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Stay with us, Scotland

Posted on May 23, 2014 by

And let’s make Britain great again.

(Labour only needed to gain three seats from 60 for control of Walsall. They failed.)

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120 to “Stay with us, Scotland”

  1. Doug Daniel says:


  2. Graben says:

    I love how he’s telling this to an obviously non-indigenous person with absolutely no shame. Neanderthal.

  3. heedtracker says:

    Sooner rather than later, England will be exiting the EU. Is Scotland going with them or not?

  4. John Sellars says:

    That was wrong on so many levels. Flabbergasted and dismayed.
    If we spread this around Scotland though, it should be a boost for Yes.

  5. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    The irony is that he was speaking to a daughter / grand-daughter of an immigrant, who has taken his place of being a sharp TV reporter. Well that’s that ladder blocked.

    By the way, was that a ferret or another live furry animal on his neck?

  6. shirley gibson says:

    This is why Scotland has to vote yes come September The thought of having a UKIP/CONS government in Westminster come 2015 is just awful

  7. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Wonder when we’ll get the UKIP rapid response team try to post here.

    Today could get interesting here.


  8. frankieboy says:

    ‘Great Britain was all over the world then’. Going over there, stealing their jobs…

  9. James Sneddon says:

    Blimey, where do they get them from. It’s the same mantra we heard from the NF in the 1970’s. Look pal the stupid right wing folks you voted for took away the type of jobs you could do and off shored them. Not the immigrants but the true blue boss class you dim wit. Lose the facial tattoos that might help you get a job as well HTH.

  10. faolie says:

    When we had an empire, like?

    Oh if only the Tories could grab these votes. Wait a minute! What if they promised an in/out referendum and started talking more about these foreigners taking our jobs and using our NHS, even if you do have to pay a small administration fee of £25 to see a doctor.

  11. handclapping says:

    You’ve got to feel sorry for him. Westminster has fucked all our lives up. We here in Scotland have an out on 18 September but all they have is UKIP.

    The LibDems are toast. They had a big protest vote but as soon as they went into the Coalition and played the Westminster game they lost it. Now UKIP gives the impression that they wont play the Westminster game they will pick up all that protest vote.

  12. tommy kane says:

    I worked and lived in England for some 10 years and came across this attitude frequently. Not al English are the same its just the less well informed and insecure who are prime prey to those parties who espouse this immigration nonsense.

  13. Ben says:

    A fine example of the Great British Paradox:

    Imperial GB colonises over half the planet.
    Complains about immigration.

  14. eezy says:

    He’d no idea who he was talking to, right?

    Burning Money

  15. Big Red Machine says:

    Alf Garnett’s let himself go.

  16. Dougie Bee says:

    Bugger the Panda..were you thinking squirrel by any chance?…xxx

  17. G H Graham says:

    “I’m a captain of industry in the making without a boat. Thanks UKIP.”

  18. Macart says:

    So time to get the hell outta Dodge.

  19. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Burning Money”

    Can you post links properly, please?

  20. bookie from hell says:

    labour will call for EU in/out referendum thru sheer panic

  21. heedtracker says:

    “British jobs for British workers!” Can you hear the dulcet tones of the most unpopular teamGB Prime Minister ever? Or was it his idiot side kick Flipper Darling, both currently projectfearing it for all that ukok Westminster/House of Lords greatness?

  22. Adrian B says:

    I feel sorry for Darren – he’s one of tens of thousands that have been left to rot while still clinging to the idea of Britain as a world power and winding the clock back to ~1890 will solve all the ills. It wouldn’t even if it were possible make things better for Darren and his family, yet he hold on to the notion as if it was some sort of safety blanket.

    Darren you have voted for more of the same – only now an accelerated version of what you didn’t like before.

    Even if every single voter in Scotland turned out at a general election and voted green – the vast overwhelming reach of the rest of the Westminster MPs and Lords would ensure that Scotland will still get Westminster policies. Holyrood was not designed to do things radically differently. Holyrood only has powers to tinker at the edges.

    The best way that we in Scotland can help Darren is to vote YES in September.

  23. cynicalHighlander says:

    This attitude has been going on since the sixties and before so nothing new there only back then reasonable full time employment was far more common.

  24. IheartScotland says:

    Run Scotland Run…….

  25. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @Dougie Bee says:

    “Bugger the Panda..were you thinking squirrel by any chance?…xxx”

    Now, would that be an indigenous Red or the immigrant Gray, who steal all our nuts?

    By the way, do you live in or near Glasgow?

    If so, we are having a wee open evening at the Counting House in Glasgow, just off George Square, St Vincent Place on Friday the 30th evening.

    All welcome

  26. Grouse Beater says:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    Attributed to Abraham Lincoln

  27. Gillie says:

    A Little (and Large) Englander hankering after the British Empire. When Great Britain ruled the world and Johnny Foreigner wet themselves in response to such greatness.

    UKIP are simply Neo-imperialists

  28. crisiscult says:

    let’s not attack this guy, or indeed the Rangers supporters we saw linked on here a while back from the Press TV bulletin. This is a product of Great British education, remember, the fascist regime that made you a moron and all that. Maybe it’s unrealistic to imagine a society where there are no numpties, but we can definitely do better. Who is perpetuating ignorance, and indeed encouraging it?

    Immigrants often the scapegoat in frustration – aggression

  29. BigSteveChisholm says:

    “Coming to our country, not speaking our language”

    Doug Stanhope on immigrants –

    I love the caller from 60 – 180 seconds (Language nsfw)

  30. Cheryl says:

    This makes me so sad. That guy there is a product of our political system and media brainwashing.

  31. Gillie says:

    Doesn’t this show that Scotland is not leaving England, but it is England who are leading us into a right-wing neo-imperialist nightmare.

  32. gerry parker says:

    Was out his morning delivering Yes papers and got chatting to some garden ing workers.
    Him: You don’t believe all that sh*te do you?
    Me: I believe that there is a referendum happing in September and I’m delivering newspapers for the Yes side.
    Him: Oh ! and do you think we should be independent?
    Me: Yes, do you use the internet?
    Him Yes:
    Me: Well here’s a wee “Aye Right” card so you can get more information on the Yes side.
    Him: What about the No side?
    Me: Well, just tune into the BBC News, or read any of the National newspapers, none of which are Scottish owned, you’ll get the no side argument there.

    Job done.


  33. Ravelin says:

    Is there really that big a problem with Ukrainian immigrants in England, or is he just mixing up two current MSM stories?

  34. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ooooh, tasty stuff coming up.

    Cardonald College next Wednesday evening, 7 p.m., Yes/No debate. Meant to be four speakers, two for each side.

    The only two confirmed so far? Richie Venton, SSP, and, wait for it…Ian Davidson.

  35. Clootie says:

    Several years ago offshore I was holding a meeting when a few crew members led the gripe about Polish workers coming offshore “taking their jobs” and it triggered grumps throughout a full crew. I asked that those who had worked abroad in the Oil industry to raise their hands – more than half had been in areas such as Africa / Middle East / South America / Indonesia / Malaysia etc.

    The debate went quiet after that. We need to be open to those who want to make Scotland their home.

    I have pointed out(in fun) to my many English colleagues offshore that post a YES vote and a 2017 rUK leave the EU vote that they would no longer be able to work offshore.(non EU citizens :D)

    On a serious note – I think that post a YES vote all income tax for offshore workers should be paid to Holyrood as is the case with many countries. Why should 20/30,000 incomes earned in Scotland pay their tax to Westminster? The norm is to have a reciprical agreement. If you have paid your tax in one country you are exempt in your home nation. This could be worth several hundred million a year to the Scottish economy.

  36. Meindevon says:

    I watched that this morning and had to switch over. It made me angry at and sorry for Darren at the same time.

    Poor Darren. In the Great Britain he so misses he would have been nothing but a servant to the aristocracy. If he was lucky.

  37. Croompenstein says:

    Things are looking bleak in the black country..

  38. Max Solanis says:


    Sorry, In the first line on your link, it says £1 Billion per year, The article it links to actually states £1 Billion PER WEEK! Might be worth giving it a quick edit. 😉

  39. Stoops says:

    Harking back to days of empire. Great Britons travelled this world exploiting people and resources where ever they found them.

    England itself is a country built from successive waves of immigrants, mostly aggressive; Romans, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans all pitched up, ruled for a bit and added to the culture of England. So how do you define a Englishman if not as a mongrel of histories invaders? How hypocritical to turn round and blame people who want to come to the UK and take jobs that, let’s face it, most British people won’t take. They contribute to society and pay taxes.

    It wasn’t immigrants that broke the UK, it was dishonest, incompetent, greedy, self serving MPs and bankers. The sooner we distance ourselves from attitudes like this the better.

  40. Jamie Arriere says:

    “be a greater Great Britain again like before it was before..before it was everything else”

    You’re a natural, son – UKIP’s first MP? Live your dreams big man!

    By the way, are you related to Edward VII?

  41. Ravelin says:

    The top rated comments on this BBC article about UKIP/Farage are quite interesting.

    Most of them could equally be applied to the SNP/Referendum debate.

  42. Grouse Beater says:

    Is he related to cuddly pop artist, Peter Blake?

    I think we should be told.

  43. JLT says:

    Well, just heard the interviewer when speaking to Farage on BBC News 24 asking Nigel’s views on some of the Tory electorate wanting a coalition of sorts with UKIP.

    It’s beginning…

  44. Les Wilson says:

    All this reminds me of the first line of that great old song!
    “We gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do!”

  45. David Smith says:

    This man is a damning indictment of the education system in the UK. Of course it’s intentional, a central plank of neoliberalism in fact. Look at blue collar Americans and you see the same.
    Don’t despise them; pity them.

  46. bookie from hell says:

    Im amazing the number of ethnic members in UKIP

    do they read the manifesto

  47. Papadox says:


    or else?

    Just sign up to let the Westminster establishment run your affairs Westminster’s way. Now your in the trap just do as you are told and don’t complain. 50,000,000 think you are better getting screwed by Westminster.

  48. bookie from hell says:

    Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall · 4 mins

    If the people of the UK are looking for a “progressive beacon”, they should look to London, who just told UKIP where to get off


  49. Grouse Beater says:

    Amazing number of ethnic members in UKIP

    They’re worried about all the white people taking their jobs.

  50. Gillie says:

    Well in reply to Hothersall, this is now doing the rounds.

    4 party politics in England now, Tory, Diet Tory, Tory Max and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tory.

  51. Max Solanis says:


    Love that quote. I may have to steal it. 🙂

  52. MajorBloodnok says:

    Gillie says:

    Well in reply to Hothersall, this is now doing the rounds.

    4 party politics in England now, Tory, Diet Tory, Tory Max and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tory.

    And yet unsurprisingly they all have the taste and substance of Tory Zero.

  53. galamcennalath says:

    We are being offered an Exit. All we need to do is persuade 50% plus a few to take that option by putting a big cross beside YES !

    Then all the stuff we are hearing today is not news, it’s history.

  54. Seasick Dave says:

    His thinking is a fine example of the Darren Gap.

  55. manandboy says:

    No voters look up at the stars

    and think

    ‘this is as good as it gets’

  56. Luigi says:

    4 party politics in England now, Tory, Diet Tory, Tory Max and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tory.

    Let’s make them all HisTORY up here, in September.

  57. Dan Watt says:

    Dey Terk er yerb!

    search for that on youtube, it’s from south park and is quite appropriate for this situation!

  58. Luigi says:

    No voters look up at the stars and think ‘this is as good as it gets’

    No voters are rapidly running out of reasons to vote NO in September. By August, they will be reduced to a single hardcore, ultra BritNat division.

  59. tigertiger says:

    I’m curious to know what kind of jobs the man with tattoos on his neck feels the immigrants are taking that he can’t get.

    It’s odd to blame the people who come from abroad to work for minimum wage, filling a demand in the market, rather than the business owners who pay the basic rate. And if you can’t even get a minimum wage job I’d certaintly take a good hard look at yourself before you start blaming others.

  60. Papadox says:

    O/T newsnet nuj/pacific quay.

    NUJ are being ignored and suppressed by the establishment. What chance have the rest of us got? This style of democracy is a joke, and the joke is on us.

    @les Wilson 11:46 am spot on!

  61. Helena Brown says:

    Sorry but when Darren started talking I though He was the immigrant then I realised it was the accent, so apologies Darren.
    I think this is my idea of hell and further to the right Westminster and us surrendering our sovereignty.
    On the other hand speaking as we dog walking folk do, to two women on Dunfermline High Street this morning about the dug, she mentioned my bright pink YES badge, said it was a pleasure to see it and she and her friend were all for Independence. Fair made my day.

  62. Bigdrone says:

    He’s worried about all these foreigners coming in and taking ‘our’ jobs and comments Britain was all over the world at one time. Was that the Britain that ethnically cleansed many parts of the world, asset stripping and destroying many cultures in the process (incuding the Highlands after Culloden – and I know there were Scots among them!)

    A wee bit paradoxical –

    what goes round comes round
    That’s what people say
    all the pain you caused me
    will come back to you some day

    Perhaps that day ain’t too far away!

  63. Helena Brown says:

    @ Luigi, that also made my day.

  64. Helena Brown says:

    @ Gillie, @ MajorBloodnok, another good laugh.

  65. galamcennalath says:

    Just having a quick look at the English council results. The hard right aren’t getting it all their own way.

    Labour most gains, UKIP some gains, Tory losses. I don’t like that! It’s important for September that Labour don’t look like possible winners in 2015! As we all know, there are a lot of naive No voting Scots who still look to Labour for salvation.

  66. desimond says:

    See the latest Scotland not getting into Europe easily nonsense….if only there was some way those helpful Westminster MPS could just ask the EU for clear confirmation once and for all….

  67. Helena Brown says:

    desimond says: Been having a bit of a fight, am not discussing anything, with Jings and Grahamski on Derek Bateman who took issue with a contradiction that Nicola Sturgeon is suppose to have made. So I would say that this is another go at much the same thing and yes I would agree what is needed is for Westminster to ask on our behalf for their position. Hell may freeze over or the 19th September which ever comes quickest before that happens.

  68. msean says:

    Watching Labour guy on news,deluded,thinks they are on track I believe.

  69. BigSteveChisholm says:

    @ David Smith

    “Look at blue collar Americans and you see the same.
    Don’t despise them; pity them.”

    I hate his stance on guns (“arm everyone”) but Joe Bageant’s ‘Deer Hunting With Jesus: Guns, Votes, Debt and Delusion in Redneck America’ makes for grimly interesting reading.

    Tales of mass unemployment, zero hour contracts, unaffordable private healthcare, Walmart squeezing out local businesses and blue collar workers turning to alcohol as means of coping. Throw right wing politicians blaming ‘others’ into the mix (aided by a compliant media) and it all starts to sound a little too familiar.


    O/T but unsure where else to post this –

    I’ve heard a few folk argue that Scottish University applications will suffer post-independence.

    A quick look at Edinburgh Uni’s admission stats shows that demand for course places is routinely 5x or 10x the number of places available. That’s at £15k pa. How exactly is this going to change when Scotland is independent?

  70. bookie from hell says:

    ed balls losing it on bbc

  71. the Penman says:

    So, Labour gain the amount that the Lib Dems lose, and UKIP gain the amount the Tories lose.

    Is that really a) surprising, and b) interesting?

  72. Croompenstein says:

    Prof Poultice must be making a killing with all these appearance fees!

  73. joe kane says:

    There are over 10 million people in the UK who are either unemployed or under-employed, with only 600,000 job vacancies.

    Foreigners didn’t create this pool of permanent mass unemployment. That was the British Government and its decades old neoliberal policies deliberately designed to do just that.

    If they aren’t blaming the sick and disabled, the unemployed or single parents for mass unemployment then they’re blaming Romanians. Every weak powerless group in UK society gets the blame but not the rich and powerful whose interest lie in having a cheap, powerless, trade union-less, zero hours workforce.

  74. Camz says:

    Well obviously the guy feels let down. What are his alternatives? Any sensible suggestions?

    So let’s not criticise him for exercising his electoral rights. That way lies Better Together.

  75. Greannach says:

    Labour’s election gurus, Douglas Alexander and John McTernan, have been guests on TV this morning. What with their records in fighting elections in Scotland, England, Australia and the UK, today looks like more of the same for the pair of them. They seem to be following their usual pattern.

  76. Alba4Eva says:

    It is a tactic the BBC play all the time… find the ‘Normal’ (read thickest as f*** that you can find) man on the street and broadcast the interview.

    It is a deliberate and sinister tactic that is aimed at keeping the lowest classes exactly where they are.

    We have seen this in the BBC’s handling of Scottish Independence coverage. I would put my mortgage on it at even money, that that lass got some great footage of folk with positive and intellectual things to say, that ended up in the bin in favour of this clip.

    Screw the BBC and all they establishment hacks stand for.

  77. Luigi says:

    galamcennalath 12:37pm

    Patience, my friend – wait for the European results – that’s when the shit hits the fan.

  78. joe kane says:

    By the way, one of the Labour Party’s flagship policies lies in shreds today.

    News that Ian Duncan Smith’s ‘Universal Credit’ has basically had to be completely scrapped and started all over again from scratch. I’m sure it will be working by the time Labour go into the next UK/rUK general election.

    Watchdog now treating universal credit as ‘new project’ after successive delays

  79. Mark Coburn says:

    As someone who is doing a fundraiser cycling back to Scotland ( from Rome up through England this is something I’ve encountered first hand for the last four days. I’ve seen more UKIP placards than those of any other party. I’ve posted stuff about it. I hope fellow readers went out and voted!

  80. Dorothy Devine says:

    Croompenstein, certainly must be but GOD! could he not have done up his lower shirt button so we didn’t see his wee pot belly shining through?

  81. Alba4Eva says:

    Joe Kane, election results day is always a good day scour the papers for the ‘buried news’, when politicians/governments want to release bad news under the smokescrean of the election coverage. I’m sure Stu and compatriots will be finding much of interest for us to hear about over the coming days.

  82. Dorothy Devine says:

    Sorry! I was eating when he came on and it caused me difficulty in swallowing.

  83. call me dave says:

    Glasgow School of Art reported as on fire. Hope it can be saved. 🙁

  84. Betty Boop says:

    @frankieboy, 23 May 2014, 10.58am

    ‘Great Britain was all over the world then’. Going over there, stealing their jobs…

    I spoke to a no voter the other day who thought we still had an empire. That was possibly the worst I was told in that conversation although it was a close run contest.

    Believe me, there are plenty of people here who are soaking up the rubbish from UKIP and lots who have no idea about the current political set up in Scotland/UK, which powers are devolved, etc., etc. It is an uphill struggle when people are so apathetic and continually fed establishment propaganda.

    What I haven’t seen is a correlation between the numbers of immigrants against emigrants. My son reckons about 100 out of his school year are in Australia or other places abroad working – you know, immigrants somewhere else.

    Xenophophia/racism is playing a big part and yes, I do believe that the next UK gov will be Tory/UKIP. What I don’t understand is that some folk who consider themselves on the left are voting for them.

  85. cearc says:

    Call me Dave,

    Just seen the pictures. Looks pretty bad for a fire that started in the basement. How sad.

  86. cynicalHighlander says:

    @call me dave

  87. Nuada says:

    I’m one hundred per cent behind Scottish independence, and following the lies and smears of the unionist parties for the last two years I have been utterly sickened, so when somebody like this comes on and says the things he’s saying, I can understand why Scots would use words like “neanderthal” when describing this person.

    All that said, I do think some of you are being a little harsh on the man. He’s clearly uneducated, but it doesn’t follow from this that his feelings that his country is not his own are not legitimate. I don’t imagine that as an individual he feels any different about England than most of the posters here feel about Scotland, and if he’s saying things like this directly to a person of an ethnic minority then, yes, it MAY indicate that he’s an ignorant racist, but it’s possible that it equally means he genuinely doesn’t see her as “foreign” or an outsider, maybe because of her accent or the fact that there are many people of different ethnicity in the UK and one gets used to that. It may just be that he’s concerned about the LEVELS of inward migration to Britain, which is not actually a false concern.

    In any event, one might argue that the good old BBC is doing here to a Ukip supporter exactly the kind of thing that they do in Scotland to Yes supporters: they’re deliberately picking out the least educated, most inarticulate person they can find and using him as the exemplar of what a Ukip supporter is, in just the way they present people like the Rev Stu as “cypernats”. Unsettling as the though is, I think perhaps Yes supporters have more in common with our Brumwegian friend than they might like to acknowledge.

  88. Nuada says:

    Yeah, ok, he’s not a Brummie, sorry.

  89. Democracy Reborn says:

    @Betty Boop

    Betty, those ‘on the left’ voting for UKIP?

    Hey, they kept voted for Thatcher & kept the Tories in power for 18 years. Particularly the ‘C2’ social group. The same group of ‘working class’ voters that Scot Labour tell us we need to save from the Tories. Oh, the irony….

  90. Clootie says:

    I look forward to a YES vote. However the direction of travel of Westminster politics leads to a dread of a NO vote.

    It really doesn’t matter why the drift to the right is happening or how far it will go. It is just so very clear that the UK is going down the plug hole and I do not want that furure for my nation.

  91. Dick Gaughan says:

    I’ve got news for him re his complaints about people not speaking “our” language – 90% of people in his beloved UK don’t speak his language.

    (Whatever language it was. Any chance of some subtitles?)

  92. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “By the way, one of the Labour Party’s flagship policies lies in shreds today. News that Ian Duncan Smith’s ‘Universal Credit’ has basically had to be completely scrapped”

    Labour did plenty of criminal things to the welfare system, but I don’t think you can lay UC at their door…

  93. Truth says:

    @Alba4Eva 1:07

    What he/she said.

  94. geeo says:

    I will not add anything to the guy in the video, others have said it all.

    The UKIP success is interesting in that the other parties never seen it coming.

    The media are all “mock shocked” as well, either that or they actually believe the propaganda and pash they put out and actually ARE surprised.

    What should encourage Yes supporters is that it proves that despite blanket media negativity about UKIP,large amounts still voted for them.

    Does that mean voters of UKIP are to stupid to see them for what they are or does it mean that they can see through the MSM bullshoot supportive of mainstream political parties?

    Scots are next to prove they are not fooled either.
    Im going for 64% Yes in September.

  95. TJenny says:

    Hope the premise in this SNP positive article from the DR proves true and that Tasmina does take 3rd MEP seat for SNP. 🙂

    Don’t know how to archive:

  96. Kenny says:

    It’s nice of Doogie Alexander to notice the “four party politics” taking hold in his country. I’m sure Plaid Cymru, the SNP, Sinn Fein, the DUP, SDLP, UUP, Alliance Party and the Greens – all represented at “national” level in one way or another – are delighted to hear it.

  97. desimond says:

    That UKIP..they dont go in for much of a sample size do they??

    UKIP candidate David Coburn admitted his party’s small size meant they were struggling to get their vote out.
    He said: “We’re relying on them to get themselves out.
    From Easterhouse to the Borders everyone is saying they are sick of Labour, sick of the SNP and want a change.”

  98. The Rough Bounds says:

    A wee bit disappointing that some of the comments on here make fun of the bloke’s accent.

  99. misteralz says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Labour did plenty of criminal things to the welfare system, but I don’t think you can lay UC at their door…

    I don’t think they were – I think they were saying that Labour can’t scrap Universal Credit now as the Tories have pre-empted them.

  100. Gary says:

    He is “Mr UKIP”. He could be used as a warning to those who don’t vote – use your vote or HE decides your future…

  101. setondene says:

    Nuada, good post. I agree with you.

    I also like brummie accents ever since I saw a programme about Black Sabbath or Deep Purple (forget Which) on BBC4. Smart, funny, observant, interesting guys. Just shows how a bit of class used with a weird accent can change your whole perspective on a group of people everyone is expected to look down on. I rate them a lot higher than the Middle Englanders who are so snotty about both Birmingham and Scotland.

  102. Andy smith says:

    @the rough bounds 3:45
    I am with you on this, posters are slaggin the guy off for being racist,while at the same time having a cheap pop at him for his accent.

  103. Maid_in_Scotland says:

    In response to a suggestion from some of his MP’s that they should form a partnership with UKIP, Mr Cameron said today, “We are the Conservative Party. We don’t do pacts and deals.” I may have been asleep for the past 4 years, but I don’t think so. The LibDems do though. I remember the LibLab pact of the 1980’s. Cannae see a Libukip pact, somehow.

  104. Croompenstein says:

    A wee bit disappointing that some of the comments on here make fun of the bloke’s accent

    I can only see one mention of the guys accent, most of the comments are about feeling a pity that these are his views which have been ingrained by the MSM

  105. Geoff Huijer says:

    I lived in Walsall and LOVED the people there.

    My ex-wife is from there.

    Some of the nicest people I have ever met and
    the White Lion in Caldmore is the best pub I have
    ever been in and some of the best ‘Curry Houses’ I
    have ever set foot in; Golden Moments is amazing
    as is the Shereen Mahal down Pleck.

    Just a shame that UKIP have managed to infiltrate
    the minds of some people, assisted of course by a
    right wing media that never shuts up about immigrants,
    UKIP and so on.

  106. Franariod says:

    scary scary, . Make Britain great again like it was before. Before what ? Being bankrupt by 2 world wars and shown up for what it was, a con and fraud. Obviously he wants to go back to the times of being the biggest drug and people traffickers this planet has ever seen, while the working class struggled in stinking slums.

  107. Dick Gaughan says:

    The Rough Bounds says:
    A wee bit disappointing that some of the comments on here make fun of the bloke’s accent.

    After a lifetime of hearing “you wot?” every time I speak and having had audience members say they couldn’t understand what I was singing about (whenever I sang in Scots) and why didn’t I sing in English, I couldn’t resist a wee bit of light-hearted own-backness.

    That humour bypass was a success, I see.

  108. Kyle Mackay says:

    Ian Brotherhood, that sounds well worth a watch, do you know if it will be filmed?

    Hope Richie knows to wear a bayonet-proof vest!

  109. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Kyle Mackay –

    It is indeed being livestreamed by IndependenceLive, who happen to have a fundraiser going at the moment:

    I met Richie today to collect SSP material for a big public meeting we’ve got coming up on June 3rd (details to follow in due course). It turns out he’s never crossed swords with Davidson before – should be a cracker, and Davidson will know better than to try the hard-man routine. Richie, as you probably know, has been around the block a few times and won’t take any of his pish.

  110. Kyle Mackay says:

    Cheers Ian, just sent them a wee donation, I haven’t paid a TV license in years so I’m very happy to pay voluntarily for folk doing a great job, just wish I could send them a bit more.

    I might be shameing myself here but I confess I don’t actually know of Richie as far as I know, I probably should.

    Sounds like he’ll be wiping the floor with Davidson, I’ll look forward to seeing that 🙂

  111. Tam Jardine says:

    Guys like Darren will be resentful when Scotland choose to dissolve the union in September and he will be supremely cheesed off when we don’t sink into the mire but flourish.

    I think he may mellow in time though, and we can show the English people what a modern democracy can achieve when it is run for the benefit of the people. It will raise the bar for what guys like Darren should expect and demand from their representatives. It will be the best thing that could happen to the people of England.

    He is living in a land in another dimension to the vibrant, argumentative, intelligent and forward thinking hotbed of discussion that is Scotland (on the Web, in the boozers, the streets and public halls). Let’s show him that there is another way.

    A big vote for UKIP from Darren and his mates is just one more piece of the jigsaw that is a Yes victory (aye, just south of the border but) so thanks for the leg-up chief.

  112. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Kyle Mackay –

    Cheers mister.

    Here’s Richie in action at the recent SSP public meeting in Ayr, where 220 people turned out to hear Jim Sillars and Colin Fox. Richie wound up the evening. Sadly, the last two minutes or so were not recorded, so you can’t see how busy the room was nor hear the ovation he received at the end, but it was a great night.

    Anyway, this’ll give you a flavour of what the man is like in full flow – Davidson is onto a proper hiding, and he couldn’t receive it from a nicer fella.

  113. joe kane says:

    Labour did plenty of criminal things to the welfare system, but I don’t think you can lay UC at their door…
    – Rev. Stu

    Thanks Rev.
    Apologies if I gave the impression that Labour was behind Universal Credit.

    It’s going to be interesting to see –
    (a) how Labour criticise this foreseeable, total failure given they have already adopted this unworkable system as the central plank of its welfare policy
    (b) what lies IDS uses to deny the reality that is happening all around him in order to carry on persecuting and demonising the victims of neoliberal policies

    It’s been a bad news day for the Labour Party all round.

  114. Phil Robertson says:

    Not sure what relevance this has to the referendum. Nor should we rush to a holier-than-thou posture.

    You can get ignorant bigotry closer to home most Saturdays – try Ibrox or Parkhead!.

  115. Great Briton says:

    You SNP supporters are a bitter and ignorant bunch ain’t you?

    Nothing but a marxist, anti-English front for divorce from the Union. I can’t blame you for wanting divorce, from the crumbling elitist pile of shite known as ‘Westminster.’

    But, what aggravates me here, is the fact that: A: You want to become independent of Westminster yet then sign up to the EU….makes sense.

    B: You’re not even pro-Scottish. Your support-base is vehemently left wing, marxist and pro IRA. Yes, England treated Ireland like piss, a terrible part of our history, but things have changed, all nations have shat on each other at some point, and it appears to me that you’re nothing but an IRA fan-club and anti-English bunch of bigots. You hate England and may as well admit it, and what’s more, you’re pro multiculturalism and mass immigration. How can you be pro-Scotland and preserve it’s native Pictish, Celtic and Viking heritage, if you allow Muslim SNP candidates and support large-scale immigration.

    You Scots have it easy, take a look at London, Birmingham, Bradford etc, and witness the evident failures of mass migration and forced multiculturalism. If anything, the SNP doesn’t give 2 shites about ethnic Scottish folk and just wants a multicultural Scotland crammed full of Africans, Asian, Romanians and what not, to live with you in such grand and wonderful harmony. Thankfully, there are real Scottish Nationalists who realise that the SNP is not the answer.

    C: You want to keep the BRITISH pound if you go independent eh? Get your own currency if you want out the Union.

    Funny lot you are, Fat Salmond and rottweiler Sturgeon need to come to terms with their anti-English Racism, and I think you lot do too. Slating us UKIP voters when we want to be free from the shackles of the EU and have control over our borders. Really makes us “far-right” and “racist” doesn’t it? Your ignorance and misunderstanding of popular opinion is staggering.

    At least many within UKIP want a good relationship with our Scottish, Welsh and Irish brothers, rather than you w***ers and your, if anything, anti-Scottish policies.

    Ah well, you are free to leave us if you want, and good luck with it. If you do leave, I hope Scotland is flooded with the delights of the third world, poles and romanians to knock your plumbers, construction workers, cleaners and so on, out of work, driving down wages. And you have a housing crisis and riots on the street like in London August 2011.

    Good luck

  116. Kyle Mackay says:

    Can’t wait to see Richie demolish Ian Davidson. That clip was great, a proper, passionate speech. That’s something I feel you guys are really good at that’s really lacking in modern politics, only the SNP come close in ability. Proper, old fashioned, firey political speeches, the kind that make you feel real change is possible.

    Once we’re independent I reckon I’ll start voting SSP, always been very impressed with the folk I’ve met and seen, very aproachable, down to earth people 🙂

  117. Bill McLean says:

    You can tell “Great Briton” is British by his lack of racism, his tolerance and understanding too!

  118. morgan mc says:

    I voted UKIP in EU elections.
    If anyone has a problem with that. I don’t care.
    I’m tired of EU discrimination against the Commonwealth and Rest of the World. I’m tired of EU continental hegemony and unelected officials dictating policy. Whine about the Tory democratic deficit.The 26 EU Commissars and their diplomatic corp have more say over Scotland than them. No to EU and yes to nation state democracy.

  119. AllyBally says:

    Darren is more to be pitied than laughed at. He’s feels let down by a failing system and someone (UKIP in this case) has filled a void. His language is racist but is he really? He seemed blind to the fact he was not talking to a white person.

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