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Jackie Baillie’s pseudonym discovered

Posted on October 09, 2013 by

It’s funny what people think when they only read the Daily Express.


(Click image for source.)

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    77 to “Jackie Baillie’s pseudonym discovered”

    1. JLT says:

      I’ve seen this nonsense before, and it’s all over the internet. Nothing surprises me when it comes to sites like that.
      I sure hope there is a day when these type of folk get a shock when the truth does land in their lap, and they realise that they have been lied too by the state that they believe is all-so-righteous!
      As on the previous post with old-Ruthie Davidson; eventually someone, somewhere down south is going to ask questions as to why subsidy-junkie Scotland should be kept in the UK state. I’m dying to see how the Tories, Labour, et al answer it.

    2. HandandShrimp says:

      Mental feelings? Mental comment more like. One wonders if these are genuine or just some troll having a laugh….on balance I hope it is the latter.

    3. Angus McLellan says:

      As well as being partly in super-secret code, this post may contain some things which are not remotely true. That’ll make it pretty much like anything said by Jackie Baillie then, no?

    4. john grant says:

      Dragging there heels over the a 9, a certain tram system put the a9 on the backburner , oh well 

    5. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Someone somewhere is exceeding pissed off!
      Methinks there is a rather bitter and twisted sad old individual sitting in a candle lit bed sit somewhere crying into their empty bottle of Buckfast here. Apparently it is quite all right for Westminster to spend money on gay rights but NOT OK for Holyrood, hmm I wonder why?
      I wonder if this “individual” has ever watched, or even listened to FMQ’s, or any business from Holyrood. If they had I’m certain they would be aware that the Scottish Government wanted to upgrade the A9 in 2007 when they came to power. As we all know certain “comedians” contrived to ensure the SNP were defeated on this issue by forcing through the bill for the fiasco that became the Edinburgh Trams comedy show!
      As Alex Salmond makes this “joker” sick to his back teeth then I’m guessing so does the majority of the people of Scotland!

    6. ianbrotherhood says:

      Nah, no way is that wur ain Jelly Baby – the silhouette’s all wrong.

    7. Mosstrooper says:

      What an evil dictator he is. Making life better for the people of Scotland, attracting investment publicising Scotland’s name around the world, saving jobs and all just because he was elected by a majority of votes. Is there nothing this man wont do to better the life of his country. AND he is doing it DELIBERATELY.

    8. Gray says:

      YAHOO Malaysia? .. wtf

    9. Adrian B says:

      YAHOO Malaysia? .. wtf
      Thats what I thought, but the question was originally asked on Yahoo Answers United Kingdom (It clearly states this at the bottom of the page)

      I rather wonder which women are being denied which Cancer drugs? Certainly no one in the Government makes decisions on which drugs the Scottish health Service uses – the same is true in other parts of the UK and the wider world.

      Only a small amount is spent on Gaelic, but we have seen this used elsewhere too.

      What is the problem with spending money on Gay rights? Should the budget be larger?
      The A9 – bizarrely, if the Edinburgh ‘unionist parties’ trams sham had not been forced to happen by the ConLabLib pact, then the A9 would have been well under way.
      The Edinburgh trams will not do anything better or more cost effective than the existing buses do.

      Potholes – they are everywhere, they are a problem and although it is down to local councils to repair, we know that budgets are tight everywhere. If only we had more money…….. 

    10. Angus McLellan says:

      @Gray: If you look at the bottom of the question box you’ll see the new flag of Stirling Council and a note telling you that the question was originally asked on Yahoo Answers United Kingdom. Anyway, a Malaysian would have writed betterer English.

    11. msean says:

      We have positive fm who stands up for Scotlands’ interests,telling Scots that they ARE good enough.What is wrong with that?

    12. Gray says:

      @Angus: “Anyway, a Malaysian would have writed betterer English.”
      LOL, aye yer probably richt there, onyweys it’s no officially the new flag till the morra nicht. I’ve been humming and hawing aboot pitting in an appearance at Viewforth as that wan his really incensed me.

    13. callum says:

      O/T – just drove past Stirling Council and the old Saltire derived flag is still flying on the flagpole.  I read the rest of the discussion and agree that letting them put the union flag up is a much more concrete statement that will help galvanise support for YES.  However, thanks for the sources of flags – will be buying up large stocks “just in case” 🙂  [X]

    14. crisiscult says:

      When talking to a Yes activist recently – lovely, polite lady – I put forth the theory that when some people say they hate Alex, slimey, untrustworthy, Salmond and yet seem to turn a blind eye to the failings of Cameron and his predecessors (in particular Tony, kill one man you’re a murderer, kill millions you’re a conqueror, Blair), this is something called the lure of ambiguity; she nodded at the point and then responded with her own theory – that Scots shouldn’t get above their station and when they do, it’s a minor outrage to all around but even worse, it lands shame and embarrassment on their family i.e. other Scots.

    15. jim mitchell says:

      Methinks there is a rather bitter and twisted sad old individual sitting in a candle lit bed sit somewhere crying into their empty bottle of Buckfast here. Apparently it is quite all right for Westminster to spend money on gay rights but NOT OK for Holyrood, hmm I wonder why?

      So it is Jackie Baillie.

    16. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Mental feelings?
      Amok, a state of murderous frenzy, originally observed among Malays…

    17. Castle Rock says:

      When I first read it I thought it was that bampot Grahamski or whacko OBE who had got lost on the way to the Scotsman\Herald site after having a few too many sherbets.

    18. Adrian B says:

      This one is actually worse…..


    19. Adrian B says:

      Can’t edit – try this:;_ylt=AmPRj0JmXVGVLRqtSWswckK4QAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20131009125726AAP6yac

    20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      That one is actually broken.

    21. Adrian B says:

      That one is actually broken.
      I know – but I don’t seem to be able to fix it either – any chance you might be able to tidy things up. The first link is not correct either and the second (same end destination) is broken.

    22. Hetty says:

      An interesting day for many reasons, but most of all as I eventually went outside to the shops and behold, could not miss one of those news stands saying that taxpayers will be paying for Prestwick airport, or something like that.
      Then, I gravitated toward the ‘news’ stand in the local mini market ie big name shoppe, and..had to buy the er..’Morning Star’ with the front page re the profitable and actual stable functioning of the East Coast Trains service, and how it’s being undermined as a result…nationalisation bad, private greedy not so safe or profitable good…
      topsy turvy or what!!

    23. LisaRob says:

      As an ex unionist Labour supporter  and helper I know Labour folk encourage their supporters to go stir crap like this. One councillor wrote an email that bashed SNP then asked us to change it a wee bit to read as if it was ours then send the letters of to local paper. Then at hustings we would go having been coaxed as to what things to heckle with or bring up. when I read my local paper I see it still happens.

    24. Doug Daniel says:

      Salmond’s only supporting Gay Rights for his own Personal gain?
      Someone better tell Moira Salmond…

    25. Hetty says:

      Oops I should have said ‘private’ profit ‘good’.

      Why on earth would Alex Salmond FM, want to deny anyone the best health care equivalent to their actual life saving + needs?  Why would he deny the Scottish population a decent standard of living? So many negatives about A Salmond’s supposed intentions, the accusations are simply beyond reason and do not stand up and bare no relation at all to the intentions or to the level headed, balanced and future planning for a better, fairer more equal and equitable country, which will function for the good of all, and not just a few rich boys and girls playing with their toys like they always did.

      My new answer to doubts by doubters is, why is the uk so keen to keep us if we are so uselesss and a load of sponging scroungers? It gets people thinking at least.

    26. call me dave says:

      Stirling council ‘flag’ story now up on BBC.

    27. G H Graham says:

      Jackie Baillie says … “Aye, Salmin is geein munnae tae poofs & teuchters when thurs wanes in Glesga waantin a I-phone”.

    28. Bubbles says:

      @ Call Me Dave
      Thanks for the link. I’ll just pop over there and leave a comment. Oh….

    29. Patrick Roden says:

      This guy clearly hasn’t saw the pot-holes in the roads down in England!
      Stirling Flag Story now in the Herald. Looks like this incident has got wings. 🙂

    30. john king says:

      call me dave
      “Stirling council ‘flag’ story now up on BBC.”
      And so the obvious outcome unveils itself, 
      Stirling Council
      we’ve come up with a jolly wheeze
      well lets hear it then?
      well were going to chuck those nasty natz a chance at an open goal by putting up a the butchers apron eh I mean the union flag over the council offices
      “gasp you cant be serious?”
      “that would be sacrilege
      the union flag flying above statues of The Bruce and William Wallace?”
      “oh wait we see now,”
      “you’ll announce that in a provocative manner and of course we’ll ignore that bit and move in with” 
      “A motion to be debated by the council “deplores the tone” of some of the independence debate and says the union flag should be flown to back the UK.”
      to make it look to the hard of thinking its the swivel eyed natz who are lowering the tone?
      then we’ll go with
      “The proposal has already been condemned by some nationalists.”
      to make it look like the natz have got a gestapo who are checking 24/7 for unionist cells growing in their midst?
      yea this has got mileage keep going,
      Stirling cooncil
      then you go wi somethin that maks it look perfectly normal like
      “While other councils fly union flags, any move to start flying one ahead of the referendum could be controversial.”
      so the natz look again like their overreacting,
      then we could go with 
      “A motion to be debated later would see both the union flag and the modified Saltire flown.”
      so as to make you look all reasonable like?
      Stirling cooncil
      Oh we dinne ken aboot that, the whole point was to get the union flag up their and quietly burn that bloody cross,
      wait a minute what happened to your plummy English accent
      with the jolly wheezes and so on now your talking like common people
      Stirling cooncil
      oh that wiz a Tory Councillor
      so who are you?
      Stirling cooncil
      we’re the labour wans 
      you and the Tories are in cahoots?
      aye and the best laugh is the bloody SNP have the maist cooncellors and we beat them  for control oh the cooncil by twa votes by joining forces wi the tories,
      see what we mean about a jolly wheeze
      oh its the tory councellor again 
      Stirling council
      why yes how on arth did you bally well guess?
       never mind that lets get back to the plot
       er I mean ways to show those nat loons up for what they really are
      Stirling council
      then you could move in for the kill with
      “”Council believes that Stirling’s and Scotland’s interests are best served within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ”
      It adds: “Council notes the tone of some of the debate, especially with regards to symbols that the men and women of Stirling have fought and died under for 300 years.
      “Council deplores this debasing of our symbols.”
      don’t you think comments about debasing symbols would be a bit transparent when you want to fly the butchers apron eh I mean the union flag over two of Scotland’s greatest heroes who fought and died for Scotland long before their was a union?
      Stirling cooncil 
      ir you effin serious?
      they wans in the Raploch ir too stupit tae mak that connection!
      Oh I say wasn’t that where you came from?
      shut yer face ya tory bastirt.
      dont forget my man its tory votes that got this little coalition into power,
      without us the SNP  lot would be in power and where would you be?
      thats right nowhere so shut it you oik
      oh god those lot are going be at it all day,
      lets get back to civilization,
      I don’t know how much longer I can wear this breathing apparatus,
      now who can we get to lead with this?
      I know what about that weird little Jamie Mcivor?
      what him with the shit eating grin?
      yea him 
      wheres he from I just don’t get that strange accent of his?
      I dunno,
      somewhere where men are men and the sheep all wear worried expressions
      har har har.

    31. JLT says:

      John King,
      Hi mate. To be honest, I’m surprised that BBC Scotland actually posted a story on it! This is good news, because if folk in Stirling didn’t know about this, then they soon will!
      This could now swing either way. If the folk of Stirling growl, then these Councillors may end up bottling it and leave the Saltire in its place.
      Interesting to see what happens next!

    32. john king says:

      Hi JLT 
      In fact I really do hope they do it, it will show what a shallow lot they really are, because if they back down they can make it appear that nat bullying forced them to 

    33. ianbrotherhood says:

      Darling on GMS right now. 
      Untranscribable hogwash.
      Sounds like he’s speaking in Morse-code.
      Is he turning into an insect?

    34. Famous15 says:

      The Stirling Labour councillor on GmS says they are only doing what Alex Salmond has done at the Holyrood Parliament. I thought the corporate body at the Parliament decided these matters and not AS. The labour councillor squeezed in .”separate” a dozen times as he fronted this Tory policy

    35. Macart says:

      OFFS, I haven’t got the strength for yet another halfwit and Salmond bashing. Their argument basically always boils down to he’s evil just because he is. Which is short form for he’s evil because he’s not on my team and I’ve been brainwashed. Or he’s evil because I have neither the wit nor intelligence to work out for myself what constitutes an act of evil intent.
      Feckwits like these are perfectly happy with a government which criminalises the poor, rips them off to the tune of millions in expenses or turns their parliament into a cheap betting shop where questions or privilege can be bought and sold. A parliament which takes their country to illegal war on lies and are happily prepared to allow their representatives to insult and spread fear and doubt amongst their own neighbours for political and monetary gain. Arguing the point by point toss with these robots is a waste of oxygen.
      Where’s my coffee?

    36. desimond says:

      Everyday aorund 9:00am, a group of people cower intimidation, they know theres only a few minutes before the door flies open, an angry face pokes round it and a booming voice cries out “WELL? Have you found anything we can use against HIM yet?”

    37. Training Day says:


      Salmond should debate with Darling. Even under the most pat-a-cake questioning from the wretched Gary Robertson Darling was struggling to control the shrillness and hysteria in his tone. Darling has been showing signs for a good few weeks now that he is under stress. I take that as a very, very good sign.

      Salmond would destroy him in an open, live debate.

    38. ianbrotherhood says:

      @Training Day-
      Aye. Darling’s all over the place.
      Imagine Darling as a spider – what kind of web would he make? Check this out:

    39. Eddie says:

      Darling talking about an oil fund as if it’s a stone around our necks.  Another has-been (not that he has ever been someone of substance, in my opinion) clutching at straws and frightened of losing his seat if we go independent.

    40. Dal Riata says:

      Hmmm, the Express, eh…
      I recently came across an Express from April 29, 2013. In their ‘Hickey’ column I came across this:
      “I received a visit from Mr Blair “Bonkers” Jenkins, leader of SNP’s separatist shock troops, Yes Scotland. Bonkers gives me a list of all Sco’land’s assets, oil, gas, tourism, its universities, wind turbines, etc.
      Frankly, I could have done without his visit last Thursday as I was fixing the Home Farm tractor’s carburetor, so I shouted above the racket:”You’ve forgotten a couple.”
      He replies:”Eh?”
      So I tell him: “Mud, bigotry, sleet, Neds and a sharp jab up the Jacksie unless you move out of the way!”
      The horrors of UK’s right-wing mainstream media in all its ‘glory’.

    41. Edward says:

      Listened to GMS this morning, first up we had the Stirling flag story. Cllr Gibson came across as a complete idiot, repeating ad nauseum that Alex Salmond is happy to fly the union flag over parliament (which of course isn’t down to Alex Salmond or the SNP, but the parliaments own corporate body) as well as getting in as many ‘separations / separates’ as he could (perhaps he was thinking about his laundry?). A point of clarity here. There are 2 flags currently flying. The council flag over the building, which is based on the saltire having a lion rampant in the middle and a star in three of its quarters.
      Plus the council fly the Saltire flag of Scotland on the flagpole that over looks Viewforth
      According to Cllr Gibson it is the Saltire on the flagpole that looks over viewforth that they plan to replace with the union flag. He maintained that the council flag will remain in place, but tried to justify it by stating it was the saltire

    42. Luigi says:

      I think the BBC had no choice but to cover this (belatedly).  This type of story tends to travel fast – with or without any help from the MSM.  BBC behind the curve as usual – they waste so much time trying to put a unionist slant on everything.  Personally, I see no problem for the YES campaign, the union flag flying high and proud over Stirling will indeed offend many, but it will persuade absolutely noone to vote NO next year.  If it provides a little comfort for a few blue and red tories, so be it – who would deny a condemned person a last supper?

    43. Spout says:

      Talking of Cranks Rev:
      Union Love Train
      Worth a wee article or at least inclusion in Zany Comedy Relief…?
      “It is every bit as primordial and ethno-cultural as all nationalism inherently must be.
      Salmon is also saying a Scot can’t really represent an English constituency, and especially not one in east or north London say, or Southall or Wales for example, without knowing Cockney, Yiddish, Hindi or Welsh.
      Which ignores the fact that from Land’s End to John O’Groats, from Fishguard to Croma, we all speak English. Not only that but that the political issues are the same.
      Salmond’s take on civic nationalism must surely be one of the weirdest – most mysterious – on record. Where does he come from?
      T’aint nothing queer as folks, I ‘spose, unless they’re Nats”

    44. Luigi says:

      Alistair Darling was appalling on GMS today.  He has lost the plot completely.

    45. Edward says:

      Meant to add also listened to the robotic voce of Darling – he really is an idiot!, through his trying to be clever routine. I’m sure he contradicted himself as he mentioned the much mentioned by Better Together , the so called ‘top secret’ document in which John Swinney was supposed to have stated something (cant remember exactly as already my ears were hurting). then later in the interview he contradicted by stating that John Swinney stated something else.
      Will need to listen again, once my ears have recovered

    46. sneddon says:

      ‘Salmond would destroy him in an open, live debate.’ so could my fried egg roll 🙂

    47. Mosstrooper says:

      How I suffer with you. It seems that I constantly read such utter ill considered contributions from Unionists that I fear for the mental health of some of my countrymen and women. Has all logic gone? what on earth happened to concise thought and argument?
      It would appear that the Better together proponents have lost the ability for cognitive thought and are reduced to the level of the school playground calls of yaboo sucks.
      Sighs and ponders his cup of hemlock. 

    48. Luigi says:

      “..reduced to the level of the school playground calls of yaboo sucks.”
      I can think of no better way to describe Darling’s performance this morning.

    49. HandandShrimp says:

      Heard the Labour chap from Stirling on the radio. His desperate shoehorning of the word separate into every sentence really nails what this is all about. However, it does sound like the Saltire will stay and stay at the front of the building with the Union flag at the rear. Sounds like they now know this isn’t a popular move. Even the BBC chap sounded underwhelmed by his weird excuses.

    50. msean says:

      Beats me why they put him in charge of saving the union lol.Are we supposed to be stupid enough to believe the guy who was in charge when the economy crashed?Collective responsibilty means if you are in charge when it happens,you all take responsibility for it.Maybe they want us to leave….

    51. Pilar says:

      Oh well, curiously this question has been deleted… I wonder why?  😛

    52. HandandShrimp says:

      I’m sure Alastair is a clever bloke and he is good at the planning and project stuff but listening to him is like overdosing on mogadon. I’m never sure what it is he has said because my brain wanders off to consider something more interesting like the number of railway sleepers between Paisley and Central.

    53. Mosstrooper says:

      How weird, clicked on the “question” above only to find that it has been removed due to “Community Guidelines”
      Well, Well, Well. Cognitive reasoning in process perhaps.

    54. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT but this is a quote from a so called journalist whom I would have difficulty not hitting with my handbag,
      “Getting Burns into the airport’s name would be appropriate for an Ayrshire setting, but given the new owners, what about using everyone’s nickname for Ms Sturgeon?
      The Wee Nippy International Airport: has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? ”
      Apart from the fact that this nickname is his claim to fame along with “Wee Eck” ,is there anyone else out there who uses this in reference to the Deputy First Minister and the First Minister other than this arrogant , ignorant  idiot?

    55. john king says:

      not feeling the love spout
      good name by the way 
      for someone who spouts a load of rubbish

    56. john king says:

      I think I got the wrong end of the stick there spout, apologies

    57. liz says:

      O/T – but I think far enough down the thread.
      Did anyone see Milliband being allowed free reign to give what looked like  a party political broadcast on Watchdog last night.
      Vote for me and I will take on the energy companies – unbelievable!

    58. Macart says:

      Feeling much more settled after the morning cuppa Joe. The whole ‘let’s find a new way to denigrate Salmond’ theme is getting old. This from the corner which continuously moans about cybernat abuse. They can’t help themselves I suppose, I mean not having an argument worth a damn must be a bit of a hindrance for them. 🙂

    59. Silver19 says:

      @liz That went well for Milliband, SSE upping their prices before the freeze I see, and no doubt the rest of power companies will follow suit. And of course after the power price freeze they will never go down in price afterwards and will only go up after the freeze. What a clown Milliband is.

    60. Robert Louis says:

      That in a nutshell is the reason for better together and Brit NATS continually abusing the democratically (twice) elected First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond.  They have NO good arguments in favour of the union.  They really are a vacuous bunch.
      I see the complete nobody, Alistair Carmichael (or as BBC Scotlandshire calls him, Alistair Carmichaelmoore), has been spouting that he will debate with the First Minister anywhere and on any platform.  Hmmm.  I think the First Minister has better things to do with his time, than debate with a complete nobody such as our new colonial governor general.  
      Such a pity that the BritNAT unionist leader, David Cameron is too afraid of Alex Salmond, to debate with him.  Feartie Cameron, sends a libdem nobody up to Scotland because he himself hasn’t got the cojones to face Salmond.  Typical Tory behaviour.

    61. Seanair says:

      Dorothy Devine
      Who is this nutter so that I don’t accidentally start to read any of his guff?

      Re Daily Express, I didn’t realise how virulently anti SNP/independence it was until recently when I picked up a copy in a cafe. Some gadgie called Kerry Gill seemed to be their political editor. Years ago the Express  was at the forefront of opposing self-rule for British colonies and looks as if nothing has changed (apart from its lowly circulation). 

    62. dee says:

      This is right up your street Rev.  Never mind Grand Theft Auto 5, this new online game is a must for all Tory/Labour/Liberal thinking unionists out there who think their fellow scots are lowlife scroungers.
      Go on, have a go.

    63. liz says:

      @silver19 – forgot to mention – the day before the govan by election!!

    64. tartanfever says:

      I wonder how ‘Reform Scotland’ (Tory business lobby group disguised as registered charity) are feeling today now that one of their major sponsors ‘Skanska UK’ are being reported by the BBC in the construction industry ‘blacklist scandal’ ?

      We’ll I’ll tell you, they’ve removed all mention of Skanska on their website donators page.

      Surprised ?

    65. Macart says:

      @Robert Louis
      Mr Carmichael will be waiting a while. His job, as was his predecessor’s, will be to debate with Nicola Sturgeon. I think he’ll have more than enough trouble right there, never mind debating with the FM. 😀 LOL

    66. cath says:

      “Darling has been showing signs for a good few weeks now that he is under stress. I take that as a very, very good sign.”
      I was thinking exactly this last night. Salmond was one the One Show (I thought that was a joke on here yesterday but it wasn’t). He looked incredibly relaxed, healthy and smiley. Generally, all the senior Yes and SNP people look fairly relaxed. The NO camp, OTOH, looks to be going greyer by the week, seem stressed to the eye-balls and appear utterly desperate.
      I was actually starting to wonder, given the past few days, whether even Labour haven’t started to wake up to the Scottish Skier theory, or some version of it. Started to realise they really are between a rock and a hard place – the Tories could skewer Better Together at any time, and Labour in Scotland with it, and the referendum is really win/win for Tories, lose/lose for Labour.
      The move of Jim Murphy to BT by London leadership seemed a very strange move to me. The unions hate him. They wanted him sacked because they see him as a right wing Blairite, and an electoral liability. Plus he’s hugely pro-Trident. Surely winning over the unions and the left is key for Labour to a no vote here? So why stick Jim Murphy into BT, the guy probably best placed to antagonise both? That plus a “bruiser” as SoS, plus ramming UJs down everyone’s throat.
      Has their London leadership accepted it’ll be a Yes next year, and they’re now using BT as a dumping ground to shed unpopular Scottish MPs as they position themselves more for England? Or a punishment placing? Blair McDougall’s last placing was running David Milliband’s campaign, wasn’t it?
      If they honestly believe the referendum is about flag waving, abusing the Scottish government even more, and offering people in Scotland nothing but a very uncertain future in the union and possible removal of powers, they really have lost the plot. I have my own version of the SS theory, which is that the Tories/Lib Dems don’t want to lose Scotland and are genuinely on the no side, but if that can’t be won comprehensively and decisively they would prefer full independence over an on-going tussle over more devolution, yet more fights with the Scottish government etc. If that theory is true, then a narrow no victory based on jam tomorrow lies would be their worst outcome. Perhaps all party leaders in London are realising a decisive no victory isn’t possible?

    67. Big Drone says:

      Also heard GMS and agree that Darling seemed to be blustering a LOT!  But did I detect a degree of, lets call it ‘sympathy,’ by Gary Robertson towards ‘oor John?

    68. The Man in the Jar says:

      This comment would also fit in with the previous “We agree with Ruth Davidson” article.
      I recently wandered onto one of these Yahoo independence “debates” by accident. I reckon that most of the people commenting were from outside Scotland. (I am now getting texts telling me that I am getting lots of “likes”) although I cant for the life of me find the original item.
      The comments were the usual Alex Salmond this and Alex Salmond that, the usual! Nicola Sturgeon got the occasional mention. We all know why that is, its because these people know absolutely nothing about Scottish politics and even less about the referendum. they seem to think that if they repeat the only fact that they know regarding Scottish politics eg, “Alex Salmond” that readers will think that the commenter knows what they are writing about, yet they all do it.
      Stirling councilers however should know the difference (you would think). This union jack disgrace is just provocation and to blame Alex Salmond for flying a saltire at the home of the Scottish parliament is just barking mad. Do they want to encourage a mental image of Alex personally climbing up the Holyrood flagpole saltire in hand and an evil grin on his face?
      I know a quite a few folk from the Stirling area who will be very angry at this confrontational move by Stirling council. Most of these folk have been around this game long enough to know better however I hope that it doesn’t provoke someone into doing something stupid. 

    69. Luigi says:

      “I have my own version of the SS theory, which is that the Tories/Lib Dems don’t want to lose Scotland and are genuinely on the no side, but if that can’t be won comprehensively and decisively they would prefer full independence over an on-going tussle over more devolution,”
      I fully agree, Cath.  David Cameron does not want a YES outcome, but he is determined to force the issue, one way or the other.  He will make full use of his current win-win position:  Scotland votes NO, Cameron gets the credit, Scotland votes YES, Darling gets the blame. 
      Cameron has Darling and Milliband by the short and curlies, and boy do they know it!

    70. NorthBrit says:

      @The Man in the Jar
      That Salmond flagpole suggestion is a great image.  Maybe you should suggest that to @GregMoodie for his next cartoon?  He was looking for ideas last week and that would be a good one.

    71. Bigheed says:

      The above comment is indicative of a NO voter, ill informed and no real grasp of the debate or what happens if his side win. The reality of the situation are these views are the rule NOT the exception to the greater Scottish public. We are in the middle of a communication war and we are losing it. We seem to have got into a rut in the YES side of constantly identifying obvious bias from the our beloved London controlled Media. This is an opportunity to point out to undecided voters in a calm and humorous way about these crazy articles or reports…so…let these journalists keep going with their rants against Scotland.
      Our problem is at the moment we cannot get enough people to see through these lies. I was out with 3 friends the other night, all YES voters (all Gers fans) and a group of my friend’s football team came in from training, eight in all and all NO voters and I can usually convince at least half of a company to look into the debate, not one was interested, I quote ” nothing can convince me to vote yes, even that fat c*** Salmon could cure cancer and he would still be a fat pathetic c***” 
      We need something seismic to sway the balance folks or we will be forced to live the rest of our lives having lost our own country to the politically blind. The White Paper is not going to suddenly make the Scotsman, Herald, BBC etc to be suddenly Pro Indy, it will still be ridiculed by their so called experts……even more so in this next year.
      Lastly, I love the Derek Bateman blogs but I have spoken to at least fifty people and NOT one have heard of him and that to me sums up our problem, the converted are reading WOS, Newsnet, Bella, NC, Derek B………..we must get 1000’s more onto these sites or I fear the worst!! Saying all this I am still confident we will win but want to identify where we are right now and I read so many comments; when we get independence we will do this and do that……yes when our football team beats Brazil or when our rugby team beats the All Blacks… much hard work to be done!!

    72. jopparocks says:

      I thought that your post was one of the most perceptive I’ve read in a while.  On the other hand the comment which is the subject of Rev Stuart’s post is a barely literate stream of consciousness. 

    73. muttley79 says:

      @Training Day
      Salmond should debate with Darling. Even under the most pat-a-cake questioning from the wretched Gary Robertson Darling was struggling to control the shrillness and hysteria in his tone. Darling has been showing signs for a good few weeks now that he is under stress. I take that as a very, very good sign.
      Salmond would destroy him in an open, live debate.
      Yes, it is getting more and more noticeable that Darling is under pressure.  Talking of feeling under stress Lamont is losing it at FMQs…

    74. DMyers says:

      They really aren’t a friend of punctuation…

    75. Dorothy Devine says:

      Seanair, the bearded wonder on the DT – writes and speaks baloney and Conan has his image as part of his moniker ,which upsets me greatly!!

    76. john king says:

      Dorithy Devine says
      “Conan has his image as part of his moniker ,which upsets me greatly!!”
      it took a question from me to Conan at the pub after the march for me to realize it was a picture of Alan Cochrane 
      DOH :0
      And I KNEW what he looked like
      doh doh

    77. D Morris says:

      We’ve the same problem in Cymru/Wales regarding the Union flag

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