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Still some places available

Posted on March 04, 2014 by

Sounds like Hands Across The Border might be struggling for recruits.


So how long before participation becomes a mandatory part of the Work Programme?

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    1. Thepnr says:

      Wish the Westmister government would devote as much energy into giving people jobs and those working a decent wage.

    2. alexicon says:

      “…even more volunteers-ideally people with very long stretchy arms”

      I’ll await the chocolate and roses part, that’ll be just after the serious kicking and lying part.

    3. Croompenstein says:

      Immense energy? mmmm big Bliar could be an immense ‘champion of our future’

    4. cearc says:

      Have they found out where the border is yet?

    5. You and My Comb says:

      I see that it’s gone from people to beacons. I asked my friend from Durham to attend and to be sure to wear something bright – like a beacon

    6. beachthistle says:

      I received a love-bomb-esque message about this a few days ago:

      “Got a Tory newsletter forwarded by a colleague today, apparently they are trying to organise people to ‘hold hands in a human chain running from Gretna to Newcastle, along Hadrians wall’ to show how much the British/Welsh and Scots want to stay the ‘United Kingdom’.

      I found the concept of using Hadrians wall quite ironic for starters, the emotive language in the article was dreadful.

      I do not pretend to have much grasp of the politics around the referendum, neither do I feel I grasp the full implications of Scottish independence. I do however have many Scottish friends who support a ‘yes’ vote and can fully understand the desire to distance yourselves from Westminster.

      I have often joked that if Scotland becomes independent I will be among the first British refugees to cross the border fleeing our repressive government!”

    7. Alba4Eva says:

      I found them some recruits…

    8. Vronsky says:

      The only core skill would be..

      …an IQ in the neighbourhood of your shoe size.

    9. Twenty14 says:

      “Any volunteers not actively seeking employment while joining hands will have all benefits suspended for a 6 week period – just so ye know “

    10. Alfresco Dent says:

      “Ideally those not in full-time work…” , talk about broadening the field. Arses.

    11. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Think you’ve been reading some of Tory Rory Stewart’s “secret” papers again there Stu. 😉

      Just an after thought here. It wasn’t Tory Rory Stewart’s “secret” papers that you’ve seen Stu it was the “secret” papers of Ian Duncan Smith. You now the ones. It’s the papers that he has stashed away that will ensure all disabled people are declared fit to work and they will use Tory Rory Stewart’s candle light dinner for two to prove it. 🙂

    12. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Just for a wee second there I thought they had indeed figured out where the border is beachthistle, from Gretna to Newcastle, then I saw the next bit, along Hadrian’s wall! Two questions sort of jump out at me here.

      1) how do they plan to protect all those “beaonneers” who have the unfortunate task of “beaconing” across the M74/M6 and across the A1?

      2) Why are they so fascinated by Hadrian’s wall? It’s a ruin, not exactly the best advert for the “best” of unions now is it?

    13. joe kane says:

      ‘Hands Across The Border’ might suit kids fresh out of school (and anyone else who is unemployed) who face being sanctioned by right-wing religious nut IDS for refusing to work in the sex industry –
      WP guidance on £2,275 wage incentive for youth jobs in Adult [sex] Entertainment Industry [ #job2014 ]

    14. msean says:

      Since when has the scotsman paper been on the paper revue,they never do scottish papers,must be something unionist in it lol.(bbc news channel)

    15. gordoz says:

      STV Tonight good breakdown of FM speech – impartial panel of review yet again ?

      2 No’s – where was Yes review ?

    16. Linda's back says:

      Scotsman front page has headline Yes Scotland need more Osborne style austerity to survive.

      STV have poll showing SNP 8% ahead of Labour after seven years in power. Labour’s Pauline McNeil clutching at straws.

    17. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Linda’s back says:

      Scotsman front page has headline Yes Scotland need more Osborne style austerity to survive.

      STV have poll showing SNP 8% ahead of Labour after seven years in power. Labour’s Pauline McNeil clutching at straws.

      Isn’t that what she does best Linda, clutching at straws I mean. 🙂

    18. Linda's back says:

      Leaders satisfaction

      Sturgeon 48%
      Salmond 45%
      Lamont 40% (after two years 26% don’t know who she is)
      Darling 38%

    19. Thepnr says:

      Sorry O/t

      Don’t read this crap just quickly browse it as a taste of what may be to come in our own papers as the day drawys near.

    20. hetty says:

      I suspect people with no work in England will be jumping over the wall quick as a flash as soon as Independence looks imminent! They are asking for folk to volunteer but “ideally not those in full work”, that would quite a large portion of the population then, especially the young. Mind you in Newcastle for eg, many people do have very full time jobs, but with part time wages.
      Why the wall? Who will get the folk there and feed them? It could be very cold and wet, even in summer! Who will see them? Will anyone be there on the other side of the wall? If so will they be from another planet? ha haaaa…

    21. G H Graham says:

      Transcript of House of Commons Backbench Debate – 6th February 2014

      Rory Stewart(Penrith and The Border, Conservative)

      If a relationship is going wrong—if a marriage is going wrong—the answer cannot simply be to say, ‘You can’t afford to break up because you are going to lose the house.” The answer has to be only one thing, which is, “I love you.”

      Problem solved, then.

    22. Luigi says:

      Only people with broad shoulders need apply.

    23. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Linda’s back says:

      Leaders satisfaction

      Sturgeon 48%
      Salmond 45%
      Lamont 40% (after two years 26% don’t know who she is)
      Darling 38%

      How on earth has Lamont EVER managed to get as high a rating as 40% Surely that must be misprint. 4% I can believe but 40% definitely has to be a misprint, doesn’t it, please say it is so? 🙂

    24. SquareHaggis says:

      All participants can look forward to their very own IDS inscribed faux human chain with spangly ankle bracelet and 7lb wrought iron ball, to be returned at the end of the project (should you survive).

      RSVP – foot draggers need not apply.

    25. Steve B says:

      This is just crying out for a couple of hundred of Yes supporters turning up in Yes clothing to declare friendship with England. It would make a great photo op 🙂

    26. Andrew Parrott says:

      What if lots of YES supporters, wearing YES badges etc, were to take part to stress that we sincerely wish to remain friends with the people of other parts of the UK but we just don’t want to be governed by Westminster anymore?

    27. John Reid says:

      The UK changed the maritime boundary to transfer 6000 sq miles of Scottish waters to England and now they seem to be proposing to move the land border to the Hadrian Wall, is this a sign of guilt from their first act of thievery.

    28. TJenny says:

      Arbroath 1320 – As an SNP member and Indy supporter, if I was asked how satisfied I was with JoLa, I’s say she was doing great, as she is – for the indy side. 🙂

    29. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Personally John, I’d rather have OUR 6,000 square miles of Scottish waters back. 🙂

    30. Arbroath 1320 says:

      TJenny, aye well when you put it like that think I’d have to agree with you. In that case shouldn’t the 40% be higher? 🙂

    31. G H Graham says:

      More rubbish from Rory Stuart

      “But on 19 September we could wake up and find that Scotland has separated. That the United Kingdom as we have known it for four hundred years, has vanished.

      Vanished to where precisely?

      That a third of the land mass of Britain has broken apart. That anyone going to Scotland – on holiday or to see a relative – will be entering a separate country.

      As difficult as visiting Ireland you mean?

      Officials will be racing north and south to negotiate the terms of the separation: working out what to do with the Nuclear Submarines in Scotland, with the national electric grid, with currency and passports.

      You can take the subs. The grid isn’t moving though & you won’t need a passport, just like when you visit Ireland.

      Anyone with mixed English or Scottish blood will have to choose a single new identity, and reject a part of their previous identity.

      Your nationality cannot be taken away. Idiot.

      Scots in England will have to decide either to return “home”, to try to engage in the very difficult and uncertain task of launching a new much smaller, country; or to make a new life in England – as an immigrant in a foreign country.”

      Have you told all those Scots in London there will be rail cars lined up at Euston to taken them away?

    32. call me dave says:

      I can imagine it, the excitement the thrill etc…err! Something like this Aye Right!

      Have a look in at the weather forecast on Munguin’s Republic
      link. 🙁

    33. call me dave says:

      I can imagine it, the excitement the thrill etc…err! Something like this Aye Right!

      Have a look in at the weather forecast on Munguin’s Republic
      link. 🙁

    34. Arbroath 1320 says:

      “But on 19 September we could wake up and find that Scotland has separated. That the United Kingdom as we have known it for four hundred years, has vanished.

      Maybe it’s me but isn’t the United Kingdom only 300 hundred years old, courtesy of the Treaty of the Union. There has been one monarch but two kingdoms since the 1600’s, Westminster refused to an amalgamation of the two crowns when James VI took over the monarchy of England so they have remained separate to this day.

    35. Clootie says:

      Rev – dae wae hae tae go doon tae check oot if thae turn up 🙁

      Awe thae wans at the railway stations could gie them anither 10 yards!

    36. Sparky says:

      O/T How about this for a “stretch goals”, wings buys 51% of a smaller daily newspaper, heavily promote it, and makes it publish non bias news on independence and debunks other daily’s too?

    37. GrahamB says:

      2) Why are they so fascinated by Hadrian’s wall? It’s a ruin, not exactly the best advert for the “best” of unions now is it?
      … and it was built to ‘separate’ the northern savages from our cultured southern cousins, so they want to highlight and commemorate a separatist icon?
      O/T just watched Newsnight with Kevin McKenna and New Statesman guy who set up tonight’s address to our non-foreign friends, the positive consensus was difficult for Brewer to deal with so he rushed on as fast as he could to the next 2 minute item.

    38. rab_the_doubter says:

      Re OT
      Just took a look at that link. Its a while since ive read such unadulterated pish (well sunday, I accidently saw a Mail on Sunday). Pretty sure we’ll see this dross getting recycled to the gullible and credulous in the near future.

      Today someone in my work leaving BT leaflets lying around so in the interests of office safety I felt it appropriate to tidy up all the ‘scrap paper’ for recycling.

    39. Greannach says:

      Isn’t the present UK about 90 years old? Not 3 or 4 hundred or 3 or 4 thousand, but just 90. Not as old as Norway or my Granny but about the same age as the Republics of Ireland and Turkey. Not exactly continuity stretching into the mists of prehistory.

    40. Arbroath 1320 says:

      and it was built to ‘separate’ the northern savages from our cultured southern cousins, so they want to highlight and commemorate a separatist icon?

      Somehow I don’t think they have grasped the whole “love bomb” thingy that Cameron wants. Particularly when they want to “love bomb” us from a structure that was built to keep us OUT! 🙂

    41. Ged says:

      I too think hadrians wall should be utilised in this great debate but instead of the NO campaigners joining hands along it, all the YES voters of Scotland could rally there and each bring a rock to rebuild the wall and show our “neighbours” what we really think.

    42. James Kelly says:

      Steve B : Alternatively, a couple of hundred Yes supporters could turn up for a “We Love Historic Walls Beyond Our Borders” human chain, to symbolise an independent Scotland’s immense enthusiasm for global heritage sites.

    43. Seasick Dave says:

      After the upbeat report from Laura Bicker the other day, here is the other side of the coin, her report from out on the campaign trail with the No team.

      Read it and smile…

    44. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Surely they will need to come armed?

    45. TJenny says:

      Seasick Dave – from the BT Campaign article you linked to:

      ‘In Rutherglen, unlike with the Yes Scotland campaign, there are no pictures taken for social media sites, no impromptu conversations.’

      Says it all really. 🙂

    46. Thepnr says:


      Well done my friend, Health and Safety very important in the workplace.

    47. Arbroath 1320 says:

      In Rutherglen, unlike with the Yes Scotland campaign, there are no pictures taken for social media sites, no impromptu conversations.

      I’m guessing S.S. that this quote confirms what we’ve always thought, Gordon Brown is actually leading the way and as such it is HIM who decrees what the B.T. team do regarding videos, pghotos and interviews etc. 🙂

    48. David Smith says:

      “Going home to help build a new and smaller country”, eh, Rory?
      You’re f***ing right I’ll be, pal and I can hardly bloody wait!

    49. Thepnr says:

      @Seasick Dave

      “I think it is for the ‘Yes’ campaign to convince people,” he says. “We are essentially advocating the status quo, which might appear to be pretty negative, although there will be developments in the devolutionary set-up afterwards, assuming there is a ‘No’ vote.”

      What’s a “devolutionary set-up”? Pissing myself laughing.

    50. theycan'tbeserious says:

      The last time Hadrian’s wall was manned along it’s length it wasn’t a statement of “welcome”, “stay” and “love thy neighbour”, but “fuck off you barbarian bastards”. Maybe if that was still the theme today, they would get more volunteers?

    51. Oui Things says:

      ‘That household is voting no.’

      ‘I congratulated them!’.

      Was it just one particular household he congratulated out of many?

      Or just one household voting no?

    52. Cindie says:

      The First Minister’s speech from London, full transcript. It’s insprational imho. The Rev was there and will no doubt tell us more tomorrow, but just in case anyone wants to read it before then, here’s the link:

    53. Cyberniall says:

      Maybe we should turn up to the border in pick up trucks and gather up all the Mexicans Brits who are looking for work…

    54. Seasick Dave says:


      Just read it and am very impressed.

      Share it widely.

    55. bobby McPherson says:

      @Reve, me please I’ll donate my time and boundless energy

    56. CameronB says:

      Re. the link provided by Thepnr at 10:51pm and the doom laden predictions that it is entirely likely that iScotland would need to invite the British army to restore order in an expanding civil war situation. Apparently, an iScotland issued currency would also be akin to the Zimbabwe dollar. I didn’t know Zimbabwe had a broad-based developed economy and significant oil reserves.

      Author and editor of The Market Oracle, Nadeem Walayat, may have over 20 years experience of trading derivatives, portfolio management and analysing the financial markets, but apparently knows little about Britain, the British, or issues concerning the indyref. Despite this apparent handicap, the Market Oracle’s analysis of the the UK’s economic problems identifise three causes;

      1. The banking bail-out and continuing QE.
      2. Mass immigration (a Labour conspiricy to import supporters).
      3. The public sector, especially the NHS black-hole.

      A quick search of “The Market Oracle magazine”, gives me the impression the magazine is primarily concerned with money reforms. A noble enterprise, but perhaps a little on the right-wing fringes of libertarian-ism for my tastes.

    57. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Well from ‘Chain Links’ to ‘Chain Letters’ it appears that the BT Numpties, across the Tory/Labour political divide Union, are getting their acts together.

      Aye Labour, Liberal and Tories… Better Together.

    58. Paul says:

      Is the disabled and ill people who have been told that they have to leave their home because they can no longer afford the rent because of cuts to their benefit better together? Are the unemployed through no fault of their own who are being forced to look for any work eight hours a day seven day’s a week even if it is zero contracts better together? Were the young men who died or were maimed in Westminster’s illegal war better together? Are the people who never get the government that they vote for better together? Is being governed by an elite who went to fee paying schools or 900 unelected peers mean we are better together? Is our resources being plundered and then being told you are scroungers mean we are better together? Does having weapons of mass destruction forced on your soil mean you are better together? If you think that it is then vote no if however like me you think that it certainly is not then vote yes.

    59. john king says:

      @GH Graham

      “But on 19 September we could wake up and find that Scotland has separated. That the United Kingdom as we have known it for four hundred years, has vanished.”

      400 YEARS? I’ve told him a million times don’t exaggerate
      but maybe he means this.

    60. Westminster is a fraud says:

      1928 Universal suffrage in the UK. Scotland is unrepresented in Wedtminster – outvoted 10 to 1. Not a true Democracy. Scottish votes do not count. Limited Democracy came to Scotland in 2000, with limited powers, ‘No taxation without representation’ Westminster can decided without consultation or authorisation on how Scotland is governed. Westminster overrules the wishes and rights of the people. ConDem Westminster does not have a mandate to govern, and has ignored the wishes and rights of the electorate.

      Westminster was elected under false promises, fraudulent manifestos and has no mandate.

    61. john king says:

      “Somehow I don’t think they have grasped the whole “love bomb” thingy that Cameron wants. Particularly when they want to “love bomb” us from a structure that was built to keep us OUT!”

      I’ll bet you any money the next jolly spiffing wheeze they come up with is money to renovate and upgrade Fort George Im feeling the love already 🙂

      I wouldn’t be surprised if after a yes vote they use the unemployed by stacking them up to rebuild Hadrians wall,

      Btw Alba4eva the sheep protest was indeed FREAKIN HILARIOUS.

    62. Albalha says:

      Dearie me the Herald’s idea of a lead story, David Mundell mutters.

    63. john king says:

      Read that
      thats two minutes of my life I’ll never see again,
      when that risible little twerp can come out with garbage like this,

      “The 51-year-old, who next year will mark 10 years as the only Tory MP in Scotland, says, if there is a Yes vote, the First Minister’s declaration of Independence Day will have no legal status and be merely an aspiration.”

      Oh my.

    64. john king says:

      I have only two words for Mr Mundell

    65. Albalha says:


      Well indeed!

    66. Roll_On_2014 says:


      Come on Albalha have a heart, after all he is on the endangered species list!

      Naw I have changed my mind, where are we to meet, hang on whilst I get my coat on.

    67. Roll_On_2014 says:


      Aye John and the Tories spent over £1m in 2010 to get 1 MP, in fact his nick name is ‘the £1m MP’.

      Mebbee the Tories may have worked it out and asked themselves… was it worth it?

      I don’t think so, but there again I may be biased.

    68. call me dave says:

      Mr Paul Johnston of the IFS has just been on GMS. Interviewed by Gary Robertson he had to admit that their sums have had to reviewed. Scotland is in a better position economically than thought( from a few months ago)he said.

      When pressed by the interviewer that Scotland could apply different policies after independence he agreed but predicted it would take 20 to 30 years to make much difference.

    69. Craig P says:

      How on earth has Lamont EVER managed to get as high a rating as 40%?

      I know. Reading that makes me feel like I am taking crazy pills.

      Isn’t the present UK about 90 years old?

      Yep. And after independence, they will forget there ever was a union and claim that English parliamentary traditions are 1100 years old.

    70. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      What he needs are two of these very special X men types with long streetchy arms, one at the West and the other at the East.

    71. Roll_On_2014 says:


      I don’t know if any of you caught this wee nugget in the Guardian yesterday.

      Many of you will be aware of what happened to the uplift money, for the Scottish farmers, that the EU sent to our rep’s down at Westmidden.

      Well apparently the EU has built up a fund to help food banks across Europe to feed the hungry. They offered £3m to our caring, sharing and loving UK government to distribute around the UK but were told to stick it, that they were the providers at a social level.

      I suppose that is why we are Bitter Together!

    72. The Water Beastie says:

      I was thinking about this stunt, in terms of responsibility for resource provision (food) and the stated target group of ‘ideally not those in full-time work’, as per Hetty. Could this be an attempt to attract some of the unemployed/recently cut from benefits thanks to IDS, with the offer of a free meal in exchange for participating in this ‘spectacle’? It may have been largely a bank of earth in its day, but is Hadrian’s monument set to be Britain’s first ‘Food Wall’?

    73. Another Union Dividend says:

      Craig P

      I think the 40% is made up from the 26% that have never heard of Lamont (LoL)

    74. Muscleguy says:

      Now having grown up on the Ring of Fire (NZ) my first reaction to the picture was that it was a river of lava issuing from a volcanic fissure.

      Not a reassuring or pleasant image at all.

    75. Westminster lies says:

      Westminster is starving the poorer to death. By not enforcing the Tax laws, so Westminster members and their associates can illegally defraud on tax. Without which their would be no National debt. Ruining British business and costing jobs.

      The Fraudsters and their associates are ‘untouchable’ protect by their associates in Westminster. The UK is not a Democracy but a dictatorship run by the greedy wealthy to starve the people to death. In s land of plenty.

      Vote YES to get rid of corrupt Westminster and non Democracy. The Westminster liars, cheats, criminal Fraudsters, and their associates, are stealing, defrauding and wasting public money with no authority or mandate.

    76. Muscleguy says:

      Your New Zealand sheep can be fairly bolshy. Their not as mollycoddled as your British sheep.

    77. Albalha says:

      £6 million to protect Blair, the man with the brassiest of brass necks.

    78. gavin lessells says:



      We have ordered a 50000 new run of leaflets. The printers have indicated that added runs of 10000 can be had at £65.
      Anyone interested in piggy backing on our order can contact me at gavinlessells [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

    79. heedtracker says:

      Its a great idea if only as it shows how plain stupid Project Fear really is. This is what I’m talking about. Replace “Western Impotence” with English impotence and look at the dawning sense of awareness in merry olde London town.

    80. callum says:

      They’ll be more “creepy” Wings readers with cameras lining the whole border than actual stretchy armed unionistas.

      although, if they do get round to planning this event – then any super keen mountain bikers can join me and we’ll ride the border to see how many show up.

    81. Edward says:

      Listened to Tom Greatrix being interviewed on GMS this morning as he tried to twist the new IFS data and was clearly struggling.

      Even Gary Robertson seemed taken aback by Tom Greatrix’s obvious stupidity

    82. Roll_On_2014 says:


      I think that this article offers more truth and clarity than any other article I have read about the issue.

      Once Russia’s powerful listened when European embassies issued statements denouncing the baroque corruption of Russian state companies. But no more. Because they know full well it is European bankers, businessmen and lawyers who do the dirty work for them placing the proceeds of corruption in hideouts from the Dutch Antilles to the British Virgin Islands.

      It is more a question of who is the more corrupt and as can see repeatedly money always wins, especially if its bent.

    83. SquareHaggis says:

      Hmmm, interesting chappie that ex-labour Tory Rory.

      Just spent an hour or so on Wiki, and related links, quite revealing when you knit the parts together.

      Has association with the Black Watch and likes long walks through places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

      This hands across the border might well be a reconnaissance mission.
      OBE, family seat in Creiff, Bilderberger, childhood advisor to Will & Harry

      A picture emerges and the wording of that volunteer army sounds awfully like a call out to the TA.

    84. gillie says:

      Rory the Tory trying to love-bomb Scots.

      I think we know how to respond to that.


    85. caz-m says:


      Tom Greatrix sums up what Scottish Labour are all about. They have absolutely NO vision for a forward looking modern Scotland.

      Scottish Labour want to keep Scotland trapped in this Westminster time warp. They don’t want anything to change.

      This is what is so exciting about Independence, we have the opportunity to project Scotland as “the” place to be.
      Attracting new ideas from all round the world.

      That is the bit Scottish Labour just don’t see. They want Scotland to stay with this “black star” as Alex Salmond called London yesterday.

      A “black star” draws in everything that is near it and it is never seen again.

      Vote YES.

    86. ronnie anderson says:

      @gerry parker, gerry I posted up this morning 4.30 roughly but

      lost to moderation, anyway keep up the good work,I am waiting

      for a uplift, 1500 ready, & delivery of another 2000.

      A wee tip,after folding a few 1000,rub yer face with yer hands

      talcum powder yer lips/ eyelids.


      SMILES MA MAMI, noo a hope that puts a spring in your step,

      sign while yer winning LOL.

    87. ronnie anderson says:

      sing while yer winning, grrr they fekin typo,s lol

    88. Luigi says:

      What if lots of YES supporters, wearing YES badges etc, were to take part to stress that we sincerely wish to remain friends with the people of other parts of the UK but we just don’t want to be governed by Westminster anymore?

      We would be thrown off the wall, Andrew.
      They don’t want us to be as real friends, as equals.
      Union love only goes so far!

    89. cynicalHighlander says:

      Salmonds speech.

    90. SquareHaggis says:

      A wee snippet courtesy of Wiki

      Stewart, whose family seat is Broich House near Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland, was born in Hong Kong, raised in Malaysia and Scotland and educated at the Dragon School and Eton College. During his gap year, he was commissioned in the Black Watch on 2 November 1991 as second lieutenant (on probation).[4] He attended Balliol College, University of Oxford, where he read modern history and politics, philosophy and economics (PPE). While a student at Oxford, he was a summer tutor to Prince William and Prince Harry. He holds Honorary Doctorates from the University of Stirling,[5] as well as from the American University of Paris.[6] As a teenager, he was a member of the Labour Party.[7]

      Diplomatic serviceEdit
      After graduating, Stewart joined the Foreign Office.[8] He served in the British Embassy in Indonesia from 1997 to 1999, working on issues related to East Timor independence, and as the British Representative to Montenegro in the wake of the Kosovo campaign.

      After the coalition invasion of Iraq, he was appointed the Coalition Provisional Authority Deputy Governorate Co-Ordinator in Maysan and Deputy Governorate Co-ordinator/Senior Advisor in Dhi Qar, two provinces in southern Iraq. His responsibilities included holding elections, resolving tribal disputes and implementing development projects. He faced an incipient civil war and growing civil unrest from his base in a Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) compound in Al Amarah, and in May 2004 was in command of his compound in Nasiriyah when it was besieged by Sadrist militia. He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his service in Iraq at the age of 31. While Stewart initially supported the Iraq War, the International Coalition’s inability to achieve a more humane, prosperous state led him in retrospect to believe the invasion had been a mistake.

      I smell something on my shoe here

    91. r Whittington says:

      So let me get this right. A day after Salmond attempts his own ‘love-bombing’ trip to London by claiming that we will still be the bestest of bezzie friends and actually we will ‘not be a foreign country’ you guys are smirking at genuine gestures of appreciation from across the border. Kind of suggests that everything he said was either ill informed or misleading don’t you think?

    92. SquareHaggis says:

      Potatoes / Tatties

    93. Croompenstein says:

      @r whiitington – The First Minister was invited to London by the New Statesman and at least he went to London to ‘lovebomb’ unlike keeky pants Cameron who lovebombed from afar

    94. Dishonourable Hypocrites says:

      Public monies (taxpayers monies) should be spent creating essential public service jobs, not on useless PPI schemes. Westminster should stop discriminating against British business and jobs in Britain by supporting tax evasion through the City of London. Tax on profits of foreign multinationals is being evaded and leaving the UK, creating a higher tax burden in the UK.

      British business is not supported by Westminster. The tax Laws in Britain are not enforced by Westminster creating an illegal, unfair Market place. Westminster discriminates against British business and job creation in the UK. The Tory bankers do not support British industry and employment in the UK.

    95. SquareHaggis says:

      r Witteringon

      Did you get that?

      T’wis a throw away statement, you know – you throw potatoes and we throw tatties and at the end of it all a huge stra-MASH.

      Try to be constructive, I mean don’t you have a wee wall to be gettin on with?

    96. SquareHaggis says:

      r Witteringon

      Drops a love bomb and runs like f*ck!

    97. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Callum 8.53, Take a couple of flasks each paper cups Tea/Coffee

      maybe a couple of packets of Shortbread,

      Rory,s plans gone array, but you have the rite idea good luck

      with that.

    98. Greannach says:

      For sheer entertainment value, I pray this goes ahead. The thought of 100,000 morris dancers gathered in a remote part of England, draped in Union Jacks, singing “Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler” makes General Jillian’s begging letter to the inhabitants of Who’s Who pale into insignificance.

    99. Robert Louis says:

      In reference to the place of the BBC following independence, some may find this piece quite interesting. The author is programme leader for the MA Journalism course at Edinburgh Napier University.

      Interestingly, the Edinburgh Napier Students association will be holding the President’s debate on independence on 20th March. According to the website, all the major political parties are invited. That sounds fine, until you realise that if that is the case then there will be an imbalance of speakers for and against, with the vast majority of speakers being against independence. Maybe they have other plans to ensure YES/NO balance?

    100. MajorBloodnok says:

      Aw, Whittington, you seem a bit bitter this morning. Unhappy love afair? Spilt tomato ketchup down your tie? Caught your knackers in your flies? All three? I’m sure you’ll feel more positive tomorrow.

    101. SquareHaggis says:

      What was that song again Ronnie?

      Stop yer Whittering jock 🙂

      I’m sure you’ll ken the rest

    102. Feart Subjedfuge says:

      The landowners in Scotland are part of the London establishment. Their hysterical influence is funding the fire. The supporters of the structure of the Realm are feart of loss of privilege, and are supporting starving the most vulnerable to death. The Tory bankers are complicit in the conspiracy, to protect and increase the riches.

      Flood, fire and fury.

    103. heedtracker says:

      “you guys are smirking at genuine gestures of appreciation from across the border.” No, just puzzeled at how stupid and unnecessary it is, me anyway. When Farage and lord snooties just like the organiser of this farce try to get England out of the EU, do you think people in Europe will line up along their borders and shout, England stay with us? Only the upper class English…

    104. Friends in the North says:

      Right on Dick Whittington! Thugs and kisses

      X X X

      : – )

    105. scottish_skier says:

      Rory Stuart:

      “But on 19 September we could wake up and find that Scotland has separated. That the United Kingdom as we have known it for four hundred years, has vanished.

      400 years? Here was me thinking it was just over 300. Learn something new every day.

      As for the ‘ideally not those in full-time work’. Aye, profit always comes first! Don’t think about taking a day off to save the ‘400 year old’ union or anything.

    106. jimsie says:

      I understand that toilet facilities along the length of Hadrians Wall are non existent and means crouching behind a grass tussock after which you have to join hands. Yeuch !

    107. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Squarehaggis, joke between me n Gerry, both yes paper folders, I was going to suggest Gerry gets wan of they heid band brollies
      he was getting wet last week, I was going to suggest,

      SINGING IN THE RAIN,Gerry ah hope your better shod this week.nae
      holy shoe,s. New felt for MA WEE SHED ( acquired ) £10 to my son,s helper to tack on, so the Rev,s getting another wee donation,spread the love Wingers, what goes aroon comes aroon.

    108. SquareHaggis says:

      Och, you were right about the toff heedtracker

      Shame really as the Wittys do appear to be of a good pedigree, Great, great, great, grate uncle Dick was a pretty successful chappie in the medieval period and was 3 times mayor of London. Gave a lot of his riches away in the end – so not all bad, mind you the spoiler is he didnae hae a cat and his descendent did not inherit the diplomatic gene.

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      @Squarehaggis, I hud a vision of George Galloway standing beside

      wee Rory fur the photo-call.

    110. Moeag says:

      SS, I think he’s looking for organisers prepared to devote a lot of time to strong-arming people to show up. Do do his job for him, really.

      I wonder if he thought he only had to put that web page up, and thousands would flock to sign up? Two problems with that. One is that while there may be a lot of English people who express an opinion about the referendum, few of them are sufficiently exercised about it to do anything. The other is that it’s a brain-dead stupid idea.

      The wall isn’t the border, obviously, so the title of the awayday is singularly inappropriate. The imagery is antithetical to his stated purpose, as noted by several people above. And what will it actually achieve? You can’t even see the wall from anywhere in Scotland. Who is going to notice? He’s actually proposing to do something utterly pointless in the hope that the media pick it up and pass on the message of love (or whatever) to the benighted heathens going about their business 60 miles to the north. Is this really the best possible use of an afternoon of anyone’s time?

      If this is the quality of thinking within Better Together ranks, we’re in clover.

    111. Morag says:

      Oh God I can’t spell my own name now. When can we go back to a system where people’s browsers will retain their login information?

    112. Morag says:

      While we’re chatting, I see the Kirriemuir shop appeal is still some way short of their modest target. Can we give them a bit of a boost?

    113. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Squarehaggis that should have read George Galloway in his cat

      suit, brains no engaging this morning.

    114. SquareHaggis says:

      Now put that pair in Morriss breeks and streaming bunting and you really do have somethin that’s better off together 🙂

    115. r Whittington says:

      Intelligent replies as always. Keep em coming. 🙂

    116. SquareHaggis says:

      Morag, already donated and already posted this

      Kirries very own son Mark Thomson

    117. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Morag 10.43,as I said in my post to Gerry Parker earlier, I have

      saved a few bob on roofing felt for MA WEE SHED so I will be

      donating via the REV, with a mention to K/Muir.

    118. Croompenstein says:

      Oh come on r whittington seriously hand on heart do you think this ‘champions of our future’ torchlit procession along Hadrian’s Wall is something any sane person should take seriously

    119. Cath says:

      “What if lots of YES supporters, wearing YES badges etc, were to take part to stress that we sincerely wish to remain friends with the people of other parts of the UK but we just don’t want to be governed by Westminster anymore?”

      I like that idea. It would also then almost be a genuine “hands across the border” (give or take a few miles), which Rory’s idea isn’t.

    120. r Whittington says:

      @Croompenstein well it’s a gesture. And if its done well it will certainly sway some undecideds.

    121. cearc says:


      This enterprise might be considered less of a joke were it to take place along the border.

    122. heedtracker says:

      “@Croompenstein well it’s a gesture. And if its done well it will certainly sway some undecideds.” or maybe it’ll be things like grotesque inequality and poverty in Scotland or long term unemployment or getting shot of weapons of destruction, or universal access to education, or the right to govern our own country with our own actual PR democracy in our capital city etc, not a few walkers led by one more lord snooty holding hands on Hadrian’s wall.

    123. cynicalHighlander says:

      @Morag says:

      Oh God I can’t spell my own name now. When can we go back to a system where people’s browsers will retain their login information?

      Try double clicking sign in box which will bring up your detail choices.

    124. Morag says:

      Cynical Highlander, that works on my home system in Firefox, but at work on this 4-year-old never-updated version of IE which is all I’ve got, not a chance.

    125. K1 says:

      Newsnight Scotland. Fairly balanced even with GB trying to stir it, also good interview about young people and voting.

    126. Gillie says:

      Rory the Tory waxes lyrical about Home Rule for Cumbria.

    127. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      The STV take on Salmond’s speech last night was very fair indeed and it was obvious that even David Torrance and Michael White of the Guardian were impressed.

      The Herald on the other hand disgraces itself with a front page lead featuring Scotland’s single pantomime Tory David Mundell. Sad day indeed when I go to the Record rather than the Herald for a more accurate narrative about our politics – but well done the Record which has moved into a very balanced position.

      On Salmond’s speech White of the Guardian was generous but he doesn’t get it. He went on about regional assemblies t etc and likened Scotland to greater Manchester getting more powers etc. The fact that most of us want independence because Scotland is actually a nation and a country in its own right appears to have evaded many of them

    128. call me dave says:

      Mr Bateman looking ahead to the next phase. He’s right, they will carry out their ‘project fear’ until the end.

      Thank goodness for the grass roots network that is the YES campaign. 🙂

    129. The Rough Bounds says:

      I walked a bit of Hadrian’s Wall a few years ago. It’s an amazing edifice and is as strong a reminder that you will find anywhere that the people to the North weren’t regarded the same as the people to the South. We were different then and we are different now.

      It’s an extremely important structure but some of it is fragile, and I hope that the clowns who intend to clamber all over it for this political demonstration won’t damage it with their big clod hopping boots.

    130. seanair says:

      O/T–another YES convert?
      Article in Herald today by David Pratt, Foreign Editor, about Scottish Independence as seen in other countries.
      Last sentence seems to suggest where his cross will go.
      Sorry I can’t provide the link.

    131. bald eagle says:

      could somebody please phone me

      still sitting here waiting for my indian love call i’ve got
      things to do and this beard needs to be removed pretty damn quick

      phone (0800 arsehole is youre phone still connected )

    132. SquareHaggis says:

      Sadly, it’s simply a piss poor attempt by the Tory Rory and the establishment view he represents to appeal to Scotland’s supposed romantic view of it’s self.

      Unfortunately that view is an illusion, a purely English Gentry idea foisted upon us for many a year, a notion of Scotland which is outdated, skewed and quite frankly WRONG, always hs been.

      Scottish romanticisim is a living entity that moves and lives in it’s people. All of it’s people mostly by default and it’s infectious. People’s from around the world arrive on these shores and before long they feel it. It’s called a longing for freedom. All humans aspire to and identify with this.

      What Rory and Co fail to realise it the time for romantic woo’ing and waving of beacons is long gone, and the low take-up rate to their wall project shows that people south of the border don’t buy into their romanticism either.

      C’mon England, embrace the change.

    133. scottish_skier says:

      And if its done well it will certainly sway some undecideds.

      Aye. I was speaking to an undecided the other day. Big issues were the economy/jobs, education and the NHS. However, the clincher was whether loads of Tory voters would stand arm in arm along an old wall in England. That was crucial.

    134. call me dave says:

      Is there a visual/sound full version of Mr Salmond’s speech posted anywhere yet.

      The post on this thread has the beginning and is then interrupted by the BBC.

    135. Oneironaut says:

      @Morag (and Moeag too!)
      “When can we go back to a system where people’s browsers will retain their login information?”

      You can set up the autocomplete function in most browsers to remember information entered in “form fields” (text boxes for name, E-mail, etc.)

      But bear in mind that everyone using that computer will then have access to the same information. That’s why it annoys me to no end that they often have the autocomplete function enabled in the libraries where less Net-savvy people might not know to turn it off…

      Anyways, I’m just heading out to the Jobcentre here, so might see if they’re offering any work placements on the wall there. (Hope they pay travel expenses!)

      On the plus side, will the folks involved in this be up there all day on the 18th of September? Might be to the Yes campaign’s advantage if people like that are prevented from voting!

    136. EkIndy says:

      On a poorer note ref human chains. Eveining Times headline saying Scotlands unemployed 16-25 year olds could form a line 38.5 miles long.

      Maybe ask them to volunteer for the day to highlight this disgrace.

    137. EkIndy says:

      Correction 16-24 year olds and of course Evening Times.

      Looks like numbers and words a problem for me today.

    138. SquareHaggis says:

      The difference between us is not a wall

      Every Scot is born suppressed. FACT.

      A lifetime of missed opportunity, oppression, depression, turmoil and toil has been our lot. Our language is officially english grammar but we are bilingual, often tri and quasi lingual.

      We are an intelligent and adaptive peple who never give up and we have survived, where others have perished because we had hope.

      But now the time for hope is over, hope has been a rope, a sheaf of Rory’s twine.

      Don’t we diserve some credit for our endavours?
      Some recognition for our struggle?

      For us it has been a long journey and our losses have been many but still we strive.

      Therefore Mt Wittington, knowing this, could an Englishman truly stare across that wall and into my eyes and not feel some compassion enough to say “Go brother, go hame and peace”?

    139. You and My Comb says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill

      I though White was true to form. Last year, around the time of the Skintland piece from the Economist, he piled in to the debate similarly poorly informed. Last night he trotted out the banks stuff. He must have his security clearance in order to take part in the talk Scotland down campaign

    140. heedtracker says:

      This was fun last night on R4 World Tonight or really England’s World Tonight with David Aaronovitch going very very NO. He says he’s got so much from Scotland that he can never let it go. So if your really bored

    141. Barontorc says:

      @Robert Louis 10.09 – just what is needed to get people to understand that the Referendum and the BBC is an inextricably linked compound and as such has to be debated as YES and NO, not by politicians who will offer absolutely zilch to such a debate apart from their political sing-song message.

      Should the Edinburgh Napier Students Association not now set-about putting this little imperative into their collective think-tank and get Denis Canavan and Alistair Eyebrows and any other cohorts they feel like bringing along to debate the issue?

      However, as it is, it looks like the BBC is getting another whitewash opportunity (3-1 sided) – when in fact they should be giving Professor John Robertson of the UWS the rostrum to detail his research exposing anti-independence BBC bias and offer Ian Smart; the BBC Scotland’s policy guru the chance to counter, if that’s even remotely possible.

      Even then, the following debate should not be a 3-1 set-up, but 3 No-ers (whoever) and 3 YES-ers – (Patrick Harvey, Margo MacDonald and Nicola Sturgeon).

      It’s really a pity that they’re wasting the opportunity to do so – and the question is – has it all been thought through, or, as is more likely, studiously avoided in true Scottish cringe style.

    142. Jeannie says:

      Hmmm…was just wondering what English Heritage will have to say about Rory the Tory’s plans for people to stand all over the wall. Wonder if he’s bothered to consult them.

    143. bald eagle says:

      witty old chap

      while you are holding loving hands at hadrian’s wall

      i will send you smoke bubbles from the shetland’s (brick brain)

    144. gordoz says:


      “Last sentence seems to suggest where his cross will go.
      Sorry I can’t provide the link”

      “Would that be the cross of destiny ?”

    145. liz says:

      Listened to the speech shown above and thought the outside broadcast guy was very fair – he seemed to be almost enjoying what AS said.

      It could be they were expecting some kind of ‘telling off’ from AS due of course to their own misrepresentation as in AS ‘dictates’.

    146. Davy says:

      I honestly thought this standing on Hadrians wall was going to be a joke stunt, well if its happening I may have an idea on how to make it more visible for us Scots to see.

      Would it not be a good idea to spray the wall with petrol first then strike a match, now I would not recommend that they actually have anyone standing on the wall at that time. But it might make it a bittie more visible and it will help keep down the weeds.

      Out of all the dumb ideas I have heard of, standing a load of people on Hadrians wall out of sight of Scotland is certainly at the top.

    147. bald eagle says:

      that wall is it not broken in some places and didnt some farmers steal some bricks to build dykes or am i thinking of ruth davidson

      money making idea folks

      how about after they have lined up get the army cadets to take them down one by one bloody great target practice and charge the cadets 20p a pop

    148. john king says:

      Has anyone taken the trouble to point out to oor Rory that we wouldn’t see them on Hadrians wall if we’re standing at the border as it would be over the horizon, so the poor souls will be wasting their protestations of love cos unless were aw in a balloon 6 hunner feet up we’ll no see thum an even then we’ll need powerful binoculars. 🙂
      but its the thocht that coonts eh?
      ps tea in bed would be nice an mibbe a nice piece o toast, an mibbe a wee plate o crunchy nut corn flakes , but wi the toap off the milk mind,(an dinnea shake it at waant the cream)
      and mibbe the hooverin done ,and the ironin ,
      eh what?
      jesus ave jist turned intae a wummun.

    149. john king says:

      Right I cant stand it any longer what the hell does the pseudonym “you and my comb” mean
      after seeing (cant remember who) saying your a real Scotsman with that name, I need to know what that means,
      it’s driving me mad.

    150. john king says:

      “that wall is it not broken in some places and didnt some farmers steal some bricks to build dykes or am i thinking of ruth davidson”

      Am no seein Ruth Davidson stealin stanes tae build a dyke,

    151. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @john king –

      Euan McColm.

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