucked off at the way it panned out for them when they saw others getting assistance.

  68. Astonished says:

    Bob Mack – It’s going to be hilarious.

    I wonder how UKaye Adams is gonny spin this ?

  69. willie says:


    Not interesting, not hilarious, but rather the time for BoJo to be calling for his brown trousers.

    Bojo is now fighting the EU and the US. Looks like the Britannic Balloon is going to get busted.

    And a Biden spokesperson a minute ago telling the BBC that Biden has made it clear he will support Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement.

    Squeaky squelchy bum time for Bojo. You bet!

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon congratulates Biden and Harris, hopefully Sturgeon won’t be FM when Biden and Harris are sworn in at their inauguration in January next year.

    Blackford gets his tuppence worth in as well.

  71. velofello says:

    Trump or Biden, do you really believe it will any difference? Bernie Sanders potentially would have made a difference to USA politics and social affairs, but wasn’t he blocked by this own Democrat party enabling Clinton to run against Trump? And again this time?

    There may be validity in Trump’s bleating over voting manipulation, as we have just cause to query the UK postal voting “system”, but so what. The USA military will determine USA policies.

    On the domestic front I am loathe to vote SNP now. Why vote in the “trans” brigade? Their objectives are surely not mine. I want independence.A lifetime of voting SNP, but at the past Council elections I abstained, I could see the manoeuvres of the SNP rule book carriers and it resulted in a numpty SNP councillor. Abstaining in the Constituancy, and vote ISP or whatever in the List may well be my solution.

    I have no academic qualifications on behavioural science but observing Nicola Sturgeon, she is on edge. Talks too much in her presentations. Constant use of I instead of We.Constant reference to her sincerity.

    And then we have our own scarlet pimpernal, Mr Murrell.The CEO of the SNP would you believe.And for some undeclared reason has engaged legal support using membership funds.

    Jings, what a mess.

  72. Tannadice Boy says:

    So lots of comments about Bojo and Biden etc. Nothing about the frailties of our Parliament which is of more interest to me. I think I undersold the prospects of a Prima Facie criminal investigation. Is it really going to take a Grandad to write to the Chief Constable? All you kilt wearing AUOB folks with your tackety boots. Ok I will do it. Never let it be said again that young people are agents of change. You have to understand first what the problem is.

  73. HYUFD says:

    Bob Mack and of course an EU trade deal boosts Unionists as the polling is clear a No Deal Brexit would be best for Yes, so ironically a Trump win may have been best for Scottish Nationalists as Boris will have to shift to the centre and a diluted Brexit reducing Scottish resentment just as Salmond prepares his revenge on Sturgeon ahead of Holyrood 2021

  74. robertknight says:


    If you read this, how about a Biden and Boris ‘toon for next Saturday?

    I’ll leave the rest to your vivid and most excellent imagination.


  75. @velofello at 7.53pm: Regarding Sturgeon, as I wrote elsewhere today, “She’s too compromised and has done too much damage to the cause of independence and the unity of the independence movement as a whole. Her Stalinist tendencies are becoming ever more evident. I say this as one who used to describe her as the living embodiment of Scottishness and who regarded her as being as honest and down-to-earth as a politician could ever be. I am extremely disappointed in her. Well beyond disappointed, indeed.”

  76. McDuff says:

    Something is dangerously wrong with Sturgeon that she has so easily betrayed independence.
    I also see that the National has become the home of those posters that strongly support her. Odd.

  77. Astonished says:

    HYFUD says “of course an EU trade deal boosts Unionists as the polling is clear ”

    It isn’t , as it has never been polled. What an EU trade deal signifies is blind panic in the unionist, tax-dodging ranks.

    It also means shagger johnston will be fighting on two fronts. The brexit nutters and, the ever increasing number of, remainers.

    Finally can I remind everyone that Iain Blackford said Scotland would not be dragged out of the EU against her will.

    To my knowledge , Blackford has done nothing to prevent Scotland being removed from the EU. Apart from bleat. He should resign.

  78. Astonished says:

    Willie – I agree entirely.

    Thinking of joining the cesspit that is twitter just to add to the general fun.

    I believe shagger johnston has yet to congratulate president-elect Biden. Telling.

  79. Lenny Hartley says:

    Velofelo, we are on the same page now with the SNP although i am still a member, till conference at least. I have been saying the same about the democrats and republicans, two cheeks of the same arse. . However tonight twitter is awash with a Biden quote which i cannot view the vt as not showing but as quoted goes along like this, Reporter: “Mr Biden, a word for the BBC?”

    #PresidentBiden2020: “BBC? I’m Irish…”

    I like the sound of that ?

  80. Bob Mack says:


    I’ll just laugh as the English ” get me out of here” voter realise they have been sold a very poor pup indeed.

    I think Europe will now get what it wants but the brexiteers won’t. Popcorn time.

    By the way there seems to be no Indyref on the horizon for anybody ,whether Nationalist or Unionist.

  81. A Person says:

    Biden winning is a good result even though he’s a dodgy, basically conservative, old hack. Trump was such a disgusting guy that it infects the whole of Western society. Can’t even take his defeat like a man.

    Even more importantly, Biden is likely to put paid to Johnson’s beloved trade deal. I’m enjoying watching the right-wing nutters have a meltdown, watching their dreams get flushed away.

    Might be the end of Johnson…

  82. velofello says:

    To quote Craig Murray…”Joe Biden likes a bung”.Joe has been 45 years(?) in politics and achieved…? Ever knew of him, say a year ago?Just another finance/military sponsored puppet, to do as instructed?
    And of course Joe will play the Irish card to please sentimental USA/Irish, but…Joe likes a bung.

    Scotland has more pressing serious political matters to resolve.

    How to catch a monkey: fabricate a basket with an opening just enough for the monkey to slide in it’s hand. Place a banana in the basket. The monkey grasps the banana but cannot exit the basket with a clenched fist.

    Nicola, time to let go of the banana.

  83. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    This is interesting and something I hadn’t realised.

    It’s a map of Argyle & Bute, which shows the Covid ‘hotspot’ in red.

  84. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Click on the map to get the bigger version.

  85. Famous15 says:

    BErnie Sanders was too left wing for Americans.

    Common Weal is too left wing for Scotland.

    Little by little is too intellectually challenging for some but it is the way to go.

    Yes I think that Jeremy Corbyn was shafted but he could have moderated his Communism sorry Socialism and stopped a Tory shit like Starmer.

    Little by little.

    Independence is pure dead brilliantly normal!

  86. Contrary says:

    Martin Keating has just emailed us – not about the s.30 case – but thought his idea has some merit, so just in case anyone fancied hash tagging things and posting a video, here’s a copy of his email


    “You will all recount over the past few months that we have been asking you to cause a storm on social media, and there is a good reason for this. We wanted to see what happened if we were to mobilise the support for the case online.

    Between 2011 and 2014, I was head of Yes International – the aim was simple – to translate articles about Scotland that we produced in English, into other languages. To tell the world Scotland’s story.

    Ultimately, we were denied independence in 2014, and the world we all face now is completely different from the one that existed in 2014. We need to face up to the fact that we live in a broken nation. But the state of broken, despite its appearance now, is the single biggest opportunity you or I will ever have in our lifetime. Speaking reflectively, dark times always allow you to see the path to daylight more easily. What we have now is the time for the dreamers and the thinkers and the builders.

    A time for us to redefine who and what we are, what we stand for and what we believe. Now is our time to take that chance and try something new. And if that does not work, admit it honestly and try something else. But from this point on, Scotland’s future must be in Scotland’s hands. We must be free to define our own future and to carve our own path. Nobody says it will be easy, and we may stumble and fall, but if we move forward together, then Scotland can take its place as a nation of equals among other nations.

    We live in a year of pandemic, shut indoors and fearful for our love’s ones. But these past months, the world has transitioned to the online world. Never in our history have so many people around the world spent so much time connected digitally – and this too, affords us an opportunity.

    We’ll never reach our goal of independence if we do not begin to tell the rest of the world about our goals and aspirations.

    That is why I am calling on all yes supporter to mobilise and tell your story at 8 pm on Thursday the 12th of November 2020.

    Pick up your mobile phone, switch on your webcam, use that digital camera that’s been hiding in the sock drawer all year and tell your story by recording a short 1 to 2-minute video. Do not simply hash out the party lines and soundbites – tell the world what it means to you personally and why you want to see Scotland become an independent nation.

    Upload your video to Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platform using the hashtags #ScotlandsAspiration & #ForwardAsOne on the end of your posts.
    Upload pictures, stories, photos and even just send out a post. It is up to you.

    Let’s show the world that independence isn’t about nations, or about politics – let’s take the opportunity to show them that behind the poll numbers, the ballot papers and the labels, there is a real movement of real people, each with their own reasons for independence and each with their own stories.”


    Social media isn’t my thing, or videos, or ‘about 1 minute’, but it would be interesting to see multitudes of other peoples takes.

  87. Effijy says:

    I never before had a notion to buy a mink coat
    But Xmas present time is approaching.
    Anyone know what size Bojo takes?

  88. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Contrary (9.49) –

    Brilliant idea.

    If enough of us do it then it’ll ‘trend’.

    And even if it doesn’t that’ll be a valuable archive of testimony.

    I’m in.


  89. Iain More says:

    Disreporting Scotlands and STVs favorite yank got the heave. Hee haw!!! Now how do we get him oot of Scotland totally?

  90. Hatuey says:

    Has the blinking banshee congratulated Biden yet?

    One head of state to another eh…

  91. Miss Donna Babington says:

    Just popping in to say a Happy Birthday to WOS to the folks perhaps not on Twitter, the faces I can`t connect to names who man stalls and fly the flag for the truth that further fuels our desire to be an independent nation. To the door chappers, deliverers of WBB`s, my Wings family, past & present, a huge thank you for all your hard work, your humour, your belief & your friendship.Yer not a bad bunch really x

  92. Ian Brotherhood says:

    See this?

    This is the strange ‘type’ I get whenever I go into Youtube.

    Anyone know how to get rid of it?

    259?? ???????
    Ian Brotherhood
    ?? ??????? ??????? ??? ??????…
    Marcus Reeves

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ach, just ignore my last…doesn’t show up here the way it appears on YT.

    Really annoying, I was hoping someone would be able to help.



  94. Effijy says:

    Ayrshire Golf Course Owner loses main job!

  95. Effijy says:

    Did anyone see Prince Charles on TV
    Wearing umpteen medals across his chest?

    What a Prat! The only angry German he ever seen
    Was Angela Merkle when Boris visited.

    The only time he came under fire was when Diana
    Found out about Camila.

    It’s an insult to real soldiers to see these gongs haded out to the privileged

  96. crazycat says:

    @ Hatuey at 11.20

    This was from a few hours ago:

  97. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    That clown Fiona Robertson is claiming on Twitter that using a ‘don’tvotewoke’ hashtag makes you…racist. How the fuck does not believing in American political extremism from loonies make you ‘racist’?

    That’s the problem when you stick blathering intellectual lightweights with social media-absorbed views into any position with even a small bit of power attached, they go sideways and start raving utter shite. I am beyond sick of these joyless, humourless, self-righteous religious fundamentalist bores. Sack the lot of them.

  98. Breeks says:

    I don’t feel any sympathy for Donald Trump, but I do feel uncomfortable about Twitter’s “management” of his Tweets.

    That’s a quite a position they’ve self appointed themselves at Twitter HQ, arbitrarily censoring the words of the President of the US. If they’d done it to me, I’d be outraged and affronted, and I think it’s safe to say even I have a thicker skin than Donald Trump, US President.

    It would be unthinkable, say, to be having a telephone conversation, only for the phone system operator to listen in and interrupt your call because it didn’t approve of what you were saying. That this might happen, is frighteningly dystopian in its fullest measure.

    Even if Twitter felt it necessary to dispute what Trump said, by all means dispute it, but for goodness sake, leave the text there to be read so that other people can judge for themselves. And if it was removed for inciting public disorder, then simply remove it without any ceremony attached. Twitters self appointed roll as overseer and censor was both clumsy and sinister.

    There is something malevolent about the way this was done. Who voted Twitter to be Arbiter in Chief of real time History as it happens?

    For the powerful position it commands, Twitter once again seems to lack an extraordinary measure of wisdom, maturity, and restraint.

    Twitter seems to display uncannily similar “spoiled brat” traits as the arch-megalomaniac Donald Trump himself. Not a good look.

  99. Stuart MacKay says:

    Everybody is lining up to put the boot into The Donald. The MSM has four years of loathing to get out of its system. That’s going to take a while and I’m sure it won’t be over anytime soon.

    Another thing is the “liberation from Hitler” theme that’s running through all the sycophantic presentation of Biden and Harris. Saw on the main TV news here in Portugal a gushing introduction to Kamala Harris – with smiles, hugging children, the struggles of being a woman and the usual cliches about racism. Content aside, the presentation was nauseating. It must have been handed to the TV station by the Democratic Party and the they were told to run it unedited.

    It’s as if everybody wants to somehow relive the Golden Age of Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama over again but without the war, corruption and murders.

    It’s all going to end in tears and they’ll probably be Iranian.

  100. @Breeks at 7.45am: I object to any social-networking site that uses algorithms, censors content or deletes users’ accounts because it doesn’t approve of the content. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all do this, and others too, no doubt. I tried, twice, to set up a Twitter account and found myself locked out of it on each occasion, apparently for the crime of posting links to it from other web-sites. I thought the whole point of the internet was that you can link to other web-sites. Isn’t that why it’s called the internet? Well, they can GTF.

    I’ve been on LiveJournal since 2003 and have never experienced censorship of any kind on there. Why poxy sites like Twitter are so popular when a far better and less dictatorial alternative is available is a mystery to me.

  101. Stuart MacKay says:

    A Person

    Not so sure a trade deal is not on but if it is the price went up, a lot.

    What will be interesting to see is how the Internal Market Bill and the Good Friday Agreement disconnect is solved. The Americans won’t tolerate anything that disrupts peace in the six counties. I think Cummings and Johnson are about to find out that the UK’s position in the world worsened considerably.

    The other aspect to this is whether the world’s flirtation with populism is over or not. I thought it probably had a few years to burn itself out but with the Clown in Chief being shown the door and covid running rampant everywhere maybe it’s over. If so the the Cummings inspired, model of technocratic government and breaking all the rules is dead in water.

    Boris is toast. Farage’s resurrection is probably over already as well. The only problem is what is going to replace it. It’s not as if Westminster is brimming with talent.

  102. ahundredthidiot says:

    Imagine, if you will, two men walking down a street towards you, but on opposite sides of the road.

    One is wearing a green cap with the red star of communism on the front – the other, a red MAGA hat.

    which one would draw your scorn?

    Now……have a wee think about that, and the way of life you’ve enjoyed so far.

  103. Muscleguy says:

    Not having seen the full list of who is staniding in the constituency so I might be saved from spoiling my ballot and writing something like None of the Above, No GRA, Yes To Indy.

    Such are read to the candidates at the count. Send them a message. I have a longstanding issue with my SNP MSP over Assisted Dying. I’m in Dundee East so there’s no danger of her not being elected if I don’t vote for her. Didn’t harm her any last time. I just get to exercise my conscience too.

    On the List of course it’s different: ISP all the way.

  104. Achnababan says:


    The last angry German Prince Andrew saw was his DAD!

  105. Willie says:

    @Stuart Mackay.

    The price of a trade deal just went up for Bojo and the boys. Where to now for the belligerent band of Brexiteers. Biden and the democrats are pro EU, anti Brexit and pro Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement.

    Johnson, Cummings et al have therefore just become bit players caught between two titans. Of course we don’t know what Biden’s position is on Independence. But if he is as predisposed to Ireland as he is, and he is absolutely clear about that, then it is reasonable to think that he will be a friend to Scotland.

    One thing for certain right now is that Boris and the band have picked fights they cannot win. Bit players their vision of restored Britannic greatness just took a Titanic list soon to submerge their ship below the waves.

  106. Achnababan says:

    If Joe Biden has been in politics for his entire adult life how did he make his billions? Corruption anyone?

  107. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Achnababan @ 9.14am

    Get it right, Prince Andrew’s father is Phil the GREEK.

  108. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bidens cash – mayor of moscows wife and chinese business (10% goes to the big guy)

  109. ahundredthidiot says:

    Funny – people say they dont know enough about US politics, but they do if they’ve ever watched Cheers on telly.

    Sam is the Republican and Diane is the Democrat.

  110. Achnababan says:

    Socrates – yes but the Greek Aristocracy are of German origin, jist like oor ain bunch!

  111. Ottomanboi says:

    Socrates MacSporran 09:18
    Actually he’s Danish-German, Glücksburg/Battenberg, not a speck of Greek dna.
    Please do not blame the Greeks. They have enough on their plate with German ie EU meddling.

  112. Thomas says:

    @ willie

    Sorry willie i dont agree at all.

    Biden is what i call a “status quoer”. He will want scotland to stay in the uk and the uk to stay in the EU , and the western world to go back to pre 2016.

    Biden , like Obama is no friend of scotlands.

  113. stuart mctavish says:

    Achnababan @9.16

    Preceding the word “thousand” with “million” when discussing numbers with people of like mind probably helped.

  114. Socrates MacSporran says:


    Get it right. He was born on 10 June, 1921, at Mon Repos, on Corfu, GREECE

    If that does not make him Greek, I don’t know. He may well have Danish and German ancestors, but, he was born in GREECE.

  115. Thomas says:

    @ socrates

    Sure , but if you are born in a stable it doesnt make you a horse.

  116. auld highlander says:

    a kick in the teeth for the propaganda merchants.

    As Joe Biden walks through a crowd a reporter asks, “Do you have a comment for the BBC Mr Biden?”

    “The BBC?” asks Biden, smiles then says, “I’m Irish” before turning and walking away.

    It’s going to be a very different presidency.

  117. Muscleguy says:


    False dichotomy. What is stopping me heaping scorn on both of them?

  118. Lenny Hartley says:

    Breeks, re telephone calls being interrupted, has already happened on Arran at least, back in the mid sixties before we got an automatic telephone exchange , operators would physically connect the call.
    Local couple thought they were being listened into, so they had an “argument” one of the operators
    Butted in and told them to calm down ??

  119. Daisy Walker says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    8 November, 2020 at 9:18 am
    Achnababan @ 9.14am

    Get it right, Prince Andrew’s father is Phil the GREEK.


    Oh really? Not what I heard. Lucky for air miles that male pattern baldness skipped a generation isn’t it;)

  120. Socrates MacSporran says:


    Agreed, but, it still makes you a native of whatever country the stable is in.

  121. Alf Baird says:

    Thomas @ 9.56

    I think it was the author James Kelman who said that if you want to know your national identity then look at who your relatives are.

    This is the way any self determination vote will divide to a large extent, down national (ethnic) identity lines. Culture and language are the main determinants of national identity, efter aw.

    Which helps explain what the BBC is up to, and an Anglophone monolingual state education system, which is cultural and linguistic imperialism, selling the cultural illusion of Britishness.

  122. Alf Baird says:

    Socrates MacSporran

    John Beattie was born in Malaysia, but that does not make him a native of Malaysia or Malaysian.

    ‘Native’ relates to indigenous. A colonial occupier is not indigenous, though their ‘little helpers’ often are.

    “Ethnic identity refers to a person’s social identity within a larger context based on membership in a cultural or social group.”

    Ethnic identity depends on descent based attributes rather more than place of birth.

  123. Ottomanboi says:

    Socrates MacSporran.09:49
    What animus do you exhibit against the people of Greece that you would blame them for having a foreign dynasty imposed on them?
    He was just part of that German/Danish musical thrones game played in the 19C.
    A Greek passport doesn’t make you Greek.
    Besides he gave up on Greek Orthodoxy and the passport to become English. He does not speak Greek.

  124. Effijy says:

    Seen two TV snippets where Tory MPs claimed they
    We’re hoping for a Biden win?

    Isn’t it strange when my memory insists Trump was
    going to give Bojo a special deal.
    Why am I laughing when Trump is gone forever and
    their special trade deal lies in the bottom of the Atlantic.

    Biden will ensure that every letter of the Good Friday Agreement
    Remains intact and now desperate, with no cards to play, Bojo
    must try for some kind of EU deal and only 10 days to do it.

    I hope the EU savage Boris but no matter how bad it is the double speak
    will be brought into force where it’s the greatest deal ever since the last one
    Boris signed, but didn’t understand.

    Bring on the higher taxes, the record unemployment, the food price hikes,
    the food shortages, the high trade tariffs and the 1966 World Cup final.

    Now you could miss out on all that excitement if you voted for Scottish Independence.

  125. Socrates MacSporran says:

    FFS – get a life some of you lot.

    I made a tongue in cheek comment about where the Duke of Edinburgh was born, and some of you are going on about ethnicity and what not.

    This is a Scottish Independence website, get angry about how long that is taking to become reality.

    And by the way Ottamanboi givent he benefits which have accrued to him from his actions, can you blame Phil Da Greek for renouncing Greek Orthodoxy and his passport for a UK (you cannot have an English passport – blue or otherwise) one. He did ok out of that deal.

    And by the way, all your arguments do not alter the fact, he was born in Greece.

  126. ahundredthidiot says:


    Nothing – good for you……..but which Republican did Andrew Marr have on this morning?

    There can be no denying that there is blatant brainwashing going on – simple people with hate in their hearts have no chance – what will they do when Trump is gone, who will they hate then?

    Freedom loving people like me will probably have to start lying low. When you look at USSR and parts of Asia that moved to Communism, tragic amounts of people suffered greatly and/or died at the hands of their oppressors.

    It’s early days, of course, but its here, its happening.

    They have their Cops surrounding the Cenotaphs as I type – no one is allowed near them.

    No one.

  127. Hatuey says:

    The more I hear about Biden, the more I like him.

    According to Marr, Biden described Boris as an “emotional and physical clone of Trump”. In other words, the US president thinks Boris is a “fat cunt”, much like Trump.

    It all bodes well. US Democrats have a keen interest in Brexit and its potential to negatively impact on Ireland and the EU. Biden himself, with Irish catholic ancestry, has a personal interest.

    Without US support and a trade deal, Brexit looks like a really bad idea; the political and economic equivalent of autoerotic asphyxiation.

    Biden changes everything and the Tories know it. There’s no way he will put the “special relationship” with Britain (whatever the fuck anyone thinks that means) before his relationship with Ireland and the EU.

    We have tend days of British panicking and backtracking to enjoy.

  128. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Trump let his ethics and morality get in the way of winning. “


  129. Alf Baird says:

    Socrates MacSporran

    The ethnicity of a ‘people’ and their desire for independence are directly linked.

    The divide in the Yes/No vote is to a large degree linguistic/cultural, i.e. mostly Scots speaking (Yes) and Anglophone (No). This divide is due to changing demographics as well as what passes for language education in Scotland. Many Scots are of course rather more Anglophone, they have to be if they want to get on in what is a colonial environment in which the supposedly ‘invalid’ Scots language is kept subordinate by the state. Language subordination is a long-established colonial practice and gives rise to the desire for self-determination.

    Most minority peoples in self-determination conflict are linguistically and culturally (and hence ethnically) divided, e.g. Quebec, Northern Ireland, Wales, Catalonia etc. where at root the conflict reflects language and cultural subordination and also related to this is a ‘cultural division of labour’ (Hechter 1998), which results in persisting inequalities due to institutionalised oppression (of minorities) in a society.

  130. Mike d says:

    Hatuey. 11.15am. Loved the video clip on RT where a bbc reporter asks’ mr biden a quick word for the bbc. Biden replies, the bbc? Says, i’m Irish, smiles and walks away. YESSS GIRFUY.

  131. Hatuey says:

    Loved it, Mike. I found it on Nigel’s Twitter feed;

    As you can see from this clip, Biden hates the UK. The Conservatives had 4 years to do a trade deal with the USA and pro-UK President, and they failed. There is no chance now.— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) November 7, 2020

  132. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Please don’t think for one second that Biden will care aboot Scotland. He won’t. Americans pay lip service to their heritage, but don’t really care aboot it. At all. “I’m Irish.” Really, Joe, aye? That would mean you were born in Ireland, and had not absorbed nearly eight decades of yankee self-aggrandising propaganda. Sit doon and shut up, American.

  133. Hatuey says:

    Alf Baird, with all due respect, this is bananas;

    “The divide in the Yes/No vote is to a large degree linguistic/cultural, i.e. mostly Scots speaking (Yes) and Anglophone (No).”

  134. Mike d says:

    WRYC. I think we all know biden wont care about Scotland, nobody said otherwise. But if he puts the boot in to boris and his brexiteer little englanders, he’ll do for me.

  135. Alf Baird says:


    You may say its bananas, however for those of us who have researched the importance of language there is plenty of scientific evidence which suggests otherwise:

    “ is an individual’s linguistic perceptions that directly determine their national identity”. (Medeiros 2017)

    ” Language…is the means by which humans can claim diversity and define their identity (Shaw 2001).

    “..identity in the context of independence relies predominantly upon ethnic markers” (Henderson 2007) such as language.

    The Scots language “ a crucial and integral part of Scottish culture and identity” (Open University 2019)

    and, perhaps most importantly:

    “…language is one of the factors that serves most effectively to define and unite a nation”. (Scots-English dictionary)

    Maybe also worth bearing in mind the definition of English linguistic imperialism, which is:

    “…the dominance asserted and retained by the establishment and continuous reconstitution of structural and cultural inequalities between English and other languages.” (Phillipson 1992)

    and which gives rise to and reflects a ‘cultural division of labour’ within Scotland under internal colonialism (Hechter 1998).

  136. Alf Baird says:


    Forgot to add, all this and more scientific evidence is in my book ‘Doun-Hauden: The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence’.

  137. Hatuey says:

    Alf, you started by suggesting the difference between yes and no voters was linguistic and cultural. There’s no evidence of that unless you start tampering with the meaning of commonly understood words, which is a decidedly odd thing to do if, as you seem to, think language is in some way sacred.

    Needless to say, it would suit your argument if we all spoke Gaelic and went around acting in uniquely Scottish ways. The vast majority of us just don’t.

    In Glasgow where I live, more people speak sign language than Gaelic. Yet Glasgow voted Yes in 2014.

    Now you might say that the majority of those Glaswegians speak Scots, not English – west central Scots, if you wish to be pedantic – and this is where your argument falls on its backside. For the vast majority of people who speak this Scots themselves regard it as improper, informal, and slang.

    You might then say that our minds have been corrupted by our dominant neighbours who through their cultural imperialism have relegated our special language and our culture in some way. Even if that’s true, it isn’t an argument for digging up relics and burdening ourselves with them. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    To my mind, language is a set of tools, like hammers and chisels, that we use to carve ideas with and communicate. The English language is arguably the best set of tools out there, why would we shun it? You seem to be saying we ought to feel ashamed of embracing English and that it’s in some way inferior to Scots or Gaelic.

    But I can’t help but look at all the many wonderful things that have been created using the English language and marvel at the craftsmanship. I don’t feel robbed or inferior when I read things like John Le Carre, George Orwell, AJP Taylor, or the Wings website. You seem to think I should which would make you the snob.

    If you were impartial and honest, you’d devote a few paragraphs every now and then to the usefulness, latent beauty, and flexibility of the English language. And you’d explain that all languages include formal structures and ways of expressing things, as well as the informal (or slang); and that it isn’t snobbery to aspire to speak or write well.

  138. Alf Baird says:


    You only need to look at Holyrood for some evidence of the cultural and linguistic divide between Yes and No.

    Preventing a people from learning their mother tongue language, which is a human right, is regarded as discrimination. Your view of the Scots language as ‘improper’ and ‘slang’ is simply ignorant and prejudiced. Arguments about what English is and what other languages are not concerns ‘linguicism’ which relates to a prejudiced assumption of British/English exceptionalism and sense of superiority (Phillipson 1992).

    As James Kelman said after winning the Booker Prize, “My culture and my language have a right to exist.” I guess the judges thought his use of Scots language was of value? Perhaps that was what won him the prize.

    Many folks globally agree that English is a useful language and nobody is saying Scots should not use it. But that does not stop a people from being multilingual. All of the people I have worked with in Europe and elsewhere are multilingual. In many ex colonies English is also taught and used as an ‘administrative language’. However these countries teach their children their native mother tongue as a matter of law, including in Quebec and Catalonia, as well as the ‘imperial’ language.

    By contrast the Scots are and remain linguistically oppressed. Which leads in turn to prejudiced views and perceptions, even among those who are oppressed, and the resulting cultural cringe and its adverse socio-economic impacts. This of course is the purpose of cultural and linguistic imperialism, to keep a people doun-hauden, oppressed.

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