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Nice Parliament you’ve got there

Posted on September 20, 2017 by

Be a shame if anything happened to it.

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    1. 20 09 17 10:56

      Nice Parliament you’ve got there | speymouth

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    1. Baldeagle58 says:

      Great wee film there.

      A warning of what the Westminster (British) establishment would love to do once the UK are out of Europe and there’s no ‘interference’ from the EU.

      They would love to get rid of the Devolved Parliaments, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got rid of Holyrood but found a reason to let the Welsh keep their Assembly.
      After all, the Welsh don’t want Independence, so their devolved Parliament isn’t seen as a threat.

    2. Betty Boop says:

      Hats off to Phantom Power films. This is excellent. Bissett and Reid make a great team; really clear in their explanations.

    3. Andrew Davidson says:

      Brilliant video but I still feel a uneasy at how accurate Alan Bissett’s Nov 2013 words ended up being.

    4. heedtracker says:

      “ALL the promises made in 2014 have been fundamentally exposed as being hollow,” should be Scots ref2’s main billboard.

      Then, if we vote NO again, we really have democratically voted for UK rule over us, for another UKOK generation.

    5. heraldnomore says:

      Terrific, and brilliantly summed up near the end by George Reid as to our preferred outlook. Share it and share it again.

    6. Iain MacLachlan says:

      This is a “must see” video. Well done to everyone involved in the making of it.

    7. fillofficer says:

      we’re basically f@cked then, cos half the (paid) representatives who work in that building are working against it. I hope its not too late but I fear the worst. doomed to fail

    8. orri says:

      Don’t fool yourself into thinking that they’d do anything as blatant as get rid of Holyrood. Instead they’ll try to undermine it and remove as many powers as possible. Kind of allows them to claim to uphold the commitment to “self determination” without the inconvenience that that brings.

      Put it this way, as things stand the majority of Scotland’s MPs at Westminster are SNP. If that had been achieved without Holyrood then there’s be no argument against a referendum. However as things stand we get the abuse of the grey area where Scotland’s MPs are sidelined whilst the democratic mandate in Holyrood is being not exactly ignored but delayed.

    9. One_Scot says:

      Is there any way that this can be broadcast by BBC Scotland?

    10. Many thanks. It could not be clearer. looking forward to indyref 2

    11. William Wallace says:

      That was absolutely brilliant again fae Phantom.

      So many snippets of wisdom.

      Allan’s “Democracy is a process, not an event” quote will be getting used repeatedly in any upcoming debates with naysayer yoons that’s for sure.

    12. Robert Graham says:

      Just imagine equal coverage, and access to all the media that the side who protect the union have .

      This surely must be top of the to-do list.

      if after viewing all these phantom power clips people dont agree , then i believe we are surrounded by fools and brain dead idiots , Proud scots my arse bloody just plain dumb & stupid .

      Maybe it is time to let the whole british electorate have a vote on independence , going by the rhetoric from south of the border recently ,we would be out on our arse the day after the vote .

    13. yesindyref2 says:

      Don’t know if this link has been posted, sorry if dupe:

      “19/09/17 13:22
      Defending devolution

      Justice, farming, fishing, environment and rail among “power grab” list.”

    14. Socrates MacSporran says:

      heedtracker @11.16am

      In newspaper terms, any competent sub-editor would remove the words “undamentally” and “as being”.

      “ALL the promises made in 2014 have been exposed as hollow” is much-more hard-hitting.

    15. gordoz says:

      Great film with to excellent contributors who articulate well the predicament that Scots created with the NO vote scenario.

      I remember well Alan Bissett’s warnings in 2013 about the consequences of a NO vote and the error in putting trust in a remote Westminster government. How wise he was and is.
      Like Bell, Mcillvaney & Banks he is a literary Scottish treasure (and thankfully still with us).

      Scotland beware.Things may get a lot worse before they ever have a chance of getting better. Many Scots realize we blew a brilliant chance to emancipate ourselves in 2014 lets hope, given another opportunity, we never come close to making such a mistake again.

      Catalunya is suffering the ‘rough wooing’ of a so called lover as we watch from afar.

    16. Baldeagle58 says:

      One_Scot says:

      20 September, 2017 at 11:23 am

      Is there any way that this can be broadcast by BBC Scotland?

      You’re having a laugh there aren’t you, One-Scot?
      I doubt you’d ever manage to persuade the ‘State Broadcaster’ that is the BBC to show this or indeed any of the Phantom Power films.
      The same goes for any of the so called ‘Independent’ Broadcasters.

    17. Dave Beveridge says:

      Depressing stuff. “Seek the permission of Westminster…” Anybody else hear these words and just want to curl up and die?

      We’ll go down in history as the biggest mugs on the face of the planet.

    18. Dorothy Devine says:

      Baldeagle , maybe there is a way as a Party Political Broadcast.

      I think it would be a cracker of a PPB.

      meanwhile I worry about my country and her very existence .

      Even more sadly I confess to hatred of others and incandescent rage.

    19. One_Scot says:

      Fantastic video, but if it is only viewed by Yes voters, then we have lost out big time.

    20. Robert Peffers says:

      @yesindyref2 says: 20 September, 2017 at 11:31 am:

      “Don’t know if this link has been posted, sorry if dupe”

      Duplicate it all you want, yesindyref2, it may eventually sink into some thick heads that there is correct news out there if you look in the right places for it.

      Why anyone would look for the real news on the state controlled TV, listen for it on the state controlled radio or believe what they read in the so called SMSM is a mystery only they can explain.

      The SNP have their new improved website and the Holyrood Parliament has Parliament TV and a rather big website.

      Get the news from the source and not the likes of Brian Taylor’s biased interpretation. Reading Wings over the past several months exposes many Wingers who believe the Westminster Establishment’s lies and who seem over influenced by political organisations that cannot even manage to get a single elected MP or MSP among them.

    21. Scott says:

      A great video its just a shame that it is only us who believe in ourselves that sees it the no voters will decry it and when we get shafted by the Tories it will be the SNP who will take the blame cause we wanted to stay in the EU.

      O/T I see that Tory Ed Mountain millionaire is demanding answers why the delay on the A9 due to technical issue this complaining about the A9 used to be Murdo Frasers pet hobby has he been demoted

    22. Jim Bo says:

      It’s just all so glaringly obvious; we need out. Really don’t understand how after watching this succinct and hard hitting film in conjunction with the likes of Wings and other Indy sites that there are still people out there who remain unconvinced.

      Please everyone share far and wide.

    23. Mike says:

      What does my head in is the bit where Holyrood is trusted by a vast majority in Scotland relative to Westminster and yet it doesn’t equate into support for making it completely Independent of Westminster.
      Where else in the world would this be normal?

    24. snode1965 says:

      Another insightful production from Phantom power. If you are paying attention to what is happening in Catalonia right now, then foresee the future of our struggle.

    25. heedtracker says:

      “ALL the promises made in 2014 have been exposed as hollow” is much-more hard-hitting.

      It is.

      Then from that one core billboard, continuous lines of giant billboards, each with one UKOK Project Fear lie after another lie after another lie after another…eventually culminating in the biggest billboard,

      Do you agree Scotland should go and fuck itself? YES/NO

      But then I’m just an ex stinky old The Guardian sucka:D

    26. heedtracker says:

      News from the Empire 2.0 colonies?

      Shambolic negotiations

      If Britain’s acrimonious divorce talks with the EU are anything to go by, the country isn’t well-prepared to negotiate a new global web of trade agreements.

      Attempts by the U.K. to reset the terms of the negotiations, or to try to change the topic from the divorce settlement to the new relationship that will emerge after the split, have all failed.

      Once again, cabinet ministers were sniping at each other in the press. Home Secretary Amber Rudd accused Johnson of trying to drive the Brexit process from “the back seat.”

      Daggers drawn at home

      The British have set up joint working groups with 13 countries, including Canada, to try to informally advance negotiating positions so they can hit the ground running once Britain’s divorce from the EU is official.

      But Canada is reluctant to irritate the EU by seeming in a rush to negotiate with the U.K. EU rules forbid member states from conducting their own trade negotiations.”

      and on it goes, UKOK.

    27. Chick McGregor says:

      Many of us here, I am sure, foresaw along with Alan Bissett, what was likely to occur.

      And I suspect it was a case of never have so many wished so much that they were wrong.

      The SMSM has done its job in minimizing the reach of this message and many other pro-indy messages and will continue in the same vein. They can be so proud of themselves.

      To paraphrase Union Jack McConnell ‘The best wee Con-trick in the World’.

    28. Petra says:

      A brilliant film from Phantom Power. Excellent. More than anything it’s heartening to see that we have so many extremely talented and knowledgeable people working their butts of on our behalf.

      We’re being told what many of us are aware of already. Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of others are still living in the dark ages. Well anyway, ‘sigh’, this is IT folks. Our last chance to save our beloved country before it’s totally subjugated and decimated, for example, ONE example, dozens of fracking companies, like vultures, are standing by with licenses in their pockets ready and waiting (chomping at the bit) to be given the green light to go. The green light to irreversibly destroy our beautiful country, our tourist industry, whisky industry, food industry, health, value of our homes (if you own one) and so on.

      If only we could get this video, plus a list of powers due to be snatched from under our noses, out to every household in the country. If I had that kind of money this is exactly what I’d be spending some of it on. If you’re reading this Mr and Mrs Weir please consider taking this suggestion on board. Seriously.

    29. Valerie says:

      It’s a great vid, if heart breaking, because like others, you really do wonder what it will take. Prices are hitting people, no question.

      I was at the local Yes group last night. You sit with a range of folk, desperate to do something to help us get there. As is inevitable, there’s a part of the meeting, where folk ask – what is wrong, why can’t folk see what we see happening?

      There is never an answer that gets us further understanding.

    30. Robert Peffers says:

      @Baldeagle58 says: 20 September, 2017 at 11:37 am:

      ” … I doubt you’d ever manage to persuade the ‘State Broadcaster’ that is the BBC to show this or indeed any of the Phantom Power films.
      The same goes for any of the so called ‘Independent’ Broadcasters.”

      Why anyone would swallow the propaganda that the Not-directly-funded-by-Westminster Broadcasters are independent is laughable.

      To set up any form of broadcasting in the so-called United Kingdom requires the would be broadcasters to obtain a Broadcast Transmitting licence from –

      Yes you guessed it correctly –

      The Westminster de facto parliament of England that thinks it controls all of Britain. I’m almost certain that Westminster delegates that task to the BBC as it does with the Broadcast Receiving Licence and they also control private networks like the armed forces, inshore Radio Stations, taxi companies and Radio Hams. Etc.

      So you can neither legally broadcast nor legally receive broadcasts unless by the consent of Westminster. The so called independent broadcasters are funded by the same people and big business that massively fund the Unionist political parties.

      Anyone remember the pirate stations based on old trawlers that Westminster saw were done away with?

      Who do you imagine are the shareholders in those big business’ and where they go when they get their rewards from a grateful unionist government?

      It is no accident that the House of Lords is the largest legislative body in the known World.

      As of January 2017 :-

      •The total membership of the House was 839. Of this total, 805 Members were eligible to attend.

      •The majority of Members—84.1 percent—sat by virtue of a life peerage conferred under the Life Peerages Act 1958. Excepted hereditary peers accounted for 10.8 percent of the membership.

      They include Law Lords and C of E Archbishops.

      At £300 per sitting, and a five day week, you can work out the direct costs but what of the many perks?

    31. Artyhetty says:

      Just excellent. Will share widely. Thanks to Phantom Power and Wings.

    32. Aikenheed says:

      Could an abridged version be shown as an ad. in cinemas?

    33. gus1940 says:

      I know that Brillo has been replaced as presenter of Sunday Politics by yet another unionist in Sarah Smith.

      However, with The Silly Season over there is still no sign of him on the Daily Politics – is there something we should be told?

      I do see, however, from the TV listings that he is billed to present This Week tomorrow night.

    34. Petra says:

      @ Dorothy Devine at …..”Party Political Broadcast.’

      Just wondering if Caesar! would broadcast it? Limited viewership I know but it would be a start.

    35. Petra says:

      Oops Dorothy at 11:44am.

    36. Shamur says:

      William Wallace says:

      “Allan’s “Democracy is a process, not an event” quote will be getting used repeatedly in any upcoming debates with naysayer yoons that’s for sure.”

      I was typing it as he said it! Here it more or less is.

      No voters will say why isn’t the result of 2014 being respected. It is, Scotland is still in the UK.

      Democracy is a process not an event that only happens in one day and that result on that one day invalidates any future democratic motions which come after that. We decided democratically to hold a 2nd Referendum. The fact we have to ask permission to have a 2nd referendum, makes the point.

    37. Robert Graham says:

      O/T – Seems some arse in the BBC needs a little street education, they have put on their website while reporting on the discussion on homelessness In the parliament. One of the people giving evidence said he went to the BREW , oops I haven’t seen it referred to that before, always thought brew was tea etc , but then again it’s the BBC. Petty I know but just another wee don’t give a f/k from our national broadcaster, once was a mistake but it’s repeated in the report .

    38. Aikenheed says:

      Bill boards and cinema ads we need to start informing the non political.
      Two headlines from today’s National.
      Norwe giant oil fund tops 1 trillion $
      Most jobs created by new social security system are new.

      How many would full independence generate then eh?

      Predictive text changed norwegian to the above which seemed apt.

    39. Dr Jim says:

      A strong and to the point film and I hope it gets seen by more than us

      The hope of the Unionists is that somehow the SNP will be defeated and they’ll be in charge again and everything goes back to normal but what they don’t get is that it wont
      Oh they probably will still have a Scottish parliament OK but nothing will happen inside the place except coffee and tea for the Unionists who’ll attempt to pretend that stuff is happening, but it wont be it’ll return to exactly what Donald Dewar and Tony Blairs original plan was, a big kiddy on con trick to fool Scots that they counted

      The British government are Rapists of countries, now with this latest Brexit con trick they’re hiding the Rape Kit so we can’t have the evidence to prove it’s happening

      Unfortunately in Scotland we have obedient Sectarianists Unionists and just plain old couldnae care lessers who are prepared to lie down and let it happen rather than fight with the strongest weapon we have

      A Pencil!

    40. Robert Peffers says:

      @Shamur says: 20 September, 2017 at 12:32 pm:

      ” … The fact we have to ask permission to have a 2nd referendum, makes the point.”

      Why? Oh! Why? must the point be made, over and over again, that no one needs to ask Westminster’s permission to hold a referendum?

      What they are asking is for the Westminster Parliament to legally respect the results and act upon them.

      Unless previously agreed a referendum, (the clue is in the name), is the process of any organisation referring a question to their public.

      Newspapers, websites and broadcasters do it all the time as do opinion pollsters. No one needs permission to do so.

      What Alex Salmond & David Cameron signed had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Westminster granting permission. It was simply an agreement that BOTH sides would legally respect the results as the Scottish Electorate’s democratic wishes.

      Otherwise ALL referendums are only advisory AS WAS THE BRIXIT – UKEXIT that Theresa is taking as more than just advisory – but only because it suits the Tory right wingers.

      It is also the reasons why they are refusing to hold another one as it seems the voters have changed their minds and it is also why every Westminster unionist party is screaming out that, “There will be no Indyref2 as no one wants it”, but where is their evidence that no one wants it?

    41. Aikenheed says:

      Repetitive billboard and cinema ads with punchy one liners.
      We need to start informing the non politicos.

      And if the SNP haven’t the funding they could try asking for it.

    42. Swiss Perspective says:

      Many here are wondering why so many fellow Scots can’t accept the bleeding obvious and head for the door before we’re all brexited. I think we underestimate their sense of Britishness.
      I don’t think extolling the virtues of independence alone will get us there. It is only exposing the real essence of Britishness and its vile, insular and condescending outlook that will deconstruct that part of their identity. Meanwhile, pride in Scottishness can’t merely be aspirational, it has to be in the here and now. Part of Britishness has been to destroy that sense of self-worth.

      It is only when people realise that being British is shameful that they want to stand apart from it, so that is a message that has to be communicated – not to be negative, but because it is unfortunately true.

    43. Jack Murphy says:

      Jim Bo said at 11:54 am TODAY:

      “It’s just all so glaringly obvious; we need out.
      Really don’t understand how after watching this succinct and hard hitting film in conjunction with the likes of Wings and other Indy sites that there are still people out there who remain unconvinced.

      Please everyone share far and wide.”

      Will do—-I’m only on my Break just now,but I’ll spread it on-line and into some letterboxes when I get home. 🙂

    44. Street Andrew says:

      Westminster attitude is that Holyrood is a regional council charged with the duty to implement its not particularly democratic agenda.

      It is taking a long time for that reality to sink in. Perhaps this video presentation will help to get the message across.

      Good work again Phantoms.

    45. joannie says:

      If Cameron had had any sense he would have attached a condition to the Brexit referendum that it could only go ahead if passed by a majority in all four constituent parts of the UK.

    46. heedtracker says:

      Ultra right Scots toryboy Fraser Nelson currently oozing out of the radio, R4 vote tory lunchtime news, “so many voted Leave and constitutional turmoil in the UK, for change.”

      It is interesting in a way, a tory way, in that a very oily Scottish toryboy like Nelson can waffle about how great the tories are, across the beeb tory gimp network. Its just that Nelson’s not that forth coming on what change planet toryboy will permit.

      Same beeb r4 gimps have been very much focused on a Spanish speaking country today too, but its not Spain.

    47. heedtracker says:

      joannie says:
      20 September, 2017 at 1:34 pm
      If Cameron had had any sense he would have attached a condition to the Brexit referendum that it could only go ahead if passed by a majority in all four constituent parts of the UK.

      Voice of reason, from Ireland.

      Except, UKIPers had to be defeated, which is what Brexit was all about mostly, that and keeping far far right shire tory roasters and zoomers in check.

      Imagine a UK zone today, that could not Leave the EU, because one of the constituents parts of the UK, Scotland, blocked it all, on the basis of your Brexit ref condition? PM Farage, rampant nutter UKIPers, and a very very cheezed off England indeed.

      What’s the good work from Ireland on Brexit now joannie?

    48. manandboy says:

      Aikenheed says:

      “Bill boards and cinema ads we need to start informing the non political.”

      Mustn’t forget Car Boards ie a bill board on top of a car. It is do-able with a bit of careful thinking and organising – and needn’t cost much. Targeting busy junctions and bridges over heavy traffic at rush hour and lunch time.

      Someone somewhere must have the wherewithal for such a project.

      Think about it.

    49. joannie says:

      @ heedtracker

      Guy Verhofstadt is in Dublin today talking about the border and the peace process, so I expect that’ll be the lead story on the evening news tonight in Ireland. Sinn Féin are angling for the extra MEPs Ireland will pick up post Brexit to be assigned to NI, which would be interesting if it came true. That’s the news from here.

      I think UKIP types and other ultra Britnats would have been in a bind if Cameron had attached that condition to Brexit – what are they going to do, campaign for the breakup of the UK? They would really have to choose which is more important to them, leaving the EU or holding onto Scotland, (and NI). Watching the cognitive dissonance would have been fun too.

    50. Ottomanboi says:

      Let us hope and pray that we’re coming to the end of our ‘couch potato nationalism’. If not, we will certainly suffer and the Star Dominatrix Mistress Davidson will be applying the pain.
      The Catalan situation has the hallmarks of cooperation between SpanState and BritState. Don’t make too much trouble over Gibraltar and we’ll help you with those Catalan ingrates.

    51. Les Wilson says:

      Great stuff from Phantom again, a powerful statement in there
      if we do not vote yes in a referendum we are totally screwed.
      We need to take heed, and raise the YES vote beyond reach.

      The more the Tories make a hash of Brexit,the more sanity prevails, people will get us well over the line.
      However,having the right answers known to the masses is our problem. We need a comprehensive campaign and we need to start soon.

    52. donnywho says:

      Perhaps a form of “civil disobedience”, nothing violent, just posters on walls, Indy graffiti aka Banksy style (the wee girl and the flag vs The two unionist thugs.

      We must not play by their rules as for they will demand that we do and flout them themselves. Eg the purdah during the referendum.

      They will outspend us and they will break their own rules as they have been during the last few elections… and they will get away with it!

      Headlines can be countered by Graffiti and flyers in toilets, in pubs at work we can work like guerilla publicists. We are anonymous we are everywhere.

      Do not fight them with their tools!
      Everybody has a printer, 1000 of us distribute a 20 flyers a day and our “circulation” is better than the Scotsman!

      And this site has 300,000 unique users think of the power we actually have, if we use it. This is what Unionists fear, political engagement by the Silent majority, they want us silent!

    53. geeo says:

      Scotlands FM asked for a 4 country veto on brexit.

      All vote out or nobody out.

      Cameron was desperate to not be seen taking a sensible idea from the SNP and said No to it.

      Bet a lot of unionists wish they had listened, would have seen off this threat to the union.

      I imagine our clever FM made the suggestion KNOWING the response would all but assure a new indyref…!

    54. William Wallace says:

      Just to add to other folks comments about getting the message out there from these types of vids and other media.

      Mini USB projectors can now be bought for 30 quid onwards. With the winter nights ready to draw in, they would be excellent for projecting on to buildings, billboards, vans and even the ground if necessary.

      They are extremely light and mobile and could be used in prominent public spaces and the authorities could not really do anything about it. Combined with some portable speakers, it could become a really powerful tool in getting the media out there.

      Just a thought folks. 🙂

    55. heedtracker says:

      I think UKIP types and other ultra Britnats would have been in a bind if Cameron had attached that condition to Brexit – what are they going to do, campaign for the breakup of the UK?

      But again, if England had been stopped from Leaving, by Scotland, assuming the actual result, UKIP would today be a far more powerful political force in England.

      You maybe need to have seen how hard and how long BBC in particular worked to get Nigel Farage and UKIP in to mainstream Westminster politics. Years and years of BBC vote Farage stuff, has poured out of UK tv’s and radios.

      And now its all been forgotten. Its how hard core right wing propaganda works in the UK, partly.

      There is a very BBC tory attack propaganda tone and style in Scotland, obvs. BBC Scotland haven’t quite stamped out SNP vote, yet.

      BBC made Nigel Farage a household name for example, in much the same way beeb gimps have made Alex Salmond so hated in England.

      Do you think that there will be a hard border at the northern end of the M1 very soon joannie?

      Does Ireland expect a hard border with NI because not even far right right toryboy world here in the UK seems to want that?

    56. joannie says:

      @geeo – true, Nicola Sturgeon did ask. A wiser PM would have gone with it under the pious pretence of valuing all equally in our wonderful union blah blah, but I suppose the temptation to stick it to the Scots nats was too strong.

    57. Craig P says:

      Good to see George Reid again – best presiding officer so far by a mile.

    58. Ken500 says:

      Just keep on voting SNP/SNP vote for Independence. Another Indy/Ref

      Cut out the Middle muddle man.

      Scotland is paying for things if doesn’t need (Westminstet) but not paying for things it does need (Westminster).

    59. joannie says:


      I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen with the border. It can realistically only go two ways – either some kind of special arrangement for NI to stay inside the customs union with the border moved to the Irish Sea, or a hard land border. With the DUP in a key position at Westminster it will be very hard for the government to sign up to the first, and the second will completely wreck NI’s economy and almost certainly see a surge in dissident republican violence.

    60. Kate Hall says:

      Absolutely brilliant and terrifying in equal measure. Well done to all involved!

    61. Ken500 says:

      If zcamrton Gas any sense he would never have had a EU Ref. The LibDems should not have backed him up for a AV PR vote. A bunch of ignorant incompetents. Westminster unionists are total ignorant incompetents. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Disgusting. They want out of the EU so they and their cronies can continue to tax evade and waste pub,icmoney.

      They could have voted May down in the EVEL vote 12/9/17. The Tories will be out soon. Until then the pantomime goes on.

      Just keep voting SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. To stand up for and protect Scotland.

    62. Petra says:

      @ Aikenheed at 1:02pm …. “And if the SNP haven’t the funding they could try asking for it.”

      They do ask for financial help Aikenhead. They ask their members to support them financially.

      At the end of the day however the SNP has VERY little money to throw around unlike the Tories with their many multi-billionaire / millionaire donators (plus dark money) and the Labour Party supported financially by the Unions. That’s what they’re up against. The SNP received £96,000 in membership fees / donations from members last year, so if anyone wants to help THEM, to help US, join the party (£5 ? a year for pensioners) and donate. Just recently members received raffle tickets to sell in an attempt to boost funds. Great eh? The only political party in the UK that’s got the capacity to get us out of this hellhole and they’ve to resort to selling raffle tickets to raise much needed money. Add to that we’ve to put up with a number of people on this site trying to undermine them at every turn, for example “I’m resigning my membership” and so on. How’s that kind of attitude going to help us to get our Independence?

      I’d urge people to join the SNP even if they can’t afford to donate any money, as if the membership rose further it would send out a clear message to the BritNats that support for the SNP / the desire for Independence isn’t dwindling at all. Most of us don’t have the capacity to make massive change (like the SNP) other than speaking to people in the street, shops, pubs etc and of course supporting this website and posting facts on here and further afield. There is however a couple of things that we can do, to help OUR cause, that doesn’t cost too much and takes little effort and that is joining the SNP and buying the Sunday Herald / the National. Not a lot to ask for when you take into account the ‘cost’ to millions of people who have gone before us, some of whom actually gave up their lives in a bid to free this country.

    63. starlaw says:

      Well done, and a well made documentary. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of this very professionally made programme

    64. Ken500 says:

      FS pre text

      If Cameron had any sense. Cameron had no sense calling an EU Ref. Letting leave tell a pack of lies. The majority in the UK want to stay in the EU. Led to Cameron’s downfall. May and her cronies are just as bad. Maddness. NI gets £Billions more than in raises in subsides. DUP are not fit for public office. Break the electoral rules and the Representation of the People’s Act.

    65. Ken500 says:

      Anyone can donate/fund the SNP under the legal conditions. Resident. Published accounts etc. Just go to their website. Don’t need to be a member.

    66. Ken500 says:

      Just stick a sticker on a car. Plenty available. Still YES etc. SNP. BBC misreported. A flag or slogan. No nukes sticker. CND.

    67. Petra says:

      @ Ken at 2:42pm “Don’t have to be a member to donate to the SNP.”

      Thanks for that reminder Ken.

      Not wanting to be accused of spouting propaganda, lol, I forgot to say that Mr and Mrs Weir, lottery winners, have donated around four million to the SNP since 2011? some of which has been in the form of loans. Donations that have had the very wealthy BritNats frothing at the mouth. So a big thanks from me, and no doubt hundreds of thousands of others, to Mr and Mrs Weir. Don’t know what we’d do without you.

    68. Alex Clark says:

      I know of Alan Bisset from the first referendum but had never personally heard him speak nor his views and thoughts until I saw him on an earlier Phantom Powers film.

      I was impressed the first time and even more so this time as he gets to say a lot more. George Reid was pretty good too but any plaudits have to go to Phantom Power films. They are making these productions on a shoestring budget raise by crowdfunding.

      More power to their elbow and I hope you and I can persuade those close to us who may not yet support Independence to have a wee look. Every little helps.

    69. Jim Wands says:

      We all seem to forget that even if Holyrood was done away with we revert to the old position of elect enough SNP mp’s and declare independence.

    70. Aikenheed says:

      Perhaps I was being too terse. The point I was trying to make is that if the SNP came to us with costed projects with clear objectives then perhaps response would be more enthusiastic.
      However perhaps you could reflect more before responding so you would sound less patronising?

    71. ben madigan says:

      @Robert Graham who mentioned “the BREW ”

      Old term Robert. Used in NI and Scotland,

      As far as I can make out it derives from “the Bureau” (French word for office)

      To get unemployment benefits, people went to the government office (the brew)

    72. Muscleguy says:

      I think you might be right, the silence of the British MSM over what is happening in Catalunya has the stench of an informal Section 8 arrangement ALL over it.

      The Indy broke ranks today with some breaking news, but it is pretty much alone. I think if Madrid sent planes and carpet bombed Barcelona the BBC would ignore it.

      What is happening is an increasing outrage and the EU, the Commission, the UN should be agitating and sending observers by the truckload.

    73. Kat hamilton says:

      Wonderful video….thank you George and alan, masterful stuff….Alan’s words that a no vote was giving away our rights, freedom, and power all coming to pass…forget jk and her faux sentiments of the scorned partner never being in such a powerful position to undo the wrongs..rubbish, get out of an abusive partnership and head off to safe territory, something scotland should have done first time round….now it’s working out how to get this message out to non web users, the elderly, the undecideds and the soft noes…lots of places to target…billboards, motorway flyovers, cinema ads, newspaper adverts, DVDs, nursing homes and day centres, bowling clubs…the over 60s are target audience that must be approached to gauge if there’s any shift to our cause….every little helps…

    74. Valerie says:

      @ Muscleguy

      Worse than msm ignoring Catalonia is Corbyn, an alleged Socialist, rumoured to speak fluent Spanish, staying silent.

      Please people, Corbyn is getting off Scot free, get it out there.

    75. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Valerie @ 18:03,

      Do you think, Val, that another alleged socialist, Sarwar Jr., might have a view? =grin=

    76. Petra says:

      @ Aikenheed at 4:24pm …….. “Patronising.”

      I’ve just reread my post and don’t think I came across as being patronising at all Aikenheed, just being factual. If you feel that way I apologies, as it wasn’t my intention.

      “If the SNP came to us.” Could you clarify “us” Aikenheed? Elaborate. If you mean Scots in general I don’t see how they could do that.

    77. Capella says:

      Just got round to the video. Great film, Alan Bisset on the ball as ever and I had never heard George Reid before but he was also spot on.
      But the star has to be Phantom Power Films and the great soundtrack. A collage of those 2014 posters, subsequent headlines, David Mundell and Theresa May, Ruth, Kezia and Willie, set to that music would be a powerful message in itself.

    78. yesindyref2 says:

      @Robert Peffers
      Yes, the info is there. I looked for it on snp,org, disappointed it wasn’t there. Haud on a wee minute, that wasn’t Sturgeon talking as the leader of the SNP, it’s as the FM of Scotland, head of the Scottish Govedrnment. Go to the SG website, – click on “news” tab, about 5th item down, and lo and behold, there’s a good detailed article about the amendments.

    79. ClanDonald says:

      What really stands out for me in that footage is what a devious, repulsive, nasty piece of work David Mundell is.


    80. Bradford Millar says:

      i firmly believe Indyref2 will be held between October 2018 and March 2019 when we see the outcome of the Brexit negotiations a bad Brexit deal will only make our margin bigger and by 2018/19 their will have been around 300k 16 & 17 year olds added to the electorate in Scotland as well as the 200K EU citizens we all know the most pro EU groups are the under 25s and EU citizens … i am at the stage where i couldn’t care less if the unionist decide to uproot and leave Scotland … these people will never consider themselves Scottish

    81. David Mooney says:

      O/T Woop de fuckin do the BBC News night program is finally reporting on the subversion of the Catalan independence referendum by the Spanish government.

    82. Scottish Steve says:

      I am genuinely afraid for the future of Scottish democracy in the UK. If we vote No again or don’t have another referendum, I think I will resent this country forever.

      If Scots don’t grab the bull by the horns and get the hell out of this Union, then they (the No voters at least) deserve all the sh!t Westminster throws at them. I’ll just be angry that the rest of us will be trapped with them.

    83. William Wallace says:

      @ Steve

      Hope over fear.

      Now is the time 😉

    84. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      David Mooney @ 22:44,

      “Woop de […] doo, BBC Newsnight is finally reporting on the gross subversion of democracy and civil rights by the Spanish government.”

      Sorted. =grin=

      It’s long gone past simple governmental opposition to a fairly reasonable assertion of the right of the people of Catalonia to decide whether they wish to be independent or not. It is now becoming neo-Francoist repression by a governmental party whose mandate is so weak it must rely on a confidence-and-supply arrangement in parliament.

      But this is the 21st century. What are they going to do, arrest everyone in Catalonia who disagrees with them?

    85. David P says:

      Bradford Millar @10.13pm

      I completely agree with you. Compared to September 2014, IndyRef2 just before “Brexit Day” is a totally different scenario. Back in 2014, it was possible for the British Nationalistas to paint Indy as “the risky option”. Sadly, they succeeded back then.

      Now, with Brexit looming, the boot is on the other foot. The risk is that if we stay in the UK, we will be worse off – perhaps by 10% of Scottish national income. Maybe more…

      The case for independence just has to demonstrate we will be at least as well off, with a more than reasonable chance of doing better than we do currently.

      For comparison, it is a known fact every ex-colony has increased in wealth when it stopped having to pay a “tribute” to its “imperial master”.

      India, Malta, Norway, Iceland, Singapore… I could go on…

    86. Graemeo Rab says:

      Defend Democracy. It is a Mantra and statement I seriously hope the SNP and Yes Groups are looking to use ,for it will be Democracy that will be attacked in Scotland by a Westminster Parliament.

    87. Cactus says:


      Yeah, would be great to find ways to further get it out to a wider audience. Did ye ever see them old-school drive-in movies they were playing in some of the car parks in Glasgow… (they had like a massive screen with a projector and I guess ye plug in to sound by using bluetooth or wireless or summin’ like that.)

      Ye know they used to have one situated to the side of a listed building in Glasgow, on the Edmiston Drive of Ibrox…

      Now showing… “The Power Grab”

      Tickets por favor!

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