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The Hole Story

Posted on April 29, 2023 by

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  1. 100%Yes says:

    Just how SNPBAD are the account books.

    Will he be pushed or will he walk. He was handed the job to contain all the SNP dirty secrets so what did he expect the job would entail.

    Yousaf walking the Stone of Destiny down to England only show he’s truly followed in Sturgeon footsteps, when most of Scotland don’t support the monarchy.

  2. Natal XY and proud says:

    Who’s eye is that?

  3. robertkknight says:

    LOL… the only sort of “transparency” that Sturgeon’s rancid SNP is capable of.

  4. Stoker says:

    LOL! Sturgeon keeping an eye on things.

  5. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    A source tells me there are some excellent Chartered Accountants firms available in Lagos.

  6. deerhill says:

    Sorry Humza, the NEC has voted you the fall guy for everything.
    Have a nice day!

    Why don’t we give the English a Wee Majic Stane copy?
    I am told there are at least two good copies in existence. One of them would be enough to keep them happy, and it would not be such a blow if they refused to hand it back.

    If Westminster got uppity about devolution, we could always release proof that Charlie was not crowned on the real stone!

  7. Holymacmoses says:

    Yousaf viewing the accounts through the pin-hole camera equipment left by Sturgeon as she closed the door of the office behind her.
    So subtle, as ever.

  8. Stoker says:

    Sturgeon’s SNP have built a reputation of masters at re-inventing the wheel. Is that their version of the all seeing eye? LOL!

  9. Cynicus says:

    Stop digging!

  10. Doug says:

    Yousaf: “I lie with my little spy.”

  11. President Xiden says:

    No wonder they were so keen to stay in the EU as their ‘accounting’ practices fitted perfectly.

  12. Cynicus says:

    Exposed as a liar and a hypocrite. He was indeed the Continuity Candidate!

  13. Karen says:

    Playing the (even) longer game … a rethink of “strategy” – what is the actual point of the SNP now?

  14. John Main says:

    What would be subtle would be the depiction of HY wearing a baseball cap with a big ‘P’ on it.

    P for Pretender.

    Looks to me as if everybody has just given up and accepted the flawed and fraudulent process that gave us HY as FM.

    FFS, it’s barely 5 weeks since we were still holding out the hope of Ash Regan as SNP leader, with her dynamic, understandable and likely plausible route to Indy, or at the very least, route to engagement and dialogue that promised to rejuvenate the movement.

    How short people’s memories are. Now it’s like “Regan, who’s that?”

    Soz for having to write this folks, but it’s a pathetic state of affairs that hardly anybody on here seems to care about the shameless fraud that has been perpetrated on our nation.

    Plenty of synthetic outrage over that muckle stane though, oh yes.

    Oh, but it’s the symbolism of the insult against the Scottish crown (that we all resolutely oppose) I hear somebody say.

    How’s that then? Does the symbolism of a FM representing Scotland on the world stage, having just survived a heavily disputed election process, with the major protagonists under police investigation, not matter?

    FFS. King Charles is politically impotent. HY is already forcing through undemocratic policies that will adversely affect every Scot in the country.

    Get your priorities in order, FFS.

  15. Beauvais says:

    Forget Single Entry or Double Entry Accounting, this is a new method known as Jackson’s Entry.

  16. Mac says:

    I said at the time of the Humzafix if he was smart he would call a snap GE as this was going to be his high water mark and all down hill from here. Even if he ever considered it the crisis has engulfed the SNPG now like an epic sandstorm.

    Yousaf did not even get a honeymoon period. He has gone from 0 to fuck-up within days getting the job. He is so ill equipped to deal with all of this, both as leader of the party and far more worryingly as FM of Scotland.

    Fixing it for Humza was for the sole benefit of the criminal cabal. It was the worst appointment for the SNP and for Scotland.

    It is now not just the SNP who are in mortal danger. They may bring down the credibility of the whole Scottish parliament with them. Or worse the whole idea of independence (in the public’s mind).

    People are starting to grasp the real meaning of Sturgeon’s legacy. It goes far beyond ‘abject failure’. And it has hardly even manifested yet but the glimpses we are getting are worse than anything I imagined. I knew it was bad but this on the astronomical scale of bad.

  17. Doug says:

    Kudos to Alba for its new pro republican billboard campaign. A poke in the eye for all brown-nosing SNP unionists.

  18. Ian McCubbin says:

    Good satire, so like the truth, with nothing jn nu SNP, accounts to see.

  19. Mac says:

    The SNPG is sailing into the heart of a hurricane and they have the cabin-boy captaining the ship. All the able sailors have been locked out the bridge. The thing is though folks, we are also in the ship while the SNP are in government.

    Look at the team Humza has assembled. He has literally surrounded himself by failure and incompetency. This will never end well.

    Not a single person ever voted for Yousaf (nor Sunak) to be FM (and PM).

    Yousaf now is doing things that are extremely disturbing like tamper with juries and none of this was in the SNP manifesto apparently.

    These guys have zero mandate for fuck-all yet Yousaf is pursing extremely contentious changes and legislation.

    Boy, talk about reading the room wrong. The SNP are going to get slaughtered (assuming the opposition turn up for once). 2017 is going to look like the Garden of Eden in comparison.

    There is poetic justice to some of it. All the WGD type people who went along with the Salmond stitch-up are now themselves realizing that they are now being stitched-up, and by the exact same person they were warned about, over and over again for years. Did you idiots really just think it was going to be limited to just attempting to destroy Alex Salmond…

    You laid down with a dog and picked up a lot more than just fleas.

  20. Geoff Anderson says:

    The sad thing is that the SNP will limp on for a while. They will lose MPs. The will lose constituency MSPs but pick up some list MSPs as the votes fall but D’Hondt saves them.

    I am not concerned about them but the long term damage to the cause of Independence. The carrot will be dragged out every election to slow the decline. As with any Ponzi scheme the top clique will be last impacted.

    It is unfortunate we cannot end this quickly!

  21. Ron Clark says:

    Doug 9.54am

    “Kudos to Alba for its new pro republican billboard campaign. A poke in the eye for all brown-nosing SNP unionists.”

    Why is Alex Salmond attending the crowning of the King of England next week?

    I’m totally baffled by that.

    Alex would have made more of an impression if he had decided to lead the “Get it Right Fuckin up ye Charlie” Rally next Saturday in Glasgow.

  22. David Hannah says:

    Big Eck will be at the Coronation to make sure Humza and Nicola are aware that the perjury investigation into his failed conspiracy attempt is on going. And that he is satisfied with the seriousness at which the perjury is being taken.

    And to make sure that Nicola and Humza aren’t signing anymore ScotWind deals for the Royals, to help fund Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Roberts, and their 60 billion inheritance from your renewables energy future.

    Peter Murrell and his corrupt SNP and corrupt wife Nicola Sturgeon will be smooching up to them all. Conspiring and plotting against the nationalists and looking to buy protection for their evil crimes.

  23. David Hannah says:

    The fake cover stone of Destiny. Meekly handed over by Yousaf. A fake stone from a fake False First minister of Scotland. Of the fake nationalist party.

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    Nice one Chris, the SNP under Sturgeon and now Yousless has brought great shame to the indy movement, their machinations have damaged the indy cause though the faithful will never give up on ditching this rancid union.

    The SNPs credibility and reputation have been fatally damaged, no one trusts them anymore, it time to dump them at the polls and vote for Alba, get the SNP out and Alba in, for a vote for the SNP right now is a vote for the status quo.

  25. John Main says:

    A poke in the eye for the 37% of Scots (October 2022 figures) who support the monarchy.

    Great that the Indy movement is so far ahead in support that it can afford to write off 37% of Scots.

    Talk about reading the room wrong! If only Alba would come out against our fraudulent FM.

    But naw. Shame, it’s an open goal. I do sometimes think that AS has lost the masterful surefootedness he once had.

  26. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon and Peter Murrell will be giving out the cocktails at the Coronation, while Humza polishes their boots. God Save the King will be sang in a more rousing manner than Nicola’s ever sang flower of Scotland. She can’t wait.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    An interesting interview with Alex Salmond.

    “He (Salmond) says wryly when asked if he expects Sturgeon to be arrested.
    “One thing I will say is that I don’t think this is going to be over by Christmas.”

    The souring of his relationship with Sturgeon began, he says, when he gave her a warning that proved to be prophetic. When Sturgeon succeeded him as leader of the SNP and first Minister of Scotland in November 2014, Salmond was troubled by the idea of her husband Peter Murrell staying on as the party’s chief executive. “I said it to both Nicola and Peter,” he says. “Neither took it well. I got a kind of rebuff from Nicola and I thought, ‘Oh well, why not say it to Peter, because he might take my advice and believe it to be in the best interests of his wife’.”

    “And the point I made to them both was that you might get by when times are good – as they were then – but when times were tough, it would become a source of great weakness. “Nicola said she didn’t think it was a problem. And Peter looked at me with a look of sort of hurt astonishment, resentment, more than anything else. But it was advice well meant. It seemed to me a patently obvious point. I think my estrangement from Nicola and Peter can be traced to that moment.”

    “He (Salmond) has not spoken to Sturgeon since 2018, he says, after he went to her home to tell her she was pursuing an illegal course of action against him over the harassment claims.”

  28. sarah says:

    @ Natal XY at 08.08: “whose eye?”. It is Humza’s – he is “looking into the accounts”, no doubt.

  29. Angus Files says:

    Great work Chris

    I spy with my little eye something beginning in A


    Am a worried? no good riddance

  30. Anton Decadent says:

    Re HY being a fake FM, let us not forget that none of us voted for Harvie and Slater either. It is an internal coup and they will probably play the R and AS cards to silence any criticism and the media will willingly assist them in this, I mean just have a look at the Herald nowadays, a bunch of people who all look as if they are related to each other promoting people who look as if they are also related to them be it Green MPs or bands no one has heard of.

    In London Sadiq Khan is referring to any critics as the far Right and conspiracy theorists. Expect the same here.

  31. Hobbit says:

    I haven’t been round here in some time. So with that qualifier in mind: is it fair to say that the SNP, as distinct from the wider independence movement as a whole, lost its bottle after the 2014 Indyref and has not bothered in the intervening years to find it again? Hence settling for a comfortable status quo of managing a devolved Scotland, but that was all.

    I am also beginning to think that had Alex stayed as FM after 2014, things would have worked out better, but I suspect I am being ‘wise after the event’.

  32. John H. says:

    Republicofscotland 11.44am

    Thanks for the link . I see that Alex Salmond is still hung up on the idea of another referendum. A complete waste of time, and easy to rig . He should have learned that lesson by now I would have thought. Also, he wants to work with the SNP, placing candidates strategically though Humza Yousaf hasn’t responded to his advances yet.

    I don’t think that I could vote SNP again while it’s in its present form, even though it makes electoral sense to do so. So I hope I get an ALBA candidate in my area.

  33. Merganser says:

    ‘Don’t it make my brown eyes blue’.

    Tell me no secrets, tell me some lies.
    Give me no reasons, give me alibis.

  34. Ruby says:

    Humza says

    I see no ships.

    That’s a very interesting article.

    I had a feeling the reason for the fall-out was due to Alex Salmond suggesting the husband & wife set up was not a good idea.

    I wonder which one was most furious?

    Hell hath no fury like a man scorned?

    “Hell hath no fury like a man scorned,” the team concluded after doing behavioural tests on 16 men and 16 women.

    The volunteers also filled in questionnaires; men said they had a much higher desire for revenge than women,

  35. Stephen O'Brien says:

    SNP passing the buck, in the most deceitful way.. No referendum or otherwise (general election manifesto) No, not due to SNP devolution comfy slippers or their own disarray but due to the electorate not being ready!

    Some idiots will agree, blaming indy polls. It’s 50/50 ffs! and that’s if you believe those figures!

    SNP cannot get away with this bullshit any longer!…..

  36. Effijy says:

    It sure beats me why SNP Books are not with a forensic accountant whether they or the police appoint one and just get on with it.

    I’m not happy with SNP in general but innocent until proven guilty.

    Perhaps we should be highlighting the 4,000 EU laws that Reece Mogg is going to delete.
    Anyone think they mainly protect the working class and a threat to the rich Tory elite profits

    Rishi talking Pishy with Dross yesterday about how they will by pass Holyrood with fake bribe money and how we waste money and can’t control finances.

    Have a look at the Tory debt clock-

    £2.830,000,000,000 Trillion

    They ripped money out for themselves with Covid and jumped on the Ukraine war as another great excuse for you being poor and getting poorer every day.

    We watch life saving doctors and nurses having to go on strikes for the first time ever due to over a decade of financial cuts and the Tories won’t even discuss pay with them at the table

    Looking at Westminsters abuse and denial of democracy is way up there in my world or a mobile home’ s funding.

    It appears to be worth half that of Boris’ wallpaper.

  37. Joe says:

    Breeks said something a day or 2 ago.

    Paraphrased ‘we have to know who has the strength of character to lead Scotland politically to independence.’

    I’m not wasting my time with any politician still officially affiliated to the SNP. So lets get that out of the way.

    I would say that any politician who will not:

    1- take a firm stand for women
    2- discuss the slow displacement of Scots in Scotland, in context with the wider problem most Western nations are experiencing
    3- talk openly about the health implications to the public surrounding the ‘jabs’ and the government lies told during the last few years on the same subject

    Should not be considered fit public representatives.

    In fact I would consider them out of touch at best and complicit at worst. With most leaning towards the latter.

    Those 3 issues are your perfect test and there’s no point wasting time, energy and especially a vote on those who fail.

    It’s time to stop tolerating the intolerable and that begins with discarding politicians who will not stand solid on critical issues.

    There’s more at stake than the fantasy of being granted political independence by a state who would find itself in dire straits should we be allowed to walk.

    Everything important to us is being pulled from under our feet while we listen and look for hints of strength and leadership from politicians who are simply not up to the task or are complicit players, like starving people looking for nuggets of nutrition in sewage.

    Lets start regaining some national self respect. Lets draw some lines and stand firm on them.

  38. Red says:

    Anybody campaigning in Dundee today? Lol

  39. Ottomanboi says:

    «Scotland already is the most powerful devolved assembly anywhere in the world» says PM Sunak.

    How do you explain this?

  40. McDuff says:

    Good one Chris.

  41. Gordon Keane says:

    As many others have said here, and elsewhere, SNP has totally betrayed the Independence movement, and the sight of the First Minister standing to attention beside that fake bit of Scottish rock, was insulting.
    It’s certainly not the original Stone of Destiny, but its the symbolism it has come to represent that is what angers folks.
    Humza wasn’t particularly sincere looking either, and in fact he looked quite ridiculous!

    Dunno what many SNP members make of him now declaring he has no intention of pushing for Independence ’till goodness knows when, but the rest of us who demand SNP action on Independence, are not going to put up with it.
    Trouble is, and SNP knows it, we have little choice but to keep voting for them at first past the post elections.
    The alternative is to end up with Labour politicians who are equally ("Tractor" - Ed)s to Scotland.
    However, when we have the opportunity to vote at other elections such as council and Scottish Parliament, we can use our 2nd votes for ALBA.
    That said, there may well come a point, when there is a massive backlash against SNP and we have to simply stop voting for them. But its how we make sure we don’t give the treacherous pro London groups power by default. Tho, SNP seems to have morphed into its own version old “Scottish”Labour, itself.

    Its a pity too many in SNP held Nicola Sturgeon on such a high pedestal, and wouldn’t hear a word said against her.
    Alas for all of them! She has left everything in a mess and now Yousaf is making things even worse, with these Law “reform” ideas, which must have been planned long before now. Didn’t Nicola Sturgeon make hints a while back?
    The fact Yousaf decides to go along with it, doesn’t do him or Scotland any favors and does absolutely nothing to help rebuild SNP.
    We know wonder just how long he will be First Minister.
    He brushes aside all such talk, of course, and like Nicola before him, will hear of nothing negative, but Scotland needs far better, and politicians who see Independence as the number One priority, not someone who has more or less given up on it.

  42. Ottomanboi says:

    Charles is descended from Robert Bruce….as am I.
    And, Sir Tom Devine talks thru a hole.

  43. Ruby says:

    Cynicus says:
    29 April, 2023 at 9:39 am

    Exposed as a liar and a hypocrite. He was indeed the Continuity Candidate!

    Maybe Chris could do a follow up cartoon next week and call it. ‘The Holy Story’

    Sorry my jokes are rubbish!

    I’m pretty interested in how a devout Muslim can support gay marriage, abortion & transgenderism.

    Regarding the link I posted earlier comparing the ‘fury’ of men & women. This was done in 2006 so there’s a good chance that the men were men and the women were women.

    Anything like that done these days would be a waste of time ‘cos you wouldn’t know if the women were men and vice versa.

  44. Republicofscotland says:

    ” I see that Alex Salmond is still hung up on the idea of another referendum.”

    John H.

    Alex Salmond isn’t the Alba party, and we all know the route to an indyref is blocked, not that I want an indyref, I prefer the 50+1% route as highlighted by Ash Regan.

    It will be up to the Alba membership to steer the Alba party in the right direction so it doesn’t end up in the utter mess that the SNPs in now. I’m confident the membership will do this and I fully expect more Alba MPs to be elected, and for the Alba party to gain seats at the next Holyrood election, from there on (If the membership keep it honest) the sky’s the limit as the saying goes.

  45. Jan says:

    Danny La Rue used to say he was not a drag act, but a female impersonator. Transwomen are not women, Female impersonators would be a good description.

  46. Ruby says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    29 April, 2023 at 1:33 pm

    «Scotland already is the most powerful devolved assembly anywhere in the world» says PM Sunak.

    How do you explain this?

    That’s an easy one Ottoman.

    PM Sunak talks thru a hole and it isnae the wan in his heed.

    How can these ‘Holy Joes’ be so devious and dishonest?

    Gordon Keane says:
    Humza wasn’t particularly sincere looking either, and in fact he looked quite ridiculous!

    ‘Humza the Chameleon’ remind me of the time Donald Trump met the Queen. 🙂

    We need more emojis. This wee smiley face isn’t enough. I need the PMSL emoji.

  47. Achnababan says:

    Chris Cairns should show some gratitude to Humza and oor Nicola – they have given him masses of material to work on.

    Slightly but only off topic can someone help me with this:

    1. The SNP had three signatories listed for their accounts – Murrell, Sturgeon and Treasurer Beattie.

    2. I thought all charities required 2 signatures for big purchases but Beattie has claimed he did not sign for the camper van .. indeed claimed he had no knowledge of it till it ‘appeared’ in the accounts.

    3. Did Sturgeon therefore provide that second signature and if she did should she not also be arrested?

  48. PhilM says:

    The SNP aren’t really doing govt anymore, they’re just refereeing the contest between elite interest groups. If any of these groups have received govt funding, then the contest is a walk over. Scottish people figure precisely nowhere.
    They are anti-democratic and whilst they continue in this way, I cannot vote for them.

  49. Skip_NC says:

    Michael Gove reads Wings. It just takes him a long time to understand it.

  50. A Scot Abroad says:


    it’s not a criminal offence for a political party to purchase a camper van. It might be a breach of faith with the members or supporters who donated their hard earned money to a cause, and were told it would be spent on that cause, but it’s not criminal. It stretches credulity to claim that the camper van was meant to be a campaign bus (every other party rents buses for defined periods, and at lower cost than purchasing a £110,000 camper van), but nevertheless that is what we are asked to believe.

    None of us yet know the allegations under which Murrell and Beattie were arrested, but I suspect that it’s along the lines of false accounting. That is a criminal offence, if subsequently proven.

  51. msdidi says:

    ” I see that Alex Salmond is still hung up on the idea of another referendum.”

    You seem to surmise this from what Alex is reported to have said in the Telegraph article…. the reporter also wrongly says that both ALBA MP’s were elected under the SNP banner!
    Check out what Alex actually says on voting for Independence in reply to a weird question from an audience member at the Wee Alba Book Event in Kircaldy on Thursday night…near the end at 1.31.50 A wee bit earlier to hear the question!

  52. David Hannah says:

    Victim of vile rapist Sean Hogg hopes ‘justice will be done’:

    “I’ve watched the news about how they now want to do away with juries, but I ask the question why, in my case the police, prosecution and 15 men and women did their job but the only person who let me down was a judge?”

    Lady Dorian take note. She should be nowhere near legislation. We all know it was a conspiracy. She should go with the rest of the resigning cabal.

  53. David Hannah says:

    Dear Sturgeon cabal. Get your filthy corrupt groping hands off our legal system.

    I see Craig Murray is taking a case the UN. I wish him well. A true inspiration. Nothing in the imperial armour of the Sturgeon cabal can break an honest and truthful man who refuses to be broken.

    Set the truth free. Let’s hope the perjury investigations conclude before the alphabetty act.

    A race against time. The sturgeon cabal will stop at nothing. Were it not for us meddling Nats.

  54. Dan says:

    Reading this article is so depressing it makes sanding the ceiling and getting covered in stoor seem like an enjoyable distraction…

  55. twathater says:

    @ John Main 9.46am TBQH I want you to point out who and where all this acceptance of this unmitigated FRAUD is taking place

    YOU have went on constantly deriding and demeaning commemters on WOS for doing NOTHING about this continuous and ongoing fraud , WHAT are YOU doing about it, WHY don’t YOU LEAD us, start a fundraiser or something to bring this clusterfuck of corruption and lies to the fore, DON’T SHOW US THE MONEY John SHOW US THE WAY

    Do you think Stuart Campbell or the other bloggers accept Useless as FM, do you not think that a lot of us think (know) that the snp, sturgeon, Useless, blackfud are a TOTAL embarrassment to Scotland
    BUT the reality is that these troughing lying bastards have been voted in by a stupid electorate, some of them actually STILL believe in them and would vote for them again they are so stupid ,

    SO John tell us YOUR plan I for one am all ears, HOW do we get rid of these fuckers apart from voting them out, HOW do we get to EXPOSE their lies and corruption whilst our police, justiciary , broadcasters and MSM are ALL covering up for them
    The ONLY way is revolution currently, are you our braveheart John , the ONLY other way is Sovereign Scots COLLECTIVELY and that means SALVO because politicians, ALL POLITICIANS just want POWER, but there are those who demean that BPHP so we are STUCK John until voters get educated

  56. Ottomanboi says:

    Gove sees SNP putting independence on the «back burner»..what if you have induction?
    Independence should be a fire arrow shot into the heart of Unionism and the smug British sociopolitical order.
    There is something very sad if not suspiciously deviant about Scots unionists protesting their loyalty to the Top.

  57. JGedd says:

    PhilM @ 2.52pm

    The SNP aren’t really doing govt anymore, they’re just refereeing the contest between elite interest group.

    Excellent comment. Adroitly sums up the SNP’s way of doing governance – lazy and partial. They do not govern for the people and have no ideas of their own, lacking intellectual engagement and common purpose with the voters.

    Its like a medieval potentate who is petitioned by courtiers for royal favour while the ruler, in turn, secures his power through patronage. The plebs outside the gate, meanwhile, have no one to speak for them. (It’s amazing that modern democracy reminds us so often of how rule was exercised in the past when there was no democracy.)

  58. Dan says:

    David Hannah’s direct link to unionist rag archived…

    Getting very tired of seeing this direct linking so GTF with indy supporters posting direct links to the enemies of Scotland returning to self-governance. Seriously, if anyone can post a link on here btl then they have the ability to archive it first. No fucking excuses. It’s this lazy lack of discipline that aids keeping us stuck where we are whilst our enemies continue to rip the piss out of us.
    It is immensely hard and difficult work for frontline activists to counter the relentless anti-Scotland pish the unionist press publishes, so at least try to limit their funding and exposure.
    Would anyone serious about victory in a war give their enemy bullets to fire back at them.

    Link to an archive site. Paste link into lower box to see if it has already been saved (they often have), if not then save it and copy that link to paste instead of direct one.

    Don’t take it too personally though David, even our supposed pro-indy politicians often direct link to these sources.
    Alba Party might want to get serious and consider implementing a policy that attempts to stop this practice, but I won’t hold my breath on that score.

  59. Chic McGregor says:

    Alt txt

    I swear by this holy book there is nothing to see here.

  60. Ottomanboi says:

    The British state and Scots Unionism are the enemy.
    Running the country, whether well or badly, for the benefit of both is not on message.
    The Holyrood sub parliament is stuck in a rut.
    What ought to be a place of fireworks is nothing but one of rather damp straw.
    Sunak, Brit imperialism resuscitated, says no way.
    No way should nationalists, worthy of the name, be offering a cooperative helping hand.

  61. Bob Mack says:

    Those holes must be now they managed to interweave the money through the accounts .

  62. Shug says:

    What a disgrace to hand over the stone to a government that refuses us a vote.

    At the very least he should have resisted and caused a delay to the coronation, that would have made headlines around the world and even better if Westminster forced their way in to take the stone.

    What an open goal missed.

    Well they gave certainly picked a belter in this chap.

    Given the unionists still seem to be in charge of the SNP I suppose all charges will be dropped on the murrell’s as they got their new man elected

  63. A Scot Abroad says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    29 April, 2023 at 4:52 pm
    The British state and Scots Unionism are the enemy.

    Has it occurred to you that the route to a peaceful independence lies through dialogue and persuasion of your fellow Scots? Sentiments such as you express will not achieve that.

  64. Ottomanboi says:

    Given the extensive mythology surrounding the Lia Fàil a lump of local sandstone doesn’t quite have the right cachet.
    The monks of Scone may well have done a switch.
    Regardless, the symbolism of a foreign ruler sitting on a piece of Scotland endures.

  65. Ottomanboi says:

    Yes indeed, it has occurred to me.
    I reject it as the fatuous fable it is.
    No country has escaped «subjugation» through the medium of verbiage, dialog, endless chat. Scots need to check out the history of colonialism and how to respond to it.
    Sitting with a nice wee cup of tea discussing the question is totally pointless.

  66. Ruby says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    29 April, 2023 at 6:39 pm

    Ottomanboi says:
    29 April, 2023 at 4:52 pm
    The British state and Scots Unionism are the enemy.

    Has it occurred to you that the route to a peaceful independence lies through dialogue and persuasion of your fellow Scots?

    Not if they live in England it isn’t

    Nor if they are hardcore Unionists who would never vote for independence.

  67. Ruby says:

    twathater says:
    29 April, 2023 at 4:00 pm

    @ John Main 9.46am TBQH I want you to point out who and where all this acceptance of this unmitigated FRAUD is taking place

    Voices in his head.

    Be kind twathater! 🙂

  68. A Scot Abroad says:

    To Ottomanboi and Ruby,

    You should look at the tragic history of Northern Ireland between 1969-1997 before you advocate anything other than peaceful persuasion of your fellow Scots. Do you want to repeat that?

  69. Dan says:

    A Scot Abroad says: at 6:39 pm

    Has it occurred to you that the route to a peaceful independence lies through dialogue and persuasion of your fellow Scots?

    Oh, thanks for some stellar input there, I’d never considered that option before! Maybe you could assist us lobbying London to devolve the power of broadcasting to Scotland so we could then begin the dialogue and persuasion on a bigger scale to reach my fellow Scots. Not sure how all the “New Scots” will like that though…
    And on that subject, if anybody that moves to Scotland is a “New Scot” then why are you clinging to being a Scot abroad when you should embrace what we are told to by our betters and declare yourself a “New citizen of wherever you currently reside”?

  70. ABruce says:

    A Scot Abroad.

    I am also a Scot Abroad and Ottomanboy is correct. There should be no more sitting around chatting over cups of tea with unionists and the British State who are the enemy. Overcoming colonial subjugation has never been won like that.Is your Abroad south of Carlisle?

  71. Ruby says:

    craig murray says:
    28 April, 2023 at 1:13 pm

    Something inside me has really snapped over this proposal to abolish juries, I guess in the same way GGR did for others. I have absolutely had enough of the SNP, in a really fundamental way, if they do this.

    I’m guessing Craig means GRR.

    I don’t think you can compare how people feel about GRR/self id with how people feel about juryless trials.
    I could never be accused of rape so that juryless trials are less important to me than GRRB.

    In the event of someone Craig Murray respects (ie a high profile independence supporter) comes out in favour of juryless trials he might know how I feel about him and his support for GRRB.

    Juryless trials, GRRB, Campervans, and all the rest are just unbelievable.

  72. Ruby says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    29 April, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    To Ottomanboi and Ruby,

    You should look at the tragic history of Northern Ireland between 1969-1997 before you advocate anything other than peaceful persuasion of your fellow Scots. Do you want to repeat that?

    Tell me why I should take advice from a BritNat living in England.

    Who in their right mind would take campaign advice from the enemy?

    You’ll have had your tea! Bye!

  73. Shug says:

    The real stone is black and contained a mixture of celtic, Pictish christian carvings.

    It is made of a dark chlorite schist found around Castle Sween at Doide. When polished it appears very dark grey, almost black.

    After Edward’s invasion it was hidden at Dunsinan hill in a soutern until 1820 when a landslip required that it be moved.

    I will say no more

  74. Michael Laing says:

    @ Ruby at 7.40pm: Suppose Alex Salmond had been subjected to a juryless trial. Do you not see how incredibly dangerous that would have been? Do you not see how easy that would have made it for a cabal of politically-motivated conspirators to destroy an innocent man’s life?

    How would you feel if you found yourself in court on false charges and your guilt or innocence depended on the whim of a judge alone? Surely you would consider that totally unacceptable?

  75. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Shug.

    I’m with you. The early descriptions of the stone have it as black, possibly a meteorite. Why go to the bother of conveying it from the Middle East, via Spain and Ireland, to Scotland, if it had no significance?

    I’m content with the supposition that the monks at Scone had advance warning and substituted a lump of local sandstone (the cludgie stane) for the original.

    No doubt, when Scotland is finally independent, the Knights Templar will reveal the original to take its place in Scottish history in the National Museum.

    “Is this the truth about Scotland’s Stone of Scone? Many historians think so. This is a slightly (but only slightly) tongue-in-cheek telling of the history of the Stone of Scone, and the video features Doon-The-Pan’s People performing Scotland’s latest dance craze, the Cludgie Calypso.

  76. Bob Mack says:

    @ A Scot Abroad, Did you ever consider why there were no IRA or loyalist attack in Scotland? Have a guess

  77. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Bob Mack.

    I don’t think I know. I’m willing to be educated.

  78. Aunty Flo says:

    Ron Clark asks:

    “Why is Alex Salmond attending the crowning of the King of England next week?

    I’m totally baffled by that.”

    Answer: Because he’s a privy counsellor and has sworn an oath to King Charles, to defend and protect him and his realms, that’s why.

    The oath requires the counsellor ‘.. to be a true and faithful Servant unto The King’s Majesty … and to .. defend all civil and temporal Jurisdictions…granted to His Majesty’.

    I’m struggling to understand how that qualifies anyone to lead a movement for Scottish independence!

  79. Robert Hughes says:

    ” You should look at the tragic history of Northern Ireland between 1969-1997 before you advocate anything other than peaceful persuasion of your fellow Scots. Do you want to repeat that? ”

    Maybe YOU should look at the centuries of ” tragic history ” Ireland endured at the hands of it’s English oppressors that led to the Troubles between 1969 – 1997 .

    No one here – or anywhere else that I’ve seen , is advocating violence : we all know that would almost certainly be a terrible mistake; besides , the world does not need any more bloodshed .

    * Scotland * has to get real , though . The forces arrayed against us becoming Independent eg the Political/Military/Financial/MSM/ * Complex * are formidable ; combined with the War On Democracy being waged on * ordinary * people by the supposed exemplars of that now pretty much redundant concept , it will require an unflinching act/s of concentrated will to -eventually – achieve our objective . Full Independence and nothing less .

    As Dan says , above … the fuck can you have a fair shot at persuading people when the main sources of popular information are totally controlled by those intent on withholding , blanking , distorting any information that could persuade people to support Independence ?

    People can also be persuaded by action , seeing an idea/goal being pursued with commitment . Providing , of course ,the goal is an honourable one .

    Anyone here doubt Scottish Independence is one such honourable goal ?

  80. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Aunty Flo.

    TBH, I don’t think AS’s commitment to Scottish independence can be doubted.
    “Protocol” is maybe what is coming into play here.

  81. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Looks like the meeting with the Pakistani Consulate which Yousaf claimed kept him from the Equal Marriage vote never took place ie. He lied in the leadership contest.’

    Linda Holt,, today.

  82. Ruby says:

    Michael Laing says:
    29 April, 2023 at 8:50 pm

    @ Ruby at 7.40pm: Suppose Alex Salmond had been subjected to a juryless trial. Do you not see how incredibly dangerous that would have been? Do you not see how easy that would have made it for a cabal of politically-motivated conspirators to destroy an innocent man’s life?

    How would you feel if you found yourself in court on false charges and your guilt or innocence depended on the whim of a judge alone? Surely you would consider that totally unacceptable?

    What makes you think I don’t? Alex Salmond’s life to some extend has been destroyed.

    This juryless trial could also allow men to get away with rape depending on the ‘whim’ of the judge however I would agree
    juryless trial does probably affect men more than women.

    At the time Mark MacDonald was fired for sending a text and Alex Salmond was charged with a whole load of absolutely ridiculous ‘sexual assault’ charges I was ragin’ on behalf of not just Alex Salmond but all men.

    Men however were very quiet and there were even lots of them rejoicing that Alex Salmond had been charged and they were calling him a sex pest, sleepy cuddles and all sorts of nasty names. They are still doing it today.

    Maybe if men no matter what their politics had stood up at the time and said charging someone with sexual assault because they pulled your hair or touched your knee was outrageous they may not have even contemplated this juryless trial madness.

    Yes Michael I do see how incredible dangerous lots of things are.

    Any suggestions what we should do about it?

    Alex Salmond should never have been in court with or without a jury.

    We’ll see what happens with the perjury investigation. This might bring about some sanity.

  83. A Scot Abroad says:

    It seems that advocating that trying to persuade (as yet) unpersuaded Scots of a peaceful route to independence, rather than declaring that the “the British state and Scots unionism is the enemy” is enough to get you called a BritNat and get told to clear off.

    I’ve never cleared off in my life from a fight, but fighting is a sign of failure on two sides. How about a debate?

  84. Ruby says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    29 April, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    ‘Looks like the meeting with the Pakistani Consulate which Yousaf claimed kept him from the Equal Marriage vote never took place ie. He lied in the leadership contest.’

    There’s another article where he says he definitely did attend the meeting.

    Whatever one is true the fact is he did not vote for same sex marriage.

    Either he’s a Muslim and doesn’t believe in same sex marriage or he isn’t a Muslim and does believe in same sex marriage.

    I don’t know much about Islam. The only reason I know they don’t believe in same sex marriage is because there were articles stating muslims had the same beliefs vis a vis same sex marriage as Kate Forbes.

    I wonder if the Mosque is OK with Humza’s support of transgenderism because any marriage between a transwoman and a man would not be considered a same sex marriage.

    We’ve got a Muslim as a FM and a Hindu as a PM and I haven’t a clue about these religions.

    What does the Koran and the Hindu bible say about telling lies?

    Do Hindus and Muslims get on OK? Any chance that a Hindu would refuse to have anything to do with a Muslim. What if they are a different caste?

    Are we Independence supporters making a huge mistake sending a Muslim to ask a Hindu for a S30?

  85. Cherrybank says:

    Ruby Never mind a marriage,would the Mosque be happy with transwomen sitting among the women worshippers.

  86. Ruby says:

    Cherrybank says:
    29 April, 2023 at 11:29 pm

    Ruby Never mind a marriage,would the Mosque be happy with transwomen sitting among the women worshippers.

    They would probably be OK with that. Humza is a Muslim and he believes transwomen are woman.

  87. President Xiden says:

    Anyone who supports trials without a jury is a dangerous bastard. End of argument.

  88. PhilM says:

    That Times article about the seven SNP factions has possibly the oddest quote in any article I’ve read ever.
    In an article by Kieran Andrews and John Boothman, the quote runs like this, “Factions are a sign of illness in a party”.
    Well yes, people will see that as a truism but apparently this truism is a lesson once “spelled out” by the Marxist economist Ernest Ezra Mandel!!!
    (I think a journalist uses ‘spelled out’ when they have literally no idea where the quote comes from…)
    So the Times is quoting Marxist economists now, and not just an economist but the once-leader of the Trotskyist Fourth International. I wonder what doddery old Rupert thinks of that?!! Probably stop using context-free
    But why stop there?
    How about Lenin’s dismissive views on Viennese Sachertortes?
    Trotsky’s admiration of Salsa dancing?
    Che Guevara’s adoration of lawn bowls?
    Bukharin on dress-making?
    Hegel’s favourite crisps?
    Monkey tennis?
    What an embarrassment…

  89. PhilM says:

    The point about highlighting lazy journalism is that having found the article where Ernest Mandel (nobody ever quoted his middle name) writes “factions are a sign of illness in a party”, I found a much more appropriate but longer quote from the actual piece and it is absolutely applicable to the way the SNP has been run under Sturgeotti. So why shoehorn into an article a random quote when you could have discussed these fairly short passages about internal party democracy,

    “Mistakes in themselves are unavoidable. As Comrade Lenin said, the real key for a revolutionary is not that he avoids making mistakes (nobody avoids making mistakes) but how he goes about correcting them. Without internal party democracy, without the right to demonstrate, without the non-banning of factions or parties, without free public debate, you have great obstacles in correcting mistakes and you will pay a heavy price for this. So we are absolutely in favor of the right, to different tendencies, full internal democracy, and the non-banning of factions or parties.

    I do not say the right to factions, because that is a false formulation. Factions are a sign of illness in a party. In a healthy party you have no factions; a healthy party from the point of view of both the political line and the internal party regime. But the right not to be thrown out of the party, if you create a faction, is a lesser evil than being thrown out and stifling the internal life of a party through excessive forbidding of internal debate.”
    So this has nothing to do with rehabilitating Communist theorists (and run the risk of incurring the wrath of Mark Boyle) but rather the perennial problem of how to organise broad-church political parties. The lesson being, do the opposite of what Sturgeotti did and now Useless is doing.
    We all know who took the SNP’s internal democracy away and if it cannot be restored, the SNP will definitely die, killed by Sturgeotti, Swinferatu and Gus Robbo…

  90. twathater says:

    As we all know BROADCASTING is the biggest enemy of independence and honesty, yet ALL politicians crave their attention , TBQH if ALBA were serious about disruption and rebellion they would be pushing for an organised EMBARGO on paying the trait orous bbc’s license fee
    Alex Salmond talks about disrupting WM which COULD be done every day but we have vichy snp collaborators who are more interested in engaging themselves in the machinations and rules of WM than they are in disrupting it
    Politicians want POWER and CONTROL if ALBA were serious about independence they would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in their power to expose the lies and corruption of the BROADCASTERS and MSM, even when AS was in power he done everything to court the broadcasters and msm and was repaid by their loyalty to the WM and uk establishment

    If Salmond instigated an embargo on the bbc license fee it would enrage WM and would be international news , and when being interviewed by the rest of the world media he could point out the constant lies and misinformation excreted by the corrupt government mouthpiece

  91. Breeks says:

    Aunty Flo says:
    29 April, 2023 at 9:35 pm

    The oath requires the counsellor ‘.. to be a true and faithful Servant unto The King’s Majesty … and to .. defend all civil and temporal Jurisdictions…granted to His Majesty’.

    I’m struggling to understand how that qualifies anyone to lead a movement for Scottish independence!

    Thing is, we are seeing Charles as King of England being coronated by England.

    Now he, Charles, might very well regard Scotland’s protocols like a dirty rag, but technically, (and while I think it’s highly contentious considering the lip service paid to the Claim of Right and sensibilities of the Scottish people), the King of Scots is at the ceremony, and should he not be attended by his Scottish counsel members?

    Frankly, I myself find the whole spectacle grotesque and repugnant, especially given that people are struggling to feed their kids, but that is a personal perspective tainted by circumstances.

    The King of Scots, (assuming he ever takes the vows to actually warrant the title), is a nauseating spectacle for most of us under Charles, but the position he holds as Monarch is the same position once filled by Robert the Bruce, whom I’d imagine was infinitely more popular amongst Scots than Charlie boy.

    So what are we disapproving of here? Is it the office of Scottish Monarch itself? Or just the incumbant Monarch who would think nothing about spreading a potentially fatal virus amongst us?

    Or option 3, the erosion, bastardisation and corruption of Scotland’s once honourable Royal protocols?

    If you’d depose King Charles, would you also depose King Robert or Queen Mary?

    Like the rest of Scotland, while we’re in the Union, EVERYTHING Scottish is tainted by that Union, from our Constitution to corrupt MP’s bought and sold for English gold, from our propagandised TV to our King of Scots.

    Get rid of the Union, then re-invent our Nation as a modern democracy with a 1000 years of noble Scottish history. The UK will simply be a dark chapter in journal of Scotland, which will fade into history in the fullness of time.

    Once free, we can then make these decisions collectively, and decide issues purely on merit and relevance to Scotland, not skewed and distorted according their impact on London Rule, or the accursed Union.

    So yes, “The oath requires the counsellor ‘.. to be a true and faithful Servant unto The King’s Majesty”, sticks in craw because there’s nothing majestic about the current incumbent, but a decent, honourable Monarch who was for Scotland and for Scotland’s people, might not be so repulsive. There have been times when Scotland very much needed it’s Monarch. Just sayin’….

  92. Scott Fotheringham says:


    Nothing to see here!

  93. Effijy says:

    Just watched BBC Breakfast news.

    Very comprehensive sports cover until we seen Leinster won their semi final match to reach the final of the European Rugby cup.
    Move on the English rugby matches and finish.

    There was another Semi Final yesterday where Glasgow Warriors also reached the European Rugby cup final. Obviously no need to mention that win in Wales.

    How dearly I’d love to see Englands national broadcaster kicked out of Scotland.

  94. McDuff says:

    Aye anything Scottish is kept in a box and ignored.

  95. Joe says:

    RE: independence

    Force is the gold standard underpinning negotiation. Unless your side has some way to exert force (note that this is not the same as violence) in a negotiation then the best you can expect is to be dictated to in a polite manner.

    Scots need methods by which they can exert force in order to give themselves currency for negotiations.

    This can be done only by a united, motivated movement that acts with some form of discipline and direction outside of the political theatre as well as within it.

    RE: media

    Some broadening of vision is required here. The mainstream media needs to be attacked at every opportunity, a lot of the so-called alt-media now also, and we happen to have the best angle to do this now.

    The media utterly undermined their credibility during covid. Im sorry for those of you still trapped in that nonsense, I suppose I should say ‘stop reading now’ and you can go and get yourself a glass of milk and a wee biscuit instead.

    For the rest: the media, all of them, knowingly lied numerous times in the face of real statistics and the opinions of official health bodies including the WHO and were active in smearing those who spoke out.

    The results being that most people, including children, took a dangerous experimental injection the effects of which are still being discovered (in spite of the media).

    If a Scottish independence movement wanted to swipe the legs out from under the media and help destroy their credibility with the people forever this would be the angle to do it from.

    The trouble is that people like me, who were spending a long time getting the real facts and statistics out to people, were not supported as far as I am aware by anybody within our own news/media wing of the Scottish Independence movement.

    We can allow this to slide but as the facts continue to emerge the more culpable the media, governments, regulatory bodies obviously become.

    We can still attack at this extremely vulnerable spot.

    Instead we can just discuss at length what the Murrels REALLY needed a camper van for? Or if Humza really is genuine about Scottish Independence?

    Sorry for the sarcasm but it is deserved and it helps to point out how inoffensive and ineffective this movement is compared to how dangerous and effective it could be.

  96. McDuff says:

    Aye anything Scottish is kept in a box and ignored. We are subjected to a daily diet of English sport on freeview channels while we have to pay to watch our national teams. Its an outrage that this goes unchallenged by the SNP or perhaps the USP would better describe them.
    We are all one big family but in England we don`t want to watch Scottish sport or review Scottish newspapers or…….

  97. Colin Alexander says:

    England’s UK Parliament decides on the monarch. Scotland’s sovereign people have almost zero input.

    The monarch must be a practising Anglican, Church of England, because England’s monarchs are also head of the Church of England since Henry VIII.

    The Claim of Right asserted that James VII was never crowned King of Scots (he received an English coronation); it also asserts he reigned without the consent of the people of Scotland. The same can be said of KCIII.

    On a positive note, I am pleased that the Alba Party, despite Salmond’s subservience to the English monarchy, has released billboard posters saying time for a Scottish republic.

    Scotland’s politicians should not be swearing allegiance to the English Crown: they should swear allegiance to the people of Scotland.


  98. Joe says:

    @twathater 4:13am

    The trouble is that politics is a game of herding sheep. Sorry to be brutal but it is.

    Alex Salmond has to appear as reasonable and unradical as possible in order to not scare off the herd while slowly coaxing them into the election fold.

    That’s why a body needs to be formed outwith the political realm that is funded by Scots and acts in the interests of the Scots. A nationalist NGO if you will.

    The funding for that could begin with Scots paying the value of a TV license to the NGO rather than the BBC. This could easily achieve millions in revenue per year.

    From this could spring high quality media, a Scottish Nationalist legal team, open forum debates, history, education teams for those Scots who are sickened of the prospect of sending their children to the subversive hell we now call ‘education’ and many other possibilities. We Scots could have paid teams of nationalist minded professionals working full time on our behalf regardless of the outcomes of elections or the honesty of politicians.

    In effect such an organisation would function as a parallel state for the benefit of Scots.

    With success it would give actual practical evidence of how much better things could be for Scots if we ran the government.

  99. Robert Hughes says:

    Joe @ 8.36

    Aye , aye n aye , again .

    Not ONE Scottish politician broke from the ranks to so much as even slightly question any aspect of the extended idiocy we were subjected to during , after -and to a thankfully lessening degree ( the Truth will out , n’aw that ) still , what might best be described as the assault on Reality that characterised the ” Covid Years ” .

    NOT ONE .

    They all fell in behind the ghostwritten narrative and trotted-out the now stock response to anything that questions * official * versions of Reality ….eg

    ” Conspiracy Theory ” . The would-be terminator of honest enquiry .

    Another opportunity to show some real independence of thought squandered by those seemingly terrified of rowing against the tide of relentless State-sponsored propaganda/intelligence-insulting stupidity

  100. ScotsRenewables says:

    According to an article in the Rimes supporters of Kate Forbes are secretly organising a “shadow government” as part of preparations to launch a coup against Humza Yousaf.

    The former finance secretary said during the bruising campaign to replace Nicola Sturgeon that it was “highly unlikely” she would run again to be SNP leader.

    However, her key allies have been holding behind-closed-doors talks with MSPs and MPs with a view to making a move to oust the new first minister.

  101. Geoff Anderson says:

    Did Humza Fib?

  102. Zander Tait says:

    How about Queen Anne the First of Scotland?

    She seems well liked and respected way up North of North.

    But would she take the job if offered?

  103. Joe says:

    @Robert Hughes

    The thing is Robert, I quite understood the reluctance at the time because any of them that spoke out had the responsibility of possibly influencing people against their best interests and possibly causing them harm.

    Now however it is clear as day and there is no risk of hurting people by being wrong in going against the mainstream narrative.

    We can look back with comfortable hindsight and the facts continue to come out in our favour. We were right. The media and so-called professionals knowingly lied.

    It’s there waiting to be knocked into the back of the net. Why isn’t it placed not just a moral priority but a highly strategic one also?

    The right amount of concerted effort on the subject could seriously diminish the main enemy of independent thought in this country.

  104. Ottomanboi says:

    There comes a point in any exchange of views when the realisation dawns that further communication of the kind is a waste of time. You may talk of generalities and principles but specifics hit the brick wall of a differing worldview.
    Scottish nationalism compared to British nationalism is that differing worldview.
    The latter is determined to resist the former. The former, appears like the rabbit caught in headlights. After centuries of living with England’s perception of itself Scots ought to be so much wiser, clever, astute, prepared.
    There are no rules except those we chose to make to further our interest, that applies equally to notions of «law».

  105. Ian Smith says:

    Sottish politicians have let us down on all the big issues of the day.

    Not a single one had the sense to recognise that Donald Trump had Scottish connections and had personally invested tens if not hundreds of millions in the country and that that this relationship could not possibly be leveraged to our advantage. Better to call the man that was elected primarily by the working classes a cunt. Instead every last one of them went for the safe acceptable orange man bad narrative, Russia collusion nonsense and backed the far more corrupt and objectionable Clintons and Biden. And we ended up with a Clinton fellow at Edinburgh University dictating baseless covid fascism at us.

    Not a single Scottish politician thought that independence from the highly dodgy EU was worth a seconds consideration. Fine to get rid of Westminster but not Brussels.

    China will commission 10 times the annual total Scottish energy consumption in additional coal plants in a single year, yet every last Scottish politician will fight to shut down the last oil well in the country and have people impoverished and freezing on the back of a computer model that has cried wolf for half a century.

    Every time a foreign nation destroys itself in an orgy of violence, Hollyrood condemns Westminster for not importing enought of the population that caused all the death, grief and misery over here faster and in higher numbers. Every time pushing the native population further down the queue.

    It could make you weep.

  106. Ron Clark says:

    Regarding coronation of the King of England.

    Alex Salmond and the First Minister of Scotland will repeat these words next weekend when they attend this coronation.

    The order of service will read: “All who so desire, in the Abbey, and elsewhere, say together:

    “I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.”

    The Archbishop of Canterbury will then proclaim “God Save The King”, with all asked to respond:

    “God Save King Charles. Long Live King Charles. May The King live for ever.”

    Dear fuckin God.

    As I have said,,,why is Alex Salmond going anywhere near this charade?

  107. Angus Files says:

    Daily Record

    Unearthed video shows Nicola Sturgeon asking for donations to ‘ringfenced’ referendum fund
    The video shows the former first minister encouraging independence supporters to donate to the SNP
    Cops probing money left to SNP in wills as part of their fraud investigation
    Over £1million in cash gifts has been given to the party by late supporters since 2021.

    Man who complained of sexual assault by ex-SNP council leader faces disciplinary from party
    The North Lanarkshire councillor is facing a disciplinary hearing due to accusations he brought the party into disrepute.

  108. robertkknight says:

    Sturgeon’s rancid SNP…

    Broken beyond repair, irrespective of the “leader”.

    Hopefully the banks and the absence of Short Money will save it from a slow death.

    Scotland and the Yes movement need the SNP like a fish needs a bicycle.

    Bye bye SNP, bye bye…

  109. Republicofscotland says:

    Horsebox Russell doing a Colin Beattie, I wonder if he’ll (like Beattie) change his story later on.

    “The SNP President who led independence campaigning from a ramshackle horse box admitted he was completely unaware the party had a luxury campervan that he could have used.

    Veteran politician Mike Russell was given the job of heading up an ‘independence unit’ by Nicola Sturgeon in summer 2021 and promised a £600,000 budget. But Russell and fellow activists raised money to buy and renovate the horse box as a ‘mobile unit’ not knowing the party had access to a £110,000 luxury campervan, now at the centre of a police fraud investigation.”

    Get the SNP out at every election and Alba in.

  110. Republicofscotland says:

    This is the kind of shit that the SNP are up to.

    “Chronic pain patients have accused Humza Yousaf of enlisting paid Facebook users for a controversial consultation to downplay demands for better treatment.

    It comes after a government-commissioned study failed to ask even one of the Scottish ­Parliament’s cross-party chronic pain group to contribute.

    Instead, they used a private firm to find volunteers on social media who were paid £200 to take part.

    “This was clearly an exercise in promoting government policy through a ‘consultation’ designed to return answers the Government wanted to hear rather than what it needed to hear.”

    Said one chronic pain sufferer.

    Get the SNP out at every electoin and Alba in.

    Join Alba, Vote Alba.

  111. Ruby says:

    The Holy Story

    It must be very difficult to be a Muslim and the First Minister of a ‘progressive’ country.

    Humza Yousaf is definitely lying about something.

    Kate Forbes is being honest but is it realistic to have a ‘holier than thou Christian’ being the First Minister of a ‘progressive’ country?

    If I were going to have to choose between a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu I would have to go with the Christian because that is the only religion I understand. Most of it is fine unless you are a ‘progressive’ which I don’t actually believe the majority in Scotland are.

  112. Stephen O'Brien says:

    We’ve to wait until the end of the year for the SNP rebels to get their act together.

    How apt, the 50th anniversary of Alvin Stardust’s hit…

    My Coup Ca Choo.

    Viva La Rock!

  113. Aunty Flo says:

    Ron Clark asks:
    ““God Save King Charles. Long Live King Charles. May The King live for ever.”

    Dear fuckin God.

    As I have said,,,why is Alex Salmond going anywhere near this charade?”

    Hi Ron, the only plausible answer I can come up with is that he is what is called ‘controlled opposition’.

    There we were thinking he was a politician while all along he was actually a PUPPETICIAN!

    As someone in whom so many proud Scots have invested their hopes and dreams of true independence, his obsequious toadying to the English royal family is frankly disgusting.

  114. Ottomanboi says:

    There will be pro Scotland events taking place over the beginning of may.
    World media will be watching. Just make sure there is something really worth watching.
    No Scot should show fealty to the status quo by attendance at the events of 6 may, PERIOD!

  115. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile get ready for a gigantic waste of Scottish taxpayers cash, but then again of late the SNP under the Betrayer and Yousless are good at wasting Scots hard earned money.

    “The Scottish Parliament could be landed with a £1million legal bill by the UK Government over the entire costs of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill court battle.

    Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack is considering pursuing all of Westminster’s costs should the challenge fail – leaving taxpayers north of the border paying all the legal fees.”

    Get the SNP out at every election, Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  116. Republicofscotland says:

    The Americanisation and disenfranchisement agenda is well under way in the UK.

    “CAMPAIGNERS have warned concerns over voter ID may not be resolved when Scotland experiences the new requirement for the first time in a “high-stakes” General Election.

    The Tories’ new laws on ­requiring certain forms of photographic ­identification to cast a ballot will be tested at the local elections in England this week.

    Voters who do not have the correct document – such as a driving licence, passport, blue badge or free voter authority certificate – will be turned away from polling stations.

    Critics say the change is not ­needed with only a tiny number of voter fraud cases and that it risks deterring people from going to the ballot box.

    There are also concerns that the impact of the new policy on the elections taking place in England on Thursday will not be properly assessed.

    In the run-up to polling day, only around 80,000 online applications were submitted for a voter ­authority certificate, which can be used by those who don’t have an acceptable form of photo ID.

    Jess Garland, director of policy and research at the Electoral Reform ­Society, said: “This is the sort of thing we were warning about all along, as the numbers of people who don’t have the types of ID being asked for is really high – 2.1 million across the whole of the country.

    “The Electoral Commission last week produced some figures on public awareness, which showed around a quarter of people in the areas with elections weren’t aware of the change.

    “So we are also worried that as well as people not having the ID they need, there could be a lot of people who just don’t know they need it on the day and end up accidentally ­disenfranchised as they don’t have their ID on them.””

  117. Ruby says:

    Is it necessary to have juryless trials because the population do not understand the law?

    I do not know what is and isn’t rape. I used to have a fair idea but not any more.

    Same applies to sexual assault, hate crime & misogyny.

    I just haven’t a clue. I know what I think a woman is but the law thinks differently.

    They need juryless trials because the population just can keep up with what is and isn’t a crime.

  118. Geoff Anderson says:

    I wonder why this report is being withheld….

  119. Ruby says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    30 April, 2023 at 10:54 am

    There will be pro Scotland events taking place over the beginning of may.
    World media will be watching. Just make sure there is something really worth watching.
    No Scot should show fealty to the status quo by attendance at the events of 6 may, PERIOD!

    Normally the majority of Scots do not attend these events the problem is the MSM focus on the tiny group who do. In Edinburgh the majority will be tourists.

    During the funeral I stayed at home did some spring cleaning and listened to an audio book. I listen to ‘Mrs Harris goes to Paris’ On the 6th May it will be more of the same just can’t decide between ‘Mrs. Harris, MP’
    ‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Moscow’ or the YA book Holes by Louis Sachar if available.

    Maybe I’ll do lots of cleaning and try to fit in all three books.

    Will Alex Salmond be wearing in Saltire tie & badge?

  120. Ruby says:

    ooops typo

    Will Alex Salmond be wearing his Saltire tie & badge?

  121. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Ammunition to provoke cognitive dissonance in your Monarchist acquaintances.
    What did dowager Queen Mary know about Rudolph Hess parachuting onto Eaglesham moor on 10th May 1941?
    Why did the multiple copies of the peace treaty Hess carried with him (ready for signing) include a provision to declare the Duke of Kent (younger brother of the King) King of Poland?
    Why was Keeper of the Royal Gallery, Anthony Blunt sent to bombed out Germany in the summer of 1945? Why when Blunt was exposed as a Soviet spy was MI6 officer Peter Wright (tasked with interrogating Blunt) warned off by “the Palace” not to pursue this line of questioning?
    Why did dowager Queen Mary “request” (read demand) all diplomatic exchanges be copied to the Palace?

    Study material: The Dungavel handicap. Lobster #81
    Supplemental: The diaries of Henry “Chips” Channon. Lobster #83

    Have fun.

  122. Daisy Walker says:

    Re voter ID. In Perth the local council main office has not re-opened since the covid (although it might just have opened its doors this week, not entirely sure).

    If we want to understand the extent to which the issuing of voter ID card is going to be a problem, then I think, in the first instance, all of us regular voters (who already have authorised ID, such as drivers licenses) need to go and try and get the council one.

    If its a problem for us, who already have ID, then how much harder for the dissenfranchised. And we will be able to evidence how long the process takes and kick up a stink about it.

    Great news that Alex is not going to Chuckies day oot on the Cludgie stane. Hope he comes to the march in Glasgow.

  123. Dan says:

    FFS, top work Angus Files, 3 direct links to the unionist rag that brought us “The Vow”…

    And as the SNP continue to push more dodgy policies that piss off their remaining supporters… Here’s a potential new suitably sized gravy bus for the SNP. And a totes snip at the price of just two luxury campervans…

  124. Baxter says:

    Not sure if this has been posted here before but I see there is a petition for holding a referendum on ending devolution in Scotland on the petitions website.

  125. McDuff says:

    I have always been unhappy about the term “independence” as it suggests Scotland is a colony or some sort of Provence . We were already an ancient country when we joined the Disunited Kingdom against the will of the people and were supposed to be equal partners, not. We wish to “revert” back to that which we were. But that is down to the will of the people and its seems too many aren`t bothered.
    Where can i buy a taser.

  126. Ruby says:

    It takes half an hour for a post to upload here on Wings.

    It’s great ‘cos it means you can do a fair bit of Spring Cleaning between posts. The downside of that is they’ll be none left to do on the 6th May.

    Cheers Vivian O’Blivion! I’ll keep that info handy. As it stands I don’t have any Monarchist acquaintances.

    I’m wondering if those who supported GRRB have led to the need for juryless trials?

    I’m lookin’ at you Craig Murray. 🙂

    Jury introduced to Morag and told she is accused of rape.

    Jury immediately decide not guilty. A woman cannot rape.

    Juryless trials have to go ahead until such times as the population believe women have penises and know what a woman is.

  127. Cactus says:

    The SNP’s Gouda Guidebook to Government.

  128. Angus Files says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger- that’s the news.Frankly I dont care who tells me the truth. I far prefer the truth any day of the week.

  129. Dan says:

    @ Angus Files

    Just because these unionist “newspapers” currently tell you what you want to hear (alert wingers knew pretty much all this stuff ages ago anyway, bar maybe the will finances aspect), don’t be so utterly naive to think that they won’t go hammer and tongs against Scotland’s best interests during the heat of a campaign for returning us to self-governance.
    The fact that you are happy to assist keeping them afloat by posting direct links shows either your true colours or your lack of tactical awareness.

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    Geoff Anderson @11.18am.

    The (ECHR) appears to be yet another captured body.

    “In December 2020, Kishwer Falkner, Baroness Falkner of Margravine was appointed Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

    Former Chair of the EHRC David Isaac received substantial sums of money from a law firm that advises the Conservative government, the Morning Star discovered. Isaac was paid £500 for each day he does work for the EHRC, while his main job was as an equity partner at City law firm Pinsent Masons. The EHRC under Isaac contributed to the deep state campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.”

    Scotland has its own version of the (EHRC).

    “The SHRC is a Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) supported body meaning that it is separate and independent from Government but still accountable for its public funds”

    The SPCB blocked Scots from protesting outside Holyrood after 500 women campaigned outside against infringements of their rights, via the GRRB.

  131. Ottomanboi says:

    RUBY. 11:35
    That’s the problem if Scots do not care enough to take part in nationalist events…
    what follows will be yet more couch potato, cyber whinging which is very tiresome.
    Independence has to be fought for. It is not negotiable.
    Scots are either very naïve in this matter or just too lazy.

  132. Angus Files says:

    Whose doubting you Dan? better the devil you know.We all know what the DR has been is. Your right but you cant not report news where you cant see it anywhere else your falling right into Nicolas Shangrila. Some other sites now running with it today. As for my experience knowledge of Scottish politics you make me laugh! Ex SNP paid up member for 34 years. Ran as a candidate for Alba in the election.My mebersip number for Alba is in the very low 200`s. What’s yours? remember to enclose your real name or your points wont be answered to.

  133. Dan says:

    @ Angus Files

    You can still report what the unionist press are saying, but you can do that by archiving the direct link to save them getting page hits, and thus giving them further exposure and revenue.
    Wings has big readership and if loads of people click the links you gave then that sustains an issue you recognise is a problem.
    Plus archiving links saves the articles for posterity as they can be quietly disappeared such as a couple were relating to Joanna Cherry a few years back.

    I’m not getting into a pissing contest with you over who’s done most campaigning, I’ve mentioned on occasion btl what I get up to over the years, but suffice to say we all do our bit.
    I didn’t join Alba as knew they wouldn’t fly in my area anytime soon due to not getting any positive exposure by the unionist media, or SNP, or Greens, or from SNP/Green captured YES groups.
    Hence 1.1 million wasted SNP 2nd votes for two Emmas, and Harvie and Slater as Ministers into that bargain.
    And I don’t think party politics has a place in local government anyway, and as any party candidate is generally only selected if they follow Party whip so they are owned and it’s party before their constituents. Low LA voter turnouts seem to suggest a lot of folk agree with that.

    For all the years of Party political experience some of the names in Alba have, I saw firsthand that they lacked the foresight to have certain very basic campaigning structures in place for the Local Authority elections which created load on, and conflict between individuals. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance and all that.

    Kenny MacAskill has the right idea in how he operates though, with the likes of publishing articles on his own site highlighting various subjects such as the great energy rip off Scots are enduring; stuff that the unionist press won’t cover.

    There are plenty reasons folk retain a degree of anonymity when posting on internet, so that’s just a cop out throwing that line in.

  134. Saffron Robe says:

    Ian Smith says:

    “Sottish politicians have let us down on all the big issues of the day. Not a single one had the sense to recognise that Donald Trump had Scottish connections and had personally invested tens if not hundreds of millions in the country and that this relationship could not possibly be leveraged to our advantage.”

    Indeed, Ian. The SNP didn’t like Donald Trump because he is anti-Woke. They are far more interested in pushing their Woke agenda than in doing what is right for Scotland.

  135. KLF says:

    welcome back wings / stu I was having withdrawal symptoms ….anyone know who SNP new auditors are ?

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