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Stories of the week, 13/4/2014

Posted on April 13, 2014 by

The top five most-read stories on Wings Over Scotland in the last seven days.

1. Playing with fire
The No campaign turns ugly. Okay, more ugly.

2. Neither national nor collective
Some particularly audacious “Better Together” lies about the NHS.

3. People are strange
The most curious results from our third Panelbase poll.

4. Fine-tuning the news
The Scotsman edits itself into a bit of a pickle.

5. The mushroom farm
The story of the Queen’s Scottish coronation that never was.

This week’s theme: rewriting history.

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    31 to “Stories of the week, 13/4/2014”

    1. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Best week yet – dem BT fellas is on the run…

    2. Paula Rose says:

      Mushrooms, strange people and a cataclysm, another ordinary week in Scotlandshire.

    3. Thepnr says:

      Only 22 “Stories of the week” to go.

      Here’s the good news, we have a lot to look forward to.

      EU Election 22nd May – UKIP come first in the polls.
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

      World Cup 12th June to 13th July – England progress to the semi-finals. TV commentators mention 1966 367 times.
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

      Wimbledon 23rd June to 6th July – Andy Murray lifts the trophy for a second time. The MSM celebrate a “Great British” victory.
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

      Commonwealth Games 23rd July to 03 Aug – BBC coverage concentrates on all the English athletes whilst ignoring the achievement of Scots. Scottish athletes exceed expectations winning 12 gold; 14 silver and 8 bronze
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

      31st August – New poll for the Sunday Times puts Tories 3 points ahead for the 2015 election.
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

      Independence Referendum 18th Sept – Hundreds of Thousands flock to Yes.

    4. James123 says:

      All that sounds flocking good Thepnr.

    5. caz-m says:


      You forgot BANOCKBURN 28th June 2014, 700th anniversary.

    6. Thepnr says:

      Well help me out caz-m I can’t remember everything.

      Bannockburn 700th aniversary 28th June
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

      Armed Forces Day 28th June – Tens of thousands line the route…waving saltires.
      Tens of Thousands flock to Yes.

    7. Patrician says:

      Sorry to go o/t but there have been a few posts already.

      When I was at the Counting House night out in Glasgow, someone asked if everyone who posted a reply to an earlier comment included not only the name of the original poster but also the time of that comment. The reasoning being that when there are a couple of hundred comments below an article it makes it easier to follow a reference backwards and to identify who is replying to any particular comments.

    8. Paula Rose says:

      And – Tea in the Park, dozens flock to the Earl Grey.

    9. Paula Rose says:

      @ Patrician – join the medley known as off-topic, mad but fun, its above the first they ignore you bitty.

    10. caz-m says:


      You’re doin a grand job. I totally agree with you. The closer we get to the referendum the higher the YES vote will get.

      Add in all the events and it’s game over.

      Hope you’re reading this Blair McDougall,
      the party’s over, it’s time to call it a day.

      Wee bit O/T

      Latest from oddschecker has a YES win down as low as 13/8.

    11. Bevrijdingsdag says:


      Build a massive pro-indy ice cream.

      Hundreds and Thousands flock to Yes….

      Time for big Zzzzzzzz’s 🙂

    12. Patrician says:

      @Paula Rose, 11:53pm

      The reason I posted this here, is that not everyone visits off-topic, this is something I think that needs a wider distribution than just to the regulars.

    13. Thepnr says:


      Night night. Sleep well, don’t have troubled dreams 🙂

    14. Ian Mackay says:

      Yes. T in the Park. I hope Generation Yes have the festival season covered!

    15. Bevrijdingsdag says:


      That’s n(ice) of you…thanks.

    16. ronnie anderson says:

      @Thepnr, an twa sheperds wie their dugs,nae sheep mind.

    17. Jamie Arriere says:

      Not long left for Women for Indy. Less than £1800 to go. Let’s help them over the line.

    18. Wp says:

      Thepnr, would it not be better if England actually win the World Cup? I know it would be hard to stomach but the aftermath could only help.

    19. caz-m says:

      Philip Hammond’s becomes the next “Day Tripper” to come up and tell Scot’s we’re too wee and will only survive if part of big UK.

      Better Together must have a date pencilled in for every UK Government Minister and Ex Labour Minister to enter the stage and “warn” Scots of the doom that will follow a YES vote.

      Better Together, you really must try harder.

    20. caz-m says:

      FFS, Tory Minister Justine Greening is “warning” that the world’s poorest people would suffer if we voted YES.

    21. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland have all their staff on the case of the Red Road flats.

      Every report that comes in about the flats, seems to have a different reporter on it.

      Must be costing us a fortune, as they try to get to the bottom of this world ending story.

      GMS all over it. Any negative story about the Commonwealth Games, you can bet that BBC Scotland will be on it.

      They do they same with Bannockburn and Scottish Independence.

    22. Look Skye Walker says:

      This is what we pay our BBC TV Tax for?

    23. Cactus says:

      Good Monday morning Scotland (and worldly neighbours).

      Playing catch-up.. regarding a couple of the above comments regarding that very popular sport of football, consider this..

      If Scotland chooses to VOTE YES, it’s shaping up to be one hell of an international party! HOWEVER, if Scotland chooses to vote no..


      Scotland will not hear the end of it. How do you feel about that football fans? Isn’t it better to be on the winning team? Full-time.

    24. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland are fixated with destroying anything that resembles “Scottishness”.

      That’s why they are not letting the “Red Road Flats” story drop.

      They are like a rabid dog that wants only one thing, to destroy it’s prey.

      They also seem to think we are dead interested in some wee Somalian finishin eighth in a run roon London.

    25. call me dave says:

      There’s a funny thing, £850 approximately to sign up to British citizenship, but no rebate if you fail to meet the criteria. Ok but no choice of any of the four countries, so is the default English, or just if you are any good at, for instance, sport?

      I like MO. Can he be Scottish can he play footie?

    26. Roll_On_2014 says:


      I am sure that many of you will remember this article on Wings Beneath the headlines from only 4 days ago.

      Were the Labour Party in Scotland were really worried about the First Minister’s hotel bill during a trip to America to promote the Ryder Cup in 2012. Then it was splashed across the UK MSM.

      Well here is the flip side, also from the Telegraph:

      Exclusive: Inquiry into Tory conference ’gay-sex party paid on expenses’

      Parliament’s expenses watchdog is to investigate claims that the taxpayer indirectly funded a hotel suite that was used for a gay-sex party during a Conservative Party conference.

      The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) said it was “deeply worried” by allegations that public money was used to pay for a suite of rooms used where the party took place.

      Apparently public money funded a £2,500-a-night hotel suite.

      Perhaps someone should ask the Lamentable one to question her partners in crime, the Tories, for further information. But don’t hold your breath.

      You could not make this stuff up even if you really tried.

    27. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Sorry miss type above, the article appeared in The Independent

    28. The Man in the Jar says:

      at 11:48pm

      I agree! 😉

    29. ronnie anderson says:

      So Mr Hammond Defence Secretariat comeing fur a visit, well

      nothing to worry about he’s no gonna be lobbin Mills Bombs

      mair likely Mills n Boom, any ladies up fur a bodice

      rippin jackanorie from Mr Hammond ( haw lady’s dont run in

      that one direction, there’s a cliff er there ).

    30. Morag says:


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