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Making new friends

Posted on November 19, 2012 by

Wowsers. We’re really feeling the love today, readers. There’s currently – as there always is – a debate going on about those dreadful cybernats and how they’re solely responsible for all the horribleness on the internet. Here’s an extract from it.

For those of you joining us late, that’s one Scotsman writer, one Green Party PR person and two loonies ranged against us, “Ergasiophobe” being our much-missed former comment troll “Longshanker”. (And we’ve just noticed our old pal Kate Higgins sticking her oar in too. Just one missing for the full set.)

What with the constant threats of defamation action from people we haven’t defamed and the open stalking from people threatening to reveal mysterious “info” about us, we’re getting pretty intimidated now. We’ll almost definitely stop. (Mr McColm, in another tweet, says “i have learned enough to stop him”, which might save us the bother.) Or maybe, on the other hand, we won’t. Who can tell?

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75 to “Making new friends”

  1. Morag says:


  2. muttley79 says:

    Why are Kate Higgins, a member of the SNP, and James McKenzie, a Green and a Yes supporter, backing McColm? How can they trust this guy after seeing his tweets?

  3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    James and Kate really really hate this blog and myself, for reasons you’d have to ask them about. Clearly so much that they’re happy to team up with complete barking-mental howlers like McColm, Gemma Fox and Longshanker, if it means they can get at me. It’s bizarre. I must admit to once calling Kate an “idiot” months and months ago over something, but that’s about it for provocation (and she’d already called me a “misogynist” by then, a disgusting and baseless insult). Maybe they’re just jealous of the size of our readership. I really couldn’t begin to guess.

  4. McHaggis says:

    Is Mr McColm really threatening to investigate you and pull all aspects of your life into the public eye to hurt you, or encouraging others to do so?


    wow…. just WOW!¬†

  5. patronsaintofcats says:

    Oh ffs these people really need to get a life

  6. Incidentally, as @Gallacticos87 I should say I stuck my oar in and then, as both Fox and McColm have blocked me, I missed half this conversation. Thanks for the full script.
    The latter blocked me today for, of all things, gently suggesting he must be joking that the SNP should be responsible for comments made online by people who are pro-SNP. After a retweet and a tart reply, I found I couldn’t continue to call his assertion into question.
    How ironic that I remained in the man’s comments in this thread, then.

  7. mogabee says:

    Worry not Rev.they’re just jealous ‘coz we all like you better! LOL

  8. Bill C says:

    Rev – really sorry to go¬†o/t so early but I have just witnessed the best Newsnicht Scotland ever. Not only did the BBC admit that the McCrone Report had been buried (did not say for how long)¬†they actually interviewed the man himself. He said that it was right to keep his report confidential and that he did not think Scotland would be better off today, but that we could have built up an oil fund like Norway. Stewart Hosie and Ken Macintosh were interviewed. Stewart was very good and it was obvious from Macintosh’s face at the end that he knows that oil is going to be THE issue in the debate.¬† It was acknowledged by both sides¬†that oil will last at least another 40 years and the debate will be ¬†about what Scotland will be like in 40 years. Stewart argued strongly that we need to use the oil revenue to diversify and grow¬†the economy, Macintosh was left¬†using the old scare stories of currency BoE etc.¬† A defining moment!

  9. calum neigh says:

    do… have a look…..

    I’ve just spluttered coffee over my screen!

  10. macdoc says:

    Again a subtle bias from the bbc. First it mentioned time and time again Scotland’s spending differential per head to rest of UK implying that Scotland got the best deal out of anywhere within the the UK. Secondly ¬†it picked up that Scotland gets ¬£1200 greater spending per head, without mentioning that we contribute much more per head and are in a healthier position year on year in comparison to the UK.

    They then go over every negative about oil volatility, reliance etc uncertainty bla bla bla. Without once mentioning the savings that will be made by reducing such areas  of expenditure in Defense, international affairs etc and the incorrectly attributed expenditure treated as unidentiiable when in reality its basically English hidden. 


  11. Training Day says:

    @Bill C

    Bill, sorry to disagree but I thought Hosie’s performance was very, very¬†poor.¬† Why do the SNP refuse to state some obvious truths?

    – that this referendum is about making decisions for ourselves.¬† Simple as that.¬† So when the likes of the egregious McIntosh ask what will be the rate of Corporation Tax in an independent Scotland, or how we’ll ‘defend’ ourselves, or how much Lollipop men will be paid, the answer is simple… we’ll determine that ourselves, Westminster won’t.. and by the way, can McIntosh predict what the rate of corporation tax, payment for Lollipop men etc,¬†will be in the UK in the future?¬† No.
    – that McIntosh should pose the same question he asks of Hosie about the ‘volatility’ of oil to the Saudis, Azeris, Kuwaitis, and every other oil producer in the world.¬† I suspect he’d be given about 5 seconds at best in response.
    – Hosie started blethering about some ‘industrial something or other scheme’ that could be created to do something or other about finances.¬† It was the equivalent of saying we’d save thruppence ha’penny here and there on this and that, and was so forgettable that I, as a committed Yes voter (and SNP member), have already forgotten what it was.¬† Show some vision and courage and boldness, for God’s sake (my first point about the locus of decision making above).

    I’ve heard all the arguments about not frightening the horses, but really, this Arthur Putie-esque timidity from SNP spokesmen is really beginning to do my head in.¬†

    Rant over!¬†Oh, and as others have said today, we should have called these ‘journalists’ out long before now.¬† Glad you are getting under their skin, Stu.

  12. Bill C says:

    @macdoc – All true but the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Scotland is financially secure for at least the next 40 years if we vote for independence and that is not taking into account renewables, using oil revenues to grow the economy etc. Used properly, tonights Newsnight Scotland programme could be one of the defining moments of the referendum campaign.

  13. Bill C says:

    @Training Day Рno problem everyone is entitled to their opinion.  However, I am surprised that you thought Stewart was poor, I think he has a very good grasp of economics. I would agree that I  think that it is time for SNP politicians to be more agressive. I have it recorded and will have another look in the morning.  Might have been getting carried away with the fact that not only is the McCrone Report now on msm, but they actually interviewed the guy, I thought he was deid!

  14. velofello says:

    No Bill C, you weren’t paying enough attention. MacIntosh was not only concerned about the volatility of oil and gas prices, but that Scotland might only have a share of the oil and gas resource by population. And then he voiced his concern that the income from renewable energy sales would arise only if the SE of England are prepared to buy the generated power.And, just like “as a mother” Lamont, KMac is concerned for his kids and Stewart Hosie’s kids ¬†when the oil runs out in 40 years time, or was that 25 years?¬†
    Darling meantime cautions that an independent Scotland couldn’t spend all its annual income but would need to set aside funds for a rainy day. Just the the existing UK oil fund perhaps?¬†
    According to McCrone it is OK to hide the truth from a nation of its wealth if there is a governmental procedure in place. 
    Comes down to fiscal vs moral law I suppose.

  15. Morag says:

    BillC said:
    Might have been getting carried away with the fact that not only is the McCrone Report now on msm, but they actually interviewed the guy, I thought he was deid!

    I thought he was a unionist, actually, have thought that all along.

    I was ambivalent about the programme, and I thought Glenn was being his usual negative self.¬† But it wasn’t as bad as their usual offerings.

  16. Adrian B says:

    Been following this Zany comedy relief on twitter for hours tonite. It’s certainly been interesting trying to follow a few peoples logic.

    For me, the problem with twitter is that many who use it seem to do so as some sort of strange popularity comfort blanket – when their views are challenged they go into overdrive to heighten this disagreement to attack levels and tweet further ‘I have been attacked tweets’, which just attracts more of the same kind of people.

    If on good thing comes from Euan Mccolm’s tweeting tonight then I hope it blows open this vile cybernat bullying¬†nonsense and brings use to a point of real debate rather than the opinion pieces that¬†professional journalists trot out ad hock.

    If he is unable to discuss the merits of Scotland being in or out of the union, then how on earth does he expect to continue making a living in journalism in the modern age? 

    I will only read things that I am interested in reading – i don’t read McColm’s stuff because it is complete and utter rubbish and has no bearing on the mood within the country for real genuine change within Scotland.

    You cannot it seems demand to get real debate from people who are unable to elevate themselves above name calling. The press in this country is in a sorry state. We the Scottish people deserve better from our press. I hope that day comes soon and things start to improve Рbeen waiting a long time to date Рi hope some of them start to wake up soon.   



  17. Morag says:

    By the way, how do some of you guys get these cutesy avatars?¬† I can’t see any facility on the blog to create an avatar.

  18. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Just watched the Daily Politics show with Stewart Hosie and Alistair Darling. Dear oh dear Darling has let the cat cat out of the bag,AGAIN!

    Apparently, according to Darling, Scotland could go independent for around 50 years or so. So there we have it folks, independence is NOT irrevocable, despite Darling claiming exactly that at the opening of the Bitter together campaign.

    I missed newsnicht tonight but I thought Stewart dealt with Darling very well as well as dealing with the extremely rude Jo Coburn. There again I have never seen her interview anyone from the SNP in anything but a rude and interruptive manner, funny she failed to be as abrasive towards Darling.

  19. Adrian B says:

    By the way, how do some of you guys get these cutesy avatars?  I can’t see any facility on the blog to create an avatar. 

  20. Morag says:

    Ah, “sign up for an account”.¬† Nein, danke.

    Thanks anyway.

  21. AndrewFraeGovan says:

    @Adrian B
    “The press in this country is in a sorry state.”
    The problem is we don’t actually have a press. It’s virtually all foreign-owned.

  22. zedeeyen says:

    Before today I merely thought Euan McColm was profoundly wrong, but having read his twitter contributions today he’s clearly quite delusional. Is he always like this, or is he suffering some sort of mental breakdown?

    Amusingly I forwarded his feed to my dear old non-aligned mum who has just replied to say she’s cancelling her Scotsman sub first thing in the morning, something I’ve been trying to get her to do for years.

    So, thanks Euan! 

  23. Adrian B says:

    The press in this country is in a sorry state.‚ÄĚThe problem is we don‚Äôt actually have a press. It‚Äôs virtually all foreign-owned.

    The fact that you have to watch foreign news channels to get coverage of certain events also adds weight to your point. The point that I wished to make was that if these broadsheet titles (in particular) wished to cater for offering a quality news service in Scotland, then what is stopping them? It’s bad management, bad, lazy journalism and the fact that they cannot stop themselves from¬†disappearing¬†down the unionist plughole without being able to¬†rationally change course.

    All we Scots want from our news is good quality investigative reporting from our journalists instead we get stupid headlines, that bear no relation to the latter part of the story, no fact finding, fact checking or fact reporting. We are poorly served and that will not encourage us to buy their papers or read the articles online.

    More and more of us don’t get news from the TV or papers – we go online and search out the content that we are looking for. If we actually had quality press in this country I might actually buy that a few days a week. Online news is the future, but if you have a bad paper, then I would not read the online site of that paper – very bad business model

  24. Adrian B says:

    Completely OT story from SNP MSP Linda Fabiani

    Fabiani highlights Labours £1 Billion lie 

  25. Morag says:

    Fantastic article from Fabiani!

  26. Angus McLellan says:

    @Adrian B: Peter Curran said on Twitter that he didn’t understand Linda Fabiani’s ¬£500 million pre-election bribe line and I have to agree with him. It’s all good to criticise McConnell et al for presiding over a giant PFI splurge while handing money back to the treasury. And that’s a line that needs to be repeated loud and long. But I can’t see how it’s right to slate them for spending money, Maybe there’s a subtext here I’m missing. Or not. You tell me.

    And it isn’t all bad news on the journalistic front. Leasky’s doing a decent job in the Herald with his “as others see us” stuff.

    In other OT news, Scotland is the violent crime capital of Europe. Not the murder capital, not the crime capital, just violent crime, however that’s defined (and the chances are that it isn’t defined in a way that makes it easy to compare across Europe). Unfortunately the Inspector of Constabulary’s report that tells us so doesn’t include much in the way of stats, so we don’t get to find out who’s second and how secure our lead is or isn’t.

  27. dadsarmy says:

    Many years ago when I used to post on a couple of UseNet alt.*.* groups, with my name and “obligatory” 4 line sig with sig separator (“– “) plus genuine email address, and having shown my prowess at various matters including unearthing some revealing information about spammers (genuine spammers by the way, or should I say UCE merchants), I got one email offering me a job with a rather well known US detective agency, and another email wanting to meet me in a deserted aircraft hangar with some top secret information.

    After that I posted anonymously with an anonymised email addy.

  28. dadsarmy says:

    @Angus – from my recent reading Dinwoodie seems to be OK, and to be honest I find Gardham OK as well.

    As for Fabiani I’ve been impressed by her, and this increases that respect. I can see what she means by the ¬£500 million bribe (well, actually ¬£557 million), as after spending very little on capital projects in the first 7 years, from the figures the Labour / LibDem administration spend or committed to spend, a sudden splurge of ¬£557 million in time for the 2007 election. Of course. that could have been just coincidence.

    However, by the same token of those figures, claims that Labour handed back ¬£1.5 billion to the Treasury are also wrong; the figure left in after their last budget year was ¬£670 million, and this wasn’t handed back, it was indeed stored for a rainy day, similar to what the SNP want to do with an oil fund. That’s if I’ve got the years and responsibilities correct.

    Figures don’t lie in themselves, only politicians, journalists, media, errr, economists at times, and¬† loads of other people as well.

    I have to say I don’t really understand Resoource vs Capital, I’ll check it out – sometime.

  29. dadsarmy says:

    Hmmm, Resource looks like a separate thing, so I’m guessing a positive balance was just prudent housekeeping and keeping money by for contingency – a large amount, but also I think, not giving it back to the Treasury. Whereas I guess Labour could ahve used that for an even bigger pre-election “bribe”.

    So there we all are, as clear as mud and as happy as pigs in it.

  30. Adrian B says:


    From HM Revenue & customs:

    Resource budget Рresource budgets relate to spending on items that are consumed in the process of providing public services,  i.e. recurring spending.This includes wages and salaries, benefits, and purchasing goods and services.
    Capital budget Рthis is expenditure on fixed capital assets, capital grants and the acquisition of certain financial assets.  Capital budgets are set net of the value of receipts from the sale of capital assets.

    These resource and capital budgets are then sub-divided as follows:

    Departmental Expenditure Limit – for part of their resource and capital budgets, departments are given firm three year spending limits called Departmental Expenditure Limits (DELs) within which they prioritise resources and plan ahead.

    Of which: administration budget – administration budgets are set for most civil service departments. These budgets help to drive economy and efficiency in the running of government itself.Around 60% of administration costs are accounted for by civil service pay. A further 35% is accounted for by procurement of goods and services (e.g. accommodation, equipment, travel).

    Annually Managed Expenditure – spending that cannot reasonably be subject to firm multi-year limits is included in Annually Managed Expenditure (AME).¬†The main elements of departmental AME are social security, tax credits and net public service pensions.”

    Capital budget spending builds infrastructure projects such as roads (M74, A80 etc), hospitals and schools (PFI anyone?)

  31. dadsarmy says:

    Finally got around to watching Scotland Tonight, and the subject was IFS and oil. But Ken Macintosh challenged the geographical split as though it’s something Hosie should be negotiating with the UK government, and in the same sentence mentioned Sterling, the EU and bank of last resort. There are three things here:

    1). The STV guy (same as BBC) really need to keep people on topic.
    2). I have to say my opinion of Ken Macintosh is getting lower, this is desperate stuff.
    3). If that’s the best the Better Together can do, I think they really are getting desperate.

    And here’s why. The IFS report really does take the wind out of their sails, it takes away any chance they can say that Scotland will not be better off at least short term, with Independence. That’s why Ken Macintosh tried to change the subject.

    It seems the IFS will be doing more reports, and since I’ve seen others pointing out shortcomings or wrong assumptions in the report, I’d guess more in depth reports would modify the “slighly better off” to something more upwards.

  32. douglas clark says:

    I’ll try again to post this. For some reason, conspiracy! conspiracy! It did not take the first time.
    We have admired the work that you do here Stu. It seems to us that in the somewhat foetid atmosphere of ‘independence’ sites, you, almost alone, keep a very light regulatory touch.
    It seems to me that bad people are now going to go through everything you ever did in the past to attempt to destroy your credibility. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I think I am right is saying I have always posted under the user name ‘douglas clark’ and if anyone cares to look, I have said things I now regret. It is in the nature of being human. Anyone interested can look it up.
    It is always interesting to see just how far you can push the person you are debating with from complete insanity to lunacy. I recall doing that with the legal secretary to the BNP on one occasion. I do not recall asking for him to lose his job.
    Mr McColm however has taken the cut and thrust of internet debate to a whole new level. He has tried to get someone sacked for holding an opinion.
    It is as if he has invoked the shade of Senator McCarthy, or the Salem Witch Trials as a means to an end. This is neither acceptable nor right. He has, frankly, gone too far. It is as if we were back in 1950’s America where the right of free speech is dependent on your employers, or worse, Mr McColms’ opinion.
    Mr McColm should be sitting on a knife edge right now. The biter ought to be bit. These are completely unacceptable tactics from anyone.
    This is a journalist using his ‘position’ in a way that is designed to retrench his position as the arbiter of opinion.
    Frankly, most of them have lost any credibility they used to have. For the democratisation of ‘opinion’ has led to them ‚Äď with honourable exceptions ‚Äď being seen for the arrant egoists they have always been. I recall, from a long long time ago a journalist on the Glasgow Herald who could turn a very pretty phrase, losing his job over an ill considered piece of creationism. In those days it was the letter column that got him.
    In short, dear reader, your opinion is worth as much as any paid journalist. They have the dead tree press. You have Wings over Scotland.

  33. James T says:

    Rev / Everyone,

    I would just move on, and just stop blethering and posting about these other folk.

    The less we tak about them, the more we can focus on¬†UK and Scottish politics, History, Football, or whatever we fancy that day…¬†¬†¬†

  34. Juteman says:

    DLTBGYD Stu.
    You must be doing something right.

  35. Seasick Dave says:

    Why the hell you do bother with such people?

    Twitter is for tw*ts.

  36. Appleby says:

    This is how you know you are doing the right thing and well. They are scrabbling and hooting like howler monkeys in shock.

  37. Appleby says:

    It certainly shows how biased and hate-filled Euan must be if he’s making such threats and accusations. Look how they all jump into bed with each other to bash the SNP and blame them for anything from a comment on the internet to the weather. The absurd regular “SNP/Alex Accused…” headlines make a lot more sense when you see the kind of people involved in making them.

  38. patronsaintofcats says:

    Ghandi had it right – accordingly, next we win!

  39. patronsaintofcats says:

    Also, some journalist. Something called ‘The Google’ could have enlightened him about the good Rev. ¬†That, or clicking ‘About’ on this here blog thingy.¬†

  40. Juteman says:

    I think a journalist who has behaved like this has put himself in an untenable position. How can he interwiew objectively the very people he shown such disdain for?
    Surely he has lost all credability. 

  41. Boorach says:

    Those the gods wish to destroy………

    As our esteemed Mr McColm has himself never, ever erred nor veered from the straight and narrow he is undoubtedly the one chosen to straighten those of us so perverse as to believe we have some sort of right to self-determination and guide us from the wasteland of self-delusion!

    We’re I you Rev I would be, even now, preparing my statement in readiness for his phone call asking for your comments. Just make sure that you laud AS and the YES campaign to the fullest.

    Sorry, forgot Mr McColm doesn’t need your quote…… As with all things political in Scotland he will simply make it up as he goes along!

  42. scottish_skier says:

    O/T, but Ed shuffling further to the right by invoking thatcher comparisons in terms of his leadership.

    Miliband makes comparisons to Thatcher

    Ed Miliband has compared his bid to become the next Prime Minister with that of Margaret Thatcher’s time as leader of the opposition.

  43. G H Graham says:

    McColm claims on Linkedin that he is a “Independent Newspapers Professional”.

    Well that’s very misleading.¬†¬†

    I wonder if¬†‘The Scotsman’¬†knows he disingenuously¬†exaggerated on¬†his resume¬†by claiming that he was¬†a¬†“professional”.

    Someone in HR at Johnson Press deserves to be told.

  44. Galen10 says:

    It is interesting that McColm seems to have a hard core of fan boys on twitter who are bending over backwards to defend him (although interestingly they never actually engage in any meaningful debate about whether McColm’s actions are defensible or not….!) with reference to the fact that he’s been the subject of intolerable abuse, that anyone who disagrees is a swivel eyed cybernat etc.

    I just don’t get it; the only evidence I have to go on is what has been posted on here, and the twitter exchanges I’ve had on the topic yesterday and this morning. McColm seems very keen to block people, as he’s done it to me and a few others for no good reason I can discern other than disagreeing with him – this would tend to support the view that he is thin skinned, yet his supporters keep diverting attention away from his pretty unpalateable actions with reference to these claims that he’s the victim, without any actual evidence to back it up, much like the frankly rather “woo woo” claims highlighted in the twitter exchanges in the OP above.

  45. R Louis says:

    These so called ‘journalists’ in Scotland have been shown up for what they really are. ¬†In any other part of the world, including London, they would be ridiculed for their output.

    It is to its credit, that this site regularly exposes the bare faced lies in our so-called ‘newspapers’ in Scotland. ¬†The Herald and laughingly titled ‘Scotsman’, are mere parodies of pre-pubescent tittle tattle, further exemplified by the ‘I’m going to sue you’ and ‘I’ll destroy you’ comments on twitter we keep seeing. ¬†This is infantile playground stuff. ¬†My dad’s bigger than yours, my dad does karate,…and so on. ¬†Truly peurile.

    It has to be said that often it is the case, that in many industries, people are promoted beyond their abilities. ¬†Such a phenomenon seems endemic within Scottish so – called ‘newspapers’.

    However, the way to defeat such foolishness, is NOT to be drawn into their nonsense. ¬†I frankly couldn’t give a flying bleep what people say on twitter – it is the discussion medium of fools, and the illiterate.

    So, in all of this, let’s remember, the fight for Scotland’s right to self determination has hardly even started, it will get a lot dirtier. ¬†Our weapon is facts and rational heads, but not twitter. ¬†Let these people rant, it makes no difference, they only look even more foolish with each passing day. ¬†Our focus needs to be FACTS and our positive vision for a Scotland unshackled from the corrupted Westminster cesspit in London.

    Expose unionist liars for what they are, with FACTS.

    Let’s expose the truth, and the lies, but never get down to the level of our opponents. ¬†Never forget the famous saying;

    ‘Never wrestle with a pig, you will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it’.

    Let’s not let these unionist clowns drag us down with them.¬†

  46. G. Campbell says:

    Erik Geddes @erikgeddes
    Cybernat chat peddled out in isolation is tedious. Turns bright minds away and fuels the fire of the hard of thinking within unionist camp.

    euan mccolm @euanmccolm
    @erikgeddesalso fuels the fire of smart, non-alingned victims, erik. these scum are YOUR party’s problem and you know it.

    Erik Geddes @erikgeddes
    @euanmccolm can we bring this debate to the reality of these people being of all parties and none? Non-tribal approach required.

    euan mccolm @euanmccolm
    @erikgeddes you can try to spin that, but try someone dumber than me.

    Don’t do it, Erik. Money is tight at the moment, and you’ll only end up with a barrage of “Labour fury after Scottish Government spends millions in vain attempt to find someone dumber than Euan McColm” headlines in a few months’ time.

  47. Kenny Campbell says:

    ‚ÄúLabour fury after Scottish Government spends millions in vain attempt to find someone dumber than Euan McColm‚ÄĚ headlines in a few months‚Äô time.
    lol, superb

  48. Boorach says:

    Bye the bye, forgot to mention that FFI request this morning elicited the information that both copies of the much esteemed M McColm’s news sheet received yesterday by our local shop were duly returned to the wholesaler this morning!

    Hopefully Mr McColm has some sort of conscience about this disgusting waste of  wood and fuel and will lobby his employers to close the rag forthwith.

    ¬†The good folk of Morningside will, I’m afraid, just have to resort to firelighters like the rest of us with the consolation that the firelighter box gives a much more accurate representation of Scottish politics than their previous source!

  49. Derick says:

    Impressive collection of loonies there it has to be said. You should start making notches on the bedpost.  And then there is Ed

  50. John Lyons says:


    I can’t help feeling that if you were the Celtic Manager they’d all be in the jail by now. Have you considered taking this to the police?

  51. G. Campbell says:

    Cybernats hide among the civilian population and Euan McColm has a right to defend himself.

    But seriously. As long as no one mentions The News of the World, I think we’ll be okay. Oh christ.

  52. Betsy says:

    I really hope that Gemma’s hilarious lego army will play a key role in whatever hell it is the intend to unleash. As an aside I really think Mr McColm would benefit from taking up something involving deep breathing in his spare time.¬†

  53. Juteman says:

    @Betsy. Glue sniffing?

  54. Betsy says:

    Well I was thinking more along the lines of yoga but hey getting high might cheer him up a bit. 

  55. Erchie says:

    I demand that Nick Clegg do something about the notorious CyberLibDems such as Stuart Campbell!
    That he is allowed to post, occasionally contradicting people with facts and evidence, is an abhorrent form of bullying.
    At times he even uses wit! The unprincipled swine.
    If Nick Clegg does not stop this man, then we know where we stand!

  56. muttley79 says:

    This idea that journalists should go to people’s employers, presumably to get them sacked, is worrying.¬† Neither side of the debate should be involved in this kind of thing.¬† Yes, it will get heated at times, yesterday being an example, but it should be just that, a debate.

  57. Davy says:

    Weel Rev, I have¬†enjoyed reading these last three articles, and honestly I dont think your are going to loose any sleep¬†over “euan¬†mccolm” and his band of idle threat numptys.¬† If they are so upset why dont they come onto the site and defend their position ? or would that be a bittie to difficult to do.

  58. Galen10 says:


    Quite agree; what I find hard to accept is both the lack of any kind of shame, never mind apology, for that incident in particular which just seems so totally unacceptable to me that it beggars belief anyone should try and defend him. He does apparently have a coterie of defenders supporting him, or at least giving him the benefit of the doubt on the basis of some apparent bad treatment he’d received, but of which they (or indeed he) will not provide any evidence.¬†

    All he had to do with respect to being included on the list of “those not open to reason” was politely ask to be removed, or better yet have a sense of humour and laugh it off…. to contact a person’s employer in an attempt to make trouble in simply beyond the pale!

  59. Munguin says:

    I know who my money is on!!

  60. tartanfever says:

    I just don’t get the twitter thing – no in-depth, far reaching useful debate was ever conducted in 140 characters or less, it’s a waste of time and a platform for people to shout at each other.

    The vast majority of the population would look at these ‘tweets’ and laugh (if they could be bothered to) ¬†– and rightly accuse the authors of being childish. I’d happily change my opinion when some twitterer has 4 million followers, all based in Scotland and with a vote in the referendum, but until then, some bampot with 500 followers is going to make hee-haw difference.


  61. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Would I be stretching things too far if I called him Lord Haw Haw 2012 I wonder?
    Sorry Stu if you find this is the case and please delete this post if you feel so inclined.

  62. dadsarmy says:

    Mmm, as soon as opinion polls start showing Independence in front, I think we’ll find the Euan McColm will be supporting it, and claiming he has all along.

    Just a thought ūüėČ

  63. Holebender says:

    Arby… Lord Hee Haw mair like.

  64. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Would I be stretching things too far if I called him Lord Haw Haw 2012 I wonder?”

    Probably, yes, because it allows Unionists to bitch about being compared to Nazis. Let’s not give them ammunition for lazy smears if we can help it, eh? From Mr McColm’s bizarre tantrum/breakdown yesterday, we know they’re reading the comments as well as the posts.

  65. pmcrek says:

    Mr McColm’s second last tweet sounds like something a Scientologist would say xD

  66. MajorBloodnok says:

    Well I heard that Mr McColm is really an awfully nice chap, with demonstrable democratic and humane impulses, who rarely cheats at cribbage and is a past master of the twitter haiku.

    There, I hope that redresses the balance.

  67. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

    @Major Bloodnok

    “Twitter Haiku”

    Is that 5 tweets followed by 7 tweets and then another 5 tweets???

    If so the Rev seems to be quite the poet also…

  68. G H Graham says:

    I’m not sure Twitter is that shallow, peurile & pointless …

    It is rather useful for receiving news from nepotic grovellers & sycophantic friends, intimate details about which brand of hemorrhoid cream they choose to take on holiday.

    And some users spontaneously elect to reveal which venereal disease they avoided last Friday by drinking clinically toxic quantities of alcohol at the pub.

    That irritable, part time correspondants of ‘The Scotsman’ should also use it¬†comes as no surprise then.¬†¬†¬†

  69. Keep colm, keep colm! says:

    I get the distinct impression that if I were to play a game of Ludo with Mr. McColm (the son of the pigeon) and beat him, he would fly into a tantrum, throw away the die (dice is plural, but being a reporter for the Scotsman he may not be up to that standard of English) and upset the board.
    Or if he didn’t fancy flying into a tantrum, perhaps a Doocot instead.

  70. NorthBrit says:

    RevStu persists in providing direct links to people’s websites so that the uninitiated can form a view based on the evidence.

    When is he going to pack this in, grow up, and start making lego models of his favourite soldiers, possibly while calling people he doesn’t agree with “wankers”, like properly impartial commentators?


  71. MajorBloodnok says:


    OMG, that’s almost as heinous as cheating at cribbage.

  72. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry for overstepping the mark Stu.
    Wrist has been well and truly slapped! ūüôĀ

  73. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Really more of a gentle request than an admonishment. ūüėÄ It wasn’t an outrageous line, but as a rule I think we really should try to avoid name-calling in general. It doesn’t do us any favours.

  74. Appleby says:

    Euan and co. have scattered toys far and wide around their prams. A dreadful display. Especially when he resorted to threats.
    This man pretends he is a professional and impartial? Oh dear. Same goes for the others jumping in to join in with the same tantrum.

  75. Malcolm says:

    This just shows you are getting under the skin of those with a pro-union agenda. As recent experience shows, trying to gain the upper hand with mindless bitter personal attacks just don’t work with the Scottish people.

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