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The Fear Factor (complete)

Posted on October 10, 2013 by

If you’ve been waiting (as we have), here are all six episodes of Jack Foster’s superb overview of the Scottish political scene, collected into one punchy 34-minute film.

Adam Curtis would, we hope, be proud.

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90 to “The Fear Factor (complete)”

  1. blunttrauma says:

    I can’t watch it, I’m too scared.

  2. muttley79 says:

    For some reason I cannot listen to audio/youtube clips on my PC at the moment.  What does it say on Susan Calman?  Was there any evidence actually ever offered by the MSM for the claims of abuse she received?  What does it say about Hoy?

  3. gordoz says:

    Absolutely magic watch Stu !!

  4. Gray says:

    Well done Jack Foster 🙂

  5. Linda's Back says:

    Brilliant and spread the word.
    This should be made into a DVD and sent to every home in Scotland.
    Do we know any Lottery winners?

  6. Andy-B says:

    Ha Ha Ha !
    Brilliant stuff Rev.
    What stuck in my mind was the 1979 YES vote, and how we ended up having Thatcher, boy were we sold a dummy back then, another no vote will see the exact same outcome.
    We MUST! vote YES!

  7. Andy-B says:

    Re Susan Calman no proof was shown either way, even though the MSM ran with it for ages.
    As for no sound on your PC maybe clicking the sound icon and double checking the features may help, if not then try system restore, it can take you back to a date when you could hear the sound.
    Re-system restore you may lose some files.

  8. Murray McCallum says:

    Jack Foster has a great voice. Made for this.

  9. faolie says:

    Absolutely fab. And man, how on earth did they persuade Alistair Darling to do that fabulous oscar-worthy stand-up cameo with the brilliant lines, “The last thing we need are new areas of uncertainty, instability and division..”?
    Oh, really…?

  10. Sandy Brownlee says:

    That was an excellent watch. Recommended viewing for all!

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Jack Foster has a great voice.”

    He does. Shouldn’t matter, but it does.

  12. Tinyzeitgeist says:

    Excellent. Now posted on FB.

  13. david says:

    does anyone have any idea how many scots will see this video? off to stirling council meeting shortly, will post when i get back

  14. The Man in the Jar says:

    Very well put together, never a dull moment. I did actually laugh out loud at the project fear part near the beginning.
    I was hoping that WoS might have got a wee pat on the back for standing up to Ian Taylor and his lawyers and not shutting down but that is probably being petty. They did well on cramming all that into just over a half hour as it is. 
    I guess that all I have to do now is to bind and gag some of my Naw supporting friends and force them to watch it.

  15. Frances says:

    O/T – Stirling Motion has been dropped – on BBC news.

  16. Adrian B says:

    Excellent work by Jack Foster.

  17. Alba4Eva says:

    Absolutely superb… this needs to get spread far and wide, sent to all your friends and family.   we need 5,000,000 views of this on Youtube… one for every man woman and child in Scotland :o)

  18. Albalha says:

    I wonder how he can get it into cinemas, maybe a mobile one or played ahead of any YES debates.
    @Frances, interesting democracy in action, perhaps, I’m guessing they’ve received a fair few e mails etc.

  19. kininvie says:

    The voice – almost identical to Bill Whiteford on Radio Scotland – so you think you are listening to the BBC!

  20. Kenny Campbell says:

    Depressingly good.

  21. Papadocx says:

    Alistair M Carmichael MP. A fine upstanding boy: thinks Scottish
    office minister and office is a pointless office and should be abolished. That was of course until MM was knifed in the back and the honourable MP for Orkney & Shetland grabbed the post (ya beauty). The honourable man now mumps and moans about plan to set up oil fund for Scotland. Did he object when a oil fund was set up for his constituency, in your dreams. How much would it cost to buy your principals, conscience and moral fibre? Not much, lies and deceit comes for no extra charge. How low can you get and not even a blush.

  22. john king says:

    Jack foster rocks 🙂

  23. Albalha says:

    Along with @StuartBlack, we, as you’re doing, have highlighted this fundraiser, as you say come on people throw a few farthings Common Weal’s way, they should have funding.
    But I know a fair few on here have contributed but where the goodness are all their other declared supporters. If you’re reading this, on WoS, you know very well who you are.

  24. call me dave says:

    This a really well made film and enjoyed seeing it in the one go.  Prescribed viewing for all voters in 2014. 
    Stirling ‘flag’ :  The Herald’s take on it.

  25. Albalha says:

    If you don’t watch it give BBC Alba’s 8pm news a go, really if you want to understand a bit about what’s happening in Alba that’s the news for you. And for the non fee payers sure you have ways of accessing it.
    Not perfect but much closer to a proper main Scottish TV news half hour than the tosh served up be Rep Scot. Not so many murrrrrders.
    And their generic graphics are great, rival the best of Aljazeera in its heyday.

  26. call me dave says:

    The Islands of dreams.

  27. Stuart Black says:

    Absolutely enjoyed that, brilliant when seen altogether, thanks Rev.
    And come on folks, Muttley79’s given the link, Albalha’s underlined it, throw some money towards the Common Weal, you know it makes sense. Ta.

  28. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Just made a contribution to the Common Weal in memory of Jimmy Reid

  29. John D says:

    Awesome. Shared on FB and Tweeted

  30. Stuart Black says:

    Well done, Elizabeth, everything helps. Must confess I’m slightly baffled at the low level of support, I first contributed over a month ago, and made another a day or two ago when I realised it had not even reached 9,000 at that point. The target is 25,000 and at present rate they’ll be lucky to get half of that, it’s sitting around 9,500 at the minute.
    One thing this does show, of course, is how phenomenally successful Wings has been at crowd funding, amazing but well justified, the most important of the Indy sites, IMHO.
    ‘Night all.

  31. heraldnomore says:

    Those of you who haven’t yet been persuaded to cough up for The Common Weal may want to pop over to Yes Clydesdale (sorry no link  but easy enough to find) where you can watch footage of Robin McAlpine at the Biggar Roadshow last week.
    Then I’m guessing you’ll be off to visit The Common Weal, links as posted above, to throw a few coins into the virtual fountain.

  32. Albalha says:

    Re Common Weal and its fundraiser, like @StuartBlack I put in a few pennies when it started, also surprised it hasn’t got momentum going. It’s not trying to be the same type of creature as Wings but its declared friends, I don’t mean WoS readers, seem not to have shouted its attributes from their respective rooftops.
    Truly baffled.

  33. ianbrotherhood says:

    Have just received this from a fellow Winger – worth a look, and may be of particular use when approaching DKs who appreciate plain-speaking from what sounds like an ‘ordinary’ punter:

  34. Paula Rose says:

    @ Albalha
    Easier to attack a system that is not fit for purpose than create constructive alternatives?

  35. ianbrotherhood says:

    @cynical Highlander-
    Thanks for the link to the Clydebank session.
    Wild stuff. Not recommended viewing for anyone who likes their QTs nice and orderly a la Dimbleby.

  36. @ ianbrotherhood
    Anas fair got his erse whipped from grassroot union members which bodes well for the future.

  37. Robert Kerr says:

    Pushed CW over the 10K.
    Just back from a school concert in Glasgow. Kids were great. Let’s do it for all of them.
    Hail Alba

  38. ianbrotherhood says:

    @cynical Highlander-
    Aye. And then some. 
    It would be nice to be able to give the man some credit for having the balls to keep going in such circumstances, but he didn’t say anything worthy of respect, and got the reaction he deserved.
    Strange to think that, just a few weeks ago, there were mutterings that he could be SLAB’s next big thing – that craw will craw nae merr.

  39. Tris says:

    Superb video and the perfect commentary voice. Thanks, I’m sharing it as widely as possible.

  40. rabb says:

    Excellent video. Duly Tweeted.
    Stuck a few quid in to Common Weal campaign too.
    After today’s shenanigans in Stirling and rapid about heel; I’m at peace again tonight 🙂

  41. david says:

    anybody still unconvinced about ayes vote, check out clydebank video, awesome stuff

  42. TJenny says:

    Just made a wee contribution to the Common Weal (now standing at £1050).
    As I thought I’d previously donated but not sure, I opted to get a wee badge this time. Unfortunately the link to change how your name is shown on list of donors, wouldn’t let me change to take out my email address. Hmm – not sure I like that, still, as it’s all for the cause, I’m sure I’ll survive.

  43. call me dave says:

    Some were wondering about Lamont and the non-apology.
    Possibly good place to start.…/…


  44. TJenny says:

    Oops – too late to edit – that should be £10,050;-0

  45. TJenny says:

    Paul Sinclair just tweeted:

    ‘No Nats in Govan? Scottish Labour gain final Council seat in Govan. 4 out of 4. Surely Sturgeon would lose on this result.’

  46. Bill C says:

    I think the Govan result might have something to do with the anti-sectarian legislation. Unbelievable I know, but this is Glasgow we are talking about and to make matters worse I was born there!

  47. Peter says:

    In the same wards last time labour had more votes than the SNP.  You can’t make any reasonable comparisons when you’ve got multi-member constituencies elected by STV and single member elections by deHondt or whatever nonsense system they use.

  48. Caroline Corfield says:

    O/T just been watching BBC this morning and a wee advert popped up – they’re asking for views on the BBC news, this page on the right hand side is a box asking for input into their review on news and current affairs – I know there’s a few (like myself) who have complained in the past about specifics , thought you might want input into the review

  49. seoc says:

    This Union was never democratically legitimised since its inception although the opportunities to test and remedy/ improve its status existed.
    The Scottish people, in anti-democratic custom, were always denied a voice – and a choice.
    Scotland and her people are being treated much as the French were treated prior to 1789.

  50. scottish_skier says:

    Scotland and her people are being treated much as the French were treated prior to 1789.
    Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is probably the best book I ever read.

  51. Stevie Cosmic says:

    If anyone is following the story about Sarwar being abused at a Trade Union event last night, and his ensuing accusations about racism and demanding an apology from YesScotland….here’s the video footage:

  52. john king says:

    Stevie cosmic says
    haven’t watched the whole thing yet but had to stop and note that chairman’s face when the first question was asked,
    he looked like Nicolae Ceausescu when he suddenly realized he WASNT  among freinds  

  53. Edward says:

    Stevie Cosmic
    I watched the Clydebank video last night. The impression I got was that Anas Sarwar and the guy from the GMB thought they could just turn up and spout the usual anti independence anti SNP guff. In fact Sarwar at both times addressing the audience tried to stick to a prepared speech attacking the SNP instead of addressing what the debate was about and answering questions. For that he was rightly heckled.

    The more sinister aspect and not for what people might imagine, was when an English woman started heckling Linda Fabiani, who was answering some questions. But the heckling was more a prepared anti SNP monologue. The English woman was clearly a plant and was clearly not a resident in Scotland. Strange as it must seem I do have an ear for accents and can tell if someone like an English person has been living in Scotland. They do pick up a slight Scottish twang added to their existing accent. This woman was clearly not a resident of Clydebank, which the audience were all from. I really think that Better Together staged the protests to make it awkward fro Linda Fabiana, thinking that being that it was Clydebank that Sarwar and the GMB guy would get a warm welcome and lap up what they were being told and having someone in the audience heckling Fabiana would complete the night. Unfortunately for Sarwar and the English woman it all went wrong as they were clearly sussed out. People from Clydebank don’t mince their words. Sarwar and Better Together have tried to recover from their drubbing by turning the situation around and making out the English woman was a totally innocent audience member,, which clearly, very clearly she was not!.

  54. ianbrotherhood says:

    First time for me trying the button – wondering whether anyone bothered sending George Robertson an invitation to this. He’d probably think it’s a debate about Defence right enough.

  55. Stevie Cosmic says:

    Clearly, as you say, she was not an innocent bystander but a full participant in the angry exchange. I think however that there is enough evidence of anti-SNP sentiment north of the border to rule out her being a ‘plant’. This is the second Trades Union video I’ve posted here (I originally posted the one with Jackie Baillie being ripped to shreds earlier this year) and the second one that was a stramash from the get go…….maybe it’s trade union thing.

  56. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Now that meeting at Clydebank was a real political meeting.
    Sarwar, as before and everywhere, was totally out his depth, even his zone of comprehension.
    What a ruckus, pity the sound was so bad.
    Great stuff.

  57. Dcanmore says:

    @Bugger (the Panda)…
    That’s what happens when you go to a debate with a pre-prepared script and no intention to answer questions from a public that’s looking for answers. Sarwar believes all he has to do is turn up and receive an applause. He got badly spanked at Clydebank for insulting the intelligence of the audience.

  58. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

    Anas Sarwar is the Yes Camp’s greatest asset. 
    Good on the Clydebankers for not taking any of his bull. 

  59. Bill McLean says:

    Just made my 3rd contribution to Common Weal – come on those who can afford it! Understand many can’t. I’m a pensioner and this campaign means more to me than anything outside family. We must not let unionist liars win the referendum! Shame on them, their hatred for their country and their manipulation of democracy and the once respected voices of democracy!

  60. Edward says:

    Just read Clydebank post article, talk about twisting the truth, any more twisted it would be a pretzel !
    “But any hope of there being a level-headed and informative discussion was dashed by a large, rowdy minority who refused to stay quiet when Mr Sarwar and others in the ‘No’ camp tried to advance their argument’

    Couple of things how can it be large if it was a minority or a minority if it were large. By definition large suggests the majority! Secondly Sarwar got hecled as he was not answering ANY questions, just reading a prepared speech.

  61. Stevie Cosmic says:

    Linda Fabiani was also heckled, and clearly she is not in the ‘NO camp’.
    Sarwar on twitter apparently asking YesScotland for an apology……he really is a nasty piece of work.

  62. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Anas is only following orders, like he has been told to do.
    I don’t think he has the maturity (ha) or the wit to act of his own volition.

  63. john king says:

    o/t but just recalled something

    Does anyone recall the scene when Alex Salmond was ejected from the commons after attempting to interrupt the then chancellor while making his budget speech an interruption for which there was no commons rule to say you cant, but it wasn’t the done thing ,so ejected he was and led from the building by policemen like a common criminal,if he had actually said the chancellor was lying they I’m sure would have brought back hanging and thrown him in the tower to await his fate for having the audacity (a mere provincial)to interrupt the chancellor in the execution of his office, and yesterday we were  treated to the sight of (that woman ) not once but twice being censured by the presiding officer,

    she should have been arrested and thrown in a cell overnight to cool her heels,
    (do they have a cell in the parliament if not why not)
    it is fast reaching a point (driven by the no campaign and the msm where this country would be well advised to declare UDI 

  64. HandandShrimp says:

    Anas went into the debate with Sturgeon with the sole intention of talking over any point she made so people could not hear the case for independence. He is now upset because he got his arse kicked at his next outing. The only person that needs to apologise and develop a decent democratic instinct is Anas but I won’t be holding my breath.
    Absolutely hilatious that his incompetence is now all down to anti-English Yes supporters. You couldn’t make it up…oh wait he just did. I hope they trundle him out for more of these.

  65. Albalha says:

    What I find interesting is that Sarwar just kept going, didn’t appear to really care, almost teflon like, he’s a script to get out, words to say, and no matter what he was going to say them.  Linda Fabiani, on the other hand, clearly dumped whatever she was going to say and engaged, as best she could, with the audience.
    Overall, though, between the reception given to Linda F and Cllr Jim Bollan I have hope that members of Trades Unions will see a YES vote as the only way forward when they decide at their conference next year.

  66. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Yes, he just continued reading his prepared script as he hadn’t a clue what else to do.
    Where have I seen other exemplars of that style.
    Holyrood and FMQ time for example?

  67. Albalha says:

    Just stumbled across this about getting your ‘Message’ across, creepy.

  68. HandandShrimp says:

    On the heckler for Linda, it should be easy enough to ascertain from her BEC whether she is simply a Union rep that has moved here and has genuine concerns or whether she is a SLab and BT activist (or worse BT/SLab activist and not even a TU member)

  69. Doug Daniel says:

    So Labour say they have 4 out of 4 councillors in Govan? That’s interesting, considering one of them was elected as “Glasgow First”. I wonder how long after the 2012 election it took Stephen Dornan to run back to his party?
    It just shows how daft it is to have by-elections in proportional systems. It also highlights that STV isn’t really a proportional system as such, not in the sense people think of the term. Elections should be Open List, like in Sweden and other countries. Anyway, 32.5% of the voters in Govan voted for an SNP councillor in 2012. Those people are now unrepresented, because any by-election in an STV ward is going to be won by the party that got the most votes in the original election.
    And as for Anas Sarwar, I’ve only watched the first 40 minutes of the Clydebank TUC video, but it’s hilarious. He’s sitting there looking like a little boy, wondering what’s going on. I loved it when Linda told him to shut up because he was nipping her heid. He’s a slimy little prick.

  70. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Big lie on the front page of the Herald. The Labour  Party,as expected, won the by election in the Govan local government ward yesterday.

    Herald says ” the nationalists had held it for more than five years” . Actually Labour has held the seat for more than five years with two of the three councillors and the SNP getting the third one by coming in third in the three member electing competition. It would have been a big surprise if the SNP had come in first and won this one as the Herald well knows

  71. Shinty says:

    Also noticed (from the Clydebank Post link above)
    West Dunbartonshire Council (Lab) are creaming off 34% of the cost of insurance for social housing tenants. Absolutely disgusting.
    As for Sarwar asking Yes Scotland to apologise – he’s having a laugh surely.
    Linda Fabiani made it quite clear that the name calling was ‘not on’ during the heckling. Which does make you think the whole thing was orchestrated.
    Seems to me SLAB just love to push this ‘anti- English’ sentiment when ever they can.

  72. cath says:

    I do find it hilarious that an establishment mouthpiece politician, used to being able to not answer the question because the media treat them with kid gloves can accuse an audience of “denying the right to free speech” because they dared heckle him with “abuse” like “answer the question”.
    I suspect the problem is politicians don’t face enough real people these days and have no idea the anger at them, and that the reason people turn off is because sitting shouting “answer the f***ing question” at your telly while they spout rubbish isn’t very fulfilling.

  73. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Standard marketing procedure especially using neuro linguistic programming to implant the positivity of the message.
    Politiics were late in catching up on these techniques.
    The latest marketing wheeze is nasal memory programming; using certain smells and perfumes in appropriate areas like casinos and supermarkets.

  74. HandandShrimp says:

    Unfortunately for Labour the trademark smell called Sleaze isn’t all that easy to stomach…although it is memorable.

  75. Albalha says:

    Well that is their core message, and even although that happened when Linda Fabiani was speaking, no matter they will appropriate it as the main point.
    The narrative fits perfectly into the Fear Factor video on the twisting of events to suit the message.

  76. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    A wee smiley face chuckling away

  77. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Ordure, Ordure!
    Would be a great line from the Presiding Officer at Holyrood,
    accompanied by an appropriate release of H2S into the Chamber.

  78. dee says:

    ALL Scottish Labour Party literature is signed off by a certain Mr P Sinclair.
    This man should be under a lot more scrutiny and be outed as the source of this new
    “anti-Scottish” approach that is being undertaken by the No Camp and MSM.
    He is trying to create the “Wizard of Oz” syndrome, and we all know how that ended.

  79. HandandShrimp says:

    Odure! Odure! I can’t stand the Odure!

  80. muttley79 says:

    O/T  From a SNP press release today:
    The Scottish National Party has challenged the Chairman of the No campaign Alistair Darling to withdraw a false statement he made on BBC Good Morning Scotland today, when he said it “simply isn’t true” that there are billions of pounds left of revenue from North Sea oil and gas. He said:
    “Alex Salmond claimed there was… billions of pounds out there, which simply isn’t true.”
    The reality is that billions of pounds of North Sea revenues are generated each and every year, and even the UK Government forecasts tax revenues of £33.9 billion just in the years up to 2017/18. A recent Scottish Government analysis based on industry production forecasts estimated a mid-point of £48 billion of tax revenues up to 2017/18.
    Mr Darling’s false statement this morning would mean that total tax revenues in the decades to come are less than £2 billion!
    Previously, Mr Darling said the amount of oil and gas left in the North Sea was only one-twelfth of the 24 billion barrels figure cited by the Scottish Government – suggesting a figure of just 2 billion barrels – even though the UK Government also cite the 24 billion figure, and Mr Darling himself has said there are over 20 billion barrels left.
    In today’s GMS interview, Mr Darling also referred to “Scottish Office Ministers” instead of the Scottish Government. There is no such thing as the Scottish Office any more, even in the UK Government.

  81. liz says:

    I have to admit to being really down after the Glasgow result even though there was only a 20% turnout.
    Just what will it take for voters in Glasgow to see through the clowns that run the council?
    Even though I’ve always supported independence and thus always voted for the SNP, it was possible to admire in the past, some of the Labour candidates but not anymore.
    It’s always been the same in Glasgow, they give them ‘one more chance’ and I can’t see it changing. 
    I know the yes vote is solid and maybe the completely disengaged will not vote at all but this is not good news.

  82. GrahamB says:

    Cap’n Darling also repeated the lie that Scotland would have had to bail out the collapsed ‘Scottish’ banks, not just their liabilities in Scotland. Unsurprisingly Gary Robertson let it go unchallenged. it’s not been a good week for Labour and honesty, but probably par for the course.

  83. HandandShrimp says:

    Alastair is considerably less than honest in these encounters, it will be interesting to see how fairs in a real debate when he is challenged on these matters by someone who knows what the actual figures, rules and agreements are. Bluster and badger impersonations?

  84. Morag says:

    any by-election in an STV ward is going to be won by the party that got the most votes in the original election.
    I don’t disagree with the argument that that these by-elections are inherently unfair on the basis that this is often the case.  It didn’t happen in Tweeddale West this morning though.  A Conservative had resigned, in a ward where the LibDems usually top the poll.  The Conservatives thought they were going to lose the seat to the LibDems and so did the rest of us, but in fact they held it.
    (I was third, which was what we expected and hoped for, and I can now say, whew!  It would have been a serious personal inconvenience to have won that seat right now.)

  85. Albert Herring says:

    I was at the Clydebank debate. The English woman at the centre of the front row who heckled Linda Fabiani was an obvious plant, and I suspect the man who called her a bitch was too. Several people sitting in his vicinity told him he was out of order. I reckon it was all a set-up.

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