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Quoted for truth #41

Posted on January 08, 2014 by

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  1. 08 01 14 15:38

    Quoted for truth #41 - Speymouth

46 to “Quoted for truth #41”

  1. redcliffe62 says:

    Massie made some good comments in the Spectator.

  2. Doug Daniel says:

    Labour certainly are on “the right side” of all those organisations. In fact, they’re so much to the right of them, that they’re in agreement with the Taxpayers Alliance! Always a sure-fire indicator that you’re working against social democracy.

  3. Craig Munro says:

    There’s also a great quote from the Fife News editorial which I’ll try and find  … (Cowdenbeath 😉 )

  4. Danny says:

    Well Labour certainly are to the right of most at the moment.Maybe the BNP are still just out of reach.
    However the Record remains not so much their mouthpiece as an integral part of the Labour party in Scotland and when it all comes down to it they are so intertwined that they will not abandon each other.
    Both would rather see the Tories in power in the UK than Labour in power in an independent Scotland.

  5. Luigi says:

    The Labour party still has a massive core vote in central Scotland.
    Why are they trying so hard to lose it?

  6. Kenny Campbell says:

    “Why are they trying so hard to lose it?”
    They don’t believe they will lose it, the SNP victories in Holyrood were just blips……

  7. proudscot says:

    Watching the Kezia Dugdale interview on TV, where she is trying to justify Labour’s vote against the free school meals policy, I couldn’t help but think she would be an ideal replacement for Johann Lamont as a future leader of the Holyrood Labour Group. She exhibits the same tribal hatred of the SNP, the same sour, sneering attitude and delivery, and the same rigid adherence to the Willie Bain Principle of “SNP Propose It, Labour Oppose It!”

  8. Beastie says:

    I have only heard one person not happy about the announcement and it isn’t because she sees it as a bad thing, it’s because it buggered up the tender document (I work in Procurement at EDC at present) for childcare provision for the next two years that she completed and posted on Procurement Scotland yesterday… just before Eck stood up and changed everything… so she’s got to pull the tender off the website and redo the lot because it’s all at the wrong value.

    She would be getting more sympathy, but she also added ‘it’s not going to last if the SNP get their way on independence because we won’t be able to afford it.’
    Spectacular level of ignorance, and I was angry to the point where pointing out the flaws in the statement might not have gone down too well in an open plan office. She’ll keep for when I’m calmer.

  9. Gavin WIlliamson says:

    It is the blindness of Scottish Labour that puzzles me most, anyone with an ounce of sense must have realised how there decision to vote against free school meals would play out. For Labour to find themselves on the wrong side of organisations like CPAG, Unison, Unite, Fabian Society is astonishing. Even political commentators like Kenny Farquarson and Alex Massie are simply stunned by this.

    OK Labour were undoubtedly mugged by the SNP, who set a fairly obvious trap for them. There is no way Labour could have supported the motion as it spoke heavily of the advantages of Independence, but once there motion to amend had been defeated they should just have abstained.

    It is the crass stupidity and how they keep falling into these traps that leaves me most puzzled, or is it simply that without leadership, principle and policies it is inevitable.

    Alternatively it could be a cunning long term strategy to damage the chances of a Yes vote, by being so very very bad that the thought of them holding power in an Independent Scotland makes people hesitate.

    What is very clear is that loyal Labour voters deserve much better than this.

  10. bald eagle says:

    let it rip dont hold back im in glasgow let me open my window first then give it both barrels

  11. desimond says:

    Its amazing how far a Party, who once would have been thought of as embracing a notion such as Solidarity, have lost their way and become so self-centred.

    Labour are so heading in the RIGHT direction that it could just be a very long time before they eventually come full circle and back where they started.

    However, The future will not wait on Labour finding its way back to Scotland’s way of thinking. People like Allan Grogan will find themselves with a hard choice of trying to repair an ever sinking ship or jumping into the lifeboat and starting afresh on the sea of forward thinking.

  12. Andy-B says:

    Don’t have much to add to this Rev as I stated the above info in your Conspiracies of Silence. I to gleaned the info from the DR in their Record View column, but we can’t expect you to know everything Rev, as you have your hands full more often than not.
    O/T I do apologise.
    The (IEA) the Institute for Economic Affairs, has urged David Cameron to speed the introduction of a later aged state pension, the (IEA) also urges the government to make a private pension scheme compulsory.
    Will David Cameron keep the so called Triple Lock Pension System, I wonder?

  13. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

    Its not surprising since this is the standard of Labour activism at present…

  14. chalks says:

    Beastie – Get her telt
    Open plan office is more of a reason to do it

  15. MajorBloodnok says:

    Made me laugh out loud when I read that twitter exchange.

  16. bald eagle says:

    open plan is better creep up behind her and wait till she is ready to repost it and give it both barrels just as shes about to hit the send button

  17. Jimsie says:

    Never thought I”d see the day when the Record came out and openly criticised Labour. Maybe there”s a sea change happening here.

  18. Flower of Scotland says:

    Lordy , Lordy Jack McConnell wants a truce between labour and SNP during the commonwealth games ! Is he joking ! It’s great under this Westminster Government that when your party fails to win an election you are made a Lord ! Lots of the party or ex labour pals became Peers . 
    Think he is beginning to panic a bit ? 

  19. Luigi says:

    Never thought I”d see the day when the Record came out and openly criticised Labour.
    It’s the day you saw Labour politicians leap to the defence of a Tory prime minister.
    It’s the day you saw Labour MSPs voting against free school meals.

  20. Kev says:

    What are the chances of Labour’s Cowdenbeath byelection leaflet stating that “Labour fully support Free School Meals”?

  21. Chic McGregor says:

    The collapse, when it comes, in the UK is going to be dreadful.  The Total External Debt is truly frightening.   
    The faux recovery generated by Osborne papering over the cracks (a family tradition) of the last property bubble by using quantitatively eased pound notes is only going to make the eventual, cataclysmic, eruption all the worse.
    He hopes by squeezing the last drops of blood out of the plebs it will stave off the IMF long enough till the next General Election. By which time he is also hoping that not too many of the electorate have been converted from ‘Middle Englanders’ to ‘Lidl Englanders’ (except in parts of the West Country where ‘Lidl Englanders’ and ‘Little Englanders’ are homophonic).
    The very fact that the new austerity cuts were announced this side of the referendum only emphasises how dire the situation must be.

  22. Chic McGregor says:

    “What are the chances of Labour’s Cowdenbeath byelection leaflet stating that “Labour fully support Free School Meals”?”
    Not very – going by past examples, they are more likely to claim it was their policy originally and the SNP nicked it.

  23. gordoz says:

    Did everybody catch the Dave and Davidson ‘love in’ ? Lets all laugh at Scotland’s expense.
    FFS how far up the PM’s nether regions is Labour willing to go! Can you get a full body condom. Oh how they all laugh together down in London for the good old Labour /Tory cause, but summon the troops to the ‘red flag’ (or is that Maggie Blue) for Cowdenbeath.
    Please point the undecideds towards this display. Fine if you want a shared identity but Scotland must come first surely.
    For Scotland = Scotland first and foremost.
    For Britain = Scotland is an afterthought and you are working ‘against yer ain folk’ like Davidson and the Labour Party in Scotland are doing right now day out and day in !

  24. Les Wilson says:

    O/T Recently I was speaking to a social worker who was working with deprived families in the Clydebank area. This person is very experienced in such work as such made an astounding comment to me. Now bear in mind he is recently returned home from working in the same job in the South of England. 
    The comment he made was, and I quote, ” when I came back and went to work in my department, what really struck me was how unhealthy looking the people in the area were. I watch them going around, and there is a big difference between the same people in the South of England and the people of Clydeside. Those in Clydeside look so much worse than their equivalent in the South.
    I put it to the the person that in my view is that wealth is the issue, adding that if a country or indeed an area is basically wealthy this reflects right down to the poorest of the inhabitants of the area. He said that he had not considered that point, but pondering over it, he simply said, you know, you are right.
    These are rather obvious to me, the more prosperous area he worked in was obviously wealthier to the extent that even the poor he worked with looked healthier. He just had to look around every day, locally to see the difference between the similarly effected people.
    So we then look to how this is, that are the differences between these people. Again it comes down to work availability and money that is put into such areas from main Government sources, flowing into (in our case the Scottish Governments block grant) which has been systematically reduced by Westminster. He also did not know the situation, (to which I enlightened him) that Scotland contributed more tax per head to Westminster than every other region across the UK, other than London.
    He was genuinely taken aback, and said that it is not what is thought in England. I assured him it was true, to which he replied ” How can that be fair ?” I really could only agree. However, we now have another convert. 

  25. gordoz says:

    @Luigi – on Drecord
    Dont worry its only a temporary blip, normal service tomorrow for sure !

  26. Ericmac says:

    Twitter Analysis (You will find Wings up in the top left of the graphic) 

  27. Seanair says:

    McConnel’s moment of glory cost us taxpayers £300 attendance money, air or rail fare return to London and probably overnight stay in posh hotel. Since the lords couldn’t care less about Scotland (or him) why didn’t he just send an e-mail round Scottish media?

    But no, he’s got to show that he’s A LORD and we must listen to him because he’s a lord. Pathetic!

  28. Dcanmore says:

    @Les Wilson…
    When I go back home to my town in Scotland (from London) I see that startling effect every time. The amount of people who look and sound ill, infirm, grossly overweight, aged beyond their years is shocking me. It is a small place of barely 12,000 people so when you walk through the main streets all I mentioned above is very noticeable. Not to mention the drunks and druggies, many of them trapped young people bored with life. Scotland’s people are not in good shape, low self-esteem is rife and dumbing down of society breeds a lack of imagination. This has to change, the sickness of the mind, body and soul has to stop. We need independence to save ourselves, a reinvigoration of the people and reindustrialisation of our country to motivate and mobilise all ages into believing there is a new future ahead.

  29. Linda's Back says:

    Another great piece by Derek Bateman on Brian Wilson’s latest nonsense

  30. Juteman says:

    I wish someone would put Lord Wark in his place. Why should anything an unelected London trougher says be worth listening to.

  31. Kev says:

    “Not very – going by past examples, they are more likely to claim it was their policy originally and the SNP nicked it.”
    Eh..thats kinda what I was getting at Chic…

  32. Jimbo says:

    Every time they show face Lamont and Co should be booed across Scotland for voting against free school meals and free extended child care.

  33. Iain says:

    Best thing Scottish Labour could do is seperate from English Labour so they can get back to Labour roots and be there for the people of Scotland!!!

    Labour are as bad as the Tories these days, how can they look themselves in the mirror?

  34. Craig P says:

    Les Wilson, doesn’t surprise me. There are places in the world where the jakies on the street look healthier than your average Glaswegian. 

  35. Horacesaysyes says:

    It’s just a shame that they didn’t mention the reason given for Labour voting against the bill.

  36. Bubbles says:

    Did anyone else hear the interview with McConnell on GMS this morning? The bit right at the end was very interesting I thought. 

  37. gollygosh says:

    What did the peace envoy to Africa say then, Bubbles?

  38. Clydebuilt says:

    The Record put the quoted piece on their website, read by a few anoraks. Will they put this statement in the printed paper read by a load of normal folk.

  39. Chic McGregor says:

    “Not very – going by past examples, they are more likely to claim it was their policy originally and the SNP nicked it.”
     Eh..thats kinda what I was getting at Chic…”
    I know, I was just, I thought, extending the sentiment.

  40. A2 says:

    This is actually fascinating self delusional behaviour, I’m sure a there’s some good psychological research to be had into what’s happening in the labour party right now.
    I just read a bit of this

    it’s hard going, but it got me thinking:- are they actually suffering some sort of mass hysteria focused on the SNP stealing their dummy? and could it escalate further?

  41. Papadocx says:

    There comes a time when trying to prolong life of a old and very sick pet becomes cruel and counter productive. To see a well loved we creature struggling in its death throws and only prolonging the inevitable becomes to painful for it and you, there is no way back. Time to put it out of its distress and be kind. 
    Well unfortunately that is where SLAB has managed to get itself into over many years and unfortunately it’s time to let it go, it’s beyond help. The only signs of meaningful life on the old labour dog are fleas and maggots, and there are plenty of them. The remains need to be buried with the respect it deserves, fleas maggots and all, before we see our old pal rotting away.
    Then go and find another best friend needing a home and somebody to help it grow up and thrive and bring happiness and friendship into an old mans life. Hopefully we already see a wee cheeky pup in the litter (LFI) that shows much promise of being what old labour once was. 

    Instead of a hopeless end with old labour. let us strive for endless hope with LFI. Or whatever we decide.

  42. Craig says:

    Re Malcolm Chisholm, anyone who is a member of Scottish Labour at this stage cannot be trusted.

    He is as much an enemy of the Independence movement as the rest of them.

    From now till 18th September we in the Yes camp should treat ALL OF THEM like what they are to our cause – enemies and ("Tractor" - Ed)s with vested interests.

    The British establishment is not going to fight fair. We have no choice but to respond in the same way.

    The Scottish battles of old were only won because we gave what we got.

    This is going to be the mother of all battles.

  43. James Lambie says:

    Having read with interest all previous comments  I am amazed at the number who defend the Labour  stands. on what would normally be a Labour policy.

  44. Tamson says:

    It’s all very well for a Record editorial to criticise Labour: it’s going to a cold day in hell before they tell people to stop voting for the bastards.

  45. JLT says:

    Something surely …must happen to Scottish Labour this year! The politics of Scottish Labour against that of London Labour are so screamingly obvious, that a fall-out must be certain to happen.

    You would think (and I assume that it has within the quieter corners of Scottish Labour and all the major socialist corners) that after Anas Sarwar was eaten alive at the Clydebank TUC, and the fury over the failed attempt at overturning the Bedroom Tax, which failed due to Labour MP’s not turning up that the ‘Red’ Unionist Party would be very aware that the Scottish people are not exactly enamoured with Labour at all at the moment.
    Seriously. If the percentages begin to creep up (and who wouldn’t rule it out after last weekend’s polls showed that 70% of the electorate are DEMANDING more powers), that some Labour MSP’s are starting to get a tad worried. Who will jump first?

    Even the media, for God’s sakes, are starting to get a tad fed up with the usual, ‘We can’t! No!, That’s not possible! Too wee! Too poor! Too stupid!’ People are wanting answers, and this week, the BT mob are now trotting out the ‘Scotland Bill’ as the solution.  What a load of p**h!
    I can see Johann becoming a cropper at somepoint; either doing an Iain Grey, or else mouthing off some London Labour propaganda that is only going to enrage the Scots further.
    I’m even waiting for the infighting to begin from the BT mob as they try to come up with promises that only clash with other the parties policies. Screaming, shouting, finger pointing, glaring …ah yes …Better Together indeed. A marriage made in hell. 

    One thing that has made me wonder. If BT do start telling huge whopping lies, then if they do get caught out, then the faith in them will disappear. They can’t afford to drop the ball now.

    So …for me, I can’t wait for the ‘Black Paper‘ (for that is what it should be called, as it will be a deal put to the Scottish people, similar to that of a Faustian Pact. Get ready to sell your souls!)
    This is going to be very interesting over the next two to three months…

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