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Seven figures

Posted on February 10, 2014 by

We’ve been talking about our own stats a little too much for our liking recently – we’ll give it a bit of a rest again after this month, honest. But this one’s kinda special.


Those are Wings Over Scotland’s lifetime stats – or at least, lifetime since we signed up to Google Analytics just under two years ago. And as of yesterday, they show that the site has been visited by more than a MILLION different readers over that period. And we’re damned if we’re not taking a moment to reflect on that one.

It’s been quite a ride so far. Let’s make it mean something.

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104 to “Seven figures”

  1. dinnatouch says:

    Well done. Hopefully a good proportion of that one million have learned something from their visit.

  2. Caroline Corfield says:

    And six minutes average viewing – people are reading things, not just skimming past, and they’re visiting 5 pages when they’re here too. Very Big Smily Face! Well done.

  3. fairiefromtheearth says:

    its all the people that has left the main stream media, this site and David Icke is were i get my truth.

  4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I’m not sure that’s QUITE the most resounding testimonial, but thanks anyway πŸ˜€

  5. kalmar says:

    More lizard news pls.

  6. CameronB says:

    Wow, what a lot of curious people. πŸ™‚

  7. smac says:

    Excellent Work!!

  8. Brotyboy says:

    Well done, Rev.

    I don’t normally do obsequiousness, but I’m pleased to have found this site a few months back, not least for Scottish Skier and Ivan McKee’s posts.

    I also think that there are a few people who have helped move the debate onwards and upwards, as with Kowalski’s Pile Ointment, and the movement on the ground and on the streets which we all feel is happening is largely down to sites like Wings.

    Thank you again.

  9. fairiefromtheearth says:

    Republic of Scotland mmm sounds nice to me. I watched this programme on BBC actually i was on youtube, the programme was about land reform and how it was a bloody stupid thing,you had two landowners whose ancesters had stabbed someone in the back and had receved lands out of it, one of them had 600 acres and was at maxemum production to keep the estate running, the other had 160,000 acres and was running it into the ground dare say depopulating the area as some on the programme said, now for me the first land owner is fine the second need a good talking too oh he was a billionair so could pump 100s of millions into the estate and get it all back but they dont want to, thats why i cant run a republican party cause when i was First Minister land owner no2 would get told Dont turn round comrade its better this way πŸ˜‰ im a ranter lol

  10. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Well dun that boay!

  11. Dennis Webster says:

    Does Google analytics say where the visitors are, geographically? Be great if they were all based in Scotland.

  12. Brian Mark says:

    Well done Rev,this is the music of the future

  13. Dan Huil says:

    Impressive Bounce Rate. Rev,you must be inundated with advertising enquiries.

  14. Susan says:

    Wow! Well done Rev. I wear my Wings badge with pride!

  15. Don’t want to appear a fud, but what is bounce rate?

  16. MartinCoull says:

    Congratulations Stu! And well done on the Facebook page too. Almost 5000 likes in just over a year, and lots of folk engaging with it.

  17. lynne halliday says:

    excellent work you guys are doing,keeping us well informed through all the confusing and down right bias rubbish that’s being printed or aired on a daily basis now, yes for scotland, nothing else is good enough now.

  18. Appleby says:

    I know companies that would dream of those sorts of website stats.

    God, I just hope it’s all going to be enough. It feels like we’re trapped in a burning building and this is our one escape route. If we don’t manage this then Scotland and its people are doomed. Worries the heck out of me when I think of that.

  19. Thistle says:

    Absolutely brilliant Rev!

    If it wasn’t for this site and the contributors I doubt if I would have had the inspiration for Scottish Independence Live Events.


    Next live stream event 24th of Feb from the east end of Glasgow. I absolutely love the venue which is at Shettleston Juniors especially as I’m a big Auchinleck Talbot fan and love the juniors.

    If you like Ivan McKee and Business for Scotland then tune in as he is back on the panel with MD Michelle Thomson and more.

    Checkout our FB page and also youtube channel to see BfS in previous events.

  20. Effie Deans says:

    Well done indeed. I’ve enjoyed visiting this site from time to time and have found that even if everyone disagrees with me they often do so with humour and sense. It’s good for democracy that there is a site where independence supporters can read articles written from their point of view and can comment freely.

  21. Helena Brown says:

    I think you are doing better than our un-esteemed MSM. Congratulations proof if needed that the truth will out.

  22. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    i feel a bit of an elmer myself, wots a bounce rate?

  23. msean says:

    Well done,great stats.Significantly,people aren’t just finding the site then leaving,they are looking for and finding something. Even if only some find a small thing,it will be passed on like the flu πŸ™‚

  24. Dan Huil says:

    Bounce Rate, I think, measures the number of times someone arrives at a website but then immediately moves on to another site without exploring the first site. In other words: the lower the percentage BR the better.

  25. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Well done Rev., To all posters as well, keep up the good fight for Scotland and her people. Vote yes Sept.2014

  26. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    The smaller the bounce rate. the more visitors are hanging about after they arrive.
    2% bounce is v impressive.

  27. I’ve had the same. Unfortunately they all try to sell my 2 real readers fake designer handbags. Oh well…

    Congrats on the milestone! Something to boast about indeed. πŸ™‚

  28. J. R. Tomlin says:

    I don’t see that anyone answered the question about bounce rate. Bounce is extremely important. It is the percentage of people who enter a website and immediately leave. That is a great bounce rate as is the average visit duration. It shows that the content is receiving examination rather than people popping in and immediately out again. Fantastic job, Stu.

    A certain really nasty newspaper must be ruing the free advertising they gave the site, too.

  29. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    1,004,175 is a lot if flickering Cybernat screens.

  30. Thanks, folks. Now understand, low bounce rate = good, high bounce rate = bad. Well, when yie started Rev, did yie ever think yie would see the day when yie would be this famous?

  31. handclapping says:

    Aha, now we know why Westminster brought in the Bedroom Tax, its so noone has anywhere to go to be a cybernat. If they can reduce the number of bedrooms they’ll reduce the number of visitors.

    Awesome, Stu. We’ll be getting some bang for our buck in the fundraiser. πŸ™‚

  32. AnneDon says:

    O/T, slightly.

    As I’m not in permanent employment, I can’t regularly contribute financially.

    However, I’ve started using WoS as my Amazon portal, so if I buy anything, it contributes of the pot.

    If enough other regular readers did the same thing, that would help raise funds for the site, without costing the readers anything.

  33. Fay-yes says:

    Go Cabernats!

  34. Murray McCallum says:

    Great set of figures in terms of volume and people clearly seeking information. Well deserved.

    I wonder if Robin McAlpine’s new blog “C’mon Scotland” could be added to the WOS “Scottish Politics” list. Robin writes about political strategy in a very accessible way. He also approaches dry subjects from a different angle.

    I really enjoy a whole range of pro-independence websites. They are all noticeably different in approach and content. Together they are pretty formidable.

    When people talk about Alex Salmond being the sole reason for an independence referendum (or even a simple discussion) they are just showing their ignorance. They are oblivious to the depth and variety of online content.

  35. Gordon Smith says:

    You had better watch out with numbers like that the “Dark Arts” will be used to take you offline.

  36. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    When I do a Google Search for a Scottish Independence blog or forum WOS does not appear in any of the search pages. Plenty of out of date sites but not this one.

    However when I do a Google Search for a Scottish political media digest as shown top right of this page WOS is number one on the search page.

    If I was just an ordinary joe soap I would be using the search word blog or forum.

    @ Rev – As you are using Google Analytics with such great results surely a tweak in the HTML ‘header’ of this website would make Wings number one in all Google keyword searches?

  37. Andy-B says:

    Well done Rev, I put your popularity, or the sites to be more specific (not taking anything away from you)down to you’re ability to show another side of the independence debate, and your uncanny blood hound nose, to sniff out a contorted lie when you see one.

    Though Better Together, makes your job a wee bit easier with their whopping lies, such as Dr Who and roaming charges, but you give the wee man and woman on the street, an alternative to the main stream media bias, which is much appreciated.

  38. Horacesaysyes says:

    Nicely done, Rev, and hello to the other 1,004,174 of you.

    Think we can hit the two million mark by September? πŸ™‚

  39. jingly jangly says:

    Brilliant, lets double it in the next 8 months…

  40. liz says:

    Just adding my well done.

    Sites like WoS are the only way to get the correct information out hence the moaning from U-KOK about cybernats.

  41. Macandroid says:

    Great stuff Stu
    I am 2 unique visitors as I check in from 2 different PCs – but fret not, as one of the IP addresses covers a few hundred users who will all appear as coming from the same place.

  42. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    Excellent work, even if idiots like David Erronovitch are included in the tally.

  43. bunter says:

    Well done to ”THE CONTROLLER”

  44. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Well Well done Stu! You put me to shame.

    How about a whip round among us to buy The Scotsman?

  45. Wee Jonny says:

    And quite right too Rev. Well deserved as the work you put into Wings is phenomenal. Without you we’d be fucked.

  46. Hazel Lewry says:

    That’s a great idea; how do you set up a portal for WOS into Amazon … we buy there a few times a year, so if a few pennies for every purchase is heading here, all the better!

  47. Alfresco Dent says:

    Congratulations to all of us.

  48. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Bounce Rate, I think, measures the number of times someone arrives at a website but then immediately moves on to another site without exploring the first site”

    It’s precisely that.

  49. jake says:

    keep the heid.
    Your figures are inflated by all those visits you’re getting from Cheltenham in Gloustershire, that and the ddos attacks, which of course are entirely unrelated.

  50. alexicon says:

    Well done wings.
    Rev is there any way of knowing where the hits (unique visitors) are coming from? I mean surely there not all coming through google.
    Forgive my ignorance in all things computer.


    Please explain how you go about doing that? The Amazon thingy.


    Had an interesting time in my local wetherspoons today.
    Heard 2 elderly (67ish) gentlemen talking about Independence, after I joined their conversation (we were having a ciggy outside) I found out that both were very well up for it and voting YES.
    They also told me their friend who had just left was a passionate nationalist and was voting YES.
    Point is that not all elder people are pro Labour anti Independence.
    Sure picked me up today.

    I was also speaking to 2 young gents who initiated talk on Independence and one was voting YES and the other said he was voting no.
    After a quite dignified discussion I’m sure the no voter was thinking again when he left.
    An interesting piece of information came out of that conversation with the younger YES voter. He said that his mother worked for Standard life in Scotland and that they have been informed by their high command in London (their boss) that if they vote no then Standard life will up sticks and move their head quarters to London.
    Blackmail in its lowest form and I understand that the boss of standard life is a Tory MP, maybe someone could correct me on that?
    It’s also worth considering taking any standard life products while they maintain this stance.
    Now we know what Mags Curran meant by industry bosses speaking up and threatening people with their jobs.

  51. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    2% Bounce Rate



    … anybody spot the connection?

  52. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Rev is there any way of knowing where the hits (unique visitors) are coming from? I mean surely there not all coming through google.”

    They come from all sorts of places. Facebook, Twitter, other sites, searches, and obviously people coming here directly through bookmarks. On a typical day Facebook is the biggest external source.

  53. Mary Bruce says:

    Brilliant stuff, Rev, well done! I agree with Wee Jonny: “Without you we’d be fucked.”

  54. Flower of Scotland says:

    @ alexicon
    My father was 89 yrs old when he died 2 yrs ago . He was avid Labour supporter nearly all his life but became an enthusiastic Nationalist in his last 5 yrs .
    Never too old to vote Yes !
    Sterling work Rev ! I’m a huge fan ,

  55. heedtracker says:

    Well done! How many times does your biggest fan Lord Foulkes drop by? It’s nice to think of the dear old tart in his tiara glaring at WoS on his ipad5, in that awful Westminster Lords restaurant. Online Freedom of speech must giving these lads serious indigestion.

    “Peers can enjoy seared scallops, foie gras and champagne risotto at the Barry Room private restaurant, part of a group of facilities catering to them and their guests which are subsidised by the taxpayer at a cost of Β£1.3m a year. A full roast dinner costs Β£9.50. Peers also receive a Β£300-a-day expenses allowance for attending the House of Lords.”

  56. HandandShrimp says:

    So what do we do to get more free advertising from the Wail?

    I hope you have thanked Kezia and the good Lords all πŸ™‚


    David Icke?

  57. Arbroath 1320 says:


    Can I please, please, please add my name to the ever growing list of honourable posters? πŸ™‚

    1,004,175 unique visitors eh?

    Wow, again :).

    That means an awful lot of flickering monitors in bedrooms being watched by Flickernats.

    I think with figures like these it is no surprise that the numbers of cybernats, cabernats, streetnats, flickernats, Scotnats, Indynats, and every other kind of nat is on the rise! Yee Ha!

  58. Kenny Ritchie says:

    I need to invest in my ‘WoS’ t-shirt now before the site goes mainstream.

  59. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    @ alexicon – The Amazon thingy comes under the expression Pay Per Click and a website host can put any number of adverts on his website. If you decide to go to Amazon using the banner on this page then WOS gets a penny in the jar for you clicking on the advert banner. That’s a basic description as there are many variants on the same theme.

    Not sure if WOS gets more than a penny if you buy something on Amazon as that would be a confidential agreement between Stu and Amazon. Hope that helps.

  60. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    @ alexicon – The Amazon thingy comes under the expression Pay Per Click and a website host can put any number of adverts on his website. If you decide to go to Amazon using the banner on this page then WOS gets a penny in the jar for you clicking on the advert banner. That’s a basic description as there are many variants on the same theme.

    Not sure if WOS gets more than a penny if you buy something on Amazon as that would be a confidential agreement between Stu and Amazon. Hope that helps.

  61. Vincent McDee says:


    When I went to my local library today(Angus Council) I noticed this

    From the 8th Of February to the 8th of March all standing fines can be forfeited by donating food to the local food bank.

    Scottish ingenuity at its best.

  62. alexicon says:

    Sorry for my [more than usual] bad English in that last post.
    I did say I was in my local after all πŸ™‚

  63. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @heedtracker says:
    How many times does your biggest fan Lord Foulkes drop by? It’s nice to think of the dear old tart in his tiara glaring at WoS on his ipad5

    Heedtracker, are you sure you aren’t The Baron?
    You seem to know everything about him.

    (Trick) Question: Is your iPad screen ‘flickering’?

  64. Tearlach says:

    I’m a wee bit embarrassed to raise this, but if I don’t, I’m sure that someone else will. Over the average week I access WoS from four different devices – home computer and work computer, mobile phone and tablet. All with different IP addresses. Are these unique visits – or at least were they the first time I used them?

  65. twenty14 says:

    Very impressive Rev – Well done.

    Another suggestion for a crowdfund that would poss make more money for bigger and better things.
    Not quite sure how it works but what if a unique/funny/clever video was made then uploaded to Youtube, which in turn was posted on FB by all of us – hopefully sending it viral. Is there not something in place that allows you to make big bucks if you Youtube vid gets loads of hits ? – apparently there are about 45million Scots ( or of Scots descent ) living outside Scotland – if we could think about getting these sort of numbers onboard we’d be on to good money. Have tried to find the Youtube clip of the Scottish guy ski-ing down the Edinburgh Castle embankment ( that had mega hits ) – just another one for the pot πŸ™‚

  66. Helpmaboab says:

    The groupthink tends towards approbation. I must therefore concur.

    All hail The Rev!

  67. Marcia says:


    You have an addiction – like the rest of us. πŸ™‚

  68. Clootie says:

    Thank you – the site may well make the critical difference during the run in to the vote.


  69. ronnie anderson says:

    @The Treeof liberty,5.28, lots of P P P P P Ps, Β£.s.d.,if the Rev lets the Advertizers, whits that sayin Rev, from small acorns grow. We,re on TURBO CHARGE, keep up the good work, all at WINGS COMMAND CENTRE.

  70. Julian Gibb says:

    Impressive stats. You would have thought that the penny would have dropped with the Herald, Scotsman and Daily Record.

    A business should address it’s customers requirements or they tend to go elsewhere.

  71. velofello says:

    Rev, you need to quadruple to 4 million viewers then I’ll be content that Indy is in the bag. That’s only circa additional 500,000 per month.

  72. Alba4Eva says:

    I have to agree Tearlach. I go on at work, at home on WiFi and on Wifi in a pub i frequent. Although saying that, I know of a good few folk who go on from my work, which would show up as the same ip. Even if there were quarter of a million viewers of this site, that would still be a very significant proportion of the voting population.

  73. Boorach says:

    Right… that’s it, I’m out of here. Was a time when this was the edgie place to be.

    Not any more it seems, everyone’s here including Jock Tamson’s bairns. Next hing will be respectability!! πŸ™‚

    Congrats Stuart, way to go.

  74. Boorach says:

    hing = thing


  75. Dan Huil says:

    O/T Just in case some don’t know, Labour for Independence national event at Dundee on February 28th at the Mark Henderson Centre. John McAllion one of the many speakers.

  76. TheGreatBaldo says:


    Remember Alan Savage fae the Orion Group last week telling us he flit Scotland if we dare to vote YES ??

    It’s obviously taxes he’s worried about and he’s a really classy guy πŸ™‚

  77. Paul says:

    O/T I have been invited to appear on the BBC Brian Taylor’s big debate in Linlithgow on Friday the 14th I can’t make that one but will be invited they say to the one to be held in Edinburgh on the 14th of March the venue will be announced later. Any topical questions have to be sent in by Email for the panellists of four to answer so I assume the BBC will vet them. Do you think I will still be invited when they know that I will be voting yes.

  78. Gallowglass says:

    Excellent stuff. Onwards and upwards Stuart the Good: The Black Campbell! πŸ˜‰

  79. Alba4Eva says:

    Paul, i’m led to believe that the BBC put a delay on the broadcast… so you will probably have to tell the truth on the question you ask. If you deviate, they will just cut it. I believe thats the case, if i’m wrong, then happy to be corrected.

  80. a supporter says:

    ” Clootie: Thank you – the site may well make the critical difference during the run in to the vote.”

    Wings WILL MAKE the critical difference in the vote.

  81. G H Graham says:

    That so many folks come here to inquire, exchange gossip, provide data & information is an uplifting revelation.

    Such a shame that we are so badly served by British (English) print/broadcast media when the very fabric of our government & the type of democracy we want is being tested.

    But I will feel no loss when The Scotsman, The Herald, The Daily Record & all those Scottish branded English titles disappear from the shelves for good.

  82. Bevrijdingsdag says:

    @Rev Stuart Campbell.

    Oor natural source of energy!

    Even half way up the mountain you can have a beautiful view.

  83. heedtracker says:

    Evening Calgacus MacAndrews, well one does one’s bit , excuse me a mo, waiter another round of the seared scallops there’s a good chap, service in the Barry Room is frightful.

    No am not Fifi. John UKOK Barrowman, hoots lady! Anyway can’t see Merry olde England keeping on all those Scottish nobles after indy somehow but you never know. Foulkes will probably do a Portillo at BetterTogetherBBC, front fantastically boring/expensive tv shows for years based on some dreary old Imperial Edwardian cruiseship spotter’s travelogue about how the world didn’t seem to manage without the British Empire, business class around said world.

  84. mr thms says:

    # Murray McCallum

    Thanks for the link to C’mon Scotland…

    Particularly liked the second blog entry on Scotland being a continuing state…

  85. Garry Henderson says:

    Keep up the good work Stu love my daily fix of WINGS

  86. mogabee says:

    Incredible how far this site has come. You do work awfully long hours at times, but the articles are always top notch.

    Don’t know where you get the stamina from!

    Well done.

  87. Les Wilson says:

    Can’t give any more praise than you have already had here Stu!

  88. Breastplate says:

    For well over a year and a half I read pretty much all the comments but now there are too many to keep up with.
    Congratulations Rev, I’m sure you need a break but obviously not until 19 September πŸ™‚

  89. Bevrijdingsdag says:

    GH Graham says:
    “But I will feel no loss when The Scotsman, The Herald, The Daily Record & all those Scottish branded English titles disappear from the shelves for good.

    Couldnae agree more. Boycott them all, even if that means sacrificing your favourite crossword or columnist, sports page or fashion article.

    Don’t contribute to the Unionist propaganda.

  90. FletcherOfSaltoun says:

    Fantastic work, Rev Stu! Keep going it is brilliant that we have you working as you do for Scottish independence.

  91. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    my pal is married to a yorkshire girl, a very strong no voter last year, he has just told me she is now a 100% yes. she believes her kids have a better future away from westminister. that no great?

  92. Croompenstein says:

    Well done Stuart, keep it up you are our main batter, the Bitter’s keep pitching up pish and you just keep batting them oot the park..(aw naw i said batter, i’m off for anither deep fried mars bar)

  93. Liz Quinn says:

    Terrific! Rev, you are a star. Thank you.

  94. Patrician says:

    1,004,517 now that is a lot of cultists.

  95. Cindie aka CR says:

    Great news!

  96. Paula says:

    Even once you take away the readers of this blog that are sassenachs, fae abroad or bide down south, then that is quite a good chunk of the Scots population. Wel done yous

  97. Stephen Brown says:

    Just to add to the bounce rate discussion, I come on the site at least twice a day to read posts but I also pop on quite often to use the site as a link to other pro-indy sites, call it laziness on my part, but if others come here to do the same, could explain a high proportion of the bounce rate.

  98. john king says:

    “I also think that there are a few people who have helped move the debate onwards and upwards, as with Kowalski’s Pile Ointment,”

    I truly don’t know what to say to that,…….. eh?

    thank you? πŸ™‚

  99. Dorothy Devine says:

    Congratulations !
    If you didn’t exist I would be in utter despair.

  100. Brotyboy says:

    @john king

    A reference to a Punch cartoon from about 40 years ago.

    ‘Onwards and upwards, through adversity we struggle, to reach for Kowalski’s Pile Ointment.’ ‘Apparently the advertising industry still has some way to go in Russia.’

  101. Marker Post says:

    We’re all cybernats and we’re okay,
    We work all night and we work all day.

    Many congrats, Rev.

  102. Albert Herring says:

    Nae wonder oor screens are flickering. They just cannae take it, Cap’n!

  103. The Man in the Jar says:

    Stu it is all down to hard work by yourself. Thank you!

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