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Once in a blue your dreams come true

Posted on August 30, 2014 by

Last week I was working in the tattoo studio and got chatting to a client on whom my colleague was completing a large, Japanese-style sleeve on his upper arm and chest. He was sitting upright in his chair, stripped to the waist, his new ink glowing.

We got talking about the referendum. Unusually, this guy was a No voter. I say ‘unusually’ because the vast majority of our clients in the studio are vocally keen Yes types. Perhaps there’s something in the inked person’s character – a bohemian or experimental quality that naturally favours thoughts of change or progression.


This guy was a very nice, friendly, middle-aged small business owner from North Lanarkshire. As a Yes voter, I try not to get too preachy on the subject in the studio simply because it wouldn’t be professional – I wouldn’t want to get into any kind of heated debate with someone I have to tattoo for hours on end.

Still, I lightly prodded him on some of the independence issues. I was curious to hear his perspective as I rarely encounter it in someone face to face.

“Bad for business”, he mumbled in an offhand way. “I just don’t like the sound of it”

This wasn’t enough information for me. I probed a bit: “Don’t you think it would be good to actually have a democratic government of our own?”

“Yeah… I just think it’ll be bad.”

I left it at that. The guy, although perfectly pleasant, clearly didn’t want to examine any issues, or at least not with me. He had an air of stubborn refusal to even entertain the possibility of changing his mind. When his tattoo was complete, his arm was dressed and he put his shirt back on. It was a Rangers football top.

Now, obviously it would be hugely unfair to generalise about the connection between Rangers fans and unionism based on this one person, but it did set me thinking about how a sense of belonging and belief prevents us from thinking about change.

Regardless of the rational, evidence-based arguments in favour of an independent Scotland, there’s a mentality among many of our population that doesn’t heed the potential for a new economic prosperity or social justice agenda, purely because of an entrenched, unexamined set of opinions based around a sense of ‘belonging’.

Whether it be monarchist, unionist, imperialistic, racial, class-based, sectarian or some collection of all these traditional structures and their historical complexities, there are people who identify with them. They ‘belong’ and that’s that. There is no need to examine the possibility of change – because they ‘belong’, they ‘believe’ and the argument is at an end before it’s even started.


Beliefs are strange things. A belief is armoured. For whatever reason, a belief is like a locked file on a shelf. It sits in our brain waiting to be accessed at a time when the pertaining subject matter comes into conversation. When that happens, the file comes off the shelf, the dust is blown away, and a whole set of opinions can be accessed and broadcast without complication.

As such, beliefs become hard-wired and established, more tenacious than a simple idea. The stronger the belief, the bigger the file. The older the belief, the more important the file. Belief, dogma, belonging and tradition all lock arms and conspire to prevent the brain from thinking. “Things should stay just as they are because that’s what I believe – I don’t need to talk about it. I don’t want to.”

Even when the belief is detrimental to the wellbeing of the individual or group, it often persists. Immense harm can come from belief. Religious or sectarian conflicts persist because people cannot change their belief. Class privilege, racism, sexism, and more all endure because people’s beliefs resist being updated for the modern age.

Taking a bad belief apart is painful. People are reluctant to even try. We all recognise this behaviour. We even have a caricature for it – putting one’s fingers in one’s ears and shouting “la la la la”.

Rather than being united, people are isolated by their belief. It may exclude them in certain ways so that they consciously seek other individuals or groups of people who share the same copy of that belief. Before you know it, ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ are born.

The United Kingdom is propped up on belief. With the monarchy at its core, we have an enormous range of creaking structures that survive on belief despite their continuing decline, irrelevance or redundancy, sustained on pageantry, imagery, tradition and rhetoric of the kind that the UK has always tended to do rather well. We have bearskin hats, gilded carriages, cheap plastic flags, tiaras, corgis, Black Rod, commemorative tea towels, the House of Commons mace, cricket, Big Ben and Royal Ascot.


But these structures are not what they once were. The UK’s capitalistic Empire is gone, shrunk down to London’s fevered financial market, which now turns on its host and cannibalises traditional public resources like the Royal Mail and soon the NHS.

Our Westminster representatives, perhaps sensing the crumbling of UK belief, appear to be turning desperately to ever more regressive and outdated rhetoric in an attempt to resurrect the ghost of Olde Britain. Increasingly racist attitudes seep into political and media discourse, even on the “internationalist” left. An obsession with immigration and anti-European sentiment cements the Bullingdon Bulldog spirit and keeps all the boys in the front row.

But it feels like Scotland’s collective beliefs are changing. We’ve had a head start: we’ve been forced to re-examine them for some time. The economic and social devastation of the 80s forced us to accept that the social contract which once promised the North a fair share of the UK’s collective wealth had been broken. The further victimisations of the poll tax and the bedroom tax affirmed this conclusion.

Scotland now observes a rogue neighbour hell-bent on alienating European trade, squandering oil wealth for short-term gain and salivating at the prospect of selling perhaps its most loved institution and proudest achievement, national healthcare, to feed the insatiable hunger of Canary Wharf.

I’m happy to see how little the Yes campaign has attempted to rely on engendering militaristic or historic nationalism based on the Scotland of centuries ago. Rather, their message shows the future lies in social justice, technological advances, gender equality, environmentalism and fiscal stability, all of which can be enshrined in our first written constitution. Our new King-in-waiting will remain head of state apparently – I’m sure he’ll be quite happy fishing at Balmoral.

As an artist, I’m wary of belief. I have no God and I hate bagpipes. I encourage change for its own sake in my work because it demands it. However, voting for change on the 18th will not be a reckless decision for me and I can’t help but think that if the tattooed man in North Lanarkshire were to pluck up the courage to question his own beliefs for even a moment, he would do the same.

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315 to “Once in a blue your dreams come true”

  1. Elaine Chapman says:

    Brilliant article, absolutely spot on. It’s also what I find very frustrating about No voters, never any definite reasons but ‘just because’

  2. lycro76 says:

    Wow! This is an issue I think about a lot as its the core of what is holding back a majority yes vote. I also worry if people with this ‘belief system’ would ever accept an iScotland and if we could ever move forward. Great article!

  3. Vronsky says:

    This is the wisest analysis I’ve heard of the No tendency, sympathetic and at the same time crucifying. It might even be the first sensible explanation, and God knows it needs explaining.

    Don’t worry about your heterodox attitude to bagpipes. I’m a piper and recall hearing them called in Gaelic the ‘Black Sticks of the Devil’. I got over it.

  4. fred blogger says:

    absolutely spot on! 🙂

  5. galamcennalath says:

    Excellent article, and a very plausible explanation as to why there remain people who just won’t look at the facts around Independence. Fingers in ears, “la la la”. Indeed.

    There is a very thin line between Faith and Delusion. So thin, I could never quite see it.

  6. Anne says:

    Excellent article. A true picture of the West of Scotland NO voter. I turned away from Labour in the 90s when I was told the truth of their shennanigans in the 70s over the value of the oil and have been a SNP voter ever since.

  7. IcySpark says:

    This article perfectly sums up Cognitive dissonance

  8. It’s no surprise the link between protestant Unionism and some NO supporters. Part of the reason the 1707 Act of Union lasted, was that it guaranteed an end to state interference in the Scottish kirk – something the 1638 Covenant had asked for. So the kirk and many Presbyterians supported the Union on religious grounds. I find these views irrelevant now myself – we all have freedom of religion anyway… but the habit has stuck. A good friend of mine, a Rangers man in his heart used to vote Tory despite being from a working class background in Glasgow – because he was a true blue and supported the Conservative AND UNIONIST Party of Scotland. There will be more than a few like this tattooed gentleman. If they are not temperamentally inclined to examine their views, I would just leave it well alone… they are probably not particularly thoughtful people; ironically despite coming from a religious tradition that promotes the idea of challenging accepted thinking and finding your own way to salvation.

  9. fred blogger says:

    until the great indy debate kicked off, with a real chance of change.
    we had no choice but to occupy a very strange world, twixt self esteem and delusion.

  10. wee folding bike says:

    Try the Red Hot Chilli Pipers version of Highland Cathedral. It’s OK. Even my kids don’t shout at me for playing it.

  11. Luigi says:

    People do cling to their beliefs but it’s not always permanent. Change can be sudden and unexpected. Thankfully, those among us who have strong beliefs that prevent them from considering Scottish independence are a minority. Everyone else is at least thinking about it.

    The vast majority of people that hardly ever, or never, participate in elections believe that the democratic process is a complete waste of time (at least not for them). And yet, thousands upon thousands of them will make the effort, turn out and give democracy one more chance, on September 18th.

  12. And for the record, I’m from a Church of Scotland background myself, so I not trying to make a narrow sectarian point here. Just sayin’. 🙂

  13. galamcennalath says:

    @fred blogger

    You have a point. For many decades I have believed firmly that Scotland could and should be independent. However, until 2011 there really was no evidence that a mechanism to achieve it existed! The result announced on the 19th will settle whether it was all delusional.

  14. Luigi says:

    This is key to why some people have an irrational hatred of Alex Salmond and/or the SNP.

    Their cherished beliefs are being challenged. They have no answer so they resort to ridiculous arguments.

    People can be stubborn.

  15. Michael says:

    Funny thing is, a yes vote could save “Rangers” from being liquidated (again?).
    HMRC are going to have to take the original club to the highest court in the UK for repayment of millions of pounds in unpaid taxes to the UK.
    Would an independent Scotland help save “Rangers”?
    Maybe the guy in the story & others like him would benefit from thinking about this?

  16. Dodgardiner says:

    Very pertinent, I’m a Hearts fan, sitting in a different section of the ground today and appear to be in the middle of the BNP/ BT section and it’s not nice – should be enjoying our splendid performance and am biting my tongue so I don’t end up in he middle of a brawl – they are bragging about one of their mates who battered somebody on a Yes stall at the minute – probably bravado but can giv my seat number/ section to identify the people around m if true

  17. fred blogger says:

    which is the reason why people often switch quickly from no to yes.
    belief systems become stuck or frozen it takes very little heat of yes (truth) passion to melt the ice.

  18. Change is coming and to some extent has already arrived, only the dinosaurs are clinging to outdated beliefs. Scotland has moved on and that can only be a good thing.

  19. heedtracker says:

    A huge part of the Rangers, loyalist NO is Northern Ireland. Its Scotland’s tragedy if sectarian problems in that part of Ireland stop Scottish democracy next month but we cant escape the union or rather the problems within in this union are part of Scotland too.

  20. Dougie says:

    Rangers founded by Argyll Gaels
    The Unionist rubbish was introduced by Ulster shipyard workers
    What if it had been poles
    Or asians
    Would they have adopted their traditions ?
    That the Founders of there club lie in paupers graves
    Tells you all you need to know of their respect for Scottish past
    30 lost years

  21. Thepnr says:


    What a brilliant article, attitudes like your customer has is what holds us back. Not his fault, it has been years of “conditioning” that have brought this about.

    A nation is awakening now though and it is not to late to get through to your customer. All he needs a Wee Blue Book.

  22. Juan P says:

    I had a similar experience recently.

    Got chatting to a very pleasant no voter in the street last week about the referendum.

    She was of the view that economically an independent Scotland couldn’t survive as we are subsidised by rUK.

    I said this was incorrect to which she replied “Says who? Alex Salmond and the SNP?”

    I said no and invited her to look up the recent figures from UK government sources including HMRC.

    In reply she said she wouldn’t look up the figures as they can always be manipulated for political purposes.

    I agreed that this was possible but suggested it would be odd if a UK Govt body was manipulating stats to help the independence cause. She agreed and said it would seem more likely that if they were going to distort the figures they would do so to favour the Better Together campaign.

    I asked her again if she would look up the figures or if she wanted I could show them to her. She said no I’m not going to look at them.

    A friend then asked her how she could still argue we were subsidised by the rUK without looking into the figures a little further.

    She said “Because that’s what I believe”.

  23. Marvellous dissertation from Tim Sandys on a variety of beliefs that I, myself have been forced to ditch bacause – “Events,dear boy, Events” have superceded the ancient and the useless.

    Independence is ALL about tomorrow and a secure land where WE make our own lives and decisions in Scotland.

    To abrogate these to a bigger population (England) and to a smaller neighbour (Ulster) is reprehensible and an act of treachery.

    When Ulster controls Passport Processing and Controls Scotland`s Ancient Borders from Belfast – WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION – “YES” is the only way to stop these serial humiliations versus my nation.

    What message was Krash and Darkling and Murphy sending to fellow Scots in 2007 when they shifted Passport Processing from Glasgow to BELFAST – on the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union of 1707.?

  24. liz says:

    I think this is also true of the tribal Labour vote.

    They must look around and see that Lab have done zero for them but they can’t stop themselves from putting an X next to a Lab drone.

  25. Murray McCallum says:

    “… creaking structures that survive on belief despite their continuing decline, irrelevance or redundancy, sustained on pageantry, imagery, tradition and rhetoric of the kind that the UK has always tended to do rather well.”

    Scotland’s independence can be the spark for renewal and reform. This will be won with popular support and despite the MSM.

    These naysayers will be the folks that respond “It’ll never work” as a hard-coded reply. No thought, just say the response.

  26. heedtracker says:

    @ WantonWampum, the same message PM Brown sent Clydeside when he placed the £6+ billion order for two RN aircraft carriers. Stick with us, Labour will see you alright. This region of North Britain belongs to Labour.

  27. Iain says:

    Very good, thoughtful piece.
    I’d add from what I’ve seen recently of folk converting from No to Yes is that for many it seems a huge, almost ecstatic relief, as if a weight has been lifted. For them I guess the dissonance between what their hearts and heads were telling them and the restraints of tradition, history, family and culture was hellish uncomfortable.

  28. les Wilson says:

    Years, centuries of people control, gives these results.
    There has always been the mantra that the Union is all powerful, then it MUST know best.

    This is now being shown as corrupt, these people cannot accept it, close their eyes and all will come right again.

    They do not have the virus the rest of us have, but do have that strange affliction , Unionitis! fortunately no longer transferable to the thinking population.

  29. heedtracker says:

    Why did PM Brown not pump £6+billion into the Scottish road infrastructure for example, instead of two aircraft carriers?

    No other country in the world has two air carriers anyway, outside of the USA, even Russia only has one, so what motivated a Labour in Scotland PM to blow so much money on a very low return multiplier? TeamGB politicking with his Scotland region and Labour”s “traditional” power base.

    How’s that worked out so far and no wonder they’re going round Scotland frantically pumping UKOK project fear into every Scottish home via their chums at Pacific Quay.

  30. panda paws says:

    @Juan P

    “A friend then asked her how she could still argue we were subsidised by the rUK without looking into the figures a little further.

    She said “Because that’s what I believe”.”

    She wasn’t wearing a red top and married to Paul was she?

    And before anyone says anything, I’m a woman!

  31. heedtracker says:

    The A9’s a death trap from Perth to Inverness, but fcuk em, get two carries going in the central belt and where the big Labour for life seats are. Roads are devolved, we have the money, SNP takes the heat. Bish bosh vote labour for jobs.

  32. CM says:

    O/T – not sure if posted already. Fairly interesting:

  33. Graeme says:

    Loyal Rangers fan … still voting Yes 🙂 football team means nothing for my vote

  34. North chiel says:

    O/T BBC news 24 presently running with the Laura Kuensberg “propaganda”

  35. Dr Jim says:

    Sammin’s only in it fur eesel.(What makes you think that?)
    Coz ee is, emdy kin see it.(Well it can’t be because he wants to be a lord or something can it?)( Because that’s never going to happen, or loads of money, so what do you think?)The guy’s jis sleekit intae? Ye jis canny buleive um,guy’s a liar.(Do you trust the Westminster lot?) Nuh,no way,bit it leas ye know where ye ur way them.

  36. heedtracker says:

    Every city in England’s now connect by a fast modern 6 lane motorway network. M8 Glasgow to Edinburgh’s an ancient dual carriage way that blocks complete if there’s one breakdown. A1M Newcastle to Edinburgh stops dead just north of Newcastle and it’s still a slow trunk road all the way to the Edinburgh by-pass.

    But let’s build two £6+ bn air craft carriers that we don’t need and are obsolete anyway with modern missile technology, at least against any country that’s not a developing state. Ah.

    Don’t we need to buy any new jets for our shiny new air craft carriers Prime Minister Brown? Loud larfs around labour cabinet table, labour Lordships all round.

  37. Croompenstein says:

    Good article Tim not much to add that hasn’t been said but FFS I hate bagpipes

    @heed – Don’t forget the absolute and chronic shite infrastructure between our main ferry ports in the west Stranraer and Cairnryan with the rest of the country. The A77 is a horse and cart road till you get past Ayr. F*in shocking

  38. North chiel says:

    According to Laura the Barnett formula is
    Now apparently “A GRANT” from the “rest of
    UK !!!

  39. Famous15 says:

    Galloway’s assailant has been arrested.The charge is aggravated by religious hate!

    No not proddy catholic but Jewish / Islam TG!

  40. Franariod says:

    BT pray on the ignorance that the monarchy and parliament are separate issues. The “loyalists” can still be loyal to the monarchy and believe in an IScotland.They are led to believe that they are betraying something. We are a kingdom in our own right no matter how hard Westminster try to air brush it out.Scotland is not like the rest of the commonwealth, crowned monarch of England does not mean instant crown of Scots. It is a honour to be the monarch of the oldest kingdom in the west and Elizabeth 1st of Scots, knows that.Its a shame that her politicians dont get it, that Britain could have lived up to its name and been great but for the fact that the ruling classes scrape the rest of us off their shoes and couldnt see the bigger picture because of looking down on us. Too bad, we had high hopes for this marriage but things and time move on.

  41. donald anderson says:

    I was in Glasgow’s Argyle St Pedestrian Precinct today and spoke to three Yeas campaigners who said they had a 50= 59 response. One said he stood outside the Railway Station and was accosted by foul mouth Rangers fans, As he spoke a young make passer by volunteered that he was a Tory, before either of us could reply he hurriedly walked away.

  42. Croompenstein says:

    That’s it Sir Paul McCartney has come oot against independence oh well it’s a naw frae me 🙂

  43. heedtracker says:

    @ Croompenstein, indeed or Aberdeen Oiil capital of Europe, Victorian road and railways, by-pass 30 years late, main Brig o Dee into Aberdeen from A96 to ancient ring road, built 1527! with no improvements, bet the masons during James V reign didn’t expect to see BMW’s and Audi’s jammed onto their bridge either. Try a rush hour drive commute drive to Aberdeen airport then listen to labour in Scotland councilors in Aberdeen blame SNP

    But let’s have another £3bn air craft carrier, wirh not jets to fly off of the pointless hulks.

    Also but not only very rich unionists in Aberdeen crowd sourced over £700k in stop Aberdeen’s by-pass legal action, which worked too for several years as they dragged another unionists mess right up to and through the High Court, thar unionists being LibDem pledge signees like tavish Scott.

    Then the leader of the seven hundred grand legal protest went home to England. Huzzah

  44. Franariod says:

    I just had a thought. If the Union was such a big deal for rUK. Why wasnt there big parties and celebrations in 2007? Its the greatest thing since( and before) sliced bread! So naturally you would want to celebrate, a bit like independence day in America. Union day, why isn’t there a Union day?

  45. macart763m says:

    Superb post Tim.

    I believe in the future and that as an independent country its full of possibilities for the Scottish electorate.

    Nae limits. 🙂

  46. heedtracker says:

    Like that “urge” from BBC here. What next, pleading with Scotldnd over and over, “don’t go and run your own country, be loyal to us” super rich hasbeens…

  47. call me dave says:

    Someone earlier asked “Who’s Paul”
    Turn out it’s Sir Paul of Beatles fame. BBC Scotland page.

    Looked in on Friday to check out my equipment for lecture I was giving Tuesday next week at the training company that hire me from time to time. Haven’t spoken to the folk who work there for about 3 months (I’ve been ill).

    Anyhoo! The two folk present stated at different times during the afternoon that they are voting YES from previously a straight NO and a DK. During my wee discussion both were strong YES.

    Reason currency and pension scare + (oddly)one didn’t like Darling.

  48. Croompenstein says:

    @heed – Meanwhile in the green and pleasant land they bypass a f*in mole hill. Maybole ancient capital of Carrick has been waiting on a bypass for over 30 years. It’s on the main A77 and get’s roadblocked as the main street is the width of a f*in broom cupboard.

    I remember a company from Maybole had a depot in Newbury, Newbury was a bit like Maybole with a tight main street which required a bypass guess what? Well you know the rest, Maybole plans for bypass have yet again been submitted but work still to begin..Better Together my hairy Scottish arse

  49. Votadini Jeannie says:

    I do believe you’ve nailed it there. I know of very few No voters, but the ones who are are the ones who refuse to look at any facts and figures, for fear that their beliefs will be shattered and they will be forced to give some credence to that nasty Salmond and his cybernat army. Much safer to just not look or listen, and all will be safe.

    If there is a No vote, there is no doubt that it will be based principally on fear and willful ignorance.

  50. heedtracker says:

    “Sir Paul’s signature, alongside Sir Mick Jagger’s and those of tens of thousands of people from all over the country, shows that English, Welsh and Northern Irish people hope passionately that the Scottish vote to renew their bonds of citizenship with us.”

    That’s from Dan Snow. via BetterTogetherBBC. When Dan’s father in law does finally drink himself to death, Dan will be the richest man in the UK, or rUK with a little bit of bleeding luck. Acres of Scotland owned by Dan’s inlaws? Rather a lot. Planned land ownership policy SNP Dan Snow knows all of it and in great detail.

  51. Croompenstein says:

    Aw FFS Stu retweeted a tweet from Lord Naw Naw this enough to bring a tear to a glass eye

  52. “I’m happy to see how little the Yes campaign has attempted to rely on engendering militaristic or historic nationalism based on the Scotland of centuries ago.”

    This is summed up by the start of the 3rd verse of your
    national anthem.

    Those days are passed now
    And in the past they must remain
    But we can still rise now
    And be the nation again

    Incidentally the company I work for signed a new one year contract with a Scottish company. We’ve used them for years and they are the best company available. It’s a no brainer. Anyway, good luck.

  53. Bob G says:

    Really enjoyed the article. Well written and respectful
    and BANG on ………
    i look at it like this
    3 Unions
    Union of the people
    Union of the governments
    Union of the politicians

    were sacking the political union


  54. heedtracker says:

    @ Croompenstein, England does have an incredible road network now. It’s kind of culture hock to drive on it. It’s like by passes and dual carriage ways connecting everyone everywhere far fate than around Scotland, until you get to Newcastle.

    I gave up moaning about it years ago. An Englsih inlaw, lives near a brand new fast M1 exit, bumped his house price up nicely, says it only because the Englsih economy needs a fast road infrastructure more than Scofland and more people live in England than in Scotland, so that’s why Westminster invests so much in England.

    All of which is fair enough but why should Scofland pay for it, or help pay for it, go with out and lose all that investment?

    Be patient, he says. You will get some one day, if you vote no.

  55. Croompenstein says:

    @Welsh – I’m happy to see how little the Yes campaign has attempted to rely on engendering militaristic or historic nationalism based on the Scotland of centuries ago

    It’s one of the weird things in the campaign in that the nawbags try to paint yes supporters as rabid Braveheart disciples who hanker for the Wallace and the Bruce where in reality it is they who are stuck in the 17th century with their sick sectarian cult. We look to a future where it doesn’t matter what school you attended or what team you support everyone should have the same chances

  56. Croompenstein says:

    And that is the nub heedtracker, why should Scotland help pay for it, It’s time to put Scotland and our people first, now I’m not saying that our infrastructure will magically become the standard it should but when the decisions are being made in Edinburgh and not London we will be able to focus on the areas that require the investment.

    I actually believe, as McCrone reported in the 70s, that we will run out of projects to throw the money at to keep our currency under control. Maybe I’ve had too much vino but I truly believe we are rich beyond our greatest expectations

  57. Graeme Doig says:

    Bit OT but Derek Batemans most recent article well worth a read. Dismantles wee Rory’s ideas about britishness and nationalism. Maybe not so OT.

  58. heedtracker says:

    2014 BetterTogetherBBC triumphant, 2016 First Minister Lamont takes back Labour power in Scotland, Rangers and Celtic fans battling in the streets across Scotland most Saturdays, both managers trying to batter each other live on tv aka. Mccoist and Lennon, teenages boys getting their throats cut on the king George bridge after match battles, and so on.

    Or just back to usual, when Scotland was ruled by Labour in Scotland via Westminster, plus Ian Davidson MP running around bayoneting any “wounded” Yes votes and it’ll all be rule Britannia again.

  59. Chitterinlicht says:

    Good article.

    I think it is quite sad that people think that a separate political system means that we are somehow never going to talk again, do business, laugh at the same jokes, fall in love, marry or feel sad and offer support if tradegy strikes.

    It is not personal it is political. Westminster is corrupt and undemocratic. That is why I am voting yes.

    It must be tought for people who have generations of loyalty to the union, really tough. We should not hate them

  60. EdinScot says:

    Interesting article Tim, never thought about it from this angle.


    Was at Portobello earlier at ‘yes on the beach’. A fantastic day, the prom was teeming with people and musicians. Went to the yes stall to see if i could, at last,get my hands on a wbb but no luck. Seems from speaking to the guys on the yes stall we’re all in the same boat. I said to them that i think i read of a distribution hub in Leith? Guess we just have to be patient & hope to get the books by end of next week or so. Seems we all dead keen to get them delivered to our own areas and beyond.

    So many people had yes stickers,badges,wristbands,tops,balloons. Was getting nods, smiles and chats with fellow yes wearers. Could feel the love down at Porty!

    There was ukokers at start of the prom far away from the crowds, half hiding with their leaflets but they never hung around long. Also was only yes signs i seen in many windows in the prom. Great stuff. Just wanted to share. Keep the faith!

  61. Croompenstein says:

    @Chitt – We should not hate them

    It’s not hate Chitt, I think we can all sympathise with people who are genuinely Brit or scared of change it’s more of an incredulity that anyone can vote against their country. I will be able forgive people who vote no but if the no wins and the Tories cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war then I will find it hard not to rub their noses in it and say well you voted for it!

  62. IcySpark says:

    Derek Bateman doesn’t mince his words regarding Rory the Tory.

    One of his best pieces yet.

  63. Jim says:

    McCartney is just pissed off that when you type wings in to google wings over Scotland is at the top of the list with McCartney’s Wings band coming second, it used to be the other way about until a few days ago. lol

  64. Jim says:

    McCartney is just pissed off that when you type wings in to google wings over Scotland is at the top of the list with McCartney’s Wings band coming second, it used to be the other way about until a few days ago. lol

  65. heedtracker says:

    @ Croompenstein, miles o/t but the reason that Westminster is now going for HS2 etc is because they have literally no new motorways and bypasses to build. The English road network is finished with only local access issues and investments. Obviously the whole Bettertogether jam tomorrow lie could be dealt with by Westminster now investing in Scottish transport but not a chance. Get high speed rail now and just for England

    “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” is far creepier and written about 70 years AFTER Aberdeen’s Bridge of Dee was built:D

  66. Dorothy Devine says:

    OT Disturbing report for the leafy Westend of Glasgow of intimidation by YES campaigners apparently calling some NO voter rude names , the young man who told me about said he too had experienced YESSERS swearing at him and being aggressive .

    I challenged the idea that the lovely YESSERS would swear at some poor woman on her doorstep but he was adamant.

    I have to say , my thoughts were black ops to back up the maggots in the media and their headlining of Murphy Egging while ignoring death threats against Mr Salmond and trying to run cars off the road .

  67. Kenzie says:

    I am a member of the OO, a Rangers’ supporter. a Mason and an Ex-soldier and I would have no hesitation in advising like-minded souls to vote YES.

    I am severely disabled but even if this were not so, I would still advise against NO because it is as plain as a pikestaff that this rapacious government like governments before it exists solely to serve their masters in the City of London, and bugger the hindmost.

  68. Croompenstein says:

    Too true Dorothy, my old Dad has fallen for the Murphy story hook, line and sinker mainly due to a two page spread in the Daily Retard today. Interestingly in the retard today a small piece is in there about Lord Naw Naw’s assault oh how that would have been blown front page and centre pages if it had happened in Kirkaldy.

  69. says:

    Great article. In terms of ‘belief’ I have created one myself, which is that a form of socialism is essential for the prospering of a society and even for human survival, longer term. I like to think this is backed up by science (won’t bore you with that right now). However, what I’ve been noticing increasingly is that one of the belief systems at the core of many no voters is that a) capitalism works, b) socialism doesn’t c) uneducated and/or poor people shouldn’t be voting d) this country would sink as an independent one because there are too many socialists and socialism doesn’t work

    Not only does this stuff sound pretty offensive, but I haven’t heard these people provide any evidence or science to support their assertions. Rather, it’s just intuition and the well reported failures of states such as the Soviet Union.

    This is why I’m so delighted we’re getting more and more people registered for a voice in this one chance, last chance saloon.

  70. Bill McLean says:

    Kenzie – well said man. I would probably disagree with most of your philosophy but I respect what you believe and admire your courage in being able to put aside much that defines the OO, Rangers, Freemasonry and the military in the overall interest of the people of OUR country. If it’s any comfort I have met others with similar attachments as you have who will be voting YES! Good luck and thanks. Bill

  71. Croompenstein says:

    @Marcia – one of the tweets on there says This is what Salmond has brought us to

    LOL this union has been ending for 307 years since it began and was forced upon the ordinary folk of Scotland by the BritScots of the day. Alex deserves an enormous debt of gratitude for getting us to this point where we can democratically right a historical wrong.

    PS Where is Lesley-Anne does anyone know if she ok?

  72. Grouse Beater says:

    An honest, intelligent essay on voting Yes.

  73. galamcennalath says:

    Marcia says:
    “Is the world’s media starting to wake up?”

    My friend in NZ emailed saying that he had seen a report on TV saying momentum was with Yes and a Yes win was looking a real possibility.

    I trawled the NZ media for a link but couldn’t find anything. However, I believe him. The UK MSM might be as bent as a dog’s hind leg, it needed be elsewhere on the planet!

  74. Blair paterson says:

    I am a c.o.s. But not in the o.o. Or am I a rangers supporter or am mason ,I am first and fore most Scottish and that’s what is most important to me my Scottish sense of fair play and justice for all and of course for Scotland and to achieve that we have to vote yes

  75. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    I would like to get a hold of a few dozen copies of the wbb, can anyone advise me how?

  76. Marcia says:

    Findlay and any others

    It would be helpful to other readers if you could state your location so others nearby with copies could help.

  77. Fine article. I just take exception to bagpipe hating. Ever heard Jimmy Rae on a good day?

  78. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    im in stirling, the yes stall and the yes shop had none.

  79. Grouse Beater says:

    The photograph of the Rangers fan with an epigram tattooed on his arm reminds me of the day I put a bet on Yes in William Hills.

    I engaged the second assistant behind the glass who showed interest in my conversation with the assistant serving me.

    His face filled with pride when I asked him if he intended voting for greater democracy. He got off his seat to move to my window, rolling up his shirt sleeve. He pointed to the lines of prose tattooed in olde lettering along the length of his arm, wrist to shoulder.

    It was the last lines of the Declaration of Arbroath.

    “Been a supporter of real democratic rule for years,” he said, buttoning his shirt and resuming his seat at his desk. I felt rather small for my dedication to the cause. His was permament!

  80. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Findlay –

    Fret not mister – this time next week we won’t be able to move for WBBs.

  81. piggy says:

    Passing through Rosyth today and couldn’t fail to notice around 10 satire flags flying high above the allotments.

    Window stickers and large signs in gardens are now a common site here in Fife.

    FANTASTIC……Expression of a great hope.

  82. Juteman says:

    life is weird. If there is a No vote, I will have to accept that the majority voted to be Northern English. As someone that has always thought of himself as a Scot, that will be painful. The ‘Proud Scots’ that voted No, and subject themselves to London rule will then be the folk in power that claim to be Scottish.
    I think i’ll just drink myself to death.

  83. Grouse Beater says:

    On radio this afternoon, in a break on the Classic music station, the news announcer read:

    “The Lbour MP, Jim Murphy, has given up his street campaign because he got “pelted with eggs and abused as a ("Quizmaster" - Ed) and ("Tractor" - Ed).”

    I wonder where they got their information? – lifted out of some troll’s post I should think.

  84. scottimusprime says:

    If it’s any consolation, I am a Yes voting Rangers fan and there are many more like me.

  85. “As an artist, … and I hate bagpipes”

    Try this:

  86. Clootie says:

    The article convinces me of the need for Independence and ONE Scotland.

  87. CM says:

    It’s all over twitter, but:

    A member of the BNP campaigning to save the Union kicked a pregnant Yes activist in the stomach today in Glasgow. Just FYI.

    It will probably not make the BBC, unlike Eggman.

  88. Thepnr says:

    OK Please believe me when I say watching this link will NOT have wasted three minutes of your life. It is bagpipes but oh so different with a classic orchestra.

    It is inspiring.

  89. Free at 63! says:

    Jeez, CM

    Hope she and the baby are OK.

  90. macart763m says:


    Any news on the woman? No serious injury to herself or the child I hope?

  91. Chris Baxter says:

    Clubs aren’t supposed to allow political messages such as this. They should be charged.

  92. Jim says:

    I am pretty sure that is a picture of Barry Ferguson who used to play for Rangers.

  93. Croompenstein says:

    @Thepnr – you cnut there’s tears rolling doon ma cheeks! that was brilliant thepnr Tim should listen to that and I challenge him to state he doesn’t like the bagpipes

  94. haud on the noo says:

    Aye, its Barry .

  95. Croompenstein says:

    Guys I think if you hover over the photo it tells you that it’s Barry, just before Stu shouts IF YOU.. etc

  96. joemcg says:

    Dodgardiner re the tynecastle incident,its been reported to the police at st leonards, this is my first post on this site im a yes activist one of my colleagues witnessed it today and was working on the stall, im totally sickened at what happened, when murphy and bt kick up such a fuss over an egg I want the press to report it, it was on macleod street plenty CCTV, the abuse the guys were getting got steadily worse usual Nazi comments etc. up to kick off then random’s started grabbing the posters and literature and ripped them up and threw them at their faces then spitting at them then one man ran at the table and punched one of the yes guys in the face then kicks the table over, the guy has a cut face a bystander at the table got punched too then a kid stole his mobile phone held a yes poster up and ripped it down the middle whilst looking evily sounds horrendous I really want to get the press involved but the guys involved are too scared if they are identified as these attackers were lunatics.

  97. Anne says:

    OT – if you read the article about the A9 road trip in the paper version of the Guardian weekend it appears that the photos were taken in the spring, daffodils and bare leaved trees being much in evidence. Yes, it is made out to be a recent fact finding journey. Hmmmm

  98. Thepnr says:


    Haha, I gret too the first time I saw it. Ian Brotherhood was the first to post that on Wings. It is brilliant 🙂

  99. joemcg says:

    Dodgardiner, the victim would like the section number you were sitting in please.

  100. Tackety Beets says:

    Had a discussion with a knuckle-dragger last week in a pub after listening to him spout what can only be described as the biggest load of uninformed guff. I didn’t actually ask him but he informed myself and anyone within earshot he was voting NO because he was a Rangers supporter!

    OK, so the future of our country, out future and that of our children rest upon his unquestioning loyalty to a certain football team then…? Haven’t seen that one in the Project Fear Bitter Together No Borders No Thanks armoury of arguments so far but let’s see where this one goes.

    Next of his well informed points…. “It’s no f***kin right… Scottish soldiers fighting in Afghanistan cannae vote – they’re no allowed cos that Alex Sammin is scared they’ll vote no. No right tho – fightin tae protect oor country an they’re no allowed tae vote”. Explained to him the process for service personnel is the same as if it was a general election. After several exclamations from him about this being sh*te and completely wrong I remind him the Electoral Commission confirmed all personal abroad normally resident and registered to vote in Scotland could apply for a postal/proxy vote to be used in the referendum and arrangements have been made though the forces informing their personnel of this.

    He grudgingly concedes and moves onto his next well informed belief: “16yr olds – how the f**k are they allowed tae vote – that’s no right – they’ll aw be votin fur that Alex Sammin”. OK, bearing in mind the amount of pickle juice this Neanderthal has in his system let’s assess how much further his ability to listen instead of talking with his fists might be… seems ok at the moment and if it turns then he’s not too far from the ground at the moment anyway 1) If they’re old enough to get married, old enough to have sex, old enough to be cadets in the services and old enough to pay tax to the country… why shouldn’t they have a say in their future too? And 2) No one at all in this referendum will be voting for ‘Alex Sammin’ as he’s not standing as a candidates as there are no candidates, just a simple YES/NO choice.

    Next point: “Whit happens when the oil runs oot, how wull we survive’? We don’t even have to rely on oil and if we didn’t have it then there’s lots of other things which count towards our trade throughout the world such as whisky, hospitality and tourism sector, textiles, farming, fishing industry, financial sector, electronics, chemical and petrochemical processing industries, innovative marine biology sector, not forgetting my favourite “BRAND SCOTLAND” ….. When exactly is this oil going to run out – after the huge find at the Clare field off the west of Shetland? After the exploration and extraction off the west of the Hebrides or after the resources out from the Clyde is progressed? ( No OIL won’t effect the UK ? )

    Next desperate assertion: “an whit aboot oor armed forces… who’s gonna protect their jobs an regiments”? OK, do you mean like they were protected from cuts in 1994 when the Queens Own were merged with the Gordon Highlanders, to become the 4th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 SCOTS), or when the Royal Scots were merged with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers to form the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland? Or the fact that after plans approved in 2004, Scotland’s five regiments became battalions under the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Decades of tradition, many with family connections going back centuries wiped out as army cuts were made, all to save a few quid. The SNP are the only party who have committed to reinstating the regiments.

    Next: “whit aboot pensions? The wummin oan the telly the other night said we’d have trouble wi oor pensions getting paid in an independent Scotland. More scaremongering. The DWP – Department of Work & Pensions have already confirmed in writing that all pensions accrued under the current system will be paid as normal through administrative channels by arrangement in Scotland. Much in the same way if you moved to Spain where ex-pat pensioner are already paid their pension without any problems.

    “So whit aboot the pound an interest rates? We’ll be forced to get the Euro” No we won’t, we can’t be forced to adopt the Euro. “Well how can an independent Scotland be sure we’ll get intae Europe anyway. The ither countries will vote against us” Well, consider this… when the next Tory co-alition government with UKIP gets in, and the disaffected voters in the south and south east of England have their referendum on Europe, then Scotland will be taken out of Europe against the will of the people here anyway. That’s the real risk. Fair enough, there’s a lot of things need changing about Europe but you can’t change it from the outside.

    “Layburr are the only ones that wull protect the NHS” ***CHOKES*** Labour is the party that started the privatizing in the NHS . Do you mean with people like Flipper Darling – one of only just over 200 MPs and Lords who have shares in, and already benefit from private contracts in England and Wales where the NHS is being privatised bit by bit? He trousered over £12k just for an after dinner speech at a company dinner – a company that later turned out to be benefiting from winning NHS contracts in England. Weren’t they fortunate to discover him?

    ME: So, after hearing a bit more and realising pretty much all the Better Together campaign has been spreading is fear and scaremongering, do you think a YES vote where the people of Scotland has responsibility for their own future is the best option? HIM: “Ah’ll still be votin naw cos ah’m a Rangers supporter”

    NB Word on the Streets o the Highlands ……. No voters are now turning to YES …..Keep up the good work folks …… I need a party !

  101. YESGUY says:


    Superb sir.

    How can you no like that sound. I was in Kenya a few years back serving in a local English Regiment and the Pipers marched to a camp near us and every guy within ear shot said ” your a lucky bastard Jock, wish we had something like that”

    Aye they have their brass bands but it’s no competition to the likes of ” The black Bear and Scotland the Brave ” with the massed pipes.

    Great comments the night. We have a pretty diverse group here with all sorts of beliefs and traditions , but we all have one aim . We tolerate trolls, we disagree and we see things different but no matter what we a united , more than the union could ever do.

    I’d like to say i am a proud Scot tonight , but i might get one in the ear so i’ll just say it’s great to be part of this team.

    thank you all

  102. Tackety Beets says:

    Sorry that post ended up longer than I intended .

  103. CM says:

    Unfortunately it has come to my attention that a women YES activist was assaulted in Glasgow today when was kicked in the stomach by a NO campaigner. Her crime was that she was simply handing out leaflets . Needless to say you won’t hear about this in the Telegraph, BBC or Independent. That coupled with other assaults on YES activists, death threats to both the First and Deputy Minister’s as well as a recent road rage incident by a No campaigner highlights that YES campaigners are being targeted by mindless thugs in the NO campaign.

    The NO activist ^^

    Taken away in Police car

  104. Thepnr says:


    I absolutely loved that. Dundee is YES city right enough.

  105. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Thepnr –

    Naw, naw, naw…someone posted it here before me. That’s when I first saw it. I remember Morag and others discussing it. It was, I’m sure, a female Winger…

  106. Croompenstein says:

    I must have had too much plonk Ian Brotherhood has just said Naw, naw, naw 😀

  107. Sinky says:

    On Hearts fc supporters website I am advised that Yes campaigners based themselves at the junction between McLeod Street and Gorgie Road.
    Saw one young lad go up, take a Yes poster and rip it up in front of them. My mate has just arrived and said he witnessed another guy go up and, unprovoked, smacked one of the yes campaigners in the face before telling him that voting yes was equivalent to doing a Nazi salute.

    Don’t expect MSM or TV to report this insident

  108. Castle Rock says:


    Simply stunning.

    If Scotland votes No though then it’s the bagpipes from England (Britain if we’re lucky) that will be introduced to people around the globe.

    If we vote No we will be the laughing stock of Europe and the World.

    The Unionists don’t give a shit about that though as long as we keep returning Labour MP after rich Labour MP after multi millionaire Labour MP to Westminster to keep us under “British” Tory rule.

  109. Thepnr says:

    @Tackety Beets

    Might have been long but it was good though. Cheers.

  110. fletch says:

    Top drawer article. On the mark

  111. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Can we deduce from the attacks on YES activists that someone is trying to provoke unacceptable street violence. Please everyone if these attacks are seen take photos with phone and report to police. I hope that pregnant lady and her baby will be alright.

  112. Ian Mackay says:

    The Sunday Herald are looking to hear from anyone who received a ‘vote No’ guidance letter with their postal vote.

  113. Elaine Chapman says:

    Disgusting behaviour from a couple of Hearts fans there. My dad was a Tynecastle season ticket holder for years, would have loved to have had the chance to vote for independence. Where were the police? Where were the (many I hope) decent Jambos?

  114. Black Douglas says:

    O/T but might be of interest to a few.

    No option but to vote Yes 🙂

  115. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Del Amitri, ‘Kiss This Thing Goodbye’ –

  116. Croompenstein says:

    @Black Douglas – Superb, Justin is a great singer/songwriter and am so pleased to see that he has voted yes

  117. fred blogger says:

    “The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, responsible for welfare cuts which have taken more than £1.6bn a year out of the Scottish economy and targeted the sick and disabled, claims a No vote “would lead to a federal UK” and he bizarrely cites SNP centralisation and A9 speed cameras as reasons to oppose independence.”
    their barrel is scrapped clean, the no camp have nothing left to throw @ us.

  118. les Wilson says:

    Marcia says:

    Excellent Marcia, what I see in all the street video’s and there is now plenty, is that contrary to BT lies. Women are participating big time. Power to them.

  119. Croompenstein says:

    Speed cameras have saved lives on the A77(the shit part) there is no question about that and have absolutely f*ck all to do with the constitutional situation, no matter who is in govt shit drivers and eejits will still be there no matter where the govt is so Beaker can GTF

  120. Thepnr says:

    @Black Douglas & Ian Brotherhood

    Cheers guys, videos were great. Can’t so why I’m so upbeat, this feeling of positivity is catching. It’s a virus! I want to spread it.

  121. YESGUY says:


    Read the Bateman piece. What a brilliant response to Rory the Toley .

    He’s getting better every week. Are you giving him tips??

    2No voters converted after i laughed at the scare tactics and asked them , If we were independent would you vote for a union ??

    They admitted to me that when i left they yapped .

    And they would vote against it.

    Really surprised me as it was a passing comment thrown in as i passed them.

    Makes me think there are No voters out there looking for a good reason to change.

    And thanks to the Winger who put it up here . I can’t remember who but it really worked on those two.

  122. Liquid Lenny says:


    Just met an Arranach exiled in New Zealand in the Pub, I asked if he was back for anything in particular, and he replied To vote YES in the referendum. 🙂

  123. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Croompenstein –

    ‘…Beaker can GTF.’

    Hear hear to that.

    It’s notable that he appears to have been hooked in the past ten days or so. Every time they let him out of his box he craps all over the good carpet. He’s a living reminder of why Scots have had enough of this stinking Union.

    Does anyone in their right mind believe that Danny ‘Food Bank Tsar’ Alexander is the best that this country can produce? Is there anyone in this country who doesn’t feel embarrassed for the guy every time he opens his gub?

    Post-Yes, AS/SNP had better be very VERY careful about extending call-ups to Team Scotland for the likes of Alexander/Carmichael/Darling etc. Talking about it is one thing – it looks magnanimous and diplomatic.

    But doing it is quite another – if any of those c-c-c-c-c-characters are given a role in public life in an independent Scotland? it’ll feel like we’ve just slithered down the biggest snake, back to Square One.

    Alexander and his ilk not only have to GTF. They have to GTF for good.

  124. joemcg says:

    Elaine,police nowhere to be seen, some G4s people were there and were asked to intervene but replied that they were directing traffic!! Barry eh?!

  125. Jim Thomson says:

    @fred blogger 9:16pm

    That’s why they’re ramping up the security levels. I can almost guarantee that there will be some incident or other that will result in a call from Cameron to “pull together as one nation and fight this blah, blah, blah …”

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a day or so before the 18th too.

    I just hope I’m very, very, wrong.

  126. Thepnr says:

    @fred blogger

    This is how we fight back. No one can stand up against a hurricane and the hurricane is heading Westminsters way.

  127. YESGUY says:

    Fred Blogger 9.36pm

    Fantastic , best i have seen so far and that will take some beating. Folks you gotta see this.

  128. DaveDee says:

    O/T Great speech from Jim Sillars at Steps Theatre Dundee last night

    Wee quote from it “We cannot save the English working class, they have to save themselves”


  129. fred blogger says:

    Jim Thomson
    the great unknown, but what we do know is that this has all happened before and we also know why it has.
    an indy scotland marches into a definite known, it is freedom.
    freedom to say NO! and mean it.
    never again will they be able to do as they will, without hearing the voices of the scottish people, first.

  130. Liquid Lenny says:

    Jim Thomson

    Remember Princess Diana died (Was Murdered?) two weeks before the 1997 referendum and we had the funeral and all the pomp and Brit pish rammed down our throat 5 days before the referendum.

    They have previous….

  131. Elaine Chapman says:

    Shocking! Call themselves security? I hope these people are caught, just sheer thuggery

  132. Thepnr says:


    This all seems so long ago but it’s Wings own Ian Brotherhood stating his case. Brilliant watching it again.

  133. fred blogger says:

    having blown their bio feet away, they must be shooting @ their prosthetic feet now!

  134. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Fred Blogger –

    Great stuff, hereby copied:

  135. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    Yes I thought there was something wrong with Scabster Harbour, the grass was too yellow for this time of year.

    posted this…

    As a regular on the A9 I read this article – I was not particularly impressed with the writing as it did not ring true to the area of my birth or to an area where I know there is a huge Yes campaign and presence.

    However, something was wrong – Scrabster does not look like that in August. Why is the grass yellow?

    Looked at the Golspie pictures are these daffodils. I know they are a bit later in the Highlands but August?

    Then I found the other page where the photos came from – yet more daffodils and trees with no leaves at Dunrobin and Kingussie.

    Has the referendum disrupted the seasons and nature itself. We have been told it would be cataclysmic but changing the seasons? Should we be afraid?

    Or perhaps the article was written from the safety of London where it can be contrived to put a false spin on reality.

    The Highlands is full of Yes voters come and see them for yourself!

  136. IcySpark says:

    Image from today of woman being kicked in the stomach by No Activist. Later arrested.

  137. Black Douglas says:

    Call me Dave is getting nervous.

    Vote in the online poll and make him soil his pants.


  138. Grouse Beater says:

    Darling the political quack is at it again –

    This time he claims unnamed persons in the Scottish Government are phoning unnamed company bosses of unnamed Scottish businesses making unnamed threats they should lay low until the Referendum is over or risk losing government contracts.

    Together with ‘I’m getting nervous’ Cameron he calls upon the mythological ‘silent majority’ – that coy, dumb mass of politically certain people no one can see or identify – to come to the aid of their corruption and lies.

    Aye, Darling the charlatan, is resorting to innuendo and libel to win adherents to his discredited cause.

    Who trusts this man now?

  139. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    relates to this Guardian article…

    Check out the photos ” I love Scotland in the Springtime”

    What a load of made up bollocks.They are not even trying any more.

    That will be the UK press for you – complete shite.

  140. Davidb says:

    Most people have cameras nowadays. If you witness violence please do not respond to provocation. Photograph the perpetrators if you can. Inform the police – but keep a copy of the pictures. Post pictures on websites. Identify the clowns and remember them. Don’t be provoked.

    Top right of this page is a quotation from Gandhi. Stage 4 is 19 days away.

  141. fred blogger says:

    Black Douglas
    Scottish Independence Debate Is Making David Cameron All ‘Emotional And Nervous’
    he makes me nervous!
    vote yes give ’em their p45’s.

  142. David Hind says:

    Ian @9.37
    Good call.These people are no friends of Scotland.Just troughers.

  143. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Davidb –

    Hear hear.

  144. YESGUY says:


    Ian would get my vote. There’s an honesty about him . good talker , clear and precise and i enjoy his comments too. How can we lose when we have so many guid folk out there.

    Icy Sparks.

    Disgraceful, Another face of the union. Scum indeed. hope the girl is ok. What kind of country are we becoming when a pregnant woman is assaulted in the main streets. Hope the bugger gets his in the nick.

    Now will we hear about this in the bloody MSM ???

    Thank God for twitter and the internet.

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @YESGUY –

    You’ve made me take a beamer, so I’m scurrying back off to O/T to crack lame jokes and post links to dodgy music.

    But thanks all the same!

  146. mr thms says:

    Sunday Herald requesting Yes selfies for a historic front page

  147. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    Scottish Labour. No friends of Scotland. Vote yes.

  148. Marcia says:

    Sunday Herald front page;

  149. Luigi says:

    Apparently, David Cameron has condemned the egging of Jim Murphy.

    Never mind that big jessie, Dave, only his ego was bruised. What about the pregnant woman who was kicked in the stomach?

  150. Murray McCallum says:

    That’s quite a line up of main stories listed on the front page of the Sunday Herald.

  151. bunter says:

    Sunday Herald going with YES to protect NHS, and looks like MacWhirter and Bell have great articles. Also Billy Bragg and Irvine Welsh on indy and a piece about a NO assault on woman on Saturday.

    Think this edition looking very strong for YES.

  152. Thepnr says:


    Thats Marcia’s job 🙂

  153. Roberto Esquierdo says:

    I am also a unionist and a monarchist and a nationalist

  154. The Rough Bounds says:

    Not a bad article Tim…BUT…you say that you hate bagpipes. Isn’t that a bit like saying you hate pianos, or guitars, or zithers, or flutes, or accordions, or harmonicas, or any other musical instrument at all that I care to mention? Reason being that it all depends upon the artist’s skill and the type of music that is being played.

    Sounds similar to the thought processes that end up declaring ‘I hate Alex Salmond’. Irrational.

  155. Roberto Esquierdo says:

    Union being The union of the crown

  156. Sinky says:

    Hearts fan zone closed comments on Yes supporters being assaulted by no supporters. Unionist democracy at work.

    There were UKIP guys handing out No stuff outside Ryries at Haymarket today at around 2pm. No campaign should be reminded at every opportunity of their extremist right wing supporters.

  157. Brian Mchugh says:

    I finally joined the Twitterati tonight… still trying to work it all out. Phone is buzzing like crazy. I think I just added everyone who had a yes. LOL

    The Sunday Herald really look like they might be finally getting it right with that front page and the variety of stories. Got a copy last week (first since the outing week) and really looking forward to picking a copy of this one up tomorrow.

  158. Jim Thomson says:

    Mmmm… oddschecker now showing odds starting to shorten to 3/1 for quite a few bookies.

    Must have been a busy Saturday at the tills 🙂

  159. @Thepnr says:


    Thats Marcia’s job 🙂

    And out of the kitc….

  160. IcySpark says:

    Oops sorry. I’m off for some cereal.

  161. Marcia says:

    I have to retire one day…. (again). 🙂

    Strange no advance poll info floating around.

  162. Murray McCallum says:

    Jim Thomson

    I saw this Ladbrokes press release on Twitter. Apologies if you seen it all already.

    Saturday 30th August 2014 11:05

    Ladbrokes: Scottish punters move decisively for YES – 95% of Scottish bets for YES since second debate

    Ladbrokes press release

    *Scottish punters move decisively for YES*

    SCOTTISH POLITICAL punters have moved decisively for a YES vote in next
    month’s referendum, according to new analysis released by Ladbrokes.

    The bookies found that since the second debate last Monday, over 95% of all
    bets placed in Scotland have been for YES. That has seen the odds tumble
    from 9/2 to 7/2 in just a few days. However, gamblers in England are less
    convinced, with over 75% of the money staked south of the border going on a
    NO vote.

    A breakdown of the betting reveals that the larger-staking customers south
    of the border are propping up the ‘no’ odds, with those on the ground in
    Scotland placing smaller bets much keener to back a ‘yes’ outcome.

    Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “The betting has been non-stop for YES from
    our Scottish customers since Alex Salmond’s victory in the second debate.
    It will be a terrible result for the bookies if the local money is correct.”

  163. Murray McCallum says:

    Oops. The formatting gone to pot there. I will run for cover …

  164. Patrician says:

    Excellent article Tim, the reasons you give are why those who have manned stalls and chapped on doors can spot a no voter a mile away. The face set in a scowl, the downwards look, the muttered obscenities these are all outward expressions of the tortured soul of a no voter. They know that to vote no is to say “No Scotland” and it eats at their core. They are being asked the question they never wanted to confront; Are you Scottish or British?

  165. Robert Peffers says:

    @Croompenstein says: 30 August, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    “That’s it Sir Paul McCartney has come oot against independence.”

    Heard that on the Radio early on. Friend with me said, “Did ye hear that? Whit div ye say tae that”?, (He’s a Naysayer, saft though – in the heid that is).

    I replied, “Ach he kin jist beetle aff. Ah’ve nivvir liked him onywey”.

  166. galamcennalath says:

    Patrician says:
    “Are you Scottish or British?”

    Those NO voters who say they just wish it would go away, that is the problem they have. They just don’t want to have to choose. However, that is exactly what they have to make their minds up about.

  167. SquareHaggis says:

    @Black Douglas at 9.07,

    I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to avoid the postal votes being defrauded and you know what? I do believe you’ve just discovered the solution.

  168. YESGUY says:

    Ian Brotherhood ,

    You and many many others are the reason Wings is The best inde blog EVER.

    Stu gets the words on the screen and you guys get the word out to everyone else. The comments page is as important as the headlines . I think you all do a crackin job. Ian,you’ve helped me on my journey to yes along with others, so thanks for that bud.

    Please keep up the great work , not long now .

  169. David Hind says:

    Easy to be British and vote yes.But to be Scottish and vote no takes a certain kind of person.

  170. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Fred Blogger –

    That Martyn Bennett link was superb. Cheers.

  171. CM says:

    A certain Max Dunbar was the kicker in Glasgow earlier today. A BNP supporter questioned by a YES supporter. He then responded by kicking her.

    While “Eggman” still makes news, will the above?

    The media might do well to follow this up:

  172. bugsbunny says:

    Robert Peffers@11.11 That wouldn’t be the same Paul McCartney that once sang, “Give Ireland back to the Irish?” Sounds like he should be in “Scottish” Labour, Glasgow City Council, the Board of Celtic, or all three? I’m getting sick of the lot of them. Ruddy hypocrites.


  173. YESGUY says:


    Superb . The SH is gonna start a shit storm now..

    This is the game WINNER folks.

    No one touches our NHS.

  174. fred blogger says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    you’re very welcome.
    yeah, he was amazing, what a talent.

    related subject.
    the stag, the cheviot, and the black, black oil, the toffs fear land reform.

  175. john ferguson says:

    I agree on everything except I love bagpipes and hate tattoos

  176. crazycat says:

    I am rather concerned about people posting pictures of their completed postal votes.

    I was shown one yesterday which not only had a cross in the Yes box, but also an essay about the voter’s reason. It is quite possible that this will invalidate his vote, since his handwriting might be considered sufficient to reveal his identity.

    At the European elections it was stated that it is illegal to take photographs inside the polling booth (because someone might have been voting under duress, with the photograph required as evidence), and that anyone caught doing this would have their ballot paper confiscated and might not get an replacement.

    Whether this also covers photographs of postal votes, I don’t know, but it might, so please don’t do it!

  177. crazycat says:

    “a” replacement – and I did read the preview box – started typing “another” and changed my mind.

  178. heedtracker says:

    I have a postal vote now in the envelopes and waiting to go but I want to take it out look at it again! My precious.

    Its like holding a giant chunk of Scottish history after 300 hundred years of you know what by you know who and I dont want to hand it over.

  179. fred blogger says:

    The woman who actually made up her mind.

  180. mary vasey says:

    Heedtracker: Me too

  181. YESGUY says:

    Oh No

    Paul Mccartney says no………………

    That’s me changed my mind Wingers

    It has to be No

  182. YESGUY says:

    Oh No

    I’ll have to change my name??

    Well that’s it then mind made up

    HAS to be YES

  183. Croompenstein says:

    @heed – You now have to take it and cast it into the fire of Mount Doom(postbox) and defeat the evil Lord Sauron(Westminster) Democracy is coming 😀

  184. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bob G says: 30 August, 2014 at 5:49 pm:

    “Really enjoyed the article. Well written and respectful
    and BANG on ………
    i look at it like this
    3 Unions.

    In fact, Bob, there are only two Unions and they are created by Articles I & III of the bipartite Treaty of Union. Here they are as written : –

    “Article I. That the two kingdoms of Scotland and England shall upon the first day of May next ensuing the date hereof, and for ever after, be united into one kingdom by the name of GREAT BRITAIN; And that the Ensigns Armorial of the said united kingdom be such as Her Majesty shall appoint,, and the crosses of St Andrew and St George be conjoined, in such manner as Her Majesty shall think fit, and used in all flags, banners, standards and ensigns, both at sea and land.

    You will note that all that article does is unite the two royal realms, (kingdoms), as a single realm, (kingdom).

    “Article III. That the united kingdom of Great Britain be represented by one and the same parliament to be stiled The Parliament of Great Britain.”

    You will note that this creates a totally new Parliament.It is not either the old English Kingdom’s parliament nor is it the old parliament of Scotland. Historically the English Kingdom sat and wound itself up. In Scotland, though, the parliament did not sit for the people were out for their blood and would have lynched any of the, Paircel o Rogues if they could have caught them. The parliament thus went into recess, (technically called, “Prorogued”). Then when Holyrood was opened by Winnie Ewing she declared the parliament, “Reconvened”, and, to date, that has never been challanged.

    So, as Scotland is retaining the Monarchy the United Kingdom, (realm), is not being disunited as per Article I.
    It is Article III that Scotland will disunite and that refers only to the Westminster Parliament of the United Kingdom.

    So, as Westminster claims to also be the Parliament of England, The Parliament of the United Kingdom disunites and England, (the country of), is legally without an elected as such, parliament. There simply cannot exist an rUnited Kingdom as there are only two kingdoms that signed the Treaty of Union.

  185. Thepnr says:

    @fred blogger

    What is going on! I have watched more videos tonight than I have in the last 3 months. Has the Yes campaign finally woke up? Let’s hope so.

    Next week the WBB will be flooding Scotland, you will see it everywhere. It will be unavoidable, you Wingers have made that possible. Cheers.

  186. Truth says:

    I was in Glasgow today and witnessed some of the aftermath of the assault on the woman.

    Earlier I had been on Argyle Street and saw the would be assailant standing atop some street furniture yelling into his loudhailer. He had a large union flag next to him and a blazer-wearing side kick trying to hand out leaflets (again covered in the union flag).

    He was dribbling on about ship building and how we can’t compete in the world. As I passed I “informed” my wife very loudly that of course since the 1970s we have lost 40,000 shipbuilding jobs and only have about 5,000 left and I suppose we have the union to thank for that. The look of the penny dropping on one woman walking past was priceless.

    Anyway, later on when we were walking past again the sidekick was nowhere to be seen and mister loudhailer was looking quite sheepish and had two community wardens all but detaining him. A large crowd of people were now milling about him (whereas before nobody was really interested in what he had to say).

    I asked someone what had gone on and I was informed that a woman had remonstrated with him and from his vantage point atop the street furniture he kicked and shoved her. Apparently she fell backwards and banged her head on the ground and was out cold for quite some time.

    When she came to, she apparently left the scene which is frankly appalling. I can’t believe nobody encouraged her to wait for an ambulance.

    Anyway, I have no idea how accurate this account was as I never witnessed the incident. Clearly something happened though as there were about 40 or so people standing around watching proceedings and the wardens were quite clearly holding the guy until the real police arrived.

    I hope the woman is ok. She could quite clearly have a serious head injury. I don’t care what she said to this man. Assaulting her cannot be justified.

  187. Croompenstein says:

    btw apologies to the Dark Lord Sauron for comparing him to Westminster because Westminster and the British Establishment is among the most evil empires/regimes the world has ever known

  188. Truth says:

    Can I just add what a joy it was today walking through Glasgow and seeing so many yes activists everywhere.

  189. kininvie says:

    Update on Wee Blue Book:

    Our printers are wading their way through 230,000 copies. It takes time. They are doing their best.

    Demand exceeds supply even so. Wings has had orders for over 230,000 copies, so only those who have already sent in specific orders via Wings are likely to have requests met….sorry, but there we go.

    Glasgow and Edinburgh have had some supplies already and are seeking to fullfil orders as fast as possible – WBB will no doubt be spread around by the excellent Wings samizdat network. They MUST go to undecided voters – that’s the readership that is needed.

    Aberdeen & Dundee should be supplied very soon. Next on the list (probably) are Ayrshire, Perth, Borders, Dunblane (for Stirling etc) Inverness, Fife. Outlying orders will be supplied by courier….

    Bear with us – it’s a mammoth logistics exercise – the tiny Wings team are doing what they can. And it is all only possible because of people who are prepared to give up storage space and massive amounts of time to get the books to where they are needed.

    If you can’t wait, organise your own printing…. even a few copies on a home printer can help convince

  190. fred blogger says:

    as the no camp runs out of steam, (i know i’m being generous, if they had any steam in the 1st place that is)
    the best is yet to come from the yes camp.
    everything falls into place @ exactly the right moment in time.

  191. Onwards says:

    I sometimes wonder if someone could change my mind.

    To me the idea of a fair union just doesn’t make sense because of the huge population difference.
    It’s effectively a takeover.

    But I would quite happy be in a real union of equals.
    Independent countries co-operating on defense etc

    It beats me why NO supporters don’t think we can get a better deal in a better Britain.

  192. Croompenstein says:

    @Onwards – The big problem is that when the books are open and our eyes are opened to how much it is costing Scotland to be in this false union then it will break our hearts and effectively put an end to any political partnership, the social union will never die

  193. Thepnr says:


    Great work, give my thanks to all who are doing this.

  194. call me dave says:

    Another live debate.

    STV has announced the line-up for a live referendum debate on Tuesday night.

    Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, and actress Elaine C Smith will speak in favour of independence. Mr Alexander, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Labour’s Scottish education spokeswoman Kezia Dugdale will represent the No camp.

    The two-hour broadcast will be broadcast live with a 350-strong audience at The Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh, starting at 8pm.

  195. geeo says:

    Herald Scotland Story.
    Labour critics pin blame for No woes on Douglas Alexander
    (Published on 30 August 2014
    Kate Devlin)

    Senior Labour sources have rounded on Douglas Alexander, blaming the Shadow Foreign Secretary for the No campaign’s recent woes – and in particular an advert designed to appeal to women which led to accusations of patronising sexism.

    The rest is behind a pay wall.

    Oh poor Danny….those pesky tories are so ungrateful.

  196. Hi folks,

    I wrote the article – been trying to get it out there. Thanks for the support and interesting comments.

    If you think you can share it somewhere useful, you’ll find the full (unedited) version here:

    keep up the good work 🙂

  197. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @kininvie –

    Spoke to Jim Thomson earlier – he was good enough to call me, quite late in the ‘evening’, to help clarify a query.

    You cannot possibly know how much the work you are doing is appreciated – in Buchanan Street this afternoon, I could’ve asked for a fiver per copy of the WBB, and still shifted the 90-odd I had. It would’ve taken longer than the 10 minutes or so for them all to be snapped-up, and would’ve swelled the SSP coffers considerably, but everyone knows that’s not the point.

    One lady (‘Evelyn’, who sometimes comments here) came to our stall, asked for a copy. We’d run out long before she arrived. She wanted it for her ‘No’ mum, who’s 82.

    (Evelyn – if you see this, please e-mail me:
    I’ll make sure you get one, even if I have to nick my son’s copy…he’ll give me a doing, but, hey, what the hell, I need the exercise…)

    Anyway, Kininvie, you are a hero – more power to ye mister, and I look forward to seeing you again sometime post Sep 18th – wherever and whenever it may be, regardless of the result.

  198. Croompenstein says:

    Someone posted on facebook that Canada upped the security threat to severe a few weeks before the Quebec referendum (didn’t say which one) I have been searching for a link to back this up but can’t find anything does anyone know if this is true as the parallels between our and Quebec’s ref are quite startling in terms of how the no camp are behaving

  199. Thepnr says:


    I don’t believe that to be true. I have read a lot about the referendum in Quebec and have never came across a reference such as you suggest. Of course I could be wrong.

  200. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Serious question –

    How many ‘high-profile’ BTUKOKVNOBNOTHANKS defections should we expect to see in the next week?

    The ship is sinking.

    They have to jump.

  201. Thepnr says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    One, Henry McLeish is a secret weapon that will declare for Yes with a week to go.

  202. Alistair Grapevine says:

    Ian Brotherhood says
    I bought some ( WBB ) on eBay. There may be some remaining there if you need some fairly quickly. I’m going to need more, as I have got all my family all yes. All campaigning hard on Facebook and at there works. Two Son in laws are Rangers daft solid YES and
    One has never voted before. ( family = 5 daughters, 1son, 3 son in laws, we all were labour supporters but not now. )

  203. Thepnr says:

    Any sitting Labour MP or MSP who believes they have a safe seat in Scotland in forthcoming elections is an absolute fool.

    They should jump ship NOW. Time for them is running out Tick Tock.

  204. Croompenstein says:

    Pished and listening to some tunes and have decided that if Dave ‘stay with us’ Cameron or Boris ‘a pound spent in Croydon..’ Johnson can sing this and not sound like fannies I will vote naw…

    There was a wee cooper wha lived in Fife,
    Nickety, nackety, noo, noo, noo,
    And he has gotten a gentle wife,
    Hey willy wallachy, how John Dougal
    Alane quo rushety, roo, roo, roo

  205. manandboy says:

    I harbour a thought that after independence,

    we will discover many more secrets

    about Westminster’s skulduggery toward Scotland.

    Then, a decision which has been so ‘difficult’ for so many,

    will appear so easy with the benefit of what is uncovered.

    Needless to say those who have been paying attention and

    who have done their homework,

    already know enough of Westminster’s greed and corruption

    to make the choice very easy indeed.

    Lest anyone be in any doubt, no one can vote in the referendum for Labour or the SNP, nor for Conservative or LibDems.

    That’s why it really is rather silly when people say that they don’t like so-and-so.

    The vote is about Scotland as a country.

    The vote is not about individuals or political parties.

    And remember – to vote FOR Scotland – it’s YES.
    to vote AGAINST Scotland – it’s NO.

  206. Alistair Grapevine says:

    Thepnr says:
    31 August, 2014 at 12:52 am
    Any sitting Labour MP or MSP who believes they have a safe seat in Scotland in forthcoming elections is an absolute fool.
    Neil Findlay stays up the road from me. He is a list MSP. And will be on the ballot paper at the next scottish election and will be made unemployed. As he fits the last word in the sentence you used.

  207. Alistair Grapevine says:

    Thepnr says:
    31 August, 2014 at 12:52 am
    Any sitting Labour MP or MSP who believes they have a safe seat in Scotland in forthcoming elections is an absolute fool.
    Neil Findlay stays up the road from me. He is a list MSP. And will be on the ballot paper at the next scottish election and will be made unemployed. As he fits the last word in the sentence you used.

  208. Croompenstein says:

    @manandboy – And remember – to vote FOR Scotland – it’s YES.
    to vote AGAINST Scotland – it’s NO

    And that is it, that is what will face us all in that wee polling booth, nae pals egging anyone on, totally alone it will be you versus Scotland and then make your cross

  209. goldenayr says:


    I only know the words to the “other” version.


  210. Thepnr says:

    @Alistair Grapevine

    Yes, and there are a great many more of them. People like me will never forgive Labour in Scotland for siding with the Tories.

    They should hang their heads in shame.

  211. Croompenstein says:

    @goldenayr – LoL reminds me of when an old guy my mum used to work for asked her if she could get him the words to the Ball of Kirriemuir as he really liked the tune 🙂

  212. Edward says:

    Labour Councillors, MSP’s and MP’s may well be reading this.
    However I would expect them to dismiss any suggestion that their respective positions are not safe.

    Not because your suggestion is wrong, but the fact that, in the main they are , for a better word, stupid. Ok that’s harsh. Lets say they firmly believe due to the political bubble they are in, they don’t see that they will loose. Ok there stupid!

    But if they have stole themselves to actually read this, would recommend that they start checking for themselves , just how untenable their respective positions have become.

    If they think jeering and heckling of Jim Murphy is isolated, think again. They cant justify controlled meetings as ‘being in the public’. When a Labour politicians is exposed to the public that are not ‘sanctioned’, they should expect to face robust distain.

    If the unionists manage to pull of a No, then there will be a back lash against Labour in Scotland. The days of controlling the masses, by a compliant media are well and truly over.
    If Yes, then only those that supported yes will survive, those that didn’t will either quit or will loose anyway

  213. Alistair Grapevine says:

    sorry the double post comes from using a phone, does that make him more the ” fool ” him. Thepnr neither will i, i used to be a member of that said party.

  214. Onwards says:

    “YES for Scotland” says it all.

    Would love to see some billboards with that on it.

  215. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Thepnr –

    You’ve got the T-shirt.

    Some of the comments we’ve heard at street-stalls in Irvine, Saltcoats, and Ayr are just astonishing: life-long diehard Labour folk openly defying any claim on their loyalty when it comes to Scottish independence.

    They’ve been down this road before, and well-recall being shafted.

    It’s not going to happen again.

    This time, we win.

  216. goldenayr says:


    Rugby clubs and Uni bars,where would our culture be without them.

  217. Alistair Grapevine says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    31 August, 2014 at 1:25 am
    @Thepnr –
    Yes Ian i campaigned with my local MP in the 80s ”tam the west lothian question” have plenty anecdotes from that time.
    B,M,C. Miners, etc.
    now looking around the YESes out number the NOs, if we lose it is contrived .

  218. goldenayr says:

    Been trying to post a link to this but the sites rejecting it.

    Go to youtube,type “Scottish Referendum”,filter last week,scroll down to Good Morning Britain clip by Caesar Cigar.

    Is the guy at the end one these genetically inferior folk JoLa was talking about?

  219. Croompenstein says:

    I worked with ex miners from Cumnock and Auchinleck in the 90’s and heard lots of stories that would make your hair curl, tapped phones during the strike and army dressed as police at Orgreave etc.

    We are up against one of the most corrupt and evil systems the world has ever seen let’s stay strong and together we will win roll on the 18th

  220. K1 says:

    Light relief: The Woman Who Made Up Her Mind – Paul’s story:

  221. Melvin penman says:

    The Scotsman had the story about the young woman being attacked by the better together supporter on their website,but has now removed it. This is a disgrace.

    The young woman needs support to come forward. I hope the MSM give this as much coverage as they have the murtphy egg incident. With the Orangemen due out in about a week , I am sure better together will come out and condemn these idiots, before we end up someone being killed by these thugs.

    I hope that Yes Scotland can make a statement asking for Scots not to take any revenge.

  222. Joe Swan says:


    And while they are all there this is the sort of stuff they have been getting up to.

    A reminder to us all what has been going on and for how long.

  223. Alistair Grapevine says:

    Croompenstein says:
    31 August, 2014 at 1:43 am
    I worked with ex miners from Cumnock and Auchinleck in the 90?s and heard lots of stories that would make your hair curl,

    my Cousin was a union man at the pit in Loanhead ( midlothian can’t remember its name ).
    he sold me his car ( which he went to the picket lines in. )
    i was always getting stopped by the police when i was driving it ( obviously had the car plates logged ) ,

  224. h_johnny says:

    This article also shows exactly how Rangers died, they never question a man in a suit and brown brogues. That mentality runs into how they think politically too. Never question authority or the state, just shut your mouth and be grateful you live in an amazing country like Great Britain. God bless the Queen etc etc.

    Their way of thinking is dying out, Scotland will be all the better for it when we vote yes next month.

  225. Croompenstein says:

    @Alistair – It was a shock to the system for me hearing some of the stories from those guys, the real heroes of the miners struggle. The British Establishment declared war on the working class of this country and people today are blind to what went on as the ex-miners voice has not been heard.

    The question always has to be why, why were these industries allowed to die. The huge collective of working class in a common cause had to be destroyed to allow the neo-lib agenda to flourish and flourish it has and now us, wee Scotland has the chance to stand against the evil..

  226. Croompenstein says:

    Nice pic off WoS twitter, it’s Eiber fans at Atletico game.

    The guy above the R has to be Scottish

  227. goldenayr says:

    Who are these idiots that call themselves “The Scottish Research Society”?

    Don’t know why but the sites not letting me post links,so paste this into youtube search.

    Ewen Stewart,is there enough money in the pot for Scottish Independence.

  228. geeo says:

    My rather drunk friend texted me with this nugget of drunk wisdom earlier.
    (not sure why mind you)
    Actually better than his sober efforts.!
    “Our children are born to live, not survive !!!!
    Vote f****ng AYE” !!!!!!

    I replied he might need to rework that for a campaign slogan…lol

  229. Rock says:

    I suspect that the British state’s black operations could now start at any time.

    The Murphy incident was a wee show before the real thing.

    Be VERY ALERT, Yes supporters. Even if provoked beyond breaking point, DO NOT respond.

    Of course, the black operations will still be blamed on us.

    Have your camera phones ready at all times to record suspicious happenings.

  230. The Man in the Jar says:

    Regarding Sir Paul McCartney. Can anyone tell me why The Beatles are dying in the wrong order?

  231. john king says:

    Michael says
    “Funny thing is, a yes vote could save “Rangers” from being liquidated (again?).
    HMRC are going to have to take the original club to the highest court in the UK for repayment of millions of pounds in unpaid taxes to the UK.”

    My immediate thought was unpaid taxes owed to th the UK would continue to be owed, independence or not.

    Just my take on it thats all.

    Wanton Wumpum says
    “When Ulster controls Passport Processing and Controls Scotland`s Ancient Borders from Belfast – WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION – “YES” is the only way to stop these serial humiliations versus my nation.”

    Now I keep thinking about Belfast controlling our ancient borders and wondering just what do they do to control them?
    are they so flighty that they need to be controlled?
    you go to bed and wake next day you go what? where? wheres the border gone? and you out looking for it and its in the next door English farmers feild, so you have to get a rope on it and pull back to where it belongs, Im kinda glad thats somebody elses responsiblity because it must be hard work.

    Croompenstien says
    “Aw FFS Stu retweeted a tweet from Lord Naw Naw this enough to bring a tear to a glass eye”

    WHAT? splutter, WHAT?
    Alex Salmond battered George Galloway?
    jesus. who knew?

    just watching a BBC (I know I know) progamme on the referendum @ 05.30 and the poor wee wummun
    fae Prestwick who sells crytsals and does alternative healing,
    her face angst ridden, you just knew what she was going to say before she said it
    “my heart says yes my head says no.

    Her names Maxine Lewis, now dont get mad but she says “I need answers and theres just nothing there at the moment”
    her shop fron was fully shown on tv so Im not giving anything away that couldnt be seen on telly.
    her shops called the wee crystal shop, tel number on request,

    Ian, Croompy. somebody go and speak to that wee wife and put her out her misery, you can see this is causing her so much anxiety its painful to watch.

  232. john king says:

    That progamme turned up a typical Scottish cringe attitude, alive and well and living in Govan, when a shipyard worker says “our customer is the the UK government without UK ship orders I dont have a job, I dont ask for much all I ask is to have a holday every year, a car and a reasonable life, I KNOW MY PLACE”

    I could have wept for that poor man,
    why is he unaware that the second aircraft carrier will continue to be built in an independent Scotland which makes a nonsense of westminsters threat?

  233. daodao says:

    The scale of the apparent UKIP lead in Survation’s recent Clacton poll is interesting (UKIP 64%, Con 20%, Lab 13%, LD 2%), as it highlights how Eurosceptic some parts of England are. Voters on 18/9/14 need to take note of the greater risk to Scotland’s future membership of the EU if they vote NO.

  234. Ken500 says:

    50%+ Rangers fans will vote for Independence. The rest will not

    50%+ Celtic fans will vote for Ibdependence. The rest will not.

    Just the same as the general population.

  235. john king says:

    re the wee wumman from Prestwick ater winding the lady up the interveiwer went off to speak to two “inependent” financial “experts” and took the video’ed interview back to Maxine to show her what they said and surprise surprise it only added to her concern due to the absolute pish these two “independent” analysts spouted.

  236. Fred says:

    The Orange Walk appeared on lindon Road at the Barras on Saturday, presumably banging the drum for the Union, Glasgow apparently has more demonstrations than Belfast. It has to be borne in mind that these are paid demmo’s, the bands, which folk turn out to see, have to be paid, “no dough, no show”. Nobody is there to watch the bretheren, however gallus the swagger! and this turnout had more bandsmen than bretheren. I watched them disappear towards their spiritual home in Brigton, drums reverberating off the walls of the tenements.
    Meanwhile in the real world of the Barras Yes badges & flags were ubiquitous, and nobody bothered their arse at the passing spectacle.

  237. Ken500 says:

    The authorities in the Central belt are to blame for allowing these Marches. Allowing the minority to annoy the majority, while the economy and the non bigoted taxpayers foot the bill.

    They should find a field at their own expense and march around that, and stop expecting taxpayers to pay for bigotry.

  238. caz-m says:

    Sky News reader says that leader of the YES campaign, Alex Salmond will be speaking to Dermot Murnaghan after 10am this morning.

    I have already emailed them this morning, telling them that Blair Jenkins is leader of the YES campaign in Scotland.

    Also on Sky News, the latest poll results that they are showing are from 18th August, not the poll from the other day, which shows a closing of the gap between YES and NO down to 6%.

    Sky News, lazy, bias reporting. No wonder the majority of English viewers still think that the NO vote is going to stroll this referendum.

  239. Ken500 says:

    Sky News are crap. Westminster controlled, run by criminals in the City of London. Total propaganda. Along with the Westminster controlled BBC. Watch as little as possible. Boycott and put them out of business.

  240. Ken500 says:

    Get the YES bets on for the Food Banks. Vote YES defeat the criminals.

  241. Wp says:

    O/T. Did the scotsman really remove the story from their website about the pregnant woman being attacked and kicked by a better together supporter ? This is North Korean esq. these “newspapers” will never be forgiven for this shameful period of blatant bias.

  242. caz-m says:

    Also on Murnaghan this morning is Jim Murphy, invited on to talk about why he ended his tour of the towns of Scotland.

    He is going to go big on the egg throwing incident. Telling the rest of the UK what he is up against, all the abuse and insults that he endured and finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back, someone through an egg at him.

    Murphy, as a politician, you are finished in Scotland.

    Start looking for alternative employment.

    He also better condemn the assault on the lady in Glasgow yesterday from one of his fellow anti-independence supporters.

  243. caz-m says:

    Please don’t let these latest incidents involving YES campaigners put us off our ultimate goal, Scottish Independence.

    Being directly involved in such incidents must be intimidating for you, but we must stay strong, NEVER let the bully win.

    Bullies are frightened cowards, always remember that.

  244. Wp says:

    caz-m, I don’t want them revealing Yes to be in front until its too late for them. Two reasons, 1: The UK govt. will stop at nothing if they think they are behind,( Murphy and an egg? Think more JFK). 2: if its the older generation who are mostly No, many wont bother going to vote if they think its already in the bag, especially if the weather is bad. I like to think I’ve done my small bit for independence but total respect to the folk chapping doors day and night and I believe their word that Yes is well in front before a poll by the Daily Mail.

  245. Albanach says:

    Wp found this on the scotsman site
    un surprisingly they have left out the fact it was a yes supporter kicked…

  246. Devorgilla says:

    Here’s a word of encouragement from tiny Malta (population 450,000 which is just about to celebrate 50 years of independence)

    Malta has 6 MEPs, the same number as Scotland. That’s because she is independent.

  247. Ish in Norway says:

    Wee bit O/T but we had a terrorist warning here in Norway during the summer – during a week of high activity (international football tournament – large food festival in Stavanger etc). We were told by the police and government to just go about our day as usual, just keep your eyes open for anything odd going on. Story on the street was that 5 terrorists had made plans to go to Norway, but never got here in the end. It was real, but we did not shut up shop and hide. I don´t know how far Weeselmister will go, but I think you have to fear the worst, and hope of the best.

  248. Caroline Corfield says:


    This might help you start looking

    It’s a list of terrorist attacks on Canada separated out into those who claimed responsibility, or possibly were allocated responsibility.

    In terms of stopping the referendum I don’t think they have a leg to stand on, elections and democratic process was never stopped for the IRA, why on earth should it halt for some unspecified possibility?

  249. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has highlighted this before, but I thought one of the eggs came from the direction of the grassy knoll. 🙂

  250. galamcennalath says:

    “UKIP leader Nigel Farage is to visit Scotland 24 hours before a massive Orange Order march “to save the Union”, sparking fears of further public disorder.”

    Stoking up the anti just before the vote?

  251. I was at the Ayr v Gala rugby match at Millbrae yesterday – I even wore my pink Yes badge, to match Ayr’s colours.

    I got a lot of jocular abuse from the chaps – funnily enough, none from the guys whom I consider to be dyed-in-the-wool, hard-core Tories from birth. These include retired managing partners from major accountancy and legal firms.

    But, when I tackled one or two as to why they would be voting No, the response was predictable, either: “Because”, or: “I don’t like Alex Salmond”.

    You cannot argue with that kind of “logic”.

    The Braw Lads from Gala seemed particularly pro-Union, by the way.

    We are winning, but, there are a lot out there who still cannot see the sense of a Yes vote; probably happy to be pretend English.

    Croompenstein has made a number of points on this thread, can I correct him on one of his early posts. He wrote that Maybole has been waiting for a by-pass for 30-years.

    It’s worse than that. When my late wife and I married in 1986, we set-up our first home in Maybole – the by-pass was being planned and spoken about then. It still hasn’t been built.

    I now live in East Ayrshire. Auchinleck and Cumnock have been by-passed – I think the government owed George Foulkes a favour!! However, Mauchline’s and New Cumnock’s by-passes were quietly dropped, the cash was diverted to finishing the M74 south of Lockerbie – you remember, the part which was contracted to an Italian construction company with alleged Mafia connections, which went many millions over budget.

    Nearly 25-years later, we are still waiting for these two by-passes.

  252. Scotspine says:

    @ Patrician and everyone.

    That article on BBC Scotland and incestuous links with “Scottish” Labour needs spread far and wide. Shocking.

  253. galamcennalath says:

    Wp says:
    ” especially if the weather is bad.”

    It had occurred to me that is things are close, this referendum could be own or lost dependant on the weather on the 18th!

    Wet and windy versus sunny and warm could give different results. Though to be honest, I can’t quite see which way. Posher folk are more inclined to turn out. My all accounts they tend to be Nos, so perhaps a nice day might help Yes. Alternatively, I would like to think Yes people are more motivated.

  254. caz-m says:

    No new polls out today, very strange.

  255. Jim Gibson says:

    Among others keenly watching the result will be certain gentlemen in that august body FIFA. When they decide that (in the event of a NO vote )the UK is now fully integrated, how long before we will be told that it will be a UK team from now on! Wales and Ireland will have no say. When it happens we WILL know who to blame!

  256. Gordon E says:

    Crossfire on BBC Scotland discussing currency again!
    How many times do you have to shout IT WILL BE THE POUND YOU MUPPETS!
    Anybody who questions this just has to be told that there WILL be a currency union but under a different name to save face. And there are a lot of faces to be saved.

    Regarding the Jim Murphy situation, it appears that we have fallen into his trap. A compilation of the worst bits of the “Yes abuse” has appeared on the web for everyone to see and has been hyped up as much as possible by the MSM. Short term gain for Murphy but who is ever going to vote for him in the future?

    What we need to do now is the same as at the BBC demo, stand with hands across our mouths in silence with placards, that was a really powerful picture for people to remember.

    Not long to go now, get out there and spread the good news!

  257. Jim Gibson says:

    Sorry just caught up on Socrates Mc Sporran. Get some time in Soc. Selkirk has been waiting for its by-pass for nearly 50 years!!!

  258. Andy smith says:

    I know a lot of people on here don’t actually buy papers, but I think as many as possible should buy today’s ” myth busting ” issue. If only to take it into work and leave lying around in the hope that some undecideds read it.
    A lot of people only glance at leaflets,flyers etc especially when they see the upfront political content. One nice story it carries is the the woman who appeared in bt’s leaflet is voting yes,said it was just a job !

  259. dodgardiner says:

    Joemcg – i was Main Stand Block N3 upper. Row K seat 40. Guy behind and to the left was telling everybody about it.

  260. To heedtracker ;-

    The expensive publication – ” Jane`s Fighting Ships ” some years ago that in a like for like, force for force equality, a modern AIRCRAFT CARRIER will survive for 6 – 8 minutes.!

    The original “UNBREAKABLE” CONTRACT for both carriers was set at £2.45 billion and the latest guesstimate, unscrutinised for a year is = £6.2 billion.

    Signally, KRASH deployed the same reasoning as his other wastrel Welsh PM – Callaghan – who built the Llan Wern Steel Production Plant next door to his Welsh Constituency with Scots taxes (?) and led to the Closure of Ravenscraig in Motherwell by Thatcher and Major.

    Two aircraft carriers completed next door to Krash Gordon`s Constituency is a blatant act of COLLUSION between this unelected ConDem Govt and their third arm – New Labour – to infect the IndyRef Debate.

    As all three now collude to Destroy NHS VIA PRIVATISATION.

  261. Ken500 says:

    Aberdeen/shire has been waiting for a By Pass for thirty years. The only city in Europe without a By Pass and a predestrianised City centre. Unionists voted against it for thirty years.

    NO By Pass adds 2 hours to many people’s working day. People go to other Cities for shopping/business, losing £Millions to the local economy. An economy which has put £Billions to Westminster Exchequer. £Billions are being spent on HS2. The White elephant to nowhere, without the customer/business base/case which will have to be subsidised by public money for ever. To save 10mins on a journey to London. Who cares? The train line from the Central Belt to the North has not even been electrified adding 30mins to the journey.

  262. Ken500 says:

    Murphy is scared to go to Glasgow.

  263. Sinky says:

    Great Sunday Herald including Iain MacWhirter’s piece

    The week that put victory firmly within the Yes camp’s grasp

  264. CameronB Brodie says:

    A re-post but fits here I think. Things have moved a bit since this was filmed. 🙂

    Professor Tom Devine ‘Get Angry. The BBC is a Disgrace and a National Humiliation’

  265. Malc says:

    Ken500, yet they say Aberdeen is all for NO , happy to continue to have no bypass. Why are they so happy to vote NO.

  266. mato21 says:

    Socrates MacSporran

    Re East Ayrshire and Mauchline bypass this was on the cards when my parents came to Mauchline in 1948 M/s Jamieson MP was taken aback and admitted that she was unaware of this when my older sister told her a few years ago when she was putting this forward as something labour would be pushing for during the run up to an election

  267. goldenayr says:

    Is this the “pregnant woman attacked” story folk are talking about?

  268. Ken500 says:

    Happy to vote NO?

    Banners 20/1 YES

    SNP stronghold. They see the Oil meters running. Return Alex Salmond for years. Huge support.

    Female Oil exec. ‘Could go to financial adviser and get told how to avoid tax. Granny in a home having to pay CT’ – Total YES campaigner. Knows the history. Family are internet YES campaigners. NE – majority YES.

  269. ronnie anderson says:

    @CameronB Brodie good piece Cameron & dont say all of us.

    Next BBC BIAS DEMO Sun 14th Sept.

  270. Thanks to Jim Gibson for putting me right about the longest by-pass wait, with Selkirk’s 50-years. I think Maybole’s wait might be just as long, the issue was live when I moved there in 1968, so it might have been on the go since 1964.

    Re Jim’s other point, about FIFA. A single UK team is unlikely to happen, UEFA and FIFA want as many member countries as possible and, given that the four Home Nations enjoy special status, as the founders of the game, and have one guaranteed place as a FIFA vice-president to themselves, one UK team is unlikely.

    Also, if they decide to make the four nations one, there will only be one Premiership, which will mean, at the very least, two Scottish clubs – and would anyone like to guess which two – would be parachuted straight into the English Premiership, which isn’t going to happen.

    As I have posted before, FIFA and UEFA will not get rid of the separate status of the four Home Nations, but, will continue to burst a gut to try to end the protocol whereby all four have a vote on IFAB, the International Football Associations Board – the body which makes the Laws of the Game.

    That is the prize they are after.

  271. handclapping says:

    Probably safe to go OT now
    BBC Scotlandshire have given up on their “polls”. However there is a button left. 143 people/lunatics/dogs have clicked it in a week!
    Can we really say we are ready to govern ourselves?

  272. Dunx says:

    @ Goldenayr
    Don’t think so…
    see above @CM 8pm,8.44 and @icyspark 10.15,@Truth 11.54, @Albannach and @Caz-m (etc).
    The incident is yesterday in Argyle street between a ‘No-Better,Together’ supporter/advocate and “An-other”.
    Puts Jim Murphy’s traumatic experience in Kirkaldy into its proper perspective. But luckily for Jim his incident took place during a “news-worthy” time (ie Mon-Fri, 9-5).
    Argyle Street happened on a “Non-news day” and didnt involve Fitba. It won’t be reported until a “proper” news day ie Monday where it will be superseded by “Real” news, ie more stuff about poor Jim and the trauma he has had to suffer.

  273. Dunx says:

    @ Goldenayr
    Don’t think so…
    see above @CM 8pm,8.44 and @icyspark 10.15,@Truth 11.54, @Albannach and @Caz-m (etc).
    The incident is yesterday in Argyle street between a ‘No-Better,Together’ supporter/advocate and “An-other”.
    Puts Jim Murphy’s traumatic experience in Kirkaldy into its proper perspective. But luckily for Jim his incident took place during a “news-worthy” time (ie Mon-Fri, 9-5).
    Argyle Street happened on a “Non-news day” and didnt involve Fitba. It won’t be reported until a “proper” news day ie Monday where it will be superseded by “Real” news, ie more stuff about poor Jim and the trauma he has had to suffer.

  274. galamcennalath says:

    Reuters questioning whether the polls are correct in showing a No win.

  275. liz says:

    Re all the info collected on miners etc- when at the WfI stall yesterday in Clarkston – 2 guys walked passed us up and down about 4/5 times.

    I have always been a bit paranoid and I was thinking they might have been filming us.

    I was thinking, don’t bother, as all our photos are going to be on the WfI site shortly.

    We were all asleep when Labour took over the BBC in Scotland – and I’m sure the establishment were more than happy cos that would keep the Scots in their place.

  276. cearc says:


    We still need more people for the for the polling.

    There are still some places left for the count.

    Be there, be part of history!

  277. Wings has just been slurred by BT on Tay AM

  278. Krackerman says:

    CynicalHighlander – WoS mentioned right now by name as organising and encouraging personal abuse of a NO campaigner…

    Not sure who it is.. Kezia???

  279. @Krackerman

    Melanie somebody Labour

    01382 200800

  280. Krackerman says:

    Melanie Ward I think….

  281. Malc says:

    Ken500, good to hear , saw a good few times people saying it was all NO due to them having so much money etc, did find it hard to believe.

  282. Did the father of Protestantism Martin Luther having seen the corruption that had infested the Catholic Church just sit back and rely on Blind Faith to keep him quiet ?
    No he decided he had to change things ,he took on the most powerful empire in the Western World the Catholic Church .
    One man with a vision of a more inclusive church/society.
    “Protestant ` means to protest against the establishment not sit back and let you and your family be lied to and stolen from.

    I am agnostic and love the Pipes

  283. ronnie anderson says:

    Jim Murphy on Murnachan Shy TV.Yes Scotland are engadged in orginizing Mobs to disrupt Jims street meetings.

    Will Yes Scotland ask for a retraction via a Lawyer & he makes a statement on National TV retracting his accusations I says NAW,to pollute tae pit the boot in.

  284. no 1 hoopsman says:

    The great irony;The Orange Order and the Orange Brigade marching together with the Pope in this issue (essentially in effect) and reminds me of their last joint venture on the banks of the Boyne around the 1690’s !!

  285. Joemcg says:

    DodGardiner thanks for that going to st Leonard’s now with the details hope they catch the thug.

  286. jim watson says:

    Brilliant article – extremely thought provoking and could get some folk thinking. Although for thsoe died in the wool rangers types it will be dismissed cos it was written by a Tim…

  287. Helena Brown says:

    An excellent article and one that has mirrored our return home from an excellent break round many countries of Europe. Our home boarder who has been attending to the needs of his Lordship saw my badge and noticed my YES badge, she is a NO voter, waste of time talking the votes has gone in already. Now I was hardly surprised, she comes from the comfortable complacent middle class. Mum who I actually quite like is always talking about Sir this or he is some big wig, so you get my drift. She thinks it will be bad for business. I held myself in check cause I am afraid that for her NO will definitely be. Well she is not getting mine from now on.
    As for the trip round Europe, in the company of many delightful Americans, Canadians and Australians. A great time was had by all. We met another couple of Yessers so a party is planned for September.
    We were able to tell our Guide in Cologne we were voting YES, he said we were the first he had met. Unfortunately so many on River Cruises are elderly and complacent middle class, so explained about that. One incident over heard at the dining table. Yorkshire man explaining to an American man that England subsidised the Scots, but they did not want us to go. Husband said he was sure he heard the accent, we were divided by a couple of empty seats, but hubby thought he was looking for a fight. Well we are Yessers who only fight at a time of our choosing, too bad. Avoided them both like the plague. Heard that these two had a fight with a man from Florida who suggested that the wife who had broken a wine glass that she sit tight till they cleaned it up, he got his head in his hands. A real pair of nasties.

  288. Helena Brown says:

    Scot Finlayson, since you brought up the matter of Martin Luther, you will be pleasantly surprised as we were that the Lutherans of Berlin finished the Catholic Cathedral in Cologne, not as a tribute to the Catholic Church but as a German Icon, the Catholics could not raise enough money over centuries but the Lutherans did it in 30 years.

  289. @Helena Brown
    Jeez over 600 years to complete and I thought the Edinburgh Trams/Scottish Parliament went over budget and late.
    £100,000,000 thats one hundred million per mile of tram.

  290. todayinscotland says:

    New post, please share

    A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall, Part 2

    todayinscotland | The Referendum Blues

  291. Chic McGregor says:

    I tried to comment last night, but I guess it was too long or something.

    Anyway, so as not to waste a couple of hours effort, I’ve loaded it up into dropbox if anyone is interested.

  292. Tom Foyle says:

    There does seem to be a blinkered religious fervour in the no camp. My partner’s son and his wife are both in their early 40s, intelligent and informed and yes voters. Yet her brother, who is the labour councillor for the area in which I live, is, obviously, on the BT side of things. I sent him a noncommittal e-mail just to sound him out, and the reply, which I received yesterday, (He was very prompt, I’ll at least give him that) was full of all the usual BT nonsense, INCLUDING the fact that Scotland wouldn’t be able to use the pound! I was just going to leave it, but then thought, to hell with it, I’ll let him know how I stand…how things really are. I was polite, didn’t swear or raise my voice, except where NECESSARY, in order to get the emphasis across. But I haven’t had a reply, and, somehow, don’t think I’ll be getting one. I have a vision of him with his fingers in his ears going “lalalalala…”. Or the visual equivalent. He probably got no further than the third sentence, which began, “So the reasons I’m voting yes are…”

  293. Lochside says:

    Attended Ibrox yesterday for the Queens game. Horrible experience….not just a poor second half from the South…but the oppressive hate-filled stadium of Brit self pleasurers.

    On the way up to the Stadium…soldiers collecting for Help for Heroes (are Scottish regiments only recruited from Rangers supporters?)…leaflets lying about with Jakey Rowling’s face on them explaining why ‘NO’ vote needed…English millionaire speaking unto Scottish plebs…how apt.

    ‘Rule Brittania’ belting out from the Blue Brigade. Shameful howling down of ‘Flower of Scotland’ by Rangers fans.

    ‘You’ve no history…You’ve no history’ the Queens fans sung. Never a truer observation. How can any Scots person sit among such self loathing ("Tractor" - Ed)s?

  294. Dr Ew says:

    Beautiful piece. Its themes chime so resonantly with my attempts to open conversations with members of my own family, for whom rational discussion of the issue(s) is an anathema.

    “It’s just a gut feeling,” they say, and woe betide anyone who punctures a gut feeling because seven shades of incoherent bile will come pouring out, spraying indiscriminately over Alex Salmond (fucking smug bastard), Hugh Macdiarmid (don’t you know he was a Fascist!), Margo Macdonald (a fake), egg-throwing thugs (absolutely sickening), Prince Charles(er…?) and, of course, me – malcontent, stirrer, and just generally a smartarse for backing up an argument or for asking why they believe a particular “fact”.

    “It’s a GUT FEELING! I feel it in my GUTS!!! How DARE you question my twisted entrails!”

    As you will have gathered that stimulating as the campaign has been, we haven’t quite managed to engage sectors of the electorate.

  295. stephen Windsor says:

    I think I can beat the reason for voting no….
    1) I was at a séance and the spirits told me to vote no. They warned me of doom and gloom if I voted yes.

    2) My family has a blood feud with the Scots. Way back in the sixth centaury the Scots hanged members of my family including some women. The feud has gone on since then. It only got postponed because the decided to share the queen. If they get rid of the queen then the feud is back on.
    That’s why I will be voting NO.

    These are true..Honestly.

  296. @chicmac

    Thanks for the outline re: cultural identity.


  297. Apache says:

    On several occasions whilst door step canvassing, I have been asked ”What will happen to the people of Northern Ireland?”
    One guy actually told me ”They’re sh–ing it over there”.

    It’s the one question where I’m genuinely flummoxed.

  298. Thomas says:

    I am rangers fan and was brought up by my family walking in the orange walks. But I would never put all that before my kids future my grandkids future and the future of scotland . I am a yes voter always have been always will be.

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