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Story of a thought process

Posted on September 06, 2014 by

One being shared by more and more Scots.

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    98 to “Story of a thought process”

    1. Tommy Kane says:

      pure genius and powerful message to the younger generation

    2. laukat says:

      Love this and wish Yes Scotland would put it out as their next campaign broadcast

    3. goulashman says:

      Excellent. I hope the i6 footballers making a NO team (as reported in the Herald) see this.

    4. R-type Grunt says:

      That is very clever. Hats off!

    5. john king says:

      Hat tip to Calgacus for highlighting that earlier.

    6. BornOptimist says:

      Brilliant but nearly switched off half way through so I hope uncommitted viewers have a long attention span.

    7. Conan_the_Librarian says:


    8. Stevie boy says:


      Our side has such wonderfully talented people on it with great vision.

      .. something the other side severely lack.

    9. Marcia says:

      When I saw that video this morning I thought I had been had then of course the twisting of the statement happened. Well done.

      I’ve never heard this chap before but I think it would be good to use in the last days before polling.

    10. Grouse Beater says:

      Conan: Clever

      Agreed. That’s a seriously clever piece of work. I hope democracy supporters don’t switch off in disgust before it ends and then reverses. I guess unionists won’t, fooled into thinking it’s for them!

      A riff from the innovative movie ‘Memento.”

    11. bookie from hell says:

      amazing how going forward and backwards gives total opposite message

    12. SquareHaggis says:

      Scotland as a backward country ๐Ÿ™‚

      Goldstein will be fuming…

    13. Scottishdragon says:

      That gave me goosebumps! Short but powerful. I hope it’s widely shared.

    14. Betty Boop says:


    15. malcb13 says:

      Turning a negative into a positive. Excellenty done!

    16. Midgehunter says:

      I like that – using BT arguments against itself.

    17. Stevie boy says:

      That would make a great tv add.

      A voice over would be perfect.. and maybe even a wee message at the start to tell you to listen to it all ๐Ÿ™‚

      Pure class!!!

    18. bookie from hell says:

      Kevin Maguire plays the man(alex salmond) not the ball(Scotland)


    19. mary vasey says:

      Watched this last night and thought it Brilliant. Thanks for posting

    20. James123 says:

      @bookie from hell

      I was watching the Sky paper review one night when Maguire was on talking about the referendum, he said “once the sound of the bagpipes has died down the Scots will come to their senses”, that statement is all you need to know about this cretin.

      BTW this video is amazingly clever.

    21. JimnArlene says:

      Really pisses you off but…..then, brilliant.

    22. ann says:

      That is really, really good.

      I almost switched off, thinking “What on earth…” then the clip went into reverse mode.

      It highlights how a way something is worded affects peoples thinking.

      I agree, YES Scotand, get it on the next TV campaign.

    23. Grouse Beater says:

      Square Haggis: Scotland as a backward country…

      … now full chat in reverse.

      Good point, SQ.

    24. Croompenstein says:

      @Marcia – That is Michael Stewart he is very good to listen to and he was a pretty decent footballer (when he played for the Jambos)

    25. Stevie boy says:

      What a tv add it would make..

      It would capture the No’s attention right from the off.. then the blood slowly draining from their faces as they realise they have been duped!!

      Likewise the Yes viewers kinda shocked and scratching their head.. until they realise where it’s going.. and the great lift and realism that they have got another one over the other side.

      Yes Scotland.. please please show it!!!

    26. jethro says:

      Watch it right to the VERY end – ‘No cereal was eaten during the making of this film’. Brilliant! This has to go on the telly!

    27. James123 says:


      Watch it right to the VERY end โ€“ โ€˜No cereal was eaten during the making of this filmโ€™. Brilliant! This has to go on the telly!

      I only saw that second time round, ROFL!

    28. John MacRae says:

      I am now trying to remember the name of this style of script, the first cousin of the palindrome, IMHO.

      Respect due to the scriptwriter, must be a demon at scrabble and crosswords!!

      Having the sound on also helps I find.

      O/T, I also find that editing typos (numerous here) NO problem. [Currently using Opera on Linux, is this relevant??]

      With apologies for my waffling.


    29. benarmine says:

      That is brilliant! Totally had me fuming halfway, then fair inspired by the end. O/T just cancelled the tv licence, they even have Mark Kermode sniping at Salmond on the film review for god’s sake. I’ll pay it again if and when there’s an SBC in an independent Scotland.

    30. paul gerard mccormack says:

      have shared this. wonderful! please be sharing!

    31. Daibach says:

      Very powerful message, hope it goes viral, I’ve shared on my FB and hope my brother and his 4 kids of voting age see it, saw them yesterday and think I helped convert them (with WBB) from 2 No’s and 3 fence sitters to Yes (his wife is a Yes already, she’s from from Dublin ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      A few of our old school football worthies, such as McCoist and Walter Smith, have signed up to the No camp.


      How soon they forget the English premier refused entry to the Scottish premier division.

    33. Grouse Beater says:

      Missing sentence:

      “The Union has served us well,” they claim.


      Watch this, then consider that Jim Murphy, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair & John Reid are members of Labour Friends of Israel. … sort of puts the egg in a wee bit of context.

    35. YESGUY says:

      Really clever video and i bookmarked it after Calgacus put it on the other thread. What a brilliant message.

      Get it on the telly. PLEASE .

      Can we crowd fund an advert ??

      stick on STV the week before the day(18th)

    36. macart763m says:

      Now that’s clever. ๐Ÿ™‚

      There’s sitting down in your kitchen and making a cup of tea because you can’t be arsed looking for the facts or actually making a difference in the world because you did.

    37. Graeme Doig says:

      Frankly i’m a wee bit fed up of all the wit, wisdom, and intellect displayed by us yessers.

      When are we going to play them at their own game … hud on… that would involve us all turning into shameless sociopaths.

      Excellent post !

    38. David Stevenson says:

      Murdo MacLeod and Derek Johnstone must be the worst managers Thistle ever had. Shame about Bertie and Hansen (though the latter hasn’t lived here since I was in 3rd year at school, so who cares….). At least John Lambie is on the right side of history!

    39. fred blogger says:

      my 1st thought was why has a yesser posted this on twitter, i was shocked and baffled until it started to reverse.
      don’t always take things on face value research, seek and ye shall find.
      know the truth behind the sound bytes.
      the truth always makes sense and gladdens the heart.
      “Labour will be tougher than the Tories when it comes to slashing the benefits bill, Rachel Reeves, the new shadow work and pensions secretary, has insisted in her first interview since winning promotion in Ed Miliband’s frontbench reshuffle.”

    40. David Stevenson says:

      Sorry! That was off topic… Video is fantastic. Need to give my daughter a heads up for it.

      I do really believe that the Yes campaign has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to people with creativity, imagination and a vision for the future. BBC online article posits the retired fitba players for the Union (talented in their sphere, but yesterdays men 100%) against Nicola Sturgeon meeting scores of young people: the future. I know what inspires me.

    41. Onwards says:

      Shame about McCoist. I remember he came out with a pro-independence sounding quote before, so long as we kept the queen.

      I expect a good chunk of Rangers fans will end up voting YES though.

      Especially after HMRC forced the club into liquidation, instead of making a deal for a long term repayment plan.

      The UK government could have quietly had a word with the tax folks to give them a break, but instead chose to make an example of them.

    42. Meindevon says:

      Oops sorry that wasn’t supposed to happen, just wanted the link. ๐Ÿ™

    43. Ken500 says:

      Football clubs will lose even more support. Can they afford it? The cost of bigotry.

    44. Ken500 says:

      David Murray supported Alex Salmond as the best FM for Scotland.

    45. David Anderson says:

      Wee twist on a Dylan song ๐Ÿ™‚

    46. David Stevenson says:

      Murphy outside Argyle St station right now. My wife has just texted to say she has subverted his stall by putting Aye Right business cards on it… Should sow some confusion!

    47. liz says:

      That video is brilliant, it’s just a pity there are so many closed minds out there.

      Was at Clarkston again today but the No’s were out in force and had taken the spot we had last week – they had obviously noticed the great response we got.

      Manned by the local MSP and various BT councillors, they were blocking the pavement.

      Some of the Yes folk moved to the opposite side of the road but were followed over by BT supporters.

      We handed out a few Yes papers but it was mainly No’s, most of them OAPs, rubbishing the threat to the NHS and your outnumbered today, ladies etc.

      One of our lot went to speak to Jackson Carlaw and asked for a positive reason to remain together and he started going on about wars!!

      Interestingly I met two genuine DKs who had moved from absolute No’s after reading – guess what – the WBB!

      A bookie worker passed and I asked him how the bets were going, he said ‘it could go either way now’.

    48. Lesley-Anne says:

      Like so many others here I was close to putting my foot through the monitor and wondering WTF! Then the TRUE message started and I thought thank goodness I had never followed through with my foot meeting screen thingy. ๐Ÿ˜›

      I’m just back from Gretna manning the YES stall there. All I can say is that it was an absolutely unbelievable event! The vibes we all felt the whole time we were there were amazing. We only encountered 6 Noes during the whole period of time we were there everyone else was just so positive, even the few undecideds we met, after a wee word and delivering a copy of the book … yes folks THAT book … the WEE BLUE BOOK! ๐Ÿ˜›

      We even had people who live in England and Wales coming up to us and telling us to go for it and wishing the best of luck for the 19th, when was there ever anyone doing something similar to the Better whatsit gang? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    49. heedtracker says:

      Hugely different campaigns, facts versus, well what? Far right teamGB on devomax today

      “That would be a disaster, because it would allow Scotland to run its own economy and set tax rates and spending at whatever level the Edinburgh government wanted.”

      Is he even aware that all of the above is the core of BetterTogethers vote NO for more powers Scotland con?

      Bit of a conundrum going on, UKOK style.

    50. Yeah, nice idea, ingenius wordplay, plus a subtle but telling visual representation of reading against the grain of Brit ideology. Washing out the bloody red says much about where we want to go.

      It has to be underlined how open-minded and inventive the broad YES campaign has been compared to the Other side, which is all about closed minds and doing what you’re told – today a bunch of footballing types, oblivious to poverty, telling us how to vote. Them and Erchie happy to lick the boots of their betters – very, very sad.

      It will be a crime against ingenuity, passion and vision if YES do not win this. Defeated by liars, undone by cowards!

    51. Lesley-Anne says:

      Why is it that everyone supporting the Better whatsit gang always appear dour faced whilst everyone supporting YES are so uplifting and smiling ear to ear?

    52. Ingenius? Sorry: ingenious.

    53. Thepnr says:


      This one is pretty damn awesome too.

      Yes it is. Best ยฃ0.79 I ever spent and I don’t have an iphone or ipad LOL.

    54. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry Stu, I know we shouldn’t be doing this but I’m afraid I’m still on a high from Gretna earlier today.

    55. Justin Ross says:

      George Robertson’s view of Scotland, Sep 2014: “some minor entity in the north of Britain”

      Alan Cochrane’s view of Scotland, Sep 2014: “a broke, insular little off-shoot of Europe”

      Nice to know what they really think of their fellow Scots and our potential. Is it mandatory for all British nationalist cheerleaders to be self-hating inadequates?

    56. galamcennalath says:

      Seriously clever video with a great message!

      Lesley-Anne says:
      “Why is it that everyone supporting the Better whatsit gang always appear dour faced whilst everyone supporting YES are so uplifting and smiling ear to ear?”

      You have summed everything up nicely, there!

    57. Dal Riata says:

      Terrific piece of work! Hope it goes viral and it is watched t the very end!

      Meanwhile, Footballers for No are wanting, “Every patriotic Scot to help maintain Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom which has served Scotland so well”.

      Ah , those “patriotic Scot” footballers who once represented their country – one they now want to be subsumed into ‘Greater England’… That’s ProudScotbut patriotism [sic] for you!

      “Scottish Labour’s deputy leader Anas Sarwar told the Daily Record newspaper: “These men have played for the national team, have led Scotland and are now saying what they believe is best for Scotland.”

      Aye, right you are, Sarwar. That will be those “national team” footballers, most who don’t now live in Scotland and are doing very well financially, thank you very much, ‘believing’ what’s “best for Scotland”… BetterTogetherUKOKNoThanks? ROFL!

    58. Thepnr says:

      Check out these vile Cybernats! You might have seen this as it has been posted here before but well worth watching again.

      I am so proud of the Dundee “Cybernats”.

    59. heedtracker says:

      So this, “In a letter to a customer who had inquired about the claim in the leaflet, Tesco said “I can confirm that this is not true”

      Becomes this from the biggest UKOK propaganda machine in the world right now

      “Supermarket giant Tesco has played down claims its prices would rise in an independent Scotland”

      No BBC in Scotland, Tesco is not “playing down” BetterTogether claims that prices will rise after Independence. Tesco are stating quite categorically that BetterTogether are lying again, which is not “playing down” anything Tesco wise, unless of course you’re a BBC propagandist at work.

    60. @liz 1.12

      Don’t feel down, parts of Glasgow are beyond hope, mostly they are just selfish cant’s – the blue rinses and the bluenoses, all now scurrying into the bunker of last resort. No real surprise that Carlaw mentioned ‘war’, as they have the scent of it in their nostrils at the moment – they love a bit of bloodletting now and again, maintains the natural order of things. As long as they are still fixed in their comfortable armchairs when the bodybags start to mount.

    61. liz says:

      @Dal Riata – Re footballers for No – Selfish lot because they must know that FIFA want to look again at the fact that the UK has 4 separate teams, so to hell with any young person wanting to play for Scotland because there probably wont be a Scottish team.

      Full list – Alex McLeish, Jim Leighton, David Moyes, Alan Hansen, Willie Miller, Paddy Crerand, Davie Provan, Barry Ferguson, Bertie Auld, Denis Law, Ally McCoist, Derek Johnstone, Murdo MacLeod, Ian Durrant, John Brown and Frank McAvennie – how many have a vote and how many are retired?

    62. liz says:

      @thedogphilosopher – thanks for the support – I know it’s going to be, up one day, down the next.

    63. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oops looks like I’m on form this afternoon, the moderator is chasing me again! ๐Ÿ˜›

    64. Faltdubh says:

      Crerand – another Irish sympathiser, yet for Scotland a different story.

    65. John Gibson says:

      John MacRae said “Currently using Opera on Linux, is this relevant??”

      Probably puts you (and me!) in the .001% bracket of computer users in the world today – we could hardly be less relevant, I would think!

      I generally waffle a lot too – the two things might be connected?

    66. Jim says:

      @bookie from hell
      As soon as I read, “Kevin Maguire: I’m willing you to vote for us all in Britain instead of Salmond, who wants to be King of Scotland”, I stopped reading.
      Why would Alex Salmond want to be King of Scotland, is it even possible, maybe President would have made more sense but for the fact that the Government want to keep Missy Kwin as head of state. Nambawan pikinini blong Kwin would become King if anything happened to her.
      The other one that makes me laugh is Alex Salmond wants to be PM of Scotland, well, so what if he does as if elected then that would be his right but I think we should stick with the title, “First Minister”, I like that better!

    67. Jim says:

      @John Gibson
      John MacRae said โ€œCurrently using Opera on Linux, is this relevant??โ€
      Probably puts you (and me!) in the .001% bracket of computer users in the world today โ€“ we could hardly be less relevant, I would think!
      I generally waffle a lot too โ€“ the two things might be connected?
      You are both called John as well, maybe people called John are more likely to use Linux? ๐Ÿ™‚

    68. Jim says:

      Great players but how many would have gotten near the 1st team of a GB side except maybe sitting on the subs bench?
      Not because of a lack of quality which they had in spades but because they were Scottish.

    69. Jim says:

      Also, with all respect to those players ability in their sport, they are all secure financially so it wont really matter to them if Scotland stays in this God forsaken Union.
      None of those players will need to be visiting a food bank anytime soon. None will worry about a roof over their heads.
      None will need to worry about paying tuition fees for their children because they can afford to pay..
      None of them will have to worry about the bedroom tax and having to move from the home you have maybe lived in all your life because they can afford to pay.
      None will have to worry about being ale to afford healthcare for themselves or their families because, they can afford to pay.
      I have watched some of these guys play football, but I always realised they are not like us anymore, not since the money started rolling in for them as they forged their respective careers and forgot their roots.

    70. Muscleguy says:


      Thanks a lot for that link. I was working the crowd that had gathered for that, handing out leaflets, having conversations. That was why we took the table down there with the pandas, to be there for the crowd the flashmob attracted. It was a very good day that. Craig Murray dropped by too and had a chat.

    71. gordoz says:

      Dearie Me – utter brilliance from YES youth division.

      My faith in young folk was hitting an all time low recently.

      Thank you to who ever produce such a piece of magic !!

      Made my day ! (Faith fully restored / it won’t happen again) sorry.

    72. gordoz says:

      On hasbeens for no in D Record today.

      Same old style of trawling for honours – likely Labour links in there somewhere.

      A Parcel O’ …. n all that.

    73. John Gibson says:

      “You are both called John as well, maybe people called John are more likely to use Linux?”

      Jim, you may be right – I hadn’t twigged we shared a name! Linux isn’t that unusual (mac systems betray their unix/linux origins), but using Opera usually draws suspicious looks from people. To use both seems beyond reasonable behaviour for any civilised person!

    74. Jean says:

      Really clever…like others I wondered what? But then it clicked into reverse. Well done indeed.

    75. Walter Smith dumped Scotland halfway through a European qualifying group which we had started well then McLeish effd it up.
      A lot of connections to Alex Ferguson in there ,sorry I should have said Sir Alex Ferguson, another easily bought scotchman.
      Bunch of tramps.

    76. John MacRae says:


      [Currently using Opera on Linux, is this relevant??]

      On reflection, perhaps I should have asked was it significant in the context of folks reporting difficulties in editing submissions?

      Only my fourth submission and still not adding much to the mix. There is not much time left for me to get the hang of this; back to lurking.


    77. John MacRae says:

      That was interesting,,

      My last two submissions appeared almost instantaneously.

      I must be doing SOMETHING right, but what?? Certainly not relevant content IMHO.


    78. Croompenstein says:

      Full list โ€“ Alex McLeish, Jim Leighton, David Moyes, Alan Hansen, Willie Miller, Paddy Crerand, Davie Provan, Barry Ferguson, Bertie Auld, Denis Law, Ally McCoist, Derek Johnstone, Murdo MacLeod, Ian Durrant, John Brown and Frank McAvennie

      It is a bit of a disappointment (well apart from McAvennie) that this list of naysayers have lent their names to the attempt at closing down democracy and Scottish self determination. All respect for these people is now gone. Probably better if they had just kept their counsel like wee Gordon and at least they may have gotten away with saying they voted yes after the vote.

    79. Tom Foyle says:

      I can’t understand, given the vast choice of skills available to BT, why they seem so unable to produce such high-calibre campaign material as this. It seems that almost every item, whether it be video, speech or written, coming from their stable is just so dreary and ineffective. It’s in stark contrast to most, if not all, of the opposing force’s powerful and almost joyful offerings. I suppose it says a great deal about the personalities and aspirations of the two sides. I know which side I’D rather be on!

    80. boris says:

      Child Poverty & Early Death in Scotland. The Labour Party should be ashamed of it’s record in Scotland

    81. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Thanks for sharing the video link. Loved it and shared it further with friends and family.
      Keep sharing all the great stuff that is coming through now, it will make a meaningful difference!

    82. piggy says:

      Watching this reinforces the deep feeling of hope.

      The will of a nation rising gracefully is splendid indeed.

    83. BrianW says:

      What a great wee video. Love it’s clever wee twist. Class, and spoken in such a lovely brogue.

      I am also glad that no cereal was hurt in the making of the video..phew.

    84. bluedog says:

      Clever vid, if only emotion was the only thing that mattered.

      Meanwhile the Scottish Fishermans Federation received a battering from the First Minister for having the cheek to point out a change of SNP policy. Representing 500 boats, SFF chief executive Bertie Armstrong asked the FM why the SNP had gone quiet on restoring the fishing grounds. Big mistake, Bertie!

      Mr Armstrong was moved to say, “We are now, two weeks ahead of the referendum, at the point where we are definitely going to get any more substantive argument about fact. It’s now straight into emotion or an ideological argument rather than an argument about fact.”

    85. farrochie says:

      We’re to get a “radical new deal” aka a Convention. This must be Douglas Alexander at work again.

    86. Croompenstein says:

      Meanwhile the Scottish Fishermans Federation received a battering from the First Minister

      Funny that I thought the FM was more of a breadcrumbs man ๐Ÿ˜€

    87. Croompenstein says:

      @bluedog – Bertie is a fucknut…….

    88. John D aka Nkosi says:

      Had a most interesting conversation with a young 26 year old lady who my wife and I gave a lift to from Invergarry to Inverness. It seems she has been travelling the country for Radical for Independence giving talks to communities in smaller areas. She hails from Shetland and last night was in Glen Elg. However closer to her home she says the local folk wanted yes but were worried the Laird would evict them. The Laird is none other than Tavish Scott. I guess that is the kind of Scotland we don’t want.

    89. Patrician says:

      I must belong to a very small subset, I use Linux and Opera but my name isn’t John.

    90. Marco McGinty says:

      @Stevie boy
      “Our side has such wonderfully talented people on it with great vision… something the other side severely lack.”

      I disagree. When it comes to blatant lies and deception, the other side has a wealth of talent!

      But I do agree with you (and the many others) on the video – it is a work of genius.

    91. bluedog says:

      But Croompenstein, the Spanish and the Belgians have both said they won’t let Scotland into the EU because to do so will encourage their own separatists. Not believing them is called cognitive dissonance. So the Radical Cleric’s arithmetic is very clever but completely invalid.

    92. teechur says:

      @Bluedog – The Spanish have not said they will block Scotland’s entry to the EU. What they have said is that the IndyRef is an internal matter for the UK and they will respect the decision.

      Millions of East Germans became EU citizens overnight on reunification. The EU is extremely pragmatic and flexible when it is in its interests to do soโ€ฆ Scottish Independence would be another such event.

    93. teechur says:

      @Bluedog โ€“ The Spanish have not said they will block Scotlandโ€™s entry to the EU. What they have said is that the IndyRef is an internal matter for the UK and they will respect the decision.

      Millions of East Germans became EU citizens overnight on reunification. The EU is extremely pragmatic and flexible when it is in its interests to do soโ€ฆ Scottish Independence would be another such event.

    94. Croompenstein says:

      But Croompenstein, the Spanish and the Belgians have both said they wonโ€™t let Scotland into the EU

      They have said no such thing!

      Not believing them is called cognitive dissonance

      No bluedog it’s called common sense you should try exercising it sometimes

    95. Bobby Brown says:

      This is a brilliant hit for our YES vote and the producer/author merit a commendation

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