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Surging out of convalescence

Posted on March 16, 2014 by

It’s nearly time for us to go and watch the League Cup Final, so for the unfortunately benighted among you with no interest in Derek’s Dandy Dons (or Inverness Caley Thistle, or indeed soccerball in general), enjoy some classic shots of Ruth Davidson’s speech just a few minutes ago at what the media has been describing this weekend as a “resurgent” Scottish Conservatives conference in Edinburgh.


That’s the party leader’s keynote address. Captions invited as usual.









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185 to “Surging out of convalescence”

  1. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    “Just vote YES”

  2. Paul Kelly says:

    Even Yes supporters couldn’t stomach turning up to jeer. It’s just to sad…

  3. Marcia says:

    Some were the unlucky raffle winners of nursing home mystery day out.

  4. Ken MacColl says:

    “Occasionally you may come across a small group of elderly Scottish Tories but the thundering herds have gone forever.”
    Who booked the hall? Did they get a special rate?

  5. Paul Kelly says:

    At least the 6 young Scottish conservatives got out of bed. Pulling the wings off a fly competition will have a record turn out this year.

  6. Juteman says:

    According to the Sunday Post, they were even trying to give away tickets to non Tory party members in Edinburgh. 🙂

  7. Alfresco Dent says:


    C’mon the Dons!

  8. halftracknat says:

    Says it all. Her own faithful can’t even be bothered to turn up. I nearly said you’ve got to feel sorry for her then remembered she’s the heir to Thatcher, wannabe free prescription snatcher, out of touch, soon to be out of power too.

  9. kendomacaroonbar says:

    ‘A Room with a few’ by E M Foostie

  10. Maggie Mac says:

    They all look bored. They all wear that down at the mouth expression.

  11. After sharing their plans to canvass a mere eight hundred thousand homes each, the new Conservative supporters, described by a leading commentator as “almost several”, say they are confident of success.

  12. RogueCoder says:

    “Jurassic Park IV: Countdown to Extinction”

  13. “And of course, we offer our thanks for the continued support of the Invisible Society.”

  14. RogueCoder says:

    “I came fur the bingo, wha’s this?”

  15. “Just eat the damn orange!”

  16. thebunnyman says:

    “that’s the lat time we ever use that Agency, for extras. half never even turned up”

  17. Susan says:

    A. Darling and Blair McDougall’s invitations must have got lost in the post!

  18. Papadox says:

    It’s the muppet show! You and these F****** mystery tours, NEVER again!

  19. kendomacaroonbar says:

    where’s Cochrane ?

  20. RogueCoder says:

    “Would you like to go 50/50, or phone a friend?”

  21. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    I think maybe they should get a smaller hall next time.

    They could all fit in the Carnegie Hall – not the one in Dunfermline or New York but the village hall in Clashmore, Sutherland.

  22. Thepnr says:

    There were more people in the Miners Social Club in Glenrothes last week for the Yes Scotland meeting.

    To be fair it was live on the telly so a smaller crowd should have been expected. 🙂

  23. Adam Davidson says:

    Note the very careful almost uniform spacing of people. That didn’t happen by accident.

  24. Robert Peffers says:

    Caption -“Will the carers of actual members please move one seat to your cared for person’s right, so that it looks like there are more actual members in the hall”.

  25. Derek says:

    …I might strive to lick my elbow…

    (ha ha!)

  26. RogueCoder says:

    “Where’s Wally?”

  27. An Duine Gruamach says:

    Good to see literally several people gathering to stand for the agenda we all secretly support because we’re no different in our attitudes than people in Oxfordshire.

  28. Mosstrooper says:

    What ever happened to the 1,100 attendees trumpeted by GMS on the morning the conference started?
    (I say started but by those photographs it would need a massive battery booster to get this mob started)

  29. robroy says:

    No Parking problems today then ?

  30. Papadox says:

    This is the ACTIVISTS, F*** me!

  31. bookie from hell says:

    tram spotting

  32. Clootie says:

    The wide shot (bottom) highlights that they moved them all into the centre for the TV camera frame shot. It didn’t help much did it! spread out and put your coats over a chair for christ’s sake!.

    This is the “leaders” speech!

    I cannot help but compare it to the 5 overspill cinema’s used when Alex or Nicols make a speech at conference.

    This is the improved and revitalised party that Brian, of the podgy fingers, has been banging on about.

  33. scottish_skier says:

    This is entirely self-inflicted.

    Jeez, which idiot thought the EICC Pentland Suite was a good idea, never mind using up to full 1200 capacity (Dave’s speech – 600 mode for Ruthie)? It’s the creme de la creme of Edinburgh venues.

    When we booked it (600 config) for a conference back in 2011 we paid like 75k for room hire alone (inc additional exhibition space) over 5 days and were nervous as hell about getting the numbers to cover the cost. Thankfully we did.

    The Tory event no way paid for itself in delegate registration fees and the pics say it all. Paid tens of thousands to humiliate themselves.

  34. gerry parker says:

    Photo 1.
    “Where’s David Torrance”?

  35. Mosstrooper says:

    Is that lord joke Mcconnel in the fourth photo in his Clark Kent disguise?

  36. Nan says:

    Nothing to inspire me here, I’ll get ma coat!

  37. RogueCoder says:

    “Would the last person leaving please turn oot the lights?”

  38. Jamie Arriere says:

    Resurgent Tory Conference attendance hit by stampede of three hundred zimmers in the lobby. Casualty figures not yet released.

  39. heedtracker says:

    BBC in Scotland is as mad as a box of frogs or they think we are but talk about a BBCbettertogether bromance and the love that Ian Taylor still has for the “most unpopular Prime Minister of all time”

    “from Gordon Brown. We learned that he can still deliver a detailed, thoughtful speech ad lib while striding back and forward across the platform, restless like a caged but powerful lion”

  40. scottish_skier says:

    Just for perspective, this is the whole Pentland suite in 1200 mode.

    It’s massive. You can see the two 300 mini theatres at the back that revolve away.

  41. Penfold says:

    Note how many are all lined along the aisle seats for easy access for pesky frequent toilet breaks 🙂

  42. Jamie Arriere says:

    My God, have they shrunk the fushcia jaiket to fit her? Must have boiled it for weeks!

  43. Jamie Arriere says:

    Fuschia! ffs

  44. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    What has 500 legs and smells on paish?

    The Tory Party Scottish Conference.

  45. Marcia says:

    ‘None of you can leave early – beware of the blue electrified fence at the end of each aisle. This is a maximum security meeting…’

  46. Neeeko says:

    Aw, it’s painful. Seeing those pics, I felt sorry for her, poor Ruthie-no-mates. Then I had a wee laugh.

  47. Adrian B says:

    There is only one reason that you book a venue such as the EICC. You believe that you will fill the venue to reasonable levels. Some people have been telling fibs when they said that they were prepared to attend this conference just as some people fib, when asked about their voting intentions.

    The Tories clearly were of the opinion that they could fill this venue – the fact that they got that wrong does not look good as a rallying call to the faithful. This is a series embarrassment to the Tories only months before Scotland’s Referendum.

  48. Bigheed says:

    Was told by someone on the street that if I sat here I was guaranteed 100% to get my mug on telly……hello mum!

  49. RogueCoder says:

    “Panda breeding program results disappointing. Again.”

  50. Marcia says:

    The elusive Westminster Tories

  51. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Steady there.

  52. Second photo down, I’m sure there are at least 5 folk sleeping!

  53. Papadox says:

    When is Margaret Thatcher on?

  54. Les Wilson says:

    Jamie Arriere says:
    16 March, 2014 at 2:47 pm
    My God, have they shrunk the fushcia jaiket to fit her? Must have boiled it for weeks!

    Jamie I am sorry to disillusion you, but I have to tell you it is not the jaiket that shrunk!!!

  55. Mosstrooper says:

    @ Adrian B 2.53

    Aye, these series embarrassments are just one thing after another

  56. Jamie Arriere says:

    Oh dear…I thought this was about conservation…I was wanting to hear how they’re getting on with the Scottish wildcat…

  57. It looks like the delegates are not talking to each other as they are spaced out
    Tell me is alistair darling speaking today ?

  58. sionnach says:

    Yes Kintyre were there, and took this (hope link works).

    I think maybe BTP has some explaining to do… 😉

  59. Stew says:

    Theyre the only ones who believe their own bluster and dont think they need to bother about that indy nonesence.
    More defibs than cameras!

  60. liz says:

    O/T on the herald – there appear to be a lot of new posters all with addresses in England rubbishing everthing about AS and the currency union.

    This is probably a BT attack since the Sunday Herald appears to be a bit more balanced.

    Anyway – why do they care what currency we will use – what’s it to them?

    If an independent England decided to adopt the $ would any of us care?
    I really don’t get it.

  61. Brian Powell says:

    The press are trying to make both the Conservatives and Labour look more, much more, successful than they are.

    Then there is the attempt to make UKIP lok relevant in Scotland, when the polling shows 33% in England and 6% in Scotland.

    The we have BBC reporter saying there will be meetings from both campaigns (Y and N) near you.

    And on the more general subject of BBC bollocks talk, Andrew Marr, after being answered by Alex Salmond several times on the EU, still tried to slip in, “I think it will be hard for Scotland to get in”, but Alex didn’t let that go by the way Marr wanted, and Marr tried to say, what was his clear opinion, was just repeating what Barroso said.

    Apparently neither he nor the BBC have an opinion!

  62. joe kane says:

    Ruth Ozymandius.

  63. gordoz says:

    Its clearly all about the passion !

  64. Kenny Shaw says:

    ‘When did she say the britnat timeshare was up for renewal ?’

  65. mogabee says:

    Naughty BBC putting out those shots!

  66. bunter says:

    When you realise that 50% of the audience are the party members carers, then it really does hit home!

  67. Connor Livingstone says:

    Photo 6 caption; “when’s the bingo on?”

  68. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    “when does the show start?”

  69. Clootie says:

    …you know that seen in the movie Gladiator when the handful of men stand in a circle around Russel Crowe in the centre of the colloseum and they are introduced as “the…horde” before the chariots come in.

    just saying 🙂

  70. Ian Kirkwood says:

    OT just watch the Marr interview with AS on Newsnet. Now it is surely definitive. This is unbelievable that the BBC is allowed to condone such poor journalism. Totally unprofessional. The way Marr tried to say, after saying “in my opinion…..” This is not my opinion or the BBC’s”. He obviously realised what a gaff he made and now knows that his days must surely be numbered. Impartial? Aye right!

  71. Clootie says:

    arrgh! scene

  72. Davy says:

    Should someone tell them that B&Q are having a sale on garden sheds, and a friend told me at David Camerons speech they photo-shopped people in to make it look like a crowd, true or not ???

  73. Andrew Marr giving the game away this morning – “Don’t answer that, Alex, listen to my opinion instead”.

  74. The audience potentially falls into three categories:
    1) The hard line land owning Tories with money,
    2) The older people in the audience who probably get their news from The Hootsman, BBC, The Daily Mail, Telegraph, etc. You can (almost) forgive them cause they are being brainwashed on a daily basis into thinking they are Tories.
    3) Younger people who don’t think they are working class and by default Tories.

  75. frazer allan whyte says:

    Unfracked fossil fools

  76. Croompenstein says:

    It’s like fucking Cocoon in there!

  77. Patrick Roden says:

    What’s even funnier, is if you look carefully you can see that the first four rows of seats all have white wrap-over material on the seats, but the rest of the hall doesn’t.

    The first four rows also look fuller than the rest, so it is obvious that they are reserved seats for MP’s/MSP’s and Councillors.

    They have to go (if they want to get ahead in the party) so if we’re counting the members who genuinely went to hear the leader speak…?

    Poor Ruth, if your own Party can’t be bothered with you, how do you think the rest of us feel?

    And MSM, Look at that picture and think of all the times you told us what Ruth Davidson had been saying (usually crap that told us Scots we were too wee, too poor, and too stupid to run our own affairs)

    Can you see why we have stopped reading your garbage?

    Her own members aren’t listening, why do you insist on forcing her opinions on the rest of us?

  78. Ally says:

    “Hey Ruth – gonna shutup & get the fitba on yon big telly instead?”

  79. Stevie says:

    The old white-haired Tory BritNats are just sad but the handful of little Tory suited youth – social vandals – are nauseating and a reminder of what needs quoshed completely in Scotland (and everywhere for that matter).

  80. Croompenstein says:

    @BBC Scotlandshire – good family portrait of Marr but why can that splittist Salmon not take a telling FFS how many times must he be told.. 🙂

  81. Alan Mackintosh says:

    @ Jamie Arriere. It strikes me that a stampede of zimmers is a tad oxymoronic.

    Re pics above, dunno which is most unnerving, no 6 the hasbeens or no 8 the young guns

  82. Salt Ire says:

    I would imagine the sanitation team having to get rid of the reek of lavender and pish will outnumber the delegates.

  83. Greannach says:

    Never mind the village hall in Clashmore; they’d be hard pushed to fill the entrance porch.

  84. Graeme McCormick says:

    The first four rows have specially adapted seats for incontinence pads.

  85. colin mccartney says:

    they should have invited the pandas – and doubled the audience – oops my mistake – i meant, doubled the intelligence of the audience

  86. No No No...Yes says:

    Screenshot 2- front row. The man on the extreme right(pardon the pun) looks like the BBC’s Robert Peston. He looks fully engaged in Truth’s speech!

    Perhaps they were all full after lunch, was ETON MESS was on the dessert menu?

  87. Vronsky says:

    All three categories of Tory on display: the young, the intelligent, and the vast majority.

  88. Col says:

    I have to say some of the comments here have got me in stitches. Popped into the pub for a wee afternoon pint and the laughter is drawing attention to me. Cheered me up no end! God (if there is a creator) bless wings readers. Salt of the earth with quite a few comedians also.

  89. heedtracker says:

    BBC Scotlandshire, great unbiased and impartial reportage as usual this morning eg. Andrew Vote NO Marr explaining Scotland and the EU to FM Salmond with “I think it would be quite hard to get back in, I have to say.” 30 seconds later, Marr very very out loud “I’ve got no views on this and neither does the BBC.” Are there any words left to describe just how corrupt BBC Scotlandshire really is?

  90. msean says:

    To be honest,I’ve seen a bigger crowds for a primary school play. Natural party of government my a**e.

  91. Greannach says:

    It looks like the youth wing have been visiting the Murdo Fraser School of Couture and Hair-care. Racy!

  92. Pat says:

    Will it cover my bit of gray?

  93. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Jamie Arriere says:

    Oh dear…I thought this was about conservation

    It is its an embalming lesson.

  94. Helpmaboab says:

    Second from bottom:

    That handful of eerie, uncanny youths will be governing us in twenty years time if we’re not careful.

    Vote Yes. For the love of merciful God, vote Yes!

  95. call me dave says:

    gerry parker

    Torrance is poring over his next epistle trying to convince us that he is a political pundit of the first water. The Scottish people are not yet convinced as they don’t yet understand what he is trying not to say.

    Don’t be too hard on the audience at least they turned up to show support. We can poke a bit of fun, it only reflects the current state of the tories and can’t be hidden from the observer.

    A labour party conference next week will also draw few supporters and there won’t be too many golden oldies in the audience , we tend to die earlier in the labour heartlands.


    ‘Should have gone to spec savers’
    The big film is in the other hall.

    Back to a tense cup final …extra time, sorry Rev.

  96. Murray McCallum says:

    On the positive side of the Scottish Tory conference 2014 the seats look very comfy.

    A set of ear plugs, or an Ipod, a good book and it could just be almost bearable.

  97. Desimond says:

    Welcome to The Austerity Dating Agency…we dont need speed..

    Tory Conferences – Sponsored by

  98. Wullie B says:

    looks like they will all be deid come sept 18th

  99. DougtheDug says:

    That’s the party leader’s keynote address. Captions invited as usual.

    No that’s Ruth Davidson, regional manager. The party leader Dave Cameron has already been on.

  100. liz says:

    O/T well done Aberdeen – one for the rev!!!

  101. Clootie says:

    Tory percentage of the vote in Scotland
    1950 44.8%
    1951 48.6%
    1955 50.1%
    1959 47.2%

    The Scottish figures were actually higher than England for these years!

    They had 16.7% in the 2010 general election
    Seems to be a steady decline as the nursing homes fill up.

  102. HenBroon says:

    Jesus that’s almost as embarrassing as Caley Thistles penalties. What a bunch of ugly coffin dodging bastards. And they all look really mean and nasty. Throw another disability claimant on the fire.

  103. Jamie S says:

    They should have offered complimentary Werther’s.

  104. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We really shouldn’t mock – between them these people have approximately 21,750 years worth of campaigning experience.

  105. cearc says:

    Furcoats nae knickers! Sums up tory policy quite well.

    The most expensive, smart venue despite knowing full well that a village hall would be sufficient.

    Billions on trident but the Russians can park battleships at will in the Moray Firth.

  106. Desimond says:

    Is this the people who were alive when Aberdeen last won the League cup?

    Congrats Rev.
    Now please do the Double
    A Tim

  107. Albalha says:

    O/T On the football. Why do they have to drown out the fans with music, so irritating. Well done the Dons.

  108. Jamie S says:

    On a side note; does anyone know why there was such a time lag during the Marr / Salmond interview? Seriously, there’s a better linkup when contacting the ISS. I can only presume it’s to allow the BBC to cut Salmond off if he embarrasses Mr Marr; although he does a good enough job of that himself.

  109. David Halliday says:

    Ruth: The inside of a Halex 3-star table tennis ball smells much like you’d expect it to.

  110. TheItalianJob says:

    My first ever comment on ANY website

    Just saw the Andrew Marr interview with Alec Salmond and all he brought up were the same scaremongering issues we have heard all these past few weeks i.e. GBP, EU etc. Marr didn’t even have the decency to admit he was wrong in his assertion on the EU vis-a-vis Barroso’s point of view which has been discredited since.

    AS stood his ground well (as he usually does)on these attacks with Marr not ONCE giving a postive view for Independence.

  111. Peter says:

    Aberdeen now equal with St Bribery in recent LC’s. Well done them. Now for liquidation due to being bankrupt and homeless.

  112. James Westland says:

    I wonder what Ruth actually thinks when she looks out at that audience. She’s young and feisty and probably keen to make her mark. But to gaze out on that scene – she MUST feel despair. Cant think she came away feeling full of confidence. When will the penny drop? When does the epiphany moment come?

  113. Croompenstein says:

    Is that that fucker IDS oan the front row next to the awl Blue Peter dug?

  114. proudscot says:

    The first three or four photos reminded me to watch my latest saved episode of “The Walking Dead”. Only difference being the “Walking Dead” zombies don’t use zimmers. Re Greannach’s post – the youth wing all look like graduates of the Strathallan Private School Ignorant Elitist Snobs Club.

  115. Derick fae Yell says:

    liz says: 16 March, 2014 at 3:13 pm
    “O/T on the herald – there appear to be a lot of new posters all with addresses in England rubbishing everthing about AS and the currency union. This is probably a BT attack since the Sunday Herald appears to be a bit more balanced.”

    Propaganda 1.01 ‘Crowding Out’. Fill any space the enemy (that’s us) uses to get his message out. Ensure that positive messages are diluted and drowned out. Quantity is more important than quality.

  116. Les Wilson says:

    Is that the retired housing home? Yes, oh good!
    How would you like us to take a busload of your retired people out for the day? What charge? er No charge, in fact we will give them tea and sandwiches, all free, and they will be taken somewhere interesting.

    Sounds good, when do you want them? er, tomorrow!
    OK then!Come and get them.

  117. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    I am capable of procreating

  118. Alastair Wright says:

    Ruth Davidson is clearly demanding to know who orderedthe seating for their conference.

  119. Seasick Dave says:

    Q. What does the front row smell of?

    A. Depends.

  120. galamcennalath says:

    “When is that nice young Michael Heseltine due to speak?”

  121. GrahamB says:

    I’m usually quite good at estimating crowd numbers, only 3% out at Firhill last month when that other Ayrshire team got a jammy last minute penalty (just keeping today’s football theme going), so I would suggest there are only about 150 there; pathetic but not surprising. Couldn’t see Mr ‘Outnumbered By Pandas’ MP in the shot with the front row visible. Unfortunately, well off Tories won’t turn out for their branch conference but they will all be wheeled out for a No vote unless there is a good flu epidemic before then.

  122. David Halliday says:

    I’m sure I heard Lindsay McIntosh of the Sunday Times, on Radio Scotland’s Headlines this morning, claim that the Scottish Tories had recovered their “verve”. I’m also pretty sure that the evidence she offered for that assertion was that she saw queues forming as conference delegates went through security.

    Is it not at least possible that all that that shows is that a lot of them found the process confusing?

  123. Red Squirrel says:

    “That’s the last time I go on a mystery bus tour – the panto’s rubbish”.

  124. scottish_skier says:

    Tory percentage of the vote in Scotland…1950…

    That was the Unionist Party (Scotland). A very different beast. Completely independent, Scottish, modestly right of centre and quite nationalistic.

    Following initial merger with the English Conservative party the best it got was 37.6% in 1966. In 1977 it became simply a regional unit with personnel, finance and political offices under the control of the English Conservatives in London. The best it ever did after that was 31.4%.

    It’s a myth the [British/English] ‘Tories’ ever did well in Scotland. It was becoming English that set the Unionist Party on its course to oblivion in Scotland. Thatcher just finished the job.

  125. Richard Bruce says:

    Jamie S

    Werther’s? No way would these old toffs touch a European toffee.

    Its got to be Englis… I mean British!

  126. Another Union Dividend says:


    The Scotsman reports that the unctuous Jim Murphy is making a speech tomorrow saying a Yes vote will help the rich.

    Well that’s a bit rich coming from someone who attended a vegetarian lunch in Glasgow rather than vote against the Bedroom Tax on 13 November last year.

    Also On the second reading of the Welfare Reform Bill on 9th March 2011
    ONLY 12 Labour MPs from the party’s total number of 258 voted against the Bedroom Tax . All the rest abstained or didn’t turn up. All SNP MPs voted against. The only Scottish Labour MPs to vote against were Katy Clark, Michael Connarty and Jim Sheridan.

    John McDonnell MP (Lab) tweeted that Ed Miliband told Labour MPs (PLP) to ABSTAIN on the bill, and to only support the amendment Therefore the bill passed by 308 votes to 20 .

    Then Labour failed to back SNP / Plaid over opposing the reduction in the 50% higher tax rate.

    The Labour party has been accused of letting the Tories off the hook over the issue of pension reforms.

    Labour failed to back an SNP/Plaid Cymru House of Commons motion which called for the UK Government to reverse unfair changes to public sector pensions.

  127. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    Photo 7 showing classic body language indicators. Fingers over the mouth indicates the listener is either bored or thinks the speaker is being dishonest.

    Either way Roofie didn’t rock their boat.

  128. scottish_skier says:

    The Scotsman reports that the unctuous Jim Murphy is making a speech tomorrow saying a Yes vote will help the rich.

    This is slightly at odds with all these millionaire ‘captains of industry’ telling Scotland to vote No.

    Still, might get a few Scotsman readers behind Yes; it being a Tory paper of course.

  129. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Wouldn’t it send out a powerful message if our gathering in Glasgow on April 4th gets a bigger turnout? Perhaps we could get the BBC to broadcast it live.

  130. M4rkyboy says:

    My comment disappeared,did i do something wrong?

  131. Ann says:

    Guy far right looking skyward in second photo.

    Sigh. “I wish I had forgotten my bus pass”.

  132. Ian says:

    does my bum look big in this…..well yeah,

  133. Mealer says:

    Ms Davidson only got a handful of votes in the election,so the number of people in the audience is probably relatively good.

  134. TheItalianJob says:

    Breaking News on the Telegraph website.

    “Andrew Marr accused of bias over Scottish independence
    BBC presenter Andrew Marr under fire from SNP after he appears to express his opinion on Scottish independence during interview with Alex Salmond”

    However they use words like an “angry” Mr Salmond and “irate” First Minister in the article which from my viewing of the interview was more like a calm, collected and firm First Minister.

    Usual take from the DT.

  135. handclapping says:

    For 90% the idea of sqeaky-bum time is but a distant memory. Oops, too late!

    Are there 10 who will manage to stay up, and awake, to watch the results in September?

  136. Mary Bruce says:

    @TheItalianJob : However they use words like an “angry” Mr Salmond and “irate” First Minister

    Angry? Irate? He was laughing his head off, he couldn’t believe his luck that Marr had been so foolish.

  137. jon esquierdo says:

    Where are they?

  138. jim arnott says:


    Ruth Davidson addresses a packed Scottish Conservative and Unionist Spring Conference – they just can’t stop themselves telling porkies.

  139. Memorygirl says:

    Message from my Mammy. “None of those young lads are getting a lumber this decade are they?” Cruel my Mum – cruel ….. but looking again she could be right.

  140. liz says:

    BTW welcome to TheItalianJob.

    @Derick fae Yell – re crowding out – they also have a lot of upvotes from ‘guests’.

    I answer some of them and if you give them quoted facts they don’t respond.

    Some folk can’t help themselves getting involved in a long debate – I know it’s tempting but also a waste of time.

  141. dramnfineday says:

    Caption: Action Krankie revs ’em up (but the limiter cut in and that’s that).

  142. Clootie says:


    Thanks for the info on “unionist vote” I was starting to look into the history and I was obviously on the wrong tack. I appreciate the correction and info – cheers

  143. turnip_ghost says:

    That last picture says it all….I would love this to be the next venue for the SNP venue!

  144. Jamie Arriere says:

    @Red Squirrel

    “There’s nobody behind you!!!”

  145. Breeks says:

    Blue Rinse Brigade becomes a Platoon.

    Serious point: despite their numbers, these people can still bank on top billing in any televised debate and representation on debate panels. Democracy my arse. They should stand aside and let the Greens play through.

  146. sionnach says:

    BTP said: I am capable of procreating

    :)…which is more than most of that audience can say. Maybe we should take hope that Toryism is sure to evolve out of the gene pool in a few years’ time.

  147. Richard Bruce says:

    Looking at Ruth, does she not look awkward wearing a formal outfit?

    I noticed when we got the great Reporting Scotland headlines on Friday, her body language looked all over the place. What my old man used to call, “walking like a ploo’man”.

    Even in the above stills she just does not look comfortable. She looks like a wee boy whose face has been scrubbed and forced to wear the best outfit against his will.

    Mind you the Terminator would be uncomfortable in front of that audience! Hmm maybe not the terminator, the Grim Reaper more like.

  148. Pete Barton says:

    Firstly, I ask why Wealthy Nation is not on our list of ‘Scottish Policy’ tags?

    Please enlighten us?

    Because I think they deserve a bit more prominence for Heavens’ sake.

    There are quite a few in that crowd who would be amenable to a conservative Scottish voice.

    We, as a Nation need all voices to be heard; remember the First Minister’s statement upon winning the 2011 elections up here?

    We do not have a monopoly of wisdom, he said.

    We should be mindful of that.

  149. finnz says:

    Looks like all the young folk went to Moss Bros that morning judging by the sea of grey suits.
    Why do they all want to look like young John Majors…

  150. finnz says:

    Correction : that should be a ‘puddle’ not a ‘sea’

  151. fergie35 says:

    Jings what an affie smell o pish, when do we get oor free scone a tea

  152. FlimFlamMan says:


    Anyway – why do they care what currency we will use – what’s it to them?

    If an independent England decided to adopt the $ would any of us care?

    I can’t speak for the rest of England, but there are two main reasons why I care.

    1) I think an independent Scotland has great potential to become a prosperous and humane society. Not just better than it or the rest of the UK currently are but better than the UK can become within my lifetime, given the stranglehold of the British establishment and Westminster political system. Just the sort of place I want to live, in other words.

    2) A full currency union would be damaging to the rUK economy, and even if I don’t live there I will have friends and family still living there. And even without that I wouldn’t want to see people there suffering. I’m not Greek or Spanish, but it still pains me to see the suffering that has been created there and elsewhere in Europe by the Euro.

    Added to those two, a currency union might also be damaging to Scotland, depending on its external balance, and would limit the flexibility of the Scottish government, if a move away from oil and toward renewables is desired. And it is very much desired, by me at least.

    If England adopted the US Dollar you might care. It would be damaging in the same way as a currency union, so you might care about that, and the damage to the English economy would be likely to spill over into Scotland, so you might care about that as well.

    Westminster has undoubtedly talked about currency in ways intended to spread fear and support a No vote, but that’s a separate issue. Even if they were 100% supportive of Scottish independence they would still have to refuse to enter a union if they understood the economics.

  153. Greannach says:

    “Enid, & thought you said it was Dickie Valentine or Matt Munro. He’s changed a lot since last time.”
    The empty seat are for the stretcher and crash crews – busy afternoon ahead.

  154. muttley79 says:


    O/T On the football. Why do they have to drown out the fans with music, so irritating. Well done the Dons.

    I can’t believe my team have actually won a trophy again. Not a good game to be honest.

  155. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The suffering that has been created in Europe is not caused by the Euro. It has been caused by the economic incompetence of some governments.
    A currency is neutral but economic management and policy is not. Some of the countries did not qualify to join the Euro and it was also incompetent by the EU to encourage them to join. The Euro may save some of them but it will be painful. Just as a matter of interest the Euro has climbed 15% against the Pound in recent years and the myth of the weak Euro is matched by the myth of the strong Pound.

  156. john king says:

    “I think maybe BTP has some explaining to do… ;)”

    Thats no him,
    nae bowtie. 🙂

  157. john king says:

    “The audience potentially falls into three categories:
    1) The hard line land owning Tories with money,”

    Aka the armed wing of the Tory party.

  158. stevie says:


    “Awe fuck it, lets go to the pub.”

  159. FlimFlamMan says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    The economic incompetence includes joining the Euro. Currencies are far from neutral; without control over the currency nations are at the mercy of bond markets.

    The structures of the Euro prevent nations that use it from financing external deficits when a shock or downturn hits. The government deficit limits and the simple inability to create the currency needed results in spiking bond yields and further economic contraction, because those nations with external deficits are leaking away money and cannot support their economies.

    This is why Spanish bond yields went through the roof during the crisis stage, even though they had been running government surpluses before the crash. The crash caused the government deficits, and set Spain into a downward spiral they had no ability to escape. Eventually the ECB stepped in, but not enough to actually repair the economy, merely enough to stabilise it.

    The UK was running government deficits from long before 2008, but unlike Spain, UK bond yields remained low. Bond markets understand the vulnerability that comes with giving up currency sovereignty.

  160. G. P. Walrus says:

    Caption: Expected number of turkeys flock to hear pro-Christmas speech.

  161. WallaceBruce says:

    In the final picture is it just a natural herd instinct for Tories only to sit on the right side of the venue?

  162. Grouse Beater says:

    Andrew Marr’s howler of a slip is a sure sign that, like many another long-serving television interviewer, he has reached the stage where he feels he IS the news. He thinks his word carries as much weight as any politician.

    Of course, that’s never been his function. He was never an Ed Murrow or a James Cameron employed for the sum total of his wisdom, or his informed opinion.

    He was employed because he could extrapolate a political announcement swiftly and methodically, or recount a political incident, and articulate either with clear sense to viewers.

    Calling his show, “The Andrew Marr” show causes him to think he is the central attraction, not the messenger.

    If the producer has any gumption he will reprimand him. (In BBC procedure it goes down on your file record.)

    It’s Marr’s second serious slip, the last was when he was pushing his soon-to-be remaindered book publicising it during the Edinburgh Book Festival at last year’s Arts Festival.

    Incidentally, Salmond is momentarily irked by Marr’s aside not angered or put out, as some flaky journalists are claiming in order to beef up the incident.

  163. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    I have just put a formal complaint into the BBC and I would encourage as many of you as possible to do the same. I pay my licence fee and expect much better from this organisation.

    We are bombarded by negative comments from the MSM and can do nothing about this. However, we can do something about the BBC. Like the pound the BBC is as much Scottish as English and they should represent our views in an impartial manner.

    It may not make a lot difference but we can only try to get a more balanced view in the coming months.

    here is the link…

    Here is the text of my complaint…

    I would like to make a formal complaint about the political bias against the Scottish Independence campaign which now appears to be institutionalised within the BBC.

    Andrew Marr’s opinion that Scotland would find it quite hard to get back in the EU is a disgraceful comment for a UK reporter to make live on television.

    He did he not question Barroso’s position on his previous programmes when many UK and European legal experts and politicians completely disagree with his point of view. You would expect any reasonable journalist to make these points and also question why the UK government had not yet asked for EU legal clarification on this important issue.

    As a European citizen of forty years standing it is inconceivable that I will lose that citizenship and the rights that go with it for expressing my democratic will in a legal referendum. This would stand against all the founding principles of the EU.

    I am a citizen of the United Kingdom and pay my license fee to the BBC. I had come to rely on the BBC for unbiased reporting of UK and world events. It is in the charter of the BBC to be un-biased in its political views and I had always believed this in the past.

    I have never come across such blatant bias in any past coverage of UK or world events and this deeply saddens me and indicates that Scotland no longer has any future in the UK if the establishment and the BBC treats Scots in this manner.

    All I ask for is a level playing field up to the September referendum.

  164. Claire McNab says:

    @Grouse Beater: Salmond is momentarily irked by Marr’s aside not angered or put out

    Actually, the word which came to my mind when watching it was “boggled”. The First Minister seemed genuinely astonished that a journalist would speak to him as if he was the thick kid at the back of a junior school classroom.

  165. Endofdaze says:

    Disrespect comes easy to the superior BBC agent.

  166. ScotsCanuck says:

    OMFG … death by Tory Party Conference … the ultimate penalty !!!

  167. steven Seagull says:

    This event brought to you by Lady Tena Adult Diapers.

  168. steven Seagull says:

    The homes of the bitter together wangs like Smurphy should be photographed and turned into leaflets etc. We fkn pay for them.

    Distribute them in our disenfranchised areas, expose the lies and hypocrisy.

    Time tae put the boot intae the Quisling thieves.Severe Malky!

  169. steven Seagull says:

    Wee roofy was involved in a tragic accident as a child (true).
    Actually genetically male, but the boaby and bawz were amputated. Nae testosterone,is why she liks like a wee boay.
    Explains the Action Hamster guff, and dining at the “Y” tae.
    The toryism (Toraidh: Irish for bandit/rogue. The fkrs revelled in the name)is a re-action to being emasculated and going against her peers in Scotland.
    I should pity her, but she’s a vindictive hateful Quisling hoor.
    Aw the auld tory pervy grandees like tae have a Miss whiplash type like “nana”, tae beat the $hite oot ae them.
    Fkn freakshow.

  170. David MCGille-Mhuire says:

    Coffin dodgers coffin spotting

  171. tiptop says:

    Disappointing Turnout to Auditions for New Zombie Movie.

  172. JLT says:

    It’s bloody annoying when I see these photo’s. On Friday when all this crap was going on, they literally had Edinburgh City Centre shutdown.
    From Princes St., Rutland Sq, Western approach road, Lothian Road, it was covered in police cars, meat wagons and bobbies standing on every corner in pairs.

    For what? This!!!!

    There were more police on the streets guarding the EICC than there are folk in that auditorium. I’m NOT joking when I say this!
    I don’t know whether to laugh, berate or scorn. Why bother with a conference, in a country that detests you, with half of Edinburgh police guarding you, to mouth off about policies that are alien to this country, and think yourself to be highly important.

    Ruth …go away!

  173. Croompenstein says:

    @Dr JM Mackintosh – Brilliant, well said is it ok to use this

    @Steven Seagull – the boaby and bawz were amputated LOL superb 🙂

  174. Gin says:

    “The decision of the organisers to exclude all those planning to vote #YES from Conference resulted in a far easier jor for the seating stewards this year.”

    And if you want to find out the inside view from SLAB of whats going on try looking at ianssmart blog. Too much celebratary Buckfast perhaps?

  175. Alan Mackintosh says:

    @ Dr JM MAckintosh

    Hey big brur, you’re still paying the TV license? Well i guess you’re not on top of a hill. Let me enlighten you, they will ignore your complaint. Your only option is to remove yourself from their funding. They have broken their charter. So stop now. If they eventually come to the door, they have no right of access, they have no power to take statements. They call themselves officers, they are not. They are a private company and have no legal powers. Their only evidence can come from your lips. So tell them nothing and dont open the door to them, if they ever turn up. I’ve had letters for years, promising me they have “opened an investigation”. It is not an offense to possess a TV, aerial, DVD recorder. It is only an offence to watch TV as it is being Broadcast. Watch it on catchup. There are ‘puter programs which induce a several second delay between live and your watching.

    Liberate yourself, your indignation is just but the solution for you is to remove your funding from this organ of the UK state.

  176. The Rough Bounds says:

    That last photo: I’ve heard about ‘moving to the right’ but that’s just ridiculous.

    Thanks for the great laugh. It had us all in stitches this morning.

    Incidentally, on Radio Scotland this morning at 8am. The News, the Weather, and the Sport were all delivered by people with English accents.

    Radio Scotland? Who is kidding who?

  177. Rod Miller says:

    I know it’s only one man and it’s the Sunday Post but still seeing as how a lot of folks won’t know –

  178. Ted says:

    The NO campaign are now trying to totally confuse the Scottish electorate.
    Devo-max?…..nah, can’t have it on the ballot paper, Salmond wants it.
    Fanfare and the rabbit is produced from the tophat… vote NO and we will give you the same powers as Devo-max!….eh, you didn’t want Devo-max on the ballot and now we can have it if we vote NO!?
    FFS, talk about “Slip sliding away”(copyright Paul Simon). Why doesn’t everyone vote YES and we will be rid of these devious clowns forever!

  179. Anthony Armstrong says:

    ~220 in Ayr Town Hall to hear the SSP talking for independence.

    Wee Ruthie said that was a record attendance for their conference.

    I’ve voted Tory the last twice(best of the 2 poor options available) but my god those pictures are very pleasing indeed.

  180. Claire McNab says:

    Here is another brilliant example of Andrew Marr’s objective and impartial journalism:

    , where he almost canonises Blair

  181. Craig says:

    Dr JM MAckintosh,

    As Alan Mackintosh says, and has been noted here and on newsnetscotland numerous times, your complaint will be ignored with impunity.

    The BBC is like a rogue trader who once (s)he has your money will ignore you.

    Why do you continue to buy services from a rogue trader?

  182. Alan Mackintosh says:



  183. lumilumi says:

    Are you sure all these pictures are from 2014?

    picture 8 – Isn’t that young Boris Johnson in the front, with young Ed Miliband behind him? :-O

    At least the last picture shows that all of them are on the right, none on the left.

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