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Taxi for Tory

Posted on January 10, 2012 by

If, like us, you made a bad decision last night and watched the juvenile playground rammy on Scotland Tonight rather than the simultaneously-broadcast edition of Newsnight, here's the link to the BBC show. (If you plumped for the Beeb, the STV programme can be viewed here. Earplugs advised.)

Gavin Esler was on very good form generally, but the high point was this introduction (at 12m 30s) for his second interview of the night:

"There used to be a joke that you could fit all the Scottish Conservative MPs into a taxi. Now you can fit them all into one chair. And here he is, Scottish Office minister David Mundell!"

Nice to see Scotland making the grown-up version of Newsnight, but we suspect we better get used to hearing the exact same pre-prepared soundbites parroted out on air an awful lot in the coming months and years, so we're going to be even more grateful for any half-decent jokes that get thrown in along the way.

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