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The Borders Railway Disaster

Posted on September 06, 2018 by

There’s a very weird story in the Scotsman today.

As alert readers will have noticed from the third paragraph, the headline is actually an inexplicably negative spin on the fact that journeys on the line INCREASED last year by 5.8% to a new record high of 1.5 million.

(Although interestingly, 1.2m plus 5.8% would only actually be 1.27m.)

Even the apparent slight fall that happened in the second year (of the three the line’s been operating for) still saw the railway recording nearly TWICE as many passengers as the 650,000 it was originally forecast to carry every year, which is a weird thing to describe as “faltering” popularity.

Unless, we suppose, it means that they literally lost them, and there are still 100,000 bewildered commuters roaming unaccounted-for around the countryside somewhere near Galashiels, foraging for berries and menacing unwary ramblers.

In which case, we’d have thought it merited something a bit more prominent.


[EDIT 11.54am: The story has vanished from the Scotsman website, possibly because it appears to have been entirely factually wrong as well as completely mad. In fact the number of passengers using the line has gone up every year.]

[EDIT 2.19pm: Credit to Alastair Dalton.]

The new story is somewhat more upbeat.

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    The Borders Railway Disaster | speymouth

219 to “The Borders Railway Disaster”

  1. Willie John says:

    Looks like it’s the Hootsmon that’s lost its way!

  2. Andy-B says:

    Dalton’s contortions to make it appear that the Borders Railway was actually a failure, sounds familiar (the new Firth road crossing springs to mind). Is just another nail in the coffin of the Scotsman newspaper.

  3. Capella says:

    They will be refugees from the #SNPCivilWAr unaware that hostilities have been suspended pending high level talks.

    It’s like Iwo Jima in the Borders right now.

  4. winifred mccartney says:

    Scotsman suffering the same fate as labour – foot in mouth disease and cannot think further than the point of its nose.

    We have been well taught well by the Rev look at headline and then read down almost to the end before you find a kernel of truth – sometimes its only the size of a pine nut or a misplaced comma or full stop.

  5. Black Joan says:

    Just another item to add to the long list of lies and ludicrous contortions performed by the press in Scotland in their quest to turn every good news story into SNPBad.

    “Faltering early popularity”? There’s an interesting concept. Must have taken a while to come up with that particularly meaningless drivel in defiance of all known facts and logic.

    They work hard at their distortions, though. It would have been so much easier to present the facts and write a good-news story celebrating the new Borders Railway and Scotland’s achievement in building it and running it.

  6. starlaw says:

    Perhaps the stayed for the berry picking or neep pooin, The Scots man should send out a reporter to look for them, if they have a reporter.

  7. Proud Cybernat says:

    All part of the BritNat Media’s ‘Scotland’s Shite’ campaign. The more people are subjected to this negativity (often based on total spin and lies), the more despondent we become and believe the lies; believe that we couldn’t run a bath let alone a country. And the more crap like this is publish, the more people actually begin to believe it:

    The Illusory truth effect

    That’s what they’re up to. Which is why WoS is such a vital force for debunking this nonsense. And also Proj John Robertson’s site ‘Talking Up Scotland’ which presents all the positive things happening in Scotland.

    Scotland Can. It’s People MUST.

  8. Macart says:

    Dear meeja. Go home now, you’re drunk.

  9. Robert Peffers says:

    But! But! Rev Stu, there’s always very weird stories in the Scotsman every day. Did you mean more weird than usual?

  10. A Bruce says:

    For heaven’s sake!

    How much longer does Scotland have to put up with these “newspapers” and “journalists”?

  11. bobajock says:

    I try to show these to people in England, cos theyr’e getting the same thing.

    Victory for Rev, its truth.

  12. Richard Smith says:

    “Iwo Jima!” is actually a common greeting in Perth, especially if your name’s Jim.

  13. Craig P says:

    When I worked in the public sector the watchword for making sure you didn’t do anything dumb was:

    “How would this look on the front page of the Scotsman?”

    Today, they just point and laugh.

    I wonder if that Ghandi atrributed quote also works in reverse?

    ‘First you’re winning
    Then they fight you
    Then they laugh at you
    Then you are ignored.’

  14. Arabs for Independence says:

    FFS – that is just ridiculous.

    This is sheer desperation on The Scotsman’s/Establishment part.

  15. Geordie says:

    Why don’t these ‘journalists’ just move to N Korea and be done with it?

  16. Helena Brown says:

    Thanks goodness that the Labour Party had the railway from Bathgate built through LIvingston all those years ago. They under estimated the numbers who were going to use it.
    SNP bad,I wonder at the folk in the borders, they would have no railway if it had been left to the people they vote for.

  17. Sharny Dubs says:

    Doomed! I tell ye, Doomed!!!

    What a shower of balloons

  18. manandboy says:

    Alistair Dalton is to be pitied for he is surely retarded.
    As for the publisher and editor of The Scotsman, they should be sent to Rockall for a month – starting in January.

  19. Clootie says:

    It does take a great deal of effort to turn issues like this into a negative story. However those who masquerade as journalists in Scotland appear to have mastered the art.

    Another good reason not to buy this unionist propaganda…not that we need another reason.

  20. Bob Mack says:

    Such contortions to make an ultimate good news story appear to be something bad. These reporters must have minds like corkscrews.

  21. AdamH says:

    According to the BBC news website there were 1.37M passengers in the 2nd year (a slight increase).


  22. Meg merrilees says:

    Just read an article on the BBC (of all places) Scotland page about the borders railway.

    Seems it has topped 4 million journeys with the three years broken down thus:
    year 1 – 1.3 million
    year 2 – 1.37million
    year 3 – 1.5 million

    So who is right?

    You don’t think the Hootsman could be lying for effect do you~~?

  23. Jamie Arriere says:

    Wait a minute :

    1.3m to 1.5m is a 15.4% increase
    1.2m to 1.5m is a 25% increase

    Where the fuck does 5.8% come from?

  24. Petra says:

    It’s got to the point that it’s absolutely pathetic now. Does Alastair Dalton think that readers of the Scotsman can’t actually …. read …. and more to the point see what they are getting up to? No wonder their newspaper sales are going right down the toilet pan.

    The sad thing about it, is that they could turn this around and save their newspaper if they started publishing some of the (many) positives about Scotland. You know like just telling the truth. How easy would that be for them?

  25. galamcennalath says:

    Pathetic. Piss poor journalism.

    However, how did it rate on the propaganda fake news scale? – quite well!

    Point made in the headline is actually true, if misleading. The first paragraph reinforces that message. A lot (most?) of readers won’t get further so misinformation delivered.

    Which all goes to prove, if anyone still has doubts, that it has nothing to do with news reporting and journalism but everything to do with anti-Scottish propaganda!

    There’s a trend. Subtly is being cast aside and the propaganda efforts are becoming more frantic.

  26. Jamie Arriere says:

    Ah, they mean number of journeys rather than no. of passengers.

    I see why they chose that!

  27. Joan Campbell says:

    Meanwhile the local Tory MP, John Lamont is reported as urging that Westminster pushes for the Border Railyway extension. This is the same person who spent thousands campaigning against it.

    speaker:John Lamont : 1 Commons debate

    Oral Answers to Questions – Prime Minister: Engagements (5 Sep 2018)
    John Lamont: The Prime Minister will be aware of the campaign to extend
    the Borders railway from Tweedbank to Hawick and Newcastleton, and on to
    Carlisle. That will provide a huge boost to the local economy and will
    help demonstrate what Scotland’s two Governments can do for my region.
    So what will the Prime Minister do to ensure there is sufficient
    resource in the Borderlands growth deal to allow…

  28. defo says:

    Easily explained.
    Y1 saw vast numbers taking advantage of the novelty.
    I’m in Gorebridge, mainly because of property speculation on the announcement of the re=opening of the line.
    It’s a rip roaring success, opening up the Borders, and bringing it’s people out of isolation. Rich & poor.

  29. Kate McLaren says:

    A commuter speaks:
    There is a wee bit of truth in it, in that at the beginning they used such ancient rolling stock that it couldn’t cope with the gigantic mountain between Gorebridge and Newtongrange (or possibly the other way round). I was turfed out a couple of times to wait at Newtongrange (or possibly Gorebridge) while the train limped back to Edinburgh and they sent out another one that could cope. But that’s well in the past.

  30. Muscleguy says:

    Of course numbers fell slightly in the second year. All the ‘oh there’s a new railway’ tourists and enthusiasts will have sated themselves in the first year of operation. Many in the first trains.

    Also some people will have tried the commute by train and for various reasons decided to go back to a car or the bus. Perhaps a lesser convenience in terms of stations at either end.

    The increase in the third year may well be from people who have moved along the line to take advantage of the increase in convenience the train offers. Those moves will have taken time to arrange and many will have waited to see reliability and capacity before committing.

    These things could have been predicted in advance. But thanks for the chuckle over the lost punters roaming the countryside.

    OT: in NZ there’s a chap in strife over sharing a name with a ne’er do well and debtor with the same name. His credit rating is zero through no fault of his own. Unfortunately the article on Stuff has not had comments enabled or I would have suggested your solution to a similar problem.

    You don’t need a common name to encounter it. I’m a Biomedical scientist with an uncommon surname and less common first name but there’s another me out there and he works on muscle too! Cardiac muscle in his case. I had to start using my middle initial on scientific articles in the literature to differentiate us. He had priority.

  31. Bob Mack says:

    So. To summarise. According to the recent media we have

    SNP Infighting and civil war
    The worst Health service in the UK
    The worst police service in the UK
    The worst government in the UK
    The worst education in the UK
    The worst fire service in the UK
    The most taxation in the UK.
    The worst railways and buses in the UK.

    Where am I actually living then, because every one of these claims has been factually busted over and over again.

    Do these media types inhabit an alternative existence in Scotland of which the rest of us are unaware? Perhaps they are just trying to create a false impression because SNP success is their failure?. We no longer believe lies about the success of other parts of this Union. They are failing daily.That is the only fact that matters and one from which they cannot hide or conceal by criticising others.

    The Emporors new clothes springs to mind

  32. Blind Squirrel says:

    I am glad the prime minister is involved in the success otherwise how we would manage: “Among the options being explored is the extension of the line to Carlisle which Prime Minister Theresa May said this week could bring “great benefits”.”

  33. Clootie says:

    It doesn’t matter that they removed the story because the INTENT behind the article was to spin a positive story (even if year 2 data had been correct).

    The use of the word intent is critical here. This article reveals the general motivation of this rag to generate a negative slant regarding events in Scotland.

    The can remove and hide the story because they got the facts wrong but they cannot hide the obvious malice behind it.

  34. Capella says:

    Morris and Boris are on the front page of the DR but they are poisioners (sic) – Stu’s twitter.

    Also on the front page is their shocking headline story that Tommy Sheridan has a radio slot on Kremlin Backed Sputnik radio.

    “Commie Sheridan” is picking up a bumper paycheque – he’s getting paid for this!
    That should boost his street cred among the comrades.

  35. Gary45% says:

    The Hootsmon.
    Says it all really, garbage news?!paper, garbage churnalists,

  36. Lemon says:

    I am confused on the numbers. Where does the 5.8% increase come from ?
    It lost 100,000 journeys in the 2nd year, which is a decrease of 7.69%
    It added 300,000 journeys in the 3rd year, which is an increase of 25%.
    Even if you take the extra journeys between 1st and 3rd year(200,000) , the increase is 15.38%.

  37. Luigi says:

    BritNattery trips over itself once again. 🙂

    Gee what a train wreck (I now I know). BritNat Journalism has reached a new low. It’s the end of the track, guys. Give it up this SNP Bad nonsense you are making complete fools of yourselves.

    I gave up on the BritNat printed press long ago. Hardly ever watch the BBC now either. Social media has driven a stake through their black hearts. You may employ the black arts and be very mal-intent individuals, but you dont even do that bit very well nowadays. Apart from spouting utter BS, you don’t really write anything of interest. Like many here, I discovered social media and the blogs, and the undisputable fact that ordinary people have far more interesting things to say than so-called “professional journalists”. 🙂

  38. GORDON FORREST says:

    Not only requires to go back to the school of journalism but also the School of simple arithmatic. In fact only lessons he doesn’t seem to require is how to be a cheating, coniving unionist Hack but still in Scotland there seems to be plenty competition to be top of that class

  39. Luigi says:

    Craig P says:
    6 September, 2018 at 11:44 am
    I wonder if that Ghandi atrributed quote also works in reverse?
    ‘First you’re winning
    Then they fight you
    Then they laugh at you
    Then you are ignored.’

    Now we just laugh at them. And laugh and laugh and laugh.

    The most effective way to counter fake news is not to use facts, but to simply ridicule them. Social media gives us a very effective platform to rip the piss, each and every time the BritNat reporters try to pop up over the trenches with their carefully crafted bullshit.

    Have you not noticed that the more we laugh at them, the spinning ramps up, the stories get even less believable, and the more desperate (and stupid) they become?

    We got them on the run, folks. They are now half way down the death spiral. Keep the pressure on. Keep laughing. 🙂

  40. Luigi says:

    I like trains. I really like trains.

    Because Tories hate trains. 🙂

    Thank goodness Beaching only got half his job done.

  41. William Nicoll says:

    There is also a big anti SNP article by Peterkin in the Scotsman today. It seems these articles are just published to give space to the anti SNP trolls.

  42. Haggishunter says:

    Brit nat media motto, Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
    Even people who are not interested in politics know the media is corrupt, manipulative, has an agenda and can’t be trusted

  43. auld highlander says:

    Yesterday I was talking to some sassenachs who praised Scotrail and were very negative about their own service back down south.

  44. Ken500 says:

    Unionists councils are spending £Millions on grotesque monstrosities of no value. No one wanted. Borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow. Aberdeen City Council £1.2Billion in debt. £200Million wasted on a groteque project. Shops and Offices. There are shops and offices lying empty. £300Million on a Conference Cebtre with no business case. The present one is used on average once a month. Instead of spending money on education and essential services. Trying to cut the allocated budget.

    The Greens have wasted £Billions campaigning against essential roads and airport expansion in Scotland. These actually save money with shorter journey and conductivity. Greens supported and funded by landowners. The mismagement of the Trams. OAP from other cities not allowed to use their (bus) travel passes on the Trams.

  45. SOG says:

    So perhaps the Scotsman are using you to Beta-Check their own proofreading. I suggest sending them a bill.

  46. Ken500 says:

    So the Border Railways nos increased overall but that is a fall. Unbelievable. Fluctuated but an overall increase.

  47. galamcennalath says:

    Bob Mack says

    According to the recent media we have …

    … indeed, it never seems to stop!

    The primary tactic of propaganda is assertion. You make a short statement, preferably in catchy language. This gives your opponent a problem, how to challenge it. Inevitably that means making a case, presenting facts and data. Unfortunately the public can get turned off by a lengthy response.

    The secondary tactic of propaganda is repetition. Say it often enough and it becomes fact, whether or not there is basis.

    The BritNats are in full swing …. NHS Scotland is failing, failing, failing …. Education is failing, failing etc etc.

    I think they have reached a point of over cooking it. It’s so relentless, so overwhelming, it has literally become unreal.

    However, the message that it is all just propaganda needs to be spread far and wide. Face to face, forensically dismantled like here on wings, and ridiculed on social media.

    I think we also need to be considering our own ‘public information’ releases. Some short sharp truths about the Union and the state of it, need to be pushed hard and often. Retaliation in first!

  48. Camz says:

    Once again the Scottish media show that they’re no more than paid Twitterati, with posts disappearing as soon as any modicum of factual challenge is levied.

    I wonder at what point they noticed that they come in to work thinking:

    “How can I push my agenda?”


    “How can I be professional?”

  49. TheItalianJob says:

    Why print such drivel.

    Don’t they realise this is one of Scotland’s most picturesque train routes. Amongst many I should add.

    They should be promoting this as a National treasure to be proud off.

    But wait it’s our National MSM so we know what to expect. Play everything down about Scotland and keep the Uppity Jocks down.

    Tell you what I think it isn’t working and Alistair Dalton can Bxxxxer off to somewhere else to speel his bile and untruths (to put it mildly).

  50. Valerie says:

    What an utter indictment of our shit media. Spending time cobbling this garbage, only to pull it a few hours later. What more proof does anyone need???

    I see lots of Indy support going apeshit about Tommy Sheridan getting on RT.

    If it was raining soup, I’d fully expect to see a sizeable proportion of Scots running out with forks.

  51. A2 says:

    I’m struggling a bit with the arithmetic there, that’s a pretty hefty rounding error, what’s the actual figures?

    where’ 5.8% come from? and if we are rounding to the nearest .1m the difference seems rather less,

    oh wait…. from Borders Railway Year 2 Evaluation Survey of users and non-users page 14…..
    “Passenger Numbers
    The Year 1 Evaluation Report noted that a total of 1,267,599 passengers were
    carried in the first full year of operation (defined as the period 20/09/2015 to
    17/09/2016 based on Network Rail industry periods). This was compared to a
    forecast figure of 1,294,272 although there were large differences at the station level
    with over-forecasts at the Midlothian stations and under-forecasts at the Borders
    In Year 2, analysis of LENNON data provides an equivalent figure of 1,387,819
    (defined as the period 18/09/2016 to 16/09/2017), an overall increase of 9.5% over
    Year 1. It is common for passenger numbers on new rail services to ‘ramp up’ over
    time and this figure is broadly in line with expectations in this respect. Overall, the
    number of people travelling to Galashiels and Tweedbank has fallen slightly
    compared to Year 1 which may be a reflection of a the ‘novelty’ impact of the new
    line wearing off. Otherwise all stations, including all Midlothian stations, have seen
    an increase in inbound and outbound travel since Year 1.”

    I’m late for work now, will have a proper look when I get home…

  52. Thepnr says:

    Argggghhhh the pain the pain I can’t take it anymoreeeee!!!!

    BOOOOOMMMM *@**@*** (head explodes)

  53. Ken500 says:

    Labour did not support minimum pricing which would have reduced alcohol deaths. It took 5 years to introduce increasing deaths. Now Labour are complaining.

    Increased tests were introduced because of Unionist demands. Children were always testing. Unfortunately some children with additional needs previously fell through the net. They did not get the necessary support.

    John Swinney should lower statutory class nos (30) to 27. Then 25. Unionists councils use the statutory limit as the norm. Then try and cut the allocated funding. Cut additional needs services.
    John Swinney tried to get the education funding to schools but did not get enough support. It would have meant Councils could not cut the allocated budget.

  54. TheItalianJob says:

    Daughter has spent last 4 days in Norway. First visit. Raved about it’s beauty and how it’s so modern with a fantastic infrastructure, fabulous Airports, trains etc. I worked there for 4 year’s in the early ‘80s just when the oil boom was taking off.

    I told her Scotland could have been the same and linked her to the McCrone report and Scotland’s stolen oil wealth.

    Makes me so angry and sad that we Scots in the main have not woken up to the hard facts of how we have been treated by Westminster and the Establishment.

    It’s still going on. Let’s get out before it’s too late.

  55. Robert Peffers says:

    I just had a comment disappear while still typing it. This has happened several times lately.

    I have good protection running and nothing is flagged up. I also have more efficient apps but they take a long time to do a thorough scan.

    Anyway, if others get this happening it could be an attack on Wings rather than an attack on individual commenters.

  56. Ken500 says:

    Rumbles who voted to cut powers of the Scottish Gov. Hypocrite. Rumbles 3rd rate failure.

  57. Ken500 says:

    LibDem BBC liars.

  58. defo says:

    Luigi says:
    at 12:32 pm
    “I like trains. I really like trains.

    Because Tories hate trains. ?

    Thank goodness Beaching only got half his job done.”

    It was implemented under Wilson govt. I ‘think’ the transport minister of the time made a fair few £££ out of motorway construction.
    Seems Labour hate them too. 🙂

    Tory commissioned report, pink torys implemented it.

  59. boris says:

    Richard Leonard is hoping for an upturn in his party’s fortunes but he leads at least 2 groups within his party both headed in different directions.

  60. Robert Peffers says:

    @Geordie says: 6 September, 2018 at 11:46 am:

    ” … Why don’t these ‘journalists’ just move to N Korea and be done with it?”

    Maybe they already tried that but Kim Jong-un rejected them as rank amateurs.

  61. Alex Montrose says:

    The Aberdeen bypass will open shortly, what will be the negative spin from Scotland’s MSM on this story?

    My money is on, ” Slow moving Farm Vehicles Banned from AWPR “

  62. Ken500 says:

    LibDem liars £9000 fees. Aiding Tory cuts to public spending, austerity and Brexit. All increasing mental health problems. Universals credits and food banks. Total hypocrites. Labour useless. The same old.

  63. Les Wilson says:

    galamcennalath says:
    6 September, 2018 at 12:39 pm
    Bob Mack says

    “I think we also need to be considering our own ‘public information’ releases. Some short sharp truths about the Union and the state of it, need to be pushed hard and often. Retaliation in first!”

    Totally agree with that,
    we need to be showing just what the “unionists” do here in Scotland, and the anti Scotland agendas
    emanating from Westminster.No holds barred, spill it all,then repeat, repeat, re….
    We just need the right platform .

  64. Dr Jim says:

    Opposition parties in turmoil at First Ministers questions today after instructions to NOT mention the word Independence

    Even Toodle oo the Noo avoided the word, only Ian McWhirter chanced his arm at a wee mention

    Ruth Davidson brought up the early release for offenders scheme citing individual victims of crime which dirty politics but the issue is already being dealt with
    Richard Leonard brought up another issue of an internet porn app which actually has already been dealt with, so completely and totally irrelevent
    Patrick Harvie as I have already said previously made a wee threat to not support the budget, wee bit of chest puffing there answered by a wee bit of *watch it* from the FM

    All in all for the first FMQs of the season, boringly dire and predictably lazy from the opposition because they really want to talk Indyref but aren’t allowed to mention it because they’ve overdone their own rhetoric on the subject and it’s done them harm and they’re polling numbers show it

    I guess we’re just going to have to wait a while for the fight to start (sigh)

  65. mike cassidy says:

    This seems appropriate – sort of – for this thread.

    On the worth of journalism. (wouldn’t archive)

  66. PictAtRandom says:


    Members of the Scottish Government to be provided with a sealed train for use in the Civil War. Members of “The Britsman” management to be provided with trained seal for development of investigative journalism.

  67. David McCann says:

    Of course the Hootsmon will issue a correction in tomorrow’s paper edition, giving over the same space as today’s story!

    And pigs will give a fly-past over Edinburgh!

  68. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, this is a signal failure by the Scotsman.

  69. shug says:

    When are journalist and editors in the MSM and the BBC going to realise that their unionist game is up.

    Are they smart enough to see the direction of travel and will they be employable post independence and any resulting truth commission where their activities will be investigated in detail.

    Westminster will deal with them the way they dealt with the Afghan translators – they will be abandoned

  70. yesindyref2 says:

    On a more serious note, maybe the Rev should set up a commercial media checking arm of Wings, whereby the media submit articles in advance for £1,000 each and get the stamp of approval. Since it could be done remotely, it could give employment both full and part-time to people in Scotland, both of working age and retired or semi-retired.

    At least, I think that was on a more serious note. It’s that kind of day.

  71. Artyhetty says:

    Maybe there should be an enquiry, that’s an awful lot of ‘passengers’ to ‘lose’. Where did they lose them, what happened to these poor people? Must be bad driving eh.

    Looks like the other millions who did travel got off lucky, not being lost an all. 🙂

  72. call me dave says:

    All a dweadful mishunderstanding 🙂

  73. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 11:33,

    It’s a concerted policy of voter disillusionment and disengagement by the Britnat parties and their media collaborators.

    Given that Scotland already suffers from a large measure of ingrained institutionalisation – as Michael Portillo himself once observed – caused by a longterm inability within this vile Union to have any real influence over its own affairs, making us far too often a nation of negative passive-aggressive grumblers, this policy is utterly contemptible. It is a kind of psychological betrayal for narrow ends that in fact is tantamount to treason.

    It is precisely the polar opposite of what we desperately need – hope and belief in a better future. And that noble aspiration ought to be readily shared and promoted by all, regardless of political viewpoint.

    (One direct and ironic consequence is that when people look at the supposed alternative leadership offered by NorthBritLab, many roll their eyes, think “no way José”, and vote SNP, irrespective of their view on independence.)

  74. Ken500 says:

    All a mistake. Nonsense as usual. The wrong figures. Who are these people?

  75. Abulhaq says:

    In England all is well…Govia, Crossrail, NorthernRail, general overcrowding, obsolete rolling stock, IT compatibility issues, confusing ticket pricing….
    Where England leads, incompetence.

  76. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    yesindyref2 @ 13:34,

    Yes, this Hootsmon story seems to have quickly gone right off the rails.

    Or ran plumb out of steam.

    (hee, hee)

  77. La Belle Angel says:

    We live five minutes from Tweedbank station and use the train a lot. Some of the problems the Borders line have nothing to do with people not wanting to use the train. When the line was planned, because passenger number forecasts were not high the track was built with not enough sidings. This means that the number of trains that can be on the track is limited to a service of at most every half hour. Two carriage trains are common leading to some overcrowding with the occasional three or four carriage train making it somewhat less congested.
    If the line is to be extended these shortcomings will need to be addressed first. Passenger numbers look to me to be growing all the time as people choose go by train rather than drive up the horrendous A7 or 68 roads.
    Tweedbank to Princes Street Wavely in 55 minutes, what’s not to love about it!

  78. PictAtRandom says:

    If you’re looking for something positive about the Holyrood administration’s railway policy (even from a Britainwide source) then here it is:

    “Campaign to Electrify Britain’s Railway
    ? @Rail_Elec

    At @railindustry #RIAScotland Roundtable, some great comments from Bill Reeves @transcotland, @AlexHynes @ScotRail & @MathesonMichael – great support for further electrification in Scotland from everyone, as part of a long term rolling programme. Hallelujah – some sensible plans”

    Now, move north of the Tay please!

  79. yesindyref2 says:

    Well it seems a new story is on the way, so at least he’s accepted the mistake.

    The train arriving on platform 2 will depart from platform 1 just as soon as we’ve changed the platform signs.

  80. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I have long thought of Alastair Dalton as: “One of the good guys” on The Hootsmon, so I was surprised at this story getting through.

    To his credit, Alastair has corrected the errors and apologised. Even the best make mistakes, which, given the way The Hootsmon has been starved of resources and the staff cut by its incompetent senior management, it is amazing there are not more fuck-ups.

    Maybe if someone on the digital side of the paper got his/her finger out and sorted-out the real poison on the paper, the btl comments from the green ink brigade of Unionist trolls, it would be doing better.

    This story, I would accept as a genuine cock-up. Better that than – I have personal experience of this – papers such as the Record, deliberately re-writing stories to suit their agenda and totally distorting the original story inthe process.

  81. galamcennalath says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland

    Jumped the tracks
    Hit the buffers

    … getting ma’ coat 🙂

  82. HandandShrimp says:

    The Scotsman

    Delivering fake news on the hour every hour.

    The pathetic whining of the traditional media that they are the custodian of reliable reporting is laughable. I wouldn’t trust to go down to the shops for a loaf of bread.

  83. HandandShrimp says:

    This is most likely a case of confirmation bias. The default is SNPbad/Scotland shit so if a cursory mistaken grasp of the figures shows a downturn (or upturn if it is crime) then the story is on the press before any one can say “are you sure that is right?”.

    They fall over themselves to print this sort of crap.

  84. yesindyref2 says:

    Scotsman’s not bad these days, the btl comments though are atrocious. Scotsman carries stories vaguely pro-indy or SNP the Herald doesn’t “bother” about. And the SoS has always been not too bad.

  85. Thepnr says:

    The Flying Scotsman hits the buffers, 100,000 reported missing.

  86. PictAtRandom says:

    And there’s more/mair!
    It’s p.18 o the threid — but jump richt in:

  87. Macart says:

    RE: Update

    SEE! I told you they were drunk. 😉

  88. Kelpie says:

    He’s still misleading a bit though, isn’t he. It sounds like Scotrail did not give incorrect information it was incomplete information. Stats for year 1, most recent year and total rounded to the nearest million. Which he then used to calculate his own year 2 (instead of maybe just giving them a call and asking…)

    I suspect Scotrail got in touch to suggest if he wanted stats for every year then he should have said so and, by the way, fix your story.

  89. Iain says:

    Even if Scotrail’s PR department is not on the ball, the journalist is the Scotsman’s transport ‘expert’ – why was he not one of the first to pick up this bunkum and kick it into touch rather than just repeat it with doom and gloom?

  90. winifred mccartney says:

    At least they had the good grace to abandon the story and print an apology – well done to them.

    When will labour, tories, DR and DM and the bbc start realising their time is up – we have got a fact checker supremo and we do not believe their nonsense or lies – we will not be fooled again.

  91. Clootie says:

    I’ve just read Dalton’s revised version of his spin. Any normal person would have cringed at getting his facts wrong…but not Mr. Dalton…straight in with more crap using the right numbers. I wonder if it is the money that drives him or is he a true unionist zealot who simply believes that Scotland is shite.

    @yesindyref2…Are you suggesting they are fair and balanced?

  92. Thepnr says:

    Anyone can make mistakes and under normal circumstances the perpetrator can be easily forgiven, these are not normal circumstances and it is not so easy to forgive and forget.

    That facts are that the distortion of the truth of the performance of the Scottisg government is so bad that 50% of the population wouldn’t believe these stories even if they were true and accurate.

    That the standard of reporting undertaken by the “Scottish press” in pursuit of SNP Bad headlines is so warped and has overtaken the actual reporting of stories.

    No wonder sales and advertising revenue are plummeting faster in Scotland than anywhere else in the world. The output is dire and people are rightly just sick of it.

  93. A wee reminder that the ‘news’ is handed to them on a plate. Mere cut & paste. Printouts.
    A railway man did it, it wisna’ me.

  94. Patsy Millar says:

    Trouble is that once the lie is out there, that’s what people remember. I have always suspected that this is a deliberate ploy, especially since ‘apologies’ are usually printed where nobody will see them.

  95. yesindyref2 says:

    Certainly not! But it’s better than the Herald is now.

    Just on the subject of websites, it’s worth any of us that have sites to make them fast as possible with sensible changes, that also affects search engine ratings. Wings does well particularly mobiles, some of the Optimization Suggestions may not be possible, for instance browser caching unless you have access to the server.

  96. Greannach says:

    The weird and wacky “Scotsman”. I can still remember when it was a newspaper.

  97. Clapper57 says:

    On the plus side this does rather give much credence to the accusation we on here, and many others, make in respect to a bias media that prints any old s**t without checking accuracy.

    Proves the point that if you don’t check a fact you end up having to retract….they probably thought they would have got away with it too …..and they would have if twas only the green ink gang members & friends who had originally seen it….though they, the green ink gang & friends would probably have spread the lie too if only to try and capitalize on somehow concocting another SNPBAD story….Scooby dooby doo !

    I do take on board point made above by Socrates MacSporran re this Journo may be one of the good guys unfortunately in the current climate of propaganda spewed from the pages of the press tis hard to distinguish what is a deliberate act of misinformation and what is a genuine mistake…so irrespective of whether he made a genuine error it does make one question yet again the competency of the media in respect to what they print….being sardonic of course ….press competent..trying adding a ‘in’ in front of that.

    Also Socrates McSporran does also note The Scotsman does have form in printing the green Ink gangs poison, a gang who most definitely use a poison pen while composing their collective one track mind letters to spread their unique form of poison disguised badly as critique directed at same target week after week….campaign of hate given constant platform by this newspaper ( and others) who are more than willing to print demented ramblings from the demented especially if it concurs with the editorial line .

    Perhaps the author of this story could now make this story into a POSITIVE story…no ?

    So much for online fake news .

  98. Albaman says:

    The Scotsman knew, just knew that you’d be onto them in a flash, that’s why they took it off so quickly!.
    Well done Stew, as I indicated here days ago, you’ve got to be quick to counter misinformation, and by God, your up to it Stew.

  99. Clapper57 says:

    Re my previous comment seems author of story has now republished story with correct information…pity those who missed initial incident may be oblivious to original mistake and thus remain ignorant.

  100. Bob Mack says:

    Short version——-They lie. Either through intention or failure to check facts. They lie for their chosen audience.

  101. One_Scot says:

    Lets not beat about the bush, these ‘mistakes’ are not mistakes, they are deliberate acts of misinformation.

    Whether it is the BBC, ITV news, STV news, the Scotsman, the Daily Expess, etc, etc.., they are all intentionally setting out to put Scotland down, and they are doing it on purpose.

    The soon we become Independent and put this corrupt UK behind us, the better.

  102. Hamish100 says:

    Of course if the SNP government hadnt supported the railway there would be no passengers.lets get some investment in the west with link bridges such as connecting Bute and the mainland .

  103. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    They are so desperate to attack Scotland they print rubbish without basic checks, who buys this stuff?

    Its enough to make you say jings.

  104. Bill Halliday says:

    Lost passengers? Oldies,remember the “Kingston Trio” ‘MTA’ circa 1962?
    “Well, did he ever return?
    No he never returned and his fate is still unlearned (what a pity)
    He may ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston
    He’s the man who never returned”

  105. Corrado Mella says:

    Mr Dalton, foisted by its own petard.

    So willing to pile on the #EssEnnPeeBaad claptrap that he went for the “too wee|poor|stupid – pick one” without checking facts and sources.

    Are they doing that to show themselves up to their Masters in the BritNazi Establishment?
    Too eager to brown-nose the sociopaths – “See, Master, I’ve told them!” – that are falling on their own sword.

    We are at Station THREE of Ghandi’s line: “At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Enjoy the ride.

  106. Old Pete says:

    Scotsman lies continually to feed the dwindling Britnat readership. Should really change its name to the Unionist man and stop the pretence.

  107. yesindyref2 says:

    That’s a big ask. But you could do a series of bridges (near to) Port Bannatyne to Knockdow, Sandbank to Kilmun, Strone to Cove, Rosneath to Rhu, maye the odd western isle causeway.

    Make then big enough and put tracks on as well. That’d all really open up the areas.

  108. Valerie says:


    That’s us in Looney Tunes territory properly now.

    Operation Yellowhammer, the Civil Emergencies team are reviewing the plans for contingency in No Deal.

    Boris is in the lead with Tory party members for PM.

    Article from Sky News, tried to archive, but it won’t

  109. Petra says:

    Oh well give the guy his due. He’s apologised. More than most would do.

    It just made me wonder how many journalists we’ve got in Scotland and how many are half-decent. How many of them are living with the threat of losing their job, one way or another, hanging over their heads, day in and day out.

    Whatever the case, the owners and editors of these newspapers have got a lot to answer for.

  110. Meanwhile over at the Ministry of Truth BBC pacific Quay the lunch time edition of Distorting Scotland headlines with Soon 2B Mum Davidson championiong the victims of crime.
    The opening headline.
    “Ruth Davidson accuses the Scottish Government of offering nothing but warm words over the possible early release of a man who murdered and Ayrshire teenager.”

    Now this statement is true.
    Davidson did say that at FMQ. What she said was a lie of course.
    But the BBC headline it as truth.
    The SG is working with victims of crime and the Parole Service on this very delicate and tragic issue.
    Davidson knows this.

    But there’s fuck all chance of the Red Blue and Yellow Tories talking about Brexit, Operation Yellowhammer, and the State of Emergency which will exist in Scotland in 7 months time because Mum 2B and her Red Blue and Yellow (not hammer) Tories will sit back and watch their fellow Scots citizens plunged into darkest isolated penury and shortages because the ProudscotsBut Up Here’s English Masters wish it to be so.

    The BBC Winston Smith announcer for the day elaborated:-

    “The First minister has been challenged to put victim’s rights at the core of the Scottish Justice system. As the issue was tackled at Holyrood two bereaved families watched from the Public Gallery.”
    The BBC is challenging NS.

    Bad Nicola, Saviour Ruth.

    Perverted lies conning two families into giving credence to this little Attention Seeker Davidson.

    Well done, Donalda. Just pervert and twist the truth and facts to arrive at SNP BAD just as Scotland is about to run out of insulin and Asthma inhalers.

    The Old Order is crumbling before their eyes.
    Keep the lies coming, Ministry of Truth.
    You are finished.

  111. jfngw says:

    Poor old MSM, always ready for the bad story. Do they have a template then just insert the appropriate service. They could of course have changed it to a positive story about passenger increases instead of deleting it.

    I know, I know, any impression that there has been any level of success in Scotland must be suppressed. That is unless it is a success that a unionist party has suddenly became the focal point of, even if is only a me too moment.

  112. robertknight says:

    Lies, Damned Lies and the MSM in Scotland.

    A plague on all their houses.

  113. galamcennalath says:

    Re Operation Yellowhammer. Surely everything we know about No Deal makes it a catastrophe that any government would avoid at all costs? Yet the Tory party is full of folks who see it as a ‘good Brexit’.

    The narrative has been re-invented. Soft meant in the single market, hard meant a free trade agreement, and ‘no deal’ was an unimaginable nightmare scenario. NOW, hard means no deal while politicians and media conspire to refer to May’s daft Chequers hard plan as being soft!

    The plot has been well and truly lost!

    Come on, Nicola, are we there yet!?

  114. Proud Cybernat says:

    The Sunday National TV Ad

    Slowly, thing’s are changing. Slowly the message of the real Scotland is getting out there. And the rest of the media can just take a hike. If they want to be part of Scotland’s problem, their choice. But Scotland is moving on and leaving those torn faces behind.

  115. yesindyref2 says:

    Chances are there’s a few YES voters on the staff, same for the H.

  116. Gullane No4 says:

    I am actually beginning to feel sorry for all those journalists who repeatedly spew out these nonsensical SNP bad stories.

    They must be desperately trying to keep their jobs/homes/families by following editorial guidelines… then that cruel so and so from Bath comes along and in a couple of words blasts their credibility clean out of the water.

  117. Gary says:

    I wonder why they removed the story then. I know it was factually incorrect AND, even if the figures HAD been correct the story would have made no actual sense BUT, it’s never stopped them before, has it??

  118. Dave Robb says:

    Well done again Rev! Fake news taken down.

    The Borders railway is indeed a success – possibly now suffering a bit from that success. It could do with an extra passing loop and extensions to 2 others – but not before reopening the line to Leven. More rolling stock will be available next year freed up by HSTs on Scotland’s REAL mainlines.

    Despite all the hype about “it should have been double-track all the way, built to 90 mph+ mainline standards, electrified”, it would never have been rebuilt if that were the criteria.

    The people who demand a 3-lane each way motorway to upgrade the A7 alleged “cart track” are delusional. I place those – especially “Mr Muddle” – who expect a full double track mainline electrified railway from Hawick to Carlisle in the same category. 2-4 trains per hour from Newcastleton to Carlisle!? = not even funny (railforum).

    Before the Borders Railway was actually rebuilt, there was an individual who constantly called for a monorail – it would have been the world’s biggest – from Hawick to Edinburgh a la the Dan Dare comic.

    Keep it real folks – a line like the existing one to St Boswells and Hawick maybe – then think twice and think often. X 95 bus is the answer.

  119. PictAtRandom says:

    I was joking earlier about a “sealed train”.

    But this just appeared in The Guardian:

    “Ireland is hoping to seal a special Brexit side deal in Brussels allowing it to continue using the UK as a “land bridge” for goods in transit to Dublin without border checks, a senior Irish tax official has revealed.

    Under the special deal being discussed, goods from the continent would undergo checks in Calais. The freight containers would then be sealed and given free passage to Dublin via Dover and Holyhead…”

    Stay tooned for… just about anything from the wacky world of Blind Brexit.

  120. gus1940 says:


    Re Skripalgate:-

    IN spite of the plethora of alleged CCTV coverage of the alleged Russian agents all we get are stills – why no moving material or is that too difficult to fiddle with Photoshop?

  121. What this in effect means is that you, Stu, are doing a bit of the Scotsman editor’s job.

    Send them an invoice.

  122. HandandShrimp says:

    Well scrapping the tax cut for the self employed is going to have the SIU Tory types foaming at the gills. However I would not be surprised to see more general tax rises.

  123. One_Scot says:

    Does anyone know if the the National TV advert has been shown on TV?

  124. Ken J says:

    The replacement story he put up is hardly an improvement on the original. Yes, he has included accurate passenger figures – but he’s managed to imply that the second year was a failure by stating that “It ended that year only hitting its target”

    Can’t help himself it would seem.

  125. Lenny Hartley says:

    Gus1940 have you ever seen Forest Gump? Very easy even twenty years ago to fiddle video as well as stills. Craig Murray makes some interesting observations .

  126. Thepnr says:


    The Tories have to raise taxes to pay for the extra £20 billion promised to the NHS under the guise as a “Brexit Dividend”.

    Somebody has to pay and it will be the ordinary taxpayer, no sign yet of a tax rise for the highest paid. Expect a hike in NI contributions just to keep it fair or course as we all use the NHS so we should all pay for it regardless of Income level.

    That’s normally the Tory and it pays to look after your own.

  127. Dan Huil says:

    Once again the Rev gives us proper journalism.

  128. Capella says:

    Absolute mess of figures for calculating Scottish tax receipts. Douglas Fraser reports that the estimates are all over the place for income tax, non-domestic rates and VAT.

    The revolution in Scotland’s taxation arrangements moves on next to VAT. Holyrood is to have half of the VAT collected in Scotland, but doesn’t have any power over the rates of VAT, or the items on which it is levied.

    The Fiscal Commission has today published an outline of how it is going to estimate that assigned share.

    It doesn’t look easy to figure out the best assumptions about relative growth, exports, tourism, a bit less because it isn’t charged on rent, which is a bigger part of spending in England, a bit more paid on alcohol.

    The data is a lot more ropey than income tax. To make it less so, the commission has set out its wish list of improved data publication. And because VAT will not be identifiable as Scottish, there will be no way of knowing a precise outturn figure.

  129. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    PictAtRandom @ 17:49,

    I have made precisely the same suggestion on here in the past for a post-indy Scotland within the EU having to cope with a non-EU England. To counter some of the more-obvious BritNat nonsense about borders.

    A fast lane through while all the English goods traffic sits in the customs queues at Dover/Calais for checking.

    It’s fairly logical in the circumstances, really.

  130. jfngw says:

    @Lenny Hartley

    It is easy to place someone into real footage at a film studio using green screen. It is much harder if you are extracting people from normal video footage, you have to cut them out then create all the correct shadowing on the ground around them, not so easy with live footage, often has give away edging. Much simpler to to this with just a single frame.

  131. carjamtic says:

    Wake Up and Smell the Fukcoffee.

    That’s right the price increase will make it too expensive,one roaster claimed the massive price increase has nothing to do with a No Deal Brexit, meanwhile in other ‘news’ there has been a reported 100,000 new calls to the ‘I married an axe murderer’ helpline, mostly from distressed middle aged housewives,who haven’t received their morning pick me up, a FOI has revealed.

    My your God go with you.


  132. Petra says:

    @ yesindyref2 says at 5:37 pm …. ”Petra .. Chances are there’s a few YES voters on the staff, same for the H.”

    I’m sure there are yesindyref2, just like Margo MacDonald’s daughter at the BBC, all praying for Independence to come, ASAP.

  133. Lenny Hartley says:

    jfngw Cctv images are often of low quality, therefore edging would not be noticble . We are talking about the State here, the technology they have access too would blow your mind.
    Craig Murray already points out the almost impossible chance that the two of them went through seperate gates to the second of each other. The so called new evidence raises more questions than anwsers.

  134. yesindyref2 says:

    Well, who’d have thunk it, estimates are all over the place, nobody knows what the VAT share is, the data is indequate.

    They should employ the fogdood guy to draw some graphs, to sort it all out.

    Now, about that GERS …

  135. Petra says:

    Don’t forget that Alex’s informative RT show is on at 11:30pm. Give him some support, folks.

    ‘This week’s Alex Salmond Show continues its series on Britain’s rail travel – this time focusing attention on fast rail and HS2. Alex and Tas speak to Mick Whelan, general secretary of the train drivers’ union, ASLEF, and a panel of anti HS2 campaigners from London’s Camden Town area.’

    The Alex Salmond Show broadcasts every Thursday on RT International at 07:30, 18:30 and 23:30 (GMT) on SKY 511 and FREEVIEW 113.

  136. Meg merrilees says:


    that widnae be the same 100,000 thousand who are wandering , lost in the borders because they cannae find the train home?

  137. Ghillie says:


    Secondly. It’s all Scot Rail’s fault ?!

    How ill it must make a person to have to always be looking for a way to put other folk down, to spoil and deliberately verbally demolish a happy success story for a lovely part of Scotland.

    How on Earth has this left the good folk who planned, built, run and supported this smashing reborn railway line feeling?

    What a mean negative twist. What an awful way to face life.

    I think I actually feel sorry for the poor chap. Certainly bemused.

  138. Meg merrilees says:

    Jack Collatin

    I watched FMQ’s today. Sorry to be personal but – my first thought was that an obviously pregnant Ruth doesn’t suit the aggressive, boxer stance tactics that she normally uses.
    I thought she stumbled over her words a bit and came across as somehow diminished/tired/ unfocussed at times… don’t know what it was but she lacked ‘hunger’ in her attack. Maybe she’s beginning to have doubts about the path her party is following too.

    Nicola is a giant compared to them – they are all puffed up and so insignificant in the great scheme of things.

  139. yesindyref2 says:

    I see that “The Herald is delighted to continue to host the Politician of the Year Awards 2018, recognising those who have shaped yet another dramatic year in modern politics.”

    Well, considering the amount he’s been in the news, specially the Herald, there’s absolutely no doubt who’s the winner this year.

    Alex Salmond.

  140. yesindyref2 says:

    I nominate Murdo Fraser for the Comic Relief award.

  141. Legerwood says:

    Thepnr @ 6.38pm

    I have always wondered about this ‘extra’ £20 billion for NHS England – with consequentials of course for NHS Scotland, Wales etc. (maybe) because in 2016 NHS England was told it had to make £22 billion in CUTS by 2020.

    So is this all a sleight of hand? Take with one (£22 billion), give with the other (£20 billion).

  142. brewsed says:

    Apologies, a bit O.T. but, for those interested, Sheriff McGowan’s full reasoning in the Wings over Scotland defamation case against Kezia Dugdale – allowing a full hearing:

    Read paragraph 46 and ponder upon Ms Dugdale’s legal team.

  143. Welsh Sion says:

    RIP: Sorry, Miss. Greengross. Signal failure at Hootsmon Central. Train passenger miscount.


  144. yesindyref2 says:

    With that poll at 52% YES on Brexit there’s a fair few of them might be thinking of breaking cover, you see the odd bit buried deep in an article, or on a news item. It must be near the tipping point for them, something I hoped would happen in Indy Ref 1 but didn’t – same for opposition politicians.

    Scratch the surface and they’re just like us, all they need is courage.

  145. @yesindyref2

    the dogfood accountant is like Punxsutawney Phil from Groundhog Day,

    every year the British Nationalists,at GERS time,wait until he emerges from his kennel to pronounce whether Scotland is just f@cked or if Scotland is really f@cked,

    and then he is popped back in his kennel till next GERS.

  146. Robert Peffers says:

    @Les Wilson says: 6 September, 2018 at 1:13 pm:

    ” … We just need the right platform.”

    Oh! For God’s sake!

    I’ve been posting for a long time that there are platforms that have been there a long time – few read them and that includes few Wingers reading them. I’ve posted links many times and if Wingers can’t be bothered visiting them for straight information what chance is there of the public using them?

    Gordon Ross IndyCar has just opened on a new provider and also has a YouTube channel:-

    There is Holyrood TV carrying every debate in the Scottish Parliament and every Committee meeting except those held in private to protect business confidentiality:-

    The video clips are just a part of the Holyrood Website:-

    The Scottish Government has a website:-

    and they are presently testing a new site:-

    The SNP has a site:-

    The SNP also has their own YouTube Channel:-

    All that is just for starters but what’s the point of bleating that we need the right platform if even Wingers cannot be bothered using what we already have and the public would rather read the Daily Wrecker, The Daily Fail and the Daily Depress. Not to mention the so called Scotsman that is the voice of the OO and Unionism.

    The point being that any of those I’ve linked to would change their format to suit the readership that uses it.

  147. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Clapper57, lizg, Bob Mack, Macart, Tinto C et al –

    Thanks for the excellent feedback on previous thread, didn’t get chance before now.


  148. HandandShrimp says:


    Just read para 46. If Stu’s legal team are any good then Kezia is in trouble. It is they that are saying vasectomies or hysterectomies are fair game for jokes. Actually, I think wishing his mother had a hysterectomy is far more offensive than wishing his father had come out sooner. There is nothing offensive about wishing any gay person come out. It is an affirmation of who they are and not mocking at all. Wishing someone had a hysterectomy is just a bit nasty.

    The comment was a kick in the gonads to Oliver for his execrable oratory skills but it in no way insults his father. Indeed, Stu are berated both Mundells on many issues but never to my knowledge on their sexuality. Indeed, I don’t recall Stu mocking anyone on their sexual preferences although I don’t pretend to understand the whole gender pronoun thing (but I suspect that issue probably makes David Mundell and Kezia’s head hurt too).

  149. yesindyref2 says:

    A quick look through and it seems the defender totally failed to have the case thrown out, or indeed one single pursuer averment removed either. Stage 1 – the right to proceed, was 100% Rev. But doesn’t mean anything in terms of the actual hearing.

    [172] I propose to allow parties, before answer, a proof on their respective averments, with all pleas standing.”

  150. Robert Peffers says:

    @yesindyref2 says: 6 September, 2018 at 2:22 pm:
    ” … The train arriving on platform 2 will depart from platform 1 just as soon as we’ve changed the platform signs.”

    More like that infamous Tannoy, announcement – “The train now arriving at platforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & six is coming in sideways”

  151. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Dave Robb at 5:44 pm.

    You typed,
    “Before the Borders Railway was actually rebuilt, there was an individual who constantly called for a monorail – it would have been the world’s biggest – from Hawick to Edinburgh a la the Dan Dare comic.”

    Regarding monorail…
    Scotland was, once again, ahead of the game. Check out these two short videos from the early 1930s:-

    There is info below each of the videos.

  152. Gfaetheblock says:


    There is cctv available, apologies for the source

    Craig Murray has embarrassed himself here, the only people that seem to promote that anything is dodgy with the photos are the Russian government via RT

  153. McDuff says:

    This is not “poor journalism“ its premeditated distortion of the truth. Its the Union`s propaganda mouthpieces and many of these so called journalist are not Scottish yet they actively deride my country.
    If Scotland`s ethnic population was made up of Asians or Chinese would Unionists and their media chums behave in the same way.
    I don`t think so.

  154. Ronnie says:

    It’s a well known fact in railway circles (both within the rail industry and amongst enthusiasts) that Alistair Dalton is a completely clueless fuckwit.

  155. Colin says:

    This line is sure to attract The Lying Scotsman to its tracks. Sadly, it wont be a huge draw for railway enthusiasts or commuters, including the ‘missing’ ones!

  156. Terence callachan says:

    The newspapers in Scotland have always lied to the people of Scotland ,the only thing that has changed is that they are now afraid that their cosy jobs are at risk because people have been enlightened and now see that they are lied to every day by the British media, the british media includes all newspapers and TV and radio.
    Once Scotland is independent we will have new newspapers in our country , the old ones wouldn’t survive, we will also have new TV and radio stations that will be answerable to Scotland rather than answerable to another country as at present.
    Let’s face it if you let another country determine your media regulation is it any wonder that it is corrupt and deceptive.

  157. Meg merrilees says @7.39pm
    Meg, they are all trying to avoid debating anything about Brexit or Indyref 2 now. The two issues are interlinked.

    It was ‘Parish council’ stuff at FMQ today.

    Dick Leonard is alarmingly bad on all levels.

    His ‘porn on the kids’ net at schools’ nonsense was pathetic. Even Kelly Gray and Lennon were wincing.

    Kezia Dugdale had to ASK did Nicola Sturgeon join her in condemning the attack on a Sikh Temple.
    What an idiotic question. She promptly sat down. £1200 a week for three minutes on her feet.
    The five Lib Dems cost us about half a million a year to sit in Holyrood and do nothing.
    Assessments for P1 was Tavish’s biggie today, and Wullie sat grinning like a Cheshire Cat, while Patrick Harvie demanded that more cash go to LA’s to spend as they wish.
    Think Matheson Square, think City Building think City Car Parks, think the corrupt Tammany Hall Labour regimes of the past fifty years.
    Yet Patrick trusts them do do right by the people.
    NS and the SNP Cabinet are playing in the Big Boys and Girls League of Brexit, international relations, Defence, Global trade. They are a grown up party.
    Nicola Sturgeon has been doing ‘government for 11 years now. Davidson Rennie and Leonard have sat on their arses doing nothing but moan.
    The Yoons are failed councillors who are there to destroy and obfuscate.
    Come Independence, we shall root this evil little bunch of chancers out of office.
    They are corrupt, and not up to the job.
    I’d have hired not one of them in my previous life.

  158. Tatu3 says:

    “Videos”/ctv could be easily made/altered. My son is a vfx artist and even back when just starting out at uni could take a normal street scene and add all sorts – military, space ships, dead bodies! Alter the lighting, add the correct shadows etc. Looked perfectly real.

  159. yesindyref2 says:

    @Robert Peffers
    There was one near me that tried to go to Wee Joe’s for a pint without anyone having to get off the train.

    Now that’s service, going that extra mile or at least, a few yards.

  160. Terry says:


    Are you still fuckin here?

    So you are not a man of your word then?

    You told us the other day you were “just passing through”, and here you are, still postin’ the same auld borin’ pish.

    Please, for the sake of the majority here on Wings, take a fuckin hike sunshine.

  161. A2 says:

    Makes an “apology” and still tries to blame scotrail!

  162. Cactus says:


    Welcome back again to ‘Crowdfundothon ’18’.

    40% achieved so for, the target is £6,500. with 7 days remaining to go. These are the guys n gals that are audio-visually recording our history, as we work our way towards our independent Scotland.

    (ps ah pure Love your time-lapse march videos like, cheers!)

    Independence LIVE‘ Crowdfunder Autumn 2018:

    “We need your help to continue providing our livestreaming service for the Scottish independence movement. Independence Live’s VISION is to continue to provide grassroots local & international news coverage. Also to inspire and educate others to get involved and become the media. We are a pro-Scottish independence group covering all aspects of independence as well as social issues, cultural events and more…”

    It is said that if it can get over 50%, it’s got a real chance…

    Feel the electricity of independence. 😉

  163. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    A poster on here is now beginning to make a mockery of her/himself.
    No riveting input to mull over – just an attack on another commenter.

    They never know when they’re sussed, iye?

    Back in here with another username. Get a life…

  164. ben madigan says:

    Maybe O/T here as I haven’t read all the posts but . . .

    a discussion on a previous thread about depression linked up with thoughts I had been turning over in my mind, trying to make sense of a few things.

    It may seem very obvious once it’s stated and a name attributed to what is going on in this Dysfunctional Union

  165. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Gfaetheblock at 9.14

    So we have photographs of two Russians. And?

  166. Thepnr says:


    There was another poster with the username Danny who recently was banned that was attacking Indyref2 as being English and all other kinds of accusations such as being a troll.

    Now it’s funny that Indyref2 has been posting on Wings since before the referendum in 2014, albeit under a different name, without any sort of accusation such as we’re seeing now being levelled at him.

    Sure his political opinions and mine don’t line up perfectly and it’s unlikely they ever would but he’s allowed to have them, they may be more business orientated and as he is has a small business to run then fair enough I say.

    If we all had the same opinion then it wouldn’t be much of a forum for discussion would it? You don’t appear to be looking for any kind of discussion though just a personal attack. If you’re genuine I’d suggest that you have gotten the wrong of end of the stick by agreeing with the posts against Indyref2 by someone who has since been banned.

    Someone who wasn’t banned for abusing Indyref2 but for abusing other posters and one in particular, you might want to have a rethink as in my opinion you are way off the mark in this case.

  167. Thepnr says:

    Was distracted for a minute, what I actually wanted to post was about the leak of Operation Yellowhammer, I mean just what is that all about?

    This leak wasn’t deliberate and some random photographer just happened to get a shot of some top secret sensitive document being carried by and “aide”. An aide to whom I wonder?

    They definitely do think that we all button up the back and so now the papers once again are telling us the stories that they wanted to tell as Operation Yellowhammer is now out in the open.

    Here’s one:

    No-Deal Brexit Would Mean Fresh Round Of Austerity, Warns Philip Hammond

    Anybody want to buy a bridge? I’ll give you a good deal.

  168. Cactus says:

    Just a dedication for ewes, the unlearn’ed British Nationalists:

    The above is yours… try looking at yersel in the mirror BN’s!

    “Look at the lives we’ve swallowed, an ah don’t wanna hear no more”

    C.W. by GnRFnR.

    The Treaty of their Union ~ THE END.

  169. TJenny says:

    What Thepnr said.

  170. Dan Huil says:

    @ben madigan 11:29pm

    Hello ben. Thanks for the link. Please keep posting them on WoS. There are so many informative blogs to chose from but I sometimes forget to bookmark/refer to them.

    Don’t know if you’ve noticed but I occasionally post my [dodgy?]thoughts about Ireland on here. As I said before what happens in the north of Ireland in the near future will have important ramifications for future independence in Scotland.

    I like to think I ken a fair amount about Scotland’s history but feel guilty about my ignorance of Ireland’s. I’ve been trying to remedy that in the last few months but I’ve been concentrating on the south more than the north.

    For eg. recently finished “The Republic” by Charles Townshend. Just finishing “A nation not a rabble” by Diarmaid Ferriter – really good for other book recommendations.

    Also bookmarked the Road to Dublin video for future viewing, and also noted the other videos you’ve listed.

    Feel now I must try a good well-balanced history of the north of Ireland – if there is such a thing.

    Will try to visit more often.

    Logging off now.

  171. TJenny says:

    I meant what Thepnr said at 11.39pm. (posts taking a wee whiley to show).

  172. Robert Alexander Harrison says:

    This is why britnats don’t bother reading past a headline if they did they’d see the papers like the Scotsmen record mail express etc all contradicts there own snp bad story heck that’s why when on misreporting Scotland when Brian talyor tryed to rubbish the poll that had independence in the lead he never meantime ed who did the polling so viewers wouldn’t see it came from better for Britain which is anti independance polling oops indeed like the wee ginger dug said in Wednesdays national.

  173. Cactus says:

    Hey TJenny, hope to see ye in the burgh for party at the parliament xx.


  174. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Brian Doonthetoon @ 23:06,
    Thepnr @ 23:39,
    TJenny @ 23:53,

    My very thoughts also.

    Posts a few anodyne supportive comments then suddenly speaks for “the majority”? =pshaw= He doesn’t seem to be too subtle or too smart.

  175. Liz g says:

    Add my agreement to Brian, Thepnr , T Jenny & Robert Js comments too.
    That fool disnay speak fur me either!!!
    Yesindyref2 has loads of interesting things to say….
    And the Rev is the only one who can tell anyone to leave this site..
    I’m not going to reply to Terry about anything he posts now … but,
    I will be reporting any more personal attack’s from him that I see!

  176. yesindyref2 says:

    Aye cheers 🙂
    OT Totally and Completely

    Can’t play your old CD game that requires the CD to be in drive to play the installed game, with Windows? Get a message like “Please login with administrator priveleges and try again”?

    This happened after a “security” update ages ago, after Macromedia stopped supporting secdrv.sys, and MS disabled it from running. My XP was OK, support ended earlier. But you can re-enable it, start secdrv.sys and then disable it again all in a oner. I have an easy txt file shortcutted (secdrv.txt):

    First go to Search box on Win Vista, type in CMD – right-click cmd.exe that appears at the top, click on “run as administrator”. Then enter these three commands one after another in the command line box that appears (you need to type in the space after the = sign):

    sc config secdrv start= demand

    sc start secdrv

    sc config secdrv start= disabled


    I run the cursor from start of command down a line, past it in, and it automatically executes the command – hence the blank line after all 3 commands in the text file.

    I haven’t tried it on Win 7 yet, and there’s another method for Win 10 if the game won’t work there, you can google it. In theory there are security ecposuers with secdrv but nobody appears to have found any. It’s said MS want people to use Steam and buy the game again. Boo.

    For the ultra cautious disable wifi before booting up, and shutdown after playing the game before doing anything else. Do NOT download stuff apparently. When you shut down and reboot after the game, it reboots with secdrv disabled again for safety.

    I vaguely remember posters talking about having problems with this, hope it helps. I had to move to the laptop running Vista because my desktop on XP had a wobbly pin on the SATA connector on the MB, probably from too much connecting and disconnecting 2nd hard drive or CD drive ages ago when I had problems. It broke off and my tiny soldering iron don’t work any more.

    Took a bit of expeimentation, you have to have a secdrv.sys in Windows/system32, and maybe some tools which I tried to install but think they were there already. Mmmm, linky:

    Scroll down to “Known issues in this security update”

    It was AoM Titans for me, a bit addictive … bye now …

  177. yesindyref2 says:

    For Windows 10 I vaguely remember it was virtualbox, sadly deleted the bookmarks and it was a lot of stuff to wade through on forums I did early this week.

  178. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh yeah, and do this at your own risk don’t blame me if the Martians or those pesky Kremlin GRU types take over your computer and force you to play Sims for the rest of your long life.

  179. Ghillie says:

    Meg Merrilees @ 7.39 pm

    Re Ruth Davidson not seeming to have her heart in it at FMQs.

    Pregnancy is not an illness but it can certainly be taxing and can certainly refocus our attention and priorities.

    Mibee, just mibee, now that Ms Davidson has a bairn on the way, she is beginning to realise this baby, together with all of Scotland’s children, needs a safe and healthy and loving environment to grow up in.

    Mibee Ruth’s Party of Hostile Environment ( hostile in so many many ways ) is beginning to look a tad scarey.

    Mibee Mummy Davidson is beginning to realise that, while in a position of HUGE power, she has completely arsed up EVERY opportunity to give her own wee one the wonderful future all Scotland’s children deserve!

    Mibee Nicola’s hard work for the people of Scotland is making expectant Ruth think again.

  180. Thepnr says:

    David Leask it would appear has finally lost it and gone over the edge. Poor troubled man, my heart bleeds.

    RT probably thought its 2017 decision to sign Mr Salmond would deliver it a ready army of cheerleaders. At first it looked like it might succeed.

    Over this winter key social media influencers – such as the blogger Wings Over Scotland – amplified messages about the RT being “the Russian equivalent of the BBC”.

    After Salisbury some of these voices cast doubt on the British version of events – even when SNP leaders, who bar Salmond, were always cynical about RT – announced they would stand by the UK position.

    This week that changed. Wings over Scotland, for example, merely joked about Russian names on Twitter.

  181. smithie says:

    Feeling somewhat dejected tonight re the result in Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay by election where only 43.1% voted and the TORY got voted in.

    A man who previously on social media had described people with special needs as “Window Lickers” and also posted ..”Chavs to the left of me, Pikeys to the right … here I am shopping in Lidls with you”.

    WTF is wrong with people that don’t vote?….FUMING…

  182. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes. I was going to post here about it but thought it better to spare his blushes. Not just a bee in the bunnet, a whole hive. Probably single-handedly responsible for the return of the bee to Scotland’s agriculture, should get an award for it. Tell ’em about the honey mummy!

  183. Ghillie says:

    smithie, how come was the person who made those odious comments able to run for office at all?

    Oh aye, he’s a Tory…

    And what on Earth are the folk there thinking in voting for him?!

    Not voting boils down to enabling whatever is voted in.

    Is this really what all the folk of Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay want?

    Is this character going to back the decontamination of their beaches? Or protect them from fracking? Or protect them from HIS party’s Brexit and real austerity taking a a whole new bite out of their community?

    smithie, you and I know there is a way out of all of this =)

  184. yesindyref2 says:


    1st pref tory 36.6%, Lab 16.8%, SNP 15.8%, SNP 15%. Not much chance, if I got this right.

    Mmm, Con 37.3%, SNP 28.1%, Lab 12.0%. Looks like Lab collapsed, the SNP were quite near, but the CON took advantage of the LAB collapse. PLus the SNP already had 2, maybe their candidate was unknown. Ah right, looks like Neale Harvey was parachuted in from Dunfermline Central, that makes a difference too.

    Jings, time for a cuppa.

  185. galamcennalath says:

    Conservative GAIN Inverkeithing & Dalgety Bay from Labour.

    2,979 postal votes were issued.

    Turnout 43.1%, which is high for a council by-election.

    Turnout for postal votes can be almost 100%. The Tories know this and have been encouraging supporters to get at postal vote.

    SNP/Greens/YES must counter this by also pushing supporters to register for one.

    If IndyRef2 and Holyrood2021 are lost it will be by not getting our voters out while the BritNats do via postal votes.

  186. yesindyref2 says:

    Total votes 6,191, compared to 2,979 postal votes issued, though these (like mine) are automatic unless cancelled.

    Yes, need to push the postal votes – it’s free, post paid. You can still turn up in person, forget what you have to do as I always post mine.

    Anywa zzzzzzzzzzzz

  187. Ghillie says:

    yesindyref2 @ 2.06 am 🙂

  188. smithie says:

    Yes Ghilie i agree with you but what the hell will it take to shake up the other 57% of that area that voting is important.

    I do despair at times

  189. smithie says:

    yesindyref2 @ 2.26am

    Thats all fine BTW but its only numbers and statistics.

    My WTF moment is why such a low number voted?

    Are we here really in a bubble? and the word is not getting out there?….shaking my head, honestly can’t believe the apathy …or stupidity of Scots

  190. Ghillie says:

    smaithie, Galamcennalath and yesindyref2,

    Ok, so the outcome in this by-election is unappealing, and given this new opportunity to be in the public eye again this Tory Councilor will no doubt show his true colours again and again.

    The Tories may even regret allowing this particular individual to represent them in the changing political environment. Particularly when his infamous words become his by-name!

    Instead, this is a very useful and timely wake up call!!

    Yes smithie, yesindyref2 and Galamcennalath, we HAVE to get the vote out!

    And as you say yesindyref2, maybe we shouldn’t shy away from the usefulness of the postal vote too. My mum needs it and friends too. It can’t be avoided, is useful for many folk, so mibee the Yes Movement should embrace it.

    Lets be sure to get every one of the people of Scotland out to have leave their mark =)

  191. smithie says:

    Ghillie it’s not the point though, if through time it will show it’s true colours surely…enough time has elapsed and we have seen what it brings elsewhere…we are in the here and now and STILL the majority wont get off their arses and vote…..the wake up call was a few years ago but here we are no further forward if this result is anything to go by.

    Never mind the postal vote here.. its still in with the 43% of votes and from what ive read there was a BIG effort out there to get the voters out and yet here we are? FFS.

    Anyway enough for tonight…Goodnight peeps

  192. Ghillie says:

    The wake up call is for us to get the vote out.

    And we are going to work very very hard.

    Fear not.

    The Indy Movement is made of stern stuff =)

  193. Nana says:


    @nicolasturgeon @ScotGovFM committing to work with @CBI_Scotland on boosting exports. 150 high growth companies will be supported to export more! Thanks!

    Families left without tax credits because ‘system won’t recognise Scots holidays’

  194. stuart mctavish says:

    Some disaster, at £10 a ticket the line will have paid for itself already.
    Makes you wonder how much more can be achieved when infrastucture spending is not restricted to pocket money and the country can crack on with the Berwick to Belfast mainline 🙂

  195. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Re by elections – the SNP only gets its vote out – even at council elections – when the SNP is campaigning continuously for independence.

    Our opponents seem to understand this and get their vote out by continuously campaigning against independence.

    That result was a bigger blow to Labour than it was to the SNP however.

  196. ScottieDog says:

    “Mmm, Con 37.3%, SNP 28.1%, Lab 12.0%. Looks like Lab collapsed, the SNP were quite near, but the CON took advantage of the LAB collapse. PLus the SNP already had 2, maybe their candidate was unknown. Ah right, looks like Neale Harvey was parachuted in from Dunfermline Central, that makes a difference too.”

    Very depressing although I guess you can look on it as swapping one unionist for another. Polling station looked pretty dead.
    Maybe we should have compulsory voting like the Aussies.

  197. Capella says:

    New slogan for Labour – “If You Want to Fight the Tories, Vote SNP”

  198. Macart says:


    Quite the selection Nana. 🙂

    One or two stand out for me though. Firstly is the indyref2 post on the threat of common frameworks regulation being imposed. That really is the end of the pretence at that point. Both on the nature of devolution and partnership. When you take something without permission? That is theft. When you impose your will on another against theirs? That is abuse.

    Second stand out is obviously the Karen Bradley article. As if today’s political appointments, today’s politics needed a punchline that’s it right there. Not a clue about the brief. Just incredible.

    To those people voting Tory in Scotland? Get a grip.

  199. Nana says:

    Good morning Macart

    I can’t say I was totally surprised by Bradley’s statement, she is following in the footsteps of most of the cabinet both previous and current members. ‘Too stupid’ Davis, Raab, Boris, Gove, May, Fox, Leadsom etc

    As for Mundell what can I say that hasn’t already been said and I need to watch my blood pressure!

  200. Breeks says:

    Macart says:
    7 September, 2018 at 8:31 am

    Quite the selection Nana. ?

    One or two stand out for me though. Firstly is the indyref2 post on the threat of common frameworks regulation being imposed. That really is the end of the pretence at that point. Both on the nature of devolution and partnership. When you take something without permission? That is theft. When you impose your will on another against theirs? That is abuse.

    What I find interesting is Snackbeard’s “precise” evasiveness in conspicuously NOT confirming that common frameworks would be imposed, because he knows full well such an initiative would be a direct and irreconcilable challenge and assault upon Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, and an attempted act of subjugation that would breach the Treaties of Union and thereby end that union.

    Mundell clearly knows very well the Constitutional reality which protects Scotland from him and his ilk, who would sell us out for glory, riches, and honours. The likes of Mundell are no friend of Scotland, but these past 300 years they’ve been no stranger to Scotland either. Truth is they have been a curse upon us. Auld Scotland is waking up however, and these Gauleiter lackeys of Unionism need to have a word with themselves.

  201. ScottieDog says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill
    All the campaign blurb seemed to be about a new school at Inverkeithing and flight paths. Plenty of nimbys amongst the tories around here objecting to aircraft movements. I guess they have to fill their time.

  202. Petra says:

    Thanks for the links Nana.

    Karen Bradley Northern Ireland Secretary- ”has admitted she did not know voters in Northern Ireland split along constitutional lines before becoming its Secretary of State.”

    FGS! A Secretary of State! For Northern Ireland of all places. No wonder the UK is in such a shambolic mess when total ignoramuses, such as her, are given key Westminster jobs. Hightime all politicians were forced to take IQ tests, be psychologically assessed and then take exams relating to the role they’ve to take on board. Followed by outlining the results online. See if we’re getting our moneys worth.

    They should even consider, instead, letting the highly intelligent, astute, Annie Machon, former MI5 intelligence officer, come home. Give her a job, such as Karen Bradley’s or better still Theresa May’s.


    Professor Noam Chomsky talking about Gaza:

    ”..Fed a diet to keep them barely alive …”

    It’s absolutely horrendous and when will someone do something about it? WHEN? Gaza sounds like an Israeli concentration camp to me and yet we’ve all to kowtow, such as Tory and Labour Friends of Israel, to the Israeli State.

    I’d be black affronted if I had ”friends” like that. Friendship is a two-way street and, imo, it’s high time that Jews the World over spoke out in defence of the Palestinians, that is if they want us to continue to be THEIR friends feel empathy for them, and their forebears, in particular those who lost relatives and friends to their treatment in Concentration Camps.


    Taken from your Noam Chomsky link, Nana:

    Sign the petition folks.

  203. Legerwood says:

    stuart mctavish says:
    7 September, 2018 at 8:05 am
    Some disaster, at £10 a ticket the line will have paid for itself already.
    Makes you wonder how much more can be achieved when infrastucture spending is not restricted to pocket money and the country can crack on with the Berwick to Belfast mainline ?”””

    The Borders Railway, if that is what you are referring, cost £353 million in total.

    Way to go yet before it has paid for itself but still worth every penny

  204. Fred says:

    In view of the long standing East/West transport dis-connect between Lochaber & Badenoch, a shout for the restoration of the “Auld Puggy Line” between the British Aluminium’s sea pier at Fort William to the tunnel-head & dam at Loch Treig & east to the Loch Laggan dam. This light railway was still extant in the 70’s & restored as a tourist attraction with a bus connection to the station at Newtonmore, could be a winner. Scotland’s last stagecoach ran from Kingussie to Tulloch station up until the Great War & since then transport links are just plain abysmal!

    Daltonism =colour blind or just fkn blind! clue’s in his blue tie?

  205. Liz g says:

    Fred @ 11.22
    I would have thought connecting up transport up north in the Highlands would be a better decision too Fred!
    We need to develop tourism, and the potential for trade links over the North of Scotland…
    but more than that we need to create living space to grow the population.
    I would have thought that this would be more practical than a link to Belfast.

  206. Jack Murphy says:

    Thanks Nana for all your posts/links at 7:13am approx.

    This one is definitely worth a watch by Ruth Davidson MSP and all other Tories in Scotland:

    Medicines,as seen by a high profile Tory [JRM ] who was up visiting us last week. 🙁

  207. Fred says:

    Liz, the importance of the east/west route was highlighted a few weeks ago when the road was closed due to an accident, this meant a detour south via Crianlarich or north nearly to Inverness.

  208. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Fred.

    Your “” link doesn’t work. Here’s one that does:-

    (Note spelling difference.)

  209. Fred says:

    Thanks for that Brian!

  210. stuart mctavish says:

    7/9 @ 11.12 am
    Lol, indeed.
    However with FTSE 100 P/E ratios averaging in order of 15, primary investors in the railway’s bond ought reasonably to have recovered their investment (and then some) by now.

  211. fiona says:

    I read a piece on the BBC website it waited till the end of the article to stick the knife in

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