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The Control Panel

Posted on September 22, 2023 by

Last night a by-election hustings was held in Rutherglen to which all 14 candidates were invited to hear and answer questions from the electorate on women’s issues. The SNP, Labour, Green and Lib Dem candidates all declined to attend. But the SNP, at least, was represented at the event.

Or at any rate, just outside it.

The tiny group of trans activists protesting at the event included not one but two SNP councillors from the area – Alistair Fulton and Janine Calikes.

Fulton recently passed vetting to become an SNP candidate at the next UK election, while Calikes may be known to alert readers. She has very clear political priorities.

(Wings is told that two of the three other protesters were her children.)

It’s not clear what the activists were actually protesting against.

Since the meeting offered no sort of conceivable threat to “trans kids”, it can only reasonably be surmised that the protesters objected to the basic concept of women gathering lawfully in public to ask prospective MPs questions about their stances on issues of the day.

Even when directly questioned, though, they refused to elaborate.

It’s certainly an unusual form of political protest.





In reality, of course, the purpose was the same as it always is with transactivists – an attempt to exert control by intimidating opponents, particularly women, into silence. That the turnout was so comically pathetic doesn’t alter the malign intent.

But it’s nevertheless instructive, and astonishing, to witness the party of government not only refusing to attend a hustings for a crucial election, but actively picketing it, having already told most of the electorate that it isn’t interested in their votes. (The electorate, going by all the reports we’ve heard from the constituency from SNP and Labour sources, will be happy to comply.)

The SNP have painted themselves into a position of absolute farce, and the party’s complete and utter disintegration cannot now be far away.

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0 to “The Control Panel”

  1. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “The SNP have painted themselves into a position of absolute farce, and the party’s complete and utter disintegration cannot now be far away.”
    Let Rutherglen be the start signal, not a shot fore the bow but a direct hit midships to sink the rotting hull.

  2. Luke Warm Dave says:

    I’m not sure they will even finish second behind Labour. Word on the doors is not great but exactly what you’d expect after the past three years of unpopular and unwanted policies.

  3. sydthesnake says:

    Well, Well are we surprised the SNP DON’T want a debate….

  4. Mike says:

    Perhaps the protect trans kids sign is a plea rather than a protest, a last cry for help before the kids are sterilised and mutilated.

  5. Stephen O'Brien says:

    I’d fear any sort of Indy Alliance with SNP. They’re so far removed from the subject of independence, they’re a threat to the entire movement.

    The sooner the party disappears into the sewer, the better for Scotland.

  6. FionaN says:

    Very effective post, great description, Stu, had me laughing out loud! It really just defies belief, the behaviour of the snp politicians and followers nowadays!
    I can hardly believe that these days, a tory gov at westminster is our only protection against the excesses of the snp. Is this phenomenon actually a reverse psychological ploy by WM and nusnp to turn all of us ex-snp yessers into tory voters out of desperation and fear of what nusnp will enact next?

  7. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    This production has been brought to you by:
    * The Sturgeon mind control cult
    * MI5
    * The US State Department
    * The John Smith Centre

    120k members to a pittance of deranged “activists” in the space of 9 years. This was not achieved without assistance.
    The Algerian civil war of the 1990’s would be an excellent case study.

  8. Kat says:

    Humza this morning:




  9. ClanDonald says:

    Yet another trans rights activist who’s been selected as an SNP candidate for the Westminster election. Is Joanna Cherry the only one who isn’t?

  10. Liz says:

    I despise our current political braindead eejits, more and more by the day.

    They’re thick, uneducated dimwits.

    Humza handing our Scots taxpayers dosh to the WHO and Climate change scammers whilst Scots struggle to afford heating and eating.

    Renfrewshire sending debt collectors to houses where the parents can’t afford school meals, Humza saying stop all oil extraction, FFS.

    As you pointed out in one of your blogs, Scotlands contribution to CO2 levels is miniscule.

    The powerful people see him and Sturgeon coming a mile away and they treat them with false praise because they dance to their tune.

    I feel like I’m living in a nightmare and don’t get me started on the funking Hate Crime Bill.

  11. Ruby says:

    That picture is a work of art!

    What does ‘No 18 say No to H8 mean’

  12. JockMcT says:

    How did the meeting go?

  13. John Main says:

    I posted recently that growing a beard is the only thing in the modern world that a man can still do better than a woman.

    But that boy on the left is taking it too far.

  14. Anne says:

    A governing party that actively hates and despises its electorate is not unusual outside Western Europe. It’s taking a while for people to cotton on to this being the reality here but when these regimes get their comeuppance, the people’s revenge is usually sudden and brutal (even when the alternative is equally bad).

  15. pipinghot says:

    Nothing else makes any sense. We did not arrive here by accident.

  16. Peter Campbell says:

    “The SNP have painted themselves into a position of absolute farce, and the party’s complete and utter disintegration cannot now be far away.”

    Hopefully this is the case, because only when that happens will the membership realise that the current incarnation of the SNP is not the answer. Right now, everyone is branded plants, unionists, or doing the unionists’ job for them if they do not subscribe to the SNP’s strategy (if there is one).

  17. Peter says:

    They have become nothing more than a party of nonce enablers .

  18. Ruby says:

    Kat says:
    22 September, 2023 at 1:06 pm



    Re-boot! Re-boot! Re-boot!
    Restore factory settings!

    Oh no shit
    Restore from back-up.

    Find the back up dated 2007

    No better make it the back-up dated 2011

  19. Johnlm says:

    “There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader.”
    Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin (1807–74)


  20. Dave Llewellyn says:

    There is no such thing as a trans kid.
    There are transexuals and there are transvestites. One is protected under international law and cannot be done under the age of majority . I’ve NOT KIDS . The other is a fetish which has as much to do with bring transexual as it has to being a vegetable although the vegetable likely has a higher IQ. That said I believe that transexuals should have their own safe spaces and that all the imaginary “trans people” who have first jumped onto the transexuals bandwagon before deciding they wanted actual women’s too should have imaginary toilets and changing to reflect their imaginary status . Problem solved .

    Someone who doesn’t give a shit about being called a bigot by an arsehole .

  21. Ruby says:

    Computer says No your current hardware is not compatible with SNP back-up from 2011.

    Please renew both hardware & software to continue.

    Viruses have been detected on your computer please delete all viruses before continuing.

  22. Stuart MacKay says:

    It would seem that today’s aspiring women and men now realise that dressing appropriately is the key to success, at least in the SNP. If they’d been really on the ball, when asked to engage they should have replied that they couldn’t recall why they were there.

    Still I’m heartened by such a splendid sight. They say a fish rots from the head but the SNP is rotting from the tail.

  23. Anton Decadent says:

    I was a mature student in the not so distant past and watched the colleges NUJ being taken over in a similar fashion by people who were on the outer fringes of the Left. It was a mixture of older people who were quite openly Marxist/Trotskyist (and who tried to enforce a culture of compelled speech and behaviour on their classmates social media feeds) and ambitious younger people who saw it as a way to go straight into politics directly from college regardless of their qualifications or lack thereof. These people had the ears of the tutors amongst whom there was a culture of cronyism, one of their friends was fast tracked to lecturer status and an absolute plank who was a nasty piece of work but one of whose parents had connections to the field we were studying was guided to a pass by the staff. Seeing this played out on a national scale is tragic.

  24. TURABDIN says:

    Way beyond the orwellian.

    «It’s only because of their exclusivity that they’re able to be inclusively certain of themselves»
    after Franz Kafka.

    «How are we to avoid those in office becoming deeply corrupt when everything is devoid of meaning?»
    Franz Kafka, The Trial

    Does the brick wall possess more existential integrity?

  25. Alan says:

    Not science fiction.

    The annual Sturgeon Symposium ends today. The theme this year was “Fantastic Worlds, Fraught Futures”. The symposium honours a writer whose work is published in books with titles like “The Ultimate Egoist”, “Microcosmic God”, “The Perfect Host”, and “The Synthetic Man”. The stories include “Memory” and “To Marry Medusa”. The latter is about a hive mind. The author has been described as one of the most imaginative story tellers of our time.

  26. Ruby says:

    It’s a great photo all done without photoshop.
    They’ve even managed to get the cyclists only sign in. 🙂

    Big Lorna & Wee Patrick will approve!

  27. Anton Decadent says:

    Typo, NUS, the NUJ is just as bad with some very questionable things in its Code Of Conduct.

  28. Dan says:

    The SNP, a Party fading into obscurity like the yellow hatched junction box on the road right in front of the local Councillors.
    That says it all about their priorities…

  29. Allium says:

    I do wonder if Humza knows how truly dreadful his position is, or if his peculiar combination of massive ego and utter mediocrity means that he’s still actually having a fine time playing at being FM, and nothing else really impinges much on his fantasy life.

  30. David Hannah says:

    Gender neutral toilets, coming to a kids primary school near you with these two councillors.

  31. David Hannah says:

    The women of Rutherglen deserve better.

    Labour and Tory absent.

    SNP protesting women having conversations outside.

    Mothers don’t want males in the changing rooms of their little girls.

    Mothers don’t want gender neutral toilets in their kids primary schools.

    Teachers don’t want to ask primary school kids about their gender petal sexuality.

    Teachers are fighting back about teaching kids to hate the body they were born in.

    If only the handmaiden outside, and the man with the paedo art teacher beard would listen.

  32. Captain Yossarian says:

    John Main – I’m all agreed on Mr Fulton’s beard. I suspect he’ll use a leather briefcase and a Filofax and that he disapproves very much of trouble-makers like Fergus Ewing.

  33. Ramitin Ballsdeep says:

    SNP > Scottish Nutters Party

  34. David Hannah says:

    Good to have wings over Scotland a place where the truth is always told.

    While Katy Louden is happy to campaign with sex pest MP Patrick Grady.

    Labour councillors are also a threat to women and children:

    “Scottish Labour councillor in court accused of sexual activity with a child and grooming

    David Graham, 41, is currently suspended by the Labour Party and has stepped down from his council appointments in Fife.”

    Set the truth free. No paedophiles or perverts in Rutherglen.

  35. Ruby says:

    Alan says:
    22 September, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    Not science fiction.

    Ah not sci-fi!
    That explains why this wasn’t included

    That isn’t a beard it’s a neck ruffle. They are all the rage now. You can even get them for cats

  36. TURABDIN says:

    On the far side of orwellian.

    «It’s only because of their exclusivity that they’re able to be inclusively certain of themselves»
    after Franz Kafka.

    «How are we to avoid those in office becoming deeply corrupt when everything is devoid of meaning?»
    Franz Kafka, The Trial

    Does the brick wall possess more existential integrity than those who will not pollute themselves by breathing the invigorating air of reasoned debate?

  37. ScottieDog says:

    Long way out, but looking at some of the holyrood polls where SNP are still touted to win most seats, it tells you just how useless the opposition parties are.

  38. Red says:

    That guy with the big manky beard seems very interested in “trans kids”.


  39. Breeks says:

    Kat says:
    22 September, 2023 at 1:06 pm
    Humza this morning:


    So the blue screen of death is Pantone 300? Who knew?

    (As you were, sit still everybody, you don’t have to go and check. It isn’t. Blue Screen of Death is Pantone 286. Which is obviously nothing remotely like Pantone 300).

  40. David Hannah says:

    Look at the anger in the eyes of the bearded SNP Councillor. He hates women doesn’t he… He hates those ‘uppity bitches’ having the nerve to ask him questions above their station.

    And then there’s the handmaiden SNP Councillor.

    There’s no way in hell she’s a mother. Just look at her. And if she was, I’d be calling in the social services for the poor unfortunate soul being carved up for the altar of gender ideology. She’s like miss Hannigan. She must hate children. She must be so insecure that she hates other women with opinions. She’s no feminist.

    Let women speak.

    They say no to the creepy schools sex survey… Let John Swinney explain, do you like anal first minister?

    Scotland says no, to the preferential treatment lobby – the alphabet people – who make gay lesbian and bisexual people ashamed to be associated with them. Against their will.

    They are homophobic, sexist and mysogynistic creeps. Gay people want nothing to do with these rainbow warriors.

    Rutherglen. You have a voice. You’re voice will be heard.

    Women won’t wheesht!

  41. David Hannah says:

    Janine Calikes, SNP. She’s a bit of heavy lassie. It probably explains her hatred for other women. She’s more Aunt Lydia than miss Hannigan. Leave the women alone Janine. Leave the the kids alone. Adult Human females in Rutherglen say no!

  42. David Hannah says:

    Chestfeeders and people who menstruate birthing bodies, won’t wheesht!

    Cis women say No to Sissy men!

    The only cis we recogise is sisters!

    Men stand in solidarity with their sisters!

    Stop the deletion of language!

    Ahaha. Awful awful awful woke warriors. If only they’d been prepared to ask us, questions.

    Will the mainstream media ask the questions? I doubt it. They have kept silent about the Fife councillor paedophile so it doesn’t affect the election.

    Scotland deserves better than the devil’s choice.

  43. Captain Yossarian says:

    ScottieDog – I saw that myself. Mind you, in politics, it is all about positive momentum and there is no political party with less positive momentum just now than the SNP. The opposition is Labour, which used to be my party. For whatever reason, I cannot remember whether their collapse was quick, or slow. The main thing is that the collapse, when it finally occurs, will be permanent. As you say, there is a long way to go and Branchform may finish them off sooner. While we all wait on Branchform though, I see that Lord Hardie has attributed a good part of the liability for the few hundred million wasted on the Edinburgh Trams Project to Mr Swinney. “Get it sorted” – the words of the Deputy First Minister – Jesus wept.

  44. AnneDon says:

    I hope the women voters (and their allies) in Rutherglen will take note of the people who are not interested in their issues and problems when they get to the ballot box.

  45. Dave Hansell says:

    It seems reasonable to argue that the key issue here is the fact that of the fourteen political party’s with candidates in this by-election four of the five party’s which have over generations gathered the vast majority of the votes between them in election after election (SNP; Labour: Lib-Dem and Green) have all signaled very clearly, via their non attendance, the fact that they are not interested in the votes of around 51% of the electorate.

    These Party’s are, all four, taking the electorate for granted with a stance which says the electorate has nowhere else to go but themselves.

  46. David Hannah says:

    Hopefully someone has a video clip of these councilors.

    Get this shared across all the channels.

    GB News. Talk TV. The lot.

    How dare the candidates of Rutherglen ignore women’s concerns.

  47. David Hannah says:

    Rutherglen and Hamilton. A town living in the past. Where women’s voices aren’t listened to.

    Get Peirs Morgan on the phone. This in unbelievable.

    We does Labour, Tory and lib dem stand on the women’s issues?

    Women of Rutherglen. Deserve voice. They deserve to be heard!!!

  48. A Scot Abroad says:

    There don’t appear to be any political grownups in Scotland to do any governing in the event of iScotland.

    Perhaps that’s the first problem to be addressed, before getting stuck into (no puns intended) the gender woo-woo.

  49. Captain Yossarian says:

    I’m interested to hear Al-Stuart’s take on Lord Hardie’s Inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams fiasco. My take on it is that if Lord Hardy and a handful of other eminent lawyers trawled through several hundred thousand documents over a 9-year timespan, they are unlikely to have gotten the conclusion wrong. The verdict will fit with the evidence. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe Lord Hardie and the other eminent lawyers are wrong too, but we’re probably not wrong are we? I’m surprised at how little news coverage this got in view of the eye watering sums of cash involved.

  50. wullie says:

    Humza is not a good enough Scot. Time to dump him.

  51. Republicofscotland says:

    “The SNP, Labour, Green and Lib Dem candidates all declined to attend.”

    The above is disgraceful behaviour what must the electorate in that constituency think of these so called candidates, when they can’t even be bothered to show up at a husting to discuss the concerns of women voters, the electorate of that constituency shouldn’t vote for those candidates parties than didn’t make an appearance at the hustings.

    “The tiny group of trans activists protesting at the event included not one but two SNP councillors from the area – Alistair Fulton and Janine Calikes.”

    As for the two SNP councillors protesting against women talking that is bordering on fascism, women should be able to gather in groups and discuss their very legitimate concerns. Both of these so called councillors should be sacked, if not they must be voted out at the next council elections.

    I keep thinking the SNP couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, or for its elected officials to display outrageous behaviour beyond what they have already shown, but with this current SNP you just never can tell where rock bottom lies in their behaviour, we must vote these nasty, and dangerous people out at every turn.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  52. Robert Hughes says:

    Can we assume by their absence from the hustings the geniuses of the scottish Trans national Party have already accepted defeat in this By-Election and have decided to concentrate on manufacturing excuses for giving away what would likely have been a safe seat ?

    Had it not been for …….

    Plague-spreader Ferrier , whose criminally irresponsible behaviour endangered the lives of … ….not a single person ; well , maybe one of those * Trans Kids * whose very existence is more precarious than a mouse in a snake pit – apparently . GENOCIDE !!

    ALBA spreading it’s hate and cruelly standing aside , leaving it’s true friend Nu SNP to face this herculean challenge alone – and friendless . AFTER ALL THEY’VE DONE TO HELP THOSE ALBINIST ARRIVISTES ! Shame on them .

    Other possible excuses for ( the almost certain ) R&HW failure

    WOS ( the Bath-based Beelzebub’s Bigot Brigade )
    Assorted * phobias * ( primarily the * Trans * variety )
    Russell Brand ( booooo )
    Vlad P ( booooooooooooski )
    Climate Crisis ( what crisis ? )
    China Crisis ( their position on Black Man Ray always seemed a bit kinda ambivalent . RACISTS !
    Penises ( except when those loving & kind Nu Women wave them )

    Bound to be some I’ve overlooked . But know this , whatever the cause of the defeat it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SNP , RIGHT , GOT IT ?

  53. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m not sure they will even finish second behind Labour. “

    That would be a truly spectacular outcome. The Tories were a distant 3rd behind Labour, they have plenty of their own problems at the moment, and some of their support will surely vote tactically for Labour just to really ram it up the SNP. I can’t see it, but if it happened Yousaf would be in a world of pain.

  54. Graf Midgehunter says:

    It probably won’t happen but I would be very happy if C. Walker ISP got more votes than the SNP candidate..! 🙂

    That really would open up the diarrhea valve…. 🙂

  55. Doug says:

    The best thing for Scotland and its independence would be if all pro-indy supporters in Rutherglen and Hamilton West were to abstain.

    A low turnout would signify contempt for both Westminster and Yousaf’s pointless leadership.

  56. Captain Yossarian says:

    The last opinion poll I read was YouGov and ScottieDog alludes to it I think in his/her post above. Labour are forecast to win in Rutherglen all-right, but not by the majority that some are hoping for.

  57. Casper1066 says:

    Ok Hugh wins the internet.

    How pathetic eh.

    This is torture…. please let it all end soon.

    Get the clowns out of office.

  58. Ebok says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    ‘That would be a truly spectacular outcome’

    Yes, it would. Current odds to win the seat: –

    Labour 1/9 (bet £9 to win £1)
    SNP 7/1
    Lib Dem 25/1
    Cons 100/1

    About as much chance of Lib Dem winning as there is of Cons finishing second.

  59. Wally Jumblatt says:

    Dear Humza,
    I think now would be a good time to bring in the 20mph speed limit across the country.
    The Welsh have just done it, our survey suggests it is very popular.

  60. dearieme says:

    How do fashionable mental illnesses interact? Has the rise of girls who want bits chopped off been matched by a decline in the numbers of girls who refuse to eat properly?

  61. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Labour are forecast to win in Rutherglen all-right, but not by the majority that some are hoping for.”

    I think that poll will prove to be very much an outlier.

  62. Ruby says:

    I have to own up and say I don’t fully understand how elections work.

    It’s great that I can come on here and ask questions.

    I have heard of politicians losing their deposits.

    Could there ever be an occasion when everyone standing for election loses their deposit?
    No candidate elected?

    If I were in Rutherglen my vote would be for none of the above.

    Which I understand wouldn’t count. What if there were more spoiled ballots than unspoiled ones?

    Does turnout count? Does there need to be certain % of turnout before the election is valid?

    I would probably not bother going to the polling station not even to spoil my ballot paper.

    I don’t think I am alone in thinking ‘why bother?’

    What use is any Scottish MP at Westminster?

    I’m suspicious at this stage of any independence supporting politician who wants to go to Westminster.

  63. Lorna Campbell says:

    Robert Hughes: Stephen whatsisname, the Westminster leader, told an audience, and the panel, at Debate Night, on Wednesday, that he expected the seat to be lost and seemed quite sanguine about it, stating that SNP and Labour trade seats at by-elections. This walloper has ambitions to be SNP overall leader, with his bahookie parked in Holyrood. Earlier in the week, The National front page featured members of the SNP kindergarten, ravenously ambitious for recognition and a MSP salary in 2026. One, a man in female role, up here two minutes, has been awarded mouthpiece of the year for all things Scottish, despite his English accent and total lack of knowledge and experience – and people wonder why we are sinking faster than the Belgrano. What is wrong with everyone?

    Never have I heard of not one single member or representative of a party turning up to a hustings. This is how they view women – with utter contempt. Well, you odious ones, the feeling is mutual.

    Been watching “The Rise of the Nazis’ on television. It could have been called “The Rise of the ‘TransSNP'” – same tactics, same utter disregard for existing law, same housing of decent people who disagree, same contempt for democracy and democratic institutions, same undermining of the justice system, same undermining of the medical system. Same ‘othering of certain people, in their case, Jews, in ours, females. All that’s missing are the camps – thus far.

    Well, all you women and girls out there, you know where you stand and you know where not to put your X – against any of the mainstream parties. Just as here, fear and ignorance ruled in Germany from 1933 to 1945, and people turned their faces away from the truth. Lorna Slater has brought Tranada to Scotland and been rewarded with a ministerial role for doing so. Whoopdewoowoo.

  64. Eric says:

    I wish them well, but I suspect Humza’s persons may get hammered this evening.

  65. Dan says:

    @ Ebok

    Well aye, but mind and factor in voter ID required at polling station, postal votes, and an IDOX computer counting the ballots!

  66. James Che says:


    Which scientist is telling us lies about climate.
    Carbon climate change contradictions that the SNP and Scottish devolved government ignore,

    This is partial quote from Hannah Devlin, Science Correspondent, the Guardian on the 21 September 19 00 bst.

    ” The vast subterranean ocean of Europa, one of Jupiters moons contain Carbon, one of the crucial ingredients for life scientists have discovered that CO2 in the Tara Regio ( solid CO2 ) ice.

    Kevin Hand Astrobiologist at NASA jet propulsion laboratory described it as “Critical” ” Life as we know it loves to eat and breathe carbon dioxide and thus the indication that Euroa’s ocean may have a abundance of CO2 bodes well for habitability andpotential inhabitants.
    This was discovered by the Andrew Webb telescope.

    So if Scientists for NASA and the University of Texas are saying CO2 important for all life,

    Why are Climate change Scientist funded by our governments telling us CO2 is bad for us?

  67. Den says:

    Bit O/T , but as an opinion contributor to the Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill survey, I just received a notification of the publication of the responses. Had a read at quite a few. Looks like the general consensus on juryless rape trials from the general public(women and men) is that it’s an unwelcome proposed change.(a few citing the Salmond trial as case in point) However two noteable supporters of the pilot scheme Rape crisis Scotland and Police Scotland. Nae surprises there then.

  68. akenaton says:

    TURABDIN says:
    22 September, 2023 at 1:58 pm
    Way beyond the Orwellian.

    Yes very true, but in truth these people are only carrying out the sane MO as Stonewall did before the legislation on homosexual marriage was brought forward.
    They do not debate, as the facts associated with their behaviour are mostly negative and incontrovertible.
    Aided by the media they ban all debate on the negative aspects using meaningless words like Transphobe or Homophobe to shut down all discussion. It is extremely effective and is soon accompanied by legal sanctions until most people begin to believe that both are just harmless alternative lifestyles.

    The future is bleak as politicians now seem wedded to laws which endanger children and many women’s rights, not just those concerning “gender” or “biological sex” in the real world.

    We are now in thrall to Orwell’s Pigs who demand that we blindly obey even to the extent of believing the unbelievable

  69. Ruby says:

    I don’t believe there is a single political party in Scotland that supports women’s rights.

    No women’s rights can be protecting as long as we have the GRA 2004 which allows for men to become women.

    I don’t care if a 100 doctors approve the sex change or the patient has been wearing pink dresses since he was still in nappies.

    I don’t believe men can become women and I think it’s very cruel to tell them they can.

    I have said this all before but everyone seems focused on self-id.

    No difference between self-id or a 100 doctors diagnosing gender dysphoria.
    It still means men changing sex and becoming women.

    Surely there must be a better cure for gender dysphoria than trying to turn a man into a woman.

    You can’t allow men to change sex and protect women’s rights at the same time

    Here’s the thing about the GRA 2004 it allows for self-id. Before getting your certificate that says you are now a woman well done. These men need to spend two years ‘living as a woman’ basically they are required to put on a dress pluck their eyebrows shave their legs and then he is a she and living as a woman.

    Maybe Eddie Izzard is doing his two year stint living as a woman or maybe he isn’t but as the law stand he is quite entitled to wear a dress, live as a woman and use the women’s toilet. He can be living as a woman until the cows come home. No need for diagnosis or GRC. Basically Eddie has self-id’d

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Obviously if they are required to live as a woman they won’t be expected to use the men’s toilet, changing rooms, be expected to spend time in a men’s prison, playing a the men’s team etc.
    If the GRA 2004 does require a man to live as a woman you can’t then deny them that right you can’t chuck them out of the women’s swimming team.

    Don’t let the Tories, Labour or anyone else fool you into believing they support women’s rights they do not.

    I’m a bit past it with the Gender talk I would rather by talking about Stu’s huge cajones!

    I would vote for a party who would want the repeal of the GRA 2004 and to make ‘woman face’ a misogynistic hate crime.

  70. Martin says:

    Unfortunately the SNP are about to discover just how unlubricated the dildo of consequences is upon its arrival.

  71. TURABDIN says:

    All made so much worse by social media platforms «monetizing» the alternatives.
    Question their motives and you are deleted, until they construct those special camps.
    If someone wishes to marry a tree, let them, but do not go fishing in expectation of approbation.
    Being constrained by law or media or politicians to do so is deviant in every sense.
    The internet itself is no longer a place for free exchange of ideas, however few appear to have noticed.

  72. A Scot Abroad says:


    you seem to be using the words “sex” and “gender” interchangeably.

    They aren’t. Sex is biological, gender is social/legal. Sex cannot change, gender can.

  73. Skip_NC says:

    Ruby, why do you think Alba doesn’t support women’s rights?

  74. twathater says:

    I would appeal to the residents of Ruglen and Hamilton west that these parasitical arsewipes have shown their utter contempt for our women and girls by REFUSING to turn up for these hustings but they have illustrated the CONTEMPT they hold for the voters within that constituency by the same actions , I would plead that you turn out for voting but I would beg that you spoil your ballot by writing across the unionist selections including the snp and greens NONE OF THESE MORONS get them TELT

  75. Bob Mack says:

    What do we want?___ None of your business.

    When do we want it? ___ Not telling you.

    They are all bonkers.

  76. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @5.08pm.

    I don’t know if you’ve read this.

    “A private company with Tory MP Peter Lilley on the board was very quietly given contracts and money from councils across Scotland, before the referendum in 2013, for the Tory MP’s company to take charge of an expected 20% of the vote – postal votes – without informing the nation of this new setup. SNP councils were so desperate to put Tory MP Peter Lilley in charge, the three SNP controlled Tayside councils all chipped in together to give Idox Elections one big Tayside contract, in May 2013, with Nicola’s mother – Provost of North Ayrshire SNP controlled council – which also put Idox Elections in charge of postal votes.”

  77. Captain Yossarian says:

    George and John Main – Re the price of oil and gas in oil rich countries. When I worked in Saudi Arabia, which was only a few years ago, I had a VW Golf diesel which I could fill to the top for £5.50. Crown Prince MBS then raised the price of petrol and diesel which Saudis paid and everyone was out on the streets protesting about it. It was the first time the price had been raised for years. I didn’t pay much heed to it at the time but when I filled-up again, the price had risen to £7.00. Saudi Arabia is an outlier too of course. The oil company, Aramco, is state owned and Saudis are looked after first.

  78. Kcor says:

    The SNP is dead.

    Deliver independence and long live ALBA.

  79. crazycat says:

    @ Ruby at 5.04

    Deposits are lost if a candidate gets less than 5% of the votes cast.

    For all candidates to lose their deposits, there would have to be at least 21 candidates, and the votes would have to be near enough evenly spread between them. That isn’t impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely.

  80. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Lorna C

    ” Lorna Slater has brought Tranada to Scotland and been rewarded with a ministerial role for doing so. Whoopdewoowoo. ”

    I know ! could we not send her back – faulty goods – and demand we get Jordan Peterson in her place ?

    Time was Canada seemed like a good place to live – like a lot of us , I have family members who relocated there – and compared to it’s southern neighbour , appeared a lot more peaceable , civil/civic-minded . WTF happened to it ?

    I’ve always agreed with your perception that small countries like Scotland , N Zealand , Finland were targeted by the new ideological/financial/political master-race-in-the-making , probably because they were seen as being open to ” Progressive Politics ” . WTF happened to that ? ” Progressive ” has become a meaningless badge people obsessed with ” Identity ” wear.

    Canada doesn’t fit that ” small ” category , but in the – carefully Schwabbed down – case of J Trudeau they found the poster-boy for all things Prog vanity , ambition , conceit & arrogance all packaged in a nice box of * empathy * chocolate fudge . He’d make a fabulous * future leader * of the SNP

  81. sarah says:

    @ twathater at 6.32: you advise folk in Ruglen and HW to spoil their ballot papers.

    No – they should vote for Colette Walker, Independence for Scotland Party. She knows what a woman is. She also knows that it is best to abstain from Westminster and work for independence and improving the lives of ordinary people.

  82. Michael Laing says:

    @ A Scot Abroad at 6.31pm: The conflation of sex and gender irritates me greatly. However, I don’t see where Ruby is conflating sex and gender. I understand Ruby’s point to be that the Gender Recognition Act allows men who are effeminate or who ‘identify’ as women (i.e. of feminine gender) to be legally regarded as women (i.e. of female sex). That is plainly absurd. It is woke politicians who are conflating sex and gender, not critics of gender ideology. Did you actually read Ruby’s comment, or are you just stirring trouble as usual?

  83. Willie says:

    Comment I got from one individual with sight on the canvas returns is that the SNP could be on to finish in 4th place.

    The turn against the SNP is huge. Many voters who had decided to stay at home on the 5th as no shows are now contemplating voting Collette Walker.

    Folks know only too well just how bad the SNP have become the Labour, and how bad the Labour and Tories were, and still are.

  84. A Scot Abroad says:


    are there any examples of abstentionist MPs being able to work effectively for constituents? As far as I understand it, there’s no access to funding to run a constituency office without the MP taking the oath in Parliament. There’s half a million Irish people “represented” by Sinn Fein MPs who don’t get any practical help.

  85. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Kenny MacAskill appears to have hoofed a hornets’ nest into touch with this press release via his own parliamentary site.. If it’s a response to another article or blog he doesn’t specify.

    This is the end of it…

    ‘Of course, with regard to the benefits for Scotland as a whole some of it could be described as “trickle-down economics”. Neither my own family nor indeed did most in Scotland benefit directly in any way. But Scotland as a whole did benefit, and in that way we all benefited.

    Glasgow University academic Dr Stephen Mullen has ably shown that in his book” The Glasgow Sugar Aristocracy”. The job adverts for the rank and file that nearly enticed Burns are detailed and more importantly the commercialization that was allowed by the wealth generated by slavery. Banks and financial institutions did remarkably well in Glasgow from it and from that wealth spun the industrialization that made modern Scotland, not just the houses and estates of the few.

    The industrialization of Scotland also stands in contrast to Ireland. It wasn’t just down to James Watt and geography. Finance from slavery formed a large part of it. That’s why Scotland as a whole, not just some families and institutions need to atone for slavery.’

    A lot of anger in many of the responses.

  86. Ruby says:

    Skip_NC says:
    22 September, 2023 at 6:32 pm

    Ruby, why do you think Alba doesn’t support women’s rights?

    Because I believe they are happy with the GRA2004.

  87. Bangbusser says:

    The full text of that letter from that smug Calikes clown in that story, unfortunately from the Express, is incredible in its sneering, condescending, snotty, entitled arrogance: “I speak for all women” (except the vast gender critical majority, it seems), “Wishing you the day you deserve.” What a rude, unprofessional creep. Typical SNP now: wave a few crap yank pronouns around and feel you’re entitled to speak with impunity to the electorate, with the full backing of the party. Another go-nowhere no-mark. Beyond disgusting.

  88. Ruby says:

    crazycat says:
    22 September, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    @ Ruby at 5.04

    Deposits are lost if a candidate gets less than 5% of the votes cast.

    For all candidates to lose their deposits, there would have to be at least 21 candidates, and the votes would have to be near enough evenly spread between them. That isn’t impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely.

    Thanks crazycat. I see it’s 5% of votes cast. I was thinking it might be a certain number of votes.

    I was having fantasies about them all getting wiped out due to very low turn out.

  89. moixx says:

    Ruby @ 5.53pm

    “You can’t allow men to change sex and protect women’s rights at the same time” – that’s it – in a nutshell.

  90. Mia says:

    “The SNP have painted themselves into a position of absolute farce, and the party’s complete and utter disintegration cannot now be far away”

    Thank goodness. It won’t come soon enough.

    What a pathetic, useless, dishonest, undemocratic, back-stabbing, time-wasting bunch that political party turned out to be.

    Until such waste is confined to the dustbin of political history, Scotland cannot escape from more years of painful stasis and the cruel mental torture inflicted through unnecessarily nasty policies, giving away Scotland’s assets, and expensive government failures.

    Such trademark appears to be the strategy Sturgeon and Yousaf have chained Scotland to so they can preserve the union to make the party unelectable.

    Here is hope the Greens and the SNP disintegrate in unison.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  91. Dumbarton Rock says:

    I know of a school where the staff are all being labelled Mx ( pronounced mix) on an online homework page. The world’s going mad!

  92. John C says:

    Since the meeting offered no sort of conceivable threat to “trans kids”, it can only reasonably be surmised that the protesters objected to the basic concept of women gathering lawfully in public to ask prospective MPs questions about their stances on issues of the day.

    Also, ‘trans kids’ are like unicorns, Nessie, Roswell aliens and any black friend of Nigel Farage. They don’t exist. There’s gay, lesbian and questioning post pubescent kids just as there’s heterosexual ones but Trans? Nah. We’d have picked this up waaaaaaaaaayy before the late 2000s.

    Of course we know what these people mean by ‘trans kids’ & why they’re focusing more and more on kids. On the surface it’s to try to convince people that ‘Trans’ is innate (it isn’t) but mainly it’s to target and groom kids for their own purposes be it political or to abuse in real life. A cult also can’t keep going unless it has new recruits and kids provide a steady stream of new recruits though I see more and more kids rebel against Gender Ideology. After all kids are supposed to rebel against authority & the Gender Ideologues make themselves figures in authority kids will eventually kick back at them.

    And someone like Maggie Chapman is incredibly dangerous. She should not be anywhere near any mechanism of power anywhere in the world, but somehow she is in Scotland. The Greens are the party of Aimee Challinor & his ilk infect the Green movement and now the SNP. Chapman in normal times in a normal country would be the subject of severe media investigation but here in Scotland she’s treated by the media and the country’s political and cultural class with a shrug at best.

  93. robertkknight says:

    “the party’s complete and utter disintegration cannot now be far away”.

    Sooner the bloody better IMHO.

    SNP OUT!

  94. Ruby says:

    Michael Laing says:
    22 September, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    @ A Scot Abroad at 6.31pm:
    Did you actually read Ruby’s comment, or are you just stirring trouble as usual?

    He’s stalking me now. He’s knows I’m trying to convince Stu to make flame-baiting a bannable offence and if he does it will be Adios ASA – Hasta Nunca.

    He’s probably not happy that I’m pointing out that his Tories do not support women’s rights.

    Also not happy that I pointed out if he keeps insisting that he’s Scottish and entitled to Scottish citizenship he will be a foreigner in England. 🙂

  95. wullie says:

    Ian Brotherhood says
    22 September 2023 @ 7.54 pm
    I read that today and was utterly disgusted. I was so raging mad that I could not send a comment to him.

    Who will atone for the one hundred thousand Scots that Cromwell sold into slavery.

    Who will atone for the near million Scots made slaves after Cullodon

    The largest slave market ever on the planet was the North African slave market dealing mostly in white people.

    How about the tens of thousands of Irish catholics sent to the Americas as slaves long before any Africans

    Politicians are the problem they are the ones who should atone for the plight that Scotland and the indigenous people find ourselves in., we have been more or less slaves for over three hundred years.

    Every politician every political party. It was politicians of the day that sold us down the swanny into English servitude in 1707 and nothing has changed since.

  96. Andrew scott says:

    Maggie chapman is the reason that i would NEVER vote green along with dross geeer
    Perverted or what

  97. sam says:

    Slavery.Scottish Highlands.

    Scottish research by Iain MacKinnon.

    “We have uncovered the scale and complexity of links between wealth derived from slavery and trends in landowning during the eighteenth – to early twentieth centuries. Between 1726 and 1939 there were 63 estate purchases in the west Highlands and Islands by significant beneficiaries of slavery derived wealth. Such beneficiaries are defined as slave-owners, or the children and grandchildren of slave-owners, or others who derived significant benefits from the wider slavery-based economy, such as sugar, tobacco or cotton merchants. This definition also includes men who married into families with slavery derived wealth.

    The majority of these purchases (37) occurred between 1790 and 1855 — the main period of the Highland Clearances, with a peak of slavery related sales occurring in the late 1830s — the years following the British Government’s establishment of a £20 million fund (£16 billion in today’s terms) to compensate slave-owners for the loss of their ‘property’ when slavery was abolished in the British empire in 1833.

    Cumulatively, we estimate that the estates purchased amounted to 1,144,395 acres, which is more than one-third of the total area of the west Highlands and Islands (the methodology underlying our calculations can be found in the link embedded at the end of this blog). These figures are likely to be significantly less than the true total because it was not possible to find acreages for several large purchases.”

  98. Robert Louis says:

    Honestly, I hope the SNP get thoroughly humped in Rutherglen. Perhaps then they might grasp just how toxic these silly green party policies are.

    I genuinely think Covid has had a malign effect on how politics are done in the entire UK. During covid, councils and government, including in Scotland, were given powers to act, with little debate, or question. Unlimited power. Likewise councils had powers to freely close roads divert routes, pavements and all sorts.

    Now, of course, covid has gone, but those MPs MSPs and especially Councillors are still drunk on the powers they had. This is why the Scottish government feels it quite ok to pursue policies that NOBODY wants, like GRR, or for councils like Glasgow and Edinburgh to introduce their stupid ULEZ schemes, again despite the majority in either city not wanting, and in fact furious about them. Oh, and just how much money has Edinburgh council wasted on freaking road bollards, placed, moved, replaced, then removed, then placed again. Money just squandered, when key services are not getting properly funded.

    The councils can’t pay teachers more money, but they can absolutely afford cycle routes and bollards.

    So, the SNP losing big, might just wake them all up. We can only hope.

  99. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @sam (8.43) –

    Makes ye wonder if Kenny MacAskill knows that.

  100. Ruby says:

    I think the GRA2004 might have become law because of some directive from the ECHR or EU?

    Here again I’m not very well informed about these things.

    No idea how it all works. I have to learn as I go.

    If it were a directive from the ECHR did the UK Gov have to obey otherwise no EU membership?

    If it were the EU/ECHR that forced this upon us I would be voting no to EU membership.

    Anyway that is something for the future as there’s currently no prospect of an EU referendum.

    Might be the reason why the SNP supporters of all things trans might be so keen on EU membership.

    It’s quite hard work this politics stuff especially if one is starting from scratch and has zero confidence in the press & SNP politicians.

    Oh wait! It isn’t correct to say I’m starting from scratch I did a bit of a foundation course back in the run up to the 2014 IndyRef. The difference between then and now is I trusted the SNP politicians & learned not to trust the press. Thanks Wings.

  101. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Sam –

    I C&Ped your 87.43 into a tweet. Didn’t edit it, add anything.

    Hope you don’t mind.


  102. Mark Beggan says:

    Them damm Buzzards are a circlin’! Amen.

  103. David Hannah says:

    Breaking news. SNP MP Lisa Cameron reveals she needed counselling, after she challenged her colleagues over the treatment of the teenage staffer molested by Patrick Grady.

    Lisa Cameron reveals she has been shunned by colleagues. As the party rallied around the perpetrator of harassment – sex pest MP Patrick Grady – rather than his victim!

    Ian Blackford instead instructed all of his MPs to “give absolute full support” to rally for Patrick Grady.

    “I couldn’t go into the tea room. She said. No one would talk to me. I had to have quite a lot of counselling so I could just go about my normal business in Parliament.”


    Lisa Cameron used to be a consultant in the NHS. A clinical psychologist. She had compassion for the victim.

    The SNP Westminster group of Blackened souls. The most clique bunch of stuck up bullies this country has ever seen.

    Another by election on the cards if she resigns.

  104. David Hannah says:

    Lisa Cameron: “after I spoke up in one of the meetings and said “shouldn’t we be supporting the victim?”

    “people ignored me for quite some time. THEY WERE HOSTILE TOWARDS ME!”

    SNP MP Lisa Cameron reveals all about the mindset of the protectors of drunken molestor – sex pest MP Patrick Grady.

    The groping hands of Westminster right enough!

  105. VH says:

    TURABDIN says:
    22 September, 2023 at 1:58 pm
    Way beyond the orwellian.

    Yikes – thanks for the link. That explains SO much! This is really head-banging stuff: what can you do about it if they won’t debate in a democratic society?

  106. akenaton says:

    “Freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose”

    They have stolen everything, our voices, our thoughts, our will.

  107. A Scot Abroad says:


    I’m entirely relaxed that both Scotland and England will recognise citizenships of each other in the event of Indy, and that nobody will be forced back over the border, in either direction. Apart from anything else, there’s 750,000 Scots in England and Wales, and there’s not that much accommodation spare in Scotland.

  108. A Scot Abroad says:

    That picture at the top of the article sums up why Indy isn’t going to be happening soon. A few miserable people protesting about a miserable conference outside a miserable corner shop on a miserable day. There’s no ideas or energy that anyone would want to get behind.

  109. Alf Baird says:

    wullie @ 8:32 pm

    “It was politicians of the day that sold us down the swanny into English servitude in 1707 and nothing has changed since.”

    Yes Wullie, nothing more certain than that the Scottish people and country was sold in 1707, we even know the price paid and to whom, and we still have the same procurer ruling over us today. Colonial exploitation is always a co-operative venture aided by native elites whereby the latter become “part of the group of colonizers whose values are sovereign” (Memmi). This was the norm in many colonies, Scotland was and is little different, which is why we want independence – to end our enslavement.

  110. sarah says:

    Sinn Fein MPs can work for their constituents at Westminster – they get staff costs and accommodation expenses but no salary. Anyone who wants to know about abstentionist MPs conditions can Google.

  111. Sorry. completely off-topic re Edinburgh Trams:

    I learned today that Service Director of Finance and Procurement, Hugh Dunn, is leaving Edinburgh Council after 37 years’ service with the Council and its predecessors.

    His retirement was apparently “brought forward”. Is this the fall-guy for the decision made years ago, against SNP Government advice, to push ahead with the Trams and TIE, by the Council?

    Granted we now have 11.5 miles of tramway at a cost of £1 Billion (with interest charges) and building chaos, but couldn’t the money have been better spent with hi-tech flexible buses?

    Now the blighters are planning to “extend” the so-called “network”!

  112. Lorna Campbell says:

    Ruby: absolutely agree. The 2004 GRA was intended to enable same sex marriage by means of an artificially created ‘woman’. Other, smaller adjustments were made to other aspects. Never was it intended that ‘trans’ identified men would invade every female space. The mantra, transwomen are women did not come into existence until 2015. This has been a con from the beginning. Lady Haldane’s ruling that a GRC entitles a man to be a woman in law for all things was deeply flawed in law. I was appalled, but not surprised, that she was chosen to hear the recent review of the S35 Order.

    This whole set up so resembles the relentless Nazi rise to power that I wonder if they are following the template. It took a number of years for Jews to be stripped of their rights, etc. I know it seems like hyperbole, but I believe they intend to do the same to us. I have never before witnessed such consensus on all the parties over one issue: that of dismantling all female rights.

  113. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ASA (9.55) –

    ‘I’m entirely relaxed…’

    Are ye, aye?

    Sounds like you’re channeling Peter Mandelson circa 1999.

    Who wasn’t?

  114. Dumbarton Rock says:

    Lorna Campbell 5.04pm

    You misheard what Stephen Flynn said. I had to rewind the programme back twice to decipher what he said. He said that either the SNP or Labour would win the seat. His diction is very unclear and he has a speech impediment.

  115. John Main says:

    @Alf Baird 10:00

    I sure hope you are more precise with your engineering than you are with your use of language.

    The landed and titled aristocracy who sold off Scottish assets to make up for their losses in the Darien scheme weren’t politicians as we know and understand the concept today.

    You also need to make up your mind what the situation is in Scotland now. You may be able to persuade a sizeable chunk of Scottish voters that we have been colonised. But your repeated insistence that we have been enslaved is absurd. Not to forget demeaning and trivialising to individuals who actually have been enslaved, either historically or in the present day.

    My advice is that you fight the urge to constantly exaggerate things.

  116. A Scot Abroad says:

    Ian Brotherhood,

    I’ve no need to channel anyone. I stand by my comment: I’m entirely relaxed about England and a future iScotland mutually recognising citizenship, and nobody having to move. There’s possibly a million people (750,000 in England and Wales alone, according to 2021 census data) with a foot in both camps, and that’s far too many for any iScotland to even think about pissing off. Life in an iScotland is going to be challenging enough without causing huge population movements.

  117. A Scot Abroad says:


    Sinn Fein MPs don’t work for their constituents at Westminster, even if money is claimed. So the half million constituents unrepresented.

    Is that what you are advocating for Scots people? Waste of space MPs who don’t do anything?

  118. Alan says:


    Crime may be the correct genre, albeit non-fiction.

  119. President Xiden says:

    Why are we being represented by daft bastards?

  120. President Xiden says:

    Can I suggest that the SNP disband and rename themselves the ‘sore break up party’.

  121. Confused says:

    what’s the idiot count like here tonight?

    ASA who is to intellectual debate what Joe Bugner was to boxing

    Main, the main offender with his stupid snidey crap ??
    – not so much, though he was being double stupid the other night

    some cringe merchant on another thread … leave it … leave it

    some guy who nobody even knows who he is trying to be “hard” …

    never mind the bollockistes, …

    I really hope, would love it (in the keegan sense) for the SNP to get a drubbing in this one; they deserve it, it’s overdue, and it could be “that moment”, like when that kid jumped on the berlin wall and the guards didn’t shoot him, when everyone knew “the gig is up”

    There is a phrase – JUMP THE SHARK … the point at which (its a scene from Happy Days with the Fonz) when a beloved show goes irretrievably bad …

    the SNP JTS a considerable time ago; and I would have hoped by now there would be a mass movement over to ALBA

    – even in the main media, sex pests, financial scandals, utter incompetence, wasting cash, it has been written about. The Salmond Scandal – acquitted by a jury but his accusers protected at all costs, like James Bulgers killers; the Sturgeons, unmolested. Then anyone who makes it over here … ay yi yi … you get the dirt on the whole squalid crew of them … there is almost no one decent left, anywhere near the levers of power.

    Nikki had a sort of extreme media skill of being able to convince wee wifeys she was – jist a decent lassie, tryin to dae her best against aw thay tories and the london govmint … humsa has nothing like it

    humsa always looks like the deer caught in the headlights

    Maybe if the SNP went bust, ALBA could buy it up for £1? (- then say ITS THE SAME PARTY!)

    Scotland Speaks is becoming very good, high level, serious, a great watch, Salmond looks well again, not tired.

    in software engineering, they use these “version systems” which allow you to revert to a previous (good) state when your new stuff has fucked things up … with one command script, imagine

    restore SNP-2014
    add Salmond
    remove GRR
    remove hatecrime
    add independence
    add constitutional-lawfare
    add UN-decolonisation
    add diplomatic-mission

    one final remark, the mystification and difficulty of indy has been played since forever; to genuine nationalists, it would have the complexity of going to the shops for a pint of milk … example; a job available right now – for the HMRC, looking for data migration specialists (nice tickle) they are moving all their data to THE CLOUD (so they can do analytics and spy on you); i.e. work and pensions data will now live in THE “CLOUD”, and handing over all that complex info will be as difficult as writing a login password on a post it note and doing the following or equivalent


    I capitalise THE CLOUD because it is very important; it is where our new AI overlords will live, physically these are huge data centers with vast numbers of servers, that need a lot of – cheap electricity and cooling, which would suit, a cold country, with a lot of water, which can provide very cheap electricity … but WHERE can we find such things?

    – the future is calling out to us; there never was a country more suited to, more setup for, more ready to be independent than us. It is all here, everything you need, except in an independent country – it is all YOURS, my fellow Scots, there to improve your quality of life, not to provide a yield to a fund manager down in London.

    Or just enjoy your universal credit and your past the sell by date produce from tesco, as long as it has a union jack on it.

    Be proud to be British, by God – poverty and servility is in our national character.

  122. Confused says:

    (anticipating the eructations of a tit, sure to be along … )

    “show us the money”

    the norweg is twice as wealthy as the ukie

    here it is in depth, GDP per capita, human capital index

    – no comparison; the UK is OFFICIALLY – a FUCKING SHITHOLE that pishes away all the money into the city to do whatever it fucking wants, and spirited away to the leaky bucket of the tax haven; wet your beak with the lowest pensions in europe, but have a dreadnought class supernuke tub

  123. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 11:25 pm

    “My advice is that you fight the urge to constantly exaggerate things.”

    Hardly an exaggeration. To be sold is to be procured, which implies to be enslaved.

  124. A Scot Abroad says:


    there’s only one idiot on this thread, and it’s you that is reading it.

    Accurate screen name that you’ve chosen for yourself, though.

  125. JP444 says:

    @ twathater I was going to spoil my ballot until I found out that Niall Fraser is standing for The Scottish Family Party so he’ll be getting my vote now. All of my family and friends around here are voting for him too.

  126. twathater says:

    @ Sarah and JP444 , Sarah I know about Collette Walker and ISP but very few people know about them and if they don’t IMO it would be best to spoil your ballot
    JP444 I watched the family party member get tore into Swiney at a meeting and I would agree with you JP444 but I am pretty sure they are against independence for Scotland as they have many english members

  127. Effijy says:

    Abstaining at an election can be ready many ways.
    You are OK with the way things are going.
    You can’t be arsed to pick from a list of troughers
    Your vote is worthless.

    I’ll be voting for the Independence party which obviously isn’t SNP and that vote is also a vote against the English Colony Parties.

    It may not make a loud statement but it shows my voice still calls out.

  128. Captain Yossarian says:

    It will be the most fascinating by-election for decades.

    Who comes second? According to the Times it will be the SNP. According to Wings over Scotland, the SNP could come-in third or even fourth.

    Some respected and (usually) measured posters are forecasting a doing for the SNP. If it happens, and we get a decent result from Branchform, and I’m still hoping for that, then we may be heading for a Holyrood election soon.

  129. Athanasius says:

    Maybe this is a good thing. If the trans movement actually destroys a major political party, it might concentrate the minds of the others.

  130. Captain Yossarian says:

    Confused@12.18am – A great post well written.

  131. This is all down to the fruition of

    `positive discrimination and diversity hiring“

    years of employing people for their minority status or sexual fetish instead of ability to do the job,

    has broken the `Western` world.

  132. Stuart MacKay says:


    Nice one, but you forgot:

    run garbage collector
    add anti-virus

    The “only” “problem” is that the disease that is killing the SNP has spread far and wide. It’s infected and is killing pretty much everything. The SNP is just the first celebrity victim.

    Right now it’s a race to see which side gets re-educated first. If Alba expand then we all know who will be at the head of the queue to join. Any organisation that offers political power and the chance to change society won’t be immune. If it has extensive version-control to rollback any introduced bugs then that’s all it will be doing.

    The only thing to do is find another cause and maybe burn down a university or two. The climate change train is probably overbooked. Perhaps we can create a woke army and send them off east.

  133. Mrs Grimble says:

    wullie @8.32pm
    You’ve fallen for a myth propagated by US white supremacists, who want us to believe that there were thousands of white slaves imported from Ireland into Colonial America and that they were treated worse than black slaves.
    Try reading one of the many debunkings of this, by an Irish historian:

  134. TURABDIN says:

    Occasionally, the UN, and even the EU, is invoked by «independentists» as the go to for help with regard to Scotland.
    Currently, two wars are being fought in central and caucasian border regions of Europe.
    Where is the UN? Where is the EU?
    Where are the peacemakers not the arms sellers?
    Seemingly nothing is done without a nod from imperialist Washington
    Scotland, look to your own interests, whatever it takes, and to hell with these globalist org.s
    To the list of doing nothing may be added Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Kashmir…
    UN = Utterly Nada and it too is worm eaten with wokery.
    Republican France chanting Vive le Roi, what a joke.

  135. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Scot Finlayson: yes, diversity and inclusion would be in the top half of my modern weasel word list. They are two big slabs on the road to the planned destruction of our civil society which we see unfolding before our eyes.

    Grate Thott: “Gender is for nouns, binary sex is for humans”*.

    If I walked around G____e Square in Glasgow with a placard saying this, do you think I would be arrested by officers sporting lovely LGBTQ+ rainbow lanyards? I see an increasing number of NHS workers wearing such things, which is very worrying.

    * I suppose I would have to add “except for a vanishingly small number of hermaphrodites” to be more accurate but I would need a bigger bit of cardboard or more coloured pens.

  136. Alf Baird says:

    Effijy @ 6:53 am

    “I’ll be voting for the Independence party which obviously isn’t SNP”

    Aye, yer deid richt thair an aw!

    There is only one pro-independence party standing at this by-election, as highlighted by its nae-messin aboot name – INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND PARTY – ISP.

    Vote for Colette Walker ISP. Lats get oot o this colonial midden, stertin in H&R.

  137. Sven says:

    JP444 @ 03.26

    Without wishing to go too far off topic, far less introduce an online “right to life” debate, the main policy which has been mentioned to me in discussions re The Scottish Family Party is their very firm stance on abortion.
    They are consistent and open about this, however I believe that this stance alone would make it unlikely for a large section of the voters to support them.

  138. Effijy says:

    My old Mum likes the TV guide in the Daily Hail so I have a look at the
    Latest fascist propaganda from the None Dom owner.

    This have really hit rock bottom for SNP!
    For the first time in 15 years there are no Scotland or SNP stories!

    They feel independence doesn’t need to be shot at home made bullets as the SNP have shot them selves in the foot with a bazooka.

    Thank God. They finally put a piece on page 8.

    Will this throw a vast number of independence bad fiction writers on the dole.
    They may have to relocate to Scotland for cheaper housing and an extra £20 in benefits?

  139. John Main says:

    @Confused 12:21

    I am liking Norway a whole lot more since I discovered that proud, fiercely independent Norway is per-capita far-and-away the world’s biggest financial backer of the right side in The War.

    Some of that luvverly oil & gas dosh being put to good use. Following on with their donations are some of the Baltic states, not so independent, being in the EU and all, but still providing examples for rational Scots to aspire to.

    Sadly, for iScotland to first aspire to a similar role, many of the shibboleths held so dear by some BTL posters on here will have to be destroyed. Bring it on I say.

    C’moan the Noggies!

  140. John Main says:

    Alf Baird 12:33

    Awa an shite man.

    North America (to choose just one continent) hoaching with indigenous peoples who have been colonised into fecking reservations. Many of them colonised by Scots, an incontrovertible fact you like to deny, but that’s not my main point.

    Nobody claims these people are slaves.

    By comparison with them, most Scots can be accurately described as living in paradise.

    You’re as bad as RoS with his “great Satan”. Rational people read this kind of hysterical over-exaggeration and write off the author, and by extension the cause of Indy, as deluded moon howling.

    FFS. Try to imagine a new reader on here, and imagine her response to reading the claim that she’s a slave!

  141. willie says:

    Voting for Collette Walker is absolutely the right way to go.

    The SNP we know has gone absolutely rogue. It is an utter waste of a vote in its present form. And it has no intention of changing.

    Labour, the priorly rejected Labour, ditched en masse Scots voters is not an alternative. And of course the Tories are no alternative.

    Against that background the logic of voting for Collette Walker as opposed to either not voting and staying at home, or voting for a Labour Party or a Tory Party that you cannot stand, makes so much sense.

    The SNP need to be taught a lesson. They will be taught a lesson. And being taught a lesson, a big lesson, change will come. The pig stye will be cleared. So let’s send that message and vote for the lady called Collette Walker ISP.

    Next year 2024 will be a big year with a General Election. Let us set out our stall now and send the message.

  142. Johnlm says:

    ASA as Joe Bugner gives too much gravitas, I feel.
    I see JM and ASA more as the Bobby Barnes and Adrian Street.of Scottish politics.

  143. John Main says:

    I’m completely undecided about how I will vote in any of the upcoming elections. As always with me, it will depend on the policies and the people, measured against the burning issues of the day.

    But it strikes me that a few posters on here show a lack of logic in their arguments. Everybody accepts that the SNP has changed, yet few accept the possibility that Labour might have changed. Even fewer will acknowledge that the Tories, minds focused by their poll ratings, are changing every week.

    A week continues to be a long time in politics. The result of just one isolated mid-term by-election won’t matter. The elections that will really count are still years away.

  144. ABruce says:

    You’re absolutely right Willie. If I was living there that’s who I would be voting for. Collette Walker beating the SNP troughers would really send a powerful message.

  145. Republicofscotland says:

    Alf Baird @10pm.

    Spot on Alf, the people had not vote on it, and the English spy Defoe, wrote that the people rioted in the streets.

  146. George Ferguson says:

    The photograph shows the SNP down to a few people the only question remaining is; was their destruction deliberate or brought by unprecedented incompetence?.

    @Captain Yossarian 7:12pm
    A similar experience for me whilst working on a project in Abu Dhabi UAE. I got the chance to speak to young Emirati potential Engineering students on my own. So they were honest. The Gas was beginning to run out and the Emirati Authorities wanted to ensure their young people were prepared for a life after Oil and Gas. Their responses, Why do we need to work our family wealth is such and such. I changed tact what happens if your Super Car breaks down on the road?. Phone an Indian was the response. In the UAE a large immigrant population from India does most of the work. That was only a few years ago. Talk now of displacing the largely immigrant workforce with Emiratis. But the retained wealth is unbelievable. Another couple of generations from now? Who knows?

  147. Colin Alexander says:

    In Scotland’s constitution there is no sovereignty of parliament; it is England’s pre-Union constitution applied to the whole of the UK.

    E.g. The sovereignty of the English Crown in Parliament, then sovereignty of parliament under Cromwell; followed by the Restoration and subsequent overthrow of England’s James II which led to England’s Bill of Rights.

    The articles of the Treaty of Union, Claim of Right or Acts of Union did not give the GB Parliament this unlimited power; it is an assumed power that England’s MPs would continued to legislate over Scotland by the “sovereignty of parliament”, as they had done at Westminster just like England’s MPs had done in Cromwell’s Commonwealth of England.

    So, voting for an MP candidate who will swear allegiance to the UK head of state is in reality supporting the continued tyranny of England’s Parliament; it should be viewed as a betrayal of Scottish popular sovereignty and the right of Scottish self-determination.

    Colette Walker / the ISP refuse to swear feudal servitude to the English Crown and will not uphold abuse of assumed power which is sovereignty of parliament, so are a rare exception to the endemic dishonesty by Scots politicians who claim that they will be servants of the Scottish people. They won’t. They will be sworn servants of the UK head of state and sadly for most of them, it will be one of their proudest moments to stand in Westminster and take that oath of betrayal to the fundamental right of Scottish sovereignty.

  148. Captain Yossarian says:

    John Main – I expect Holyrood may have to call for an election, less than a year from now.

  149. Republicofscotland says:

    Main @1039am.

    The North American indigenous people are still marginalised to this day, one could easily say the genocide of the indigenous people of North America was the worst in the Wests history.

    The comparison with Scots is that we too have our assets stolen from us and are denied our democratic rights in that we can’t decide when we want to vote to leave this prison of a union, a foreign government aided by native colonials stops us from doing this.

    As for the USA as the Great Satan, an accurate description I think. Just snippet of US bellicose actions around the world.

  150. Ruby says:

    Alan says:
    22 September, 2023 at 11:56 pm


    Crime may be the correct genre, albeit non-fiction.

    Aye Alan True Crime.

    ‘The Great Unsolved Mystery of the Carrot Killer & the Attempted Murder of Independence’
    is a fascinating read.

    There are a few more.
    I’ll get back to you when I remember the title of that true crime book about the alphabet women. Remember that one?

    Maybe someone else remembers the title.

    I’m going to check in the Library in the ‘Scottish True Crime’ section my friend tells me there is a whole series of these unsolved true crimes. They all but one happened in and around the Scottish Parliament. One happened in an hotel.

    My friend who loves true crime thinks it might be a couple committing all these crimes. She’s nick-named them ‘Bonnie & Clyde’. I keep hearing her saying ‘I bet it’s thon ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ pair at it again.

    Who knows sometimes you’re sure whodunnit and then there is a whole twist in the tale and it turns out to be someone you never suspected.

  151. sam says:

    What life means under the Union.

    Economic stagnation since Thatcher. Increased poverty since Thatcher 22% today vs 13% in 1961. Worse health and a health and social care service that cannot cope. Social care is largely privatised and run for profit extraction and the exploitation of staff..

    Great increase in adverse childhood experiences with all the subsequent health and social issues that will bring: more carrying of weapons; more early pregnancies: more drug and alcohol abuse: more premature, unjust deaths and early onset of poor health.

    Light touch regulation (the neoliberal norm) that enabled the financial crisis of 2008 bringing the greatest transfer of public money to the private sector. Light touch regulation that brings about repeated catastrophe in hospitals with relatives complaining about hospitals that don’t care for patients while regulatory bodies mark these hospitals as “good”. The number of deaths as this repeats itself is huge.

    The political system is corrupt as are UK institutions including the police, welfare provision and immigration system.

    Local government service provision struggles everywhere due to austerity and a Tory party that penalises its political opponents. Birmingham Council has failed and 26 others are in danger of failing, says the press.

    Devolved governments get a “grant” – a word that is a sure indicator of where power lies as wth the word “devolved”. Decisions about what the Scottish parliament can do or not do are made in another country.

    No devolved government gets what it needs. In health, if Wales was given what it needs it would receive around £100 per person more. Scotland also would receive an additional £44 per person more.

    “John Main says:
    23 September, 2023 at 11:04 am
    I’m completely undecided about how I will vote in any of the upcoming elections.”

  152. Lorna Campbell says:

    Dumbarton Rock: perhaps I did mishear. If so, I apologize, but he did say ‘we trade seats’ in by-elections, and shrugged. Perhaps he was being philosophical? I’m afraid I have little respect left for most of them. Their betrayals are too profound and too many.

    I would like to make it clear that, when I say that the ‘trans’ lobby is similar to the Nazis, I am not being hyperbolic in the sense that ‘genocide’ is approaching. Genocide is a word that has a very specific meaning and I would not use it except in its proper use. What I am saying is that the civil tactics and strategy used by the ‘trans’ lobby is broadly similar to those of the Nazi party from 1933 onwards, in its relentless pursuit of authoritarianism, ignoring or undermining of the German legal system to favour its own ideology, its equally relentless pursuit of the undermining of the medical oath in order to carry out hideous eugenics, especially on children, the undermining of the German civil service and bureaucracy in order to influence and determine policy at all levels of society and the takeover of the German government to serve its own ends.

    The aim is to destroy our western democratic institutions, as the Nazis destroyed the German democratic institutions in order to have sole power in Germany and order society according to their ideology. Just as in Germany at that time, whose government and institutions were so weak that they caved in, so ours is doing the same because, as then, they did not care a jot about the people who were its targets. What they failed to understand, and what many here fail to understand, was/is that once they have laid all the groundwork to erase those for whom they have a profound disregard and hatred and FEAR (Jews in Germany, women here) they start to get to work on everyone else, group by group.

    Just as in Nazi Germany, we have a mix here, too: the psychopaths, the narcissists, the sadists, the salivatingly ambitious, the gullible youth that is willing to destroy its own foundations, the lazy, the opportunists, the supremacists (male supremacists, in our case), et al. The superficial aim is to introduce a sexual free-for-all in accordance with Queer Theory, but also to clear the path for the billionaires who back the ‘trans’ lobby to introduce far-reaching and destructive corporate and global policies to make money on a grander scale than hitherto seen. The hard left enabling the right, maybe even the far right. Too many people in Germany, in 1933 and later, did not believe what was happening or did not want to see. Too many here are also turning a wilfully blind eye. The governments are captured by the ‘trans’ lobby, at least on the surface, but, actually, they are captured by corporatism and the fast buck. The rest is history, as the saying goes.

  153. Cuilean says:


    ‘No H18. Say no 2 H8’

    Is it, ‘No hating. Say no to hate’?

    I hate it.

  154. ABruce says:


    The answer is not to spoil the ballot but vote for Collette Walker.I am a member of ALBA, Salvo and Liberation.Scot but would vote for Collette if I could. She is the only option.

  155. Anton Decadent says:


    Re them going after other people when they are finished with women, you appear to have missed the “too male, pale and stale” saying and the currents heads of both the SNP and Labour parties in Scotland being applauded in the Scottish Parliament for saying that white people having access to senior roles in the Scottish public sector was wrong.

    With regard to the Nazis, we are rightly reminded of what they did but Communists appear to get a by regardless of a similar body count and methodology. Why do you believe that this is the case?

    Here is the definition of the ten stages of genocide.

    1. Classification
    2. Symbolisation
    3. Discrimination
    4. Dehumanisation
    5. Organisation
    6. Polarisation
    7. Preparation
    8. Persecution
    9. Extermination

    I would say we are at around 7.

    @Ian Brotherhood, thanks for the heads up with regard to Kenny MacAskill. A few months ago I posted a link to Albas stated aims to champion immigrants and travelling people. What people are forgetting is that it is by law impossible to be racist towards a white person in the UK because whites control all of the levers and structures of power, see the killallwhitemen tweet trial and the link Turabdin made yesterday to the tactics of the Woke.

  156. Maxxmacc says:

    I knew the councillor with the beard, Alistair many moons ago. Back then he was a real nationalist who didn’t mind getting his hands dirty, and who was as red-blooded as the next guy. To see him backing such unpopular opinions ahead of any belief in independence is as baffling as it is scary. Too many decent high-profile MSPs and MPs have just sat on their hands whilst the party was remodeled from above, with all the chaos which has ensued. Those are the ones I really blame for the impending collapse of the SNP. Clearly they thought that backing the new party line would keep them in a job forever, but the public have woken up to the farce and intend to damage the party where it matters most – at the ballot box. Incredibly, the alternatives are just as bad, as all the major parties are aligning themselves to bonkers ideologies which the public despise. So until one of the minor parties (Alba, Uk Reform, Family Party) makes an unlikely breakthrough, it will be years if not decades of these unpopular policies, which are aimed to remodel society, but not for the good of its citizens.

  157. Cherrybank says:

    Independence Live are currently broadcasting the AUOB March from Falkirk.

  158. JP444 says:

    @ Sven, the SFP are indeed firmly against the murder of innocent babies, possibly the only party to be pro-life and anti-baby sacrifice which is all the more reason to vote for them. I’m aware that the public perception is that the majority of people support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to murder her baby but I belive the majority if the public are quietly against killing babies. For this by-election, the SFP are focussing on 3 scams; the made-up climate crisis, the pandemic and trans ideology. They’re neutral on independence but as things stand, if we had another referendum I would spoil my ballot. I could never vote against Scottish Independence but I wouldn’t vote for it until we get rid of the current snp/green communist coalition.

  159. Scotsrenewables says:

    Sounds like the SFP are Grade A nutjobs. I confidently predict they will lose their deposit.

  160. Ruby says:

    Cuilean says:
    23 September, 2023 at 12:29 pm


    ‘No H18. Say no 2 H8’

    Is it, ‘No hating. Say no to hate’?

    I hate it.

    It probably is Cuilean.

    I hate it too. Hate! Hate! Hate!

    Not much good having a sign if nobody understands it.

    What I imagined it meant was much more intriguing.

    I imagined two people out on the boating pond. The man in boat No 8 was down on one knee proposing to his new girlfriend in boat No 18.

    The angry woman with the sign was shouting say No say No No.18
    No 8 was her ex-husband who’d dune her wrong.
    She was screaming Come in number 8 your time is up.
    Your time is up mate.
    Say No say No No.18 you’ll regret if you don’t
    He slept with my wee sister and my brother.
    He stole my dog & ran over my cat.
    He did say sorry and promised to take her to the vet.
    Then he had the cheek to bring me a casserole as a peace offering.
    When I asked him what the casserole has made of you know what the toerag replied?


    I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.
    Say No say No No.18.
    He’s not just a toerage he’s a bloody Tory don’t let him fool with thon yellow SNP badge & YES sticker
    Say No say No No.18.

    Ok I admit I have a problem with hyper-imaginationitis and have been known to do a bit of plagiarism now and again. Aye ‘The War of the Roses’ was a grand film & book.

    I’ve had a few war of the Roses type fall-outs in my past. I never had a chandelier to hang from and I wouldn’t hurt an animal ever but I did paint pretty pink flowers on a big black macho motor bike. They were very pretty!

    I’ve gone totally bonkers but hey what the hell the half maybe even three quarters of Scotland has gone bonkers.

    Go bonkers and enjoy yourself.

  161. TURABDIN says:

    Hitler is supposed to have said regarding the murder of Europe’s Jews, «who remembers the Armenians» equally it might be said «who remembers the Assyrian massacres».
    The successor state to the Ottoman sultanate is Turkey where remembering is tantamount to treason, where obliterating the physical memory of so called minorities is an on going business in eastern Anatolia, that bit the tourists do not venture to.
    Turkey is a Nato power and would appear to have leverage as a result. The international community has convenient diplomatic amnesia in such matters.
    The Scottish «minority» within the British state should not believe it has special dispensation, the Scottish identities, weaker now than even 100 years ago,
    with modern persuasion techniques are under threat. The only identity that fits is the global and its money is so persuasive.
    Without total control minorities are corks bobbing in repeated global squalls.
    and do not look to the globalist pawn the UN for salvation.

  162. Captain Yossarian says:

    George – What interested me was that they followed American Design Standards and all the rest of it, but they had a higher opinion of Scotsmen than they did of Americans. That was the same for folks from the medical profession and teachers. Scots were preferred. I presume there was a reason for that. One thing the local students lacked was the will to succeed.

  163. James says:

    “…Sounds like the SFP are Grade A nutjobs. I confidently predict they will lose their deposit….”

    Here’s hoping.

    Sound like right wing loons, no doubt happy clappy religious fools.

    Vote ISP in Rutherglen!

  164. akenaton says:

    Don’t know anything about the SFP but a quick look at the abortion figures shocked me.
    In 2022 there were 260,000 abortions carried out in the UK by far the highest number since the act was passed.
    The rate increased by over 100% in the last eight yrs and the graph is rising steeply as pharmaceutical methods can be applied at home
    The most shocking fact is that most of these killings are reckoned to be “on grounds of convenience”
    Family values must surely be in need of support or have we as a species degenerated beyond characterisationI

  165. akenaton says:

    Don’t know anything about the SFP but a quick look at the abortion figures shocked me.
    In 2022 there were 260,000 abortions carried out in the UK by far the highest number since the act was passed.
    The rate increased by over 100% in the last eight yrs and the graph is rising steeply as pharmaceutical methods can be applied at home
    The most shocking fact is that most of these killings are reckoned to be “on grounds of convenience”
    Family values must surely be in need of support or have we as a species degenerated beyond characterisation

  166. Gobservation says:

    These pompous, self-righteous fucking windbags have forgotten they work for US, THE PUBLIC, and they have not been put into any position of power and responsibility to dictate to us supposedly lesser mortal immoral proles. They’ve ruined this fucking country, the deranged sweetie wife clowns, and they can go fuck themselves, one and all.

  167. George Ferguson says:

    @Captain Yossarian 2:43pm
    I concur with your analysis. It is difficult to get local young people motivated. I suspect having a Super car and a family sovereign fund of a few million, aged 18 is the primary reason. Scottish ex pats enjoy a great lifestyle over there but they work hard for it. How much damage to our International reputation has been done by developments on the home front remains to be seen.

  168. sarah says:

    Chris Cairns is on sick leave, says the Rev. Get well soon, Chris. I hope there will be something exciting politically to inspire your rapid recovery.

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    Craig Murray says.

    “The point nobody seems to understand about these “Scottish government offices” inside British Embassies is that they are – disgracefully – almost entirely staffed by committed unionists (go figure).
    They could be very useful for promoting Independence abroad, but do the opposite.”

    As Angus Robertson announces a new office is to open in Warsaw.

  170. TURABDIN says:

    Independence is a psychological state of mind. Like addiction to alcohol and drugs many prefer the other, the dependent oblivion, option. Unionism is such an addiction. Stay safe etc.
    The process of «withdrawal» may mean a version of rather brutal shock and awe.
    Scottish politics has yet to address that awkward psychological factor.
    The majority may choose dependency. What then? Simply acquiesce?
    With such is intelligent nationalism required to deal.
    When «democracy» becomes a garrotte.

  171. John Main says:

    @Sam 12:12

    Your name checking me at the end makes sense only if there is a party that can be voted for that will fix the litany of failures that makes up most of your post.

    Unless your point is that because no such party exists, my frankly admitted indecisiveness is the most sensible way to go.

    Maybes there’s another interpretation, but I don’t see it.

    Are you really claiming the SNP, or Alba, post Indy, are going to sort all of this out?

    Are we going to be “heavy touch” regulated to health, wealth and happiness? Where’s the T shirts with that on?

    Show us the money!

  172. Ruby says:

    TURABDIN says:
    23 September, 2023 at 5:48 pm

    Independence is a psychological state of mind. Like addiction to alcohol and drugs many prefer the other, the dependent oblivion, option. Unionism is such an addiction. Stay safe etc.

    That could apply equally to our colonial masters.

    They are addicted to the safe option of having Scotland in the Union. Also addicted to the power.

    Oh dear looks as if HS2 could be cancelled David Cameron (remember him) ans Boris Johnson are not happy with Sunak.

  173. Dan says:

    @ John Main

    The elephant in the room that you continually choose to ignore is that the purchasing power of your money is tanking due to London Rule not doing such a stellar job of governing the people of Scotland and our resources.
    Just how long will you cling to the sinking ship…

  174. John Main says:

    @Anton Decadent 1:00

    A V innarestin post.

    I am intrigued by your idea that we white, male, stale people are already at 7.

    My suggestion is that we categorically insist that from now on, we are Sovereign Scots, no more and no less.

    As nobody, not even on here, can agree on what defines a Sovereign Scot, that will get us back to Stage 1 – Classification.

    That should stall things for another decade!

  175. John Main says:

    @Akenaton 3:12

    You are right, of course, and it needs to be said.

    In the majority of these cases, it’s simply extreme contraception for couples too lazy, ignorant, selfish or callous to adopt any of the freely and widely available alternatives.

    Of course, “accidents” happen, and abortion should be available as a last resort.

    But there’s something morally wrong with people happy to use abortion as first and only resort.

  176. Ruby says:

    I don’t understand the moist seats de facto referendum.
    Anyone made a calculation as to how few seats they could win and still have the moist seats?

    The idea of the BritNat Scottish branch parties carry out any manifesto promise is a laugh.

    Every one of them will be doing what they are told. They too are as much colonial slaves as the rest of us.

  177. Chas says:

    I was in Callender Park, Falkirk, with a couple of the grandweans this afternoon. I was unaware that an AUOB merch was taking place. Judging by the pitiful turnout it would appear that not many others knew as well.
    I did note that half of the merchers were not too familiar with soap, water and shampoo. Embarrassing.

  178. John Main says:

    @Dan 6:31

    It’s unwise to leave a sinking ship if there are no other ships in sight. And no lifeboats.

    Sturgeon sold off the wind at bargain basement prices.

    Wee pretendy FM Yousaf, wants to accelerate the closing down of the North Sea oil and gas production.

    That leaves all of iScotland’s finances dependent on whisky, tourism, shellfish and agriculture. Maybes some rent for nuclear sub and NATO bases. By all means show us the money in that.

    I get it Dan. You want Indy, and along with hundreds of other posters on here, you don’t care what it costs you. If it helps, I’ll throw in my vote too. But that still leaves millions of Sovereign Scots who need convincing.

    This isn’t just about me. Do it for them, Dan.

  179. Dan says:

    @ John Main

    You never did make an attempt to properly debunk why this wouldn’t work, or why you are not supportive of the suggestion.

  180. John Main says:

    @Ruby 6:48

    If you have access to a phone, there’s a number you can ring if you believe you’re a slave:


    It’s completely free to call.

    You will be asked to choose the service you require.

    State “police” if you are imprisoned, shackled, branded, abused, worked to death, starved, denied medical care, maimed to stop you running away, raped to bear new slaves, or whipped for general disciplinary purposes, or just for fun.

    State “ambulance” if none of the above applies. Eventually, you will be taken in for psychiatric assessment, and hopefully a course of therapy will cure you of your delusions.

    Be careful and sympathetic to the ethnic group of any police or SNHS staff you encounter. It cannot be ruled out that some of these may be descended from real slaves, and an encounter with somebody taking the piss could get seriously out of hand quite quickly.

    Report back. Tell us how you get on!

  181. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    23 September, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    @Akenaton 3:12

    You are right, of course, and it needs to be said.

    In the majority of these cases, it’s simply extreme contraception for couples too lazy, ignorant, selfish or callous to adopt any of the freely and widely available alternatives.

    I suspect you haven’t a clue and you just made that up.

    There is no 100% safe contraception.

    I don’t have any facts & figures as to the reasons for abortions but if I were pushed I would say you John Main are talking the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read on this forum.

    Mark you I could be wrong and you might have some facts & figure to convince me otherwise.

    Here’s a thing that I didn’t give much thought to until Humza recently mentioned that he has very much in favour of selective abortion.

    Abortions can be carried out because the baby is the wrong sex.
    I suspect it could be because the baby is a girl.

    India estimates 21 million of its girls are ‘unwanted’

    I believe in some cultures the worst insult for a man is to call him ‘the father of daughters’

  182. Dan says:

    Scotland has around 10% of UK population, we are generating pretty much all our power through renewables. We are currently using 2.8GW and exporting over 4GW to England.

    Yet GB Grid in England is still generating 35% of grid power to meet demand by burning gas.

    And Scotland’s gas fields produce approximately 50% of UK domestic production.

  183. Dan says:

    Second link in last post should have been.

  184. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    23 September, 2023 at 7:21 pm

    @Dan 6:31

    It’s unwise to leave a sinking ship if there are no other ships in sight. And no lifeboats.

    Best to go down with the ship standing stoically on the upper deck singing
    ‘God Save the King’ & and to please show you the money even if just for a minute before you go to your watery grave.

  185. John Main says:

    @Ruby 7:52


    Best to construct a new ship and ferry us Scots onto that, leaving the sinking ship to, well, sink.

    That new ship has been, what, 9 years in the yard now? How’s it coming along?

    Whoops, did I just write “ferry” earlier? Soz!

    BTW, see your earlier comment about there being no 100% effective means of contraception. See where I wrote “in the majority of cases” earlier? Ask somebody to explain to you how that was me acknowledging exactly your point, and why that makes your point redundant.

    You dialled 999 yet? Don’t leave it too late – always busy on Setterday nicht.

  186. fruitella the hun says:


    If all the power being used in Scotland today is being produced by renewables does that mean no one is driving petrol and diesel cars, vans and trucks, or using heating oil, or gas, or ploughing and harvesting mechanically?

  187. Dan says:

    Showing John other potential options where money could come from in a self-governing Scotland.

    The likes of Graeme McCormick’s AGR could be implemented in some form.

    Scotland’s second biggest land owner, a Danish man called Anders Holch Povlsen, pays no tax on his estate to the UK Exchequer. Given that there is no land tax in Britain, unlike most of Europe, this is not at all unusual.,turf-war_14372.htm

  188. A Scot Abroad says:


    of course any Scottish outlet in Britain’s embassies abroad is going to be staffed entirely with unionists. They wouldn’t be given house room otherwise, as it’s not in the UK’s interests. They are there to talk up whisky sales and the Tattoo. That’s it.

    You don’t seem to appreciate that with the population balance between England and Scotland being 90:10, the dice are also loaded 90:10. With 10 subjected from Scotland for being the smaller region.

  189. Dan says:

    @ fruitella

    FFS, of course it doesn’t, tell me anywhere else on the planet that manages without using fossil fuels and products derived from them.
    And the angle you’re coming from hints that you believe all leccy vehicles are viable and green which is complete pish. I thought you are wise enough not to be taken in by all this greenwashing shite.
    Was speaking earlier to a pal that runs his own HGV garage. Some of the HGV units are up around 500hp now. If you know of any sort of battery tech that would be able to sustain that level of power output pulling freight about then please let us know. My other mate who works at Ford / Daf tech development would be most interested too as to date they can’t viably build anything that can do that.
    The HGV garage owner was also saying that once the trucks reach a certain mileage and are ready to be sold on and exported abroad, before they go, all the emission control stuff like AdBlue and DPFs are removed and the ECU recoded so it won’t throw faults. Handy that eh, we have to be uber green but the trucks can be run without all the emissions kit somewhere else on the planet.

    All that leccy power we’re generating could be used to power trains all over Scotland if the rail network was electrified north of Dunblane. But it isn’t, so diesel trains are required. I do way more than my bit to be green, politicians and businesses not so much…

    I also pointed out to you in the past that farming has massive reliance on fossil fuels. Are you doing your bit and insisting your grandbairns are out lifting the tatties in this inclement weather to save the planet and instill a good work ethic in them. If not then start practicing what you preach or get in the sea.

    The past two weeks have seen me harvesting large amounts of comfrey leaves and nettle plants heavy with end of season seed. Comfrey leaves and stalks go straight into the wormery. There’s loads of nutrients in the nettle seed heads (more in female plants, sex matters!) and they have been blanched in big old pans on my woodburner to cook the seeds and stop them germinating, the nettle soup is then left to cool and added to the wormery. The wet green waste is blended with layers of last year’s tree leaves I collected in a couple of tonne bags, cardboard, and ground eggshells. Makes for uber nutrient rich compost to plant next seasons seeds and seedlings in.

  190. fruitella the hun says:

    “I also pointed out to you in the past that farming has massive reliance on fossil fuels.”

    I’m well aware, with transport and heating it’s one if the three biggies and we need to drastically cut emissions from all of them. That’s assuming you believe, as I do, that there is a huge penalty for continuing to depend on fossil fuels.

    There are plenty on here who would say there isn’t, including the Alba advocates the tartan tories and the fakey jakey commies like Red and Geri and, of course, John Wain. Not to mention Stu. Maybe they are right and the scientific establishment is wrong but that’s really unlikely, don’t you think?

    An oil dependent Scotland will never be an independent Scotland.

  191. Ruby says:

    John Main says:

    BTW, see your earlier comment about there being no 100% effective means of contraception. See where I wrote “in the majority of cases” earlier?

    You said

    ‘In the majority of these cases, it’s simply extreme contraception for couples too lazy, ignorant, selfish or callous to adopt any of the freely and widely available alternatives.’

    Where did you get that information from? Just off the top of your head?

    It could just as easily be the case that in the majority of these cases the contraception failed.

    I still maintain you do not know and you are basically posting rubbish.

    But hey as I say you are free to produce some facts & figures to prove me wrong.

  192. Ruby says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    23 September, 2023 at 9:59 pm


    of course any Scottish outlet in Britain’s embassies abroad is going to be staffed entirely with unionists. They wouldn’t be given house room otherwise, as it’s not in the UK’s interests. They are there to talk up whisky sales and the Tattoo. That’s it.

    You don’t seem to appreciate that with the population balance between England and Scotland being 90:10, the dice are also loaded 90:10. With 10 subjected from Scotland for being the smaller region.

    Another fine example of the flame-bait.

  193. A Scot Abroad says:

    No, Ruby, it’s a dispassionate statement of how it is.

    I’ve worked with the MOD in embassies abroad, and separately, as a personal contractor to the Foreign Office in the Balkans. I know how British embassies work, at least in eastern Europe. That’s my view, it’s not flame bait. And I’ll bet that my view is rather more informed than your’s.

    You seem to have become obsessed with people having different opinions as being “flame bait”. Well, you have missed the obvious point, and seem to be obsessed with your own hatreds.

  194. Michael Laing says:

    @ Ruby at 11.43pm: That comment by ASA absolutely sums up the English/unionist attitude to Scotland, doesn’t it? England has a larger population, so it is entitled to rule over us. Isn’t that precisely why we need independence? It also demonstrates as clear as day that ASA is not here to present any sort of positive or valid argument for Scotland remaining in the UK. Comments of this sort are intended to insult and infuriate us and, presumably, to divert us from the goal of independence and how we achieve it.

    I think unionists and their pathetic insults should simply be ignored altogether.

  195. Michael Laing says:

    @ Chas at 7.12pm:

    “I was in Callender Park, Falkirk, with a couple of the grandweans this afternoon. I was unaware that an AUOB merch was taking place. Judging by the pitiful turnout it would appear that not many others knew as well. I did note that half of the merchers were not too familiar with soap, water and shampoo. Embarrassing.”

    It’s you who’s embarrassing. Insulting supporters of independence doesn’t advance your argument, if you have one, by a fraction of a scintilla.

    Also, it’s Callendar. I’ve only been there once and I know that.

  196. Derek says:

    “…ASA who is to intellectual debate what Joe Bugner was to boxing…”

    Unfair to Joe Bugner.

  197. Ruby says:

    Michael Laing says:
    24 September, 2023 at 12:07 am

    I think unionists and their pathetic insults should simply be ignored altogether.

    I think that’s a big ask Michael.
    Why should we? Are we supposed to allow ourselves to be insulted and say nothing?

    I think we should suggest to Stu that he makes flame-baiting a bannable offence. Flame-baiting is after all just another form of personal abuse.

  198. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    23 September, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    @Ruby 6:48

    If you have access to a phone, there’s a number you can ring if you believe you’re a slave:


    It’s completely free to call.

    You will be asked to choose the service you require.

    There you have it folks. Any problems you have with living in an unequal union just dial 999.

    John Main in my opinion is another fine example of a flame-baiter.

  199. Dan says:

    fruitella says:

    An oil dependent Scotland will never be independent

    That may sound like a catchy slogan, but can you tell me how Scots are going to get by in our daily lives without a degree of dependence on oil.
    Please don’t say leccy vehicles as they are packed with plastics derived from oil, and also utilise many metals and minerals that were mined by big fuck off excavators powered by diesel in far flung lands, then transported around the globe on bunker fuel burning ships. And even then, are you sure the companies’ factories that make these “planet saving” cars operate in places where the industrial level of leccy power required to manufacture these cars is generated by renewable sources and not say burning fossil fuels…

    On to food, do you buy any food wrapped in plastic packaging, how did that food get to the shops. Are your grandbairns currently picking the tatties in the fields as it’s harvest time, or is that sort of dirty hard work beneath them for they are special… which basically means a £500K tattie harvester burning 500 litres of diesel a day picks the spuds instead. It’s tricky isn’t it.

  200. John Main says:

    @fth 11:15

    Wooo, John Wain.

    You win over the playground audience, defo. Congrats.

    Haha, but I’m going to demolish in a grown up fashion your assertion that Indy is linked to independence of energy supply.

    A small geographical area like Scotland will struggle, simply because it happens that the entire country can be under a low-wind high pressure region. We won’t ever have 24/7 supply continuity unless we have interconnections to foreign, dispersed, diverse generation sources.

    Alternatively an energy independent iScotland will need base load generation such as nuclear (fusion?) or backup fossil.

    Over your heid I guess, but a’ve a ginormous zit wi pus an a’ just come up. Ye can poke fun at that.

  201. John Main says:

    “John Main in my opinion is another fine example”

    Woohoo, getting the hang of this quoting out of context thingy.

    That’s a fine complement for me to close this thread with. My thanks, but honestly, I couldn’t do it without your help and encouragement.

    Tak a wee bow fer yersel.

  202. John Main says:

    Darn meant tae write pluke at 10:14, nae zit.

    Help m’boab, a’ve bin colonised in ma heid!

  203. fruitella the hun says:

    “Over your heid I guess,“

    Right. Folk at our pay-grade should rely on experts in their fields and not oil industry PR. I can see that dead-eyed gunslingers don’t need a pluke spoiling their stare – “The Kid” moniker would surely follow.

    Anyway, I was unaware till now that a high pressure system would knock out pump-storage, battery storage (including those in EVs), wood stoves, tidal, nix the effect of downies and thermals (it would be nighttime – so no solar, and cloudless in daylight as high pressure system, did you think this through?)

    Nuclear fusion is not real, it’s like carbon-capture, a device to legitimise persisting with profitable destruction. As logic it would be like me saying we will invent a gravitational anomaly to float people around. No more need for roads and microplastic-shedding tyres. So let’s spend the roads budget on teaching kids about nature and how to cook it (in a good way)

    Hope you get your image back intact, on here it’s all we have.

  204. D Lawson says:

    The Control Panel is a great shop for anything to do with computers. It has served me well over the years. It’s the best thing in the pictures.

  205. fruitella the.hun says:

    Just to add, Storm Arwen shows that we are perfectly capable of surviving 16 hours without power. Many were dealt a lot more outage than that and came through but JH’s scenario is a 16 hour one (because solar, directly heating bodies and houses and also collected by PV machines)

  206. fruitella the hun says:


    “On to food, do you buy any food wrapped in plastic packaging, how did that food get to the shops. Are your grandbairns currently picking the tatties in the fields as it’s harvest time, or is that sort of dirty hard work beneath them for they are special… which basically means a £500K tattie harvester burning 500 litres of diesel a day picks the spuds instead. It’s tricky isn’t it.”

    You’re not making a serious point are you. Trying to be funny, surely?

    I’ll say this for you and John, you don’t try to link all green policies with paedophillia like some of the idiots (or dark-arts practitioners) on here. Guess neither of you are closet fascists, which is good.

    Last post went into moderation – don’t see why, it was additional to my reply to John, something like this:

    Just to add, Storm Arwen shows that we are perfectly capable of surviving 16 hours without power. Many were dealt a lot more outage than that and came through but JH’s scenario is an 18 hour one because solar, directly heating bodies and houses and also being collected by PV machines will reappear at 9.00am or so

  207. John Main says:

    @fruitella the hun says:24 September, 2023 at 11:54 am


    I wondered if this would come up. You must realise that tidal power generation is, well, tidal. About as constant over a 24-hous period as solar.

    Ever stopped to contemplate how much of our coastline’s ecosystems would be left if we ramped up tidal? Maybes naw, eh?

    Nuclear fusion is not real

    Sure, agreed, it’s like mobile telephony and social media was 30 years ago. Erm …

    Storm Arwen shows that we are perfectly capable of surviving 16 hours without power

    Does it now. What happened with those on dialysis, life support, intensive care? Were they lucky, did they just “do without”, or did any disconnected medical facilities fallback on diesel gennys?

    Lastly, how many hours in a week, for those unfortunates who were off for a week? Hint – it’s not 16.

  208. Dan says:

    @ fruitella

    I was being deadly serious. There’s around 5.5 million people living in Scotland. Just how the heck are they to exist for the foreseeable without some kind of dependence on oil and derivatives manufactured from it.

    Storm Arwin showed those in positions of power are not capable of properly protecting the basic infrastructures our society requires to function.
    My late mother who was wrecked with pain caused by cancer was forced to leave her house because it was without power for several days, eventually once the roads were cleared she was able to decamp to stay with other family members.
    You can see a huge windfarm from her house… but for some inexplicable reason idiots don’t think it necessary to have an ongoing program in place when the weather is okay to cut down or prune all trees that could potentially take out power lines. No, they just leave them till the shit hits the fan, and then have to try to mobilise staff to fix stuff in more dangerous conditions during the terrible weather conditions of a storm event.
    It’s pretty basic stuff working out how to protect essential infrastructure which generates power for people to live, and massive profits for the corporations. Maybe just spend a bit more on maintenance of the asset instead of sucking so much profit out of society.
    I had to travel down and install a woodburning stove so the house had a reliable heat source in future.

  209. fruitella the hun says:

    “ What happened with those on dialysis, life support, intensive care? Were they lucky, did they just “do without”,”

    Why are you asking me? Was there a problem with that? Is there not a system in place already to deal with power cuts? How many Rape oil-burning diesel generator plants would the country need? Could we afford that, and some more to power operating theatres? Mabies aye? And I think I got you on the duration of likely outages

    Your concern for costal ecology is unusual on your side of the green vs pumpers argument given the outcry over very (too) limited proposals to protect 10% of it from destructive but profitable fishing techniques.

    Is it 30 years now till fusion appears on Earth? used to be a few less.

    I’d settle for a much lower level of fossil fuel consumption. The folk wanting all of it are creating a backlash of people having none of it. They need to check their greed, and say so.

  210. fruitella the hun says:

    I’ve spent my working life involved one way or another in profits vs nature (and traditional culture) contests. It has recently dawned on me that we environmentalists have moved from being the rebels and outcasts to a hegemony mony yeah. At least in words, we won.

    Profiteers are up in arms about our effect on their right to exploit any opportunity whatever the cost to locals and their wildlife. And it is going to get fierce. If we know anything about the Empire it’s don’t get between it and its bone. Sunak has seen their teeth and that truth has sunk in. He’s backing off all the green gains and deliberately undermining the argument for resolve in the face of likely chaos caused by the wonky climate, caused by the profligate use of oil and gas. Some think this science-based reasoning is all a scam and say so, even here.

    The thing about the pushers, the cartels, is they know how to create and sustain addiction. You asked, rhetorically, I think, where can people survive without oil. But up to WW1, most of the world’s population did. We are encouraged to look on them as dumb primitives not sophisticated inheritors of complex cultures capable of extracting a living from nature without destroying it.

    I know about the megafauna and those things, humans could destroy species and even alter ecosystems but not on the scale we have seen since global trade revved up, based on cheap energy (wind then coal) and cheap labour.

    Everybody knows we have a problem but the addiction, as with opiates or gambling and such, releases the addict from moral qualms about procuring their fix. “It has to happen, don’t you understand?!” This is how the argument that we make no difference to the damage caused sounds to me -“ if we don’t use it somebody else will – it’s not a problem I can kick it any time I want to, but why not use it, it’s so good and so available”. Then comes the accusation of virtue signalling, followed by claiming anti-oil campaigners are all perverts and nonces. We all know what addicts are like.

    Before coming back with the point that we were 1.5bn but are now 8bn, `i believe we can support such a population in a much more ecologically sound – and therefore much more secure – way. Look forward to debating that with the likes of you two and a few others. probably won’t engage the shit-flingers but you never know.

  211. Paul Davis says:

    I see the conspiracy theorists still can’t help themselves. “we didn’t arrive here by accident”, “This was not achieved without assistance.”

    Yeah right, you wish. The truth is the SNP did do this all by themselves. They got drunk on a cocktail of power, arrogance and hubris and right royally screwed everything up with the piece de resistance being the obsession with wokeism which brought them down. And those claiming conspiracy probably gleefully voted for them.

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