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Return Of The Magic Abacus

Posted on December 13, 2018 by

Q: Why did Scottish Labour refuse to propose a costed alternative budget yesterday?

A: Oh yeah, we remember:

Which is a bit embarrassing when you’re also tweeting this:

This was the tweet in question, incidentally:

We’ll bring you the official retraction just as soon as it appears.

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58 to “Return Of The Magic Abacus”

  1. Lenny Hartley says:

    Or sending back a 1 billion slush fund to Westminster like the last Labour agvernment did.

  2. Macbeda says:

    You are now taking the Jackie Baillie.

  3. Shug says:

    It seems that uk parties can lie with impuity and the bbc and msm support their approach
    This on top of the army 77 brigade weponising the internet means nicola will have to move sharply or even thinking about indyrwf2 will be declared illegal and a twrrorist act

  4. winifred mccartney says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Shug above labour and the tories can lie with impunity on the bbc and in the msm and no one is holding them to account. Prof Tomkins, that great tory law and constitutional expert completely reversed the ruling about the Continuity bill and the bbc ran with it without questioning it at all – the Scottish Govt did NOT act illegally. I do hope his interpretation of law at University is a lot better.

    However the PO Ken MacIntosh and his WM stooge/side-kick got their ruling very wrong and I have not heard any apology, then the WM Govt in panic mode passed legislation to stop the ruling. If the Bill had had been passed at the time without his interference WM could not have removed powers from Scotland.

  5. Macart says:

    They have an an abacus for every occasion. Now all they require is someone capable of using one.

  6. Kenno says:

    How much did Union Jack McConnell return to London from the Scottish budget to secure his place in the House of Lords ???

  7. Let’s hope James Kelly can get a seat on one of the charter flights taking 10,000 Gers ‘innocent young men’ to Vienna tonight, so he can see first hand the impact that scrapping the OBFA has had.
    The Brit Nats don’t give a fuck what they say. Our Papers and TV will back them up.
    We are living in an occupied colony of England, as the SC Ruling on our Continuity Bill today proves.
    Time for a Revolution.
    Drive the Brit Nats from Office.
    If they love being Anglo puppets, why don’t they fuck off down there?
    Imagine James Kelly in charge of the Public Purse.
    What a sick joke Leonard and his Team of Abject Failures are.
    I’m ragin’ right now.
    Time for Scotland to get out of this fucking Union.

  8. desimond says:

    To winifred McCartney..

    Arise Sir Kenneth Mackintosh of Giffnockshire

  9. Kenno says:

    We can only hope that the Scottish electorate are FINALLY smelling the coffee.

    We live in hope!!!

  10. Socrates MacSporran says:


    The trouble is, a lot of the Scottish Electorate cannot smell the coffee, due to all the shite they are being fed by the Scottish broadcast and written media.

  11. Republicofscotland says:

    It’s easy for Labour to propose this and that conjuring up wads of cash out of thin air, Ali Bongo style, whilst not in government.

    I doubt they’ll ever be trusted again by the Scottish electorate to form a government. A wise decision I might add.

  12. Dan Huil says:

    The lies and stupidity of these British nationalists severely damages Scotland, likewise the lies and stupidity of the britnat media.

    It’s time for Scotland to destroy this union with England, by using all possible measures, whether England deems them “legal” or not.

  13. galamcennalath says:

    There must be a reason why Labour go to such lengths to make themselves look completely incompetent, Holyrood and Westminster.

    Seriously! Is there no one in their ranks who can do sums, make plans, formulate constructive criticism, fulfil the role of opposition, or offer an alternative administration?

    In Scotland they are a bad joke. Westminster is an unbelievable situation where the ruling Tories are the most divided and ineffective government in living memory, yet Labour is incapable of mounting a challenge!

    The Great Men and Women of Labour’s past must be spinning in their graves.

  14. Colin Alexander says:

    Craig Murray gives an excellent assessment of the Supreme Court’s ruling:

    “The judgement is as expected and reaffirms Scotland’s colonial status”.

    “Devolution is not just a sop, it is a trap”.

    “Not only was the Vow of increased powers for the Scottish Parliament, which turned the tide of the 2014 referendum on Independence, an abject lie; what the Supreme Court has affirmed is that the English Tories and Northern Irish unionists can strip powers from the Scottish Parliament at will.

    “What the Supreme Court have done today is to provide crystal clarity that Scotland has but two choices; complete subservience to Tory England or Independence. All else is fiction”.

    Nobody forces the SNP to serve in this trap. This sham of democracy for Scotland within a corrupt Union devoid of any real democrary.

    It’s time for the SNP to lead us to independence instead wasting their time and ours trying to hold back the tide of cuts and democratic abuses against the people of Scotland – and taking the blame for it.

    Time for Scotland to stop being a colony and become a nation again.

  15. Greannach says:

    Was Jack McConnell’s “send-back” fund a deposit on his ermine costume?

  16. And take Two Jobs WATP bigot Professor Adam Tomkins whom we relegated to a miserable fourth place in our constituency but who crawled in the Back Door as one of Ruth’s Jobs For The Boys List to Vienna with you as well, Mr Kelly. Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser, the all time political failure in Scotland, can make the trip too.
    Watch out for flying plastic tables and chairs mind.
    It’ll be one of the last times they’ll be ‘allowed’ to leave Scotland without a visa from England’s Homeland Security.
    Now that England’s Blair creation ‘the Supreme Court’ has in effect destroyed our Scottish parliament, it’s time for us to leave their ‘precious’ union.
    We are a militarily occupied colony of England; it’s official now.

  17. Republicofscotland says:

    Anyone see that pompus git Andy Nicoll,of the Sun newspaper after FMQ’s gibber on about high earners fleeing Scotland because of the tax rises.

    While the nodding donkey Brian Taylor, gave him airtime to spout his guff.

  18. Stan Wilson says:

    Am I wrong in assuming that the SC ruling states clearly that:

    1) Westminster is sovereign in the UK and that Scotland is the junior nation.

    2) English laws by English MPs passed and have received royal assent, negates any Scottish law that we pass.

    3) Presiding Officer can delay any law proposed by Scottish Government until English MPs can pass their version first.

    I do hope my assumptions are wrong or we are heading down a very black hole.

  19. 300 responses BTL on the Scotsman’s take on the SC ruling on the Continuity Bill and the power grab of 24 devolved ares of Scottish Buisness. Almost exclusively Brit Nat sneering guff.
    It seems that they were lying in waiting.
    It is small wonder that this Edinburgh Rag is about to fold.
    It’s official. Holyrood is closed.
    I predict a riot.

  20. Cubby says:

    Colin Alexander@2.49pm

    Great post. Brilliant stuff.


    Same old SNP baaad. Who says SNP baaaad. – Britnats.

    What are you then – a Britnat of course.

  21. Giving Goose says:

    Every starving child in Scotland is a consequence of the Labour Party’s cow-towing and supporting the Tories. End of!
    If you are a Labour supporter reading this, then you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.
    You are a monster!

  22. O.t. Is there no Sottish people living in Scotland ??? I mean every time on the news on tv and radio when there Is a report in Scotland it seems to be English people they stop and ask I mean last night they had a ride in a taxi to see the time saved on a new road the driver was English no Scottish drivers to ask ??? This morning on radio 4 they went to Ayr to talk to someone called Bruce again English and nearly everyone they have on from Aberdeen is English so not are they only ignoring you the only opinion that seems to matter in Scotland is,the English in comers again we are to stupid to ask about our country mind you I agree Halfe us must be stupid for allowing this to happen

  23. Ken500 says:

    The unionists haven’t got a clue. They can’t count or read a balance sheet.

    The unionists councils are squandering public money like there is no tomorrow. Wasting £Millions. Cutting essential services but spending £Millions on empty shops, offices and under occupied hotels.

    The unionists at Westminster. Starving and sanctionig people. Cutting £Billions on pubic services. Totally unnecessarily. The tax revenues raised is up £95Billion. Giving tax breaks for the wealthy. Wasting £Billions on Hinkley Point and HS2. A total waste of time and money. The Tory slush fund.

    The tax take in Scotland increases while the Tories cut the Scottish budget..

    The Brexit carry on is a total shambles. Just unbelievable. It will badly affect Scotland and the world economy,

  24. fillofficer says:

    as the beast of bolsover so succinctly summed up this week

    ‘know your place’ scotland

    we’ve got to go soon

    or we disappear forever

    its time, nicola

  25. Ken500 says:

    The English guy interviewed on CNN spoke about Scotland being ignored and disrespected. He said he would vote for Independence.

  26. Is anyone really that surprised by the antics of Labour at Holyrood, that it has declined to produce an alternative Costed budget, they obviously believe this is a clever tactic on their part and that they can continue criticising Derek Mackay’s budget and spending plans.

    While at the same time making all sorts of spending demands/commitments, which Labour will never deliver if it were ever get into power at Holyrood.

  27. Cubby says:

    Britnats lie and cheat and they lie and cheat all the time on just about everything.

    McIntosh must go. A presiding officer with links to an extreme organisation like SiU is just not acceptable.

    All foreign controlled political parties need to be excluded from the Scottish parliament. Holyrood cannot be a devolved parliament when 3 of the 5 parties are controlled in London and almost 50% of the MSPs owe their allegiance to England. Holyrood is just a Britnat stitch up.

  28. Donald anderson says:

    James Kelly “Finance Minister”? Wow!

  29. Dr Jim says:

    A warning from history

    The UK Guv have given themselves the right to change laws outwith the consent or agreement of their own parliament now and the ramifications of this are huge

    Historically we have seen this behaviour before and it’s never led to peace harmony and goodwill on the contrary we know what it leads to

    When a governing state losing control resorts to these actions it invariably does not rein its power in or stop itself exercising its authority indeed history shows that such states magnify their efforts to regain and or retain what they see as their legitimate right to rule and as this current government in Westminster is displaying, an urgency for total dominance is now pervasive

    I believe the positioning and delaying tactics being used by this UK government are a preliminary to the complete eradication of devolution and power sharing in these Islands to an end resulting in one government one law one dictatorship outside of any other interference by any other outside body of law ie The UN or The EU

    I further believe the EU have seen this coming and as such placed the backstop legislation for Northern Ireland as a protection for all Ireland but no such protection can exist for Scotland as a constituent part of the UK

    Up till now I have always stood four square behind our Scottish government and hasten to add still do but I see a dangerous clock which Scotland has no control over the mechanism ticking faster that Scotland’s government is able to keep pace with because it simply has not the power to do so

    The three one party Unionist opposition at Holyrood no matter what they might say about retention of devolution will always bow to the will of their parent organisation in Westminster so we can expect no real support from any of them for they will to a man/woman buckle in deference to what they see as their employers and leaders, they will not stand with Scotland

    The move must be made within the next three months or Scotland becomes subsumed and completely subjugated forever

  30. Tom Busza says:

    Blair Paterson @ 3.15 pm

    Aye. Well it’s because Beeb, etc. can’t be arsed to provide sub-titles.

  31. Clootie says:

    People in Scotland still vote Labour DESPITE the parade of idiots elected to Holyrood.
    They still vote Labour while witnessing a Westminster Party that aspires to abstain or do nothing. A Party who blocks every attempt to bring more powers to Scotland.

    The media will never investigate their incompetence because they are good loyal unionists.

    The Tories, LibDems and Labour have only one key policy – save the union.

  32. ronnie anderson says:

    Devolution = Scottish Backstop

  33. Frank Gillougley says:

    Everything that Jack Collatin says.

    His visceral expressions sum up my feelings exactly about all matters political in Scotland. I cant even watch the telly now. Just heartily heartily sick of the lying lot of the britnat basturds. I is gettin desperate here.

    C’mon Nicola, throw a punch? Dae somehin yill ya?

  34. Lenny Hartley says:

    Dr Jim, if you think Europe is our saviour may I suggest you cast your eyes south to Catalonia. There is only one Organisation that will save Scotland and that is the SNP.
    Its in our own hands, nobody elses.

  35. H Scott says:

    Dr Jim

    I think a lot of unionists have their limit when it comes to how Scotland is treated. The more extreme Westminster gets, the more they would alienate unionists. If they tried something too extreme the immediate cost would be offset by making independence the ‘settled will’ of the Scottish people.

  36. RMF Brown says:

    Hard to disagree with Craig Murray – what are the SNP waiting for?

    What did 56 SNP MPs achieve? Nothing. And when that was whittled down to the 30 odd they have now, what do they get apart from a big pay packet, and insults and ridicule from the Unionists?

    I’ve often wondered why they legitimise the place by turning up.

    Sinn Fein are a lot of things, but their refusal to take their seats, and their refusal to acknowledge Westminster rule, at least shows some pride and self-respect.

    I’ve heard it said that MSM would tear into the SNP if they tried that tactic, but they tear into the SNP anyway.

  37. geeo says:

    I watched FMQ’s today and i thought to myself, watching the labour questioners thinking , “are they drunk, high, or bit of both ?

    They all looked spaced out.

    Subtle shift by FM as well today, making it clear several times that the money is no longer enough to keep protecting Scots from WM cuts.

    Derek McKay was quality yesterday during Draft Budget debate, every time labour /tory/lib dem demanded spending commitments, he look them in the eye and asked them … “if i put that in this budget, will you vote for it, Yes or No”?

    Cue confused glaiket looks and silence.

    Then the warning that this budget is dependent on there NOT being a No deal brexit.

    Serving notice if you like.

  38. galamcennalath says:

    Imagine any government negotiating an international treaty which it knows will be rejected by its own Parliament?

    I could never happen, could it? Welcome to UK 2018.

    Cut back to it’s simplest, it is an utterly astonishing situation!

  39. Ken500 says:

    Sinn Fein could shut the Tories down. They don’t turn up but take the money.

    People in Scotland will have to vote for SNP and Independence. Voters reneged. The Tories would be out if people in Scotland had not voted Tory. Blame them. They were warned and warned. Vote NO you get nothing. Some people never learn.

  40. call me dave says:

    Jings! Seems like were all in the same frame of mind and a bit p*ssed off with the latest news but it’s not a disaster is it.

    Even the magical mythical abacus and Labours inability to count thread isn’t enough to cheer us it seems.

    Done the mince, ironing and the shower cleaning all in that order to keep busy.

    Watching The Great Escape wont help either Tom, Dick and Harry an all that tunnelling never turned out well but hey! They did it in spite of everything. 🙂

    We have to just keep on keeping on, still all to play for folks!

    Tomorrow is another day wingers. Something wonderful will happen!

    The SG working everyday on our behalf and we have come a long way.


  41. Ken500 says:

    Dugdale illegally told supporters to vote Tory. It cost the Labour control at Westminster. Beyond stupid. None of this would have happened.

  42. Old Pete says:

    After the Supreme Court ruling that confirms Scotland’s Devolved Parliament is just a wee talking shop subservient to our English overlords and administering their northern region for them.
    Surely the SNP which I think wants Scottish independence must call another referendum. I have voted SNP all my life but I am starting to despair, why do they wait and wait. How much longer till we go for Independence, if they don’t call a referendum soon then they can forget it. The south of Scotland is like Wales becoming more and more anglophied and more and more Tory. Was out in Ayr this morning every second person seemed to be English, even heard one on passing saying ” Scots should be happy to be part of England ” guess that says it all.

  43. ScottishPsyche says:

    If Tomkins believes he was right all along does it mean he knew the changes in legislation Westminster was planning? Did he advise Westminster how to thwart the legislation of the parliament he is a part of?

    It seems either he misunderstood the competence of the Scottish Parliament as it was then or he knew what was coming.

    In any case, who is the more poisonous individual sitting in our parliament working against it? Tomkins or McIntosh?

  44. Luigi says:

    At the very least, we need a Scottish Backstop.

    I believe this term would resonate with the people and the SG should be screaming it from the rafters.

    You gotta admit: “Scottish Backstop” has a powerful ring about it. Especially since we have now had “Irish Backstop” beamed into our houses relentlessly for the past few months. The people are already primed. 🙂

  45. Luigi says:

    Sometimes I wish the SG would be a bit more mischievous, using words like “British nationalist parties/politicians” and “Scottish backstop”.

    The MSM would ridicule it of course, but by doing so they will be planting it in people’s minds. Invite ridicule and encourage unforeseen consequences – that’s how you set the narrative with a hostile media.

  46. yesindyref2 says:

    This morning’s judgment is a clear vindication of the Lord Advocate’s position. The court was unanimous that, at the point in time when the Bill was passed in the Scottish Parliament, the entire Bill was within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament, with the sole exception of section 17 of the Bill.

    Alan S. Reid, Senior Lecturer in Law, Sheffield Hallam University

    Link got from (BBC) Philip Sim’s twitline.

    After that of course, the UK Gov changed its Bill – in the Lords – to amend the Scotland Act, preempt the COntinuity Bill which it challenged to cause delay which wasn’t justified, and grab powers back from Scotland – same as the HoC did with the EUW Bill itself.

  47. Craig P says:

    The ONLY reason Westminster devolved (part of) income tax is because it is the easiest to make political capital from, being the most visible.

    It was designed *specifically and solely* so Tories could bang on about Scotland being higher taxed, whether that is true or not when all taxes are considered.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise, I have a bridge to sell you.

  48. Hamish100 says:

    All the rich folk like dame moan will leave Scotland you know. Oops gone already to get a gong. Some labour colleagues saying snp are tories. They earn over £50 grand but dont give a shit for the poor. MacKay shouldn’t take the wrap for uk NI increases in April.1

  49. Terence callachan says:

    Hey Scotland, a message from England,
    you are a colony, just part of England , you WILL do what you are told, if you decide to do something and we agree with it we will allow it, if we do not agree with it go ahead pass legislation in your little holyrood parliament if you must but be assured that all we will do is pass legislation in our big Westminster parliament to counteract it and as you have found out today, the Supreme Court will uphold our laws above yours.
    Take a telling.
    We will be sending more of our people to work in Scotland in government positions , hospitals ,universities ,schools and other British agencies just to ensure that you do realise who your superiors are.
    England vows that we will of course continue to support Scotland in every way that we can through the strongest devolved parliament in the world, tee hee, here here here, and the many many English people residing in Scotland will of course continue to support SNP as English Scots but when required to do so will of course ensure Englands supremacy by ticking the correct box.
    For Auld Lang syne an a that an a that.
    We understand that you may well be ashamed of your subservience but we will endeavour to erase all aspects of scottishness as quickly as we can to assist you in your journey to Englishness.

  50. geeo says:

    This is for everyone to enjoy, but specifically for the attention of those who constantly scream for the SNP to “do sumthin” about media lies.

    Watch this, which i rewound on my telly earlier and then recorded (hence poorish sound) on my phone.

    I stuck it on facebook so i could link to it on here. (Sharing away nicely on FB into the few hundreds now..nearly 800 in fact).

    After you watch this, perhaps someone could tell us how many times they have watched this exchange repeated on Sky News today ?

    Genuine question, as i have been out all day since)


  51. yesindyref2 says:

    Bearing in mind the LibDems also supported the EU Continuity Bill (bar the rumble in the jungle – too many beans), this is important from Tavish Scott (even though its target is a federal UK):

    Lib Dems @tavishscott welcomes the Supreme Court judgement as strengthening the case for a federal UK. He adds: ‘The difference between the situation “before” and “after” passage of the UK Act gives weight to the view that the UK reduced the powers of the Scottish Parliament.’

    Keeping Labour and the LibDems onside is vital for the SNP and Greens at this stage – it leaves the Tories out in the cold, with Tomkins as their example mentalitaet.

  52. Dr Jim says:

    Lenny Hartley

    I don’t know what you read but I didn’t suggest what you said and what’s Catalonia got to do with Scotland

  53. Tinto Chiel says:

    Geeo @ 5.24: don’t watch TV so thanks for that “saw off at the knees” response from Mike Russell. And a double whammy with The Govester.

    Chest sublime.

  54. geeo

    Well spotted blew his arse clean off.

    Could do with some more of that at the very least to raise morale.

  55. geeo says:

    An ability to rewind live tv is a fecking godsend in these times as awaiting a repeat of certain items means a long wait.

  56. msean says:

    They,Labour,were probably hoping the Tories would do a budget for them,seeing as they are all better together in one party.

    Why isn’t there a platform in Parliament similar to First Ministers Questions,where every opposition party is questioned on their plans? Or do they only do carping from the sidelines.

  57. Josef Ó Luain says:

    I’ve had a thoroughgoing hatred of the Tory Party and those who support it, for many years. My hatred has neither diminished nor debilitated my humanity over those many years. I have given Tories nothing in terms of respect, nor have I received or expected any from that source.

    When confronted by organised-sociopathy in the guise of a political party, there can be no half-way-houses in terms of the severity of one’s response.

  58. Jimmy the Pict says:

    As it looks increasingly likely that there will be no renegotiation with EU (they have been clear and now bluntly clear about that) and there is little chance the current deal being voted through Westminster it is now time for the SNP leadership to change approach and demand the Section 30.

    If this is refused then all other options must be pursued with vigor. Scotland is running out of time before we are disolved into a ‘One Nation’ UK, devolution is completely and openly neutered and Scots Law completely over-ruled.

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