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Scottish Labour policy update

Posted on September 14, 2012 by

We noted at the autumn 2012 reopening of Parliament that Scottish Labour were again attacking the SNP for being “obsessed” with the independence referendum at the expense of other matters of more direct concern to the people of Scotland. At that week’s FMQs, Johann Lamont also bitterly criticised Alex Salmond on the grounds of secrecy, with particular regard to future EU membership.

The implication, of course, is that were Labour in control of Holyrood they would be powering ahead with a dynamic programme of openly-declared policies. Now seems as good a time as any for a recap of what Scottish Labour’s positions currently are.

Known policies are highlighted in bold.

[UPDATED: 21st July 2013]

– on the constitution:Vote for the status quo and we’ll change things at some undetermined point in the future, in some unspecified way or ways (even though we just spent several years on the Calman Commission/Scotland Bill, supposedly coming up with a settled and lasting position on devolution).”

– on a replacement form of local taxation:We’ll get back to you on that.

– on the existing Council Tax: “We will either freeze, increase or cut Council Tax”

– on higher education funding: We haven’t made a decision yet.

– on fighting sectarianism: We refuse to participate in the discussion.

– on alcohol pricing:We’re for doing something, but not this.

– on gay marriage:The time is right to consult on options.

– on raising train fares above inflation: We are both for and against this.

– on maintaining/upgrading nuclear weapons: “the Labour Party has pledged its support for a ballistic [nuclear] missile-armed submarine platform based on continuous-at-sea deterrence.”

– on building a new generation of nuclear power stations: We haven’t ruled new nuclear power in, but neither have we ruled it out.

– on use of Scotland Bill taxation powers from 2016: If you have got tax powers, you have to make a decision as to whether you would use them.

– on maintaining universal benefits like prescriptions, personal care and bus travel for the elderly: Once we have decided as a country what kind of public services we aspire to, then we must have an honest debate about affordability.

If anyone has any more up-to-date information on these or any other Scottish Labour positions, please do send it in. In that event, you may wish to CC Johann Lamont.

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35 to “Scottish Labour policy update”

  1. Richie says:

    Hi Rev.
    From here it looks like you’ve got a dead link on the sectarianism bit. 

  2. MajorBloodnok says:

    They’ve only got one policy and that is to advocate the diametric opposite of whatever the SNP is doing.  An inspried and inspiring approach and long may it continue.  Meanwhile, the Scottish and UK governments get the future all sewn up…

  3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “From here it looks like you’ve got a dead link on the sectarianism bit.”

    Cheers, replaced with working one.

  4. scottish_skier says:

    MB: Meanwhile, the Scottish and UK governments get the future all sewn up…

    Aye, they both want just one question because they’re both after the same answer. 

    As Gideon said when playing out his role in Glasgow: ‘There is still an economic case for the union’. Yip, no certainly no political case, no real cultural case either, and team GB is hardly a solid foundation for the status quo. Economically, aye, we’re best sticking with the same currency initially and having a fiscal pact. No shocks to the economic system.  

    Nicely done Gideon. Got the subtle hints across and a good few anti-tory stories in the press to help with the yes vote. 

  5. MajorBloodnok says:


    Your analysis and arguments on this topic convinced me a while back of the realpolitik going on between SG and WG.  That’s not to say Westminster is not capable of perfidy and double dealing when it comes to it, but for the Tories it’s a very very clear opportunity to nobble the opposition (and their coalition partners) for good, particularly when combined with Westminster boundary changes, which you highlighted previously.

    Flies in ointment could potentially be a resounding NO vote and a resurgence of Labour in England at the next UKGE, although I am sure that that has already been wargamed and options considered.  Meanwhile, Labour has Johann Lamont, the Better Together campaign is already looking creaky and the SNP haven’t even started yet.

  6. Silverytay says:

    As MajorBloodnok says    
    S.L.P only have the one policy which is brought about by the rare illness known as the willie bain principle . Anything the S.N.P propose the S.L.P will oppose . Thankfully this illness seems to be confined to that rare  breed of unionists that infest the S.L.P . 

  7. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry for going O/T here Stu but I’ve come across these two articles that I think everyone would be interested in reading. Just make sure that you are sitting down BEFORE you read either of them. Oh and lock ALL throwable objects away BEFORE you read these articles as well. Medication may be required to be taken AFTER reading. 😀

    It would appear that despite comments to the contrary Westminster IS planning for an Independent Scotland after all.

  8. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry about that Stu I don’t know what has happened to the VASI article. It was quite “interesting.” The basics of the piece were that during the repainting of Westminster the House of Commons would move into Holyrood. The Scottish government would be moved elsewhere, the Dynamic Earth centre at the SECC.
    I think the article on the VASI site has been hacked. The home page of the VASI site has a hacked message on it.

  9. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Thanks for that CH. I’ll post the link on the other sites I’ve been on.
    This proves, yet again  that Westminster can not get rid of their “Empire” mind set. Well I reckon come 2014 they are going to be in one hell of a mess ’cause there is NO way this story is going to be allowed to happen.

  10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    BBC Scotlandshire is a spoof site.

  11. MajorBloodnok says:

    WHAT??!!  I thought BBC Scotland was the spoof site.

  12. Arbroath 1320 says:

    six and two threes Major., you takes your pick. 😀

  13. Morag says:

    The basics of the piece were that during the repainting of Westminster the House of Commons would move into Holyrood. The Scottish government would be moved elsewhere, the Dynamic Earth centre at the SECC.

    Do you get taken in a lot on 1st April, by the way?

  14. MajorBloodnok says:

    Tricia Marwick MSP the Presiding Officer told the BBC: “I might be able to fit half of them in the canteen, but the rest will be split between the earthquake simulator and the tropical rainforest. How is that ever going to work?”


  15. James Morton says:

    If you pay close attention to Labour (both westminster & scottish elements) you will find a very odd situation, were it seems they are trying hard not to have an opinion on anything whatsoever.
    They don’t want public sector unions to strike, becuase it would make it awkward for Miliband. They attack plan A, say there should be a plan B, but then dodge any situation were they have to describe what their plan A would be let alone plan B.
    Same with Scottish Parliament – long on critiques short on altenatives. Hence that bizarre statement by lamont about SNP policies being a ladder from 1970?
    I may be wrong – but imho, I think they are hoping to cruise along and win next general election by default. They then hope that bounce will help Slab take over scottish parliament again.

  16. MajorBloodnok says:

    By the way. regarding ‘Scottish’ Labour’s higher education funding policy conundrum, here are the consequences of Labour’s initiative carried forward by the coalition in England:

  17. YesYesYes says:

    Has anyone sought Lamont’s views on Jose Manuel Barroso’s speech a few days ago where he called for a European federation of nation-states? What is Scottish Labour’s position on EU federalism? We know that Scottish Labour is opposed to Scottish ‘separatism’ but they don’t seem to have voiced much opposition to the long-established position of UK separatism. Indeed, they seem to be all for it. Funny that.
    Continuing with the theme, it looks as if the French have upset England again (hooray!). First, we had Harry’s hairy arse, now we have Kate’s boobs. It is surely only a matter of time before we are permitted a sneak peak of the crown jewels? This can only end in a royal porno film, with a French director of course.

  18. Juteman says:

    Call me a cynic, but hasn’t Kates thruppeny bits been photographed at a convenient time?
    Front page news my arse.
    I didn’t look at the photos online. Honest. 🙂

  19. Morag says:

    Did you see the jokey caption on the one on Google Images?  “And to think that last year you dragged me to Scotland with Mama Zaza.”
    Visit Scotland should sue as well.

  20. Juteman says:

    Sorry to go O/T.
     I’ve just watched STV and BBC Scotland coverage of the Scots Olympians parade in Glasgow. The difference was very noticable. STV had plenty of shots of the bus draped in Saltires, not one Union Jack on the bus. Athletes remarked that they were so proud to be Scottish. They even finished with a shot of Chris Hoy draped in a Saltire.
    The BBC were obviously filming a different event.
    Very few shots of the Saltire draped bus. The BBC reporter singled out an elderly woman in the crowd to interview about so proud she was of the British athletes. A sailing medallist was interviewed, and prompted into saying how proud he was to wave the Union Jack when he won.

  21. Juteman says:

    I saw that Morag, but don’t speak French(German at school). I recognised the word ‘Ecosse’ though.

  22. Arbroath 1320 says:

    I think there may be a clue is in their names Juteman. 😀
    Triple Y, does the Lamentable one even know who Jose Manuel Barroso is far less having any views on what he said. Oops I forgot, Millipede hasn’t been in touch with her recently so of course she doesn’t have a view.
    James it’s all well and good SLAB hoping to win the next Scottish election but as we all know hope is never good enough on its own, you need to do the ground work as well, including coming up with genuine and realistic policies. As we all know the last part of this is impossible for SLAB, they are incapable of coming up with ANY policy except of course everybody’s favourite policy……oppose everything from the S.N.P.

  23. Silverytay says:

    Check out VASI or Peter A Bell to find out what the Rt Hon ian davidson has been upto now .
    How one political party can have so many sick people in it is beyond belief .
    Davidson is a one man army on persuading people to vote yes . 

  24. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Arby, asking nicely: can we stop using terms like “the Lamentable one” and “Millipede”, perhaps?

  25. Juteman says:

    Just read that, Silverytay. Thanks.
    The man is a dangerous dinosaur.

  26. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry Stu. Hand well and truly smacked.

  27. Silverytay says:

    No problem 
    I dont suppose we will hear any condemnation from slab about this .
    The other howler from his committee is that dounreay will have to remain part of the ruk after Scottish Independence .

  28. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry O/T here.
    Just heard from our contact in Dumfries who has been trying to organise a bus for some mysterious event on the 22nd. Apparently she has been unable to get a bus from anywhere in the area on the 22nd. It would appear that all the local companies are fully booked up for some obscure reason, consequently the NEAREST place she has been able to get a bus from is ENGLAND!
    If all these busses are heading for the same location the local bus spotters are going to have a field day. 😀
    Doesn’t irony run in mysterious circles or what? 😆

  29. Morag says:

    Well, I’m booked on the bus coming up from Dumfries, and it’s only a half-size one, and nobody said anything about having to get it from England.  So far as I know the only dedicated bus from Dumfries specifically going to the march is a single 26-seater.

    The Catalans managed seven figures for their march, I understand, but I think we’re too complacent to rush to a march which is only for show after all.  We’ve got our referendum booked, after all, unlike them.

  30. Arbroath 1320 says:

    I can’t remember Morag, but I think our bus is a 33 seater. I’ll find out more info tomorrow.
    I must admit though that with all the stuff I’ve seen over the past few weeks i think the 22nd will turn out to be something special. I sincerely hope so anyway. I’m not sure that we’ll be able to match the Catalan’s, which is a pity, but it will be a fantastic turnout all the same.
    O/T but interesting all the same.
    I see Ed Milliband has finally come out and admitted what we all knew already. There is no such thing as the Labour party any more.

  31. J. R. Tomlin says:

    “My Dad was sceptical of all the Thatcher aspirational stuff,” he [Miliband] says. “But I felt you sort of had to recognise that what she was talking about struck a chord. I want to save capitalism from itself.”
    Oh, that should go over well in Scotland. I suppose next he’ll propose loving the poll tax?

  32. DJ says:

    Only way I can sum up the Scottish Labour Party –  Judean People’s Front. And I don’t mean the easy laugh “wankers” tag. It’s all about hatred for hatred’s sake.

  33. Davy says:

    For all the posturing and nil policies of the unionist parties, this battle for independence is about one thing only for them, and that is the control of Scotlands wealth.

    For all the noise and squealing about being “better together” from labour & tory parties in Scotland, it is really about Westminster keeping control of Scotlands main taxes and revenues and the rewards the unionist supporters will recieve if they can maintain the status quo, ie(key to the Lords bog).

    The shame of it is that we will have to endure another two years of the screaming meannies storys about how bad we are, how stupid we are, we really cant be trusted to look after ourselves, and it all will be because of selfishness and self interest. it will never be for the good of Scotland and its people. So every time a unionist politian starts chunntering about being “better together” just say to yourself whats in it for them, and tell anyone with you thats nae for your benefit its for your money’s.

    Vote Yes, Vote for a positive Scotland. 

  34. charlie says:

    Stu any chance of a start a thread button? You’re doing good stuff, very good stuff, but when there’s another thought it gets buried in the comments



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