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In case you’re hungover this morning

Posted on May 20, 2012 by

Maybe you’re a Hearts fan (or a Chelsea one), and you’re not sure whether you’re still a bit drunk and imagining things or not, so allow us to clear something up for you.

No, you’re not dreaming. This actually happened. Tragically, this is really the picture that Scotland’s LEAST moronic newspaper thought most appropriate to illustrate their story on the imminent launch of the “Yes Scotland” campaign. (And, indeed, as the front-page lead of the entire website.) We’re not joking. We imagine the Daily Record is lining up Russ Abbott in a Jimmy hat and Rab C Nesbitt even as we speak.

We seriously can’t imagine how ashamed anyone with even the last shred of an ounce of conscience who works for the Herald must be today. Please, readers – don’t berate and chastise these poor, fearful souls. Take pity on them, for their dignity is ruin’d.

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    1. redcliffe62 says:

      I am sure they have some good staff who would like the truth to be told but then again I am sure Hitler had some good staff in 1939, it all gets lost in the crap.

    2. David says:

      “Scotland’s LEAST moronic newspaper”? That’s very kind of you. Perhaps vestibule of the journalistic vomitarium that is the Scottish MSM dripping in unionist establishment reflux and puke.

    3. Barbarian says:

      What’s the betting that the Sun will publish something similar, although possibly with a DD chest…….

    4. Suth says:

      Oh for goodness sake. This is ridiculous. Our media is a pathetic embarrassment. It’s so bad they should be ashamed to even admit being involved with it in public.

    5. I find myself in complete agreement. I always trust the Herald to at least attempt to balance the apple cart, but this feels like a stark betrayal of that trust. An idiotic, contemptible picture which deserves all the opprobrium it will draw.

    6. Christian Wright says:

      I noticed that my contribution dealing with the use of the photo, of the perceived pejorative use of the word, “separation”, and the overall negative tone, never got published.

      Restrained as it was, calling for factual reporting, unbiased   commentary, and useful analyses, it was clearly too much for the Herald’s censors. 

      Yet the resident and ubiquitous  Unionist shill, “Michael Mckeown”, never seems to lack consideration. It may be that the identity belongs to the Herald’s editorial staff, of course.

      The Herald is censoring on political grounds rather than matters of relevance and propriety. This then gives a false impression of the true range of views actually submitted.

      Meanwhile thoughtful questions like, ” Will he (Salmond) paint his face?”, are included.  

      The Herald should make it clear in their TOS that pro nationalist  submissions are subject to deletion, because they are nationalist views. 

    7. Morag says:

      Funnily enough the dead-tree paper looks nothing like that.  The front page is a picture of Salmond smiling with an added glint on one of his front teeth, with the headline “Operation Charm Offensive”.
      The article is on pages 4 and 5, and while that picture of Gibson is there, it’s only one of a montage of 13 images, and is next to the words “… but there will be no talk of ‘freedom”.  It is not especially prominent over the other 12 pictures, being in the middle row.
      The online editors seem to have had a bit of a rush of blood to the brain.

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