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Quick fact check

Posted on June 01, 2015 by

Because the media in Britain is now basically just a giant gossip circle repeating each other’s stories, pretty much every newspaper today repeats Michelle Mone’s tiresome publicity-seeking whinge about “cybernats” from the Mail On Sunday.

One of them is the Herald, whose piece contains a quote suggesting that Mone – who appeared to think that flitting from Scotland to England somehow got you away from the internet – does have at least some basic understanding of how Twitter works:

“I blocked all the ones who used the C word. All from the same party, surprise, surprise.”

Now, we’re going to assume that by “the C word” she meant the four-letter insult, and by “the same party” we can deduce from context that she must mean the SNP.

So let’s just see if that claim stands up to scrutiny.


Oh look. In the entire recorded history of Twitter, absolutely nobody has ever tweeted the C-word to Michelle Mone at all, let alone in an abusive context.

But if you broaden the search out to any tweet that uses it and also talks ABOUT her – that is, tweets which Mone would never see unless she actively searched for her own name in conjunction with that term – you can find a tiny handful of examples.

Specifically, you can find eight in the last three years, most of which are from the past week (ie AFTER she started crying to the press about it) and only three in total of which actually use the term about her personally.

Of the three people using the word abusively, one identifies as an SNP member, and one of the others appears to be a Daily Record writer called Daniel Cole (going by the Twitter name of “Brucehillbhoy”) who blogs regularly for the paper about Celtic but does mention Nicola Sturgeon in his bio. He’s the only person on Twitter who called Michelle Mone a “c**t” before last week, and even he didn’t tweet it TO her.

Mone’s complaint was specifically dated. In the Herald piece she says:

“On Twitter I wrote that I hoped my country ‘doesn’t get any more bitter and angry’, adding: ‘We need to work together with our neighbours to get what we need for Scotland. The cybernats hit back.”

On 22 May she told Daily Business that when she said made those comments she’d been “only aiming her attacks at 25 people who abused her and used the ‘C’ word”. If anyone can find the other 24 for us, we’d be much obliged.


EDIT 3.15pm: Someone (partly) has. After an extended discussion with a reader, we eventually managed to work out between us that for some reason, Twitter Advanced Search returns significantly fewer results than a normal Twitter search on an iPhone does. The results from an iPhone search, analysed for content, break down thusly:

Total tweets to Michelle Mone since 2011 calling her a “c**t”: 12

Number from anyone identifiable as an SNP supporter: 2

In fact it seems to be football fans who are angry with her rather than politics types – chiefly Celtic’s, seemingly for reasons relating to the club’s full-back Charlie Mulgrew. As for why Mone has chosen to blame the SNP instead, you’d have to ask her.

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    265 to “Quick fact check”

    1. Blackhack says:

      Rumour has it that she’s applied for a job with Carmichael as they are both economical with the truth…

    2. Morag says:

      It’s the Susan Calman thing all over again. She went crying to the press about an alleged blog about her that she’d never even seen. Somebody had told her it existed. Much searching failed to find any such publication.

      But the whole thing was hyped up on Newsnight, even to the point where Gordon Brewer (I think) said he couldn’t read out the material on-air because it was too offensive, even at that time of night.

      There was no material to read out. He was just taking her second-hand account at face value.

      I am getting sick to my bloody back teeth of all this. The more so because it seems there’s absolutely bugger-all we can do about it in real life.

    3. Fiona says:

      So Michelle Mone tells lies, just like all her unionist pals? Quelle surprise. Muppet!

    4. heedtracker says:

      Great sleuthing. One more snapshot of just how corrupt unionism is, right down to stuff like reality meets UKOK propaganda.

    5. Donald MacKenzie says:

      It’s okay. BBC Scotland will include the above tonight so that they present a balanced and factual report of the situation.

      Oh! What? Sorry, I was dreaming.

    6. One_Scot says:

      She would probably get along quite well with Carmichael.

    7. Malcolm says:

      Can’t wait for the Scotsman to print this info tomorrow after allowing her Natbashing rant today.

    8. Macart says:


      Journalism in the UK today. You’d think they might have made similar efforts to verify Ms Mone’s stories, but apparently not.

      Who knew?

    9. Lochside says:

      Wonderful detective work once again Rev. Another self publicising liar caught out ……but will our weasel msm make her retract?

    10. One_Scot says:

      She is clearly mentally deluded. Maybe she needs medical help.

    11. Fiona says:

      How do you do such a search? It would be handy if more of us could check these things, since there are such a lot of claims of this sort

    12. Tony Little says:

      Thanks Rev. Interestingly the thread in the Herald is now closed for comments after only 11 responses. I wonder why? Do they read WoS as well! I think we know.

    13. Fiona says:

      @ One_Scot

      I don’t think she is mentally deluded. Full of herself? That is a different story

    14. Croompenstein says:

      Well knock me doon wae a feather none of Sturgeons cybernat army called greety face Michelle a c**t. Ach well Michelle see and don’t come back

    15. Free Scotland says:

      Could the “C” word possibly be “Carmichael?”

    16. jimnarlene says:

      It’s amazing what a little background check throws up, another load of bull, from a disappointed unionist.

    17. Haggis Hunter says:

      The Brit Media have been using this tactic for years. Has it worked? Doesn’t look like.

    18. Les Wilson says:

      In truth I think this is just a publicity stunt. She must like to see herself in the tabloids and appears to do whatever they want, to get seen.

      Goodbye Michelle,I hope you are happy in your adopted country, however, Scotland will not miss you.

    19. Lanarkist says:

      Thanks for the sleuthing Rev!

      Another case of the MSM creating the news rather than reporting it.

      Nothing yet on the Anti Austerity protests from around the country, A. Carmichael being taken to Court, Trident whitewash but lots on Celebrities and their favourite whipping boys in the online community.

      The Media as Nero, fiddling their expense accounts as their ears burn!

    20. G says:

      Maybe the C word was “celtic”? “Change”? “Crony capitalism”?

    21. Stephen says:

      These stories are less to do with actual news and more about Mone and (presumably) her agent increasing her profile by whatever means necessary with a view to forging a media career.

      It’s not pretty but it’s how these papers work. I’d be surprised if she’s barely even looked at these articles, let alone written them.

    22. Grouse Beater says:

      I would think people do as I do, ignore anybody using the C-word in any context. It devalues what they have to say.

      Then again, I pass over reading anything about Ms Mone.

      The debate about Scotland’s democratic rights and future is a substantial one way above underwear commodities.

    23. Callum says:

      of course, in her defence she may have requested that the originator take down the tweet via twitter abuse reporting or indirectly via her lawyers – in which case the tweet is no longer visible on Twitter.

    24. Truth says:

      Not being a user of twitter, but is it not possible to sent direct tweets that only the recipient can see?

      Is that what she is on about?

      Of course I am entirely open to the suggestion that she is out and it lying.

    25. Giesabrek says:

      Damn you Stu and your unique ability in the journalistic world to check out the “facts”!

    26. Natalie Graham says:

      She appears to already live in London anyway. is she really moving to England or just selling a second home in Scotland she doesn’t use?

    27. Grouse Beater says:

      I can count on one hand all the Miss Scotland’s I have met so am not claiming there’s a pattern only that they were keen on an acting or media career.

      Sadly, every one went on to be married (owned?) to a flaky businessman or other, given token roles as ‘company ambassador’, exhibited as one might new bling jewellery.

      Divorce followed.

    28. Macnakamura says:

      Michelle Mone has only one raisin d’être :
      Look at me ! Look at me !

    29. Mark says:

      Why is the article assuming anything. The c word could have been cow or some other expletive I don’t know of and the messages could have been direct messages which I don’t think can be searched.

      “Because the media in Britain is now basically just a giant gossip circle…” And the Wings Over Scotland sound like a group of bitching teenagers.

    30. Alan Crerar says:

      A quick survey of her ex-employees who would happily call her a **** to her face might prove illuminating.

    31. Colin McKay says:

      As with most celebrity/business Union backers, the only thing She’s worried about is the chance of wearing ermine being removed, if Scotland became independent. Total self interest.

    32. Juteman says:


    33. galamcennalath says:

      ” the media in Britain is now basically just a giant gossip circle repeating each other’s stories”

      …. perfectly put!

      It’s a huge Union biased web into which you inject any piece of anti-Scottish/SNP fiction and be certain that it will just keep echoing round and round. As such, Unionist have a tool which they use relentlessly. Carmichael (or whoever pulled his strings) thought he could ‘pull as fast one’. Now this Mone rubbish.

      No one double checks any story, it appears. Or, is the truth that, to push the Unionist agenda the media chooses not to validate what it publishes?

      Alas it will go on until, and probably after, independence.

    34. Peter says:

      Of course her alleged conversation with a London cabbie and representatives at a conference are utter pish also

      Lying cow

    35. simmie1903 says:

      Havent these rags not got anything real to report on rather than repeating the deluded narcissitic drivel and lies from a failed underwear propritor? No wonder these rags are headed for the toilet just like Moan!

    36. Scott Borthwick says:

      Surely Frankie Boyle must have called her a c*** at some point. He calls everyone a c*** at some point. No? In that case I think we can safely ignore her, as I hope we’ve been doing all along.

    37. Tam Jardine says:

      I would be interested to hear Ms Mone’s response to the actual physical assaults on yes supporters in the run up to the referendum, the widespread yet unreported abuse by unionist trolls and the unionist mob in George Square on the 19th September.

      Or Ian Smart… or the death threats to Alex Salmond, or Nicole Sturgeon, the court cases and councillor being charged with assault… burning of the saltire… not forgetting Carmichael’s foray into the dark arts.

      But of course, SNP baaa-d they all bleat. It must be strange to be so blinkered. I am aware of where the conduct of those ‘on my side’ falls short. If only Michelle could say the same.

    38. Joey says:

      The first step on my journey of conversion to “Yes” in the referendum campaign was when Michelle Mone said she’d leave an independent Scotland.

      “Hmmm….There’s one immediate benefit of independence.”, I thought

    39. Norrie says:

      Found this for twitter searches

    40. bob sinclair says:

      Of course I’ve got absolutely no doubt that the writers of all these stories will now carry out the same checking procedure prior to amending & resubmitting the stories for tomorrow’s editions, complete with retraction & apologies.

    41. Schotsvrouw says:

      Similar story with Frances Barber? A few months ago, she said she was being called an “English cunt” on a daily basis via Twitter. The only tweets I could find using that phrase were hers (now deleted?) and the most obnoxious tweet, using the word ‘cunt’, was directed at fleetstreetfox by, eh, Frances Barber. I might just be rubbish at searching though.

    42. ronnie anderson says:

      Corsets tae Ms Mone,an thats ah wrap folks as they say in Loonytunes.or the British Meedja.

    43. Grouse Beater says:


      On related discussion Wings with Guardian’s Michael White – I still can’t believe White actually describes Stuart as ‘a snake oils salesman.’

      White is supposed to be a level-headed journalist but has managed to reinvent himself as a Fox shock jock.

    44. Rupert Weir says:

      Sorry to play devil’s advocate; how would your search account for tweets that were subsequently deleted?

    45. G H Graham says:

      Financial reports posted at Companies House


      suggest that Ms. Mone’s underwear company, MJM International, will be unable to continue trading in the foreseeable future.

      Meanwhile, Ms. Mone has decided to ditch any last threads of dignity by conducting a promotional book tour in London to reveal for example, gossip of a deeply sexual nature, about her ex-husband.

      I’m guessing that as soon as MJM’s FY2014 accounts are filed in September & Mr. Mone has been properly advised by his own legal council, Ms. Mone will have more serious problems to worry about that a few fictitious name callers on Twitter.

    46. Fiona says:

      @ Norrie

      On that link there are at least four on the first page and they are from 9-11 months ago

    47. Fiona says:

      ETA to last post

      The are not directly addressed to Ms Mone, however, as Rev Stu says.

    48. Stoker says:

      @ Norrie (1.21pm).
      Thanks for that Twitter search facility, now bookmarked.
      (btw, i know a Norrie fae Dunoon, are you he?)

      Regarding the ‘C’ word – It’s the one sweary i dislike and rarely ever use. If i’m ever at the stage of using the ‘C’ word it means that i’ve went ballistic and it’s time to hide all sharp objects.

      On a different note – I wonder if The National will give prominent coverage to this very important revelation.

      Moan, at the very least, has been exposed as a drama queen and at worst, for the proven liar she seems to be.

      She needs to be exposed for what she truly is.
      As i said yesterday, just another Unionist coveting a title.

    49. gillie says:

      “absolutely nobody has ever tweeted the C-word to Michelle Mone at all, let alone in an abusive context.” – WoS

      You mean to say journalists failed to check out her story?!?!


      I only hope that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t become a victim of an unsubstantiated smear from her opponents being published unchecked in the press. That would never do.

    50. Rob James says:

      Looks as though she may have a bright future in politics if she should so desire. Certainly has the right attributes.

      I see the accredited liar Nick Robinson was apparently approached by the labour party several months back. Do they screen folk with regard to their ability to lie with impunity?

    51. Dcanmore says:

      Really, all this for a bit of publicity in selling her home. Her ex husband also still lived there and I’m sure he was the trigger for the sell-up, so this is her public reaction in forcing to sell the home she loved. She is still bitter about the divorce and the ultimate failure of her company which coincidently happened when her husband left the firm which led to a buy-out from an asian conglomerate. Apparently she now runs a fake tan business.

      She comes across as a very needy person who greatly feasted on the publicity that her past success gave her, I think the personal and corporate stress of the past five years have really affected her emotionally.

    52. X_Sticks says:

      I suspect Ms Mone is fishing for recognition from Brenda for “services to the state”. She probably thinks that all that distress caused to her by these nasty cybernats just because she was defending the union will buy her some sympathy. And maybe, just maybe a bauble or title.

      I doubt anyone in Scotland will miss her.

    53. Valerie says:

      Good work Rev. I had some doubts, because I think we are dealing with an attention whore, and when none is forthcoming, then you just fabricate.

      It’s all a bit tragic. I honestly don’t have any f”””ks to give about moaning meshell.

      We have bigger liars to attend to.

    54. Fiona says:

      Just for fun try using Norrie’s link for “Nicola Sturgeon cunt”.

      Seems to be quite a common epithet for her too

    55. Broch Landers says:

      The mainstream media, on a day-to-day basis, doesn’t do proper journalism. They no longer have the resources or the talent.

      That’s why we’re all here instead. It’s called a revolution.

    56. Calgacus says:

      Are there any unionists who are not liars?

    57. manandboy says:

      The Rev Stuart Campbell ought to replace Sherlock Holmes in the lexicon – at least in Scotland.

      As for Ms Mone, who has kept her commercially important married name, publicity is pure oxygen to her, for personal and business reasons.

      Wishing to leave Scotland for business reasons, be near Heathrow – an advantage to a frequent global traveller, she should have just done the professional thing, and just gone, like many others before her. But she’s too busy playing games to be a pro.

    58. Grouse Beater says:

      I am getting sick to my bloody back teeth of all this. The more so because it seems there’s absolutely bugger-all we can do about it

      Novelist and nationalist, Frederic Lindsay, used to say stop reading newspapers and watching television news to avoid feeling angry or sick most of the time.

    59. Lollysmum says:

      WoS has debunked countless stories since its inception so thank you Stu. This is yet another one.

      What is wrong with MSM? I have yet to encounter a ‘proper’ journalist who actually checks the facts before they go to print.

      Does Wings have to do it all for you? Surely you’ve all suffered enough ‘egg on face’ to cause you to alter your working habits but NO. What was it Einstein said ‘the definition of insanity is when you keep doing things the same, is it a wonder that you always get the same outcomes.’

      Oh well Stu-it keeps you in a job I guess 🙂

    60. Valerie says:

      John Swinney is in Kirkwall – clever SNP

      BBC1at 8.30. Panorama – The most dangerous woman in Britain?
      Yes, Nicola Sturgeon

      Also Nicola has been invited over to USA to appear on the Daily Show.

    61. Luigi says:

      O/T: The fund-raiser for a legal challenge to Carmichael is now well over 50K. Please consider chipping in a few quid if you haven’t already done so:

      You can also add your support by signing the petition – they are hoping for at least 25K signatures:

      C’mon folks. We are the people, we can do this!

    62. Petra says:

      This woman is an out and out attention seeker (another narcissist?).

      Her husband left her for another woman which no doubt gave that big EGO of hers a real battering.

      Her business is on the rocks. This is the woman, expert economist, who stated that ”small companies and budding entrepreneurs need to be encouraged to think out of the box because innovation is the key to success. I also feel we need to focus on encouraging better leadership. For years the Scottish economy has underperformed compared to the rest of the UK and I would say the lack of ingenuity, quality of service, investment, ambition and innovation out there is down to the quality of leadership.”

      She’s hoping that her newly released autobiography (written by Torcuil Chrichton?) will be a best seller and bring in some much needed dough. Doubtful as even the Daily Liar poll indicates that 90% of voters wont buy it. Her ex-husband has also branded it a ‘work of total fiction’.

      She’s the ultimate ‘see me, see me, keep on looking and listening to me’. The latest article is just another way of keeping her in the limelight (to sell her book?) as she doesn’t seem to have anything else to report. She seems to have covered it all already.

      Take a look at SOME of the, totally RISIBLE, articles published by the Daily Record alone.

      Her house is on the market.

      She’s wearing a kinky leather harness.

      Looks great in her new Bentley.

      Admits missing curry and chips.

      Was drinking two bottles of wine a night.

      She’s spent 18 months crying a lot.

      Michelle Mone releases “miracle” breast reduction cream (Business acumen, lol!)

      Michelle Mone looks to clear her mind on trip to Dubai.

      Bra tycoon Michelle Mone ends Twitter exile.. after four days.

      Ultimo boss Michelle Mone reveals how she irons her money in documentary.

      Bra tycoon Michelle Mone turns down BBC’s Question Time 16 times. No surprise there.

    63. call me dave says:

      There’s a joke that finishes with “a titter went round the room”

      Enough of the Mona:

      Gove ‘considering English Bill of rights’ in bid to circumvent SNP:… (Maybe they mean Scottish law)

      MICHAEL Gove is facing fresh calls to reverse plans to scrap the Human Rights Act, following reports that he is considering drawing up an English-only Bill to circumvent SNP opposition.

      The Conservatives had pledged to repeal the legislation and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. However, the UK Government ran into difficulty when Holyrood, which it is expected would be required to give consent, said it would strongly oppose the move which has also encountered resistance in the other devolved assemblies.

      Scotland’s social justice secretary Alex Neil is on the record as saying: “The Scottish Government’s position is that these proposals will require legislative consent, and this parliament [Holyrood] should make clear that such consent will not be given.”

      In a bid to get around the issue, Mr Gove is reportedly considering introducing an English-only Bill to break links with the European court in Strasbourg, which would not apply in Scotland.

      In the Queen’s Speech, the Tories delayed its plans by announcing a consultation rather than committing to follow through on its manifesto pledge as soon as possible.

      Lord Falconer, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, said: “This is a shambles and yet more evidence that the Tories are making it up as they go along.

      “Once again, David Cameron and Michael Gove are playing with the future of our Union and using division to appease their backbenchers. Instead of coming up with cobbled-together solutions, they should listen and drop any plans to scrap people’s human rights protections. If they don’t, Labour will oppose them all the way.”

      The Ministry of Justice has said that the UK Government would be considering the implications of a British Bill of Rights on devolution as it developed its proposals and added that it would “fully engage with the devolved administrations”.

      Speaking in Edinburgh last month, the Prime Minister claimed he had a mandate to scrap the Human Rights Act across the UK. He added: “Clearly, there are going to have to be discussions between the UK and Scottish Governments and indeed UK and Welsh Governments about how exactly to make this work. There are some great complexities here but I’m sure it’s not beyond the wit of clever people to make this work.”

    64. Patrick Roden says:

      Morag says:

      “I am getting sick to my bloody back teeth of all this. The more so because it seems there’s absolutely bugger-all we can do about it in real life.”

      yes we can all do something about it Morag, keep sharing these articles or pointing towards them, because every single person who reads this and sees how not one journalist, from not one MSM outlet, has bothered to check the facts or worse still hasn’t wanted to let the facts get in the way of a good SNP smear, it will be one more person who has began the journey to discovering how Scots have been deceived for so long.

      Had conversations over the past couple of weeks with two people who said they could not stop paying the BBC licence because of the detector vans, and put them both right about this lie.

      We win this thing one person at a time.

    65. Wulls says:

      Doesn’t that make Michelle Mone a lying c**t
      lol lol lol

    66. Brian Powell says:

      So, not only does she not know there is twitter in England and most other parts of the world, she doesn’t know it’s possible to check what tweets went her way.

      I think it’s likely she does know, and also knows she can put out a ‘storyline’ and the press will just repeat it, even if they know it’s not true.

      What is interesting to me are those who work in the MSM and BBC who are not the frontline ‘journalists’ exercising their agendas, does the sleaze they are associated with never bother them, or are they ‘like minds’ chosen because they have the right background?

      Any one of them here who wants to post their take on why happens inside the circle?

    67. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Why is the article assuming anything. The c word could have been cow or some other expletive “

      Nobody in human history has ever referred to “cow” as “the C-word”.

    68. This is the ultimo ‘found out’

    69. Midgehunter says:

      Have just noticed that she has an OBE – sorry I’m a bit slow..!

      As she deals (used to) in knickers and breast furniture is she moving to London to be a Knight of the Garter? 😉

    70. My kid is lactose intolerant so he never gets C-word milk.

    71. heedtracker says:

      Here in England paper Heil has her with lovely photo and “Sturgeon cant or wont control her MP’s and her voters” sort of quotes but even the Heil bloke says Mone moving could be her jobs as Ambassador for British Airways and Bently.

      What the fcuk next.

      Actually Andrew Neil must be THE biggest teamGB Scotch cringer around right now, or maybe its Jim Naughty but are there any other countries in the world that produces so many cringing gits like what Scotland does.

    72. Dan Huil says:

      The “C” word which most applies to Mone is “cringe” as in Scottish Cringe.

    73. X_Sticks says:

      I wonder if JK Rowling wears Ultimo. Just by way of support, you understand.

    74. MolliBlum says:

      No, no, no – this is all just a storm in a bra-cup.

      For anyone in the lingerie business, the C-word is unacceptable because it is no longer economically viable. According to this Guardian article, the biggest seller is now D or F:

      I’m sure that’s what she means.

    75. Ian Brotherhood says:

      She really should be ‘up front’ about all this stuff.

      (Okay, I’ll get my thong…)

    76. Dr Jim says:

      It’ll be just another thing for Katy Hopkins to “Mone” about

      And she thought Ebola was unpleasant

    77. Richardinho says:

      Michelle Mone is basically an attention seeker and will do anything that will get her attention. Initially she did this by running a business but why bother when you can achieve it with much less effort by giving stories to the media about being bullied by ‘cyber-nats’?

    78. Karmanaut says:

      People who lie to smear others are infantile and utterly pathetic.

    79. carjamtic says:

      Looking forward a bright future awaits AC/MM down south (in showbiz),a time portal/joined up thinking allows us a wee preview,we need worry no more,they will be rolling in it.

    80. G4jeepers says:

      It’s in the National, sadly much of a muchness

    81. Onwards says:

      Stephen says:
      1 June, 2015 at 12:57 pm

      These stories are less to do with actual news and more about Mone and (presumably) her agent increasing her profile by whatever means necessary with a view to forging a media career.

      Exactly. Forced to sell her failing company, this is all about building a new TV career in London, and ingratiating herself with the locals.

    82. TJenny says:

      Ian Brotherhood ‘Okay, I’ll get my thong…’, Lady Wingers swoon and fervently hope that Paula Rose has the Sal Volatile handy in the darkened room. 😉

    83. arthur thomson says:

      The Britnats are very upset that so many Scots have found their voice over the past few years. Long may they be upset. So long as we continue to speak and listen to the voices of our ever increasing circle of friends we will become more and more skilled in the art. The Britnats will be marginalised, disempowered and exposed as the cretins they are.

      Was that the ‘c’ word?

    84. shiregirl says:

      …it’s just another desperate attempt for publicity. She’s hasn’t been in the papers recently so it was due.

      I’m thinking off chucking out my one and only Ultimo bra in protest.

      Shame on you, Michelle. We are all entitled to our views but there appears little truth behind your claims as the Rev has pointed out.

      Go now. It’s for the best.

    85. Graham MacQueen says:

      The only thing I would disagree with regarding this article, Rev, is your opening sentence:

      ‘the media in Britain is now basically just a giant gossip circle repeating each other’s stories’

      Such behaviour has been common practice for a very long time. The media, both printed and TV, have undertaken the role of national hoodwinkers in an effort to dumb down the intelligence of the population and limit the availability of topics to discuss. Thus diverting attention away from the true problems in society.

    86. PictAtRandom says:

      In what way is this new? I mean, Wikipedia notes her considerable creativity with her early CV.

      And the original reason for leaving Scotland was that her career had become brilliant beyond all recognition.

      Maybe she could try creative writing for underWired magazine.

    87. yerkitbreeks says:

      @ Donald Mackenzie Not sure if the Beeb will be active in this – if today’s contribution by Derek Bateman is anything to go by.

    88. Desimond says:

      A 4 letter word that offends Michelle Mone?





    89. Dal Riata says:

      Sorry to repeat a post from the previous Moaning Mone article, but it’s still very relevant:

      From Michelle Mone’s own website:

      “What NOT to do!

      Don’t make excuses or blame others

      If you make a bad decision and mess up, hold your hands up and accept it. If something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t look for excuses or blame anyone else. Identify the cause of the problem and take everything you can from it – every mistake is a lesson learned, after all.”

      Comedy gold!

      So these evil, vile Sturgeon-led cybernats, then…?

      “Don’t make excuses or blame others”

      “If something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t look for excuses or blame anyone else.”

      Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ROFL!

    90. CameronB Brodie says:

      Grouse Beater at 1:30 pm


      On related discussion Wings with Guardian’s Michael White – I still can’t believe White actually describes Stuart as ‘a snake oils salesman.’

      The Guardian is owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which appears to be controlled by HSBC, the new global nexus of international terrorist finance (links in Off Topic).

      The Scott Trust Limited is a holding company, which through its subsidiaries publishes newspapers. The company’s subsidiaries also offer online publishing services and supply software to real estate agents. The Scott Trust Limited was founded in 1936 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

      But this is also incorrect, as the limited company was formed in 2008.

      The Scott Trust Limited is the British company that owns Guardian Media Group and thus The Guardian and The Observer as well as various other media businesses in the UK. In 2008 it replaced the now-defunct Scott Trust, which had owned the Guardian since 1936.

      And the monkey at the top of this particular media tree is Neil Berkett, who’s background is largely in financial services.

    91. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      “In her recently published autobiography, Ms Mone admitted she put her husband’s cufflinks in the bin, let down his tyres and cut holes in his boxer shorts.”

      She seems a bit of a cunt.

    92. Jimbo says:

      Shades of Susan Calman

    93. Robert Knight says:

      Michelle Mone grew up a Protestant Rangers fan and a supporter of the Labour party. She’s now a Catholic Celtic fan who votes Conservative.

      I believe that given enough time Michelle will become an SNP voter. What football team or religion she’ll have is anyone’s guess.

    94. jackie g says:


      Andy Murray has just won his match in Paris after dropping the second set. 🙂

      Usual BBC says he held his nerve! honestly bloody annoys me that does.

      They did the same last week and said he was ‘tested’ when he won in straight sets.

      Would it kill them to admit he is a great sportsman? course it would but we know better.

      I hope he makes it to the final go Andy 🙂

    95. Petra says:

      @ Patrick Roden says “yes we can all do something about it Morag, keep sharing these articles or pointing towards them, because every single person who reads this and sees how not one journalist, from not one MSM outlet, has bothered to check the facts or worse still hasn’t wanted to let the facts get in the way of a good SNP smear, it will be one more person who has began the journey to discovering how Scots have been deceived for so long.”

      Like Morag I’m bl**dy well sick of it too.

      We have to ask ourselves how many people, especially NO voters, actually visit these types of sites?

      If I were Nicola Sturgeon / SNP I would target one newspaper with a view to suing them. It would then make the others think twice, hopefully, before publishing their lies.

      The people of O & S (plus supporters) are attempting to do just that right now with Carmichael. Why wont the SNP make a real attempt to deal with this problem which is escalating and of course losing us support?

      I don’t get it!

    96. Jim Mitchell says:

      Well done there Rev, no doubt the unionist media will soon be aploligising for their mistake, although I won’t hold my breath!

      Wonder why they didn’t check it out for themselves?

    97. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Perhaps Ms Mone is positioning herself – media celebrity aspirations apart – to relaunch herself in the lingerie business?

      If so, her flurry of false accusations might be a damned clever move in creating new brand appeal for her “Ultimo Goebbels” flimsies.

      There might even be an ultra-exclusive version of the above named the “Ultimo C@@@ Goebbels” trimmed in faux ermine.

    98. heedtracker says:

      Another coffee time snap of how corrupt Britnats are

      “Mr Carmichael’s error, which is non-trivial, was to claim he had no knowledge of the leaking of a document when in fact he did.”

      Fair enough this just one more unionist con/academic but that’s not what happened at all. The slob did the leaking, said he ordered the leak, said it was “incorrect” only after getting caught, let a £1.4 million investigation run its course and certainly did not “claim he had no knowledge of the leaking” and so on, etc.

      Their tory boy hero nutty Professor Tomkins tweets he’s in Israel now so lucky Israel, no doubt demanding everyone stops “bleating” there but its interesting how they all flock together under bare faced lies that can be shown to be bare faced lies, merely by doing stuff like reading wot poor old hate campaign victim/slob’s like Carmichael write.

      Also Dr Scott thinks says Carmichael is lovely and nice because

      “Likewise, he did not claim that the west coast of Scotland had huge potential for oil finds – it was the nationalists that claimed the igneous rocks there could bear oil.”

      The oils under the igneous rock layers!

      Stuff like that makes you proud to be British and Tory, red or blue.

      At least Mone’s a looker:D

    99. Petra says:

      @ heedtracker says ”Here in England paper Heil has her with lovely photo and “Sturgeon cant or wont control her MP’s and her voters” sort of quotes but even the Heil bloke says Mone moving could be her jobs as Ambassador for British Airways and Bently. What the fcuk next. Actually Andrew Neil must be THE biggest teamGB Scotch cringer around right now, or maybe its Jim Naughty but are there any other countries in the world that produces so many cringing gits like what Scotland does.”

      You forgot to mention a couple of others heedtracker, lol.

    100. Dal Riata says:

      Yet another one who comes from a working-class background, for want of a better term, who, upon achieving immense success, turns on the people, society and even the country they come from.

      Once the accolades come flowing in, especially from the rich and famous, they will feel they have risen above their upbringing and those that still remain within the Scottish working-class – they are now ‘better’.

      With ever increasing wealth comes ‘status’ and even power. In the UK this brings you, in the main, to being courted and seduced by the Tory party and its dogma. Once they have fully joined up to the party ethos then the rubicon has been crossed and there’s no going back.

      In turn,they, as often as not, will become zealots in their support for their party which exonerates wealth and privilege. Note Mone’s vilification of the Yes campaign and vocal opposition to Scotland’s independence. What the ‘real’ Scottish people want/wanted didn’t matter – more narcissism and pure selfishness on her part.

      Now that Mone is a fully paid-up member of the British Establishment her desire is to be at the heart of it -London – and is using the pathetic excuse of cybernat abuse to fulfill her wish – with the full collusion of the right-wing UK MSM.

      Mone is yet another example of the corruption of the British Establishment, be it monetary or morally, that is so abhorrent to Scots and their hopes of a better society away from the degradation that they are subject to now.

    101. VikingsDottir says:

      I’m tempted to feel sorry for that lassie, but it’s her poor relatives that get my pity. Michelle seems to have difficulty adding up. That could be why her company posted so much debt that it had to be bought by folk from abroad. I’m sure, like all the other narcissists who declare that they will leave Scotland if it ever looks like independence might arrive, she’ll be very happy the closer to the Queen she gets. A trip to the palace is always on their minds.

    102. Iain More says:

      So another Brit Nat tells porkies. Has she left yet?

      Ah she doesn’t like the C word – Conservative! We have that in common.

    103. galamcennalath says:

      Just thinking. All these debunks could be compiled into a nice little paperback, “Lies and the Media”, or whatever. It’s like the MSM (and broadcasters) go out of their way to produce ‘good’ totally false stories just waiting to be torn to shreds – because, to paraphrase, the truth is often a much better story than the fiction.

    104. Kevin Evans says:

      I think the “C” word is a fine word to use to describe someone who is so obnoxious, awful, twisted, liar. So if the shoe fits and all that.

    105. Grouse Beater says:


      Much obliged for inside skinny.

      HSBC bosses got their commercial radio stations to ignore or play down corruption news having ‘influenced Torygraph to do the same; wouldn’t surprise if ye olde journalists are augmenting pensions with back pocket money to rubbish Scotland’s democratic rights.

      Other than unbridled vanity, can’t think why else White goads Scottish readers with gratuitous insults and lies.

    106. Bill McDermott says:

      Last time I saw her on the telly, she was on that late political slot with Tom Bradbury. She was positively sycophantic costing up to her ‘favourite politician’ (sic) George Osborne. It was nausiating – Nae class that lassie!

    107. VikkingsDottir says:

      I don’t think a shoe was meant to fit that part of the anatomy.

    108. Petra says:

      @ heedtracker says ”Also Dr Scott says Carmichael is lovely and nice because “Likewise, he did not claim that the west coast of Scotland had huge potential for oil finds – it was the nationalists that claimed the igneous rocks there could bear oil. The oils under the igneous rock layers!”

      Has Dr Scott been duped by Carmichael or are they just a couple of manipulative, lying cronies?

      Are they saying that Kevin Forbes CEO of Oil and Gas People and many experts such as Howard Johnston are lying?

      If so I wonder why the majors were falling over themselves to get licenses to explore the West Coast of Scotland?

    109. @Dr Jim
      Michelle Mone OBE ?@MichelleMone
      “@KTHopkins: Little sweaty jocks,sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians.Scottish NHS sucks>Lets pray one hits on you #twat
      12:36 PM – 30 Dec 2014.

      This was a reply by Michelle after Katy tweeted about a Scottish nurse being treated in England for Ebola.

      Katie Hopkins ?@KTHopkins
      Little sweaty jocks, sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn’t cricket. Scottish NHS sucks.
      7:46 AM – 30 Dec 2014.

    110. Juteman says:

      We need to remember that we are involved in a war for control of Scotland, and its resources.
      The Brits are masters of the dark arts of propaganda, and mind conditioning.
      All these seemingly small stories are part of a drip feed of TWTP. PsyOps are a speciality of the British State.

    111. velofello says:

      How about Crowd-fund?

      An auction for dinner with Michelle Moan, proceeds to the O&S fund vs Carmichael. Two Cs for the price of one?

      Ahem, Crowd-fund is one C. Carmichael the second C. Just for clarity you C.

    112. Petra says:

      @ Dal Riata 4:34 pm

      Excellent post Dal Riata. Sums her up and clearly explains why many others behave in the way that they do: What makes them ‘tick’.

      Her move to London no doubt co-incides with her marital breakdown and her thoughts now on finding herself a new husband to elevate (pun!) her to even greater heights to her (narcissistic) mind.

      She’ll be on the lookout for a mega rich Lord so and so (of any persuasion) to take her on. This will ‘massage’ her bruised ego, fill her empty coffers, afford her even more attention and get the much needed revenge on her husband (so she thinks) to appease her narcissistic rage.

      She’s no great loss to Scotland and no matter how her life pans out she’ll never be truly happy. A sad creature indeed. One to be pitied more than anything.

    113. schrodingers cat says:


      latest polls for 2016

      snp win 16 more constituencies but lose 16 list msp

    114. Chic McGregor says:

      @Call me Dave

      Since you raise the ECHR issue.

      See my gut feel about David Cameron playing wee Dutch boy on this seems to be coming true:

    115. schrodingers cat says:

      Mid Scotland and Fife 2011 list vote
      SNP -1
      Labour -3
      Tory -2
      LibDem -1

      Snp=116691 45%
      Lab=64623 25%
      Tory = 36458 14.1%
      Lib = 15103 5.9%
      SG = 10914 4.2%

      Round 1
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965
      Lab= 64623 25% /2 = 32312
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /1 = 36458 ^
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /1 = 15103
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

      Round 2
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965
      Lab= 64623 25% /2 = 32312^
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2 = 18 229
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /1 = 15103
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

      Round 3
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965
      Lab= 64623 25% /3 = 21541^
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2 = 18 229
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /1 = 15103
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

      Round 4
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965
      Lab= 64623 25% /4 = 16155
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2 = 18 229^
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /1 = 15103
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

      Round 5
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965
      Lab= 64623 25% /4 = 16155^
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /3 = 12153
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /1 = 15103
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

      Round 6
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965
      Lab= 64623 25% /5 = 12924
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /3 = 12153
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /1 = 15103^
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

      Round 7
      Snp= 116691 45% /9= 12965^
      Lab= 64623 25% /5 = 12924
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /3 = 12153
      Lib = 15103 5.9% /2 = 7551
      SG = 10914 4.2% /1 = 10914

    116. John Dickson (@NkosiEcosse) says:

      “PsyOps are a speciality of the British State.”
      They only work on those who are not aware of their strategy. The British “State”, if it looks like a pig, smells like a pig ,then it sure as hell is a pig.

    117. schrodingers cat says:

      bear in mind that the snp got 8 out of the 9 constituency seats in 2011, if the polls remain steady, it is unlikely that labour will hold Cowdenbeath, so even if the list vote returns the same %, the snp will get no list msps in this region. transferring the snp list vote to the SG’s will bring 5 SG MSP’s and 1 tory and 1 labour.
      wullie rennie Claire Brennan-Baker Richard Simpson and Elizabeth Smith, would all be toast
      bear in mind, that these results are for Mid Scotland and Fife only

    118. heedtracker says:

      You forgot to mention a couple of others heedtracker, lol.

      Petra that Gerry Hassan piece could have been in any year since 1707 and about lots of union jocks such as those BBC twerps. Ever met one that pulls UKOK scotch cringe like that man to man? me neither.

    119. Donald says:

      She is fast becoming Scotland’s answer to katie Hopkins

    120. schrodingers cat says:

      transfering 30,000 votes to each of the SG and SSP gives this for 2011

      Round 1
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /1 = 64623^
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /1 = 36458
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /1 = 40914
      SSP = 30000 /1 = 30000

      Round 2
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /2 = 32312
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /1 = 36458^
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /1 = 40914
      SSP = 30000 /1 = 30000

      Round 3
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /2 = 32312
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2= 18229
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /1 = 40914^
      SSP = 30000 /1 = 30000

      Round 4
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /2 = 32312^
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2= 18229
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /2 = 20457
      SSP = 30000 /1 = 30000

      Round 5
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /3 = 14541
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2= 18229
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /2 = 20457
      SSP = 30000 /1 = 30000^

      Round 6
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /3 = 14541
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2= 18229
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /2 = 20457^
      SSP = 30000 /2 = 15000

      Round 7
      Snp= 56691 /10= 5669
      Lab= 64623 25% /3 = 14541
      Tory = 36458 14.1% /2= 18229^
      Lib = 15103 5.9% / = 15103
      SG = 40914 /3 = 13638
      SSP = 30000 /2 = 15000

      Tory 2
      Labour 2
      SSP 1
      SG 2

    121. Dal Riata says:

      And she’s from the East End of Glasgow…!? Doesn’t she know that Glasgow is in Scotland, probably the only English-speaking country in the world that uses the ‘c’ word as a greeting – as in, “Howzit gaun there, ya wee cunt ye!”…?

      Ach, come on, all these ‘c’ words’ she’s been receiving have just been words of friendship…!

      Tsk! More lies and troublemaking from the Britnat rabble…!

    122. woosie says:

      I think we’re affording Ms Mone too much attention here.

      I’ve never thought about her twitter statements, or even her threats to leave Scotland if it went indy; for me, anyone who makes that threat should be encouraged to leave toot pronto, and take their business with them.

      Having said that, I’m an admirer of her work……..

    123. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      “Full of herself”, you say? That can be a real problem when a prominent lady is insufficiently supported. And in this case, it would seem, quite unprofessional 😉

    124. ailsa craig says:

      James Cook is another one who went public howling about abuse. A search of his twitter account revealed very little that would upset anyone over the age of eight.
      What thin skin – or deliberate attention seeking.

    125. Mosstrooper says:

      Just flew through these comments and as far as I can make out Ms. Mone is a Completely Unreliable Narcissistic Troll.

      But that may just be my opinion.

    126. galamcennalath says:

      @schrodingers cat

      Fascinating stuff.

      Overall prediction is Labour down 7, Greens up 6, Tories up 1

      Independent (Margo) gone

      UKIP 1

      Plus of course with the headline that SNP retain a majority.

      I think most of us would be happy with that. Though for balance it would be nice for the SSP to have a presence, and we could do without UKIP.

      Also, it is critical people think through giving SNP their constituency vote and someone else the list. This could result in overall SNP losing a few overall to Unionists. Heaven forbid that!

    127. Kevin Meina says:

      britians role and Britishness no wonder SNP are scarce in HOC never heard such waffle and dirge in my puff ,absolute British empire waffle.Expecting a rousing rendition of Rule Brittania and tea and cucumber sandwiches shortly.

    128. Kennedy says:

      Some folk are desperate for attention.

      Mone, Mone, Mone. All she does is moan. Has anybody done that one yet?

    129. EphemeralDeception says:

      I’m sure this is all just a storm in a D-cup.

    130. Paula Rose says:

      Um – is the c-word cups? It might of appeared quite often in her electronic communication thingies.

    131. Blair paterson says:

      Petra I have been blogging for months now about why the S.N.P and N. S. And A.S. Do not sue these people and their papers it is beyond my understanding why they allow this to go on and on maybe I am missing some thing but like you I do not know why they allow this to happen time after time with no retaliation

    132. Gary45% says:

      What a “moan”ing NUCT

    133. Kennedy says:

      Is the C word she is on about Conservative? I’d be offended to. Poor quine.

    134. schrodingers cat says:


      constituency vote will be snp, no brainer

      however, latest poll shows snp wining so many constituencies that they will lose all 16 list msps

      if the polls remain the same, especially for my area, i cant see what harm there is removing unionist list msps by voting sg or ssp, the snp’s success in the constituencies may even let a ukip msp in,

      if you look at the result above, with 45% of the list vote, the snp got 1 msp only, and they won that by 41 votes??

    135. Iain More says:

      Totally Off Topic

      I don’t see any Press and Media pressure on Qatar to boycott British teams or cancel games with them since the Brit records on Human Rights aren’t exactly great either – Rendition Flights anybody? Just one example I am sure I could list a few more.

    136. Petra says:

      More trouble for the Libdems?

      @ Blair paterson says ”Petra I have been blogging for months now about why the S.N.P and N. S. And A.S. Do not sue these people and their papers it is beyond my understanding why they allow this to go on and on maybe I am missing some thing but like you I do not know why they allow this to happen time after time with no retaliation.”

      I don’t get it either Blair. I understand how difficult this can be but surely they could find one individual or newspaper that’s clearly breaching the Defamation Act and deal with them / it.

      I can’t understand Alex either such as when he was being questioned by Andrew Neil again recently about the EU saga. He just smiled at him and spoke what would seem to be gobbledygook by some (most people I would think) and still came across as being a liar. Why didn’t he warn AN that he wouldn’t appear on his show if he brought the subject up again or given a straight answer such as ‘I didn’t lie Andrew and you know it’.

      Alex is a smart guy so could conjure up a comment more effective than I’ve proposed or is it the case that Alex thinks everyone is as politically / media savvy as he is?

    137. Liz S says:

      Also Totally off Topic

      Tavish Scott comment on Scottish Govt re more powers to islands :

      “Power doesn’t come in the form of a cheque handed to communities, it comes by being able to write the cheque.

      “Surely the First Minister would agree that the best people to steward the Crown Estate resources around islands like Shetland are the people who live there?

      “SNP ministers must bring forward meaningful plans to devolve powers to island communities, otherwise we can only assume that the SNP remains stuck in its centralising ways.”

      I say :

      lol ! lol ! lol ! lol ! and just for further effect lol !

      ps. lol !

    138. Martin says:

      What’s all thus Michelle Mone c**t stuff? I thought tits were her thing, or does she do pants too? I know she TALKS pants…

    139. handclapping says:

      Amazing what one learns on Wings.

      As a ex-programmer and cellist also ex, whenever I read C word I read C string before the context makes me think c***. After Stu’s bother with #amateurs I thought I’d better check that there were no “modern” connotations and blow me down there are and in the lady’s line of business too!

      So that’s what I saw in the Folies Bergere in 1950. /* bashful, I know, at my age LOL */

    140. morgatron says:

      I dont think shes a very good singer either and shes well over weight . She should never have won the x- factory.

    141. BrianW says:

      lol @ Donald MacKenzie 12:39pm..

      Couldn’t have put it better myself.

      Rev questions these claims, does some research and hey presto finds a result. All with a staff of ONE I hasten to add – and in this case no c**ts were exchanged in any tweets by the evidence above.

      Now surely you’d think the media giants with their armies of Journalistic Staff would manage to question, research and report on most claims made by folk..

      All too often it’s a big face palm of a fail from them.

      Is it any wonder folk come on line for their information.

    142. Petra says:


      Seems that they don’t want us to know what they’re getting up to!

      And if there is no accident / nuclear radiation leak issue at Faslane why prevent SEPA from getting access?

      As a bye where are Labour and Libdem MPs? Seats empty as usual that is unless a pay / pension rise is in the offing! No wonder they’re out on their ar*es and sad to say don’t seem to have learned from it.

    143. Dal Riata says:


      “She’s no great loss to Scotland and no matter how her life pans out she’ll never be truly happy. A sad creature indeed. One to be pitied more than anything”.

      Indeed, but the Daily Mail are in campaign-mode to blame everything bad in her life on those beyond-evil cybernats.

      Exerpts from an article in today’s Daily Mail from Rachel Watson, a troll masquerading as a journalist:

      “When Michelle Mone announced she was leaving Scotland,she said her ‘flourishing career’ was the main reason behind her decision.

      But now the Ultimo lingerie tycoon has finally admitted the SNP and its cybernats have played a role in driving her out of the country she loves.”

      Note the …’flourishing career’. And “played a role”… sneaky, weasel words to aid in the lie. And “the country she loves”… Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! The biggest lie of them all.

      “”The SNP’s attitude is if you’ve got money, that’s unacceptable. You should be struggling like everyone else.””

      Delusional lies. Pathetic really.

      “She claimed the online attacks had got so bad she no longer felt safe living north of the Border.”

      Yes, yes, Ms. Mone, everyone, like, *everyone* is out to get… *you*! Christ on a bike, narcissistic *and* paranoid.

      “”The mood has got consistently worse and I now believe that the Scottish National Party’s Scotland is becoming a place consumed by hatred and ill will, a place where free speech is gradually being crushed and enterprise is despised.””

      Now *that* whole sentence should belong in Wing’s Zoomer section (where’s that gone, by the way?)! Five great big fat-to-the-max lies in one sentence! Way to go Michelle Mone and the Daily Mail, way to go!

      “”…But she [Nicola Sturgeon] also needs to take control of her MPs and supporters and bring them into line. She’s allowing them to behave like this.””

      What a lying loon. “allowing them to behave like this” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! LOL! Yes Michelle. If you say so Michelle. Idiot.

      “”These new MPs are acting more like primary school kids who suddenly find themselves at university. With their smirking and sly digs about the Queen and how Westminster is run, it is disrespectful. I’m embarrassed by their behaviour.””

      Now that shit is getting into lying and abusive hate-speech territory. Maybe *you* should be reported for that Ms. Mone, eh, it would be be only right after all, yes…?

    144. Kevin Evans says:

      See to be honest who cares where she goes. Her and Harry Potters mum can stay where they want. It amazes me that these grown adults can get so on there high horse by a bit of abuse. And I did say abuse as that’s what it is but its no worse or better than the abuse that’s thrown around all the time over the Internet. The Internet is full of keyboard gangsters. So what. I don’t care and I get crap all the time from folk. That’s just the net. Now if ya want to really talk about abuse. Abuse is Carmichael. He’s ABUSED his position as an MP. Or David Cameron abusing the Scottish people with treats of doom and gloom if Scotland went independent. Or let’s talk about the UK’s abuse of 1000’s of refuges stranded left to die on boats. These so called hurt and offended twats and c@&t’s need a prespective check.

    145. Onwards says:

      I think its a very big risk just assuming that the SNP will win constituencies, and voting for another party on the list.

      There may be a case in certain areas to vote green, but we need to see what the polls are like at the time.

      A lot can happen in a year.

      What would happen if the Labour party in Scotland actually got their act together, registered as a real Scottish party, and promised to campaign for Devo Max / Federalism ?

      Maybe they could pull enough votes back to make things a lot tighter.

    146. Valerie says:


      Tasmina has managed to get The National supplied into the HoC library!!!

      Well done, that lady!

    147. Dal Riata says:


      So the BBC have included Michael Heseltine and George Foulkes and their comments in tonight’s Panorama programme, Nicola Sturgeon, The Most Dangerous Woman In Britain [sic]…

      And *of course* they will offer their unbiased, fair and impartial viewpoints…

      FFS BBC, it’s no wonder you are more despised by the people of Scotland by the day!

      (But if you, the BBC, have that pair to show how ugly, bigoted, disgusting and racist the British Establishment is, then well done!)

    148. Joemcg says:

      Peter Mullan claiming BBC Indyref bias and some high heid yin at PQ saying there was none also citing Blair Jenkins comment in support! Sure that Jenkins character was a unionist plant.

    149. Dr Jim says:

      Just about to watch Panorama

      “Nicola Sturgeon the most dangerous woman in Britain”
      We think that’s funny but it’s also offensive and for the Idjits who don’t know any better they’ll think it’s real

      Like many of us here I’ve met the First Minister and she never laid a hand on me or injured me in any way in fact I was rather bowled over by her total lack of menace

      Turns out she was very very nice, now who would have imagined such a thing

      Sometimes the Telly and Print media must get things wrong Eh

    150. call me dave says:

      Here’s a wee conundrum that I mentioned a few days back with options explained quite well. Scottish elections 3 year option or 5years?

    151. HandandShrimp says:

      I think Mone is just smoke screening. She said she would leave if there was a Yes vote and in fact intended to leave anyway. She is simply justifying something she wanted to do anyway. She has no commitment to Scotland.

      Watching the Panorama thing. Quite interesting…Hesletine is not a finger on the pulse sort of person these days is he?

    152. Jim Thomson says:

      and back on topic …

      looks like she waited until she could drive herself back south

    153. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert Knight says: 1 June, 2015 at 4:00 pm:

      “I believe that given enough time Michelle will become an SNP voter. What football team or religion she’ll have is anyone’s guess.”

      Oh! No! Please no!

      Not the Hibs or the Hearts as either would be a capital offence and please not Inverness Caly for that would be a cup too far.

    154. ronnie anderson says:

      Panorama & the usual suspect knockers Bools in the Mooth Razor Nelson & Foaldy Bike Man David Torrance& a couple of has beens fae Wastemunster,two men who cannot fathom the Respect between Alex & Nicola.

      The Wummin done good,& will do more good in the Future,well done Nicola.

    155. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT Just caught the opening statement that “Ms Sturgeon said the referendum was a once in a lifetime event but has changed her tune since becoming leader ” or words to that defect!

      Correct me if I am wrong , which I’m sure someone will, but was it not the personal opinion of the previous First Minister and NOT the current one?

      Am I paranoid or is it just the despicable BBBC at it again?

      I couldn’t keep watching it , I’ve changed to ITV 4 to watch the young blood of the TT, followed by the highlights of MotoGP – at least those programmes can send my blood pressure up , but enjoyably!

    156. Kenny Campbell says:

      Mone is a repetitive publicity seeker. It’s a technique to keep her profile up to try and get more publicity work. A bit like Ryanscare saying standing room or paying for toilets. There is no such thing a bad publicity when you need it to make a living.

    157. Grouse Beater says:

      Hand & Shrimp: Watching the Panorama thing. Quite interesting

      It was thin stuff, mostly culled from newspaper headlines.

      Did you spot the most obvious egregious error?

      Narrator claimed Nicola had said Referendum ‘only once in a generation’. Groan! (It was Salmond, and in a specific context.) However, the narrator when interviewing Nicola a minute later did not put that assertion to her to deny.

      Result, unquestioning viewers think Nicola coined the phrase, ‘Once in a generation’.

      BBC Priority Memorandum to all news and features staff:
      Any documentary or news item on SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon must include vapid comments from David Torrance. (Signed – Head of Programmes.)

    158. Chic McGregor says:

      @Schrodingers Cat
      Completely agree with your findings. In fact I have calculated quite a few different scenarios for all Scottish regions.
      Statistically it is a no brainer.

      Unfortunately, there are some other things to consider at the moment and I would advise not pushing it at the moment.

      If you want to see other scenario options or discuss it further

    159. Chic McGregor says:

      @Grouse Beater
      Yep. They never give up on the propaganda.

    160. Dumb Unicorn says:

      Nosy person that I am, I had a look at Ms Mone’s twitter and she’s now come out and said:

      “My career is the main reason why I had to move away. Don’t read the headline, I didn’t write it”

      So why all the fuss then? Why make all those comments in ‘your’ article, Ms Mone? (Note – you made a point of saying you wrote it in your twitter feed).

      I genuinely struggle to see how a couple of people who have been very open and vocal in their vitriol towards supporters of Scottish independence have managed to turn things on their head so they become the abused rather than the abusers.

      JK Rowling who I originally had a lot of admiration for, effectively likened me (and about 50% of the population) to Death Eaters, and if you’ve read her books you’d realise how offensive that is. Why was I not allowed to be upset by that? Why was she allowed to say something which was blatantly insulting with no right for anyone to reply?

      And likewise, Ms Mone has repeatedly made sweeping generalisations claiming that the ‘SNP lot’ are angry, bitter, abusive etc.etc.

      Pot Kettle?!

    161. Marie clark says:

      Dorothy Devine @ 9,10. No Dorothy, you are not being paranoid. It is indeed the despicable EBC at it again.

    162. Democracy Reborn says:

      Mone strikes me as a female Billy Connelly.

      Working class gal who’s made a few bob, climbed the social ladder, got herself on TV, mixed with some of the rich and famous, moves away, then insults and condescends to us lesser mortals still stuck in Jockland and our ability to govern ourselves like any other West European nation (although she’s a self-proclaimed “proud Scot”).

      At least Connelly had talent and could make people laugh.

    163. HandandShrimp says:

      Grouse Beater

      It was a thin soup, a 30 minute programme was always likely to be so.

      Yes, the once in a generation thing was factually incorrect but on balance it was a lot less hostile than I expected. I have no doubt that some of our Unionist friends will view it as a hagiography and will be suitably incensed.

    164. Petra says:

      Dal Riata says @Petra

      “She’s no great loss to Scotland and no matter how her life pans out she’ll never be truly happy. A sad creature indeed. One to be pitied more than anything”.

      ”Indeed, but the Daily Mail are in campaign-mode to blame everything bad in her life on those beyond-evil cybernats.”

      Dal Riata it’s clear that there is an absolute vendetta being carried out against the SNP because we are seen to be a threat to the State. The MSM attracts individuals like Mone, and / or vice versa, and so the the saga goes on and on and will do until someone attempts to put a stop to it.

      We have little outlet to redress this situation as you know other than sites like this and the National. Very few people, in particular those we would like to enlighten, visit these sites or for that matter buy the National.

      Something will have to be done to deal with this situation, as is possible under the circumstances. I’ve said already that I think that the SNP legal team could do more especially in relation to newspaper articles and I just wonder what we could do, if anything?

      I’ve been thinking about programmes such as STV / ITV News. I’m sick and tired of watching news about sport and football in particular. I find that I have to visit sites like this to get some up to date news. What if we bombarded them with requests to inform the population of current, important, relevant issues?

      Then of course there’s the BBC. Again we, all of us, could think of bombarding them with complaints about one singular issue after another.

      I don’t know! Maybe the suggestions I’ve made will be seen to be ridiculous but, well, I have no further ideas as to how to deal with this. Maybe someone else could suggest something as I for one feel totally frustrated, powerless and extremely angry with the whole MSM manipulative, biased behaviour.

    165. Robert Peffers says:

      @Blair paterson says: 1 June, 2015 at 6:14 pm:

      “I have been blogging for months now about why the S.N.P and N. S. And A.S. Do not sue these people and their papers it is beyond my understanding why they allow this to go on and on maybe I am missing some thing but like you I do not know why they allow this to happen time after time with no retaliation”

      Aiblins it has something to do with the truth that their popularity is increasing while that of their detractors is decreasing contrapuntally?

      Never interrupt your enemy while they are making mistakes.

    166. Lenny Hartley says:

      Apart from the “once in a generation” falsehood and the stuff about so called education failings thought the program was pretty good, Nicola came across very well and I reckon the program over all was helpful.
      Dorothy hope you enjoy the TT , will be flying out there we’d morning, can’t wait 41 years since my first one and still get all tingly thinking about it.

    167. Graeme says:

      “Narrator claimed Nicola had said Referendum ‘only once in a generation’. Groan! (It was Salmond, and in a specific context.) However, the narrator when interviewing Nicola a minute later did not put that assertion to her to deny.”

      I’ve noticed this as well and it pisses me off it’s like they’re now trying to switch the Once in a generation comment from Alex to Nicola, David Cameron said exactly the same thing in a TV interview after his meeting with Nicola in Edinburgh except he used the word “Lifetime instead of “Generation”,

      When are they gonna stop lying and distorting the truth, neither Alex or Nicola said this was to be a once in a generation or lifetime thing it was no more than a personal opinion made by Alex Salmond it was never meant to be set in stone and they know it.

      So now they’re using the term “Once in a lifetime” instead of “Once in a generation” while still trying to claim Alex Salmond lied over EU advice when he clearly didn’t so the question is how long will it take the Scots NO voters to realise we need to get rid of these lying B@@**rds and quit of the f@@**ng union

    168. Thepnr says:

      Lets have a look at SNP support in Scotland in every UK General Election in the last 50 years.

      1964 2.4%

      1966 5.0%

      1970 11.4%



      1979 17.3%

      1983 11.8%

      1987 14.1%

      1992 21.5%

      1997 22.1%

      2001 20.1%

      2005 17.1%

      2010 19.9%

      2015 50.0%

      I wonder what has caused this monumental shift in voter attitudes towards the SNP in 2015?

      I can only guess that traditional Labour and Lib Dems for that matter have switched to supporting the SNP at Westminster.

      Hopefully John McTernan and Blair McDougal can provide the answer.

    169. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dorothy Devine says: 1 June, 2015 at 9:11 pm:

      ” … Am I paranoid or is it just the despicable BBBC at it again?”

      Dorothy, you are not paranoid.

    170. Almannysbunnet says:

      The only way to fight the current MSM is to support “our” media, Wings, Newsnet, Bella The Dug etc. As Leslie Riddoch says they are gold dust. We cannot afford to lose them and simply have to give them financial support to keep them going.

    171. ronnie anderson says:

      Scotland 2015 Why are the SNP indulging in interviews on Electoral reform with Lord Foulks ( Stephen Gettings SNP )Nicola has stated she wants to close the HOL ,so why oh why give them airtime, & is Foulks now the spokesperson for the Lab party,Wake up SNP.

    172. Chic McGregor says:

      HoL? Should that not be ‘Unelectoral Reform’? or mibbes ‘Electoral Form’?

    173. Robert Peffers says:

      @ronnie anderson says: 1 June, 2015 at 11:03 pm:

      “Scotland 2015 Why are the SNP indulging in interviews on Electoral reform with Lord Foulks ( Stephen Gettings SNP )Nicola has stated she wants to close the HOL ,so why oh why give them airtime, & is Foulks now the spokesperson for the Lab party,Wake up SNP.”

      Well, Ronnie, if you think about it you might come to the conclusion that the more the people of Scotland are exposed to these numpties the more the people of Scotland move to support independence.

    174. heedtracker says:

      I wonder what has caused this monumental shift in voter attitudes towards the SNP in 2015?

      Terrible red tory Bomber Bliar Labour, from their Gulf wars with far right Bush gangsters, to grotesque City fraud insanely rewarded by clueless Crash and the Flipper, who saved the world for the teamGB rich that’s got richer and richer and richer under…


      The Internet. 1992, My first desk top. Cost a fortune, but a 16 MHZ CPU, 256k memory, wow!

    175. ronnie anderson says:

    176. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      Foulks is the only one left that they can go to. They have only one MP. LoL!

      It is hilarious that they have to drag out these old dinosaurs from the HOL to fill their crap political programmes.

      These unelected old duffers are hardly going to set the heather on fire up here and get a Unionist revival going.

      Maybe they will get Mone to be their go-to Political pundit once she settles into London. Desperate times.

    177. Stoker says:

      @ Thepnr (10.52pm).

      Thanks for that, good to see it set out like that.

      The most obvious pattern is the steady progress forward with the occasional step back to regroup and recharge the batteries before heading onwards and upwards again.

      Then the massive leap forward.
      The electorate are rising from their slumber.

    178. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Woosie.

      You typed,
      Having said that, I’m an admirer of her work……

      I can accept your underduds interest but me, I would have typed,

      I’m an admirer of the contents of her work……

    179. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Robert Peffers. Ok Robert you got me there.I let my dislike of Foulks overtake my thoughts.

    180. Valerie says:

      Robert Peffers at 11.18pm – completely agree.

      Its becoming embarrassingly obvious that they cannot dredge anybody of any relevance up to speak for Labour or the Tories.

      Last night Swinney was being questioned about Smith, and the Tory rep. was some MP from Luton!!! He didn’t even hold a position other than MP.

      At this point anyway, Scotland and the SNP are being treated as just an annoyance, so field anybody.

      Hopefully, those that need to be convinced we are treated with disdain will start working it out.

    181. Cadogan Enright says:

      schrodingers Cat 5.16

      Well if u SNP geezers have not figured out that some serious thought needs to be given to the list vote in 2016 I will give up on you all

      Read schrodingers figures and weep

      Get Green or Socialist PDQ or there will be few ‘loned votes’ the next time and a lot more Mundells

      We need action NOW that will prevent dozens of Kezias and other Charmicheal-type gobshites getting in

    182. Petra says:

      Another couple of ideas in relation to how to get the word out there.

      What about paying a visit to our local libraries and asking if they hold copies of The National. If not we could drop one off everyday.

      Then there’s the Wee Blue Book and GA Ponsonbys London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum (and any other literature that you can think of). We could ask if they would stock them and if not suggest we donate copies.

      And of course we have the BBC with one presenter after another known to support the Labour Party (and the odd Tory). Why don’t we contact them pointing out how utterly biased this is and suggesting they employ someone who supports the SNP?

    183. Paula Rose says:

      Is Foulks pronounced fooks, folks or… ?

    184. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cadogan Enright says: 1 June, 2015 at 11:58 pm:

      “Get Green or Socialist PDQ or there will be few ‘loned votes’ the next time and a lot more Mundells

      We need action NOW that will prevent dozens of Kezias and other Charmicheal-type gobshites getting in”

      Tell you what, Cadogan, There are two schools of thoughts on that matter. You have just stated the first but the other holds that it is the rise in the number of Unionist, (as you so graphically put it), “Gobshites”, that has driven up the voter numbers for independence in Scotland.

      That and the never ending negativity of the BBC/MSM propaganda that has become ever more transparently biased to the extent that many ordinary Scottish voters felt they, and not just the SNP/YES campaigners, were under Establishment attack.

      It may be just my own perception but I sense the mood changed during the Referendum campaign due to the ever more anti-Scottish attacks and the quite transparent, “We love you jocks, really we do”, smarmy love bombs of, the mainly quite untalented, ‘Celebs’. Those with no other identifiable talents than TV game show appearances or having married into money.

      While the extra support did not greatly change voting intentions of the wavering voters during the referendum vote it seemed to blossom out between that vote and the General election.

      It thus may not be a bad thing to have a solid pro-independence Holyrood government and a load of Kezia style numptie list MSPs in opposition. The problem could be that the loser MPs from the GE get their names on the list but we should remember it was the Scots voters who rejected them out of office so the electorate has already seen through them. Why then would they reject them as MPs but elect them as MSPs?

      As always in politics, there are at least two ways of looking at things.

    185. Thepnr says:

      @Cadogan Enright

      I agree! but I would though as a member of the SSP.

      I wouldn’t ask anyone to please help the SSP gain a seat at the expense of a Unionist on the list vote. that’s demeaning.

      I would ask though that they do the sums, read the likes of schrodingers Cat post at 5.16 and then decide what they think is best.

      This might still be a bit early to get into this debate wholeheartedly so I think I’ll save my whole view on this topic until nearer the election next year.

      We will learn a lot in this time and there is still plenty to learn.

    186. Robert Peffers says:

      @Paula Rose says: 2 June, 2015 at 12:04 am:

      “Is Foulks pronounced fooks, folks or… ?

      Aye! Lass you took the words right out of my .. Err! Wait-up – you didn’t say type the words.

    187. Lanarkist says:

      Thepnr, Schrod and Cadogen, I don’t think there is any definitive answer yet clear but analysis and stats and conversational interpretation can only aid our understanding and lead to better decision making nearer the time.

      All grist for the mill.

      Be the media, be the analysts, the psephologists the political commentators!

      We need all these positions duplicated until we reach critical mass and transfer to a ready State.

      I will keep reading, thinking and contributing to conversations with everyone I meet, distributing different, new information until we reach an understanding.

      Almost like the wisdom of crowds with fresh daily input.

    188. Tam Jardine says:

      What a dull business – after all that spraffing Michelle Mone admits she is moving down South for business reasons. Yawn.

      Another dull business – having heard about this Kevin Hague’s blog on numerous occasions (mostly referred to by unhappy unionists as a kind of panacea or super weapon or something) I decided to read a random piece tonight.

      The piece begins with a conciliatory tone, congratulating the SNP for its spectacular win, and ponders what we can learn from this victory.

      The answer seems to be nothing at all because the Scottish People are so stupid they have been taken in by the SNP when they should have been listening to all the clever people that have been telling them incessantly how poor we really are and how we really can’t cope without the largesse of England.

      I’ve heard all this negative stuff so often about how poor we all SHOULD REALLY BE without the union… how we are artificially living in a dream world and the SNP are really offering a way to become who we really should be: a third world country on the periphery of Europe beholden to international finance.

      It’s cloudy, angry stuff and I can’t help thinking that if I tried hard enough and used some big numbers like Kevin I could put a case forward for England to be run by Germany, or for Northern Ireland to be abandoned or for Aliens to annexe the Earth or indeed for me to never leave the house again.

      Kevin hates the SNP, Wings and dislikes half the folk who live here which is fine but he seems to have a very selective pessimism. There is no analysis of the reasons why we are apparently unable to function as others do or of the huge difficulties the UK as a whole is faced with. WE JUST CANT DO IT AND THE SNP ARE LYING TO US THAT WE CAN seems to be all there is to it.

      The SNP have a vision and ambition for this country. They have never had access to the levers of real economic power in history and this is being merely tinkered with. Whatever state Scotland finances are in should be judged as simply the pinnacle of our evolution within the union. This is where we are after 300 years.

      All the shortcomings I have as an individual – whether they be financial, spiritual, emotion or physical I just tend to plod on and get by. What I want is for this nation full of imperfect folk like myself to collectively get over our shortcomings and start transforming this country into something better and the SNP are the only large party who are trying to give it a shot.

      Michelle and Kevin should meet up and talk about how deluded and divisive and stupid Scottish people are. In the meantime, can I just be frozen in carbonite like Han Solo and thawed out once we regain our independence rather than listen to this negative, vision less, blinkered bullshit for however long it takes?

    189. Tam Jardine says:

      Ps link to the piece I mention is here if you are that way inclined:

      Just be careful: I heard the site is unsafe so full PPE at all times

    190. James Dow says:

      She’s back intomone again.

    191. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Is Foulks pronounced fooks, folks or… ?

      Is it not pronounced Drou-thy? A tad confusing, I know, but then… 🙂

    192. call me dave says:

      Interesting development here: 🙂

      CalMac parent firm to run military port in south of England
      MINISTERS are under pressure to explain why a ferry company owned by the Scottish Government is set to share in the management of an army-run port on the south coast of England.

      Ferry operator CalMac’s parent company, David MacBrayne Ltd (DML), is a partner in a firm which has won preferred bidder status for the management of Marchwood Military Port, across the estuary from Southampton.

      It is one of biggest military bases in the south of England, home to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and vessels run by the Royal Logistics Corps. It is currently operated by the RLC’s 17 Port and Maritime Regiment.

      The news of the potential takeover by Solent Gateway Ltd – a joint venture between DML and Grimsby-based GBA (Holdings) Ltd – has angered many in Hampshire, who had been expecting a jobs boost from a rival bidder’s plans.

      North of the border, opposition politicians say ministers should have informed MSPs about the “change in strategy” from DML, a publicly owned company.

      Labour’s shadow transport minister, Highlands and Islands MSP David Stewart said: “This appears to be a departure from the usual business model pursued by the group.

      “Given that it is taxpayer cash being used I believe that the Scottish Parliament should have been informed of this change, and would urge the Minister to clarify this change in strategy as soon as possible.”

      It had been widely assumed in the south that Associated British Ports would be named as the preferred bidder, with its network of 21 ports across England, Wales and Scotland. It had drawn up plans to turn part of the Marchwood site into a car storage facility employing about 400 people.

      According to the MoD there is “a period of final engagement between MOD and Solent Gateway Limited” but the new operator should take over in the autumn. Little is known about Solway Gateway’s plans.

      However, DML said they had considerable experience in the sector, having operated 24 of the ports CalMac serves in the Clyde and Hebrides since 2007.

      The MoD has said the new arrangement is expected to generate profits and cut costs.

      A Scottish Government spokesman said minsters were always pleased to see Scottish companies succeeding in a competitive marketplace

      He said: “Although DML’s core market is Scotland, the company is keen to explore opportunities elsewhere which align with its business expertise and public service ethos.

      “This strategy is supported by the Scottish Ministers as sole shareholder, who are particularly pleased to see DML extend its public service role.”

      Martin Dorchester, chief executive of DML, said the bid was a “clear reflection of the way the company is successfully working to diversify our business base giving the whole company greater strength and depth”.

    193. Michael McCabe says:

      Whenever I see Foulks on the telly the Pronunciation that comes out of my mouth is for Fucks sake.

    194. Eddie Munster says:

      Isn’t Foulkes pronounced “Smokes too much”?

    195. Eddie Munster says:

      Foulkes is still peddling the Frenchgate lie on his twitter-

      George Foulkes ?@GeorgeFoulkes 4 hrs4 hours ago

      George Foulkes retweeted Ian Murray

      But Nicola gave the game away to the French Ambassador

      George Foulkes added,
      Ian Murray @IanMurrayMP
      It seems Alex Salmond is obsessed with me! He keeps attacking me when I’d have thought it was the Tories he should be spending his time on?

    196. Gary says:

      Try searching under ‘Monique Hunt’ instead..

    197. john king says:

      Charles Kennedy has just died.

    198. Andrew McLean says:


    199. Almannysbunnet says:

      I wonder what has caused this monumental shift in voter attitudes towards the SNP in 2015?
      September 18th 2014 and the smug “winners” dancing on Scotland’s broken heart at labour headquarters did it for me. I cannot erase that picture out of my mind.
      Just hearing that Charles Kennedy has just passed away. He came across as a decent man. R.I.P.

    200. scotspine says:

      Charlie Kennedy, a troubled but seemingly decent, well meaning chap. RIP.

      Foulkes on the other hand….I believe its prounounced… Fool.

    201. Dorothy Devine says:

      Sad news about Mr Kennedy . Didn’t think he was looking well the last time he appeared on the telly.

    202. woosie says:

      Charles Kennedy always appeared a genuine guy, and did the right thing by his constituents.

      O/T, hearing on news this morning that Johan Lamont is tearing into slab, while complimenting NS and SMP.

      Establishment attack on JL imminent.

    203. Macart says:

      RIP Charles Kennedy

    204. Fergus Green says:

      Charles Kennedy, RIP.

    205. Bob Sinclair says:

      It shouldn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway (and I know all regular posters will abide by this). Anyone posting on this site RE the untimely death of Charles Kennedy should do so with due respect to the friends & family he left behind.
      I disagreed with what he stood for, but he came across as a decent human being.

    206. Tom says:

      What else should we expect from a woman who has made her fortune supporting Tits including Tory Tits ?

    207. donnywho says:

      Good bye Charles, you led the liberals too their highest showing since the thirties. Sadly for the liberals you had to face many demons within your own party and life. When you lost those battles the party lost it’s moral compass and it’s integrity, you will be sorely missed Charles.

    208. jackie g says:

      Bob Sinclair @8.13

      Yes Bob i agree, last time i saw him i thought his liver was going to pack up soon sadly i was right.

      He has left behind a 10 yr old son which adds to the sadness.

    209. Tom says:

      Charles Kennedy was the only likeable Lib Dem they ever had !

    210. Fireproofjim says:

      Charles Kennedy. A decent man with a lovely sense of humour.
      His speech on losing his seat was an example of grace in adversity which is an example to all politicians. RIP

    211. Grouse Beater says:

      As I recall Kennedy was one of the few Westminster politicians to argue passionately against invading Iraq. That will always stand in his favour, that and a good sense of humour expressed at the right moment.

    212. Bob Mack says:

      Charles Kennedy.Decent man, troubled, but fought his corner,personally and politically. Now gone to a higher parliment.RIP.

    213. Famous15 says:

      I liked Charles Kennedy a great deal and respected his strong social democratic values.Like all Highlanders in a British political party there was always that awareness of the pain ,a gnawing pain,that results from doubts about whether this is the right thing to do when the evidence of the present and past surrounding them shouts out for change. To have as epitaph from Mr Mundell that he was a brilliant Scottish and Brittish politician exemplifies a hint of the torment.

      I will always be grateful that he opposed illegal wars.

    214. Anagach says:

      Charles Kennedy – tragic at 55.

    215. Anne says:

      Charles Kennedy will, like Robin Cook, be remembered for his stance against the Iraq war. History will – indeed it already has – vindicate(d) that decision. Though I no longer support the lib Dems I have always regarded Charles Kennedy as one of the more honorable politicians, and it is a great shame that he has died so young.

    216. Marie clark says:

      Sad news indeed about Charles Kennedy. The poor soul had his problems, but he was was a very decent and honest politician.

      Condolences to his family. RIP.

    217. Grizzle McPuss says:

      A charming man to disagree with, an individual with character and some great one-liners.

      A sad loss to the mixed colour scheme of Scottish politics.

    218. steveasaneilean says:

      Very sad indeed re Charles Kennedy. He opposed the Iraq War and he opposed the ConDem coalition government being formed.

    219. Another Union Dividend says:

      Very sad about Charles Kennedy. One small caveat about the tributes, Charles Kennedy was not the only Party leader to oppose the Iraq War. They have forgotten Alex Salmond’s stance.

      @2.45 Eddie Munster says: George Foulkes even used a Hearts fanzine to attack Alex Salmond.

      Ian Murray and his 40 Labour colleagues from Scotland spent the last five years attacking the SNP in House of Commons rather than holding the ConDem coalition to account.

    220. frogesque says:

      Charles Kennedy:

      A man with an all too rare ability to combine principles, courage, humour and humility within politics. Scotland and the wider world will miss him.

      My thoughts go out to his family.

    221. rongorongo says:

      Kennedy was also, I believe, one of the only voices telling the Lib-Dems that a coalition with the Tories would not be a good idea for his party.

    222. Grouse Beater says:

      Union Dividend: Charles Kennedy was not the only Party leader to oppose the Iraq War. They have forgotten Alex Salmond’s stance.

      True, but Salmond is not yet dead. Only then will we learn how much fierce opponents admired him and thought him wise and clever.

    223. Lenny Hartley says:

      Re cal-Mac running military port br Southampton, would this make it more likely that the sg
      Could declare the Cal-Mac ships “grey” meaning they are strategic military reserves, therefore not under EU rules to put the services out to tender every five years. A trick that Labour for whatever reason didn’t do when they first put the services out to tender.

      also RIP Charles Kennedy a decent man.

    224. De Valera says:

      Very sad to hear of Charles Kennedy’s passing. Like so many gifted people, he was also troubled. Although obviously devastated to lose his seat, he accepted the result with good grace which says a lot about the man.

      Such a loss must be so dreadful for his family, especially the ten year old boy who has lost his father. RIP Sir.

    225. K1 says:

      Sad to hear of the death of Mr Kennedy. I echo the sentiments of all on here regarding his decency, thoughts are with his family. RIP.

    226. Grouse Beater says:

      Amid sad news some light: David Torrance has retweeted my criticism of his abilities. Wonderful.

      The new curriculum vitae is to run around telling people others think you without talent.

    227. No no no...Yes says:

      Upset at the loss of Charles Kennedy. The political world can learn from his principled approach to the war in Iraq. He spoke for the people ahead of party interest and I respected him for that. When Charles lost his seat it would have been a terrible blow for him, but like many others I hoped that he would bounce back, so sad that we won’t. Rest in Peace and thoughts with his family.

    228. schrodingers cat says:

      i posted this yesterday

      schrodingers cat says:

      cant imagine why anyone would care what mone says or does

      there will be another indy ref in the snp holyrood manifesto. it will be conditional, ie, only happen if in the eu ref, the uk votes no and scotland votes yes.

      i was disappointed with SNP MP John Nicolson’s lack of understanding of snp policy, if scotland votes yes and england votes no, no one is saying england cannot leave.

      Charles kennedy said during the ref, that scotland would definately leave the uk if the uk pulled out of europe. the question that we should now be asking the unionists is, would they support another indyref for scotland if the uk pulls out? and would kennedy support indy for scotland if the uk pulls out of the eu?

      I guess we will now never know. I liked Charles Kennedy, may he rest in peace

    229. Joemcg says:

      Excellent description “they were dancing on Scotland’s broken heart” that’s how I felt too.

    230. Calgacus says:

      Charles Kennedy, R.I.P.

      Lovely man, often wished he was on our side.

      Sad day for his family and for Scotland.

    231. Petra says:

      Well what heartbreaking news to get up to today. Charles Kennedy gone. A brilliant and witty orator, debater and Parliamentarian. More than anything a man who was trusted and respected right across the political board: one of the few who genuinely strove to serve his people.

      It’s additionally sad to know that in the last few weeks of his life he was burdened with the loss of his beloved father, loss of his political seat and must have been watching his party go into meltdown.

      Scotland has lost a great man today one whom I had hoped would play a main part in an Independent Scotland, if he had decided to do so.

      Condolences to all who loved him, his wife, that wee son of his, family members and friends. RIP Charles.

    232. Grouse Beater says:

      Unwittingly revealing comment from Clegg on Kennedy:

      He spent thirty-three years at Westminster, “yet he remained a totally decent human being.” [My emphasis]

      I put that remark in the same category as ‘all politicians lie’ et cetera.

    233. Gus says:

      Re: Charles Kennedy…

      Heard it said on the radio this morning that he seemed to have a way of seeing both sides of the argument regardless of his political view and thought that was an admirable trait to have for a politician.

      Thoughts go out to his family and friends, 55 is far too young.

    234. jock mc X says:

      Things were a bit rushed in the house yesterday,
      Tasmina Sheikh maiden speech.

      Patrick grady maiden speech.

    235. DerekM says:

      terrible tragic news rest in peace Mr Kennedy.

      A son of Scotland and a honest man is no longer with us ,Scotland mourns today at his passing and her collective thoughts are with his family in these most desperate hours,we will miss you Charles you were one of the good guys 🙁

    236. Hamish10 says:

      Michell Mone in a recent flight to London was sitting all alone. She had booked a seat for her hat!! She was then greetin for an hour having to share a plane with human beings. What an ego!

      As for fellow passengers they couldn’t get off the plane quick enough.

    237. X_Sticks says:

      Sad to hear of the death of Charles Kennedy.

      He was the only unionist MP that I felt some sympathy for when he lost his seat. A decent and principled man.

      Thoughts and sympathy to his family.

    238. heedtracker says:

      Charles Kennedy was a unionist MP and he always made his case without deception, malice or rancour.

      Sincere condolences to the Kennedy family.

    239. ArtyHetty says:


      Regards Independence, I was on poll station duty in central Edinburgh for the GE and the Labour duty person, who seemed like a sound guy, said he would want Indy if we were voted out of the EU. I wonder how many unionists think like that, do we need a poll?

      The thing is this person had very close work and home connections with the rest of Europe, which again, is quite selfish given that many of us are thinking of others and taking in the broader picture, when making political decisions, not what just affects us personally. That is the difference, and it speaks volumes about how the well off stay well off.

      I really cannot abide the I am alright Jack mindset, it’s despicable.

    240. jock mc X says:

      Condolences to Charles kennedy’s family and friends,it was
      plain to see that the man was ill during recent tv

      I hope those who were quick to slag him off have learned a lesson.

    241. ronnie anderson says:

      @ call me dave 1.34am.

      Smart move on DMLs part,I can see many advantages in the future for SG & Scottish People. The opposition in Hollyrood will of course moan about not being informed, conveniently forgeting Commercial intrests beforehand. One advantage Protection from (TTIP)should that come to pass.

      All we need now is a Scottish Navy for the Reservist Fleet to attach itself to. Red Ensigns at the Ready ha ha.

    242. Robert Louis says:

      Charles Kennedy. I didn’t agree with his politics, but he, in my opinion, always stood by what HE believed in, and didn’t follow ‘trends’.

      Had the Libdems perhaps paid more heed to him, they may well not be in the utter mess they find themselves in now, following clegg.

      Sadly, I think both the Libdems AND Labour have both now sacrificed any semblance of values and are irrelevant in Scotland, as they both chase the latest ‘focus group’ findings from South East Englandshire.

      In a different political reality, and unencumbered by his own well documented personal demons, Kennedy had the talent and could well have been a First Minister of Scotland/Prime Minister.

    243. dakk says:

      Sincere condolences go out to the family of Charles Kennedy RIP. Charles.

      One of the few unionist MPs who made points that sometimes resonated with me and came across as genuine.

      Will always remember fondly his ‘night of the long sgean dubh’speech

    244. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Condolences to Charles kennedy’s family and friends,it was
      plain to see that the man was ill during recent tv


      When he was leader people at least knew what the lib dems stood for.

      He opposed Iraq and now Clegg and his successors have thrown their lot back in with attacking Iraq and turning the region into an even bigger quagmire.

      Kennedy opposed tuition fees and was the only lib dem to oppose the coalition and tell Clegg the truth that his coalition with the tories would finish them.

      Sure he opposed Independence but he rarely strayed into the base smears and fears exemplified by most of the No side and in fact warned against the fearmongering a few times.

      His passing marks the end of an era for the lib dems.

    245. ronnie anderson says:

      Breaking News.

      Michellee Mone bed hopping in London. Harley St,Psychiatrists under pressure to find a permanant solution. In the spirit of friendship they have appealed to the Scottish People to take her back.

      Naw ,we dont want her back.

    246. YESGUY says:

      Charles K. R.I.P.

      Thoughts are with his family. A decent man. The only Unionist who didn’t attempt to scare. Respect.

      Too young . 🙁

    247. Giving Goose says:

      it is very sad to hear about the passing of Charles Kennedy; I did not know him and I’m sure his friends and family will miss him. It is a tragedy for his loved ones.

      I going to go against the grain here with regards to his legacy.

      While Charles was an MP and in his constituency, I had to pay through the nose every time I went across the Skye Bridge. I can’t recall Charles having very much effect at Westminster to right the wrong that was the Skye toll bridge.

      During his time as an MP the levels of poverty among Scottish children were fairly constant and although there may not have been the large pockets of deprivation present in Lochaber, as seen in the urban areas of Labour held constituencies, I don’t recall Charles making the point at Westminster that this blight on Scottish society was as a direct result of Westminster rule.

      I do recall him wearing his No badge with pride during the referendum, the same badge worn with equal pride by Tories of blue and red complexion. Of course it could be said that it is a personal belief that Independence would have delivered Scottish children from poverty and that Charles’ counter belief that the Union would do the same (despite 50 plus years of evidence to the contrary) was correct. I’m going with my personal belief and will say that Charles was wrong, which isn’t much comfort for those blighted by poverty because they are still there.

      Then there is the not so very small issue of revenues gathered in Scotland going to the Westminster treasury and Scotland getting pocket back to run services. Now I might be wrong and my memory fading but I really cannot recall Charles getting up in The Commons and having a rant about that one.

      Charles was a Unionist and believed in the Union, but when did the Union ever do anything positive for Scotland? Charles clearly believed that the Union was good for Scotland but like me he had eyes and ears. The painfully negative aspects of the Union were there for all to see but Charles either chose not to see them or thought it prudent not to say to much against the Union.

      Like I said, it’s very sad when someone passes on.

      But as a politician who had Scotland’s best interests at heart, I’m afraid that Charles was not that politician.

    248. One_Scot says:

      OMG, they are now saying the SNP killed Charles Kenny. For the love of God get us to F’ck out of this crazy batshit union as soon as possible.

    249. R-type Grunt says:

      Along with everyone else here I’m sad to hear of the passing of Charlie Kennedy. I believe him to have been a fundamentally decent human being.

      He was a lot of things to a lot of people but he was not my enemy.

      My thoughts go out to his family. R.I.P.

    250. Grouse Beater says:

      In praise of pensioners, and related to Kennedy’s death, a brief history of time:

    251. Onwards says:

      I think most people accept that despite political differences, he was highly regarded personally. Alex Salmond said he had the common touch. His battle with the drink may also have made him more ‘human’ than most MPs. Very sad.
      You have to look after your health in the second half. Salmond needs to get back on that diet also.

    252. Chic McGregor says:

      Sad to hear about Charles Kennedy. Always admired his intelligence and wit and the fact he always said what he thought.

      Often wished, and for a long time hoped, that he would come over to our side.

    253. Stoker says:

      @ Giving Goose (11.45am).

      Good post, i’m with you on this one.

      Kennedy was a Unionist and i didn’t know him on a personal level so his passing means nothing to me.

      He stood against everything i believe in for Scotland and i’m not about to express any level of condolences, fake or otherwise.

      However, according to a previous post he apparently has a very young son, if that is the case then i truly feel for that child because its pretty shit growing up without a proper dad.

      Then again, if Kennedy was the alcoholic he was supposed to be, that’s not exactly the best of role models, is it!

      But for me, Kennedy was a Unionist who played his part in the prevention of my country progressing to better prosperity.

      Better people die every day, unmentioned, due to actions taken by Kennedy & Co. I’m afraid i have no sympathy to spare.

    254. Stoker says:

      Message for Michelle Moan

    255. Stoker says:

      Nae wunner Moans clearin oot, we demand answers

    256. orri says:

      Thanks Goose and Stoker. Any outrage at unfairly blaming the SNP for Kennedy’s death will shunted to the sidelines and nasty little posts like your will be held up as being typical. There are times when biting your tongue is the wiser choice.

    257. Stoker says:

      orri wrote:
      “nasty little posts like your will be held up as being typical.”

      @ “orri” (4.03pm).
      There is nothing “nasty” about our posts.
      If there was the Rev would not have allowed them.
      They are our honest and measured thoughts and opinions.

      There was a reason why i put that comment towards the end of this thread and not on the appropriate new thread regarding Kennedy’s death and truly nasty tweets.
      Use yer loaf and learn to read properly.

      FFS, there’s always one but i thought it would come from a troll.
      Away and raffle yer doughnut ya brainless clown.

    258. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      ‘There is nothing “nasty” about our posts.
      If there was the Rev would not have allowed them.”

      Moderation here is reactive – comments are approved by default and may be deleted if I consider them to break any of the comment rules. That a comment exists at any given moment is not necessarily a sign that it’s acceptable. I might just not have seen it yet.

      However, I’ve looked at the posts in question and I have no problem with them. They make reasoned cases for their views and they’re not offensive. People can judge their tastefulness or otherwise for themselves, but dissenting opinions are allowed.

    259. Fred says:

      The bubblehead Mone is angling after a gong methinks.

    260. orri says:

      OK guys, shouldn’t really read at work when I’m not paying close attention. However notable today was on the news showing Charles Kennedy responding to a typical SNP bad question from an audience member. he sounded a lot more lucid and awake than previous an it does make me wonder at our assumption he was under the influence rather than just dog tired. According to this he’d only that day heard about his father collapsing so shock and not wanting to be there is definitely a more probable answer.

      Depending on how you look at he was either deriding the idea of a formal SNP/Labour coalition or the very idea that such a thing would be a betrayal of England. Not exactly the kind of hopeless unionist some claim him to be.

    261. Broch Landers says:

      CK’s biggest political impact seems to be in death.

      This I mean as a tribute: it is crystallising the debate and the times we live in.

      And I feel really awful for his son.

    262. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      There’s a letter in today’s Courier, congratulating Hjul on her Carmichael story last week, and extolling the ‘fact’ that she’s non-partisan, supporting neither Labour, Lib-Dems or Tories.

      None so blind…

    263. James F says:

      I note the comments about “acceptable” comments.

      Why do the images of the fat cat in a bra survive?

      Help me to understand the difference between personal abuse and amusing satire

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