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In whatever the opposite of memoriam is

Posted on January 14, 2021 by

For poor old Richmond Leinster, who shuffled off the political stage today, we solemnly offer this tribute from Novara Media pundit Aaron Bastani:

It’s a tragic loss to the Scottish political scene. The tweet, we mean.

And no, incidentally, Bastani never did pay up on our bet.

For some reason Labour types never seem to honour their wagers.

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    1. 14 01 21 17:56

      In whatever the opposite of memoriam is | speymouth

    63 to “In whatever the opposite of memoriam is”

    1. P says:

      Cocky needs to honour his £100 bet

    2. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      My favourite from leotard was his Nationalise Scottish Water call, loved it.

      He demanded NS bring Scottish Water into public ownership.

      But there were many other laughs from Dick, we will miss his patter and his habit of bouncing.

    3. Black Joan says:

      You didn’t sue Bastani, after he upped the bet to £100? You’re too kind.

    4. Ian McCubbin says:

      Jason Smoothpiece says:
      14 January, 2021 at 5:50 pm
      My favourite from leotard was his Nationalise Scottish Water call, loved it.

      He demanded NS bring Scottish Water into public ownership.

      But there were many other laughs from Dick, we will miss his patter and his habit of bouncing.

      This was mine too laughed for days and corrected Tricky on Twitter. No response :)).
      He will be missed for his niavety of Scottish scene.
      I do believe though he has socialist values.

    5. Steve ashton says:

      Requiescat in obscuria. More importantly:does this mean the interim leader will have no more time for the inquiry where she seems to have been doing quite well?

    6. Carole Cooper says:

      I believe the odds on favourite to take over the Labour leadership will be Starmer’s pal and dinner companion, Tommy Sheppard!

    7. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Re Rheingold Leotard stepping down.

      I have this vision of Sir Keen Stammerer calling him up and, in the best tradition of ‘Beyond the Fringe,” demanding a futile gesture, to perhaps make things less bad.

      “Pop along to Pacific Quay, announce your resignation – don’t come back.”

    8. Den Cairns says:

      I’d ask Jo Cherry to lead SLAB for the now as the top seat is temporarily taken – for now ;o)

    9. Skip_NC says:

      Steve ashton, Jackie Baillie was already deputy leader and Labour’s Finance spokesperson. I shouldn’t imagine it would change anything, unless she puts herself forward for the leadership.

    10. Alison Brown says:

      I’ll miss him – he really did want to do well in between all that bouncing. The SNP couldn’t have wished for a better leader! Now we’ll have Sarwar!!

    11. Cenchos says:

      What will happen to the Leonard Richards-shaped mass of thick air his departure will create?

    12. Hatuey says:

      Richard will be remembered as the Labour leader that nobody remembers.

      I’m hoping that resignations are like buses, though, and we can rid the SNP of the leader that nobody wants to remember.

    13. Frazerio says:

      Early runners for new ‘Scottish’ Labour leader.

      Clunkin Fist Broon
      Thickia Dugdale
      Eggs Murphy
      Saint Peter Murrell
      Jenny Gilruth
      Good Lord Foulkes
      Good Lord McConnell
      Good Lord Darling
      Davie Record Clegg
      Douglas ‘D’ Ross
      Comical Ali
      Lady Dorrian
      Sir Alex Ferguson
      Sir David Murray
      Donald Trump
      Prof Jason Leitch
      Cameron B Brodie

    14. Alain Mack says:

      Sadly Jennie Marra is not standing at the next election. A principiled politician.sorry she’s going but with the state of Hollyrood right now….her family come first .

    15. Albert Herring says:

      I reckon Dick ‘Dick’ Leopold was bounced into this.

    16. Astonished says:

      I am soooooooooooo glad Reinhart Leotard prepared us for this – and left at a time of his choosing. This proves Scottish Labour are their own masters.

      Could we get one of our imperial master’s to phone Nicola ?

    17. Pete Barton says:

      ‘Richard, I need you to fall on your sword..’
      ‘But I haven’t got a sword..’
      ‘Its in the post’
      ‘Can I get a nice shiny new job?’
      ‘Yes, Kez says she needs a tea boy’

    18. Bob Mack says:

      Classic Leonard from today.

      “When I took over Scottish Labour, we were in third place. Today we are challenging the Tories for second place”

      You gotta love him.

    19. lumilumi says:

      Aah, Ronald Leotard…

      All I can remember is him jumping up and down to the tune of “Rubber Ball”.

    20. Hugh Jarse says:

      Strange that the Redcoat went with the tweeter story, when Rudyard was fast heading towards pub quiz infamy!

      Thick as thieves, used to be.

      Not much msm coverage today on ‘Coachgate’.

    21. Yasmin says:

      Noises being made for sarwar…oh dear, only there because daddy has money
      Personally I miss the days of Salmond putting the Tories and liebours in their rightful places. Sigh

    22. Captain Yossarian says:

      Ian Murray would be the best candidate, by a mile.

    23. Pete Barton says:

      A sitting MP would have to resign his post first, no?

      No more pandas in Scotland…

    24. Livionian says:

      Not even a household name in his own household. Just saw an independent article describing his resignation as a blow to the left. Any lefties on here feel like the loss off this particular giant of Scottish politics was a sucker-punch to the cause?

      But please no Jackie Baillie as Scottish Labour leader. Spare us please, no Jackie Baillie. Not that I’m scared of her as an independence supporter, I just don’t fancy seeing her on the telly all the time

    25. newburghgowfer says:

      Billy Smarts Grandson has denied his name is in the frame
      He is Quoted ‘Why would I want to work with a Bunch of Clowns’ !!

    26. Captain Yossarian says:

      Aye Pete – he would have to resign and a safe seat (if there is such a thing) or top list seat would have to be offered.

      Unlikely then, but nonetheless he and folk like him are what Holyrood needs.

    27. misteralz says:

      Shamelessly stolen from another site I frequent, just too gpod not to share:

      Whose turn is it now?

      Or have they gone through all their MSPs and have to start at the beginning again?

    28. Gary says:

      Whilst his loss won’t be noticed I am perturbed by it. Neil Findlay’s reaction to it is spot on. This is part of the same internal Labour Party war that saw them tear the party apart to oust Corbyn. Leonard, being a Corbyn supporter had to go too. No doubt Starmer had a hand in helping him make his decision. I can foresee a cushy party job in Leonard’s future.

      Still, the false claim by Labour is that their poor performance is the fault of Leonard. That him being a ‘Corbynista’ somehow damages the party’s position in Scotland. The problem with Labour in Scotland isn’t the leader, it’s the party. They grew fat and lazy and did nothing for constituents who voted for them time and again. They failed to use their clout when they could have and refused to be in coalition with the SNP despite their own party creating Holyrood SPECIFICALLY with that in mind. The people saw and the people voted them out.

      And, the ONE thing that might’ve increased Labour’s popularity in Scotland ie Corbyn and his progressive policies, have now been thrown under the bus by Starmer in his (and others) years long campaign to damage the party to the extent that Corbyn would step down. So, who will be next to take the blame for Labour? No doubt the extensive coverage that the BBC will give the leadership contest and its winner WILL give a boost to the Labour vote, free Party Political Broadcasts for them from now until the vote. I still don’t think that will overcome people’s disdain for the party though.

      Unless a new leader promises to work with the SNP, allow a vote on Indy and either campaign FOR it or not campaign at all then nothing will change for them. It’s a shame, the party was started by the working class to protect themselves from the excesses of capitalism which was, literally, killing them. Welfare State and NHS are the greatest of achievements but sadly they were infiltrated by their own worst enemies and tamed. The beast of a party is simply now a tame pet waiting to be put out of its misery.

    29. Morgatron says:

      Poor demented Rocky Leopard, I will miss his gorgeous quiff (follicle envy) his matching red and scarf combo and most of all his three questions at FMQ’s . Up until 3 years ago I thought Spike Milligan was the best comedian I’d ever witnessed, nope in the wings was Dickchard Leopoled and his zany antics and quotes. Still, you can’t possibly take 100 quid off someone who is mentally incapacitated.

    30. Lenny Hartley says:

      Funny i saw a headline of him supporting indyref2 this week and then he resigns, strange that.

    31. Morgatron says:

      I do hope they do replace him with fat tounged Mon Mon Monica (Neil) Lennon. Then she will hopefully have the courage to spill the beans on the labour predator?

    32. lumilumi says:

      @ Steve ashton @ 6:02pm 14.1.2021

      Yeah, the interim leader… Wasn’t she the interim leader for months also before Rupert Leopard?

      I have no liking of Jackie Baillie’s politics or her smug persona – in fact, I loather her – but hasn’t she been the most effective Scottish Labour leader since… uhm… er… for a long time.

      She might be politically canny enough not to touch the poisoned chalice that is the Labour leader in Scotland, just do her stuff as an interim leader for months at a time again and again to boost her profile.

      Grudgingly, I have to give credit where credit is due. She has been good as a rottweiler questioning the witnesses at the Holyrood committee inquiry into the SG/Alex Salmond debacle. Probably not for any desire for truth and integrity but for her own political gain, but there you have it.

    33. Republicofscotland says:

      BBC Shortbread news after spending half their propaganda show bitching about how Scottish fishermen are getting stuffed because of Brexit (you voted for it so suck it up) finally mentioned Richard Whatshisnames pathetic departure from the Labour branch office in Scotland.

      It looks obvious to us that the millionaire knight of the realm Sir Keir Starmer has fired the branch office manager in Scotland, BBC Shortbread’s Grima Wormtongue Glen Campbell, hinted that yesterday’s man Anas Sarwar is hot favourite to be the new figure of ridicule in Scotland aka the branch manger of London Labour in Scotland.

    34. lumilumi says:

      Oh, and does removal of Ranulph Lionheart and Jackie Baillie stepping in as the interim leader (once again), mean that Ms Baillie will conveniently leave her position in the SG/Alex Salmond inquiry committee?

      Hmm. If I was prone to conspiracy theories, I’d be having all kinds of ideas.

    35. Muscleguy says:

      The first link gives a file not found for me Rev.

    36. Republicofscotland says:

      Times radio John Pienaar(I can’t stand the man) interviewed Richard Leotard, about half past five tonight, Leotard said he was standing down to give his branch office a better chance of winning at Holyrood, Leotard said he took the branch office from third to second at Holyrood.

      Pienaar also interviewed Lord McConnell of bawbag end, who said that there are a few charismatic candidates that could take over from Leotard and become FM, Pienaar asked him to name them, McConnell refused to do so.

      McConnell also said that Scots don’t want an indyref, even after Pienaar told him of the consecutive polls showing him that they do.

    37. Gregor says:


      Richard Leonard has succeeded in succeeding Kezia Dugdale, from succession of TRAIN-WRECK drivers…

    38. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile Jackie (two dinners )Baillie is the interim branch office manager until another political scapegoat can be found to fill the poisoned chalice that is the manager of SLAB.

      Baillie’s not that stupid she’s refused the career destroying position on countless occasions, she prefers to keep on bullshitting her Dumbarton constituents instead.

      Lets hope that maestro of oration James (mumbledorf) Kelly finds himself as branch manager.

    39. Gregor says:

      In an effort to clarify Labour’s position to the electorate, Leonard acknowledged that he didn’t have a clue as to the direction of Labour TRAIN-WRECK.

      What a ‘vision’ statement…

    40. holymacmoses says:

      Will Leonard be taking over from Ruth Davidson at the John Smith centre do you reckon?

    41. Beaker says:

      Give the man credit, he did achieve something. He is even more useless than the previous incumbent.

    42. G H Graham says:

      Be honest now, who saw that jizz-plum handing in his notice, today?

      And who the fuck resigns on a Thursday, anyway?

    43. Jim Kennedy says:

      Steve Ashton. I have no liking of Jackie Baillie’s politics or her smug persona – in fact, I loather her – but hasn’t she been the most effective Scottish Labour leader since… uhm… er… for a long time.
      Since lunch time?

    44. Kenny says:

      “I think Michael Foot could do a good job of running the Labour Party in Scotland”..
      “He’s deid”
      “I know”.

    45. Gregor says:

      Weathercocks around the country are in turnmoil, and have asked Labour to clarify its current position (any position)…

    46. Inverclyder says:

      Maybe Pete “The Slippers” Wishart will go for the vacancy as it would fit in well with his unionist ambitions and give him a backup for his WM pension dilemma.

    47. Muscleguy says:


      You can tell that interview wasn’t on BBC radio shortbread. That sort of thing would never have happened.

    48. Brent crude nearing $60 pb,

      1,200,000 barrels per day produced in Scottish waters,

      $72,000,000 of Scotland`s cash going south every day.

    49. Big Jock says:

      Will the new leader agree with indi ref 2? Possibly as a tactic.

    50. Stuart Macdonald says:

      lumilumi – I think you have it – she has been the star in that.

    51. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “You didn’t sue Bastani, after he upped the bet to £100? You’re too kind.”

      Not so much “kind” as “couldn’t find a solid address for him”.

    52. Boaby says:

      Keir starmer said leonard should be very ‘proud’of his achievements in Scotland. The wife nearly had to do the heimleich manoeuvre on me when i read that sh**e.

    53. kapelmeister says:

      I think he just walked off to search for the Labour Party, to see if some remnant still exists somewhere. Because it certainly isn’t around Starmer & Co.

    54. Meg merrilees says:

      Is this the chance for Ian Murray to lead the party, after all if Tory Douglas Ross,MP, can lead the Scottish party then that sets the precedent for Ian Murray to be put in place as the de facto leader of Scottish Labour – from Westminster- with a spare MSP leader… Ms.Baillie?

      That would nicely lead us to hqving MS. Cherry MP as the leader of the SNP at Holyrood with no problem???

      Bring back James Kelly!

    55. Hugh Jarse says:

      With the aid of a prosthetic spine, leader Sarwar might aspire to mediocrity too.

      They might go full mental jacket, and select Monica! Daft enough to do it, like you know who.

    56. Iain More says:

      So wee Dickie has gone. Who cares?

    57. highseastim says:

      Love her or loathe her Sturgeon has now seen off Murphy, Dugdale, Rowley, Leonard, Davidson, Carlaw and Coburn!!

    58. kapelmeister says:


      Now she’s about to be seen aff the scene you silly Sturgeonite.

    59. Aldo_macb says:

      Just spotted another tweet yesterday from that journalist, Aaron Bastani….”As an Englishman it’s not my business either way but if I was Scottish or Welsh I would absolutely want to leave the union. There’s little doubt that Cardiff or Edinburgh can administer those nations just as well, likely far better, than Westminster.” I like it

    60. Dan says:

      @ Aldo_macb

      Archived for posterity

    61. Josef Ó Luain says:

      @ highseastim

      What? Like in:they played no part in their own failures? Time to catch a grip, pal!

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