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Rhubarb and crumbling

Posted on January 11, 2021 by

Since the events of the last few days, folks, we’ve noticed a real ramping up of abuse towards Wings on social media from what one might call the small-L “loyalist” cult wing of the SNP. Like this dude, for example.

(A “miserable misogynist misanthrope” and “yesterday’s boring fart”? That’s a simply outrageous slur. I’m not misogynist.)

Alarmed at the news our traffic was apparently “collapsing”, we thought we’d check to see whether the situation was beyond saving.

Compact version:

Oh. That doesn’t seem too bad tbh. Certainly moving in the right direction over the last three times we’ve bothered to check the stats. We’ll try not to panic.

PS while we’re on the subject of abuse, we couldn’t suppress a small splutter here:

We don’t mind telling you, that did seem a little bit rich coming from the guy who called us all these things in the last week alone:

Now, full disclosure – I did call James a c*nt last week, with much justification, but then I’m not the one issuing pious declarations that personal abuse is intolerable. I have no problem with grown-ups calling each other names once in a while as long as nobody gets shot or actually defamed. I get called a c*nt on Twitter – at a really conservative estimate – 50 times a day, and, y’know, *shrug*. It’s just words on the internet, kids.

(And as for “creepy obsession”, Scot Goes Pop has run 33 articles entirely or mostly concerned with attacking myself and/or Wings in similar terms in the past 18 months or so, whereas we’ve written ONE about him. Which by coincidence is a ratio remarkably close to the 29:1 by which Wings’ readership outstripped SGP’s last month.)

It’s almost as hypocritical as the disgusting little jizzdrip he was complaining about:

But anyway, we’ll leave the deranged personal attack rants to others and keep writing interesting articles about Scottish politics that people clearly want to read.

And perhaps that’s because curiously, nobody else is doing it. Despite the enormous magnitude of the stories that have broken about the Salmond/Sturgeon schism in the last few days and their potentially massive impact on the Yes movement, none of the other well-known pro-indy Scottish politics blogs have written so much as a single word about them. (Go and check for yourself.)

It’s most peculiar. Maybe they’re hoping – as the people above are with Wings – that if they just shut their eyes and wish hard enough, it’ll all go away. But it won’t, readers, and neither will we. See you for more actual Scottish political reporting tomorrow.

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105 to “Rhubarb and crumbling”

  1. Muscleguy says:

    I think there’s a psychological term for calling people out for that which you are yourself guilty of. Oh yes, projection.

    I have no idea what Jo Cherry is supposed to be guilty of according to Archibald. Anyone?

  2. MaggieC says:

    Thanks Rev Stuart ,

    Best laugh I’ve had in ages reading that , I’m now away to change my jumper as i was taking a drink of my cup of tea when i started to read it . I’ll need to make another cup of tea now LOL .

    By the way keep doing what you do if for no other reason than to wind up all the little shits .

  3. Cath says:

    I have no idea what Jo Cherry is supposed to be guilty of according to Archibald. Anyone?

    Archibald is a self proclaimed “male feminist”. Joanna Cherry is a mere woman – and worse a lesbian – who dares disagree with him on women’s issues. Like so many similar men, that gives him the absolute right to be abusive towards her. A hell of a lot of it about right now.

  4. twathater says:

    Is there a name for a collective shower of twats that can be used to describe people who are unaware that they belong within the TWAT fraternity , and BTW Stuart there are some other bloggers who recently have shown the integrity to follow your lead , Iain Lawson , Barrhead Boy , Grumpy Scottish Man

  5. Shiregirl says:

    Think they luv you. Protesting far too much.

  6. Kenny says:

    Cherry’s mistake was to use the Irish experience as a precedent that agreement from Westminster is not necessary for a nation to leave the United Kingdom. It seems as though a whole lot of Scottish folk read the headline and knew that Cherry was not exploring constitutional precedent, but demanding immediate civil war and the partition of Scotland followed by decades of further conflict. Meanwhile, the Irish Times, which obviously has much less knowledge of everything than the geniuses who know how awful and evil Cherry is, and certainly know nothing about Irish history, wrote a pretty straight news piece on how the First Daìl was being used by an eminent lawyer and MP as an example of how Scotland might proceed in the face of continued Westminster intransigence. Fucking potato-munching idiots, eh? ?

  7. TruthForDummies says:

    There was another two blogs today both good
    Ian Lawson and Dangerfield
    I’m sure BarrheadBoy will also weigh in

  8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “There was another two blogs today both good
    Ian Lawson and Dangerfield
    I’m sure BarrheadBoy will also weigh in”

    Absolutely, and the first two in particular are splendid, which is why they’re on our links bar. But they’re not the better-known ones (none of them register at all on SimilarWeb for stats).

  9. Tannadice Boy says:

    @TruthForDummies 9:51pm
    And Grousebeater. I see Pete Wishart is complaining about being blocked by AUOBALBA. Too many Snpbad comments from their leadership he says and wonders why he got blocked.

  10. Mc Duff says:

    I don’t know what we would do without WoS . Thank you.
    As for the rest of these sites one wonders what is the mind set of those who follow them as it cant be independence.

  11. susanXX says:

    The SNP are now worse than Labour in Scotland. Labour only took their voters for granted, the SNP also adopt a holier than thou attitude coupled to a disturbing penchant for authoritarianism.

  12. kapelmeister says:

    Lesley Storm has got a way with words.

    An inept way.

  13. Astonished says:

    I think all the hate and misogyny from the wokeratti is they’re finally getting to do their “dying swan ” act. Good riddance .

    We wont forget what you did to our party.

    Is Alex Salmond appearing tomorrow ? Prepare for attacks of the vapours.

  14. Sweep says:

    Mammoth Wail really has cross(dress)ed over to the Dork Side these days.

    James Kelly reminds me more and more of that other “Protestor Too Much” of days gone by who pursued the Rev with all the pathos of an abandoned puppy. I used to refer to him as #NeedyKev. Happy days.

  15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Is Alex Salmond appearing tomorrow ? Prepare for attacks of the vapours.”

    No, Leslie Evans again tomorrow. We’ll have an article up at 8am.

  16. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘Miserable misogynist misanthrope.’ Nice use of excoriating alliteration. Wonder how long it took her, sorry him, sorry shim, sorry sham, sorry spam…to think that one up? A James Joyce in the making!

  17. James Horace says:

    I like watching ma boy Facundo Savala and James Kelly together

  18. Beaker says:

    “Wingsy the Stalker”. Sounds like something out of X-Men.

    Special abilities can fly and move silently. Creative vocabulary backed up with a hammer.

    I’ll see myself out…

  19. Saffron Robe says:

    You’re soaring above the rest Stuart!

    You must not be guilty of unjust verdicts…
    You must not slander your own people…
    You must not bear hatred for your brother in your own heart…
    If a stranger lives with you in your land, do not molest him…
    You must count him as one of your countrymen and love him as yourself – for you yourselves were once strangers in Egypt.

    Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18

  20. Bob Costello says:

    Look forward to more tomorrow. If it was not for Wings, I honestly believe we would be drawing to the end of the chances for independence in the foreseeable future

  21. Craig Murray says:

    Can anybody point me towards the most up to date version of Daisy Walker’s timeline? Working on my defence documents and would be very helpful to have it next to me.

  22. Joan Savage says:

    Despite my respect, indeed my gratitude to Wings for its forensic and courageous information and analysis, I disagree with Stuart’s use of a word for ‘vagina’ to typify foulness, baseness or other forms of extreme negativity.

    Words can degrade, destroy dignity and confidence. That’s why all societies have words that are regarded as abhorrent although attitudes might change with regard to particular words. Racist terms are no longer acceptable. Not because a word in itself is ‘bad’, but because the intention is to use the word to denigrate. Hence I would not use a particular term for a black person although if used literally it stems from the Latin word for ‘black’.

    When a word for ‘vagina’ is used to signify the most foul, dirty and repulsive insult possible, it feels distressing to me and an indictment of an historically misogynistic society. This is why most women I know hate to hear it thrown as an insult. As though what is essentially female is essentially foul. A black woman friend says that being called a cxxt is as upsetting to her as woman as being called a racist term is to her as a black person.

    The equivalent male term is never used with such venom and is never pronounced with the degree of intended degradation. Yet the penis is not only an organ of generation. It conveys waste matter as does the anus. There is no word for either of these body parts that is used with such hatred and intended insult as when a person is referred to by a word for vagina – the benign organ that gives life to most of us. DH Lawrence tried to properly reclaim this word as one for lovemaking.

    I don’t expect the Rev to agree with me but we all
    set criteria for who and what we read. I don’t read Twitter for reasons obvious from what I have written above. So far, my experience of the Rev on Wings the blog has invaluable and the writing both clear and devoid of gutter-insult. I hope that standard is retained.

  23. MaggieC says:

    Rev Stuart Campbell ,

    I’ve just seen this comment on WGD , This one might even beat the one from Lesley Storm , LOL .

    “ I’m afraid the desperation to metaphorically murder Nicola Sturgeon in print has risen to outrageously mentally irregular levels with the drone from the Bathistan Chronicle, the lengths he’s now going to to fabricate justifications for his brain bursts of psychic clarities even surpasses Donald Trump in a George Galloway hat smoking a David Icke lizard in its nonsensical delusional paranoia, whoever’s paying him for this must be getting well embarrassed by now “

  24. TruthForDummies says:

    I like James Kelly. I’m totally into opinion polls also he does stand up for Alex and others.

    Fun Fact

    Survation December 20 – SNP constituency 53 List 41
    Survation. January 16 – SNP constituency 52 List 42

    So basically identical for the point in the cycle, So, NS is not as brilliant as they like to make out and HR21 is not in the bag.

    I notice most MPs and MSPs are keeping their heads down. NS has sent out Humza, Angus R and Kirsten using a subsample from a uk poll to prove how brilliant NS is. But her support is falling away on Twitter just a few accounts with low hundred followers. Support is with Mark and Alex and for some the penny is dropping, Twitter is dividing …. 1 Alex and Mark supporters 2. Wheesht for Indy 3. Nicola Sychophants – divides between paid and true believers. Splitting about 50/20/15 paid 15 true believers

    Nastiness about Alex to be expected but they know it’s nonsense but they hate Alex and are having a go, usually low followers and Alex is getting loads of support so they don’t get away with it,

    It doesn’t matter how popular you are if you try to jail your predecessor and then lie about it, when you get caught you’re out.

    This is brilliant for the unionists and I think they may change their mind about postponing May, they can’t give the SNP time to get this sorted

    But NS and her cabal are frankly evil and I’ll take my chances with the unionists. It will delay independence but not for as long as it would be delayed if NS stays FM

  25. kapelmeister says:

    If we ditched Sturgeon and did a First Dail then the wokenats would want the Black and Trans sent in as retaliation.

  26. John Richards says:

    You say “full disclosure” but missed out the bit where you had your lawyer e-mail him about a comment from a third party. Aren’t those also just words on the internet?

  27. Hugh Jarse says:

    Deep down MaggieC, they know!
    Denial first.
    It is grief.

  28. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    ““ I’m afraid the desperation to metaphorically murder Nicola Sturgeon in print has risen to outrageously mentally irregular levels with the drone from the Bathistan Chronicle, the lengths he’s now going to to fabricate justifications for his brain bursts of psychic clarities even surpasses Donald Trump in a George Galloway hat smoking a David Icke lizard in its nonsensical delusional paranoia, whoever’s paying him for this must be getting well embarrassed by now “”

    I didn’t even know my mum was still reading it.

  29. Dan says:

    @ Tannadice Boy

    Baffieman appears to spend an awfy lot of time complaining these days.
    I diagnose the issue has been caused by the soft cosy footwear and 20 year build up of security cushion comforts accrued from Westminster, making one so fuckin comfortable that just aboot any micro disturbance from that blissful pampered state is deemed annoying.
    I’m minded of the Princess and the Pea…

    He should be happy with some SNPNotGood shiz. He and his Party are getting constructive criticism for free! He’ll no doubt be annoyed about that too though, as the Party seemed to be far happier when they were blowing wads of membership monies and Yessers’ donations.

  30. TruthForDummies says:


    Haha Wishart complaining about being blocked when he boasts about blocking folk

  31. Hugh Jarse says:

    With the Bengal Lancers bringing up the rear kapelmeister?

    Maybe the 77th ‘Cottagers’ Brigade will make a show!

  32. Andy McColl says:

    Right enough Stu.

    That is exactly why I check weblogs in the following order….

    First. Wings.
    The rest, nowhere.
    You are indeed the Eclipse of the scotpoliticalpod universe.

    Then the rest. The other go-to options (in ordeelr) Craig Murray, Barrhead Boy, Grousebeater. Dangerfield, Prof John, Lawson, Calton Jock, Campbell Martin, Jeggit don’t post every day. But they widnae shy away from Alex.

  33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You say “full disclosure” but missed out the bit where you had your lawyer e-mail him about a comment from a third party.”

    I see you didn’t bother yourself to read as far as the bit where I said “or actually defamed”. So piss off.

  34. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Can anybody point me towards the most up to date version of Daisy Walker’s timeline?”

    Not quite sure what you mean by that…

  35. kapelmeister says:

    The Bathistan Chronicles. Is that no by that Anthony Trollope?

  36. PhilM says:

    Joanna Cherry is a potential leader of a movement, even perhaps of a nation. She is clearly a ‘somebody’. Cameron Artichoke is a nobody who thinks he’s a somebody. I predict a great future if he restricts his ambitions to sorting mail during the Christmas rush.
    (I am of course an utter nobody and use my nihilism to further world peace, love and understanding…as if that matters…)

  37. Morgatron says:

    Thank goodness your here Stu.

  38. MaggieC says:

    Rev Stuart Campbell @ 10.44 pm ,

    “ I didn’t even know my mum was still reading it. “

    Stuart , As the saying goes “ If you don’t laugh you may as well cry “ but at least we can still get a good laugh at life .

  39. Derek says:

    @kapelmeister says:
    11 January, 2021 at 10:42 pm
    If we ditched Sturgeon and did a First Dail then the wokenats would want the Black and Trans sent in as retaliation.

    I was right, you are here all week!

  40. Bob Mack says:

    @Rev ,

    Poster Daisy Walker did time line of events re who knew what
    and when about the Salmond Inquiry. I think there is a film on you tube about it, but there certainly is a long lost on your site. My memory fails me on which blog.

  41. Sarah says:

    @ Rev at 10.54: Craig is referring to the timeline of Nicola Sturgeons meetings about the harassment stuff that Daisy was working out in November [pre-Conference, I think] and posting on here.

  42. kapelmeister says:


    Try the veal.

  43. robertknight says:

    Just keep on keeping on, Rev.


  44. MaggieC says:

    Susan @ 10:07 pm

    “ The SNP are now worse than Labour in Scotland. “

    I still maintain that a lot of “ the Snp “ would have been in the Labour Party if the Labour vote hadn’t collapsed in 2015 and a lot of the new SNP “ membership “ saw it as an opportunity to advance their own careers .

  45. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Dan 10:45
    My belief is the SNP elected officials got accustomed to the genuine adulation of Yessers and the party membership following the Independence Referendum. However gone are the days of packed cheering venues. Looking back on that period it probably wasn’t healthy. Nowadays their policies and tactics are challenged almost everyday. A more normal political equilibrium. Stu’s blog will hit over a million in the run up to the election. An influence that can’t be controlled by the SNP. And that’s the issue for them. Most of the SNP elected officials are like nodding dogs on the dashboard. That concentration of power in the hands of a few has led to poor decision making.

  46. Davie Oga says:

    There have been at least 8 fake account ‘s posting the exact same message
    around twitter under different names

    If anyone thinks
    is going to be damaged due to the actions of her then male superior then they need to get their head out of the 1970s. Don’t try and make a woman responsible for a man’s actions. #Salmond

    Also posted a message last week implying that an early referendum is the best hope for the tories. Half assed bottling from the Junta? Incompetent, fake twitter accounts would tie in with the rest of the ineptitude.

    I wouldn’t over estimate the FM’s support on this issue. The knowns are bad but the unknowns to come are worse. This transcends the unionist/nationalist divide. What they have done is a complete perversion of normal behaviour and abhorrent to all right thinking people regardless of their persuasion.

  47. Dan says:

    @ Craig Murray

    This first link is the most recent timeline I have found for Daisy.

    Here’s a couple of other posts that may hold some interest.

  48. Martyn says:

    The reason i keep coming back Stu is that your articles are linked or have photo evidence for anything you say. It isnt a mash of opinions with the occasional fact thrown in.

    The whinging about words used is just petulant arseholes who can’t attack your message, so deflect with the language.

    Fuck them.

  49. Blackford Wheeler says:

    “Can anybody point me towards the most up to date version of Daisy Walker’s timeline?”

  50. Dan says:

    Oops that first link is to the comment just after Daisy’s timeline post. Here’s the direct link, scroll up as it’s long post.

  51. Sharny Dubs says:

    Posting at 8:00am!!
    Ok ok so I better get up early have a shower, tidy the house, clear the dishes and be ready with a coffee.
    Otherwise I’ll find myself still in my pj’s at 2:00 pm.
    Curse you wings!!

  52. Indy Unicorn says:

    “Can anybody point me towards the most up to date version of Daisy Walker’s timeline?”

    Not quite sure what you mean by that…

    Daisy Walker = Librarian = NS?

  53. Craig Sheridan says:

    Hopefully by the end of tomorrow Lesley Evans will be the not so permanent secretary.

  54. Frazerio says:

    When Eck had done nothing wrong, the MSM onslaught was and still is appalling up to and including chucking him in with the Moors Murderers. Front pages, Wark documentaries etc.
    NS has a track record of failure, is embroiled in a truly wicked stitch up of her mentor and leads what looks to be a more inept and corrupt government than Boris Bliddy Johnson. And there are only begrudging mentions in the MSM at best, usually with another helping of Salmond bad alongside.
    The coverage is remarkable really.

    Another thing we used to get het up about when Unionists mentioned it, which is most amusing now, do Wings readers think we’ve finally reached or passed ‘peak SNP’???

    What will they be thinking in the Dugdale household???

  55. Intractable Potsherd says:

    For what it’s worth, Rev, I’ll keep visiting your blog every day *because* you keep rattling cages with facts. There are a lot of people who don’t want to see that the SNP they have supported in the past is not the one they have now. I really hope they claim their party back soon, but they actually have to *do* something about it. Joanna Cherry shows some hope, but so far she’s talking a good game, nothing more.

  56. Breastplate says:

    Well done Dan, I could have spent months looking for that.

  57. Helen Yates says:

    Was just about to go to bed when I noticed this post from you and have to say it fair cheered me up just when I needed it after watching Scotland Tonight.
    Don’t know if you saw it but our Kezia was on with three other women and of course they discussed the stooshie between Alex and Sturgeon.

    Kezia as predicted was quick to remind us all about the poor women behind this who apparently have been forgotten about, I was shouting at the telly that No, Kezia they’ve definitely not been forgotten about, you know as you do, anyway when asked if she thought Nicola would have to resign if found to have misled parliament she said not necessarily, it would depend on whether it was felt that it was deliberate or not.
    I truly hope she’s wrong on that.

    Also it would appear no one is interested in this spat between Alex and Salmond according to the other two women, what with covid and everything and it really is no more than those for Alex and those for Sturgeon having a go at each other on social media when everyone else couldn’t give a damn. they did say people could start taking an interest once Alex and Sturgeon appear at the enquiry.
    I did wonder if they are on Twitter because I sure as hell see many people who are interested in the case.

    Anyway thought I’d just share that before I retire, oh by the way I agree Kelly can be a right c*nt at times.
    Keep on doing what you do, there’s a reason why your blog is top of the list.
    Night Night.

  58. Alf Baird says:

    Kelly needs to consider the new indy list parties also led by former SNP MSP’s and just admit he either didn’t/doesn’t have a scoobie aboot D’Hondt, or is happy to undermine the cause.

  59. Hatuey says:

    Wings: “Maybe they’re hoping… that if they just shut their eyes and wish hard enough, it’ll all go away.”

    Or maybe they are hoping for some sort of pat on the back, endorsement, donation, grant, job, tickets to the ball, or some other variation of the kickback.

    Maybe they’re scared. Or, no laughing at the back, maybe they’re hoping the SNP will march us to independence… Maybe they’re hoping to skip the vaccination queue.

    We can only speculate.

    It is very odd that none of the other blogs are writing about this, though. Couldn’t someone ask them?

  60. Hugh Jarse says:

    So, So many morgages must be locked into the cult of Nicky!
    You’re hearing the whelping of our unco guid.
    The ‘Scottish ‘ establishment,undergoing an existential crisis.

    They’ll get over it, adjust, and attempt to grab what they can. As per.

    What comes after denial?

  61. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    One question Rev Stu, who benefits from all this in-fighting? It’s certainly not the pro-indy campaign. We’re all comrades on the same side, wanting a better Scotland, please think about it.

  62. MaggieC says:

    Re Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

    Just a reminder about the details of tomorrow’s meeting ,

    The Committee will next meet on Tuesday 12 January at 11:00am when it will take evidence from the Permanent Secretary. This meeting will be held virtually.

    Public papers for the meeting ,

  63. holymacmoses says:

    Wings, I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be about Independence, if it weren’t for your articles. So many people writing so much trash with the slightest thought for the meaning of the words. Thanks a million.

  64. madridjim says:

    Wee Ginger is a sell out Bastard.

    First met him N his dug at Martin Keatings first Forward as one rally 2018. I’d been back from living in Spain just a month & I was keen to chat with a fellow Scot who’d lived in Spain. Rude cunt says, “stay away from my dug”

    Never off the AUOB, Hope over Fear stage for rest of 2018 & then he visited our Hub in Kirkcaldy twice in the space of 6 months.

    The 1st time, gaelic maps under his arm all friendly, radical “how can an Indy country no hae it’s own indy curency?”… healthy round of applause mair gaelic maps sold..ching fkn ching

    2nd visit beginning of 2019, sponsored & accompanied by the editor of the Sunday National. A little less radical though still spouting the same Margaret Curran jokes that don’t travel as well to Fife as Glasgow.

    Question time

    THanks Paul, What’s your take on the currency situation?

    Stock Growth Commision answer, “keep the £ till it’s convenient to set up our own central bank etc”

    Thinks wtf? That’s a bit of a U-turn from 6 months ago. Right ya bam…

    My Irish mates tell me their currency was tied to £ for a long time & their economy only started to grow when they joined the ERM and launched the Punt. Are you saying…
    “I’m saying the Irish economy wasn’t controlled by BoE interest rates for a long time”

    Didn’t have the facts ready to rebuff so let his waffle go.

    Last week when I reminded him on a twitter post of his radical change of heart he called me a liar & a twat then blocked me before I could expand.

    My neighbour had a stroke in August and is still hospitalised to this day. Mr Kavanagh had a stroke recently and conned the indy movement out of £50k to get a house.

    The Lazarus of indy bloggers it would appear.

  65. George Rutherford says:

    Madrid Jim 12.57am

    Spot on about the character they call wee Ginger dug. He’s a Chancer.

    And there are a few of his supporters who are just as bad.

    They sit on his website running down Wings, and then, at the first sign of a rally, they stand at the Wings stall, calling it their own.

    Talk about hypocrisy, that shower over on wee Ginger dug have got it in spades.

    You know who you are, and so do we.

    You picked your pishy bed,,,so lie on it.

  66. Iain More says:

    It seems that Lesley Storm whoever he is has forgotten that it should be Scots Indy First, Second, Third and last. I can only assume that Lesley Storm isn’t a Scot Nat and doesn’t believe in Scots Indy.

    Cameron Archibald is another wanker posing as a Scot Nat as well it seems. Who in the fuck is he by the way?

    My first mantra is Scots Indy First, Second, Third and last. My second mantra is Scotland First, Second, Third and last.

    How many of the SNPs elected Reps and Candidates actually put Scots Indy first or even Scotland first now? Giy few it seems.

  67. Al-Stuart says:

    Sorry James Kelly,

    I burst out laughing at seeing your little mushroom of a readership numbers. 33,000 people have your rancid manure shoveled on their wee mushroom heads.

    James, do you have visitor-number-envy?

    Seriously, you are out-ranked, out-weighed, out-smarted, out-thought and out-written by Stuart Campbell.

    Wee Jimmy, are he no’ affronted?

    You’re 33,000 compared to the massive 942,000 of Wings shows you up for what you are.

    An over-promoted narcissistic avaricious wee nyaff with delusions of adequacy.

    It is clear your arrogant narrative of the privy legal missives is you trying to get that anemic cadaver skin some vitamin D and suntan with reflected glory from Wings and your trying to play with the big boys and girls.

    Jiminy crackpot, maybe time for you to start writing about a subject within your area of expertise…







    I reckon half your readership comes from Wings when Stuart Campbell mentions one of the many facts you get wrong.

    Seriously, you are 3.5% the size of Stuart’s website. So if 1.75% of the Wings readership were reading something here and a BTL person mentioned a brain-fart of an article you jizzed out of your sticky wee keyboard, the referrals would equate to 50% of your readership coming from Wings.

    James Kelly, whilst you go off and drink some camomile tea to calm your massive mouse-turd size of an intellect, perhaps you have to consider whether Stuart Campbell is correct.

    That Nicola Sturgeon really is a mandate wasting liar who has no intimacy

  68. David Holden says:

    Well just visited your two nearest rivals to give them a hit and a bit of a leg up. Paul has not posted anything since the 6th so I hope his health is OK. The usual suspects are rattling on in the comments section about how most of the hits on this site are people dropping in to see how vile it is. That was my first visit to Bella in over a month and just reminded myself why I had not been back for so long. Funny how when you post content people want to read the hits go up though I doubt it will catch on. Stu does seem to be the marmite version of bloggers but you don’t have to like him as his work stands the test of scrutiny so people keep coming back. After Indyref I used to read everything out there but as time moves on you get a feel for the blogs worth bothering with and read accordingly. Perhaps it is time for a Wings fundraiser as that usually tips the whingers over the edge. If you don’t like a blog don’t bloody read the thing .SIMPLES.

  69. Al-Stuart says:

    …that Nicola Sturgeon really is a mandate-wasting liar who has no honesty and tried to get rid of a political giant by being complicit in fitting him up for rape.

    Jimmy, when are you going to admit the hard work done in researching and exposing the fifth column McWoke Sturgeonites who have been given five IndyRef mandates by us and wasting every single one?

  70. Saffron Robe says:

    As anyone who has grown up in Glasgow will know, it is never a good idea to antagonise either side of the Old Firm. The Scottish Government having antagonised Rangers supporters with their involvement in malicious prosecutions seem intent on doing the same with Celtic supporters – Nicola Sturgeon attacking the club over their trip to Dubai.

    Whether we like it or not, Old Firm fans are integral to the body politic and comprise possibly the largest voting base in Glasgow. Is Nicola Sturgeon not burning her own house down? Does a criminal not commit arson to destroy the evidence of their crimes?

    The Murrells are indivisible and will bring the house down with them…the Murrells are indivisible and will burn the house down with them…Nero fiddled as he watched Rome burn…

    (The expression has a double meaning: Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis.)

    Helen Yates says:

    “Kezia as predicted was quick to remind us all about the poor women behind this who apparently have been forgotten about.”

    “When one acts on pity against justice, it is the good whom one punishes for the sake of the evil; when one saves the guilty from suffering, it is the innocent whom one forces to suffer. There is no escape from justice, nothing can be unearned and unpaid for in the universe, neither in matter nor in spirit – and if the guilty do not pay, then the innocent have to pay it.”

    Ayn Rand

  71. Gav says:

    Cheers stu, that gave me a few hearty chuckles. Thanks for everything you do ?

  72. Willie says:

    Good viewing figures Rev – most very excellent in fact.

    Certainly tells you that folks want to read what you say. That however you are now getting attack which is no more than name calling abuse further tells you that your informed comment is exposing facts that cannot be denied. You, and indeed others ploughing the same path of exposing what is going on should take some satisfaction in the essential service that you provide.

    Name calling, character smearing is the other side of physical abuse.And abuse is what Nicola Sturgeon and her clique are about. Your blog Sir, and that of some notable others, are the antidote to abuse and the misuse of power.

    So keep informing Rev, keep shining a light into dirty dark places. And yeh, good viewing figures, you don’t get viewing figures like this for nothing.

  73. mike cassidy says:

    Being banned from Twitter has been good for you, Stu

    No need for anybody to worry about Cameron Archibald

    Just another beard who thinks he knows better than women about women’s matters

    And Saffron Robe

    No need to worry about Celtic supporters either

    They’re too concerned about whether they’re even going to finish second this season!

  74. Contrary says:

    Hm. I tried reading one of the Scot Goes Pop blogs moaning about Wings, and I found it a bit,,, unhinged; the comments were even worse. Deranged is probably the best description.

    A couple of news items from Philip Sim (of the BBC, but his twitter is no bad)

    One is that the courts are going to cancel all the not so serious trials until the end of February – just wondering where that places Craig, but I’d think that would still go ahead if its booked as virtual anyway,,,

    Then the Reform UK (Farage) has a Scotland branch apparently, and they have Michele Ballantyne, of loony-tunes opinion, heading it up ready to fight the Scottish elections. Well, that’s going to successful.

  75. Breeks says:

    Back in 2014, what really got my goat was how the YES campaign, time and time again, was continually steered towards the Unionist’s agenda, and rather than avoiding the traps and pitfalls, they would walk right into them and trust that their saintlyness would see them through and carry the day.

    For example, currency… It didn’t matter what type of currency an Indy Scotland would use, the appropriate counter argument was highlight that an Independent Scotland could choose it’s own currency. As soon as you get bogged down with keeping the pound, or whatever other tactical argument you gave, you were treading water, because you’d fallen into the trap. You weren’t actually in a reasoned debate about currency, you were being set up to be knocked down, and the Unionists given the opportunity to ridicule and smear one narrow possibility concerning currency, when, as I say, an Indy Scotland could choose, use and subsequently alter, whatever currency was most appropriate.

    That’s just one example, not important in itself, but it typifies how time and time again, with YES and the SNP it was painfully easy, child’s play, for the Unionist Media to hold and keep the initiative, and dictate the narrative and dialogue which they wanted to be dominant, and studiously avoid giving any YES spokesman a neutral platform to present their positive and progressive YES strategy.

    The true value of Wings is that Rev Stu seems immune to the ‘herding’ which continually taints the Independence debate’ (I use the word ‘debate’ loosely), and time after time skews the arguments and steers Indy arguments up quiet cul-de-sacs, until they’re lost in obscurity.

    Without wishing to sound sycophantic, Wings over Scotland is the shining bright exception which proves the rule, because unlike ANY other forum of debate / discussion, Wings is it’s own master. Ok, some other blogs are that too, but what is a very rare phenomenon in Scotland and sets Wings apart, is that Wings is almost unique in being a pro Independence source of information which can actually challenge the hegemony of the Unionist media and propaganda, and set it’s own agenda.

    Our Scottish mainstream media, everywhere, is saturated with Unionist agenda and nuance, and our Politics in Scotland is also saturated with the same Unionist agenda. British Parties to the left of us, British Parties to the right of us, and if “Scotland” ever dares to speak up for itself, what happens next, every time, is “let’s go straight over to see what the British parties have to say about that”…

    Wings is the only ‘presence’ Scotland has in the field of media debate which can hold it’s own against the daily tsunami of UK tripe, and actually influence events in Scotland’s favour.

    Take for example the infiltration of the Wokeratti… An unwelcome dynamic which forced discussion of Scottish Independence off the NEC’s agenda for 18 critical months while Scotland’s colonial subjugation and Brexit were looming. Independence wasn’t even being discussed!!! You could weep, couldn’t you? How can that dereliction of duty which led to Scotland’s craven capitulation ever be forgiven? Ever!

    And who brought this disgraceful departure from sanity to our attention? Not the Unionist media. They were more than happy for the SNP to be debasing itself and howling at the moon. Not the MSP’s who seemed to think Transactivism was their ticket to promotion, and nobody was prepared to speak up from the sullen and silent majority of the rank and file who didn’t want to break ranks and rock the boat. Fearties.

    But it was vital, absolutely essential for Scotland’s destiny, that the boat was rocked, and rocked hard. It was Wings Over Scotland which had the balls to do it.

    The Wokeratti was reason to rock the boat.
    The stitch up of Alex Salmond was reason to rock the boat.
    The undermining of Joanna Cherry was reason to rock the boat.
    The disappearance of the IndyRef fighting fund was reason to rock the boat.
    The Capitulation over Brexit was reason to rock the boat.

    And friends, that isn’t the end of that list, is it?

    Yes, maybe Wings does lose friends and upset people by rocking the boat, but if ever there was boat that needed to be rocked, it is surely the corrupt, dysfunctional, distracted and underperforming SNP, which has just sat on it’s arse for five years like a rabbit in the headlights, and squandered Scotland’s greatest opportunity to be free of the cursed Union and remain with our friends and colleagues in Europe.

    That rotten and leaky SNP boat is screaming out to be rocked, top heavy with useless gobshites like CosyFeet Pete blind to their dismal failure, but of all those people actually capable of rocking the boat, it is Wings, and Wings alone who I would trust to do the right thing by Scotland.

    And a last word of advice too. If you’re out there, pottering along on the high seas without a care in the world, but suddenly finding your boat is being rocked by Wings Over Scotland, then maybe you need to sit yourself down and work out what it is you’re doing wrong, because Wings has the knack of rocking those boats that deserve to be rocked.

  76. Vronsky says:

    I blocked Cameron Archibald a loooooong time ago. I suspect (seriously) that he is mentally ill. What he writes goes far beyond the normal bounds of silliness – worse than Hotherstall, even, and he’s the Gold Standard in cybersilliness.

  77. Stuart MacKay says:

    Joan Savage @10:37pm

    Spot on. That needs saying and saying more often. For a site that generally pro female/woman/feminist, the use of the c-word is a mixed message at best.

  78. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 7.45 . Correct on all points . We have to hope in any future confrontation between Unionist critics and ourselves at a similarly crucial juncture sufficient lessons have been learned and we never again allow them to dictate the terms of the debate

  79. 100%Yes says:

    Deaf, dumb and blind. it amazes me how many people can’t see what a political mess Scotland is in at the moment with the SNP and its leadership.

  80. G H Graham says:

    Ye, know, I’m almost at the point that I don’t actually care anymore if we get independence or not cos the piss taking here is worth it.

  81. NellG says:

    Breeks @7:45

    Great post and on point.

  82. 100%Yes says:

    G H Graham @10.26

    Lets not punish our country because of a few Tories within the SNP. I would grant you we need a new party if we are unable to get rid of Sturgeon who has become the thorn in our countries right to be Independent and if she left tomorrow I worry it might be to late.

  83. Robert Hughes says:

    100% YES @ 11 25 . I agree ….100% . Seen a few remarks like that , that would be to allow the useless to succeed . We have to ride this particular wave , just like all the others historically , and not let defeatism overtake us

  84. Annie 621 says:

    Bob Costello ?.
    Thanks for this little chuckle Stuart.
    ..Keep on keeping on like that bird..

  85. Republicofscotland says:

    Sounds like jealousy from the wannabes, your site Rev is still numero uno, and the most trusted. The BritNats are shitting themselves.

  86. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    What’s with some union leader defending the Evans reptile in the National today? I only glance at that paper online to mostly know the position I need to hold on any subject – whatever they say, I usually take the opposite one. They’re like the Wetherspoons house mag of newspapers. Defending that piece of slime (I know the original piece they quote quite extensively is in the Beano of newspapers, The Times) is a new low. Things are getting more fun on the Salmond case front all the time.

  87. Yasmin says:

    Interesting,yes but importantly well written honest and objective articles – unlike the malicious lies seen in the rest of the media. Brilliant reporting of late. Sturgeon and her pathetic looking wimpy husband’s conduct re Salmond is beyond the pale. I’ve met Salmond twice and sturgeon and the baldy swinney once. The latter two are not a patch on the man. It was a sad day when Salmond resigned and this sub standard woman was given the reigns. In my view Kenny MacAskill is the only suitable replacement and he proved it by being able to stand up to Westminster and America when it matters. Can’t see Sturgeon or any of the recent lot having the courage to do so. So close to independence yet having to deal with these ("Tractor" - Ed)s from the inside. She needs to apologise to Salmond, the people and step down.

  88. Saffron Robe says:

    Mike Cassidy says:

    “Saffron Robe,

    No need to worry about Celtic supporters either.

    They’re too concerned about whether they’re even going to finish second this season!”

    Mike, I know it’s only good-hearted jest and well-meant, but if Nicola Sturgeon takes Scotland down the tubes with her then there will be nothing left for any of us to play for, sadly.

  89. twathater says:

    Breeks @ 7.45am What a GREAT POST I agree with every word sir , take a bow

  90. Annie 621 says:

    Well said Bob Costello..
    This man here,
    A godsend to us.

  91. Graham says:

    I’d like to make one point to RevStu; when the issue of readership comes up, I’ve detected a sense of reader=agreer. The logic seems to be if 100k people read your site then approx 100k people agree with you and approve of all you write. I merely want to point out that I and presumably others do not read the site because we always agree with Stu’s positions.

    I read this site because he is a thoughtful and thorough author, who sometimes writes about the subject I want to hear about. It’s entertaining. Sometimes I literally think to myself “let’s see what the little bigot is saying today” and hope there’s something about independence, because credit where credit is due, RevStu is a good writer. On ‘other’ issues, some balance and perspective would be welcome.

    By all means count me as a reader, but please don’t infer from that my support for WOS point of view.

  92. Graham says:

    Just to add to previous comment, examining WOS alternatives:

    Bella Caledonia: factually inaccurate moaning about gaels being just like African slaves or some nonsense – no sign of relevant analysis of current politics. Articles on various things and not always relevant to independence.

    Wilderness of peace: hardly ever updated, long wordy paragraphs that are introspective and philosophical, but not really relevant to daily Scottish politics.

    Wee ginger dug: might find a few meaty pieces but not consistent

    Scot goes pop: I can’t even find this on first page of google results.

    Talking up Scotland: brand new? Didn’t see much other than lazy redirect.

    So I realize the reason I read WOS is because it is consistent, analytical, thorough, original, and has something worth saying, regardless of whether I agree. When I load this site I’ll be moved, either by enthusiasm for independence or dismay at the polarization in our society.

    The alternatives are inconsistent and have little thought provoking content.

    I’d say that’s probably why WOS has great ratings. You can always check it and get a hit.

  93. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’d like to make one point to RevStu; when the issue of readership comes up, I’ve detected a sense of reader=agreer. The logic seems to be if 100k people read your site then approx 100k people agree with you and approve of all you write. I merely want to point out that I and presumably others do not read the site because we always agree with Stu’s positions.”

    I’ve never held any such view nor made any such suggestion. I would much prefer that people came here for information with which to decide what to think, rather than to be TOLD what to think.

  94. Brian says:

    Scot Goes Pop is a c*nt and that got me my first Twitter ban.
    The second was for calling a Tory the same thing.

    I stand by those statements.

  95. James Barr Gardner says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    11 January, 2021 at 10:44 pm

    I didn’t even know my mum was still reading it.

    BELTER !

  96. Christian Schmidt says:

    On the issue of readership is not the same as agreement, I guess this blog could have a quite high number of readers that disagree with it (and even violent disagree). But that only shows that it is essential reading on Scottish politics.

    In my view our editor’s tone is too often too rude (and the fact that he gets it several times over is no excuse in my view), and I disagree on whether Sturgeon’s approach to independence has a chance to succeed, but boy would I be uninformed if I weren’t reading this blog!

  97. Alf Baird says:

    Christian Schmidt @ 7.56

    Sturgeon has an “approach to independence”? I dare say if she did by some incredible stroke of luck secure independence, it would be of the semi-colonial variety, at best.

    Better ‘rude’ than evil, I would say, and the Rev is uncovering a great midden of evil. Most Scots (excl bourgeoisie maybe) would probably say its normal to be a little rude at times, often humorous too – look at Scottish comedians like Frankie Boyle and Kevin Bridges? The Scottish culture is not really that politically correct, is it. We can’t afford to be, given the nature of our colonial oppression, as explained by Mark Renton fi Leith in Trainspotting; the latter was also a bit rude, and rightly so.

  98. Jon Mac says:

    The reason for your numbers being so high is because of all the Britnats you attract here like flies ’round shite. They bask (as you do) in the destruction of Scot Gov. The contributors here make the comments section on The Scotsman look positively welcoming.

    You’re an unpleasant, hateful, bitter, inconsequential wee man and hopefully when we gain our Independence you can fuck right off back to the obscurity you came from. Because you, poppet, will be redundant and have no voice (or certainly not one that anyone will pay attention to).

  99. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The reason for your numbers being so high is because of all the Britnats you attract here like flies ’round shite. They bask (as you do) in the destruction of Scot Gov. The contributors here make the comments section on The Scotsman look positively welcoming.

    You’re an unpleasant, hateful, bitter, inconsequential wee man and hopefully when we gain our Independence you can fuck right off back to the obscurity you came from. Because you, poppet, will be redundant and have no voice (or certainly not one that anyone will pay attention to).”

    Mum, I’ve told you before to use your own name if you’re posting comments.

  100. Graham says:

    @Christian Schmidt

    It’s a double edged sword, the same characteristic that makes Stu thorough, pedantic, tireless, analytical, critical, (I.e. journalistic) also makes him lash out like a school ground bully. I can remember being a bit like that when I was much younger arguing online with creationists, until I realized that making a factual argument with calm confidence, being respectful while nailing it intellectually makes an argument so much more potent.

    Who was it who said that the ad hominem is the resort of a man with no valid argument? Regardless of the strength of your argument, you can always make it weaker by appearing to be insecure.

  101. Graham says:

    @Alf Baird; the purpose of comedy is to make you laugh, purpose of drama to entertain. The purpose of discourse is to persuade. No one is persuaded by being called anything nasty. No one is usually persuaded by rational argument either, not immediately. You can leave them with the impression that you’ve said something intelligent that seemed reasonable with confidence, or leave the impression that you’re not the kind of person who has anything valid to say.

    But that’s up to you and up to Stu.

  102. Alf Baird says:

    Graham @ 8.13

    Have you never heard of satire?

  103. Graham says:

    That’s the Scottish flag, right?

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