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Return of an old friend

Posted on November 11, 2013 by

These pranksters have gone too far with our beloved cultural icons.


(Story, in case you missed it.)

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    113 to “Return of an old friend”

    1. Heather McLean says:

      Hahaha!! I can’t remember her wearing that hat!!

    2. HandandShrimp says:

      There is only one answer and that is to spend £65k to raise the good lady to a height where cone emplacement is likely to cause serious injury to the more inebriated prankster. I think the Glasgow City Council benchmark KPI for this sort of thing is 15 fatalities a year.

    3. sneddon says:

      Will there still be cones in an independent Scotalnd- We demand answers ūüôā

    4. kininvie says:

      If you want to track the full glory of another Scottish two fingers twitterfest, try #conegate or @wellingtoncone

    5. TJenny says:

      Keep the Cone – It’s a Glesga Aye-Cone ūüôā

    6. sneddon says:

      Is just another GCC Conespiracy?…sorry couldn’t resist

    7. @sneddon says:

      Will there still be cones in an independent Scotalnd- We demand answers 
      Yes but they will be blue and white.

    8. GP Walrus says:

      She needs a higher plinth. Donate £65,000 to Better Together now.

    9. MajorBloodnok says:

      Well I wouldn’t conedone GCC spending that kind of money.

    10. kininvie says:

      Rumours of victory…
      @Gerry Braiden (Herald) Breaking #cone news!! Glasgow Council to withdraw its application to elevate the Duke of Wellington’s plinth to curb the coning of statue

    11. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Stop it! I’m beginning to feel sorry for the wummin
      Has anybody sent her a copy? Have you got an email address?

    12. Jamie Arriere says:

      Big gap in the market for a ladder hire business in Glasgow coming soon.

    13. The Man in the Jar says:

      Miserable soulless gits.
      How very un-Glasgow.
      Glasgow has its faults but until now has always retained its sense of humour.

    14. Calum Craig says:

      So, it’s over as soon as it begun? Well done Twitter!

    15. kendomacaroonbar says:

      It’s the Cone of Destiny chaps….leave it be FFS !

    16. kininvie says:

      I can go to bed cone-tent now. Night, all.

    17. The Man in the Jar says:

      Simple solution. Leave the fecking cone on his head! Cost = zero. 

    18. Gaavster says:

      Here today, cone tomorrow?

    19. Doug says:

      @majorbloodnok – it is part of the fine print of their conetract.

    20. TJenny says:

      Breaking news – apparently GCC have withdrawn the proposal to raise the plinth and ditch the Cone! And saving ¬£65k.¬† Don’t know yet if the are still going to keep removing it though.
      (The power of social media  Р5000 facebook likes on the Keep the Cone facebook page so far, in few hours)

    21. Gaavster says:

      Haw Rev, coney no dae that….

    22. Doug Daniel says:

      Glasgow City Conecil: absolute eejits. I cone’t believe they actually thought this one would fly.
      It makes you think though – there are many people who want more local democracy, meaning more decisions being made by the kind of people who came up with this idea (and who currently spend ¬£100 a time getting the cone removed). It’s quite conecerning.

    23. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Dra cone ian decision by GCC

    24. john king says:

      gonnie no dae that
      jist— gonnie no

    25. john king says:

      That there son is the cone of destiny
      a brave group of patriots went doon tae London an stole it richt fae under the English polis noses frae aff the head o Nelson himsel

    26. Jamie Arriere says:

      Breaking news that they are withdrawing the proposals?
      I’m no cone-vinced! Bunch of cone artists…

    27. Bill C says:

      Glasgow City Council – what a bunch of cones! Makes you wonder what they were going to spend on the ice cream.

    28. JPJ2 says:

      I remember the cones helpline as the one crowning achievement of the Major Government 

    29. GP Walrus says:

      @TJenny: “Breaking news ‚Äď apparently GCC have withdrawn the proposal to raise the plinth and ditch the Cone!¬†”
      At last, reconeciliation!

    30. Shinty says:

      The Man in the Jar
      Simple solution. Leave the fecking cone on his head! Cost = zero.
      More people like you should be in charge at GCC. (and beyond)!

    31. She has been elevated to a Deaconess.

    32. Calum Craig says:

      O/T but a little disconecerting…. I ¬†think I have just been threatened with violence on Facebook for daring to debate a knuckle dragging Unionist.

    33. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      Reading the Darling McCone report about 2bn barrels of oil left come the revolution.
      ‘And feck off before ah set mah balloon on ye!’

    34. braco says:

      100 quid a time! Those ALEOS really are great value for money. What’s wrong with a pole with a wire coat hanger tied to it?

    35. kendomacaroonbar says:

      When did they do away with the pokey hat and sub it with a cohen…them Israelies, they’re gettin the malkey an no mistake…

    36. Mosstrooper says:

      You don’t often see a Cone on the Barbarian.¬†
      Never mind some day her plinth will come.
      I’ll get my cape.

    37. Ronnie says:

      ‘Ah think ah wiz coned intae daein’ this gig’.

    38. kininvie says:

      And they spent a year conesulting!
      “Various solutions were con(e)sidered, after a year‚Äôs investigation and con(e)sultation…

    39. braco says:

      100 quid a time?  Fuckin conemen!

    40. Murray McCallum says:

      GCC must have kept John Major’s cones hotline in business.

    41. braco says:

      100 quid a time? Fuckin inconeceivable!

    42. Mosstrooper says:

      My that wis entertaining. Am off to bed quite conetent.

    43. Robert Kerr says:

      Quote from yesterday’s Herald diary…….
      “Glasgow has mair cones than Nardinis in Largs”

    44. kendomacaroonbar says:

      O/T Mr John Curtice on Newsnicht now, and he looks like he’s just snogged a 13 amp live wall socket ! In cone ceivable !

    45. braco says:

      100 quid a time! Fuckin family conections?

    46. GrutsForTea says:

      @John King “the Cone of Destiny” rofl ūüôā I’m going to call it that from now on.
      100 times a year. That’s twice a week. Twice a week someone is on Cone Duty.
      That’s why I love Glasgow.

    47. Gaavster says:

      Wonder if the ex first minister, Jack McCone-nil had anything to do with it…

    48. braco says:

      At a 100 quid a time, that’s why he loves Glasgow too!

    49. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Anyone else thinking that John Curtice is spitting image for Pat Lally ?

    50. Tinyzeitgeist says:

      Glad to see the SNP lass got tore in on tonight’s newsnicht. Well done, we need more of it.

    51. scottish_skier says:

      That there son is the cone of destiny

    52. seoc says:

      Mechanise the bloody thing to remove its own cone and save the dosh for winter homeless folk.

    53. braco says:

      GrutsForTea and JohnKing,
      ‘The Cone of Destiny’ should be the only way to legally crown all future kings or queens of Scots, written into the constitution of our newly re independent Scotland. I am a lifelong republican but I would vote for a monarchy to see that. It might even encourage regular regiscide, just so we can crown another one!
      I can’t wait for the new constitution!

    54. Aidan says:

      Wouldn’t the best head for an Attack of the Cones have been Sarwar’s?

    55. James MacDonald Reid says:

      Last of the Coneservatives.

    56. mogabee says:

      STOP please….I’m inconetinent laughing!

    57. Ron Burgundy says:

      I think the cone is feckin hilarious – Michael Greenwell has done a graphic with a matching cone on his horses ear. Still laughing. Pure dead brilliant as they say in that corner of Scotland.

    58. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      Would a visiting Native American Indian with bad eye sight perchance mistake the statue for the inimitable  cone arranger ? 

    59. twenty14 says:

      Best quote from the movie ” Glasgow’s Usual Suspects ” –¬†¬† ” The greatest trick Lamont ever pulled was conevincing the world she didn’t exist “

    60. braco says:

      Ron Burgundy,
      that was not a horse it was a unicone!
      But more seriously, there was a time when both the Duke and his Horse each had a cone on their heads, so it may not be a graphic.

    61. tartanpigsy says:

      Cone on the Barbarian¬† gets my vote, spot on ūüėČ

    62. Gaavster says:

      Is this whit Labour meant by entering the cone-stitutional debate?

    63. TJenny says:

      Kendo – given that it’s in Glasgow would it not be the Cone Ranger ūüôā

    64. truescot says:

      It’s no a called a cone yah eejit, it’s a Pokey Hat.

    65. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      quite coneceivably … ūüôā

    66. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      If they did try to surgically remove the offending cone would that create a conestitutional crisis ?

    67. ronnie anderson says:

      There wurnna any cones when I wiz wee, we hud pokyhats wie ice cream own top Gie £65.000 tae the FOODBANKS  the fekin things a SYMBOL of IMPERIALISM  wiz he ever in Glesga

    68. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      Finally, just listening to Bob Dylan in conecert on the wireless strangling the ditty. ….like a rolling cone
      see yeez all ramorra morning for breakfast… Conetinental of course ¬†lol¬†

    69. ronnie anderson says:

      rite you cone omics the REV let us play awe day Sat we coney hud a serious debate when we re laughfin ah conenna no day that

    70. Aidan says:

      Thanks, everyone. I’ve really enjoyed this cone test.

    71. Vronsky says:

      I liked that they had to elevate the statue of Dewar to avoid molestation.¬† I now expect a sort of evolutionary process whereby the plinth of the Dewar statue gets higher and higher until it’s the tallest structure in Europe.¬† A sort of tumour, just as the man was.
      A traffic cone on Wellington’s head is our concession to allowing him to stay there.¬† No traffic cone, no Wellington, and that’s a promise (I have a friend with a crane and a big lorry).

    72. Taranaich says:

      If the Rev’ll indulge me, I wrote a wee piece on our beloved Cone:
      In short, I think it’s more than “just a bit of fun” (a worthy cause in itself) but actually a worthy part of Glasgow culture which should be cherished.

    73. call me dave says:

      Anyone affected by this story who wishes help,or is conetemplating drastic action can visit our site for advice or counselling.

    74. Jist me says:

      Every time they take the cone doon is that no’ … cone-descending ? (Sorry)

    75. G H Graham says:

      Odd that it costs nothing to erect the cone on the Duke’s head but costs the city 100 quid each time to remove it.
      Perhaps the city council should consult those who can claim to have placed it there in order to save money.
      I prefer to save all the money and just leave it there.

    76. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For 65k they could probably get a 10-ft tall bronze cone.

    77. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Could they not get the guys who put the cone on to take it off for £5 a time. Limited to twice a week only, not per person.
      Think of it as a sort of job creation scheme?
      Saves £190 a week ?

    78. john king says:

      I yer caught pittin a cone on the statue dis that mak yea a conevict? 
      all get ma coat 

    79. john king says:

      bugger the panda says @ 5.58

      I dont think a fiver would cover it BtP

    80. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      John King
      There is an old Glasgow joke in there. Something to effect that the Glasgow Herald wouldn’t cover it.

    81. john king says:

      Oh please let there be a statue of Arthur CONEan Doyle.
      Braco says
      “It might even encourage regular regiscide, just so we can crown another one!”
      Bit hash on a the regs oot there braco
      an whit happens when we rin oot o regs dae we start oan the daves?
      noo that jist the sort o thing Ian Smart wis talkin aboot ,ken?

    82. john king says:

      BtP say
      “Limited to twice a week only, not per person.”

      No return within 40 minutes and only after 6.00pm and weekends?
      and Bank holidays?

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Was it not also traditional for the horse to have a few fag-ends in his mooth? Personally, I have my dowts.

    84. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      “No Irish”

    85. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Used to do that to the James Watt at the upper level of the George Street entrance of Strathclyde Uni. That and a match placed between his fingers.

      In the tradition of the posters above

      Watzis name was havin a drag.

    86. wee folding bike says:

      Meanwhile, what were the council really up to while we were all looking at the cone?

    87. john king says:

      Wee folding bike says @7.03
      You read my mind

    88. Al Ghaf says:

      Online activism about a trivial issue = good
      About Scotlands future = bad

    89. john king says:

      Highlighting petty and cynical mindset of  establishment=good
      ignoring petty and cynical mindset of establishment=bad

    90. GrahamB says:

      Typical Glasgow Council, spend time and money coming up with the least popular and costliest ‘remedy’ then be embarrassed into dropping the whole idea. Remember the Great George Square debacle? There are two sensible and money saving possibilities – glue the cone on permanently or remove the statue altogether (think of the scrap value). The DoW was from the anglo-irish elite, a tory and opposed the Reform Act which extended the voting franchise a bit. (If he’s there because of Waterloo then there should also be statues of Blucher and Bulow).

    91. Jon D says:

      Surely this mischief should be dealt with by the local Conestable.

    92. Edward says:

      Can I just state the ‘bleeding obvious’

      For a city that has CCTV, is it not beyond the realms of possabilty that they have one trained on the Statue, so that in the event someone is seen to be climbing to put a cone on, they can alert a constable to be at the base in time for the ‘person or persons’ coming done after the deed?

    93. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Which bring us back Edward to an earlier poster who suggested it was all a deflection to cover for some other scandal or manoeuvre that the barstewards were trying to keep quiet.

    94. Brian Powell says:

      Having just looked at the twitter thread about how business rules us, I thought it would be appropriate to mention the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership(TTIP), between the EU and the US,  and how it is about to make it a whole lot worse.
      After a feeble response that the NSA spying on Europe might affect this, it is going ahead as before.
      ¬†It’s worth pointing out¬† to readers here that what it means, or one affect, is that US companies could sue a European country for potential loss of earnings that would come from decisions Governments here take. So if Monsanto is not allowed to sell more GM products, because a Government rules against it, the company could sue.

    95. Stu Magoo says:

      Cone ban? The Barbarians!

    96. ronnie anderson says:

      Is, somebody gonna tell that wee wunnin in the photo awe the sheep have ate the grass & on tae pastures new, they wont be back fur aboot six weeks tae the grass has grown, 

    97. MajorBloodnok says:

      @Bugger the Panda
      Above the gate at St John’s College Cambridge is a statue of Henry VIII holding a chairleg.¬† The students replaced the septre so often they just left it there.

    98. ronnie anderson says:

      no much mentions of Newsnite STUC womens conference Dundee, due to the cone comicdy //all the shopstewards interviewed are presenting themselves as  unionist / no voters // & their membership this is just another case of shop stewards toeing the Union / Lab heid yins . ( HAVE ANY BRANCH MEETINGS TAKEN PLACE ) I DOUPT IT is this the collective views of the UNIONS MEMBERSHIP ( I DOUPT IT )  TUC // GMB // TGWU // UNITE // STUC WOMEN // Shop Stewards UNIONS GEN SECT have all made pro unionist statements that is MISREPRESENTATION OF THE MEMBERSHIP WHEN THERE HAS BEEN NO  CONSULTATION in breach of union rules C MON   UNION MEMBERS  LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD  wither  you vote  YES  or   NO as a former shop steward Imperial Steel Works I have caused the Convener / SS Labourites many reversals ( trying to bypass the membership of branch ) Convener lost a Area Rep job because I caught the Secretary filling out Ballot papers in his faviour /  WHO OWNS THE UNIONS  //  THE  MEMBERSHIP  //  RECLAIM  YOUR RIGHTS

    99. Bigdrone says:

      When we vote YES and Wee Eck is crowned King, could we not use one as his head gear or would that not be too cone-vincing? Where’s ma coat?

    100. Tris says:

      I’m still bemused by the facts that: someone came up with a slogan “U KOK”; others must have approved it, and despite it being laughed out of court, people still sit next to posters of it.
      You have to give them credit for…
      well, something.

    101. Luigi says:

      £100 to remove the cone?
      Well, they could always just leave it there, on the duke’s head.¬† Certain Glasgow city councilors¬†seem to be¬†a bit full of themselves.

    102. Nkosi says:

      Send teh statue homeward, it’ll make Glasgow “conecil” think again

    103. ronnie anderson says:

      nice one Mato , use their ain information against them

    104. Dramfineday says:

      @ Sneddon says:
      “Will there still be cones in an independent Scotland – We demand answers”.
      A good question! A better question might be, do we need statues of Wellington in an independent Scotland?

    105. Andy-B says:

      Shouldn’t she be outside the GOMA in Glasgow, on a plinth commerating the Battle of Waterloo.

    106. Tearlach says:

      @Dramfineday –
      “A better question might be, do we need statues of Wellington in an independent Scotland?”
      I see no problem with having statues of famous Irishmen in an independent Scotland.

    107. Aidan says:

      If Salmond refuses to wear it, though, that would be: the cone Eck shuns!
      I’ll stop now.

    108. X_Sticks says:

      I don’t see this move as being coneducive to good relations between the people of Glasgow and th conecil.

    109. Taranaich says:

      @Al Ghaf: Online activism about a trivial issue = good
      About Scotlands future = bad

      Considering GCC allegedly sees fit to spend ¬£10,000 a year removing a cone from a statue’s head, I’d say this is emblematic of a much larger problem with GCC – not that you’d know it from all the fluff news items.
      I find it far more worrisome that a constituency which has one of the most deprived areas in the Western World apparently sees fit to spend money removing a cone from a statue’s head. But on that point:

      @mato21: It would appear someone is lying again

      So they either aren’t willing to say how much is *actually* spent on removing the cone, or it costs nothing (as I’d expect) – leading the ¬£100 a time statement to be a bald lie. OR the response itself is a lie, and they ARE spending ¬£100 a time removing a cone from a statue – again, a constituency which has an area with a life expectancy lower than that of several war zones.

      What is wrong with GCC? How can they even function with this level of rank incompetence?

    110. Bigdrone says:

      Aiden, That would be a great shame – He could be known as Eck the Cone-querer! ¬†Where’s my coat?

    111. MajorBloodnok says:

      A bit late to then party but someone sent me this:

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