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Something from the crank file

Posted on February 11, 2012 by

When you hear an organisation is “linked to the Taxpayers’ Alliance”, you don’t build your hopes up too high. The TPA are a bunch of Tea Party-esque loons at the best of times, and the phrase suggests some sort of renegade splinter group too crazy even for that particular nut-house. We’re probably still just about entitled to expect fractionally higher standards from the Telegraph, though.

We were directed to this piece yesterday by a Labour source who really ought to know better, and who was citing it as conclusive proof that an independent Scotland’s economy would be crippled by debt repayments. (Our source later admitted to not actually having read the article before linking to it, which perhaps tells you something about the quality of debate one tends to get from Unionists.)

That anyone at the Telegraph, a once-respectable newspaper, actually thought this rubbish was worth putting its name to may be even more instructive as to how desperate the FUD camp is for scare stories which might frighten Scots away from independence. You can scour the “story” all day looking for how it arrived at the headline figure, or trying to piece it together yourself from the random fragments of made-up “data” scattered through the text (a spurious £9bn here, an invented £7.5bn there, a pulled-from-thin-air 30% somewhere else), but you’ll be out of luck.

If in occasional moments of weakness over the next two and a half years you doubt our chances of success, glance back at this and see just how afraid of us they are.

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9 to “Something from the crank file”

  1. Iain

    Yes, Der Telegrapher's relationship with the truth is becoming more strained by the day. They seem to be constitutionally (!) incapable of saying anything positive about Scotland or the Scottish, unless it's telling us what a bloody sensible cove that Lord Forsyth is.
    Compare and contrast two headlines on the same RSA report on standards of Maths education in England (compared specifically to Hong Kong & Scotland). One is the Telegraph, the other BBC, no guessing allowed.
    'University maths 'too difficult' for British students'
    'Scotland may have answers to English maths problem'

  2. Shodan

    They have been stunned and in a panic since Alex got in and made it clear he was going ahead with it and they've been reeling from that blow and scrabbling like headless chickens ever since. All the London establishment (from media to government) has gone potty and their wide-eyed tales of doom and gloom get more unhinged and biased as they days go by. It can only be a matter of time before they claim the whole chunk of tectonic plate that we reside on will spin off into the sun if independence happens.
    They know they have no good arguments against independence, that's why they are so frightened and desperate. If they had a good case they would have made it long before now, instead of dribbling and embarrassing themselves. The only thing that has kept them going this long is the extreme bias in the media in favour of unionism and the two main unionist parties and against the SNP especially. Otherwise they'd be reporting the positive cases for independence every day and showing the unionist idiots stumbling and stuttering and failing to come up with their own positive case day after day.
    The extremely biased and untrustworthy media is one of the greatest crimes against us as they deliberately choose to hide and spin the truth and bury the crimes of their chosen party. Once the people of Scotland overcome their "too wee, too poor, too stupid" broadcasts they'll be able to soar again.
    I saw someone point out the way that the LBC Scotland had pounced on a story about Citigroup expressing concern about the referendum's impact on business while they ignored or buried Citigroup expressing positive expectations for Scotland's future when independent. It's like someone asked over the Soviet state media to work for the unionists. Reality need not apply when that sort of broadcaster or journalist is at work. Their problem is that it looks rather out of place when people are able to look behind the curtain or see the lies in the light of day thanks to the internet and free communications. It does fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of them, thanks to the internet and alternative sources or direct access to the source. They are running and working very hard just to keep the plates spinning. Eventually it'll all start falling down. Hopefully right before the final vote when Scotland finally frees itself from the London madness.

  3. Shodan

    I really can't wait until 2014. I can't imagine the level of fruity madness that will be flowing from the Telegraph and the rest if it is like this already. Cockanapes will be on life support due to his strained ticker and foaming at the mouth as claims the world is ending in the pages of the Torygraph and still deleting comments that link to this site or mention his hypocrisy. The stories will be so bizarre, so out there, we could repackage them as some kind of sci-fi pulp fiction.

  4. Longshanker

    King Alex and the crue should commission an updated indpendent equivalent to the age old McCrone report.
    Incidentally, have you read the excellent document attached to the foot of the SDA's website?

    Stirring stuff indeed and remarkably deficient in hyperbole.

  5. Erchie

    Aw fuck, are those spamming SDA fuckweasels here to?
    Is no nationalist site to be spared these right wing masturbators and their dreams of adequacy?

  6. Longshanker

    "Is no nationalist site to be spared these right wing masturbators and their dreams of adequacy?"
    Check the top right hand corner of this site Erchie.  Well done for so effortlessly fulfilling stereotypes of a nationalist though.

  7. Erchie

    Thank you I do take on the role of a typical nationalist.
    I be live in open an honest debate, coming out into the open and making your arguments in the full light of day, risking examination by others. Putting their view to the test of an electorate
    Something the SDA sock puppets are loathe to do. 

  8. Colin Dunn

    Erchie says:
    "Something the SDA sock puppets are loathe to do."
    I know nothing about thew SDA, but doesn't the fact that they have their individual names clearly displayed on their site show that they aren't sock puppets?

  9. Shodan

    You can make yourself a thousand names on one PC and then post everywhere about yourself on the internet using sock puppets. It's a cheap way of making yourself look important and the SDA have gone out of their way to try and claim credit for things they seem to have little to no right to. All too often I've seen there "LOOK AT ME!" posts in comment sections.
    Yet when a commenter here did pay attention and start looking into them and asking for more information abuse and disturbing stalking behaviour is given in return.

    Sock puppets and paper thin boasts and they know it at heart, judging by their behaviour. Talk can only get you so far, but they are determined to stretch the limits and steal as much glory as they can.

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