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Quoted for truth #48

Posted on March 31, 2014 by

49 to “Quoted for truth #48”

  1. Murray McCallum says:

    The David Mitchell article is funny and very healthy in its cynicism to politicians.

    I laughed this morning when I heard a reporter on BBC 5 Live say that Danny Alexander was willing to have a LibDem pledge in 2015 to reduce tuition fees in England to £6,000. Thanks Danny. What a guy!

    David Mitchell – “if you want to be like someone, you’ve got to think like them – that’s why Dustin Hoffman has won more Oscars than Mike Yarwood.”

    It’s a pity David Mitchell can’t see beyond his cynicism to support a chance for Scotland to break out of this political circus. If we end up after many years with UK Mrk II, at least it will be our circus with our invited performers.

  2. JAN CURRIE says:

    O/T but check it out Rev…. a really good article about online journalists, name-checking The Rev in Sunday’s Observer, by Kevin McKenna

  3. John says:

    Ok rev, here’s one for you. If the. Private polls of better together are showing a massive yes vote.
    Is it possible the Ed milliband used Alister darling as a stool. Would Mr milliband say to labour supporters. Post a yes vote, you support us in this election and we will cut a deal on currency union asserts and liability and RUK help for fast track into the EU and what effect would that have on better together.

  4. Croompenstein says:

    @James Forrest – Good stuff James, easier to read now also that you’ve changed the colour scheme. I think the ‘celebs’ have just been given bad info and I still listen to Bowie. What are your thoughts on the entrenched view of the No side that they still have a healthy lead in the polls I had thought if they actually conceded that Yes was gaining or in the lead it may help ramp up their fear card..

  5. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    well folks, not long now till all wings donaters will see their names on this website, official recognition for all time how we helped our country gain her independence, awesome.

  6. Cactus Jack says:

    Howdy, it would appear that the Scottish mood has changed/shifted and is beginning to repel all of these negative stories, which the BetTog coalition people relentlessly throw at our beautiful Scotland.

    Let’s make it Scotland Together, Great Scotland, United Scotland, we’ve always been known as Bonny Scotland.. and that’s what we’re all about and it is the way forward for our excellent summers of 14, 15 & 16 onwards and upwards!

    Has anybuddy seen the headlines on tomorrows papers yet..? Alistair Darling & Johann Lamont now declaring they WILL vote YES hehe!

  7. Croompenstein:

    You have to love them! The more the impression comes across that they still think this is in the bag, the happier I will be. There’s something I’ve been pondering for months now and it’s this … September. What are the chances of rain that month? Pretty good?

    Now, when I was campaigning for Labour I always used to hear how rain was a bad thing for a campaign that thought it had a healthy lead. A lot of people tend to stay at home if they think a race is already bagged.

    Imagine how hard it is to get a voter out of bed to vote for austerity, cuts, the possibility of paying for the NHS, a Tory government … I’d suggest there are easier things to motivate people for.

    Add a dash of rain … and I can see trouble for them coming down in sheets.

    I know this too … every Yes voter is DETERMINED to get to the polls. I will crawl there if need be. And if someone needs a lift on my back, it’ll be worth it just to slam that extra vote into a box.

    They don’t have anything like our determination and reason to show up on the day.

    I can’t understand their confidence … but I welcome it.

  8. Croompenstein says:

    @James Forrest – Ditto James, I will crawl over broken glass to cast my vote..let the heavens open

  9. alexicon says:

    Barrhead travel have released a rather meek statement on their pussbook page to today’s revelation on Munro’s lies.

    “Many of you have today given your reaction to the personal opinion of Barrhead Travel’s part-time, non-executive director Bill Munro on Scottish independence.

    Whilst we respect Mr Munro’s views, we would like to clarify that this is not the opinion of the company. We believe that it’s for the people of Scotland to decide on the country’s future when they go to the polls in September”

  10. alexicon:

    I am sitting here having a good laugh at that one.

    All day long I’ve seen people on Facebook cancelling holiday plans etc or threatening to.

    The flapping was bound to begin. Like I said in my piece, I get the feeling we can still find another gear.

    Looks like the Better Together has found its new gear.

    Reverse. All the way.

  11. Fraser McLaren says:

    Sorry to go O/T so early, but just a quick reminder that there are only a few hours left for the fund-raiser.

    I fancied one of these little Wings YES badges but wasn’t sure if I could justify £268.00…..then realized how smug I could be after 18th September. :0)

    £268.00 donated!

  12. Fraser McLaren says:

    PS to my comment at 9.48 – any ideas Stu on how I change my name in the contributors list from my e-mail to my name?

  13. Jim T says:

    @alexicon 9:39pm

    I’m just wondering how easy it would be to remove him as a director on the grounds that he is damaging the business.

    He has other irons in the travel “fire”:

    some of his interests look like their “sleeping”

  14. Morag says:

    Fraser, send a message to Stu via the “contact” page and he’ll email you. I don’t think he has time to read all the posts now.

  15. jingly jangly says:

    Fraser McLaren

    I went in after I contributed and changed my email address to my name. I cant remember how I managed it but it can be done, if not, Im sure if you send the rev an email from the same email address he can sort it out for you.

    O/T just watched the Motherwell debate on Independence Live, great speakers and I had forgotten how good Jim Sillars is, I was welling up half the time thinking what we can do for this country. The John Swinney event in Arran last night went down well, full venue and by all accounts Mr Swinney was outstanding. I didn’t make it as I didn’t fancy registering as I had slagged off Better Together for making people register for public meetings.

    However people who had not registered were allowed entry, wish I had known 🙂

  16. Tam Jardine says:

    James and Croompenstein

    Am I alone in praying for a beautiful autumn day in Scotland on September 18th? I can think of nothing more consistent with the new dawn that awaits us with a Yes. Aye, and a strange saltire shaped cloud formation would be grand.

    Guid weather could be a blessing for Yes. Hurricane, fire nor flood would stop me… I would not feel so bullish were I putting my cross in that shameful box and signing over my children’s legacy to their eternal control.

    If I could vote on the shore of Loch Katrine, or the summit of Criffel in September instead of the local primary school that would be perfect. If everyone voted there we would be looking a unanimous decision!

  17. Fraser McLaren says:

    Thanks Morag & Jingly Jangly

  18. Free at 63! says:

    Aye Tam, I feel the same.

    A lovely sunny day fair lifts the spirits of all! People used to think I was mad when I liked exam days to be sunny: they just bemoaned the fact they were stuck in a hall instead of out in the sunshine. But then I am a redhead (sadly faded now) and burn easily.

  19. Flower of Scotland says:

    Here is Flipper on STV denying a currency union again! I knew that a JIm Sillars remark would come back to bite him! I said previously it was going to look like divide and rule! He ought to keep quiet! Why can’t he wait to espouse HIS plans until after the Referendum! Rhona letting Simon Pia ramble on as usual almost taking the mickey out of Alex Salmond .

    Awful programme bias STV!

  20. Morag says:

    I too hope for a lovely day. The day Scotland has all the power in her hands and votes to keep it there. Who would wish for clouds and rain that day of all days?

  21. Croompenstein says:

    Who would wish for clouds and rain that day of all days?

    Aw Morag no one is wishing for clouds and rain, what James is pointing out is that even it is pishing from the heavens above we will still go out and vote whereas the naysayers would rather stay dry!

    Personally I don’t care what the weather is like it makes no difference as long as the sun shines on a Yes win on the 19th.

  22. Tam Jardine says:

    Fraser McLaren

    Hats off man! Wear that wee badge with pride when it comes. I don’t know how much of a sacrifice that wad is for you but know this: what Stuart is doing is vital for the future of Scotland, her children and grandchildren, for all of us. For if we don’t follow through after this long campaign, the next one will be many years down the line and from will be waged from a far weaker position. I salute you.

  23. Morag says:

    Croompenstein, some have said that poor weather might depress the No vote by dissuading some of them from making the effort, while we’ll all be there even if it takes a canoe or a snowplough.

    While that may be true, I want a good day. The 19th can look after itself. I may be heading for my first hangover that day.

  24. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Morag –

    If inclement weather is enough to keep some of the crabbit auld fucks who ‘canny staun that Salmon, an’ yon Sturgeon’s a wee neb’ indoors for the day? Please, Lord, deliver a tempest.

  25. Grouse Beater says:

    Tomorrow is April 1st.

    I wonder what Stuart has in store for us … or Darling.

  26. Morag says:

    Since the Wings fundraiser might have topped £110,000 tonight, I think we should celebrate in the appropriate manner.

    By mocking the afflicted.

    On a serious point, as far as I know that’s the only unionist fundraiser apart from one that was probably a complete chancer and was pulled with no contributions. And it’s raised about £100. (Funny thing, the people so keen on the pound are crowdfunding in dollars – are they going for the diaspora demographic?)

    There have been a lot of independence fundraisers and although they haven’t all been successful (we can be choosy about who we support), most have made their targets and more. It would be interesting to figure out how much was raised during February and March altogether.

    But the significance isn’t in the amount of money so much as in what it says about the Yes campaign. It shows the breadth of support, and the enthusiasm. It shows that thousands of ordinary people are prepared to chip in and put their money where their mouth is.

    This is why Better Together are scared.

    Oh and you know what? I realise some people think the balloon one isn’t worth funding because of bang for buck or something like that. Maybe. But I just realised the guy who is proposing it lives in West Linton – like me, and like Mr. “Ordinary Man” Keith Howell.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to see a Yes Scotland balloon floating majestically over Keith Howell’s house? (Not to mention mine, of course!)

  27. caz-m says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    Totally agree with you about STV bias. They get off light because the attention is on BBC Scotland, but STV can be equally as bias.

    I am still furious with John Mackay, when he boomed at the end of the teatime news programme a couple of weeks ago that,

    “with the YES Campaign 28% behind in the polls, we’ll ask what is going wrong”

    This was taken from their Mickey Mouse STV poll, the poll no other company even uses as guide.

  28. Morag says:

    If inclement weather is enough to keep some of the crabbit auld fucks who ‘canny staun that Salmon, an’ yon Sturgeon’s a wee neb’ indoors for the day? Please, Lord, deliver a tempest.

    I appreciate your point, but I’m hoping by September it won’t matter – we’ll be running away with it. 😀

  29. Tam Jardine says:

    Really Morag? You’ve shown admirable restraint! If you read the papers, watch terrestrial telly and lurk in the comments sections you deserve a full congressional medal of honour for no turning to the bottle.

    Once this thing is over I need to get back to concentrating on my family instead of watching interviews of Alastair Carmichael. And as you say, there will be a wee independence hangover to be endured and enjoyed.

  30. Grouse Beater says:


    For $100 USD you can have a “Stronger United Mug.”

    I could do with someone to mow my lawn for free.

  31. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Morag –

    Kin right.

    The idea of it being 50-50 on the morning of Sep 18th is just unbearable. We need widespread, international MSM acknowledgement, by the middle of August, that we’re well ahead, and to see that lead increase as we reach D-Day, if for no other reason than to contest any ballot-tampering-shenanigans.

    We know that we’ll win, but it cannot be re-presented by MSM as some 2011 ‘surprise’ – it has to be watertight, and won by a handsome margin. I did ask Ladbrokes t’other day for odds on over 60% or 70% being Yes, but they couldn’t give me any – that, in itself, speaks volumes.

    (BTW, did you see any of the Motherwell RIC livestream? What a crowd…)

  32. TJenny says:

    As the crowdfunder closes in 9 hours, just wondering if there’s any chance we might receive our wee WoS badges in time to wear them to this Friday night’s bash?

  33. Morag says:

    (BTW, did you see any of the Motherwell RIC livestream? What a crowd…)

    Watched the lot. Awesome. I could vote for McAlpine in a heartbeat if he was part of a credible party.

    All my mother’s family come from Motherwell. I didn’t see any of my beloved cousins there I have to say. (Why do I think they’d be No, when I got my Yes from my mother?)

    Oh, I always assume everybody is No, that’s why I wear a Yes badge and don’t talk about it.

  34. TJenny says:

    Re my comment above about the delivery of our wee crowdfunded badges, Stu has mentioned in the cf comments that he’ll only receive the badges after the fund closes and then he’ll send them out – so with a bit of luck, maybe we’ll get them this week: D

  35. a2 says:

    “Am I alone in praying for a beautiful autumn day in Scotland on September 18th?”

    it’s going to be pi.. raining heavily on the 18th and a beautiful autumn day on the 19th.

  36. a2 says:

    PS. still time to get Eddie Izzard tickets apparently, at least you can’t call him a sell out.

  37. manandboy says:

    With 6 months to go before the vote, there’s a tiny bit of chicken counting going on. Folly, folly, folly.

    BT have done threats and warnings and dire consequences.

    They must have lots of other stuff up their sleeve.

    Bribery for example. Cash for votes and more besides.

    As Sept 18th gets closer, if Yes looks like a winner, you can be sure that the UK Gov will unload their biggest bribes. And you know what they say – Money talks. There’s certainly many who could do with a windfall.

    So ca’ canny. It’s when you think the beast is dead that you are at your most vulnerable and in greatest danger.

  38. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

    My response to Barrhead travel on their Facebook page:

    “Whether or not it’s the company’s official opinion – this man (the founder) managed to get hold of every person’s email address and send out a communication full of inaccurate and false information to all employees. I’ll believe your line about not sanctioning his actions and not agreeing with his opinions when you go public about what disciplinary action you are taking against him. If you truly are not complicit in this, I expect to see grave consequences being played out in public and perhaps a severing of his contract of employment. Unless this happens I shall do no business with your company”

  39. Muscleguy says:


    I have a newly rewaterproofed coat and waterproof and breathable overtrousers and goretex boots. Even if it is pissing down like it does back in Auckland, NZ and blowing a gale I can get to and from the polling station and be dry and snug.

    I’m also a runner and I have been running in all weathers, except that winter when the beach froze solid. Weather is there to make us feel alive and it is rarely as bad once you are out in it.

  40. Hotrod Cadets says:

    John says:

    Is it possible the Ed milliband used Alister darling as a stool.

    Combination of “stooge” and “tool”? If the cap fits…

  41. Morag says:

    Muscleguy, I dare say. As several people have remarked, we’re going to be voting Yes even if we have to crawl there over broken glass.

    Some have suggested that bad weather would be good for Yes, because it may be more likely to keep No voters at home. I was merely remarking that I’d like a nice day to make me happy, and I hoped we’d be far enough ahead that we didn’t have to worry about marginal turnout effects.

  42. Jim T says:

    @Morag 11:09pm

    If you click on the tab for images, there’s an extremely poor attempt at a Union Jack. You’d think they’d have some pride. I’m not convinced it’s a “proper” fund raiser, I think someone’s chancing their arm at a few free $s (less than £100 by a good margin at current exch rates).

    I wouldn’t bet on any of the $35 folks getting their free sticker either.

  43. Morag says:

    Jim T, hard to say. There was a much worse one put up by someone living in Kent looking for £30,000 to come to Scotland and travel round village halls explaining to all the thick natives how Salmond was wrong and they should vote No. It had some very strange perks including holidays for £2000 donations that seemed to be worth more than £2000! That was taken down within a couple of days, I don’t know who by.

    This one seems more plausible. The guy is claiming to have some background in Vote No propaganda. But again it sat with no funding for a week or two before acquiring a small amount. Now of course they can’t make it disappear as Indiegogo don’t allow appeals to be taken down if money has been pledged.

    So while it could be a bit of arm-chancing, I don’t honestly know either way. It’s absolutely ripe for mockery anyway.

  44. Jim T says:


    I think it’s best left to time out before indulging in mockery. If there was any publicity for the fund-raiser just now, it might lead to others contributing.

    If the originator is really THAT good at propaganda, s/he isn’t doing a very good job of promoting it.

  45. Morag says:

    It’s been tweeted around quite a bit with people having a quiet laugh. I’ll take a fair bet that linking to it now isn’t suddenly going to result in an inrush of funds!

  46. Fraser McLaren says:

    @Tam Jardine – 10.49pm

    I will indeed wear the wee badge with pride.

    I have lived in Wales for the last 10 years, so can’t do much on the ground to help the hard working YES foot soldiers – though my kids, their spouses etc are all voting Yes and I’m planning to be back in Scotland for at least long enough to register to vote.

    As for the £268.00, I am happy that I was able to give more than I could really afford (but not as much as I would have liked to) – the same as many others I suspect.

  47. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here’s a wheeze – we could have another fundraiser for BT, just for the sheer hell of it! (The only condition is that they can’t get the cash until Sept 19th…)

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