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The political football

Posted on January 13, 2018 by

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    84 to “The political football”

    1. Morgatron says:

      Brilliant Chris. These three parties and the media should hang their heads in shame. I hope every snhs workers never forgets their claims.

    2. mr thms says:

      That team would do anything for three points.

    3. Dorothy Devine says:

      Likewise !

      Such a concerted effort to vilify must be rewarded at the next indyref and elections.

      I find myself wishing accidents on these folk so that they are rushed to an SNHS hospital to be met by a daffodil clutching nurse and another with a camera.

    4. Auld Rock says:

      Sums those twats up brilliantly but don’t forget their aiders and abetters the ‘YOON’ press.

    5. Tackety Beets says:

      My first thought was “Own Goal”

    6. gerry parker says:

      Spot on Chris. Unionist parties and the bulk of the media collude to trash the efforts of our hardworking NHS staff. Anyone who supports them in doing this is actively harming Scotland.

    7. sassenach says:

      Absolutely ‘spot-on’, even penalty spot on!!
      Great start to the day seeing those numpties caricatured like that,

    8. Liz Rannoch says:

      Slightly O/T sorry so soon.

      100000 figure by Smith brought up on NEWSWATCH!!!

      Somebody called Scott Harrison pointed it out to them. He then got back on to them again over ENHS figure of 3000 when it should have been 300000!

      Well done Scott Harrison.

    9. Marie Clark says:

      Agree Morgatron, they should hang their heads in shame.

      What a disgusting and dishonest way to treat our SNHS. It must be so demoralising for all the staff out there on the front line, knocking they’re pan out trying to treat and look after folk, especially at the moment when it’s extra busy. Not a word of thanks from these vile creatures and their MSM, oh no. Just a skelp on the mooth for being rubbish.Good grief. Fortunately, most of the public know better, cause we’re the folk that use the service.

      Well don Chris, excellent cartoon. Nail on the head once again. Just about the size of it really with these empty heided clowns.

    10. Ken500 says:


      People are sick and tired of them. The sight of them makes people sick and go mental. Killing people off worldwide. What a state of corruption and lies. Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Brexit mess. The UK is terminal. People are waking up.

    11. Street Andrew says:

      Ruthie looks a little bit more like Kim Jong thing every time I see her.

    12. K1 says:

      Totally sums up the relationship with unionists and the BBC: Total Collusion, shower of utter bastards the lot of them.

    13. Bob Mack says:

      Brilliant as usual Chris.

      The only thing that is burst is their bubble. We are way ahead of them. I personally want to thank the SNHS and all the workers for looking after me,my family and everybody who has required them in times of need.

      They need praise not criticism. Heaven knows how they do the job they do, in tandem with all our other emargency services.

      It just proves that these creatures in Holyrood will try to put anybody or anything to the sword to discredit Scotlands government, whilst all the time trying to excuse or cover up the failings in areas run by their own Party.

      They are truly despicable.

    14. Liz Rannoch says:

      Now that I’ve calmed down a bit ? Chris, another stoater, excellent capture of them all working together to down us, but it’s not working. They’re knackered and just about finished and we’re so near ‘the line’. Let’s gather all our ‘balls’, NHS, education, economy etc and get them over that line, the goal is Independence.

      Anyway, getting too emotional for this time of the morning, ‘way to feed the dug.

    15. Dr Jim says:

      The BBC are clever though, pretending not to be a political party

    16. Smallaxe says:

      There should be balls getting kicked hard, can I get the first free kick?

      I owe my life to the SNHS and the most excellent ongoing treatment that I still gratefully receive.

    17. Fraser Reid says:

      If those idiots ever need the nhs then I hope it is not a Scottish hospital that takes care of them just so they know how good Scotland really is…… but it probably is so that it would all be wasted on them.

    18. Clootie says:


      What a great cartoon and your representation of Richard L is remarkable. In one sketch you capture his entire character…what an outstanding talent you have

    19. Gary45% says:

      Chris, Satirical Genius.
      Nice one.
      Street Andrew@8.07
      Col Blimp is a bigger despot the wee Kim Jong.(the facts will come out eventually).

    20. Robert Louis says:

      Some folks I know in the Scottish health service are not just angry but seriously p*ssed off with the BBC. They have been working extra hours, some time unpaid and so on, over christmas, because they ACTUALLY F******G CARE, to have ALL their efforts undermined by the likes of Jackie Bird and the paid liars of the BBC in Scotland.

      Honestly, the Scottish Government should set a new A&E target, the objective of which is to make those from the BBC in Scotland who peddle lies about the Scottish health service wait MORE than 4 hours, for ANYTHING, even if their is no queue.

      People in the BBC need to get to grips with this. The workers are getting mighty fed up of working hard, going home every f*cking night only to see some greetin faced liar from the BBC tell them just how cr*p all their hard work is. And ALL just to bash the SNP, and make it appear Scotland is as bad or worse than England – something which everybody in healthcare knows is pure baloney.

      If the BBC actually was even remotely a ‘national’ broadcaster for Scotland, it is those stories of long hours and extra work, they would be reporting, instead of trying at every turn to undermine the people who work in health. But it isn’t. The BBC in Scotland is an English colonial broadcaster. BBC = PAID LIARS.

    21. Robert Peffers says:

      @Morgatron says:13 January, 2018 at 7:16 am:

      “Brilliant Chris. These three parties and the media should hang their heads in shame. I hope every snhs workers never forgets their claims.”

      It would make a telling point if anyone working, or visiting, a hospital, clinic or even a GP’s surgery were to print out, (with the permission of Chris), a copy of that Cairn’s Cartoon and pin it to an SNHS noticeboard.

      I believe the SNHS Employees, and patients, would get the point and appreciate the humour and the truth that the public are very much behind the SNHS workers who do such a dedicated and excellent service for Scotland and her peoples.

    22. starlaw says:

      BBC Scotland reading from a different page than BBC London News at Ten on Thursday exposed Tory Englands NHS for what it was … A disaster area, people dying on trolleys in corridors, patients stored in Ambulances, A woman had surgery on a trolley in a corridor…..etc
      It totally shamed BBC Scotlands attempts at belittling hard working hero’s of the Scottish NHS and so blowing BBC Scotlands credibility clean out of the water.

    23. Juan P says:

      Can we not get these on billboards around Scotland? Next to bus and train stations would be ideal.

      Cheer folk up before work and get the less politically minded to start questioning the motivations of the British Nationalists.

    24. heedtracker says:

      Tragi comic. This is why beeb gimpery pays top dollar, for the best of the best of the best, professional liars.

      Sarah smith
      Verified account

      21h21 hours ago

      This week I made a factual error in a report on the BBC 6 o’clock news. For which I apologise. I mistakenly used the annual figure for A&E waiting times in Scotland instead of the weekly one. As soon as I realised my error I changed the report for all subsequent broadcasts.

    25. Ken500 says:

      The BBC – MSM lied about everything. They falsify figures all the time. Along with the unionist political parties and pollsters. They collude to tell outright lies. All the time. They are despicable, They can’t count, read a balance sheet or analyse figure correctly Deliberately? Make false statement. Ultimately. Westminster corruption and control. Thank goodness for the Internet.

    26. nairnkev says:

      Only thing missing from this pic is the BBC commentator with sports mic at his/her mooth crying “GOOOAAALLL (we’ve)I mean they’ve scored”

    27. Smallaxe says:

      Please, accept my apologies for omitting my thanks to you Chris. Excellent work!

      Ah wis a wee bit annoyed

    28. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dr Jim says: 13 January, 2018 at 8:25 am:

      “The BBC are clever though, pretending not to be a political party.”

      Strictly speaking, Dr Jim, the BBC are not a political party —
      but then neither are the Tories, LibDems and Labour parties. They are all, exactly what they always have been.

      Different names for different bits of, “The Westminster Establishment”, that also contains many other parts and faction who collude together to manipulate and lord it over the common peoples of the entire, so called, United Kingdom.

    29. Dorothy Devine says:

      Smallaxe ,good to have you back in action!

      Viva the SNHS!

    30. heedtracker says:

      sarah smith Retweeted

      BBC Careers
      Verified account

      11 Dec 2017
      We’re looking for female experts who’d like to appear on air as contributors to BBC Scotland programmes! If you’re able to travel easily to BBC studios around Scotland, find out how to get involved at our event on Tuesday 13 March 2018:
      Must be as professional and excellent as what I is, always, because here at BBC Scotland, accuracy is everything, we stand by world famous BBC professionalism n shit and always always never ever tell mega whoppers, to get the SNP out.

      Wonder if they’d let me on, in drag, Eddie Izzard style. All beeb gimps want is loads of SNP badders anyway.

      Victoria Secrets, here we go!

    31. Ken500 says:

      Minimum pricing will help healthcare and the costs. May 2018. The SNP battled for 5 years to get it through against Westminster intransigence. Well done once again. The Westminster unionists would rather people were dying in the street because of their incompetence. Sanctioning and starving people. So the unionists politician and their associates can line their pockets illegally on £Billions of taxpayers money. On grotesque projects of no value where there are feasible alternatives. Thieves and liars. Sanctioning people and starving people to death.

    32. heedtracker says:

      The BBC are clever though, pretending not to be a political party

      BBC r4 vote tory gimps have completely closed down any 3rd party SNP voice at all now, on their network but poor old Corbyn has also been ghosted. So after just another vote tory beeb r4 week, dominated entirely by toryboys, shire, city, country, news, national, international, straight, gay, girl, boy, tranny, anyone at all as long as they’re a fcuking tory… beeb r4 gimps decided to give oor olde Corbyn a go, at 8.45 am, Saturday.

      The beeb gimp network does enjoy a good larf sometimes because even relentless tory state propaganda needs one.

    33. The Isolator says:

      Wow…for me your best yet Chris.Welcome to Scotchland in 21st Century yookay.

    34. There are NO voters and unionists who work in the SNHS. I wonder how they feel about the constant attacks on the SNHS by the politicians and media?

      On a humourous point I think political cartoonists are going to have a field day with Richard Leonard’s nose.

    35. Marcia says:

      Never a truer statement said in jest.

    36. Smallaxe says:

      Dorothy Devine,

      Thank you, Dorothy, I’m just getting started. I’ve enjoyed as much of this fascist establishments crap as I can stand.
      I wish you and yours peace and love always.

    37. Robert Peffers says:

      @Smallaxe says: 13 January, 2018 at 8:27 am:

      “I owe my life to the SNHS and the most excellent ongoing treatment that I still gratefully receive.”

      Aye! Smallaxe and you are not alone in that state of affairs. I suddenly felt very unwell one Friday morning and went to my GP’s surgery. I was immediately shown into the GP’s room and had a quick check and diagnosis. I found myself a short time later in an ambulance on its way to the Kirkcaldy Victoria.

      There I was put on a treadmill and within minutes was in intensive care and coupled up to monitors. Later that evening I was transferred to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

      Being a weekend I was kept on a monitor in a ward until Monday morning, operated upon and then discharged fitted with a couple of, “Stents”. I have had no further heart problems ever since.

      I kid you not, the problem happened on a Friday and by Tuesday I was walking the wee dog up Benarty Hill having had surgery on the Monday morning and discharged by Monday evening.

    38. winifred mccartney says:

      Perfect, angry ruthie, glaiket rennie and trickie dickie, the red tory in the background trying to stir it up but always agreeing with the tories or abstaining.

      Hope everyone has seen the report in the National regarding M&S = we are part of England now, suck it up. I am fed up throwing things back in food section with union jack on it and will not touch it if it comes from Scotland with the UJ on it.

      I’ll never darken their door again and hope that many others feel the same – losing customers is the only thing that will hurt them and we have the power.

    39. John Lowe says:

      They all earn that much they go to private medical care services.

    40. ronnie anderson says:

      Smallaxe there are other things still to be discussed re the 5th May rally everything will be revealed nearer the date .

    41. Dr Jim says:

      Had to post this again due to “journalists” and Yoon Twitterers all over the place banging on about this new found UK single market nonsense and if Scotland becomes Independent it’s all in jeopardy because England won’t trade with Scotland Ha Ha

      Let’s just clear this rubbish up, England will owe Scotland 8+% of UK assets, for those who hadn’t realised that’s the armed forces and budget Scotland has already paid for, given the UK wont split it into bits they have to pay us recompense. England post Independence will require Maritime permissions from Scotland, England will require Airspace permissions from Scotland, England will behave in the proper manner towards Scotland and trade normally because they will have no choice in the matter, England can’t go around doing anything it wants anytime it wants to other Independent countries so why do these demented Yoons think after Independence they can still do it to Scotland

      Location Location Location! we’ve F…..g got it and Post Independence our Scottish government will control it not whatever’s left of the UK which will be England & Wales but probably not Northern Ireland because it looks more and more likely they’re off too

      I’m done!

    42. John Walsh says:

      Great toon Chris
      Captured #DopeyDick perfectly
      We need to consider renaming SHNS to just SHS the Scottish Health Service. As it is very easy for the Yoons to try to conflate when reporting an issue with NHS England.
      Sat with my mothers Yoon friends at new year all in their late 70’s and they didn’t know Scotland’s NHS was separate from England . The BBC and their Yoon MSM convincingly confuse them.

      Seemingly I am the “Brainwashed” one with all my Nationalist nonsense. I dispare at the level of ignorance amongst the older generation.

    43. Ken500 says:

      FM QT @ Parliamentary Channel

    44. heedtracker says:

      They all earn that much they go to private medical care services.

      They do but we can all be journos now, listening to the beeb r4 gimp news last night, endless bashing on about Orange Hitler not visiting Brexit teamGB.

      Nice BBC r4 news lady says its because Orange Hitler says the new USA London embassy is an Obama fail so not worth visiting, but google that and,

      We’re surrounded by a giant noisy wall of professional beeb liars, all lying for the tory party.

    45. Les Wilson says:

      Ha, spot on Chris as per usual!

    46. Smallaxe says:

      Robert Peffers,

      A happy new year to you, sir, I hope that you are feeling a lot better than you have been recently.

      There are many of us on Wings who owe their life and loyalty to our wonderful SNHS and to see it being constantly belittled and harassed by so-called journalists etc. angers me greatly.
      I have received world-class treatment from the dedicated caring people who look after me in a manner which I could never hope to pay for otherwise.

      I wish you good health and peace for this year and beyond, Sensei Peffers.

      They are a dead tree press. We are a Small Axe and we will cut them down.

    47. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Amusing, isn’t it?

      Sara Smith is, by all accounts, a highly experienced journalist. And we are expected to believe that she made a mistake that inflated the figures missing the four hour target by an enormous margin then in spite of the near instant objections took a couple of days to issue THAT pish.

      I’ve never seen the subsequent broadcasts but you know what?

      The Big Lie went out and got screamed from the rooftops. The ‘apology’ snuck out on social media a couple of days later, and why would I possibly believe subsequent broadcasts, even if the data was corrected, didn’t get the same level of publicity as the original broadcast?

      Combination of cynicism and experience, if I’m honest. BBC just doing what the press have done for years. Front page article, blaring headline, pointed out that it was bullshit… apology in a wee box on page seven.

      This is wholly unacceptable and always has been.

    48. Ken500 says:

      Davidson lying through her teeth. A danger to democracy.

    49. galamcennalath says:

      Spot on Chris!

      At least Scotland in Union registered with the Electoral Commission and don’t hide their intentions.

      The BBC have an identical agenda and yet manage to avoid registering as a campaigning body!

      Sadly, the BBC have everything sown up and we can’t do all that much about them – HM Treasury will continue to bale them out because their contribution is essential to the British state.

      We can do something about this, though …

    50. Smallaxe says:

      ronnie anderson,

      Hi, Ronnie, thanks for the update, I’m chewing at the bit but I await your call when all is settled. Peace and Love to you and yours Ronnie and thanks again for all the work that you do, my friend.

    51. Breeks says:

      It must be very hard on our NHS moral to be digging deep and putting such effort, just to be maligned by the rancid media fabricating a headline. It must be even worse for the parents of the poor lass from Applecross who died, now being hounded by the Daily Mail bottom feeders for a story.

      Nevermind the artificial performance statistics on our NHS. These figures are properly meant to be used as a yardstick were problems are antiicipated, to measure discernible changes in improvements or shortcomings. They are not to be misused as a yardstick used to beat people with, just like the media tries to do with the contrived GERS figures.

      Speaking of anticipated problems however, it strikes me there is a problem detected which currently needs its extent measured, and a process of ongoing monitoring established, – and that problem is the flagrant dishonesty and media manipulation currently going on and unchallenged in our country.

      Leave our NHS alone, and let us devise yardsticks to objectively quantify the extent, severity, cause and effect of the widesahpread and out of control media manipulation, and constant stream of articles of propaganda being misrepresented as news.

      Something tells me such yardsticks would be nothing short of a scandalous humiliation for Scotland, or more properly, a damning indictment of Scotland’s “news” media.

    52. Fireproofjim says:

      Dr. JIM
      And if they refuse to give us any part of our share of armed forces, Or any other jointly owned assets, we will just refuse to pay any part of the National Debt or demand immediate removal of all Trident subs from Faslane. Two can play hard ball, but when they realise it I expect we will come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

    53. Fred says:

      Davidson had a very easy ride from Auld Pizza Face on Shortbread yesterday. She claims that referendums are “divisive” & doesn’t want to see another. This from a party which has jumped into bed with the Rednecks of the DUP to save Theresa’s scrawny neck. A Tory government which is supposed to be impartial in NI politics as per the “Agreement!” has 0pted for “divisiveness” big time!
      Toodle-oo the Noo.

    54. Graeme says:

      Sarah smith
      Verified account

      21h21 hours ago

      “This week I made a factual error in a report on the BBC 6 o’clock news. For which I apologise. I mistakenly used the annual figure for A&E waiting times in Scotland instead of the weekly one. As soon as I realised my error I changed the report for all subsequent broadcasts.”

      You didn’t MISTAKENLY do anything Sarah, you knew what you were doing it was deliberate and we know it was deliberate you’re kidding nobody, you are a liar Sarah like your colleague Nick Robinson.

      Don’t tell us you’re sorry you’re not sorry but hopefully you and your like will be one day in the not too distant future, meantime you can take comfort from the knowledge that far more people will have seen your lies than seen your pathetic attempt at an apology,

      Well done Sarah

    55. Hosts Mackintosh says:

      Just brilliant Chris.

      The MSM and BBC are just pathetic at portraying the SNHS – just becoming joke news.

      If only BBC Scotland could stop BBC London from broadcasting all these negative stories about the NHS down south in Scotland so there was nothing to compare us to.

    56. Tinto Chiel says:

      Very skilful ‘toon, Chris. Wee Willie Wonky like a puppet with its strings cut, Leonard limper than the Limpest Thing You Can Think Of and Ruthie the kewpie doll from hell.

      This whole attack on the SHS is a big own goal: so many people in Scotland have direct experience of the service and know what is being said is utter Carmichael. So they start to think, “What else is the BBC lying about?”

      Memo to the Three Glaikit Sumphs: never piss off your proctologist.

    57. Ken500 says:

      The Tories have cut NHS spending £4Billion a year. 2015 to 2020. £20Billions. Instead of increasing it for the elderly and inflation. They have put in £2Billion (A&E) because they had to.

      The SNP Gov mitigated the cuts and put in the necessary increased funding.

      Plus the figures are collated differently. In Scotland and the rest of the UK. More stringent in Scotland.

      Could the complainting relatives not take the person to a hospital 14 minutes away in a car or a taxi. If they are fed up waiting, instead of waiting for an ambulance coming from a Kelso to Edinburgh.

      The Westminster unionist have cut the NHS £4Billion a year. From 2015 till 2020. £20Million. Instead of increaing for the elderly and inflation. No mention of that. The SNP Gov have mitigated the cuts and increased the funding. With better outcomes.

      Many experienced police officers left the Police because Osbourne increased their pension contribution. Mr Sweeny wanted to mitigate this cost but the Westminster unionists said the Scottish budget would be cut. It has taken a while to recruit and train more replacement Officers. The Police service spend too much time and money putting people in cells on ‘charges’ that cannot come to court. Traumatising the population unnecessarily.

      Straws are hygienic when glasses are not washed properly. They often have to be requested. Some people who would never use plastic bottles unless unavoidable. Straws are can reduce germs.

      The Greens promote Norway as the pinnacle. From a Green prospectus Norway’s wealth is based on petro chemical. They do not approve. The Norwegian ‘sovereign fund’ is making money from other (poorer) countries around the world,

    58. Paul D says:

      As a current employee of the NHS Scotland I am thoroughly depressed and annoyed with the way the Unionists are abusing our NHS – both sides of the border. However, the treatment of NHS Scotland I find particularly egregious. I have worked in several Health Boards here and for a Trust down south where I had some knowledge of what was happening in neighbouring Trusts

      On that basis I think I am qualified to say that whilst NHS Scotland may have its problems; there are plenty of examples of waste and incompetence, it is nothing like what I saw in England. To describe the two organisations as n”ight and day” does not get even vaguely close. If ever the description of “lions lead by donkeys” was apropos, it definitely fits my experience in England.

      To give an example of one of the reasons NHSE is in such dire straits; I work in IT, and in England because the Trusts are essentially in competition, we could not collaborate with other organisations. So for example if, as we often did, used the same bit of software and were having a problem, we were not allowed to ask the Trust next door how they solved it or to work together to find a solution. Here however, I am quite at liberty to call another HB to get advice. I have even had my opposite number at a Council come over to help out on my end of a joint project. Obviously it works the other way too.

      Another very telling aspect is that when two English Trusts merged recently, the final decision to approve it was not made by the Department of Health but by the Competitions and Markets Authority, what used to be called the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. If that does not tell you they are going in the wrong direction, nothing will.

    59. Old Pete says:

      Davidson talks nonsense as she has nothing but “no referendum” to offer Scots. I just don’t understand why so many Scots continue to vote for the trio of despare.
      BBC Sara Smith deliberately lying is nothing new, during the next referendum we can expect nothing else.
      M&S seem to be attempting to snuff out any mention of their Scottish produce being Scottish,is that a surprise?

    60. yesindyref2 says:

      If performance targets were set for the BBC, Conservative, Labour and LibDem political party, the targets would have to be very low for the party even to have a chance of meeting them.

      I’d say start at around 5%, review its progress monthly and after a year it’s managed to hit the monthly target once, increase it to 6%.

    61. Ken500 says:

      The ConDems. Caneron/Clegg. LibDems cut the NHS funding £4Hillion a year from 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it for the elderly and inflation. The SNP Gov mitigated the cut and put the necessary increased funding in.

      The ConDems Clegg cut Education spending £6Billion a year from 2010 onwards. Increased student fees and loans in the rest of the UK. The SNP Gov has to mitigate the cuts and put in more funding.

      Healthcare and Education are the most important basis for any society. A well educated, healthy population leads to a prosperity. With Gov intervention to create fairness.

      Go into any Cafe with paper cups? Ask for a vessel of tap water. It is provided either free or for a small remuneration. Or carry a small appropriate container and replenish at any tap available. It’s not rocket science.

      A tax on plastic will result in more carton use or other alternatives. Glass can be recycled. Relatively easily. A glass pick up could be cost effective.,

    62. Ken500 says:

      M& S staff often send out misinformation of the official line. In Scotland. Those who oppose Scottish Independence last on average two years. Politicans, organisations and businesses. Lose 50% support in Scotland. When will May go? Another Ref coming soon.

    63. ronnie anderson says:

      Smallaxe Nice to see you back online , hope U & Your Wife are in good health, like everybody else am ah wee cog in ah big wheel & this year the wheel gets bigger an wider sos int’s arses up an noses tae the wheel .

    64. Macart says:

      Great toon Chris.

      Worth repeating. No one should ever forget what these people are doing and why they’re doing it. You know that stanky thing that’s beneath contempt? Well, they’re beneath that.

      They’re putting people at risk in the name of political advantage. When the time comes to make that decision, and it will come. Consider it a public service to remove that stank from our parliament.

    65. Dan Huil says:

      Even a cartoon pic of Colonel Blimp makes me puke. Sarah Smith of the bbc is the physio? Good at massaging figures.

    66. Scott says:


      Conservative politician, Edward Mountain, suffers from deep vein thrombosis and says he had to find out the best way to get protection from the virus himself – instead of being advised on how to do so.

      This person who I think is a millionaire I bet has private medical insurance and if he does suffer from DVT all the time he must be on permanent medication.
      This story appears in the P&J (can’t do links)and he is blaming the SNP for not telling people how to get their jab is this just another SNP bad.

    67. ronnie anderson says: PMSL Labour will lead the charge at a non event. Step to the fore the next Slab leader lol .

      ps ur we no due ah visit fae the Corbanite , (kryptonite weakens Superman ) Corbanite has the same effect .

    68. Smallaxe says:

      ronnie anderson,

      Thank you, Ronnie, I hope to see you at the next independence event we need to fill the streets and wake more people up to the chaos that is coming. Now is not the time to sleep, if people do, they will wake up in a nightmare.

    69. liz says:

      Depressingly very accurate.

    70. Valerie says:

      Brilliant cartoon.


      Not read the P & J piece, but that all sounds like horseshit.

      DVT is a clot, not a virus. If he is prone to clotting, he would be put on a blood thinner (warfarin is common) by his GP. It’s dealt with by your GP all the time, with health advice.

    71. Valerie says:

      @ Scott

      Just read it. It is incoherent shite. There’s a surprise.

      He is attacking SNP over flu jabs, which apart from hiring a sniper with a dart gun, there is nothing they can do but ensure Health Boards have supplies, advertise and administer.

      He is using his platform to bring his condition of DVT into the mix, to confuse and get sympathy.

      There may be a chance of DVT, IF he was hospitalised at deaths door with a flu, but the two are not necessarily compatible.

    72. S,H,T says:

      Wee Wullie looks jaked oot his nut. Spot on.

    73. HandandShrimp says:

      Well done Chris an accurate, depressingly so, picture of the weeks “news”.

    74. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Valerie @ 12:00,

      Your info re DVT is spot-on, but it’s surely Mountain himself who is the big clot? (And among Tories Blue, Red and Orange he is by no means alone.)

    75. AllyPally says:

      A wee hint of Tenniel’s Mad Hatter there? Nicely done.

    76. handclapping says:

      Nice one Chris!
      Is it comic exaggeration or is Ruthie realy getting that chunky?
      Its the advantage of not having the telly, not having to watch

    77. heedtracker says:

      Its the advantage of not having the telly, not having to watch

      Are there any studies, academic say, to show what effective BBC Scotland’s incredible NHS monstering actually does to the performance of the NHS?

      Do they all work harder to prove beeb gimps wrong, do they just ignore it all, do they get joe public laying in to them because Jackie Bird keeps telling us they’re shite at their jobs etc.

      Even if you do not watch beeb gimp network SNP bad news at home, its in a lot of very public spaces all the time, including hospitals.

      Must be odd watching tv at work when its telling you how shite you are at your job.

      Scottish teachers, next week.

    78. Robert Graham says:

      A good interpretation of events at holyrood , the unionist Bloc party all following the same panto script , they all thought they were on a winner when they contrived to use the same phrase of its Scotland health service we are asking about .

      Well if Nicola cant compare ours with other similar services throughout the UK she is within her rights to say we are doing wonderfully , if there is nothing to compare this with she can say anything without contradiction .

      The tory desk thumpers dropped the ball as usual by trying to be just too smart the ” i am a business owner ” questioner used a comparison with other parts of the UK enabling Nicola to jump on her throat , and say its ok for comparisons when we are not doing so good but unheard of if were are surpassing expectations

    79. mogabee says:

      Slow puncture + trio of useless moaning weans = ??? 😀

    80. twathater says:

      Chris Woooooooooooooooow Suuuuuuuuuuuuuperb in one cartoon you epitomize the disgrace that is the Scottish yoonoonist cabal. They are merely a self serving troop of Scotland haters who decry their heritage

      Voters PLEASE remember the deliberate lies ,misinformation and denigration spouted by these charlatans and their chums in the MSM and BBC,STV ,on our wonderful hard working SNHS employees who in the face of extremely challenging circumstances are doing their utmost to PROTECT AND SERVE the people of Scotland .

      These parasites should hang their heads in SHAME especially BBC liars , but we know they won’t as they have no honesty or integrity

      SNHS employees , thank you for your dedication and resilience from a family who has used your expert services

    81. Dramfineday says:

      A few days prior to Christmas, my dear old FIL (97) fell ill with an infection which had induced delerium. At about 02.30 we were alerted by his young neighbours and on attending, we called for assistance. A single crewed first responder turned up. The FIL was subjected to a battery of tests and first aid for head cuts. Shortly thereafter we ended up in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE).

      He was taken straight in and subjected to further tests. At all times the nurses and doctors treated him as a human being, with respect and consideration. We were kept in the loop and the problems and issues were clearly explained.

      He was transferred to a ward later that morning and remained there until the hospital team were satisfied he was back to “optimal” fitness (for his age) in early January.

      Conequently, we’d like to thank ALL the staff at the Hospital with an especial thanks to the consultant who recognised the stress Mrs Dram was under and pressed the button to get her help too.

      During the festive period the staff put up lights, a Santa, and brought in the New Year. It was not how we thought we’d be celebrating, but they put on a show to raise morale and he’s back and well. For all mercies, many thanks. And to the people who worked and supported the hospital at this time, thanks also.

      To the BBC, Press, and politician’s who have derided our NHS at this time, and especially those who made numerical mistakes without having the courage to apologise on the same medium as them made them, a tale: my FIL “laughs” at the “adventures” he had being chased out of Burma by the Japanese and then having to return and chase them out.You know that “laugh”, when you’ve seen things and done things, as a young person, you shouldn’t have?

      My FIL came from Tollcross, the biggest jungle he’d seen until Burma was the meadows or the canal basin.

      So to our unionist Politicians and their MSM chums, I’d say, you’ve had field day of phoney baloney, how are you going to put it right for our dedicated SNHS people? Or haven’t you the courage,that that young man, now a very old man showed then, when called, to at least say sorry to hard working people you’ve gratuitously maligned?

      Or would it be too much to ask?

    82. Cactus says:

      BBC Cancelled.

    83. Graeme McAllan says:

      Chris, my friend, this cartoon is just brilliant (as are your others) 😉

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