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The Monday Quiz

Posted on January 12, 2015 by

It’s the start of the week and it’s cold, so we won’t make it too tricky.


Which of the newspaper stories below is the odd one out, readers?

Is it this one from the Times?


Or this one from the Herald?


Or this one from the Express?


Maybe it’s the Telegraph’s?


Could it be The National’s?


Or maybe the Scottish Sun’s?


Or is it – and this is a long shot – the Daily Record’s?


The answer, of course, is that it was a trick question. The Record’s headline might have apparently arrived at the exact opposite conclusion to everyone else, but if you in fact go on to read the article text, the paper’s somewhat truth-averse political editor Torcuil Crichton admits that “when pressed, [Miliband] refused to totally rule it out”, turning the headline into a flat-out lie.

In fact, the “story” every paper has tried to puff up into something worthy of note in a desperate attempt to fill January column inches is “Miliband would prefer having a majority to being in a coalition”, a stunning revelation to be immediately filed under “B” for “Bleeding Obvious”, or just “Bin”.

The Labour leader’s bog-standard boilerplate evasion is about as much news as the sun coming up, the sea being wet or “Rangers” taking out a crisis loan, but the Record nevertheless dutifully flogs away at it from the angle of trying to scare its readers away from voting SNP in May.

As figures revealed last Friday show, the paper and its sister Sunday Mail saw their sales plummet last month by 11% and 14% respectively compared to a year ago, with the Record now consistently below the 200,000 mark. There are of course many possible explanations for that. But perhaps at least one of them is that people are simply fed up of being told transparent lies.

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187 to “The Monday Quiz”

  1. Dave says:

    Great work Rev

  2. pmcrek says:

    I must admit, I lolled.

  3. blackhack says:

    There’s only two things on the records front page that are true….The date and the price

  4. heraldnomore says:

    Och he’s just a born PM isn’t he; such gravitas; such statesmanship.

    But The Record, now that’s a different story, as ever.

  5. BrianW says:

    All that pops into my head is “The Wrath of Khan” Kirk screaming “Khaaaaan”

    I think we need to get that replaced with “Toooooorcuil….”

    or how about the Fenton/Benton Dog clip on You Tube..

    Torcuil…! Torcuil…! Oh, Jesus, Christ.. Tooorquil…!

  6. Ken500 says:

    They are not forming a Coalition. The SNP gives support on an issue to issue basis with declared aims. Just as they did in Holyrood when in minority government. A ‘deal’.

    Is there any more to say about Rangers? Endless.

  7. blackhack says:

    There’s only two things on the records front page that are true.
    The price and the date, everything else is bollocks….

  8. Murray McCallum says:

    I think it may be a medical condition the editorial staff have at the Record – no way can they use positive headlines for the SNP.

    Alternatively, maybe their IT systems explode or something.

  9. jimnarlene says:

    It’s the old, they’ll only read the headline, routine.

  10. Dcanmore says:

    Just as Murphy needs to persuade 15% of lost Labour voters to come back into the fold to keep SLAB seats safe for GE2015, it’s the same deal with the Daily Record. The paper is trying to convince Glasgow and North Lanarkshire’s traditional Labour electorate that a vote for the SNP is pointless. It’s a new approach to ‘vote SNP get Tories’, now joined with ‘vote SNP and nobody wants you’.

    Labour and the Daily Record have probably grudgingly accepted that a decent percentage of Scottish Labour voters voted YES. So they say ‘okay you wanted independence, but you’re still Labour voters, so vote Labour GE2015.’

    Although the reasons (on policy and other matters) for voting Labour is absent the whole effort just seems to geared to putting Torcuil’s bestest friend into No.10…. ‘it doesn’t matter about the details just vote Labour you plebs’.

  11. The Man in the Jar says:


    Like Elaine C. Smith said during the referendum.

    “Just vote Labour and get to the back of the bus”

  12. Croompenstein says:

    I see Torcuils got a huge hand as well like Kezia.. I wonder what TC is writing down?…Wensleydale..

  13. Doug Daniel says:

    blackhack: “There’s only two things on the records front page that are true….The date and the price”

    I would still check the date on my phone, just to make sure.

  14. bookie from hell says:

    What with The Open coverage looking likely to go to the chaps on Sky, I’ll be covering the snooker from 2016. Delightful.

    Peter aliss tweets

    bfh—final straw for me—no horse racing,no open golf—-no licence FEE

  15. Chris Baxter says:

    ““Rangers” taking out a crisis loan”


  16. Dr Jim says:

    Par for the course, i wonder if they’ll fall for it again, let’s hope they’re cured of this detritus of a rag
    How does a newspaper get syphilis?

  17. drawdeaddave says:

    Thanks for that Stu, the only time i get to see DR headlines is on here, or the piles of them left on the shelf when i go to get my National. The problem for Scotland is not the Labour lies, it’s the fact they are allowed to spout them unchallenged in unionist rags like the DR & on TV. As a life long blue nose i’ll bite my lip once again regarding your Rangers quip…

  18. Lollysmum says:

    I’m with Doug Daniels on this & yes I would check the date first too 🙂

  19. Scott says:

    Murphy,How many saw him on the Politics show on Sunday the usual smary * person over talking Brewer all the time,it wont be long before he is found out,I just wonder what Lamont thinks now and if she is still speaking to Mags.

  20. heedtracker says:

    I say Torquil, I do love that knot in your scarf old bean. School colours?

    It’s rather weird looking at two very posh boys sitting in the back of a chauffeur driven limo and both desperately lying/trying to get back their Slab power base in the Scotland region. Actually its probably just a regular people carrier. Our imperial masters don’t want to look too too posh for us suckers. Whatever will these red tory boys do if they lose to the blue tories.

    No pressure, future Scotland region FM Murphy:D

  21. TheWealthOfNations says:

    Oddly, having watched that interview, the Record seems to be the only one reporting it accurately.

    Milliband ducked and weaved violently refusing to admit that there was any possibility of a deal with the SNP.

    ‘I’m not about deals’ was what he kept repeating, it reminded me very much of the currency debate, he steadfastly insisted that he was only thinking about his ‘Plan A’ of majority government.

    I wanted so much for Marr to ask him to tell us what his Plan B was.

    So the question becomes, why are the rest of the MSM twisting it the way they have and my was Marr so keen to get the admission out of him?

    Presumably they think it will damage the Labour vote in England if they think he’s willing to get into bed with Nicola. So to speak.

  22. think again says:

    Why does Torcuil need a notebook? Doesn`t he just print what Jim`s team types out for him?

  23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Oddly, having watched that interview, the Record seems to be the only one reporting it accurately.

    Milliband ducked and weaved violently refusing to admit that there was any possibility of a deal with the SNP.”

    Everyone reports it the same: he avoided saying anything either way. He said he wanted a majority – like, duh – but didn’t rule out a deal, because he’d have to be a moron to. It’s the ultimate in not-news.

  24. Les Wilson says:

    Fed up with the D.Record, does not even scratch the surface.

  25. desimond says:

    Joyous. What a perfect antidote to the miserable weather.
    I cant wait for the next episode in the Labour sitcom world:

    Its always sunny in Jimidelphia!

  26. Chic McGregor says:

    You have to admire how they keep getting back up to take yet another one for the Union though.

  27. boris says:

    Murphy is able to claim autonomy for the Scottish Labour branch only in the areas where Westminster has devolved authority. This is a must have since to be otherwise would place Murphy at a disadvantage to the SNP.

  28. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I note every headline speaks of a Labour/SNP coalition. Surely the SNP should be making it clear to the mainstream media, nearly all of whom hate them with a real vengeance, that they will not be entering into any coalitions, but, will – if a deal can be struck – support a particular government, even a minority one, on an issue by issue basis.

    A very clear statement of: “No coalitions, no deal with the Tories, but, support for Labour on an issue by issue basis” – pending negotiations, will be necessary to counteract the Murphia’s shouts of: “Vote SNP – get the Tories”.

  29. desimond says:

    Shouldnt the caption read:

    After playing Blair and Clough, Michael Sheen continues his coverage of sad lonely figures, but this time with a twist: “I was worried about typecasting, sick of playing ambitious character who actually made it to the top, so thats why this role of Ed Miliband is so attractive! The research is going well, of course its very dull, which is perfect really”

  30. Fred says:

    Often wondered what this Torquil looked like and also where this coterie of inter-related Labour teuchters on the take, came from?

  31. bjsalba says:

    If you but your paper at the supermarket, you can check both the date and the price on the till receipt.

  32. Fergus Green says:

    Has Milliband ruled out a coalition with the Tories yet?

    Has he been asked the question?

  33. Kes Smith says:

    Needless to say, you may notice this practice of burying the truth in the back end of a journalistic piece, of barley giving it the credence of a single sentence, has been common practice also for both Aberdeen’s Press & Journal and The Scotsman for decades.

  34. bald eagle says:

    doug Daniel

    I would still check the date on my phone, just to make sure
    ha ha ha

    doug I wouldn’t even trust that mystic meg either she can fuck right off

  35. Jimbo says:

    The Record carrying their exact opposite headline from every other paper on the newsstand makes the Record look totally ridiculous.

    It has become a joke of a paper – no wonder it’s sales are plummeting.

  36. Macbeda says:

    Socrates MacSporran at 12:00
    Agree entirely. SNP need to make their position very clear

  37. Betty Craney says:

    Unfortunately , the MSM are still brainwashing people with their propaganda about SNP entering a coalition with Labour . I have seen folk on FB stating they are now leaving the SNP because of this . I’ve had to correct their assumptions …i.e it’s a case by case support and only if it benefits Scotland but a lot of these people have been Yessers and are still being persuaded by MSM.
    If they are taken in , I fear that others who don’t use social media will be hoodwinked just as they were before the referendum .
    Leafleting may be the only way to get our message across ( or a new wee WBB2 ….hint,hint).

  38. Luigi says:

    I don’t understand why Milliband did not rule out a deal with the SNP. He has nothing to lose by ruling it out, since there is no way that such a deal would ever be tolerated by the English press and electorate. By refusing to rule a deal out, he will be slaughtered by the Tories and English MSM. He is skating on very thin ice here.

    I expect he will be forced to categorically rule out a deal with the SNP, quite soon, as the MSM ramps up the pressure.

  39. Helena Brown says:

    Well how can I put this, all the English Papers are using Miliband and the threat of him going into coalition with the SNP as a bid to ensure that the rabid South Easterners vote Tory. The Daily Retard is using it to ensure that all the possible returners vote Labour.
    So here we see two different versions of the same story being put to what the press consider is a good use.

  40. Helena Brown says:

    I agree with you Luigi, the man is a fool if he is not considering the damage he is doing down in England. He really should read Wings, look into Stu’s archive and see how he can survive without his Scottish Branch.

  41. wingman 2020 says:

    The fact that Milliband refused to rule it out means two things:

    1. They are aware at Westminster that it is a possibility. And that Labour in Scotland is in for a damn good thrashing. (Despite gun-ho Murphy being the only man foolish enough to jump in)

    2. Milliband would rather lose a few Labour votes down south (imagine the apoplectic ire of some of the most ossified wee Britishers when Miliband refused) than to risk the slender opportunity of getting into Government with a minority.

    The very IDEA that he didn’t reject the possibility will hit his ratings… I imagine Cameron will bring this up in PMQ

  42. Luigi says:

    Has anyone yet quizzed patriot Jim Murphy about his thoughts on a deal with the SNP? Since he has been trying to scare us with the possibility of Cameron holding on, I expect he will be very keen to make his intentions clear.

    The next time JM harps on about a vote for the SNP helping Cameron, the response should be a question:

    “Jim Murphy, would you then support a deal with the SNP, in order to keep the tories out?”

  43. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If Torcuil gave Ed his ‘beard’ would we take them both more seriously? (Anything’s worth a try, surely…)

  44. Marie clark says:

    Well said Helena, hit the nail on the head there. As for the retatrd the sooner it vanishes the better.

  45. wee_monsieur says:

    “Just vote Labour and get to the back of the bus”

    I’ll be voting SNP. I want to sit at the FRONT of the bus!

  46. big jock says:

    One word:”Shyster”

  47. proudscot says:

    How did Marr and seemingly the entire MSM, with the sole exceptions of The National and The Sunday Herald, manage to misrepresent Nicola’s “issue by issue consideration, subject to Trident removal and toning down of the austerity measures” into an offer of a “deal”?

    Is this yet another example of the phantom “vow” invented by the Record and seized upon by Backbencher Brown and the Three Amigos, in order to derail the YES Campaign in the final days of the Independence Referendum?

  48. ClanDonald says:

    Bring it on, Daily Record, Miliband publicly ruling out a deal will have the same impact as when he said he would put a border up between Scotland & England or when Osborne said Scotland can’t keep the pound, it will just piss a lot of people off, make Westminster seem anti-Scottish and turn voters against them. Deputy Dugdale can grasp this, wonder why they can’t?

    Or maybe we shouldn’t be interrupting them while they’re making such useful mistakes? 🙂

  49. De Valera says:

    The good old Broken Record – Scotland’s Champion.

  50. Chic McGregor says:

    Ah! The Daily Reword at its best.

  51. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Bella’s Inderef 2014 awards are up and running…

    and the WBB and Wings are leading in a couple of categories – YEEEE HAAAH!

    Get your votes in this week to make sure the Rev Stu wins.

  52. Lesley-anne says:

    So according to the media the S.N.P. will be going into coalition with the RED Tories. Now they want RED Ed, leader of the RED Tories, to admit that this will happen, only he doesn’t quite know the answer himself … yet! 😛

    There is one teeny weany itsy bitsy little problem with this assumption being made by the media … it will never happen. The S.N.P. have absolutely no desire to be the 2015 version of the 2010 LibDems. We all know that the LibDems jumped at becoming coalition partners in 2010 just so they could rest their weary bums in governmental cars. The S.N.P. have no such ideals, their ideals are totally different and more honourable … they intend doing only what is best for the people of Scotland and that manifestly does NOT include sitting in the back of governmental cars!

    It is more than a bit rich for anyone in the media to be making assumptions about the S.N.P. They have absolutely no idea what the S.N.P. is all about as proven by their constant attacks on the S.N.P. throughout the referendum campaign. If this is the media’s way of trying to get back into the good books, if they were ever there to start with, of the S.N.P. then they have quite clearly FAILED!

    RED Ed had better drop any fanciful idea he has as well of having the S.N.P.. as a coalition partner. If I can borrow a phrase from one Alex Salmond here … “The rocks will melt with the sun before the S.N.P. goes into coalition with anyone at Westminster!”

  53. Dan Huil says:

    The Abominable Crichton asks Ed if he wants ketchup with his next bacon roll.

  54. David Anderson says:

    Still bewildered that so many buy that rag, I mean I know the demographics and shit but jeezo. Maybe we should apply the ‘Mags’ rule and each persuade someone not to buy it. I know I have put a couple of peeps off doing so. It does need to learn through an everdecreasing readership. I for one will apply the rule as and when the chance arrives.

  55. De Valera says:

    Oh by the way Ed and Torcuil, please belt up in the back seat.

  56. One_Scot says:

    It does not matter how you look at it, Scotland was cheated out of her Independence.

    Whether it was the constant years of bias and lies from the unionists media and from Westminster, or whether it was the production of the ‘Vow’ after people had voted, it may even have been some unsolicited phone calls to pensioners, or just someone in a counting hall moving a ‘Yes’ paper onto the ‘No’ pile.

    The bottom line is, Scotland was done up like a kipper, and they will continue to cheat us and treat us like fools as long as we let them.

    If we do not send an army of SNP MPs down to Westminster then we have leant nothing.

    I am sure someone wiser than me once said,

    The definition of stupidity is making the same mistake over and over again.

  57. Proud Cybernat says:

    The Daily Record lies? Who’da thunk it?

  58. The Herald’s change it’s tune: “Miliband rejects coalition but SNP say door not closed to deal after election”

    . . . And just as I write this the new tune disappears from view . . . Doh! They’re a slippery bunch.

    But I kept the url

  59. galamcennalath says:

    I have a theory. This iPad is always changing spelling, fair enough. But it does have a nasty habit of changing words! So maybe that’s all that is happening! Perhaps the Record writes a truthful report about the SNP but software changes it to something else. Or, perhaps not! 😉

  60. desimond says:


    The SNP have always made their position clear on coalition:

    Possible with Labour.
    Never with Conservatives.

    When will someone ask Ed Balls would he go into coalition with Boris post election?

  61. Karmanaut says:

    Any deal is going to be sold as a coalition government by the MSM right now, so if he accepts a “case by case deal”, it becomes, in media headlines, a Labour/SNP government in which SNP vote on whatever Labour need them to. Sound bite politics.

    I don’t think they’ll rule out an SNP deal. I think doing so would lose them the election. Imagine Ed does rule out a deal with the SNP, the next question people will ask, “Well, what’s your position on a deal with UKIP or the Tories?”

    He would then have to rule out *any* coalition, or admit that they’d rather form a Labour/Tory Labour/UKIP government than ally with a left wing party. Imagine the headlines: “Labour won’t deal with Scotland, but keep Tory deal on the table.” I think that would hurt Labour more than anything else, and I’m sure they’ll have done polls to confirm this.

    Admitting to *any* coalition deal will hurt Labour right now.

    Better just to sidestep the question and use the Daily Record to spread the required lies in Scotland.

  62. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Hung parliaments are rare but in the event of a hung parliament the very notion of a coalition or “agreement” cannot happen. The snp already don’t vote on English only legislation. The snp are campaigning on a ticket of complete control over everything except defense and foriegn affaires .Any “agreement” with anyone will only increase the % of legislation going through WM that the snp don’t vote on. Whoever made this deal would effectively asking the snp to go away and would need to have an overall majority in wm over the remaining parties once the snp left. Conceding to the snp demands would leave the wm government in a majority for about80% of the time.

    If this happens then the remaining powers reserved to wm will be voted on by the snp and it is they who will decide for the uk whether there is an eu referendum or not. Lol, I can here the gnashing of teeth from here

  63. David Stevenson says:

    Anyone know how the Mirror covered it?

  64. @Schrödinger’s cat SNP have already indicated that policy may change (i.e. WOULD (have to) change).

  65. Effijy says:

    Rev Stuart, What are your thoughts on your supporters funding Full page adverts in the Red Top Pages, so that the
    uneducated masses can see examples of the undeniable lies
    sent out by the media in general, but especially the Labour party.
    Your wonderful insight into the Oil Fund Dud Smurphy wants
    to set up completely and undeniably blows any credibility that they might have had out of the water.
    Who could say a good thing about them after reading this?
    I would be very happy to fight back on this front and consider it a privilege to help pay for it.
    I really think we need to look at a series of these adverts in the run up to the election as I just don’t think we are able to get the reality of our situation across to those who buy the Record and watch BBC News.
    Your thoughts dear Rev and fellow Wossers!

  66. G H Graham says:

    The Daily Record is as reliable & satisfying as a torn condom.

  67. Nana Smith says:

    O/T Latest missive from slab…

    Hello Nana

    With the election of a new leadership team, the Scottish Labour Party has made a fresh start. We are using this fresh start to change the Scottish Labour Party and change Scotland.

    Last Monday we made our first election pledge, if elected Scottish Labour will deliver 1,000 extra nurses for Scotland’s NHS.

    You can now join the Scottish Labour Party for just £1 and join us in our mission to make Scotland the fairest nation on earth and remove David Cameron from Downing Street.

    Only the Labour Party can beat the Tories and form the next UK Government after the General Election.

    The referendum was a huge moment for Scotland but we have to move on from it.

    Jim and I want Scottish Labour to be as ambitious about our country as our fellow Scots are, to have as high hopes for the next generation as parents do for their own children and to be just as angry as they are when those ambitions are blocked by injustice or indifference.

    Help us kick out the Tories this May by:

    – Join Scottish Labour for just £1 today. You can sign up online or print out this form and send it back to us.
    – Donate here to help us work towards a better and fairer Scotland.
    – Tell us how you would like to get involved in your local area.
    Please join Jim and I as we build a stronger Scottish Labour Party and a fairer Scotland.
    Best wishes,
    Kezia Dugdale MSP
    Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

  68. galamcennalath says:

    Milliband working with the SNP.

    I have always believed, if the SNP is big enough to have influence then LabCon will gang up to stop it having influence. Whichever is bigger will form a government and proceed with policy acceptable to both. There is so little difference between Con and Lab on most issues, that should present no great problems for them. The English electorate will see that arrangement as the only acceptable one.

    The SNP will be left out of proceedings. This is not a bad scenario because it implies WM is the parliament and government of England, while Scotland is drifting in need of constitutional clarity. Easy to solve!

  69. liz says:

    @Betty Craney, I wouldn’t worry too much about what some people on FB are saying.

    McTernan had a team in Oz on social media putting out false claims.

    This will be similar to before the 18th, folk saying I’m not voting for that AlicSamon now because he waived a flag at Wimbledon etc

  70. Snode1965 says:

    “Just vote Labour and get to the back of the bus”. I’ll be voting SNP because I want to DRIVE the bus!!

  71. David Wardrope says:

    Has anyone asked Jim Murphy if Scottish Labour are actually a seperate party, why then are there no Scottish Labour candidates in the 2015 GE? Does the Scottish Labour party not care enough about Scottish people to send MPs down to Westminster to fight for them?

  72. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Christian Wright says:
    12 January, 2015 at 1:26 pm
    @Schrödinger’s cat SNP have already indicated that policy may change (i.e. WOULD (have to) change).

    This is just warning the unionists not to count on the snp not voting on English only issues.

    If a Tory kipper coalition offered the snp their wish on full devo max in exchange for the snp voting with them for an eu referendum, would the snp do that deal with the Tories.? They also said no to any deal with the Tories but I guarantee they would do that deal.

  73. Devorgilla says:

    I’ll be voting SNP because I want to be driving a completely different bus going where WE want.

  74. Tamson says:


    I have a theory about that. Call it Tamson’s Law. It goespecially like this:

    The more obscure a public figure’s hinterland is, the more likely they are to be a total shyster.

    It explains why Scottish MPs tend to do well at Westminster if they play the Establishment game, and why Highlanders & Islanders do especially well (Norman Lamont, Brian Wilson, Torcuil, George Robertson being good examples)

  75. bald eagle says:

    talking about the daily retard

    no shit mystic mug said it and it came true

    (virgo) the road ahead will be coming to an end soon and you will be able to gather your thoughts and sort your future out



    fine was paid by my partner and she wont let me forget it so thanks mystic mug

    that fucking road is now longer

    so i will be voting labour and get the f$%^&*g bus and i dont care where i sit

  76. ben madigan says:

    had a look at the pros and cons of some potential election outcomes here

    Do not hold out much (any) hope of a LAB/SNP coalition for reasons stated

  77. bookie from hell says:

    David Stevenson says:
    12 January, 2015 at 1:26 pm
    Anyone know how the Mirror covered it?

    Daily Mirror

    Miliband also sent a strong message that he does not want a coalition deal with the Scottish National Party following the general election.

    He said: “I am not about deals and coalitions.

    “I am about one objective. I am going to put foward a manifesto before the British people and say ‘this is a plan to put working people first, not a plan for the privileged few like this Government has. It is a plan for working people to raise people’s living standards’.

    “I want a majority Labour government to put that into practice.”

  78. Jimbo says:

    Dunno why, but that picture of Miliband reminded me of Jonah from the Beano.

  79. bald eagle says:



    and how can i get an angry face on here lesley- anne you know how to do it can you go of topic and tell me please

  80. Gordie McRobert says:

    I wouldn’t wipe my arse with Torquil Crichton

  81. ben madigan says:

    Forgot to add this to previous post.

    here’s a list of 100 evidence-based Labour policies

    on a very quick skim through I didn’t see any references to Scotland, the Scottish branch or to any putative coalition with SNP

    is Mr Murphy going to implement these policies in scotland?
    or is he proposing something different?

  82. JPJ2 says:

    Torquil Crichton (whose brother was the heavily defeated Labour candidate for what used to be called the Western Isles in 2011) is to journalism what McTernan is to political strategy-a total, but proud, liar.

  83. Stoker says:

    Snode1965 says:
    “Just vote Labour and get to the back of the bus”.
    “I’ll be voting SNP because I want to DRIVE the bus!!”

    🙂 That’s the spirit, couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Good few laughs throughout the comments on this cold & windy Monday, just what i needed.

    “The Labour leader’s bog-standard boilerplate evasion is about as much news as the sun coming up, the sea being wet or “Rangers” taking out a crisis loan,”

    That brought a big LOL moment accompanied by a few strange looks from puzzled bystanders.

  84. Brian Powell says:

    Anyone explain how it is possible to be blocked on twitter, not having had any previous contact with the account blocking access?

  85. manandboy says:

    @ 1.38pm 12 Jan.


    Latest missive from slab…
    Best wishes,
    Kezia Dugdale MSP
    Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

    I wonder how much Labour would have paid to get that message onto Wings over Scotland.

    But why worry when some Yes voter, in an act akin to shooting oneself in the foot,
    will put it on for free.

    Please think twice – before doing Labour’s work for them.

  86. Croompenstein says:

    OT – TeamGB WMD convoy ignores weather warnings and ploughs on regardless… Thanks Proud Scot but’s..

  87. Macart says:

    Of course its silly. It didn’t say Ed vowed…

    Ah’ll get ma coat.

  88. Lanarkist says:

    Anyone got a list of Lib Dem misdemeanours like the Labour one?

    I live in NEFife under Ming the Miserablist and could do with some ammo to print off and hit them with. Other constituencies are in the same boat with Libs then Tories then Labour.

    Ming voted for bedroom tax, upheld Social Security cap, voted with TOries on various policies and lied through his teeth on various election promises.

    Campaigned for No, supported the Vow and lied through his teeth.

    He is retiring though and his replacement is Tim Brett who nearly bankrupted Tayside NHS and would need instructions on how to inflate a balloon but people here vote out of loyalty and habit.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  89. geeo says:

    Have to take issue slightly for the first time ever here.

    You may live in sunny Bath, but here in Falkirk, an actual visual sunrise is indeed big news, if it brings slight warmth then that is indeed “hold the front page!

  90. ronnie anderson says:

    sos O/T

    They dont give a fuck about Scotland or people living here,have We not had enough tragety this year.

  91. Schrödinger's cat says:

    In my haste I said all libdems supporters were liars…..
    Had I been in north east fife ……I could have said it at my leasure ….:)

  92. Chic McGregor says:


    “Dunno why, but that picture of Miliband reminded me of Jonah from the Beano.”

    Too late, someone else has prior claim.

  93. David Wardrope says:

    @Brian Powell,

    Not sure, but thought I heard previously that McTernan was blanket blocking anyone who participated in the #McTernanPredicts thing even if you had no direct dealings with the man.

  94. bald eagle says:

    o.t i know its got nothing to do with this thread

    sarvar has pulled the plug on the rangers deal check this out

    hope it works

  95. X_Sticks says:

    O/T At least there’s some good news..

    From bbc – “UK nurse Pauline Cafferkey is “showing signs of improvement” and is no longer critically ill with Ebola, London’s Royal Free Hospital says.”

  96. Jamie Arriere says:

    I do wish they would all spend more time & energy discussing the state of the nation(s), the visions, policies and priorities of each of the parties, than obsessing (with 4 months to go) about who’s jumping into bed with who. Driving me nuts already.

    I’m sure they’re going to try pairing each & every party with another – just waiting for some numbnut to imagine a UKIP-SNP alliance (‘they’re just the same, aren’t they?’)

    UK MSM – still shite

  97. Nana Smith says:


    Geez can’t do right for doing wrong.

    Don’t you think its good for people to know what slab are up to?

    I tell you what I won’t bother from now on so hope that pleases you.

  98. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Ah Nanna, Don’t go, I happen to like to know what they are getting up to as well. Keep putting up your links, Please.

  99. manandboy says:

    We are living in post-fright UK – join the Resistance

    Quiz Time.

    Q1. Where are we exactly?

    Q2. What do we do about it?

    Q3. How do we defeat Labour in GE15?

    I’m going to try to answer Q1.

    Throughout Scotland’s History, giving the English a fright has always led to very brutal recriminations.

    In IndyRef 2014, Scotland, once again, gave the English a fright. A huge fright.

    True to form, the English are already engaged in the recriminations. Westminster won’t be banning the wearing of the tartan or speaking the Gaelic – in 2015 these measures would have little effect and would lack that measure of brutality which the English are notorious for.

    No, we will keep the tartan and the Gaelic; the punishment for the fright, will be far more serious, take far longer and will affect far more people.

    We have already seen Scotland humiliated by the Smith Commission report and the English reaction to it.
    Every driving licence in Scotland to carry the Union Jack is another humiliation.
    The latest is the stubborn denial of access to the GE15 TV debate – tantamount to a denial of freedom of speech.
    No voice – no say – no power. Humiliation of a nation.

    The strategy is immediately obvious.
    Westminster has begun a campaign of humiliation against Scotland.
    It is designed to hurt Scotland and to bring the Scots down; to seriously diminish our ever growing political and economic confidence; and ultimately to crush the independence movement and to restore Holyrood to the control of Unionist Labour.

    The answer to Q2. is resistance. As in RESISTANCE.

    This includes growing the Independence movement, which now has well over 100,000 party members. But 1,500,000 others voted YES. Since Indy, they have no voice; they are not felt as being part of the Independence movement – but they so could be.
    The Independence movement, as a political force, could be 15 times more powerful than it is today – if those 1,500,000 YES voters joined a Party – SNP, Greens or SSP.
    If the SNP had a million members, it would be very difficult indeed to see them being denied a place at the GE15 TV debates.
    So the answer to Q2. must include a please plea to the 1.5million, to join the resistance NOW and not just wait till May. And please, don’t wait till the Parties below suit you to a T – what is important is to get behind the Independence Banner.
    On your own – or part of a million strong force. You decide.

    Join here:-

  100. Stoker says:

    ronnie anderson says:

    “They dont give a fuck about Scotland or people living here,have We not had enough tragedy this year.”

    Good link, ronnie & Croompenstein, thanks, i was unaware of this.

    btw, “bald eagle”, before you start getting called a troll you might want to archive links to Unionist rags. Most of us try not to provide direct links to Unionist rags as it’s seen as aiding & abetting the enemy by helping to increase their advertising revenue. The more hits these rags get on their sites the greater the advertising revenue they pull in.

  101. bald eagle says:

    nana smith

    don’t you go anywhere i enjoy your links how else are we going to know what they are up to

    one voice in the forest does not make a crowed dont listen to them keep doing your best

    thanks for all your links nana and keep them coming

  102. Luigi says:

    A sudden U turn by the Herald? Milliband now against a deal with the SNP. Who would have thought it?

    Has McTernan been on the phone to the editor?

  103. Luigi says:

    Chic McGregor says:

    12 January, 2015 at 3:18 pm


    “Dunno why, but that picture of Miliband reminded me of Jonah from the Beano.”

    Too late, someone else has prior claim.

    Well, he is about to sink the Labour Party.

  104. heedtracker says:

    To be fair, Chrichton Torquil is a clown compared to this dude whose new series is all about the glory of UKOK democracy. See how Nick airbrushes Scottish democracy out of teamGB completely

    Bettertogther BBC currently pushing the creep’s new show but his ads vary across their network, from Clegg on R4 stating Russell Brand, Salmond and Farage can never sully the decency of Westminster democracy and only a mention on R3. Lovely chaps our BBC imperial masters. Im not even sure which Russell Brand Clegg/Robinson mean but its interesting how they only mention him by his full name. Must be an election wipe out looming for the LibDems and we came so close to breaking away for red and blue tory UKOK shite, forever.

  105. Stoker says:

    @ Schrodinger’s cat (3.53pm).

    LLF here.

    The dinosaur and Slab Branch Chief, class, right up there with the one from last year of a lanky Dim Jim leading a wee Deputy Dug through the woods by the hand – which i can’t find anymore.

    3 Excellent pieces for leaflets, posters, banners and T-shirts etc

  106. Helena Brown says:

    Not having read all the comments but do you know that Cara Hilton is to stand down May 7th?

  107. Black Douglas says:

    @Nana Smith says:
    12 January, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Geez can’t do right for doing wrong.

    Don’t you think its good for people to know what slab are up to?

    I tell you what I won’t bother from now on so hope that pleases you.

    keep the posts coming because you know what they say

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”


  108. manandboy says:

    Don’t you think its good for people to know what slab are up to?”

    Yes, Nana, of course, that’s totally the right idea.

    It’s just that I wouldn’t, for e.g., distribute Labour election leaflets just to keep everyone up to speed on Labour’s activities.

    A reference yes, even a link – maybe, but IMHO, a short description in your own words is maybe best.

    We are still on the same side Nana – Kezia Dugdale will never be.

    And I do apologise for the upset – none was intended.

  109. bald eagle says:


    manandboy pull your gums in nana smith puts great links up and i can assure you most of her links are things that i didnt know about

    here is a free tip for you when you see nana’s name with links just jump to the next poster just because its a wos site doesnt mean you have to read every post

    nana again dont you go anywhere your links help me and others i know how you felt after the letdown i still feel it now you are very welcome here please stay

  110. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Christian Enright Ah wee Scottish poem Nicola should be reminded of.

    Get up and BAR the DOOR.

  111. jock wishart says:

    Why spoil a perfectly good article with more negative comments about the Rangers.I don’t cast it up when you get your begging bowl out Rev. So do me a favour stick to ass fucking the politicians and leave the Rangers alone.The money men at Rangers are to blame NOT the fans who you piss off here on a regular basis.So gie it a rest ffs.

  112. woosie says:

    Just caught the tail end of a documentary on RT ( Going Underground, I think ). Presenter getting tore into those chanting “told you so” about oil prices in the event of independence – it’s on again at 8.30 tonight.
    I’ll get my 6 year-old granddaughter to record it for me.

  113. Stoker says:

    @ heedtracker (4.16pm).

    Would that be the very same “decency of Westminster democracy” which likes to cover up paedophile activities and send in troops and bombs to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians without the consent of the electorate?

    Unionists and hypocrisy – a marriage made in London!

  114. wingman 2020 says:

    “You can now join the Scottish Labour Party for just £1 and join us in our mission to make Scotland the fairest nation on earth and remove David Cameron from Downing Street.”

    Really?? The fairest nation on the whole planet? That’s friggin’ brilliant. Where’s ma quid?
    Dugdale and Murphy… Labour superheroes.

    Promising the earth, delivering nothing.

  115. bald eagle says:


    i have no idea how to do the archive thing every time i try the links just take off

    im just new to this and dont know how many times i have hit the wrong buttons and next thing my computer goes back to factory condition and it takes hours to get back onto this site after having to reload everything

    sorry for the mistake folks im very much not a troll any tips would help

    i will now go and sit facing the wall in the corner give me a shout when i can come out again i will now leave

    hello im leaving

    who shouted me

    i can give you a phone number if thats any help

  116. Faltdubh says:

    O/T Lord Ashcroft poll has
    Breaking: latest #GE2015 poll CON 34% LAB 28% LDEM 8% UKIP 16% GRN 8%.

    SNP on 4% – tiny Scottish subsample though, and hugely ahead of Labour in it, sorry rushing out, no time to check the data tables again, but it was in the a healthy lead region – e.g 15-20 pts clear.

  117. Stoker says:

    @ Helena Brown (4.18pm).

    Why? What’s the reason given?

  118. Chic McGregor says:

    @wingman 2020

    Would it be fair to say their contribution to fairness in Scotland has already been extraordinary?

  119. Democracy Reborn says:

    Torcuil : ” Rumour has it you’re son of Ken Dodd”

    Ed : “Rumour has it you’re one of Murray Foote’s diddymen”

  120. TJenny says:

    Helena Brown – re Cara Hilton standing down on May 7th, does that mean that Jimbo, wouldn’t have to stand for WM GE2015, but could stand in her seat in a by-election?

    Would that, as her intention’s been made early, see the by-election at the same time as the GE, so that Jimbo gets max coverage?

  121. @Stoker says:

    @ Helena Brown (4.18pm).

    Why? What’s the reason given?

    She is last in for a Murphy seat.

  122. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Nana Smith yer gone naewhere your Resilient,Informative,& Fun, even dimjim would back you up xxx.

  123. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    “rangers crisis loan” titter titter

  124. SquareHaggis says:

    T Jenny,

    If that is the case, the SNP better not let those ballot boxes out of their sight, in fact those 95,000 members should organise a ballot box watch for the 2015GE countrywide if possible.

  125. Chic McGregor says:

    Torcuil: “How often do you discuss things with the new Scottish Labour leader?”

    Miliband: “I discuss things with Jed Murphy every day. Errr,… it is ‘Murphy’, isn’t it?”

  126. SquareHaggis says:

    P.S. whoever mentioned appending the Wings URL with a ? yesterday, thanks for the tip, works a treat

  127. Macart says:

    @ Nana

    Ronnie beat me to it. What he said with knobs on and an extra X. 🙂

  128. heedtracker says:

    @ Stoker, yes its the Nick Robinson”decency of democracy” show alrightee, and stuffed with an endless WTF bleh in just the ads for their unbearable garbage. We have a radio on at work all the time and its a good laugh when stuff like what Robinson and co try to pull off their cunning stunts and they won too.

    Maybe neutral and honest Nick will explain what’s so indecent about AlicSamin at Westminster, a politician who stood for election on policies that he then delivered, unlike our chum from Sheffield who signed pledges, ah feck it, everyone knows the shyster’s have ended Libem in UKOK politics for good.

    Maybe neutral and honest Nick will explain why he lied on BBC national tv news about his heckling of evil and cruel AlicSamin but again, ah feck it, they won. Its a tory boy world, and those two red tory gigglers in the back of that people carrier up there, sum up the whole teamGB Westminster farce in Scotland. They just do not want power in Scotland actually for the people of Scotland.

  129. bald eagle says:

    dont go to this if you are stinking rich it’s for the poor and it’s bloody brilliant bloody hope it works this time or stoker will do his nut in

    on you go stoker fill your wellies woops the link has dropped down a wee bit

    och bloody hell where did they all come from stoker take a deep breath and let it out slowly and feel the looove

    can you feel the looove wait wait yupp the looove its there nope stokers passed out im off byeeeeeeeee

  130. Stoker says:

    @ bald eagle.

    (1)-Copy the url of the article you want to show.

    (2)-Paste it into the red section in archive link above.

    (3)-Click on “submit url” part.

    (4)-Give it a few minutes to load.

    (5)-Once loaded, copy & paste url of archived page onto your post.

    Tip: bookmark the archive link (above) for future use.
    Note: Occasionally for some reason certain url’s don’t archive.

    Now, get back in the corner and don’t come out until you come up with a better excuse than the one you used.

  131. handclapping says:

    O/T (as if Hamish was ever O/T)
    Our own Chris Cairns is needing a boost over on Bella. The category is best artwork and we have already seen Chris painfully drawing every detail by hand whereas Greg’s is all done by copy and paste on the computer.

    Vote for the truly human Chris and down with the mechanoid Greg 😀

  132. Dr Jim says:

    Please Please Please
    There is no coalition with anybody, this is a media invention,i’m an SNP member i know what the policy is (No Propping up the Tories under any circumstances) (Deals may be done with the Labour Party “on a case by case basis”) in return for very expensive concessions, an example used was Trident,
    Nana Smith…
    I love your stuff, don’t leave us, carry on doing what you do, you’re worth your place on this site any day,
    Right that’s it i’ve had my say….. and that makes me an……

  133. Lollysmum says:

    Graun article by Natalie Bennet, Nicola Sturgeon & Lianne Wood on their exclusion from Leaders Debates

  134. Kevin meina says:

    In my experience on twitter having been blocked by George Galloway amongst others it’s simply by asking them a question they don’t like . I asked George how as a friend of Palestine how he could back Murphy a friend of Isreal for slab branch job in North Britian and it was probably due to fact that like the Murph he was more interested in himself blocked

  135. @Lollysmum that link won’t load for me.

  136. Marcia says:


    Nor me.

  137. alexicon says:

    Following on from faltdubh’s rushed comment.

    Loving this.

    Vote SNP to save Scotland from the blue Tories.

  138. No no no...Yes says:

    No surprise from the Daily Idiot’s Westminster reporter. It has to be said that Murphy has indeed seized the initiative since becoming the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland. However, he has revealed that he has more faces than the town clock, and absolutely none of his pronouncements or actions have any credibility at all.

    As each day goes by, and each time Murphy is broadcast to the nation, the more he will trip himself up. Go Jim!

    Murphy also has three key problems in the campaign ahead:

    -Scottish Leader’s TV debates
    -Scottish Labour Party leadership limitations
    -The publication of the Scottish Labour Party manifesto for a United Kingdom General Election

    If there are any TV debates he will make a fool of himself. He can hardly cope under the pressure of a soft interview, far less the heat of live debate.

    This is an election about sending Scottish MPs to Westminster to represent Scotland. Murphy is not in charge of anything related to Westminster, including the Scottish MP’s. I suspect that Murphy will not disclose that the Scottish Labour Party general election candidates are NOT selected by him or the Scottish Labour Party members. Successful Labour Party candidates will become MP’s at Westminster and will be expected to deliver on the UK Labour Party manifesto and follow the UK Party whip.

    With regard to a Scottish Labour Party manifesto, Murphy, McDougall and McTernan have a major problem, and they only have a couple of options:

    The two big Macs(with cheese) and the Chicken McNugget could bastardise the UK manifesto by using the “find/replace” tool on the words Britain and Scotland. That would be sufficiently shallow and fool some of the undecided voters.

    Alternatively, they could create their own Scottish work of fiction:

    If the Tartan manifesto relates to non-devolved matters, then it becomes a pointless exercise, as there is a UK manifesto in existence anyway. FAIL.

    In reality, the Tartan manifesto would have to relate to DEVOLVED matters, and therein lies the rub. Such a Scottish Labour Party manifesto could only be read as a Holyrood 2016 manifesto, and it would not be relevant to the General Election campaign. FAIL. Notwithstanding Murphy’s efforts to date, if his fiasco about the 1,000 more nurses than the SNP nonsense was repeated with more ludicrous uncosted promises in a Tartan manifesto, it would be rightfully lampooned. FAIL.

    No matter how Murphy,McDougall and McTernan try to spin it, what will be exposed is that there is ONLY one Labour Party, the UK Labour Party and there is only ONE manifesto relevant to the General Election and that is the UK Labour Party version, not Jockanory Jim’s Scottish Labour version.

    Ed Miliband is the Leader of the Labour Party. Jim Murphy is a Branch manager.

    Popcorn anyone?

  139. Bill McLean says:

    All – I think Cara Hylton is only standing down from her councillor job not from being and MSP! Correct me please if wrong. Could do without her as my MSP!!!

  140. Bill McLean says:

    sorry “not from being an MSP!”

  141. Archive seems to be having problems at the moment

    Cached copy on leaders debates.

  142. Archive seems to be having problems at the moment

    Cached copy on leaders debates.

  143. ronnie anderson says:

    You hiv tae laugh you jist hiv tae Slab knot see the funny side am in Knots Laughin,

  144. Lollysmum says:

    Exaro News on Home Office mandarins seeking to undermine abuse enquiry & have threatened to sue anyone speaking out.

  145. Andy-B says:

    Two of my pet hates in this thread, the Daily Record and Torcuil Crichton.

    I wish the Daily (dross) Record, would go the way of the News of the World.

    The sooner the better.

  146. Lollysmum says:

    It’s still working for me but have rearchived it. Try this

  147. @Lollysum

    Both Arvhive links working now as the site was down earlier.

  148. ronnie anderson says:

    NFU Scottish Dairy Farmers not getting the price for the Milk produced.

    Tesco before Xmas, 350g double cream 90p

    Xmas price £1.20.

    note no increase in the farm price.

    Its a blue do fur the Moo Moo,s & the farmers,the UKOK bastwards are skimming the cream of everything in Scotland,lets deliver them plenty sour mulk on 7th May.

  149. Stoker says:

    @ Lollysmum (6.22pm).

    Words fkn fail me!
    In any half decent society this would not be a story because the case and the culprits involved would long since have been dealt with and the victims would be receiving the best of help.

    Explanation needed!
    I’ve just seen Septic Meg on Reporting Scotland giving her “view” on the recent collapse of the City Link Parcel Couriers business. Why her? Does the that company have a depot in her constituency?

  150. Lollysmum says:

    Thanks Cynical -arcive today seems to have been struggling for most of the afternoon. My original post archive took ages to convert.

    Your copy timed at 6.33pm whilst mine was 5.51pm so it’s unlikely that it was changed in that timeframe.

  151. Effigy says:

    Dear Kezia Aka Dippity Dug, 1.38pm

    With the election of a new stooge, the Scottish Labour Party has made a fresh start. We are using fresh sets of Lies to change the North British Lieabour Party into an even more deceitful and devious threat to Scotland.

    Last Monday we made our first absurd election pledge, if elected Scottish Labour will deliver 1,000 extra false promises such as adding 1000 extra nurses to a an unknown number, in unknown depts, in unknown hospitals from funds we are unlikely to get from London’s elite, through an election we are unlikely to win.

    You can now join the North British Labour Party for just £1 and join us in our mission to take Scotland the farthest nation on earth away from self determination and equality and remove David Cameron from Downing Street, with another Dud who will continue to treat your country with contempt.

    Only the Labour Party can beat the Tories, other than in the 4 elections in a Row where Scotland voted Labour and got Maggie Thatcher and a Tory Government for over 18 years, Oh and the time Scotland Voted Labour in the 1970 election and got Tory PM Edward Heath, Oh and the time you stuck with that formula in the last election, 2010, when, you guessed it, you got another Tory Government through voting Labour. You can try this tried and tested next May 2015 too?

    The referendum was a huge moment for Scotland, as you had never been shafted by both Red and Blue Tories in the same election. Move on and you can be shafted by your favourite colour of Tory!

    Smurph and I want North British Labour to be as ambitious about our country, the UK, as our mellow Scots are, and have as high hopes for the next repatriation of your oil funds.
    As parents take their own children to their local Food Banks,you can relay on us making you angry as we block your ambitions with injustice or indifference.

    Help us kick Scots up the Arse and end up with the Tories this May by:

    – Join North British Labour for just £1 today. and we can make this sum the new Scottish Minimum Wage with Zero Hours Contracts. You can sign up online if you are a F^^^^^ maniac with a computer

    Dippity Dug

  152. Croompenstein says:

    @Nana – I tell you what I won’t bother from now on so hope that pleases you

    Please keep on doing your stuff Nana you are the best 🙂

  153. Lollysmum says:

    There you go Alexicon.Fixed that for you. Don’t want to give daily hate more money for hits.

  154. effijy says:

    Great Shout about Milliband being the spitting image of Jonah from the Beano. I knew I’d seem him before!

  155. Lollysmum says:

    That’s brilliant. It needs cleaning up ever so slightly then needs posting on Twitter. Would be extremely popular & an example of fighting back.

    Unfortunately I’m very new to Twitter so don’t know how to do that bit.

    Can anyone help?

  156. velofello says:

    I’m puzzled. Sincerity Jim Murph hasn’t “tested” anything yet. JoHan was always “testing” some proposal/policy/scam before introducing it to we, the great unwashed.

    Also Sincerity Jim has different hand actions from JoHan. Different training camp? His hand actions are more of a priestly style, whereas Johan’s looked as if she was wielding a hammer.

    And then there is explanation of policy: Johan was in trouble many times trying understand and then to explain policy to us. Sincerity Jim doesn’t even try. he just says things – like a 1000 more nurses than the SNP. Did he “test” whether 1000+ nurses are available to employ?

    Well, its only words I suppose.And you can’t buy a coffee with only words.

  157. liz says:

    Re deputy Dug, I think she might be getting a tad nervous now she’s out from behind her table at Holyrood.

    On twitter someone commented on how she had passed by without acknowledging them in a local supermarket when they were running a food bank collection.

    She the took to twitter to respond saying that she probably wouldn’t have been welcome if she had stopped to speak – surely displaying some tension there?

  158. Silverytay says:

    I don’t post here very often but I do visit several times a day and the last thing I would want is for you to stop posting links on this site .
    As others before me have already stated , your posts and links are all very informative .
    We will all fall out and disagree from time to time but don’t let the ****** stop you posting

  159. No no no...Yes says:


    No no no, don’t go, your links are always worth reading.

  160. Lollysmum says:

    I submitted a post ages ago suggesting a use for Effijy’s post at 7.01pm but it hasn’t appeared yet. Is WOS having problems?

  161. bald eagle says:

    bloody hell this archiving thing is bloody hard twice ive crashed i will have to go else where and practice

    can somebody give this a try and see if it works please and tell me what you see

    its alright stoker ive moved the computer into the corner

    i might be awway for some time so carry on with what you were doing but answer me first is this archiving thing working please bloody work please bloody work i feel left out and its lonely in this corner and my partner is away for a couple of days

    i want my mummy

    F£$%^&G WORK

  162. Effijy says:

    Lollysmum 8.08pm

    You have me hoping that your suggestion doesn’t involve me sticking anything anywhere. lol

    My apologies for some of the grammar,
    but I think the message got there!

  163. john king says:

    Bald Eagle
    “I want my mummy”

    Menswear, everything £5.00?

    Does your mummy LET you out on your own?

  164. Paula Rose says:

    Hmmm not sure about the jumpers – a fiver each suggests exploitation, but have a stroke xx

  165. bald eagle says:

    alexicon says:
    12 January, 2015 at 6:06 pm
    Following on from faltdubh’s rushed comment.

    ALEXICON if i was you i would remove that link before stoker sees it he ripped me a new one earlier on for the exact same kind of link dont think the medication is working for him

    i will bet he is just waiting for me to say something and pound like a demented ninja budgie

  166. john king says:

    What the hell is going on here

    Lollysmum wants effijy to stick something somewhere,

    Bald Eagle wants his mummy,

    Someones upset Nana
    Jesus the whole place has gone to hell in a handbasket. 🙂

  167. Gary says:

    This is reminiscent of recent articles praising The Smurf, Milliband and Diane Abbot for all disagreeing with each other publicly and how good this makes SLab look! Apparently this was all a ploy, not to make themselves look stupid but make Smurf look like he was a big cheese. Spin, spin, spin….

  168. Effijy says:

    Some I.T. gremlins at work I think?
    Posts are not going through.
    Could it be that we are being monitored by MFI? lol
    We are insurgents after all.

  169. Alex Clark says:

    @Nana Smith

    You are well liked here Nana, I want to read your tidbits from the Labour party emails. It’s good inside information.

    Try not to let the fact that one other reader of this site disagrees. You are very respected as can be seen by the posts of support.

  170. john king says:

    “Could it be that we are being monitored by MFI?”

    I knew those bastards were still out there somewhere

    Dont think I’ve forgotten that flatpack funiture you f***ers palmed me off with in 1978
    Im still trying to build the f***ing thing! 🙁

  171. bald eagle says:

    thank you mr john king correct and my mummy only lets me out if i eat all my eggie soldiers

    yes yes yes im in the gang know and a very very big thank you too stoker his eternal words will never leave me

    bloody archive the links properly not that way you idiot

    i will get those words tattooed where he ripped me a new one and the looove he sent me down the wires will keep me warm big big hugs STOKER xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  172. Lollysmum says:

    I was suggesting that your post could be used as an open letter from SLAB on Twitter & that I thought it would be extremely popular with all of us insturgeonts.

    Only problem is that I’m so new to Twitter that I didn’t know how to attach it or link it to a tweet so was also asking if anyone else knew how to do it. Just thought it would be a great way of fighting back 🙂 but the post never appeared.

  173. Lollysmum says:

    Well it did involve sticking it somewhere-so good guess 😉

  174. Lollysmum says:

    John King
    Behave yourself otherwise I’ll have to come up there & sort you out you funny man 🙂

    Nana Smith-you stay where you are. If you are reading the Labour effluence on our behalf then you are a saint cos I know I can’t do it day in day out as you do.

  175. Didn’t you know? Haven’t you heard?

    In Westminster politics Lying is the ‘New Truth’. Just ask Tony Blair, or the new Minister for Propaganda, Comrade McTernan!

  176. bald eagle says:

    john king

    i will bet you any money you wont be able to finish your

    Idiots flat crap half of it will be missing and and the plans will be for a fucking rock garden

    and dont ask the bastards for a bbq they will set your car on fire and tell you its the new portable range give you four bricks a plank of wood and a bit of MDF and tell you its a free picnic table and bench

    B&Q can fuck right off place is full of fuckwits that like to fuck with your brain go in there for a pot of paint and any bets you come out with a compressor and assorted air tools fucking thing is still in its box never been used and never will be

  177. Drew says:

    fed up ‘of’?

    Never, never, never,

    But I agree with the tone of the article.

  178. Patrick Roden says:

    So what’s happened to cause this Labour crash in the polls?

    look back over the past week, do you see Labour in England doing anything to cause voters to abandon them? or do you see the Tory’s doing anything to cause voters to flock to them?


    Only one major thing has happened, it was all over the MSM and upset a lot of voters in the most densely populated area in the UK.

    That was Dim Jims, rebranding of himself as Scottish, by saying he would tax the wealthy in London and the South East, to pay for 1000 nurses for Scotland.

    You’ve got to hand it to Murphy, he sure has made an impact!

  179. Nana Smith says:

    Thanks for the supportive comments. I’m a bit ticked off, but I certainly don’t want to fall out with anyone.

    Anyways thought you might like to see this.

    Angus McNeil on twitter…

    London Labour MP told me today that his canvas team are picking up support for the SNP – in London!!!

  180. David Wardrope says:

    @Nana Smith

    Can only assume that a few Londoners see SNP as best way to (probably foolishly) get shot of us?

  181. Barontorc says:

    What would any reasonable socialist leaning voter do in Engerland -(South Britain) faced with a choice of twiddledum and twiddledee LabCon tories or the fascist devil’s spawn that is UKIP, if SNP was a viable election choice for them?

    “Huge support gathers for SNP – abandons disgraced UK parties!”

  182. Anne Lawrie says:

    With all the nonsense about the smurph’s 1000 fantasy nurses, we are starting to overlook his sincere promise of re-introducing sectarian singing & drinking at football matches. A real vote catcher! He’s teetotal, but maybe the dug could pose at Celtic Park swigging out of a bottle of buckie – a real vote catcher!

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